The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-03-21T03:12:06Z Fertile Foods Are Key to Reproductive Help Says Expert Phillipa Youngs 2019-03-21T03:12:06Z fertile-foods-are-key-to-reproductive-help-says-expert-phillipa-youngs “As part of your fertility journey, it is essential to think about what food you are consuming and the cascading impact this can have on your body.” “Trying to fall pregnant means you need all the goodness your body can get! A multidisciplinary approach explores optimization of natural fertility, causes & risk factors for infertility, preconception care, and other topics.”   Phillipa Youngs, qualified Chinese medicine practitioner, acupuncturists and myotherapist has a passion for honing her craft and helping families achieve their goals. Young’s focus on women’s wellness, wellbeing, fertility, and pregnancy has been her primary focus for decades. Youngs highlights the absolute importance and quite often unknown role that food and nutrition play during preconception, pregnancy and postpartum. According to Jean Hailles Womens Health Surveys, reproductive problems impact 15 out of 100 of Australian couples of childbearing age which is alarming. Government-funded online health support Heath Direct also supports these statistics of infertility.   Furthermore, according to Harvard Health, for women trying to become pregnant naturally (without “assistive reproductive technologies” such as in vitro fertilization), the following vitamins and nutrients were linked to positive effects on fertility: folic acid vitamin B12 omega-3 fatty acids healthy diets (such as the Mediterranean diet) For the betterment of both the mother and child's health, as well as the child's development in the future, nutrition is crucial during the whole pregnancy, including the peri-conception stage being the most critical. “According to The Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health research, women appear to make alterations to their diets while pregnant [but] many still do not obtain the nutrients they require. Australian studies indicate that the folate, fiber, iodine and iron intake of pregnant women does not meet nationally recommended levels.”   There is an abundance of people trying to conceive, and unsuccessfully bring this to fruition because of the critical yet straightforward factors they need to incorporate into their health. This information informs us that women need to seek nutritional value in their foods. The entire journey to better the chances of fertility, conception, healthy pregnancy, and overall wellbeing is of immense importance. Philippa has recently launched a free information e-book about Fertile Foods which you check out here. About Philippa:  Philippa Youngs has been educated and trained by some of the world’s most experienced Chinese Medicine Practitioners, Acupuncturists and Myotherapists at Australia’s prestigious universities. Philippa Youngs has spent decades honing her craft with a passion for helping families achieve their goals. Pregnancy is not a one size fits all model and therefore we understand each body needs to be cared for and balanced with precision and dedication for an optimal outcome. Good Egg Natural Fertility provides therapies for a broad scope of conditions and welcomes you. Crucial ANZ reveals 5 signs it may be time for a memory upgrade 2019-03-19T21:06:15Z crucial-anz-reveals-5-signs-it-may-be-time-for-a-memory-upgrade A slow computer is a problem we can all relate to. You’re working on an urgent document or deep in gaming warfare, only for your computer to freeze and progress be halted. This phenomenon is often blamed on ‘the computer’ in general but, in many cases, it is simply a result of insufficient memory.    In fact, when Crucial recently surveyed 2,000 PC users, the company learned that it takes users just 60 seconds on average before they lose their temper over a slow or frozen computer – something experienced by around half of all computer users on a daily to weekly basis.   Jim Jardine, Director of DRAM Product Marketing at Crucial explained, “Memory is one of the most critical components in your computer, allowing your system to perform many of its everyday tasks, such as browse the Web, edit an Excel spreadsheet, or experience the realism of the latest game. And yet, the problem of insufficient memory can be overlooked – or worse, not identified in the first place.”   There are a number of easy to spot signs that you can look out for to find out if your computer is in need of a memory upgrade. You probably experience them already, but don’t associate them with memory.    Jardine added, “The signs are found in the most common programmes we run day to day, so you’ll be able to identify them quickly. Here’s the top 5 things to keep an eye on. Firstly, do you have to wait for letters and words to appear as you type? This is a clear sign that you’re in need of additional memory. Upgrading from 2 gigabytes (GB) to 4GB can reduce the loading time and reduce the chances of your computer freezing. If you frequently use word processing or spreadsheet software, upgrading to 8GB can provide improved responsiveness and diminish the chance of your computer freezing.”   Web browsers failing to open new tabs quickly is another sure-fire sign according to Jardine who added, “Is there a lag between clicking to open a new browser tab and the moment it opens? This is common with web browsers, as they use so much active data. Increasing memory from 2GB to 4GB can speed up the responsiveness, and up to 8GB can greatly improve responsiveness. It’s worth noting that memory won’t affect the speed of your internet connection, but it will run more efficiently.”   Video and its playback speed can always be problematic and according to Jardine is another red flag where lack of memory is concerned. He continued, “Are you experiencing choppy or frozen playback when you stream video? Like web browsing, streaming video relies on internet speed, but your computer needs enough GBs of memory to run everything in the background while streaming video. 4GB memory can reduce the risk of choppy or frozen playback. 