The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-05-10T02:05:28Z Serial mover and leading property stylist Justine Wilson shares her top moving tips 2021-05-10T02:05:28Z serial-mover-and-leading-property-stylist-justine-wilson-shares-her-top-moving-tips Having moved 23 times already in her life, leading Sydney Property Stylist Justine Wilson, certainly knows a thing or two about moving to a new house. Not only does she and her team essentially move house every day, sometimes twice a day to style properties for sale across Sydney, but she’s also earned the title of moving guru personally. Impressively her fastest pack up and pack down is an impressive two days. Justine Wilson, Vault Interiors Director, and award-winning property stylist says, “After moving so many times in my life, I’ve learnt a thing or two to streamline the process and even use the experience as a time to declutter and reinvigorate my own home. To many, it’s a daunting process, but hopefully my tips help make it more of a positive experience instead of a chore.” Listed in the top three most stressful life events, alongside death and divorce according to psychologists, Justine shares her top five tips to make moving smooth sailing in 2021. 1. Declutter prior! Before your move day, Justine suggests organising any items you don’t want to relocate to the new place to be sold, disposed of, or given away. Advertise items on gumtree or ask friends or family if they want free items (just ensure they collect them to make life easier for you!). Justine’s rule of thumb – if you haven’t worn it or looked at it in a year it’s not essential. 2. Pre-plan placement: Justine suggests planning ahead exactly what furniture items will go where, this is very important as it saves the movers double handling things and jamming up rooms full of furniture. It’s a much smoother process if they know exactly what room each item goes into and will save you money on their hourly rate at the end of the day. You can achieve this by doing a walk-through with them before they start unloading. 3. Label all your boxes: Justine’s favourite tip – seems like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how many times this step is left out. Labelling is essential to avoid the panic that a room full of unmarked boxes can trigger. If every box is labelled with the room it's going into and whether it essential items or “non-urgent” items. Be descriptive of what’s in the box i.e instead of just “kitchen” write “kitchen – pots and pans”. 4. Purchase recycled boxes: Moving boxes can be expensive – so purchasing recycled boxes is a good trick, just ensure you write on the packing tape, not the actual box. This ensures you can often return them after the move and recoup a refund, or neatly stack and store and have boxes ready for your next move without the confusion of writing all over the box. 5. Enlist help! A move will feel less painful and less stressful if you enlist friends to help pack up – make a night of it, shout some pizza and wine, play some music and before you know it half the home is done, and you have had a few laughs in the process. Just remember to instruct them on labelling – and be sure to return the favour at a later stage. 6. Hire professionals: Justine is very lucky to have a fantastic and highly trained team that assists her with each move, it would not be possible to have moved so often without her professional team. People often try to move themselves to save on cost, but it doesn’t pay off in the long run, you can damage your property if you don’t know how to correctly carry items, you can hurt yourself or simply wear yourself out. 7. Treat it like an overnight stay: Pack a small bag with your essentials so you know exactly where they are, this means a towel, toiletry bag, phone charger and a change of clothes and some snacks. Ensure you have plenty of water and it's always a nice gesture to ensure your removals team have water bottles too. Justine adds, “If you have a big enough budget and are time-poor, you can get the company to quote on packing all your items for you also, phone around to suss out the price difference in you packing or them packing before you start so you can weigh it up.” For more styling tips go to: To request further information, high-res images, or to interview Justine Wilson, please contact: Lisa Solomons | 360 PR | P: 02 9571 4448 | M: 0416 175 518 | E: PETITION WITH OVER 11,000 LOCAL SIGNATURES CALLING FOR A BAN ON GREYHOUND RACING TO BE PRESENTED TO W.A. PARLIAMENT WEDNESDAY 12TH MAY 2021-05-09T10:45:07Z petition-with-over-11-000-local-signatures-calling-for-a-ban-on-greyhound-racing-to-be-presented-to-w-a-parliament-wednesday-12th-may This coming Wednesday, local greyhound advocacy group Free the Hounds, will be presenting a petition with over 11,000 local signatures to Greens MLC Alison Xamon who’ll be tabling the petition the following morning. A group of dog lovers and their pet  greyhounds will protest outside of Parliament House to coincide with the petition handover. WA Parliament will only accept petitions with hand-written original signatures, no online or electronic, making it extremely difficult to collect large numbers of signatures. “Collecting over 11,000 signatures in under 1 year is an extraordinary achievement given many of our events were cancelled and supporting businesses were unable to display the petition due to COVID restrictions” said Free the Hounds President, Alanna Christiansen. This petition demonstrates community attitudes towards greyhound racing and a growing opposition to it. It is clear from Free the Hounds’ community outreach activities that greyhound racing has lost its social licence and the wider WA community supports an end to greyhound racing. Free the Hounds has been actively campaigning for an end to greyhound racing in WA since 2015. “Our position is greyhound racing is outdated, inhumane and unsustainable,” said Ms Christiansen. Racing and Wagering WA’s most recent annual report shows 101 greyhounds in the WA racing industry died in the 2019-20 financial year*, including 10 who died right at the track in 2020. The report also shows a total of 855 injuries were sustained on WA tracks during this period* including 96 fractured bones in 2020. These figures represent a 10% increase in injuries from the previous year. “The rate and severity of these injuries are specific to racing and so the only way to eliminate the risk is to ban greyhound racing altogether. These injuries can cause extreme pain and discomfort to the dog, treatment can involve major surgery and a lengthy rehabilitation, and there are often long-term health implications. Some dogs continue to be euthanised due to the severity of their injuries or die under anaesthetic during surgery to fix them. Racing injuries are just one of many welfare concerns Free the Hounds and the WA community has regarding the treatment of greyhounds within the racing industry.  “Gambling revenue should never be a justification for the mistreatment of these gentle dogs” said Ms Christiansen. Greyhound racing is already banned in the ACT and Free the Hounds believes WA will be the next jurisdiction to outlaw the practice. “The popularity of greyhound racing in Australia has been steadily declining – and even more so here in WA. With animal welfare becoming a higher priority for more and more members of the community, now is the time to ban this barbaric industry,” said Ms Christiansen. Media invited to attend: Parliament House, 12pm, Wednesday 12th May 2021 * Racing and Wagering WA’s 2019-20 financial year is 1 August 2019 to 31 July 2020 CWA of NSW supports call to end ‘zombie’ mining licences 2021-05-07T00:00:25Z cwa-of-nsw-supports-call-to-end-zombie-mining-licences Hi , The Country Women's Association (CWA) of NSW is supporting a legislative push to extinguish ‘zombie’ Petroleum Exploration Licences (PELS) covering valuable NSW, agreeing it’s time to end the uncertainty for affected communities. It comes as the NSW Upper House prepares to consider legislation introduced by Independent NSW MLC Justin Field to extinguish 'zombie' or expired PELs, in response to concerns of a return to widespread Coal Seam Gas exploration in the NSW North West region. “Communities in these affected areas have lived with the uncertainty of what these PELs will mean for their futures for too long, and it’s time for confidence to be restored for the people who call these regions home and who rely on the land for their livelihoods," said Stephanie Stanhope, President of the CWA of NSW. The importance of protecting valuable agricultural, water and environmental assets was also discussed at this week's CWA of NSW state conference in Bega. Attached and below is a media release on the issue and for further information or media inquiries, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Kind regards, Kylie Galbraith Seftons Tamworth NSW 2340 Ph. 0411 480 208 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MEDIA RELEASE CWA of NSW supports call to end ‘zombie’ mining licences The call to extinguish ‘zombie’ Petroleum Exploration Licences (PELS) covering valuable agricultural land has the full support of the Country Women’s Association of NSW, which says it’s time to end the uncertainty for affected communities. It comes as the NSW Upper House prepares to consider legislation introduced by Independent NSW MLC Justin Field to extinguish 'zombie' or expired PELs, in response to concerns of a return to widespread Coal Seam Gas exploration in the NSW North West region. CWA of NSW President Stephanie Stanhope said the association recognised the importance of mining and gas projects to the state’s economy and energy needs, but they needed to proceed in locations that didn’t unduly impact NSW communities and other industries, like agriculture. “In the case of the 11 PELs in question, we believe they aren’t in appropriate areas and now these licences have expired, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be extinguished,” Stephanie said. “Communities in these affected areas have lived with the uncertainty of what these PELs will mean for their futures for too long, and it’s time for confidence to be restored for the people who call these regions home and who rely on the land for their livelihoods. “It’s also time to secure the future of the valuable agricultural land covered by these expired PELs, as well as the irreplaceable water and environmental resources in these areas. They’re too valuable to be compromised by poor planning and questionable decision-making.” Stephanie said as well as the extinguishment of the expired PELs, there also needed to be a whole new process for considering and approving future mining exploration licences. “Just this week, members at our annual state conference endorsed a motion calling for the cessation of licences for ‘$2 companies’ that don’t have the financial capacity to undertake mineral exploration. This current process is failing communities and landholders, with a lack of regulatory oversight and the potential to inflict enormous emotional and financial stress on landholders,” she said. “It’s just another example of the urgent need to overhaul the entire process and replace it with one in which rural and regional communities can have trust and confidence. We’d like to see a bi-partisan approach to this review process as well, ensuring the protection of our agriculture industry now and into the future. “We only get one chance at this, because once our fragile and precious farming land, water resources and significant environmental assets are damaged, or even destroyed, there’s no coming back.” Medicinal cannabis for PBS, review of organ donation policies and greater protections for farmers endorsed by CWA of NSW 2021-05-06T01:07:16Z medicinal-cannabis-for-pbs-review-of-organ-donation-policies-and-greater-protections-for-farmers-endorsed-by-cwa-of-nsw Hi , The CWA of NSW 2021 state conference in Bega concludes this afternoon with members spending a busy week determining the future policy direction of the association, renewing friendships and enjoying all that the south coast of NSW has to offer. Attached is an update on the conference motions and the business discussed, along with an image of conference attendees at the historic Bega Showground. For further information or interview inquiries, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Kind regards, Kylie Galbraith Seftons Tamworth NSW 2340 Ph. 0411 480 208 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MEDIA RELEASE Medicinal cannabis for PBS, review of organ donation policies and greater protections for farmers endorsed by CWA of NSW The Country Women’s Association (CWA) of NSW is calling for prescribed medicinal cannabis to be added to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and is advocating for greater protection for agricultural land through more consideration around the location of solar farms and the abolition of mining exploration licences to ‘$2 companies’. The issues are among dozens of motions being discussed and debated at this year’s CWA of NSW state conference in Bega this week, with successful motions to spearhead the association’s advocacy efforts over the next 12 months. Mental health service failures, immediate improvements to the aged care sector and ways to boost organ donation rates were also on the agenda. Successful motions include: That the CWA of NSW be to take active steps to increase the information available to all members, branches and groups to enable them to seek and promote opportunities for increased and meaningful understanding of, and engagement with, First Nations communities across the state (Keiraville branch) A call for immediate action with regard to the failure of aged care service delivery in NSW (Jerilderie branch) Advocacy around a review of organ and tissue donation policies with consideration of a soft opt-out policy in preference to an opt-in policy to assist in increasing the rate of organ and tissue donations (Pambula-Merimbula branch) Lobbying the NSW Government to provide sufficient face-to-face acute psychiatric services to all local health areas, especially those in rural and remote locations (Hillston branch); calling for a single co-ordinated mental health service information and referral resource in towns as part of the overall measures for suicide prevention (Kiama branch); and an urgency motion on lobbying the state and federal governments to provide additional funding, opportunities and incentives to enable training of more psychiatrists to provide acute face-to-face services in all local health areas (Urgency motion) Advocacy for a ‘just transition’ from coal and gas to low carbon-intensive industries to minimise employment impacts (Tambar Springs branch) Opposing the construction of large-scale solar plants on prime agricultural land to protect food and fibre productivity (Jindera branch) Lobbying the NSW Government to cease assessing $2 companies as able to satisfy the ‘financial capacity to undertake mineral exploration’ in NSW under the Mining Act 1992 (White Cliffs branch) Advocacy for the placement of prescribed cannabis medication on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (Cobargo branch) “There’s always a lot of different issues covered by the motions that come from our branches, and this year is no different,” said CWA of NSW President Stephanie Stanhope. “This diversity in our membership and the concerns of their communities ensure our association’s advocacy efforts reflect a broad cross-section of the NSW population and our policy platform is inclusive of a range of issues. “Improvements to health service delivery in rural and regional NSW communities have remained a strong focus this year, particularly around mental health support and suicide prevention measures. And our members have taken further steps this year in advocating for sensible government regulation around mining exploration on our prime agricultural land and approvals for the location of renewable energy projects. “Energy generation is of the highest importance to our state and communities, but whether it’s fossil fuel-generated or produced by renewable technologies, the regulation around it must be well-considered and sustainable for all,” Stephanie said. There was also unanimous support for the donation of $20,000 to the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) in response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and $10,000 to ACWW South Pacific to fund training initiatives in the region. Members also voted for ovarian cancer to be the focus of the CWA of NSW’s Health Research Fund Annual Project for 2021/22. Ends Make Your Relationship Stronger By Getting the Right Advice from the Expert Relationship Coach - Debbie Rivers in Perth 2021-05-05T05:10:24Z make-your-relationship-stronger-by-getting-the-right-advice-from-the-expert-relationship-coach-debbie-rivers-in-perth-2 We all want to make our relationship best and perfect that adds more happiness to our life. But we hardly take the right steps towards the right direction to change it. Debbie Rivers is an expert relationship coach in Perth who will provide you with valuable guidance to make sure that your relationship will become stronger. With long years of expertise in solving relationship issues and helping singles finding their perfect partner, Debbie Rivers is known as the best and most understanding dating coach in perth.  You can get success in all areas of life with proper hard work and luck, but in love all you need is pure feeling and emotions that you can easily connect with that someone special. 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What better way to begin your week than by sitting in front of a canvas, unleashing your inner Picasso, wine glass at the ready with a side of fabulously sassy drag queens by the names of Carmen Taykett and Shushu Funtanna from 6pm to 9pm? We don’t know either.  Owner of Paint Juicy, Trenton Mabbott said he is beyond excited to be bringing Paint Juicy alive alongside the LGBTIQA+ community. “We can’t wait to collaborate with the Pride Festival Gold Coast to bring awareness and support for those in the community.” Trenton Mabbott said.  Snatch up those tickets priced at only $55 to the Grand Opening event, located on the Paint Juicy website for you to book now. This is a BYO alcohol event, so make sure to bring a bottle or two and your most fabulous dancing shoes.  Don’t fret, this aint’ no two night stand - Paint Juicy will be hosting ongoing nights with cracking playlists from 80s, 90s, Britney, Kylie, Boy Bands, Disco, Rock and One Hit Wonders from now until forever. Mic drop. Purchase Tickets Here:  Adelaide ad agency on track to win big at the Internet's annual Webby Awards 2021-05-03T02:19:18Z adelaide-ad-agency-on-track-to-win-big-at-the-internet-s-annual-webby-awards MEDIA RELEASE Adelaide advertising agency on track to win big at the internet’s annual “Academy Awards” An online game created on a flight from Adelaide to Sydney is set to claim one of the world’s top website awards. Podcast series Forever Has Fallen is an immersive online experience where players uncover clues and solve challenges in a virtual bounty hunt through a fictional digital world. Launched by a small advertising agency, looking for global fun just over a year ago, Forever Has Fallen has quickly become an international sensation building a huge worldwide fan base that has led to a nomination in the 2021 People’s Voice section of the prestigious Webby Awards. “I love blockbuster entertainment but the one-way nature of storytelling has not changed much since the 1880s,” said Mr Kimon Lycos, founder Forever Has Fallen. “Our goal was to up-end that concept by creating a whole range of ways to tell a blockbuster story and when we launched it, we honestly had no idea how it would be received. “You hope it goes well, but this has never been done before, so the response has been completely overwhelming and now from Adelaide, Australia we are up against some of the world’s biggest brands and beating them, it’s crazy.” In its 25th year, the Webby Awards were established to celebrate Internet excellence and recognise online achievement in categories including innovation, diversity, education and entertainment. Operating on a similar voting structure to the Academy Awards, the Webby Awards are judged by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS) whose 2000+ members are drawn from industry, peers and media. This year, the IADAS has to consider more than 13,000 entries coming from over 70 nations and rate them on criteria including user experience, ease of navigation, creativity and software technology. Nominees were announced on 20 April, voting for the People’s Voice closes on 6 May and all winners are announced on 18 May. Contact for interviews: Adelaide: Kimon Lycos (Founder) Forever Has Fallen Pty Ltd Tel: +61 400 263 740 About Forever Has Fallen Created by Adelaide based advertising agency Mihell & Lycos, Forever has Fallen is a new way to entertain fans in the digital age. Forever Has Fallen combines listen anywhere/anytime podcasting with a fictional story world that extends the story and turns the experience into a game. Fans earn rewards the deeper they dive into websites, social media profiles, interactive messaging and hidden content or ‘Easter eggs.” Buy Your Favourite Product at Never Before Discounts and Deals Exclusive at OZ DISCOUNT STORE in Australia 2021-05-02T05:59:50Z buy-your-favourite-product-at-never-before-discounts-and-deals-exclusive-at-oz-discount-store-in-australia Make your life easy, exceptional, and extraordinary with OZ DISCOUNT STORE - The exclusive Online Electronics Store in Australia offers a wide range of electronic products at a huge discounted price. Whether you want to buy some unique electronic gadgets or a professional range of furniture for your home, OZ DISCOUNT STORE contains a wide range of exclusive collections, which is hard to find anywhere else. With long years of expertise in serving the best quality products to the people of Australia, OZ DISCOUNT STORE is known as the leading discount store in Australia. 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Slaughter.Already shown on prime time on NBC in America, the comedic series starts with The Rock’s 2032 Presidential bid as he looks back at the life of a young Dwayne Johnson and how he grew up to become famously known as “The Rock”. The series covers Johnson’s father, Rocky Johnson, and his career as a WWF wrestler alongside Andre The Giant, Macho Man Randy Savage and Sgt.Slaughter played by Wayne.  TO INTERVIEW WAYNE MATTEI email or call Max Markson 0412 501 601 ABOUT WAYNE MATTEI Born in Glenelg, South Australia, Wayne has had a long and dynamic career of over 30 years as a pro wrestler, champion bodybuilder and providing security to high profile clients and celebrities across the globe. In the last few years he has worked with A-list Hollywood stars that include: John Travolta, Jean Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal and David Beckham to name a few, as well as Rock bands, Models, Athletes, corporate figures and MAFS personalities Jessika Power and Cyrell! Alongside this Mattei  has acted in several movies, television shows and commercials; “Maniac – Protector & Enforcer” – Web Series (2019), Broken Hill (2009), The Boys Are Back with Clive Owen (2009), Craziness (2015), Jesus Walks (2017), Johnny Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017) and most recently, Never Too Late (2020). Never Too Late saw Mattei act as the giant male nurse alongside James Cromwell, Jackie Weaver, Jack Thompson, Shane Jacobsen and Dennis Waterman. Follow Wayne on Instagram @hellsvigilante     Two Mates Tackling The Mental Health Crisis In Australia With Help From Mazda 2021-04-29T18:54:57Z two-mates-tackling-the-mental-health-crisis-in-australia-with-help-from-mazda Since 2018, co-founders of TradeMutt and former tradies, Dan Allen and Ed Ross have been on a mission to reduce the rate of suicide and start conversations about mental health amongst tradies, truckies and blue-collar workers by creating colourful and vibrant workwear. TradeMutt is also committed to providing a solution for those who are struggling with their mental health by removing barriers to assistance through their discreet and free text or call mental health support service, TIACS, which stands for This Is A Conversation Starter, a message embroidered on the back of every TradeMutt workshirt. In just under a year the service has already provided over 2000 hours of free, professional mental health support and already employs 4 full-time psychologists, with no plans to slow down anytime soon. When local, family-owned businesses Mount Gravatt Mazda and Wippells Mazda saw the impact the brand was making, they offered to come on board to help take the conversations on the road.  “Dan and Ed are such likeable characters and their shirts are almost as colourful as they are.  They are both making positive waves in the community and what better way to strengthen their message than providing moving billboards in the shape of two Mazda XTR 4x4 BT-50’s” - Julian Mason - Director, Mount Gravatt Mazda TradeMutt, which already has a cult-like following in the industry and over 42,000 tradies across Australia wearing their conversation starting workwear were ecstatic with the idea and thought that a uts wrapped in their most popular print was a perfect way to reach tradies. Samantha Bailey, Director of Bailey Print Group who supported the collaboration by overseeing the design, printing and wrapping of the utes couldn’t agree more. “Blokes and cars- it’s a part of the Australian culture and something that they openly talk about. We were convinced that by partnering with Trademutt to wrap the BT50’s in their eye catching design that we would help Ed and Dan make a real difference by creating an icebreaker for men to not only start a conversation about a car but help them open up about their mental health issues and emotions.  “We have learnt a lot from the boys working with them on this campaign and hope that the cars create real conversations that can help, save or change people and their lives.” The teams at Mount Gravatt Mazda, Wippells Mazda and TradeMutt are hoping that this collaboration will not only act as a conversation starter on the roads around Brisbane but that it will serve as a reminder to everyone that sees the cars that TIACS is a safe environment for them to seek help. Wippells Mazda Director, David Russell added, “this collaboration is very special to everyone involved and something money doesn’t buy”.  See the collaboration in action here ***ENDS*** Media Contact Daniel Allen | Co-founder | 0413 377 912 | Bali, Islands of Gods is a marvelous and beautiful place 2021-04-29T07:33:31Z bali-islands-of-gods-is-a-marvelous-and-beautiful-place Bali, Islands of Gods is a marvelous and beautiful place. Many people choose this beautiful destination for their holidays. Indeed, Bali, Island of Indonesia, gather incredible asset for any holiday maker. It’s a dream destination. Beautiful beaches, incredible landscape with wild mountains, perfect trekking places, buzzing city and trending food places. Everything concentrated on one spot. Millions of tourists all over the world already choose Bali as their main holiday destination. Many people choose this perfect holiday destination to try new activities like surfing, diving, sports activities or Yoga. Other people decided to keep healthy and do some specific health and nutrition retreat in Bali Yoga and spiritual events are very frequent in Bali as the spiritual crowd is one of the most active in the world. The island gather individual from any nationalities passionate by mediation, Yoga, health, consciousness and mindfulness. So, if your decided to do a Meditation or spiritual retreat in Bali, you definitely choose the right spot. What kind of spiritual retreat can you find? You can find any kind of events, spanning form one day to a few days. Most of the retreat will include Yoga, Yogic philosophy, meditation or some specific spiritual practices (Buddhist, Taoist, Vipassana, Zen, Tantra etc. …) It's very important to check the feedback and reputation of the provider. Indeed, customers reviews can definitely help you to choose the right provider for your spiritual retreat in Bali. Indeed, the quality of customers feedbacks will give you a better idea of the quality of the service, the food and give your more details about the retreats itself. Location is another important topic too. Retreats can be all over the Islands in beautiful resort. Sometimes it will be good to check customers feedback on the hostel itself, to know if it really a good quality accommodation with professional staff and good food. ADDA YOGA located and Canggu Bali provide any kind of spiritual, mindfulness and consciousness activities and retreats. Our main service is Yoga studio, with daily classes for all levels. We have different styles of Yoga classes, some more dynamic, some physically challenging and some slow pace. So, if you are looking to practice Yoga in Bali, come and join us. We provide private Yoga classes in Bali too. Another part of our activity is retreat. We organized spiritual and health retreats for individuals. Those events spanned from one evening to 4 or 5 days and we try to cover different topics and practice as Meditation, philosophy, Yoga, health. If you need a full reset to relax and come back from your holidays with more energy and focus, get in touch with us. All our retreats are on Facebook section events. Emanuel synagogue to host Fill the Void film screening and discussion 2021-04-28T11:39:53Z emanuel-synagogue-to-host-fill-the-void-film-screening-and-discussion-4 Emanuel Synagogue and Plus61J announce a film screening of acclaimed Israeli drama, Fill the Void, on Thursday 9 May at 7pm in Woollahra. This will be followed by a discussion of the themes of the film.   This multi award-winning 2012 film tells the story of how devout 18-year-old Israeli girl Shira Mendelman (Hadas Yaron, ‘Libby’ from Netflix hit, Shtisel) is pressured to marry the husband of her late sister.    The film’s drama lies in the conflict stemming from how Shira declaring her independence is not an option in Tel Aviv's Hasidic community, since religious law, tradition and the rabbi’s word are absolute.   Reviewed on Rotten Tomatoes, the film was described as "...graceful, complex, and beautifully layered… a sympathetic portrait of an insulated culture by exploring universal themes."   SBS described it as “a delicate romance and a complex coming-of-age tale.”   Fill The Void won 7 Israeli Academy Awards, including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress, and Best Screenplay, and Yaron was named Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival.   Following the screening, there will be a conversation with Rabbanit Judith Levitan to discuss the issues raised by the film.    Rabbanit Levitan is a lawyer with over 15 years’ experience in the field of social justice, currently at Legal Aid NSW where she uses Human Centred Design to innovate and improve legal services for disadvantaged people.    She has studied in a range of institutions for women’s higher learning including Midreshet HaRova and Nishmat.    Most recently, she received smicha from Yeshivat Maharat in New York; one of the first Orthodox women in Australia to do so.   Where: Emanuel Synagogue, 7 Ocean Street, Woollahra 2025When: Thursday 6 May 2021Times: 7pm – 9.30pm Cost: Emanuel Synagogue members $10; non-members $15   Bookings:   For more information call Marina Capponi on 0431 425 832 or email     ENDS   About Emanuel Synagogue: The largest in Australia, Emanuel Synagogue is regarded as one of Australia’s most inclusive and dynamic congregations. It is known for its commitment to social justice works (especially concerning refugees and the homeless), other matters of human rights as well as as animal rights, and environmental action. The synagogue regularly hosts cultural events including the Sydney Sacred Music Festival, Shir Madness Music Festival, Sydney Art Quartet and Australian Chamber Orchestra. See: VetSupply Is Celebrating Mother’s Day Sale 2021-04-28T07:27:12Z vetsupply-is-celebrating-mother-s-day-sale Mother’s Day, as you all know, is a very special day. And VetSupply is absolutely thrilled to announce a special Mother’s Day Sale. An official at VetSupply was quoted saying, “We love organising such special day sales for our customers because they deserve every bit of it. Our main goal is to help them get as much supplies for their pets at the most reasonable rates.” He also said, “And we are really pleased that we are able to have a Mother’s Day Sale this year. Fingers crossed. 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Please Note: VetSupply’s Mother’s Day Sale is only applicable for citizens and people residing in Australia only.   About VetSupply VetSupply is a renowned global leader in selling excellent quality and branded pet care supplies including dog supplies, cat supplies, horse supplies, bird supplies, small animal supplies and more. These quality supplies are sold at the most effective and reasonable rates so that customers can take really good care of their beloved pets.