The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-04-07T16:45:43Z We Do Effects Expands Its Video Production Services in India 2021-04-07T16:45:43Z we-do-effects-expands-its-video-production-services-in-india We Do Effects is a company based out of Delhi NCR and so far, has offered its services only to people in Delhi NCR and its surrounding territories. However, now the company has decided to expand its business and offer its services to people all across India. This decision of the company will allow consumers located in other parts of the country to work with some of the most talented and skilled artists, videographers, and photographers India has at the moment. The news will particularly make companies (as well as individuals) looking to create a perfect visual story or advert to promote their products and services extremely happy.We Do Effects is one of the most revered corporate video production and short film makers companies operating in India at the moment. They have taken little time to reach the top of the industry primarily due to their ability to come up with quality work relentlessly. This has been possible primarily due to the deadly combination of experienced professionals and the high-end gear they use when working. The experts at We Do Effects work using advanced video supplies from Red, Phantom, Arri, and so on. The editing, on the other hand, is done using the latest tools from FCP, Adobe, Pinnacle Studio, and Sony Vegas.When asked about the reasons behind We Do Effects’ decision to expand its services in India, the company’s spokesperson said, “We want to reach more people and want to make the world of advertisement and storytelling more enriching and refined.” He added, “The people of India are tired of seeing old-fashioned adverts and companies are thus looking for professionals who can think out of the box and can implement those thoughts aptly when creating adverts. Our company is represented by a bevy of such skilled professionals.”Expansion of We Do Effects’ services in India will definitely change the way adverts are made and stories are told significantly and only for the better. Additionally, many young talents across India will get the opportunity to work with the best in the industry.About We Do Effects: We Do Effects is a video and full services film production company based out of Delhi NCR. It specializes in short film and documentary making, song-writing and music video production, photography, commercial ad film making, and more.For more information, please visit: National Group, Equipped for Everything 2021-04-06T02:36:38Z national-group-equipped-for-everything A proactive approach to scaling mine production up and down in line with demand and a buoyant contract mining sector has led to Australia becoming a major market for mining equipment rental solutions. In recent years, fluctuating demand for the likes of lithium, iron ore and coal has seen brownfield operations open, expand and, in some cases, close. For this reason, the option to rent equipment from a company that has a fleet-wide availability of over 90% and can offer up to 700 operating hours per month, per unit, is in high demand. That company is Queensland-based National Group. National Group has over 300 units of heavy earthmoving equipment available for dry hire, but it is more than just a rental outfit. It can bolt on mining services, equipment transport, equipment sales and, in some cases, contract mining to this primary rental focus. This broad offering is well suited to an industry constantly looking to adapt to changes in demand from mineral and metal end users. “Our customers, which include major miners such as Rio Tinto, BHP, Anglo American and FMG to name a few, have been looking to replenish or grow their fleet at existing mines and, as capex is still fairly constrained, they continue to choose rental options over buying new equipment,” Mark Ackroyd, Founder and Managing Director of National Group, told International Mining. “They could be looking at having equipment for 12 months, two, or three years, for instance,” he said. “If they are looking to increase production or expand mine site operations, a rental option provides them with a scalable solution, allowing them to use the equipment for a period of time and give it back when it is no longer required.” This flexibility can prove worthwhile for not only mine construction projects where excavators, trucks, dozers and the like may be moving overburden ahead of ore mining, but where new satellite deposits might have come into the frame as commodity prices change for the better. In the latter situation, shifting mining equipment from a capex to opex item can make shorter mine life operation economics work. National Group and the equipment rental business case is benefitting from not only the Western Australia iron ore and gold sectors’ expansion plans, but also recent uncertainty surrounding demand for the country’s coal. Ackroyd explained: “The iron ore market has been significantly strong for the last nine or so months. It started rising in May 2020 and has continued to strengthen. That allows the key iron ore miners to spend on developing further production opportunities, which also creates an opening for us and our equipment rental options. In that regard, we have seen an increase in the need for equipment in iron ore. “At the same time, the changing dynamics with the supply of coal into China has changed the mind set of key coal miners. Whereas once they were looking to spend capex on equipment, they are now more readily considering renting as this uncertainty and the ensuing capital reductions leave them constrained.” He added on the coal market specifically: “The fact that we, as a dry hire company, can offer to rent these miners equipment that allows them to have the same or lower capex inputs with the same mine output helps boost their investment proposition with shareholders.” National Group is strengthening its offering to the market by preparing to add equipment such as Cat 6040 hydraulic excavators, Cat 24 motor graders, and Cat 793F haul trucks to its rental portfolio. The company has been able to continue building out this fleet in the face of COVID-19-related state restrictions in Australia thanks to facilities across several locations and its captive transport and logistics arm. National Group is also furthering its technology offering through the Wolff Mining division. Acquired by the National Group in mid-2019, Wolff came with large-scale satellite bulk dozer push and semi-autonomous blasthole drilling expertise. The semi-autonomous dozer push offering, now referred to as Semi-Autonomous Tractor System (SATS) technology by Wolff and National Group, won plaudits and admirers for its world first application of this solution in a mining production environment. Ackroyd said the company is continuing to invest in improving the SATS technology from a productivity and economic business case perspective. This has seen the company finance the development of a SATS truck that can travel to and park up at mine sites. The truck can accommodate multiple operators – with each operator able to control up to four dozers at a time, enabling semi-autonomous control of an entire fleet of dozers. Such a development could reduce the need to build a remote operations centre. National Group and Wolff Mining’s Semi- Autonomous Tractor System allows each operator to control up to four dozers at a time. Ackroyd expanded on this: “The new SATS truck has the latest technology – hardware and software – to enable the machines and satellites to better communicate. It will make the whole system a lot more efficient. “We’re now just waiting to deploy this truck at our next big SATS project.” Wolff’s semi-autonomous drilling offering is likely to be in high demand over the next three to five years too judging by the speed of autonomous blasthole drilling adoption across multiple mine sites in Australia. Ackroyd says the company is working on upgrading this offering in line with market trends. He said: “Fully-autonomous drilling will surely be the future, and we plan to be a part of that future.” Click here for more news from the National Group. Five Reasons Why You Should Choose ELDO 2021-04-01T07:33:47Z five-reasons-why-you-should-choose-eldo ELDO provide a large selection of Nitrile examination gloves, Vinyl examination gloves, Latex examination gloves, and Plastic gloves. They also supply Wet wipes, Dry wipes packed in plastic bags and plastic bottles, and here are five reasons why you should choose ELDO for your PPE supplies, starting with their professional experience.      ELDO have 20 years in the production and distribution in the disposable gloves and wipe industry. Secondly, they provide very competitive prices, with automatic   production lines and well trained workers to optimise efficiency and reduce cost greatly. ELDO support you to be the most competitive distributor in your region.    Thirdly, their short lead times, supported by more than 300 well-trained workers in ELDO’s factories, and more than 1000 containers exported annually. They are professional and flexible according to your requirements.    Number four are their multi solutions. Their knowledge of the local market, combined with their production plans, will support you to have multi solutions of the purchasing plan, and finally, their customer service. Top sales with professional skills will help you feel that is is always easy to communicate with a factory. All ELDO staff will stand by you, reply to your inquiry and solve your problems, no matter pre-sales or after-sales.    For 20 years ELDO’s business has grown through providing a very high level of service, quality and dedication to their customer needs, and their comprehensive range of products saves you time and money and enables you to buy from one supplier. Now they supply their high-quality products in around 1000 containers annually to more than 55 countries.     As they say, “On behalf of the ELDO team, we look forward to offering you our outstanding service in the near future”, and for more information on disposable dry wipes, disposable PE aprons and disposable sterile gloves please go to .  Leading Australian Restructuring Firm Branches Out Into Corporate Advisory 2021-03-30T23:15:40Z leading-australian-restructuring-firm-branches-out-into-corporate-advisory-2 MEDIA RELEASE 31 March, 2021 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   LEADING RESTRUCTURING FIRM BRANCHES OUT INTO CORPORATE ADVISORY    -Mackay Goodwin expands its offering to corporate advisory services-    Leading Corporate Restructuring Advisory firm Mackay Goodwin announced it is expanding its service to include corporate advisory services to help clients grow their business.    The move comes after CEO Domenic Calabretta identified a real need to help businesses navigate some of the economic challenges that have presented themselves during COVID and succeed despite the economic pressures of the last 12 months.    Says Calabretta: “Mackay Goodwin has always specialised in helping businesses recover from economic challenges. Over the last year, it has become very apparent there are also some fantastic organisations, both listed and unlisted, as well as start-ups, which require specialist corporate advice about the most suitable business structure, growing their operations organically, how to secure funding or attract new investors, and how to execute mergers and acquisitions.”   “While we will continue to help businesses to restructure, it is imperative for our economy that new businesses can emerge, with a solid foundation for success, and the team at Mackay Goodwin is passionate about helping them to flourish,” he continues.   Mackay Goodwin has appointed two Joint Head of Advisory to head the new team. Anthony Lucic has more than 15 years of insight and experience advising business and government organisations. Anthony has worked closely with numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as international governing bodies, in particular throughout the Asia-Pacific region. His experience directing multiple business units simultaneously, maximising investment outcomes, driving commercial initiatives, mitigating risk and ensuring advisory expectations are met, offer a breadth of knowledge for Mackay Goodwin’s new Advisory division.  Michael J. Bogue (BCom) is a lateral thinking M&A practitioner and senior business executive with more than 25 years’ top tier experience across numerous industry sectors. He has worked in both large and boutique style M&A practices most notably within JPMorgan Chase & Co’s investment banking unit as Co-Head of Mining & Metals for Asia Pacific and Australian Oil & Gas. He has held a variety of senior executive management positions within ASX and internationally listed corporations. His experience ranging from large-scale cross border M&A transactions through to start-ups makes him ideally placed to advise businesses on scaling, debt and equity capital raisings and moving towards ASX listing. “We are thrilled to have two such strong candidates to launch our advisory business, especially as their combined skillset allows them to work across all business sizes, geographies, and industries. We welcome Michael and Anthony to the team,” says Calabretta.    “The team is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and corporates to meet their business objectives and prosper in these challenging times. Navigating business set-up and structure, and securing finance, even as banks have tightened lending criteria, is critical for Australia’s economic growth,” he continues.   The move into a corporate advisory service offering is just the first step, with the company also announcing the launch on a free online Business Health Check assessment tool to help businesses at all stages of their life cycle.    “Our online Business Health Check tool is a comprehensive way for businesses of all sizes to assess what they are doing well and where there are gaps,” says Calabretta. “In keeping with our new business advisory focus, the Online Business Health Check covers different areas which help define business success, including sales and marketing, IT systems, as well as financial health,” he concludes.   The Business Health check is free for businesses to use and can be accessed here.     ends     About Mackay Goodwin: Founded by CEO Domenic Calabretta, Mackay Goodwin is one of Australia’s leading insolvency and restructure businesses and has carved a niche successfully working with stakeholders in distressed businesses. The company handles everything from complex restructures and recoveries for listed companies and on behalf of various financial institutions to advising SMEs and finding the most appropriate business solution that works for all parties.   Mackay Goodwin is offering several free advisory activities for businesses who find themselves in trouble. Aside from free webinars, it has also released a downloadable business survival pack. It is also providing an initial free consultation with businesses, and to assist the business community its staff have committed to providing two hours of their day free of charge to affected businesses for the next six months. Link to business Health check:     For further information or to arrange an interview, please contact Fiona Hamann on 0415 191 659 or   Tech Device Offers Entertainment Without the Screen Dramas: G-mee Play delivers balanced road trip entertainment these holidays 2021-03-29T21:31:51Z tech-device-offers-entertainment-without-the-screen-dramas-g-mee-play-delivers-balanced-road-trip-entertainment-these-holidays 55% of Australians are planning a road trip this year and with the Easter school holidays beginning soon, experts in child focussed technology and behaviour are warning parents of the dangers of screen time during travel and suggesting a change in the device they offer their kids. Aussie developed G-mee Play is one device that allows kids of today to enjoy the portable entertainment experiences their parents once enjoyed, without the dangers of excess screen time. Meet two Aussie dads working together and using their expertise to help families find the balance for meaningful screen time, just in time for the holidays. Brad Marshall is The Unplugged Psychologist who says that COVID-19 has changed the relationship that young children (4-14 years) have with technology. He also says that school holidays can be one of the most difficult times to manage screen use in a family, especially when there are long stretches of travel or a road trip involved. “In my experience parents set out with an ideal plan in their head around limiting kids screen use so they can reconnect with each other, but when the stress of travel hits, that all flies out the window,” Mr Marshall explains. “I’m sure there are plenty of parents who thought they would just use the tablet or phone for small bursts in the car, and before you know it it’s a screaming match in the hotel foyer or restaurant as your kids are glued to the screen.” “The G-mee Play allows kids to downtime through music or audio books without the visual rabbit hole that can detract from the human experiences of the quintessential Aussie family holiday,” Mr Marshall commented. Charlie Brown is the tech expert and father behind the Aussie innovation, G-mee Play – a smart device that was created with young users – and their parents - in mind. For families with young digital users (5-14 years), G-mee Play encourages auditory forms of entertainment so that young eyes can see more of the world around them to enjoy a more balanced relationship with technology on the road and in life. “Parents all remember their portable cassette and CD players, and how they were entertained on family trips. G-mee Play offers kids these entertainment experiences but delivers them via apps that are approved by their parents, like streaming music, podcasts, audio books and mindfulness exercises” said Mr Brown. “There’s so much to see on a road trip, and the G-mee Play encourages kids to use their ears for entertainment, and while doing so, they are also seeing nature, different towns and landmarks as they travel with their family.” “With the G-mee Play, kids can have a personal entertainment experience and parents can allow or not allow the apps accessed on the journey by using the built in pin lock parental controls. This creates a managed adventure for the kids within the approved apps accessible on the device. By selecting audio entertainment apps only, the whole family can be entertained, but their eyes will be free to look elsewhere.” The G-mee Play smart player RRP is $99.95 and available via,,, INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITIES: Charlie Brown, G-mee Play creator and father, discusses how parents can take back the power of kids’ technology use on road trips for a more meaningful journey. Brad Marshall, The Unplugged Psychologist, discusses the technology pitfalls parents may fall into during holiday road trips and how to avoid arguing with kids about technology use. For more information on G-mee, visit ENDS Editor’s Note: Interview Opportunity: G-mee creator, Charlie Brown, is available for interview on request.High quality imagery availableB-Roll footage available For further information, imagery and media enquiries contact:Maria Crema, Crema PR, m: 0402 239 929, e: More information: Kids and cyber safetyIn 2020, just under half (46%) of Australian children aged 6 to 13 used a mobile phone, up from 41% in 2015(4). In the 14-17 age bracket, 9 in 10 Australian teens have a mobile phone(5). Interestingly, nearly 6 in 10 young people (8-17 years) who reported a negative experience online, identified emotional and/or psychological impacts as a result(2).A majority (94%) of parents identify their child's online safety as a priority, however parents lack confidence in dealing with certain negative online experiences their child may face, such as cyberbullying and online threats(3). Sources:Tourism Australia researchOffice of the eSafety Commissioner – State of Play – Youth, kids and digital dangerseSafety Research Parenting Digital AgeACMA – Kids and mobiles: How Australian children are using mobile phonesRoy Morgan Single Source Australia, July 2015 – June 2016 Purpose Driven Companies Wins Aussie Mums Vote 2021-03-25T01:22:36Z purpose-driven-companies-wins-aussie-mums-vote Australia’s Happy Hair Brush, Modibodi and Mater Baby Products have been crowned the winners of the inaugural Vote On-Purpose Consumer Choice Awards, a Mumpower initiative. This award comes at a time where consumer are shifting their buying preferences in favour of purpose-driven companies. Mumpower, Australia’s leading agency for Mum-centric brands, introduced these awards to their network of 2,180 Mum Influencers with a combined reach of over 6 Million women. Over a three week period, the Vote On-Purpose Awards garnered votes from Mums Australia wide, to support their favourite brands that are making a difference to their world. This award not only set out to celebrate brands that are going above and beyond to act with purpose and make in impact on their wider community, it conducted an insightful exploration into socially conscious buying preferences. Christie Nicholas, CEO of Mumpower says, “mums in our network continuously tell us how much they value knowing about the heart and soul of the company - what they don’t see on the packaging. The brand story, commitment, and ethos inspires shoppers with better choices available to her. Given that Mums are in charge of 72% of household discretionary spend, this award acknowledges their voice and celebrates these brands.” The impressive line-up of 27 brands shortlisted included popular companies such as, Nespresso for their #RecyclingResolution campaign with Planet Ark which encourages Australians to keep recycling a priority in 2021; Household favourites like Bakers Delight who have been committed to supporting the Breast Cancer Network Australia for over 20 years to raise funds and assist with their My Journey Kits and daily operations; and Vetta for their Rural Aid Pasta initiative. Overwhelmingly, Happy Hair Brush won the Overall Most Loved Purpose Driven Company for their mission to change the emotional and mental wellbeing of people everywhere one head, and one heart at a time. Modibodi, the sustainable and ethically made health apparel range driving the ‘Give A Pair’ charitable programme took out Brand to Watch. And Aussie made, hospital-developed Mater Baby Products that supports Mater Little Miracles to raise funds for life-saving research and care to ensure seriously ill and premature babies can have the best possible start to life was awarded Purpose-driven Brand Most Likely to Purchase. (see full list here) Kristy Chong, Founder and CEO, Modibodi said “We are truly thankful that mum shoppers across Australia have recognised Modibodi as the Brand to Watch (winner) and as a brand they would mostly likely purchase (finalist). It shows how important purpose is in their lives, and how our vision to have "limitless positive impact" on humanity and our planet is significant.” Jen Harwood, Founder and CEO, Happy Hair Brush said, “our mission is to make one million people happy with our best ever hairbrush. This amazing result tells me that what we are doing is working and we are getting closer every day to realising this.” Through this process, Mumpower was able to determine that 3 in 10 Mums have no idea about the purpose driven commitment of most well-known brands, yet upon discovering it, 68% of them are now more likely to purchase as a result of their commitment to positively impacting the wider community. Ultimately, Mums will chose brands that authentically commit to a cause and educate the consumer effectively, because it enables her to make altruistic buying decisions. Popular influencer and mum of 2, Nadine Muller (@nadinemuller) says “People love helping people. Knowing that their purchase is essentially investing into something BIGGER - feels much better than supporting brands and business that are driven purely by profit.” For over 10 years, Mumpower has kept Mums at the centre of the conversation to become Australia’s leading agency, dedicated to shaping the way brands speak with Mums Shoppers. They do this on behalf of Mum-centric brands, by involving their vast network of Mums in the entire brand dialogue, from addressing product preferences, through to understanding and respecting how she wants to be marketed. This way it’s today’s Mums, who largely hold the cards to household spending, that shape tomorrow’s brands. Carlton icon The French Lettuce looking forward to welcoming customers once more 2021-03-24T07:57:58Z carlton-icon-the-french-lettuce-looking-forward-to-welcoming-customers-once-more-1 Melbourne, Australia -- 24 March 2021Modern Australian patisserie The French Lettuce Carlton will reopen to customers this Friday, 26 March after a month of renovations to upgrade the venue’s layout. Locals will again be able to enjoy a cup of Veneziano coffee and plenty of slices, tarts and pastries featuring local artisanal ingredients with French and Italian inspiration. Since pastry chef Peter Brown and wife Nicole took over ownership in 2003 after the venue opened in the ‘80s, The French Lettuce has been cheered for its cakes -- supplying masterpieces for the likes of Katy Perry, Bert Newton and Eddie McGuire. The team has also made a replica of Prince William’s and Princess Kate’s wedding cake for a private celebration. The Brown children Campbell, Molly and Hudson became managers of the café in 2017 and despite the difficulties last year presented, The French Lettuce opened a second, bigger site in Bulleen in early August 2020 and is proving to be a favourite with locals. The French Lettuce has been featured in Broadsheet, Fairfax, Urban List and on Channel Nine’s Postcards TV program. It has been recognised for its culinary prowess, having been awarded best vanilla slice in Melbourne by The Age and runner-up in the same category by the Herald Sun, among other achievements. The patisserie gives back to the community through its involvement with the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal and donations, including leftover food, to the Salvation Army, Oznam House, Sisters of the Poor and St Mary’s House of Welcome.The French Lettuce will also get involved in this year’s Good Friday Appeal by donating the money made from sales of its popular vanilla slice at both locations from Monday, 29 March to Good Friday (2 April). Co-manager Hudson Brown says, “We are really looking forward to contributing to this year’s Good Friday Appeal as a way of giving back to the community.“We plan to sell 3500 units of vanilla slices so we want Melburnians to have morning tea with us next week for a great cause.” Media outlets are able to organise an interview with Hudson Brown through Eat Marketing Concepts. Recent photos can be found here. About The French Lettuce:The French Lettuce is a family-owned and -operated company specialising in traditional and modern Australian patisserie and bakery products.Since the early 1980s, The French Lettuce has consistently been a staple in Melbourne’s food culture scene as a premier cake and bakery goods business. The French Lettuce team attempts to live up to this expectation every day, particularly focusing on extensive customer experiences. ​Since the early 2000s, the Brown Family has introduced its philosophy of true-to-heart customer relationships and an honest approach to food production. About Eat Marketing Concepts:Eat Marketing Concepts focuses on delivering simple and value-driven marketing solutions to small food and hospitality businesses.We understand that many small-sized food businesses are time poor and sometimes require guidance in relation to simple marketing exercises to include public relations, developing promotional offers and social media. At Eat Marketing Concepts, we ensure our customers learn and understand how they can market their brand effectively and economically in a way that will stand out from their competitors. Create Unique Performances with Delay and Flanger Guitar Pedals at Tone Soup 2021-03-24T07:57:04Z create-unique-performances-with-delay-and-flanger-guitar-pedals-at-tone-soup With more than two dozen guitar pedals available at Tone Soup, along with power supplies, guitar accessories and mini amps, the company has established itself as a premier destination for guitarists. Tone Soup owner, Michael Barreiro, curates every item offered and equipment is available for artists at all skill levels. There’s no substitute for quality equipment and musicians don’t have to break the bank if they want to buy guitar pedals that provide quality effects that enhance their performance. Some of the most well-known artists and bands have utilised a limited number of guitar pedals to achieve their world-famous sounds. An example is Nirvana lead singer and guitarist, Kurt Cobain. At the height of his career, Cobain typically only used four guitar pedals. Native Australian, Keith Urban, has scaled back the number of individual pedals he uses with multi-functional units. Another example is Scottish-born AC/DC co-founder, Angus Young, who only used one pedal on the band’s last tour. One of the most popular pieces of equipment at Tone Soup are delay pedals. They have the ability to make a solo sound epic or a blander section more interesting. A delay pedal adds depth and can make a very simple piece sound complex and complicated. Tone Soup has delay pedals from brands encompassing Anasounds and Anarchy to Meris and Strymon. The Anasounds Utopia delay pedal provides warm vintage sounds, while the Meris Polymoon is appropriate for guitars, synthesisers and a host of other instruments. Multiple Strymon delay pedals are offered including the Volante Magnetic Echo Machine with multiple types of delays. Flanger pedals are also available, including the Orbit dBucket by Strymon, featuring three feedback types. It’s highly durable, lightweight, and features low power consumption. The Strymon Mobius is highlighted by the abilities of 12 legendary modulation machines in a single unit. For vintage tape effects that sound like they came straight from the earliest recording studios, choose the Strymon Deco Tape Saturation Double Tracker Pedal. In addition to a wide range of equipment, individuals also receive 10 percent off their very first order when they join the company’s free mailing list. Tone Soup makes it easy to obtain amps, accessories and guitar pedals with the company’s free shipping on purchases over $149 and payment plans on some items.   About Tone Soup Tone Soup is your online specialist store for boutique pedals and accessories. Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Media Contact Tone Soup Michael Barreiro PO Box 650 Joondalup DC WA 6919 Australia Website: Renovate, Convert or Update Water Systems with Element Plumbing & Gas 2021-03-24T07:26:38Z renovate-convert-or-update-water-systems-with-element-plumbing-amp-gas The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home or business and it’s essential that all systems are working correctly 24/7. Brad Deutscher, owner of Element Plumbing & Gas, has a team of highly-skilled professionals that provide bathroom renovations, hot water systems, and general plumbing needs. Element Plumbing & Gas provides a full roster of services for water, gas, sewer and drainage needs for residential and commercial customers. Individuals can schedule preventative maintenance, have taps and fixtures upgraded, burst pipes repaired, and appliances replaced. The company also performs gas pipe work and installations for gas operated appliances and systems. The company specialises in creating simple solutions to complicated problems that makes clients’ lives easier. Hot water isn’t just a convenience, it plays a critical role in everyday activities, from cleansing the body to washing dishes. Element Plumbing & Gas provides electric, gas, solar, and hybrid hot water installation Perth for any lifestyle. The company’s professionals can help individuals determine which type of hot water system best fits their needs. Traditional and instantaneous hot water systems are options that the company can install and repair. People spend more time in a bathroom than they think and it’s no fun trying to style hair or apply makeup in a cramped space. When a plumber for bathroom renovation, conversion or new construction project is required, Element Plumbing & Gas has earned a reputation for quality work. The company works with existing and new construction projects. Renovating or enlarging bathroom spaces is an undertaking that everyone will appreciate. Plumbing services Perth encompasses multiple types of maintenance, repair and installation tasks that require the professionalism, promptness, care, and reliability for which Element Plumbing & Gas is well-known. Residential and commercial customers can also sign up for free membership, which entitles those who register to savings and priority service. About Element Plumbing & Gas Element Plumbing & Gas is focused on providing high-quality work, keeping prices down, building lifelong relationships, and creating trust among clients and tradesmen. The founder has 15 years of experience in the business, having traveled the world and worked abroad in different professional pursuits. Connect with the company on Facebook and LinkedIn. Media Contact Element Plumbing & Gas 3 Moira Lane, Scarborough Perth, Western Australia 6019 Website: Calling all Creatives: SLOCOACH Arts Launches in Australia, Offering COVID-Safe Digital Coaching with the Best in the Business 2021-03-22T06:46:31Z calling-all-creatives-slocoach-arts-launches-in-australia-offering-covid-safe-digital-coaching-with-the-best-in-the-business Images and video available here Sydney, 22 March 2021: ATTENTION all budding performers, SLOCOACH, the innovative platform revolutionising the world of online coaching, has just launched an Arts & Entertainment arm to its Australian site. SLOCOACH Arts gives up-and-coming artists, comedians, singers, musicians, dancers and many other creatives the chance to digitally connect with the best in the business to receive personalised, one on one coaching. The platform has attracted a roster of top Australian artistic talent, including comedy genius Mark Trevorrow, who is best-known for his iconic character, Bob Downe. Other names involved include Tim Ferguson, member of wildly popular, stunningly anarchic trio the Doug Anthony All Stars, top US choreographer Brendon Stimson (who worked with Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep on Netflix’s The Prom), and ARIA-award winning hitmaker and international femme fatale of comedy and cabaret, Max Sharam. With SLOCOACH Arts, students can choose their specialist coach from a wide range of artistic fields including musical theatre, dance, singing, comedy, classical music, amongst many others. Once they have selected their coach, students upload a video of themselves performing and will receive detailed analysis and personalised feedback from their coach, providing tips on how they can elevate their performance. Even better, students of all levels and abilities can interact with coaches from wherever they are in the world, thanks to SLOCOACH’s cutting-edge technology. The platform will prove invaluable to artists around the world in 2021, as SLOCOACH Arts is completely COVID-safe and enables students and coaches to keep doing what they love, despite lockdowns and restrictions. COVID has introduced many millions of people around the world to online working and learning, and this will continue to develop and evolve as we slowly enter the new, post-COVID digital world. Co-Founder of SLOCOACH Luke Jecks says of the new addition to the platform: “SLOCOACH is all about helping people to thrive at doing what they love, which is why we’re so excited to be adding SLOCOACH Arts to the platform. SLOCOACH has already seen great success in Australia with its digital sports coaching platform but now it’s time for the creatives to get involved and get a piece of the action too,” he said. “Not only is the SLOCOACH Arts platform a fantastic tool for budding creatives, as they’ll have access to some of best talent in the business, but it’s also a brilliant opportunity for our coaches from across the world, to interact with their fans.” SLOCOACH is best known for its sports coaching platform which launched in 2020 in Australia, featuring some of Australia’s best sporting talent, including Olympian Sally Pearson, Wallabies captain Michael Hooper, cricket legend Michael Slater, WNBA Champion Lauren Jackson, tennis star Casey Dellacqua, and AFL great Dane Swan. SLOCOACH Arts has already proved a great success in the UK, where it first launched in 2020, featuring coaches in the theatre and dance sector. Since its launch, Broadway royalty Rob McClure and West End favourites Rosalie Craig and Hadley Fraser, have been using the UK platform to coach students of all ages and abilities around the world, and will also now be on hand to coach Aussies looking to brush up their skills too. With the arts industry being hard hit as a result of COVID-19, SLOCOACH Arts hopes to revitalise the struggling sector by allowing Australian artistic talent to become self-employed coaches, at a time when they’ve been faced with a reduced workload and performance cancellation. “Many of our coaches have personally felt the impact of COVID-19 on their livelihoods and are now turning to SLOCOACH Arts to be able to share their expertise with the world during this strange time, using their down-time to help mould aspiring creatives,” said Luke Jecks. SLOCOACH Arts coaches include: -          Mark Trevorrow (‘Bob Downe’), national and international comedy and cabaret icon, teaching comedy and cabaret -          Tim Ferguson (Doug Anthony All Stars), comedian, film director, screenwriter and author, teaching stand up, sketch, and musical comedy -          Brendon Stimson – Broadway dancer and choreographer, US-based. Associate Choreographer on The Prom, working with Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep and James Corden. See video dance resume here. Teaching dance -          Max Sharam – ARIA-award winning singer / songwriter (‘Coma’), currently based in New York. Teaching singing and songwriting -          John O’Hare – Highly gifted and respected actor, director, and teacher. He has directed at NIDA, was former Head of Drama at QUT, and co-founder of Sydney theatre ensemble O’Punsky’s. Teaching acting and text analysis -          Heather Lee – Renowned soprano. Experienced in classical singing and show music. Teaching classical and show singing -          Kim Cunio – Head of Music at ANU. Also currently hosting a daily show for Indian TV on eastern lifestyle and philosophy, watched by an estimated 100million people. Teaching classical and world music -          Fiona Thorn – comedy and cabaret artist and creator of character Pastel Vespa. Teaching comedy and cabaret -          John Thorn – Renowned Melbourne jazz musician, arranger, Musical Director. Teaching jazz -          Queenie van de Zandt – one of Australia’s leading ladies of musical theatre and cabaret. Teaching audition technique for musical theatre, singing, and acting through song -          Rowan Greaves – former head of the Australian Theatre for Young People and highly experienced Director. Teaching audition preparation -          Jeremy Johnson – NIDA-trained actor, director, and playwright. Teaching theatre ENDS ABOUT SLOCOACH SLOCOACH is a digital start-up platform founded by Luke Jecks, Luke Holmes and Derek Hardy, revolutionising the world of online coaching – including sports coaching and the arts sector. Using new, cutting-edge technology, SLOCOACH connects recruits to world class coaches via one-on-one video coaching ‘sessions’, providing them with personalised feedback on their technique and performance. Founded in May 2020, the platform has over 70 coaches available to help share their knowledge to help recruits thrive at doing what they love and become their best.  MEDIA CONTACT For further information or to arrange an interview with Luke Jecks, Luke Holmes or a SLOCOACH coach (see list here), please contact Blue Planet Public Relations: Jenny Calnan                                                                              Sophie Blue 0472 543 448                                                                             0416 006 821                               Alarms and Security Systems are a Specialty at Sydney Electrical Service 2021-03-22T05:02:40Z alarm-and-security-systems-are-a-specialty-at-sydney-electrical-service-1 The installation of safety and security systems is increasing. They provide peace of mind for home and business owners and increase the value of properties. Sydney Electrical Service is a preferred provider and installer of the complex systems, along with IoT and building automation technology. Safety and security systems encompass a wide range of options and the electrical professionals can craft custom security systems for every need. The company installs globally recognized brands known for quality and reliability. Sydney Electrical Service experts are trained in the installation, testing and maintenance of traditional, wireless, and high-tech security systems in multiple environments. The electrician Bondi is skilled with security and burglar alarm systems that utilize remote controls, keypad access, and infrared detectors. The security experts are experienced in working with wired systems, those that connect to phone lines and wireless sensors, along with monitored and unmonitored security systems. Businesses and commercial enterprises often utilize CCTV systems that provide high-resolution images, night vision capabilities, and real-time monitoring. The electrician Inner West installs indoor and outdoor systems that aid businesses in protecting their equipment and inventories, and provide ongoing service and recommissions. Entry can be accessed via fingerprint and card reader technology, numeric pads, and set for multiple users. Sydney Electrical Service is a Level 2 authorized ASP providing a comprehensive range of electrical-related installations, repairs and 24/7 emergency services. The company provides preventative maintenance, strata management, and installs safety switches and fire safety systems. The professionals work on overhead and underground lines, provide reconnect and disconnect services, and perform upgrades and metering. The electrical experts are skilled in the installation of car charging systems and highly efficient solar systems. The electrician Sutherland offers free, no obligation quotes and upfront pricing for residential, business and commercial clients. Fully licensed and insured, Sydney Electrical Service can work on contestable works and is accredited by the NSW Department of Planning. Media Contact Sydney Electric Service Chifley Tower, Level 29/2 Chifley Square Sydney  NSW 2000  Australia Website: Starting a renovation or home improvement project? The Perth Autumn Home Show is the place for you! 2021-03-18T06:30:52Z starting-a-renovation-or-home-improvement-project-the-perth-autumn-home-show-is-the-place-for-you With events resuming across Australia, thousands of Perth and Western Australian homeowners and renovators are set to flock to Perth next week as the Perth Autumn Home Show returns in 2021. Located at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th March, expect the latest and greatest in home-improvement and renovation products and services.  The Eco Town feature will be returning at The Perth Autumn Home Show. Visitors can learn about living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. There will be a broad range of industry experts from sustainable living to renewables and water/wastewater management to beekeeping. Eco Town Ambassador Wombat (Clint Price) from The Block 2017 will be available to assist visitors in making choices to live a more sustainable lifestyle.  Be inspired in the kitchen at the NEFF Cooking Stage! Watch daily demonstrations with a range of tantalising recipes while highlighting the benefits of cooking with NEFF appliances, and tips on how to care for and maintain your kitchen appliances.  Blockheads get excited, we’re bringing Luke and Jasmin to our Colour Your World Seminar Stage! The WA contestants on The Block 2020 will be appearing Sunday 28 March from 12:45pm, presenting their 5 ways to create your dream coastal home and answering audience questions! For the eco-conscious, presenter on ABC’S Gardening Australia and sustainability expert Josh Byrne will be appearing Saturday 27 February from 12:45pm, presenting his tips on designing and building a sustainable home and answering audience questions!  The Perth Autumn Home Show offers the opportunity to discover new brands and products, with exclusive specials and door prizes only available at The Show. A few exhibitor highlights include Skylights WA, Hart & Co. Appliances, Coast2Coast Bathrooms, Factory Pools Perth, Bee Educated and many more!  The Perth Autumn Home Show is Perth’s favourite building and home improvement event - don’t miss this chance to see everything for your home under one roof in one weekend. Tickets are FREE, register online at The Perth Autumn Home Show thanks the Western Australian State Government, through Business Events Perth for their support of this event.  AOC Partners With ESL to Bring VALORANT Esports to ANZ 2021-03-09T02:48:31Z aoc-partners-with-esl-to-bring-valorant-esports-to-anz Sydney, Australia — ESL Gaming Australia, local division of the world’s largest esports company, and global LED monitor manufacturer AOC, today announced a new VALORANT tournament for the Australian & New Zealand market, the VALORANT Rising Heroes presented by AOC. Featuring the largest prize pool of any VALORANT tournament held in Australia & New Zealand to date at over $24,000AUD in cash and prizes, the tournament aims to find the best VALORANT team in the region. The VALORANT Rising Heroes presented by AOC will feature three open qualifiers across March 27, April 10, & April 17, with all Australian & New Zealand amateur VALORANT teams encouraged to compete. Registrations for the tournament can be found at the official tournament website, at Following the qualifiers, a 16-team swiss bracket will be held across May 8-9 & 29, where the top four (4*) teams from each qualifier will join four of ANZ’s top VALORANT teams that have been invited to compete in the league - ORDER, Mindfreak, Wildcard, and Dire Wolves. Following the group stage, playoffs will take place across May 30 & June 5-6, with finals on June 5-6 broadcast from the new ESL Studios in Sydney, on, where the champion of the VALORANT Rising Heroes ANZ presented by AOC will be crowned. “Working together with AOC, we’re looking forward to bringing a VALORANT tournament of this scale to the region” said James Fletcher, Product Manager at ESL. “We want to develop our region, and hero some of the bright stars that are currently playing VALORANT in ANZ - VALORANT Rising Heroes presented by AOC gives us the platform to do that, with a hyper-competitive, 3-stage tournament, with a massive prize pool.” ‘’AOC is proud to partner with ESL, and look forward to a strong and enduring relationship in the year ahead,’’ says Jay Huang, Sales Manager at AOC Australia. ‘’Over the years, AOC has developed a range of premium gaming products and was the No. 1 top-selling gaming monitor brand in 2020. We are excited to continue actively supporting the development of Esports at both domestic and international levels.’’ The VALORANT Rising Heroes presented by AOC first place winners will take home an AG273FZE AGON III gaming monitor, featuring a 240Hz refresh rate and 0.5ms response time. The monitor also features HDR technology for brighter lights, darker shadows and more vivid colors. AOC Light FX surrounds the monitor with ambient lighting, meanwhile, the Screen Shield detachable hood ensures the exceptional image is not affected by room lighting, or any other distractions while competing. AOC World-Class Gaming Monitor Optimized for the Most Immersive Gaming Experience For those who enjoy gaming, AOC has unveiled another winner in its G3 series of impressive gaming monitors. AOC’s 34" IPS-panel U34G3X display features 21:9 Ultrawide Quad HD resolution (3440×1440 pixels), Wide Colour Gamut and HDR10 for greater colour depth and contrast. It provides a captivating gaming experience, immersing you in the gaming world with stunning visual quality. Suitable for games of all genres, this world-class gaming monitor is equipped with Adaptive-Sync anti-tearing technology, 144hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. To ensure users have the most enjoyable and efficient experience, U34G3X includes advanced features like simultaneous dual-input PIP/PBP, and is mounted on an ergonomic adjustable stand. Prize Pool: First (1): $8000AUD, 5 x AOC AG273FZE Gaming Monitor, 5 x HyperX Cloud Stinger Core Wireless 7.1 Gaming Headset + SoloCast Microphone, AOC Large Wolfie PlushieSecond (2): $4,000AUD, 5 x AOC C24G2 Gaming Monitor, 5 x HyperX Cloud Stinger Core Wireless 7.1 Gaming Headset + SoloCast MicrophoneThird (3): : $3,000AUD, 5 x AOC G500 Gaming Keyboard & Mice, 5 x HyperX Cloud Stinger Core Wireless 7.1 Gaming Headset + SoloCast Microphone, AOC Goodie bagsFourth (4): $2,000AUD, AOC Goodie BagsFifth (5) / Sixth (6): $1,000AUD, AOC Goodie BagsSeventh (7) / Eighth (8): $500AUD, AOC Goodie Bags * * * ABOUT ESL GAMING ESL Gaming is the world’s largest esports and gaming lifestyle company. Since 1994, the company has been shaping the industry and leading esports and gaming innovation on a global scale across the most popular video games with numerous online and offline esports competitions, and through premier gaming lifestyle festivals. The company operates high-profile, branded international leagues and tournaments under the ESL Pro Tour, including ESL One, Intel® Extreme Masters, DreamHack Masters, ESL Pro League, and other preeminent, stadium-size tournaments. ESL Gaming also produces and hosts DreamHack Open tournaments, ESL National Championships, grassroots amateur cups, matchmaking systems, and DreamHack’s gaming lifestyle festivals — which feature everything gaming under one roof. ESL Gaming is part of MTG, the leading international digital entertainment group. More information is available at   About AOC AOC is a global leader in monitor display technology. For more than 50 years, AOC has delivered an exceptional viewing experience to millions of loyal customers worldwide. Today, the company offers a wide selection of stylish monitors for home, office and gaming in more than 120 countries. AOC is a brand of TPV, the world’s largest LCD monitor manufacturer. To match increasing demand for a competitive edge and top-tier performance, AOC has developed a range of dedicated gaming monitors. In addition to embracing the latest technologies in product design, AOC’s engagement with the world of gaming includes sponsoring leading Esports events and teams – actively driving the growth of gaming as the global profession it has become today. Find out more at   # # # ESL PR Contact: Alex Blaikie, PR & Social Manager, ESL Australia +61 401 947 878 It’s now time to crown Australia’s favourite purpose-driven brand 2021-03-09T00:19:45Z it-s-now-time-to-crown-australia-s-favourite-purpose-driven-brand Cast your vote! Mumpower announces a stellar line-up of brands shortlisted for their commitment to better in their inaugural consumer choice award – ‘Vote On-Purpose’. This award is setting out to celebrate brands who speak with Mums and are going above and beyond to act with purpose to make in impact on their wider community. Nominated both by Mum shoppers and Mum-centric brands, the Vote On-Purpose Awards have seen the elite 27 shortlisted for their amazing efforts in creating a better world. Ranging from sustainability and green initiatives, altruistic commitments and a clear focus on making a positive social impact, this award shines light on companies, large and small, across all sectors, who have a greater purpose in place to support the wider community. Mums Australia-wide are invited to have their say, alongside Mumpower’s vast network of Mums and Influencers, who collectively talk to Millions of Mum Shoppers. Together, they will crown Australia’s most mission focused companies, making a difference to their world. There are the 3 award categories which include; Overall Favourite Brand, Most Likely to Purchase and the Brand to Watch. There is also a huge list of prizes to win. Mumpower Director, Christie Nicholas says “Mums have told us how important it is to them that companies are involved with social issues and movements. So this award is the perfect opportunity to celebrate these organisations and raise awareness for their commitments. This initiative allows Mumpower to unite brands who value Mum shoppers and involve Mums to shape the brands of tomorrow.” Brands nominated for the award include: Nespresso for their #RecyclingResolution campaign with Planet Ark which encourages Australians to keep recycling a priority in 2021; Household favourites like Bakers Delight who have been committed to supporting the Breast Cancer Network Australia for over 20 years to raise funds and assist with their My Journey Kits and daily operations; Modibodi, creating sustainable and ethically made health apparel and drives the ‘Give A Pair’ charitable programme; And many popular children’s brands ranging from Team Rescue dedicated to saving savable lives through educational TV on ABC; to VTech, the renowned toy brand launching a range of green electronic learning products to minimise their environmental impact, and more. Modibodi Founder and CEO, Kristy Chong said “we are dedicated to making a difference - this award would demonstrate we are not alone in calling out period poverty or period product waste. It would be a powerful endorsement of our efforts to make change. It’s a huge challenge we are taking on, but we believe in limitless positivity”. -end- To vote go to: Voting closes 12th March, (it’s free). Find the list of brands in the running on page 2. For more information please contact Mumpower: Maddison Magri | E: | P: 03 9598 9128 Christie Nicholas| E: | P: 03 9598 9128 I M: 0418 511 347 To view all brands nominated, head to: Caledonia Group Embraces SugarCloud to Unify Systems and Create a Panoramic View of Customers 2021-03-08T23:46:23Z caledonia-group-embraces-sugarcloud-to-unify-systems-and-create-a-panoramic-view-of-customers SYDNEY, Australia – March 9, 2021 – As our world continues to evolve, companies are making their strides in order to get ahead of the game. Caledonia Group knows it needs a new way to look at its customer data, and they chose SugarCRM to deliver a unified cloud-based platform to reimagine its sales and marketing operations.  The Caledonia Group is an integrated industrial services provider that specialises in total access solutions, insulation and cladding which are supported by in-house design and engineering together with 3D and VR capabilities. It serves some of the biggest companies from industries in Australia such as the energy, industrial and construction sectors. “Serving some of the biggest brands in the industry, it is paramount that we are able to bring the best customer service and experience to our customers. Having a panoramic view of our customers will allow us to not only have a rounded picture of the customer, giving us the opportunity to use data to guide our marketing and sales to improve customer journeys, enhance cross channel collaboration but also better able to serve customer needs and anticipate future demand,” said Bryn Jones, Group Business Development Manager, Caledonia Group. “Bringing our team into the Cloud also means that our team will be able to enjoy seamless access to information from anywhere they have to work from. That further helps us to not only promote internal collaboration within our teams but also ensuring that our customers receive our attention anytime they need.” “Providing a single view of customers through the Sugar platform, so that companies can provide exemplary services to their customers, is one of the core values,” commented Jason du Preez, SVP and GM, Asia Pacific, SugarCRM. “We are confident that SugarCRM will be working with The Caledonia Group to create a highly efficient and effective platform and process to develop a firm foundation to create customers for life.”  An Advanced Partner of SugarCRM, CRM Online Australia worked closely with the project team at Caledonia Group throughout the discovery and implementation process providing on the ground consulting and support.  “SugarCRM has enabled us, a CRM implementation partner, to provide a very complete solution, and we’ve been able to leverage this to support Caledonia Group in achieving greater insights from their customer data. With seamless access to information from anywhere, both in the office and when mobile, the business can now collaborate in real-time, with robust processes in place to drive internal reporting. We look forward to working with Caledonia Group into the future and providing continued partnership and support, “ says Glenn Richmond, CEO, CRM Online Australia. The Caledonia Group will leverage Sugar Sell, Sugar Connect to capture, track and analyse customer data that they could use to develop relationships at every stage of their engagement with their customers. Together with Sugar Customer Journey Visual Task Manager, the Caledonia Group will further enhance their value-adding solutions and services to customers across the energy, resources, infrastructure and building sectors.   In order to bring customers onto an omnichannel customer experience journey with them, and to capitalise on what AI-enabled capabilities can offer to help predict, forecast sales and churn, the Caledonia Group will be looking at future considerations with SugarCRM’s platform. To learn more, visit