8GB can improve multitasking and reduce playback problems.”   Enjoyable gaming can suffer terribly from lack of memory, especially if there’s slow command execution while gaming. Jardine says, “Do you frequently find yourself waiting for your commands to be executed during game play? Many games require at least 4GB of RAM to run, but it’s recommended to install at least 8GB to run them well. There’s nothing worse than losing a kill streak on COD because your computer is struggling to keep up – install 8GB of RAM to start with and scale up to 16GB if necessary.”   Jardine also points to slow responsiveness to clicks during photo and video editing as a warning sign adding, “Do you have to wait for software to catch up to your clicks while editing photos and video? Photo and video editing apps, such as Photoshop® and Final Cut®, require more system resources than many other kinds of software, and, while system requirements may call for less, if you don’t have at least 8GB of RAM, your computer may not be able to run them at all. Since they flood your system with active data - the data your computer regularly or continuously accesses - you need enough GBs of RAM to hold it all.”   While the casual or irregular user may experience these problems and turn a blind eye, heavier users often become impatient, frustrated and demotivated.    Jim Jardine concluded, “The next time you’re working on a spreadsheet, streaming video or gaming, keep an eye open for the above signs and, if you spot them, take action to install the memory that best fits your needs. A system scanquickly reveals compatible memory for any computer, helping even the most casual of users to make slow load speeds and freezing a distant memory.” Camp Quality Convoy Victoria returns to the road again for children’s cancer 2019-03-19T02:44:28Z camp-quality-convoy-victoria-returns-to-the-road-again-for-childrens-cancer I hope you're having a good day. We're reaching out to you today to see if you can help us generate interest for a very valuable children's charity... Camp Quality. The charity is once again hosting its Camp Quality Convoy Victoria to raise much funds to help children and families touched by cancer. Can you help us spread the word and generate some registrations amongst truck drivers and motorcyclists? A full press release is below (and attached). Below the press release is a dropbox link for images, and associated captions. If you need any of these images compressed and emailed direct please don't hesitate to ask. Kind regards, Alison Treloar Senior Account Manager Seftons 0422 093 639 Issue date: 19 March 2019 Camp Quality Convoy Victoria returns to the road again for children’s cancer It’s back! The Camp Quality Convoy Victoria will hit the road again on Sunday 7 April after a year off, with dozens of trucks and motorbikes expected to join the fun at Avalon Airport. Australia’s leading provider of aftermarket truck and trailer parts, Truckline has announced it will continue its generous support of the event and is also entering a special guest in the Convoy. The new International Pro-star demonstration truck will take a break from its tour around Victoria to feature in the day’s activities and is expected to draw a lot of interest from truck enthusiasts. For Truckline’s Territory Business Manager (VIC/TAS) Casey Stewart, this event holds special meaning for her and her family, after sadly losing her niece to childhood cancer at just five years of age. “I’m proud that Truckline is continuing their support of and involvement in this event and to see it back again after a hugely successful 2017 Convoy. It was a terrible tragedy for my family when we lost my niece, so I’m keen to do anything I can to support other families living with cancer,” Casey said. “Camp Quality is an incredible organisation that does so much for children growing up with cancer and their families. The programs and services offered to these children and their parents and siblings have a lasting impact and are such a great help through such a difficult time.” Camp Quality State Manager for Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia, Kendra Overall acknowledged that continued support from Truckline and other sponsors allowed the event to return and focus on raising as much money as possible. “With the ongoing support from Truckline and principal partner Viva Energy, we wouldn’t be able to hold an event like the Convoy and raise the money we do. Having corporate sponsors means all the funds raised by the truck drivers, the motorbike riders and the community at large supports Victorian kids to help children 0-13 deal with their own diagnosis, or the diagnosis of someone they love, like a brother, sister, mum or dad. We are there for them through the daily ups and downs of cancer. We create opportunities for the kids to be kids again: in-hospital, at home, at school and away from it all.,” Kendra said. “In the words of a family member: Camp Quality provides us with the opportunity to escape the daily treadmill of everyday life. To have smiles and laugher in the midst of a dark time is priceless.” Kendra told us. After a year off, this year’s Convoy will proceed slightly differently from earlier events, including the introduction of a Show and Shine following previous feedback. Registration fees for trucks and motorbikes in the Convoy are also substantially reduced this year, making the convoy accessible for participants, with all Convoy entrants encouraged to use the event to drive fundraising from their own networks. The Convoy will start from Avalon Airport at 8:00am on April 7, arriving back at the airport around midday where the Show and Shine and a range of family-friendly events will take place, including face painting for the kids, courtesy of sponsor Truckline. General entry is a gold coin donation, which includes the family activities on-site, and a raffle will be conducted to support the fundraising initiative. The day will conclude at 3pm. To register for the Convoy, go the website ENDS About Truckline Truckline is Australia’s largest retailer of aftermarket