The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-07-31T01:23:08Z All Weather Shelters Ask the Question, “Insulated Vs Single Skin Patio Roofs – Why do They Matter”? 2021-07-31T01:23:08Z all-weather-shelters-ask-the-question-insulated-vs-single-skin-patio-roofs-why-do-they-matter As All Weather Shelters tell it, the most significant advantage that insulated patio roofing has over single skin roofing is temperature control. The insulating material between the two skins reduces heat flow, providing you with more comfortable temperatures in cold and warm weather.    Patios are the marriage of the indoors and outdoors. They give you a pleasant view and feel of the outdoors while keeping you in a safe, comfortable environment. What gives a patio its versatility as an indoor and outdoor space is its roof.    For most patio building projects, there are two kinds of patio covers: the single skin roofing and the insulated roofing. Both single skin and insulated roofing are utilised in patio-building applications, depending on your preferences and requirements. As its name suggests, single skin patio roofing consists of only one layer of steel, painted over with a high gloss finish. It is specifically built to reflect sunlight and is extremely lightweight.    The most significant advantage that insulated patio roofing has over single skin roofing is temperature control. The insulating material between the two skins reduces heat flow, providing you with more comfortable temperatures in cold and warm weather. With an insulated roofing system, you can minimise both heating and cooling costs in enclosed outdoor living areas.    Single skin and insulated roofing give homeowners countless benefits and outstanding results. Both roofing types give protection from sunlight and the elements, enhancing overall comfort in your patio. However, insulated roofing stands out because of its sleek look, versatility and temperature control qualities. Due to the layer of insulated material between the roof skins, it can keep your outdoor living space warm during winter and cool during summer.    The team of experienced administrators and installers at All Weather Shelters pride themselves in advising, designing and building structures to add to family life style, so with this in mind, please take a moment to find out more about carports Melbourne and opening roofs Melbourne by going to the website at .  Acorn Experts seek to prevent companies paying up to 59% more than they need to for an LMS 2021-07-30T05:02:54Z acorn-experts-seek-to-prevent-companies-paying-up-to-59-more-than-they-need-to-for-an-lms When it comes to picking a learning management system, pricing is the deciding factor for many organisations. So why do many end up paying 59% more than they need to? Seeking to better inform the market and reduce this figure, the Acorn internal subject matter experts have crafted a detailed guide which explores pricing models, hidden costs and how organisations can find their best solutions. Acorn is a product of Pursuit Technology, and the full article can be found on their Acorn Labs blog:     When it comes to pricing models for an LMS, there are two options: cloud hosted and locally hosted. For cloud hosted platforms, pricing commonly revolves around pay-per-learner, pay-per-active-user and pay-as-you-go models. For locally hosted platforms you’ll find subscription, single payment and freemium models.    Beyond pricing models, there are always hidden costs organisations will want to look out for. Sometimes these aren’t found until the final proposal. They include things like maintenance, training, support, content creation and implementation.    Conducting due-diligence is important when it comes to finding value and the article is quick to note this. Blake Proberts (Co-Founder and Managing Director) says even “just viewing a vendor’s pricing plans doesn’t give you the whole picture of cost.”    “Number of users is usually what upfront pricing plans are based on. It will pay to push back on things that will affect your day-to-day use of the LMS, like the cost of system maintenance, content creation, data migration, and not just support, but training too.”    The article guides organisations on what they need to define and how this will help them find the best-fitting solution.     In addition to being a useful information resource, the article also provides a handy LMS Pricing Comparison Guide for potential users to weigh up their options and expose hidden costs.    Pursuit Technology is a software development company which seeks to streamline systems through innovative solutions and unlock the potential of the workforce. Pursuit is all about putting the customer at the centre of everything we create. Since the inception of our Acorn LMS seven years ago, we’ve worked with everyone from local businesses to federal government agencies. In that time, we’ve maintained a 100% retention rate. Our Acorn LMS contains all the tools needed to support workforces – from onboarding and inductions through to compliance and ongoing development.  Acorn Experts seek to develop market knowledge on eLearning platforms 2021-07-30T05:00:53Z acorn-experts-seek-to-develop-market-knowledge-on-elearning-platforms eLearning platforms have diversified exponentially since the late 90s, meaning the market has become flooded with a multitude of niche products. The Acorn internal subject matter experts recognise this makes it confusing to find the best solution. In response, they’ve moved to release an informative guide to help organisations understand and evaluate different platforms. The full article is available now on their Acorn Labs blog:     In Co-Founder & Managing Director Blake Proberts’ words: “What’s in a name? A great deal, when you consider that ‘learning’ and ‘course’ represent an entirely different use case when put in front of the term ‘management system’.   “Not to mention the price difference between eLearning products can be vast too once you factor in the cost of research, implementation, support, maintenance and buy-in.”    Acorn’s article is all about breaking things down. It details commoditised content vs business training. It explores the difference between online learning platforms and online course platforms. It wraps up by detailing the difference between a learning management system, learning content management system, authoring tool and eLearning portal. These four items have their own specific functions but can interact with one another.     This content on the surface looks quite daunting and technical, but Acorn’s article aims to explain everything in a simple and direct manner. Beyond giving those who may not be clued in on eLearning platforms some grounded knowledge, the article also features guidance on procuring a solution which best fits the organisation.      In addition to being a useful information resource, the article also provides a handy LMS Feasibility Study for potential users to help ensure what seems like the perfect LMS, actually is.      Pursuit Technology is a software development company which seeks to streamline systems through innovative solutions to unlock the potential of the workforce. Pursuit is all about putting the customer at the centre of everything we create. Since the inception of our Acorn LMS seven years ago, we’ve worked with everyone from local businesses to federal government agencies. In that time, we’ve maintained a 100% retention rate. Our Acorn LMS contains all the tools needed to support workforces – from onboarding and inductions through to compliance and ongoing development.   SCCU’s Annual Community Grants launches with $40k available, giving groups a chance to build a better tomorrow 2021-07-30T01:24:06Z sccu-s-annual-community-grants-launches-with-40k-available-giving-groups-a-chance-to-build-a-better-tomorrow Southern Cross Credit Union (SCCU) today announced that a total of $40,000 in Community Grants are open for application. Following on from a successful 2020 program which saw SCCU support six community projects, they are once again putting their money where their mouth is, backing community organisations big and small.  Acknowledging the challenges of today’s world, the launch of the 2021 program has been brought forward to respond to community need and unrest due to Covid restrictions. SCCU CEO Stuart Edwards shared “As we adapt to this new normal, and while things continue to shift, we want to keep supporting our community more than ever before and strengthen our resolve and ethos as a true community based financial institution. Our commitment truly reflects who we are as a business, where we’re going and why we’re different for all the right reasons.” Along with an accelerated timeline, the SCCU team have developed additional support for those applying, with a ‘how to’ guide available on the website for extra assistance. “We know not all groups applying will have the experience or dedicated resource at hand to help enter programs like our SCCU Community Grants” added Cassie Nicole, Community & Sponsorship Specialist. “The ‘how to’ guide is a simple step we can take to help everyone understand what we’re looking for and better articulate their project, their goals and their plan for building a better tomorrow. Past recipients have made a huge impact on the Northern Rivers using their SCCU Grants for a range of initiatives including the build of a plastic recycling centre, providing scholarships for young leaders and establishing an ongoing wildlife fundraiser to name a few. Applications are now open and close on the 24th August 2021 with public voting to follow. To apply visit: Or for more information on SCCU Community Grants programs visit: SCCU announce a Sustainability Action Plan, furthering their commitment to care for the places they call home 2021-07-30T01:22:24Z sccu-announce-a-sustainability-action-plan-furthering-their-commitment-to-care-for-the-places-they-call-home Southern Cross Credit Union (SCCU) has announced its plans to deliver on a new Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) to address environmental, social and economic challenges that exist today, responding to feedback from the community and customers.   The plan, which outlines their ambition to support sustainability initiatives, partner with experts and reduce their footprint is designed to evolve as progress is made. Built on the existing business strategy, SAP follows the same principals as the SCCU mission to ‘make things easier’ and focuses on sharing the journey in the hopes that their path can help pave others. “Everything can feel overwhelming, particularly with a topic like sustainability. We want to bring people along the journey, involve them, make any learnings we discover accessible and celebrate the small wins” says Toni Anstiss who is leading the sustainability focus within SCCU.   Developed in partnership with Sustainability Advantage, the plan has four themes:   Engaging All People Through engagement, shared-learning, collaboration and open communication we strive to partner for environmental and social good, influencing change and embedding a culture of sustainability that extends beyond our team. Managing Our Impact Adapting our operations to reduce carbon emissions and constantly looking at ways to improve of process and procedures to ensure we are acting responsibly and playing our part to manage our impact on the environment. Developing Sustainable Finance By providing individuals, families, businesses and groups’ with financial products and services that reward sustainable choices and we aim to improve financial wellbeing. Acting With Integrity Acting as a responsible business goes beyond our role in finance. We seek to better understand, work with and engage our suppliers, partners and customers to ensure ethical practices are upheld.   Already having made significant advances in-house including a recycling program that has reduced waste by a massive 88%, CEO Stuart Edwards says “The sustainability plan formalises what has always been a part of our identity. Caring for our community at SCCU goes beyond just people, it’s where they live, where they grew up and where their kids play. We don’t support coal mining and have always looked to partner with those who can have a real impact, whether that be practical or educational. We know there’s a long way to go and want to be part of the change to help influence those around us to make conscious choices, that benefit us all and future generations”.   Following the year that was, SCCU surveyed customers to better understand where priorities had shifted, and where sustainability fits in “It’s a great sense of achievement to know that we are heading in the right direction and that our customers want to come on this journey with us. Being influencers in environmental stewardship means we are action takers, we are proactive in our sustainable practices, efforts and what we focus on. As the saying goes, “Actions speaker louder than words”. says Toni Anstiss   As a first step SCCU has launched a Sustainability landing page which includes a downloadable overview of SAP, what’s been achieved so far and an open invitation for those looking to follow along, to sign up. - Start your property portfolio with just $15,000 2021-07-29T17:44:34Z start-your-property-portfolio-with-just-15-000 15/07/2021 Start your property portfolio with just $15,000 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  The Investn Group offers a brand new solution to begin investing in residential real estate with just $15,000 in savings. Those looking for an opportunity to get their foot in the door of the property market but don’t have a deposit - this is their chance.  Buyers now have the opportunity to start a property portfolio with just $15,000. This is a brand new, game-changing strategy for first-time buyers to break into the Australian property market. Scott Fraser, Chief Executive Officer, founded The Investn Group knowing how challenging it is for first-time buyers to break into the Australian Property Market.  “With Sydney median house prices being so high, it’s a very daunting thought for non property owners to consider how many years it will take to save for a deposit” The Investn Group is the first company in Australia to start co-investing with individuals, where the company supplies the 10% deposit. Buyers are not required to have a large cash deposit, but need to cover costs such as stamp duty, conveyancing, mortgage fees etc. The Investn Group researches the best property opportunities via a national property network. They complete due diligence to choose an investment-grade property with good cash flow, in quality growth corridors. Upon settlement, an external licensed property manager is appointed to manage the property. The Investn Group works with individuals that have a gross income of at least $65,000 pa or $110,000 pa as a couple; be under full-time employment; have at least three months in their current employment; have a good credit history and $15,000 in savings.  The company is limited to an intake of 20 new clients each month. The individual's $15,000 is used to cover the initial purchase costs and a buffer for any unexpected costs such as maintenance and repairs to the property if investors fall into financial hardship.  The company’s private investment group, based in Sydney Australia, takes an ownership position with new owners for long term capital growth and rental income.  The Investn Group is the first to innovatively change the game on how to break into the property market for those without a deposit. For more information visit or call 1300 446 445. ### About Investn  Investn helps people to successfully become a Rentvestor,  living in a suburb where they want to live and buying in an affordable growth location. Scott has been doing this since 2015 with only friends and family and has now opened this opportunity to the general public.  Media Contact Scott Fraser0402 90 20 Natuvion announces Strategic Partnership with Celonis 2021-07-29T09:47:46Z natuvion-announces-strategic-partnership-with-celonis Natuvion announced a new strategic partnership with Celonis, a global market leader in Execution Management. Through this collaboration, Natuvion perfectly complements its core competence in data transformation. Celonis Process Mining und Execution Management allow Natuvion transformation experts to further improve business process analysis, optimization, and the transition to innovative technologies and platforms. Consequently, the approach to transformation becomes more intelligent, while execution gains in pace and efficiency. Walldorf, Germany and Sydney, Australien – 28. Juli 2021: Celonis has already been an important partner of Natuvion since the successful introduction of Celonis for Consulting (C4C+). This program offers customers significant benefits when evaluating processes and improving data quality. Utilizing its analysis and monitoring capabilities, Celonis technology supported SAP S/4HANA migrations and proved a valuable tool in RPA implementations. Moving forward, Natuvion will expand and develop its transformation portfolio in the area of Process Mining. As part of the Celonis for Consulting (C4C+) program, Natuvion has already begun integrating Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) into its consulting services. C4C+ is a strategic initiative; its objective is to support customers and partners in achieving process excellence. The program is comprised of two phases. The first step, the analysis with Celonis Process Mining, results in identifying the potential for optimization. In the following step, the execution with Celonis EMS uses all its capabilities enabling customers to control and optimize core business processes. Christian Schröfl, Natuvion APJ CEO and co-founder, and Certified Celonis Process Engineer himself, is delighted: “Celonis puts us in the best position to support our customers in their efforts to assess and streamline their business processes. Celonis Process Mining uses the data of existing systems and processes to document the issues and barriers during execution. Celonis EMS does not only identify these barriers, but also eliminates inefficiencies through the use of artificial intelligence and automation. Customers recognize the huge advantage: the direct impact on cost and revenue. That is why I enjoy these customer playback sessions with Celonis EMS so much. The C4C+ program offers immediate specific input to improve business outcomes". Jack Basley, Celonis Market Lead - Australia & New Zealand, added: “When companies combine our market leading Execution Management System with the expertise of Natuvion, they accelerate transformation and significantly improve corporate processes".   1.    About Celonis Celonis is the global leader in Execution Management. The Celonis Execution Management System provides companies with a modern way to manage their business processes based solely on data and intelligence. The company pioneered the process mining category 10 years ago when they first developed the ability to automatically mine processes and find inefficiencies. 2.    About Natuvion Natuvion is a digital moving company. Our team does not transport tables, filing cabinets, or chairs. Natuvion moves business-critical data and processes from one technology platform to another. Typical Natuvion “relocation services” include data migration, data transformation, data quality, data integration, data privacy, data security, and data governance. Natuvion’s data transformation experts are supported by DCS, a powerful, proprietary software solution developed in-house. Natuvion is a founding member of the new SAP S/4HANA Selective Data Transition Engagement Community. Featured in the Inc. 5000 and FT 1000 lists, the Natuvion Group is one of the fastest growing software and IT consulting companies.    HCL Technologies Names Jill Kouri as Global Chief Marketing Officer 2021-07-29T03:49:42Z hcl-technologies-names-jill-kouri-as-global-chief-marketing-officer New York, US/Noida, India, July 28, 2021: HCL Technologies today announced Jill Kouri’s addition to the executive team as Chief Marketing Officer. A top marketing executive with nearly 30 years of corporate and agency B2B services experience, Kouri will lead the company’s global marketing programs to advance HCL’s focus on helping companies reimagine their business for the digital age.    “As HCL continues to drive its strategy to be the digital partner of choice for global enterprises and reinforce its industry-leading ESG practices, it is imperative to strengthen our marketing leadership,” said C Vijayakumar, CEO and Managing Director, HCL Technologies. “Jill brings rich experience in areas from purpose articulation and global brand building to demand generation and sales enablement, and we are thrilled to welcome her to our leadership team.”   