The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-08-11T23:50:26Z World’s Largest Champagne Tasting 2020-08-11T23:50:26Z world-s-largest-champagne-tasting G.H. Mumm Champagne in collaboration with Atout France, the official tourism bureau for France, has today released an exclusive virtual champagne tasting to be held in Australia on September 10th 2020. The live virtual event hosted by online experience company, Drinks With Dave is set to be the world’s largest Champagne tasting ever held with over 10,000 people registering their interest within the 2 weeks leading up to the launch. “Champagne traditionally has been enjoyed when bringing people together and I'm excited to be sharing the joys of champagne and G.H. Mumm with this virtual event” ​says G.H. Mumm Australia’s ambassador Emmanuel de Madre who will be guiding the virtual tasting on September 10th. “Having produced champagne since 1827 and celebrated by Illustrious royal families across Europe we will explore the history of G.H. Mumm and what makes it the number one champagne in Australia whilst tasting two unique champagnes”. In the live and interactive virtual champagne tasting participants will receive two bottles of G.H. Mumm’s finest champagne - the iconic Cordon Rouge NV and the exceptional 2012 Vintage of Maison Mumm, the 60th since the creation of the House. Tickets to the event also include access to the more in depth online Drinks With Dave champagne course as well as the chance to win a range of prizes including a 3L Jeroboam bottle of G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge NV champagne. Registration for the G.H. Mumm Champagne event is open until August 28th with tickets available for $149 from ​ 5 REASONS TO HANG OUT IN THE HUON VALLEY TASMANIA 2020-08-11T23:43:58Z 5-reasons-to-hang-out-in-the-huon-valley-tasmania 5 REASONS TO HANG OUT IN THE HUON VALLEY TASMANIA August, 2020 - As the world adapts to a new normal, Tasmania’s Huon Valley is quietly readjusting too. There’s plenty of reasons to hang out in the region; some are new and some are as old as the mighty forests that flank its townships. The Huon Valley has been social distancing long before it was on trend, sitting on the edge of World Heritage Wilderness and often popping whole paddocks between neighbours. By its very nature, the valley is drawing visitors and a swag of new locals. Find out why with our top five picks: Wilderness and wildlife – you’ve seen the pics; this patch is naturally epic. South West Wilderness Heritage Area is on the doorstep. Summit Hartz peak in a day, wander down to South Cape Bay or perch 30-metres above the forest floor at Tahune Airwalk. Venture underground at Hastings Caves and take a dip in the thermal springs. Don’t be surprised if wallaby eyes are watching on, the Huon Valley teems with wildlife. From migrating whales to Wedge-tailed eagles and wandering wombats, there is no shortage of impromptu appearances of the wild variety.   For the love of water vistas – they’re everywhere! Sip morning coffee served with mirror reflections on the Huon River. Dip a kayak paddle in lesser-known waterways deep in the Far South. Watch Huon pine boats bob down Cygnet or Franklin way, likely built near their mooring. Snap your Insta-worthy sunrises across winter misted waters or pour a Valley wine at sunset by the Southern Ocean. Water views come standard in these parts, punctuated by the hues of seasonal changes.   Delish produce – arrive hungry. That is all. This is ocean to plate, farmer to mouth kind of amazing. Pull on gumboots and meet rare pig breeds with Gourmet Farmer Matthew Evans or find out why Massaki Koyama’s Geeveston sushi is hailed by some as Australia’s finest. Meet craft cider makers, where apples don’t fall far from the ciderhouse at Willie Smith’s Apple Shed, Frank’s Ciderhouse & Cafe or Pagan Cider. Meet the innovative food and drink producers who choose the Huon Valley as home from Hansen Orchards apple growers to Tas Saff, now selling saffron nationwide through Coles and Woolworths, to the roadside stalls with produce and local blooms.   Creative inspo – there’s a bounty of prominent artists and makers in the valley; some national treasures who love the anonymity, others recent locals like potter Bronwyn Clarke, who found a natural clay seam running beneath her Deep Bay studio. Wander the artist studios and galleries, bring your sketch pad or sign up for a workshop. Lots is happening in the creative space including acclaimed producer and writer Posie Graham-Evans embarking on a McLeod’s Daughters TV series spin-off. Settle in to this inspiring hub and let the creativity flow. Did we mention Posie has accommodation known as the Writer’s House?   End of the road – that’s right, you can’t drive further south in Australia. Cockle Creek is literally the end of the road. Park your car at Australia’s southernmost parking lot and pull on your boots. The 4-5hour return walk to South Cape Bay is a cracker. When you get there, next stop is Antarctica. Breathe deeply – it’s some of the freshest air on the planet.   Keen to find out more about any of our five reasons to hang out in the Huon Valley? Pick your fave and we’ll handpick more detail to send your way. If it’s the southern wilds that take your fancy, let us shoot you the latest short walks. Want to connect with our creative community? We’ll fill you in on the current visitor offerings or an emerging landscape artist. If it’s food and drink experiences, we’ll provide your fill from cooking classes to our Pinot labels. For more information visit: ENDS Image Link: Facebook: Insta: For further information please contact: Tel 0415 290023 SUSTOMi’s Top 5 Easy DIY hacks for the home 2020-08-11T23:40:25Z sustomi-s-top-5-easy-diy-hacks-for-the-home SUSTOMi’s Top 5 Easy DIY hacks for the home   SUSTOMi founder, Bronwyn Kidd, shares top 5 eco habits to start at home.Encouraging singles, couples and families spending more time at home in 2020 to make incremental eco lifestyle changes to reduce plastics consumption.Podcast Life Freshly Sorted offers guidance with food, environment and mindset.   Chasing silver linings for this year? With so much additional time spent at home, it’s likely you’re far more conscious now of your consumption habits than this time last year. Perhaps you’ve even developed an appreciation for creating, recycling or upcycling?   Founder of eco company, SUSTOMi, Bronwyn Kidd, has recently shared her top five (easy!) DIY eco hacks for around the home. This list came about after receiving a growing demand from her community to share ideas on homemade alternatives to products commercially sold in plastic.   “We were really thrilled to see how much feedback we received from our DIY tips on social media. People are really taking notice of their plastic habits and making small changes at home is the best way to start,” Kidd said.   SUSTOMi’s TOP 5 (EASY) DIY ECO HACKS FOR YOUR HOME Make your own beeswax wraps! If there was ever a time to swap out cling wrap for beeswax wraps, it’s now. Whilst you can also buy these super stylish SUSTOMi wraps ready to use, why not try the DIY option and enjoy a therapeutic crafternoon session? Available online via A few containers or wraps short for fridge items? Use a glass jar as your quick fix! A tall jar is another fantastic option for fridge storage. ⁠Your saved glass jars are also perfect for storing preserved fruits, fresh lemon curd and jam! Or alternatively, because let’s face it you deserve it this year, serving up that delicious homemade cocktail on a Friday night. Dry shampoo, come at us! What’s not to love? You’re saving water and time with this useful hack. All you need to make dry shampoo is found in your kitchen: a base of arrowroot flour or cornstarch, with additions of cocoa powder and cinnamon (for darker hair), ginger root for blonde hair and ginger and cinnamon for red hair.⁠ Apply the dry shampoo directly to your hair with a makeup brush and use a comb or brush to spread it. ⁠Then, enjoy a day with fresh hair!⁠ No more leaky pot plants! With more time at home this year to nurture her house plants, Bronwyn created pot bases using older beeswax wraps, saving a trip to the nursery to buy more bases. They are water-resistant and fit snug around the base, not to mention stylish. Regrow veggies and herbs from your kitchen scraps!⁠ While composting is far better than throwing kitchen scraps in the bin, this hack is even better! This leek pictured will live on and keep providing simply by being placed in a jar of water! This is as simple as it gets! Yes to more broths and soups this season.   “Those seeking to challenge their plastic consumption habits one step further can reinvent their fridge space with our clever Organised Fridge Set. It comes in a bundle including beeswax wraps, silicone covers, silicone food pouches which is a favourite of ours as they are fridge, freezer and oven safe. Importantly, the set also comes with eco produce bags for grocery shopping,” Kidd mentioned.   Wanting to make a change in your home but watching your pennies? SUSTOMi’s New Leaf Kit is on sale online now.   Learn more about adapting to a low waste lifestyle through SUSTOMi’s podcast, Life Freshly Sorted: or follow their Instagram page for more DIY eco goodness @sustomi   For more information on SUSTOMI’s sustainable kitchen and home products, visit: #sustomi #lowwaste #DIYhacks #ecohome   About SUSTOMi SUSTOMi was established in 2016 by Bronwyn Kidd in Tasmania, Australia. The business mission is to encourage Australians to live healthier, low-waste lives through their philosophy, Your life: freshly sorted.   SUSTOMi hosts a podcast, Life freshly sorted, featuring special guests offering their wisdom on low-waste living. This podcast is available on a number of platforms including iTunes and Spotify.   Alongside its educational value, SUSTOMi also sells alternatives to household plastics to help shift consumption habits. These products include beeswax wraps, silicone fridge pouches and silicone lids. Protech Health expand mask range to keep up with demand 2020-08-10T23:00:29Z protech-health-expand-mask-range-to-keep-up-with-demand Due to the increasing need for face masks across the country, Protech Health has announced an expansion in the range to ensure there is a mask for everyone in the family. Developed in 1998, Protech has long been known for providing Australians with everyday health essentials. As increased restrictions are imposed, alongside their regular 3-layer disposable face masks, they have now launched a new smaller, 5-layer and less claustrophobic feel option, the Protech+ KN95 Protective Face Mask, with children’s mask now also in production. All products in the range are currently in stock and available today online from as well as via independent pharmacies. The children’s masks are expected to be ready for orders from the end of the month. Jodie Phillips, Chemcorp International General Manager says, “Our Protech range has been around since 1998 and has, over the years, included similar products. The new additions to the current range ensure that families can ensure there is a mask to suit all, especially those who have felt claustrophobic when wearing the regular masks. “Something we’ve also noticed out in the community is the fact that many are wearing their disposable face masks the wrong way, we want to stress that disposable masks are to be worn with the blue side out to maximise protection and are single use only,” adds Jodie. The new Protech+ protective face mask range includes: Protech+ KN95 Protective Face Mask This 3D disposable protective face mask is specifically designed for smaller faces and for those who feel claustrophobic wearing a regular face mask. Offering 5 layers of protection, each mask provides superior filtration, and a comfortable close fit seal for added protection. RRP: $9.99 for a 2 pack. Protech+ Disposable Face Masks Lightweight, odourless, and hypo-allergenic to help reduce the risk of spreading cold and flu germs. Comfortable to wear, breathable and fits snuggly around the ears with loops. The enclosed wire nose piece forms a strong, comfortable seal for maximum protection. RRP: $14.99 for a 6 pack. RRP $17.99 for a 12 pack. RRP $29.99 for a 25 pack. RRP $49.99 for a 50 pack. For further information go to: The JURA E6 just got better! 2020-08-10T02:55:16Z the-jura-e6-just-got-better The ever-popular JURA E6 household coffee machine has had an upgrade, making the convenience of owning an automated machine at home, that much better. Featuring an additional product page on the modern TFT display, users can now enjoy up to 11 different ground coffee specialities, while maintaining the simple operation and superior coffee result the E6 is known for. George Liakatos, JURA Australia’s Managing Director says, “The E6 is the perfect entry-level machine for the household that enjoys their coffee but likes the convenience of being able to make one at home. This machine is so easy to set up, use and clean, which is why it has been so popular over its lifetime. The updates offer more variety, which is perfect timing with some of the newer specialities growing in popularity such as the espresso doppio and macchiato.” Key features of the new and improved E6 include: An additional product page ­extends the selection to a total of 11 different specialities. Boasts four additional specialities: Caffè Barista, Lungo Barista, Espresso Doppio and Macchiato. Espresso Doppio grinds, tamps and brews twice with just one touch CLARIS Smart provides perfect water quality for the perfect taste. The Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.®) automatically detects filter presence. Integrated maintenance programmes and the interchangeable milk spout guarantee perfect hygiene. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) optimises the extraction time and guarantees the very best aroma even for short speciality coffees. The premium, chrome-plated cup grille serves as the perfect stage to showcase each and every speciality. Operating concept with controls on the front of machine, with a 2.8" TFT colour display The JURA E6 in platinum is available for RRP $1,699 online at as well as selected independent and specialty outlets. About JURA: JURA’s products stand for innovation, ease of use and sustainability. JURA believe in the perfect cup of coffee, using fresh beans, freshly ground and extracted at the touch of a button. The product range includes both machines for domestic use and professional models for the office and food service industry. In recent years the long-established Swiss brand has grown to become a global player, operating in around 50 countries. Swags and Gazebos The Ultimate Camping Partners 2020-08-10T02:17:23Z swags-and-gazebos-the-ultimate-camping-partners If you love going camping in your swag, particularly if you’ve got a double swag like the Big Daddy Deluxe from Adventure Kings, then one of the best bits of camping gear that you can invest in, is a portable camping gazebo! In fact a gazebo like the Adventure Kings 3x3m Gazebo or 6x3m gazebo is the ultimate camping partner to your swag, in any sort of weather. Here’s why. Portable gazebos for camping are so good because they create almost instant, generous amounts of shelter from the sun, the wind and the rain. When you roll your camping double swag out under your portable camping gazebo, you create the perfect campsite accommodation – heaps of protection from the elements, and so quick to setup! Setting up your double swag or single swag under your 3×3 camping gazebo obviously gives you heaps of protection from the elements coming down from above, like rain or hot sun, but did you know that with a little upgrade, a camping gazebo can be a brilliant way to protect from the cold weather, and add heaps of privacy to your campsite too? If you upgrade your portable camping gazebo with a gazebo tent, you create the ideal enclosed space to put your swag inside! And when it’s cold, that means you’ve got an extra layer of protection from the wind and the rain, as well as somewhere comfortable and spacious inside the camping gazebo tent to get changed, take your shoes off, that sort of thing! Even better, if you’re camped at a busy campsite, then adding a gazebo tent to your 6x3m portable gazebo or 3x3m camping gazebo gives you a whole new layer of privacy too! No longer will you have to roll around trying to get changed or dressed inside your swag – you can simply get dressed in your portable gazebo tent, and you’ll have enough room to actually stand up inside. Talk about luxury! Even if you don’t want to upgrade your portable gazebo and use a gazebo tent to put your swag inside, there are other camping gazebo upgrade options available. You can add a 3×3 metre mesh floor underneath your portable camping gazebo for instance to protect your swag from the dirty, wet or cold ground, and then you can also add a couple of genuine gazebo walls to your portable gazebo to add extra protection from the wind, rain and sun that could come in under your portable gazebo from the sides. We’re massive fans of just how good a campsite consisting of a portable camping gazebo and a double swag is! The best part is, both a camping gazebo and a double swag are so quick to setup, that you’ll have your entire campsite created in well under 10 minutes, and likely under five minutes once you’ve done it a couple of times! Just set up your 3×3 gazebo or 6×3 gazebo, peg it down and then add your genuine gazebo accessories like a 3×3 gazebo tent, gazebo side walls or a mesh floor. Finally, roll out your swag underneath your portable gazebo and that’s your entire campsite accommodation sorted! Whether it’s for a busy campsite where you need privacy, or just for extra protection from the elements, a portable camping gazebo is your swag’s best mate out in the bush.To get yourself sorted with shelter and all weather protection making sure that you head to call our expert team on 1800 88 39 64 or drop into one of our fully equipped showrooms to see the whole range of camping equipment in person and pick up your new gear upgrades.  How to Perform a Slingshot Winching Recovery 2020-08-10T02:16:30Z how-to-perform-a-slingshot-winching-recovery If you love getting out onto the tracks for a tough low range 4WDing session, then having a quality 12,000lb winch on hand is one of the best bits of 4WD gear you can ever carry! An electric 4WD winch means the ability to self-recover if you get stuck, giving you the confidence to tackle big bogholes or hardcore hillclimbs. And even if you’re not the kind of 4WDer who actively seeks out the toughest tracks, having a quality 12000lb winch on your 4WD is security for those ‘just in case’ moments – even if it’s not you that is stuck, you’ll be equipped to help other people! One of the most advanced winch recoveries you can perform is called a “Slingshot Winch Recovery”. That’s where a vehicle is stuck on the track ahead of you, but you can’t get your 4WD around them to winch them forward, and winching back isn’t an option. Here’s how to perform a Slingshot Winch recovery using your 12000lb 4×4 winch in that scenario. SECURE BOTH VEHICLES SO THEY WON’T MOVE Safety is the number one priority of any 4WD winch recovery, so before you unspool your 4WD winch, make sure that both vehicles – yours and the stuck vehicle ahead of you – are secured and won’t move for the moment. Chock each vehicle’s wheels if necessary, and once you’re sure they won’t move, you can then unspool your 12,000lb electric winch. RUN YOUR WINCH UP TO A TREE IN FRONT OF THE STUCK VEHICLE Unspool your electric winch synthetic winch rope out with enough slack to run the winch rope past the stuck vehicle and to a tree you’ve selected to use as an anchor point approximately 10 metres ahead of the stuck vehicle. Make sure to also let your 12000lb winch out enough to then bring the winch hook back down to the front of the stuck vehicle. CONNECT A TREE TRUNK PROTECTOR AND SNATCH BLOCK Next, use a snatch block and a tree trunk protector to form a proper anchor point around the tree you have selected to winch off. Wrap the tree trunk protector around the tree, attach the snatch block and ensure that your 12000 4×4 winch has the clutch engaged and is ready to be used. LOOP THE WINCH ROPE BACK TO THE STUCK VEHICLE Take your synthetic winch rope and feed it through the snatch block, before then taking the winch hook on the end of the rope back to the front of the stuck vehicle. You may find that you need to unspool your 4WD winch a little more to give you enough length to reach the front of the stuck vehicle. Don’t forget to put a winch damper on both lines of the synthetic winch rope for safety. WINCH THE STUCK VEHICLE FORWARDS Now is the time to perform the 4×4 winch recovery to get the stuck vehicle free! Make sure that the clutch is engaged on your 12,000lb winch, and then get into your car. Start your engine so that your electric winch has plenty of power from your alternator, and then when both vehicles are ready, spool in your 4×4 winch. If all goes well you’ll quickly pull the stuck vehicle free! If not, then release the tension on your 4WD winch and re-assess the situation, and build up the track with rocks and logs if necessary to lower the stress and strain on your 12,000lb winch.To see the full range of recovery gear available head to or call our expert team on 1800 88 39 64 or visit our showroom to see the whole range in person! Mumpreneur named as a finalist for National Health Awards 2020-08-10T00:29:30Z mumpreneur-named-as-a-finalist-for-national-health-awards Caroline Bellenger of Be The Impossible and Epic Pro Fitness has been named as a finalist for the 2020 AusMumpreneur Awards in the Health and Wellness category and People’s Choice Health Awards.   The AusMumpreneur Awards presented by The Women’s Business School celebrate and recognize Australian Mums in business achieving outstanding success in areas such as business excellence, product development, customer service and digital innovation. The awards are designed to recognize the growing number of women who successfully balance motherhood and business in a way that suits their life and family.   Caroline Bellenger is a passionate life, business & fitness coach, author, motivational speaker and creator of ‘Be The Impossible’ courses. From childhood sexual abuse to over twenty years of addiction and mental health issues, Caroline finally got sober in 2009. Since then Caroline has gone on to represent Australia in triathlon and climb to Everest Base Camp while operating a thriving fitness business and establishing her second business as a Life & Business coach.  Her gym Epic Pro Fitness is a supportive fun community that uses fitness and mindset to overcome physical and emotional challenges in life without fad diets or obsessive exercise routines.  Caroline is dedicated to giving back to her community including volunteering as a Surf Lifesaver and as an advocate for Black Dog Institute.  Her Life & Business Coaching business is already changing lives through 1:1 Life & Business Coaching, online courses, workshops, membership, and Facebook groups.   Caroline was inspired in 2009 to use exercise to overcome mental health issues and the challenges of staying sober.  In 2016 her passion for fitness saw her become a Personal Trainer and in 2017 she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey to open a small boutique gym focused on community and holistic health.  From this ensued 18 months of personal development and set her on the path to study Coaching, NLP and Hypnosis.  From this came her Life & Business Coaching: Be The Impossible. She is passionate about inspiring women to reach their dreams. Caroline emphatically believe that if she can overcome significant life obstacles, then any woman given support and encouragement can achieve the impossible. Her life purpose is to help women find fulfilment and happiness in their own lives.   Caroline Bellenger is delighted to be named as a finalist and is proud of her achievements, particularly during Covid, when she discovered that drinking had increased by up to 30%.  She launched a Free Facebook Group for women who wanted to Maximize Their Life by Minimizing their drinking.  Caroline is proud to say over the past few months she has inspired and supported many women to stop drinking or at least drink less.   There are many benefits to balancing business and motherhood as Caroline explains, “At 51 I have seen the many changes in the workforce faced by women, so I want to use my own experience as a Mumpreneur to empower other women to follow their business and life dreams.”.   It can be challenging to be a successful business woman whilst raising a family and Caroline gives this advice for others thinking about starting their own enterprise. “Work on your own personal development and follow the path where your passion, purpose and goals collide”.   Read more at The winners of the 2020 AusMumpreneur Awards will be announced at an online event in September.   For more information on the AusMumpreneur Awards visit: or contact   For an interview with Caroline Bellenger contact 0466372211, ACN CEO writes heartfelt open letter for all Victorian Nurses 2020-08-07T06:05:44Z acn-ceo-writes-heartfelt-open-letter-for-all-victorian-nurses Dear Editor, As Victoria goes into another week of its second lockdown, the situation for nurses has become increasingly stressful due to high numbers of patients, anxiety about contracting the illness and having to work with awkward PPE. Many nurses have come forward to the Australian College of Nursing to ask for help and assurance. The CEO of the Australian College of Nursing, Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward RN FACN, has written a heartfelt open letter to all nurses in Victoria and the community. This letter is enclosed here. Would you be interested in covering the story of the letter? It is intended to provide support for nurses but also inform the public about their role to play in supporting nurses. I hope you are keen for this story; it would mean a lot to have it covered. Please contact me for any or more information. Felicity Zadro 0404 009 384 AN OPEN LETTER FOR VICTORIAN NURSES 7 August 2020 Dear Colleagues and friends, Firstly, I want to thank every nurse and midwife for your service and sacrifice during these difficult times. Over the past few weeks, I have been contacted by many nurses in Victoria, all working in varying and extreme conditions. The Australian College of Nursing conducted a survey last week to connect with all nurses and hear any concerns; we were overwhelmed with 1500 responses in just 48hours. Many more concerns and comments continue to stream in daily. Whilst these are being collated to give us a better understanding of the action and advocacy we need to take, I want you to know we hear you, we are here for you, and you are not alone. I want all Australians to know that each of you, as nurses, choose to turn up and deliver care to keep Victorians safe. Throughout our history of war, famine, fire, floods and now a pandemic, nurses have selflessly sacrificed, with nobility and humility. As economies crumble and familiarity fades nurses find courage and conviction to fulfil our professional responsibilities. Right now, there will be a nurse who: Left their children and loved ones to care for yours Puts their own basic needs of hydration and toileting on hold to tend to your relative’s needs Feels the pain and restriction of working 8-12+ hours in PPE Is isolating to keep you safe and waiting for results to go back to work to care Wears the brunt of your frustration and fear when they are spoken to rudely or treated unfairly Contracted the corona virus because of community contact Wants each person to follow the rules so they do not have to treat you as their patient Is feeling like they cannot do enough, and this will never end Is scared but still turns up Sheds a tear, quietly contemplating how to find the strength to face the next day while providing comfort and reassurance to those whom they are caring for Puts their own health needs as secondary to yours It is time all Victorians understand what nurses need the community to do – to protect themselves, follow the rules and to keep safe. The Australian College of Nursing stands with all nurses and midwives, either working on the front line or in management, across the public, private and aged-care sectors. Your work is critical and valued and we appreciate everything you do. Nurses have told us they are tired, worried and weary and we need to act regarding: 1. Being able to access appropriate and safe PPE 2. The real issues with wearing PPE all day 3. Finding solutions so nurses don’t have to wear uniforms home 4. A safe place to share your concerns and unload the mental burden with someone skilled for front line workers 5. Excessive paperwork and bureaucracy. You want those at the top to listen and support you, rather than control and command you … or worse, ignore you 6. Educating people so they stop judging us if we get the virus; we live in the community and are at risk like everyone else. There will be more action needed as we gather your thoughts and ideas. We recognise the sacrifices you are making. And we are working hard in the background to make things better. We are here for the long game; but it will take time to recover and emerge as a new nation, with new ways of working and new ways of being. The Australian College of Nursing is in the final stages of compiling a national COVID-19 strategy response that will aim to address the professional issues nurses are facing across the system – for our members and non-members. This strategy will focus on information, upskilling, advocacy, support for nurses, health system reforms for professional practice and community awareness. I want you to know it is okay to need help and support. I ask that you take the time to express your needs, seek support, and take a moment to care for yourself. Guilt free. Please feel free to join our NURSE STRONG group on Facebook and reach out to your colleagues and friends in our amazing profession. It is not the Year of the Nurse and Year of the Midwife we expected, but our country and our people need us and ultimately, it is why the World Health Organization acknowledged us to be celebrated this year. I promise when this is all over the Australian College of Nursing will make sure we get our time to celebrate together. Thank you for all that you are doing, you matter. Stay strong and safe. Sincerely, Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward RN FACN Chief Executive Officer Australian College of Nursing How to repair your iPhone in Melbourne amid the coronavirus stage 4 lockdown 2020-08-07T01:54:39Z how-to-repair-your-iphone-in-melbourne-amid-the-coronavirus-stage-4-lockdown Using our mobile devices to stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic is more important than ever. As well as providing a vital lifeline to keep in touch with friends and family and stay up to date with the latest news and health information, you may also be relying on your iPhone or your iPad whilst working from home. With the introduction of Melbourne’s stage 4 restrictions on 5th August, the options for getting your device repaired has diminished significantly, with most retail repair stores, including the Apple store, closed. Fortunately, fix2U’s “Come To You” iPhone and iPad repair service means that Melbourne residents won’t have to worry – their certified and vetted technicians will travel to your home and repair your device on the spot. fix2U is a permitted business under the stage 4 restrictions. fix2U's Zero Contact Repair procedure allows them to repair your device without you having to physically meet with your repairer, and more importantly, without you needing to leave home. After you book your repair with fix2U they'll send you a short e-mail to explain how the process works, and you’ll get the opportunity to discuss any concerns you might have with your repairer in advance of the repair appointment. As well as iPhone repair and iPad repair, fix2U are also able to provide screen repairs for Samsung Galaxy. For more information on the fix2U service, and to book a Zero Contact repair, please head to PEACH PACK IS HERE TO BREAK THE STIGMA AROUND MENSTRUATION 2020-08-05T23:57:20Z peach-pack-is-here-to-break-the-stigma-around-menstruation Peach Pack, co-founded by 22-year old best friends, Sage Mellet and Alyssa Carp, has just launched The Blossom Pack in Australia and it’s here to break the stigma and taboo around menstruation, all while educating and empowering young Aussies along the way. After Peach Pack successfully launched in the US in early 2019, Sage and Alyssa wanted to bring their offering back home to Australian consumers with The Blossom Pack, a customised pack for first-timers. The Blossom Pack is the ultimate curated self-care pack to handle all of your menstrual hygiene needs with ease. It packages sanitary products and self-care items into a nifty eco-friendly box and delivers them straight to your door. First-timers can also add in the Starter Pack Guide to their delivery, which is a beautiful booklet that explores periods and tackles a range of menstrual-related questions. Peach Pack wants to create a positive mentality around ‘that time of the month’ and dismantle the negative stigma and embarrassment that is often associated with menstruation. The team does this by serving up packs that celebrate self-care and embrace our bodies. The Blossom Pack RRP: $54.95 The Blossom Pack +  The Starter Pack Guide Available Online: What's in it? - TOM Organic period products  - Delicious PANA Chocolate - A PMS Tea by Your Tea - Fluff Cosmetics’ Facial Oil - Referral card to the Bloom App - PeppyCo Face Mask - Subi Pimple Patch Not only does The Blossom Pack empower young people through a sustainable and eco-conscious service and an authentic and bold community, it has a clear social standing with a portion of its proceeds going towards supporting women and providing menstruation products to those in need. It's time to break the stigma around menstruation. PERIOD. ENDS To organise an interview with co-founders, Sage Mellet & Alyssa Carp, product call-ins, or further information, please get in touch: Megan Chambers || Rendr Launches in Melbourne 2020-08-05T23:55:39Z rendr-launches-in-melbourne Launched in 2020, the Rendr app is here to revolutionise and Uberfy the Home & Hardware industry by delivering supplies on-demand straight to doorsteps and job sites across Melbourne. Co-founded by 22-year-old entrepreneurs, Greg Leibowitz and James Fisher, Rendr, which is available for both iOS and Android users, conveniently and quickly delivers everything from paint, plants, and power tools, BBQs, basins, and everything in between to consumers across Melbourne. After establishing a digital marketing agency straight out of school in 2017, Leibowitz and Fisher were inspired to continue innovating and pushing boundaries. With the increase in on-demand deliveries and after a discussion with tradie mates about slow deliveries and the inconvenience of leaving job sites to pick up supplies, they had a lightbulb moment and realised there was a gap in the market they needed to fill. The Rendr app is created with industry-leading technology, which easily allows users to purchase items at the tap of a button and have them delivered on demand. The team has also implemented handy features like a paint estimator tool and bundle packages for consumer ease and convenience. With appeal to DIYers and tradies alike, Leibowitz and Fisher have already seen a great demand for the Rendr platform. “By dissecting the ever-changing retail landscape, we determined there wasn’t an all in one platform available for trades and DIYers, which provided the on-demand delivery of the supplies they need. By combining ease of use and sophisticated technology, the perfect solution was developed. Within our first two months of launching in Melbourne, we’ve seen consumer demand exponentially grow,” says co-founder, Greg Leibowitz. “We’ve got big plans for future expansion,” says co-founder, James Fisher, “We want to become an all-encompassing app that is the go-to for all your DIY and trade needs.” With Melburnians back in lockdown, the app has seen exponential growth, showing that consumers are opting to purchase through the app seamlessly, instead of heading out to the local hardware store. By providing a Home and Hardware store at consumers’ fingertips, Rendr allows projects to be completed more efficiently, while supplies and tools are delivered on-demand to doorsteps and work sites. ENDS For more information, or to organise an interview with co-founders Greg Leibowitz and James Fisher, please get in touch: Megan Chambers || Latest technology delivers dynamic air purification in new, home air purifier 2020-08-05T05:27:50Z latest-technology-delivers-dynamic-air-purification-in-new-home-air-purifier With a clean air delivery rate of a fast 6.3m3 per minute and a coverage area of 49.5m2, the Coway Storm Air Purifier is the perfect unit for a large family living area.The Coway Storm has a powerful four-tier filtration system, including a HEPA filter, that removes 99.9 per cent of fine particles to 0.02 microns# in size including bacteria and viruses.Unlike most air purifiers, the Coway Storm offers multi-directional air flow modes for fast air circulation: forwards, upwards (90 degree) and a combination of both. While having an extremely powerful circulator to extend the airflow range up to six metres, the unit boasts a power consumption of only 65W so is economical to operate.Using the Coway Storm will allow family members to enjoy clean and deodorised air that is free from fine dust, mould, pollen, bacteria, viruses, dander, pet hair, odours and VOCs (volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde and other harmful fumes and gases).This makes it perfect for families who want to protect a children’s play area, for example, remove pollutants that enter homes from outside, such as dust contamination and car exhaust, and environments with poor air circulation.Allergy sufferers can be confident that the Coway Storm has been ECARF Certified* to meet the highest international standards of allergy-friendly products.Coloured Air Quality IndicatorTo check indoor air quality in real time, the Coway Storm air purifier has a built-in circular LED light on the front of the unit that shows the current indoor air pollution level. Four colours indicate different levels of air pollution: good (blue), moderate (green), unhealthy (yellow) and very unhealthy (red).The sleek design includes detachable outlet grilles that enable more effective cleaning than other models with fixed covers. This model has won design awards including a prestigious iF Design Award.Andatech’s Coway Storm 1516D model has an RRP of $1399. The Coway range includes the Coway Classic 1018F model, which has the same four-tier filtration system but has a smaller coverage area of 33.9 m2 and is recommended for living rooms and bedrooms. The Coway Classic has an RRP of $999. Both air purifiers come with a two-year warranty and are available from’s air purifiers include the Ionmax and Marvel ranges, with prices for room air purifiers starting from $199.ends* ECARF: European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation The products and services ECARF certifies have been fully adapted to the needs of allergy sufferers. An independent advisory panel of 15 leading international scientists and technicians has developed the criteria they use to evaluate different product groups. The criteria are regularly updated to reflect the latest scientific findings. A product receives the Seal when it can be proved through audits or studies that the criteria have been fulfilled. As tested by KIMM (Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials) for the fine particles to 20 nanometres. NOTE: The air purifiers have not been tested with coronovirus.About Andatech:Andatech is a 100% Australian owned company that designs, supplies, supports and services safety and wellness products including high quality alcohol and drug testing equipment, and air quality products. The company has the widest range of Australian Standard-certified breathalysers in Australia, which are designed for personal use, in workplaces, at hospitality venues (wall mounted) and as car interlock devices. Drug testing kits cover saliva and urine testing of 7 drug groups providing error-free results. Air quality products include dehumidifiers, air purifiers, humidifiers and aroma diffusers. enquiries:Wendy McWilliams, WMC PR, T: 03 9803 2588 / 0421 364 665 E: of high res photos available (refer to media release). EcoTools release new spa and body essentials 2020-08-05T04:17:57Z ecotools-release-new-spa-and-body-essentials EcoTools, the leader in eco-conscious beauty products, most notably known for their incredibly soft cosmetic brushes, is excited to launch their new range of spa and body essentials. The new facial and body cleansing accessories are the perfect way to look and live beautifully this winter, and are available now from Erica Galea, Chemcorp International Marketing Director, the local distributors of EcoTools says, “The new range of spa and body products are a great addition to the EcoTools range and further enhance the DIY at-home beauty experience. “The new products now offer users the opportunity to create their own, eco-friendly at-home day spa which can be used in conjunction with their regular cleansing and exfoliating products or by creating their own home-made masks and scrubs,” said Erica. The new products in the range include: EcoTools Deep Cleansing Brush – RRP $12.95: This soft bristle brush delivers a deep skin cleanse by not only helping the skin looked polished at a surface level but reduces congestion and pore size. Simply use the brush whilst damp, apply cleanser and exfoliate the skin using circular motions. Available in pink, green and grey. EcoTools Charcoal Infused Bath Cloth – RRP $12.95: Made with recycled fibres and designed with bamboo charcoal to help purify, enrich and restore balance back into the skin, this 100% vegan and latex free woven cleansing cloth gently exfoliates the skin. Use whilst wet and apply cleansing product. EcoTools Facial Konjac Sponge – RRP $12.95: The new Facial Konjac Sponge cleanses and exfoliates in one simple step, giving the skin a smooth and glowing look, without the harsh irritation of a physical scrub. Designed with natural root vegetable fibre to gently remove dirt, oil and makeup, dampen the sponge, apply cleanser and use circular motions to lift and remove makeup. EcoTools Polishing Facial Cloths – RRP $11.99: These muslin polishing facial cloths are designed with organic cotton to remove dirt, oil and makeup for fresh and revived skin. To use, apply and massage cleanser onto face as usual, run the cloth under warm water and lightly wring out, then use the cloth to wipe away the cleanser. Rinse and repeat as needed. All EcoTools products are available online now at About EcoTools: Founded over a decade ago, EcoTools has always been passionate about the use of sustainable materials. Each makeup brush is made from bamboo and recycled aluminium, with cruelty-free synthetic bristles. The packaging has been constructed using tree-free paper and vegetable-based inks. And, with every new product innovation, the brand endeavours to further reduce its carbon footprint. EcoTools believe that when an individual truly feels beautiful, the world becomes a more beautiful place. Profit above public safety 2020-08-04T11:47:51Z profit-above-public-safety Dear Editor, Under Stage 4 restrictions in Victoria we cannot have a haircut, exercise for more than an hour, or buy food after 8.00pm. Why, then, is dog racing still permitted? According to the Premier, shutting down the industry would present "significant animal welfare issues." What can we take from this statement, apart from assuming that a greyhound who no longer makes money for his or her "guardian" is going to be neglected, abandoned, or killed? After all, this is an industry that railed against legislation requiring them to provide dogs with enriching toys, claiming this "anthropomorphised" greyhounds. Greyhound trainers have previously been exposed for dumping dogs in mass graves, and live-baiting small animals. I am the proud fur-grandpa of two rescued greyhounds. These loving, quirky individuals spent their early lives cut off from natural pleasures like play, socialisation, and regular walks. One of them was confined to a cage for most of the day, and forced to live in her own waste. Her only exercise was being chained to a walking machine. The other dog has badly-worn teeth from chewing on the bars of her cage, and anxiety issues that are only now settling after years in a loving home. The cruel practices of this patently non-essential business should not be permitted in a State of Disaster, or any state at all. This exemption to the lockdown only serves to prove that racing industries put profit above anything else – including public safety. Desmond Bellamy Special Projects Coordinator PETA Australia 1a Henderson St Northcote 3070 0411 577 416