The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-05-22T03:53:06Z Experts warn: don’t forget your pet as lockdown lifts 2020-05-22T03:53:06Z experts-warn-don-t-forget-your-pet-as-lockdown-lifts Pet owners are being urged to plan ahead for their pets as they return to the office after the lifting of lockdown restrictions. Cats and dogs around Australia are likely to face a stressful adjustment period as pet owners venture back to work and school over the next few months.  Pet adoption numbers have skyrocketed since the coronavirus pandemic resulted in Australia-wide lockdown restrictions. This adds concerns that new pet owners may not know how to include their adopted furry friend into a post-lockdown lifestyle. Pawshake, often described as the Airbnb for pet sitting, is encouraging Aussie pet owners to factor their pet into their post-lockdown plans.  ‘Our pets have loved having us at home and the additional time we have been spending with them,’ says Tanguy Peers, co-founder of Pawshake, ‘but we will need to ease them back into our regular routines properly or else they could develop behavioural issues. This can lead to undesirable behaviours like chewing and barking or separation anxiety.’ ‘It’s important that pet owners set aside some extra time to continue to exercise, play and bond with their pets.’ To encourage pet owners to continue to spend time with their pets, Pawshake has launched a free 7-Day Challenge to help pet owners ease their cat or dog into the next phase with a fun and healthy routine. The 7-Day Challenge includes games, training lessons and handy tips to help humans and pets adjust to post-lockdown life and keep them physically and mentally challenged.  Each day’s challenge arrives straight in your inbox and can be done from the comfort of home, using everyday items from around the house. Most of the challenges take less than ten minutes to complete. The 7-Day Challenge has been created by Pawshake dog and cat experts, and is designed to be fun and healthy for pets. Highlights include building giant box castles and slow feeders for your cat, to homemade treats and teaching your dog to help around the house by closing drawers. Humans will benefit, too, with each challenge designed to celebrate the daily joy that can be found from spending quality time with your pet. The Pawshake 7-Day Challenge can be joined for free here. For further information or quotes, please contact  Pawshake Marketing Manager: Australian Community Manager: 7-Day Challenge: SHARE A MESSAGE OF HOPE WITH OUR AUSSIE FARMERS 2020-05-21T03:48:11Z share-a-message-of-hope-with-our-aussie-farmers Drought, fires, floods and now the impact of COVID-19 restrictions. Many of our Aussie farmers have experienced more than one of these in the past six months and for some a mix of all. While uncertainty has been on the peripheral for many, so that our farmers know that they haven’t been forgotten during these times, Rural Aid has launched #DearFarmer letters where people can share a digital message of hope with a farmer. And, the Community Builders webinar series is proving a great support for rural communities too. Rural Aid CEO John Warlters said it was more important than ever to acknowledge that farmers really are the backbone of our communities and, to express gratitude for the food we so readily find on our plates. “We’d like to show our farmers and rural communities that we see and value them especially in uncertain times. Over Christmas 2018, we sent over 3000 letters written by school children to our farmers,” John said. “Some were written in crayon, others covered in glitter, but all had the same heartfelt message – letting farmers know how much they are appreciated.” “The response from farmers was incredible. Many spoke of the tears they shed reading their letters and their gratitude to the many school children who were thinking of them. “This year, we’ve taken this incredible initiative digital so, we can reach as many people as possible to send letters of hope. “As we experience challenging times, our farmers continue to put food on our tables. Panic buying may put strain on our supply chains, but our farmers continue to have our backs by supplying beautiful Australian produce. “We’re asking Australians of all ages to show their Aussie spirit and share a note of hope on their favourite social media channel with a farmer going through tough times rebuilding after fires, flood and drought. “We can’t make it rain, but we can take a moment to sit down and write a note, or draw a picture, for our farmers.” To get involved and share your message of hope with our Aussie farmers, just go to and: ·        Share a virtual message with our farmers by using the hashtag #DearFarmer – don’t forget to tag @ruralaid. ·        Write a digital letter and post on our #DearFarmer wall. ·        Businesses can get involved by sharing the Dear Farmer page with their employees or by getting in touch with Rural Aid directly. About Rural Aid Rural Aid is one of Australia’s largest rural charities. Well known for the highly successful ‘Buy a Bale’ campaign, the charity also provides financial assistance, water and counselling to farmers in times of drought, flood or fire. Other initiatives support its vision that farming and rural communities are safeguarded to ensure their sustainability both during and after these natural disasters. Visit for further information on these programs and other support for our rural communities. Visit for Rural Aid’s latest assistance statistics. Media: 0447 116 757 | Spokesperson: Rural Aid CEO John Warlters | 0409 618 641 Follow Rural Aid for updates on: ·        Rural Aid – FB: @ruralaidaustralia | IG: @ruralaid |IN: Rural Aid Ltd | TW: @ruralaidaust ·        Buy A Bale – FB: @buyabaleofhay | IG: @buyabale | TW: @buyabale ENDS Domestic Violence Inquiry report a missed opportunity: published without receiving a single submission 2020-05-21T01:03:06Z domestic-violence-inquiry-report-a-missed-opportunity-published-without-receiving-a-single-submission The AASW is today questioning the Senate Committee in charge of the Inquiry into Domestic Violence. This inquiry did not accept any submissions from the domestic and family violence sector and then released its report two days ago, three months ahead of its August due date. In doing so, this inquiry failed to make any substantial contribution to addressing the scourge of domestic and family violence facing Australian women and children. AASW National President Christine Craik said, “We are very disappointed that no domestic and family violence experts and/or victim/survivors were able to contribute to the Domestic Violence Senate Inquiry and that a report has been published three months ahead of schedule without any submissions being accepted. “We need real action on domestic and family violence to prevent the destruction of families and the deaths of women and children. It would have been wise for the Committee to hear from experts such as family violence social workers on this critical issue.” COVID-19 has put a spotlight on the very real dangers facing women and children across Australia, and the contributions of social workers who daily support women through these dangers had the potential to make real change to the lives of so many by adding their voices to this inquiry. To say that public hearings or public submissions would have been of limited benefit given the coronavirus pandemic is a clear message to all women living with increased risk during this pandemic, that their lives do not matter. Ms Craik said, “Too many women have been murdered this year already and for this Senate Committee to not have taken this process seriously is unacceptable and disrespectful to victim-survivors and their children. “We call on the federal government to take family violence seriously, fund the sector properly, and listen to experts in this field. No more women and children should be dying of this.” Last year, there was a review of the family law system which made more than 60 recommendations, some of which addressed the system's capacity to protect women and children. None of the recommendations were implemented. AASW submitted to this review. AASW’s credentialing program recognises specialised social work skills in family violence with its Accredited Family Violence Social Worker credential. ROBERT KIYOSAKI SAYS THE BIGGEST CRASH IN WORLD HISTORY IS COMING - HARRY DENT & MARTIN NORTH AGREE 2020-05-19T05:47:39Z robert-kiyosaki-says-the-biggest-crash-in-world-history-is-coming-harry-dent-amp-martin-north-agree THE BIGGEST CRASH IN WORLD HISTORY IS COMING says ROBERT KIYOSAKI # BIGGER CRASH THAN THE GREAT DEPRESSION # PROPERTY TO PLUMMET BY 50% # STOCK MARKET DOWN BY 85% # CATASTROPHIC UNEMPLOYMENT # MASSIVE BANKRUPTCIES # PENSIONS IN SERIOUS TROUBLE World-renowned bestselling Rich Dad Poor Dad author and personal finance expert Robert Kiyosaki, will be headlining SECURE THE FUTURE, a free livestream seminar on Sunday 24th May to discuss the future of the economy and how to profit from the massive changes ahead. Free registrations are available at Kiyosaki says “ This is the biggest crash in world history but there are more opportunities than ever before. As Warren Buffet said only when the tide goes out do you see who has been swimming naked. Once the tide goes out there will be lots of bodies left. Prices will come down.” Joining him will be the world’s most accurate economic forecaster Harry Dent and expert Australian property analyst Martin North who will discuss massive global unemployment, crashing stock markets, plummeting property prices and bankruptcies and the opportunity of a lifetime in the next 12 months to make generational wealth. The seminar will reveal insights based on real research that can't be found anywhere else as well as provide the answers to how to make extreme profits from the current global crisis. Robert Kiyosaki says “As we face the biggest meltdown of the world’s economy, bigger than the great depression, I believe the iPhone is one of the greatest tools for any entrepreneur because no matter where you are based, you can market to the entire world.” Free registrations are available at and the chance to gain the research-based, expert information needed to prepare, protect and potentially profit from one of the biggest profit opportunities in a century, what Harry Dent calls "The Sale of a Lifetime." ABOUT ROBERT KIYOSAKI Best known as the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad—the #1 personal finance book of all time—Robert Kiyosaki has challenged and changed the way tens of millions of people around the world think about money. He is an entrepreneur, educator, and investor who believes the world needs more entrepreneurs who will create jobs. With perspectives on money and investing that often contradict conventional wisdom, Robert has earned an international reputation for straight talk, irreverence, and courage and has become a passionate and outspoken advocate for financial education.Robert has been heralded as a visionary who has a gift for simplifying complex concepts—ideas related to money, investing, finance, and economics—and has shared his personal journey to financial freedom in ways that resonate with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. His core principles and messages—like “Your house is not an asset“ and “Invest for cash flow” and “savers are losers”—have ignited a firestorm of criticism and ridicule… only to have played out on the world economic stage over the past decade in ways that were both unsettling and prophetic. HARRY DENT IS THE WORLDS MOST ACCURATE ECONOMIC FORECASTER No one is ever 100% correct but Harry is on the mark 80% of the time.….here’s his top 15 predictions over the last 30 years. … # First newsletter September 1989: 2-year slowdown and mini stock crash in US. # 1989: 12 -14 year major crash and downturn in Japan similar to Great Depression... while US, Europe have greatest decade in history in 1990s. # First published book in late 1992: The Great Boom Ahead and Dow 10,000 by 2009. # Early 2000 Tech and Internet Bubble peaks. # Early October 2002 bottom after tech wreck. # US real estate bubble peak in late 2005 before early 2006 peak # 2008 bubble peak in oil # Peak of silver to the day in late April 2011 -- and sell signal for gold which was 5 months early # Gold collapse when broke $1,525 in early 2013 # Peak of Junk Bonds in May 2013 # Gold rebound in 2016 forward, but only to around $1,428 before collapses again # US Treasury Bond yields back up to 2.9% - 3.0% after low in 2016. # US Treasury Bond yields going to 0 in late 2019 # US stocks in final orgasmic rally from late 2019 into early to mid-2020 # First Bubble Crash Will Be 40%+ in Less Than 2.5 Months TO INTERVIEW ROBERT KIYOSAKI, HARRY DENT AND MARTIN NORTH email or call Max Markson on 0412 501 601 COVID-19 FREE HAIR LOSS ADVICE AT 2020-05-19T05:42:30Z covid-19-free-hair-loss-advice-at-hairloss-com-au COVID-19 FREE HAIR LOSS ADVICE  # New free website established to provide hair loss advice during current pandemic. # COVID-19 victims can lose up to 50% of their hair 3 months after they recover.  # Health and well-being is important in managing hair loss and thinning due to COVID-19 restrictions. # Using nutritional supplements and botanical medicine is helpful to support wellness, stress & hair loss. # World’s leading medics combine to give free advice.    World leading dermatologist and hair loss specialist Professor Rod Sinclair has combined with a team of Doctors, Trichologists and Medicos from around the world to establish the website providing free advice and comfort regarding hair loss to victims of the Covid -19 Virus and to those experiencing an increase of anxiety and stress during the current pandemic.    The website explains the technical details behind Febrile Telogen Effluvium (FTE) or acute hair shedding. FTE can result in the victim losing as much as 50% of their hair within 3 months after they recover. The website provides advice regarding treatment and management and the facts.   The website with advice from the Medical hair loss “dream team“ has been created and arranged by Advanced Hair Studio ( AHS) as an informational community website regarding hair loss associated with the COVID-19 virus as a way of giving back and supporting the public. Founder and Chairman of AHS Carl Howell has helped some of the world’s most famous personalities with their hair loss over the last 40 years including cricket legends Shane Warne, Sourav Ganguly, Jacques Kallis, and Graham Gooch as well as AFL stars Brendon Goddard and Ben Cunnington among others. The AHS sports stars are also spreading the serious message about the hair loss website on social media to comfort and assist the public. AHS is in 15 countries worldwide.   TO INTERVIEW CARL HOWELL email or call Max Markson 0412 501 601      National Families Week: AASW calls on increased focus on family violence during COVID-19, and for a separate Medicare item 2020-05-19T03:01:12Z national-families-week-aasw-calls-on-increased-focus-on-family-violence-during-covid-19-and-for-a-separate-medicare-item The AASW calls for an increased focus on family violence during this Family Violence Awareness Month, with the increased incidence of FV during COVID-19. In addition May 15-21 is National Families Week, and while this is a week to celebrate the protective and nurturing capacity of families, we also need to recognise the threats to families from gender-based violence and the added pressures caused by the current COVID-19 environment. AASW National President Christine Craik said, “We welcome the extra $48.1 million announced on Friday, 15 May to address mental health during the current pandemic. , however, it is quite clear that more resources also need to be allocated to family violence, which we know increases during times of crisis. “There has been a rise across the globe in the incidence of family violence during this pandemic, and Australia has not been so lucky with this deadly and destructive toll. In the past month, family violence related hospital visits, increases in calls to emergency departments and increases in victims needing surgery for family violence related injuries have spiked across the country. This increase has been also seen in calls to women’s legal services, calls to police, calls to men’s help lines, family law court cases and frontline family violence services. In the past 10 days, we know of four women who have been murdered in family violence incidents, however there is still no official government death count for family violence deaths across the country as is the case for deaths related to road accidents or COVID-19. “We know that family violence results from attitudes and behaviours based on a belief that the genders are not equal, and from this, a sense of entitlement and control to use power over partners and children. For those who perpetrate abuse we know that during times of crisis, that sense of needing to control becomes focussed on those closest to them, with devastating results. We are seeing risk escalate, and opportunities for victims to escape that risk, decrease. “We call on the federal government to do much more for victim/survivors of family violence. We desperately need services and funding for long term recovery. We need additional funding for therapeutic services that have the ability to work longer term through family court and recovery. These services need to be provided by social workers and counsellors who are family violence accredited. Victim survivors need specialist assistance and are often further abuse by the system if the worker supporting them does not understand the nuances of family violence and control. “We also call on the government to consider a Medicare item number for family violence counselling and therapeutic services distinct from a general practitioner mental health treatment plan. There will be an increase in family violence related cases going through the family court as a result of this pandemic and we need to ensure that perpetrators can no longer use the presence of mental health plans to continue to abuse their victims as is the current situation in the family court.” Christine will be hosting a discussion on COVID-19 and Family Violence for AASW members on Thursday, 28 May 2020 at 6.30pm AEST. AASW’s credentialing program recognises specialised social work skills in family violence with its Accredited Family Violence Social Worker credential. ‘Never Give Up’ -- New Book Encourages Coronavirus-Slammed Australian’s 2020-05-18T05:17:24Z never-give-up-new-book-encourages-coronavirus-slammed-australian-s TOOWOOMBA, QLD – Australian’s slammed by coronavirus deaths, sickness and massive job lay-offs are being encouraged to “never give up” in a new book launched today offering hope amid COVID-19. Never Give Up: The Story of a Broken Man Impacting A Generation tells the story of a gruelling trial that plunged author Dr. K.P. Yohannan -- leader of one of America’s biggest faith-based organizations -- into depression and to the brink of suicide.  Describing his own personal “forest fire of grief and pain,” 70-year-old Yohannan, founder of GFA World,, says his faith carried him through “the most difficult and loneliest time of my life” in the revealing new book. It comes at a desperate and anxious time in Australia, as well as Canada and the United States having more than 85,000 COVID-19-related deaths, 1.4 million sick, and more than 34.5 million new unemployment claims since mid-March. ‘The Sun Will Rise’ “I am certain you, too, have gone through, or are even now going through, your own overwhelming trial,” said Yohannan, who also authored the mega-bestseller Revolution in World Missions, with more than four million copies in print. “If you are suffering right now, please believe me, the sun will rise. Hold on.” Yohannan said that, in part, he wrote Never Give Up to “help people find new strength to keep pressing on” in turbulent and distressing times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic -- a crisis that has caused Australia’s worst unemployment since the Great Depression of the 1930s. “The choice not to give up is mine -- and it is also yours,” Yohannan said. “Faith in God’s sovereignty is the light that will guide you through this dark crisis. Even when God does not seem to be listening, when you walk through the forest fire of grief and pain, you will see the invisible one, and he will see you through.” As COVID-19 continues to sweep across the world, Yohannan urged Australian's not to forget the poorest of the poor living in South Asia, where extended lockdowns have fueled spiraling unemployment -- with no jobless benefits or stimulus checks -- threatening wide-scale starvation. “The coronavirus itself is a deadly, terrible event, but more people are dying -- and will die -- of starvation,” said Yohannan, whose organization aims to “bring physical and spiritual hope” to 500,000 of Asia’s poorest slum children. Published by GFA Books, Never Give Up can be ordered online at Media representatives can find press materials online at To coordinate an interview with Dr. Yohannan, contact Gregg Wooding at InChrist Communications,  /972-567-7660. ### GFA World, is a leading faith-based mission agency, helping national workers bring vital assistance and spiritual hope to millions, especially to those who have yet to hear about the love of God. In GFA’s latest yearly report, this included more than 70,000 sponsored children, free medical camps conducted in more than 1,200 villages and remote communities, over 4,700 clean water wells drilled, over 11,400 water filters installed, income-generating Christmas gifts for more than 240,000 needy families, and spiritual teaching available in 110 languages in 14 nations through radio ministry. For all the latest news, visit our Press Room at AIRNORTH ASSISTS IN TRANSPORTING 10 GREYHOUNDS FROM DARWIN TO PERTH AFTER DIFFICULTY DUE TO COVID-19 2020-05-16T07:49:22Z airnorth-assists-in-transporting-10-greyhounds-from-darwin-after-difficulty-due-to-covid-19 Greyhound Adoptions WA (GAWA) put out an urgent call on Facebook on 4 May asking for the public’s help in transporting 10 greyhounds from Darwin that are currently in the care of the Greyhound Rehoming Association NT (GRANT). There are not enough foster homes or adoption enquires in Darwin and the dogs were waiting in limbo. GAWA had tried every possible avenue to get these dogs to Perth but the COVID-19 restrictions and its impact on flights made it extremely difficult. The airlines and limited flights that are currently operating between Darwin & Perth could not accommodate the large crate size needed for a greyhound. GAWA were quoted $50K for a charter flight which is a lot of money for a non-for-profit organisation. Every option was considered, including road transport via dog & horse transport companies, sending volunteers up to get the dogs and drive back in hire cars, even contacting the Army for assistance! A few days later, Airnorth came through and committed to sort out the issues so they could fit the large crates. GAWA were absolutely thrilled. Airnorth say “they are delighted to assist with the repatriation of up to 10 retired greyhounds by sponsoring the costs associated with transportation from Darwin to Perth”. This initiative is together with Dogtainers, both Airnorth & Dogtainers have been wonderful and GAWA are so grateful for their help and generosity. GAWA Chairperson Toni Donnelly says “on behalf of GAWA I am delighted to welcome greyhounds from GRANT in Darwin to WA to find forever homes. This partnership between GRANT and GAWA has had the very positive effect of encouraging more Darwin residents to consider fostering or adopting a greyhound. We at GAWA are so appreciative of the support and cooperation of the staff at Airnorth in working closely with us on a daily basis to ensure the success of this initiative between both rehoming bodies”. On Monday 18 May, Rapi (4), Benz (5) and Diver (3) will be boarding TL338 and flying to Perth. 7 more greyhounds will be flying in via Airnorth over the coming week. Once safely transported to Perth, the greyhounds will be united with their foster families in the metro area and the south west. Media are invited to attend: What: A feel good moment to support awareness of greyhound adoption and GAWA, a charity that will go to great lengths to help greyhounds in need and find them loving forever homes. The greyhounds being released from their crates and welcomed by GAWA people, before their journey to their foster homes, and interviews with GAWA representatives. When: Monday 18 May 2020 Time: 1:40pm Where: Qantas Freight- Domestic Terminal- Cnr Ross Drive & Boud Ave, Perth Airport NEW - RESBUTLER.COM COVID 19 COMPLIANT RESTAURANT BOOKING SYSTEM INVENTED BY PETER PETROULAS 2020-05-14T06:19:12Z new-resbutler-com-covid-19-compliant-restaurant-booking-system-invented-by-peter-petroulas NEW - COVID 19 COMPLIANT RESTAURANT BOOKING SYSTEM WOLD FIRST AUSTRALIAN INVENTION   PHYSICAL DISTANCING MANAGEMENT # AUTONOMOUSLY & DYNAMICALLY REORGANISES AND SOCIALLY DISTANCES TABLES # AUTONOMOUSLY & DYNAMICALLY ALLOCATES BOOKINGS TO TABLES AS THE TABLES ARE SOCIALLY DISTANCED # PERMITS COMPLETE EDITING OF ALL BOOKINGS ON-LINE AND ALL EDITS ARE AUTONOMOUSLY AND DYNAMICALLY SOCIALLY DISTANCED # COMPLETELY MANAGES ALL TABLES AND BOOKINGS (INCLUDING WALK-INS) DURING A SERVICE TO ALWAYS ENSURE COMPLETE SOCIAL DISTANCING COMPLIANCE     COMPLETE CONTACTLESS ORDERING # PRE-ORDERING, WHY WAIT TO GET TO THE RESTAURANT TO ORDER # PRE-ORDERING CONCIERGE SERVICE AVAILABLE, FOR EXAMPLE ORDER SOME FLOWERS FOR YOUR LOVED ONE TO AWAIT YOU ON THE TABLE FOR YOUR ARRIVAL # IN-SERVICE ORDERING, # CONTACTLESS PAYMENT ON YOUR PHONE   BONUS # POSSIBLY THE FIRST ACTUAL EVENT IN A SYDNEY RESTAURANT IN 53 DAYS!   The world’s first and only COVID 19 table management system, will be revealed at an ACTUAL event for 10 people when Covid-19 restrictions relax this Friday 15th May at 12:30pm at Manjits at the Wharf, 49 Lime St, King St. Wharf Sydney. Media are welcome to cover what will possibly be the first ACTUAL event in a Sydney restaurant in 53 days! TO ATTEND THE LAUNCH AND/OR INTERVIEW PETER PETROULAS, please email or call Max Markson on 0412501601   Unlike any other online booking system, ResButler can manage a restaurant’s tables and booking allocations to achieve controlled and strategic optimisations while meeting government guidelines of social distancing. Res Butler is the FIRST and ONLY table management system that uses intelligent and dynamic technology and the FIRST and ONLY system that can offer a complete dynamic yield management system, including dynamically allocating VIP guests to their required table. It also offers a contactless experience to allow the customer to pre-order, in-service order and complete payment on their phone.     ResButler has been Invented and Founded by Sydney airline and hospitality executive Peter Petroulas. It will be available to restaurants, cafes and bars globally. Peter says “managing restaurant bookings is harder than managing airline bookings as restaurants have inventory (tables and chairs) that are flexible and move while an airlines seats are fixed and cannot move. Also, within a restaurant it is mandatory for all people within a booking to be seated together while this is not mandatory for bookings on an aircraft. Lastly a restaurant service is more challenging as people are given full a al carte experiences while on aircraft food is pre-made and choices are limited”. As a result of these complexities, no one has been able to develop and invent a “proper” restaurant table management system during the last 22 years that online restaurant booking systems have been available. Peter Petroulas and the ResButler team have been working on this solution for the last 4 years. While the ResButler system was not developed as a result of the current COVID 19 pandemic, due to the intelligence and flexibility built into the system, Petroulas says: “I am excited to have ResButler ready for launch just as the COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to relax here in Australia. The system will be able to provide not only customers, but also restaurant owners the reassurance of having people come through their doors where all guidelines will be autonomously followed and guaranteed due to the intelligence and creativity of ResButler which will hopefully restore some normality during these times as well as allow restaurants to plan for the future.”   TO ATTEND THE LAUNCH AND/OR INTERVIEW PETER PETROULAS, please email or call Max Markson on 0412501601         Max Markson 0412 501 601   ROBERT "Rich Dad Poor Dad" KIYOSAKI, HARRY DENT & MARTIN NORTH SECURE THE FUTURE Sunday 24th May 2020 Free online conference   AN EVENING WITH MEL GIBSON Melbourne January 30 2021   MEL GIBSON WILLIAM SHATNER COSPENDIUM The ultimate Cosplay & Gaming convention. MELBOURNE January 30 & 31 2021   ON THE ROAD WITH BILL CLINTON Nelson Mandela, Kim Kardashian, Arnold Schwarzenegger,Tony Blair, Al Gore, Mike Tyson, Pele and more.By Max Markson. Book available now at   Markson Sparks! Suite 411 4th Floor 410 Elizabeth St Surry Hills Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA 2010   Barhead Solutions reveals double hire and a promotion 2020-05-14T03:52:11Z barhead-solutions-reveals-double-hire-and-a-promotion CRN Fast50 winner and Microsoft Gold Partner Barhead Solutions has announced two new senior hires and another major promotion. First is Lisa Crosbie, who was promoted to technology evangelist. Crosbie has worked for Barhead since August 2017, and was named a Microsoft MVP for her contributions to Dynamics 365 and Power Platform communities, one of only 18 people with the distinction in the country. In her new role, Crosbie will help customers keep up with changes to Dynamics 365 and Microsoft's Power Platform and advise on applying both products. Crosbie also designed and delivers App in a Day training demonstrations, having trained staff from almost 600 companies over the last six months. Amanda Stenson is another new hire, in the role of not-for-profit lead. Stenson has worked in the sector for the past two decades. She will lead Barhead’s not-for-profit portfolio which includes the likes of the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation, Mission Australia and Wesley Mission. Prior to Barhead, Stenson worked for the Advanced Solutions International for 15 years. Finally Jennifer Maritz was hired as Barhead’s new head of sales. Martiz previously worked for IBM for 20 years, in addition to being CEO of Nvoi before joining Barhead. Mearth Supports Filipino Healthcare Workers based in Australia 2020-05-13T06:30:51Z mearth-supports-filipino-healthcare-workers-based-in-australia Sydney, Australia (14 May 2020) — Sydney-based retailer Mearth opened its enquiries for free electric scooters sponsorship to healthcare workers throughout Australia last April. Following the first wave of donations of Mearth X and Mearth X Pro to healthcare workers, the majority of the beneficiaries happened to be Filipino workers. These Filipino healthcare workers have been working in Australia as registered nurses, nursing assistants, clinical nurses, and infectious disease specialists. Several electric scooter donations were received by Filipino healthcare workers in Macquarie University Hospital, Meditech Staffing, and Sydney Adventist Hospital that is located in Sydney and Footscray Hospital in Melbourne. According to Mearth owner, Ming Ye, "Mearth electric scooters help them practise better social distancing and ease up their travel worries. With some of them completing up to 12-hour shifts and only taking public transport, this is a big help.” Healthcare workers deserve help like this at a time like this. Mearth is glad to have extended their aid for those in the frontlines through their electric scooters. About Mearth Mearth is a Sydney based manufacturer and seller of electric scooters and electric bikes. The company’s goal is to use innovation to disrupt and reshape current forms of transportation to be more efficient and convenient.  Retailers must accept cash or axe card fees 2020-05-12T00:27:38Z retailers-must-accept-cash-or-axe-card-fees Retailers told: Accept cash or axe card fees   Retailers and merchants must provide a fee-free way for Australians to pay for goods and services, says the Reserve Bank of Australia. Cash is the most popular fee-free form of payment. The Reserve Bank of Australia’s head of payments policy Tony Richards told the Sunday Herald Sun this week that: “Merchants have to accept some form of payment that is not surcharged - they can’t surcharge all payment methods. “Paying by cash is generally the way to avoid a surcharge,” Tony Richards told the Sunday Herald Sun. Some retailers are encouraging customers to avoid cash because of fears over the transmission of COVID-19. However, cash has not been linked to any COVID-19 cases. “Cash is surcharge-free and essential for our economy,” said Tim Wildash, chief executive of Next Payments, Australia’s leading independent ATM supplier. “Card companies are raking in billions of dollars in fees and charges from cashless payments. Fear of COVID-19 should not be used to increase profits while the world fights this invisible enemy. “Cash is safe, free of hidden fees and needs to be widely accepted by retailers to ensure that all Australians can meaningfully participate in the economy,” said Tim Wildash. “And, importantly, cash does not suffer from the regular ‘outages’ that impact online banking systems and EFTPOS networks. Next Payments has issued advice to ATM owners and venue operators about how to ensure their cash machines remain clean and disease free. In contrast, EFTPOS terminals can be touched by hundreds of shoppers per day to make card transactions, to enter their PIN if required and select their account. “Coronavirus panic must not lead to shops and businesses refusing to accept cash, which is safe, flexible and private,” said Tim Wildash. “I’m concerned that large card companies and banks are profiting from fear of this coronavirus.” For more comments or interview, contact: Tim Wildash - 0418 336 599 / Jason Bryce, Journalist – 0428 777 727 / AASW calls for increase in Medicare mental health sessions, publishes guidance for GPs to refer to mental health social workers 2020-05-11T00:18:24Z aasw-calls-for-increase-in-medicare-mental-health-sessions-publishes-guidance-for-gps-to-refer-to-mental-health-social-workers The AASW renews its call for an increase in Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS)-funded mental health sessions in response to COVID 19, said National President Christine Craik. “COVID 19 is having significant impacts in the health and wellbeing of all Australians and we will continue to see the effects for months if not years to come. It is clear now that people need short and long-term mental health supports that are responsive to their needs.” The AASW has joined other key stakeholders in consistently calling for an increase in allowable mental health sessions. Accredited Mental Health Social Workers (AMHSWs) who provide mental health supports through Medicare know that the current limit of 10 sessions only are not enough for many people. The AASW is calling for an immediate extension of MBS funded sessions from the current 10 sessions allowable per year to at least 20 sessions for the foreseeable future. “Increasing the number of sessions will allow mental health professionals to better support individuals to work through the anxiety and complicated presentations we are seeing at this time. Accredited Mental Health Social Workers (AMHSWs) have reported instances of their clients rationing their sessions despite significant concerns about their mental health and a worsening of symptoms as this pandemic continues. Social workers have reported observing an increase in service users presenting with suicidal thoughts and concerning behaviours. This is not surprising given the current circumstances, however supporting someone through this is difficult with the limited number of sessions available at the present time. “People are experiencing heightened anxiety with this pandemic, due to many stressors including, loss of income, financial pressure, isolation, uncertainty about the future and for some, dealing with this alongside existing mental health issues. We are seeing an increase in incidents of family violence and worsening drug and alcohol abuse. It is clear that if we are to work to support the mental health of Australians through this pandemic and into recovery, there needs to be adequate service provision.” The federal government’s MBS review has identified the need for an increased number of sessions and the AASW looks forwarding to continuing to work with government on this issue alongside addressing pay parity for all mental health professionals who are undertaking the same work. Ms Craik said, “As stated in our numerous submissions to the inquiry, we believe MBS Better Access needs to be based on need and level of complexity.” One size does not fit all. There are 2,200 AMHSWs who are already supporting people through this current crisis but to be able to address ongoing and complex mental health concerns, there needs to be an increase in the number of sessions available to individuals. AMHSWs are working with GPs to address community mental health issues during this difficult time. AASW has created a COVID-19 flyer for GPs to help refer patients to an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker. Find out more on AASW’s GP webpage and download it today. COVID-19 creates added stress in small business community 2020-05-10T20:15:46Z covid-19-creates-added-stress-in-small-business-community New research from MYOB reveals two thirds (66%) of small businesses feel COVID-19 has impacted their mental wellbeing, with 58% revealing the pandemic has negatively impacted their business.The research, conducted with more than 1,200 small business owners and operators, has been released by MYOB to coincide with the launch of a new partnership with leading Australian not-for-profit in the preventative mental health space, Smiling Mind. The new partnership will see four dedicated modules launched in the leading Smiling Mind app to help small business owners take proactive steps to manage their mental health. The modules include Mindfulness Foundations, Stress Management, Relationships and Resilience, and were designed to help small business owners manage the unique range of stressors and challenges they face on a regular basis.MYOB Chief Employee Experience Officer, Helen Lea, said the launch of the new content has come at a time when small business owners really need it.“This new research shows that 67% of respondents have experienced feelings of stress or anxiety trying to work around the new restrictions put in place in relation to COVID-19.“We have been talking to small businesses about their mental health and wellbeing for the last couple of years and working with Smiling Mind on this partnership for the last six months. We could not have known how important these conversations would become as small businesses face a pandemic and business operating restrictions.“As rewarding as it can be, running a small business brings with it a range of stressors and challenges. The research found that over the journey of running a small business, respondents have felt increased feelings of stress (64%) and anxiety (62%). Partnering with Smiling Mind to enable them to create dedicated content for the 2.4 million small businesses in Australia is one way we can help this community,” Ms. Lea added.66% of respondents take time for their mental health, but 28% say they know they should but they don’t have time. Managing cash flow and financial issues, long hours, work-life balance, feeling isolated, wearing multiple hats and a general feeling of responsibility for the businesses success or failure bring with it stress and anxiety. This new program is designed to help manage those feelings.Smiling Mind’s Co-Founder and Chair, Jane Martino, has been a deep participant in the Australian technology scene as a founder, investor, and advisor to high profile start-ups. Commenting on the four modules chosen for launch, she noted that each represented a critical building block for any small business owner focusing on their mental health and is designed to be used proactively to support good mental health.“Australian businesses are under immense pressure right now, and the confronting reality is that these COVID-19 related burdens are likely to remain for months, and potentially years, to come. “This partnership with MYOB has enabled us to deliver free, easily implementable tools to help those feeling the strain. We know that when you allow your mind to enter a state of calm, you have the mental clarity to help your business thrive – we want to deliver a sense of control to business owners at a time where control has been so elusive.” The top five factors that have impacted respondents' wellbeing in the last 12 months are COVID-19 (selected by 55% of respondents), finances (51%), work related stress (45%), lack of sleep (41%) and relationships (22%). It’s also clear from the research that the challenges of working from home are proving difficult for small businesses. Working from home stresses for small businesses: One third of respondents said the requirement to work from home has negatively impacted their mental wellbeingWhile working from home the biggest challenges include trying to separate home life and work life (33%), not having face to face interactions with clients and customers (32%), not being able to socialise with colleagues (29%), sitting at a desk all day (25%) and snacking and not eating the right food (25%). Respondents have found exercise (51%), watching TV or movies (47%), being outside (47%) and connecting with family and friends (47%) as helpful ways to boost their mental health during this time. Empowering Mums of today to shape the brands of tomorrow 2020-05-07T05:59:33Z empowering-mums-of-today-to-shape-the-brands-of-tomorrow Today’s Mums are completely overwhelmed by brand choices on their supermarket shelves, retail stores, Instagram feeds and everything in between. Brand loyalty is diminishing as these women are on a continuous quest to find ‘the next best thing’ to satisfy her and her family’s needs. In a world where a Mum’s endorsement is sales gold, what’s turning her away? Not enough brands are actively involving mothers, still largely in charge of household spending, in the development of products, messaging and campaigns and make costly assumptions instead.  Without having this customer at the forefront of critical decisions, there is a disconnect between what mums want and what companies deliver. The result is disheartened consumers. It’s time to address this gap and give Mums the power to redefine the retail landscape according her needs. The platform gaining popularity both with thousands of Aussie Mums and the brands who want to speak to them, is Mumpower., is the one stop shop for consumer brands, to unite a panel of Mums to test and assess product, messages, trends and best campaign ideas, in return for retail vouchers, products and gifts. This free consumer hub involves Mums in projects that ensure her voice is heard and needs respected, by brands that value them. And makes it easy for brands to discover unknowns, and empower more Mums with a great shopping experience. “We’re on the lookout for more Mums to join our research panel who love sharing ideas and being involved in discussions and testing products from the comfort of their homes including products for baby, kids, food, health, home and lifestyle essentials. In return for rewards, you will shape tomorrow’s brands,” explains Mumpower Founder and Director, Christie Nicholas. The latest brand Mums are invited to evaluate is global breastfeeding authority, Medela, who are excited to collaborate with Mums and discover new breastfeeding trends, insights and preferences. “Mums are at the heart of what we do so staying connected is important. This generation of Mums are facing different lifestyles factors influencing breastfeeding habits, including more breastfeeding friendly workplaces, busier schedules, a growing demand for online breastfeeding networks and let’s not forget Iso! We want Mums to tell us what matters to her most so we can shape our products and services that ensure Mum is totally supported, informed and happy with breastfeeding choices available to her.” Medela Australia Managing Director, Jarrod Percy. And Mums themselves are relishing the journey. “I love giving feedback. Especially since I’m the one who usually does the shopping. It makes me feel like this brand is listening to me and I think more highly of them. I’ve been involved in testing baby wipes, bedding, food. It’s fantastic when I see the product on shelves and know I played a role in making sure Mums would like it.” Mumpower Panellist, Janine. Mums interested in sharing opinions and testing products in return for rewards are invited to join the free panel, by heading over to -End-   For more information please contact Mumpower: Christie Nicholas| E: | P: 03 9598 9128 I M: 0418 511 347 Maddison Magri | E: | P: 03 9598 9128