Kouri joins HCL Technologies most recently from JLL (NYSE: JLL), where she was Chief Marketing Officer, Americas, for seven years. Prior to that, she spent 14 years in increasingly senior marketing leadership roles at Accenture. “While I was familiar with HCL Technologies at a high level, I was completely in awe of the organization’s rich history, culture and focus on innovation and entrepreneurial mindset,” Kouri said. “HCL is at a critical point in its journey, having reached the $10 billion revenue mark, and I am excited to lead the efforts to create more widespread brand awareness and affinity, all while driving a very strong growth agenda.”   Kouri is  a very strong advocate and driver for purpose and D&I initiatives. She is a board member with FGM Architects, and  is involved in several non-profit initiatives including Dress for Success, where she is part of the Midwest Advisory Council. Kouri earned her bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Bowling Green State University and has APR (Accreditation in Public Relations) certification from the Public Relations Society of America.   About HCL Technologies HCL Technologies (HCL) empowers global enterprises with technology for the next decade, today. HCL’s Mode 1- 2-3 strategy, based on its deep-domain industry expertise, customer-centricity and entrepreneurial culture of Ideapreneurship™, enables businesses to transform into next-gen enterprises. HCL offers its services and products through three business units: IT and Business Services (ITBS), Engineering and R&D Services (ERS) and Products & Platforms (P&P). ITBS enables global enterprises to transform their businesses through offerings in the areas of applications, infrastructure, digital process operations and next generational digital transformation solutions. ERS offers engineering services and solutions in all aspects of product development and platform engineering. P&P provides modernized software products to global clients for their technology and industry specific requirements. Through its cutting-edge co-innovation labs, global delivery capabilities and broad global network, HCL delivers holistic services in various industry verticals, categorized as Financial Services, Manufacturing, Technology & Services, Telecom & Media, Retail & CPG, Life Sciences & Healthcare and Public Services. As a leading global technology company, HCL takes pride in its diversity, social responsibility, sustainability, and education initiatives. For the 12 months ended June 30, 2021 HCL had consolidated revenue of US$ 10.54 B. Its 176,499 Ideapreneurs operate out of 50 countries. Visuo Chosen for Newchip’s Intensive Global Pre-Seed Accelerator Program 2021-07-29T02:53:45Z visuo-chosen-for-newchip-s-intensive-global-pre-seed-accelerator-program (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia), (29th July 2021)—Launched in 2020, Visuo’s AI-powered Video Creation Platform helps agencies and brands to 10x their video creation with the power of AI+automation, at a time when a global pandemic, changing work habits, and a digitised economy means businesses need to market themselves online more than ever before.Visuo is pleased to announce that it has been accepted into Newchip’s renowned global accelerator program. Designed to provide all the skills and tools founders need to rapidly fund, build and scale their companies, past accelerator cohorts averaged more than 17.5 times the average funding amount. The equity-free, fully digital accelerator has helped over 1,000 founders from 35 countries raise over $300 million in funding.“Newchip evaluates a vast number of companies from across the globe, selecting less than 7% to be part of our accelerator,” says Armando Vera Carvajal, Accelerator Director at Newchip. “This strict selection process makes us an ideal partner for investors looking for promising start-ups. Smart MarTech companies like Visuo can scale quickly with proper funding and guidance. We are excited for Visuo and believe they will do well at Newchip.” ### About VisuoVisuo is an AI-powered B2B AdTech / MarTech start-up based in Sydney, Australia. With a highly experienced team bringing together real-life video production experience, combined with top-end technical capabilities in AI & automation (ex-Google), Visuo’s mission is transform the video production industry, and help video production agencies and brands to 10x their video creation through the power of AI+automation. To find out more, visit About NewchipNewchip is an online, global startup accelerator, led by a world-class team of entrepreneurs and investors. It was designed to provide founders with the tools needed to rapidly fund, build, and scale. Since its inception in 2019, the equity-free, remote accelerator has helped over 1,000 founders from 35+ countries raise over $300 million in funding. It has three distinct six-month accelerator programs based on company stage: Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A. Its vast network of global investors, strategic partners, and mentors guide companies from team building and prototype development to securing high-profile VC investment, corporate partnerships, and everything in-between. To learn more visit St. Trinity Property Group: Kiama Apartments for Contemporary Luxury Living 2021-07-28T10:28:14Z st-trinity-property-group-kiama-apartments-for-contemporary-luxury-living With sophisticated coastal living, natural wonders and the well-known Kiama Art Trail, it’s no wonder that Kiama is a prime destination for those that seek a home. St. Trinity Property Group is the leading developer of sustainable communities and the company currently has Kiama display suites to view and apartments for sale. St. Trinity Property Group has residential solutions for singles, families, seniors and those desiring a second home. The Ridgewaters Kiama, located at 2 Surfleet Place, features numerous amenities ranging from electric vehicle chargers and NBN broadband to split system air conditioning and spacious courtyards for relaxing or entertaining. Kiama apartments for sale are available with upgrade packages, with seven currently left. An apartment for sale Kiama features three-bedroom apartments. furnished with European Franke appliances, premium Paco Jaanson tapware, and stone bench tops. Residents can take a short drive to the Minnamurra Rainforest, surf, and visit the whale watching platform. The community is also one of the best locations in the world from which to view the Milky Way Galaxy. St. Trinity Property Group also has luxury apartments for sale Wollongong. Currently under construction, the homes are available with one to three bedrooms and individuals can also choose those with a studio. The ground floor has retail and commercial shops for convenience. Located in the heart of Wollongong at 49-51 Denison St., over 60 percent of the residences are already sold. The Wollongong apartments are designed for modern, luxury living. Apartments are highlighted by a communal rooftop terrace for entertaining, Caesarstone benchtops in the kitchen and timber grain cabinetry, along with space enhancing features in the bathroom. Abundant natural light and breathtaking views are enhanced by floor to ceiling glass doors. Residents are just minutes away from specialty shops, fine dining, and exciting nightlife options. St. Trinity Property Group is a development and management firm that’s creating sustainable, cohesive and dynamic communities for discerning, contemporary families. The firm’s luxury apartments are elegantly designed and appointed for modern, contemporary lifestyles. About St. Trinity Property Group St. Trinity Property Group is a leading diversified property group with market leading performance over the last 15 years. Our team has a strong track record, having delivered over $10 billion in projects with another $10 billion to be delivered over the next 24 months. Connect with the firm on Facebook.   Media Contact St. Trinity Property Group Phone: 1300 822 882 5 George St. North Strathfield, NSW 2137 Website: Global demand for camel milk surges 20% during Covid as consumers seek healthier dairy alternative 2021-07-28T06:19:09Z global-demand-for-camel-milk-surges-20-during-covid-as-consumers-seek-healthier-dairy-alternative Globally, milk producers report around 20% rise in demand for camel milk during COVID-19 and lockdown as more consumers shift from cow to camel milk, to help boost immunity. Known for its anti-inflammatory, strong protective proteins, anti-microbial and nutritious value; parents seek camel milk for children. CEO of camel dairy Good Earth Dairy, Marcel Steingiesser, once worked as a chemical engineer at BHP so how did he end up milking camels and drinking camel milk daily?    Australia has the world's largest herd of wild camels and their population is estimated to be about 3,00,000, spread across 37 per cent of the Australian mainland.    The demand for camel milk in the US and Asia increases due to its health benefits (it’s high in vitamin C and iron) and there are not sufficient numbers of camels available to meet the demand.    Camel milk retails for around $19 a litre in Asia. And in SIngapore a litre costs around $19 compared with just over $4 for two litres of cow milk.    Executive Chair & CEO, Marcel Steingiesser said, “Our intention for Good Earth Dairy is to be a major disruptor to the US$6 billion camel milk industry.”     “We have the opportunity to make the best camel milk,” Steingiesser said .    “Australia has an incredible reputation in food quality safety standards and that’s a great opportunity for all camel dairies in Australia.” he continues.    Previously camels have caused considerable damage in the Australian outback since they were introduced in the 1840s.  The wild herds grow at about 8 percent per annum and are culled in remote areas.      Wild camels can be caught and domesticated “We are able to access wild camels which enables us to expand” says Steingiesser.    Good Earth Dairy are looking to equity raise to expand their operations by allowing the company to fund the initial construction and approvals of their niche 5000 head dairy and enable the acceleration of Good Earth Dairy’s growth and also increase the company’s value     Good Earth Dairy has the capability to sell on average $10AUD per litre throughout Australia with 300g tins of powder selling for over $100AUD in China.     Good Earth Dairy's Intellectual Property has the opportunity to bring production costs down to less than $2AUD per litre.     The IP created includes the capability to rapidly and efficiently scale to more than 3 million litres yearly per designed module.    Good Earth Dairy will continue to innovate to become the lowest-cost producer of high-quality camel milk globally, through efficient scalable Agri-technology processes achieved by their commitment to research and development.     Scale is key to getting production costs lower, said Steingiesser. He’s drawing on his 14 year’s of experience as a former chemical engineer at BHP in the push to get costs down to A$2 a litre.  Asbestos Cleaning, Meth Cleaning & Forensic Cleaning Services across Australia 2021-07-28T04:31:23Z asbestos-cleaning-meth-cleaning-amp-forensic-cleaning-services-across-australia Decon Solutions Australia is NAMC verified decontamination company which provides cleaning and decontamination services. We provide expert advice and a professional approach with guaranteed results – giving confidence and saving time and money.  Meth Cleaning and Decontamination Services Following a positive result from a meth residue test or a meth screen report you will need to consider a specialist meth decontamination company to remove and rebuild the contaminated areas of your home. Decon Solutions Australia are specialist meth decontaminators and meth house remediators offering meth lab residue cleaning and are capable of restoring your property safely and professionally. We are qualified to offer both meth clean-up and decontamination, as well as asbestos cleaning, investigation and clearance certification services. Our certified and highly experienced team work hard to deliver an unrivalled service. We are also offering 24/7 support for emergencies. Decon Solutions Australia does not provide any kind of testing services and only uses NAMC verified independent testing/screening companies to test properties or vehicles for any contamination. Read More about Meth Cleaning Services here Biohazard Cleanup Specialists & Forensic CleaningWe also provide Forensic Cleaning & Biohazard Cleaning throughout Australia. Decon Solutions Australia is the most trusted response team for biohazard removal and crime scene cleanup. Whether you need assistance with a homicide scene, a hoarder situation, or an auto accident, all of our technicians undergo sensitivity training and are briefed on each case to provide for all of your needs. We’ve served Australian businesses, institutions, and private households in need of our trauma scene cleaning expertise and built a reputation on high standards, OSHA compliance, customer care, and professional discretion. Read More About Forensic Cleaning Services Decon Solutions Take Care of Asbestos Removal If you have discovered that you are living in or own a property that has asbestos in the building, you have two main options to help you move forward. Most asbestos contaminated properties will require removal and remediation work to be performed. Decon Solutions Australia does not endorse trying to attempt this yourself. You risk exposing yourself to the harmful asbestos dust. The quickest and least costly option is contact Decon Solutions Australia ASAP to bring your property back to inhabitable state. Read More About Asbestos Removal in AustraliaIf you're looking to get any of the above mentioned services or a property manager looking to speak feel free to call us at: 1300 707 028 BREAKING NEWS! XCELLERATE IT CHOSEN BY MICROSOFT D365 F&O CUSTOMERS TO AUTOMATE ACCOUNTS PAYABLE 2021-07-28T02:12:12Z breaking-news-xcellerate-it-chosen-by-microsoft-d365-f-amp-o-customers-to-automate-accounts-payable Telstra Health and G8 Education have selected Xcellerate IT to implement accounts payable automation integrated with their ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (F&O). The move solidifies Xcellerate IT as a preferred implementation partner for customers running Microsoft D365 F&O. Telstra Health, providers of digitally-enabled care for the community, will work with Xcellerate IT to implement Kofax ReadSoft Online, a dedicated cloud-based accounts payable automation solution. G8 Education, Australia's largest private provider of quality early childhood education and care, will implement Kofax TotalAgility, a fully integrated, enterprise-wide digital transformation platform that can be expanded outside of the accounts payable department to automate other business processes. As part of their digital transformation journey, and to get the most out of their ERP investment, Dynamics 365 F&O customers are looking for integrated solutions to streamline and automate their accounts payable processes. As one of the first Australian service providers in the enterprise capture and workflow industry, the team at Xcellerate IT are highly experienced and specialise in deploying the latest business process automation solutions, driving efficiency and empowering accounts payable departments with the skill and technology to minimize manual intervention and accelerate operations.  