The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-08-13T02:56:03Z Play Educate Launch Free ‘Play Ideas for Home’ eBook for Parents in COVID Lockdown 2020-08-13T02:56:03Z play-educate-launch-free-play-ideas-for-home-ebook-for-parents-in-covid-lockdown Melbourne, Victoria, 13 August 2020 – Play Educate announce today that their new Play Therapy eBook, ‘Play Ideas for Home’, has been released and is freely available for Parents & Carers via their website. The eBook focuses on parent/carer-driven Play Therapy techniques and covers topics such as emotional regulation, engagement, boredom, breathing techniques, and lessons in control from Child Centred Play Therapist, Elisha Whyley. The eBook is targeted at supporting parents and carers currently enduring Stage 3 and 4 COVID restrictions in Victoria.   “For parents and carers, stress levels have risen significantly during lockdown. For children, stress can manifest as regression in self-reliant behaviours, emotional dysregulation, ‘clinginess’, and increased anxiety. This eBook contains simple tools, strategies and ideas to help make it through the coming months.” Elisha Whyley, Director & Senior Clinician. More information about the eBook can be found at their website,   ###   Play Educate is a dynamic Counselling and Education Consultancy service providing a range of counselling including Art Therapy, Play Therapy, Animal Assisted Therapy, Lego Based Therapy, Lego Groups and education support services for children, families, and schools.  PEACH PACK IS HERE TO BREAK THE STIGMA AROUND MENSTRUATION 2020-08-05T23:57:20Z peach-pack-is-here-to-break-the-stigma-around-menstruation Peach Pack, co-founded by 22-year old best friends, Sage Mellet and Alyssa Carp, has just launched The Blossom Pack in Australia and it’s here to break the stigma and taboo around menstruation, all while educating and empowering young Aussies along the way. After Peach Pack successfully launched in the US in early 2019, Sage and Alyssa wanted to bring their offering back home to Australian consumers with The Blossom Pack, a customised pack for first-timers. The Blossom Pack is the ultimate curated self-care pack to handle all of your menstrual hygiene needs with ease. It packages sanitary products and self-care items into a nifty eco-friendly box and delivers them straight to your door. First-timers can also add in the Starter Pack Guide to their delivery, which is a beautiful booklet that explores periods and tackles a range of menstrual-related questions. Peach Pack wants to create a positive mentality around ‘that time of the month’ and dismantle the negative stigma and embarrassment that is often associated with menstruation. The team does this by serving up packs that celebrate self-care and embrace our bodies. The Blossom Pack RRP: $54.95 The Blossom Pack +  The Starter Pack Guide Available Online: What's in it? - TOM Organic period products  - Delicious PANA Chocolate - A PMS Tea by Your Tea - Fluff Cosmetics’ Facial Oil - Referral card to the Bloom App - PeppyCo Face Mask - Subi Pimple Patch Not only does The Blossom Pack empower young people through a sustainable and eco-conscious service and an authentic and bold community, it has a clear social standing with a portion of its proceeds going towards supporting women and providing menstruation products to those in need. It's time to break the stigma around menstruation. PERIOD. ENDS To organise an interview with co-founders, Sage Mellet & Alyssa Carp, product call-ins, or further information, please get in touch: Megan Chambers || World Breastfeeding Week 2020 2020-08-02T22:20:28Z world-breastfeeding-week-2020 World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) is a global campaign to raise awareness and encourage action on issues related to breastfeeding. This year’s theme, Support breastfeeding for a healthier planet, was chosen to focus on the impact of infant feeding on the environment and the imperative to protect, promote and support breastfeeding for the health of the planet and its people. World Breastfeeding Week 2020 is a valuable opportunity for the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) to raise awareness among decision makers of the need to invest in the implementation of the Australian National Breastfeeding Strategy and also the wider community of the contribution breastfeeding makes to population health, food security and environmental sustainability. During this year’s event from 1–7 August, ABA’s community will showcase some of the work the Association and its volunteers have been doing to continue to keep mothers and families connected to breastfeeding information and support during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes virtual local group meetings, safe and timely breast pump hire services, support through the National Breastfeeding Helpline and LiveChat services, online Breastfeeding Education classes, an updated avenue to deliver evidence-based information straight to mums’ fingertips through our app, mum2mum, as well as a national ABA Facebook group. ABA has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by continuing to review new information and providing updates in a timely manner to families, health professionals and public. At a national level, the Association will use World Breastfeeding Week as an opportunity to urge the Federal Government to fully fund the implementation of the priority action areas in the Australian National Breastfeeding Strategy (ANBS), with a particular focus on infant and young child feeding in emergencies. ‘Given the recent catastrophic summer bushfires, hail storms and flood, followed by the pandemic, ABA has seen first-hand the need for the development of policies and guidelines for infant and young child feeding in emergencies’, says ABA Executive Officer Victoria Marshall-Cerins. ‘During emergencies, infants and young children are especially vulnerable due to their particular food requirements. At present, Australia lacks emergency planning for infants at every level of government. It is evident that there is a need for the development, funding and implementation of planning for infant and young child feeding in emergencies. This is one of our key messages this WBW.’ ABA plays an important role in raising awareness of the importance of breastfeeding. As Australia’s leading authority on breastfeeding with more than 50 years’ experience, ABA will use World Breastfeeding Week to educate the community on the imperative to protect, promote, and support breastfeeding for the health of the planet and its people. ‘Breastfeeding is a sustainable way to feed our infants and young children and provides food security for them in emergencies and climate-related disasters’, Ms Marshall-Cerins says. ‘Breastmilk is a natural, renewable food that is produced and delivered to the consumer without pollution, packing or waste. When we protect and support mothers and breastfeeding, we are also reducing the impact on our air, water and land, protecting our young ones and future generations.’ Ms Marshall-Cerins says World Breastfeeding Week is also a fantastic occasion to encourage mothers to empower one another and to celebrate breastfeeding. Resources For information on ABA’s World Breastfeeding Week 2020 campaign: For information on the global World Breastfeeding Week 2020 campaign: ABA’s guidelines for infant feeding in emergencies: About the Australian Breastfeeding Association The Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) is Australia's largest breastfeeding information and support service, providing assistance to more than 80,000 mothers each year. ABA also provides up-to-date information and continuing education for thousands of health professionals working with mothers and babies. It is our vision that breastfeeding is recognised as important by all Australians and is culturally normal. As Australia’s leading authority on breastfeeding, we support, educate and advocate for a breastfeeding inclusive society. Glencore champions reading and literacy for Indigenous youth in outback Queensland 2020-07-28T01:53:00Z glencore-champions-reading-and-literacy-for-indigenous-youth-in-outback-queensland The Books in Homes Program continues to enrich two remote Queensland Indigenous schools – Dajarra State School and Camooweal State School – thanks to Glencore’s ongoing generosity and support. Over 190 new quality books will be donated to each of the school libraries over the next four school terms, and the students at both schools will receive 12 books each. The students pick the books themselves so they are able to select titles they are inspired to read and can integrate them into their homes. The books cover four reading levels, including picture books, novels, non-fiction books, graphic novels and more. Of these books, 25% are written and / or illustrated by Indigenous creators. Dajarra State School is a small, rural and remote community and is over 180 kilometres south west of Cloncurry, catering for 19 students from Kindergarten to Year 6. Dajarra State School is 93% Indigenous with 67% of students coming from a language background other than English. Camooweal State School is located 190km north-west of Mount Isa and is 13km east of the Northern Territory border. Camooweal State School has 36 students, of which 90% are Indigenous and 31% come from a language background other than English. Glencore also sponsors six additional schools1 in north west Queensland and has established itself as a strong proactive community leader. Through this program Glencore is helping to build the foundations of a literature-rich environment for children in their homes and schools, improving their potential for the future. Indeed, “…study after study proves that physical access to books makes the difference. It affects young people’s reading achievement (Neuman & Celano, 2012) and their motivation to read (Guthrie, 2008). It might not be ground-breaking, but giving kids access to books remains one of the most important ways to ensure they attend school with the tools they need to be successful.”2 Acting Principal of Dajarra State School Zoe Hall spoke about the value of Glencore’s long-term association, as well as the value Glencore places on encouraging reading and literacy in Indigenous youth: Our students live in a very remote part of Queensland, and accessing a local library is challenging and almost impossible. With the continued assistance from Glencore, our students have access to high quality engaging texts that promotes reading across all ages. One particular conversation with a younger student still resonates with me about the importance of Glencore’s continued participation in encouraging reading and improving literacy skills of students. The conversation went as follows— The student was looking at all the new Books in Homes Preview Pack books that Glencore had funded, and he was asked to select up to four books that he might like to take home. While he was walking around and browsing, I heard the him say to a friend, “I like this (book), but I can’t read it” and the child put the book back. This happened another three more times. When I questioned the child, about the comments I had overheard, the child replied, “I can’t read that book. It’s too hard for me, but I really want to read it.” I offered to help to the child. I said to the child, “How about I help you to read it at school and then you can practice it at home and read it to your mum.” A few weeks passed by and then one morning a very excited child came busting into my office saying, “I did it, I did it, Mrs Hall!” Not sure what the child was talking about, I looked up from by desk. “I read this book to mum,” he said. He was so proud that he could read a book he thought was too hard for him. The sheer excitement on his face is one I will not forget for a long time. This is also a student who struggles to read and was disengaged, but who has now improved by six months in his reading level in one term because he was so thrilled to be reading the beautiful books supplied through the Books in Homes program via our Sponsor Glencore. With some help, he was able to finally read to his mum.   As educators, these are the moments we cherish the most. Without our students having the opportunity to take home books they are really interested in, the wonderful world of books would simply not exist. Glencore has helped many Dajarra State School students, but especially this one particular student who was struggling with his reading and who now has one of the most precious gifts a child could ever receive… the gift of learning and gaining confidence in himself through his love of reading. Furthermore, Principal of Camooweal State School Vaunessa Parker says: The students of Camooweal have pure delight on their faces when the Books in Homes brochure arrives into their classrooms. The Glencore Books in Homes Program has added value with an increase in the students’ vocabulary and is also helping them become engaging 21st Century communicators.   The in-depth discussions the children share about which books they are choosing and why are a joy to listen to, as those discussions criss-cross to their peers, staff members, parents and our community. The love of reading has also increased the students’ knowledge and helped them learn more about the wider world. This, in turn, has led our students to think, act and speak with clear and profound insights into topics and to build their cognitive functions. Thank you, Glencore, for your support in building our school community, out of the love of reading. Glencore’s 2020-2021 funding of Dajarra and Camooweal is part of a greater five-year sponsorship plan that will bring 3,237 books-of-choice in total to the children enrolled in those two schools, 1,440 books for the two school libraries, and an additional 180 books for improved attendance, excellent citizenship, accelerated reading results and for children who are generally “Caught Being Good”. Glencore first started funding Books in Homes in 2007, with the aim of encouraging educational development in the most critical foundational skills—reading and literacy. Glencore has also committed to continue funding for this program, in the communities in which they operate, until 2023. By 2023 they will have donated over $1.62 million and provided over 206,000 books to schools through the Books in Homes program. Of those 206,000 books, almost 180,000 books-of-choice will go directly to children via the 60,000 student orders delivered to the participating children, benefitting them, their families and their communities. This is an extraordinary feat and an unprecedented corporate commitment to children living in remote and rural communities. Thank you and congratulations, Glencore, for your outstanding contribution to your community and for helping build a better future for so many young Australians. ENDS REFERENCES AND FURTHER INFORMATION 1 Mount Isa Central State School; Sunset State School; Townview State School; Healy State School; Cloncurry State School; and St Joseph’s School, Cloncurry. 2 Miller, D., & Sharp, C. (2018). Game Changer: Book Access for All Kids. New York, NY: Scholastic Professional (p8).   OTHER REFERENCES MENTIONED IN THE QUOTE Gutherie, J.T. (2008). Engaging Adolescents in Reading, Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin. Neuman, S.B., & Celano, D. (2012). Giving our children a fighting chance: Poverty, literacy, and the development of information capital, New York, NY: Teachers College Press. Victorian College for the Deaf partners with ASI Solutions 2020-07-28T00:50:53Z victorian-college-for-the-deaf-partners-with-asi-solutions Sydney, 21st July 2020 - The Victorian College for the Deaf is a specialist school that teaches the Victorian curriculum to deaf students. Through a rich, deaf-specific educational program, the college equips deaf young people with the skills, knowledge and experience for a prosperous future in the hearing world. The only bilingual college of its kind in Australia, the Victorian College for the Deaf focuses on developing strong communication, literacy and numeracy skills, with AUSLAN as the instructional language and English as the language for reading, writing and speaking. The college has occupied the same vibrant and verdant St Kilda Road campus since it was founded in 1860. But today, it is a modern teaching establishment that utilises all that technology offers to help its hearing and deaf staff provide a safe and engaging learning environment for its 60 students. Keeping students safe The college, like all schools, places student safety as a top priority. They have to be able to manage potential evacuation and lockdown situations, and communicate safety information. They also have to signal to students and teachers when lessons start and end.  “Most schools have auditory PA systems”, says Brenton Wade, the college’s IT manager. “But with all students and many of the staff here being deaf, traditional PA systems, alarms and a ‘school bell’ don’t do the job.” The college was looking for a way to get important information rapidly to classrooms. Immersive learning The Victorian College for the Deaf aims to actively engage students in lessons and make learning an immersive experience. With deaf students, all teaching is via visual media, so whiteboards, projected PowerPoint slides and worksheets are crucial.  “You can never have too much whiteboard space”, says college Principal Marg Tope. “But we wanted to make our teaching tools less clunky and more engaging.” The college saw ASI demonstrating Clevertouch interactive panels at an education technology conference, and knew they were just what they needed. Brenton explains: “ASI supplied not just the technology, but support throughout the entire project: consultation in designing the solution; the hardware; professional development and training for our teachers; and building the solution into the school IT and teaching ecosystem.” The technology consists of 75 inch, 4k resolution panels, mounted on portable, height adjustable stands. Features include dual pens, connectivity to the college’s network and the ability to instantly save documents to the school’s Google cloud platform. The panels have 20 points of touch, which means that several students can interact with them at once. Every teacher has their own style, and the success of technology in the classroom relies on teachers being able to adapt it to the way they teach. Based on their 35 years’ experience providing technology solutions for education, ASI gave VCD’s teachers the confidence that they could use the panels to complement, not dictate, their style. They provided training for the teachers, showing them how to use the panels to get the best learning outcomes. Safety management Safety information, such as notice of an evacuation or lockdown situation, can immediately be sent to all staff from any associated device. Information messages The Clevertouch panels act as a ‘visual PA’ system, with all panel content managed from a central point. During the pandemic, the college plays handwashing reminder videos to the classrooms. The panels also perform the important role of ‘school bell’, signaling the end of lessons. Engagement ASI helped teachers understand how to engage students via the Clevertouch. Teachers now use the pens, for example, to create a ‘vocabulary competition’ with students writing their words on the panel. Digital learning records The panel allows teachers to take real time digital records as evidence of student work or to share with parents. Consistent delivery Teacher notes for PowerPoint presentations ensure all teachers deliver the same material. The panels allow the notes to be visible on the teacher’s laptop, but not to the students. It is easier for teachers to use notes, improving the consistency of teaching. A long term, fully integrated solution ASI’s technology and education experience ensures the college has a solution for the long term and which will integrate with and enhance their entire teaching program. Next lessons Once the teachers are comfortable with the fundamentals of using the panels, ASI will provide additional training to show them how to build more of the curriculum around the panels. They’ll look at the software that comes with the panels, such as the Lynx lesson builder, and Snowflake, a teachers’ community for sharing curriculum linked lessons, building bespoke quizzes and other interactive activities. “We’re just at the beginning of finding out how to be clever with Clevertouch”, says Marg. ABOUT ASI SOLUTIONS ASI Solutions has been a provider of innovative and pioneering business technology solutions to Australian private and public sector organisations for over 35 years. We choose innovative technology solutions which are matched to each client¹s unique business needs, taking a solutions oriented approach and working to deliver a clear return on investment. Our global technology offerings and professional implementation model provides greater efficiency and returns for all customers. We make this happen with real insight into the external forces impacting IT environments, and we balance the needs of business to help our customers’ transition to the operating challenges of tomorrow. ABOUT CLEVERTOUCH Clevertouch is a multi-award-winning manufacturer of touchscreen technology solutions for Education and Enterprise. Operating within 74 countries, Clevertouch rapid expansion plans are continuing around the world. First to market in 2009, Clevertouch celebrates 11 years of innovation and being a leader with the best in front of class collaboration technology. Clevertouch continues to be driven by our customer feedback. All our range has been designed to the highest standard by an award-winning manufacturer. How a Team of Scientists are Using Videogames to Spread Science 2020-07-25T07:01:50Z how-a-team-of-scientists-are-using-videogames-to-spread-science Viewers spent over 1 million hours watching and interacting with videogame streamers on Twitch in January 2020 alone. This grew to over 1.6 million hours a month throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s this drive for engaging online content that drove Associate Professor Michael Kasumovic to do something different this National Science Week. Rather than asking people to come to a science event, Michael is bringing science to one of the most popular activities of the decade: videogame livestreams.   “With everything that’s going on in the media, I think the relationship between scientists and the general public is very strained, and it’s not something that will easily be fixed” says A/Prof Michael Kasumovic the organiser of #BatteryLow a National Science Week event that will be livestreamed for all Australian’s to watch. “People see scientists as individuals who work in ivory towers and have an agenda, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. They’re just regular people that are interested in exploring and understanding the world.” This is why Michael thought that it would be fun to place scientists outside of their regular comfort zone and place them where the regular public – especially teens and young adults – usually reside: in front of a videogame screen. “I’ve found 15 awesome and diverse young scientists that research a whole range of topics from how economic theory can improve honeybee foraging to why it’s difficult to quit smoking, to understanding how our universe is formed.” He’s taking these young scientists, sitting them on a couch, and playing videogames with them. “The idea is that concentrating on the games will make it a relaxed experience where the scientists can chat with each other and the public.   Michael wanted to reach people that don’t normally tune into science events. “These are people that love watching videogames, but what if we could get them talking and asking questions about the science these researchers do while we’re playing videogames – how awesome would that be?” You can feel Michael getting excited about the livestream as he talks about it. Michael hopes that seeing scientists as regular people, highlighting their curiosity, and demonstrating that scientists don’t know all the answers may help to repair the relationship between scientists and the public. “As a lecturer, I’m always looking for that ‘teachable moment’ – where learning can happen in the most unexpected times and places”, and videogames present such a great opportunity! The event will be livestreamed during and after school hours where Michael hopes that teachers will tune in with their classrooms and parents will sit down with their kids to share in the moment. To prepare for the event, Michael has been streaming the educational games he’s created with his Company Arludo on YouTube and Twitch over the last few months. “Being an engaging streamer is not easy, especially if you’ve been a scientist your whole life! But I wanted to try something different to engage younger generations and get them excited about learning science.” “I think it’s important to keep reaching out to the public in different ways to engage people who wouldn’t normally be interested in science.” Says Kirsten Banks, an astrophysicist and one of the scientists joining #BatteryLow. Known as @astrokirsten on Tik Tok, she’s seen her love of the universe spread to over 11,000 followers leading to more than 200,000 likes. “I think what Michael is doing is great and really different”. It’s one of the reasons that Caitlyn Forster decided to be a part of the program. “I’ve done a lot of outreach, but this is really new”. Caitlyn is the researcher exploring economic decision making in honeybees and is excited to share he research with the public in a new way. There are even scientists that don’t play any games at all like Zoe Xirocostas, a plant ecologist researching invasive species. “Michael’s assured me that the day won’t be competitive and that’s it’s a lot of fun” she laughs. “I’ve known him as a lecturer at UNSW so I’m pretty sure this will be pretty laid back.” To celebrate the event and get folks excited, Michael is highlighting a new researcher each day on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. His goal is to help the public understand why these scientists do what they do each day and what makes them interesting. Michael’s learned that amongst his 15 scientists, there are cosplayers, singers, saxophonists, artists, rock climbers and so much more. “But you’ll have to follow my socials to see which scientist does what!” laughs Michael. #BatteryLow will run online on Friday August 21st from 11:00am – 6pm. Further information on the show and the scientists can be found at Our Hardset Goodbye 2020-07-24T00:07:00Z our-hardset-goodbye “He was our happiest hello and our hardest goodbye…but will be forever in our hearts. Sadly, the cancer returned much quicker than expected for our wonderful Smart Pup Yogi Bear. He deteriorated quickly, especially over the last 24 hours, and it was only fair to let him go” The story told by Kieran's mother  our-hardest-goodbye The loss of a dog is heart breaking, but the loss of a service dog just cuts that bit deeper, especially for a special needs child. Yogi Bear was goofy, cheeky and funny, but he took his role as autism assist and seizure alert for our son very seriously. He also helped us in more ways than we could ever imagine or have expected.  Since Yogi Bears passing Kieran’s seizures have increased and become more severe. He is also having trouble sleeping and he says he’s scared. We are all missing Yogi so much. 😢  It is clear Kieran desperately needs a new Smart Pup to fill the shoes or paws of his beloved Yogi Bear. Whilst Smart Pups normally require a family to fund raise for their own assistance dog, in these situations we try to assist and support as much as we can. Brisbane family releases an outdoor exploration app for kids. 2020-07-21T12:05:23Z brisbane-family-releases-an-outdoor-exploration-app-for-kids A Brisbane father and daughter team created Squizzy, an app that is very different to traditional apps aimed at children as it requires players to get outside and explore. Squizzy is an outdoor exploration game that gets Brisbane families out of the house, hunting for clues and taking a Squiz – a quiz with photo clues located within a public park. Players have fun exploring the location and hunting for the clue shown in each question to work out the correct answer.  There are currently Squizzes located in 11 locations around Brisbane, including Roma St Parkland, City Botanical Gardens, New Farm Park, Kangaroo Point Park, Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens and other great Brisbane parks. Sign up is free and allows users to create their own custom avatar with thousands of options to choose from. All Squiz scores are recorded and high scorers get their avatar featured on the leaderboard.  Squizzy also features a user friendly, step by step, “Create a Squiz” tool which allows users to create their own Squiz to share with the Squizzy community. As the user base grows Squizzes should begin to pop up in new locations Australia wide. Squizzy is free to download and only $1.99 month (first month free, no lock-in contract), so is a very low cost activity for families with primary school aged children. test 2020-07-16T11:00:12Z test-136 adsfgsdfgsdfg Paediatric Nutritionist launches Online Fussy Eating Course to help parents expand their child’s repertoire & increase the nutritional value of their meals 2020-07-07T02:46:45Z paediatric-nutritionist-launches-online-fussy-eating-course-to-help-parents-expand-their-child-s-repertoire-amp-increase-the-nutritional-value-of-their-meals For most children, ‘fussy eating’ is a stage they will grow out of, but what we choose to feed children, and the strategies implemented to deal with their fussiness are the two main factors that determine how their eating habits will develop. Introducing the Fussy Eating Strategies & Solutions course, developed by Paediatric Nutritionist and Bestselling Author, Mandy Sacher, where parents can now receive expert advice supported by tried and tested methods and recipes that even the fussiest little eaters will approve of. All from any connected device, in the comfort of their home. “As we move through winter during a pandemic, getting the right nutrients into children to increase their resilience to illness is more important than ever before. We can no longer settle for the fail-safe option of white bread and plain pasta that we know they’ll agree to eat”, says Sacher. Fussy Eating Strategies & Solutions is designed to help parents expand their child’s repertoire of food and begin enjoying the experience of eating and family mealtimes. Recipes are boosted with ‘hidden’ veggies and one of the strategies is to also offer vegetables in their raw state alongside accepted foods to desensitise fussy eaters and make them a normal and expected part of everyday meals.  The course contains a plethora of evidence-based behaviour strategies and nutrition goals to help make progress with a fussy eater, whether based on underlying causes or simply a phase.  Sacher covers the underlying causes of fussy eating and problem feeding, ways to increase the nutritional value of what children will eat and tips on how to make wholesome swaps in the kitchen that fussy eaters will approve of. With small changes made at a manageable pace, Sacher believes every child can receive richer nutrition through their meals and begin to accept a wider range of flavours and textures.  In addition to the 49 detailed lessons, Fussy Eating includes supporting resources such as customisable meal and nutrition goal planners, a smart recipe tool where you can swap ingredients and filter by allergens as well as an automated shopping list to save time. Fussy Eating sits within The Wholesome Child Academy, a new education platform for parents that is geared to help with key nutrition milestones and challenges including Starting Solids the Wholesome Way, Boosting Immunity and Wholesome Shopping. Invaluable support for mums in breastfeeding app 2020-07-06T00:05:18Z invaluable-support-for-mums-in-breastfeeding-app New features in the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA)’s app mum2mum are set to support families through their breastfeeding journey. The app will send personalised push notifications to parents based on the age of their baby, letting them know the answers to common questions, upcoming milestones and providing tips and ideas along the way. ABA President Margaret Grove says the app will be an invaluable tool for new parents who will get the information they need, right when they need it most. The app will provide extra support to parents who may have difficulty accessing health professionals during COVID-19 restrictions. ‘With the new features in the mum2mum app, parents will have an idea of what to expect, what might be considered normal behaviour, and will be provided with some strategies to assist them in their breastfeeding,’ Ms Grove said. ‘We’re hearing from lots of new mums that getting to mothers groups and health care nurses is a bit harder at the moment. We’re not trying to replace those visits, but we can give mums that extra bit of information and support when they need it most.’ ‘Babies often go through stages at similar times. For example, we can let parents know that their baby may become more distractible while breastfeeding at around 4 months and then link them to information that will help them support themselves and their baby through this stage.’ The mum2mum app also allows parents to search content grouped into a baby’s age and stage, record their baby’s feeds, sleeps and nappies, note milestones and keep a journal of information to help at health professional appointments. All members of the Australian Breastfeeding Association will have access to premium content, as will those who have purchased the paid version of the app. ‘Our members allow our organisation to support breastfeeding parents around Australia, and it’s great to be able to reward their support with access to this content,’ Ms Grove added. Care Circle Health, the digital health company whose platform provides full service, end-to-end digital health technology options, has worked with ABA to bring families an app that supports parents and babies through every step of their breastfeeding journey. The mum2mum app is available to download now from Google Play or the App Store: For further information please contact Nitty Brown, Marketing & Partnerships Manager or Lizzie Stafford, Marketing & Communications Coordinator 0402 542 852, email: How Adventure Respite Is Using Eco-therapy For Autistic Children Gold Coast Area 2020-06-24T13:47:44Z how-adventure-respite-is-using-eco-therapy-for-autistic-children-gold-coast-area Gold Coast, Queensland, June 20, 2020: Adventure Respite is a team of passionate autism support workers that offer Eco-therapy to children diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum. Currently located on the Gold Coast, Queensland in Australia, the company which carries professionals of diverse training and backgrounds, uses autism respite as their prime therapeutic technique marketed and designed for families with an ASD child.    Business founder Ben Dimmock says - “Our mission is to improve behavior through the development of active and meaningful hobbies, offering relief for families suffering from carer stress and helping families achieve better routines and more stable lifestyles. Build your confidence with one of our skills-based programs or join one of our social groups for some fun! Our team has lots of experience working with people with physical disabilities, autism, or other additional support needs and can help you get the most out of your choice of activity”. The company extends an invitation to all clients to escape and find relief in a variety of eco-based activities. These include but are not limited to animal therapy, horticulture therapy, forest bathing, swimming, hiking, and nature walks. The skills and benefits of these activities include greater strength, agility, and fitness of the body, increased mindfulness, decreased anxiety, stress reduction, and increased mental stability. Eco-therapy sessions take place with children in a safe space with autism support workers, allowing for primary caregivers such as mothers and fathers to take personal time for themselves to run errands, take part in recreational activities, attend appointments or take care of business engagements. This is the fundamental design of an autism respite program. Using eco-therapy to engage children during this allotted time ensures that both children and parents reap benefits. The company firmly believes in early intervention services for children on the spectrum as being of high and utter importance. Their evidence-based approach to therapy combined with their care, compassion, and sincerity makes for an environment that successfully impacts a child in need of such attention. Eco-Therapy activities are not offered in every country. With this service now being offered on the Gold Coast, many improvements in the lives of the ASD population there are set to benefit and thrive. Eco-therapy takes on a mind, body, and soul approach and has been proved to fill in gaps that traditional therapy such as speech, language, behavioral, and occupational therapy do not target or address. Eco-therapy has benefits that cater especially to the mental stability of an individual. The mental stability of persons on the spectrum is one of great fluidity, often ranging from calm then frustrated in a matter of minutes. Decompression via outdoor therapy is not just a relaxation technique but also one that translates into daily routine, often showing its benefits long after a hike or swimming session is over. Nature therapy also is proven to shed light on issues a child may be internally grappling with. One such example is the reflection of emotions that occurs during animal therapy. The interaction between an animal and a child is said to result in a therapist being able to pin-point emotions that have been long suppressed and untreated. Adventure Respite offers a quality therapy experience that has tangible and yet priceless value. The services they offer are available to all who qualify for their programs. Adventure Respite is also on the NDIS program, making its services accessible to those registered with the insurance scheme. If you or a loved one may have a child in need of respite service in their care, inquire about the packages and offerings Adventure Respite has to offer. There is a service available there for every type of need. Your journey through their Eco-therapy, you will soon discover how precious the Gold Coast truly is!   Media Contact Adventure Respite Email: Paediatric Nutritionist Launches Starting Solids Online Course to Help Parents Give their Babies the Best Nutritional Start 2020-06-15T00:42:16Z paediatric-nutritionist-launches-starting-solids-online-course-to-help-parents-give-their-babies-the-best-nutritional-start Paediatric Nutritionist and mum of two Mandy Sacher cuts through the noise and guides parents through this milestone with her debut course Starting Solids the Wholesome Way.  “A baby’s first experiences with food can influence their long term taste preferences and relationship with food for life – it is an important journey and I’m so excited to support parents through this no matter where they live or what schedule they’re on with my new online course”, says Sacher. Sacher developed Starting Solids the Wholesome Way to not only provide parents with the knowledge and tools they need to comfortably and confidently transition their babies onto solid food, but to also help families enjoy the experience and strengthen their baby’s lifelong relationship with food.   “Many parents seek support from their mothers groups, maternal health nurses, GPs and paediatricians when it comes to introducing solids, but in a time of social distancing and reduced trips to see medical professionals this isn’t always possible – I’m so glad to have this course online for parents starting solids at this time in our world”.   The comprehensive course provides all the expert guidance parents need to start solids, including 37 detailed lessons, 6 Customisable Meal Plans separated by age and stage, over one hundred recipes, a smart recipe tool to filter by key ingredient, age and stage, allergen and more as well as an automated shopping list to save precious time.  Starting Solids sits within The Wholesome Child Academy, a new education platform for parents that is geared to help with key nutrition milestones and challenges including Fussy Eating Strategies and Solutions, Boosting Immunity and Wholesome Shopping.  For more information, visit or  Mandy Sacher launches The Wholesome Child Academy to help Parents Nourish their Children and Set them up for a Healthy Life 2020-06-15T00:30:32Z mandy-sacher-launches-the-wholesome-child-academy-to-help-parents-nourish-their-children-and-set-them-up-for-a-healthy-life After launching the Nourish Program to revolutionise nutritional offerings in child care facilities, Sacher is fulfilling her vision to impact childhood nutrition in the key site where food preferences and eating behaviours are formed – the home. “It takes a village to feed children right – and this starts with parents, but extends to grandparents, child care facilities and friends. With some simple adjustments and by being better informed, we can make a big impact to our children’s long term health outcomes,” says Sacher. The Wholesome Child Academy courses are geared to help time-poor parents with key nutrition milestones and challenges including Starting Solids the Wholesome Way, Fussy Eating Strategies & Solutions, Boosting Immunity and Wholesome Shopping. While Starting Solids and Fussy Eating are Sacher’s sweet spots, she’s had overwhelming demand from her followers for support on how to shop better with weekly staples at the grocery store and how to boost health and immunity as we enter winter in the context of a pandemic. While Sacher focuses on the child, advice and recipes are relevant to the whole family. For the first time, parents can access Sacher’s expert guidance as a highly experienced Paediatric Nutritionist internationally, from the comfort of their homes.  Underpinned by the 8 step methodology first shared in Sacher’s debut Wholesome Child Nutrition Guide and Cookbook, the courses provide succinct insights with practical step-by-step advice, sharing tried and tested strategies and recipes that have brought success to the thousands of families she’s touched through her clinic, workshops and book.  In addition to a series of detailed lessons which you can navigate at your own pace, each course includes supporting resources such as customisable meal plans, a smart recipe tool where you can swap ingredients and scale serving sizes as well as an automated shopping list to save time.  “As families have a renewed focus on health and wellness, and more opportunities for family meals at home with reduced commute times and in some cases more days working from home, the time to invest in how we feed our families and establish preference for healthy, immune boosting foods and recipes is now.” according to Sacher. *Australian Government – Australian Institute of Health and Welfare New 120-Hour Online TEFL Course Released 2020-06-12T06:38:50Z new-120-hour-online-tefl-course-released With a unique curriculum designed by qualified Australian teachers, the new 120-hour online TEFL course released by Teach Me TEFL is the perfect resource for individuals seeking a career as an English teacher either online or abroad. With an innovative mix of practical lessons, the revolutionary online course provides students with a diverse mix of useful skills and industry knowledge to thrive in their new career. Explore the benefits of undertaking a course with the Teach Me TEFL team by visiting the company website today! Teach Me TEFL Address: PO Box 3202, Tuggerah NSW 2259, Australia Phone: (02) 8003 4548 Website: