The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-06-21T06:30:31Z Scholarships help Aussie kids impacted by domestic violence 2021-06-21T06:30:31Z scholarships-help-aussie-kids-impacted-by-domestic-violence Help is at hand for local children affected by domestic violence through Friends with Dignity’s Little Friends Scholarships, which open on June 21. Young people aged between five and 18 can gain up to $500 to help them with their education or to participate in extra-curricular activities that they can’t pursue because of the financial impact of domestic and family violence. Program manager Jaqui Brosnan said the scholarships are another way that Friends with Dignity helps children affected by domestic and family violence to go on and live happy, healthy, and inclusive lives. “Sometimes kids need help with the basics of school fees, uniforms, a laptop, textbooks or school supplies – expenses which can all add up,” Ms Brosnan said. We also find that students can miss out on excursions or camps which are an important place for kids to maintain friendships and to learn new skills,” she said. “Our scholarships have also helped kids with the cost of participating in sport, music or the arts.” “One scholarship helped to buy a violin for a little girl. Any time she heard music she was reduced to tears because her father had played loud music while being violent towards her mother. She is now enjoying and playing music herself.” This is the ninth round of scholarships which are issued twice a year. To date, $194,775 has been given out to 394 young people. Ms Brosnan said the scholarships are possible thanks to generous sponsors and donors. “We would welcome more scholarship supporters because applications always exceed the amount of funds available.” Applications close July 16 and the scholarships will be awarded from the end of July. To apply visit Friends with Dignity is national, volunteer run, charity which works with refuge and crisis centres to offer practical programs to help survivors of domestic violence to re-build their lives with purpose, dignity, and hope. As well as scholarships, its Sanctuary Program transforms houses into sanctuaries for people escaping violence. It also provides monitored personal safety devices for women and men escaping violence as well as toys and activity packs for children impacted by violence.  Master Stroke Sees Queensland Host Art of Attraction Tourism Summit 2021-06-21T04:41:06Z master-stroke-sees-queensland-host-art-of-attraction-tourism-summit Queensland’s Sunshine Coast will host the 2022 Art of Attraction Tourism Summit and two associated national niche tourism awards from 2- 4 March. Summit organisers Awards Absolute have entered a major partnership agreement with Sunshine Coast Council and the region’s tourism body, Visit Sunshine Coast. Awards Absolute’s Managing Director, Liz Rivers, said they were thrilled to partner with Sunshine Coast Council and Visit Sunshine Coast to keep the conference and Awards within the region for one more year. “Returning to the Sunshine Coast in 2022 will give our delegates an opportunity to experience another destination within the region, with The Events Centre Caloundra chosen as the 2022 Summit venue,” she said. The Art of Attraction is a unique event collective designed to assist towns and regions looking to take advantage of two fast-growing areas: art tourism and mature-age visitation. Visit Sunshine Coast (VSC) Business Events Manager, Maureen Brennan, said they were proud to be a support partner of the Art of Attraction Tourism Summit. “Following the success of staging this national summit for attendees in 2019, we are again looking forward to hosting these events because they are bringing together two key growth areas in 21st century tourism. “There are many mature-age visitors who are time rich and with borders closed to the previous choice of international destinations; there is a renewed thirst to explore and experience more of regional Australia,” she said.  The national conference will be held from Wednesday 2 to Friday 4 March, concluding with the Gala Awards evening that will see the winners of the Australian Street Art Awards and Grey Nomad Awards crowned. Ms Rivers said the Summit is an all-inclusive opportunity for tourism and event professionals to connect with and learn from tourism leaders at the very forefront of using public and street art as a strong economic driver, and also harnessing the flexibility, wealth and loyalty of senior travellers. “One of our main objectives in running this business event and associated Awards is to arm towns and tourism operators across the country with the tools and knowledge that will encourage Australians to explore more thoroughly and discover hidden gems,” she said. What:                    2022 Art of Attraction Summit, 2021 Australian Street Art Awards gala, 2021 Grey Nomad Awards gala When:                  2 – 4 March 2022 Where:                 The Events Centre Caloundra, Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Australian Street Art Awards: a “Tourism Awards for Public Art” program designed to showcase destinations while educating travellers about the magnificent array of outdoor art that can be found in every corner of Australia. Grey Nomad Awards: encourage positive aging through supporting and promoting soft adventure and social inclusion for mature-age travellers while recognising local government and tourism operators that provide exemplary products, services or experiences that make the lives of these travellers happier, healthier and safer. Rodent Problems 2021-06-17T04:00:45Z rodent-problems Without a doubt rodents present more of a problem during cooler and winter months, which sees a spike in rodent activities in homes. A common myth is that rodents will only enter older homes, which is not always the case. Rodents like most other common pest species will seek warmth during colder months and their survival depends on it. That is why, during winter rodent problems in homes becomes a major concern. Rodents seeking to hide in your home is also a way for them to seek protection from predators and start an early breeding season. Rodents in homes can wreak havoc, including causing major damages to structural, electrical, insulation and disturb your comfort. Usually, untreated rodent problems in a home may require professional repairs resulting in thousands of damages. Moreover, an alarming 20-25% of residential fires are caused by rodents. Can you risk your home and loved ones during this winter? Here are our top tips for combating rodent problems this winter: Prevention is better than cure: Regular pest treatment, including rodent control is one of the best ways to combat your pest problems and avoid expensive costs and damages to your home and assets. Early detection: Looking for common rodent signs can help beat them before things get out-of-hand. Check for smear marks, gnawing, smell, or droppings around your home. Limiting entry point: Check for possible entry points to your home. Common entry points are under garage doors, draining and air-conditioning ducting.   Seek professional advice: if in doubt do not risk it, contact a local and trusted company. At A.M.G Pest Management we provide free rodent inspection as part of every general pest treatment. Beat the pests this winter and give us a call for an obligation free quote. At A.M.G Pest Management we are proudly working to provide our clients the highest quality services at affordable prices, that is our guarantee.     For more information or to obtain a quote visit Revitalife CEO Named in Top 50 Healthcare Technology Report 2021 2021-06-17T03:12:05Z revitalife-ceo-named-in-top-50-healthcare-technology-report-2021 This year’s awardees represent some of the most accomplished executives in healthcare technology and Clive is honoured to be named. Revitalife Company owner, Lance Clews, says “When it comes to driving success in business, there is no better way to do that than by bringing in the right people for the job. And that’s why we appointed Clive as CEO in 2018.” says Lance. “Clive has been instrumental in taking our business to the next level by driving innovation whilst ensuring our customer-centric care culture remained a priority. He has achieved this by surrounding himself with a quality management team and implementing better business practices. Clive also led the company through the COVID-19 pandemic with his intuitive thinking and team collaboration.” The Healthcare Technology Report share in its media release published this week, “This year’s awardees represent some of the most accomplished executives in healthcare technology. Their leadership has been critical in developing industry-leading medical devices, next-generation software platforms, cutting-edge drugs and therapeutics, and advanced diagnostics, among other technologies. From inventing novel orthopedic and mobility devices to spearheading platforms to strengthen the patient/provider connection, and to developing new blood tests to diagnose diseases, these awardees have made significant contributions to society at large. They come from varied backgrounds in medicine, research, biotechnology, business, and finance, leveraging unique insights to provide their companies with the agility and ingenuity needed to thrive. While highly involved and instrumental to the continued success of their companies, they have also remained dedicated to advancing their particular fields, with many participating in prestigious research institutions and trade groups that are collaborating to develop more effective solutions for patients across the globe.” Appointed CEO of Revitalife Sleep Solutions in late 2018, Clive’s team describe him as a visionary and an approachable customer-centric leader with an open-door policy who genuinely cares. Clive has introduced product innovation and strategic partnerships including the announcement of an exclusive collaboration with Celliant Technology in the adjustable bed market in Australia in 2019, along with Sleep Disorders Australia in 2021. Through these and other collaborations he continues to work on ways to bring a better night’s sleep to every Australian. We would like to congratulate all CEO’s named. For the full list visit here. ____________ Revitalife is an Australian family-owned and operated class 1 medical devices company specialising in innovative therapeutic products for everyone, from elite athletes to senior Australians. As a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider Revitalife works closely with leading health and medical professionals, with the mission to help more Australians suffer less, enjoy faster recovery and attain restful sleep. Revitalife offers one-on-one personalised consultations, both in-home and online, to work with customers in building a sleep solution that works best for their unique needs and requirements. Swinburne University of Technology and FourthRev launch digital skills program to give students hands-on industry experience 2021-06-16T23:04:57Z swinburne-university-of-technology-and-fourthrev-launch-digital-skills-program-to-give-students-hands-on-industry-experience Swinburne University of Technology has launched a series of Australian-first Bootcamp Graduate Certificate courses, developed in partnership with FourthRev, to upskill career changers and provide students the digital capabilities required to thrive in the digital economy. The courses are available on-campus and through Its online arm, Swinburne Online.   Alongside completing projects which will emulate real-life work scenarios and are designed with industry partners, including GitHub and Tableau, students will also work on a ‘live’ project with employer partner, Xero. This project will give students the chance to demonstrate their capabilities in an authentic industry environment, furthering their employment credentials.   The FourthRev course launch comes following the recent Swinburne University of Technology ‘Work Integrated Learning’ announcement, which committed to providing students enrolling in 2021 the opportunity to gain genuine industry experiences within their studies.   The launch coincides with a heightened focus from the Australian Federal Government on the role of skilled job-seekers following the financial blow of the COVID-19 pandemic, having recently announced an apprenticeship wage subsidy program as part of its multi-billion-dollar investment in skills and training in its Economic Recovery Plan.   In less than two years, FourthRev co-founders Omar de Silva and Jack Hylands have formed partnerships with many of the world’s biggest tech companies, including AWS and Tableau, to create learning experiences that provide a direct pathway to qualifications and employment in the digital economy.   A total of five courses will be available in market – three of which will be online and two delivered on campus – covering Professional Data Analytics, Programming and Development and Product Management. Each course will focus on developing the in-demand digital capabilities of learners seeking to break into digital roles or accelerate the trajectory they are already on. Curriculums feature software support, materials and insights from leading industry contributors such as Tableau, MuleSoft and Dropbox.   The Graduate Certificates differ significantly from others available in the market due to their acute focus on industry-relevant capability development and active project-based learning.   Omar de Silva, co-founder of FourthRev and a Swinburne graduate, said the best way to address the growing digital skills gap is through close collaboration between industry and higher education partners.   “The scale of the digital skills gap cannot and should not be underestimated, but equally there is a huge opportunity. If education providers and industry can come together to create learning experiences that will translate to real-world success, Australia has the potential to be one of the most digitally robust and advanced markets in APAC, if not the world.   “We’re delighted to be working with Swinburne to support them in their mission to empower students to enjoy the most exciting and meaningful career opportunities available to them upon receiving their qualifications.”   FourthRev courses are currently available via 11 higher educational providers worldwide, including RMIT, University of Canberra and University of California, Irvine. The start-up is in conversation with a further 20 organisations, with plans to double the number of higher education partners in the next 12-18 months.   Professor Chris Pilgrim, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) – Interim, Swinburne University of Technology said the university had combined its academic and research expertise with the latest industry intelligence to provide career changers with future-focussed courses.   “In a rapidly transforming world of work, Swinburne is committed to helping leaders to be effective by partnering with companies that have valuable insights into what the future workforce needs,” Professor Pilgrim said.   “The launch of the bootcamp offering gives professionals an opportunity to enhance their career prospects in a fast and flexible way.”   The next student cohort for this accelerated industry-focused course commences in July 2021. SANSDRINKS.COM.AU FOUNDER IRENE FALCONE SAYS TRY JULY TO CUT DOWN ON ALCOHOL 2021-06-15T04:27:54Z sansdrinks-com-au-founder-irene-falcone-says-try-july-to-cut-down-on-alcohol LOOKING TO CUT DOWN ON ALCOHOL? WHY DON’T YOU TRY THIS JULY? Dry January, Feb Fast and OcSOBER are all campaigns to encourage people to give up alcohol for a month but for those who haven’t managed it yet why not try July with the help of ? Studies have shown that benefits to cutting down on alcohol include: weight loss, better sleep, lower blood pressure and reduced cholesterol. is a non-alcohol wine, beer and spirits online superstore founded by Irene Falcone in 2020 and now Irene has gone on to open Australia’s FIRST non-alcoholic physical bottle shop in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, directly across the road from a major liquor chain. Falcone is one of Australia’s leading female entrepreneurs who founded natural health & beauty store Nourished Life in 2012 with $100 and sold it five years later for $20 million. went from zero to $500,000 in the first 3 months and is on target to generate over $10 million in sales next financial year. Speaking on cutting down on alcohol and replacing with zero alcohol drinks, Irene says, “The success of Sansdrinks shows more and more people are looking for ways to cut down on alcohol but still be able to socialise and enjoy a drink. The variety of none-alcohol wine, beer and spirits is unbelievable with so many swaps that taste exactly like the real thing! Cutting down alcohol has so many benefits and now that there are options to still be able to socialise and enjoy a drink without the after effects it makes it so much easier for people to give it a go!” View hundreds of non-alcoholic beverages at  TO INTERVIEW IRENE FALCONE email or call Max Markson 0412 501 601 ABOUT IRENE FALCONE Irene Falcone is one of Australia’s most successful female entrepreneurs who started her first business, natural health & beauty store Nourished Life, with $100 in 2012 and sold it 5 years later to an ASX listed company for $20 million. Now Irene has launched a new online business selling non-alcoholic beer, wine and spirits that has gone from zero to $500,000 in the first 3 months and is on target to generate over $10 million in sales next financial year. Irene is passionate about disrupting industries, providing better shopping options and making buying easier. Irene is also obsessed with small business, supporting Aussie brands, driving forklifts, talking to  Skincare product testers end up pregnant 2021-06-15T01:41:13Z skincare-product-testers-end-up-pregnant Melbourne, Australia - Product testers for Skin Federation’s Prebiotic Intimate Lubricant were pleasantly surprised by some unexpected pregnancies. Three couples involved in testing have already given birth while a fourth is due in the coming weeks.  In 2019 Skin Federation set out to develop an intimate lubricant specifically for women which would have the added benefits of improving the overall condition of their intimate skin area. For 12 months samples were created and quality tested at the Skin Federation lab and then sent to product testers for review and feedback. Testers included couples and single women from varying age groups, and with their help a final product formulation was ready in early 2020.  What makes the Skin Federation Prebiotic Lubricant standout is the inclusion of prebiotics. Prebiotics encourage the growth of beneficial microorganisms which are essential to the development and maintenance of a healthy skin microflora. So now women are able to enjoy themselves while knowing they are looking after their skin at the same time.   Since the development of the personal lubricant Skin Federation has released 2 more products featuring prebiotics. These include a Prebiotic Intimate Hydrating Gel and a Prebiotic Intimate Cleansing Micellar Serum. The full range of Skin Federation products are available now from:  “The high number of pregnancies in our test group was not something we had expected. We set out to develop a personal lubricant for women with a skincare first approach. With the assistance of our testers, I think we successfully achieved that. As for the pregnancies, we put it down to the extra practice and dedication as a tester.” - PJ (Founder of Skin Federation) About Skin Federation Skin Federation is a personal skincare manufacturer and retailer specialising in products for the female intimate areas. Skin Federation was founded in 2019 and released its first product in 2020 during the height of the COVID pandemic in Melbourne. Learn more about Skin Federation at Harness the power of investing, replace your income and retire early. 2021-06-15T00:39:21Z harness-the-power-of-investing-replace-your-income-and-retire-early Newcastle, NSW, 26 May 2021 – Businessman and author, Tim Levy, is proud to offer his 9th non-fiction work, ‘Forever Money’, hitting Amazon on 25 May. ‘Forever Money’ is an informative and practical guidebook with real-world steps to help readers think differently about their money. It teaches, in simple terms, how to harness the power of investing to pay yourself automatically, every month, ultimately earning all of your time back, forever. Several years ago, whilst living in the USA, author, speaker and CEO, Tim Levy, had a lightbulb moment in a conversation after speaking on digital business and marketing strategy at an entrepreneurial conference.  The conversation had turned to financial intelligence and investment strategy, and he realised… he had none. “Investment was something that had never made it onto my list of things to figure out. Investment was something for rich people, people who had money to invest,” or so he thought. Tim realised, like most people, his experience in investing had been limited “to finding a better bank account, trying a term deposit account, and, once, a gently disastrous foray into a share portfolio fund”.  His schooling had ill-equipped him with the practicalities, and they’re rarely discussed with our friends or family, leaving us all in the dark.  So, how do you learn the real-world strategies to gaining financial freedom if no-one talks about it? Driven by this desire, Tim went on a personal mission to learn the secrets of the wealthy. With unique access to those in the know, as a regular speaker to CEO groups of high net-worth individuals, he had those tricky conversations. “I distilled that information, applied it over years to my own finances, honed a system and built a passive income portfolio. Now, I’ve reached the point where I could semi-retire if I wanted to. It’s an amazing feeling! I’m delighted to share what I’ve learnt about investing, creating passive income and earning your time back so that everyone can enjoy Forever Money too.” Tim’s clients and readers have shared, “I’d really like to say how much I appreciate your common sense, realistic approach to helping folks like us who have big dreams, are working 18 hour days and giving us real solutions to help us get our lives back.” “Revealing, intuitive, genuine, insightful, honest, perceptive, action-based, dynamic, present/actual, and truthfully……life-changing.” and, “Tim will help you realise that you can live a life you have always dreamed of, give you a road map and bring it to reality.” ‘Forever Money’ has been written for anyone who wants to make the most of their money, invest wisely, replace their income and retire early.  That’s financial freedom.  That’s Forever Money. For more information and media resources, visit ISBN: 9798716634213Genre: Nonfiction - Personal FinancePublication Date: May 2021Price: $USD14.95 / $AUD19.95Format: PaperbackTrim: 6 x 9Page Count: 114   About Tim Levy CEO & Owner, Tim Levy and Associates, Newcastle, NSW  - digital strategy and media production studio focussing on business growth   CEO & Owner, Resonant Blue Studios, Newcastle, NSW - newly formed production company focused on short and, eventually, feature film production, with the intention to produce meaningful stories to bring a little light and laughter into the world To arrange a book signing or interview, please review the Media Contact information attached.      ### Stop trading your life for money and make your money work for you. 2021-06-15T00:37:31Z stop-trading-your-life-for-money-and-make-your-money-work-for-you St Kilda, Victoria, June 2021 – Businessman and author, Shaun Fox, is proud to offer his debut work, MONEY, THE BOOK, hitting Amazon and available online now. MONEY, THE BOOK is an informative and practical guidebook with real-world steps to gaining true financial freedom and wealth: the time to do the things we most want to do in our lives. From a single-parent and hard-working family, Shaun Fox was always determined to create financial freedom for himself and his loved ones.  Beginning with a mowing service when he was just 8 years old, he is now a sought-after entrepreneurial influencer and mentor with two decades of experience in start-ups, financial institutions and venture capital.  During his many years in real estate and financial services, Shaun saw first-hand the deep distress caused by his clients’ lack of access to clear investment knowledge. Now, he is on a mission to help his readers realise their own financial freedom, no matter what stage of life they’re in. Author, Shaun Fox says, “I grew up with very little money around and, as a result, very little spare time.  Now I'd like to share what I've learnt about money, investing and creating time so that everyone can take a shortcut to their own financial freedom.” Shaun’s clients and proteges have shared, “I instantly found Shaun to have excellent values of truth, integrity and decency... I always felt listened to, valued and appreciated, even when I started and had no clue what I was doing.”  “He showed patience and understanding and never showed doubt in my capabilities.” and, “Love his passion for making change in the world especially with his desire to spread education.” The author is also proud to offer an accompanying training program, created especially to complement the book, and available free to every reader.  The Anyone Can Invest online training program showcases Shaun’s innovative approach to helping each person uncover and take advantage of the assets they already have in their life, no matter where they stand financially.  He then shares how to put these pieces together in practical and unique ways.  For more information, visit MONEY, THE BOOK guides each reader on how to take charge now and invest in themselves - personally and in business - for a bright financial future. For more information and media resources, visit ISBN: 979-8502997553Genre: Nonfiction - Personal FinancePublication Date: May 2021Price: eBook $9.95 - $20.90 PaperbackFormat: Paperback - eBookTrim: 6 x 9Page Count: 149 About Shaun Fox CEO & Owner, FOXI Pty Ltd, St Kilda, Victoria - financial and asset management, specialising in creating lending mechanisms and joint venture relationships CEO & Owner, RAIC Pty Ltd, St Kilda, Victoria - investment manager and VC enterprise specialising in developing high-yielding investment opportunities with a strong preference for mortgage-backed securities   To arrange a book signing or interview, contact:            Angela LevyTim Levy & AssociatesM: 0432 963 973E: angel@timlevy.netW:  To place orders for the book, contact:                              Joshua SmithFOXI Pty LtdSt Kilda  VIC  3182M: 0433 802 805E: joshua@shaunfox.netW:   PETCLOUD OFFERS ‘SUPPAWT’ TO PETS OF NDIS PARTICIPANTS 2021-06-14T00:02:52Z petcloud-offers-suppawt-to-pets-of-ndis-participants   MEDIA RELEASE   PETCLOUD OFFERS ‘SUPPAWT’ TO PETS OF NDIS PARTICIPANTS   What happens when a guide dog gets sick and their visually impaired owner needs to take them to the vet?   This exact scenario prompted PetCloud CEO Deb Morrison to join forces with National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) providers to ensure all pet owners can access the right care for their fur babies and continue to enjoy the benefits of pet ownership.   “Our mission at PetCloud is to make responsible pet care easy and we do this through a raft of services including pet sitting, dog walking, doggy day care, house visits and pet taxis, which are only ever a click or call away,” Deb said.   “PetCloud has over 30,000 pet sitters, drivers and dog walkers located in local communities right across Australia who are ready to help connect pets to the vital services they need.”   Around a fifth (18%) of Australians have a disability and there are expected to be around 460,000 participants on the NDIS once it’s rolled out, prompting national pet care service PetCloud to work with NDIS providers to ensure participants’ pets can get groomed, exercised and driven to their check-ups.   Australia’s leading NDIS plan manager Leap in!, along with Spinal Life which supports people with spinal cord damage and other physical disabilities, have become the first NDIS providers to collaborate with PetCloud, providing their clients with access to the platform’s services, which Leap in! CEO Andrew Kiel said would make pet ownership easier for participants.   “Pets play an important and often unsung role in supporting NDIS participants to achieve their goals and improve their physical and mental wellbeing. PetCloud’s services, such as dog walking and pet taxis, are valuable for people with disabilities and make it possible for all Australians to access the support they need to take care of their pets,” Andrew said.   “Research shows pets have a calming effect that can assist to decrease blood pressure and cholesterol, their love and loyalty can ease feelings of loneliness, and dogs also create opportunities for exercise, outdoor activities and socialisation, so we want to remove any barriers to pet ownership for Australians who are most in need of an animal companion,” Deb added.   Part owned by RSPCA Queensland, PetCloud is the industry leader in responsible pet care services. All sitters and drivers have been trained in animal handling, are police checked and fully insured.   NDIS participants can book a pet sitter, pet taxi or dog walker via PetCloud’s Concierge Team on or 07 3185 2370.   Download the PetCloud App from the App Store or Google Play or visit   Media Contact: Christine Allen       Coastal Communications               0405 020 288   PetCloud is the industry leader in responsible pet care services. The Australian owned and run company offers a safe, convenient and affordable way for pet owners to find someone to look after their pet whether they require pet sitting, dog walking or a pet taxi. The platform is part owned by RSPCA Queensland with PetCloud’s Customer Support run through the RSPCA Qld’s National Call Centre. Guided by experts and industry leaders, PetCloud is Australia’s most trusted and reliable pet sitting platform. PetCloud is a social impact organisation, which plays a positive role in helping to change the lives of pets and people in Australia.   Melbourne Couple Support Locals With Free Pastries During Lockdown 2021-06-11T06:29:04Z melbourne-couple-support-locals-with-free-pastries-during-lockdown-1 MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, June 11, 2021.  Melbourne Couple, Albert and Alice Tran delivered French-inspired pastries by Laurent Bakery to struggling Melbourne COVID lockdown residents as part of their community initiative with their start up company ONYA Thanks!.Co-Founder, Alice Tran, said the philanthropic initiative was grounded in the company’s core values to support and give back to the community.Ms Baruah from Cocoa Oven received a free pastry box and said “I’ve been feeling a bit anxious over the last few days, I know doughnuts won’t solve world issues but sometimes all you need is a simple gesture of kindness to help you keep going.”Ms Tran said “We put a call-out through our social channels for people to nominate others doing it tough during the lockdown, and started gifting surprise boxes of six mixed Laurent Bakery doughnuts,”“Our company is currently in its pre-launch phase, but the situation was deserving of our support and we wanted to lift spirits with some incredible pastry treats free of charge during lockdown”ONYA Thanks! was created by husband-and-wife duo, Albert and Alice Tran, after organising gift deliveries during lockdown but left feeling disappointed when required to ask the gift recipient their address, ruining the surprise.Ms Tran said ONYA Thanks! provided a solution to the problem of self-disclosure when trying to gift a surprise package to a family member, friend or colleague.“ONYA Thanks! is provided the recipient’s name and contact number, and arranges delivery on behalf of the sender, which retains the all-important element of surprise,” added Ms Tran.“We also create a trusted privacy barrier where a recipient may be hesitant to disclose their personal address to a sender, and instead feel comfortable doing so with ONYA Thanks! as a reputable service.“Our concept was originally designed for corporate gift-giving situations where many people are now working from home or remotely, so it’s not as simple as just sending a gift to an office address anymore.“But it works in any situation where the sender doesn’t have the receiver’s address, so gifting for a birthday, anniversary, engagement, baby announcement, or any other occasion can be done without giving away the surprise of where the gift is coming from.”As well as partnering with Laurent Bakery, ONYA Thanks! has also recently secured Brown Brothers’ Brown & Co. vegan-friendly rosé to its gift range.To find out more about ONYA Thanks!, search @onya.thanks on Facebook or Instagram. The ONYA Thanks! website will go live in July. Social Media Marketing is pepperit's Speciality! 2021-06-11T05:55:04Z social-media-marketing-is-pepperit-s-speciality-1 The rise of social media and increasing number of users, is changing the customer pathways for businesses. It is now more important than ever for businesses to present themselves on social media, to increase their market reach and improve brand impression. Pepperit is a full-service social media Sydney marketing agency, offering 10 years of experience to ensure the right marketing solution for any type of business. Our social media management Sydney team is the answer to your business needs, if you need help creating content, formulating social media strategies, managing your social media platforms and community engagement. At pepperit, we provide social media consultant Sydney services, to help you achieve your business goals. Each social media action plan is tailored to suit your business needs, brand values and internal audience. Just let us know what problem you’re trying to solve so we can provide our bespoke social media services that fit your business. We get it, running a business can make you time-poor. Our social media expert Sydney team do the work for you, so you don’t have to. Team up with pepperit today and start saving you time, so you can focus your attention on your core business. Edmonds Conveyancing Port Macquarie 2021-06-11T05:23:48Z edmonds-conveyancing-port-macquarie Edmonds conveyancing provides online conveyancing services for client’s living anywhere in NSW. Edmonds conveyancing services involve the management of transferring property ownership, between vendor and purchaser. If you have recently bought or sold a property in Port Macquarie, you are going to need an Edmonds Conveyancing Port Macquarie Expert! At Edmonds, our team of 5, offer 50 years of experience, ensuring all settlements get done on time, with no stress or hassle. A question commonly asked is How to choose a Coffs Harbour Conveyancer? The answer is.. quality is the best value. We are not a low-cost conveyancing service, instead a high-quality service that completes your transactions efficiently and accurately. It is our goal to provide you with the best knowledge and service, saving you time, energy, and money.  ‘Australian Female Founder Making Waves on Changing the Face of Leadership Across the Globe’ 2021-06-10T22:20:13Z australian-female-founder-making-waves-on-changing-the-face-of-leadership-across-the-globe ‘Australian Female Founder Making Waves on Changing the Face of Leadership Across the Globe’     Sonia McDonald CEO & founder of LeadershipHQ knew that the world needs a new way of leading and leadership. If there is one thing that COVID has shined a light upon is that leaders and organisations who lead with kindness, courage and inclusiveness are the ones who will stand out during this pandemic. This is why she and her team have created the Global Outstanding Leadership Awards to champion this leadership for our generations of today and tomorrow. We are championing the change we want to see.   Leaders who selflessly lead with authenticity, compassion and impact due credit has never been more needful at a time like this. The prestigious Outstanding Leadership Awards celebrates the enormous contributions of five-star leaders who serve with courage, kindness, and inclusivity.   An ivy league of brands harnessing their shared vision have spectacularly combined to showcase a befitting recognition of stellar leadership under the auspices of LeadershipHQ. In the wake of an era that has been fraught with disruptive change and challenges, demonstrating the need for, and acknowledgement of courageous, kind, and inclusive leadership should be everyone's cup of tea. The Outstanding Leadership Awards 2022 comes as a timely, well-deserved recognition in this wise.   The second instalment of the internationally acclaimed awards, this platform is primed to reward the exploits of a few distinguished individuals and teams who have demonstrated their ilk in leadership. A swathe of visionary brands featuring Central Queensland University, Kay by Design, McDonald Inc., Specialists in Communications, Veriskills/QTAC and Digital 8 have all lent their voice to the global recognition of a bunch of courageous, inclusive and authentic leaders.   "Nothing quite celebrates the virtue of people-first leadership, and the truth in 'rising by lifting others' more than the Outstanding Leadership Awards. Our motivation for this initiative is to reward leaders that lead with courage, kindness, and deep consideration for diversity and inclusion," said CEO of LeadershipHQ, McDonald Inc., and renowned leadership advisor, Sonia McDonald. "Throughout the corporate world, media, and political space, there is an urgent void that only this kind of positive change in leadership can fill. I'm uber-excited about the prospects of our partners jointly showcasing and creating leaders of today and tomorrow who espouse this type of leadership yet again."   Leaders do not exist in a vacuum. They express their leadership capacity flowing from a set of prevailing sectors, circumstances, cultural influences, backgrounds, and enabling environments. This reality finds expression in the proliferation of categories of leadership to be awarded in this event namely (and in no particular order):   ·      Start-Up Leader ·      Women in Construction Student ·      Student Leader ·      Women In STEM ·      SME Business Leader ·      Community Leader ·      Public Sector Leader ·      Future Leader ·      Indigenous Leader ·      Team Leader of the Year ·      Courageous Leader of the Year ·      Courageous Team – Public Sector ·      CEO- Large ·      CEO- Medium ·      Courageous Team – Community ·      Courageous Team – Corporate   The selected nominees will not just epitomise all the key criteria for their nominated category but demonstrate in all walks that they are leaders par excellence.     For this prestigious event, the distinguished panel of expert judges boast an array of exquisite leaders like David Thodey, Nyunggai Warren Mundine, Andrew Leakey, and a host of other similarly amazing leaders who have made efforts and set examples for the adoption of people-first, courageous leadership across the Globe.   Sonia added "We, along with our partners are being part of the conversation around a movement of positive change across the globe that will set the paradigm for kind, courageous and inclusive leadership. This bodes well for our prospects of having an even better quality of leadership - and leaders - now, and beyond."   If you know a Courageous Leader or Team, then have them recognised for their courageous Leadership by nominating them. Nominations will close on 31st January 2022!   Individuals and organisations interested in partnering with LeadershipHQ on this exciting journey should contact them here:   Find out more about the Awards:   To find out more about the Outstanding Leadership Awards 2022, to support the awards and to nominate a leader, visit   Contact: For more information or to interview Sonia McDonald, contact: Sonia McDonald or Katie Watts 0424 447 616 | 1300 719 665     A FAST METHOD TO REFRAME WORRIES CREATIVELY 2021-06-10T13:02:15Z a-fast-method-to-refram-worries-creatively THE POWER OF REFRAMEBecoming ever so popular. Positive Thinking Clinic has been inviting kids to place all their worries, fears and anxieties on paper.  Well to be specific, first they draw themselves and create meaning.  This has been working great and Amanda Dounis is allowing kids to show her how to best use this technique.  She is watching kids document their concerns and worries "inside" their portrait. Most kids work out that the next step is to draw arrows to get these concerns outside of their bodies.  BUT HOW?  Well its quite so simple and yet cognitively effective. With the help of arrows from each concern pointing out of their bodies (and some sneaky suggestions from Amanda), Amanda questions "What new relationship can you form now with that issue?" Naturally with some guidance, these amazing kids come up with the most compassionate and mindful solutions /reframes.   Who would have imagined, from fearing the dark, you can reframe it to be your peaceful, cosy time.  Or, from worrying about loud noises, you say "oh thank you for reminding me to snap out of my day dream". These simple reframes are usually enough to create happy and excited kids.  After all, isn't that what we all want?   Positive Thinking Clinic is showing our kids that we can view things differently.  And this means we can feel differently. Oh, it's the wonder in kids. Amanda Dounis [Psychotherapist]