The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-10-20T21:00:00Z Injectable trace minerals: a solution to combat livestock heat stress this summer 2019-10-20T21:00:00Z injectable-trace-minerals-a-solution-to-combat-livestock-heat-stress-this-summer-1 With forecasts predicting another long hot summer ahead for southern regions, trace mineral supplementation is one effective solution to help combat heat stress in livestock over the coming months, says animal health company Virbac Australia. “High temperatures can affect everything from conception and fertility rates to immunity, meat quality and milk production, leading to significant economic impacts for producers,” reports Virbac Australia’s Technical Services Veterinarian Dr Paula Gonzalez-Rivas. “In extreme cases, it can even lead to livestock mortality.” Cattle begin feeling uncomfortable above 25°C – which means that heat stress will be an issue across all Australian livestock regions. For southern regions, cattle are particularly at risk of heat stress coming out of winter, and are more exposed to extreme heat events. What’s often surprising is that it’s not only extremely high daytime temperatures that trigger heat stress. Warmer night times can have more of an impact, says Dr Gonzalez-Rivas. “Hot nights can be dangerous for livestock, as it’s harder to thermoregulate, dissipate heat accumulated during the day, and reduce their core temperature. That places them under continuous stress, increasing respiration, heart rate and water intake, and placing a strain on multiple physiological processes. In fact, recent research has revealed air temperatures rising as little as just 1.5°C above average can decrease conception rates by as much as 5%1. Even before birth, calves suffer the negative consequences of heat stress if cows were heat stressed during late pregnancy2.” “Heat stress affects the animal’s oxidative status, it increases the production of free radicals and reduces the activity of antioxidant enzymes, leading to oxidative stress. In both beef cattle and sheep, oxidising agents present in the meat lead to lipid and protein peroxidation affecting muscle fibre structure, resulting in high drip loss, undesirable meat colour and shorter shelf life. In dairy cows, oxidative stress negatively impacts milk production and health. Cows under oxidative stress have increased incidence of mastitis, higher somatic cells count, poor responses to vaccination, decreased fertility, increased embryo mortality, abortion, premature calving, retained foetal membranes, and uterine infections. Furthermore, oxidative stress also affects sperm concentration and viability in males3,” says Dr Gonzalez-Rivas. It’s clear that heat stress has real potential for devastating losses in terms of both performance and production – but the good news is that it can be effectively managed. Virbac Australia advises farmers and producers to act now and will be running free webinars on ways to minimise the impact of heat stress in livestock over summer. A pre-summer review of preparedness for heat stress is a great idea. This should include an examination of the livestock environment, including site characteristics, infrastructure and condition, to provide good shade and water sources, and even fans and sprinklers in intensive production environments. “Adequate water is essential,” Dr Gonzalez-Rivas explains. “It's worth remembering that animals under heat stress lose much more water through respiration and perspiration, often requiring up to five times more water than usual.” Having a good summer nutrition program that includes trace mineral supplementation is also key. Dr Gonzalez-Rivas recommends using a trace-mineral injection like Multimin injection to improve antioxidant activity “Antioxidants are an ideal heat stress abatement strategy, and Multimin adds important trace minerals like manganese, zinc, selenium and copper, to help boost antioxidants, reproductive performance and immune function4, 5. We also recommend increasing energy density to compensate for reduced feed intake,” says Dr Gonzalez-Rivas – “including slowly fermentable starch to reduce the amount of heat released in the rumen during fermentation6, as well as supplemental fat that bypasses the rumen and minimises the heat released during digestion.” High-quality forage and fibre also help optimise rumen efficiency and function, particularly for animals receiving high starch diets. If supplementary feeding, modify this strategy from once to twice-a-day feeding, and consider feeding less during the hotter hours and more at night, to allow heat dissipation7. It can also be beneficial to balance the mineral and electrolyte content, because excessive sweating or panting results in losses of sodium, potassium and bicarbonate, increasing the risks of acidosis and mineral imbalances. Victorian dairy farmer, Renee Murfett, is a big believer that it pays to be preventive rather than reactive when it comes to heat stress in cattle. “Summer can