The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-05-30T08:24:52Z Access shopper behaviour and purchasing trends of Australian Mums 2020-05-30T08:24:52Z access-shopper-behaviour-and-purchasing-trends-of-australian-mums Did you know what your customers are thinking, feeling or even saying about your brand, competitors, or industry? If not, that’s where Mumpower comes in. We continuously reach out to Mums, an economic powerhouse, within our vast market research community of 14,000+ participants for quantitative and qualitative insights into what they are buying, how they are buying and why. This way, we deliver companies and brands clarity around trends and certainty around Australian Mothers purchasing behaviour that leads to heightened brand advocacy and more sales. Over the past 12 months, Mumpower has produced an extensive list of industry research insights on behalf of companies in the following industries: Baby Goods and Services, Children Products, FMCG and supermarket brands, Home products, Appliance industry, Organic market, Lifestyle products, Beauty products, Food brands to reveal shopping habits of Australian Mothers across popular categories. An example list of market research reports produced throughout 2020/2019 period include: ·        Brand advocacy trends and market predictions ·        Usage and Attitude towards advertisers and advertising mediums ·        Consumer relationships with market leader brands and characteristics of best performers ·        Consumer relationships with non market leader/emerging brands and characteristics of best performers ·        Social media habits and trends of Gen X and Gen Y Australian Mothers ·        The role and impact of pester power ·        Marketing to Kids and the role of Kidinfluencers ·        Online shopping trends ·        Instore shopping trends ·        How the shopping habits differ across Gen X Mums vs Gen Y Mums ·        How customers feel about buying Australia Made ·        Product packaging customer preferences ·        How do product claims and accreditations drive sales ·        Sustainability trends and recycling habits of Australian households ·        Cooking trends, predictions and shopping habits of Australian Mothers ·        Market research trends for Organic products in Australia ·        Health and wellbeing assessment; Mums state of mind today ·        Leading Supermarkets private label and home brand assessments ·        Baby skin care consumer trends and preferences ·        Baby food and baby snacking shopper trends and preferences ·        Breastfeeding trends Australian Mothers ·        Mums involvement in online support networks vs live Mother groups ·        Australian Mums usage and attitude towards Appliance industry ·        How Mums buy via baby expos and shows and ways to optimise sales ·        Covid-19 Purchasing Behaviour and shopping habits of Australian Mums For industry leaders who want to go beyond marketing to mums, ‘Knowledge is Profit’ Mumpower data insights enables companies to shape brands with Mums. Being Mum-centric accelerates B2C relationships that lead to sales. If you would like to discover shopping habits and market research stats about Australian Mums related to your industry, please contact to discover more. Join 300+ other happy customers and power your brand forward. About: Mumpower is Australia’s leading agency shaping brands that speak to mums. Ten years young, we keep today’s mums at the centre of the conversation to deliver brands: Mum-to-Mum Advocacy via: Market Research, Campaign Activation & Advocacy Accelerators. Mum Advocacy fuels growth for your brand. It’s critical and your success depends on it. Contact: for more details - End- The Greenwall Company introduce new greening options 2020-05-28T01:12:31Z the-greenwall-company-introduce-new-greening-options The Greenwall Company have been reclaiming the built environment by clothing building facades and indoor spaces for over 30 years. Their signature and patented soilless modular installations can be seen across Australia, with locations including the award-winning Origin Energy head office in Melbourne and the famous Qantas First Class Lounge at Sydney’s International Airport. Following testing and successful installation, The Greenwall Company is releasing their new checkerboard walls, cacti/tree planters and bespoke pot-free outdoor planters. Mark Paul, Horticulturist and founder of The Greenwall Company says, “We’re excited to officially launch the new design options as I feel they will provide real solutions for those looking to green their homes or commercial space. These new designs are really for people or businesses who don’t have the standard blank concrete wall to work with, are looking for something standout or simply have an awkward space or lack of it. “All of our installations, big or small, are planted with our patented soilless media which is made from 94% recycled expanded plastics that would otherwise be destined for Australian landfill. The formulation is so much lighter than soil, even when wet, greatly reducing the structural load and need to reinforce the surface they are being applied to is removed, making life easier, cheaper and environmentally friendly for the client,” said Mark. The Greenwall Company now offer the following designs for residential or commercial installation. All designs are bespoke and created by The Greenwall Company team: Standard Greenwalls: A soil-less vertical garden grown on the surface of a built structure designed to replicate the growing conditions found in nature. Pre-planted modular panels are installed to create a living skin with unlimited design opportunities. Standard size is 2m x 1m, however they can also be custom built to any size. Pseudo Greenwalls: The pseudo greenwall system works on the basic principles of a true greenwall, but with cost advantages. Pockets of inorganic media are used to grow individual plants, as opposed to full panels that support a mass of individual plants. In time, these pockets grow to form a full canopy across the space they are on. Checkerboard Greenwalls: A pattern of greenwall panels arranged in a checkerboard layout, nominal panel size is 620mm x 600mm. This greenwall panel can halve the amount of greenwall surface area. Thus, the cost is also proportionately reduced. This style of greenwall is a creative/colourful adaption of a greenwall. Blade Greenwalls: This is a small slice of greenwall nominally, 200mm x 200mm x 2000mm. This size of greenwall is malleable enough to incorporate green strips within the facade of an existing building. A blade instantly greens a small area adding colour and life to the smallest of spaces EcoPillow Planters: Pre-planted lightweight gabions in bespoke sizes and shapes depending on the area available. Sizes range from the “Coffin” which is 2m x 0.5m x 0.5m, or a cube which is 1m x 0.5m x 0.5m or 1m x 1m x 1m. Perfect for use on balconies, outdoor entertaining spaces and can be easily moved if needed, as they are significantly lighter than a pot full of soil. Greenroofs: Modular in design, the EcoPillow is a pre-grown living roof that offers all the proven benefits of a greenroof while radically reducing risk and cost of the roofing structure. As a pre-grown and fully encased product, the EcoPillow is lightweight, has built-in irritation which reduces the risks from extreme weather conditions, wind scour or rain erosion. These can be planted across the full area, or only planted initially with 50% coverage, again reducing costs but allowing growth to cover the entire space. All of The Greenwall Company’s greening options provide benefits beyond their aesthetic appeal, including reducing the urban heat island effect, improving air quality and general wellbeing of those around them. In Australia, there are over 6,000 species that can be colonised on both rocks (lithophytes) and on trees (epiphytes). Sydney Swans midfielder gets #quarantoned for kids with cancer 2020-05-20T03:39:04Z sydney-swans-midfielder-gets-quarantoned-for-kids-with-cancer Harry Cunningham, Sydney Swans midfielder, calls for Australia to join the team that’s getting #quarantoned for kids with cancer this June. The Redkite Ambassador, who has been maintaining his fitness in isolation since April, is keen to break a sweat and make an impact for children with cancer. He’s recruiting people to join Redkite’s 20-day stomach-crunching challenge this June to raise much needed funds to support families going through their child’s cancer. “Since the start of lockdown, I have kept physically active at home, not only to keep myself AFL ready, but for my own personal wellbeing. “Redkite’s Crunch 4 Kids not only encourages people to do something positive for their core strength and mental health, but everyone who participates in the challenge is showing kids going through cancer that you’re on their team,” he said. Crunch 4 Kids is organised by Redkite, Australia’s leading childhood cancer support charity, which provides essential support such as free online, video and phone counselling, and financial assistance to families, as well as funding music therapists and social workers in children’s cancer wards around the country. Participants set their crunch and fundraising goals and can do the challenge solo or recruit their own team. With 2020 marking 20 years of partnership between Redkite and the Swans, Crunch 4 Kids is a core part of the anniversary celebrations and the club is fielding a team to complete the challenge. Redkite CEO, Monique Keighery said she was grateful for the Swans’ support over the last two decades and was looking forward to seeing them join families from around the country to take part in the challenge in their home gyms or on their living room floors. “Every crunch crunched, and every dollar raised, will go towards providing essential support to kids with cancer and their families. “This April, the number of support sessions delivered was 60% higher than the 2019 monthly average. These families need extra support at this time and for their communities to acknowledge and understand their unique challenge,” she said. Harry said he couldn’t wait for the crunch challenge to begin: “When it comes to football, I’m on the best team in the world but I’m proud to let kids with cancer know I’m on their team too.” Show kids with cancer that you’re on their team too by signing-up here: Grandmother crunches her COVID curves for kids with cancer A Rockingham grandmother is doing her part to flatten the COVID-curve by staying in and working out to flatten her “COVID-curves” and raise money for Redkite, Australia’s leading childhood cancer support charity. This June, Anne Johansen, 74, is taking on Redkite's Crunch 4 Kids with Cancer, a 20-day fundraising, tummy-training challenge. She plans to do 20 crunches a day and hopes to raise $500 for her efforts. Redkite supported her family when her grandson, Ryan Morich, was diagnosed with cancer. "Ryan was 12 when he was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma. Redkite kept my family afloat when my grandson was battling cancer. “Redkite helped pay my grandson’s family bills when both of his parents’ work hours got cut. Ryan’s cancer came back a second time, which cost him his left leg below the knee, so it was a long drawn out illness. “We reckon it was chemo, radiation, nanny’s veggie bake, the family and Redkite that kept Ryan going,” she said. Anne said her age was no barrier to her taking part in Crunch 4 Kids with Cancer, where participants set their crunch and fundraising goals, either solo or as part of a team. “During isolation I have still gone walking and bike riding, but I have also cooked a lot, so I need to flatten my curve. The stand-up criss-cross crunch is quite good for people of a mature age because it helps us practice our balance as well,” she said. Redkite provides essential support to families who have a child with cancer, such as free online, video and phone counselling, financial assistance, as well as funding music therapists and social workers in children’s cancer wards around the country. Over the last year, Redkite has supported approximately 250 West Australian families facing cancer and this April, the number of support sessions delivered nationally was 60% higher than the 2019 monthly average. Redkite CEO, Monique Keighery, said she was looking forward to seeing families from around the country take part in the challenge in their home gyms or on their living room floors. “Redkite’s Crunch 4 Kids encourages people to do something positive for their wellbeing, and everyone who participates is showing a child with cancer that you’re on their team. “Right now, these families need extra support and for the community to acknowledge and understand their unique challenge. Every crunch crunched and every dollar raised will go towards providing essential support to children with cancer and their families,” Ms Keighery said. To show a West Australian kid with cancer that you’re on their team, please visit: Interactive online breastfeeding education for expectant parents 2020-05-10T22:42:28Z interactive-online-breastfeeding-education-for-expectant-parents The Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) has introduced new online breastfeeding education sessions to give support and information to families. Breastfeeding Education Live (BEL) interactive webinars are led by qualified breastfeeding educators. They cover topics like how to position and attach a baby to the breast, read a baby’s cues and whether the baby is getting enough milk. There is also information on resources and support they can use when the baby arrives. BEL webinars were designed to allow all families access to breastfeeding information even if they live in remote or rural areas. They are even more welcome, now that many other services are closed due to COVID-19. BELs are held on weekends and some weeknights. Registration is through the ABA website. Sessions cost $20 for ABA Members and $125 for non-members. ‘A lot of expectant parents have never held a baby, let alone seen one being breastfed’, says Margaret Grove, ABA President. ‘Many have missed out on the traditional learning through the generations. That’s why it’s so important that they have access to the kind of prenatal education that ABA is providing.’ ‘Online sessions are different from face-to-face interaction but they have many benefits. Many enjoy attending BELs from the comfort of their own home. They are able to ask questions and interact with other expectant parents in a small group.’ ‘The aim is to empower expectant parents and give them the confidence they need to breastfeed their baby.’ ENDS Spokesperson Margaret Grove 0414 773 714 To arrange an interview with another Australian Breastfeeding Association spokesperson, please contact Nitty Brown 0412 675 092 Lizzie Stafford 0402 542 852 Photo Opportunity Photos available on request. Contact Resources For more information about Breastfeeding Education Live visit Find out about ABA services available during the COVID-19 pandemic: For more information about breastfeeding and COVID-19 visit: About the Australian Breastfeeding Association: The Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) is Australia's largest breastfeeding information and support service, providing assistance to more than 80,000 mothers each year. ABA also provides up-to-date information and continuing education for thousands of health professionals working with mothers and babies. It is our vision that breastfeeding is recognised as important by all Australians and is culturally normal. As Australia’s leading authority on breastfeeding, we support, educate and advocate for a breastfeeding inclusive society. Empowering Mums of today to shape the brands of tomorrow 2020-05-07T05:59:33Z empowering-mums-of-today-to-shape-the-brands-of-tomorrow Today’s Mums are completely overwhelmed by brand choices on their supermarket shelves, retail stores, Instagram feeds and everything in between. Brand loyalty is diminishing as these women are on a continuous quest to find ‘the next best thing’ to satisfy her and her family’s needs. In a world where a Mum’s endorsement is sales gold, what’s turning her away? Not enough brands are actively involving mothers, still largely in charge of household spending, in the development of products, messaging and campaigns and make costly assumptions instead.  Without having this customer at the forefront of critical decisions, there is a disconnect between what mums want and what companies deliver. The result is disheartened consumers. It’s time to address this gap and give Mums the power to redefine the retail landscape according her needs. The platform gaining popularity both with thousands of Aussie Mums and the brands who want to speak to them, is Mumpower., is the one stop shop for consumer brands, to unite a panel of Mums to test and assess product, messages, trends and best campaign ideas, in return for retail vouchers, products and gifts. This free consumer hub involves Mums in projects that ensure her voice is heard and needs respected, by brands that value them. And makes it easy for brands to discover unknowns, and empower more Mums with a great shopping experience. “We’re on the lookout for more Mums to join our research panel who love sharing ideas and being involved in discussions and testing products from the comfort of their homes including products for baby, kids, food, health, home and lifestyle essentials. In return for rewards, you will shape tomorrow’s brands,” explains Mumpower Founder and Director, Christie Nicholas. The latest brand Mums are invited to evaluate is global breastfeeding authority, Medela, who are excited to collaborate with Mums and discover new breastfeeding trends, insights and preferences. “Mums are at the heart of what we do so staying connected is important. This generation of Mums are facing different lifestyles factors influencing breastfeeding habits, including more breastfeeding friendly workplaces, busier schedules, a growing demand for online breastfeeding networks and let’s not forget Iso! We want Mums to tell us what matters to her most so we can shape our products and services that ensure Mum is totally supported, informed and happy with breastfeeding choices available to her.” Medela Australia Managing Director, Jarrod Percy. And Mums themselves are relishing the journey. “I love giving feedback. Especially since I’m the one who usually does the shopping. It makes me feel like this brand is listening to me and I think more highly of them. I’ve been involved in testing baby wipes, bedding, food. It’s fantastic when I see the product on shelves and know I played a role in making sure Mums would like it.” Mumpower Panellist, Janine. Mums interested in sharing opinions and testing products in return for rewards are invited to join the free panel, by heading over to -End-   For more information please contact Mumpower: Christie Nicholas| E: | P: 03 9598 9128 I M: 0418 511 347 Maddison Magri | E: | P: 03 9598 9128 NSW Hunter region to pilot new virtual work experience program for high school students 2020-05-06T08:28:20Z nsw-hunter-region-to-pilot-new-virtual-work-experience-program-for-high-school-students Hunter high school students will soon be able to take part in the pilot of a, locally developed, virtual work experience program – a first for the region. The Virtual Intern program has been developed by Hunter-based social enterprise, She Can, to connect students with employers and work experience in a relatable, interactive and immersive format for young people. Founder and director, Tricia Martin, is calling on local businesses and organisations to join the program and for interested students and schools to register their interest. Ms Martin is initially targeting the hospitality, business services and retail industries. She said The Virtual Intern Platform has modules for different industries that contain real world tasks for students to complete as well as mentor videos, CV builders, career maps and other soft skills resources to give them a practical understanding and experience of that industry. Prior to starting the program, students match their interests with specific career clusters and businesses. “Virtual Intern tackles the misalignment between young people’s work expectations and the assumed knowledge and capability expectations of local businesses,” Ms Martin said. “Young people commonly enter work experience programs lacking basic skills such as problem solving, financial literacy or basic communication,” she said. The Foundation of Youth Australia’s The New Work Reality report says the two main barriers for young people transitioning to full time careers are lack of career management skills and not enough work experience. The report says 75 per cent believe they do not possess the relevant vocational and practical work experience to gain the work they desire. “We are creating a capacity building program where students are engaged, rather than being passive, and are building their self-efficacy, not just their knowledge.” “Students gain tangible, company accredited, skills that employers are looking for, to help them enter the world of work. They get to build relevant networks before they enter the workforce. We work with employers to capture and transform their expertise into virtual internships that mirror real-world tasks.  “Employers get to identify future employees, understand the needs of a future workforce, and play their part in ensuring their business workforce is future-proofed.” “Importantly, the platform helps to even the playing field, allowing students, regardless of socio-economic background, location or demographic, to access 21st century workplaces and mentors.” The program has been built by working with more than 200 Hunter students in career-readiness workshops and consultation with local business leaders and teachers. It has received funding and support from Charter Hall, Edified and the Layne Beachley Foundation. Virtual Intern is also benefitting from being accepted into the Foundation of Youth Australia’s Social Pioneer Accelerator incubator program.  She Can is a Hunter-based organisation that equips secondary students with career-readiness skills that can be transported into post school life. Ms Martin, who is 25 years of age, has worked with almost 35,000 students throughout Australia as a behaviour change facilitator for in-school career readiness workshops. The program’s aim is to offer work experience to 500 Year 9 and Year 10 students across three industries in the second half of 2020 pilot, expanding to 2,500 students across 15 industries in 2021. The program expansion will specifically target students from low socio-economic and high unemployment areas. To register or find out more visit Cousins launch online business in just 13 days to support stranded pregnant women during pandemic 2020-05-06T02:00:32Z cousins-launch-online-business-in-just-13-days-to-support-stranded-pregnant-women-during-pandemic   Sydney, Australia - May 6, 2020   Pregnant women have been among the most vulnerable group to be impacted by Coronavirus with many unable to access essential childbirth education services cancelled by hospitals.   Responding to this urgent need, a Sydney team of two cousins have combined their skills to pivot and launch a new business in just 13 days.   Sarah Tooke, an award-winning midwife has been running antenatal classes at a leading Sydney private hospital for over 10 years as well as privately in people's homes. Recognising the need to quickly provide this essential service online when Coronavirus hit, she reached out to her cousin, Jo Stone, who had already successfully built and scaled several online businesses.   Together, they created, filmed and built three best-in-class online antenatal programs, supported by a website, marketing materials and social media campaigns, all in just 13 days. This was achieved without compromising the quality of the programs and was only possible due to both Sarah and Jo’s years of past experience.   "Being pregnant is an exciting time, but also nerve wracking under normal circumstances. Coronavirus and all the uncertainty it brings, is making these women more stressed than ever, which is not good for them or their unborn baby. I knew I had to move quickly to be able to ensure expectant parents can be as prepared as possible for what awaits them in the birthing suite."   The impersonal nature of online courses had previously put Sarah off the move to digital. However having a successful online coaching business in a different market, Jo knew there was an opportunity to stand out by offering a blend of both online learning with live Q&A calls to ensure the personal touch is kept alive.   "What expectant parents need right now is human connection and reassurance that they're not alone. We don't want them relying on Dr Google or heresy, particularly now when they are locked out of face-to-face hospital classes. This is the beauty of my program that gives everyone access to a live Q&A call with a midwife ensuring no question will remain unanswered."   Since their launch just weeks ago, Sarah has been overwhelmed with the demand for quality education and the reluctance of already tired pregnant people to sit through 8 consecutive hours of Zoom classes, which is often the alternative being provided. "We've had such lovely feedback about the program from clients. They love how easy it is to understand, how practical it is and how much more confident it makes feel. Being able to pivot so quickly, with such a great response and doing it all with family, has just been the icing on the cake," said Sarah.   Having two young kids each, Jo and Sarah know the challenges that each of these expectant parents will face. How they've managed to pull off such a successful business launch in so little time, all while home schooling their children in the middle of a pandemic, is a little miracle of its own.     Further information about Sarah's online antenatal programs with a difference is available at About Sarah Tooke Sarah is a registered nurse, registered midwife and childbirth educator who has developed, designed and delivered childbirth education for over 1,000 couples over the last 10 years. She's also in high demand for private antenatal classes and is recommended by many of Sydney's top obstetricians for her evidence based yet down-to-earth approach to childbirth and parenting. About Jo Stone Jo is a coach and consultant who has successfully launched and grown a number of online businesses, leveraging her 15 years Marketing experience in large corporates. Jo's the marketing and digital smarts of the company, ensuring a best-in-class experience is delivered and is the perfect complement to Sarah's clinical knowledge.     SESAME STREET AND HEADSPACE TEAM UP TO ENCOURAGE KIDS TO PRACTICE MEDITATION AND MINDFULNESS 2020-05-04T01:27:39Z sesame-street-and-headspace-team-up-to-encourage-kids-to-practice-meditation-and-mindfulness As a way to combat stress and anxiety during these challenging times, Sesame Street and Headspace, a global leader in mindfulness and meditation, announced they have teamed up to create “Sesame Street Monster Meditations,” six animated shorts to help children learn the fundamentals of mindfulness, meditation and social and emotional learning. The first two shorts are now live on You Tube ( and You Tube Kids, with four more launching on a biweekly cadence. The shorts, roughly three minutes in length, will feature animated versions of the beloved Sesame Street Muppets having feelings of frustration, impatience, being overwhelmed, nervousness, disappointment, and excitement. Headspace co-founder and former Buddhist monk, Andy Puddicombe, will help each monster learn various breathing and sensory activities and other mindfulness techniques to better manage relatable, everyday scenarios. Examples of the shorts include: Cookie Monster impatiently waiting for his cookies to bake. Andy introduces a fun game called “I-Sense” to teach Cookie Monster patience.  Elmo is having trouble sleeping because he wants to play. Andy teaches Elmo a wind-down activity to help him relax and fall asleep.  “We’re so excited to be partnering with Sesame Street on the new animated shorts,” said Andy Puddicombe. “Learning the fundamentals of mindfulness early in life is an incredibly valuable skill to foster, especially at a time like this, when children and families may be experiencing higher levels of stress and anxiety. It not only provides children with a greater sense of calm and clarity, but also helps cultivate the qualities of compassion, creativity, and kindness. In knowing that thoughts and emotions do not have to rule their lives, children can grow up empowered, comfortable with who they are, and free to explore their limitless potential." “With today’s unprecedented uncertainty, children may be experiencing a range of big emotions like anger, frustration, disappointment, and nervousness,” said Dr. Rosemarie Truglio, SVP of Curriculum and Content, Sesame Workshop. “Through ‘Sesame Street Monster Meditations,’ we are modeling an array of mindfulness strategies and activities to help children manage and regulate their emotions. Whether taking slow, deep belly breaths, shifting attention by playing a game of I-Spy, or repeating affirmation self-talk phrases, we’re helping kids pay attention to what is happening around and inside of them.” The animated shorts are a collaboration between Sesame Street and Headspace Studios, a multi-platform studio creating and distributing mindful living content to improve the health and happiness of the world. Headspace additionally offers exercises for kids and their parents, to teach them the basics of mindfulness. Kids can practice breathing exercises, visualisations and even try some focus-based meditation. Headspace for Kids’ visualisation exercises are intended to teach children about openness and generosity. About Headspace Headspace was created with one mission in mind: to improve the health and happiness of the world. Reaching more than 65 million users in 190 countries, Headspace was one of the first meditation apps in the world and remains a leader in mindfulness and mental training. Headspace is committed to advancing the field of mindfulness through clinically validated research, with one of the largest research pipelines of any digital health and wellness company. Headspace operates a B2B business (Headspace for Work) to offer its mindfulness products and services to more than 700 companies, such as Starbucks, Adobe, GE, Hyatt and Unilever, to help them build healthier, more productive cultures and higher performing organizations. Headspace supports government entities like New York State and the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) to offer digital mental health tools. Headspace partners with many of the world’s most-recognizable brands, including Apple and Amazon, as well as with Nike, NBA and the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team to offer sport and movement content. Headspace Health is Headspace’s digital health subsidiary pioneering new ways to incorporate the Headspace mindfulness experience into digital medicine. Headspace has been recognized by Fast Company as one of the World's Most Innovative Companies, Apple's Best of 2018, Samsung's Best of 2019 and one of CB Insights' top digital health companies, along with being selected for five Webby Awards in health and fitness between 2018 and 2019. For more information please visit us at, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  About Sesame Workshop Sesame Workshop is the nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street, the pioneering television show that has been reaching and teaching children since 1969. Today, Sesame Workshop is an innovative force for change, with a mission to help kids everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder. We’re present in more than 150 countries, serving vulnerable children through a wide range of media, formal education, and philanthropically-funded social impact programs, each grounded in rigorous research and tailored to the needs and cultures of the communities we serve. For more information, please visit THE WIGGLES - LIVE FROM HOT POTATO STUDIOS! 2020-05-03T23:53:07Z the-wiggles-live-from-hot-potato-studios MISSED OUT ON SEEING THE WIGGLES LIVE IN CONCERT THIS YEAR?   PARENTS PREPARE TO REJOICE AS THE WIGGLES ARE BRINGING THEIR CONCERTS TO YOUR HOME!   PRESENTING…   THE WIGGLES - LIVE FROM HOT POTATO STUDIOS! CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE TRAILER:     The Wiggles perform on average over 500 live concerts every year, making them one the most prolific touring acts, of any genre, in the world. But with The Wiggles, like most of the world, practicing social distancing, they haven’t performed a live concert since early March -- until now! The Wiggles are bringing their live show back to millions of fans around the world with The Wiggles - Live from Hot Potato Studios! An intimate series of mini concerts that gives every fan of The Wiggles what they’ve always wanted -- A FRONT ROW SEAT -- Live from Hot Potato Studios will feature six separate live Wiggles concerts. The first show hits the stage beginning Tuesday, May 5th, with a new concert experience releasing approximately every two weeks. Each concert will be available on iTunes, GooglePlay, Fetch and Foxtel (Australia).   Experience Emma, Lachy, Simon and Anthony as you’ve never seen them before, all from the comfort of your own home.. Each concert has been filmed live in Hot Potato Studios and aims to enrich, educate and entertain with Wiggly songs, dances and fun.   Join in for unscripted fun, impromptu moments of hilarity as the group navigate bringing their shows to life in the studio whilst social distancing and memorable live moments in beautiful primary will truly feel that you have the best seats in the house as you enjoy Wiggling to The Wiggles - Live from Hot Potato Studios!     Episode 1 – Let There Be Rock-a-Bye Your Bear   “Let there be Rock-a-Bye Your Bear” indeed! The first of the “Live from Hot Potato Studios” series, this live to camera concert is a beauty! Shot in magnificent primary colours, Simon, Lachy, Emma and Anthony, shimmy shake and wiggle through 20 Wiggly children’s music classics!   Dress up, dance and sing along to a wonderful intimate concert, made just for you! To access an advance viewing copy of the first episode of Live At Wiggles HQ or for further information/interview requests, please contact:Kylie   About The Wiggles The Wiggles have recently celebrated 29 years of entertaining millions of fans across the globe. They now have more than 385,000 social media followers and have sold over 30 million CDs & DVDs and 8 million books. More than 70 CD and DVD releases later, The Wiggles have earned 18 x gold, 12 x platinum, 3 x double-platinum and 10 x multi-platinum awards for their music and DVD sales and have been awarded 13 x ARIA Awards for Best Children’s Album (making ARIA history as the most awarded ARIA winner in the one category, and being inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame). Cartoons go viral as people get a taste of a world with cancer and COVID-19 2020-04-30T23:47:36Z cartoons-go-viral-as-people-get-a-taste-of-a-world-with-cancer-and-covid-19 A series of frank cartoons, powerfully illustrating what the COVID-19 pandemic means for children with cancer compared to that of a healthy child have gone viral on social media, after reaching close to a quarter of a million people in less than 48 hours. Angus Olsen, whose daughter had cancer, has teamed up with Redkite, Australia’s leading children’s cancer support charity, to sketch what children and families must go through every day whilst facing cancer, not just during a pandemic. The cartoons have strongly resonated with people from around the world. Angus, a former Disney cartoonist, who is also the author of popular cartoon books, ‘I draw childhood cancer’, said: “I hope that with these cartoons, everyone will be able to understand the seriousness COVID-19 poses to a child with cancer.” In his latest cartoon, a healthy child complains about being bored and not being able to see his friends. A child with cancer, who experiences the same situation every day during cancer treatment, says: “Welcome to my world.” “Yes, thank you for this. It validates so much how I feel,” one commenter on social media wrote. “So accurate,” another wrote, and: “It feels as though we’d only just re-emerged into the ‘real world’ after our daughter’s treatment when COVID hit. As you were.”   For Angus, these cartoons are especially meaningful as he and his family went through 52 weeks of cancer therapy after his daughter, Jane, was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma when she was just two years old. “When we went through treatment there was no shortage of anything. Even when everyday life was ‘normal’ it was hell on earth. I cannot even imagine facing cancer therapy with a pandemic going on,” Angus said. Throughout Jane’s treatment, Angus relied on Redkite, which provides counselling and financial assistance for families, for support. “In the fog of having a child face cancer, I found myself stumbling in the dark. Redkite was always there with an outstretched arm to steady myself. Redkite is a charity that knows what we need as cancer families before we need it,” Angus added. Jane, now six has been in remission since May 2017. Redkite’s CEO, Ms Monique Keighery, said that these raw cartoons speak the truth of what living through a pandemic is like for families facing cancer. “Life is challenging for all of us at the moment, but it’s even more challenging for families who are also facing the unimaginable pressures of childhood cancer," Ms Keighery said.  Ms Keighery said that during the COVID-19 pandemic, parents were being overwhelmed by concern for the health of their vulnerable and immunocompromised child, hit with job losses and business closures when they can least afford it, and stressed by being separated from their support networks like grandparents and friends. “We've never seen such an increase in need for our services. In March alone, the number of support sessions delivered jumped by over 30% and financial support funding to families by 15% from the same time last year. “These cartoons will make you laugh, and they’ll make you cry, and we hope they make you pause to think what life would be like for a child with cancer during a pandemic. These kids and families need extra support at this time and for their communities to acknowledge and understand their unique challenges,” Ms Keighery added. You can view four more of his cartoons, with one released each week, on Redkite’s Facebook page: To ensure Redkite can continue providing essential counselling and financial assistance to families, and keep up with increased demand at this time, you can donate here: ENDS To view these powerful cartoons and request a high-res photo of Angus and Jane, please email Ryan at  55 MILLION KIDS CAN KEEP MOVING AT HOME DURING COVID-19, THANKS TO THE ELANATION KIDS SPORTS APP. 2020-04-29T02:57:53Z 55-million-kids-can-keep-moving-at-home-during-covid-19-thanks-to-the-elanation-kids-sports-app-1 San Francisco, CA (April 21, 2020) – Since COVID-19, 55 million elementary and secondary students are adapting to hours spent at the dining room table completing online lessons. Recess, gym class, after school and weekend sports activities and the ebb and flow of being an active kid have been upended, with no end in sight. Washing your hands AND getting 30 minutes of exercise daily is encouraged. So, what’s a housebound family to do? Download the Elanation kids sports app and get started, brand new to American families from Down Under, where thousands of Aussie families are engaged and moving.Even in a small space, children can learn the dynamics of basketball, soccer, dance, yoga, gymnastics, strength training, and aerobics. Or explore something new like karate. For those with a driveway or backyard spot, the ins and out of rugby or riding a scooter are explored. In all, over 1000 workouts and lessons in 15+ sports, across beginner, intermediate and advanced levels are available from the app! There is a sport for everyone to achieve.One of the most enticing features of each tutorial is the instructor. Imagine learning dance movements from Nikki Croker, seen on Broadway in West Side Story and principle dancer on Amazon Prime’s Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Beginners in karate will learn their first kata from Natsuko Mineghishi, a female World Karate Black Belt champion, or master a double tailwhip from Dylan Morrison, World Number 2 in scooter tricks!Elanation’s kids sports app ( was designed for kids to discover independent learning, experimentation, and endless hours of physical play. Ideal for Apple and Android users, the app requires iOS 9.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Android fans need Android 4.4 and up. One subscription per family is needed, at only $1 per month. Limited offer during COVID-19. “Inspire your kids to move daily, especially now given all kids are sheltered at home,” suggests Elanation cofounder Aimee Atkins. “On Elanation, your kids will have fun discovering a massive library of sports workouts and lessons that they can try, practice, and safely share online. Best of all, parents and family members can follow along and encourage their kids as they progress and improve over time.” “Elanation is 100% dedicated to youth,” chimes in co-founder Katherine Maree Pace, “All of the content and features are designed to inspire a healthy relationship between youth and technology. We support positive mental and physical growth for all.”Parents who have downloaded the extensive library of tutorials agree. “This motivates my kids to go outside and do some exercise. The video lessons are easy to follow and suitable for beginners and pros, thanks to the different skill levels. The gymnastics and scooter skills videos are my kids’ favorite! Next week they are going to give karate a try.”"Our kids are engaged; they’re learning new skills and balancing a healthy relationship with technology. They love interacting with other Elanators and we feel like it's a safe and healthy place for them to do it. Elanation is exactly what this family needed." Social DistancingCOVID-19 has meant all after-school soccer, basketball, and tennis competitions have been erased. But the camaraderie of being a team player can still exist with Elanation. The app makes it fun and safe to connect, encourage, and challenge teammates, the kids on the block, and your coach. Elanation allows kids to add their friends to their profile. Then share their own progress or boast about new skills learned while practicing social distancing! You can also challenge each other, and compete on friendly skill and step leaderboards.With a dedicated family portal, mom and dad can have peace of mind knowing their kids are making healthy choices together. Watch your kids learn, grow, and have fun through movement, sport, and health. Follow along with their progress, encourage their improvements, and join in learning new sports skills together. Stay informed on their daily health metrics across sleep, heart rate, steps, and much more. Elanation Kids Sports Network • $1/month for the first three months. are so many sports and lessons that are guaranteed to excite and challenge kids: Soccer, Basketball, Dance, Yoga, Martial Arts, Scooter, Gymnastics, Tennis, Aerobics, Athletics, and more. At Elanation, it’s not about being the best on your first go; it’s about watching, learning, practicing, and accomplishing it when you are ready. Kids can upload videos each time they try a skill to track their progress and improvement over time. When kids are ready, they can progress through different sports and levels, from beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Getting started is easy: download the Elanation app, create a parent and child account, then you are all ready to start discovering skills, setting goals, competing, and learning. Children create a Superhero username and pick a sporty avatar profile. There are no in-app purchases or ads to worry about. ABOUT ELANATIONElanation co-founders Aimee Atkins (CCO) and Katherine Maree Pace (CEO) launched the Elanation dream in 2019. Their backgrounds in children’s entertainment, industrial design, and competitive sports have bolstered a network of investors, engineers, athletes, and designers to join the community mission in building a trusted brand for the kids’ technology and sports world. The brand name came from the Latin ‘Elan’ meaning ‘energy, style, and enthusiasm.’ Merged with the word ‘nation’, Elanation defines our deep value to create a global nation of children who play energetically and enthusiastically without borders. At the center of all of our design and engineering, decisions are the consideration of a child’s mental and physical health. We put the child first, without compromising “style” for education. Become an Elanator at Mental health support for mums: anywhere, anytime 2020-04-27T04:14:03Z mental-health-support-for-mums-anywhere-anytime Birthing classes, mothers’ groups and community support programs all around Australia have come to a sudden stop due to COVID-19 requirements. While this has helped to keep new mothers and babies well, it hasn’t helped their mental health. Margaret Grove, President of the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) says, ‘Babies are still being born, new parents are still needing support but we are hearing that, under current restrictions, new parents are finding it hard to access postnatal, breastfeeding and mental health services. We are getting lots of calls, emails and messages from new parents who don’t know where to turn. What should be one of the happiest time of their life has turned into a very anxious experience and they are turning to the ABA for help.’ ‘ABA has a number of free programs that support mothers and fathers and those supporting them to look after their babies. Our qualified counsellors can help mums and dads with questions not only about breastfeeding but also about sleep, settling, play and baby-friendly foods’, says Margaret. ‘ABA’s National Breastfeeding Helpline and online LiveChat service are staffed by dedicated volunteers who aim to empower parents everyday by providing evidence-based support to every parent who contacts these services for help.’ ‘As well as this, we have developed online Breastfeeding Education Live classes to respond to parents’ needs to learn more about what to expect when they have their newborn and bring them home. These classes are for expectant parents and they cover everything from what to expect in terms of baby poo, number of nappies a day to basic breastfeeding information.’ ABA has also developed online mothers’ groups to help combat the feeling of isolation that some mums are currently experiencing. Margaret believes that, ‘Mums want to keep their babies safe but they have also told us that they still want to be able to talk to other mums and have a chat to a qualified expert if needed. Our virtual ABA meetings provide exactly that — a friendly environment where mums can relax and just talk about what they are experiencing without feeling judged. Mums can find out more about what online sessions are running by visiting our website and searching for their local group under the contact tab.’ The National Breastfeeding Helpline is provided with funding from the Federal Government and is a resource that Australian parents can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if they need breastfeeding support or have a question. ‘Give 1800 686 286 a call if you need to talk to someone who can support you and help you with your new baby’, says Margaret. ‘It is staffed by highly-trained ABA volunteers, who are mothers themselves. Every caller to the Breastfeeding Helpline can count on high quality peer support from someone who is empathic and understands the challenges that can come with having a baby. If you need someone to talk to in these uncertain times, give ABA a call. We are here to help.’ ENDS Spokesperson To arrange an interview with an Australian Breastfeeding Association spokesperson, please contact Vanessa Campbell, ACT/ NSW Public Relations Officer at: or 0413 111 261. Photo Opportunity We have a wide range of mums, babies, toddlers, families and breastfeeding advocates who would love to pose for a photo to accompany your story, in a safe and socially distant manner. To line up a photo opportunity please call the media contact outlined above. Resources We also have an extensive image and footage library. To access these resources please contact our marketing team at: or by phone at ABA National Office 03 9690 4620. Find out about ABA services available during the COVID-19 pandemic. Local Group Activities Local ABA groups will host virtual events throughout May that focus on the importance of mother-to-mother support and ways mothers in our communities, both online and offline, can empower each other. Details about ABA’s local support groups can be found at: Both ABA members as well as parents who are not ABA members are invited to come along and share in a positive, welcoming community. Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Program • The cruelty free and vegan-friendly professional strength antioxidant facial serum 2020-04-14T23:20:01Z the-cruelty-free-and-vegan-friendly-professional-strength-antioxidant-facial-serum The cruelty free and vegan-friendly professional strength antioxidant facial serum Made in Australia and free from synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, parabens & silicones MEDIA RELEASE - APRIL 2020 Introducing Anthogenol® Anti-Ageing Facial Serum, the professional strength antioxidant skin treatment formulated to help combat the visible signs of daily oxidative stress such as fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness and uneven skin tone. 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While no one can avoid ageing altogether, we can all prevent the signs of premature ageing by using proven skin treatments such as Anthogenol®.” Free radical damage can be caused by stress, both emotional and physical, lifestyle factors such as smoking or excess alcohol intake and environmental factors such as pollution, chemical and sun exposure. “There have been multiple clinical trials investigating and proving the benefits of the patented Grape Seed extract in Anthogenol® Facial Serum. We are proud to present an anti-ageing skin solution that is not only proven to reduce the visible signs of ageing but is also Australian made,” adds Emily. Formulated for both day and night use, the lightweight, bioactive formula absorbs quickly to leave skin feeling plumper, with improved texture and appearance for a revitalised complexion. Key benefits: Clinically proven active ingredient MASQUELIER’s® Original OPCs. 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Anthogenol for Skin Health Dec 2019. About Anthogenol: Anthogenol is a proud tribute to the remarkable legacy of Professor Jack Masquelier, who helmed a scientific breakthrough in 1948 when he successfully isolated the powerful antioxidants Oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs). OPCs are not able to be made by the human body, nor can they be synthetically produced. Professor Masquelier developed an exacting, patented method to extract this powerful antioxidant, which lead to the development of Anthogenol® – a highly refined form of Grape Seed extract that cannot be compared to any other on the market. For more information, hi-res imagery, product samples or to interview Emily, please contact 360 PR: Lisa Solomons – 02 9571 4448 – 0416 175 518 – 5 reasons to choose natural and organic lip balms 2020-04-14T00:18:45Z 5-reasons-to-choose-natural-and-organic-lip-balms-1 Have you noticed that your hands and lips are starting to dry up? With the change of season bringing cooler and dryer conditions, coupled with many Australians now in self-isolation, it’s a combination to wreak havoc with your skin. Thanks to Pure Planet Club, their new range of organic, plastic-free and recyclable packaged collection of lips balms can be delivered safely to your door. Christina Kjaergaard, Commercial Manager, Pure Planet Club says, “For us as a brand it’s all about providing plastic-free solutions for everyday products. So, our new lip balms are encased in handcrafted, plastic free, compostable packing, made from 100% uncoated PCW paper. “Our lip balm collection is also USDA certified organic and contains all natural ingredients including shea and cocoa butter, beeswax, sunflower oil and antioxidant rich vitamin E to moisturise and hydrate the skin,” adds Christina. Pure Planet Club’s top five reasons to choose natural and plastic-free lips balms include: 1. Eco-friendly beauty: Non-organic lip balms have been known to contain harmful ingredients to the environment including petroleum-based products whereas organic lip balms only contain natural components. 2. Skin health: Organic lip balms such as ours contain vitamins and antioxidants that actually improve the health of your lips due to the nourishment they deliver. 3. Zero waste: By going organic, you are likely purchasing a product that isn’t packaged in plastic and destined for landfill such as our compostable, callipo style packaging. 4. Good for your gut: Imagine how much lip balm we ingest over our lifetime! Just as you wouldn’t choose to eat, or drink nasty chemicals, think twice about what you’re putting on your lips on a daily basis. 5. Prevent damage: Natural ingredients in organic lips balms such as beeswax can also act as a barrier to protect your lips from future damage. New Pure Planet Club lips balms are available in packs of three at an RRP of $30.00, delivered to your door. On sale now from About Pure Planet Club: Pure Planet Club are the creators of tree-free and plastic-free toilet paper, household and beauty products. Their mission to save the planet by keeping our forests green and oceans clean began in 2017 with their toilet tissue made from bamboo and sugarcane waste. In 2019 they launched their first beauty products including organic and plastic free lip balms. For more information, product samples, hi-res imagery or to interview Christina Kjaergaard please contact: 360 PR – Lisa Solomons – 0416 175 518 – National Mothering Week urges mums to rally together 2020-04-07T22:38:15Z national-mothering-week-urges-mums-to-rally-together National Mothering Week (4–10 May, 2020) is an annual Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) event. This year’s theme, We’re in it together focuses on the notion that as a mother, you are never alone. Support is available when you need it, whether it’s from your circle of family and friends or from organisations like ABA, which offers round-the-clock support to mothers. Ms Margaret Grove, ABA President said that while Mother’s Day will look a little different this year, it is important that mothers mark the occasion by rallying together to take care of the wellbeing of all mums. ‘The 2020 theme for National Mothering Week, We’re in it together is all about reminding mothers that help is available when they need it most. The mothering community is strong. Now more than ever is the time to stand together,’ Ms Grove says. ‘It’s important that mothers feel like they can acknowledge when they are not ok. We know that having enough support is the key to this. Taking some time to focus on their overall wellbeing benefits mums, babies and family relationships.’ Local ABA volunteer groups around the country will be hosting virtual coffee mornings during National Mothering Week. Mums can connect with each other during a time of social distancing, and will be encouraged to reach out to friends and family via email, texts and even letter writing. Ms Grove believes that mothers supporting each other is crucial, particularly during difficult times. ‘Offering mother-to-mother support, particularly in the early days of parenthood, is crucial to allow mums the space to check in with themselves and each other. ABA’s local groups are a fantastic way to connect with other mothers, share parenting stories and build important friendships. In many cases, ABA friendships can last a lifetime,’ Ms Grove says. As part of National Mothering Week celebrations, ABA will run a social media competition encouraging mothers to share some of the ways they focus on their own wellbeing using the hashtags #inittogether #NMW2020. The winner of the competition will receive a prize from Ripe Maternity. For more information visit: