The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-09-20T00:25:20Z Future-proofing top priority for Australian corporate leaders: report 2019-09-20T00:25:20Z future-proofing-top-priority-for-australian-corporate-leaders-report Senior leaders in Australia’s biggest organisations have identified future planning and trend forecasting and investing in people as some of the top challenges facing them into 2020 and beyond, according to a new report released by Lighthouse Group today.   Lighthouse Group’s inaugural Organisation Development Leadership Survey: Building Tomorrow’s Leaders Today. 2020 and Beyond took the pulse of Australian CEOs and senior leaders to give an insight into the state of organisation development to embolden leaders to identify opportunities in their own leadership development pathways.   The report surveyed these leaders on a range of issues related to leadership within their organisations, with all respondents occupying C Suite positions with companies of 200+ employees.   As businesses increasingly operate in a climate where advances and technology and industry disrupters have shaken up the business landscape, change– and the ability to embrace and adapt to it – has become the “new normal”.     According to Lighthouse Group’s Peter Nankervis, this is affecting senior leaders across different industries.   “The research shows that CEOs face major challenges and don’t know where their businesses will be in five years and are concerned they aren’t far enough along the digital transformation pathway,” Mr Nankervis said.   “The report found that 23% of leaders are concerned with where their industry will be in five years and how they need to shape strategies to prepare for this.   “Within this context, it is really interesting to see what senior leaders see as the key enablers. It was no surprise that Ownership and Accountability continue to be the number 1 mindset and behavior sought after by Senior Leaders.   The report found that recruiting the right people for the right jobs and investing in future leadership in companies were seen as being equally as important to an organisation’s longevity and ongoing success.   Other key findings include: Growing talent and leaders within an organisation is the outcome that most motivated 23% of respondents to achieve in their own leadership roles. Building a high-performing culture is seen as the most important strategic enabler to ensure future success within an organisation for 30 per cent of respondents. Communications, customer acumen and strategic skillsets were seen as the most important to build within an organisation, with each being nominated by 30% of respondents.   Mr Nankervis said the results of the survey show that while leaders recognise there are challenges posed by technology, they also realise their people are still their most important assets.   “The good news is that many of the concerns voiced by the leaders who participated in the survey can be addressed by developing leadership strength across all levels of their organisations,” Mr Nankervis said.   “Businesses can and will succeed and thrive in a rapidly changing world by investing in leadership, developing strong internal cultures and having the right structures in place to navigate change,” he said.   Lighthouse’s Organisation Development Leadership Survey – full report attached.   For more information contact Carolyn Thomas Marketing Communications Manager Lighthouse Group. 0400 784 643 Workplace wellbeing continues to elude corporate Australia – leadership disparity the concern 2019-09-18T13:01:52Z workplace-wellbeing-continues-to-elude-corporate-australia-leadership-disparity-the-concern The concept of workplace wellbeing is not new and although many Australian corporates see the potential for positive business / commercial outcomes – they’re not really improving the daily lives of employees.       Wellbeing programs have grown exponentially in recent years with more and more organisations investing in health paradigms to increase productivity, engagement, and talent retention to get a return on their investment.   But wellbeing is not merely the absence of illness of disease.  It maintains a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and social health.   Leaders are the biggest influence on the behaviour and mindset of their teams. But most organisations have little visibility into whether their leaders are developing their people, or merely reacting to the needs of the day – and therein is the problem.   The relationship between effective leadership and wellbeing is closely linked. When we see disparity between leadership and wellbeing, stress flourishes.   Hence the need to focus on your staff’s stress levels.   So, why is it that mental health conditions cost Australian workplaces around $10.9 billion each year?   $4.7 billion in absenteeism.   $6.1 billion in presenteeism (being at work longer than necessary because of perceived job insecurity).   $146 million in compensation claims.   One in five Australian employees experience mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.    At a human level, we don’t want to see the people around us suffer. At a business level, mental health issues impact our day-to-day operations and performance.    Challenges and setbacks in the workplace (and life) are inevitable. Stress, conflict, talent attrition, policies, performance and technological change are constant.   As individuals, we have basic human needs to deal with these challenges. We crave social support, physical safety, health, and a feeling that we can cope with whatever is thrown at us.   More than ever, employees are asking for help from their employers to meet these needs.    11 questions business leaders need to ask themselves   1.  Are you cultivating a high-performance culture? 2.  Are you encouraging learning through reflection? 3.  Are you exploring better ways of doing things? 4.  Are you making team members accountable? 5.  Are activities consultative and interactive, or didactic and one-sided? 6.  Are you challenging people’s way of thinking? 7.  Are you driving your team’s performance with positive conversations? 8.  Are you creating a learning journey and empowering team members? 9.  Are you fostering collaboration and innovation? 10.Are you empathic, compassionate and kind? 11.Are you ‘walking the talk’?     Understanding the causes of stress in the workplace will highlight interventions to mitigate stress and enhance wellbeing to positively drive performance.    6 reasons we stress at work 1.  Demands - workload, work patterns and work environment 2.  Support - inadequate support colleagues 3.  Relationships - conflict, bullying, and harassment 4.  Role - lack of clarity and conflicting roles 5.  Control - having too little say about their work 6.  Change – poorly managed organisational change   Keep in mind these common stressors. Continually act to address them and build the resilience of your staff.   Because resilience helps cultivate a healthy, productive environment. It helps retain workers with the right values and behaviours. It protects their mental and physical health. And it helps them deliver quality work consistently.    The benefits of fostering resilience   Of all the things we experience in our lives, nothing defines our character more than the way we respond to setbacks and adversity.   Resilience helps with: - Higher performance and quality of life - Leadership at every level - Positive workplace culture - Employee engagement - Worker retention - Enhanced job satisfaction - Greater self-awareness and understanding of others - Better decision-making    Building and maintaining our leadership and wellness tools helps your team to be highly engaged and productive. It will lead to successful outcomes and a positive culture.    To maximise your potential and that of your team, you need to be immersed in an environment that cultivates the habits of high performance.    It’s bigger than what happens at work.   A holistic leadership model fosters diversity, inclusion, workplace quality, business ethics, community and environmental sustainability.   So, ask yourself: How well are you looking after your staff? And who is looking after you? Issued by Keen Edge Media Enquiries:  Mr. Joe Perri, Joe Perri & Associates Pty Ltd                               Mobile: +61 412 112 545  Email:   New Report: Expats returning home are key to unlocking Corporate Australia’s competitive edge 2019-09-13T02:36:09Z new-report-expats-returning-home-are-key-to-unlocking-corporate-australia-s-competitive-edge Sydney, Australia | 13 September 2019 – Australian expats returning home are an untapped talent pool for recruiters and businesses, a report by Indeed, the #1 job site in the world and Advance, the organisation that celebrates and connects members of Australia’s global diaspora, reveals.   The report, ‘They Still Call Australia Home’ explores the attitudes of Australian business and recruitment decision-makers towards Australians who have travelled and worked abroad. It also captures the job-seeking experiences of Australians who have worked, or are working, overseas and navigating their return to Australia. A key highlight from the report’s findings is the need for Australian businesses and recruiters to broaden their search to include expats returning home to Australia.   According to the findings, nearly three quarters of respondents (71%) reported a positive experience from hiring a returned expat while almost 3 in 5 (57%) of recruiters identified that recruiting returned Australians has a longer-term strategic benefit.   While recruiters expressed concerns that expat candidates who recently returned home lacked strong Australian business networks, in fact nearly half (49%) of those returning from a stint overseas reported eventually finding employment through their own networks. This demonstrated that expats returning to Australia are indeed benefitting from maintaining strong connections back home.   By overlooking Australian talent in global markets, employers are limiting their options. In fact, 65% of the survey respondents believe Australian businesses are creating an environment that discourages Australians working overseas from returning.   When looking for work back home, a third (34%) of expats who recently returned home reported not being successful in landing an interview for a potential role where their skills precisely matched the job requirements. And while almost a quarter (24%) of those surveyed were successful in landing interviews for various roles, they still reported missing out on job offers. According to the report it takes those returning home 2.1 months longer than the average job seeker to secure a job.   When it comes to the skillsets that they can offer corporate Australia, the ability to manage culturally diverse staff and stakeholders, global leadership and strategy, international regulation, and knowledge of emerging technologies are among them.   Given two-thirds (67%) of recruiters say they have struggled to find candidates to fill roles because of skill shortages or a lack of relevant experience, those returning home present as valuable talent and offer a potential solution to Australia’s skills deficit.   Paul D'Arcy, SVP Marketing at global job site Indeed, commented: “It’s clear Australia has pull-factors that attract its diaspora back to the country and, as the report identifies, these skilled workers present a significant opportunity for recruiters and businesses.   “While most (83%) recruiters said they are cautious about recommending expats who recently returned home for Australian-based roles, we know diverse workforces are more successful than homogeneous ones, which is why employers and recruiters are missing out on an untapped pool of returning workers whose skills and experiences could positively impact their company.   “In order to reap the rewards of expats returning home, employers and recruiters could embrace a change in mindset to one that looks beyond its own borders to one that prioritises ability and skill. Businesses would do well to abandon any preconceived ideas they have about what a candidate needs to handle a job and adopt policies that make the hiring process more objective.   “This will mean that in the global battle for talent, Australia has the opportunity to secure the best and brightest talent in the market.”    Yasmin Allen, Chairman of Advance believes that professional networks are critical to helping professionals coming home to reintegrate into Australia’s workforce and government policy is also key to supporting their return home to draw on their specialist knowledge and expertise.   She comments: “As a country, we derive value and benefits from encouraging our expats to remain connected with Australia and to come home to share their experience and bring their intellectual property with them. This in turn fuels innovation and benefits the entire nation economically.   “Additionally, expats themselves need to be prepared and mindful that things may have changed in their home country during their absence. Events might have taken place that have shaped Australia that may have eluded them, and they may have achieved a level of seniority that does not exist here.   “We know Australia can benefit overall from better connection with our diaspora and through Advance we help facilitate that, by celebrating and engaging our expats and encouraging them to remain connected, to each other and to Australia.”     — ENDS — About the survey The research was commissioned by Indeed and conducted by Lonergan Research in accordance with the ISO 20252 standard. Lonergan Research surveyed 440 Australian returned or returning expats and 331 recruitment decision-makers aged 18+. Surveys were distributed throughout Australia and to Australians abroad. The survey was conducted online amongst members of a permission-based panel and Advance’s internal database, between 29 April and 30 May 2019. Read the full report here: Key Findings   Australians who believe that working overseas will be to their advantage when returning to Australia may need to think again. Research shows the opposite is true. In fact, they might struggle to gain work back in Australia – and will probably have to take a pay-cut.   Businesses and recruitment decision-makers’ unintentional disregard is effectively locking expats out of returning to the Australian jobs market. In fact, 65% of all respondents believe that Australian businesses are creating an environment that discourages Australians working overseas from returning.   A third (34%) of returned or returning expats aren’t even landing an interview for a potential role where their skills precisely match the job requirements. A quarter (24%) are landing multiple interviews for various roles, and yet miss out on being offered the job.   While nine in 10 (89%) of recruitment decision-makers consider that managing projects across multiple countries is a positive experience on a job application, a third (32%) of them are reluctant or cautious to hire a returned expat for an Australian-based role on the basis of perceived cultural difficulties, most commonly the potential delay in ‘settling in’ to a role.   Three in 10 recruiters (31%) prioritise a candidate with Australian-only work experience, favouring their knowledge of recent Australian history, the political climate and culture over candidates who have been out of the country for a period of time.   A third of recruiters (33%) think that returned expats misjudge their earning power in Australia and the perception that they have a self-inflated sense of skills and experience is the most commonly held belief among half (45%) of recruiters, who think returned expats expect a higher salary.   The situation for some is so challenging, that some returned expats are packing their bags and returning overseas because their international experience is not valued (67%), or because there are fewer suitable roles in Australia (65%).   Seven in 10 returned expats (70%) said their self-esteem was impacted by the difficulties associated with returning to work in Australia, while a third (32%) of returned expat Australians and rebound expats regret having come back to Australia.   Two-thirds (67%) of returned expat Australians have considered packing up their bags and leaving Australia again to get the right role.   About Indeed More people find jobs on Indeed than anywhere else. Indeed is the #1 job site in the world and allows job seekers to search millions of jobs in over 60 countries and 28 languages. More than 250 million people each month search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies on Indeed. For more information, visit About Advance Advance is the only organisation to identify, engage and empower members of the global Australian diaspora. We keep them connected and help bring ideas and IP home for the benefit of all Australians. With a community spanning 110 countries, Advance fosters connections with more than one million Australians living and working offshore, and 2.5 million student alumni, drawing on their experience and networks to open doors and opportunities for Australia, Australian companies and Australians around the globe.   MEDIA ENQUIRIES Indeed                        Chloe Tran M: +61 405 955 025 Bridie Mackay M: +61 425 886 615   ‘AWETISM’ EXPO CHANNELS POSITIVE ‘I CAN’ ATTITUDE 2019-09-10T20:55:34Z awetism-expo-channels-positive-i-can-attitude For Immediate Release 11 September 2019 ‘AWETISM’ EXPO CHANNELS POSITIVE ‘I CAN’ ATTITUDE Chris Varney, Founder of the I CAN Network, has come a long way from when a mum named Lisa spoke to him about her disruptive child which the world had outcast as the “weird one” and she had been labelled the “bad parent”. Her child was seen by many psychiatrists until one day they approached Lisa and said to her, “We are sorry to say that everything you find fascinating about your child is actually a problem.” “Everything you thought you were doing right with your parenting, you’re actually doing wrong,” they informed her. “Your child has Autism and he will be socially inept, obsessive and have anxiety.” However, Chris Varney believes that people need to rethink Autism because Lisa did get it right. Lisa was his mother. Chris’ story is famously presented in his 2013 TEDx Talk, ‘Autism: How my Unstoppable Mother proved the experts wrong’. ( Chris, now 32 years-old, lives on the Autism Spectrum every day because he grew up with Asperger’s. At the tender age of 16, he began advocating for children's rights and that year he became the Youth Ambassador for World Vision. “When someone channels their Autistic traits into a specific focus area, that’s when what they thought was a negative, becomes a positive,” Chris said. He went on to become National Co-Director of World Vision's youth movement and later, the 2009 Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations. As Youth Representative he put together a book, Dear Kevin which helped catalyse many practical outcomes for vulnerable children and youth. He received the 2011 Monash University Student Alumni Award, the 2012 National Award for Youth in Advancing the Legal Rights and Interests of Children and Young People, the 2012 Future Justice Medal and the 2014 Monash Vice-Chancellor’s Social Inclusion Award. However, in 2013 on completion of his Law Degree, Chris had a vision. He wanted to see every child and young person on the Autism Spectrum say 'I CAN' to life's opportunities. So, he created a network and became the CEO (Chief Enabling Officer) that we know today, as the I CAN Network. Now, in 2019 the I CAN Network is Australia’s largest Autistic-led organisation which currently employs more than 30 Autistic adults. The organisation mentors over 1500 Autistic youth and through mentoring programs, partnerships, education and advocacy work in 90 primary and secondary schools across Victoria and Queensland. I CAN works closely with The Department of Education (Victoria and Queensland) and The Department of Health and Human Services Victoria. “Currently we're based in Melbourne, Australia, with hopes to expand in years to come,” Chris said. This Friday, 13 September 2019, the I CAN Network’s AWETISM Expo will be held at Docklands (Melbourne) celebrating the inclusion of Autistic secondary students and Autistic adult employers from major sponsor ANZ’s Spectrum Program. The I CAN Network plays a pivotal role in continuing to build the capacity of employers to hire, retain and develop Autistic people in their careers. This ‘AWETISM Expo’ gives students a chance to exhibit, present and see career pathways unfold. The I CAN Network’s AWETISM Expo became an annual event in 2015. “The Expo is an event where students put the ‘AWE’ in Awetism!” Last year the I CAN Network’s AWETISM Expo attracted more than 200 guests growing in statue this year to well over 300 attendees this year. The Expo is a safe space for Autistic students to make new friends and meet like-minded people and it is also a place for educational professionals, family and friends to experience truly unique innovation to support young Australian Autistics. This year we see 100+ Autistic students attending with over 20 Victorian schools represented.  Since 2017, AWETISM has been sponsored and hosted by ANZ Bank. ANZ’s strategy with its sponsorship is to showcase its ‘Spectrum Program’, an internal program to actively employ Autistic people in ANZ, to Autistic high school students. 2019 sees the Expo upscale with the inclusion of DXC Technology and Specialisterne with support from the Department of Health and Human Services.    EVENT DETAILS: I CAN Network AWETISM Expo 2019 - ‘Where Autistic students put the AWE in Awetism’, ANZ Bank Docklands, 833 Collins St Docklands, Victoria from 9.30AM - 2.30PM. If you would like to interview Chris Varney or attend the I CAN Network’s AWETISM Expo please contact him on - 0432 405 384. -ends- For more: YOUNG WOMAN SAYS I CAN TO HER SUPERPOWER 2019-09-10T20:49:08Z young-woman-says-i-can-to-her-superpower For Immediate Release 11 September 2019 YOUNG WOMAN SAYS I CAN TO HER SUPERPOWER Caitlin Downie Kempson is one of many Autistic young people who will be exhibiting her superpower to a crowd of over 300 guests at the annual I CAN Network AWETISM Expo 2019. 22-year-old Caitlin’s journey to unlock her superpower began after attending an I CAN Network Camp as a mentee. The more I CAN Camps she attended the more motivated she became and soon she enlisted to become a Mentor, embraced Autism and developed a lasting I CAN attitude. What’s Caitlin’s superpower I hear you ask? It’s being able to help others “blossom”. Caitlin embarked on her advocacy journey more than five years ago, not only transforming herself but also supporting her peers to lead a more empowered and confident existence. “Being a mentor with I CAN has played such a significant part in my life for the past four and a half years. I love working with school groups and at I CAN camps,” Caitlin said. More recently Caitlin has played a key role in trailblazing online mentoring groups for the I CAN Network. The online group mentoring program helps Autistic participants to connect socially while building confidence in a safe, engaging and supportive environment. “Many participants don’t know how to express themselves fully, but they come out of their shell and learn to accept themselves and they begin to blossom.” “I think back to all the issues I had with self-esteem and self-doubt as a teenager and I’m grateful to have a chance to help others navigate their high school years,” she said. Caitlin will address more than 300 guests at the I CAN Network’s AWETISM Expo, the premier event for Autistic students and their schools in Australia.   The I CAN Network’s AWETISM Expo became an annual event since its inauguration in 2015. Last year the event attracted more than 200 guests growing in statue this year to well over 300 attendees. The Expo is a safe space for Autistic students to make new friends and meet like-minded people and it is also a place for educational professionals, family and friends to experience truly unique innovation to support young Australian Autistics. Since 2017, AWETISM has been sponsored and hosted by ANZ Bank. ANZ’s strategy with its sponsorship is to showcase its ‘Spectrum Program’, an internal program to actively employ Autistic people in ANZ, to Autistic high school students. EVENT DETAILS: I CAN Network AWETISM Expo 2019 - ‘Where Autistic students put the AWE in Awetism’, ANZ Bank Docklands, 833 Collins St Docklands, Victoria from 9.30AM - 2.30PM. If you would like to interview Caitlin please contact, I CAN Network Founder Chris Varney - 0432 405 384 -ends-   AUSTRALIA'S MOST INNOVATIVE EMPLOYMENT SERVICES PROVIDER (DES) 2019-09-04T00:35:44Z australia-s-most-innovative-employment-services-provider-des Help Enterprises, a Queensland based not-for-profit organisation is pleased to have been announced the Winner of the '2019 National Award for Innovation in Disability Employment'. On August 13th in Melbourne at the National Employment Services Association (NESA) 2019 Awards for Excellence, Help Employment & Training excelled above all other disability employment service providers nationally to win this prestigious award. The award was supported by the Australian Government Job Access and presented to HELP by the Federal Minister for Families & Social Services, Senator the Hon Anne Ruston. In announcing the award, NESA wrote: "HELP Employment & Training have revolutionised the experience of job seekers with disability in their region with a new multi-channel service model that provides greater transparency, independence and control, as well as a more personalised service for local job seekers." Greg Luck, CEO of Help Employment & Training said “We are so proud that our team have received such a prestigious national award.” “We do things differently at HELP and are achieving great results for the benefit of our customers....jobseekers and employers.” “We not only move Heaven and Earth to get our job seekers employed, but we also do the same for employers. Workforce diversity and inclusion is a key business imperative these days and we provide businesses with advice, strategies, suitable candidates and ongoing support after the employee starts their new job, at no cost.” “Employers don’t have to do this alone or fear it, HELP is there for them also. If employers are not tapping into this rich talent pool of candidates with amazing abilities, then they are simply missing out.” Mr Luck said. Help Employment & Training, is a division of Help Enterprises, a non-profit, which for over 50 years has been dedicated to the mission of ‘Enhancing the lifestyle and independence of people with disability’.  Advisory Board Centre Women in Business Program Leader welcomes the release of the NSW Government’s Women’s Strategy Action Plan 2019-09-02T02:50:25Z advisory-board-centre-women-in-business-program-leader-welcomes-the-release-of-the-nsw-government-s-women-s-strategy-action-plan The Advisory Board Centre COO and Women in Business Program Leader Jan Easton has welcomed the release of the NSW Government’s NSW Women’s Strategy 2018-2022 Year Two Action Plan. The NSW Women’s Strategy 2018-2022 provides a whole-of-government and whole-of-community policy framework with the aim to improve the economic, social and physical wellbeing of women and girls across NSW. “The NSW Government’s Women’s Strategy presented a comprehensive and aspirational framework to improve the participation and wellbeing of females in NSW.  The release of the NSW Women’s Strategy 2018-2022 Year Two Action Plan gives transparency to the policy and shows a meaningful and measurable commitment by the NSW Government to move policy into action.,” Mrs Easton said. “Over the past two years leading Women in Business initiatives in Queensland and across Australia, the overwhelming feedback from women in business- from startup through to the executive board level- is that they want practical knowledge and actionable strategies to achieve their aspirations.” “It is particularly encouraging to see that the NSW Government is implementing a multi-faceted and collaborative approach to deliver on the three priority areas for action- economic opportunity and advancement, health and wellbeing, and participation and empowerment.” The Advisory Board Centre’s Advancing Women in Business strategy is aligned to the organisations overall strategic purpose to support and improve the effectiveness of the global Advisory Board sector, including the professionals who fulfil an Advisory function and organisations for whom they serve. The Advancing Women in Business Strategy is designed to give women the tools, support and skills they need to start, grow and employ, and ultimately lead and succeed as employees, executives, business owners and board members.  The Advisory Board Centre independent programs map to the NSW Government’s Women’s Strategy and includes program initiatives such as Advancing Women on Boards, Female Founders Advisory Board Program, Professional Membership and the complimentary Advisor Concierge service to support women in business to connect with mentors, strategic advisors, investors and board members. Media Contacts or Program Inquiries Jan Easton, Chief Operating Officer Advisory Board Centre +61 0408 477 165 Affordable Training Debuts Savings on Industrial Courses in Multiple Skills 2019-08-27T04:32:48Z affordable-training-debuts-savings-on-industrial-courses-in-multiple-skills David Sherry, founder of Affordable Training, understands that employees with a wide range of skills are more desirable and productive. The company offers training and competency refreshers to assist individuals in attaining the skills needed to enhance employability, along with health and safety. The training specialist offers 24 distinct industrial training courses in operating equipment ranging from scissor lifts and pallet jacks to forklifts and heavy equipment. The company features accredited trainers and nationally recognised training courses in equipment, health, and safety. Affordable Training has partnered with Instant Access, a leader in access hire equipment to ensure safety. Affordable Training Melbourne encompasses comprehensive first aid courses, along with how to safely enter and work in confined spaces. The company is different in that it provides training that emulates real-life conditions that individuals may encounter. Funding for training is available in some circumstances and Affordable Training is currently offering discounts and specials on specific courses. For individuals that need a refresher course, training courses Melbourne are offered to prepare them for Verification Of Competency assessments that meet legal requirements for plants and equipment. V.O.C. testing is efficient and encompasses multiple industry standards ranging from carpentry and truck mounts to chainsaws and bulldozers. White Card and Yellow Card courses are also offered. It’s an affordable way for companies to ensure their employees have the skills and safety training needed to aid in the prevention of accidents. The proper training ensures employees work safely while maintaining productivity, provides savings in multiple areas for companies in a wide variety of industries, and ensures businesses have optimally trained workers. The training providers Melbourne provides affordable and efficient training in the most highly desired areas of industry and the special pricing currently being offered by Affordable Training is expanding training and proficiency to more individuals in the profession of their choice. About Affordable Training Affordable Training was founded by David Sherry and has a partnership agreement with Tectra Australia Pty Ltd RTO 40889. Sherry is an accredited trainer with an OH&S background. He also has 26 years of real world experience across a broad range of industries that includes warehousing, commercial and civil construction, mining, gas and refinery. Affordable Training is a member of the Institute for Learning Professionals and the Elevating Work Platform Association. Media Contact Affordable Training Phone: 0490897203 2 Cyanamid Street Laverton North Melbourne VIC 3026 Website: AESC Honours Jo Fisher with Lifetime Achievement Award for Impact in Executive Search and Leadership Advisory 2019-08-19T21:07:37Z aesc-honours-jo-fisher-with-lifetime-achievement-award-for-impact-in-executive-search-and-leadership-advisory Above: Fisher Leadership chair Leon Lau, founding director Jo Fisher, managing director Michelle Loader and director Mary Beth Bauer. New York, August 20, 2019 – The worldwide Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) honours, during today’s AESC APAC Conference in Sydney, Australia, the achievements of AESC Member Jo Fisher for her outstanding contributions to the profession and to the community.    The AESC Lifetime Achievement Award honors long-term achievement in the executive search and leadership consulting profession. This year’s award goes to Jo Fisher, Founder and Managing Director of Fisher Leadership. Based in Melbourne, Fisher has dedicated 20 years to the advancement of executive search. Known as an iconic leader in gender diversity, from the early 2000’s, Fisher insisted her firm would adhere to equal gender representation on short-lists for the breadth of senior executive roles they impacted. Since making this early mark on the industry, Fisher Leadership has been hugely influential in bringing multi-dimensional diversity to the fore.   Fisher commented, “When I began Fisher Leadership nearly 20 years ago, I wanted to directly impact more diversity around the decision-making table. Since then, we have broadened our focus on diversity—incorporating culture, linguistic, non-binary gender representation, age and ability into the mix. These targets work well from a bottom up perspective. But what we are really focused on now, is Cognitive Diversity—diversity of thought. Our impact in the senior and executive realm is really a top-down strategy, bringing more diverse minds to the decision-making table.” Fisher points to a key factor of her own success as a leader—the ability to innovate and attract exceptional talent who share her passion for supporting socially positive outcomes. Fisher is a founding member of the Australian International Women’s Forum, a former Telstra Business Women’s Award Winner, a CEDA trustee, and an Adjunct Professor with Deakin University. She serves on several boards and committees including social enterprise Infoxchange P/L, JFE Global P/L, the AICD’s National Education Advisory Committee, the International Women’s Forum Australia, and WOMANZ.   AESC President and CEO, Karen Greenbaum, said: “We honor the exceptional achievements of these AESC Members. Through their commitment to excellence both within the profession and in the community at large, our award recipients are outstanding examples of how AESC Members both serve their clients worldwide as trusted advisors and make a positive impact in their communities, too.” About AESC Since 1959, AESC has set the quality standard for the executive search and leadership advisory profession. AESC Members, ranging in size from large global executive search and leadership advisory firms and networks to regional and boutique firms, represent 16,000+ trusted professionals in 1,200+ offices, spanning 70+ countries. AESC Members are recognized leaders of global executive search and leadership advisory solutions. They leverage their access and expertise to place, find and develop more than 100,000 executives each year in board of directors and C-level positions for the world’s leading organizations of all types and sizes. Dedicated to strengthening leadership worldwide, AESC and its members share a deep commitment to the highest quality standards in executive search and leadership consulting—for the benefit of clients and the profession. We Shape. Connect. Educate. Learn more about us at   ### Mothers and Daughters Who Girl Guide Together Stay Connected 2019-08-18T23:55:10Z mothers-and-daughters-who-girl-guide-together-stay-connected Girl Guides isn’t just for young girls, as mum and daughter duo discovered when Grace Jarvis now 17, enrolled in her local Girl Guides Unit 10 years ago. Instead of just drop-offs and pick-ups, mum Helen Jarvis became a Leader of the Unit and hasn’t looked back. The connection that Helen enjoys with her daughter Grace has a lot to do with the shared understanding and language they have developed through Guiding. Helen and Grace have navigated the distinction between their relationship as mother and daughter and guiding colleagues, by using the mentoring approaches taught at Girl Guides. “I don’t provide answers, just a thought process that encourages Grace to take the initiative and come up with a pathway for herself,” explains Helen. Helen says this shared language and approach has been one of the largest benefits of being a part of her daughter’s Guiding experience. “It's not the doing it together all the time that’s the lovely thing, it's the common language, shared experience and interest which is great. It is one thing to hear about the stories, and another to be there sharing them.” Their relationship and Guiding experience continue to strengthen with Grace now being a Leader alongside her mum. Grace has developed a new appreciation for the hard work her mum has put into leading their Unit over the years. Grace admits: “We make a pretty good team”. Grace has not only experienced great personal growth during her time at Guides she has also been able to see her mum from other people’s perspectives which she is grateful for. “She took on a female role-model position in my life where she was my teacher and my guide through this incredible journey. “So, when people ask me who is your biggest role model, it doesn’t feel weird to say, ‘my mum’ – because in all aspects she is.” The Jarvis family could not be prouder to be a part of the Guiding community appreciating the confidence and strength it has provided them as a family unit. Grace’s younger sister, Amy also joined Guides and has enjoyed building the same bond with her mum. Grace says it best when explaining why this dynamic works so well in the Guiding community: “At Guides, we are an absolute sisterhood and have an underlying acceptance of each other. So, no matter who you are, you're automatically going to be accepted whole-heartedly into this environment of pure joy, fun and learning.” -ENDS- For Media Enquiries please contact: Felicity Zadro I ZADRO Agency I 0404 009 384 Oakley Grioli I ZADRO Agency I 02 9212 7867 IMAGES Images are available for use. For high-resolution images, please contact: Image: Helen & Grace Jarvis. Image: A Place To Grow Campaign. Image: A Place To Grow Logo ACS Delivers Brand New ‘LearnHowTo’ Micro-Learning Platform 2019-08-06T00:56:31Z acs-delivers-brand-new-learnhowto-micro-learning-platform Media Release - for Immediate Release 6 August 2019   ACS Distance Education has just launched a brand-new learning platform aimed at businesses, professionals, students and anyone interested in personal development. Called Learn How To, this online subscription-only training site provides hundreds of short courses in a range of disciplines. For just AU$32.95 per month, subscribers have access to ALL courses. They can also view numerous educational videos to support the learning process. Upon completion of the course, you will receive an electronic badge to promote your skills. Courses are designed to enhance skills, fill gaps in knowledge, or get an introduction to an area of interest.   Each course takes between 1 to 4 hours to complete, and high scores on the self-assessment test at the end are awarded with a digital achievement badge. There are a huge range of topics covered. But there are no time limits. Subscribers get to study in their own time, at their own pace. What’s more, course content may be saved as a pdf or printed, so it won’t ever be lost. It takes about 2 minutes to enrol, and subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.    Visit the site here:   Watch how Learn How To works here:   Be inspired... we love learning, and with us you can learn how to do all sorts of things.     For more information, or for business package subscriptions, please email us at: SAS named a Best Workplace for Innovators by Fast Company 2019-08-05T23:31:10Z sas-named-a-best-workplace-for-innovators-by-fast-company Cary, NC (Aug 05, 2019) Fast Company has named analytics leader SAS as a Best Workplace for Innovators. A longstanding investment in cultivating a culture of innovation has positioned SAS as a leader in the analytics industry for more than 40 years. Judged on a wide range of criteria such as educational programs, new products brought to market and demonstrated support from leadership, honourees on Fast Company’s Best Workplace for Innovators list provide unique opportunities for employees to think outside the box. The Best Workplaces for Innovators must demonstrate a commitment to innovation from incubation to delivery of tangible results, and SAS’ visionary products and cutting-edge processes set the company apart. “Innovation is at the heart of what we do at SAS. From R&D and IT to sales, marketing and professional services, we’ve created a culture that fosters, values and rewards new approaches to existing challenges,” said SAS CEO Jim Goodnight. “Being recognised by Fast Company for our company-wide commitment to innovation is an affirmation of the creativity and initiative of the talented people who work here.” SAS’ continued dedication to an innovative culture is clear through R&D reinvestment of 26% – roughly twice the rate of the average technology company – which is evident through the ever-growing use of SAS® Analytics to help tackle a wide range of real-world problems. SAS customers and partners are constantly innovating with SAS software, furthering SAS’ mission to turn a world of data into a world of intelligence. Specifically, internal initiatives such as the Big Ideas series – where SAS employees have the opportunity to present thought leadership and creativity in front of their peers – as well as corporate social responsibility programs like GatherIQ™, Curriculum Pathways® and Data for Good – have distinguished SAS as a Best Workplace for Innovators. In addition, SAS’ award-winning workplace culture is recognised not only as an incubator for innovation in product, but as an innovative approach to work/life integration as well. “Other titles catalogue perquisites and benefits. Fast Company seeks to highlight workplaces that attract and retain the best talent by creating environments where employees are empowered to put forth bold ideas, engage in radical experiments, and even fail, in the name of innovation,” said Stephanie Mehta, editor-in-chief of Fast Company. Learn more about SAS’ commitment to innovation. About SAS SAS is the leader in analytics. Through innovative software and services, SAS empowers and inspires customers around the world to transform data into intelligence. SAS gives you THE POWER TO KNOW®. SAS adds analytics employment-readiness muscle to Ribit. 2019-08-01T00:11:29Z sas-adds-analytics-employment-readiness-muscle-to-ribit SAS Australia has joined forces with Ribit, an online platform developed within CSIRO’s Data61, to extend its long-standing practice of helping analytics students gain meaningful employment as data scientists.  Ribit is Australia’s leading job and internship matching platform for university and VET students. It seeks to match students and employers for jobs, projects and internships in skills-shortage fields such as engineering, marketing, design, technology and data.  The arrangement between the two organisations supports students across Australia’s higher education institutions who benefit from the facilities of the SAS Global Academic Program. These students will now also enjoy the advantage of being listed on Data61’s Ribit platform, which uses machine learning to match their skills to employers’ needs, leading to employment opportunities.  Ribit Director Liz Jakubowski, said “The partnership between Data61’s and SAS will enable our students to gain in-demand skills in a global high-growth industry, and connects them directly to innovative businesses for paid work. Everyone wins.”  David Bowie, Vice President of SAS Australia and New Zealand said the initiative could not be timelier. “Businesses of every type and size now look to predictive analytics to inform decision making. And with AI and machine learning entering the mainstream, the Ribit and SAS initiative will play a big part in addressing the critical shortage of skills in this area.”  Ribit’s window to SAS also provides students with free access to data analytics training programs which qualify them for globally recognised industry accreditation, enhancing their job prospects. In addition, they join the SAS Connection Program which offers access to data challenges, webinars and more.  Since the initiative went live in February, 1,300 new students at several Australian universities have begun accessing employment opportunities and SAS courses. Across STEM and digital disciplines, Ribit has students from 43 tertiary institutions across Australia.  Citing first-hand experience of using the SAS Ribit platform, Matthew Phillips, who is the Data Manager at the Black Dog Institute, said, “It certainly simplified our student recruitment process. It was easy to use, yet an extremely powerful platform with many features including the ability to search across multiple field types and areas of expertise.” News ends About CSIRO’s Data61: CSIRO’s Data61 is the data and digital specialist arm of Australia’s national science agency. We transform existing industries and creates new ones through the application of science and technology. As an applied R&D partner, Data61’s capabilities range from cybersecurity, robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, privacy preserving technologies, blockchain, analytics and more. We partner with government, corporates and academia through the D61+ Network to solve national challenges. About Ribit: Ribit is an online platform developed within CSIRO's Data61 that connects students with digital, STEM, research and business skills to innovative companies and startups that need these skills. In Australia, there are more than 1 million tertiary students that potentially have these skills. At Ribit, we’ve set out to make this early career talent pool more visible and accessible through an intuitive digital solution underpinned by a data algorithm.   For more information: and 0436 672 668   About SAS: SAS is the leader in analytics. Through innovative software and services, SAS empowers and inspires customers around the world to transform data into intelligence. SAS gives you THE POWER TO KNOW®. For more information: and 0414 975 391   Shoalhaven STEMship Launch Addresses Youth Unemployment 2019-07-30T02:24:48Z shoalhaven-stemship-launch-addresses-youth-unemployment The STEMship students will complete a Certificate II in Aeroskills over a 17-week period with an end goal of  50% apprenticeship and traineeship outcomes, primarily with the Shoalhaven Defence Industry Group. Speaking about the mismatch between current and future job opportunities in the region and the skill sets of the Shoalhaven’s youth, Rob Pollock, Chair RDA Far South Coast, said,  ‘I can’t think of a more relevant or exciting opportunity not just for our participants, but for industry itself to grow its own needs...If you don’t invest in growing your own you're going to be left behind.’’   The STEMship program identifies which industries have shortages, and provides an alternative pathway to employment for secondary school students and young people transitioning out of school, through a combination of on-the-job training and study at Aerospace Training Services. Addressing the students, The Hon Dr Geoff Lee MP, NSW Minister for Skills and Tertiary Education, highlighted that there aren’t enough skilled people to keep up with the demand from the Defence Industry and other advanced manufacturing industries,  ‘...the reality is we just don’t have enough skilled people to do those jobs, so you are on the perfect path to actually developing those skills to get a job in the industry, and putting you on that lifelong career path.’ Funded by the NSW Government, the Shoalhaven STEMship program is the result of a collaboration between Regional Development Australia - Far South Coast (RDA FSC), RDA Hunter, Defence NSW, Training Services NSW and the Shoalhaven Defence Industry Group that aims to support job creation in regional NSW by providing a talent pool of work-ready employees for the Defence Industry.  Image: Executive Search firm Fisher Leadership embraces change from within 2019-07-29T22:36:06Z executive-search-firm-fisher-leadership-embraces-change-from-the-outside-in MEDIA RELEASE JULY 30 2019: Founding Director of Executive Search firm Fisher Leadership, Jo Fisher, launches new Gig Executive business and Strategic Advisory practice, announcing Michelle Loader as Managing Director to lead teams across all three operations.  IMAGE CAPTION: (Fisher Leadership Managing Director Michelle Loader, Chairperson Leon Lau, Founding Director Jo Fisher) Niche Executive Search and Advisory firm Fisher Leadership today announces Founder and Director Jo Fisher is joining forces with HR advisory and leadership specialist Michelle Loader of Advancity to expand the reach and services of the firm.  Joining the well-established Managing Partners Liz Jones and Andrew Norton, is Gabriel Edwards of Engaging People to lead the CogNative advisory practice, and Jason Kuner, client solutions expert, to head up the new Gig Executive business.  The Executive Search business will remain a core competency strengthened by the new CogNative advisory and Gig Executive practices offering wrap-around solutions for executives impacting the future of work. Former Chandler Macleod CEO, Michelle Loader, will assume the role of MD across the three businesses.  Jo Fisher says they are driven to face disruption in the industry head-on, sharpening their focus on bringing more diversity to the decision-making table at Board level. “We were one of the first firms to insist on gender diversity in our selection processes and have since impacted leadership in cultural and linguistic diversity significantly. Today I remain committed to advocating for greater cognitive diversity – or diversity of thought – on boards to actualise social and commercial value amidst accelerated change” she says.  The addition of a new Managing Director signals momentum in the firm’s growth and integration of the Advisory and Gig Executive practices into local and global markets. Michelle Loader notes, “Fisher Leadership is known for being out in front of the field. The way we are reframing leadership and mapping workforce solutions with augmentation, automation and future jobs in mind, is really about two things – one: being astute listeners and two: being great partners delivering strategic executive solutions for the future.”  The ownership group consists of a mix of long-standing specialists collaborating with new talent who bring diversified skills to the Search team. Chairman Leon Lau is a human resources technology pioneer who founded Peoplebank and has long understood the need for a startup mentality within big business. As a shareholder in the firm, Leon brings a global mindset with experience in the Asia Pacific region, Leon says, “I’m delighted with the way the team here sees disruption as opportunity, and shift gears to meet it head-on.”  Gabriel Edwards, a well-known leader within the people strategy space, says the new partnership is born of values alignment and a commitment to making a real difference to the executive journey. “I will certainly continue to provide quality, bespoke support to high profile leaders and teams as I’ve done for 14 years, but now with the power of all stages of the executive value chain operating in sync.”  Liz Jones and Andrew Norton who lead the Health, Independent Schools and Higher Education and Research teams agree, with Liz noting “This business has always been about relationships, and the changes simply enable us to build executive solutions with a more integrated approach.”  The continued focus on exceptional candidate care overlaid with the long-standing commitment to executive diversity will underpin new products and services across Executive Search, Strategic Advisory, Leadership Transition and Gig Executive talent.  Fisher Leadership’s new MD, Michelle Loader says “Jo will continue her specialisation in Board and C-Suite Search and Advisory. With a record number of searches happening right now across four countries, a growing cohort of Gig Executives being placed at speed in progressive workplaces every single day and a suite of new, future-oriented advisory solutions going live with the CogNative business, Jo is as excited as the rest of the team about shaping a better tomorrow.”  For Executive Leadership Solutions, visit or call 1300 347 437. For additional images, interviews or media enquiries please contact Nikki May, Head of Creative, on