The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-08-06T12:00:56Z Where are the hotspots? 2020-08-06T12:00:56Z where-are-the-hotspots Dear Editor, The latest Victorian COVID-19 key outbreak data lists twelve hotspots, of which six are in the business of killing animals for meat. These six companies account for over two thirds of the total cases in these hotspots. Are we getting the message yet? The high-speed killing of terrified animals for their flesh is toxic – in more ways than one. Desmond Bellamy Special Projects Coordinator PETA Australia 1a Henderson St Northcote VIC 3070 0411 577 416 CASES IN KEY OUTBREAKS - 6 August 2020 Organisation Cases Percentage Bertocchi Smallgoods 196 Somerville Retail Services 164 JBS 122 Australian Lamb Co 83 Golden Farms Poultry 31 Ingham's 29 TOTAL MEAT CORPORATIONS 625 67.4% Melbourne Health 89 Woolworths Distribution 59 Linfox 44 Nino Early Learning 43 Catholic Regional College 37 Respite Services 30 TOTAL NON-MEAT 302 32.6% GRAND TOTAL 927 Referoo partners with Recruit Wizard to improve the reference checking process 2020-08-06T04:40:00Z referoo-partners-with-recruit-wizard-to-improve-the-reference-checking-process Referoo, Australia’s leading provider of online reference checks, has today announced it has integrated its reference checking technology with the Recruit Wizard ATS/CRM solution.    For Recruit Wizard clients, this now means Referoo’s award-winning online reference checking services directly integrate into their ATS solution, making it easy to add reference checks to the recruitment process and record these references directly in Recruit Wizard.    Referoo Co-Founder, Neil Rose, said of the partnership, “Reference checking is a critical step in the recruitment process, but it's one that can take hours and days of chasing. We are excited to provide Recruit Wizard clients with the opportunity to automate their reference checking within their ATS, giving them time back to focus on more important tasks.”    Glen Perry, CEO of Recruit Wizard, sees huge potential for clients in integrating Referoo, “Recruit Wizard is an incredibly feature rich ATS platform. By integrating Referoo’s reference checking service into our application, our clients can now link reference checking directly into the recruitment process. We believe Referoo will provide our users with another way to reduce their administrative tasks and help them provide a great experience for both their client and their candidate.”   Recruit Wizard clients can access the solution from Referoo. Visit for more information.  Auckland-based mortgage adviser recognised as industry top performer 2020-08-06T03:54:25Z auckland-based-mortgage-adviser-recognised-as-industry-top-performer Auckland (August 2020) – An Auckland-based mortgage adviser has been recognised in a prestigious list showcasing the top advisers in the industry. iConsult’s Satyan Mehra has been included in NZ Adviser’s annual Top Advisers report. Now in its fourth year, the report ranks New Zealand’s top 30 mortgage advisers of 2020. The ‘well-connected’ Mehra started his career as an advisor, auditor and analyst at the Bank of New Zealand before moving to ANZ, where he spent three years as a business manager. He started up iConsult Mortgage Brokers in 2017, which quickly developed a reputation for its deep knowledge of commercial and residential lending structures, and for securing simple, transparent lending arrangements. Mehra is described by industry colleagues as a ‘real people person who walks the talk - if he gives you a commitment, he’ll follow it through.’ Mehra’s accolades include Young Entrepreneur of the Year - Indian Business Awards, November 2019 and Best Financial Advisor of the Year - Indian Business Awards, November 2018. “Our 30 top advisers this year settled a combined value of $2,838,661,153 across 7,799 total loans – an outstanding result for everybody who made the list,” says NZ Adviser news editor Ksenia Stepanova. “The report asked advisers to provide some key performance metrics from the past 12 months to uncover the top adviser in the industry. Competition was tougher than ever this year and the winning advisers hail from all over New Zealand, representing the main centres of Auckland, Christchurch as well as Hamilton, Arrowtown, Raglan, Cambridge, and other regions. The report is based on the total value of loans settled in the past 12 months, with all figures subject to confirmation by each adviser’s aggregator(s). To view the full report and to find out more about Mehra, click HERE. -ENDS- NZ Adviser is New Zealand’s newest source of news, opinion and analysis for mortgage and finance advice professionals. Delivered exclusively online, NZ Adviser provides a real-time web service that keeps time-poor advisers up to date with the latest breaking news, cutting-edge opinion, and expert analysis affecting both their business and their industry as a whole. NZ Adviser provides a regular newsletter service, delivered to inboxes daily, covering exclusive and need-to-know developments of the day from the government and regulators, banks and lenders, as well as industry service providers. An online industry hub, NZ Adviser also offers fresh and informative multimedia news and commentary, practical articles and features to assist with developing businesses, a popular industry forum for online discussion and debate, and industry-specific research and reports. NZ Adviser is published by independent media company Key Media. Find out more about Key Media’s magazines, events and websites at New “FREE” udStream 3D Data Visualisation Launch a Great Success! 2020-08-04T23:00:35Z new-free-udstream-3d-data-visualisation-launch-a-great-success-1 Two weeks ago, due to market demand, Euclideon launched its new Free 3D data visualisation product called udStream. The new model is experiencing tremendous take-up and has been a great success, with hundreds of users already on board. Euclideon udStream is designed to help a large volume of users manage their work on 3D digital assets. UdStream is a new fast Free tool that enables breathtaking visualisations of massive point cloud data that can be streamed or stored locally. It provides the ability to stream, share and visualise massive point-cloud data files previously thought to be ‘too big’ to visualise. udStream helps customers with their workflow, collaboration, and project management opportunities with a ‘game-changing’ data visualisation tool. udStream content creators can easily share projects across the entire business as well as with their external customers - allowing deeper project collaboration, enhanced workflows and ‘one version of the truth’. udStream simply handles and brings to life massive 3D point-cloud data visualisation at speeds previously unimagined. With continuous growth, Euclideon services customers in a multitude of industries such as mining, rail, roads, bathymetry, defence, geospatial, oil and gas, government and many more. As well as partnering with major industry leaders such as Unity, Reigl, Aerometrex, Siemens, Esri, Austmine and Leica, with udStream being the medium for digital twin visualisation. To sign up and use udStream Free, or for more information, please visit the company website That’ll be the phone, Reg 2020-08-04T10:08:36Z that-ll-be-the-phone-reg-1 PHONES ringing out, phone lines busy, transferred calls abandoned and active sales calls hitting the dreaded ‘dial this for service and that for sales’ is costing dealers tens of thousands of dollars a month in lost sales, according to James O’Neill, the CEO of WildJar, one of Australia’s leading call tracking and phone management systems. Speaking with GoAutoNews Premium, as part of our Dealer Talks podcast series with Gumtree Cars, Mr O’Neill said dealers spend vast sums of money driving buyers to their businesses but are still missing many of the phone calls they are generating with ‘hot’ buyers on the other end. The worst ‘sins’ are buyers met with engaged signals meaning there are not enough lines and phones ringing out suggesting there are not enough people manning phones. “Across the board, we find dealers are still missing 15 percent of phone calls and another 10 percent of calls are being abandoned during the call transfer process,” Mr O’Neill said. “There is a huge hole when a call is transferred from reception to a salesperson and that salesperson is not at their desk and the customer is on hold for one minute or two minutes and they hang up. That is 10 percent abandoned. “So in total that means 25 percent of calls into a business are being missed.” He said that WildJar calculates that missed calls  and abandoned calls cost a dealership $260 a time. “We looked at Deloitte’s $2,600 gross profit per car and we know 1 in 10 calls into a dealership results in a sale. Lets keep it really simple and we know that every call you miss is $260. “We know a metro dealer who received 2,100 phone calls in one month and missed 390 which is 18.4 per cent. So the monthly revenue impact was about $100,000 based on the Deloitte number.” Mr O’Neill said that, when a customer calls, dealers need to be ready to help them buy because they are ready to buy. “There are so many improvements and efficiencies dealers can do internally just on getting the call flow and call handling correct and by answering the call at the right time. “Dealers spend so much money at the front end to drive lead enquires and, when the customers pick up the phone and call, we know that callers convert at around a 15 percent higher rate than the online lead enquiry ‘form fills’. “A dealer salesperson might send a video out to a customer via SMS; they have done a video walkaround of the car, and that creates direct engagement with the customer. “But that connection is broken when the customer calls the main dealership landline and is greeted with the usual Press 1 for Service, 2 for parts, 3 for sales and the experience around that is not good. The dealership needs to know at that point that the customer has just watched a video and treat them as such. “How our business works is that we have unique phone numbers within advertising. So we know the customer is calling from a particular medium; in this case calling from a video they have just watched. “Rather than sending the customer to a phone queue, we send them to the sales person or we set up a hunt group where we set up a multi-call to call all your sales people at the one time so they know that this is a sales engagement. “When they pick up the phone we ‘whisper’ to the salesperson that this customer/lead is from your YouTube video ad or this is a lead from a video the dealer has sent out to them. So the salesperson knows how to respond to the phone call before they speak to that customer. “When dealers are getting these calls buyers are ready to purchase. They have done their research and, by not answering correctly, you interrupt their progress. “Dealers, on an aggregate level, are still quite poor at handling calls. ‘You know this customer is looking at your inventory page so send them to the right people at the right time and improve that customer process – and invest more in the people that are answering the calls because we found that even if they are just polite on a call it is improving conversion levels. “Customers like to interact. They do all their research online, go to classified sites, choose brands on local dealer websites, when they are ready to purchase, they are picking up the phone and calling. “When they do call, the customer is highly engaged.” Mr O’Neill said that WildJar’s experience across 600 dealerships of all brands and locations shows there is a remarkably small number of people who call more than one dealership. “We only see two percent  of cross calling – which is a customer calling two or more dealerships. James O’Neill “Two percent is very low. So if a customer is calling your dealership, they want that dealership. They do not want to go to the next dealership a few suburbs away. “That is why giving each customer a fantastic and memorable first impression over the phone is now more important than ever, as these consumers who are calling you are ready to buy,” he said. “So the data that we are seeing is that once they have chosen a brand and chosen a dealership location, they are willing to give that dealer the opportunity to speak to them. “Once they call you they are ready to talk to