The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-06-26T00:21:13Z Helping Qantas and ABC Staff Impacted by Job Losses 2020-06-26T00:21:13Z helping-qantas-and-abc-staff-impacted-by-job-losses Sydney, 26 June 2020: As thousands of Qantas and ABC employees learned they would soon lose their jobs in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, one resourceful former Qantas employee has taken direct action by offering all of these workers free access to Project Displaced, a volunteer run online community offering confidential job seeker support and mental health first aid, 7 days a week. Sydney-based Anthony Cohen worked for Qantas for more than 16 years, his partner is an orchestral musician, and both have had their work contracts put on hold or cancelled. The COVID-19 crisis hit them and their extended network very personally, and this inspired Anthony to take direct action. “We set up Project Displaced in March to help our community through this terrible and very sudden crisis,” explains Anthony. “After both my partner and I lost our jobs, I couldn’t just sit there and do nothing, so I came up with the idea of Project Displaced.” Since March, Project Displaced has helped hundreds of job seekers from all across Australia and from every industry.  “Although we started this to specifically help employees in the airline, arts, tourism and hospitality industries we were flooded with requests from people who’ve lost their jobs in all sorts of industries. We don’t say no – we want to help as many people as we can”. Project Displaced is run entirely by volunteers and is not connected to any Government support program. There are now more than twenty qualified Career Coaches, Recruiters, HR Managers, Mindset Coaches and qualified Mental Health specialists who all volunteer their time for free to help job seekers in need. All consultations are private and conducted virtually via Zoom, Skype or phone call. Job seekers can choose from a confidential discussion about their current situation, goals, challenges, and skills. There are specialist services to help them write a resume and cover letter, or how to navigate leveraging their networks. And importantly there is also qualified mindset and mental health first aid. “This week’s news about my former colleagues from Qantas brings back all of the emotion I felt when I started this initiative. The heartbreak in the Qantas staff community right now is palpable. But they are an amazing and resilient group of people and I know that those who are impacted by this devastating news offer an amazing set of skills, training and dedication that any new employer will reap rewards from”. Project Displaced’ services are available 7 days a week. They’re open from 7:30am to 10pm every week day, and from 9am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday”  The team of volunteers who dedicate their time and expertise to helping job seekers in need are incredible. They give of themselves for no other benefit than seeing the renewed sense of self-confidence and optimism that job seekers walk away feeling after the session. All volunteers are qualified and leaders in their professions, and come from all over Australia. Project Displaced continually receives 5 star reviews from the job seekers that use their services and Anthony is determined to keep the free service going as long as he can. “Right now what we need are good news stories. These are incredibly uncertain times and people are facing unprecedented challenges. Although this costs me money personally to run, it’s absolutely the right thing to do! I’ve been through redundancy twice in my career so far so I know what everyone is feeling - and I wish I had access to the services we’re offering at Project Displaced” said Anthony. Job seekers who have been stood down or are facing losing their jobs can book a free support session instantly. Support via GoFundMe:   ENDS – For further information or to arrange an interview please contact: C Smart People and Australian FinTech Jobs partner to combine their experience and resources 2020-06-25T03:39:42Z c-smart-people-and-australian-fintech-jobs-partner-to-combine-their-experience-and-resources SYDNEY – 25 June 2020 - C Smart International, a Sydney based business and technology consulting firm, and Australian FinTech, a business dedicated to promoting the development of the fintech industry in Australia, are pleased to announce a new partnership of their recruitment arms, C Smart People and Australian FinTech Jobs.   Founded in 1997, C Smart International – which is headquartered in the Sydney, with offices in Melbourne and Manila, provides its base of financial industry clients with a range of traditional and niche services and products. C Smart’s client base across all the regions it operates in includes: ·         Consumer and commercial banks; ·         Private equity and venture capital firms; ·         Fintech vendors within both wholesale and retail markets; ·         Transport & Government; and ·         Specialist payments companies.   For those clients, C Smart’s specific remit is the provision of traditional consultancy and bespoke strategic advisory services within the realms of fintech, e-commerce, payments, cards, and core banking. With an intimate connection to this industry the C Smart People division provides specialist recruitment services enabling its clients to leverage their experience and network of industry specialists.   Australian FinTech was launched 5 years ago as the first platform dedicated to promoting Australian fintech companies to the world.   Since then, the website has had over 2 million views, published over 4,600 articles on Aussie fintechs, showcases 650+ companies and has gathered more than 17,000 global social media followers.   To complement the site, and to further assist with the growth of the Australian fintech industry, the team in 2017 launched - Australia’s first and only dedicated fintech jobs platform. The initiative was desperately needed by the flourishing Australian fintech industry.   And now, with C Smart People’s partnership with Australian FinTech Jobs, it will allow participants to the online space’s ecosystem to interface directly with consultants working within C Smart’s Consultancy, FinTech Advisory Practice and recruitment services which, is focused on the hundreds of emerging fintech players and financial institutions that have a need to access new technology offerings and identify industry specialists in an effort to become more efficient.   Matt Holani, Managing Director of C Smart International and C Smart People said: “We at C Smart are incredibly excited to partner with a progressive and future smart organisation such as Australian FinTech. Both organisations have synergies that are not only alike in values and company culture, but complement the other through our industry insights, knowledge and unparalleled industry expertise. Making the most of our combined breadth of contacts and industry know-how our initial foray together will bring true value to the FinTech recruitment space. We look forward to a rewarding and fruitful partnership with Australian FinTech.”   Cameron Dart, CEO & Co-Founder of Australian FinTech and Australian FinTech Jobs, added: “The partnership of C Smart People and Australian FinTech Jobs just makes sense – the synergies between the two organisations run deep, accompanied with the driven people on both sides, it will make for a win/win situation for Australian fintech companies, big and small. Individuals will also benefit by using as Australia’s only dedicated and easy-to-use jobs platform for the fintech industry. We are looking forward to growing these businesses together.”   - - Ends - -     Notes to Editors   Press Contacts:   Matthew Holani, Managing Director C Smart International & C Smart People Phone: 02 8244 0004  Email:   Cameron Dart, CEO Australian FinTech & Australian FinTech Jobs Phone: 0410 500 615 Email:     About C Smart People Successful businesses are built on great people. C Smart People, pride themselves on connecting awesome people with great employers to help businesses grow, perform and succeed. Whether it be for the Finance or Commerce industries, C Smart People can personalise the right solution for you. Website: Email:     About Australian Fintech Jobs Australian FinTech Jobs is Australia’s first and only dedicated job platform website specifically for the Australian FinTech industry. is a more focused, less expensive platform for FinTech companies to promote new employment opportunities directly to the Australian FinTech community and those on peripheral like lawyers, accountants, bankers, IT experts and sales & marketing professionals. Website: Email: Five Bees Media launch Student Job Board 2020-06-15T02:23:52Z five-bees-media-launch-student-job-board Five Bees Media have announced the launch of a new platform aimed exclusively at job-hunting students in Australia. The team behind Backpacker Job Board, Australia’s number one backpacker employment marketplace, have launched Student Job Board. Student Job Board is an Australian-based employment site for students in secondary and tertiary education. Specialising in casual and holiday work options, Student Job Board grants students the ability to search for curated, relevant and exclusive employment opportunities.  Australia is home to some of the world’s finest universities, and has one of the highest rates of tertiary education attainment in the world. With 1.5 million secondary students and 1.5 million tertiary students, approximately one in eight Australians is a student of employment age. Internationals alone numbered no less than 430,000 in 2017, making the education of international students Australia’s 3rd largest export, behind only iron ore and coal. Such a large slice of the population forms an understandably vital cog in the Australian economy. Balancing their studies with temporary, casual or part time employment, students are the lifeblood of a number of industries. Restaurants, cafes, accommodation providers, tour operators, primary producers and charities are just a handful of businesses who are ultimately reliant on the student workforce. International students in particular support a large number of Australian businesses across a wealth of sectors. With the ability to work 20 hours a week in-term and an unlimited amount when school is not in session, this employment resource benefits seasonal industries in particular. Australian universities understand this value and play their part, working hard to make it possible for students to study part-time around work and family responsibilities. Like Backpacker Job Board before it, Student Job Board looks set to become a comprehensive portal for students looking to fit employment around their studies.  “Backpacker Job Board demonstrated that the Australian market had a real appetite for a worker-specific job board,” says Student Job Board Founder Matthew Heyes. “The success of Backpacker Job Board encouraged us to create a portal for the thousands of businesses that depend on student workers, and the millions of students looking to fit casual and part time employment around their education. “The aim is to make it as simple as possible for employers to connect with the right type of student worker, and vice versa. As we’ve seen with Backpacker Job Board, when it’s done right, it’s a win-win-win - for the employer, the student, and the Australian economy.” How recruitment will change post COVID-19 2020-06-10T02:45:45Z how-recruitment-will-change-post-covid-19 During 2019 many businesses were trying to work out how to improve their recruitment processes to attract the best candidates.  The marketplace was becoming increasingly competitive as unemployment in many countries was relatively low. There was a focus on improving the information provided to candidates, broadening the advertising through more job sites, as well as shortening the recruitment process to capture those potential candidates quickly. Post COVID-19 has seen the severest and quickest change to the job market for decades.  Many businesses have been directly and indirectly affected by massive losses in customers and the resulting flow-on effects.  Businesses have closed, laid off staff and sent many employees on leave.  Slowly we are seeing companies coming back to life.  But not all will survive.  Many new businesses will come alive, and many companies have or will pivot to adapt to the new world post-COVID-19. The way businesses seek, find, court and interact with potential new employees must also change.   For now, the days of lining up multiple face-to-face meetings with different interest groups, or catching up for coffees to assess cultural fit are in the past.  We won't have the luxury of personal interactions, group interviews, or recruitment processes that may require many stages.  Now more than ever, we have to find innovative and creative ways of capturing more information without the opportunity to meet in person. The more information and the better 'feel' we can get for our potential successful recruit before we narrow down the field, the better.  So right now, post COVID-19, and with the need to be transparent and inclusive coming to the fore around the globe there are new and innovative ways that candidates can provide employers with a clear insight into who they are.  Images, videos and elevator pitches can do this.  Resupix has created an app that helps provide a professional and innovative way to communicate this information in a non-threatening way for both the candidate and the employer.    Using images and captions to create a profile to present skills, interests, goals, and achievements is a powerful way to separate candidates.  It can work in conjunction with a resume for those who still require the traditional modes of information transfer.  But let's face it, resumes can be impersonal, robotic, manufactured and exaggerated.  Images and videos are authentic.   The new world of sharing who you are to snare the new job in the post-COVID-19 world is here in RESUPIX.  Try it out free. Download app from Apple IOS - Android - Rapid Teams Delivers Innovative Team-Building Experiences Online 2020-06-10T01:48:38Z rapid-teams-delivers-innovative-team-building-experiences-online Long before companies began saving money by moving their team activities online or a pandemic came along, Angus Firth, owner of Rapid Teams, was offering online team-building experiences. The company has adapted team-building exercises for the modern world with an app that’s just as effective as in-person programs. Rapid Teams delivers exciting two-hour digital team-building events or uses the app to create a 5 day experience with around 20 minutes per day for the week. The program offers bite-size challenges that combine communication, collaboration, complex problem solving, and fun for a highly effective exercise designed to obtain superior results. The online program significantly increases participant engagement, while providing a more formal type of team-building event. People learn and retain the most beneficial lessons through experiences that involve fun. The corporate team building Perth WA builds on that concept while providing companies with up to 21 percent greater profitability. Companies that provide team-building activities also demonstrate a 41 percent reduction in absenteeism and 59 percent less turnover. Highly adaptable to meet multiple needs within a myriad of industries, it’s an ideal solution for teams that are collaborating from different or distant locations worldwide. The sessions can accommodate groups of four or up to 200. Team building Perth competitors can monitor their opponent’s progress in real time through the app’s activity feed and leaderboard that’s automatically updated. The Rapid Teams app has the ability to instantly provide photos and videos of all the fun challenges and how teams are solving them. The functionality provides insight into how individuals approach problems, how they’re feeling, and the effects of working from home. It can be extremely difficult to keep teams engaged and focused while working from home. The team building activities Perth delivered through the innovative Rapid Teams app can provide custom designed options to meet clients’ desired outcomes while providing teams with some much needed fun for continued engagement. Companies can receive instant, detailed quotes in 30 seconds delivered via email – it’s time to let the games begin. Media Contact Angus Firth Phone: 0426 847 699 Email: Level 1/191 St. George’s Terrace Perth, WA 6000 Website: Job Cuts Will Happen – Job Sharing Might Be the Answer 2020-05-28T13:36:50Z job-cuts-will-happen-job-sharing-might-be-the-answer Brisbane, 28 May 2020. In an era where government is desperately trying to keep workers in jobs, it’s not politically correct to talk about job cuts. But the brutal truth is, they’re going to happen. And the only way at-risk workers are going to survive the post-COVID-19 economy is by making some early, innovative and flexible changes… and employers must be willing to do the same. Job sharing is one of these. Since COVID-19, almost one million Australians are out of work. This is not set to change any time soon with the Federal Treasury forecasting unemployment will rise to 10% in the June quarter. PM Scott Morrison has confirmed that more than five million employees are benefitting from JobKeeper payments, while another one million are benefitting from JobSeeker relief. More than one million people are also accessing their own super, and 384,000 businesses are accessing around $7 billion in cash flow assistance. These subsidies are helping keep workers in work and employers’ doors open. But it won’t last forever. Statista estimates that in 2021, unemployment will remain incredibly high at almost 9%. But that doesn’t take into account job cuts from organisations who are looking to undo the economic damage brought on by the current situation. David Moloney, of consulting platform Internal Consulting Group, said to the Australian Financial Review, ‘All firms talk about cost reduction but they don’t say how or why. The number one option is to reduce labour…. At the moment it is still too early to talk about staff reduction, but of course the virus has exposed pockets of unproductive labour and accelerated digitisation so it’s created an opportunity to right size’. What can you do to keep your job? Employers and employees need to start thinking about how they can keep their job not about whether they will. This means innovative thinking and flexibility will be key. Elite strategy consulting house McKinsey say, ‘[T]hose who step up their game will be better off and far more ready to confront the challenges – and opportunities – of the next normal than those who do not’. Job Sharing Might Be the Answer Australia was already experiencing a rising share of part time workers (31% in 2018, up from 25% in 1998) and now Catherine Goos and Kristy Wong, job sharing experts and founders of Biz Design Queens, believe that job sharing might just be the answer to how to step up. ‘Job sharing is the flexible approach that many organisations will need to embrace our new future. It allows companies to build a stronger and more efficient workforce while saving on labour costs. And it will save many, many jobs, at least partly’, says Catherine. ‘Rather than cutting back staff, combining two roles into one job share role keeps staff at least partially employed. It keeps workers in the workforce, and keeps more families with income.’ Kristy says, ‘It also adds efficiencies into the organisation. The organisation keeps the expertise of both staff members and there is always someone to cover the role in the situation of sick leave or holidays. That means less downtime and more resources saved.’ Employers and employees who embrace job sharing roles as they reimagine their business model in the post-COVID-19 world may find themselves with stronger companies and a happier workforce. It could eliminate the need for a swathe of job cuts and would keep expertise within the walls of the organisation. Catherine says, ‘Job sharing isn’t the answer to every problem, but it certainly provides a new approach for organisations as they navigate the challenges and opportunities that the next few years will bring’. About Biz Design Queens: Biz Design Queens was founded by Kristy Wong and Catherine Goos after an incredibly successful job-sharing roles in the mining sector at BHP and in their own business, Homely Creatures. With their combined experiences as business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate flexible working arrangement experts, they founded Biz Design Queens. Kristy and Catherine are taking their many years of successfully job sharing and educating employees that want to start working flexibly and working while also helping businesses to implement successful job-share positions into their organisational structure. *Catherine and Kristy are available for interviews.* Media enquiriesKristen LowreyM 04 1286 4088E Other enquiriesBiz Design QueensM 0417 892 283 (Kristy)M 0418 735 550 (Catherine)E visit the website, Melbourne-based HR professional recognised as Rising Star 2020-05-27T02:11:40Z melbourne-based-hr-professional-recognised-as-rising-star St Leonards, NSW (27 May 2020) – A Melbourne-based HR professional has been recognised in a prestigious list showcasing the future leaders in the HR field. Asurion’s Ashley Ferris has been included in Human Resources Director’s annual Rising Stars report. Now in its fifth year, the 2020 report highlights emerging talents with fewer than 10 years of HR experience, who are able to demonstrate success in executing progressive HR initiatives. Ferris commenced as Head of HR for ANZ in 2019 and took on the massive task of assisting Asurion with its full-scale transformation that year. The revamp saw Asurion consolidating three sites to one, restructuring all functional business areas, retrenching 55% of staff, and re-hiring 50% into its new HQ. Ferris played a crucial role in making the transformation a success, capably managing the changes and helping people through it, both exiting and entering. Through careful communication, engagement, and a robust outplacement program, the departing staff were quickly rehired. Ferris also successfully faced up to the unique challenges of revitalising morale within the existing staff and providing stability to the new talent by focusing on the areas of community and leadership. He implemented several initiatives such as a new corporate volunteerism strategy, team-building programs, and a regular cadence of events to enable staff to have fun at work. He also helped build a new leadership team and set up a new people leadership program. Ferris gives back to the HR community by mentoring other HR professionals.      “HRD has once again showcased the HR industry’s most promising talent, with 33 emerging leaders making the grade this year,” says the editorial team at Human Resources Director. “This year’s winners came from a variety of industries, including hospitality, healthcare, ICT, technology, financial services, beauty, education, public services, transport and logistics, and retail.” To view the full online report and to find out more about Ferris, click HERE. -ENDS- HRD is Australia’s leading source of news, opinion and analysis for today’s HR professional. HRD concentrates on the real issues and challenges facing the HR professional and the Industry, with in-depth features and analysis of what really matters with content featuring high level case studies, international and local profiles, interviews with HRDs and industry leaders from around the globe as-well-as leading news makers in the field. Resupix launches to redefine how jobseekers create and manage their resumes. 2020-05-26T03:54:17Z resupix-launches-to-redefine-how-jobseekers-create-and-manage-their-resumes #Nailedit with ResupixTM the visual resume creator and manager utilising pictures and videos to tell your story.  #authentic Sydney, Australia. In the current environment of COVID-19 there is no greater pressure and stress for anyone who finds themselves having to search and secure work in a competitive time as now. Then there is that huge hurdle of having to create or update the resume. It has to be done but no one likes doing it. But with ResupixTM. It’s easy. It’s Intuitive. And it works.   “Your mobile phone has a huge library of pictures and videos, and you can take more. So the content for your ResupixTMis already there, all we do is allow you to put them in the right place and present them as your Resume to represent yourself. It says a lot more about you and more authentic” says Patrick Chye, Chief Information Officer, Resupix Pty Ltd.    Developed in consultation with employers, recruiters and job seekers, ResupixTM is a powerful tool that will make creating your resume easier so that you the applicant can put the best foot forward. It means also more time to focus on continually building their repertoire of skills and experience.   “One of the key challenges facing HR professional is hiring the right person for the job.  Having worked in HR for many years in various countries, it is difficult to identify suitable candidates based upon the commonly used resume.  I wish the ResupixTM  application was available in my time as it would have made identifying suitable candidates for the short list easier and faster. The use of pictures and videos with ResupixTM helps the applicant to highlight themselves as a person as well profiling their skills and experiences.   With Resupix you can see their whole story.” says Frank McManus, retired SVP Human Resources, McDonald’s Australia, New Zealand, Pacific and Africa.   If you would like a free trial, please enquire for a code. The ResupixTM app is otherwise $1.49 to download.   Virtual Success Summit Hosted by Tony Robbins 2020-05-17T02:37:49Z virtual-success-summit-hosted-by-tony-robbins SUCCESS RESOURCES PRESENTS  VIRTUAL SUCCESS SUMMIT  HOSTED BY TONY ROBBINS 15 May 2020 – Success Resources the world’s leader in the self-education industry, will premiere the Virtual Success Summit hosted by Tony Robbins starting on May 20, 2020 at 9 am PDT.   The objective is simple: to provide positive, insightful, inspirational presentations from the world’s most successful business leaders, who have been on our stages, to our audiences across the globe.  Over 3 weeks, audiences will get free access to 13 hours of footage from the world’s best speakers such as Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Sara Blakely,, Tom Brady, Jay Shetty and more, through an on-demand streaming platform. Uniquely, the content will also be translated into multiple languages simultaneously.  Areas of influence include Personal Growth, Wealth, Entrepreneurship, Business, Careers, Life Purpose, Passion, Mindset and Meaning. Watch video trailer here “We feel it is important to give back to business owners, operators, employees and entrepreneurs who are struggling in this time.”  “We have selected speakers and content that we know will resonate with our audience and achieve our goal of providing educational and motivational content for the business and entrepreneurial market...our audience.” - Michael Burnett – CEO, Success Resources  The presentations will be offered as a series of virtual events to our audience for free by registering on About Success Resources: Success Resources is the world’s largest provider of educational events featuring world-class speakers such as Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki, to name only a few.  About Tony Robbins: Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, #1 NY Times bestselling author, philanthropist, and the world’s #1 life and business strategist. Author of six internationally bestselling books, including the recent New York Times #1 best–sellers MONEY; Master the Game and UNSHAKEABLE, Robbins has empowered more than 50 million people from 100 countries through his audio, video and life training programs. He created the #1 personal and professional development program of all time (Ultimate Edge) and more than 4 million people have attended his live seminars. Free Video Platform You Need To Create A Great Life 2020-05-14T09:31:41Z free-video-platform-you-need-to-create-a-great-life As lockdowns continue to keep event venues and  convention centres dark, Success Resources, the world’s #1 Seminar Promoter will be streaming content to reach audiences at home.  Over 3 weeks, audiences will get free access to 13 hours of footage from the world’s best speakers such as Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Sara Blakely,, Jay Shetty and more, through an on-demand streaming platform.  Watch video trailer here This content is curated from Success Resources’ best speeches from the last 25 years. The topics range from personal growth, business, leadership -- designed to help people hustle and self-improve at home.  Get free access to the content through for a limited time. First week of content launches on 9am PDT on 20 May 2020. Are Virtual Internships here to stay? 2020-05-11T04:53:30Z are-virtual-internships-here-to-stay Remote work is not something new. It actually started before the internet was born but it only became popular as we know it today at the beginning of the 21st century. Technology, internet speed, social media, software, and other platforms have allowed remote work to evolve. Similarly, the concept of virtual internships is not new. Companies and interns have been testing and engaging in virtual internship options for a while but always on a small scale.   The current COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the spread of remote work and internships. Many businesses are encouraging their employees to stay home and are transitioning their internships into virtual programs. A recent study conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) showed that only 30% of businesses are proceeding with on-site internships and that there is a steady trend toward virtual internships with 36% of businesses transferring to virtual internships in 2020.   In response to the COVID – 19 global pandemic Australian Internships, a leading global internship program provider, launched their Virtual Internship Program in early 2020. While this is new for many, there are reasons to believe virtual internships are here to stay: “Virtual Internships provide connection regardless of location. They reduce the resource requirement for companies and extend the workspace beyond the borders of the city and country where traditionally employers would recruit from. This opportunity has demonstrated that without a doubt people have the ability to work remotely, and in many cases be more productive and effective remotely. With a tendency for remote work to increase in the future, a critical step moving forward is for young professionals to learn how to work and succeed in a virtual environment. Virtual Internships provide them with this opportunity!” says Diana van Woerkom, Managing Director at Australian Internships.   Gaining international work experience, while valuable, can be expensive and not an option for everyone. From a student or recent graduate’s perspective, going virtual will make internships abroad more accessible as visas, accommodation, flights and international living expenses are no longer necessary. Candidates will be able to more easily handle personal and study commitments combined with a virtual internship. Internships going virtual also means that businesses will be able to access a much bigger pool of candidates as physical limitations will no longer be a barrier. According to a recent study conducted by Airtasker, remote workers are more productive than their office-based counterparts. Meaning a double win for businesses - intern recruitment becomes easier and productivity greater.   But we can’t ignore there are lessons to be learned. As with any major change, companies and interns will need to quickly adapt, be open and resilient. So how can businesses ensure that they are able to keep up with the ever-growing trend? Australian Internships says “Virtual Internships need to be closely monitored and fully structured to benefit both intern and host organisation. We allocate all interns a dedicated Internship Program Supervisor from our team, a host organisation supervisor and run weekly career-related webinars to ensure that the interns gain the greatest benefit possible”.   In these extraordinary times, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way we work and communicate and has forced us to think outside the box and adapt the way we work. Innovative approaches, such as virtual internships, are becoming increasingly popular methods for interns and companies to reap the many rewards of internships, while working around physical constraints.   The virtual work phenomenon is here to stay, and it's only going to involve more people over time. To be successful, companies and interns need to adapt and jump onboard with virtual internships to have a competitive advantage in a post pandemic world.   Rapid Teams Provides Enhanced Productivity with Team Building Exercises 2020-05-07T02:44:11Z rapid-teams-provides-enhanced-productivity-with-team-building-exercises Employers can learn much about their employees during team building exercises. Angus Firth, owner of Rapid Teams, offers one of the largest selections of team training and team building exercises that combine fun elements and the sense of a social event for professional development. Of special interest is the Virtual Reality corporate team building Perth WA exercise with multi-player VR technology. Designed for 3-5 people, teams attempt to diffuse bombs of increasing complexity within specific time frames. Teams will need to exercise their problem solving abilities, communication skills, and utilize creative thinking under pressure. The Perth City Challenge is ideal for groups of 20-200 people. Individuals utilize a smartphone app to participate in more than 50 challenges. The session emphasizes strategy, creativity, and time management in friendly competition. It offers all the excitement of a scavenger hunt with scores posted live as individuals progress. Equally engaging is the Fremantle Challenge in which participants visit monuments, find clues, and solve riddles as they employ strategic skills and utilize effective time management techniques. Scores are posted in real-time and 20-200 people can participate.  The corporate team building Perth exercises in the consultancy’s Rapid Teaming sessions accommodate 5-50 people. The experiential learning exercise focuses on communication, collaboration, innovation, lateral thinking, and can be combined with drinks or a meal afterward. Adaptability and flexibility are the key concepts of the Agile Simulator experience that helps staff respond quickly to challenges and changing conditions. A highly-competitive activity, it’s ideal for 5-30 participants for reinforcing complex problem solving in companies that are already implementing an agile business model. Companies that want to build teamwork concepts at all levels can avail themselves of the Championship Teams option that highlights the roles in teams, encourages innovation, and teaches the values, purpose, and priorities of a team. Structured problem solving and theory are concepts that participants can take back to the workplace. The team building workshops and activities provided by Rapid Teams are eligible as continuous professional development hours. Team building activities Perth can be held inside or outdoors throughout Western Australia. It’s been proven that individuals are more receptive to learning experiences that are fun and the services offered at Rapid Teams facilitates greater productivity and profitability. NSW Hunter region to pilot new virtual work experience program for high school students 2020-05-06T08:28:20Z nsw-hunter-region-to-pilot-new-virtual-work-experience-program-for-high-school-students Hunter high school students will soon be able to take part in the pilot of a, locally developed, virtual work experience program – a first for the region. The Virtual Intern program has been developed by Hunter-based social enterprise, She Can, to connect students with employers and work experience in a relatable, interactive and immersive format for young people. Founder and director, Tricia Martin, is calling on local businesses and organisations to join the program and for interested students and schools to register their interest. Ms Martin is initially targeting the hospitality, business services and retail industries. She said The Virtual Intern Platform has modules for different industries that contain real world tasks for students to complete as well as mentor videos, CV builders, career maps and other soft skills resources to give them a practical understanding and experience of that industry. Prior to starting the program, students match their interests with specific career clusters and businesses. “Virtual Intern tackles the misalignment between young people’s work expectations and the assumed knowledge and capability expectations of local businesses,” Ms Martin said. “Young people commonly enter work experience programs lacking basic skills such as problem solving, financial literacy or basic communication,” she said. The Foundation of Youth Australia’s The New Work Reality report says the two main barriers for young people transitioning to full time careers are lack of career management skills and not enough work experience. The report says 75 per cent believe they do not possess the relevant vocational and practical work experience to gain the work they desire. “We are creating a capacity building program where students are engaged, rather than being passive, and are building their self-efficacy, not just their knowledge.” “Students gain tangible, company accredited, skills that employers are looking for, to help them enter the world of work. They get to build relevant networks before they enter the workforce. We work with employers to capture and transform their expertise into virtual internships that mirror real-world tasks.  “Employers get to identify future employees, understand the needs of a future workforce, and play their part in ensuring their business workforce is future-proofed.” “Importantly, the platform helps to even the playing field, allowing students, regardless of socio-economic background, location or demographic, to access 21st century workplaces and mentors.” The program has been built by working with more than 200 Hunter students in career-readiness workshops and consultation with local business leaders and teachers. It has received funding and support from Charter Hall, Edified and the Layne Beachley Foundation. Virtual Intern is also benefitting from being accepted into the Foundation of Youth Australia’s Social Pioneer Accelerator incubator program.  She Can is a Hunter-based organisation that equips secondary students with career-readiness skills that can be transported into post school life. Ms Martin, who is 25 years of age, has worked with almost 35,000 students throughout Australia as a behaviour change facilitator for in-school career readiness workshops. The program’s aim is to offer work experience to 500 Year 9 and Year 10 students across three industries in the second half of 2020 pilot, expanding to 2,500 students across 15 industries in 2021. The program expansion will specifically target students from low socio-economic and high unemployment areas. To register or find out more visit Consumers Want AI Bias Eliminated and Will Reward Businesses for Doing So, Finds Genpact’s Third Annual AI 360 Study 2020-05-01T00:16:16Z consumers-want-ai-bias-eliminated-and-will-reward-businesses-for-doing-so-finds-genpact-s-third-annual-ai-360-study SYDNEY, May 1, 2020 – More than three-quarters (78%) of consumers worldwide say companies must address bias in artificial intelligence (AI) and new research from Genpact (NYSE: G), a global professional services firm focused on delivering digital transformation, finds that they will reward businesses that take action. The study, now in its third year, underscores how AI continues to present opportunities for growth, but businesses still have work to do to address customers’ concerns about bias and workers’ concerns about equity in reskilling opportunities. In times of uncertainty, providing good service isn’t good enough. Empathising deeply with customer concerns is what will separate the winners from losers. Genpact’s study, AI 360: Hold, fold, or double down?, shows that while 70% of Australians – the highest among countries surveyed - worry about AI discriminating against them, and 67% fear that AI will make decisions that affect them without their knowledge (the highest too), companies that understand these issues can succeed. Genpact’s study analyses perceptions of three distinct audiences that are critical to AI’s widespread adoption in business: senior executives, workers, and consumers. Taken together, this 360-degree view provides organisations with comprehensive and actionable insights that now have added relevance in considering business resilience today. The research offers views from 500 senior executives and 4,000 workers and consumers in Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, and Japan. Beating bias brings business Going all in to address AI bias can increase opportunities to build customer relationships. Most Australians (63%) are more likely to recommend a company that can demonstrate its AI algorithms are bias-free, and more likely to purchase products or services from such businesses (59%). Gen Z (69%) and millennial (70%) respondents champion unbiased brands even more so. Reskilling still not enough; inequality in opportunities for men and women Many workers see opportunities in AI, and more than 85% of Australians are willing to learn new skills to take advantage of this technology. Yet for the third consecutive year, companies are not meeting the demand for reskilling that takes into account there being more AI in the workplace. According to employees surveyed, 63% of Australian organisations do not offer AI-related trainings. The good news is the current findings show that 58% of senior executives in Australia are talking about providing employees with training. However, globally, both male and female senior executives agree (77% and 75%, respectively) that companies in their industry generally do not provide equal opportunities to men and women for AI reskilling. A majority of Australian executives believe that integrating AI into various talent processes will help reduce three main issues: gender bias in recruiting (56%), hiring (54%), and promotion (62%). “Businesses are being challenged like they never have been before,” said Tiger Tyagarajan, chief executive officer, Genpact . “In this unprecedented time, AI provides companies with a valuable tool to improve customer experience and mine data to engage with customers in a more personal, empathetic way. Our study suggests there is significant optimism shown by both consumers and employees if companies can demonstrate a responsible approach to AI. It is important that business leaders implement equitable training and fight AI bias.” AI benefits can drive personalised services The top benefits of AI according to senior executives in Australia are freeing up more time for employees to focus on more important tasks (41%), improving customer experience and service (40%), and the ability to leverage data and analytics (39%). Customer experience tops the AI benefits list globally for the first time, compared to Genpact’s similar studies in 2018 and 2017, signalling a new level of maturity in enterprise AI adoption. These findings underscore AI’s increasing value in achieving success in today’s disruptive market, which require companies to commit more resources to creating the right customer experiences. The companies that emerge the strongest will have doubled down on AI to remain close to their customers, predicting and responding to their needs, and being empathetic in their actions. AI reimagines businesses and helps build resilience Australia is leading the AI deployment race compared to other countries, with over a third (36%) of Australian senior executives saying they are extensively implementing AI-related technologies to fundamentally reimagine their business and/or operating model , and more than half (56%) of the AI leaders* globally are doing so. These findings may bode well for the future since challenges from the current business environment have underscored the importance of digital transformation. AI leaders may have the competitive edge since the technology plays a key role in building resilience that helps companies handle disruption and pivot according to market demands AI 360 also reveals AI investments have increased across industries globally, with 38% of Australian senior executives reporting their organisations have invested $10 million or more in AI, a 12% increase compared to a similar Genpact study in 2018. When looking at investments of $20 million or more, 9% of Australian respondents say their companies are investing at this level, which is a 7% uptick from the prior study. As companies continue to confront current workplace disruption, senior executives may be questioning whether to pause AI activities, walk away, or keep going. Genpact’s research shows that AI adoption is advancing rapidly and generating a positive impact for almost three quarters of respondents’ organisations. In the coming months it will be critical for businesses to double down, in the right places – with a longer-term, holistic outlook. They must embrace strategies that enable the greater transparency and a more ethical approach to business that societies are demanding, and the hyper-personalized experiences that customers expect. And AI unlocks opportunities to meet those goals. For more information, including the full global report and infographics, see Genpact’s A I 360: Hold, fold, or double down? Methodology In November 2019, Genpact worked with research firm Wakefield Research to survey senior executives, workers, and consumers. The executive survey included 500 C-level and SVP-level executives in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan. Respondents are from multiple sectors, including banking, insurance, technology, life sciences, healthcare, consumer goods, retail, and industrial manufacturing. They work for companies with at least $1 billion in annual revenues ($50 billion in financial institutions). *To help identify best practices, we asked senior executives to assess the impact of their AI initiatives. Sixteen percent of respondents reported very positive business outcomes. We call them the leaders because their actions give us insights into valuable best practices. Over the same period Wakefield also executed a gender and age-balanced survey of 4,000 adults in the same countries of which 53 % work at least eight hours per week. These studies used online surveys with participation secured through email invitations. Genpact also conducted in-depth interviews with a wide range of experts to add insights to the survey findings. This research complements similar Genpact studies conducted in 2018 and 2017 in association with Wakefield, YouGov, and Fortune Knowledge Group. About Genpact Genpact (NYSE: G) is a global professional services firm that makes business transformation real. We drive digital-led innovation and digitally-enabled intelligent operations for our clients, guided by our experience running thousands of processes primarily for Global Fortune 500 companies. We think with design, dream in digital, and solve problems with data and analytics. Combining our expertise in end-to-end operations and our AI-based platform, Genpact Cora, we focus on the details – all 90,000+ of us. From New York to New Delhi and more than 30 countries in between, we connect every dot, reimagine every process, and reinvent companies’ ways of working. We know that reimagining each step from start to finish creates better business outcomes. Whatever it is, we’ll be there with you – accelerating digital transformation to create bold, lasting results – because transformation happens here . Get to know us at and on LinkedIn , Twitter , YouTube , and Facebook . MEDIA CONTACTS: Anthony McDade Genpact Media Relations – Australia +61 412 091 010 Thrive PR auticon, a Technology Employer of Autistic IT Consultants, Partner with Woolworths during World Autism Awareness Month 2020-04-27T04:01:46Z auticon-a-technology-employer-of-autistic-it-consultants-partner-with-woolworths-during-world-autism-awareness-month Sydney, Australia — (27 April 2020) — Today, auticon is excited to announce their partnership with Woolworths. In Australia, around 1 in 100 people are autistic yet only 15-20 per cent of autistic adults have some form of employment. Many autistic people hold university degrees and have created breakthrough technologies because of their ability to think differently. During World Autism Awareness Month Woolworths have launched a pilot program with auticon to think differently about autism. auticon Australia’s Managing Director, Amanda Turnill said, “We thank Woolworths for demonstrating their commitment to inclusive employment, and auticon look forward to delivering a successful project.” “auticon’s IT consultants are accurate, proficient, diligent and truly gifted. Despite being highly qualified, people on the spectrum in Australia still struggle to hold down full-time work. We aim to change this and the program with Woolworths is a wonderful start.” “auticon’s mission is to improve the employment prospects of autistic people by providing high-quality career opportunities, shifting perceptions about autism and acting as a catalyst for companies to bring more neurodiversity to their teams.” Said Turnill. John Hunt, CIO for Woolworths Group, “As Australia’s largest employer we know we have an important role to play in creating opportunities for prosperity for all Australians. “If Australia is to address the STEM shortage, we need to embrace diversity in all its forms. Many autistic individuals are hugely talented in STEM fields, so this presents an opportunity for us. “We are keen to explore ways in which we can work with companies like auticon to create an autism friendly workplace and benefit from a larger pool of talented STEM skilled IT professionals.” “In this context, with auticon’s help, we are aiming to provide a work environment that will support the empowerment of people on the spectrum. We look forward to working with the consultants and building rewarding and fulfilling opportunities with them. Woolworths are excited by the prospect of this engagement and actively encourage participation from people on the spectrum” said Hunt. auticon has a unique operating model where they employ a Job Coach to manage the integration of autistic professionals into the workplace. This revolutionary process involves embedding the Job Coach within the organisation and that enables companies like Woolworths to benefit from the unique cognitive abilities of autistic people. The Job Coach also helps reduce the stress and anxiety experienced by many people with autism entering the workplace. auticon’s principal consultant Manuel Gomes said, “I love working in an organisation that recognises and nourishes the peerless talents of neurodivergent IT workers. It supports us as individuals to deliver the unique value that too frequently remained locked inside us. The auticon Job Coach model gives me confidence that my teams and I work in an environment where our strengths can shine, and that our clients understand the different ways to manage and interact with neurodivergent staff. The Job Coach’s role as advisors and public educators is invaluable”. auticon opened their doors in Australia last November; this unique social enterprise employs 210 autistic consultants across the globe delivering some of the most challenging IT projects. The organisation recognises the unique cognitive capabilities of people with autism in the IT and technology field, including pattern recognition, innovative and lateral thinking, error detection, fraud prevention, logical analysis, sustained concentration, creativity and attention to detail. In Europe and the US, auticon has a who’s who of blue-chip clients including Allianz, BMW Group, Swiss Re, GlaxoSmithKline, Lufthansa, Siemens, Virgin, Porsche, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Fox Networks Group, Bosch and Warner Bros. ENDS About auticon With a high demand for data quality and flawless software development, auticon provides a neurodiverse and agile workforce to improve our client’s IT projects. Our hybrid onsite and offsite teams utilize the cognitive benefits of autism to provide the sustained concentration and analytical mindset that makes us wired for success. Our teams include fully-trained personnel specializing in software development, data analysis, quality assurance and testing, automation engineering, and more. auticon has international offices in Germany, United States, Canada, France, Switzerland, Italy, Australia and throughout the United Kingdom. Investors include Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Group Ltd., Felix and Susanne Porsche, Ananda Ventures GmbH, Ferd Social Entrepreneurs (Ferd SE), Yabeo Management GmbH, and Ferst Capital Partners Amanda Turnill – Managing Director, auticon Australia Amanda is an advocate for the rights of people with autism and internationally recognised regulatory and product liability lawyer based in Sydney. Over a 25-year legal career, she held APAC leadership and management positions in four corporate law firms, in the area of health law, med tech and pharmaceuticals. Before qualifying as a lawyer, Amanda undertook general nursing training and worked as a registered nurse in paediatric and adult hospitals. She recently retired from the law to spend more time advocating for her two teenage children, who are both on the autistic spectrum. Since their diagnosis in primary school, she has learnt much about ASD, how it presents differently in males and females, and how to help both her son and her daughter to function well in a largely neuro-typical world. Amanda has spent a significant amount of time advocating for the rights of neuro-diverse children in neurotypical schools, which are not well recognised. Given this background and that so many gifted autistic people struggle to obtain gainful employment due to current social norms rather than technology skills, Amanda is very enthusiastic about growth opportunities for auticon. She believes that many other parents of neurodiverse children and adults will have similar stories and will want to know about auticon’s mission here. Amanda's LinkedIn profile is here