The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-06-14T06:22:58Z Dr Nelson Chuang, a 2021 ThreeBestRated Award-Winning Dentist, Highlights the Benefits of Teeth Straightening 2021-06-14T06:22:58Z dr-nelson-chuang-a-2021-threebestrated-award-winning-dentist-highlights-the-benefits-of-teeth-straightening Logan City 14/06/2021 - Not all of us are blessed with perfectly aligned teeth. Most of us have misaligned or crooked teeth, which seriously affect our smiles. Besides, misaligned teeth disrupt several dental functions. Teeth straightening is no longer a complex procedure. People don't have to wear metal braces all the time. Many people are now discovering that Invisalign clear aligners have replaced metal braces in the majority of instances. Above all, teeth straightening has a lot of other benefits. "The benefits of teeth straightening include a life-changing improvement in self-confidence due to patients having a smile that they are proud to show off,'' says Dr Nelson Chuang. Dr Chuang is a 2021 ThreeBestRated® award-winning dentist from Logan City, QLD. According to him, having straight teeth can also make teeth last longer. Well-aligned teeth mean the chewing function is improved, as more teeth can chew together now compared to before and the forces of chewing are distributed more evenly.", he further adds. Straight teeth mean it is also less likely to get gum disease and dental decay, as straight teeth are easier to clean when compared to crooked teeth. Whereas, Crooked teeth attract more bacteria build-up and food debris accumulation. Therefore, these can lead to more cavities forming or more gum problems. Regarding the treatment procedures, Dr Chuang says, "We have found that Invisalign has made the experience of teeth straightening much easier as no longer do patients need to wear the metal train-track braces that are considered unsightly and very noticeable. Patients can now discreetly straighten their teeth using customised high-tech clear aligners, and so a lot of adults who were previously too embarrassed to undergo metal braces treatment are now starting Invisalign treatment instead." He further says, "We often notice that when teeth straightening treatment such as braces and Invisalign is complete and patients have a nice smile, they are vastly happier in general." About Dr Nelson Chuang - Choice Dental Dr Nelson Chuang is an eminent dentist who has been practising dentistry since 2000. Graduating from the University of Queensland in 2000, Dr Chuang decided to start his own practice to pursue his career. So, he established Choice Dental in 2004. "It was originally just a one-chair practice, but over the years, word-of-mouth grew the business as patients kept referring to their friends and family. Now, we are a dental clinic of three full-time dentists, one part-time dentist, and two oral health therapists.", says Dr Chuang proudly. Anyone who visits Choice Dental can be confident that they are in good hands. For over the last two decades, Dr Chuang has been providing the highest quality dental care to each of his patients. He always treats his patients as if they are his own family members. He says, "All our dentists and oral health therapists in practice follow my philosophy of treating the patient to the best standards. We are proud to be a practice built on dental excellence." Dr Chuang has recently won the prestigious ThreeBestRated® award. On winning the award, he says, "I feel very surprised to have received this accolade as there are many good dentists in Logan. I am very honoured to have achieved this award. I am appreciative that the hard work of building a great team that delivers comfortable and caring dental treatment has been recognised by ThreeBestRated®." Unlike other practices, Choice Dental pays more attention to details during dental examinations. They intentionally make the effort to book 30-50-minutes for a comprehensive inspection of the teeth. They are at the forefront of technology with the latest equipment with an iTero 5D decay detection scanner. Dr Chuang and his clinician team are proud of their ability to maintain high standards in dental care. To know more about them, or to get in touch, please visit - National report confirms incidence of blood cancer continues to rise in Australia 2021-06-09T00:32:10Z national-report-confirms-incidence-of-blood-cancer-continues-to-rise-in-australia Wednesday June 9, 2021 • Over 50 Australians to be diagnosed every day in 2021, new report confirms • Blood cancers combined cemented as Australia’s second most diagnosed cancer and second most common cause of cancer-related deaths in the country • Early detection, better blood cancer understanding and movement on National Strategic Action Plan critical to reduce lives lost The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) Cancer Data in Australia 2021 report, released this week, confirms more than 50 Australians will be diagnosed with a blood cancer every day this year, an increase from 47 people daily in 2020. The report also cements the status of blood cancers combined as Australia’s second most diagnosed cancer and second most common cause of cancer-related deaths in the country. The report revealed incidence rates for cancers overall have stabilised since 2009, however blood cancer is bucking the trend, rising from 12,294 Australians diagnosed with the disease annually in 2009 to 18,485 expected to be diagnosed in 2021. “While overall cancer incidence rates in Australia have been levelling out thanks to the introduction of national screening programs, improved early detection and improved treatments, unfortunately blood cancer incidence rates have risen by more than 50% since 2009,” Leukaemia Foundation CEO Chris Tanti said. “Unlike other cancers, blood cancer can develop in anyone at any stage of life – there are no screening programs to detect it, there’s no way to prevent it through lifestyle change and in many cases blood cancer symptoms can be mistaken for infections like the flu and this can result in a delayed diagnosis. “This is all a stark contrast to cancers that originate in a particular organ or area of the body as a solid mass which have national screening and detection campaigns in place, and as this report shows, that early diagnosis has been key to driving down mortality for these cancers over time.” Mr Tanti said for the 15 Australians who lose their life to blood cancer every day, there was more work to be done. “These numbers truly reinforce the critical importance of organisations like the Leukaemia Foundation and groups like the Blood Cancer Taskforce which are uniting the national blood cancer community to build awareness and improve understanding of blood cancer, ensure earlier detection and deliver better treatment options that will ultimately change and save lives,” he said. “Australia now has a National Strategic Action Plan for Blood Cancer which maps a clear path to improve outcomes for people living with blood cancer and their families by catalysing health system reform, accelerating research, enabling access to novel and specialised therapies and empowering patients. If we are serious about achieving the blood cancer community’s shared vision of zero lives lost to blood cancer by 2035, we need urgent and real action on this plan today. “This report clearly shows movement on the National Action Plan – together with the Leukaemia Foundation’s work to break down barriers to accessing the right treatment, supportive care, education and information about blood cancer at the right time, wherever you live – has never been more vital.” Mr Tanti urged all Australians not to postpone trips to their doctor and to address any health concerns immediately, or if you have any questions about blood cancer, to contact the Leukaemia Foundation. To access the full Cancer Data in Australia 2021 report, visit – END –Blood cancer in Australia facts and figures: • It is expected that 18,485 Australians will be newly diagnosed with blood cancer such as leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma in 2021. This is equivalent to over 50 people per day or one person every 28 minutes. • Incidence of blood cancer continues to grow. Incidence of blood cancer has increased by 40% in the past 10 years, or 50% since 2009. • When combined, blood cancers are the second most diagnosed cancers in Australia, and the second most common cause of cancer-related deaths in the country.  • More than 110,000 people are living with a blood cancer or blood disorder in Australia today. By 2035, more than 275,000 Australians are expected to be living with a blood cancer or blood disorder (ref). • Over 5,700 people in Australia are expected to lose their life to blood cancer or related blood disorders this year. This is equivalent to 15 people per day. • Blood cancer continues to remain the most commonly diagnosed childhood cancer (0-14 years) accounting for over 45% of all diagnoses. Australia’s most commonly diagnosed cancer in 2021, persons, all ages. Australia’s most common cause of cancer-related death in 2021, persons, all ages 1.        Breast cancer 20,030 1.        Lung cancer 8,693 2.      Blood cancers combined 18,485 2.     Blood cancers combined 5,789 3.       Prostate cancer 18,110 3.       Colorectal cancer 5,295 4.       Melanoma of the skin 16,878 4.       Pancreas cancer 3,391 5.       Colorectal cancer 15,540 5.       Prostate cancer 3,323 Source: AIHW Cancer data in Australia report Blood cancer signs and symptoms: Symptoms of all blood cancers can sometimes be subtle or even similar to other conditions, such as a flu. However, ongoing symptoms like recurrent infections, increased fatigue, night sweats, bone pain, bruising or enlarged lymph nodes should be immediately discussed with your GP or specialist. Early diagnosis can play a key role in surviving blood cancer, so it is crucially important that you are examined and treated properly. If you or someone you love is diagnosed with a blood cancer, reach out to the Leukaemia Foundation on 1800 620 420. Accessing our support is free of charge.  About The Leukaemia Foundation:The Leukaemia Foundation stands with Australia to help cure and conquer blood cancer – with care. Together we are attacking every blood cancer, from every direction, in every way we can. We stand beside every Australian to be their voice and their someone-to-turn-to, fighting to get them access to the best care. We also accelerate research that’s delivering rapid advancements in blood cancer diagnosis and treatments. Plus, we provide services and support that empower people living with any blood cancer to live well after diagnosis. You can learn more about the Leukaemia Foundation and blood cancer at  SKIP THE WAITING ROOM, THE FUTURE OF DIGITAL HEALTHCARE HAS ARRIVED 2021-05-24T00:34:08Z skip-the-waiting-room-the-future-of-digital-healthcare-has-arrived Launched in August 2020, Rosemary Health is an online platform digitising healthcare and handing control and convenience back to patients. Having already connected over 12,000 Australians with online doctors and pharmacists since launching, Rosemary Health is bridging the gap by bringing quality care and best practice into the modern era. The asynchronous service allows patients to lodge a request online anytime and anywhere - no waiting rooms, no travel, and no appointments required. Through an online portal, patients can enquire with a qualified doctor about over 20 different medical concerns and rescript services, ranging from diabetes, acne, sleep issues, heartburn, migraines, menopause, and hair loss. The patient’s treatment plan is sent back to them online and medications are delivered direct to their door. How Rosemary Health works: Patients log onto; Select a concern, fill in a short questionnaire, & undertake an ID check; A doctor will send back a treatment plan and script within hours; Rosemary Health coordinates free shipping of medications straight to patients’ doors. Consult fees are $20 per visit, or $52 for the pill which will cover the patient for a year. These fees also allow the patient access to ongoing care and unlimited follow-ups with their doctor. “At Rosemary Health, we’re not looking to replace doctors visits. We know that they are necessary and important for a number of reasons. We are, however, looking to simplify the process for patients who have either been assessed previously and need a rescript, or are looking for a convenient and private way to enquire about sensitive issues that don’t require a physical assessment,” says Rosemary Health co-founder, Dr Ai Nhi Bui. “We’ve already seen our service make a big impact across Australia with over 12,000 users connecting to the platform. 35% of those were regionally based and the other 65% from metropolitan areas. The convenience of Rosemary Health is perfect for those who are busy and need treatment plans on their own schedule and also those in regional communities that may not have a doctors office or pharmacy in close proximity,” says Rosemary Health CEO & founder, Romain Bonjean. Rosemary Health is at the forefront of digital healthcare in Australia. No waiting rooms, no appointment times, just convenient service on the patient’s own terms. -ENDS- Exclusive online event: Securing trust in the global COVID-19 supply chain 2021-05-20T02:01:43Z exclusive-online-event-securing-trust-in-the-global-covid-19-supply-chain Anyone involved in the supply or delivery of COVID-19 related products won’t want to miss the 3rd GS1 Executive Dialogue to get essential and practical information about the implementation of GS1 standards in the global COVID-19 supply chain. Senior executives from UNICEF, ACT Health Australia and Deloitte (moderator) will discuss ongoing works about developing a verification system in digital healthcare to reduce the risk from falsified and diverted COVID-19 vaccines and to improve identification at point of care.This global online event is taking place from 9-10pm (AEST) on Wednesday 26 May.To find out more about this exclusive event, watch the recording of the first two events and a 2-min video that demonstrates the extended benefits of implementing GS1 standards for point-of-care scanning, visit: include:Peter O’Halloran, Chief Information Officer, ACT Health, Australia “We are using GS1 standards in our process to ensure that we deliver the best possible healthcare outcomes for our patients. Using our technology with GS1 barcodes, we managed to reduce COVID swaps turnaround time from 48 hours to only 4 or 6 hours.”Grant Courtney, Traceability Lead, Supply Chain Strengthening Centre, Supply Division, UNICEF“The pandemic represents an opportunity to accelerate the use of GS1 standards to fight falsified medicines. We’re excited to join the 3rd GS1 Executive Dialogue to share the work UNICEF and partners are undertaking to help reduce the risk of falsified COVID-19 vaccines.”Registration for the event can be found on this page: Kesem Health announces its launch of iUFlow XL™, a bladder monitoring platform with Extended ‎Battery Life (XL) 2021-05-19T06:45:37Z kesem-health-announces-its-launch-of-iuflow-xl-a-bladder-monitoring-platform-with-extended-battery-life-xl Melbourne, Australia – 20 May 2021: Kesem Health, a digital health company that launched the market leading bladder diary and a home bladder monitoring platform, iUFlow, today announces the launch of iUFlow XL™ (Extended Life) on their website and their Amazon storefront. Patients suffering from Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) are often required to complete a  bladder diary and in some cases perform a uroflowmetery test in the urology clinic.  Kesem Solutions’ iUFlow™ rated for 120 urinations or up to 6 weeks, delivers the perfect solution for these patients. “Patients who are undergoing a PTNS (Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation) or Sacral nerve stimulation (SNS)  may require a longer period of monitoring with a frequency over ten voids a day and this is where iUFlow XL is perfectly positioned”, says Gil Hidas, CEO of Kesem Health. Stephen Wilson, VP of Sales and Marketing, adds “the iUFlow XL targets unmet needs of patients and providers who both requested a longer period of time for low cost bladder monitoring @ Home”. Kesem Health’s platform includes the world’s leading free voiding App, the smart sensor and a secure web based portal to accurately and wirelessly measure urine flow, volume and frequency.  The iUFlow™ app is available on both Apple and Android smartphones today. About Kesem Health Kesem Health is a Melbourne based digital health company devoted to improving the convenience and accuracy of remote bladder monitoring for the diagnosis and management of urological conditions. Kesem’s iUFlow™ platform is patented and approved with FDA, TGA, and CE Marks. Forensic DNA preservation method best for gut microbiome samples: Microba Life Sciences 2021-05-07T01:53:47Z forensic-dna-preservation-method-best-for-gut-microbiome-samples-microba-life-sciences The company’s scientists conducted one of the most rigorous studies to date to evaluate the performance of five room temperature faecal preservation techniques, finding a method designed for preserving forensic DNA outperformed other commonly used faecal preservation methods.   Using metagenomic analysis, the study highlighted the FLOQSwab in an active drying tube as the top method when compared to four other faecal preservation techniques. Microba Co-founder, leading microbiologist and senior author on the paper, Professor Philip Hugenholtz, explained that it was critical for microbial communities to be accurately and reproducibly preserved for important advancements in medicine to be made from gut microbiome research. “Interest has been increasing in the gut microbiome as a marker for the diagnosis and treatment of a range of human diseases over recent years,” he said. “This means that researchers must be confident that their sampling method will provide accurate, stable and reproducible results for gut microbial communities.” Senior Scientist and lead author, Dr Alena Pribyl, explained that the alternative could lead to researchers chasing false leads or missing key biomarkers. “Very few studies have critically assessed faecal preservation methods at the species-level using metagenomic sequencing, despite the importance of getting this first step right in a gut microbiome study,” she said.  For this comprehensive study, the company compared both microbial species and functional profiles from five room temperature preservation methods to the commonly accepted best practice of flash freezing samples. Six replicates from five different individuals were used for each method, for a total of 180 metagenomes. “This is the largest study to assess both the technical and compositional reproducibility of various room temperature microbial preservation methods, and we found that not all methods are able to accurately preserve faecal microbial communities.” Dr Pribyl explained. “While the FLOQSwab in an active drying tube outperformed other methods, we also found two of the methods resulted in unpredictable outgrowth of facultatively anaerobic species, such as E. coli. “We therefore recommend against the use of these methods for room temperature storage.” The scientists further evaluated the best performing method at different storage temperatures to determine its range of use, finding that it accurately preserved microbial communities at temperatures ranging from -20ᵒC to 50ᵒC for up to four weeks. “This study shows the importance of rigorously evaluating faecal preservation methods,” Professor Hugenholtz said. “It also shows that the FLOQSwab in an active drying tube is an excellent option for gut microbiome sample preservation, especially where faecal samples need to be collected and transported across long distances.” The study was published in ISME Communications (A Nature journal) in May and can be accessed here:   Leukaemia Foundation strengthens call for greater treatment options for Australians living with myeloma 2021-05-04T05:04:03Z leukaemia-foundation-strengthens-call-for-greater-treatment-options-for-australians-living-with-myeloma With myeloma incidence rates on track to more than double by 2035, the Leukaemia Foundation is urgently stepping up its advocacy for Australians battling the blood cancer by calling for more treatment options to be added to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). As Myeloma Awareness Month (May) launches, Leukaemia Foundation CEO Chris Tanti said the organisation is harnessing the opportunity to champion improved access to two new therapies for myeloma with the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) to improve quality of life for the 18,000 Australians already living with this blood cancer and the thousands more expected to be diagnosed with it in coming years. The Leukaemia Foundation will make submissions to PBAC for selinexor (Xpovio®) in combination with bortezomib and dexamethasone, to treat relapsed and refractory myeloma, and, separately, in combination with dexamethasone to treat myeloma for patients who have received at least four other therapy options. The organisation is also again repeating its push to see elotuzumab (Empliciti®) listed for use in combination with lenalidomide and dexamethasone for treatment of relapsed and refractory myeloma. “Just five months ago we celebrated the news that for the first time in 13 years, a new type of medicine targeting myeloma – daratumumab – was being made available on the PBS to support patients as a second line treatment option. This was a fantastic and important win which the Leukaemia Foundation strongly advocated for,” Mr Tanti said. “But there is still a high unmet need for new myeloma treatment options. It’s clear the national spotlight is shifting its focus to this area, and as the leading national authority for blood cancer, we are committed to building momentum and improving access to therapies under PBS for people living with myeloma. “We are buoyed by the recent gains that have been made, but we are walking this journey all the way with every Australian living with myeloma. We won’t rest until all myeloma patients have equitable and affordable access to the treatment options they need, wherever they live.” Myeloma is a complex blood cancer affecting the body’s plasma cells, which produce antibodies. Myeloma develops when plasma cells undergo a cancerous change and multiply at an increasing rate, taking over the bone marrow. It most commonly occurs in people aged 40 and older, and it is slightly more prevalent in men. Patients experience weaker bones which are more prone to breaking, as well as bone pain, kidney damage, frequent infections, anaemia and increased bleeding and bruising. Currently, 2,339 people are diagnosed with myeloma each year, however it is expected 4,952 people will be diagnosed with this type of blood cancer in 2035. Sadly, 1,054 Australians already lose their life to myeloma each year, and this figure is projected to triple by 2035 – increasing to 3,037 people. 1 2 “While treatment options and survival rates for some blood cancers are improving, the sad reality is that myeloma is an incurable disease which becomes progressively harder to treat after each relapse as patients become refractory to different treatments, so the impact of a diagnosis of myeloma on peoples’ lives and the ongoing affect to their health remains severe,” Mr Tanti said. “Securing affordable access to new, innovative treatment options can truly turn the tables for some myeloma patients in what can be a long fight against this debilitating blood cancer. The right treatment can mean less side effects and improved quality of life. “We are proud to stand beside Australians living with myeloma to be their voice and fight to get them access to the best treatment options, wherever they live, as we work with the broader blood cancer community towards the shared vision to see zero lives lost to blood cancer by 2035,” he said. The Leukaemia Foundation is committed to empowering Australians living with myeloma with access to the best information, support, treatment and care so they can manage its impacts and live well with their blood cancer. The Leukaemia Foundation provides free practical, emotional and educational support to Australians diagnosed with a blood cancer including myeloma. The Leukaemia Foundation produces a series of disease specific newsletters including Myeloma News, and invites all Australians living with the disease to subscribe to ongoing information here. END  1 2 Blood cancer signs and symptoms: Symptoms of all blood cancers can sometimes be subtle or even similar to other conditions, such as a flu. However, ongoing symptoms like recurrent infections, increased fatigue, night sweats, bone pain, bruising or enlarged lymph nodes should be immediately discussed with your GP or specialist. Early diagnosis can play a key role in surviving blood cancer, so it is crucially important that you are examined and treated properly. If you or someone you love is diagnosed with a blood cancer, reach out to the Leukaemia Foundation on 1800 620 420. Accessing our support is free of charge.  Eldo Care Explain Why PPE & Training are So Important 2021-05-04T01:01:27Z eldo-care-explain-why-ppe-amp-training-are-so-important Despite being at high risk of exposure to COVID-19, frontline healthcare professionals who were appropriately protected did not contract infection or develop protective immunity against the virus, and the good thing is that the pandemic has made us more aware than ever before of the importance of personal protective equipment in many areas of our life, including hospitals and our places of work.    As Eldo Care explain, personal protective equipment is special equipment you wear to create a barrier between you and germs. This barrier reduces the chance of touching, being exposed to, and spreading germs. Personal protective equipment, or PPE, protects its user against any physical harm or hazards that the workplace environment may present. It is important because it exists as a preventative measure for industries that are known to be more hazardous, like manufacturing and mining.    PPE used in healthcare includes gloves, aprons, long sleeved gowns, goggles, fluid-repellant surgical masks, face visors and respirator masks. The initial risk assessment of whether or not PPE is required is based on the level of risk of transmission to and from the patient.    Personal protective equipment (PPE) helps prevent the spread of germs in the hospital, and protects people and health care workers from infections. All hospital staff, patients, and visitors should use PPE when there will be contact with blood or other bodily fluids.  Wearing gloves protects your hands from germs and helps reduce the spread of germs.    You may need to use different types of PPE for different people. Your workplace has written instructions about when to wear PPE and what type to use, and you will need PPE when you care for people who are in isolation as well as other patients.    Eldo Care’s comprehensive range of products saves you time and money and enables you to buy from one supplier, so for more information on disposable sterile gloves and PE aprons please go to .  CircleSource closes talent gap between SMEs and big business 2021-04-28T22:51:08Z circlesource-closes-talent-gap-between-smes-and-big-business-1 Small and medium enterprises can now attract the best Australian specialists for outsourced expertise, thanks to a new online marketplace that connects businesses (buyers) to expert service providers (suppliers) within minutes.The CircleSource digital platform focuses on Australian specialists nationwide, to support Australian experts and Australian businesses; allowing both parties to communicate directly online and in-person offline.The platform’s interactive map even lets you search by location, streamlining your search to your local area – particularly useful for organisations looking to build their community.CircleSource is co-founded by Andrew Jarvis and Andrew Jackson, who built their decades-long careers in corporate HR, across numerous industry sectors; experiencing first-hand the need to engage external specialists at different stages throughout their journeys.Today, small businesses employing 0-19 staff make up 97.4% of all Australian businesses, and a whopping 62.8% of Aussie businesses are non-employing (sole traders). And as the number of independent contractors in the gig economy continues to grow rapidly, Jarvis says now is the time for SMEs to harness the full benefits of sourcing external specialists via a robust system. “We know that external specialists inject much-needed fresh thinking and expert skills into organisations. It can save costs and increase productivity.“But for too long, SMEs have been disadvantaged by the lack of resources and governance protocols to source the best people, relying heavily on personal networks and referrals or online search,” he said.CircleSource removes this disadvantage, giving SMEs easy access to competing on a level playing field as big business; by providing a sophisticated enterprise business management tool that cuts inefficiencies.“Everything from the job brief, listing and bidding to communication, proposal review and data reporting, can be managed on the one dashboard.”“Depending on how the individual business operates, there can be between 40%-70% cost savings in time and effort,” said Jarvis, who highlighted the fact that there is absolutely no cost to the buyer to use the platform. Suppliers only pay a one-off fee (which is capped) if they win a job. Buyers and suppliers want transparencyResearch, both academic and through CircleSource’s own market surveys, reveals that independent specialists want platforms that are truly transparent – no hidden costs such as fees for membership and lead generation; no barriers to buyer/supplier communication; and openness around how jobs get awarded.As Dr. Amy Wrzesniewski, Professor at Yale School of Management explains in an interview published in Deloitte Insights, it matters a lot that people feel they understand how it all works, especially in the business side of things – where the money goes, how jobs get assigned – and that they feel fairly treated. “At least right now, on a lot of these platforms, there is a sense of a lack of transparency or at worst, a sense of potentially being manipulated by the platform where gig workers feel the design is pushing them, but it’s for the benefit of the organisation, not the individual,” she said.Jarvis: “Exactly why we built CircleSource on our core values of transparency and trust. To move beyond a financial transaction marketplace, into an ecosystem where real connections, relationships and collaborations grow. To deliver great outcomes for all parties in terms of quality, time and cost.”For buyersSign up for free and start searching for all suppliers on the platform. There are no barriers to reading their full profiles.You can follow them or mark them as favourites until you are ready to engage them.Create your job, post to the open market or directly invite selected suppliers and communicate directly via live chat.You can also invite experts from outside of the platform to bid at the same time.Receive notifications each time there is an action on the job.It is 100% free for buyers. Suppliers will only pay a fee of 7.5% of the agreed value of the job, capped at a maximum of $1250 if their proposal is accepted. No job, no fee – if you do not win a job, you pay nothing.Once a job is completed, you can choose to recommend a supplier and leave a written endorsement. It is how suppliers trend in CircleSource and appear higher in searches.You can manage all jobs in one dashboard and build your network of inner-circle suppliers for future engagement.For suppliersSign up for free and start searching for all jobs on the platform. There is no lock-in contract to participate.Showcase your expertise for free, to attract leads from companies outside of your usual business networks.Communicate directly with buyers to ask questions, discuss details and share information. There are no barriers to communication.No job, no fee. There is no limit on how many jobs you can pitch for.Only pay a fee of 7.5% of the agreed value of the job, capped at a maximum of $1250, if your proposal is accepted. So, for example, if you win a $50,000 job, the capped CircleSource fee is $1250, which is in fact only 2.5% of the engagement value.The more jobs you win through CircleSource, the higher you trend in searches of buyers looking for your expertise.Once a job is completed, you can choose to leave a written endorsement on what it was like to work with the buyer.About CircleSourceAn Australian-owned and founded business to help Aussie enterprises find and connect with a network of the best Aussie talent for service and project-based work. Our digital platform gives easy access to hundreds of qualified suppliers while generating leads for suppliers looking for work. Winner of the 2017 Westpac Business of Tomorrow award, CircleSource won investment funding at the height of the COVID lockdown and launched in October contactPing 570 789 Pharmacy Online and Azoya Launch Live Streaming Campaign to Boost Cross-Border Sales of Australian Products in China During COVID-19 2021-04-28T00:44:37Z pharmacy-online-and-azoya-launch-live-streaming-campaign-to-boost-cross-border-sales-of-australian-products-in-china-during-covid-19 Sydney, 28 April 2021 – Azoya, a leading cross-border e-commerce enabler, today announced the successful launch of a live streaming campaign in China for Pharmacy Online and Pharmacare, to tackle COVID-19 challenges and meet consumer demand for high quality and authentic healthcare products from Australia.   Using the latest live streaming features in WeChat’s Mini Program platform, Pharmacy Online hosted the joint campaign on 7 April 2021 with Pharmacare, one of the largest Australian health products groups, with brands including Nature’s Way, Bioglan, Kids Smart, Redwin, Norsca and others. Viewers were given an exclusive tour around Pharmacare’s Sydney office.   Pharmacy Online leveraged the large number of fans from its official WeChat account, driving nearly 6,000 views from existing subscribers. The event resulted in three to seven times higher sales for Pharmacare’s various product lines in China, compared to an average content marketing campaign in WeChat.   “With China’s live streaming industry growing significantly over the past few years, it’s become an essential tool for Australian brands and retailers to directly reach Chinese consumers and promote their products,” said Apple Yuan, managing director of Australia for Azoya. “They love to buy Australian made natural and healthy products from an authentic retailer, even if it means they have to wait longer to receive a parcel shipped from Australia.”   Due to the success of the ongoing campaign, Pharmacy Online is welcoming other Australian healthcare brands to co-host live streaming campaigns to help them expand into the Chinese market, establish brand awareness and leverage the pharmacy retailer’s traffic to increase sales of their products.   Launched in 1998 as the first online pharmacy in Australia, Pharmacy Online has over 750,000 customers in more than 65 countries. The pharmacy retailer first entered the Chinese market in 2015, with a fully managed e-commerce platform developed by Azoya. Within five years, the company has generated more than one million orders, along with solid growth in new customer registrations and WeChat subscriptions.   “The past 12 months has certainly been challenging for our business in China due to travel restrictions and disruption to international logistics,” said Marc de Leeuw, CEO of Pharmacy Online. “While our e-commerce platform remains core to our business, we needed a new approach to be more present for our digital savvy customers, who have an increasing purchasing power. Our live streaming strategy developed by Azoya has given us the forum to reach them directly, build loyalty and extend our presence in the market.”   Leading up to this event with Pharmacare, Azoya and Pharmacy Online held a series of trial events at the end of 2020, which resulted in a 36 percent increase in the average order value of customer transactions, with sales contributing almost half of total sales. The page visit depth by unique visitors (PV/UV) in the WeChat Mini Program is 112 percent higher than all of Pharmacy Online’s channels and growth of new users is 100 percent higher. In addition, WeChat live-streaming generates a high purchase conversion rate of 25 percent, which is significantly higher than average.   “The Chinese Internet ecosystem is very different than that in Australia, and it’s evolving faster,” said Mr de Leeuw. “It’s important to look at all opportunities when planning to enter the Chinese market, as well as work with a trusted partner like Azoya to navigate through the options and avoid all the nuisances arising from traditional international expansion, such as setting up local business entity, confusion over government policies and market adaptation.”   To enable Pharmacy Online to keep its high service standard despite the challenges to international logistics this past year, Azoya developed an alternate logistics strategy incorporating alternative flights and routes for shipments into China. This enables the pharmacy retailer to successfully fulfill and deliver orders.   About Azoya Azoya helps international retailers and brands set up and operate e-commerce stores in China. As a borderless e-tailing group that has helped over 30 different retailers and brands enter and operate in the China market, Azoya's seasoned e-commerce teams can provide a wide range of different solutions that include IT, marketing, logistics, payments, customer service, and more. For more details, visit Microba Life Sciences study shows Microba Community Profiler outperforms competition 2021-04-22T03:52:48Z microba-life-sciences-study-shows-microba-community-profiler-outperforms-competition A study undertaken by key scientific and bioinformatic experts at the company demonstrated that the Microba Community Profiler (MCP) outperforms existing profilers for accurate and comprehensive characterisation of the human gut microbiome.  In recent years, the gut microbiome has been linked to diseases such as diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders and even cancer, making the microbiome an emerging opportunity to improve the  management, diagnosis and treatment of health conditions. However, to realise these opportunities, accurate measurement of the microbiome is critical.   Microba’s Chief Scientific Officer Associate Professor Lutz Krause explained that characterising the complex communities living in the human gut was not an easy task and these species required accurate measurement before opportunities could be explored. “The sequencing method that we use at Microba – metagenomics – has revolutionised the characterisation of complex microbial communities from environments such as the human gut,” he said. “Leveraging the expertise of our team, which includes pioneers of many of the application and analysis techniques used in metagenomics, we’ve developed a microbial community profiler that appreciably improves upon existing profilers.” The company’s profiler outperformed the other evaluated profilers, demonstrating the highest combined precision and recall, substantially fewer false positive predictions and accurate relative abundance estimates. Additionally, when comparing the performance of the best performing classifiers on metagenomic data from 33 U.S. faecal samples, the Microba profiler assigned at least 25% more DNA reads than the other classifiers. Lead author and Senior Bioinformatician, Dr Donovan Parks, said that gut microbiome research provides an exciting opportunity to advance understanding of human health, however high quality, reliable tools for characterising the gut microbiome were needed. “With this study, we show the Microba profiler is the best performing metagenomic classifier for analysis of the human gut microbiome,” he said. This profiler can ultimately be used to identify unique signatures that could diagnose disease or predict treatment response for a range of health conditions.” The study was published in Frontiers in Microbiology in April and can be accessed here: About Microba Life Sciences Microba Life Sciences is a precision microbiome science company empowering life-changing advancements in human health. With leading analysis capabilities to comprehensively measure the microbiome, Microba is unlocking new opportunities to improve health by harnessing the gut microbiome. Combining human data with leading informatic approaches, Microba’s discoveries are powering important advancements in medicine. Through global partnerships, Microba is advancing the understanding and application of microbiome science into practical healthcare solutions. Five Reasons Why You Should Choose ELDO 2021-04-01T07:33:47Z five-reasons-why-you-should-choose-eldo ELDO provide a large selection of Nitrile examination gloves, Vinyl examination gloves, Latex examination gloves, and Plastic gloves. They also supply Wet wipes, Dry wipes packed in plastic bags and plastic bottles, and here are five reasons why you should choose ELDO for your PPE supplies, starting with their professional experience.      ELDO have 20 years in the production and distribution in the disposable gloves and wipe industry. Secondly, they provide very competitive prices, with automatic   production lines and well trained workers to optimise efficiency and reduce cost greatly. ELDO support you to be the most competitive distributor in your region.    Thirdly, their short lead times, supported by more than 300 well-trained workers in ELDO’s factories, and more than 1000 containers exported annually. They are professional and flexible according to your requirements.    Number four are their multi solutions. Their knowledge of the local market, combined with their production plans, will support you to have multi solutions of the purchasing plan, and finally, their customer service. Top sales with professional skills will help you feel that is is always easy to communicate with a factory. All ELDO staff will stand by you, reply to your inquiry and solve your problems, no matter pre-sales or after-sales.    For 20 years ELDO’s business has grown through providing a very high level of service, quality and dedication to their customer needs, and their comprehensive range of products saves you time and money and enables you to buy from one supplier. Now they supply their high-quality products in around 1000 containers annually to more than 55 countries.     As they say, “On behalf of the ELDO team, we look forward to offering you our outstanding service in the near future”, and for more information on disposable dry wipes, disposable PE aprons and disposable sterile gloves please go to .  Australians rate the nation's healthcare in first Australian Healthcare Index report 2021-04-01T03:11:10Z australians-rate-the-nation-s-healthcare-in-new-australian-healthcare-index-report Despite a once-in-a-century pandemic still lingering one year on, Australians have given a vote of confidence to the Australian healthcare system with 65.5% rating it a score of 8 or above out of 10 in a new report capturing the points of view of Australian patients.   The first Australian Healthcare Index report seeks to elevate patient perspectives and experiences on overall healthcare in Australia, based on responses from over 8000 adults.   Produced by the Australian Patients Association and HealthEngine, the report captures learnings from patients on the public and private healthcare ecosystem including primary care, private health insurance (PHI), emergency departments, elective surgery, prescription medicine and more.   Designed to provide a pulse check on healthcare in Australia, key findings include: ●      Patients rated Australian Healthcare 7.8 out of 10 ●      Patients are more likely to recommend their GPs than their dentist to friends and colleagues ●      While 55.1% of respondents have Private Health Insurance, the majority are not recommending their PHI and many feel it costs too much ●      36.6% think prescription medicine is too expensive ●      Nearly 95% embrace the intersection of healthcare and tech with the use of and interest in telehealth, health apps, online booking, e-scripts and more   HealthEngine CEO, founder and medical director Dr Marcus Tan says the report is testament to the robustness of the healthcare system.   “The fact a majority of Australians have a favourable opinion of the healthcare system after COVID-19 caused disruption, is a credit to the thousands of healthcare professionals with a commitment to patient-centred care.'' said Dr Tan.  “With the release of the Australian Healthcare Index, we can identify, share and champion people’s perspectives on healthcare, as well as provide a baseline of learnings to establish a report that will come out twice a year.”   Dr Tan added, “Working closely with the APA, we hope the report drives conversation and consideration for the continued support of a patient-centric approach to healthcare.”   Stephen Mason, CEO of the Australian Patients Association hopes the report will help strengthen patient-centred care in the healthcare system. “As we advocate for improved patient care and health outcomes, the Australian Healthcare Index is an important pulse check on the patient experience for organisations like ours as well as the greater healthcare community, peak bodies and government at all levels, who are contributing to and leading public and private healthcare in Australia,” said Mason.   “The APA became involved with the Australian Healthcare Index to hear the patient’s voice. Although we are comforted by the knowledge that our healthcare system has coped well during the pandemic, we are concerned about dental care and the cost of medicines.”   “As for the perceived lack of value from PHI, we are working closely with Private Healthcare Australia and its members to address this concern and in particular to prevent excessive out of pocket costs. “We hope the report’s findings make a positive contribution to shaping national healthcare policy, on behalf of patients across the country."   View or download the Australian Healthcare Index at  An interactive dashboard is available to explore the national survey results and view data at a state level or other demographics.    -end- About HealthEngineHealthEngine is Australia’s largest consumer healthcare network and the #1 go-to for healthcare bookings. Founded in 2006, HealthEngine is on a mission to transform Australia’s healthcare by making it easier for people to connect with their healthcare providers online and for health practitioners to deliver a great patient experience through technology. More than 9 million people across Australia have made more than 47 million bookings on the platform.   About the Australian Patients Association The Australian Patients Association is an independent not-for-profit organisation established to promote and protect the rights and interests of patients, and improve overall patient outcomes. We will address important health issues impacting on patient care in the public and private healthcare system.  We will research and develop sensible remedies to benefit all our supporters and the broader community. The Australian Patients Association also seeks to educate patients about their rights and choices, as well as supporting patients in need. 50th Anniversary: Invention of GTIN-the Number Behind the Barcode 2021-03-29T23:47:51Z 50th-anniversary-invention-of-gtin-the-number-behind-the-barcode Fifty years ago, on 31 March 1971, leaders from the biggest names in commerce came together and transformed the global economy forever by developing the Global Trade Item Number (known as the 'GTIN'). This numerical code uniquely identifies every single product and is the core of the barcode, the most important supply chain standard in history. Today, the barcode is scanned over six billion times every day and remains one of the most trusted symbols in the world.Maria Palazzolo, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of GS1 Australia said, "I firmly believe that the digitalisation of the GTIN is one of the most significant milestones in the life of our organisation."From the linear EAN/UPC barcode to 2DBarcodes, the need to capture more than just product and pricing information is becoming more urgent and increasingly important. In order to do this successfully we must bring industry together to collaborate and to harmonise. The journey into the future has well and truly begun."GS1 standards such as the barcode continue to help make the vast complexity of modern, global business flow quickly, efficiently and securely, simplifying all kinds of supply chain processes in almost every sector all around the world. However, as consumers demand more and better product information, it is time to bring barcodes to the next level. Developments towards next-generation barcodes (for example square barcodes like QR codes), which can hold vastly more information, should be used to empower consumers with trusted information and reshape global commerce, just as the GTIN did half a century ago.50 years agoThe 1971 historic meeting took place in New York City and included leaders from the biggest names in groceries, retail and consumer goods at the time, including Heinz, General Mills, Kroger and Bristol Meyer. The executives agreed to create a system to uniquely identify every single product, calling it the Global Trade Item Number, or GTIN. With great foresight, they believed that the GTIN could have a positive impact even beyond the grocery store - from warehouses to board rooms - and would boost speed and efficiency of transactions and processes that could transform everything from supply chains to consumer experiences. And they agreed at the meeting to continue to innovate together to create a system that would benefit businesses and consumers alike. Decades later, the BBC named the resulting outcome one of "the 50 things that made the world economy." More information and quotes are in the attached media release.TO INTERVIEW Maria Palazzolo, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, GS1 Australia or Marcel Sieira, Chief Customer Officer, GS1 Australia please contact: Marian Makram-Perkins, T: 03 8581 5940 E: marian.makram-perkins@gs1au.orgAbout GS1 Australia GS1 is a neutral, not-for-profit organisation that develops and maintains the most widely used global standards for efficient business communication. We are best known for the barcode, named by the BBC as one of "the 50 things that made the world economy". GS1 standards and services improve the efficiency, safety and visibility of supply chains across physical and digital channels in 25 sectors. With local Member Organisations in 114 countries, 2 million user companies and 6 billion transactions every day, GS1 standards create a common language that supports systems and processes across the globe. For more information visit the GS1 Australia website: Kinima Physio and Snap Fitness Form Alliance for a Richer Client Experience 2021-03-22T07:38:12Z kinima-physio-and-snap-fitness-form-alliance-for-a-richer-client-experience Rob O’Mahony and Alina Tran, directors of Kinima Physio West Leederville, are excited to announce a new and exciting collaboration with Snap Fitness West Leederville. The alliance will provide a better client experience with a strong sense of community. Kimima Physio is a modern and fresh physiotherapy clinic. Snap Fitness is a 24-hour gym and fitness centre that shares very similar values to Kinima Physio. “We currently see clients that are also members of Snap Fitness West Leederville and are extremely happy with the service that Alicia and her amazing team provide,” said O’Mahony. “The members are impressed with the convenience, atmosphere, equipment, group fitness classes, and the availability of multiple training zones.” Rob and Alina are also pleased to announce that they will be offering Snap Fitness West Leederville members $20 off all initial appointments at Kinima Physio West Leederville for the foreseeable future. Kinima Physio clients will be entitled to a special deal for gym membership with a zero joining fee, the first month free, and a half price access card. Kinima Physio West Perth also collaborated recently with Body Fit Training West Perth. Kinima Physio can help the BFT West Perth members with sports physio, orthopaedic rehabilitation, clinical Pilates and exercise rehabilitation, dry needling, sports massage, and running assessments. Kinima Physio Subiaco has a mission to keep their clients exercising while recovering from injuries using a combination of a hands on and active approach to physiotherapy. Kinima Physio Wembley prides itself on being passionate about their special interests of sports physio, shoulder physio, knee physio, and lower back pain. Rob and Alina are looking forward to Snap Fitness West Leederville joining the Kinima Physio community to help individuals continue living an active and meaningful life. About Kinima Physio At Kinima Physio, we integrate clinical excellence with a unique client experience to create a local health movement that empowers as many people as possible. With 25 years of combined experience in the physiotherapy and health industries, including elite sports and orthopaedics, we offer the latest evidence-based treatment programs to instill clarity and understanding, restore function and confidence, and drive high performance. Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook. Media Contact Kinima Physio Rob O’Mahony - Director Shop 4/110 Cambridge St. West Leederville WA 6007 Australia Website: