The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-01-28T04:20:11Z Creative Concrete Coatings Rejuvenates Indoor and Outdoor Surfaces 2020-01-28T04:20:11Z creative-concrete-coatings-rejuvenates-indoor-and-outdoor-surfaces Concrete is one of the most durable materials available for floors and they can be highly stylish and decorative with the services of Creative Concrete Coatings. Plain concrete can be transformed into a surface with the appearance of high-end tile or marble. Concrete isn’t just for driveways anymore. More individuals are embracing the use of concrete as their flooring choice for homes and businesses due to its durability, hygienic qualities for those with respiratory conditions, along with ease of cleaning and low maintenance requirements. The services provided by Creative Concrete Coatings are equally applicable for homes, businesses, garages, basements, pathways, patios, and poolside. The process for concrete resurfacing Brisbane begins by cleaning, repairing and sealing the existing surface to protect it from corrosive substances and water absorption. The concrete can then be enhanced with a variety of colors, textures and designs. For those that have existing concrete that’s been stenciled, painted, or needs a more modern appearance, concrete grinding Brisbane is the answer. With the specialized process used by Creative Concrete Coatings, clients don’t need to worry about a flurry of dust and debris. The grinding process removes uneven areas and provides a safe, level surface to walk upon. Polished concrete is one of the most elegant, sophisticated, and stylish options available for flooring. It can be used as-is following the polishing process or individuals can choose to have it colored, stenciled, patterned or textured to reflect any décor, preferences or aesthetic considerations. Creative Concrete Coatings is a leader in options for indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces. Polished concrete significantly improves the value of homes and businesses. It’s an affordable way to transform any concrete surface into one of stylish luxury that will last for many years to come. About Creative Concrete Coatings Creative Concrete Coatings specializes in concrete resurfacing and decorative concrete with hundreds of decorative design combinations from which to choose. The company offers services for residential and commercial customers, along with free no-obligation quotes. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. M.A. Cross Plumbing Celebrates 30 Years of Professional Excellence 2020-01-27T02:03:16Z m-a-cross-plumbing-celebrates-30-years-of-professional-excellence M.A. Cross Plumbing has experienced a variety of landmarks in its long history of service, the most recent of which is celebrating 30 years as a member of the Master Plumbers Association of Queensland. The company specializes in traditional and thoroughly modern and sustainable solutions. M.A. Cross Plumbing is an expert in the triad of plumbing, drainage and roofing needs. Situations can encompass any or all of those three elements, all of which the company is well-trained to alleviate. The company’s specialists are also trained in Green Plumbers techniques for customer savings that reduce environmental impact encompassing solar and hot water systems, waste water management, and water audit assessments. When clients need a plumber Logan, they can count on M.A. Cross Plumbing for prompt service for emergencies that include plugged toilets that present a substantial health hazard, the repair of broken or leaky water pipes, and leaking water heaters. Damage from leaks often exists long before they’re discovered and can result in significant damage to multiple areas of a structure. The company’s services range from grey water and storm systems to water pumps. The company experts perform plumbing and drainage for renovations, new home construction, and commercial usage. The plumber in Logan is trained in roofing, guttering, leaf free gutter systems, and general maintenance of systems and services that can also affect basements and foundations. Systems can break down for any number of reasons and Michael Cross, owner of M.A. Cross Plumbing, has been responding to emergencies of all types for almost 40 years. Even ordinary water taps can present complicated problems. In many instances, repair requires more than a simple change out and can mean reworking of the setup. The plumber in Brisbane has established and maintained the high standards of excellence required to be a member of the Master Plumbers Association of Queensland for 30 years. The company offers free no-obligation quotes and is committed to providing modern, environmentally friendly solutions for residential and commercial projects in the Southern Suburbs of Brisbane. About M.A. Cross Plumbing Michael Cross is able to assist you with products and solutions that best fit your needs. We are fully qualified trades people and we are here to offer you sustainable solutions while delivering quality workmanship and expert advice. We’ve been a member of the Master Plumbers Association for 30 years. We were sponsors of the first Sustainable House Brisbane built at Seventeen Mile Rocks in 2007. Why do you need to seek Commercial Pest Control Services? 2020-01-24T06:25:36Z why-do-you-need-to-seek-commercial-pest-control-services The commercial business like the restaurant has more chance of pest growth as like humans they also like to eat food. And that’s the reason before it gets late and creates arises is essential to hire professional Pest Control Adelaide services to keep the area clean and hygienic. You know how Commerical business should have an excellent reputation to stand firm and alive among competitors.  Why do you need to seek Commercial Pest Control Services? Reputation is everything when it comes to business because, without it, there’s no meaning of doing business. Having growth or presence of the pest in the premise can set the wrong image in your client's mind, and that’s the reason that can demotivate others about you and your brand, which is nothing but a less reputation. Hence, having pest and Termite Control by time is essential to keep the place hygienic and client happy. The second and foremost thing you need to seek pest control services is a healthy environment. You never like to offer an unhygienic place to your client as it can set the wrong image in their mind and especially in case of new and potential clients and that’s why having professional pest control service is ease to keep healthy environment and offer a good place as it helps you to increase the leads. A successful business is a game of winning hard battle among competitors, whether small or big. You cannot give access to your competitors to win by lowering oneself, and that’s why to stand strong it essential to have a good image and that you can avail easily by representing brand blast. You know some commercial business owner impress their client by offering appealing space, and that’s why commercial pest control service is necessary. Pest Control Adelaide Services – “Ensure Healthy Environment for Restaurant.” As above said restaurant have the major problem of pest growth just because of the wasted food and that’s the reason create problem in environment. You know it’s tough to live in unhealthy environment as bad smell and unhealthy air can create problem in health and that’s why having such services are beneficial. Bathroom and kitchen are the main areas where pest grows tremendously, and that’s why pest control service clean such area to execute complete removal. Hence, you will get a healthy and fresh environment which help you to get peace mind. Bottom Lines!! Is your restaurant have growth of pest? Then hire Pest Control Adelaide services and get a clean and fresh environment. Also, get advice from professionals to keep the restaurant clean all the time. Track’em wins contract with Monadelphous on major mining project 2020-01-24T01:38:45Z track-em-wins-contract-with-monadelphous-on-major-mining-project Date: 6 Jan 2020 Trackem Pty Ltd (Track'em), leader in cloud-based tracking technology in the resource sector, today announced that engineering company Monadelphous Group Limited (ASX:MND) has selected Track'em to track their construction materials across some of their major mining and mineral projects. Track'em will assist Monadelphous by giving them continuous visibility and control over construction materials required for the delivery of specific projects.  “Through our materials tracking software, Monadelphous will have continuous insight into the location, status and custodian of their materials,” says Kashif Saleem, founder and CEO, Track'em. “Track'em is committed to delivering powerful and data-driven intelligence and we look forward to working closely with Monadelphous to drive successful delivery. Besides managing materials across locations and custodians, the engineering company will also use Track’em’s patented BIM integration to enrich their BIM models with a digital twin of construction progress and material status.  “With our technology, engineers and planners will have visibility on progress in real-time, without having to be physically present on-site,” says Saleem. “On top of our industry leading technology, Monadelphous will be able to leverage our highly valued 24/7 local phone support, providing further peace of mind.” About Track'em Track’em is the leading provider of cloud-based tracking software in the resources and construction industries. By tracking assets, materials and time, Track'em provides control and drives efficiency during construction and maintenance projects. Headquartered in Perth, Australia, Track'em has tracked over 10 million items in engineering and construction projects across the world’s largest mining, and oil and gas projects, helping assets owners, engineering companies and contractors deliver projects on time and budget. About Monadelphous Monadelphous Group Limited (ASX: MND) is a leading Australian engineering group providing construction, maintenance and industrial services to the resources, energy and infrastructure sectors. The Company has two operating divisions − Engineering Construction, providing large-scale multidisciplinary project management and construction services, and Maintenance and Industrial Services, specialising in the planning, management and execution of mechanical and electrical maintenance services, shutdowns, fixed plant maintenance services and sustaining capital works. Monadelphous is headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, with a major office in Brisbane, Queensland, and projects, facilities and workshops across Australia and in New Zealand, China, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea and the United States of America. Mercy Ships volunteers to feature on 7Plus's 'Mighty Ships' 2020-01-23T02:03:28Z mercy-ships-volunteers-to-feature-on-7plus-s-mighty-ships 22 January 2020: The work of volunteers serving with the Mercy Ships charity on board Africa Mercy, the world's largest charity hospital ship, will be featured in an hour-long episode of the TV series Mighty Ships. ‘Mighty Ships: Africa Mercy’ will screen on the Seven Network's video on demand service 7Plus until September. The program shows life on board and the work being done by a volunteer crew of more than 460 people in West Africa. “There are hundreds of Australians who have served as volunteers on one of the ships operated by Mercy Ships over the last 40 years. This hour-long episode on the hospital ship will bring back many memories for them,” says Alan Burrell, Managing Director of Mercy Ships Australia. Mighty Ships was produced for Discovery Channel Canada, and acquired by the Seven Network in Australia. The Emmy-award winning series is a behind the scenes look at some of the sea's most impressive vessels, from pirate-hunting naval frigates and high-tech ocean dredgers to luxury cruise ships and lethal nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. Among such ships is the Africa Mercy, which docks in the world's poorest nations as volunteers provide free medical care to the poorest of the poor. The ship is equipped with five operating theatres, an 82-bed hospital, state-of-the-art equipment and accommodation for volunteer crew members. Mercy Ships uses hospital ships to deliver free health care services, capacity building and sustainable development to those without access in the developing world. Founded in 1978 by Don and Deyon Stephens, Mercy Ships has worked in more than 70 countries providing services valued at more than $1 billion, treating more than 2.5 million direct medical beneficiaries.  Australian volunteers include surgeons, dentists, nurses, health care trainers, teachers, cooks, seamen, engineers and others who donate their time and skills to serve. The hour-long program will show an emphasis on the behind-the-scenes operation of the hospital ship serving the needs of the world's poorest nations in West Africa. Mighty Ships: Africa Mercy Africa Mercy is a floating hospital capable of delivering top-notch medical care. You're invited to come aboard on a six-month life and death mission as the ship and her crew bring hope to western Africa, one of the world's poorest regions. For the crew of Africa Mercy, treating the ailing patients will only be half the challenge. In order to reach those who need them, they will have to outsmart faulty technology, outmanoeuvre South Atlantic squalls, and outwit marauding pirates. Braving the dangerous waters off the western coast of Africa in a converted ferry carrying ship, these volunteers will do whatever it takes to bring their mobile hospital to the people who need it most. Watch now at ENDS   About Mercy Ships  Mercy Ships uses hospital ships to deliver free, world-class health care services, capacity building and sustainable development aid to those without access in the developing world. Founded in 1978, Mercy Ships has worked in 56 countries providing services valued at more than $1.53 billion, with more than 2.6 million direct beneficiaries. Each year, more than 1,200 volunteers from over 40 nations serve with Mercy Ships. Professionals including surgeons, dentists, nurses, health care trainers, teachers, cooks, seamen, engineers, and agriculturalists donate their time and skills to the effort. Mercy Ships seeks to transform individuals and serve nations one at a time. Mercy Ships Australia is based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. For more information, visit Notes to Editors   High resolution photos are available upon request, with attribution to Mercy Ships.  For more information please contact:  Melissa MasonNational Office ManagerMercy Ships Australia(07) 5437 Epson Develops System for Simultaneously Managing Multiple Robots 2020-01-20T22:29:03Z epson-develops-system-for-simultaneously-managing-multiple-robots Epson has developed an Epson Robot Management System to simultaneously manage multiple Epson robots on a manufacturing line using networked PCs and tablets. This system enables manufacturers that use Epson robots to increase the efficiency of factory administration and robot maintenance. The Epson Robot Management System uses PCs and tablets connected to an intranet network to centrally monitor a factory's industrial robots, acquire robot status backups, update firmware, and simultaneously update operating programs. In the past, Epson industrial robot users had to monitor robots individually and separately enter program settings and so forth for each. Taking regular backups and performing maintenance in factories with multiple robots could be complicated and time-consuming, and it took time and trouble to restore operations when issues occurred. The Epson Robot Management System increases the efficiency of factory operations by solving these issues. Until now, Epson was largely focused on helping to create an environment that enables customers to more easily realise complex applications, such as by helping to increase the efficiency of equipment design using simulator functions and by reducing equipment setup times with Epson robot integrated force sensors and image processing sensors. Going forward, Epson will develop and provide solutions that enable smarter manufacturing and support factory administration. In addition to the Epson Robot Management System, these solutions will include systems that are compliant with the OPC-UA (an industry standard communication protocol for IoT) and that leverage AI to increase the efficiency of robot operations and predict failures. Epson recently exhibited at the International Robot Exhibition where among the reference exhibits on the Epson booth were ones that demonstrated:·         Use of a robot monitoring system to display the status of robots operating in the booth·         Increasing efficiency with AI-based machine learning of applications that use force sensors·         Concept for OPC-UA protocol support Why do organisations need a crisis to understand they have a problem? 2020-01-20T01:34:33Z why-do-organisations-need-a-crisis-to-understand-they-have-a-problem Shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and stakeholders have grown weary of seeing scandalous headlines condemning large businesses and institutions as they lurch from one crisis to another.  From a royal commission about child sexual abuse, to misconduct in the financial sector, age care quality and safety, exploitation of disabled people and so on and on... Why do organisations need to have fires and Royal Commissions in order to understand that there is a problem?    What is it that leads executives and workers alike down a destructive path of bad behaviour and notoriety that destroys businesses, financial wellbeing, shareholder value and reputations in the process?   The answer is an appreciation regarding the neuro-processes of leadership decision making.   Decision making is difficult!  Especially when the outcomes are far into the future and it is hard to calculate what would have happened had a different decision been made.   All decisions are affected by inherent biases of the individuals and teams involved in making them.  We are all biased…it’s how our brain is wired!   Our thinking process is performed using two systems: 1. the automatic thinking (system 1) – fast, automatic and effortless; and   2. the systematic (system 2) – the slow, controlled, rule based, effortful process.   When a new skill is being learned, system 2 is being applied.  By practicing the skill and becoming proficient, we transition to using system 1.   For example, when driving an unfamiliar road, we are usually using system 2.   This is also why so many car accidents happen near home (when we are driving the same way every day we are using system 1).   Yesterday in an interview, one of the fire fighters combatting the bushfire disasters mentioned that they had so many practices and drills over the years, that when the fire near his hometown erupted, they all acted fast as if on ‘auto pilot’.      That is the power of using system 1.   System 1 is based on the heuristic thoughts, our biases.  Using this system saves us time and energy.  Using system 2 all the time is simply not feasible.   The problem within organisations arises when senior executives and staff are using system 1 instead of system 2 for making important decisions.   Adding to this complexity is that we are often unaware which system we are using at a certain time.  So, we find ourselves believing that we are using system 2, while actually we are basing our decisions on our inherent biases.   We cannot see through our neuro-processes and sometimes make decisions without knowing what actually lead to them...what influenced us.   There are over 175 biases and each affects us differently.  Some explain more than others the failures in decision making at management, board and policy making levels.   For example: WYSIATI is when our brain convinces us that What we (You) See Is All There Is.   This means that we are convinced that there is no need to look for further information and hence make decisions based on current knowledge, which causes us to consult with people who think like us, look for the information that supports our beliefs and ignore contradicting information and opinions.   The good news is that there are diagnostic tools that can help decision makers in business understand the inherent biases that they tend to use individually and as a team and learn how to design decision-making environments that mitigates these biases.  The diagnostic tools are based on Decision Science, which is a relatively new field combining behavioural economics, psychology and neuroscience.   In short, it could be the solution for those organisations seeking to ensure 2020 is not another year of lost productivity, goodwill and value.  Executives, teams and employees should be proactive and learn how to design a decision-making environment that shields from these biases and facilitates better decision-making outcomes and results.   Issued by DifferenThinking           Media Enquiries:     Mr. Joe Perri, Joe Perri & Associates Pty Ltd Mob:  +61 412 112 545     Email:     Eyeota Announces an Exclusive Partnership with Scroll Media, Reaching Nearly Half of the Population of New Zealand 2020-01-19T23:41:13Z eyeota-announces-an-exclusive-partnership-with-scroll-media-reaching-nearly-half-of-the-population-of-new-zealand  Eyeota, the leading audience technology platform enabling the intelligent use of data, today announced an exclusive partnership with Scroll Media, a key digital ad network in New Zealand.   “We are thrilled to provide marketers and agencies with exclusive access to Scroll Media’s data,” said Jimmy Aoun, ANZ Business Development Director at Eyeota. “This collaboration will give local brands the ability to reach their most relevant customers particularly in finance, fashion and sports based on their current media consumption habits. We are in the best position to expand our audience solutions in New Zealand with quality audiences at scale.”   Scroll Media manages 2.2 million unique users across a network of New Zealand publishers including Otago Daily Times,BusinessDesk, Rugbypass,, NRL and Tennis NZ. Their audience segments are made up of users who have read articles or visited pages related to automotive, fashion, finance, lifestyle, sports and more. These audiences are verified on a monthly basis, giving marketers access to the most current data available and enabling them to reach their customers at the ideal time in their decision journey.   Jane Ormsby, Founder and Managing Director at Scroll Media, said, “We made the decision to provide Eyeota with exclusive access to our audiences as they are a trusted audience technology platform in the local market with a global distribution network. As data privacy increasingly becomes a concern for consumers, we want to make sure our data has been ingested in a privacy-compliant and accurate manner, while ensuring that the legal rights of customers are respected and protected.”   This partnership builds upon Eyeota’s strong APAC presence. In 2019 Eyeota increased data supply in New Zealand by introducing eight new local and global branded data partners to the Eyeota Audience Marketplace.     Scroll Media’s audience segments are available today exclusively in the Eyeota Audience Marketplace and can be activated through the Eyeota Data Desk.  eMite launches new solutions for Genesys customers 2020-01-15T01:21:43Z emite-launches-new-solutions-for-genesys-customers Sydney—15 January 2020 — Prophecy International is pleased to announce that its subsidiary eMite has launched a new product offering as part of its CX (Customer Experience) Intelligence platform and is a major sponsor at the Genesys Global Sales Kick Off in Orlando, Florida. Brad Thomas, Prophecy CEO said “Product Innovation is one of our key growth pillars and its great to see our team delivering continuous innovation, addressing new markets and adding more value to our customers and partners. We see an acceleration of legacy on premise contact centers migrating to cloud based solutions and we are well placed to help customers seamlessly manage operations through that transition period while they are running both solutions.” To stay closely aligned with the new product naming of our partner, Genesys, to ensure we continue to drive great value for our customers and to continue to be competitive in the marketplace we have rebranded our main product and have introduced 3 new products in time for the Genesys Sales Kick-Off event which is this week (Jan 13-17, 2020) in the US.  Leading Contact Center Analytics solutions for Enterprise-grade customers: Rebrand to Enterprise Contact Center Analytics ·         To be clear on the product, align with our partner’s product which is changing names, and to allow the name to better reflect what the product does, we are renaming our flagship product to “Enterprise Contact Center Analytics for Genesys Cloud”. ·         Same great product, continual improvements.   Enterprise Contact Center Analytics Lite ·         Enterprise Contact Center Analytics Lite – is a slimmed down version of our flagship product.  It allows us to offer the core benefits at an entry level price-point for those customers just getting started. ·         The benefit to the customer is that they get the same core product at a low entry price, while still having a simple and full upgrade path to the power and flexibility of our full-blown product.   Migration Made Easy (Solutions that help large customers globally migrate from legacy platforms to the latest Genesys Cloud platform.) About 80% of large enterprise customers doing these types of migrations will take between 6 months and 36 months to complete their migrations globally.  The business has to continue to run and manage their contact centers during these migrations.  Our solutions below help them do that while giving them access to their real-time and historical data during those migrations. Enterprise Contact Center Analytics for PureBridge ·         Enterprise Contact Center Analytics for PureBridge is a migration tool that helps customers migrating from an on-premises Avaya Aura CMS platform to the Genesys Cloud platform hosted in the cloud. ·         Some benefits to the customer are: o   The ability to have both their Avaya Aura CMS data and their Genesys Cloud data combined and visualized in the same analytics tool from eMite o   The ability to pull reports using both real-time and historical data from both platforms (Avaya Aura CMS and Genesys Cloud) o   The ability to allow agents and contact center managers’ to view data in terms they are familiar with from the Avaya platform.   Enterprise Contact Center Analytics for PureConnect to Genesys Cloud ·         Enterprise Contact Center Analytics for PureConnect to Genesys Cloud migrations helps customers migrating from the on-premises PureConnect platform to Genesys Cloud. ·         Some benefits to the customer are: o   The ability to have both their Genesys PureConnect data and their Genesys Cloud data combined and visualized in the same analytics tool from eMite o   The ability to pull reports using both real-time and historical data o   The ability to allow agents and contact center managers’ to view data in a format they are used to in the PureConnect world.   With over 150 customers world-wide using the eMite platform, we have the proven ability to deliver out of the box functionality for Contact Centre Analytics. Our deep experience in the contact centre market enables us to deliver superior speed to value for customers looking for a fully integrated analytics solution to deliver real insight. About Prophecy International Holdings Limited eMite is a wholly owned subsidiary for Prophecy International. eMite is an award winning SaaS solution that combines data onboarding, analytics, correlation, performance and KPI management into a single, out of the box solution to provide customers with historical and real time insight in a simple, visual appealing format that can be easily customized. eMite has a global technology partnership with Genesys, is a premium Genesys AppFoundry partner and was Genesys AppFoundry partner of the year in 2018 and 2019. Prophecy International Holding Limited is a listed Australian company (ASX:PRO) that has been operating globally since the 1980s. More recently the focus at Prophecy has been on growing the eMite and Snare lines of business in Analytics and Cyber Security respectively. Prophecy operates globally from Adelaide and Sydney in Australia, London in the United Kingdom and in Denver, USA Eaton announces appointments to ANZ senior leadership team 2020-01-13T23:34:58Z eaton-announces-appointments-to-anz-senior-leadership-team Power management company, Eaton today announced an expansion to its senior leadership team in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) with two new appointments. Mark Anning appointed General Manager, Circuit Protection and Control (CPC) and Kevin Nesdale appointed General Manager, Power Distribution Systems and Services (PDSS). Dan Agnew, Managing Director of Eaton ANZ said the appointments strengthen Eaton’s power distribution offering as it focuses on meeting growing demand for products, systems and engineering services that deliver safe, reliable and sustainable power. “With energy requirements continuing to transform across the entire power train and in most communities across the region, it is critical that we continue to work closely with our customers and channel partners to help customers solve challenges and invest for the future.” Based in Melbourne, Mark Anning will build on his previous role at Eaton which saw him revamp and significantly expand the Power Distribution Partner Program. Prior to joining Eaton in 2017, Mark spent 10 years at ABB in sales and channel management roles. “Mark brings an incredible amount of experience to the role and a deep understanding of the electrical channel. He will continue to grow the Power Distribution Partner Program and drive market growth across Eaton’s circuit protection and control products including our xEnergy switchgear which will play a vital role as the AS/NZS 61439 standard is mandated in 2021.” Based in Sydney, Kevin Nesdale brings more than two decades of technical and leadership expertise from his previous roles with Eaton, Cooper Power Systems, Eaton & electrical utilities. Working with Australia and New Zealand’s leading utilities and other MV customers, Kevin is focused on delivering power systems that help support energy transformation being driven by renewable energy, affordability and reliability. “Kevin will lead our Power Distribution Systems and Services team which includes our Cooper Power Systems range that has supported the energy sector for over 50 years in Australia and New Zealand. Kevin will be focused on harnessing our extensive local and global engineering, customer service and technical expertise to drive value for our customers.” - ENDS - About Eaton Eaton is a power management company with 2018 sales of $21.6 billion. Its energy-efficient solutions help customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more reliably, safely and sustainably. The company is dedicated to improving the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services. Eaton employs 99,000 people worldwide, and sells products to customers in more than 175 countries. For more information, visit Honan releases 2019 Market Update – 2020 will be another testing year for businesses seeking insurance cover 2020-01-13T02:08:02Z honan-releases-2019-market-update-2020-will-be-another-testing-year-for-businesses-seeking-insurance-cover Honan Insurance Group’s (Honan) December 2019 Quarterly Market Update has been released and the report foresees 2020 as another year that will again test businesses seeking insurance cover said Travis Wendt, Honan’s Head of Broking & Carrier Management.   Commenting further, Travis Wendt said top line premium growth will continue to take a back seat as the market maintains a focus on improved bottom line underwriting profitability.  “Underwriters continue to be very risk selective on both renewal and new business and are still prepared to walk away if things don’t stack up”.   “We have witnessed a number of instances where the incumbent insurer has elected not to renew cover due to changes to underwriting guidelines – even in long standing client/insurer relationships”!   As a result of this stance, there has been a greater reliance to obtain terms through overseas markets such as London and Singapore.  Unfortunately, these traditional markets are in the midst of their own remedial action, with the aim of restoring profitability after several years of significant losses, especially at Lloyds.       Whilst allowing brokers to obtain capacity to place risks, there have been significant hikes in premium spends. “We expect this to continue into 2020 and beyond”, affirmed Travis Wendt.  “For local insurers, 2019 saw the third full 12-month cycle of underwriting remediation, with no real signs of this altering in 2020”.   “Hard market cycles tend to exist for up to 5 cycles before material and consistent shifts are witnessed and with history as an indicator, we anticipate the peak to occur towards the end of 2021”.   Faced with further flatlining investment returns, underwriting profitability remains a key metric of overall business performance.   In 2020, insurers will continue to apply stringent underwriting principles set by management guidelines and will include pricing adequacy, restrictions on certain aspects of coverage and increased excesses.   High hazard property, Professional Indemnity, natural catastrophe risks and residential strata risks with aluminium composite panel (ACP) construction will remain a challenge as the availability of insurer capacity continues to diminish.   Travis Wendt said, “While risks will be viewed on a case-by-case basis, the need for businesses to differentiate their exposure from their peers will ensure they are seen in the very best light by the market, resulting in the most favourable terms available”.   “Prior to the arrival of summer and the current devasting bushfire disaster across multiple states, insurers had placed embargoes on new business within regional areas of New South Wales.  There’s no doubt that as a result of the bushfires there will be a further drag on premiums and cover”.      “Coupled with the ongoing impact of cyclones and tropical storms in Northern Queensland this results in the market taking corrective action required to limit exposure from losses/claims”.   Honan’s Quarterly Market Update concluded with an insight into the trends and considerations in the global insurance market.   As member of the Worldwide Broker Network WBN) Honan has a unique perspective and an in-depth insight into insurance trends across the globe.    “What we are witnessing is increased premiums for Directors & Officers, Liability of Public Companies, Limited markets for unsprinklered EPS locations and the tough PI Lloyds market”, said Steve Pappas, Honan’s Head of Global & Networks.   “In working with new clients with global business activities, we have discovered instances where we have found that clients with multinational risks may not be covered correctly in certain regions”.   Citing a recent example of a client with exposure in the Middle East.  An initial analysis of the insurance program found particular exposures were not covered under the global policy placed in Australia.  Honan was able to engage partner brokers in the Middle East to bind local policies in that region to ensure the correct insurance program was in place.   “It is important to ensure you have the right support when considering business across different jurisdictions.    “At Honan, we advise our clients to talk to their broker as early as possible as transparent and holistic conversations provide for personalised solutions that can assist businesses to evolve and grow across the globe”, concluded Steve Pappas.   Issued by Honan Insurance Group   Media Enquiries:       Mr. Joe Perri, Joe Perri & Associates Pty Ltd                                     Mob:  +61 412 112 545  Email:   Free Asbestos Removal Quotes Now Available In Sydney 2020-01-08T23:51:15Z free-asbestos-removal-quotes-now-available-in-sydney The experienced team of industry experts at Asbestos Removal Sydney is proud to provide no-obligation asbestos removal and disposal quotes for property owners throughout the Greater Sydney region. With competitive rates and first-rate customer service, Asbestos Removal Sydney is one of the city's premier asbestos companies. Visit the company website to fast-track the disposal of asbestos from your commercial, mixed-use, strata, retail or commercial property. Asbestos Removal Sydney Address: 61 Francis St, Richmond NSW 2753 Phone: 1300 977 116 Website: Prevent Further Water Damage to Balconies with Effective Leak Detection Services 2019-12-19T09:23:31Z prevent-further-water-damage-to-balconies-with-effective-leak-detection-services Is the balcony of your properly posing a problem as it is constantly leaking water? Well, it is indeed a matter of grave concern and you need to take evasive action at the earliest before things turn to worse from bad. Well, this in most cases is caused by structural damage to the very foundation of the balcony because of water seepage. Hence, you need to take care of the issue at the earliest and hire a reliable provider of water leak detection in Melbourne.  Here are a few aspects that are needed to be discussed in this aspect. Why Waterproofing Is Important? An effective waterproofing prevents the structural foundation of the balcony from being damaged. Water is notorious is weakening the interiors of the foundation, which in time can lead to disastrous consequences. Some of the most common tell-tale signs of water damage of balconies include peeling of paints, and timbers getting rotten, corrosion of the metal bodies, and gradual increase of dampness, especially at the corners where the edges of the balcony meet the main wall(s) of the building. Balcony And Waterproof Walk On Membrane Installation of walk-on waterproof membranes is a pretty common technique of waterproofing balconies. Although it is predominantly used in waterproofing basements, it is also used for balconies as well, more so when water leak detection in Melbourne becomes a ‘must to do’ job due to excessive leakage. What Is So Special About This Membrane? Though you will find a wide variety of techniques, walk-on waterproof membrane is regarded as the most effective variety. This is because a UV resistant, tough and durable, yet flexible sealant membrane is used to seal the surface from the external elements, including moisture and water. Before the membrane is applied, all the cracks of the surface are sealed and undulations and roughness are eliminated and the surface is thoroughly cleaned. A primer is applied before the membrane is installed and all these collectively add that excellent water resistant property to the balcony that makes all the difference. Who Can Do This? Surely, this is not a very easy process, and this has to be done by trained and experienced professionals who work for reputed companies providing leak detection in Melbourne. They by the virtue of their experience will help you out in these cases. So keep looking online, till you find the right one! How to choose the right type of service provider of leak detection? Taking into consideration several aspects will ensure that you are selecting the best professional service provider of leak detection service: Years of experience – It is the total years of experience in the field that matters a lot. A service provider having more than five years of experience in the respective field of providing leak detection service will be the right choice. Reviews by previous customers – Going through reviews by previous clients will also be of great help. It will give you an idea about the quality of service discharged. References – You must request the company to provide some references of satisfied clients. Talking to them will let you to make the right decision. Taking these points in consideration will let you make the best selection of service provider of water leak detection in Melbourne. Summary, It is possible to prevent further damage to your balcony from water leakage by availing professional water leak detection service at right time. How partnering with ACS can earn your business some extra income 2019-12-18T02:39:53Z how-partnering-with-acs-can-earn-your-business-some-extra-income We have just released a new option for companies to sell our short courses and ebooks using a customised webpage that you can link straight from your website. When your customers make a purchase, we process the orders, take the payment and pay you 35% commission from every sale. We then deliver the course and service the student; there is no work for you to do. 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