The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-08-15T06:29:07Z Caroline Watt, Nulsen Disability Services, Announced Recipient of Executive “Profit for Purpose” Perth Scholarship 2017-08-15T06:29:07Z caroline-watt-nulsen-disability-services-announced-recipient-of-executive-profit-for-purpose-perth-scholarship The Executive Director Operations Nulsen Disability Services, Caroline Watt, has been announced recipient of behind closed doors’ (BCD) “Profit for Purpose” Scholarship in Perth for 2017. Founder and Managing Director of the respected professional development and mentoring company, Donny Walford, said the 12-month fully funded BCD Executive membership provides an opportunity to further expand and challenge leadership and business practices in a supportive environment designed for female executives. “Profit for Purpose organisations play a vital role in our society, this scholarship provides an opportunity for both the recipient and the organisation to build networks and strengthen its leadership team.” Ms Walford said. Caroline Watt, a highly experienced Executive who leads teams of professionals, managers and support staff at one of Western Australia’s leading disability services organisations, impressed the judges with her enthusiasm to embrace change. In application for the scholarship Ms Watt said the opportunity would be significant in providing her with the network, strategic focus and increased personal confidence to continue her leadership journey as a significant contributor to disability services in WA. “This scholarship will enable me to increase my profile and influence within our community.” Ms Watt said. BCD Executive Members meet with a small cohort of like-minded women eight times a year with a highly skilled and experienced Facilitator and Program Director. Members are challenged to set goals, be held accountable and aspire for greater levels of achievement in both their professional and personal life. The award comprises a 12-month fully funded membership valued at more than $7,500. Two runners up BCD Profit for Purpose scholarships, each providing an hour of mentoring, were awarded to Fran Haintz, Executive Officer Glass Jar Australia, and Lisa Longman, Operations Manager The Young Boxing Woman Project. Following the receipt of an Australian Government Grant, BCD in 2017 has doubled its scholarship offering with a matching Grant now in place. Some 30 scholarships are being awarded across Australia to provide opportunities for professional development, peer to peer mentoring and networking for women in business. Further details of the BCD scholarship program can be found at Issued by: Penny Reidy, Marketing Manager, Behind Closed Doors on 8333 4303 or 0401 349 791 Upskilling key to beating looming threat of AI and automation for Australian IT professionals 2017-08-14T03:58:13Z upskilling-key-to-beating-looming-threat-of-ai-and-automation-for-australian-it-professionals SYDNEY, Australia – 14 August 2017 – Australian businesses appear to be lacking preparedness for the imminent uptake of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation according to their IT contractors. This was based on a recent nationwide survey of nearly 1,500 IT professionals conducted by Ajilon, one of the country’s leading ICT solutions providers. The findings revealed that while a majority (91%) of respondents believe upskilling is important to remain relevant in their jobs, one in four (25%) are concerned their company does not see AI and automation as a threat despite their beliefs. Further to that, 17 per cent also indicated that their company is not moving fast enough to keep pace with rapid technology changes. As a result, close to one in five (16%) IT professionals admitted to feeling insecure about their job prospects as the adoption of AI and automation continues to gain momentum globally. “Like it or not, AI and automation are set to play an increasing role across our personal and work lives in the near future. As such, it is critical that Australian businesses prepare themselves for the fundamental changes that robots will bring,” said Rod Crozier, General Manager of Staffing at Ajilon. “While it is true that certain jobs have and will disappear due to computerisation, AI will also see the creation of many new jobs over the coming years. Businesses need to start looking at how we can successfully harness these intelligent technologies to enrich our lives and not ignore the role they will eventually come to play,” he added. In fact, the survey findings suggest that the effects of automation have well and truly arrived, with almost one in five (16%) respondents indicating that their roles have changed in the past year as a result. Of these, 59 per cent have had to upskill their existing capabilities, 15 per cent had to pick up an entirely new technical skill, and almost one in 10 (9%) have switched job scopes completely as their previous role was no longer required. Worryingly, one in 10 (11%) have already been made redundant in the past 12 months due to computerisation and automation. Upskilling as the way forward In order to mediate the effects of the digital revolution, further emphasis on continual upskilling was found to be extremely desirable amongst Australian IT professionals. The findings identified 89 per cent of respondents to be interested in upskilling, compared to only 3 per cent who weren’t keen. Those surveyed have also recognised the value of developing a balanced hybrid of both soft, human skills, as well as hard, technical skills. 61 per cent expressed it was important to improve these capabilities via training in order to remain relevant in their roles. “The ongoing digital revolution is creating a continuous change in skills that are in demand. What this means is that traditional skills are becoming outdated very quickly. Given that we can’t always foresee how these changes will play out, it is vital that businesses respond with a readiness to reskill and upskill their employees,” said Crozier. “Soft, human oriented skills such as empathy and EQ are also becoming more vital than ever – an employee with a great attitude will be able to adapt much quicker in the face of digital disruptions.” “At the moment, a significant number of IT professionals are investing their own time and money into upskilling, with almost half of those survey (45%) indicating so,” he added. “There’s a need for businesses to strike a balance between ongoing talent development, whilst at the same time ensuring they are successfully harnessing AI and automation to drive efficiencies and deliver the best service for their customers.” Note to Editors: *The survey was conducted by Ajilon in July 2017 and involved 1,497 Australian IT professionals spread across the country and various sectors. These include Government & Defence; Information Communications & Technology; Banking, Finance and Insurance; Telecommunications; Healthcare; Education; and Retail, amongst others. About Ajilon Ajilon is an Australia-wide company with over 1,100 consultants, delivering innovative technology and staffing solutions for its clients. In collaboration with leading global ICT partners, Ajilon’s people and solutions continually deliver real business value. For more information, please visit Press Contacts Red Agency for Ajilon Daphne Chuah, +61 (2) 9963 7860,  Tasha Nabila, +61 (2) 9963 7864, WORLEYPARSONS’ FRISKA WIRYA AWARDED PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SCHOLARSHIP 2017-08-14T00:59:12Z worleyparsons-friska-wirya-awarded-professional-development-scholarship MELBOURNE: WorleyParsons’ Friska Wirya has been announced recipient of behind closed doors’ (BCD) Luminaries (managers/team leaders) Scholarship providing 12-months fully funded membership to the coveted professional development, peer to peer mentoring and networking organisation. Announcing the winner at a business women’s networking event last night, BCD Founder and Managing Director, Donny Walford, said the 12-month scholarship provides an opportunity for successful woman seeking access to insights, knowledge, support and high level networks in their journey to Executive and Board positions. “I extend my congratulations to our winner, Friska Wirya,” Ms Walford said.”Friska shows a determination to learn from other like-minded women, an opportunity she will now maximise through the membership.” Ms Wirya, a senior transformation manager, through her written application for the scholarship showed a strong commitment to personal and professional development. Having overcome a number of personal challenges in her life, she hopes to publish her life’s journey in the near future. In application for the award, Ms Wirya said an opportunity to develop her leadership style as an effective means to motivate, influence and transform would allow her to positively impact her organisation and make lasting changes. The BCD Luminaries Scholarship offers businesswomen the opportunity to expand their leadership and management skills through a year-long membership to BCD Luminaries, valued at more than $5,500. BCD Luminaries was created in response to an identified need for motivated businesswomen to have a professional sounding board and support network where they can discuss professional and personal issues, challenges and strategies in a totally confidential environment while, at the same time, encouraging each other to extend themselves to achieve and succeed in new environments. Members meet for three hours, ten times a year, for group mentoring, professional development and networking with like-minded women. Outside of this further professional development, networking and mentorship opportunities are provided to members amongst the wider BCD community.  “One of its major aims,” concluded Ms Walford, “is to increase women’s representation on Boards, committees and in executive management roles and BCD has an enviable track record in successfully supporting our members to achieve these types of roles.” A second 12-month fully funded scholarship was awarded to Stephanie Miles, Biomedical Engineer HYDIX, and runner up awards given to Sophie Lefebvre, Junior Lawyer Foster Nicolson Lawyers, Rebecca Dickson, Lawyer at Melbourne Airport and Mallory Martel, Marketing Manager for Sidekicker. For more details about behind closed doors memberships visit Issued by: Penny Reidy, Marketing Manager, Behind Closed Doors on 8333 4303 or 0401 349 791. Enrolment opens for revolutionary healing modality 2017-08-10T03:28:35Z enrolment-opens-for-revolutionary-healing-modality 10 August 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Enrolment opens for revolutionary healing modality Enrolment into the AreekeerA® Level 1 self-care modality, which has been designed specifically for people tired of living with below par health, is officially open for a limited time. “We’ve found the modality to be especially beneficial for women aged 30 to 60 who have had some health challenges and who have exhausted all other avenues of health and wellness support,” said the modality’s creator, Julie Lewin. “While these people want to feel empowered in terms of their health and trust their intuition, they’re often left depleted by stress and heavy demands on both their time and energy. Worst of all, they’ve reached a point where they feel there’s little hope in terms of changing their situation. That’s where AreekeerA® comes in.” AreekeerA® is the revolutionary alignment of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, auric, energy and etheric body. Its roots began in 1984 and it’s an accredited modality with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT). “This program is the culmination of my life’s work in metaphysical healing in many ways. I’ve spent 32-years in this field and over the years, I’ve developed techniques to heal myself. Now, it’s my time to share my learnings with the world,” said Ms Lewin. She adds that a shift in mindset is sorely needed in terms of self-care. “Self-care is essential, it’s not a luxury. The reality is, people can change their health environment and as a result, heal their life. Intuition lives and breathes in us all. AreekeerA® is perfect for anyone seeking to trust their intuition and who is open to the possibility of a career change into the health and wellness space.” Those interested in learning more about AreekeerA® can book a chat with Ms Lewin to discuss whether the program is suitable for their needs: -Ends- To organise an interview with Ms Lewin, please contact Sarah Cannata on 0407 536 133 or via email: About AreekeerA® AreekeerA® is the revolutionary alignment of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, auric, energy and etheric body. Its roots began in 1984 and it’s an accredited modality with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT). It is designed specifically for people who are tired of living with below par health and with little joy, too much stress and heavy demands on their time and energy. AreekeerA® makes change possible for willing participants. Helping Professional Women Make the Shift to Self-Employment Seminar 2017-08-09T23:46:51Z helping-professional-women-make-the-shift-to-self-employment-seminar Nigel Rawlins, owner of 13th Beach Marketing Services Pty Ltd., announced that he will conduct the seminar, during the Small Business Festival in Melbourne during Women’s Week. The event is for any woman who wants to pursue self-employment or launch their own business. “I help professional women 40+ shift to self-employment or self-supporting productive work,” said Nigel. “It includes helping them identify their talents, consulting and coaching, and how that includes digital implementation.” The workshop takes place Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2017 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. The cost for the event is $15 and registration is required.  Attendees can register and book their space online now.  The four-part seminar, “Making the Shift to Self-Employment” will include: ·      What’s happening with work ·      Knowing What To Do ·      How to make it ‘Work‘ for you, and ·      Question and Answer Session The best time for a professional woman in business to become self-employed or launch her own business is when she’s 40 or over. Women of this age have more experience and an extensive network of professional contacts that can be utilized, but they often don’t know where or how to begin the transition. The workshop is a critical launching point for women to gain an overview of things they need to know and how to make the shift to self-employment. Those attending the workshop during Women’s Week will discover how to assess strengths, talents and skills. Individuals will learn how they can capitalize on those abilities to launch their own business and other ways to create a self-supporting environment for themselves. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution that works best for everyone. Nigel helps women bridge the gap between what they want to do, their skills and experience, and how to attain those goals in a realistic manner with a variety of resources. Nigel's Wisepreneurs workshop during Women’s Week at the Small Business Festival will provide individuals with essential insight into unknown impediments to their success and how to market themselves and their enterprises. The workshop is an essential first step for every professional woman that wants to make the shift to self-employment and capitalize on their unique skills and abilities.   About Nigel Rawlins Nigel Rawlins is the owner of 13th Beach Marketing Services Pty Ltd. A highly sought speaker and consultant, he offers numerous workshops, seminars, coaching,  consulting and implementation on topics for women in business and professional women over 40 who want to become self-employed or launch their own business.   Nigel Rawlins Owner - 13th Beach Marketing Services Website: GoExpat Group is launching its first website for APAC: GoExpat Singapore! 2017-08-09T06:31:40Z goexpat-group-is-launching-its-first-website-for-apac-goexpat-singapore Sydney, Wednesday 9th August 2017 - After months of hard work to deliver the most perfect - or the least imperfect - version of their first website, the GoExpat Group’s team is very glad to finally and officially present GoExpat Singapore! They have been thinking of the best way to make it more convenient and easier for either individual professionals, entrepreneurs or businesses to plan their projects abroad. “It’s a big leap to take when you decide to move your whole life to another country. We’ve noticed that the biggest challenge for people and for businesses when moving overseas is the lack - or excess - of information. What we wanted to do is to give you all the information you need for your expatriation project, and a complete range of solutions by trusted experts to cover all of your needs, everything in one same place.” - explained Leo Denes, co-founder of GoExpat Group and CEO of, the leading marketplace of services for international startups and professionals relocating to Australia. What is GoExpat Group? GoExpat Group is the parent of several different sites; there’s one GoExpat for every country to make sure it is very proper and adapted to the culture, requirements and specificities of each of them. GoExpat Singapore is the first of a long series, see below the upcoming sites. What do they do? The main idea behind the GoExpat Project is to offer you the 1st Marketplace for international entrepreneurs and professionals. GoExpat Group is a bit of the very best of what Australiance has been doing for the last 7 years in Australia, assisting over 3000 international talents wishing to continue their career abroad and 30+ companies from Europe, America, Asia and Australia. GoExpat Group aims at accomplishing the same mission and at assisting fast growing startups which are looking to scale in APAC. How? There’s a wide scope of services on the platform, from professional services to personal advice, everything you need before moving is there. GoExpat benefits from a large range of partners, all composed of experts in each of their fields, to insure the best quality of service for everyone. They offer the expertise of experienced consultants, translation experts, immigration agents, tax and legal advisors, talent acquisition managers, skilled accountants… for either startups, more advanced companies or individual professionals wishing to relocate in APAC. No need to go from one site to another to find information and services about relocation. Everything is gathered in one place, and if you have any other questions on your mind, the other peers already settled would be glad to help you out and give you great tips on the forum! More about the team: Eleonore Ferreyrol, Co-founder of GoExpat Group: With a career in Financial services, Eleonore moved from Paris to Singapore, four years ago. Former consultant, Eleonore also helped an MNC to set up a regional treasury center in Singapore to oversee the booming activities of the region. As a co-founder, she is now coordinating the launching of GoExpat in Singapore, and the ambassador of Startup&Angels events in South East Asia. Axel Peyriere, Co-founder of GoExpat Group: Axel has over 15 years of experience in the startup environment; he has launched many startups in Africa and takes part in Wombat Capital. He’s also the co-founder of Startup&Angels, a series of networking events, of which the first editions took place in Australia. Leo Denes, Co-founder of GoExpat Group: With over 14 years of experience in many fields, as strategy, business development, people management, project management, financial audit engagements & business process improvement, Leo worked with over 100 international organisations in several industries in APAC & Europe. He’s a devoted Entrepreneur and a very committed and client-focused Professional Coach and Management consultant. Coming soon: GoExpat Hong Kong GoExpat Shanghai GoExpat Cambodia GoExpat New-Zealand GoExpat Japan GoExpat Abu Dhabi GoExpat Dubaï GoExpat Canada GoExpat Dublin GoExpat Australia Join the Smart Expat Insiders community and visit! For any further information, do not hesitate to contact the GoExpat Group Team : If you wish to become a partner, please feel free to contact: LIFE-CHANGING FRANCHISE EXPO SOON TO HIT MELBOURNE 2017-08-09T05:49:25Z life-changing-franchise-expo-soon-to-hit-melbourne There aren’t many events that you can walk away from with a new career and change of lifestyle – yet the Melbourne Franchising & Business Expo will have people from all across Victoria doing exactly that. James’ Home Services CEO and owner Mike Dowling is one of many master franchisors who is gearing up for the Expo, being held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre on 26 and 27 August. “I encourage everyone to come along and learn what it means to be a small business owner,” said Mike. “Participating in the Franchising Expo is providing our team a great opportunity to meet with people who are really interested in changing their lives and working within a business that wants to help them succeed.  “Since I have taken over James’ you could say we’ve hit refresh, and we are eager to talk to potential franchisees about what we have been doing within the business over the past 18 months. “We are particularly keen to meet with enthusiastic, dedicated people who are eager to move forward with their lives and make a good living. I always say that a good franchisee needs passion and energy and to be able to communicate with their customers.  “It’s a two-way street – we’ll set you up and you can reap the results by putting in the hard work. Sue and Elias Khattar are amongst the latest to join the James’ Home Services family in Victoria. The couple, who burnt themselves out after almost two decades running a fish and chip shop, now proudly own the James' Lawn and Gardening Maintenance Greenvale franchise. “Eighteen years in the fish and chip shop was enough for us. We worked 12 hours a day six days a week,” Sue said. “This time around it was important for us to be doing something we enjoyed and Elias always loved gardening. He would spend the only day he had away from the shop each week gardening. We looked at quite a few franchise groups before making our decision.” “Some of the franchises we looked at were just too expensive and after doing all our homework we decided to go with James Home Services. “We picked up one of the first franchises in Greenvale and within the first three months we are feeling very settled thanks to all of the training and support. “I had never mowed a lawn in my life, or pulled out a weed, but I was keen to help in the new business. Now, I can’t see a weed without pulling it out. “I just love being able to work with my husband and to spend time together outside in the fresh air.” Mike Dowling knows what is required to get a business up and running – and says “the James’ team wants to work with people at the Expo and beyond to help them choose the right service for them”. “Every franchisee has one-on-one business coaching and this encompasses everything from practical service skills, business analysis, administration and marketing,” said Mike. “The beauty of our organisation is that we have what is called protected and privileged areas.  “When you invest in your franchise you have your protected area that is exclusively for you in the James’ network. But in addition, should you wish to expand your area, we allow you to work within what we call privileged areas.  “For example, if you are an interior cleaner and there isn’t a similar franchisee in an adjacent location, we offer that area to you under a privileged arrangement until another franchisee comes on board or you may choose to take on that area as a protected area. Mike said there were eight different services within the James’ Home Services organisation. “We sit down with you to make sure you are choosing the right service for you. “Then we look at what is needed in your local area to help you make the right decision.” He said Melbourne was massive market where more franchisees were needed to meet the strong demand for services. “It’s hard to believe that more than 4.7 million people live here now and the place just continues to grow,” he said. Potential franchisees can view one of the James’ trailer and equipment packages during the event and will have the opportunity to win a prize on the day. James’ Home Services has been established for more than 24 years and is part of the Franchise Council of Australia. MEDIA NOTE: To interview Mike Dowling, please contact Wings Public Relations Director Deanna Nott on 0422 504 540   4 TIPS TO A MORE CONFIDENT YOU 2017-08-07T00:09:12Z 4-tips-to-a-more-confident-you GEELONG, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA — Ask any professional and they will all tell you, confidence is a key ingredient to business success. A mindset of positive self-belief has the power to propel you forward to photographic financial independence and the life of your dreams. Being real and positive will actually make for a more productive and happy work environment. Below are four tips to help shape your mind for the best success: Be Optimistic. Try your best not to be pessimistic or cynical. Nothing will pull down your motivation faster than negativity. Do yourself a favour and be kind towards your vision and business—and yourself. Be grateful for your own unique journey. Celebrate the small accomplishments as well as the big. Watch your internal language, our self talk is the crucial difference between being real or not. If you say "I can't" or "I'm not good enough" then your brain looks for evidence to make that true. Become conscious of your language and change it to "now I get to explore how" your brain will look for answers you haven't considered. Never Stop Learning. Know your craft, but also remember to learn the business side of things. Creatives often neglect the fact we need to know how to do both. Go to business seminars. For example, Annie’s series of programs activate all you need to progress your photography business, an invaluable learning opportunity lies here. Experiment with photographic techniques. Soak up all you can and never stop doing so. Seeing your growth will bolster your confidence. Know Your Market and Yourself. Know Your Market and Yourself. It’s a good idea to know your competitors, but there’s no need to be worried about them or what are they doing that you can emulate. You just being you and learning that's the reason clients will come will be the hardest lesson you'll learn.Also, know yourself. Why do you want this? What will it take? Are you willing to work for it? Establish clear objectives. Set realistic, measurable, and attainable goals. Don’t be vague. Fake It ’Til You Make It. Clichéd, yes, but for a reason. Doubt is a part of everyone’s life, but you don’t have to feed it. Instead, make the conscious choice to believe in yourself and your business and watch how the magic unfolds. Don’t let doubt hold you prisoner and stop you from taking risks. About Annie Annie Murray is one of Australia’s leading photographic marketing experts, the owner of Murray Studios, and the founder of the “Finding Your Beautiful” campaign. She is also the mind behind Annieography, a teaching and mentoring website. Annieography is hardcore marketing of the highest level, unseen in the industry before. “It’s not a do-it-yourself program; it is all about taking someone by the hand and giving them all the training they need for a 6 figure business,” says Annie. Sydney Profit for Purpose Female Executives Awarded Professional Development Scholarships 2017-08-01T03:02:32Z sydney-profit-for-purpose-female-executives-awarded-professional-development-scholarships At a networking event held in Sydney last week CEO of WorldShare, Joanna Mansfield, and Meighan Heard, General Manager Governance and Legal of BaptistCare NSW and ACT, have been announced recipients of Behind Closed Doors’ (BCD) Sydney 2017 Profit for Purpose Executive Scholarship.   Founder and Managing Director of the professional development and peer to peer mentoring company, Donny Walford, said the 12-month Scholarship would assist the female executives grow their leadership and business skills as well as provide opportunities to develop both professionally and personally.   “Profit for Purpose organisations play a vital role in our society and are the social fabric that holds our community together.” Ms Walford said.   Meighan Heard, throughout the scholarship judging process, demonstrated a determined and passionate commitment to both her own growth and the growth of her organisation.   BCD Scholarships are awarded to businesswomen who will benefit the most from the opportunity consisting of 12-months peer to peer mentoring, professional development and networking.   “The membership will assist Meighan in her new senior role and provide an opportunity for greater professional success.” Ms Walford said.   Joanna Mansfield, recently appointed to the position of CEO WorldShare, is steering an organisation through a pivotal period of transformation.  Surrounding herself with a network of fellow Executive women will provide a unique sounding board for her as she navigates the company’s success.   Ms Walford said “The BCD Executive membership will provide Joanna and Meighan with a professional sounding board and support network where they can discuss professional and personal issues, challenges and strategies in a totally confidential environment while, at the same time, encourage other members to extend themselves to achieve and succeed in new environments.”   BCD Executive Members meet with a small cohort of like-minded women 11 times a year with a highly skilled and experienced Facilitator and Program Director. Members are challenged to set goals, be held accountable and aspire for greater levels of achievement in both their professional and personal life.   The two award recipients each receive a 12-month fully funded membership valued at more than $7,500.   Two runner up awards were presented to Dr Manisha Amin, CEO Media Access Australia and Noemi Barrazueta, Director CG Strategies.   BCD will award more than 30 Scholarships across Australia in 2017 in the categories of Executive Profit for Purpose, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Luminaries (Managers) and Executive Assistants.  Details of BCD Scholarships can be found at   Issued by: Penny Reidy, Marketing Manager, Behind Closed Doors on 8333 4303 or 0401 349 791 Volunteerism – A Big OE With a Conscience 2017-07-30T22:32:25Z volunteerism-a-big-oe-with-a-conscience Teaching Nepalese monks English in a Himalayan monastery is just one of the different ways young New Zealanders are taking their skills to the world as the traditional Big OE adapts to the 21st century according to Vicki Kenny, founder of International Working Holidays (IWH), the specialist overseas employment agency.   The opportunity to teach different subjects including English and have one on one English conversation classes with novice monks at Buddhist monasteries in Nepal is the latest offering from IWH, with travellers staying either in the monastery or in an accommodation nearby, allowing for full immersion into the lifestyle of the monks.   Vicki explains: ‘Young New Zealanders are looking for something completely different; more than just travel, it’s volunteerism, the opportunity to see the world and give something back to it. Our working holiday travellers get to see the best part of places overseas because they are living with local people who take them off the beaten track. So they get to see what the tourists do and then so much more. Not only that our travellers get to see countries that they just couldn’t get to on their own.’   IWH travellers start the programme with an introductory week in Kathmandu, and then during the teaching phase stay at one of several monasteries in the Kathmandu, Pharping, Namobuddha, and Serlo – Everest regions.      Vicki adds: `With the growing number of people around the world who are interested in learning more about the philosophy behind Buddhism, people have started seeking information regarding topics related to Buddhism. However, most of the monks have learned the religion only in their native language together with Sanskrit. This makes it difficult for the monks to communicate with English speaking communities to teach them lessons related to Buddhism.’   IWH was founded in 2001 by Vicki Kenny, who had established its sister company Nannies Abroad in 1995 after she had returned from her Big OE working as a nanny, and as a temp while she travelled the world. A spilled rice pudding and some challenging circumstances while she was in London working as a live-in nanny convinced her that there was the need for a specialist service to help others navigate the potential pitfalls and get the most from their life changing adventures.  Since then Nannies Abroad and International Working Holidays have helped thousands of people take off for their Big OE.      Further information: Vicki Kenny, IWH: 027 670 9968 Peter Boyes, BPR: 0275 540 500     iFly Global Now Flying High with Wings Privilege Cards 2017-07-26T08:23:22Z ifly-global-now-flying-high-with-wings-privilege-cards Manila, Philippines (July 25, 2017) – iFly Global – Aviation Careers Network and Flyhigh Manila have signed a cooperation deal to promote FlyHigh Manila’s Wings Privilege Cards across iFly Global’s vast network.   This deal will help bring a greater awareness and accessibility of Rewards Card Program to a wider audience and assist in attracting more members into the exclusive program for existing and past Airline Cabin Crew members.    iFly Global – Aviation Careers Network is a new member of the Shijie Aviation Group and is well known in the aviation industry for its online aviation jobs network and recruitment portal for Pilots, Cabin Crew, engineers, and other aviation industry positions as listed on its website   “We are very excited to work with Flyhigh Manila,” said Mr. Aaron McDonald, CEO, iFly Global – Aviation Careers Network. “Teaming up with Flyhigh Manila to offer the custom branded Wings Privilege Cards to our existing and past Cabin Crew members is an exciting development for our company.”   “iFly Global is a great partner and this partnership reflects our desire to collaborate with companies that share our vision of supporting those in the aviation industry”, said Mr. Raymond Oritz, CEO, Flyhigh Manila. Flyhigh Manila is known for providing lifestyle products and events solely for the airline cabin crew and has similar agreements with several other tourism industry and airline companies.     About iFly Global – Aviation Careers Network Founded in 2016, is the arguably one of the fastest growing Aviation Careers Network online. Its free job ad placement service for recruiters, and online CV portal is known for being dedicated to bringing airline employers together with new and suitable candidates looking for careers in the industry. The company’s mission is to continue to grow its online presence and become a truly one-stop-shop for airline recruiters and jobseekers to connect, and to help streamline the recruitment process to assist all involved. The website is currently being frequented by over 100,000 online visitors per month, and currently serves clients in an increasing number of countries. For more information about iFly Global – Aviation Careers Network visit its website at      About Flyhigh Manila Founded in 2013, Flyhigh Manila is a cabin crew lifestyle company and the largest Filipino cabin crew social network worldwide. Their products and services cater solely to the airline cabin crew market like “WINGS”, a special privilege card, entertainment like “FLITE”, an annual Halloween cabin crew costume party and “LAYOVER”, a monthly cabin crew night aimed to gather cabin crew members to unwind. They also have a social media blog called “ITSACREWLIFE.COM” wherein all contributors or writers are cabin crew members. For more information about Flyhigh Manila, visit its website at    For more information please contact:   Marketing Manager iFly Global – Aviation Careers Network Email:   DR. JOHN DEMARTINI IS COMING TO INSPIRE THE YOUTH OF AUSTRALIA WITH 7 RULES OF SUCCESS ! 2017-07-26T05:15:40Z dr-john-demartini-is-coming-to-inspire-the-youth-of-australia-with-7-rules-of-success DR. JOHN DEMARTINI IS COMING TO INSPIRE THE YOUTH OF AUSTRALIA WITH 7 RULES OF SUCCESS ! Dr John Demartini is one of the world’s leading experts on human behaviour and personal development.  A contributor to “The Secret”which sold 20 million copies, John has published 40 books in 30 languages and is bringing his Inspired Destiny Programme for Young Adults, a special programme specifically for ages 15 to 25,  to Melbourne on November 6 and Brisbane on November 7 2017. The one day seminar runs from 8am to 6pm and is presented by  TO INTERVIEW DR. JOHN DEMARTINI email or call Max Markson 0412 501 601   From being a street kid living in a tent, Dr Demartini’s life changed in one hour following an inspirational meeting. He now travels the world 360 days a year speaking, inspiring and helping people, corporations and youth to achieve extraordinary visions for their lives. He has watched and helped thousands of teens and 20 year olds to transform their lives and identify with what is most meaningful to them and help them set their values, vision, legacy and how to live with their parents and the people around them. Dr Demartini says “ I teach them in all 7 areas of life:- Spiritual and existential quest to do something that inspires. Mind development quest, our genius awakening. Vocational quest, the contribution and service we want to make. Financial independence. Family and love. The social quest for leadership. Physical vitality for living and having very vital and healthy bodies and lives.” The Inspired Destiny Programme for Young Adults  is  on Monday 6th November in Melbourne  from 8 am to 6pm and on Tuesday 7th November in Brisbane from 8am to 6pm .One day delegate tickets start from $680 each. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR TO BUY TICKETS T0 INTERVIEW DR.JOHN DEMARTINI email or call Max Markson 0412 501 601  ABOUT DR. JOHN DEMARTINI Dr Demartini is considered one of the world's leading authorities on human behavior and personal development. He is the founder of the Demartini Institute, a private research and education organization with a curriculum of over 72 courses covering multiple aspects of human development. His trademarked methodologies in human development, the Demartini Method and the Demartini Value Determination are culminations of over 44 years of cross-disciplinary research and study and utilized in all human development industries across the world.  Dr Demartini travels 360 days a year to countries all over the globe where he shares his research and findings in all markets and sectors. He is the author of 40 books published in 30 different languages. He has produced over 60 CDs and DVDs covering subjects such as development in relationships, wealth, education and business. He has created over 72 different courses; the most advanced of which is a 21-year correspondence course. Each program is designed to assist people to activate leadership and empower all seven areas of their lives: Financial, physical, mental, vocational, spiritual, family and social.    ABOUT LIVE WELL WISELY EVENTS   Ranes Sangha is the director of Live Well Wisely Events. With a Bsc in Psychology, MSc in Forensic Psychology and MA in Social Work Ranes became a Demartini Facilitator after having first hand experience of how it transformed her own life using Dr Demartini's methodologies. Ranes uses the Demartini Method and Demartini Values training in corporate and personal development for groups and individuals. Ranes is dedicated to expanding human awareness and mind potential. Dr Demartini's Inspired Destiny Program for Young Adults will empower the future generations of our collective tomorrow. Working together to Live Well Wisely and awakening the magnificence from within.        Max Markson 0412501601    VALERIE JARRETT. ELIZABETH BRODERICK. WOMEN WORLD CHANGERS SUMMIT MELBOURNE October 9. SYDNEY October 11 2017   DR. JOHN DEMARTINI THE INSPIRED DESTINY PROGRAMME FOR YOUNG ADULTS MELBOURNE November 6. BRISBANE November 7 2017   MALCOLM GLADWELL & STEVEN LEVITT The Future: Disrupted & Reimagined MELBOURNE December 4. SYDNEY December 6 2017.     Markson Sparks! Suite 411 4th Floor 410 Elizabeth St Surry Hills Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA 2010   E: M: 0412 501 601 Work: +61 2 9213 2900 Fax: +61 2 9281 7999     FINANCIAL EXPERT PHILIPPA HUNT, URGES WOMEN TO QUESTION THE STATUS QUO 2017-07-25T03:45:15Z financial-expert-philippa-hunt-urges-women-to-question-the-status-quo This advice comes in light of statistics released this year by the Australian Bureau revealing once again that women have a much lower superannuation balance than men of the same age. The survey also showed that in 2014-15, the labour force participation rate of people aged 20-74 years was 65.1% for women and 78.3% for men. In addition, the bureau’s last gender release study showed that 44 percent of employed women worked part time in 2015-16, compared with 15 percent of men. These relatively high rates of women working part time have remained much the same over the last decade. What does this mean for women? Fewer hours worked equals less superannuation. There are many solutions to closing the gender gap in finances however ultimately while the imbalance still exists, women need access to practical tools to secure their own financial freedom. Women are living longer ultimately meaning they require more money to live, and while gender disparity continues to exist for a variety of complex reasons, according to Ms.Hunt, women can take charge. "Women from of all walks of life can use transformative strategies to regain control," says Philippa. “We are currently remediating and improving programs,  creating systems that have evolved over the last 10 years, giving women the tools to benefit their lives financially. It is an exciting time in our area of expertise,” says the passionate advocate. Philippa is a renowned money mentor who says that many women are looking at retirement with a question mark, or find themselves pondering a new direction in business, employment or even saving for their child’s education. Or perhaps the goal posts in life have changed, and they want to invest in a goal. The freedom that being in control of money brings with it the socio-economic benefits, self-esteem and a joyful life that can be relieved from money stress." Many years of Philippa’s  life has been spent working on women’s issues and groups serving as a past member of the Women In Finance Committee. It is through this advocacy that she gravitated to helping women establish new patterns that could transform mindsets and actuate positive outcomes. For more information about Philippa and Wise Girl's Money Academy go to: Philippa Hunt is Australia’s answer to Financial Mentoring and capability. She is an expert in Business, Finance, Psychology and has a passion for working on women’s issues and with groups. It is through this advocacy that she gravitated to helping women establish new patterns that could transform their mindsets and (actuate) create positive outcomes for them. The Wisegirls Money Academy education program recently launched is designed to bridge the gap between women and to develop their financial capability and integrity. ACS Releases New 2017 Course Handbook 2017-07-18T01:49:11Z acs-releases-new-2017-course-handbook ACS Distance Education have recently released a new digital course handbook for 2017. Download the 2017 course handbook to learn about all the courses that ACS Distance Education has on offer. The handbook introduces our huge range of courses. With over 600 distance education courses covering such a wide array of topics, this handbook is an essential compendium for anyone interested in further studying on a personal or professional level. Some of the areas that ACS Distance Education courses include are gardening, horticulture, self-sufficiency, environmental studies, agriculture, psychology, health, leisure and fitness, hospitality animal care, science and business studies. Our distance courses are flexible to suit our students’ busy lifestyles, and our courses can be taken online, via correspondence or e-learning. Our courses are the result of continuous input from academic officers, students and industry over a period of more than 35 years. The input has come from formal channels (e.g. advisory committees, industry reports, student and employer surveys, etc), and informally, by alterations/improvements being made to course notes whenever an improvement is required. To download your free electronic copy of the course handbook, please visit our website: Shevonne Joyce named one of My Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs for 2017 2017-07-13T10:07:29Z shevonne-joyce-named-one-of-my-entrepreneur-magazine-s-top-10-women-entrepreneurs-for-2017 14 July 2017 Shevonne Joyce named one of My Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs for 2017 Business mentor and co-founder of The Business Experiment podcast, Shevonne Joyce, is one of My Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs for 2017. The showcase recognises the outstanding contribution made by individual Australian business women towards their businesses, local communities or by inspiring or mentoring other entrepreneurs. Ms Joyce was one of over 2,000 nominations received by My Entrepreneur Magazine for the 2017 showcase. “I’m honoured to be recognised as one of My Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs. Running a business while juggling a family has its challenges but days like today remind why I do what I do,” said Ms Joyce. “It’s an incredible privilege to mentor female entrepreneurs and to have the opportunity to help them achieve the results that are important to them. It’s also very rewarding to support fellow businesses, lead by example with flexible work arrangements and promote human equality in business. These are all important issues that form the fabric of with the work I do and that I work hard to promote. “The reality is that there are far too many business owners going out into the world of entrepreneurship without realising what it actually takes to be successful and how difficult running your own business can be,” said Ms Joyce. “Whether it’s through my mentoring work or via The Business Experiment podcast, I’m dedicated to helping businesses to solve real problems that prevent them from succeeding. Given we have podcast listeners in over 40 countries and counting, it’s safe to say that a key gap in business is being filled. Ms Joyce added: “It’s fantastic to be recognised for the work I do as a mentor and for the difference The Business Experiment is making to helping business owners grow in business. We’re also very proud of the global human impact we’re having through our partnership with Thankyou.” -Ends- To organise an interview or photo opportunity with Ms Joyce, please contact Sarah Cannata on 0407 536 133 or via email: About Shevonne Joyce Shevonne Joyce is a business mentor, global podcast host, published content writer and a business personality with a growing following. She is passionate about helping women to grow successful and sustainable businesses.