truck and trailer parts, supporting all makes and models of North American, European and Japanese commercial vehicles. During the company’s 60 years servicing the Australian trucking industry, Truckline has built an extensive network of 22 company owned stores nationally, all with warehousing facilities. Owned by CNH Industrial, Truckline sources renowned products from leading suppliers around the world to cater for Australia’s unique conditions and climate. With a catalogue of more than 25,000 competitively priced parts and accessories, Truckline caters for all road transport needs. Whatever the age, make or model of the truck or trailer, Truckline’s highly skilled team is dedicated to providing parts to fulfil each customer’s requirement. Truckline is committed to keeping its customers moving. PHOTOS A dropbox link for photos is here: Captions are as follows (easily referenced with filenames): 1. Sponsor Truckline will be entering the new International ProStar demonstration truck in the convoy 2. Truckline’s Casey Stewart whose family has experienced their own childhood cancer tragedy 3. Truckline VIC TAS Territory Business Manager Casey Stewart with Truckline Hallam Manager Ian Miles 4. Truckline's Casey Stewart with the International ProStar demonstration truck which will join the Convoy 5. On the road at past Camp Quality Convoys 6. The line up from past Camp Quality Convoys 7. All parked up at previous Camp Quality Convoys 8. Truck drivers and motorbike riders alike gather for Convoy JURA's New ENA 8 Coffee Machine Range 2019-03-14T00:17:01Z juras-new-ena-8-coffee-machine-range Introducing the New Small & Simple JURA ENA 8 in Black, White, Red & Aluminium Media Release - 14 March 2019 JURA Australia is excited to introduce the new ENA 8 fully automatic coffee machine to the Australian market in March 2019. Available in three beautiful colour styles – Metro Black, Nordic White and Sunset Red – and one in Massive Aluminium, the compact, one-cup design is smaller in size than most other existing JURA machines and fits neatly in any size space. The different colours are inspired by various environmental climates, which allow people to choose a sophisticated design to match both their lifestyle and kitchen palette. 1. Metropolitan Black – Inspired by the hustle and bustle of city life with vibrant cafes, boutiques and bright neon lights illuminating the dark night sky. Think artificial office lights, or sleek white kitchens in contrast with the metropolitan black ENA 8. 2. Nordic White – Think purity and clarity in the snow swept mountains. Take a step away from the world of colour and explore the vast land beyond with the Nordic White ENA 8. 3. Sunset Red – With clay roof tiles and the warm light of the evening sun beaming through the window, experience the red earth through the sunset red ENA 8. 4. Massive Aluminium – Combines traditional craftmanship with state-of-the-art product technology to create the world's first coffee machine housing from solid aluminium. New JURA ENA 8 features include: Small – Only 27.1 cm wide, 32.3 cm high and 44.5 cm deep – this one-cup machine will comfortably fit anywhere. Stunning – A cylindrical shaped water tank inspired by premium crystal carafes; a key highlight of the design. Simple – Easy to use 2.8” TFT display and clearly defined operating panels Automatic filter type detection – RFID technology detects whether the new CLARIS Smart mini (30L capacity) or CLARIS Smart (50L capacity) is being used and adapts settings automatically. Freshly ground, not capsuled – Freshly extracted every time from coffee beans. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) optimises the aroma of a short ristretto or espresso. Fine foam technology – Creates airy, feather-light milk foam. 10 specialties at the touch of a button – Providing the perfect cup every time. Solid 3mm thick aluminum housing in the Massive Aluminium ENA 8 – the world’s first coffee machine housing from solid aluminium. The aluminum panels add1.9kg to the overall weight of the machine. Metropolitan Black, Nordic White & Sunset Red - RRP $1,899 Massive Aluminium - RRP $2,699 The JURA ENA 8 range is available now online as well as selected electrical retailers, department stores, independent and specialty outlets. Did you know: Four-year-olds can swim with sharks? Five-year-olds can drive a race buggy? And 12-year-olds can skydive? 2019-03-13T10:08:29Z did-you-know-four-year-olds-can-swim-with-sharks-five-year-olds-can-drive-a-race-buggy-and-12-year-olds-can-skydive Wednesday March 13, 2019: With school holidays looming again, the thought of throwing your child to the sharks, or out of a plane, may become a very tempting thought. And the team at Adrenaline can help you do just that.Experiences brand Adrenaline has launched Adrenaline Kids; a range of more than 850 experiences across Australia, designed to help parents find things to do for and with their children - be that in their local area on a weekend, or when away on holidays in another city or state.Adrenaline recognised a customer need when they saw a surge of more than 20,000 people every month searching for ‘children’s experiences'; people keen to get kids off the Xbox and away from screens, to instead enjoy new and fun experiences.Experiences are available across Australia, and are targeted at specific age groups: 0-3, 4-8, 9-13 and 14+, with prices from $12 and up. Customers can search for multiple age groups and availability on specific dates, with instant booking available across all products - making life easier when planning things to do on weekends and during the school holidays.The range extends beyond the brand’s traditional footprint of largely Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane - with a big product offering also in Perth and Adelaide, as well as outside the major metro areas.Experience categories include: indoor skydiving, jet boating, zoos and animal encounters, theme parks, abseiling, horse riding, tree top adventures, quad biking, jet packs, kayaking, movie tickets, surfing, sailing and many more. View the full range here: unexpected products from the Adrenaline Kids range - Indoor Skydiving (ages 3+)- Diving with whale sharks (ages 4+)- Trapeze Lesson (ages 5+)- Buggy driving (ages 5+)- Flying Fox Treetop Adventure Parks (ages 7+)- Off-Road Zoo Safari (ages 8+)- Ghost Tour (ages 8+)- Skydiving (ages 12+)- Jet Packs & Flyboards (ages 12+)- Full Day Stunt Academy (ages 14+)- Gliding Flights (ages 15+)- Swimming with sharks (ages 15+)Adrenaline General Manager Julia Wilson said the range was designed to make life easier for parents who often struggle with ideas of things to do with the kids on weekends, on vacation and throughout extended school holiday periods.“As a working mum myself I know how hard it is to keep the kids occupied during the holidays, and even on the weekend when you’re hearing the words ‘I’m bored’ at least ten times a day,” Ms Wilson said.“We saw a trend emerging on the Adrenaline site where people were searching more and more for experiences for children, and we took that need and ran with it. Whether they’re mini daredevils, junior artists or just full of energy, the range boasts great experiences for all ages."It's great to see families wanting to do things together and create lasting memories."Adrenaline invites media to enquire about road testing and reviewing experiences in their local area.  - ENDS -For more information, or to enquire about an experience, please contact:Lauren Gleeson,, 0404 136 765 ABOUT ADRENALINE Since 1999, Adrenaline has given more than 3 million customers access to the best adventure sports and activities in Australia. Adrenaline was founded on a pure passion for adventure, and we’re constantly seeking out new trends and concepts to deliver incredible ‘heart pumping’ experiences for our customers. We love what we do and we love it when our customers feel the excitement we do. That’s why at Adrenaline we live the adventures we sell. Each team member specialises in a particular field of Adrenaline – from driving V8s to skydiving, climbing mountains to skiing down them, kitesurfing to canyoning, and much more. We joined the Big Red Group in November 2018, with the shared vision to ‘shift the way people experience life’. With more than one million happy adventurers and a range of more than 2,500 thrill-worthy experiences, we’re proud to be a part of the biggest experience business in Australia. Top 5 Organisational Tips by Justine Wilson 2019-03-05T22:35:42Z top-5-organisational-tips-by-justine-wilson Justine Wilson on the art of decluttering Top 5 organisational tips for your home Media Release - March 2019 Justine Wilson, Sydney Property Styling Expert and Director of Vault Interiors, has unveiled her top 5 organisational tips for the home inspired by Marie Kondo, who has been hailed as the queen of organisation for helping people de-clutter and tidy their homes. With a few simple and practical methods, you can create spaces where positivity can flourish. Justine Wilson says, “At Vault Interiors we strongly believe that having a tidy, neat organised space can make you fall in love with your home again, and you should feel lighter mentally too. Shifting the energy of a space can totally transform your home and change your mindset at the same time. It can be life changing. “If you haven’t read Marie Kondo’s book or seen her Netflix show yet, now is the time to jump on the bandwagon. Not only are her methods easy to implement but they really do work and will change the way you look at tidying up, turning it from a chore into a way to inject new energy into your home,” adds Justine. Now that autumn is here, there’s no better time to organise your home! Justine’s top 5 organisational tips: Know your intentions. Know how you want to use the spaces in your home will ultimately help you decide what items are important. It will also make your home a positive place to live, and have positive energy for visitors. Decide which items “spark joy”. Marie’s methods are built on the philosophy that a home should be filled with only those items that make you happy – and I totally support this. Deciding what you love and can’t live without is the hardest part, but once you can do it, the rest is a breeze! It’s ok to keep things, so long as you love them. Store things correctly. With items such as clothing, store them in a way you can clearly see what you have maximises space and allows for easy access. When it comes to other miscellaneous items, sort into piles of keep and throw away. Sort your items by category, not location. This can make the process overwhelming, so focus on one category at a time. Use boxes and containers to store essential papers and books to make your space look neater and it will allow you to find things more quickly. Leave sentimental items until last. Items such as photographs and personal objects are often the hardest to let go, so sort through them last when you’ve had plenty of practice separating non-sentimental items. “Tidying up can not only help you reconnect with your space, but it can help you start to consider the way you accumulate belongings in the future,” adds Justine. About Vault Interiors: Vault Interiors are a dedicated team of property stylists who specialise in unlocking the potential of each and every property they step into. Whether it be styling for the purpose of selling a property or furnishing a client’s new dream home or investment, the team not only deliver jaw dropping results but save time and money with their hassle-free complete furniture packages. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Maive & Bo, Brisbane’s fashion-forward and pocket-friendly maternity boutique extends opening hours. 2019-03-04T06:19:53Z for-immediate-release-maive-amp-bo-brisbane-s-fashion-forward-and-pocket-friendly-maternity-boutique-extends-opening-hours Brisbane, 04 March 2019, Local Maternity store Maive & Bo answers demand from fashion-focussed new and expecting Brisbane mums by extending opening hours of its Brisbane boutique. Maive & Bo’s founder and Brisbane-based mum of two Mallory Welch, said the decision to extend the opening hours of the Kelvin Grove boutique indefinitely from 10 am -2 pm (Tues – Sat) means more customers can ‘try before they buy’ and to take the guesswork out of online shopping, ‘Your body shape changes so much throughout pregnancy and nursing. Being able to try before you buy is a bit of a luxury these days and something that our customers deserve. We love seeing how happy our mums-to-be are after choosing something that they look and feel amazing wearing,’ said Mallory.   ‘While we hear so much about the importance of eating well and regularly exercising, the value of feeling good about how we look during pregnancy tends to get pushed to one side. I struggled with self-confidence during my pregnancy so one of my goals was to do something to help women to embrace their changing body shape instead of hiding away, ‘she added. What makes Maive & Bo ’s pieces different? They are not your ‘traditional’ maternity wear.  Styles are designed to achieve three objectives: to flatter, to feature on-trend beautiful prints and, most importantly (according to Mallory), be affordable. ‘When I was pregnant, I was frustrated that maternity wear was so expensive. I aimed to create a maternity line that was affordable. I didn’t have company maternity leave when I had my first baby, so I know first-hand how difficult it can be to afford luxury items,’ said Mallory. ‘Many of Maive & Bo’s pieces, particularly the favourite Maternity Wrap Dresses, are pocket-friendly and can be worn after pregnancy as they are easy to nurse in. ‘We often hear from mums who continue to wear their dresses well after pregnancy and from people who aren’t pregnant who buy our dresses because they love the prints and style.’. Visitors to the Maive & Bo boutique get the added advantage of being the first to see new designs, finding bargains on the sale rails and looking through the samples racks with prices starting from $20. Maive & Bo Brisbane Maternity Boutique: 10 am – 2 pm Tues – Sat (Closed Sun & Mon) 8/62 Bishop Street in Kelvin Grove Brisbane. To arrange product samples, for more information or interview opportunities with Mallory, please see contact details below. Website: Image link: END   The Beauty Secret - Jamaican Black Castor Oil 2019-03-04T03:03:19Z the-beauty-secret-jamaican-black-castor-oil The secret to help with strengthening & restoring your hair Unveiling the secrets of SheaMoisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Media Release - 4 March 2019 Does your hair need a little love; do you feel like you’ve tried everything with no success? SheaMoisture has the answer with an ages-old, natural recipe for strengthening and restoring hair health. The Jamaican Black Caster Oil range really is the hair miracle you have been waiting for. This unique collection combines intensive ingredients to renew hair, whilst supporting healthy growth. Making it ideal for damaged, chemically treated and heat styled hair, across all hair types. SheaMoisture’s Sister Scientist swears by Jamaican Black Castor Oil when it comes to improving the strength of one’s hair. “Clinically proven to strengthen and smooth hair, Jamaican Black Caster Oil is an ancient, powerful oil passed down through generations. The abundance of fatty acids and phytochemicals found in the oil work together to revitalise hair, and soothe the scalp.” Made with natural, certified organic and ethically sourced ingredients, SheaMoisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil range helps to restore dry, brittle, damaged hair with a special blend. Key ingredients from the range include; Jamaican Black Castor Oil: Rich in omega, the oil content may have reparative benefits for hair and scalp. Certified Organic Raw Shea Butter: The butter baths the hair in nutrient-rich fatty acids and vitamins to deeply moisturise and condition. Apple Cider Vinegar: Containing natural alpha hydroxyl acids, the vinegar clarifies hair and may assist in balancing out hair pH levels. Rice Protein: These proteins can aid in thickening and smoothing strands of hair. Panthenol: A humectant that works to infuse water into the hair and scalp. Peppermint Oil: Stimulates the scalp, to assist and potentially improve hair growth. Coconut Oil: Intensely moisturises hair, while helping to prevent future breakages. SheaMoisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil range includes three products: Strengthen & Restore Shampoo RRP $24.95 – Removes product build-up while moisturising with essential oils to leave hair cleansed, strong and healthy. Strengthen & Restore Conditioner RRP $24.95 – Conditions the hair with essential oils leaving hair soft and nourished. Strengthen & Restore Masque RRP $29.95 – This deep conditioning masque makes even coarse, dry and over processed curls and coils soft and tangle free. About SheaMoisture: SheaMoisture is a family-run brand with a heritage of serving those who have been most underserved in beauty, and are committed to continuing to do that. In 1912, Sofi Tucker believed she could build something better for the next generation. A widowed mother at just 19, and the originator of what has become SheaMoisture. Recipes have been handed down, tested and proven for over four generations. SheaMoisture is available now at Priceline stores nationwide. @sheamoisture.australia #sheamoistureaus Happy Times for Happy Hair Brush – Sweeping up Bloggers Choice Awards 2019-03-03T22:35:53Z happy-times-for-happy-hair-brush-sweeping-up-bloggers-choice-awards Winners from the Bloggers BBQ: Bloggers Choice Awards have been announced. To mark the start of 2019, this awards program launched off the back of the biggest influencer marketing event of the year, the Bloggers BBQ.   Organised by Kids Business, Australia’s leading agency exclusively representing brands that market and sell to Mums – this event connected 14 stellar brands to 74 influential guests (with an enormous audience size of almost 3 Million Mums) to ignite the beginning of long term relationships. Brands came from a diverse range of sectors including, education, FMCG, maternity, baby, beauty, home, pet care and more and included: ABC Reading Eggs, Bakers Delight, Belly Bandit, Eonion Care, Goblies, Happy Hair Brush, Heinz Baby Basics, Little Innoscents, Marathon Foods, No Added, Protect-a-bed, KONG, Smash and Spotlight. With the support of the influencer community, the event also raised awareness for the Clown Doctors. The platform featured immersive brand experiences, 2-way interactions, and in-depth educational sessions to fast track the process of word of mouth and mum to mum recommendations. The Bloggers Choice Awards rolled out on the day, gives influencers the opportunity to then share their renewed brand sentiment, measure their advocacy levels, purchasing intent and likelihood to tell others about these brands.    The series of awards include; Favourite Overall Brand, Best Brand Experience, Most Likely to Purchase and Best Community Initiative.  The winners of the Bloggers BBQ Blogger Choice Award are as follows:  Favourite Product and/ or Service Winner: Happy Hair Brush Runner Up: Little Innoscents Best Brand Experience Winner: Happy Hair Brush Runner Up: Spotlight Most Likely to Purchase Product and/ or Service Winner: Bakers Delight Runners Up: Smash Best Community Initiative Winner: ABC Reading Eggs Runner Up: Bakers Delight Happy Hair Brush founder and CEO Jen Harwood said “We are overwhelmed and humbled with just how popular Happy Hair Brush is with influencers. Influencers even came from other states to learn more about our mission to make One Million Women Happy with our superior brushes that go above and beyond detangling hair for kids and adults alike. The women we met influence nearly 3 million people. That’s incredible! The amount of promotion they have already generously given our brushes, even moments after meeting us and posting stories and posts about our products sets us up to be well on our way to reaching our targets! We are thrilled with both these awards and grateful for the support of the influencers who are getting behind our movement to transform the world of how women brush their hair forever!" Blogger and Influencer, Elise from What's on 4 was equally impressed saying "it is a great way to connect with brands face to face". Christie Nicholas, Managing Director, Kids Business Communications adds “Nothing compares with the power of a face to face meeting. It is more emotive than an email or DM and the easiest way to discover if there is a genuine fit between you and your promotional partners.  In just 4 hours, these 14 brands were able to set up their influencer marketing campaign for the next 6 months and know with certainty that influencers open to being on the journey with these brands share the same values. As a result, the partnerships are genuine, the content is more authentic and valuable to the readers keen to learn more. “   Kids Business Communications is Australia’s leading agency exclusively focused on helping brands market and sell to more mums. For more information contact  P: 03 9598 9128.      K Collect Launches Blog 2019-03-01T04:31:46Z k-collect-launches-blog-1 March 1, 2018, Newcastle, NSW, Australia: K Collect is so excited to announce that they have launched their online blog. The blog will showcase collaborations, gift guides, press features and important store notices and will be a wonderful source of all the latest news. With posts dating back to 31 May 2017, the blog's five most popular posts include: · Newcastle Mumas Feature · Pop Baby Feature · Newcastle Kids Magazine Feature · K Collect Christmas Gift Guide · Kaytie Rich Photography Collaboration   To learn more about the blog, propose a topic/idea, create a guest article or to write for us and become a contributor, contact Angela via email,, use the contact form or visit the blog at WEBSITE: Blog: Facebook: @K Collect Instagram: @k_collect Pinterest: K Collect Twitter: @KCollect_AUS ### New 2019 Real Techniques Collections 2019-02-26T22:26:27Z new-2019-real-techniques-collections Real Techniques is thrilled to announce the release of new and unique brush collections to kick off 2019, adding to their hugely popular range of existing makeup brushes, sponges and accessories. Introducing Rebel Edge, Everyday Essentials and Sugar Crush – there’s something to love for everyone! Designed by internationally renowned professional makeup artists and beauty vloggers, Sam and Nic Chapman, the new range features newly designed brush handles and brand new packaging for a more simplistic, cleaner design, without jeopardising quality or performance. Marketing Manager at Chemcorp International, Erica Galea says, “Real Techniques is a global leader in makeup brushes and they just keep on giving! The Rebel Edge Trio really is one of a kind and now one of my personal favourites, so we’re very excited to launch these new products in Australia.” The new additions to the Real Techniques range include: Rebel Edge Trio Set – RRP $45 With cropped head that puts you in control to define + blend powders your way. Broad brush: broad cut for face, blend powder foundation or bronzer. Fine brush: fine cut for eye, precisely line eyes or sweep on powder shadows. Medium brush: medium cut for cheek, dust on powder highlighter or blush. Everyday Essentials Set – RRP $69 This set has every look covered from start to finish with best sellers from the Real Techniques base, eyes and finish ranges combined. Ideal for face, cheeks and eyes, the set is designed to cover, colour and blend. 400 Blush: Tapered, soft and fluffy bristles to blend powder blush evenly for a smooth, natural look. Miracle Complexion Sponge: Soft, flexible foam that blends liquid and cream foundation into a luminous, dewy finish. Use dry for full coverage or damp for dewy glow. 300 Deluxe Crease: Short, dense bristles designed to layer and blend cream and powder shadows evenly into eye crease. 402 Setting: Soft and fluffy bristles to lightly dust on highlighting or setting powders precisely for natural looking illumination 200 Expert Face: Firm bristles designed to buff liquid or cream foundation to a glowing, flawless finish. Sugar Crush Miracle Complexion Sponge – RRP $18.99 Just like the original, but with extra sparkle! Use damp for a dewy glow or dry for a full coverage with liquid, cream, or powder foundations and bb creams. Available in three colours: Pink, Peach & Berry. The new additions to the Real Techniques range are available now online at New Shark Deterrent for Short Boards 2019-02-26T19:04:00Z new-shark-deterrent-for-short-boards The Ocean Guardian FREEDOM+ Surf, the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested user installable and transferable surfboard shark deterrent, is now available with a mini antenna version. The Ocean Guardian’s FREEDOM+ Surf is powered by Shark Shield Technology and designed in partnership with Tom Carroll. The new mini antenna is specifically designed to overcome ergonomic issues associated with surfers using smaller boards - now there is a personal shark protection device for all surfers. Tom Carroll, Ocean Guardian Ambassador and two-time World Surfing Champion says, “It’s great that we can now offer a solution for all surfers no matter the size of their board. The new FREEDOM+ Surf Mini Antenna is recommended for shorter boards of less than 6’. Thanks to the new design, when duck diving with the board the previous zap experienced by those using the full-size antenna on shorter boards should be eliminated. Really giving no surfer an excuse to not take their personal protection into their own hands.” Lindsay Lyon, CEO of Ocean Guardian says, “The mini antenna produces exactly the same power output as the regular FREEDOM+ Surf antenna however, it creates a smaller protective electrical field due to the electrodes being smaller and closer together. The new mini antenna does not replace the existing FREEDOM+ Surf antenna, but now all surfers, with all sized boards, can benefit from this patented technology.” The FREEDOM+ Surf Mini Antenna will be available from Wednesday 27th at an RRP of $149 and can be purchased from all good surf retailers. About Ocean Guardian: In 2018, the Shark Shield company became Ocean Guardian®. The change of name reflects our bigger ambition – to make you safe whatever you enjoy doing in the Ocean – while also protecting the planet we call home. Ocean Guardian, powered by Shark Shield Technology, is the worlds only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent. Government approved and developed over two decades of research, Ocean Guardian’s patented technology creates a powerful three-dimensional electrical field, which causes safe but unbearable spasms in shark’s short-range electrical receptors, turning sharks away - including Great Whites. Nothing is more effective. Ocean Guardian safety products are the ultimate ocean guardian – providing peace of mind for surfers, divers, and ocean lovers around the world, while supporting the conservation of marine life by removing the need for shark nets and culling. New Autumn Interior Trend Alert – American Modern Farmhouse 2019-02-24T22:45:00Z new-autumn-interior-trend-alert-american-modern-farmhouse With TV shows such as “Home Town” and “Fixer Upper” growing in popularity, the biggest trend predicted to hit the Australian interior world this autumn is the ‘American Modern Farmhouse’. While it’s quite a mouthful to say – the look, at least, is very easy to achieve. As the weather changes, it’s the greatest time to consider sprucing up your interiors, ready for the long nights indoors. Sydney Property Styling expert and Director of Vault Interiors, Justine Wilson says, “The American Modern Farmhouse trend is going to dominate interiors in Autumn 2019. The style is characterised by rustic textures, thick wool, distressed furniture, reclaimed statement pieces, overly neutral palette, leather, timber, concrete, metal, brick and lots of faux greenery and layering.” Justine’s top 7 tips to get the ‘American Modern Farmhouse’ look in your home: Substitute artwork for over scale vintage signs or script work. Think words such as “bakery” or “laundry”. You can find lots of signs like this on Etsy. Layer your rugs. Try a sisal rug with a woollen rug on top. Try the Luella Synthetic Rug from Pottery Barn. Pair leather cushions with light neutrals. Opt for linen, plaid or woollen designs. Rustic statement pieces are key. Use timber chests as coffee tables; think old look farmhouse dining tables, timber benches in your foyer and distressed wooden consoles. Pick up a gem on Gumtree, thrift stores, or give some old pieces a little love. With a bit of elbow grease, a quick sand and a lick of paint you can have the look in an affordable way. Try Mayson Coffee Table from Freedom or the Fulham Shelving Unit from Early Settler. Industrial pieces will contrast the natural style. Make a serious impression in the room, think iron barstools and metal bookshelves. You could also try industrial floating shelves and wooden with black iron brackets. Clever grouping of faux greenery. Use glass containers and group three to five of the same plan leaf. Simple glass canisters work well. Try palm leave, fake herbs or fiddle leaf plants. Kmart is great! Install feature walls. Try shiplap or board and baton as these are inexpensive materials, easy to install and can be bought at any hardware store. White brick and vinyl wallpaper is very on trend and for this look. “The reason I like this look for autumn is it’s a very warm, durable, earthy family friendly and timeless feel, perfect to encourage lingering chats, and for snuggling up on the sofa. Grab a cup of Cocoa, and settle in with layers of wool throws for a picture perfect Instagram worthy look,” adds Justine. About Vault Interiors: Vault Interiors are a dedicated team of property stylists who specialise in unlocking the potential of each and every property they step into. Whether it be styling for the purpose of selling a property or furnishing a client’s new dream home or investment, the team not only deliver jaw dropping results but save time and money with their hassle-free complete furniture packages. 5 things you need to know when buying your first car 2019-02-24T22:30:00Z 5-things-you-need-to-know-when-buying-your-first-car Nothing beats the feeling of holding the keys to your very first car. It will most likely be the biggest investment, let alone debt, most first-time car buyers have committed to in their lives. So, to equip those looking to take the plunge, Mark Turner, General Manager of Terry Shields Toyota Parramatta, shares his expert tips to help ease the stress and ensure customers are confident in their purchase. With over 45 years of experience in the motor industry, Mark Turner from Terry Shields Toyota Parramatta says, “Buying your first car can be an overwhelming experience. There are many things to consider such as finance, insurance, the type of model, through to safety and durability. There is only so much research you can do online before information overload sets in. “After you’ve narrowed down your top three cars, I recommend the next thing you do is visit the dealerships to get some hands-on experience with each car and advice from a team of experts who can help you make your decision all in the one place,” said Mark. Marks shares his top 5 tips for first-time car buyers: Know what the car is for – As simple as this sounds knowing why you are buying the car will help you decide which car is your best fit. Are you driving short distances to work daily or commuting in traffic? Will you need extra space to carry oversized objects or something small to zip around the city? Narrowing down what you are going to use the car for will allow you to eliminate car options. Know how much you can afford – As good as zero percent finance may sound this also means you would be signing up to a lot of hidden costs and charges. We recommend saving up at least 10% of the total price of the vehicle as a deposit and setting yourself a conservative limit on how much finance you can really afford without stretching your limits. Find out your credit score – When applying for finance, our Finance Business Managers will check your credit history. Even if you think you don’t have one, it’s important you are on top of your credit score. Having a clear credit rating will speed up the process and ensure you are eligible for the best interest rate available on the market. Don’t buy the first car you see – It’s important that you shop around before committing to a car. Take potential cars out for a test drive and get an experienced dealer to take you through the features of each vehicle in detail so you don’t miss anything you love or hate. Remember hidden cost – The advertised price is not the be all and end all. Car purchases, like homes, are accompanied by a range of additional costs and fees. You need to factor in interest on loans, servicing, insurance, stamp duty and transfer fees before settling on a car. Terry Shields Toyota Parramatta have a car for every driver in the family, from the kids first car, to eco-friendly hybrids, versatile SUVs and work vehicles. About Terry Shields Toyota Parramatta: Terry Shields Toyota Parramatta is a family-owned new and used car dealership located in the heart of Auto Alley Church Street Parramatta. Celebrating 45 years in the Auto Alley, Terry Shields has long supported the local community and continually strive to offer a highly efficient and professional service delivered in a relaxed and personalised way. The baby Expo that doesn’t forget the Dads 2019-02-21T23:59:23Z the-baby-expo-that-doesn-t-forget-the-dads The Pregnancy Babies & Children’s Expo recognises that Dads are often overlooked when it comes to delivering reliable and relevant pregnancy and parenting information. Knowing what they can do as a new Dad and how they can help is empowering. That’s why we PBC Expo ensures we have Dad-centric offerings at our upcoming Melbourne Pregnancy & Newborn Special Expo on February 23 & 24. For most blokes, becoming a Dad is one of the biggest transitions they will make in life and the one they are generally most unprepared for. The reality of life with a new born and how to be a Father is something blokes rarely discuss. For most Dads- in between work hours, figuring out how to change a nappy, trying to understand newborn cues, having little sleep, and discovering how to navigate a very different relationship with their partner- they just make it up and hope they can swim. So PBC Expo partners with Dad’s Group Inc, a not-for-profit community organisation committed to connecting new Dads in local communities, thereby improving men’s health, preventing family violence and reducing isolation and suicide. They can share their experiences, make new friends and enjoy healthier, happier family lives. At the Expo, Dads and Dads-to-be can meet fellow dads at the Dad's Group Inc stand and take part in the Dad Boot Camp at 11:00am and 2:00pm each day of Expo. This informal gathering will cover the honest truth about becoming a Dad, life with a little one, and how to keep themselves healthy, so their partner, themselves and their child can thrive. And they’ll also be giving out free coffee from the Dad's Group Inc coffee motorbike!  DGI will also host 2 educational talks as part of our daily talk schedule: the first by a 'guest speaker' from affiliate organisation Relationships Australia who will be sharing some of their recent fatherhood insights and newly developed resources for dads. The other talk for Dads is prented by Thomas Fagernes, the Victorian State Manager for Dads Group Inc. Tom will be sharing some of his inspirational ‘lived experience’ of becoming a father for the first time and how he overcame some of the ‘challenges of fatherhood’. Tom will unpack the 'real' fatherhood journey and share insights on how Dads can 'set yourself up to succeed' on your fatherhood journey. Our Visitors explain best how we ensure Dads are included in our events as much as the Mums are: “The antenatal classes were very helpful. As an expecting first time Dad, I walked away feeling a bit more confident and aware of the important role I play throughout the pregnancy” “I enjoyed that Dads could attend and feel completely comfortable, there was so much we learned for our first bub on the way”.   Relevant Links: Expo Website: Dads Group at Expo: Dads Group Inc: About our Expo: As seen on TV (Destination Happiness, Channel 9): As seen on 9 news Melbourne in 2018: