The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-07-29T20:12:49Z Kiss Glass 5 reasons to choose glass pool fencing 2021-07-29T20:12:49Z kiss-glass-5-reasons-to-choose-glass-pool-fencing Perth, WA: Perth-based company Kiss Glass wants you to choose glass pool fencing to beautify your outdoor area this summer. They have five compelling reasons you should listen. There’s a reason glass pool fencing regularly features in high-end fashion and home design magazines – because it is gorgeous. Stylish and elegant, glass fencing oozes glamour, but it is also functional and, above all else, meets the highest safety standards. Kiss Glass’s Manager, Mike Butler, explains, “there are two main styles of glass pool fencing available in Perth – frameless and semi-frameless. We love each type as they can both be adapted to meet the needs of your home – bringing safety and style in one neat package.” Kiss Glass’s top reasons to choose glass pool fencing are: 1.    It’s beautiful and stylish (and safe!)Clear, clean panels of glass secured by shiny stainless-steel transform any pool area. Glass pool fencing provides you with an uninhibited view of your pool area making it easier for you to keep an eye on your children or pets (and monitor their behaviour). 2.    There’s little maintenance. Glass is easy to maintain, needing only a quick clean now and then. 3.    It’s easy to clean. Simply wipe your glass pool fence with an appropriate window cleaner every few weeks to keep it sparkling and crystal clear. If you live near the ocean or in a hard bore water area, specialist cleaning products are available to help mitigate these factors. 4.    It’s strong and durable. All glass used as building materials in Australia has to meet strict safety standards, making glass pool fences strong and secure, unlikely to be damaged. Kiss Glass’s pool fencing panels are reinforced through a heating-soaked glass process. This treatment makes the panels strong, durable, and able to withstand the temperature fluctuations of Western Australia’s challenging climate. 5.    It’s affordable. Glass fences are competitively. Overall costs fluctuate depending on your preferences and your project’s requirements. Glass pool fencing projects can demand additional procedures such as earthing, removal of old fences and railings, and pool fencing certification. Mike Butler goes on to say, “pools should bring fun and excitement to your summer, not worry and danger. Contact Kiss Glass and let us provide you with glass pool fencing in Perth that meets the highest safety standards.” About Kiss Glass: Kiss Glass is a local WA company servicing all areas from Mandurah to Joondalup.As experienced custom glass suppliers in Perth led by Mike Butler, Kiss Glass can create a stylish and safe pool area for any outdoor area this year. CONTACT DETAILS Name: Mike Butler Phone number: 08 9337 4099 Email: Web: Jumping Rope vs Running 2021-07-29T08:25:07Z jumping-rope-vs-running There’s nothing quite like a runner’s high.  Runners will agree; the sense of accomplishment from running further and faster than the day before is like no other feeling. With that said, we’re here to settle the debate on jumping rope vs running.  Which cardio option is going to give you a better workout?  Benefits of Jumping Rope vs Running  Jumping Rope vs Running: Which is More Efficient?  You can forget about toiling away on the treadmill for an hour just to get a good cardio workout. All you need is a few minutes to get the same benefits from jumping rope.  Plenty of research has piled up showing the benefits of jumping rope vs running, so we’ll only highlight an essential point that has been proven.  A study led by John A. Baker at Arizona State University divided 92 male students into two groups: one group jumped rope for 10 minutes a day, and the other group jogged for 30 minutes a day. After six weeks, the men took the Harvard Step Test to measure their cardiovascular gain. Each group showed equal amounts of improvement. When it comes down to jumping rope vs running, you’ll get the same results in only a fraction of the time. Jumping Rope vs Running: Which is Safer for Your Joints? Running offers a great cardio workout, but if you’re comparing jumping rope vs running, your poor joints will think you for using a jump rope. If you’re using proper form, jumping rope puts less stress on your knees than pounding away at the pavement for long periods or long distances.  In an excellent article written by Yuri Elkaim, an interesting statistic was brought up: "About 50 to 75% of all running injuries appear to be overuse injuries due to the constant repetition of the same movement and factors associated with running injuries include previous injury, lack of running experience, running to compete, and excessive weekly running distance." But here's something serious to consider if you’re looking at jumping rope vs running: the yearly incidence rate for running injuries varies between 37 and 56%. Even treadmills, which have a predictable, even surface, and controlled climate, can cause injuries and joint pain. So unless you know how to run properly—with proper form and proper training protocols—you're setting yourself up for potential training injuries. "So, is jumping rope safer than running?" Several reasons make jump rope training an excellent alternative to your regular jog, especially if you're dealing with joint pain or have old injuries to deal with. Unlike running, jumping rope eliminates the dangerous heel-to-toe strike that tends to be the cause of many injuries. When using a good jump rope technique, you're bounding on the midsoles of your feet and keeping your knees slightly bent. This turns your ankles and knees into shock absorbers and allows the forces to be distributed evenly throughout the body, leaving minimal impact on your joints. And speaking of proper technique, what's unique about the jump rope is that it will force you to correct your form as you train. You will essentially continue making mistakes until your form is on point. It's like having a coach in the palms of your hands. If you're facing joint pain from running, be aware that jumping rope is an excellent alternative that can offer solid results without causing further joint pain or damage. Pro Tip: The surface you’re jumping on matters. Hard surfaces - like asphalt or concrete - generally put more stress on your joints than softer surfaces such as rubber or wooden flooring and often are the leading cause of shin splints and other injuries. To minimise your chances of injury and shin splints, we recommend that you jump on softer surfaces more frequently or look into getting yourself a good jump rope mat to jump on. Jumping Rope vs Running: Which is Better for Strength Training?  When you think of strength training, a jump rope typically isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Jump ropes isolate the muscles in your calves + quads, and when you bounce on the midsoles of your feet, you’re strengthening those muscles with every swing.  At Crossrope Australia, we’re taking things to another level.  By bringing a great line of heavy jump ropes to Australia and NZ, we’re helping widen the effectiveness (and efficiency) gap between jumping rope vs running.  Weighted jump ropes not only boost the overall calorie burn of your workout but also introduces strength training to the mix. Because of the increased resistance, there is an overall increase in muscle engagement and contraction.  When the weight is distributed evenly throughout the jump rope, you’re bracing your entire upper body (arms, shoulders, back, + core). You end up building muscle all over your body because the additional resistance creates more force that you have to control when you swing the rope. Jumping Rope vs Running: Which is More Fun? It’s 5:00 pm on a Thursday. You’re leaving work with your gym bag in the trunk. On the way to the gym, you start thinking... "What do I want to do tonight?” The same old answer comes to mind: go for a run. You get to the gym, change into your workout clothes, prepare yourself for the inevitable rush-hour cardio equipment when it hits you. You don’t really feel like running today. Actually, you’re kind of getting bored with it. You want something new, something cutting-edge, something different. You're craving a new challenge. We see this stuff all the time. In fact, boredom is one of the main reasons people stop exercising altogether. To avoid this fate, it's important to look for ways to keep yourself motivated. And to do that, you need to find something that you actually enjoy doing. Something fun and different than what you've tried before. If you feel like you're starting to get bored with your outdoor runs or indoor treadmill sessions, consider adding the jump rope workouts into your training mix. When you’re comparing jumping rope vs running in terms of workout engagement, there are a number of things a jump rope can offer that running can’t.  For one, as we mentioned earlier, you can literally take your workout anywhere. In an article published on Men's Fitness, Sara Greenfest mentions a study carried out by a team at the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, which found that people who exercise outside feel more energised and rejuvenated after their workout. Next, jumping rope is exceptionally versatile. It allows you to experiment with various skills and exercises to keep your workouts fun and engaging. You can play around with basic jumps, scissor jumps, double unders, one-foot variations, and many others.  Finally, you now also can experiment with different resistances. With the Crossrope jump rope system, you can easily clip different weights into your handles to change the intensity of your workouts. As a result, you can build workouts for fat loss, endurance, strength, or whatever fits the bill. If boredom starts to creep up, give the jump rope a try and see what it can do for you. Can Jumping Rope Help You Become a Better Runner? “I loved skipping as a kid—and when I heard about Crossrope Jump Ropes, I thought, I want to feel like a kid again. Jumping also improves my runs, prevents injuries, and does more for my body in 10 minutes than a 30-minute run. That’s a win-win.” - Bob Vila Now, what if you don’t want to give up running? Can jumping rope help you get better? Absolutely. What we've found is that the two can (and should) work hand in hand. Cross-training, unlike running alone, makes you less prone to injury, strengthens more core muscles, increases aerobic fitness, and helps you rehabilitate more quickly if you do happen to get injured. Elite runners know this, and that's why you will frequently see them using cross-training methods to help them improve. By incorporating jump rope workouts into your cross-training routine, you’ll tap into several benefits that will level up your running performance.  Not only can jumping rope improve overall cardiac performance and breathing techniques, but it can also improve coordination and rhythm to assist with runs. Jumping rope for runners develops steady coordination between their eyes, feet, and hands. This improved coordination and rhythm can positively impact a runner’s ability to connect the different parts of the body during a run.  Jumping rope also strengthens vital muscles in the body that are essential for running. The development of these muscles will help increase running speed, as well as decrease the amount of energy that your body expends to increase velocity, making runs much smoother.  Jumping Rope vs Running Recap In this article, we've explored the difference between jumping rope vs running. We feel that there are benefits to both training styles, and we're in no way advocating that you completely stop running. Not at all. A nice jog in the park or trail run through the forest can offer a lot of benefits. But here's what we do want you to take away from this article; You have different training options available to you. Running is great. But it is NOT the only option you have. And it is in your best interest to continue searching for ways to challenge your body while staying safe and engaged. So in the event you should encounter the desire to mix up your training, give jump rope training a try. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the results. Global demand for camel milk surges 20% during Covid as consumers seek healthier dairy alternative 2021-07-28T06:19:09Z global-demand-for-camel-milk-surges-20-during-covid-as-consumers-seek-healthier-dairy-alternative Globally, milk producers report around 20% rise in demand for camel milk during COVID-19 and lockdown as more consumers shift from cow to camel milk, to help boost immunity. Known for its anti-inflammatory, strong protective proteins, anti-microbial and nutritious value; parents seek camel milk for children. CEO of camel dairy Good Earth Dairy, Marcel Steingiesser, once worked as a chemical engineer at BHP so how did he end up milking camels and drinking camel milk daily?    Australia has the world's largest herd of wild camels and their population is estimated to be about 3,00,000, spread across 37 per cent of the Australian mainland.    The demand for camel milk in the US and Asia increases due to its health benefits (it’s high in vitamin C and iron) and there are not sufficient numbers of camels available to meet the demand.    Camel milk retails for around $19 a litre in Asia. And in SIngapore a litre costs around $19 compared with just over $4 for two litres of cow milk.    Executive Chair & CEO, Marcel Steingiesser said, “Our intention for Good Earth Dairy is to be a major disruptor to the US$6 billion camel milk industry.”     “We have the opportunity to make the best camel milk,” Steingiesser said .    “Australia has an incredible reputation in food quality safety standards and that’s a great opportunity for all camel dairies in Australia.” he continues.    Previously camels have caused considerable damage in the Australian outback since they were introduced in the 1840s.  The wild herds grow at about 8 percent per annum and are culled in remote areas.      Wild camels can be caught and domesticated “We are able to access wild camels which enables us to expand” says Steingiesser.    Good Earth Dairy are looking to equity raise to expand their operations by allowing the company to fund the initial construction and approvals of their niche 5000 head dairy and enable the acceleration of Good Earth Dairy’s growth and also increase the company’s value     Good Earth Dairy has the capability to sell on average $10AUD per litre throughout Australia with 300g tins of powder selling for over $100AUD in China.     Good Earth Dairy's Intellectual Property has the opportunity to bring production costs down to less than $2AUD per litre.     The IP created includes the capability to rapidly and efficiently scale to more than 3 million litres yearly per designed module.    Good Earth Dairy will continue to innovate to become the lowest-cost producer of high-quality camel milk globally, through efficient scalable Agri-technology processes achieved by their commitment to research and development.     Scale is key to getting production costs lower, said Steingiesser. He’s drawing on his 14 year’s of experience as a former chemical engineer at BHP in the push to get costs down to A$2 a litre.  How To Style Small Rooms 2021-07-27T14:33:23Z how-to-style-small-rooms Decorating your home can be difficult when you live in a small space and do not have as much room to express your style. Interiors expert Stuart Clark from offers his top tips for how to style small spaces.  1.     Paint your skirting boards A trick to make space feel bigger is to paint the skirting boards the same color as the wall. This will elongate your walls and make them feel taller instead of cutting them short. This tip works best if you have painted your walls a dark color as a white skirting board would stand out and make the wall divided.  2.     Add reflective surfaces  You can instantly create the illusion of space by simply adding mirrors to a room. This is because the mirror will reflect light around the room, accompanying a mirror with a light and airy color palette, which will add to the effect.  3.     Replace curtains with blinds  Changing some parts of your room can make a huge difference, although curtains can add an element of luxury to a space, if the room is small, swap them out with blinds. Blinds can make a room look taller and as they free up space on either side of the window they instantly make a room feel bigger.  4.     Be smart with storage  If you want a space to feel bigger it is best to keep it clean and free of clutter as too much furniture can make a room feel smaller than it is. Benches that have extra storage underneath are perfect or floating shelves that free up floor space and offer a smart solution to your storage needs.  5.     Layered art  If you are an art lover but are lacking wall space, a shelf or nightstand layered with framed art can make a huge impact without having to waste any space. It also gives you a chance to add color to your room if you are sticking to a light color scheme.  6.     Utilize light  Natural light is a small space’s best friend. Maximize this hanging window furnishings like roller blinds, which can be tucked away during the day to let in as much light as possible. As natural light can only get you so far, be smart with your artificial light by having a mix of overhead and accent lighting. Wall lamps are a great option for saving floor space and making a room feel bigger.    Ina J Photography was shortlisted in the Top 25 Action Category for the International Pet Photographer of the Year 2021 Awards 2021-07-27T12:30:28Z ina-j-photography-was-shortlisted-in-the-top-25-action-category-for-the-international-pet-photographer-of-the-year-2021-awards Ina J Photography, a Canberra Pet photographer was shortlisted in the Top 25 Action Category for the International Pet Photographer of the Year 2021 Awards with her photo of Poa the Bulldog running at Patrick White Lawns.  The International Pet Photographer of the Year Awards (by the Pet Photographers Club) is an annual celebration of the artistry and skill of professional and emerging pet photographers from all around the globe. There are four categories: portrait, action, pets and their people and open categories and two experience levels: professional and emerging.     The awards attracted entries from all over the world including Germany, Netherlands, the USA, England and Australia. The competition was incredible this year with over 2500 images from 45 different countries entered. Ina was one of 2 Australian pet photographers that made it into the top 25 in all categories of the awards.  Ina entered one image in each of the four categories. One of Ina’s other images entered in the Portrait category of Millie the Alaskan Malamute also got shortlisted for the Top 100. The photo captured Millie sitting in between the colourful sculpture, Dance of the Secateurs which sits by the lake at Commonwealth Park.   Ina J Photography is a Canberra Pet Photographer specialising in capturing memories of pets and their people. Ina captures the pet’s personality and character using stunning locations around the Nation’s capital as the backdrop of her photos. For more information and to see more of Ina’s work visit . Physio Wembley Experienced in Rehabilitating Injuries and Enhancing Performance 2021-07-27T11:34:34Z physio-wembley-experienced-in-rehabilitating-injuries-and-enhancing-performance Physiotherapy is beneficial for pain management, preparation for surgery, improve sports performance and to facilitate functionality. An increasing number of adults and adolescents are engaging in sporting activities. The therapies available at Kinima Physio address existing injuries and aid in reducing the potential for injuries in the future. Kinima Physio utilizes effective evidence-based therapies to address back pain, sports injuries, pre and post-surgical procedures such as joint replacements, spinal surgery and soft tissue injuries. The practice provides running assessments, dry needling, clinical Pilates, and orthopaedic rehab. The physio Subiaco practice offers video running assessments that identifies dysfunctional movements that are catalysts for injuries. Many individuals have acquired movement patterns that cause pain and prevent them from achieving peak performance. Corrective measures can be prescribed to optimise an individual’s biomechanics for increased performance without pain. Approximately 4 million Australians suffer with back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain can also affect the neck and is often a symptom of delayed onset muscle soreness. Any pain that’s left untreated can worsen and can eventually transform into a chronic condition. The therapies available at physio Wembley relieves pain and assists proper functioning of the neurological system. One of the best ways to reduce the potential for injuries is through building strength within the core. Therapeutic exercise programs and clinical Pilates accomplishes that and has other benefits. Physiotherapy increases endurance so individuals can follow their passion whether it’s gardening or extreme sports. Physio west Perth  enhances balance and strengthens pelvic muscles for improved stability. It’s also effective for rehabilitation following an injury. Kinima Physio Director, Rob O’Mahony, is committed to helping people manage pain, improve movement, increase performance, enhance mobility and rehabilitate. Each treatment plan is tailored to the individual and their specific needs to return them to their regular activities. The practice provides therapies for full body health and wellness at every stage of life. About Kinima Physio At Kinima Physio, we integrate clinical excellence with a unique client experience to create a local health movement that empowers as many people as possible. With 25 years of combined experience in the physiotherapy and health industries, including elite sports and orthopedics. We offer the latest evidence-based treatment programs to instill clarity and understanding, restore function, confidence and drive high performance. Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook.   Media Contact Kinima Physio Rob O’Mahony - Owner Phone: (08) 6183 1865 Email: Shop 4/110 Cambridge St. West Leederville WA 6007 Australia Website: New GECA Certified Macro Whole Living Range Helping Aussies Reduce Impact on the Environment  2021-07-27T05:36:55Z new-geca-certified-macro-whole-living-range-helping-aussies-reduce-impact-on-the-environment We’re thrilled to announce that Macro Wholefoods, available exclusively at Woolworths, has launched a range of GECA certified household cleaning products. Macro Whole Living, a range of cleaning products, including laundry, kitchen liquids and tablets, and multipurpose sprays, will help people keep their homes clean and fresh without harsh chemicals. Since we interact with cleaning products regularly, it’s essential to consider their effects on human health and the environment. For example, some harsh ingredients can cause health issues such as skin irritation or affect aquatic life by decreasing the water quality and affect all lives depending on these waterbodies when discharged into waterways. The range has been independently certified under our Cleaning Products and Machine Dishwashing standards. This means these products have all met robust environmental, human health and social impact criteria while also proving they work as promised! According to Macro Wholefoods General Manager Peter Hathaway, “Customers are increasingly looking for products that have less impact on the environment but are effective cleaning solutions. “We know that our Macro customers are looking for eco-friendlier cleaning products, so introducing a cleaning line was a natural extension to the brand to help them make better choices. “We’ve put the entire range of Macro Whole Living products through independent tests to ensure they’re not only tough on dirt, grease and stains but equally as gentle on the environment.” Paula Clasby, Head of Engagement & Marketing at GECA, said, “We’re excited to certify the new Macro Whole Living range. Our ecolabel removes doubt and confusion and makes it easier to identify environmentally and socially preferable products. “Congratulations to Woolworths for this new range of products that are better for people and the planet!”. Woolworths introduced its first cleaning product refill station earlier in June as a trial at the supermarket’s Burwood Brickworks store in Melbourne. The refill station currently offers three different products from the Macro Whole Living range: laundry liquid, a multipurpose surface cleaner and dishwashing liquid. The refill stations aim to reduce plastic by allowing customers to use the same bottle again and again. Customers will use the provided empty container at the new refill station, fill up their container, and scan at the checkout as usual. Not only is it hoped the trial will save plastic, but customers could also save money, paying a lower price for their cleaning liquids when they use the refill station. The Macro Whole Living range can be found in the cleaning aisles of Woolworths stores nationwide or here online. Koala’s New GECA Certified Mattress Range is What Dreams Are Made Of! 2021-07-27T05:32:56Z koala-s-new-geca-certified-mattress-range-is-what-dreams-are-made-of GECA is extremely excited to announce the certification of the new Koala Mattress Range, GECA’s first-ever fully certified mattresses. From the makers of Australia’s most-loved mattress comes the brand spanking new mattress range featuring the Koala Mattress, the Koala Calm As and the Koala Soul Mate. All three new Koala Mattresses are cleverly designed and jam-packed with technical know-how, helping you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer. You can rest easy knowing they were also made with people and planet in mind, as all are certified under our Furniture Fittings, Foam & Mattresses (Level A) standard. “When a product is GECA certified, consumers can be sure that the product has been independently assessed to meet environmental, human health and social impact criteria. Importantly, it has also proven to perform as promised,” explains GECA’s CEO, Michelle Thomas. “We are so proud to support them through their journey and welcome them to the GECA family of licensees and congratulate them for achieving GECA’s first fully certified mattresses!” Being the first isn’t a new thing for Koala. They started their journey as trailblazers, disrupting tired industry practices with a simple, eco-centred and tech-savvy way of creating and selling furniture. Their multiple design awards and GECA certification show that it’s possible to create quality, thoughtful, affordable furniture with positive impact. Both Koala and GECA believe that business can only thrive if society and nature also thrive. So, it’s not surprising that we are both proud certified B Corporations. “We wanted to create a new customisable mattress range for everyone. And I think we outdid ourselves with three mattresses that highlight our dedication to creating products that have a minimal impact on the environment,” said Mitch Taylor, Koala CEO and Co-Founder. “Improving Australia’s most loved mattress, originally released in 2015, was no mean feat. We listened to customer feedback and applied it directly to our new designs – and clearly, we need to get more Aussies sleeping better; our national sleep deficit is pretty bloody scary”. What makes GECA certified mattresses a better choice? Our rigorous lifecycle ecolabel standards follow ISO 14024 principles and ISEAL frameworks for global best practice. These standards are then assessed independently by our third-party Assurance Providers. GECA is also the only Australian member of the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN). Here’s a snapshot of the significant benefits of being certified under GECA’s Furniture Fittings, Foam & Mattresses (Level A) standard: Environmental impact • The product must avoid the illegal harvest of wood and fibre for raw materials • Emissions to air and water are heavily restricted, reducing formaldehyde and particulate matter • The product (including its packaging) must be easy to recycle or dispose of in an environmentally responsible way • Replacement parts must be made available to users to prolong product life • Fabrics and adhesives should be GECA certified (or equivalent) only Human health • There are limits on heavy metals in final products • There are restrictions or bans on known carcinogens, mutagens or other specific harmful substances • Volatile organic compounds are limited Social impact • Workers and suppliers through the supply chain can expect fair pay, equal opportunity, and a safe working environment • There are requirements for lawful conduct and environmental compliance • There are to be no unsubstantiated claims, i.e., greenwashing Fit for purpose • On top of all these essential environmental, health and social criteria, the product must also be fit for purpose. That is, it must do what the manufacturer claims it does. There’s no use having a sustainable product if it doesn’t deliver on its promise! • To become GECA certified, a product or service must prove that it can perform its intended purpose or application As Koala says, “Simply put, buying a GECA certified mattress means prioritising your health and supporting businesses that care about people and the planet while encouraging more companies to get on board.” Each new mattress comes with a simple, no worries 120-night trial so you can test the benefits before making a final decision. Don’t think, feel. Free and fast delivery makes it easy to buy, easy to try, and easy to return. In metro areas, Koala delivers for free to your door in four hours. Meet Koala’s new mattresses The New Koala Mattress The New Koala Mattress suits any sleeper, with all the best bits of the Original Koala and more. The sleep surface is made from TENCEL™ Lyocell and comes with a 7cm comfort layer, not to mention three high-density support zones that take the pressure off. Together, these elements help your body feel cool, dry and supported, making falling (and staying) asleep a breeze. The Koala Calm As Mattress The Koala Calm As Mattress is cool as a cucumber. Designed with a 7cm comfort layer using COOLMAX® fabric and a 1cm quilted cover, it’ll feel mighty cool on your skin and help you fall asleep faster. This mattress also comes with three high-density support zones combined with multilayer zoning for a comfortable, calm slumber. The Koala Soul Mate Mattress The Koala Soul Mate Mattress offers up the works designed to anticipate your every desire. There are easily customisable firmness levels along with multi-layered five zoned adaptive foam springs crafted to support you where you need them most. Then there’s a layer of perforated bamboo charcoal memory foam that is naturally antimicrobial and takes the sting out of heat, relieves pressure and promotes airflow. The Soul Mate is a surefire way to fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer. -- ENDS -- About GECA    At GECA, we are a purpose-driven not-for-profit that stands for integrity, independence, and impact. Our mission is to create solutions for sustainable consumption and production. To achieve this, we offer a suite of services designed for anyone committed to continuous improvement in their sustainability, including Australia's only not-for-profit multi-sector ecolabelling program. Following ISO 14024 principles and ISEAL frameworks for global best practice in lifecycle-based ecolabelling, we've developed our rigorous voluntary standards, which are then independently assessed by our Assurance Providers.      About Koala    Inspired by the modern Australian lifestyle, in all its sun-drenched, laid-back glory, Koala is here to shake up the furniture industry. They have created an entire, award-winning furniture range that has everything you need to refresh your home. That simple phrase ‘no worries’ drives everything they do; from things like free and fast delivery and their 120-night risk-free trial; to Aussie designed furniture, built to last.    Koala believe in reversing environmental trends and leaving our Earth in better nick than we found it, that’s why they constantly improve the environmental footprint of their materials and business practices. As a B-Corp and 1% for the Planet member Koala believes in improving habitats inside and outside the home. They’re passionate about giving back having donated over $2 million to charities in Australia since day dot in 2015 – including their ongoing partnership with WWF-Australia to help koalas, green sea turtles and glossy black-cockatoos. Collaborative Technologies Announces that RePur Disinfectant Has Received Two Approvals to Be Entered Into the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) for use against COVID-19 2021-07-26T06:33:41Z collaborative-technologies-announces-that-repur-disinfectant-has-received-two-approvals-to-be-entered-into-the-australian-register-of-therapeutic-goods-artg-for-use-against-covid-19 Collaborative Technologies, an innovative environmental solutions provider,   is pleased to announce that two of its proprietary Repur®  disinfectants have been listed in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) with approved claims for effectiveness against a  wide range of bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Repur® Hospital Grade Disinfectant has has been listed under ARTG No.  AUST L 371575 and a Commerical/Household Grade Disinfectant - Repur® Commercial, has has been listed under ARTG No.AUST L 371572 Both versions of Repur® Disinfectant are low odour, sustainable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, pH neutral and are fully biodegradable, powerful alternatives to bleach and quaternary ammonium based disinfectants, enabling OH&S, compliance managers and consumers to choose disinfection products that are non-toxic, highly effective and give peace of mind. Repur® Hospital Grade disinfectant, is patient friendly and safe for all staff, while being gentle on all surfaces allowing healthcare providers to increase speed and effectiveness of their disinfection regimes.  Repur® Commercial Grade Disinfectant is powerful yet user friendly, gentle on all surfaces and safe enough to use on food-contact surfaces without a rinse. Repur® comes ready to use, requiring no dilution, special protection or disposal as it breaks down to just oxygen & water   Ronen Hazarika, Managing Partner of Collaborative Technologies, commented, “We are delighted to have both Repur® products listed in the ARTG, which now allows us to aggressively enter into the Australian marketplace and offer a safe, powerful, cost effective tool to improve the level of hygiene in hospitals, critical care facilities, aged care homes and commercial facilities such as airports, commercial aircraft, food and beverage manufacturing, hair and beauty salons, schools and offices.” Collaborative Technologies are currently using the core Repur® technology platform to develop new products with applications in wound care, eye care, oral care, nasal care, dermatological conditions and animal wellness. Parties interested in becoming distributors or retailers for the product should contact: Lucy Acland, Business Development Manager Collaborative Technologies LLC Email: Repur® First-home buyer regional hotspots revealed 2021-07-25T22:25:16Z first-home-buyer-regional-hotspots-revealed First-home buyers are riding a regional house hunting wave and now exclusive data reveals just where they are starting their homeowner journey in NSW. New analysis by InfoTrack, innovators in legal and conveyancing technology, demonstrates that over the past 12 months first-home buyers in regional NSW have mostly sat in one of two camps. They are overwhelmingly interested in locations within a part-time commutable distance of Sydney, or close to a thriving regional airport. “The data indicates there is plenty of action and some refreshing standouts to speak about. Our May and June data tells us that the hottest suburbs are still those outer western suburbs of Sydney like Austral and Marsden Park. However, in the regions there is a lot more variety in the types of suburbs that first-home buyers are going for,” says John Ahern, Chief Executive Officer of InfoTrack. The most popular regional location for first-home buyers during FY21 was Hamlyn Terrace, near Wyong on the Central Coast, 113kms north of Sydney and 72kms from Newcastle. The sought-after suburb, which incorporates Wyong Hospital and is close to Tuggerah Lake, has a median three-bedroom house price of $540,000. 10 hottest regional suburbs:   Suburb                                   Median $ 3-bed houses                    Dist. from Sydney Hamlyn Terrace                      $540,000                                                         113kms Wagga Wagga                        $435,000                                                         459kms Greater Gosford                      $575,000                                                         85kms Dubbo                                     $350,000                                                         390kms Bathurst                                  $425,000                                                         200kms Tamworth                                $386,000                                                         414kms Rutherford                               $418,000                                                         179kms Cameron Park                        $525,000                                                         155kms Albury                                      $620,000                                                         554kms Wallsend                                 $530,000                                                         159kms * Data from “What is interesting is that Wagga Wagga is the next hottest area in the regions for first-home buyers. Although it’s far from Sydney, the median price for a 3-bedroom property there is $435,000 - and that comes with plenty of land too,” Mr Ahern adds. Despite being 460kms from the state capital, Wagga Wagga is home to a well-serviced airport with an approximate 1-hour flight time to Sydney. The bronze medal goes to the Greater Gosford area, a regional hub also on the Central Coast halfway between Sydney and Newcastle where the median house price is $575,000. “Also on the Central Coast, Gosford is further south and closer to Sydney than Hamlyn Terrace - and it’s a bit more expensive too - but that’s likely due to its proximity to the city,” he says. Dubbo, Bathurst and Tamworth place 4th, 5th and 6th on the list and are all more than 200kms from Sydney’s CBD. InfoTrack’s data also shows that Wagga Wagga, Dubbo and Tamworth rank more highly with first-home buyers than middle to outer ring Sydney suburbs such as Blacktown and Penrith. "Now these are true regional areas that don’t need proximity to Sydney because they have formed their own regional centres. All three have major hospitals and airports, plus Dubbo and Bathurst offer easy access to on-campus universities too,” Mr Ahern explains. Although placing ninth on the list, Mr Ahern says Albury on the NSW state border was a stand out location according to InfoTrack’s latest analysis.  “The newest data gives us insight to the last financial year and we can see some regional areas have experienced a real shift in demand. This time last year first-home buyers in Albury were in the single digits, now we’re seeing almost three times as many making purchases in that postcode,” he said, adding that given Albury sits on the Victorian border some buyer interest could be attributed to migration from areas which endured extended lockdowns throughout 2020. Since the arrival of Covid-19, most Australian regional housing markets have experienced unprecedented boom conditions as dwelling values have out-performed metropolitan markets. Over the 12 months to April, combined regional housing values climbed by 13 per cent, while capital city home values rose by just 6.4 per cent, CoreLogic data shows. Despite that sustained growth, regional NSW still offers first-home buyers more square metre bang for their buck than in Greater Sydney. While Sydney’s median house price has risen to $994,298, the median price for a house in regional NSW is significantly lower at $586,982. The 2021 landscape for first-home buyers might have changed since mid-2020 when historically low interest rates, little to no investor competition due to Covid-19, and the Federal Government’s HomeBuilder Grant were all in play. And although the highly popular HomeBuilder program ceased in April, Mr Ahern points out that there are still active schemes out there to help first-home buyers to get on the property ladder. The New Home Guarantee (formerly the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme) has been extended with an additional 10,000 places available from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022. The scheme means first-time purchasers can avoid paying Lender’s Mortgage Insurance and get into a loan with as little as 5% deposit. There is also the First Home Owner’s Grant, a $10,000 package for those purchasing or building a new home, plus the First Home Buyer Assistance Scheme which allows eligible purchasers to apply for an exemption or reduction of transfer duty. “These home buyer schemes are often capped on purchase price and unfortunately those price caps are too easily reached in Sydney so first-home buyers are looking for options elsewhere. They also encourage first-time purchasers to take up home and land packages and one way to do that is to head to the regions where there’s more space.” - Ends - Notes to editors For more information about InfoTrack, visit: For all media enquiries or to organise an interview with InfoTrack CEO John Ahern, please contact Sandra Falzon on 0431 703 969 or About InfoTrack: InfoTrack is the leading innovator in legal technology and pioneers of property conveyancing automation in Australia. InfoTrack’s integrated platform has been supporting over 8,000 businesses with technology adoption for over 21 years enabling clients to find, analyse, organise and communicate information more efficiently. InfoTrack’s wealth of data, deep knowledge and expertise of the Australian legal and conveyancing industry is your barometer for property activity from contract creation through to settlement. Subbed In releases new book by Patrick Lenton 2021-07-25T20:30:41Z subbed-in-releases-new-book-by-patrick-lenton-1 MEDIA RELEASE Date: 26/07/2021 | FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE From: Subbed In | ‘Sexy Tales of Paleontology’ by Patrick Lenton A pile of rats having an identity crisis. A sexy robot rebellion. A velociraptor revenge wedding. The world's horniest scientist. Enter Sexy Tales of Paleontology: a world of queer romance, (dis)connection, and artifical intelligence told with Patrick Lenton's idiosyncratic bizarreness and heart. Lenton's short stories combine laugh-out-loud humour with an honest-to-goodness sensibility. Sci-fi oddities, pop culture, a lesser-known Kardashian who lives on the moon, and a deft turn of comic absurdity bound through this truly queer romp of a book. But beyond all this, at the beating heart of the book, is the foolishness, horror, and delight that is love and heartbreak and 43 rats. Endorsement quotes “Lenton has an imagination like dropped pudding — delicious, and a crime to waste it. This collection is wicked, witty and only occasionally horny. Here Lenton writes with enviable verve around the intersection of science, inhumanity and the clarifying force of love. It is a book teeming with life and brilliance and I am very mad that I did not write it.” - Rick Morton (One Hundred Years of Dirt, My Year of Living Vulnerably) “Patrick Lenton is a hot little piece of ass, and his book is a hot little piece of ass (for the mind).” - Nina Oyama (Utopia, The Weekly) “Wildly inventive, refreshingly bonkers. I verify this attempt at humour by this human male.” - Julie Koh (Portable Curiosities) About the author Patrick Lenton is an author and journalist from Melbourne. He is the author of A Man Made Entirely of Bats (Spineless Wonders), collection of essays Uncle Hercules and Other Lies (Subbed In), and full-length collection of short stories Sexy Tales of Paleontology (Subbed In). His writing has been featured in The Best Australian Stories, The Best Australian Comedy Writing, Growing Up Queer In Australia, and journals like Kill Your Darlings, Going Down Swinging, Scum Magazine, and more. He is the Editor of pop-culture, news, and entertainment website Junkee and has written journalism and non-fiction for publications including The Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald, VICE, and more. Details: Genre: Fiction / Short Stories ISBN: 9780645152449 Paperback: Perfect Bound Audience: Trade/General (Adult) RRP: $24.99 AUD 280 pages 178mm x 108mm Release date: 26 July 2021 Publisher: Subbed In For further information and media requests, please contact Dan Hogan, publisher at Subbed In: Subbed In releases new book by Patrick Lenton 2021-07-25T20:28:20Z subbed-in-releases-new-book-by-patrick-lenton MEDIA RELEASE Date: 26/07/2021 | FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE From: Subbed In | ‘Sexy Tales of Paleontology’ by Patrick Lenton A pile of rats having an identity crisis. A sexy robot rebellion. A velociraptor revenge wedding. The world's horniest scientist. Enter Sexy Tales of Paleontology: a world of queer romance, (dis)connection, and artifical intelligence told with Patrick Lenton's idiosyncratic bizarreness and heart. Lenton's short stories combine laugh-out-loud humour with an honest-to-goodness sensibility. Sci-fi oddities, pop culture, a lesser-known Kardashian who lives on the moon, and a deft turn of comic absurdity bound through this truly queer romp of a book. But beyond all this, at the beating heart of the book, is the foolishness, horror, and delight that is love and heartbreak and 43 rats. Endorsement quotes “Lenton has an imagination like dropped pudding — delicious, and a crime to waste it. This collection is wicked, witty and only occasionally horny. Here Lenton writes with enviable verve around the intersection of science, inhumanity and the clarifying force of love. It is a book teeming with life and brilliance and I am very mad that I did not write it.” - Rick Morton (One Hundred Years of Dirt, My Year of Living Vulnerably) “Patrick Lenton is a hot little piece of ass, and his book is a hot little piece of ass (for the mind).” - Nina Oyama (Utopia, The Weekly) “Wildly inventive, refreshingly bonkers. I verify this attempt at humour by this human male.” - Julie Koh (Portable Curiosities) About the author Patrick Lenton is an author and journalist from Melbourne. He is the author of A Man Made Entirely of Bats (Spineless Wonders), collection of essays Uncle Hercules and Other Lies (Subbed In), and full-length collection of short stories Sexy Tales of Paleontology (Subbed In). His writing has been featured in The Best Australian Stories, The Best Australian Comedy Writing, Growing Up Queer In Australia, and journals like Kill Your Darlings, Going Down Swinging, Scum Magazine, and more. He is the Editor of pop-culture, news, and entertainment website Junkee and has written journalism and non-fiction for publications including The Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald, VICE, and more. Details: Genre: Fiction / Short Stories ISBN: 9780645152449 Paperback: Perfect Bound Audience: Trade/General (Adult) RRP: $24.99 AUD 280 pages 178mm x 108mm Release date: 26 July 2021 Publisher: Subbed In For further information and media requests, please contact Dan Hogan, publisher at Subbed In: Australia’s iconic region the Whitsunday’s joins EarthCheck to become a leading destination of the world. 2021-07-22T06:34:39Z australia-s-iconic-region-the-whitsunday-s-joins-earthcheck-to-become-a-leading-destination-of-the-world The Whitsunday’s has partnered with EarthCheck to support its Healthy Heart initiative and their ambition to become more climate resilient. The programme will be delivered through the Whitsunday Climate Change Innovation Hub which is an initiative of the Whitsunday Regional Council under the Great Barrier Reef Foundation’s Reef Islands Initiative and the only one of its kind in the country. Their focus is to develop innovative, practical solutions to help the Whitsunday region manage the impacts of climate change, both present and future. In doing so, the Hub hopes to act as a think tank to gather and share knowledge with the community to build resilience in the region, and throughout Australia and across the globe. Renowned for its relaxed lifestyle, the Whitsunday’s boasts beautiful beaches, tropical rainforests, swaying cane fields and earthy colours of the historic outback. The destination covers the four main townships of Airlie Beach, Bowen, Collinsville and Proserpine with a number of rural & coastal communities, and residential areas scattered in between. Fun Facts: + The Ngaro Aboriginal people likely lived in the Whitsunday Islands as many as 8,000 years ago. + The Great Barrier Reef stretches for over 2,600 km, is comprised of more than 2,900 individual reefs, and can be seen from outer space + Whitehaven Beach is consistently rated as Australia’s #1 beach and as the 5th best in the world. + The Whitsundays is home to over 75 species of animal/plant that are endemic to Queensland. + The Whitsundays usually experiences a wet hot summer and a dry mild winter. Daytime and night-time temperatures typically only vary 5-10 degrees Celsius! + 40% of all reef visitation comes through the Whitsundays - the “Heart of the Reef”. Lee Hawkins, Project Officer for the Healthy Heart program in the Whitsundays Climate Change Innovation Hub, said that partnering with EarthCheck was an exciting opportunity for the Whitsundays Region. She said, “This is a collaborative four-year project, focussing on marine tourism operators in the first year with plans to expand further in following years.” “We will be working with EarthCheck and other world-leading destinations to share ideas and learn how we can more effectively address key destination challenges associated with development, planning and marketing.” Stewart Moore, Founder and CEO of EarthCheck said great destinations are built on a strong vision and an ability to harness the collective passion of local industry and community. “EarthCheck has been working with businesses, communities and governments across the globe for the past 30 years to deliver clean, safe, prosperous and health destinations for travellers to visit, live, work and play.” “Leading destinations do not happen without commitment and engagement at all levels – from government and industry to local partners and communities.” The program provides the Whitsunday’s with access to a wide range of destination and planning resources which includes access to a rapid destination appraisal, destination certification for 3 years, business toolkits for tourism operators and a tourism carbon footprint tool.    EarthCheck is supported by the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), the APEC International Centre for Sustainable Tourism (AICST), the not-for-profit EarthCheck Research Institute and is aligned with the aims of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). The Reef Islands Initiative is a Great Barrier Reef Foundation program, supported by funding from Lendlease, the Australian Government’s Reef Trust, the Queensland Government and the Fitzgerald Family Foundation. Planning a funeral during an extended lockdown? There are solutions. 2021-07-19T22:17:57Z planning-a-funeral-during-an-extended-lockdown-there-are-solutions For Immediate Release: Tuesday 20th July 2021 As the Victorian lockdown extends indefinitely, one of the hardest hit groups are those with the already burdensome task of organising a funeral with the 10 guest restriction remaining in place. Most people organising a funeral are doing so for their first time, so the added challenge of indefinite guest restrictions creates more stress during an already difficult situation. In an industry that's notoriously difficult to navigate, getting support on what to do if you’re currently stuck in this predicament is another unwanted obstacle. Some religious processes dictate that the person's body must be present at the funeral with the burial or cremation to follow the service. But if a person chooses to be cremated and they have no religious customs to follow, then there is no reason why this process must be the standard. By separating the memorial service from the cremation, families are able to organise the event without the typical time pressure of a quick turnaround funeral. When lockdowns & guest restrictions are impacting the ability to host a fitting event, this process can be a major blessing. This means that families can perform a dignified cremation in the next few days, then hold a funeral event in the future with their loved ones' ashes present instead of a coffin. That might be next week, next month, or even next year if they wish.  This modern alternative is the model adopted by the recently launched Tomorrow Cremations & Memorials, which is challenging the idea of what it means to have a funeral - no funeral parlour, traditional chapel ceremony, hearse, expensive coffin or difficult to understand packages. The Tomorrow tagline is “simple cremations, remarkable memorials”, offering a dignified cremation with a celebrant-led memorial service in one fixed price package. They keep the funeral parts simple and focus on creating a personal memorial event that truly tells a story. In the midst of the current lockdown, having an alternate solution like this becomes ever more valuable. An added benefit of hosting the event later on is that it doesn’t have to follow the same traditions as typical funeral services, nor does it need to be hosted at a funeral parlour or chapel. Luke McInnes, CEO at Tomorrow, notes that “Services might be simple, or they might be sensational and there’s no reason a funeral needs to follow any set process. Beautiful memorial events can be held at peoples homes, places of significance like a beach, park or their favourite venues. They’re limited only by their imagination and our expert celebrants help to design and plan this process to create remarkable memorials.”.  Kate Morgan, Tomorrow’s Head of Memorials, has discussed memorial events with families recently that include a hot air balloon ride, a gathering at The Astor Theatre and a big family party at a beautiful event space by the beach. Kate says “I truly believe that taking time to create a fitting memorial event can be so beneficial for families going through grief.” To find out more, head to Instagram: Australia’s Entertainers And Arts Community In Heart Rending Video In Call For Support Amid Devastation Of Pandemic On Lives And Careers 2021-07-19T11:40:44Z australia-s-entertainers-and-arts-community-in-heart-rending-video-in-call-for-support-amid-devastation-of-pandemic-on-lives-and-careers Entertainer James Bustar has compiled a heart rending video in which members of the arts community tell of the devastation of the pandemic on lives and livelihoods and the need for further government income support to be extended to the arts.In the emotion-charged 10-minute video, prominent artists from a wide range of disciplines speak of the loneliness and despair combined with deepening concern that the arts are being overlooked.(Watch the video here or at )They tell of having bookings and income in their gig-to-gig industry cut to zero, which in some cases has left them in despair reliant on family and friends to survive.“I made the video because it was clear to me that the arts community and the people who make it so vital were being overlooked even though entertainment is among one of the most hardest hit sectors,” said Bustar.“Very few people beyond artists’ immediate circle are aware of the depths of despair into which they’ve been plunged amid the silence of government in terms of offering income protection beyond JobKeeper at a time when the covid crisis continues unabated especially with the current outbreak and lockdown in the wider Sydney region. .“The video is an impassioned plea from the arts community for a lifeline to get them to the other side of the pandemic. As one of the artists in the video says, the arts community consists of the artists and entertainers who produce the content that is helping everyone else get through the pandemic and its restrictions but are now in need of help themselves.”In the video, artists contrast how every effort has been made to ensure that the passion of Australians for sport is satisfied but the same priority has not been afforded to the arts.In it, virtuoso jazz vocalist and violinist Fem Belling says: “Artists are the last to be thought of, we are not (seen as) important, we don’t do important things. But I want to challenge every single person out there to go through a lockdown or some harrowing time in their life without music, without Netflix, without newspapers, without books … (it is) the artists who create those things and yet we are the first to always be asked, ‘please donate your services’. The government needs to step up and look after the people that they go home to every night when they turn on their televisions and radios.”In the video there is also a note of defiance on the part of the arts community with prominent keynote speaker and corporate entertainer Anthony Laye saying: “Do we just throw in the towel and say ‘stuff it I’m moving out of the entertainment and speaking world’ or do we hang in there to to wait and hope that things might get back to normal? I want to hang in there because I love what I do.”James Bustar said he hoped the video and the pleas of the arts community would be seen far and wide to raise awareness of how serious the situation had become for many artists in terms of their mental health and ability to support themselves financially and in other ways. “People see the work of the arts community in their lives every day but they don’t necessarily know what is going on in the background or the pressure that individual artists are under,” Bustar said. “If nothing else, I hope the video shines a light on the crisis they are facing and the solution to help them get through it.”