be harsh on our cows, so we make sure they’ve always got access to shade and water. We have a sprinkler system set up in our yard for hot days which not only cools the cows but also stops their frustration with flies. The first signs of heat stress we notice is heavy breathing and stock not wanting to move away from the shade. In more severe cases, they go down with exhaustion. We can lose anywhere from 500 to 1,000 litres of milk a day during a heat wave so Multimin is definitely something we are open to trialling in our cows during a heat stress event.” As Dr Gonzalez-Rivas concludes, “a proactive approach to the management of heat stress is more effective than a reactive response once it has occurred. Right now, is a great time to begin implementing the best processes to minimise the impact of what’s set to be another blisteringly hot Australian summer and I encourage all farmers and producers to register to our free webinars.” Get your livestock performance ready for summer. Sign up for the heat load index forecast, and heat stress alerts for beef cattle at and for dairy cattle at For more information and to register to the free webinars run by Virbac Australia, visit Beef webinar: Thursday 31st October at 6.30pm-7.30pm AEDT Dairy webinar: Thursday 5th December at 6.30pm-7.30pm AEDT Ends MEDIA CONTACT Adam Arndell - C7EVEN COMMUNICATIONS (02) 6766 4513 [1] David Wolfenson, Zvi Roth, Impact of heat stress on cow reproduction and fertility, Animal Frontiers, Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2019, Pages 32–38. 2 Fabris, T. F., Laporta, J., Skibiel, A. L., Corra, F. N., Senn, B. D., Wohlgemuth, S. E., & Dahl, G. E. (2019). Effect of heat stress during early, late, and entire dry period on dairy cattle. Journal of dairy science, 102(6), 5647-5656. 3 Celi P. (2011) Oxidative Stress in Ruminants. In: Mandelker L., Vajdovich P. (eds) Studies on Veterinary Medicine. Oxidative Stress in Applied Basic Research and Clinical Practice. Humana Press, Totowa, NJ 4 Machado, V. S., Oikonomou, G., Lima, S. F., Bicalho, M. L. S., Kacar, C., Foditsch, C., ... & Bicalho, R. C. (2014). The effect of injectable trace minerals (selenium, copper, zinc, and manganese) on peripheral blood leukocyte activity and serum superoxide dismutase activity of lactating Holstein cows. The Veterinary Journal, 200(2), 299-304. 5 Teixeira, A. G. V., Lima, F. S., Bicalho, M. L. S., Kussler, A., Lima, S. F., Felippe, M. J., & Bicalho, R. C. (2014). Effect of an injectable trace mineral supplement containing selenium, copper, zinc, and manganese on immunity, health, and growth of dairy calves. Journal of dairy science, 97(7), 4216-4226. 6 Gonzalez-Rivas, P. A., DiGiacomo, K., Russo, V. M., Leury, B. J., Cottrell, J. J., & Dunshea, F. R. (2016). Feeding slowly fermentable grains has the potential to ameliorate heat stress in grain-fed wethers. Journal of animal science, 94(7), 2981-2991. 7 Mader, T. L., Davis, M. S., & Brown-Brandl, T. (2006). Environmental factors influencing heat stress in feedlot cattle. Journal of Animal Science, 84(3), 712-719. Photo captions: Victorian Dairy Farmer Renee Murfett with Dr Susan Swaney Dairy cattle in Victoria The Genius Sunburn Hack 2019-10-17T21:17:57Z the-genius-sunburn-hack With the warmer weather fast approaching, more time is being spent outdoors in the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can lead to sunburn. With BodyPlus Skin Oil you can help to relieve burns, prevent and reduce peeling and redness with the use of one genius body oil. BodyPlus Skin Oil is the ultimate sunburn hack; it helps repair and rejuvenate the skin’s natural defence barrier to protect the skin and increase moisture retention. CEO of McGloins Supertex, Nick Barnes says, “BodyPlus Skin Oil is formulated with Ceramide and Vitamin E, the essential nutrients when it comes to preventing and treating sunburn. 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The brainchild of educational expert Scott Lattimer and industry professional Eliza Campagna, The Show Sydney is set to be so much more than a typical trade show. Eliza says, “The Show Sydney has been created to be an educational platform that will provide a unique retail experience showcasing the best in class brands and artists across hair, makeup and beauty.” “Not limited to one category, or level of experience, our mission is to provide professionals, enthusiasts to students and beauty lovers with the opportunity to equip themselves with the latest techniques from all areas, under the one roof,” adds Scott. To date, The Show Sydney has confirmed the following all-star line-up: Jennifer Guerrero (Hair) - 3 x Emmy Award Winner & 10 x Emmy Nominee Brian Sipe (Makeup) - 1 x Emmy Award Winner Damian Martin & Adam Johansen – Odd Studio (Makeup) - 1 x Bafta Award Winners & 1 x Oscar Award Winners Rachel Montgomery (Makeup) - 1 x MAGAP Award Winner, 1 x AHFA Award Winner & 4 x ABIA Award Winner Helen Magelaki (Hair & Makeup) - AACTA Nominee Vanessa Davis a.k.a "The SKulltress" (Hair & Makeup) - Instagram sensation (over 1M followers) also The Wigs and Makeup Manager of the London Opera Chereine Waddel (Makeup) - 1 x AHFA Award Winner & Beauty Editor at Laud Magazine Pip Lund (Hair & Makeup) - Hair & Makeup Supervisor at Channel 7 Nicola Magiro Waters (Hair) - Cirque Du Soleil & Muriel’s Wedding The Show Sydney Event Details: Date: 8th and 9th February 2020 Time: Saturday 9am – 5pm and Sunday 10am – 5pm Location: The International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour Tickets: Available from Sunday 27th October 2019 Handles: @theshowsydney “Beyond our fabulous educational presentations, attendees will be able to view and purchase the latest and greatest industry and consumer products and tools. It’s a fantastic opportunity for career inspiration, retail therapy, and interactive education with some of the world’s finest talent,” said Eliza. Get party ready with L’Action Paris essentials 2019-10-17T02:50:45Z get-party-ready-with-laction-paris-essentials With the warmer months coming up, party season is nearly here and L’Action has you covered with its party prep essentials to prepare your skin to look fabulous all season long. Marketing Coordinator of McGloins Supertex, Shima Shahbazi says, “When summer comes and Christmas parties start, it’s important we remember to look after our skin and not leave it as our last priority. It’s best to get in early, start the prep now to revive your skin from the cooler months and put your best self forward! 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About L’Action Paris: Currently sold in over 40 countries on four continents around the world, there are over 50 different products that are available in Australia. All products in the collection include natural active ingredients, are developed in their Paris laboratory, are dermatologically tested and are NOT tested on animals. L’Action Paris is available online: @lactionparis_au DIVORCE TANGO AUTHOR SAYS WHY GREY DIVORCE IS ON THE RISE! 2019-10-17T02:13:04Z divorce-tango-author-says-why-grey-divorce-is-on-the-rise WHY IS GREY DIVORCE ON THE RISE? Al Gore and his wife Tipper are part of the rise in "Grey Divorce" which has doubled since 1990.  Divorce expert, best-selling author of The Divorce Tango and founder of Australia’s first National Divorce Centre, Cheryl Duffy says “The reason Grey Divorce is on the rise is  threefold. Firstly, money, women are more financially independent so no longer have to choose a bad marriage or poverty. Secondly there is not the same stigma about divorcing now as there used to be and thirdly better health and life expectancy" “When the children have grown up “empty nest syndrome” comes into play and the parents find they have grown apart or lost the spark that was once there and realise they are not too old to seek happiness later in life” concludes Cheryl. TO INTERVIEW CHERYL DUFFY email or call Max Markson 0412 501 601 ABOUT CHERYL Cheryl Duffy is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® and Author of the bestseller “The Divorce Tango”. Cheryl’s career evolved from leading key programs for successful change and betterment in a large, multinational company however, the most difficult change she has ever had to manage was her divorce, which affected every facet of her life. After nineteen years, Cheryl’s marriage came to an end, and her life completely changed. Being the first among her family and friends to experience divorce, she was left to blindly navigate her way out of the tumultuous times, into a better post-marriage life. The journey continued in the pursuit to help others impacted by Divorce whereby Cheryl became a Certified Divorce Coach to help others accelerate their divorce recovery so they can let go, move on and create the life they deserve so they don’t have to waste years being emotionally paralysed like she did. Through one on one coaching sessions or unique programs depending on whether you are pre/post divorce can empower you to take charge and accelerate your divorce recovery so you can rebuild your life faster.   JURA celebrates 25 years of expertise in automatic coffee machines 2019-10-16T21:40:36Z jura-celebrates-25-years-of-expertise-in-automatic-coffee-machines X Spritzer doesn't need to be Aperol 2019-10-16T05:31:15Z spritzer-doesn-t-need-to-be-aperol If you love the taste of Orange Bitters, Prosecco and Soda Spritzers, then do try this Summers new sensation: Slider Spritzers, the smooth combination of Mandarin Bitters and Prosecco but hold the soda. Fill a large wine glass (180 ml) with ice, pour in 90 ml of the 8% Mandarin Slider and the add 90 ml of Prosecco Preparation Time: 3 min For best results, serve both the Mandarin Slider and Prosecco chilled. Garnish with slices of Mandarin or Orange or even both. So instead of 1 and 2 then 3, it's now just 1 then 2. Shocking secrets 2019-10-16T01:35:43Z shocking-secrets Dear Editor, The dark secrets of horse-racing have repeatedly outraged the public. Now, Melbourne Cup-winning trainer Darren Weir and two others have been charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty. Weir has been charged with nine offences including three counts of "engaging in the torturing, abusing, overworking and terrifying" of a racehorse. Police cameras earlier this year captured the men repeatedly shocking the horse with an electronic device called a "jigger". Weir has already been banned from racing for four years, but that was all racing officials did. Let's be clear – such offences are animal cruelty and must be prosecuted by law enforcement, not kept from sight in internal industry reviews. This is why the charges are so important. Weir trained the 2015 Melbourne Cup winner Prince of Penzance, who was recently featured in a movie glamorising racing. News reports say Weir was widely regarded as Australia's leading horse trainer before the police raid. We have to wonder what the rest of the industry is doing if this is what is being reported about the "leading" trainer. Victoria’s Minister for Racing stated "I understand people having a degree of cynicism about racing or, indeed, any kind of sport where there is money to be made from betting." To which we can only add – or any industry where animals are treated as objects, valued only for profit. As well as tormenting the winning horses, we know that about 13,000 "failed" horses are sent to slaughter each year. If you hate animal cruelty, please avoid the races. Desmond Bellamy Special Projects Coordinator PETA Australia PO Box 2352 Byron Bay, NSW 2481 +61 411 577 416 Take your drinks menu to the next level this Christmas 2019-10-15T21:34:32Z take-your-drinks-menu-to-the-next-level-this-christmas Move aside the Espresso Martini, this festive season JURA Australia share their latest coffee-based recipes, guaranteed to not only impress the fussiest guests, but also look great on the table this Christmas Day. George Liakatos, JURA Australia’s General Manager says, “It’s amazing how many people only ever use their coffee machines for their daily caffeine hit. Our machines can deliver so much more at the touch of a button, making it quick and easy to get creative with the beverages you can serve up this Christmas.” JURA’s Strawberry Dream - Ingredients (for 1 person) 2 x 45 ml strong espresso made using a JURA ENA 8 Whipped cream maker 350 ml cream 10 ml sugared water (made of equal parts sugar and water) Strawberry purée 5 ice cubes Preparation: Put the ice cubes in a shaker. Prepare the espresso in the same shaker. Shake for about 20 seconds so that the espresso cools immediately. Then pour the mixed ingredients into the whipped cream maker. Tightly close the whipped cream maker, shake it and insert the cartridge. Vigorously shake the whipped cream maker 8-10 times and refrigerate until needed. Put a little strawberry purée in a cocktail glass and pour the frothy espresso over it. Decorate with a strawberry or a coffee bean, if liked. JURA’s Red Cool - Ingredients (for 1 person) 45 ml espresso made using a JURA ENA 8 Campari or Red Bols Lemonade Ice cubes Preparation: Take a long drink glass. Fill the glass almost to the rim with ice cubes. Add 20 ml of Campari and then lemonade to the glass. Place 2 straws in the glass. In a separate receptacle, prepare an espresso with 45 ml of water. Pour the hot, freshly made espresso over an ice cube into the glass. Pour carefully to make sure the espresso does not mix with the Campari. This will create an attractive layered effect. Stir before enjoying this speciality coffee. For the gift that keeps on giving, or to get Christmas ready, JURA’s ENA 8 in Nordic White or Sunset Red is a must have on the wish list. At an RRP of $1,899, the ENA 8 is a fully automatic coffee machine that is compact to fit neatly in any size space and most importantly uses coffee beans, not pods. Available now online at as well as selected electrical retailers, department stores, independent and specialty outlets. Those who purchase an ENA 8 between 1st November and 31st December 2019 will receive a bonus Coffee Cocktail Kit valued at $150 including; 1kg JURA Coffee Beans, 4 × latte macchiato glasses, 780ml cocktail shaker and 4 × cocktail recipe cards. About JURA: JURA’s products stand for innovation, ease of use and sustainability. JURA believe in the perfect cup of coffee, using fresh beans, freshly ground and extracted at the touch of a button. The product range includes both machines for domestic use and professional models for the office and food service industry. In recent years the long-established Swiss brand has grown to become a global player, operating in around 50 countries. Wash Your Hands! The Wiggles & Unicef Australia release a 'Handwashing Song' & video to celebrate #GlobalHandwashingDay ! 2019-10-14T22:01:25Z wash-your-hands-the-wiggles-amp-unicef-australia-release-a-handwashing-song-amp-video-to-celebrate-globalhandwashingday   Wash Your Hands! The Wiggles and UNICEF Australia release a ‘Handwashing Song’ and video to help children stay healthy   SYDNEY, 15 October 2019: The Wiggles and UNICEF Australia have released a new song, ‘Handwashing Song’, and accompanying video to teach children how to wash their hands – view it here:   Written and sung by The Wiggles, the song seeks to motivate millions of children around the world to make washing their hands with soap a simple and enjoyable habit before eating food and after touching animals or going to the toilet. The new song is being released for Global Handwashing Day, today, for which the theme is “Clean Hands for All”.   As Ambassadors for UNICEF Australia, The Wiggles want to help raise awareness that handwashing with soap is an easy, effective and affordable way to prevent illness and diseases, and save lives.   Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins said, "Music can make early life lessons enjoyable whilst being educational at the same time. We hope our ‘Handwashing Song’ will help to make handwashing fun for children and those caring for them and stop germs spreading to keep everyone healthy.”   Every day, around 800 children under the age of five die from preventable diseases caused by poor water, and lack of sanitation and hygiene. Washing hands with soap before eating and after using the toilet can help reduce the incidence of diarrhoeal diseases, which are a major killer of children in developing countries, by almost 50 per cent.   CEO of UNICEF Australia Tony Stuart said, “Teaching children the importance of handwashing is a critical building block in good hygiene practice that can not only create healthier futures, it can save lives.   “We love that children have participated in the ‘Handwashing Song’ video to demonstrate how to wash your hands and know that they will inspire other children to do the same.”    UNICEF’s water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) team works in over 100 countries worldwide to improve water and sanitation, and to ensure that children practice basic hygiene including handwashing. Last year, UNICEF’s programmes helped provide 18.6 million people with access to safe drinking water and 10.8 million people with access to basic sanitation.     #####   Note to editors: To watch the ‘Handwashing Song’ video, please visit:   You can listen to the ‘Handwashing Song’ online, wherever you get your music:   A printable copy of the lyrics is available via the following link:     For more information, please contact: Kylie Martin, The Wiggles, 0418 314 088, Nicole Lawrence, UNICEF Australia, 0419 748 324,   About The Wiggles The Wiggles have recently celebrated 28 years of entertaining millions of fans across the globe. They now have more than 1,098,300 social media followers and have sold over 30 million CDs & DVDs and 8 million books. More than 70 CD and DVD releases later, The Wiggles have earned 18 x gold, 13 x platinum, 3 x double-platinum and 10 x multi-platinum awards for their music and DVD sales and have been awarded 13 x ARIA Awards for Best Children’s Album (making ARIA history as the most awarded ARIA winner in the one category, and being inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame).   About UNICEF UNICEF is the United Nations Children’s Fund and works in some of the world’s toughest places, to reach the world’s most disadvantaged children. Across 190 countries and territories, we work for every child, everywhere, to build a better world for everyone.   For more information about UNICEF and its work for children, visit   Follow UNICEF on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook     Don't miss the final Sydney Home Show of the year! 2019-10-13T23:19:29Z don-t-miss-the-final-sydney-home-show-of-the-year Tens of thousands of Sydney home owners, renovators and local trade are set to flock to the Sydney Home Show this October, returning to the International Convention Centre Sydney, Darling Harbour.  Held over three days from Friday 18 - Sunday 20 October, over 180 exhibitors will showcase the latest products for kitchens, bathrooms, interiors, outdoor living, smart home automation and more.  A few stand/exhibitor highlights include: Harvey Norman, with a huge showcase of furniture, bedding and an outdoor living showcase taking up an impressive 144 square metre space! You’ll also find other big brands such as Hafele Home, Tucker BBQ’s, Domayne, Jetmaster Fireplaces, Samsung Digital Door Locks, BORA, Alinta Energy, Vergola and more!  Visitors can get inspiration for their renovation and landscaping project at the Green Living & Design Seminar Stage, sponsored by Myard.  Myard is a a passionate and innovative family owned landscaping company that began its journey in 1991. Hear all the best tips, tricks, trends and advice about landscaping and elevating your outdoor areas with informative talks from Myard. The schedule is jam packed with leading industry experts including celebrity interior designers James Treble from 9GEM Open Homes and Fiona Parry-Jones from Foxtel’s Love it or List it. They’ll be giving you the best tips, tricks and secrets from their incredible careers that take them all over Australia.  Also on stage you’ll also find House Rules season 7 favourites Katie & Alex from NSW, and Pete & Courtney from VIC. Drop into a topic focused talk from the couples about renovating on a budget, or stop by when we tackle a Q&A live on stage! Darren Palmer from The Block will be on stage on Saturday talking all things Clever Kitchen Storage, as a brand ambassador for Hafele Home.  He will also be on the Hafele stand throughout the Saturday for meet and greets!  Visitors can also drop by the Designer Furniture Showcase, featuring unique, local and modern pieces from some of the best in the business offering inspiration for every aesthetic and room in the house! The Sydney Home Show has a brand new feature this year; as we bring you the Connected Living,  AI Smart Home Hub. Find a range of specialists in the smart home automation industry ready to help you with all your smart home, smart secuirty and smart entertainment needs! You’ll also find a seminar stage here with hourly talks from the experts, allowing for your questions right after! For visitors seeking expert advice for their projects, the KBDi Ask an Expert area will feature free 20-minute consultations with Kitchen and Bathroom designers. Make an appointment at the Show. Walk-ins only. The Home Show is a great place to start your renovation or home improvement project. Getting around the Show in 2019 is easy - the comprehensive Show website features a full list of exclusive savings and prizes, a searchable exhibitor list, stage timetables and a Home Ideas Hub blog to help visitors get the best out of their projects. Find exciting new products from companies including Highgrove Bathrooms, Samsung, Bobbio, NexGen Decking, iHeath Saunas, Australian Outdoor Living and more!  The Sydney Home Show is Sydney’s favourite building and home improvement event - don’t miss this chance to see everything for your home under one roof in one weekend..  Find out more at  - ENDS - For all media enquiries, interviews, images, media passes and promotions, please contact: Laura White - Marketing Manager 03 9276 5531 | Cow butchered alive 2019-10-10T11:46:57Z cow-butchered-alive-1 Dear Editor, People in Darwin and throughout the country are rightly dismayed at the light sentence handed out this week in the case of the man who cut the leg and backstrap (loin) from a living cow. The cow was stunned with the blunt end of an axe, but regained consciousness, in extreme agony. The offender was part of a group who came back later, after the cow had been killed, shouting "we want meat!" The man was given neither a fine nor a conviction, but was sentenced to 150 days community service. Under the N.T. Animal Welfare Act, offences can result in fines of $13,700 but penalties for cases of cruelty to animals are rarely imposed to the full extent of the law. In this case, pastoralists told police they had "never seen an animal in such distress", and had to shoot the cow. Numerous studies show that people who harm other animals often move on to harm their fellow humans. For example, one U.S. study found that animal abusers are five times more likely to commit violent crimes against humans. Another study in Australia revealed that 100 percent of sexual homicide offenders examined had a history of animal cruelty. It’s time that this country started to treat cases of cruelty to animals as the serious crimes that they are, because the whole of society is at risk when we don’t. If you suspect someone of abusing an animal, report it to authorities right away for the safety of animals and humans alike. Mimi Bekhechi Campaigns Strategist People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Australia) PO Box 20308 World Square Sydney, NSW, 2002. (08) 8556-5828 SYDNEY FISH MARKET HOOKS DEC PR AS AGENCY OF RECORD 2019-10-10T06:05:34Z sydney-fish-market-hooks-dec-pr-as-agency-of-record p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica} p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px Helvetica} span.s1 {color: #0000ff} October 2019, Sydney, Australia – Australia’s home of seafood, Sydney Fish Market, has appointed independent agency DEC PR to manage its public relations, following a recent competitive tender process. Sydney Fish Market is the largest market of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere; a one-stop-shop for 3 million food lovers from Sydney and beyond. Having been the flagship commercial hub for the New South Wales fishing industry for more than 70 years, today more than 13,300 tonnes of seafood is traded through the wholesale market, annually. Stephanie Margrain, Marketing & Communications Manager at Sydney Fish Market says: “Our team was impressed with the professionalism as well as the strategic and creative thinking that DEC PR showed during the tender process.” “We are excited to partner with an independent agency with such strong capability spanning consumer and corporate communications – one that will be able to support and shape stories across our seasonal events, but also work closely with our internal team and our retailers, to drive earned media outcomes that champion the consumption of seafood and promote the world-class sustainability of the industry," added Margrain. Renowned for its 36-Hour Seafood Marathon held annually from 23 to 24 December, and Good Friday Trading at Easter, Sydney Fish Market is an iconic Sydney destination for locals and tourists alike, but also aims to educate consumers on the wide range and seasonality of quality, sustainable seafood available. Agata Kenna, Managing Director at DEC PR, says: “Food and tourism are categories that the DEC PR team is incredibly passionate about, so Sydney Fish Market combines two of our favourite pastimes. We have extensive experience building brands, safeguarding reputations and cultivating genuine engagement in this space, and are looking forward to collaborating on campaigns that attract Australians from near and far to this iconic destination.” DEC PR commences work immediately. -ENDS- For more information or any media enquiries, please contact: Sarah-Ann Taylor via or +61 2 8014 5033 For more information please visit Urban List Launches Challenge For Change Campaign To Find Australia’s Most Sustainable Agency and Most Sustainable Agency Employee 2019-10-09T23:41:34Z urban-list-launches-challenge-for-change-campaign-to-find-australia-s-most-sustainable-agency-and-most-sustainable-agency-employee Thursday, 10 October 2019 (Sydney): Urban List are embarking on a mission to find Australia's Most Sustainable Agency and Most Sustainable Agency Employee with the launch of their latest campaign Challenge For Change, collaborating with media agencies across the country to support them, and their people, in making simple swaps toward a more sustainable life.    Over 30 media agencies across Australia have already pledged their commitment, seeing the Challenge For Change as an opportunity to both do good and increase team engagement.    The Challenge begins this week, with all participating agency employees completing a quiz to receive their current eco footprint score (from 1-100). For the following four weeks, tips and tricks to living more sustainably are shared with the participants to help them reduce their eco impact: both at work and at home.   At the close of the Challenge, participants receive a new eco score, modelled on the changes they have made to their work and home life. The Most Sustainable Agency and Most Sustainable Agency Employee Awards will be selected through a combination of weighted eco scores and finalist submissions.    Sue Squillace, Carat CEO said, "Sustainability is an increasing part of a company’s culture and our team is excited to get involved in the Challenge For Change — joining our industry peers in doing more good and improving our impact. Both environmental and social sustainability are very topical conversations right now — something we're regularly talking about — and It would be a great achievement for all of us if Carat were to earn the honour of Australia's Most Sustainable Agency!"   Urban List ran a similar consumer campaign in June to coincide with World Environment Day, in which 27,000 people committed to the four-week Challenge For Change program to improve their environmental footprint.   Urban List CEO and Founder, Susannah George, says climate change is the key issue that’s concerning the Urban List audience and while 90 percent of Australians are concerned about environmental sustainability, only half feel they are doing their fair share to help*.   “There’s also the age-old complication that we want to do good, but not necessarily at the expense of the things we love — the changes we make need to be, well, sustainable, and if they’re perceived as sacrifice, the change will ultimately fail.”   “I’ve had so many conversations with brands who have identified a need to support their customers’ journey toward a more sustainable life; making a start, rather than needing to be perfect. As one of the largest audiences of Gen Y and Z in Australia, Urban List is well positioned to support this goal, and you’ll see a number of initiatives emerging from us through early 2020 — all designed to deliver ongoing sustainable change, for us, our audience and our partners.”  THREE IN FOUR SENIOR STUDENTS FACE ATAR ANXIETY 2019-10-09T23:36:26Z three-in-four-senior-students-face-atar-anxiety Sydney, Australia, 10th October 2019: Seventy-five per cent of Australian senior students are experiencing or have experienced ATAR anxiety, according to new research from Cluey Learning. Surprisingly, over half of these students consider their parents’ ATAR anxiety to be worse than their own. The release of the research coincides with the start of Term 4, a critical time for Australian senior students. The term marks final high school exams, the transition of Year 11 students into Year 12, and the last chance for Year 10 pupils to select senior subjects, which can determine their final ATAR score. The nationwide survey of senior students* reveals that a specific ATAR score is “extremely important” to 57 per cent of pupils. More than half have a particular ATAR score they wish to achieve, with 55 per cent aiming for an ATAR of 90 or above. Despite this, more than half of students believe an ATAR over 90 is “impossible”. When it comes to an ATAR under 60, over 80 per cent of students agree this score would be detrimental to their life and/or career. According to the research from Cluey Learning, over 75 per cent of students believe their ATAR will impact the rest of their life. What’s more, 25 per cent of students who are aiming for a specific ATAR score agree they are unsure what they will do if they miss out on the rank they hope for. Founder of Youth of Sydney, Ryde Young Citizen of the Year and Year 12 student Tasnia Ahmad recognises the impact of ATAR anxiety on the minds of students her age: “Your ATAR can decide your whole career so it’s a regular point of discussion for students; we share our ATAR goals with each other and even talk about the ATAR goals parents have for kids. At times it can feel like the ATAR constricts you. All your work boils down to a number which can be stressful to think about.” In response to emphasis on the admission rank, Cluey Learning has launched #ATARanxiety, a campaign encouraging students to shift focus from their final number to what can be done today. The brand will release expert tips via their blog and social channels throughout Term 4. Chief Learning Officer Dr. Selina Samuels comments: “At critical moments in education, students can feel like nothing else in the world matters except that final year or result. It’s easy to become fixated on the end and its enormity instead of the small steps to take today to allow effective learning to continue. Rather than finding ways to remove the pressure, it’s better to find ways to manage it. Learning how to best deal with stress and expectations can help build resilience. The challenge is learning how to distinguish between reasonable levels of stress and disproportionate anxiety”. When it comes to getting on top of ATAR anxiety, students expressed a number of tactics. Study was the top choice for managing ATAR anxiety followed by “ignoring it”, exercise and meditation. Over 85 per cent agreed that last minute study and help is an important part of the prep process. Despite this, over 85 per cent of students agreed that when studying alone they often have questions which they need support with. “The last few weeks before the ATAR exams can feel very lonely,” says Samuels. “Many students feel that all they can do is go over and over their notes on their own. But that kind of repetition of familiar material makes students passive learners and breeds boredom. The trick to this final study stretch is to maintain your interest and to keep finding new ways to approach the same content. A tutor can help keep your study more lively in the final stretch and ensure no question goes unanswered.” Cluey Learning is extending office hours to provide session support from 6am until 10pm (and up until midnight for eastern states) across Term 4. Cluey is ready to support the early risers and night owls, helping students’ study from wherever suits them. Free subscriptions to sleep and mindfulness app Calm will also be available as part of the #ATARanxiety campaign. Cluey matches students with expert private tutors who conduct sessions using an online platform. Features like video and audio, a virtual whiteboard and digital content results in a personalised learning experience for each student. Visit for more information on ATAR anxiety and senior student packages. -ENDS- Additional research findings, according to Cluey Learning: 88 per cent of students will be disappointed if they don’t achieve their desired ATAR 84 per cent of students feel like the ATAR is the most important thing they will do at school The main reason for a desired ATAR is: To get into the course I want (46 per cent) It’s important for a successful career (18 per cent) I want to know I did my best (15 per cent) To make my parents / school proud (13 per cent) Bragging rights (6 per cent) Student plans for after school: Tertiary education (51 per cent) Travel (19 per cent) Learn a trade (18 per cent) Unsure (6 per cent) Other (6 per cent) NOTES TO EDITORS: *Student Edge supplied the sample for this survey conducted by Cluey Learning with 420 Year 11 and 12 students across Australia in October 2019. For interviews with Selina, a senior student or for research raw data please contact: Candice Meisels | | 0481 369 484 About Cluey Learning: Cluey Learning offers online tutoring mapped to the Australian curriculum. Expert tutors are matched to each student. Students can follow customised lesson plans or upload their own notes and questions. Cluey Learning has helped over 3,000 students and has been rated 4.7/5 by parents and students.