you, they are ready to purchase, they are as hot as a lead could be. So you need to treat them that way. “But first of all you need to answer the call.” To learn more about the WildJar visit or call 1300 317 533 About WildJar   WildJar helps businesses become wildly successful by providing cutting edge voice and SMS solutions. Founded in 2016, WildJar has helped more than 4,000 companies worldwide drive revenue and connect their customer’s journey online to their purchasing behaviour offline. Finally, businesses and marketers have complete attribution and analytics to measure call outcomes and ROI. With WildJar’s Voice Platform, businesses get granular campaign attribution to understand why customers are calling, real-time intelligence about who’s calling and analyse what’s being said during conversations to improve outcomes. How to Turn Your Homepage into a Lead-Generating Machine 2020-08-04T10:03:56Z how-to-turn-your-homepage-into-a-lead-generating-machine Your website is the first place where many people will encounter your brand. Thus, it should make a great first impression, and your website design must “speak” to your customers. Responding to their pain points and reflecting their tastes should be at the forefront of your to-do list. Here are the three fundamental things that make a compelling website that can reel the visitors in and nudge them to action. Spend time creating your homepage Optimise your homepage, since it is the first thing people land on when they visit your site. It provides them with their first look at your business, your messaging, and what value you want to deliver. Even if they come to you from another page—a blog post, for example, or a link from another brand—they will eventually navigate to the homepage. Therefore, it is necessary to put on this page your mission, goals, and even your business’ values. Communicate what you can bring to them in a way that appeals to their sensibilities. While that might mean different approaches to copy, colour, and aesthetic, there are things about website design that stay consistent. For example, clear navigation and whitespace are two things people of all demographics appreciate. Persuasive copy is another. When you design your site around your target market’s preferences and prompt their desire for satisfaction, you have a large portion of search engine optimisation down. Read the full article on our website. Facebook Ads vs Retargeting: How Do They Differ? 2020-08-04T10:02:02Z facebook-ads-vs-retargeting-how-do-they-differ Every time you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed, you probably encounter several ads of brands you know or don’t know at all. They find you, and most of the time, they even follow you on your social media accounts. It might seem peculiar to you at first, yet that’s merely how powerful Facebook advertising and retargeting works. If you’re not familiar with those two concepts and have been curious for so long on how they work, we will explain and differentiate them for you in the following sections: How Advertising on Facebook Works Facebook advertising is the technique to reach new audiences for your brand. In this method, you pay an amount and choose a particular target audience. Facebook targeting is highly specific, and there are two ways to target a specific group: You do the targeting yourself by choosing an audience based on gender, age, location, and interests, among others. You use a Facebook Pixel code, which is to be added to your site. This code collects data that helps you find people who are interested in your content or products, and this is also called Facebook retargeting. Read the full article on our website If you need help in setting up your Facebook pixel on your website, or you need web design services in Perth, WA, we’re here to help. We’re a digital agency that focuses on achieving results and offering solutions for our client’s online challenges. Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality services! BTL AESTHETICS AUSTRALIA SIGN DEAL WITH SILK LASER CLINICS 2020-08-04T02:58:32Z btl-aesthetics-australia-sign-deal-with-silk-laser-clinics In a positive business news story, BTL Aesthetics and SILK Laser Clinics are excited to announce that they have formed an unprecedented partnership. This ground-breaking affiliation will see SILK Laser Clinics move into the body treatment arena with the launch of fifteen BTL Aesthetic EMSCULPT® devices into selected SILK Laser Clinics locations across Australia. EMSCULPT®’s revolutionary new technology strengthens and defines muscles and disrupt fat cells. Used by a plethora of A list stars and elite athletes, EMSCULPT® is equivalent to doing 20,000 sit-ups or squats in 30 mins. The technology utilises patented HIFEM® magnetic field energy and induces approximately 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions, which cannot be achieved voluntarily, to help target hard-to-tone areas. Respected national brand SILK Laser Clinics take pride in making aesthetics accessible to all in a safe, trusted and relaxing environment. Services include laser hair removal, cosmetic injections, skin treatments, skincare and (in South Australia) laser tattoo removal. Skin and cosmetic treatments designed to help clients look and feel their best, and now, SILK clients can transform their bodies as well. This new collaboration will establish SILK as a leader in non-invasive body treatments, which is the fastest-growing area of aesthetics. An exciting expansion that is in line with the SILK brand's ethos of only working with the most reputable, clinically tested and approved devices. “The deal was in its initial stages pre COVID restrictions, and SILK Laser Clinics and BTL are excited to be moving forward with the rollout. The official launch will commence from August 2020 with Emsculpt devices available in key clinics in SA, WA, NSW, QLD, NT and TAS. We are delighted to be providing a world-leading body treatment for our clients that want help to build muscle, burn fat and get into shape for summer. We will no doubt attract many new men and women into SILK that are interested in fitness, wellness and core strength. It is an exciting and positive time for the business.” said Martin Perelman, Managing Director of SILK Laser Clinics. Tested in several independent clinical studies, BTL EMSCULPT® delivers consistent results, with a 16% increase in muscle mass, a 19% reduction in subcutaneous abdominal fat and a 14.3% reduction in visceral fat (with 17 out of 22 patients showed reduction higher than 10%). The average waist measurement sees a decrease of 4.4 cm reduction in the thickness of the subcutaneous abdominal fat layer. EMSCULPT® is the first and only HIFEM® technology to­ build muscle and ­burn fat. The device has multiple applicator sizes available for treatments that focus on the abdomen, buttocks, arms or calves. EMSCULPT® has a 95% patient satisfaction rate with 500,000+ treatments annually in the world. SILK Laser Clinics are Australia’s fastest-growing Aesthetic franchise businesses and an exciting and dynamic business model. There are 53 SILK Laser Clinics locations across Australia including, WA, SA, NT, QLD, TAS and NSW. A successful national brand that focusses on providing its clients with the latest technology and highest service standards in aesthetics, beautifully appointed clinics and highly trained staff. The SILK Laser Clinics chain has grown rapidly since the first clinic opened in Hyde Park, South Australia, in 2009, thanks to the brand's excellent reputation, professional operation and the latest in Aesthetics treatments. “SILK Laser Clinics is a major player in the Australian Aesthetics industry and BTL Aesthetics are excited to be part of this innovative brand's strategic growth. Martin Perelman and the team at SILK share our passion for product and treatment technology, as well as integrity. SILK Laser Clinics and BTL Aesthetics have an exciting few months ahead with the planned Emsculpt rollout,” said Gareth Pepper, National Sales Director for BTL Aesthetics Australia and New Zealand. EMSCULPT® has won several awards, including Best Non-Invasive Body Shaping Technology 2019, Anti-Aging & Beauty Trophy Winner, NewBeauty Best Innovations Award, Harper’s Bazaar Anti-Aging Awards - Best Body Firming treatment and realself ‘Most Worth It’ Award Patient Choice Award and four MyFaceMyBody Awards. About BTL Founded in 1993, BTL has grown to become one of the world's major manufacturers of medical and aesthetic equipment. With over 1,800 employees located in more than 55 countries, BTL has revolutionized the way to offer the most advanced non-invasive solutions for body shaping, skin tightening & other medical aesthetic treatments, including women's intimate health and wellness. BTL's brands include EMSCULPT®, EMSELLA®, BTL Vanquish® ME, BTL Exilis® ULTRA, and BTL X Wave®. For additional information, visit     Seniors & residents angered by Moreland Council rates increase 2020-08-03T02:58:18Z seniors-amp-residents-angered-by-moreland-council-rates-increase Australian Pensioners’ Voice (APV) and Fawkner Residents Association (FRA) have condemned Moreland Council’s decision to increase rates and have confirmed it is fuelling deep resentment of Council and Councillors for being heartless and out of touch with community sentiment.    Anger and resentment that will invariably deepen as the Stage Four lock down intensifies.   Speaking on behalf of APV President Mr Vic Guarino and for FRA, Mr Joe Perri said it is an absolutely appalling decision at a time when seniors and residents are tightening their belts like never before.    “In light of so many people enduring financial distress as the result of living on the age pension / dependent on social welfare, being made unemployed, forced to take leave without pay or required to shut down a business, Moreland’s decision to increase rates has only served to compound the hardship of residents”, said Vic Guarino and Joe Perri.    In good times of low unemployment, the trickery of raising rates by CPI or market value property increases was tolerated.   Doing so now has only served to fuel deep hostility and tarnish the standing of Council and Councillors.   “Councils are supposed to be the closest and most attune to grassroots / community issues.  Hence, we feel our members and residents are justified in questioning the decision during a period that is as tough as it can possibly be for everyone”, said Vic Guarino and Joe Perri.   Furthermore, Moreland Council’s lack of sensitivity contrasts strongly with the City of Monash decision to DECREASE rates by 8.2%.  Moreover, Monash was not alone in reducing or freezing rates for the coming year.   Unlike Moreland, the gesture by councils led by Monash will be appreciated as a compassionate sign of support that will be gratefully received and uplift the spirits of vulnerable ratepayers and businesses impacted by the pandemic.   The federal and state governments have also demonstrated similar understanding to the plight of Australians through financial restraint.   “As the most vulnerable group in the community to COVID-19, Moreland pensioners are isolated, living in a circle of fear and emotional distress”, said Vic Guarino.    “For most of this year they have been forced to stay indoors with only pets for companionship; required to avoid contact with family and loved ones; distressed by the loss of close friends and relatives; unable to hug cherished grandchildren; and the list goes on.”   “With the predicted Stage Four lockdown imminent, the economic and mental distress will invariably be most intense in September as the arrival of the first rates notice for 2020-21 is received.  Moreland residents will be justified in questioning the motives of Councillors for the increase and how the paltry rebate to be provided will improve their lives living on a fixed pension”.   In defending their decision to reduce rates, the City of Monash said they were able to do so because of prudent financial planning over many years.    In contrast to Moreland, Monash considered the most immediate financial assistance they could provide their community was to reduce rates whilst still maintaining essential services and funding various projects and initiatives residents expect.   Vic Guarino and Joe Perri concluded, “No matter how Moreland tries to sell its rates increase, it will be viewed with immense scepticism – and rightfully so”.    ENDS   Issued jointly by Australian Pensioners’ Voice    &    Fawkner Residents Association               Media enquiries: Mr. Joe Perri, Mob: +61 412 112 545 Email: Supporting and shining a light on outstanding leaders during our toughest year 2020-08-03T02:17:29Z supporting-and-shining-a-light-on-outstanding-leaders-during-our-toughest-year MEDIA RELEASE   In a year of uncertainty and devastation, leaders from all walks of life are facing their toughest test. As we bear witness to the best and worst of leadership, we are being shown that courageous, kind and inclusive leadership is seeing Australians show resilience and come together to move through disaster. It is timely that Leadership HQ has launched its refreshed brand, with a new website and FREE tools to help leaders rise to the current occasion and support their teams and industries to survive—and even thrive—through this year and beyond. Free tools include workbooks and self-assessments to help leaders managing conflict, gain strategies for managing stress and unlock their exceptional performance. Announcing the refreshed brand and the 2020 Outstanding Leadership Awards ceremony, Leadership HQ Managing Director Sonia McDonald said Leadership HQ was on a mission to build a world of great leaders. “Now, more than ever, the world needs great leaders to help us weather the storms that we are facing,” Sonia said. “At its core, leadership is about courage, impact and action. At Leadership HQ we want to help aspiring and current leaders gain the tools to lead with courage, and we want to shine a light on leaders who are making an impact at this time. “Our 2020 Outstanding Leadership Awards will be announced on 4 September via an intimate gathering at the Belise, St Pauls Terrace, Brisbane, owing to COVID-19. We are thrilled to also be able to live stream the awards for people across the country to tune in, also, and hear more about the courageous leadership we are seeing in Australia.” A list of the 2020 Outstanding Leadership Awards finalists is available on the Leadership HQ website. Nominations for the 2021 Outstanding Leadership Awards open on 14 September 2020. Leadership HQ was born out of a passion to work with people. Sonia McDonald combined a love of writing with experience from a HR background to build a name and career in a global context. Sonia’s passion for leadership and mental health means she works with leaders to support them, their organisations, industries and communities to gain the knowledge and awareness they need to build resilience, remove stigma and thrive through disruption.  View the new Leadership HQ website for more information on Leadership HQ, the Awards and the free tools available to support leaders: For more information or to interview Sonia McDonald or one of the 2020 Outstanding Leadership Awards finalist, contact:      Sheena Ireland 0458 038 555 Transforming Risk Management & Compliance in India. 2020-08-03T02:03:35Z transforming-risk-management-amp-compliance-in-india Today marks an exciting major step as we team up with India’s leading startup, TNCIL Group! TNCIL (aka The Network Chef) focuses on digital infrastructure solutions & consulting, helping businesses to migrate into new and improved digital transformation requirements. TNCIL offers Cybersecurity consulting to customers as one of its specialised services. With a mix of young and experienced team members with the passion to transcend new opportunities and help customers to travel the journey smoothly, TNCIL believe that new technology is the key to helping businesses achieve great things in the digital age. And importantly, security is one of the key components in this success. The next-gen 6clicks GRC platform revolutionises the way organisations mature their cyber security, data privacy, risk management and compliance capabilities. With a suite of products including a curated and customisable content marketplace, white-label capability for advisors and mobile app “6clicks Risk Review for Teams”, companies can now arm themselves with breakthrough abilities to navigate the ever-evolving regulatory environments at low cost. TNCIL Group Founder and Partner Madhu Kumar J, says, “The strategic partnership with 6clicks will further strengthen TNCIL’s security solution capability, by helping customers to better manage governance, risk & compliance”. 6clicks CEO and Co-Founder Anthony Stevens sent the word out last night, saying:“The TNCIL team have been impressive in their view and approach to compliance and risk management in the cybersecurity market. We look forward to working closely with them and their customers around the world with 6clicks”.  The 6clicks expansion into India led by Anthony Stevens and Srini Peyyalamitta is incredibly exciting. Stay tuned for more good news! The (rapidly growing) 6clicks Global Community. Media Enquiries: Stephen Walter. Head of Marketing & PR - Forward IT greets new financial year with record revenue success 2020-08-01T02:48:00Z forward-it-greets-new-financial-year-with-record-revenue-success Wednesday July 29th, 2020 – Forward IT (FiT), a leading provider of IT services and support to government and corporate clients, has reported stellar end of financial year results, with revenues clocking in at $54.3, up 102% on the previous financial year end. During the past 12 months, Forward IT was acquired by ASI Solutions (ASI) with the acquisition offering opportunities and benefits for both organisations. Forward IT is able to leverage ASI’s infrastructure in the form of our newly implemented ERP system, our inventory, warehousing, infrastructure and processes as well as bring in working capital to grow and fund new opportunities. The acquisition will give ASI access to additional Government business to grow their Public Sector portfolio along with additional managed service growth. With a 35 year legacy in introducing innovative technologies to market, ASI Solutions was an early investor in Cloud technologies and started the Canberra Data Centres (CDC)- one of the key Microsoft Australia hosting locations – back in 2007. Since then the company’s agility has seen it continue to innovate and stay at the forefront of technologies that best serve our customers. FiT and ASI’s combined focus on hardware and software deployment, managed IT services and ‘as a service’ models, as well as a suite of consultancy services has enabled the group to meet the specific requirements of individual customers and to trump previous revenue records. “We have seen the adoption of Microsoft Cloud technologies grow rapidly over the past few years to become the solution of choice for many of our customers” said Dom Polegubic, Director, Forward IT. “Traditionally, Federal and local government were slow to embrace cloud, but this is definitely changing.” “The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated some of the slow adopters into the Cloud and is also bringing cybersecurity to the forefront of many customers concerns. Our experience and investment in training has resulted in a number of government cloud engagements.” Forward IT has increased its service contracts in the past 12 months with key new contracts won in Government including CSIRO and Services Australia, among others. Increasingly, the company is providing ongoing consulting skills to ensure that customers continue to reap the benefits of their initial technology investment. Supporting these new clients is Forward IT’s professional services team which has increased by 37% in the past 12 months in line with the company’s managed services growth. Moving forward, the services team will continue to expand their cloud computing expertise strengthening the Microsoft relationship. “Microsoft cloud provides a wealth of cybersecurity features and services which customers can adopt,“ said Stephen Seckar, Director, Forward IT. “It can be difficult for customers to understand how they can protect their cloud security boundaries with such a rapid change in cloud technology, and that’s where we come in.” “Our team is extremely passionate about providing cybersecurity solutions to our Microsoft cloud customers, built upon the core Microsoft Cloud offerings, and adding value through complimentary Microsoft services around Endpoint Management, Windows Autopilot, Desktop Analytics, Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection, Windows Virtual Desktop to mention a few. Our vision is to use the breath of Microsoft’s Cloud Security offerings to further enhance our customers cloud cyber security posture into the future. Nathan Lowe, Managing Director, ASI Solutions, said, “We are extremely proud of the recent achievements of the Forward IT Team. The opportunity for Forward IT, as part of ASI Solutions, in the year ahead is significant. We are uniquely positioned to deliver services and solutions to public and private sector organisations who want to maximise their investment in IT by working with an award-winning, Australian owned, headquartered and managed service provider. We are very excited for the future.” About ASI Solutions  ASI Solutions is a business technology and IT solutions provider, offering hardware, software and managed services. A family owned and run company since 1985, ASI has over 130 staff (before the acquisition) in NSW, ACT, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia, providing technology solutions to the Education, Government, Corporate, Retail and Health sectors. About Forward IT  Forward IT is a Canberra based IT services company, providing hardware, software and managed services. Operational since 2002, they have a team of 33 people, providing solutions for Government and corporate clients. Barhead Solutions to receive another Microsoft achievement to be part of the global elite group 2020/2021 Inner Circle for Microsoft Business Applications 2020-07-31T05:25:50Z barhead-solutions-to-receive-another-microsoft-achievement-to-be-part-of-the-global-elite-group-2020-2021-inner-circle-for-microsoft-business-applications Barhead is honored by Microsoft for achieving an outstanding sales achievement and innovation Sydney, NSW – 29 July 2020 – Barhead Solutions a specialised consulting firm focused on delivering business solutions leveraging Microsoft’s Digital Technology Stack has achieved the prestigious 2020/2021 Inner Circle for Microsoft Business Applications. Membership in this elite group is based on sales achievements that rank Barhead in the top echelon of the Microsoft’s Business Applications global network of partners. Inner Circle members have performed to a high standard of excellence by delivering valuable solutions that help organizations achieve increased success. 2020/2021 Inner Circle members are invited to the Inner Circle Virtual Summits, taking quarterly between July 2020 and June 2021, where they will have a unique opportunity to share strategy and network with Microsoft senior leaders and fellow partners. This recognition of Inner Circle for Microsoft Business Applications coincided with Microsoft Inspire, the annual premier partner event, which took place July 20-21, 2020. Microsoft Inspire provides the Microsoft partner community with the opportunity to learn about the company’s road map for the upcoming year, establish connections, share best practices, experience the latest product innovations and learn new skills. “Each year we recognize Microsoft Business Applications partners from around the world for delivering innovation and driving unsurpassed customer success,” said Cecilia Flombaum, Microsoft Business Applications Ecosystem Lead. “Our Inner Circle members are chosen based on their business performance as well as capabilities as an organization, whether that’s creating IP, developing solutions, or having an industry leading focus on digital transformation. Microsoft is honored to recognize Barhead for their achievements this past year, their dedication to our customers, and their innovation around the Microsoft Cloud.” With regards to the award, CEO and Co-founder Ken Struthers said, "The Barhead team is 100% focused on Microsoft and Business Applications. That the team's commitment and dedication is again recognised with such a prestigious award is fitting testament to their efforts and to those of our customers." “The Inner Circle Award further validates our continued investment and Microsoft's recognition of our performance and capability within Business Applications. As a leading Microsoft Partner in Australia we are thankful for Microsoft's continued support and trust in our business and drive to modernise our customers’ processes and solutions,” added John Orrock, Co-founder of Barhead About Barhead Barhead is an award winning specialised consultant firm focused on delivering business solutions, leveraging Microsoft’s Technology Stack. We believe that it is a combination of people, technology, and business drivers that underpin the most successful implementations. As a leading Microsoft Business Applications partner with global cross industry expertise, we cover the diverse product offerings from Microsoft and the broader ecosystem, supporting our clients to modernize their systems and processes. Our collaborative client engagement model centred on business outcomes enables us to deliver the most innovative use of technology. Our consulting expertise and offerings span the entire Microsoft stack with focus on Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. Young financial planner celebrates 4th milestone – passion & energy continue to be his drivers 2020-07-31T03:38:37Z young-financial-planner-celebrates-4th-milestone-passion-amp-energy-continue-to-be-his-drivers Earlier this month Sam Koranias, celebrated his fourth anniversary as a financial adviser and eighth year in the industry with Melbourne based planning practice Australian Wealth Solutions (AWS).    In celebrating the milestone, Sam affirmed that passion for making a positive and meaningful difference to the well-being of clients as a professional advice practitioner continue to be his drivers.   Congratulating Sam on his milestone, AWS principal and founder Sam Zervides said since joining the practice initially as an intern then transitioned to financial advice, he (Sam Koranias) has demonstrated an outstanding and exemplary commitment to the industry, the profession and his own personal and professional growth.   “It was no surprise to me and the AWS team that Sam Koranias was honoured and acknowledged as MLC’s Young Adviser of the Year in 2017”, said Sam Zervides.   “Irrespective of all the legislative and regulatory demands that impact the industry, the provision of financial advice requires a person to person connection to be effective.  Sam’s warm and engaging personality has endeared him to clients of all ages – but it’s his expertise and knowledge that are highly regarded and respected”.   In financial planning I’ve found a calling and career that I’m really passionate about and provides me with immense personal satisfaction said Sam Koranias.  “Each day I strive to be better than the day before and I do this through constant learning and improvement”.    “I’m also mentored by an industry stalwart in Sam Zervides and surrounded and motivated by an extraordinary team of gifted and equally passionate team members that comprise the AWS family”.   Commenting further Sam Koranias said, “I’ve learnt many valuable lessons over the course of my years in the industry – but none more so than the importance and benefit of personal financial advice and ongoing service.    “Lessons that are being powerfully and profoundly reinforced by the economic impact and very real hardships being experienced by Australians as a result of the coronavirus”, said Sam Koranias.   With respect to his personal approach, Sam Koranias added that making money is easy – it’s keeping it that’s hard.    Over the course of a working lifetime, a fortune is literally earned.    Regrettably for the vast majority of Australians, very little will be saved, protected or put to work through investment, diversification and insurance to ensure a comfortable future in retirement – or as a legacy to bequeath the next generation.    Nor as a life raft in hard times when unexpected catastrophes occur such as sickness, illness, death or an economic downturn.   Looking to the future, Sam continues to be committed to his personal and professional growth journey, determined to be the best he can in order to provide the highest standards of advice to clients.    A further goal is to develop a financial literacy program to assist AWS clients and their family members understand money management as it is a necessity in the modern era.  Financial literacy empowers individuals to understand how to make sound choices, allocate income, manage debt and navigate investment opportunities and choices.     ENDS   Issued by Australian Wealth Solutions             Media enquiries:     Mr. Joe Perri, Joe Perri & Associates Pty Ltd Mob: +61 412 112 545     Email:              Why this is the best time to invest in leadership skills 2020-07-31T02:04:20Z why-this-is-the-best-time-to-invest-in-leadership-skills   Media release Why this is the best time to invest in leadership skills Friday, July 31, 2020. When I started writing this article, I referred to the Post-COVID era. But now it seems that COVID is here to stay for at least one more year and become the ‘new normal’. Our generation (including our leaders) has never encountered such levels of combined health-economical-geopolitical-societal-personal uncertainty. For businesses, this means uncertainty in the future and a new set of risks to mitigate and lead. Does your organisation have the skills to manage them successfully? Our generation has not experienced global uncertainty, changes and instability at such extreme levels like those that we are currently undergoing in light of the pandemic. For many businesses, strong leadership is key to surviving and growing post-COVID. Working with executive teams and boards of directors for over 20 years, I believe that many leaders will need to lift their game. If they want to lead their organisations successfully, they need to strengthen their self-awareness and proactively develop new skills. The pandemic is a transformative global phenomenon, requiring leaders to think and lead differently. With everything that is happening simultaneously on the many fronts of this crisis (health, economic, societal and geopolitical) it is hard to understand, predict and plan the business future. The World Economic Forum reports that Reuters’ poll of more than 50 economists asking for their predictions for economic recovery after the coronavirus, found a variety of forecasts from shrinking by 6%, to growing by 0.7%.   This level of uncertainty means that boards and executive teams are operating at an extremely high personal risk while making tough decisions that could affect people’s lives: •    Boards- Board members have personal liability for the organisation, which is quite frightening when thinking of situations when boards don’t have full visibility and understanding of what is going on in the company- the organisational culture and ethics. With employees working from home, culture and ethics become even more challenging to lead, manage and govern. Without an in-depth knowledge of what is happening, the quality of the board’s decision making is potentially affected, which enhances the personal risk. Also, the new manslaughter laws that came into effect this month, could mean that boards would also be considered liable for coronavirus workplace infections. However, if directors are not on the floor- can they have certainty as to how the new policies are implemented and acted? •   CEOs- Pre the pandemic, some CEOs managed to lead their organisations without having a strong leadership team to support them. Leading alone or with limited support in these days is not only a competitive disadvantage but also a personal and mental health risk. •   Leadership Teams- Companies that suffer from low levels of collaboration between teams and agility, might find it impossible to pivot, change and survive.   We all know that leadership and culture are more important in times of crisis than during smooth sailing periods. In a crisis, leaders must be competent not only in their respective areas of expertise but also in essential skills such as ethical leadership, unbiased decision making, leading organisational culture and building high performing teams. These are only a few examples of crucial leadership skills that I refer to as managerial infrastructure. How would businesses survive without a proper infrastructure in place? Hence, although it sounds counter logical, this is the time to invest in the leadership team! In times of crisis, we jump into the easy solution of cutting the ‘fat’- but are leadership capabilities really ‘fat’? If you make the wrong strategic decisions, how far would you get? If you restructure the organisation and lose your top talent, where would that lead you? If your leadership is failing to empower and engage the team- how would you be able to innovate? If your decisions are perceived as unethical by crucial stakeholders- how would you keep your customers? The cost of not investing in leadership skills is much higher than the relatively low price of investing in these critical skills. While organisations that cut their leadership support and training due to COVID-19 might seem to be acting logically, in actual fact, they are reducing the chances of future organisational growth and long term survival. Some may argue that it is unethical to invest in leadership skills while we have to cut the headcount. This is a fair argument; however, the cost of leadership training is often a lot less than the yearly salary of an employee. There is no trade-in here; it is not that if you cut this cost, you will be able to keep another employee at work. It is about analysing the current strengths and areas for development and ensuring complementary leadership skills are in place. It is about ensuring the long-term survival of the organisation, which benefits the company’s core stakeholders, including its employees and their families, and the community at large. By now, we all realise that the concept of ‘change is the new normal’ that was commonly used pre-COVID referred to lower levels of uncertainty and change than what we are currently experiencing. The pandemic presents a new ‘normal’- one that is harder to grasp since our generation hasn’t had to deal with a similar level of uncertainty. Now, more than ever, we need strong leadership teams to guide organisational success. A one-person show won’t prevail- we need to build strong complementary leadership skills and ensure our leaders are highly competent in people, culture, ethics and decision-making skills. Now is the time to invest in current and future leaders to ensure organisations survive and advance opportunities in the market! Some tips Dr Inbar offers for CEOs and Boards to reflect on during these times: •    Risks- assess the new set of threats that the organisation is facing. •    Capabilities- does your organisation have all the necessary skills and competencies to manage the new business reality- risks and opportunities? Identify the core leadership team’s capabilities and gaps. •    Leadership team- three crucial areas to consider: 1) the strength of the leadership team (is it a high performing and collaborative leadership team?), 2) the complementary soft skills of the team, and 3) the effectiveness of current decision- making processes- are they shielded from biases and negative dynamics (such as group thinking or unbalanced influence of specific individuals)? •   Organisational culture- now, more than ever, the example and leadership of culture and ethics are crucial. What is the strong DNA of the organisation and what cultural characteristics can hold the organisation from changing, pivoting and moving forward? •    Return on Investment- in crisis, when the budget is tight, what is it that needs to be strengthened to ensure the organisation not only survives but also advances opportunities in the market? Focus the leadership training in these areas. Note  to  the  editor: DifferenThinking™ is a boutique consulting firm specialising in strategic teams, culture, leadership, ethics, innovation and decision making services. At DifferenThinking we are focused on reducing risks and increasing growth by unlocking the potential of your people, culture and innovation capabilities. In times of such uncertainty, failing to transform and develop these aspects of your organisation could have a significant impact on your bottom line. Issued by DifferenThinking: Dr. Zivit Inbar: +61 (0)400 355 210,