The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-02-20T04:57:27Z Travelling Tips From Cheap and Affordable Gold Coast Airport Car Hire Rentals Companies in Queensland 2019-02-20T04:57:27Z travelling-tips-from-cheap-and-affordable-gold-coast-airport-car-hire-rentals-companies-in-queensland Gold Coast Family Car Rentals prides itself on providing top service and best value for money deals, and they have gold medal Consumer Fairness status to prove it. However, CEO Darryl Essington-Wilson says disputes do sometimes arise when clients return hired vehicles, and they are usually because of misunderstandings regarding certain usage restrictions, and the higher bills that can result. Darryl says that all rental companies have restrictions on where their vehicles may be driven, with the smaller companies restricting users to local motoring only. Larger rental groups with multiple branch locations generally offer a wider scope of driving destinations.Darryl says that apart from when you want a car, the next question that his staff asks customers is where they want to go in the car. This is an early opportunity to discuss any usage area issues, preventing post rental negativity. His staff often suggest expanded usage zones where they believe that particular customers might enjoy travelling to popular attractions or areas that are “out of town”. All of Darryl’s rental contracts clearly describe the permitted driving areas, whilst most other rental companies, make no similar specification, relying on the fine print of their rental terms and conditions.Not Just Anyone Can Drive the Car Letting just anybody drive the rental car could cause serious problems if something went wrong, including leading to the insurance on the car being cancelled, and any claim nullified. Darryl points out that this is why all those other than the principal driver who might drive the car at some point during the rental period also need to be registered when the rental contract is signed. Many operators require all drivers to be present, with their drivers’ licences in hand, when the contract is signed, however, his company is happy to accept licence details over the phone for supplementary drivers.Watch Where You Drive ItIf a car rental company does not advertise that you can drive their vehicles “off road”, or on beaches, they do not permit such activity. The vast majority of rental companies do not allow their vehicles to be driven on unsealed roads, the more understanding rental companies have created exceptions to such a ban to allow for unsealed areas of roads under repair or for access to holiday resorts or private residences.Darryl is only aware of a couple of rental companies that allow their cars to be taken on licenced car ferries, despite such vessels being an integral part of the Australian transport infrastructure. In some areas, there are time of day restrictions in relation to rental cars – remote areas generally exclude driving between sundown and sun up. The issue is knowing whether you are in such an area.Whilst there is reasonable freedom for cross border travel between Victoria, South Australia, NSW and Queensland, almost every car rental operator excludes cross border travel into or out of Tasmania, Northern Territory and Western Australia.However, those who choose to ignore the challenges these terrains offer, and the restrictions placed by most car rental operations on where their rentals may be driven, could well find themselves in trouble when they check their account at the end of the rental period, as it could be a lot steeper than expected due to vehicle damage or for breaching the restrictions.How Far Can You Go?Usage zones which set boundaries on the area within the rental car can be driven, and the distances that can be cover in a day or during the entire rental period, may differ from one car rental to another. In some cases, unlimited distance allowances are offered when the rental period is longer than 3 days. And it may sometimes be possible to extend usage zones for a single day or for the entire period at a small extra insurance cost. Darryl says in most cases these changes can be negotiated beforehand to fit a planned itinerary or phoned in if plans suddenly change. Drivers should always interpret unlimited distance allowances to mean “unlimited distance allowances within the permitted usage area”.Keeping on the Right Side of the LawDarryl warns that renters will end up carrying the bill (and the penalty points) should they contravene any road rules or traffic laws. When and how they pay is dependent on how and when they receive the ticket and fine. If the fine notice is attached to the car, or given to the driver in person, payment must be made directly by the driver before the expiry date on the notice. If this notification is ignored, both the authorities and the car rental operation will add penalties to the amount before it is deducted from the renter’s credit card. If it’s a camera fine, it will still ultimately reach the driver, but with steeper added costs. Generally, an unpaid parking fine will be sent to the rental company as registered owner, with a small additional fee added for a registration search. The rental company will add their service fee to this amount and charge the renter. Service fees vary between rental companies, some charging $25 or less, others charging $99 to $150. Speed camera fines require the rental company to make a statutory declaration as to the identity of the person responsible, statutory declaration fees vary from $25 to $250, depending on the rental company. For those planning to travel in and around Gold Coast city and into the Gold Coast Hinterland in a rental car, learn more details about these restrictions, or book a guaranteed best value for money Gold Coast car rental, all it involves is booking online with Car Hire Gold Coast or Gold Coast Airport Car Rental, or call + 61 7 5508 3333. Pick up and drop off at the Gold Coast Airport can be arranged.Syndicated by Baxton Media. Ant Williams Journeys To The Arctic To Become the Deepest Man Under Ice 2019-02-20T03:47:17Z ant-williams-journeys-to-the-arctic-to-become-the-deepest-man-under-ice Melbourne, Australia: Today, Ant Williams, a Psychologist and freediver, announced his intention to break the World Record for the deepest ever freedive (breath-hold dive) under ice. In March, Ant and his support crew will travel to Northern Norway, within the Arctic Circle, to a frozen fjord to cut a hole in the metre thick ice. Ant will then dive down to reach the world record depth under ice in a discipline called constant weight. Of this ambitious challenge, Ant Williams said, “My ICE DIVER world record attempt is the culmination of a personal and professional journey. Years ago, I chose what I perceived to be an extreme sport for myself – freediving – to see if I could overcome fear, anxiety, and my own nerves. With this project, my team of 8 are undertaking something at the outer edge of an extreme sport. On average the temperature will be minus 20 degrees centigrade each day. We have real risk from exposure to harsh weather and dangers that are new to the crew members – multiple snowmobiles riding across frozen lakes, chainsaws cutting deep holes in the ice, and all of this in remote wilderness locations. The objective of the adventure is to answer one question – how deep can a person dive underneath the ice? An additional goal with the ICE DIVER project is learning how to reduce risk on a challenging project. My aspiration is to translate what I learn into my leadership development work to help others balance their own risk – in business and life." Throughout March, Ant Williams and his team will hit the following milestones in the lead up to his world record attempt in the final week of March: ● Ant will ease into his record attempt by first travelling to New Zealand to undertake deep water training in the cold waters of Lake Taupo. ● After New Zealand, Ant and his support crew will travel to Lake Päijänne in Finland to continue his deep water preparation in frigid waters. ● In the final week of March, Ant Williams and team head up to Kirkenes, Northern Norway, within the Arctic Circle. They will travel 10 km each day on snowmobiles to a frozen fjord and spend the first day cutting holes in the ice. Each subsequent day will be spent on Ant’s world record attempt to become the deepest man under ice. The current record is – 65m, Ant is going for – 80m. About Ant Williams: Ant is a Business Psychologist who has held senior leadership roles in management consulting firms and now specialises in Leadership Development and executive education with his firm, Modus Leadership. Ant Williams first trained as a Sport Psychologist, then became a world-ranking athlete in his own right when he successfully dived -100m (330ft) straight down on a single breath of air in a World Cup competition. ### Why Do My Heels Hurt - Plantar Fasciitis Says Leading Sydney CBD and North Shore Sports Podiatrist 2019-02-19T22:00:26Z why-do-my-heels-hurt-plantar-fasciitis-says-leading-sydney-cbd-and-north-shore-sports-podiatrist If you experience a sharp stabbing pain in your heel, especially first thing in the morning, you may have a condition called plantar fasciitis. Heel pain is one of the most common complaints patients bring to podiatrists. Heel pain to the extent that it disrupts your preparation for the day, is cause for some concern. Leading Sports Podiatrist and director of Footwork Podiatry in Sydney, Mark Lin, understands this common complaint and possibilities for treatment. "The plantar fascia is a collection of strong connective tissue and ligaments that support the foot arch," says Lin. "Composed of a broad band of collagen fibres, the plantar fascia absorb walking related shock, and any time you are pounding your heels down while you walk, all that shock goes to the plantar fascia." It seems too much hard walking and not enough cushioning can damage the plantar fascia. Fallen arches and flat feet unbalance the biomechanical system of the feet and can contribute to the development of the condition. Lin agrees and adds, "Wearing high heels often can lead to development of plantar fasciitis, as this causes the Achilles tendon to tighten." Sorry Jimmy Choo! "The condition is also more prevalent with ageing, as the heels naturally flatten as we grow older, putting tension on the ligament," Lin says. Why does my heel hurt in the morning? A sore heel in the morning, also known as ‘first-step’ pain, is post static dyskinesia which is pain that’s worse and most noticeable after rest, or after getting out of bed in the morning. Lin comments, “During the day, the fascia adapts to the impact of daily movement but during sleep, the ligaments and connective tissue of the foot and calf naturally contract. When stretched out again as you take your first morning steps, this can cause a sharp stabbing pain. This is a typical indication of strain on the tendons and fascia”. Nerve entrapment A nerve entrapment condition called Baxter’s neuritis can also be caused by plantar fasciitis and is often misdiagnosed as plantar fasciitis, as the symptoms overlap. "Neuritis in the foot is fairly common, as the nerves can easily be damaged when any other part of the foot suffers an injury. In the case of plantar fasciitis and Baxter’s neuritis, small tears in the plantar fascia cause inflammation and thickening of the tissue. This can pinch or trap the Baxter’s nerve, which runs under the plantar fascia," says Lin. The pain is often described as a shooting pain from the heel to the middle of the foot, and some sufferers are unable to stand on their feet for more than a few minutes. What’s worse is that pain medication may not bring relief. Heel spurs Chronic inflammation and pulling on the plantar fascia can result in the development of a heel spur. This is a bony growth that develops underneath the heel bone or on the back of it and is also related to tightness in the Achilles tendon. A heel spur can become very painful, especially when it rubs on the Baxter’s nerve. Treatment for heel pain Heel pain treatment is focussed on reducing pressure on the heel and alleviating the stress in the soft tissue of the foot. Footwork Podiatry offer various non-invasive treatments to alleviate heel pain, with Foot Mobilisation Therapy and Trigenics® being principal among these. Foot Mobilisation Techniques (FMT) is a hands-on therapeutic method used to treat musculoskeletal conditions of the foot and leg. Lin says, "FMT improves joint mobility by breaking up connective tissue adhesions and restrictions around the joints. Freeing up these restrictions and relieving stiffness improves the position of the joints to naturally restore optimal biomechanics." What is Trigenics? On the other hand, TRIGENICS® is a neurological muscle assessment, treatment and training system which reprograms the way the brain communicates with the body. Mark Lin is the first Podiatrist in Australia to be trained and specialised in this unique neuro-muscular treatment system. Says Lin, “When a joint, tendon, muscle or ligament suffers damage, stress or injury, their nerve sensors send improper or false signals which confuse the brain. The brain responds by sending false controlling signals to the muscles and tendons. These muscles then become neurologically tight or weak, causing dysfunctional joint movement through a process known as neurological inhibition. If left untreated, this leads to weak links and abnormal muscle pull patterns, resulting in chronic pain, re-injury and deterioration”. Footwork Podiatry employ a multi-modal treatment system, combining Trigenics® with a number of other treatment techniques for a cumulative therapeutic effect and enhanced treatment outcome, Radial Shockwave therapy is another cutting-edge technology. This technique uses high-intensity sound wave treatment to break down scar tissue or adhesions and stimulate tissue repair. The sound waves penetrate up to 4cm deep and create therapeutic cavitation bubbles and microscopic biological effects within the tissue, activating the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Shockwave therapy has proven to be effective where around 80% of patients report a substantial improvement of their condition after only three treatment sessions. Contact Footwork Podiatry to find out how Foot Mobilisation Therapy and Trigenics® can assist with your heel pain. They can help reduce reliance on medication for pain relief for chronic conditions and they will perform a measurable and functional assessment to determine whether you are at risks of other pain and injuries. Their evidence-based assessment system allows them to collect meaningful data that convert to an accurate treatment plan. Footwork Podiatry are situated in Roseville on Sydney’s North Shore and Sydney CBD. For further information, visit the Sports and Podiatrist Clinic to book online, or call Mark Lin or Wei Lee and their friendly team on +61 2 9416 7889. This information is provided in good faith and is not intended to be nor is it to be used as a substitute for any sort of professional, medical or podiatric advice. Syndicated by Baxton Media. Aspect Furniture Melbourne showroom opening, 5–7 March 2019-02-19T21:35:32Z aspect-furniture-melbourne-showroom-opening-5-7-march Aspect Furniture Melbourne showroom opening, 5–7 March You’re invited to our Melbourne showroom opening to experience a full range of cutting-edge workplace settings. Enjoy gourmet food and drinks as you browse this active work environment and network with industry peers and the Aspect team. The three-day launch event will feature breakfast, lunch and evening sessions. To make furniture selection convenient for designers and clients, we found a space in the heart of Melbourne between Flinders Lane and Collins Street. The discreet entrance off Collins Street brings you into a beautiful character space with high ceilings and windows. Warren and Mahoney has designed the new fit-out and their first decision was to leave the building shell exposed and simply paint it in a soft white with clusters of circular light fittings to create intimacy. An active work environment in its own right Far more than a showroom, the Melbourne space is an active workplace where you’ll find furniture settings in full operation and with plenty of space to assemble and trial your own layouts. ‘We’ve arranged the collections so the Aspect team can freely use any part of the space for their own meetings and work,’ says interior designer Jono Coates from Warren and Mahoney. ‘This gives visitors a clear sense of the nature and character of an agile workplace, which they can trial themselves. Every workstyle setting is there – booths, modular workstations, demountable rooms, privacy screens, soft seating, chairs, tables, smart lockers and accessories – large and small.’ Spatial features One of the design and functional features of the space is a ‘live’ catalogue of chairs spanning the wall and windows along Flinders Lane. The grid is made from Aspect’s own creative designed aluminium shelving system, so when discussing chair options, the team can simply point to the range and have models on the ground for testing. Furniture takes time to assess and experience, so we have also built a hospitality kitchen at the centre of the showroom to serve food and drinks for extended meetings and furniture trials. We can move furniture around and configure different options to give clients a clear picture and the ability to discuss them in detail with their designers, colleagues and the Aspect team. Hospitality influencing the workplace One of the major changes we’ve seen in the workplace over the past five years has been the integration of hospitality-style settings. To retain top people, corporates are focussing on the human experience, and casual coffee and lunch environments are one of the keys to a happy workspace. You’ll see these influences in the hub kitchen, velvet upholstery on our Hive modular seating, and ottoman chairs grouped with pedestal tables. Collaborative and flexible, we’ve seen how much teams enjoy these spaces – they’re fun and create more energy and engagement at meetings. Developing the perfect furniture solution ‘We’ve laid out the furniture so clients and designers can start to imagine and combine options,’ says Jono. ‘Aspect regularly create bespoke samples for projects, so the client can order a sample of the exact design and see how it combines with all the other furniture components. The space is open and flexible enough to allow these trails to occur.’ Visit us to see, touch and operate cutting-edge workplace furniture systems. If there is a specific setting you’d like to trial, we can set it up to your specification for your team to use, adjust, test and discuss. What:               Aspect Furniture Melbourne showroom opening When:               5–7 March 2019 9am breakfast sessions 2pm lunch sessions 4pm canapés/drinks sessions. 6pm closing cocktail party Where: 333 Collins Street, Melbourne central RSVP:       or phone 1800 696 334 Best Tweed Heads and Northern Rivers Electrician, Elijah Barnes of EJ Electrical Works, Gives Storm Power Failure Outage Advice To Local Businesses on the Gold Coast 2019-02-19T05:47:36Z best-tweed-heads-and-northern-rivers-electrician-elijah-barnes-of-ej-electrical-works-gives-storm-power-failure-outage-advice-to-local-businesses-on-the-gold-coast The October storms that lashed the Gold Coast caused their share of damage and, at best, inconvenience. Thousands of homes were without power, and with extreme weather seeing to have become more frequent in recent years, CEO of EJ Electrical Works, EJ Barnes feels it’s time discuss thunderstorm-readiness strategies and power failure advice.Surge Protection Helps, But…Electrical storms can wreak havoc on the electrical supply. If you have expensive electronics, you do need good surge protection, but be aware of its limitations. It can cushion you against some current fluctuations, but it’s not a silver bullet.If a lightning strike is near enough, no surge protection is going to stop your electronics from getting totalled. The best protection when lightening is overhead or very near is to switch off and unplug appliances and electronics. Unplug your landline. If you really need to make a call, your mobile is a safer bet.If the power goes down, it’s wisest to unplug electronics even when there isn’t lightening nearby. Most of the time there won’t be a big enough power surge to cause damage when the power comes on, but there is a small risk. Be sure all appliances are off. For example, if a clothes iron or a stove is inadvertently left switched on, it could cause a fire when the power comes back on.Power Failure Advice Basics: LED Lights and Gas CookerCandles are nice for romantic dinners, but they are a fire hazard when used as utility lighting. EJ says there are some really cheap and effective LED lamps on the market these days and they make a better, and safer, backup for power failures. Remember to have spare batteries handy.Chances are, you have a gas cooker of some sort with your camping and outdoor gear. Keep it handy for hot drinks and food when the electricity fails. It’s a small thing, but being able to have a hot cup of coffee makes a difference. Check the gas and consider getting a backup bottle just in case.If You Suspect Water or Storm Damage Be Extra CarefulIf you’re worried that a storm has damaged electrical infrastructure or appliances, don’t try turning anything on until you’ve called an emergency electrician out to have a look. “Water and electricity are a dangerous combination. It’s better to be safe than sorry,” says Barnes. Have a professional check it out before you touch anything.Backup Electricity Source: Right for You?Barnes says that most Gold Coast households probably don’t need to bother with backup electricity. However, if there’s a reason why your home or business being off the grid would be very awkward for you, it’s perfectly feasible to look at some form of backup energy source. “It’s up to individuals and businesses to weigh the costs against the benefits,” says Barnes.If Gold Coast residents have any concerns about electrical system storm safety, you can reach businesses like EJ Electrical Works and Coastline Local Electricians via their websites giving them a call on 1300-DIAL-EJ, that’s 1300 342 535.Syndicated by Baxton Media. Find the Best Cheap Airport Car Hire Rentals Companies for Under 21 drivers in the Gold Coast, Queensland 2019-02-19T04:52:51Z find-the-best-cheap-airport-car-hire-rentals-companies-for-under-21-drivers-in-the-gold-coast-queensland It remains to be seen what 2019 will bring, but 2018 was a right royal year for Queensland and the Gold Coast. Five English Royals headed for the eastern Australian state named for 19th Century British (and Australian) monarch, Queen Victoria. And, according to Gold Coast Family Car Rentals CEO Darryl Essington-Wilson, while five royal visits in one year might have been unusual, the state’s ability to attract royalty has been evident in visits from various royal houses for many years.While Queen Victoria never saw the state named after her, or even set foot in Australia, Elizabeth II, the current Queen and only reigning English monarch to have visited Australia, has done a lot to make up for those who didn’t visit their subjects Down Under. Since her first tour in 1954, she has notched up a total of sixteen tours, with stops in all states (including Queensland) as well as the two territories. Most royals that have left their footprints in the Queensland capital, Brisbane, or, more rarely, on the Gold Coast, were part of the British royal line. However, Darryl points out that royals from other monarchies, including Denmark, Holland and Sweden, have also been drawn to Australia, and many of them to Queensland.Places Royals Did, Could, or Should VisitDarryl says there are a number of places in the Sunshine State which provide memories fit for royals. These range from fairy-tale moments in rain forests, viewing beautiful coastlines, and taking in breath-taking scenery, to regal luxury in cities like Gold Coast City, with lots of other options in between. These include the Great Barrier Reef, the Outback, more than 1,000 national parks and a third of the Australian World Heritage sites. And those hiring his rental cars on the Gold Coast to follow in the royal footsteps, or create their own personalised “royal” tours, would be certain to remember these attractions forever.The most recent royal visitors, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex, picked the World Heritage site of Fraser Island as a destination when they toured a few months ago. Darryl says this unique area is a “must see” for every Australian and it should be high on the agenda for visitors from overseas.The island offers the only rain forest in the world that grows in pure sand, as well as Lake McKenzie, considered sacred by the indigenous Butchulla people. There’s also the chance to see some ocean royalty in the form of humpback whales on a boat trip similar to that undertaken by Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. Whilst the best place to see the whales is in the Hervey Bay/Fraser Island area, Darryl reminded us that the next best place for whale sightings is his home town, the Gold Coast.Earlier in 2018, the Gold Coast was the focus of the visit by Prince Harry’s father and heir apparent to the English throne, Charles, Prince of Wales, and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. There to represent the queen and deliver her opening address at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Prince Charles’ emulated his mother in notching up his 16th trip to Australia to do so. Joining Prince Charles at the Games was his youngest brother, Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex. The third of the Windsor brothers, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, dropped by for a short visit to the Gold Coast during the build-up to the games in 2017, but did not attend the sporting event itself.Other Royals Who Visited AustraliaOther Royal visitors over the years have included Danish Queen Margrethe II who visited in 1987, as well as her son Crown Prince Frederik and his Australian-born wife Crown Princess Mary, and their children. Crown Princess Mary has visited her hometown, Hobart, many times, but has also made stops in other areas such as the Gold Coast, when she and her children visited Mermaid Beach.Princess Birgitta, sister of Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and wife of Prince Johann of Hohenzollern, visited Sydney for the 100th anniversary of the Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce in 2011. On a similar tour two years ago, Dutch King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima visited the Queensland capital as well as Sydney, Canberra and Perth, in recognition of the emigration of about 160,000 Dutch nationals to Australia between 1947 and 1971.Those looking for a gold carriage to take to the road in pursuit of kings, queens or princes, and enjoy the sort of places they would visit, may have a hard time finding one. However, those looking for royal treatment and the best value for money, can easily hire a Family Car Rentals vehicle that’s guaranteed to be the best value for money on the Gold Coast by booking online with Car Hire Gold Coast or Gold Coast Airport Car Rental, or call + 61 7 5508 3333. Pick up and drop off at the Gold Coast Airport can be arranged.Syndicated by Baxton Media. Sam Kekovich lends his voice to seniors as Ambassador for aged care start-up 2019-02-19T04:30:49Z sam-kekovich-lends-his-voice-to-seniors-as-ambassador-for-aged-care-start-up-1 Sydney, Australia, February 19, 2019 - In-home care start-up HomeStay announces it has appointed outspoken lamb man, media personality and former AFL footballer Sam Kekovich as its brand Ambassador in order to help shift stereotypes about seniors and highlight technology that can keep them living at home. Mr Kekovich has chosen to lend his profile to advocating for seniors as scrutiny of aged care grows and older people, their families, care providers and governments seek solutions to heartbreaking problems. “Australia has a duty of care as a nation to respect the wisdoms and experiences of seniors,” Mr Kekovich said. He says older people “deserve the intangible quality of dignity”, which is why he is speaking out on their behalf. HomeStay chair Wayne Cahill has welcomed Mr Kekovich on board during what is an important time for the aged care sector. “Empowering older people to stay in their homes for as long as possible drives our work and we’re delighted to have Sam join us to help get the message out that they may not always have to go into aged care facilities,” Mr Cahill said. “With discrete technologies that monitor their movements and can detect if they fall, people may be able to remain in their homes, providing peace of mind for them and their families.” The HomeStay smart home platform integrates bed, door, fridge and window sensors and activity monitoring with apps and other technologies. Driven by AI, machine learning and predictive analytics, it turns data into alerts and insights that can be sent to family, friends and caregivers. The analytics can interpret anomalies in residents’ data that may flag potential warning signals for early preventative care or intervention. HomeStay is working with care providers and technology partners to roll out the technologies in new houses or retrofit them into existing homes nationwide. About Sam Kekovich: Media personality, sports commentator, “lambassador” and former AFL footballer, Sam Kekovich is known for his sometimes controversial, generally flamboyant and certainly outspoken views on what it means to be an Australian. He is also an aged care advocate who works to dispel the negative stereotypes about older people and reinforce their vital contributions to the nation. About HomeStay Care: HomeStay helps protect and connect our elderly with a scalable healthcare technology platform that allows them to live in their homes for longer. For interviews and information contact: Sunshine Coast to trial eating disorder pilot program 2019-02-19T03:32:19Z sunshine-coast-to-trial-eating-disorder-pilot-program Brisbane eating disorder clinic, Centre for Integrative Health, will open a new clinic on the Sunshine Coast next month as part of a federally-funded pilot program to help individuals and their families affected by eating disorders.   Centre for Integrative Health Psychologist, Dr Kiera Buchanan, and Accredited Practicing Dietician, Kate Lane, will head treatment at their new Buddina clinic.   Under the pilot program, psychology and dietitian services will be extended for people with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder and other specified eating disorders.   Dr Buchanan says according to treatment standards 20-40 sessions of specialist support is required to achieve recovery from an eating disorder. However, Medicare currently only covers 10 sessions with a psychologist and five sessions with a dietitian.   Under the changes, support will be extended to up to 50 psychology sessions per year and up to 20 dietitian sessions.   “It is hoped that through increased access to affordable treatment from specialist treatment providers, the prevalence of eating disorders in Australia will be significantly reduced,” Dr Buchanan says.   She says the changes, expected to be rolled out nation-wide as of November 2019, will directly benefit an estimated 30,000 Australians living with an eating disorder each year.   “Eating disorders and disordered eating together are estimated to affect more than 16 per cent of the Australian population, " she says.   "Eating disorders also have the highest rate of mortality of all mental-health conditions, highlighting the need to target this population."   Dr Buchanan says its anticipated access to specialist care for those living with an eating disorder will reduce the burden on the hospital system.   "Left untreated, the average duration of an eating disorder is seven years," she says.   "However, with the correct support, full recovery from an eating disorder is always possible."   Centre for Integrative Health’s new Sunshine Coast clinic will commence treating patients on March 1.   ENDS It’s been two decades of lost opportunities in Asia for Australian financial services says Rob Macpherson 2019-02-19T03:30:46Z it-s-been-two-decades-of-lost-opportunities-in-asia-for-australian-financial-services-says-rob-macpherson As international financial service groups stream into Asia to establish operations, the self-imposed absence and withdrawal by Australia’s leading institutions are lost opportunities with long-term ramifications said Rob Macpherson after returning to Melbourne following an immensely successful career spanning more than two decades in the Region. (A summary of his achievements follows below)   Commenting further Rob Macpherson said what makes the situation so disheartening is that decades ago pioneering Australian life insurance companies had foreseen the commercial opportunities and headed north.    They were literally ‘ahead of the game’ having obtained operating licenses, entered into JVs with local operators or set up offshore offices in countries that would soon be economic powerhouses in Asia Pacific.   “Unfortunately, during my years away, the industry in Australia went on a frenzy devouring itself.  One household brand after another was lost in a steady stream of amalgamation and buy-outs that saw one group after another disappear until only the four major banks and AMP remained”, said Rob Macpherson.   “Not only did we lose long established groups like Colonial, Norwich, Scottish Amicable, Legal & General, T & G, Prudential, National Mutual, etc. – but in the consolidation process the ventures and operating licenses in Asia were jettisoned.    Instead of going on to become global players growing in parallel with the economies of Asia, Australian institutions retreated preferring to become big fish in a rapidly shrinking local financial services pond.    As Aussies exited, international players eagerly descended and filled the vacuum they left behind.    Rob joined the life assurance industry in 1973 and has worked as an agent, Unit Manager, State Sales Manager NSW and his Asia experience includes Assistant Vice President Hong Kong and Chief Agency Officer in China, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Russia, Thailand, and most recently in Cambodia.  A total of 10 countries including England and Australia.   As Head of Sales and Agency, Rob has overseen teams ranging from 2,000 to 50,000 with career spectacular results he’s delivered for start-up and established organisations in Asia.   Rob Macpherson continued, “The number of financial service groups from Europe and North America in the Region continues to grow and join the ranks of Japanese, Korean, etc. institutions that are also expanding their operations throughout Asia Pacific.   “The industry is contributing significantly to the GDP of economies in which they operate by providing employment / upskilling opportunities for the populace in the much needed professional and administrative sector and self-employment for financial advisers”.      In addition, the companies fund school programs that teach financial literacy to young people – sponsor community based personal safety awareness initiatives such as providing bike and motor scooter helmets for riders…and the list goes on!   Looking to the future, Rob is adamant there is a place for Australian financial services expertise and know how in Asia Pacific.    The fundamentals that acted as a beacon, attracting life companies’ decades ago are still present today for Australian financial services – especially in the latest rising star nations of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.   However, time is rapidly running out and failure by Australian financial service companies to embrace a regional mindset and come out of the self-imposed isolation will result in their ultimate demise affirmed Rob Macpherson.   Since his return to Australia, Rob has dedicated himself to giving back to the community – especially assisting and providing guidance to the next generation.    He has been invited to deliver presentations to students and school communities by Learning Curve Psychology (LCP), a family-centred paediatric psychology practice, located in Beaconsfield.     Michelle Cameron, LCP Director & Principal Psychologist said she was confident Rob’s life story of experiences, challenges and successes will make a positive difference to the young people and families that attend his presentations.   ENDS   Issued by Rob Macpherson & Learning Curve Psychology           Media Enquiries:       Mr. Joe Perri, Joe Perri & Associates                                     Mob: +61 412 112 545     Email:   About Rob Macpherson       Rob was born in London and emigrated to Australia aged 18 in 1969 (alone) to seek his fame and fortune.  He joined the life assurance industry in 1973 and has worked as an agent, Unit Manager, Regional State Sales manager NSW.    Over the course of his career, Rob has lived and worked in 10 countries and his Asia experience includes Chief Agency Officer in China, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Russia, Thailand, and most recently Cambodia.   As head of agency he has overseen sales forces ranging from 2,000 to 50,000.    Following below is a brief summary of his career over the past two decades   MANULIFE ASIA     2012 – 2018                                      Established the Manulife operation in Cambodia and was then responsible for sales recruitment, training and development of the agency force.                                            KOREA LIFE INSURANCE VIETNAM & THAILAND     2008 – 2012 Chief Agency Officer Started up the new company and the operation was acknowledged as best start-up in Vietnamese insurance company ever exceeding sales target in excess of 300%.   Assistant Vice President Hong Kong Providing strategic advice and guidance in planning and implementing sales and agency sales.   BAO MINH CMG LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY     2003 – 2008 National Sales Manager                           Managed the agency sales force that consisted of over 6000 agents and sales managers, located in 56 offices nationally.   Over 3 years took market share from 1.5% to 8.2% and out-performed the industry.  New premium income increased 63% (2002 /2003), 6.5% (2004/2003),22% (2005/2004), in a market that has had negative new business growth in each of the above years.   As at June 2006 sales were up 17% (YOY), with the market down a collective 13% over the same period.   CHINA LIFE CMG     2001 – 2003 Chief Marketing Officer                                        Responsibilities for Sales and Marketing including strategies in Shanghai China, recruiting/developing Sales Managers, sales training, etc   ALLSTATE INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE     1999 – 2001  Regional Sales & Marketing Director, Southeast Asia               COLONIAL  (CMG)China Life     1998 – 1999 Consultant International Sales and Marketing                    How property investors are bypassing tightened home loan approvals with BrickX 2019-02-18T21:47:54Z how-investors-are-bypassing-tightened-home-loan-approvals-with-brickx BRICKX LAUNCHING FIRST PERTH PROPERTY AT $82/‘BRICK’ BrickX is breaking down barriers to residential property investment by allowing Australians to purchase fractions of property, or ‘Bricks’, now across 19 properties in Australia with their new Perth launch.     Embargoed until 1pm, 18th February 2019, PERTH Rapidly growing fintech, BrickX, is now giving Australians direct access to the Perth residential property market for less than $100 in a process that takes less than five minutes.   Founded in 2014, BrickX has $18.7 million in assets under management from more than 12,900 members. The funds are invested in 18 other properties across New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Founder Markus Kahlbetzer said BrickX is now targeting Perth as the firm believes it represents value for investors and allows them to further diversify across the Australian property market.   “It’s no secret that the Perth property market has been slow over the last four years, however our property team* believes that the Perth house market is approaching the bottom of the property cycle,” said Mr Kahlbetzer.     Property team member and Chief Economist for REA Group, Nerida Conisbee said the inner and beachside suburbs of Perth are ‘leading the charge’ when it comes to the early stages of recovery.   “We are currently seeing growth in rental demand from Perth on, likely driven by jobs growth. While the Perth market has been tough, this uptick reflects a positive change for the housing market and it is likely we will see recovery in the market over the next two years,” Ms Conisbee said.   According to the Affordability Index by Performance Property Advisory, Perth properties are the most affordable they have been since 2002 with only 24% of the average income required to pay off the average mortgage.   The available property is a beautiful 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom character home in scenic Kensington of South Perth. Kensington’s recent performance has been promising, being one of the top 7 high growth suburbs in WA of 2018 (REIWA).   *BrickX has an accomplished Property Team consisting of an experienced buyers and Advisory Panel including Tim Lawless, Head of Research at CoreLogic Asia Pacific, Nerida Conisbee, Chief Economist for REA Group and David McMillan, member of the PIPA Board.   Visit the BrickX website to pre-order your Bricks in the Perth property. Those who pre-order Bricks in this property will not pay a buy-fee (pre-orders open on the 19th of Feb, 1pm and end on the 26th Feb, 1pm). T&Cs apply. Read the PDS to see if BrickX is right for you.   About BrickX: BrickX is an award-winning platform providing Australians access to residential property by dividing individual properties into 10,000 Bricks, effectively units (in a Trust) and allowing customers to start investing from a little as $50. BrickX is empowering investors with greater visibility and choice in property than what may be currently available to them. The platform offers investors the opportunity to earn capital returns and monthly net rental income in proportion to the number of Bricks owned. BrickX charges a transaction fee of only 1.75% of the transaction value.   ### Best Northern Rivers Electrician Contractor, EJ Electrical Works, Provides Cheap LED Lighting Services and Explains Over-Illumination in Tweed Heads, Gold Coast 2019-02-18T05:46:08Z best-northern-rivers-electrician-contractor-ej-electrical-works-provides-cheap-led-lighting-services-and-explains-over-illumination-in-tweed-heads-gold-coast With LED lighting cutting energy costs there’s a renewed movement towards illuminating just about everything from trees to buildings – and in spaces where light is needed, we may be going altogether too bright. EJ Barnes, a Gold Coast Electrician and owner of EJ Electrical Works, points out that when it comes to lighting, too much of a good thing can be bad for us.The Many Facets of Over-IlluminationOver-illumination is a term that describes a variety of situations in which there is more light than we really need. It can refer to very high artificial light intensities, or it can refer to unnecessary lighting such as leaving an unoccupied office illuminated all night.But these days we’re recognising the need to vary light intensity depending on what we’re doing instead of opting for the brightest possible light all the time, the need to experience softer light later in the day, and our inbuilt preference for natural light.Barnes says this extends the definition of over-illumination to include too few controls to vary light intensity, not making the most of natural light during the day, and possibly, using the wrong light spectrums in artificially lit spaces.Why We Should Think About Over-IlluminationBarnes says we’ve only lately become aware of the ways in which lighting influences us on a biological level. “It’s not just eye-strain,” he explains, “it’s headaches, migraines, stress, and fatigue.”There’s also the question of utility. Barnes agrees that illuminating landmark architectural features, for example, helps to give a city its character, but he feels that we need to be cautious about what we illuminate.“Personally, I feel that illuminating the outside of a building is fine if it’s a building that’s important to a lot of people or if it’s minimalistic lighting that just helps people to find their way home in the dark. But we need to think about utility. There’s a cost and an environmental impact to lighting despite recent energy-saving options.”As for lighting areas that are both unoccupied and unseen from the outside, Barnes recommends a rethink. Security cameras can see in the dark these days, so why bother? Just turning off unnecessary lights can save businesses a lot of money in the long run.Bright Light in Retail SpacesThese days, we seem to love extremely bright light. But Barnes isn’t sure it’s good for us in the long run. Retail spaces are increasingly going for light far above the average foot-candle (fc) level of 30-40 recommended for office work. “It probably isn't comfortable for their clients, but it certainly isn’t good for their staff,” remarks Barnes.He understands why retailers love all that bright light. They literally shine out. But he recommends focussing the brightest light on featured display areas rather than regular shopping spaces and work areas. His logic is that you’ll get more visual impact from your planned displays and marketing materials that way.Gold Coast Electrician Advocates People-Centric IlluminationWhen choices need to be made, Barnes recommends that we look to people first. What people do in different settings serves as the logical guide to how they should be lit. “You shouldn’t illuminate a feature planting in a parking lot if you haven’t illuminated the walkway first – and it’s worth considering whether lighting up the feature planting has any value to speak of even if the walkways are already well-lit.As for extremely bright retail space illumination, that might be counter-productive. Research shows that shoppers are most comfortable in moderate light with a warm temperature. The very bright, white lighting designs we’re seeing in some outlets could even be putting clients off.Perfect Practicality Matches with Perfect AestheticsOver-illumination is wasteful and, very often, counterproductive, Barnes concludes. “We need to make lighting decisions around the people who use spaces. That might sometimes include lighting that’s there for purely aesthetic reasons, but its impact will have been carefully considered as part of an engineered experience.”“It makes sense that lighting that’s been designed with restraint and an eye for practicality also reflects good taste. It’s also important that we should begin to see light as a customisable feature. For now, we can look at individualising workspaces so that people can adjust lighting according to tasks and preferences. In the future, we may be able to adjust lighting automatically, for example, in response to what shoppers are doing in a store.”The key, says Barnes is practicality. Form follows function and the result is good aesthetics. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it can be effective. If you’d like to find out how EJ Electrical Works can help you with office or retail space lighting design, visit EJ Electrical Works website or call 1300-DIAL-EJ, that’s 1300 342 535.Syndicated by Baxton Media. Cutting the Costs and Saving on Top Gold Coast Car Rentals and Airport Family Holiday Vehicle Hire Deals 2019-02-18T04:48:57Z cutting-the-costs-and-saving-on-top-gold-coast-car-rentals-and-airport-family-holiday-vehicle-hire-deals Headline deals on rental cars have been flooding the internet, the press and leaflets during the build-up to the holiday season, and some of the prices advertised look pretty good. And many of them may be the real deal, but Gold Coast Family Car Rentals CEO Darryl Essington-Wilson warns that in some cases, they may be too good to be true.Holidaymakers Warned to Check the ExtrasHe cautions holidaymakers who don’t do their homework that they may feel they have been duped when faced with the final account if they hurry to sign a deal based solely on the reduced daily rental advertised. But Darryl hastens to add that this is not necessarily because of false advertising.The promoted base daily tariff is usually genuine, particularly when backed by well-known names in the car rental sector. And those companies will undoubtedly stand behind those printed tariffs to the letter. However, according to Darryl, a problem could lie hidden in the letters which are not printed in the advertisement. Those are the ones which spell out the add-ons, make up the list of terms and restrictions, and they usually have varying numbers of dollars attached to them.Counting the Costs of Cheap DealsThis is because the special deal is usually only related to the base tariff for daily rental, and by comparison with others in that regard, at this level, it might appear to be the best option. But, on digging deeper into the fee structure and comparing the other fees involved, that is not necessarily the case.Australian Consumer Law mandates that all compulsory charges are to be either included in the published price, or shown in close proximity to the published price, in the same font size. Optional extras need not be included in an advertised price, but of course, they should be included in any price that is specific to the enquirer’s stated needs.Darryl believes that there is a string of factors that need to be included in any rental car comparison. Among these are the where, when, and how far the car can be driven, as well as how many people can drive it. And there are others, such as where it’s collected, and where it’s dropped. All of these fees can vary considerably between rental companies, as do insurance excess charges and what they cover.Comparing Apples with ApplesAs a Consumer Fairness Gold Medal award-winner, Darryl is committed to making the total cost of car rentals as transparent as possible. An accountant and business consultant before he moved to Gold Coast 17 years ago, and devoted his life to turning two small car rental businesses into the thriving Gold Coast Family Car Rentals that exist today, Darryl looks at the whole package when it comes to cost to the customer.He even offers a Best Value Guarantee for rentals of four days or more. There’s a generous refund attached if a customer finds a better local price. However, it only applies when the so-called cheaper option’s full-service package is identical to his, including optional extras, insurance excesses and other fees. And that’s because of his conviction that car rental costs can only be compared in terms of total service value.For those planning to travel in and around Gold Coast city, and particularly between Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta, and including the Gold Coast Airport, by making sure to book online with Car Hire Gold Coast or Gold Coast Airport Car Rental, or call + 61 7 5508 3333. Pick up and drop off at the Gold Coast Airport can be arranged.Syndicated by Baxton Media. Leading Sydney CBD and North Shore Sports Podiatrist Explains Why Manual Therapy is the Preferred Alternative Treatment for Bunions 2019-02-17T22:00:52Z leading-sydney-cbd-and-north-shore-sports-podiatrist-explains-why-manual-therapy-is-the-preferred-alternative-treatment-for-bunions If your big toe points towards your smaller toes, or you have a bony growth on the side of your big toe, you probably have a condition called Hallux Valgus commonly known as bunions. This deviation of the big toe towards the smaller toes causes a bony growth or bunion to form on the side or over the top of the big toe joint. Bunions are usually but not always immediately painful and can make wearing shoes difficult and uncomfortable, says leading sports podiatrist and director of Footwork Podiatry in Sydney, Mark Lin. "They can also cause embarrassment due to the change in appearance of the sufferer’s feet." Studies show that symptoms often only occur after the condition has progressed to an advanced level. Therefore by the time a bunion starts hurting, significant irreversible damage has already occurred. Lin's associate, Wei Lee says "Bunions are generally believed to be caused by wearing shoes that are too narrow or tight, inherited genetic traits or by medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis." Lin adds, "Stress on the foot from participating in sports can also be a cause. However the primary cause is often due to an underlying biomechanical problem in the feet, resulting in a compensation which results in a bunion being formed." Bunions are caused primarily by the way that a person walks and stands. Misalignment of the ankle, restricted joints in the foot, inactive foot muscles, flatfeet and foot pronation can all contribute to the development of a bunion. If left untreated, deviation of the big toe is likely to increase over time, resulting in the bunion getting larger. This can lead to secondary issues including osteoarthritis. The smaller toes may also develop deformities causing hammertoes or clawed toes. Both bunions and hammertoes are progressive and do not go away by themselves. Introducing an Alternative to Bunion Surgery While surgery is the traditional treatment for bunions, most people would rather avoid it due to the cost, pain involved and protracted recovery time. Fortunately, there is a less invasive and more effective alternative. Foot mobilisation is a technique which corrects the misalignment of the foot joints and strengthen the muscles around the joint to reinforce the correct position. Foot Mobilisation Techniques (FMT) is a manual therapeutic method to treat musculoskeletal conditions of the foot and leg, and is widely recognised by therapists including chiropractors, physiotherapists and osteopaths. Mark Lin and partner Wei Lee of Footwork Podiatry are experienced practitioners in this technique. “The treatment helps not only in improving the alignment of the big toe but also addresses the underlying problems that cause the bunion. This is combined with corrective exercises to strengthen weak and tight muscles and soft tissue that has been compensating to hold the big toe in the misaligned position.” says Lin. "Foot mobilisation has a high success rate and is recommended as early as possible, even if the sufferer feels no pain. The sooner treatment is started, the sooner the underlying cause can be addressed, improving the chances of correcting the misalignment and reducing the bony growth." says Lee. In many cases, when treatment has been delayed, the chances that the deformity can be fully corrected is unlikely. However it is still possible to reduce pain, improve the function of the foot, maintain mobility of the bunion joint, and prevent the bunion from getting worse. FMT therapy aims to improve the position of the joints to allow your body to naturally restore optimal biomechanics. The joints will be taken through their natural motions to break up adhesions and restrictions and simple corrective exercises will be prescribed to maintain effect of the treatment. FMT Therapy still viable after bunion fusion surgery Foot mobilisation treatment is still beneficial even after bunion surgery. The big toe joint plays a significant part in our ability to walk and once the joint has been fused, our body compensates. Restriction of the joint can lead to foot, ankle, knee, hip and even lower back issues. Long term management is likely to be necessary to maintain optimum function of the lower limb. Why Foot Mobilisation is the preferred treatment of choice for bunions A safe alternative treatment to treat bunions naturally and guide the joints and big toe to their correct position without orthotics or invasive surgeries A corrective approach that not only treats the symptoms but addresses the underlying cause of the problem, allowing the body to heal naturally. The therapy allows you to continue normal daily activities in most cases. Mark Lin, the Principal Sports Podiatrist and Director for Footwork Podiatry elaborates, “At Footwork Podiatry, our sports podiatrists are highly trained and experienced in unique techniques to fix foot and ankle problems. We help you to feel better, move better and perform better without medication, surgeries, or changing your footwear in a majority of the cases. We believe the body has an incredible capacity to heal itself from injuries. Chronic or recurring symptoms occur when there is an interference to the healing process such as scar tissue, biomechanical stress, structural misalignment, active trigger points or repetitive strain. Our hands-on techniques help to eliminate this interference to healing, by stimulating the body’s natural healing response.” Footwork Podiatry focus on diagnosing and treating foot and ankle pain using advanced musculoskeletal techniques. They are experts in lower limb pain and injury treatment and are committed to providing holistic health care. Get in touch with them to experience the benefits of this new and improved bunion therapy. Footwork Podiatry are situated in Roseville on Sydney’s North Shore and Sydney CBD. For further information, visit the Sports and Podiatrist Clinic to book online, or call Mark Lin or Wei Lee and their friendly team on +61 2 9416 7889. The information contained in this guide is provided in good faith and is not intended to be nor is it to be used as a substitute for any sort of professional, medical or podiatric advice. An accurate diagnosis can only be made following a personal consultation with a podiatrist. Any users should always seek the advice of their podiatrist, or other qualified healthcare providers before commencing any treatment. Syndicated by Baxton Media. Best Electrician Near Me, EJ Electrical Works, Explains Affordable Decor Featured Ceiling Fans and Air Conditioning in Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast 2019-02-15T05:44:51Z best-electrician-near-me-ej-electrical-works-explains-affordable-decor-featured-ceiling-fans-and-air-conditioning-in-mermaid-beach-gold-coast With summer hotting up, Australians will be working on keeping cool, and some of the “low tech” solutions are still good ones says Gold Coast electrician EJ Barnes. What’s more, you might be interested in seeing how they’ve evolved – you might be in for a few surprises.Barnes knows more about ceiling fans than most people do: as a Gold Coast electrician, spring and summer callouts are often for the installation or maintenance of these standbys, and while you can go with basic and functional, you have far more options than you may have realised.From Smart Fans to Dreamy Décor FeaturesThe connected home trend hasn’t overlooked the possibilities it can explore with “smart” fans and several companies have come out with their versions of a high-tech ceiling fan. However, Barnes isn’t altogether convinced they’re worth getting.He’s done a lot of work on connected homes too and doesn’t see the point in remotely controlling an appliance that only works to cool skin because it moves air around. “A ceiling fan doesn’t change the air temperature. It just makes you feel cooler. When you leave the room, you may as well switch it off to save energy.”“The only real use I can think of for smart fans is to set them up so that they’ll be off during the hours you aren’t using rooms or when you’re at work, and a simple timer switch could do the same thing for a lower price.”However, it’s the arty innovations on the theme that make Barnes enthusiastic. Sometimes, it’s special touches to the classic ceiling fan design – like using genuine wood blades – sometimes it’s a move towards a steampunk look, or it could be unexpected blade shapes. There are some really creative fan designs, but Barnes warns that functionality comes first.“I like the idea of ceiling fans being an important décor feature, but the size of the fan, the strength of its motor, it’s ability to run silently, and its energy efficiency are all more important than looks.”Ceiling Fan, Air Conditioning, or Both?The way we use ceiling fans also needs a little rethinking, say Barnes. As an alternative to air conditioning, they will certainly save energy. They could still save you energy if you use them as a way to delay the decision to use air conditioning, but they probably won’t work to reduce energy consumption if you use both at the same time.The theory is that people with ceiling fans will choose higher temperature thermostat settings when they turn on the AC, but a Florida researcher disproved that back in 1996 after checking thermostat settings against ceiling fan use and finding no significant differences.“Fans are very effective for cooling if you position them well and if you choose the right fan for the space,” says Barnes. “There’s a specific formula for choosing the right size fan, and you also need to think about its power. After that, you can look at extras like those super-cool fan designs.”EJ Electrical Works are Gold Coast electricians, tackling everything from big construction projects to minor home repairs for local householders. They can be reached via their website or by calling 07 - 3833 4405.Syndicated by Baxton Media. Coolangatta Airport People Movers Request For High Season, Gold Coast Family Car Rentals CEO Warns Customers About High Season Foreign Credit Card Fees 2019-02-15T04:46:28Z coolangatta-airport-people-movers-request-for-high-season-gold-coast-family-car-rentals-ceo-warns-customers-about-high-season-foreign-credit-card-fees International visitors to the Gold Coast are rising in numbers, and peak season starts soon. Gold Coast Family Car Rentals CEO, Darryl Essington-Wilson, has issued a warning to foreign visitors visiting the Gold Coast during the upcoming high season. And that is to watch out for hidden fees which are added to some credit and debit card transaction charges when they are used in other countries.He said that fees added by some banks might come as a shock to car rental customers. And that could even be the case when they hire cars from his Gold Coast Family Car Rentals business, which has done its best to keep the rental charges as fair as possible. His family car rentals business has achieved Gold Medal status for Consumer Fairness in all 27 categories, carries a Best Value guarantee, and keeps add-ons and charges, like insurance excess, at low levels. However, there’s nothing he can do about bank charges. The only way to avoid that possible shock when viewing the statement, Darryl says, is for visitors to consult their banks with regard to fees before leaving home.Credit CardsNot every card holds the same fees for transactions overseas, some include fee add-ons in one area and not another, and add-on charges can differ between credit unions and banks. This can make it difficult for travellers visiting the Gold Coast to be prepared for sudden additions to their overseas spending budget. In some cases, travellers might be relieved when they don’t find any nasty surprises when they see their statement at the end of their travels, but could later be shocked when hit with a substantially higher annual card fee included by the bank to cover extra costs like transaction charges or currency conversion fees.Swiping a foreign credit card for cash at an ATM in another country can bring on withdrawal fees averaging at around 4%, even if there is usually no charge added to the same credit card on home soil. It is also possible that withdrawal fees could be charged by both the bank that issued the card, and by the local ATM operator. And not all credit cards offer reimbursement of these ATM operator charges.Currency conversion fees could cost anywhere between 2 and 4%. And any delay in settling the credit card balance in time, which could occur while away from home, could see more interest added to the already bigger total.Travel and Debit CardsWhile international travellers who use debit cards may have fewer problems than credit card users, they may still face the addition of a foreign transaction (or currency conversion) fee of somewhere between 1 and 3% when purchasing. And there could be international ATM fees of between 1 and 5 % when drawing cash, plus separate charges issued by the local ATM operators. Sometimes these duplicated ATM fees will be refunded by the home bank, and sometimes not.While travel cards might seem to be the ideal answer, Darryl warns that some card providers might start adding charges if the card is left idle for several months between trips, and, at the same time, charge cancellation fees should the cards be cancelled to avoid those charges.Pay in Local CurrencyDarryl also warns visitors to reject suggestions that they pay in their home country’s currency when settling their account. If they accept the suggestion, they could sometimes find themselves settling a payment fattened up by a poor exchange rate and a merchant fee, as well as a conversion fee, in addition to any bank fees the transaction could involve, so enlarging the payment still further. He advises that the best way to avoid these piled-on costs is to stick to paying in the local currency and to check bills carefully before swiping the card.Coming to grips with unavoidable card costs, and discovering ways to get around the avoidable ones, involves consultation with the relevant credit union or bank before settling on the best card to use. But when it comes to hiring the best value for money Gold Coast car rental, all it involves is booking online with Car Hire Gold Coast or Gold Coast Airport Car Rental, or call + 61 7 5508 3333. Pick up and drop off at the Gold Coast Airport can be arranged.Syndicated by Baxton Media.