Xcellerate IT has managed the implementation of over 100 enterprise-wide, business process automation solutions, powered by Kofax. With a focus on accounts payable automation, our solutions meet the specific needs of our customers and provide them with insightful analytics, visibility and tracking.  “We are thrilled to be selected by Telstra Health and G8 Education to implement our tried and proven solutions that will automate the entire invoice lifecycle. With over 24 years of experience and more that 100 satisfied customers, we are proud to be the partner of choice when it comes to transforming business processes”, said Howard Boretsky, Managing Director, Xcellerate IT.  Ina J Photography was shortlisted in the Top 25 Action Category for the International Pet Photographer of the Year 2021 Awards 2021-07-27T12:30:28Z ina-j-photography-was-shortlisted-in-the-top-25-action-category-for-the-international-pet-photographer-of-the-year-2021-awards Ina J Photography, a Canberra Pet photographer was shortlisted in the Top 25 Action Category for the International Pet Photographer of the Year 2021 Awards with her photo of Poa the Bulldog running at Patrick White Lawns.  The International Pet Photographer of the Year Awards (by the Pet Photographers Club) is an annual celebration of the artistry and skill of professional and emerging pet photographers from all around the globe. There are four categories: portrait, action, pets and their people and open categories and two experience levels: professional and emerging.     The awards attracted entries from all over the world including Germany, Netherlands, the USA, England and Australia. The competition was incredible this year with over 2500 images from 45 different countries entered. Ina was one of 2 Australian pet photographers that made it into the top 25 in all categories of the awards.  Ina entered one image in each of the four categories. One of Ina’s other images entered in the Portrait category of Millie the Alaskan Malamute also got shortlisted for the Top 100. The photo captured Millie sitting in between the colourful sculpture, Dance of the Secateurs which sits by the lake at Commonwealth Park.   Ina J Photography is a Canberra Pet Photographer specialising in capturing memories of pets and their people. Ina captures the pet’s personality and character using stunning locations around the Nation’s capital as the backdrop of her photos. For more information and to see more of Ina’s work visit . New GECA Certified Macro Whole Living Range Helping Aussies Reduce Impact on the Environment  2021-07-27T05:36:55Z new-geca-certified-macro-whole-living-range-helping-aussies-reduce-impact-on-the-environment We’re thrilled to announce that Macro Wholefoods, available exclusively at Woolworths, has launched a range of GECA certified household cleaning products. Macro Whole Living, a range of cleaning products, including laundry, kitchen liquids and tablets, and multipurpose sprays, will help people keep their homes clean and fresh without harsh chemicals. Since we interact with cleaning products regularly, it’s essential to consider their effects on human health and the environment. For example, some harsh ingredients can cause health issues such as skin irritation or affect aquatic life by decreasing the water quality and affect all lives depending on these waterbodies when discharged into waterways. The range has been independently certified under our Cleaning Products and Machine Dishwashing standards. This means these products have all met robust environmental, human health and social impact criteria while also proving they work as promised! According to Macro Wholefoods General Manager Peter Hathaway, “Customers are increasingly looking for products that have less impact on the environment but are effective cleaning solutions. “We know that our Macro customers are looking for eco-friendlier cleaning products, so introducing a cleaning line was a natural extension to the brand to help them make better choices. “We’ve put the entire range of Macro Whole Living products through independent tests to ensure they’re not only tough on dirt, grease and stains but equally as gentle on the environment.” Paula Clasby, Head of Engagement & Marketing at GECA, said, “We’re excited to certify the new Macro Whole Living range. Our ecolabel removes doubt and confusion and makes it easier to identify environmentally and socially preferable products. “Congratulations to Woolworths for this new range of products that are better for people and the planet!”. Woolworths introduced its first cleaning product refill station earlier in June as a trial at the supermarket’s Burwood Brickworks store in Melbourne. The refill station currently offers three different products from the Macro Whole Living range: laundry liquid, a multipurpose surface cleaner and dishwashing liquid. The refill stations aim to reduce plastic by allowing customers to use the same bottle again and again. Customers will use the provided empty container at the new refill station, fill up their container, and scan at the checkout as usual. Not only is it hoped the trial will save plastic, but customers could also save money, paying a lower price for their cleaning liquids when they use the refill station. The Macro Whole Living range can be found in the cleaning aisles of Woolworths stores nationwide or here online.