The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-07-12T00:58:00Z Six month old Lola re-ignites energy and speech among people living with Dementia 2017-07-12T00:58:00Z six-month-old-lola-re-ignites-energy-and-speech-among-people-living-with-dementia-1 Morleen is 83 and living with dementia. She’s one of Feros Care’s residents at Bangalow Residential Village. She – like most people living with dementia – is often agitated and hard to understand. She appears to not be connected to what's happening around her, and is generally frustrated. Enter Shelly Fletcher, Feros Manager, and her six month old baby Lola. Shelly and Lola visit the residents at the village each week. Shelly said “As soon as Morleen sees Lola, her speech improves, her body is upright and she has an incredible maternal energy. Lola triggers fond memories for Morleen – probably as a mother and grandmother.” “I’m so pleased that Lola can spark such a noticeable change in people like Morleen. And it’s not just Morleen benefitting. Lola and I get a real kick out of visiting each week. I’d encourage other families to visit – the Village is a non-judgemental, calm and interactive place that is baby friendly.” Click on the below video to witness the difference 6-month old Lola makes to the life of Morleen who is living with dementia. Interviews Please let me know if you’d like to interview: Shelley Fletcher (mother of 6-month old Lola), and/or Jo Dwyer, Feros Village Bangalow Care Manager Feros Silver Foxes on graffiti tour 2017-07-05T23:46:24Z feros-silver-foxes-on-graffiti-tour Chatting with Davey (aka Teazer) at his Stay Gold Studio was inspiring for a bunch of very cool and Feros Care residents who visited recently. The brightly dressed seniors went to see the workings of the graffiti art workshop and hear about how Teazer got into the artform, its history and tagging. The Feros Silver Foxes (FSFs) visited Teazer’s Byron Bay studio after helping to reinvigorate the local ‘Surf Alley’, painting part of the town red (and other colours), as part of the recent Popped festival. Teazer explained that he thinks it’s a primal urge to want to leave your mark, your message, and FSF Nina Marzi, 96, agreed. “Not everybody can be an artist,” she said. “It’s the touch, the quality of the paint, what you want to convey in the painting; that’s the most important.” And Nina’s seen a painting or two throughout nearly 10 decades so who can argue with that? “I think it’s very clever, clever than I ever thought or realised,” Fran Boyle 86 said. Fran, Nina and the rest of the FSFs then hopped in a bus to see Teazer’s local wall graffiti art behind Mitre 10 near the old train tracks – not even on the wrong side (!) - where artists like him go to practice. Inspired by Teazer, and other artists work on the wall, the FSFs also let their mark and art with a flurry of spraying paint activity. Follow the FSFs on their visit and hear their inspired thoughts about the modern artform which back in the day was considered the realm of vandals. What would their mums and dads think of the FSFs now! Nominate a deserving AusMumpreneur and show your support for Australian mums in business 2017-06-22T02:00:12Z nominate-a-deserving-ausmumpreneur-and-show-your-support-for-australian-mums-in-business The AusMumpreneur Conference and AusMumpreneur Awards are all about supporting Australian mums in business. This event provides a unique opportunity for women from all over Australia to come together to gain new skills, promote their business, connect with fellow mums in business, learn from leading business experts and celebrate the success of the best and brightest in the industry. Proudly presented by AusMumpreneur and The Women’s Business School, the AusMumpreneur Awards recognise the best and brightest in the Australian mumpreneur industry. The categories that will be judged are: AusMumpreneur of the Year Rising Star AusMumpreneur of the Year Emerging AusMumpreneur of the Year Regional Business Award Product Innovation Award Digital Innovation Award Sustainability Award Business Excellence Award AusMumpreneur Network Excellence Award Women’s Business School Excellence Award Global Brand Award Big Idea Award Making A Difference Award Retail Business Award Service Business Award Handmade Business Award The People's Choice Awards: Influencer Award Customer Service Award Making a Difference Award (Business) Making a Difference Award (Non-profit) Business owners or those who wish to nominate a mumpreneur, can go to: Nominations close on Friday the 30th of June 2017. Media Contact: Candice Meisels 0481 369 484 Aruba helps organisations track valuable assets 2017-06-06T23:22:19Z aruba-helps-organisations-track-valuable-assets New BLE-powered Aruba Tags, Aruba Access Points and Meridian Software Eliminate Loss of Valuable Assets and Automate Inventory Management; Expanded Ecosystem Enables Broad Adoption Across Industries  Sydney – June 7, 2017 – Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, today announced a new addition to its location-based services portfolio that helps organisations easily track valued assets, resulting in improved organisational efficiency, and lower capital and operational costs associated with misplaced assets. The Aruba asset tracking solution is fully integrated into the Aruba wireless infrastructure enabling simplified, fully integrated deployments at dramatically reduced costs.   Organisations worldwide lose millions of dollars every year on high-value items and inventory that are either misplaced, lost or stolen. Furthermore, employees and customers suffer from lost productivity and poor experiences. These challenges are particularly prevalent in industries like healthcare, where items such as IV pumps and heart defibrillators, are easily misplaced, resulting in 25 percent of hospital staff’s time wasted looking for these assets1  and negatively impacting quality of care. In retail and warehousing, items that can’t be located quickly mean wasted time for employees, delayed order fulfillment for customers and often, a loss of revenue for the retailer.   Aruba General Manager, South Pacific, Anthony Smith, said, “Aruba asset tracking addresses these challenges with a solution that is integrated into the Aruba Wi-Fi infrastructure eliminating the need for a separate network. Organizations also gain the benefits of accurate tracking of important items using either an intuitive, map-based mobile app or by integrating with organizations’ existing tracking solutions.”   The solution includes the following components: Advancements to ArubaOS and Aruba APs: This new software allows Aruba BLE-enabled Access Points and Sensors to act as asset tag “observers,” creating a sensory network that provides added value to organisations with existing Aruba wireless infrastructure. In essence, it allows their Wi-Fi infrastructure to double as an asset tracking network. New Aruba Tags:  Cost-effective Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) – enabled tags are slightly larger than a quarter, making them ideal for items that range in size from IV pumps in a healthcare setting to pallets of goods in a warehouse. The tags are designed to meet stringent environmental requirements and come with multiple attachment options. Asset Tag Configuration App: Aruba’s configuration app makes set-up and ongoing management of the tags simple. Assets can be designated with names, photos and optional IDs so that like assets can be searched for easily. Changes can be performed quickly, near the assets, and all data is automatically saved in a central cloud database. New features for the Aruba Meridian AppMaker: Organisations can now create their own asset tracking app for iOS or Android with the Meridian AppMaker. The AppMaker provides a new SDK and APIs for seamless third-party integration and custom use cases.  Partner Ecosystem Enables Broad Adoption Across Industries Key to the success of Aruba’s existing location-based services and Mobile Engagement portfolio has been the Meridian Engage Partner Program. Customers have leveraged app developers to integrate and build value-added mobile apps for iOS and Android that are used with the Meridian Mobile App Platform and Aruba Mobile Engagement portfolio. Aruba is extending this program to include asset tracking, as well as opening the program to new partners in a variety of industries across healthcare, retail, warehousing and numerous other verticals.   Continuing its investment in the Intelligent Edge, Aruba also introduced its 8400 Core Switch at HPE Discover.  The 8400 Core Switch is a new core aggregation switch that delivers the performance, power, automation and troubleshooting capabilities necessary to address the challenges of mobility, cloud and IoT inherent in networks today.  The announcement of the 8400 Core Switch in conjunction with its asset tracking solution demonstrates Aruba’s ongoing commitment to bring innovation to organisations.  HPE PointnextAruba Meridian Services from HPE Pointnext provide customers and partners worldwide with the expertise needed to take advantage of location-based services to engage with mobile users in any organisation or public-facing venue. These services can help augment customer IT and Aruba partner teams to provide the capabilities needed for the design and development of mobile applications with the Meridian platform.  Availability Aruba asset tracking solution is available now.   ENDS  About Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, is a leading provider of next-generation networking solutions for enterprises of all sizes worldwide. The company delivers IT solutions that empower organisations to serve the latest generation of mobile-savvy users who rely on cloud-based business apps for every aspect of their work and personal lives.   To learn more, visit Aruba at For real-time news updates follow Aruba on Twitter and Facebook, and for the latest technical discussions on mobility and Aruba products visit Airheads Social at  For more information, please contact:  Sarah Bullen OR Duyen Nguyen at DEC PR +61 2 8014 5033 and  Customer Quotes   “The Aruba asset tracking solution has the potential to help VMI save significant man-hours and reduce the overall costs associated with locating and tracking our vehicles during their 48 stages of production” said Michael Kell, Director of IT for Vantage Mobility International (VMI), a supplier of wheelchair-accessible vans. “Additionally, with up to 2,000 vehicles on our site at any given time, the manual process of identifying and locating a specific vehicle when needed for audit, or tracking one during a particular stage of production, is time-consuming and inefficient. With the Aruba asset tracking solution, we hope to automate this process and create new efficiencies for our staff as well as speed delivery of vehicles to our customers.”  Ecosystem Partner Quotes   As a leading venue technology company, VenueNext, provides healthcare companies with better operational awareness and efficiency via location and mobile experiences. “Our customers have been asking for an asset tracking solution that delivers visibility for critical assets with location accuracy, while also integrating with our existing application platform,” said Scott Rehling, Vice President Strategic Channels, VenueNext. “By leveraging Aruba’s asset tracking solution we can provide the added functionality requested by utilizing customers’ Wi-Fi and beacon infrastructure, resulting in operational efficiencies.”   Emerge is a digital experience agency that leverages world-class user-centered design and custom application development to quickly solve complex challenges and address untapped opportunities. “With the addition of asset tracking capabilities to the Aruba Mobile Engagement platform we can now offer our customers an innovative tool to use their mobile applications to increase productivity and customer experience in their facilities,” said Julian Pscheid, Chief Technology Officer of Emerge Interactive. “Whether by providing front-line employees instant visibility into critical equipment location, connecting real-time asset locations to Meridian indoor turn-by-turn navigation and personalized push-notifications, or integrating location data with legacy systems, we look forward to incorporating Aruba’s asset tracking solution into our customers’ enterprise ecosystems.  Raizlabs designs and builds world-class iOS, Android, and Web apps for startups and big brands. “Our team is constantly exploring new and emergent technologies in an effort to deliver the best possible solutions to leading competitive enterprises,” said Jason Petralia, President of Raizlabs. “As a part of this ongoing exploration, we've realized the growing need for a complete asset tracking solution and are excited about Aruba's technology advancements and commitment to a full-featured and robust solution.”  Channel Partner Quotes   “As a leading IT solutions provider, we are continuously looking for ways to expand our offerings to better support clients’ evolving needs,” said Chris Saso, CTO, Dasher Technologies, Inc. “Aruba’s new asset tracking solution helps solve the issues that plagued the healthcare and retail industry by allowing them to leverage their Wi-Fi infrastructure for the tracking of physical assets. This allows us to engage with new stakeholders within our accounts and extend the value of our architecture and services expertise.”   Serving over 1,000 clients in a dozen different industries, Matrix Integration is focused on helping clients achieve their goals through the use of technology. “There has always been an existing operational need for organizations to track the movement of valued assets. However, most organizations consider adding a completely separate asset tracking infrastructure as too costly while adding additional operational burden,” said James Aldridge, VP, Technology, Matrix. “By using an existing Aruba wireless infrastructure, Aruba solves these customer problems by delivering the only asset tracking solution that doesn’t require another network overlay, resulting in an easy-to-manage mobile solution with fast ROI.”   Show off your Bold at Cooly Rocks On 2017-06-06T03:01:32Z show-off-your-bold-at-cooly-rocks-on Maybe you’ve always wanted to get a tatt but were a bit unsure. Well here’s your chance to be bold and strut your retro stuff, and leave your mark on Cooly, but not on your skin! Following Feros Care’s fantastically successful tattoo competition at Cooly Rocks OnTM festival last year, we’re doing it again with $1000 cash to be won! 2017 is the third year in a row that silver sponsor Feros Care has supported the rock ‘n roll revival festival and we’ll be giving away Grow Bold tattoos to people of all ages to stick on. To enter this year’s Grow Bold Tattoo Comp, all you need to do is get a photo of yourself being bold, showing off the tatt. Then upload your pic to Feros Care’s Facebook page on the website by 5pm on 12 June along with the hashtag #GrowBold and you’ll be in the running to win the $1000 that’s up for grabs. What could be easier or more fun? Everyone’s excited about the Cooly Rocks OnTM festival that’s on from 7-11 June, and it just seems to get bigger and better each year! “With more than 100,000 people expected to attend the cross-generational event, Cooly Rocks OnTM is the perfect platform to spread the word about ageing boldly,” Feros Care CEO Jennene Buckley said. “We love being part of the local community and what better way for locals to show their attitude to getting older than with a Grow Bold tattoo? “The festival is full of retro fun and brings together the young and the young at heart. It absolutely captures Feros Care’s ethos to be bold!” When you’re at the festival, look out for our roller skaters who will also be handing out the Grow Bold tattoos. Or you can come down to the Feros Care retro caravan, say hello and get your free tatt there. We can even help you upload your photo for the competition if you can’t do it yourself! During Cooly Rocks OnTM, more photo fun can be had in the park opposite Cooly Pub where Feros Care has installed a life-sized mural of a group of rock ’n rollers with a vintage car that you can pop your head through for a retro-style fun pic. Talking about retro pics, congratulations go to our #Ferosflashback competition winner Heather Hickey who won a Cooly Rocks OnTM festival prize pack for entering a 1964 photo of her siblings in their matching knitted jumpers out for a Sunday drive. Wavelength International listed in the Best SMEs to Work Asia 2017 2017-05-30T05:21:58Z wavelength-international-listed-in-the-best-smes-to-work-asia-2017 Wavelength International has made the prestigious Best Places to Work Asia 2017, one of only 3 Australian businesses to make the top 10 of the small and medium workplaces list. The Best Places to Work Australia Study is one of the world’s most comprehensive independent studies of workplace culture by global research and consulting firm Great Place to Work – More than 1,400 companies participated in national list studies in the 9 Asia-region countries where Great Place to Work® is represented. Wavelength shot into the top 10 this year, placing 9th in the top 25 Best Places to Work (20-500) employees. It is an impressive achievement, especially in an industry renowned for its high pressure work environments and high staff turnover. “It just goes to show you can be a successful high performance business by embracing a generous and supportive culture,” says Chris Riley, Wavelength’s CEO. “Just by walking through the door, you immediately sense Wavelength is a happy, motivated and engaged place to work. In my experience in this industry our workplace culture is quite unique: everyone cares passionately about the business and working collaboratively as a team." With over 75 employees, Wavelength is Australia’s largest and most successful medical recruitment agency. The company offers a range of employee benefits including: Flexible and family friendly working hours, Free breakfast Fitness classes A creative, casual and fun working environment i Monetary incentives linked with productivity and performance against key goals. Additional information Specific highlights that have made Wavelength a great place to work include: · A generous remuneration and commission scheme renowned for being extremely market competitive. Wavelength is also committed to making salary packages consistent and fair across the organisation. Employees in all roles are recognised and rewarded for outstanding performance. Individual goals created for all employees quarterly which are part of their performance criteria. Managers regularly meet with team members to provide feedback and coach them to be even better in their role. An internal mentoring program which enable employees to discover and develop their talents. · A real commitment to work life balance with a broad range of flexible full-time, part-time and job share work patterns in place. Employees can work flexibly between 7am and 7pm and have the opportunity to work from home one day a week. Wavelength also offers an additional five days of annual leave once an employee has completed four years’ continuous employment. A generous paid parental leave program and flexibility when it comes to extended leave for weddings and overseas trips. · Inspiring values of excellence, ingenuity, integrity and heart incorporated into all business processes, policies and communications. · A bright, fresh, modern and open workspace to encourage a positive working environment and work life balance. There are showers, great training facilities and plenty of room for regular health and fitness sessions. Breakfast, drinks and healthy snacks are all provided daily for all employees. · A love for celebrations – birthdays, anniversaries, individual and company achievements. · An internal social networking platform to foster a modern culture of openness and transparency. · Quarterly employee briefings to share information, business goals, successes, challenges and new initiatives. A commitment to the health sector both in Australia and overseas. Wavelength actively donates and fundraises for the Fred Hollows Foundation and Médecins Sans Frontières. The company also sponsors indigenous medical students and encourages employees to participate in other charitable events throughout the year. ### About Wavelength International Wavelength International
is Australia’s largest medical recruitment company, offering local and international candidate resourcing, medical registration and immigration services for medical professionals and healthcare employers. Based in Sydney, we work with over 300 hospitals, clinics and general practices across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. About Great Place to Work Inc Great Place to Work Inc, is a global research and consulting firm specialising in workplace excellence and development of high-trust and high-engagement workplace cultures. Our proprietary research tool, the Trust Index Employee Engagement Survey, is taken annually by over 10 million employees worldwide. Leading companies worldwide use our model to increase the levels of trust across their organisations and drive business results. For further information, please contact: Deanna Daly Marketing Executive, Wavelength International Tel: 02 8353 9032 Email: Foxes pop up in Byron’s Surf Alley 2017-05-18T01:45:23Z foxes-pop-up-in-byron-s-surf-alley Move over Banksy, Byron Bay has witnessed some Feros Silver Foxes (FSFs) painting the town red - and any other colour they chose - ahead of the Byron Bay Popped laneway event. The residents’ of local care provider, Feros Care, were found in Byron’s ‘Surf Alley’ with spray cans in hand. Surfers will tell you there’s always been a link between art and ideas – and of course surfing! It’s a concept Feros Care very much understands as an innovative and bold provider of care services in the Byron Bay area. Feros is a major partner of Popped, a public space and creative activation program incorporating arts and surf culture, well-being and community inclusiveness. Jennene Buckley, Feros Care CEO, says, “Our residential villages are close to the water and have strong ties with the local arts and surfing culture, going right back to when Feros Care was started in Byron Bay over 25 years ago.” Jo Dwyer is the Care Manager of Feros Village Bangalow and believes Live Ideas is a great project. “We have a famous surfer’s mother living here in Bangalow - Grace Menzcer, whose daughter Pauline was women’s world champion in 1993,” Jo says. “Pauline Menzcer also won the 1988 women's amateur world title and WQS champion in 2002. Grace’s daughter still lives in Byron Bay, near her mum, and has been competing for more than 20 years.” Fun fact: Pauline won 20 WCT events and eight WQS events. Only Layne Beachley has won more. Grescha Brewer, Care Manager of Feros Village Byron Bay said she was “stoked” Feros Care is involved in Popped. “It’s quite special as we have a local surfer living at the village who is quite shy, but would be pretty chuffed by Feros being involved in this community project. And, not to mention some of our own die-hard surfing staff!” All residents are keenly anticipating their own graffiti workshop in two weeks’ time. Photos: LEFT - Jilli Richardson said “such beautiful colour and expression. Art is what makes life joyful – and it’s best where everyone can see it – like this alley. I normally create art with a paint brush, so a spray was pretty bold!” RIGHT - Some of the Feros Village Byron Bay residents who participated. Volunteers contribute around 750 million hours to Australian communities each year 2017-05-08T01:10:00Z volunteers-contribute-around-750-million-hours-to-australian-communities-each-year With National Volunteer Week upon us from 8-14 May, aged care provider Feros Care says there’s no better time to talk about the incredible contribution volunteers make to society. Volunteers are extraordinary people, they’re compassionate individuals who genuinely care and want to help make a difference to the lives of those around them. In fact, Australians are very generous in helping out others, with the most recent figures (2014) from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) showing that more than a third of Australia’s population aged 15 and over volunteer in some capacity. That’s 5.8 million people or 31% of the population! Over a 12-month period, voluntary work equalled 743 million hours contributed to the community, according to the ABS. That’s an enormous amount of selfless, unpaid work by wonderful people that give their time and energy to keeping the wheels of society turning, Feros Care Jennene Buckley says. “Feros Care understands the value of volunteers, with so many extraordinary people helping out in various roles,” Jennene says. “Volunteers are compassionate people, who genuinely care and want to help make a difference to the lives of those around them. In the last financial year, we had 129 active volunteers in the community and our residential villages, which is fantastic.” Volunteering Australia says there is a “strong correlation between the well-being, happiness, health and longevity” of people who are emotionally kind and compassionate in their charitable helping activities and that the experience of helping others provides meaning and a sense of self-worth. A prime example of one of these extraordinary individuals is Feros Care volunteer bus driver, Brian King, who is reaping the personal rewards of giving back to the community. Brian King, Feros Volunteer “I have lived on the Gold Coast for over 30 odd years and got a lot out of life here and thought it was time to give back. I never expected to get such a hell of a kick out it … it exceeded my expectations,” Brian says. “It’s so enjoyable – it’s giving back to the community, that’s for sure. The interaction I have with the people is fantastic. I love seeing the interaction benefit them and others – it makes for a great day out for everyone.” Feros Care is always seeking enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers who are interested in bringing laughter, meaningful companionship and support to seniors in the community or in our residential villages - and if you’ve only got an hour a week to spare, that’s fine. Our volunteers engage with clients through a diverse range of activities depending on the clients’ needs, interests and hobbies. Drawing upon the volunteers own experiences and passions this could include traditional activities such as social outings, arts and crafts, transport and gardening, or the more innovative interaction using technology to create digital life storybooks or host virtual meet-ups. So get in touch with Feros Care to see where your valuable contribution can benefit others - and yourself! Phone 1300 085 181 for community volunteering or 1300 763 583 to volunteer in one of our residential villages. You can also find more information on volunteering for Feros Care at World Ovarian Cancer Day: Australia’s only Phase 1 ovarian cancer drug trial recruiting patients 2017-05-07T22:14:01Z world-ovarian-cancer-day-australia-s-only-phase-1-ovarian-cancer-drug-trial-recruiting-patients The only Phase I clinical trial of an ovarian cancer drug in Australia right now is still recruiting participants. The drug under trial, Cantrixil, is believed to be active against difficult-to-target cancer stem cells that are resistant to chemotherapy and lead to cancer recurrence. Three Australian hospitals are participating in the trial – Flinders Medical Centre in South Australia, Westmead Hospital in Sydney, and Icon Cancer Care in South Brisbane – along with three US hospitals. Cantrixil is being developed by listed Australian biotech company, Novogen Ltd (ASX: NRT). The phase 1 trial began in December 2016 and outcomes are expected in early 2018. World Ovarian Cancer Day is May 8. Ovarian cancer is the seventh most common cancer in women and has the lowest survival rate of any women’s cancer. It affects about one in 100 women worldwide, with about 240,000 new cases each year, and around 1,550 women expected to be diagnosed in Australia this year.  “Existing chemotherapy is only curative for about 20 percent of patients,” said Novogen CEO Dr James Garner.  “That Cantrixil has the potential to target and kill cancer stem cells remaining in the body after chemotherapy could lead to a significantly more effective treatment for sufferers. “Although most of the work on Cantrixil to date has focused on ovarian cancer, it’s not out of the question that it could be effective for other cancers.” The Cantrixil trial is being led by Associate Professor Dr Jim Coward, a medical oncologist and Associate Professor of Medicine at UQ School of Medicine and Mater Research, TRI, and based at Icon Cancer Care. Women interested in participating should discuss the Cantrixil trial with their oncologist.    More about Novogen and Cantrixil: ***END***   Media contact: Ilona Marchetta,, 0416 156 136 Prahran Psychology Clinic Useful Tips For Mental Health Improvement 2017-03-15T06:29:02Z prahran-psychology-clinic-useful-tips-for-mental-health-improvement It is seen that people who are emotionally and mentally healthy are happier as compared to those spending a stressful life. They are able to accept the challenges of life more confidently. But it requires some efforts to build and maintain a strong mental health. Your mental health is directly connected with your physical health that gives you a rewarding experience.  Prahran Psychology Clinic encourages the people to enjoy their healthy mental state. It is important to let your mind function every day which is important for you to feel confident so that you can grab the opportunity of growth and build a confident personality, says experts. Explore the useful tips shared by Prahran Psychology Clinic for the better mental health: Connect with People: Build and maintain relationships with people around you. Having people in contact who will support and enrich your life will encourage you and leave a great effect on your well-being. Take time to Have Fun: Set aside some time for activities you would love to do. Be spontaneous and active throughout the day. Take a walk alone, read a book, draw pictures or play with the pets or accompany your kids.   Share Interest: Join a group or club to have an interaction with different people. Being part of the creative, impressive and people with the common interest will motivate you to do something for yourself which is actually good for your mental health. Take Care of Yourself: You will have to take a good care of yourself as a good diet is important for the improvement of physical and mental health. Spend some time every day for exercise, dancing, pampering yourself.  Deal with Stress: Observe the things trigger your stress and change the way you react instantly. You can avoid some triggers and learn how to deal with the stress in an ideal manner. A balanced lifestyle can help you manage your stress in an ideal way where you would find it very effective to get relaxation breathing yoga and meditation every day.  You would find these useful tips to improve your mental health extremely beneficial by all counts. Feros Care’s “Experience Centre” to transform delivery of health and Aged Care 2017-01-30T03:13:29Z feros-care-s-experience-centre-to-transform-delivery-of-health-and-aged-care TODAY: The Federal Minister for Aged Care, the Hon. Ken Wyatt AM, MP officially opened Feros Care’s Experience Centre, a state-of-the-art technology hub that is transforming the way health and aged care is delivered. The Experience Centre is devoted to the research, design and implementation of digital technologies that deliver smart and emerging technologies for seniors and people with disability. This centre is based at Tweed Heads, but provides a national presence through state based service partners, national distribution network and online services Minister Wyatt said that the Australian Government welcomes Feros Care’s investment and promotion of innovation and technology in aged care. “Access to quality, accurate and timely information is vital to support consumers, and their families, to make informed choices about their care,” Minister Wyatt said. “It’s important for the aged care sector to harness technology to support Australians everywhere to make their own choices, to be able to seek support as they wish, when it suits them and in ways that work for them.” Ms Jennene Buckley, Feros Care’s CEO said that the technology revolution is at our door step, therefore it is critical for health and aged care organisations to build a significant capability in delivering digital service models to remain relevant to our current and future consumers of our services. “It is such an honour to have Minister Wyatt here today, to support Feros Care’s initiative and to see first-hand how many of these technologies are and will change and empower the lives of our clients. “I applaud the Government’s ongoing commitment to innovation and transformation of aged care. Feros Care’s initial focus has been on aged care, however our commitment in the next five years is to focus on virtual health and wellbeing for people of all ages. This includes people with chronic disease, people with disability and virtual care (hospital in the home),” she said. The Experience Centre includes a: Research laboratory where new technologies are rigorously tested and piloted by consumers to ensure products are the best in market and most accessible and usable for clients. Plug and Play Centre where clients and health professionals can look, touch, feel and experience exactly how the equipment works. Knowledge centre that includes face to face and online workshops that can be access by health and aged care staff and services to build their knowledge, capability and interest in the use of smart and emerging technologies. Virtual care team with our clinical staff remotely monitoring and supporting high risk clients with chronic conditions National warehouse and distribution centre for our Lifelink Smart Technology Service. For the past 10 years, Ms Buckley has provided a leadership role in Feros Care’s investment in the use smart technologies to improve the lives of clients and their carers, from increasing confidence, improving health literacy and health management, to keeping them safe and socially connected. In late 2016, the Aged Care IT Council recognised this contribution by inducting Ms Buckley into the Aged Care IT Hall of fame for the role she and Feros Care have played in introducing and promoting technology transformation in the industry. Ms Buckley said “Gone are the days when technology and aged care were at opposite ends of the spectrum. Today, we can provide so many more options of care by including technology and digital solutions into both residential and home care. “We as an organisation want to lead the positive revolution in living and ageing well. Our mission is to enable bold lives, which is about thinking differently about what is possible. We believe that technology will play a significant role in the types of new products and services Feros Care will deliver each year. Our new product suites for community care include our virtual senior centre, wearable technologies, senior friendly tablets and training, wearable technologies, 12 week remote chronic disease rehabilitation with wearable technologies. The list will be grow constantly with our new Experience Centre”, she said. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Background information: Adapting technologies to meet the needs of seniors Feros Care is adapting technologies that were originally designed for athletes, office workers, and millennials to feel safe at night in New York, so older people and people with disability can live independently and safely in their own homes. Feros Care has been successful in expanding the capability of existing products beyond their original niche market, so they can meet the needs of seniors. Re-purposing smart technologies provides a world of possibilities for seniors and people with disability, by helping them feel more confident. Just some of Feros Care’s adapted technologies that are available or being tested include: Lumo lift, which was originally designed for people sitting and working at computers. It is a small, lightweight wearable to improve your posture and a healthy back. Lifelink has since repurposed this to help prevent falls. Once a person has experienced a fall, they have less confidence and tend to look at the ground and watch where their feet are going. Wearing a Lumo Lift reminds you to stand tall and look ahead. If you slouch – or in the case of an older person – look at your feet, Lumo will vibrate, making you aware of your posture. Care@Home - originally developed on a home security system – is now providing seamless health monitoring so people to live independently at home. Sensors and intelligent algorithms learn your daily habits and behaviours and sends an alert to loved ones if your daily routine changes. Care@Home is also playing a key role in reducing carer fatigue because your family and friends know that should anything happen, they’re only a text message away. The stylish Wisewear is a distress bracelet complete with GPS and text messaging, and is concealed in 18 carat gold jewellery. Wisewear was originally developed as a distress bracelet for millennials going out at night in New York. Lifelink has since repurposed this product to seniors as a discreet and attractive falls protection that sends an emergency alert in the case of a fall or health scare. END…. Media alert: Feros Care's Experience Centre launch 2017-01-27T02:16:22Z media-alert-feros-care-s-experience-centre-launch The Federal Minister for Aged Care, the Hon. Ken Wyatt AM, MP will officially open Feros Care’s Experience Centre on Monday 30 January 2017, at 10am. The Experience Centre is devoted to the research, design and implementation of digital technologies that will transform the way health and aged care is delivered. Date: Monday 30 January 2017 Time: 10.00am (NSW time) Where: Unit 22–23/25 Ourimbah Road, Tweed Heads (Complementary parking is available at Alpha Parking, 19 Ourimbah Road, Tweed Heads, and is a short walk to the Experience Centre) Google map link:,+Tweed+Heads+NSW+2485,+Australia/@-28.1767509,153.5253884,475m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x6b90fe29eea0eab3:0xe8554949648dc960!8m2!3d-28.1763159!4d153.5264398?hl=en-AU Media Contact For more information or interviews please telephone Feros Care Media and Marketing Director Lisa Murray on 07 5669 0555 or 0422 442 092. Make 2017 your year to get a little bit of help at home 2017-01-05T02:22:00Z make-2017-your-year-to-get-a-little-bit-of-help-at-home A little bit of help goes a long way in helping seniors to stay healthy, active and connected to their community, and living independently in their own home. This care and support is provided by Australia's many aged care workers (approximately 400,000[1]), and while they may not be family or friends, they are good, kind people who are very handy to have around. Home Care comes in all shapes and sizes and assists seniors to do more, achieve more and enjoy more in life. The kind of help available is: Housework Gardening and maintenance Personal care Installing ramps and other aids to make your home safer Transport to and from your medical and other appointments Meal preparation Respite care Physiotherapy, podiatry or other allied health services Seniors fitness programs Social activities and transport to get you out and about and connecting with friends Nursing care such as medication management Depending on your circumstances, you may only need assistance for a short time, especially when you’re recovering from an injury or illness. To access the Government funded Home Care Program, you’ll need to be assessed through My Aged Care. To find out more about Home Care or to get you started, contact Feros Care on 1300 763 583. Our team will be able to discuss what services are available in your area, and can help you get set up through My Aged Care. 1] Group Homes Australia and Heathley celebrate business growth by donating to Orange Sky Laundry 2017-01-05T02:01:16Z group-homes-australia-and-heathley-celebrate-business-growth-by-donating-to-orange-sky-laundry Sydney, Australia, 5th January 2017, Group Homes Australia, who offers a unique model of dementia care in a luxurious, friendly and safe, home environment, celebrates a successful 2016 by giving back to the community. Group Homes Australia and Heathley have donated to the innovative charity, Orange Sky Laundry. Group Homes Australia and Heathley recently entered into a property partnership. The partnership, which is designed to drive future growth, has Heathley agreeing to fund the purchase and development of Group Homes Australia (GHA) residences through its existing Heathley Aged Care Property Fund No.1 (Fund). GHA and Heathley have chosen to support Orange Sky Laundry because they are keen to support a charity that works with the homeless. The teams at GHA and Heathley love the Orange Sky Laundry concept. Jonathan Gavshon, General Manager at GHA says: “At GHA we are able to offer people living with dementia a beautiful home environment, with round the clock, best in class care. As the business grows and more people are able to benefit from living in a Group Home Australia environment, we wanted to acknowledge people living without a home. We are enormously impressed by the innovation, vision and revolutionary care that Orange Sky Laundry offers and are delighted to be able to demonstrate our support with a monetary donation to ensure they can continue the amazing work that they are doing.” Lucas Patchett, Co-founder of Orange Sky Laundry says: “Orange Sky Laundry believes in treating others how they want to be treated and providing a platform for positive and non-judgmental conversations. Donations such as this allow us to continue operating our 12 vans around Australia, run by more than 700 amazing volunteers who facilitate over 7.2 tonnes of free laundry and 1,200 hours of conversations.” Group Homes Australia and Heathley are passionate about the community and giving back to those who require support. In 2017, Group Homes Australia will run a series of local community events to allow locals to see the homes and engage with the residents and staff at Group Homes Australia. -ENDS- About Group Homes Australia: Group Homes Australia offers a unique model of care in a luxurious, friendly and safe, home environment. Our mission is to ensure that people living with dementia also live with dignity. We have homes located across Sydney, including in Waverley, Rose Bay, Vaucluse, St Ives and Warriewood, and were recently independently benchmarked by Alzheimer's Australia as best in class in every area of dementia care against over 80 competitors. Our model is the first of its kind in Australia and focuses on creating a non-institutional way of living that emphasises a resident’s abilities rather than their disabilities. Our homes are traditional houses in traditional streets and are an integral part of the community, with a maximum of 10 residents living together in private rooms. Each home has trained staff on site 24/7 and approximately 1 member of staff for every 3 residents. Our caring team members are homemakers, and they support and assist residents with their daily needs and activities. They encourage residents to be engaged in shopping, cooking, gardening… The full range of daily tasks that bring a sense of purpose in a home. We have no call bells or nursing trolleys, no rigid routines around waking, personal care or singalongs. We actively welcome friends and family to come and visit and stay for a cup of tea and sample our latest freshly baked treats. or 1300 015 406 About Heathley Limited: Since incorporation in 1977, Heathley has had a proud history of finding, structuring and managing property investment portfolios for wealthy individuals, families, and institutions. The principal operations of Heathley is property funds management - having successfully established 40 property funds throughout its 40-year history. The Board and Management of Heathley Limited have a diverse mix of experience and skills and currently manage nine property funds with total funds under management of approximately $550 million. Website: Group Homes Australia is so confident in their unique model of care that they are offering a free trial to live in one of their homes. 2016-12-28T03:14:42Z group-homes-australia-is-so-confident-in-their-unique-model-of-care-that-they-are-offering-a-free-trial-to-live-in-one-of-their-homes Sydney, Australia, 28th of December 2016, Group Homes Australia offers respite, dementia and high care in a sophisticated and luxurious environment, supported by a team of fully qualified homemakers who are there 24/7. Each home is designed to accommodate the needs of people living with dementia but looks, feels and smells like a home. Each group home houses 6 to 10 residents in beautifully appointed, private bedrooms. There are numerous living and dining areas for residents and their visiting families to enjoy. Each home boasts gorgeous garden and outdoor leisure settings. The homemakers focus on residents’ abilities and interests. The residents are encouraged to participate in weekly outings and the activities that they enjoy such as baking, gardening and laundry. Alzheimer’s Australia ranked GHA significantly above 80 aged care competitors. Tamar Krebs, CEO and Founder, Group Homes Australia, states: "We are so confident in our unique model of care that we would like to invite you to trial living in one of our group homes completely free of charge*. Please get in touch mentioning this offer. Places are extremely limited. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our homes so that you can experience the GHA difference for yourself." For more info about the free trial go to: To learn more and to arrange a visit contact call 1300 015 406. *** About Group Homes Australia: Group Homes Australia offers a unique model of care in a luxurious, friendly and safe, home environment. Our mission is to ensure that people living with dementia also live with dignity. We have homes located across Sydney, including in Waverley, Rose Bay, Vaucluse, St Ives and Warriewood, and were recently independently benchmarked by Alzheimer's Australia as best in class in every area of dementia care against over 80 competitors. Our model is the first of its kind in Australia and focuses on creating a non-institutional way of living that emphasises a resident’s abilities rather than their disabilities. Our homes are traditional houses in traditional streets and are an integral part of the community, with a maximum of 10 residents living together in private rooms. Each home has trained staff on site 24/7 and approximately 1 member of staff for every 3 residents. Our caring team members are homemakers, and they support and assist residents with their daily needs and activities. They encourage residents to be engaged in shopping, cooking, gardening… The full range of daily tasks that bring a sense of purpose in a home. We have no call bells or nursing trolleys, no rigid routines around waking, personal care or singalongs. We actively welcome friends and family to come and visit and stay for a cup of tea and sample our latest freshly baked treats. or 1300 015 406