The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-08-15T06:25:05Z New Bounce Plant Protein Range 2017-08-15T06:25:05Z new-bounce-plant-protein-range Media Release - August 2017 Australia’s leading healthy snack brand, Bounce, is excited to announce the launch of a new breakthrough vegan range. Live the vegan life naturally or simply enjoy the benefits of plant-based protein – all in one tasty and nutritious protein ball! As the plant-based product trend continues to skyrocket, the new balls show how delicious and healthy a vegan product really can be! Bounce Nutritionist Susie Burrell, one of Australia’s leading nutritionists with almost 20 years of experience, says, “The winning combo of pea and brown rice proteins replicates the amino acid chain of whey protein. That means, by skipping the whey, there’s no missing out on essential amino acids that the body doesn’t produce naturally. As always, Bounce has ensured the range is nutritionally balanced for sustained energy to power through the day.” Benefits of Bounce’s new plant protein energy balls include: Rich in protein with 22-23% protein per ball Contains amino acids and easily digested Lactose and gluten free gives a better tummy feeling! Sustained energy and feel fuller for longer GMO free No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives Cold pressed to maintain ingredient integrity for optimum nutrition The first two new flavours launched in the range include: Almond Kale: Kale needs no introduction; it’s one of the trendiest health foods on the planet. Not down with exactly what you’re meant to do with it though? Don’t stress, Bounce have taken out all the guesswork and created the new Almond Kale ball. Packed with 8.8g plant protein and loads of functional ingredients, enjoy an extra antioxidant boost. Cashew Peanut: Cashews and peanuts are not nuts at all: they’re actually very sane. They’re also highly nutritious, packed with an array of vitamins and minerals: B, E and manganese to name a few. With 9.2g plant protein, this is a delicious concoction of cashews, peanuts, and a whole lot of other nuts and a list of functional ingredients! New Bounce Plant Protein balls are available now exclusively at Coles for $3.29 per ball. SKY HIGH DONATION TO ORPHANED KIDS IN CHINA 2017-08-14T01:46:51Z sky-high-donation-to-orphaned-kids-in-china Gold Coast-based philanthropist and James Home Service’s CEO Mike Dowling is helping create a brighter future for children in China, donating thousands of dollars to Half the Sky Australia Foundation Half the Sky Australia supports development projects in China as part of the global OneSky network. “OneSky is a great organisation, providing nurturing care for infants, early education programs for pre-schoolers, mentoring for older children, loving foster families for children with special needs, and vital training and development for China’s welfare institution caregivers,” said Mr Dowling, who was nominated for Queensland Community Foundation Philanthropist of the Year in June. Thanks to donations from Australians such as Mike, OneSky has trained 29,575 caregivers, directly impacting the lives of 147,792 children, many who are orphans. “It’s a really great cause making a substantial difference to the quality of life for thousands of kids each year and I encourage everyone to help out in any way possible,” said Mike, whose organisation donated $20,500 to Half the Sky Australia last financial year and more than $500,000 to charities and non-profit organisations over the past few years. “Philanthropy is vital and if you are in a position to help others, I feel you should do whatever you can. Having a successful business has allowed me to do what I love and at the same time, help others. “I have made it my priority to ensure that business is supporting charities, especially those that help children.” Last year, Australia was third on the World Giving Index and it is people like Mike who are making the difference. According to Philanthropy Australia, about 14.9 million Australian adults (80.8% of the population) gave $12.5 billion to charities and not-for-profits organisations in 2015-16. The average donation was $764.08 and the median donation was $200. Compared with 10 years ago, a smaller proportion of Australians are giving, but they are giving larger amounts. Mike wants more and more businesses to follow his lead. “No matter who you are or how successful your business is, there will always be ways you can help. It doesn’t have to just be through large donations either – you can make a positive difference by giving away some of your time or by simply using your voice to speak out,” he said. You can donate to One Sky through the website or via the Half the Sky Facebook page @halftheskyaus. MEDIA NOTE: To interview Mr Dowling please contact Wings Public Relations Director Deanna Nott on 0422 504 540. FAIRY GODMOTHER OF NAPLAN BECOMES EDUCATIONAL AUTHOR 2017-08-09T06:41:19Z fairy-godmother-of-naplan-becomes-educational-author The "Fairy Godmother of NAPLAN" Brisbane school teacher Cindy Holmberg-Smith has headed into the traditional hard copy world following the national success of her online Lizard Learning educational resources website. Lizard Learning resources, which are a secret weapon of many parents, carers and teachers looking for fun ways to focus children on literacy and numeracy fundamentals - especially in the lead up to NAPLAN -  will now be available as hard copy books sold at EDSCO, one of Australia’s leading teaching material suppliers. Until now, the products have only been downloadable. “I have had so much demand from schools and teachers who wanted hard copies, so I decided to go forward and meet the need, just as I have always done,” said Cindy. “I am so pleased that EDSCO has decided to stock Lizard Learning products as it really is THE teaching store to sell resources if you are an educational company.” Cindy founded Lizard Learning to help make learning fun and easy for Australian primary school children. “After many years as a primary school teacher, I realised we didn’t have enough good quality resources to help with lesson planning,” she said. “The resources save teachers from reinventing the wheel each day and allow them to focus on covering the fundamentals in numeracy and literacy – giving them precious time back to focus on other tasks…like teaching! “Teachers are continually telling me the curriculum now is so jam packed that they barely have time to teach a concept and then they are testing it. There is not a lot of room for revision, consolidating and ensuring that learning, understanding and retaining that new concept has actually taken place. Lizard Learning has done all revision and consolidation work so teachers don’t have to.” Lizard Learning has something for anyone interested in quality education for primary school children - from 10 Quick Questions a Day for all year levels to the very popular Bootcamp: Punctuation and Spelling products, posters, stationery and organisers, and free resources in The Lizard Learning Club. “The Lizard Learning workbooks and activity sheets are not conventional, but they provide the educational foundations needed for our children to develop as next-generation leaders,” she said. You can learn more about Lizard Learning at To arrange an interview with Cindy Holmberg-Smith, call Deanna Nott from Wings Public Relations on 0422 504540 or email  Wellness Starts In The Home 2017-08-07T00:25:48Z wellness-starts-in-the-home Living a fast paced, hectic lifestyle can often leave us overstimulated and underwhelmed, with constant digital connection creating the need for mindfulness in our everyday life. Making a few simple changes to your home environment can uplift your mood and re-energise your life. Justine Wilson, Director and Principal Stylist at Vault Interiors, says, “Mindful living spaces are designed with the purpose of reducing depression and anxiety, and supporting an overall sense of wellbeing by offering a relaxing respite from our daily lives. Take some time to redecorate using plenty of natural light and sustainable materials to get back to nature and give back to the earth.” Justine shares her top mindful living tips to help transform your home: 1. Declutter and De-stress Nothing clears the mental confusion quite like decluttering your home! Clear out the living areas by donating and recycling any disused or unloved items. Pack and store seasonal items to create more space and help lighten the load of mental and emotional clutter. 2. Let there be light Natural light does wonders for uplifting your mood and recharging your energy, especially when you have spent your day planted in front of a screen or under fluorescent light. Consider changing window treatments, repainting walls a lighter colour and adding reflective surfaces to create the illusion of more light. Adding skylights can also give light to dark hallways and staircases, allowing light to flood the living spaces. 3. Interior finishes When selecting finishes for your home, invest in items both meaningful and environmentally conscious. This will create a space that enhances your mood and reduces your carbon footprint. Using natural raw wood, seagrass, hemp and organic cotton, linen or wool can create a beautiful and harmonious natural space to unwind, recharge and connect in. Earthy textures inside will also reconnect you to the natural environment outside. 4. Get closer to nature Nature has a huge impact on our overall wellbeing and incorporating it into our interior helps us de-stress and create a natural space. Consider a terrarium, a green wall or an internal courtyard garden will breathe life into otherwise static internal spaces. Tending to these living installations can be relaxing and therapeutic, by bringing a little bit of the outdoors into the home. 5. Indulge in colour therapy In a psychological sense blues, greens and muted tones that mimic nature can create a calm and serene space. When crisp white and neutral tones are used they help to open up the space and create a peaceful setting. By selecting light tones rather than dark, your mood will be uplifted and it will reflect back the natural light, giving the impression of a larger lighter space. 1000 Hour celebrates 25 years and unveils new ambassador! 2017-08-03T06:03:23Z 1000-hour-celebrates-25-years-and-unveils-new-ambassador In celebration of iconic beauty brand 1000 HOUR turning 25, Tegan Martin has today announced that her mum, Cherie Martin, will be joining her as an ambassador for the brand. Australia’s number one selling at-home lash and brow dye kits have been a beauty secret that mothers have been passing onto their daughters for over a quarter of a century. Tegan Martin, former Miss Universe Australia and 1000 HOUR Ambassador says, “I remember as a teenager my mum and I dying each others lashes and brows, it was part of our special pamper afternoons. And, doing this shoot with her was so special too – plus so much fun. Doesn’t she look amazing!” 1000 HOUR Eyelash and Brow Dye Kit was the first product in the range, inspiring the brand name with results that lasted up to six weeks - or 1000 hours. Across 25 years the range has grown to include other DIY beauty products including artificial lashes, hair colour mascaras, sticks and powders, instant brow mascara and utensils designed to help enhance natural beauty. Cherie Martin, 1000 HOUR’s new campaign ambassador says, “When 1000 HOUR approached me to join the 25th birthday celebrations, it was a yes for me straight away. I have religiously used their lash and brow dye kits for as long as I can remember, I can’t actually think of a time when a packet hasn’t been in my bathroom cupboard.” Marketing Manager of Chemcorp International, the distributor of 1000 HOUR, Erica Galea says, “We’re really excited to have Cherie on board as a part of the 1000 HOUR brand. We really have her to thank for introducing Tegan to the brand all those years ago. It definitely goes to show that our mums really are our first beauty influencers. This partnership also accurately represents the first users and loyalists of the brand, as well as the next generation of beauty lovers. ” The 1000 HOUR range is available from Priceline, Woolworths, Coles, and independent pharmacies and specialist stores nationally and 1000 HOUR Eyelash & Brow Dye Kits RRP $18.95 New Mathletics Tri-Nations Challenge 2017-08-02T23:47:22Z new-mathletics-tri-nations-challenge Registrations are now open for Mathletics’ first Tri-Nations Challenge. The free to enter Mathletics competition between schools from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa will take place online from 14 – 20 August. Rebekah O’Flaherty, CEO & Executive Director at 3P Learning says, “The Tri-Nations Challenge is a new and exciting online maths competition that provides a great way to have a bit of fun while improving mathematical fluency for primary and secondary students. It also creates a sense of community as each student earns participation points that count not only towards their personal points total but that of their school. “Our Mathletics program is used by over 4 million students around the world, so we’re expecting some fierce competition between those taking part,” said Rebekah. The Mathletics Tri-Nations Challenge is open to students from Kindergarten to Year 10, with engaging activities appropriate for all year levels. Split into two rounds, students from registered schools will be able to access the program for a training period the week prior to the official competition. There are thousands of dollars worth of prizes to be won by the top schools and students. Key Dates: Registrations open: Now! Registrations close: 13 August 2017 Training Week: 7-13 August 2017 Challenge week: 14-20 August 2017 In addition to the online challenge, Mathletics has also provided the following free resources to ensure all students can take part in the challenge: - Mathletics Tri-Nations Launch Kit - Customisable reward certificates - Mathletics Reward System wall chart - Multiplication tables wall chart - Formulae and Laws factsheets - Mathletics art sheets About Mathletics: Mathletics is a captivating online learning space providing students with all the tools they need to be successful learners, both in the classroom and beyond. Powerful courses aligned to Australian Curriculum maths standards across the primary and secondary years, matched with dynamic tools and reporting for teachers. Mathletics supports and caters to each teacher’s unique blend of student-driven learning and teacher-led instruction. For registrations go to: For further information, images or to speak with Rebekah O’Flaherty, contact 360 PR: Rachel King – 02 9571 4448 – 0423 833 814 – Australia's opportunity to lead the world in shark human management & ocean conservation 2017-08-02T20:00:00Z australias-opportunity-to-lead-the-world-in-shark-human-management-ocean-conservation Shark Shield is urging governments to implement an innovative technology solution to solve the serious shark problem in Australia. Statistically, shark attacks will continue to increase as our population rises along with our increased passion for the ocean. As a result, our country will continue to be branded as the shark attack capital of the world. Now is the time to change this. Shark Shield proposes world first innovation to re-brand Australia as having the safest beaches in the world. Shark Shield CEO, Lindsay Lyon, addressed the Committee on Friday afternoon at the Senate Inquiry into Shark Mitigation and Deterrent Measures. Lyon questioned why Australian governments have not moved forward with Shark Shield to implement its new Ocean Guardian beach barrier solution, stating this is scientifically proven technology, it is not science fiction. Lyon said, “We are amazed given the lives lost and community economic damage from shark attacks as to why there has been no interest in commissioning a pilot or test site for Ocean Guardian. It is based on scientifically proven deterrent technology that has been on the market for twenty years. The electromagnetic transducer has also been used in the medial industry with clinical studies showing it is safe for humans and animals. “Shark Shield is building the new Ocean Guardian products for the luxury yacht and commercial markets. At this point in time we are not progressing with solutions for the beach barrier community protection, as there clearly appears to be no commercial interest in a solution to protect beaches and the environment. “Shark Shield has delivered a global habitat changing technology; this is a significant opportunity for Australia to lead the world in shark human management and ocean conservation. We would hope that both State and Federal Governments would be interested in implementing this solution yesterday.” (Please see press release attached for more information) For info, contact Rachel King @ 360 PR: | 0423 833 814 | (02) 9571 4448 Child Care Director Reveals the Best Ways to Communicate with Preschoolers 2017-08-01T01:25:09Z child-care-director-reveals-the-best-ways-to-communicate-with-preschoolers Perth, WA, 31 July 2017 - According to a child care professional in Baldivis, the preschool years are extremely important to a child’s development. Parents sometimes dismiss a preschooler’s incessant talking as irrelevant, but in many ways this can be the most important time of a child's life. Between the ages of three and five, children are often excited about everything around them. They want to know as much as they can about everything and they see their surroundings as new and beautiful.How Preschoolers Interact with Their EnvironmentPreschoolers tend to ask a lot of questions. This can sometimes irritate or concern parents, but it is a natural and essential stage in their development. They are at an age where they have just learned new skills in the form of sounds and words. They are also beginning to develop a better sense of self. They are curious about what is happening around them. The most convenient way for them to get answers is to ask for them from their parents.Preschoolers are not confined to merely speaking for communication. They also tend to communicate a lot physically with gestures and body language. They also communicate by making what can sometimes seem like unintelligible noises. Any artistic expression such as singing, painting, storytelling or even building a fort out of cardboard boxes is another form of communication. When children reach the preschool age, they become more able to hold longer conversations because they know more words and they understand more. Because they are more advanced, they are better able to communicate what they want to say to parents. One of the more beneficial ways children communicate to their parents with their newfound development is that they are able to tell their parents they are angry as opposed to throwing Tantrums. The Importance of Talking and ListeningPreschoolers, despite their newfound sense of identity, are always looking for validation from their parents. One of the best ways parents can make their children feel validated and important is to listen to them and talk to them. When parents show children they are listening by doing such things as talking eye-to-eye on their physical level and responding quickly and fully, it is easier for children to know their parents are paying attention.Staying on a Child’s LevelWhile many parents believe it is best to talk to their children as if they are adults, it is also important to remember that children have smaller vocabularies than their parents.  In addition, they may not understand subtleties such as jokes, irony or exaggeration.  Consequently, it is important to make sure communication with children is straightforward and on their comprehension level.A Child Care Professional’s Point of ViewMichelle Coleski is the director for Cuddles Childcare Centres, who provide child care in Baldivis and other Perth suburbs. According to Ms Coleski:“In our experience, children whose parents communicate with them well are better adjusted and tend to do better later in life. It can be difficult sometimes, but it is more than worth the effort.” Cuddles Childcare Centres provide child care to Baldivis and other Perth suburbs. Their child care centres are conveniently located to cover most suburbs while providing easy access to the Perth CBD via trains and freeways. They are well-known for their professionalism, safety and dedication to child care. To learn more, visit their website: Junior World Quiz Championships 2017-07-31T05:32:23Z junior-world-quiz-championships The International Quizzing Association and Quizzing Australia will host Australian legs of the 2017 Junior World Quizzing Championships on Saturday, 16th September. The contest is open to high school students aged 14-18 years of age. It will be a written quiz of 120 questions spread across eight categories: ·                  Culture: Art, Architecture, Philosophy, and Religion ·                  Entertainment: TV, Radio, Classical and Pop Music ·                  History: Ancient times through to Current Affairs ·                  Lifestyle: Brands, Fashion, Design, Celebrities, Health & Fitness ·                  Media: Films, Literature, Theatre, Comics and Newspapers ·                  Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Social Sciences, Zoology ·                  Sport & Games: Olympics, Team Sports, Video and other games ·                  World: Astronomy, Human and Physical Geography, Travel Venues are planned for Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney. As well as playing for the World title, Quizzing Australia will recognise Australian, state and category champions. The event is being run by the International Quizzing Association which has held adult world championships annually since 2003. “Supernerd” Issa Schultz from The Chase Australia is a five-time winner of the Australian round. The Junior version was first held in 2016, though Australia did not participate that year. Students interested in participating should visit the Quizzing Australia or Junior World Quizzing Championships websites. Sample questions 1.      What is the maximum number of characters allowed in a single tweet on Twitter? 2.      Viti Levu the largest island of which nation in the South Pacific? 3.      What is the chemical symbol of tungsten? 4.      Which singer performed the official theme song for the Bond movie ‘Skyfall’?   Answers 1.      1. 140;   2.  Fiji;   3. W;   4. Adele Adkins   Ends. Local Melbourne business woman nominated for Influencer award. 2017-07-27T02:37:26Z local-melbourne-business-woman-nominated-for-influencer-award The AusMumpreneur Awards presented by The AusMumpreneur Network celebrate and recognize Australian Mums in business achieving outstanding success in areas such as business excellence, product development, customer service and digital innovation. The awards are designed to recognize the growing number of women who successfully balance motherhood and business in a way that suits their life and family. Natalie is a Melbourne based Mum and founder of Miracle Mama, an online resource that empowers and inspires mothers with special needs children. Through coaching, community and heart-centered collaborations, her mission is to create a space for women to reconnect with themselves and what is most important to them. Natalie is a passionate writer, speaker and coach. She also has a background in both the corporate and wellness worlds, with experience in Sales & Marketing as well as being a Yoga and Meditation teacher. There are many benefits to balancing business and motherhood as Natalie explains: "The ability to follow our personal dreams as well as enjoy the precious time of raising our children." Yet the initially she lost the balance of work – life – motherhood, when her youngest daughter Chiara had suffered a stroke. As a result, Chiara was left with a serious brain-injury that would impede her ability to ever walk, talk or live a long life. "All of a sudden my life was catapulted into hospitals, therapies and the unknown. Due to high medical needs of my daughter I could not keep up with my yoga business at the time. Unfortunately, I had to close the business and focus on Chiara and her medical needs. Not to mention coming to terms with such a life changing diagnosis for our daughter and what that meant for her and our family as a whole. A few years on I decided to create an online business, that would be a culmination of my background in corporate, yoga, coaching and writing and deliver to the mums who needed it most, special needs mothers. It can very isolating when you have a medically fragile child, so the power of community and connection for the special needs mums has been incredible. Creating an online business helped to create flexible time and space to combine my work with my most revered role, motherhood. It can be challenging to be a successful business woman whilst raising a family and Natalie gives this advice for others thinking about starting their own enterprise. ”Do your research, take your time but never stop chasing your dreams”. Natalie is in the running to be recognised as one of Australia's most outstanding mums in business, nominated under the "Influencer Award" category. You can help by voting for her via Round 2 voting starts 24th July and ends 13th August. For an interview with Natalie Roberts Mazzeo contact 0413 296 288, The winners of the 2017 AusMumpreneur Awards will be announced at a glamorous Awards dinner at Doltone House in Sydney on Friday 25th August. For more information on the AusMumpreneur Awards visit: contact Peace Mitchell on 0431 615 107 or Property Whispers register over 1,000 buyers 2017-07-26T00:30:00Z property-whispers-register-over-1-000-buyers Property Whispers, the home of off-market properties, has today announced that over 1,000 buyers have registered and over 200 matches have occurred since launching two months ago. This unique property match-making service provides agents with a new and cost effective method of sale for their vendors. Every property can start their ‘sales life’ on Property Whispers. Being the only portal exclusively dedicated to promoting off-market properties, Property Whispers is a unique listing tool for agents to use in discussion with potential vendors. The platform enables agents to reach beyond their existing databases, providing instant hot leads, simply by uploading their off-market listings. The Property Whispers platform offers agents a new and innovative way to list properties and save vendors expensive advertising costs. Agents and buyers are notified when a match is made, this reduces time and effort spent cold calling or emailing their databases and can potentially contribute to a quicker transaction. Key benefits for Real Estate Agents include: New and innovative way to list properties and save vendors money. New promotional platform for every listing to start their ‘sales life’. Reach beyond their own databases, Property Whispers has new buyers registering daily. If the property doesn’t sell off-market, the agent now has the listing and can have discussions with the vendor about alternative methods of sale. Brand building – promotional opportunity for agents. A three month obligation-free trial period is available for a limited time for all real estate agents who register online; those who choose to continue using the website thereafter pay an annual subscription fee. Register online to access Property Whispers: Winter prep for spring selling season 2017-07-25T05:32:01Z winter-prep-for-spring-selling-season Noticed that the local Bunning’s has been busier than usual lately? With Sydney experiencing one of the driest winters on record, Cameron Nicholls - Principal and Founder of Nicholls & Co Estate Agents, suggests it may be those prepping for a spring sale. Cameron Nicholls says, “It’s no secret that many vendors have the mentality that it’s bad to sell in winter and they won’t get as much for their home as they would have if they’d waited for the magic of spring. So, we’re urging those who are thinking of selling to use the last weeks of winter to get their homes prepped for sale so they can hit the market from September 1.” Cameron’s top 5 areas to prep this winter include: The Garage – This area is typically the dumping ground. Now is the time to get it organised, clean and demonstrate the functionality it deserves. There is nothing worse than seeing cluttered space – no matter what room it’s in. The Garden – Trim back the trees and consult your local garden centre to determine which plants will flourish and add colour come September. The Façade – Does your door need painting? Or the entire house? Now is the time to invest in painting your façade. Many think the warmer weather is best, but this only makes the paint sweat while drying. The Windows – Simply cleaning your windows can add value to your property, it’s amazing the difference clear glass can give to your home. It also shows to potential buyers that the home has been well maintained. The Gutters – Clear up the autumn leaf drop from your gutters. This is not only for safety and to prevent blockages but also to improve the look of the roofing. About Nicholls & Co Nicholls & Co is a boutique modern agency focused on the person first and foremost and then the property. They do not work with clients, they work with people. Through personal attention and connecting with people on a deeper level they are able to comprehensively understand how best to deliver the results desired. My Cubby – Encouraging Play Experiences to Develop Creativity and Ingenuity 2017-07-25T05:21:17Z my-cubby-encouraging-play-experiences-to-develop-creativity-and-ingenuity-2 Experts have emphasised the importance of play in the lives of children. My Cubby, Australia’s cubby house experts, provides plenty of opportunities to children to play. It has been established that the power of play is the most useful tool for literacy, numeracy, communication and language, social and emotional development. Play also enhances creativity and ingenuity in a child. My Cubby has a whole range of cubby houses that helps fill in the play needs of children. These include Duplex, Forts, Triplex, Classic Cubby Houses, Adventurer and Childcare Cubbies among others. Children happily play with each other and grow to be fulfilled adults when they build positive relationships with their friends through play. My Cubby provides a wonderful and safe space for children to play outdoors while developing their intellectual abilities and fine motor skills. It is a great opportunity for children to have a place to play in these modern times when many children prefer to spend time in front of a computer or television . Playing in their home environment ensures a balance in the life of a child while also enriching their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being.  During play children use imagination and it helps develop cognitive, physical and social skills while contributing to their overall wellbeing. Child learn through discovery and playing outdoors adds a spurt to their imagination. A report titled ‘Early Literacy and Numeracy - Self-Guided Learning Package,’ a resource developed by Community Child Care (CCC) states, ‘The early language play includes: making sounds and babbling, interactive games such as ‘peek-a-boo’, listening and joining in songs, playing finger games and rhymes, listening to stories, looking at picture books, enjoying pretence play, scribbling, drawing and painting.’ (Milne, 1994). ‘Children have many opportunities to be exposed to literacy and numeracy concepts in dramatic play. Setting up a range of different dramatic play experiences is one of the most effective ways to help children recognise symbols and practice their thinking skills and oral language all at the same time.’ (Milne, 1994).    My Cubby has made and installed over 1,000 cubby houses around Australia since 2011. It is a registered member of Play Australia. They ensure that the Australian Standards for Playgrounds is adhered to whenever they set up and install a cubby house. Those who would like to know more about My Cubby may call 1800 121513 or send an email to To visit the website of My Cubby: Susanna Heiskanen FINALIST on AUSMUMPRENEUR SUSTAINABILITY CATEGORY 2017-07-24T12:07:45Z susanna-heiskanen-finalist-on-ausmumpreneur-sustainability-category Susanna Heiskanen selected as a finalist for National Awards   Susanna Heiskanen of Tuutu has been selected as a finalist for the 2017 AusMumpreneur Awards in the Sustainability Category.   The AusMumpreneur Awards presented by The AusMumpreneur Network celebrate and recognize Australian Mums in business achieving outstanding success in areas such as business excellence, product development, customer service and digital innovation. The awards are designed to recognize the growing number of women who successfully balance motherhood and business in a way that suits their life and family.   Susanna Heiskanen is a mother of two boys, originating from Finland and has been living in Australia since 2008. “Coming from Finland, I slept in a baby box when I was a baby. I wanted my children to experience the same concept but could not buy a baby box in Australia. It would have cost too much to buy and ship the box to Australia from Finland and many of the contents would have been unsuitable for our Australian lifestyle and climate. I decided that Australian mothers deserved to have an Australian made Baby Box containing local products.”   “Being selected as a finalist means so much to me because I feel that it recognizes the hard work that I have put into something that I so extremely passionate about. There is no other job like this and whilst it is a juggling act most of the time I would not have it any other way.”   Business is not always easy and Tuutu has overcome challenges but has also seen great success. “Since our launch in August last year our success has allowed us to be able to provide baby boxes to charities across Australia, supporting mothers in need. We aim to include this as part of our mission to help deliver the right start in life for every child in Australia. Getting that positive feedback from your customers and knowing that you are making a difference in someone’s life is a beautiful feeling.”   It can be challenging to run a successful business whilst raising a family and Susanna gives this advice for others thinking about starting their own enterprise: “Make sure you have a great website with pictures, branding and logo to go with it. In this digital age, how your website presents itself is everything. Ensure you have a viable business idea before you go and start setting the business up. Do not skip the nitty gritty details and if you do not know the answer, ask.”   Read more about the awards at The winners of the 2017 AusMumpreneur Awards will be announced at a glamorous Awards dinner at Doltone House in Sydney on Friday 25th August.   For more information on the AusMumpreneur Awards visit: or contact Peace Mitchell on 0431 615 107 or   For an interview with Susanna Heiskanen contact 0437 078 704, Shark Shield technology used at J-Bay to protect contestants 2017-07-20T05:24:37Z shark-shield-technology-used-at-j-bay-to-protect-contestants The world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent technology is currently being used at the World Surfing League Championships in Jeffreys Bay. Shark Shield’s FREEDOM+ Surf units have been placed on the jet skis of officials to protect water photographers and contestants at J-Bay, including Mick Fanning. Lindsay Lyon, Shark Shield’s CEO says, “More and more event organisers are contacting us to purchase our new Shark Shield FREEDOM+ Surf units to prevent unwanted shark encounters at their competitions and we have a significantly better wide area solution in development.” Shark Shield is currently seeking investors to fund the commercialization of their new Ocean Guardian product, a long range shark deterrent. Powered by Shark Shield technology, the world first Ocean Guardian has the potential to provide a complete beach barrier, protecting surfers and swimmers alike. Based on 20 years of research the Ocean Guardian utilises a patented Metamaterial Electromagnetic Transducer, with expectations of repelling sharks within a 100-meter diameter of each unit installed. “We have the technology ready to go, it’s now funding the commercialization through investors or government orders. Our Ocean Guardian product has the ability to replace shark nets and drum lines around the world, stop culling, protect both humans and marine life while giving beachgoers the confidence to get back in the water,” said Lindsay. Shark Shield is seeking a $1M in investment capital to complete the commercialization of the Ocean Guardian, which will also be targeted at the global luxury yacht market, and will be partnering with independent scientists to further validate the company's own extensive testing. “We’ll be presenting to the senate enquiry into shark mitigation and deterrents an update next week on our progress with the hope that the government will come on board to support another world first from Shark Shield,” said Lindsay. For further information go to: