The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-05-08T05:10:16Z Rules and Regulations for Caravan Dee Shackles and Safety Chains 2021-05-08T05:10:16Z rules-and-regulations-for-dee-shackles-and-safety-chains Shackles and Safety Chains There can be a lot of misleading information out there when towing a caravan or trailer safely. One of the key components of safe towing is ensuring your van is secured correctly by safety chains if the worst was to occur. Couplemate discusses some of the critical facts you should know about safety chains on trailers and debunks some of the myths discussed around the campfire about shackles and safety chain connections. Some of the most common questions we get asked about safety chains involve their rating and the ability to extend them. Below are a few facts and some campfire myths debunked, complete with references to the Australian regulations. Dee or Bow shackles must be compatible with a rated chain. Therefore the safety chain must be stamped with a rating. Police or safety inspectors ask you to prove the Dee Shackle is compatible with the safety chain. How do you do that? Make sure you refer to the regulations linked here. Further, all shackles, hammerlocks, and safety chains ratings can be verified with a Certificate of Conformity that should be accessed through the product's manufacturer if required.   (CI-119C, Page 2, para 3). Each Chain must be sized such that the minimum breaking load exceeds the ATM. (VSB1 Page 27, para 4). Every 4 links of the safety chain must be stamped. (CI-119C, Page 1, para 8). The Break Load Limit of the shackle must be 1.5 tonnes greater than the ATM. (CI-119C, Page 3). The existing unstamped safety chain need not be replaced on older trailers. (CI-119C, Page 3). One of the most common questions we are asked is, "Can I legally use a hammerlock or another dee shackle to extend my safety chain?" Hammerlocks can be used to extend the safety chain legally. However, it is important to note that a Dee Shackle cannot be used in this application - only one Dee Shackle per safety chain is allowed. Another common question is, "What is the difference between a Dee Shackle and a Bow Shackle?"Dee Shackles and Bow Shackles are very similar in application, and the primary difference is in their shape design, as you can see in the ges . Rated Bow Shackles are accepted to use in place of a Dee Shackle. It is important to note: Unstamped Bow Shackles, Dee shackles and Hammerlocks are not compatible with Australian standards. [embed][/embed] We have also had a few comments questioning the legality of rated safety shackles being a requirement under the law. Please see more information below: ADR 62/0214.3.1.3. For trailers over 3.5 tonnes ‘ATM’, the chain must be made from steel of a minimum 800 MPa breaking stress, conform to the mechanical properties of Grade T chain. Specified in Australian Standard AS 2321 - 2001 Short Link Chain for Lifting Purposes and must be of a size such that the minimum breaking load exceeds the ‘ATM’. The last six words in this clause require Rated or Stamped Dee Shackles. You must be able to prove your chain complies with your rated ATM. If you need some help to select the correct size dee shackle - read this link. Safety Chain Attachments for Aluminium Trailers Safety chain can be legally attached to an aluminium trailer chassis via Couplemate safety chain holders. The legal requirement is for the chain holder to be welded. The plate holding the safety chain holder is then bolted to the chassis rail. Previously, the chain was attached via a bolt passing through the chassis rail and safety chain co-jointly. Truth vs. Myth You only need one safety chain attachment points for trailers up to 2.5t. Over 2.5t, two safety chains must be used.Fact: This is true You need a 'coloured pin,' i.e. yellow or red, rated shackle to comply with various state rules.Myth: Trailer safety chains must be rated at or above the ATM of the trailer. Shackles must be marked or stamped with dee shackles that must be rated to the appropriate capacity of the chain.Both: The chain and shackle must be stamped with a rating. Shackles need not be coloured. Chains can be welded in any position on the drawbar.Myth: Drawbar safety chain attachment points should not come into contact with the road surface. When the trailer is disconnected or detached from the vehicle. Rated Dee Shackles can be used on trailers up to 4.5t.Myth: Dee Shackles or Bow Shackles are used to attach the safety chain to chain holders. Alternatively, ½ of the chain link can be welded to the trailer chassis up to 3.5t provided the mounting position does not cause the chain to come in contact with the ground when disconnected or detached. Trailers over 3.5t must use chain holders with Grade 80 safety chain attached. Download the safety chain rules. Click here to download the Information sheet from the VSB1 Department of Transport Canberra. Key Points for chain attachment. Up to 2.5t trailers and caravans require one rated safety chain that can be welded or fixed to a chassis rail by an approved and rated hammerlock or similar device. 2.5t up to 3.5t trailers and caravans must have two safety chains that can be welded or fixed to a chassis rail by an approved and rated hammerlock or similar device. 3.5t to 7.2t safety chains must be Grade 80 and attached to the trailer and towbar using a high tensile 4140 pin. Important notes: One safety chain attachment point required on a trailer up to 2.5t - VSB1. Two Chains required on a trailer over 2.5t - VSB1. Galvanised Chain is illegal over 3.5t. The safety chains must be crossed under the tow bar receiver when attached to the tow bar. Each chain must be sized such that the minimum breaking load exceeds the ATM. The working load is stamped on the chain or shackle. - VsB1. Breaking load is the working load x 6.  - WA CI119C. Drawbar safety chain attachments should not come into contact with the road surface when the trailer is disconnected. - VSB1. Chains must be permanently attached to the trailer; shackles are not permitted for trailers over 3.5t. QLD AIS 12(a). Rated Shackles approved as tow bar attachments over 3.5t, provided breaking load 1.5 times ATM - WA CI119C. Rated Shackles are illegal to be used as attachments on trailers over 3.5t - WA CI119C. Stainless Steel Shackles are not permitted - WA CI119C. Safety chain attachment points of both the trailer and tow vehicle must be as near as possible to the coupling. QLD AIS 12(a). Herc-Alloy 800 is the required chain for all trailers over 3.5t. (usually a coloured chain) QLD AIS 12(a). Safety Chain attachment points - QLD AIS 12(a) Each chain attachment point must be capable of withstanding the following minimum forces without incurring either residual deformation that would interfere or degrade the function of the assembly or any breaks, cracks or separation of components: Longitudinal tension and compression (N) 1.5 x 9.81 x ATM (in kg) Vertical Tension and compression (N) 0.5 x 9.81 x ATM (in kg) Furthermore, the tow bar attachment point on trailers under 3.5t is rated at 1/2 the rating of the tow bar. Therefore when upgrading over 3.5t, each attachment point must be upgraded to accommodate the full ATM. Finally, trailers over 2000kgs are legally required to have a break-away system. Read more information here about important safety switch lanyard alerts. Dee Shackles and Safety Chains How Loose Axle U-bolts cause Highway Havoc 2021-05-04T10:38:59Z loose-axle-u-bolts-cause-highway-havoc Loose Axle U-bolts cause highway havoc for unsuspecting caravaners. The reality of not checking your rig before heading on your family holiday can quickly become a nightmare. An unsuspecting driver forgot to re-tighten u-bolts after the first 300 kilometres from new comes to grief. The axle in the photo is a heavy-duty 50mm square, Australia made axle with 12" electric backing plates and Alko drums.  All of the equipment is first class, no problems here. The equipment on the trailer was nearing its total capacity of 4.5t, so this is quite a severe accident. The cause of the accident was found to be loose u-bolts. Notice the u-bolt axle clamp still intact on the right-hand side of the trailer? The leaf spring has broken; however, some portion of the spring should be retained by u-bolt clamp. The left side of this axle is severely damaged. The u-bolts have become so loose the axle has moved back, possible under shock loading and become detached from the u-bolt clamping system. The axle had then rattled around inside the spring camber area until it had broken the spring and bent the axle when it exited the trailer undercarriage. Question: I have read everything, is there anything to need to buy, what are you selling? Answer: Nothing to buy, you only need to tighten your nuts :-) U-bolts and Australian Standards for Caravans Currently, I am unaware of any Australian Standard for the u-bolts used in the caravan or trailer industry. A problem is created when dealers and customers ask for torque settings. It also creates issues removing the hydrogen embrittlement that often causes u-bolts to bend or break easily. The standard u-bolt used in the industry is SS400 grade steel coupled with a 1/2" BSW thread. Although higher tensile steels are available, the industry is unmoved by demanding a better standard of clamping axle and spring to the caravan chassis. Couplemate is currently investigating and testing higher grade steels for use within the caravan industry that does not require re-tightening at the 1st service. It is essential chassis components are designed to be world-class. Couplemate will continue R&D on this issue. Manufactures of note, including Al-ko and Couplemate, specify torque settings for caravan and trailer u-bolts. Typical sizes of u-bolts and their ratings are: 1/2" BSW - up to 1500kg per axle 5/8" BSW - up to 2250kg per axle 5/8" UNF High Tensile - over 2250kg Cutting U-Bolts It is often the case that buyers of u-bolts do not measure or take a sample of a u-bolt to their trailer shop when purchasing new u-bolts. This procedure sounds straight forward; however, the nylon inside the nylock will melt when given enough heat. The melted plastic inside nylock will cause the nut to unwind on the highway. The fix is to measure the u-bolt and cut it before installation. An ounce of care is worth a tonne of cure.    Couplemate U-Bolt Testing 0We all agree this is a pretty scary event that has a simple solution. Couplemate u-bolts have been tested to rupture at 23t, evidenced by the photo from our testing laboratory. The test was undertaken with a 200t press utilising a 50mm square K1045 axle section. We estimated the forces need to bend this axle when exiting the undercarriage were more than 23t. Under close inspection and upon talking to the customer, it can be seen the axle has done a few kilometres on the road. However, the u-bolts were never tightened as is recommended on all trailer construction. This is especially true when carrying heavy loads. Yes indeed, loose axle U-bolts cause highway havoc. The image below was taken when I was checking my boat trailer for the first time in many years. It surprised me the nuts on my boat trailer were re-tightened by 1/2 turn. Retightened U-bolts gave me peace of mind for the entire trip. I encourage you to check the tightness of your u-bolts with a socket today before you forget. Loose u-bolts are one of the most underrated issues in the Caravan and Camper industry. Check yours and see if I am right? Did your mechanic check them on your last service? Did you ask him to check the u-bolts? Why U-bolts may be the Major Cause of Accidents Finally, if you found this article helpful, I invite you to leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Retightening U-bolts gave me peace of mind for the entire trip.[/caption]Loose Axle U-bolts cause Highway Havoc Adelaide ad agency on track to win big at the Internet's annual Webby Awards 2021-05-03T02:19:18Z adelaide-ad-agency-on-track-to-win-big-at-the-internet-s-annual-webby-awards MEDIA RELEASE Adelaide advertising agency on track to win big at the internet’s annual “Academy Awards” An online game created on a flight from Adelaide to Sydney is set to claim one of the world’s top website awards. Podcast series Forever Has Fallen is an immersive online experience where players uncover clues and solve challenges in a virtual bounty hunt through a fictional digital world. Launched by a small advertising agency, looking for global fun just over a year ago, Forever Has Fallen has quickly become an international sensation building a huge worldwide fan base that has led to a nomination in the 2021 People’s Voice section of the prestigious Webby Awards. “I love blockbuster entertainment but the one-way nature of storytelling has not changed much since the 1880s,” said Mr Kimon Lycos, founder Forever Has Fallen. “Our goal was to up-end that concept by creating a whole range of ways to tell a blockbuster story and when we launched it, we honestly had no idea how it would be received. “You hope it goes well, but this has never been done before, so the response has been completely overwhelming and now from Adelaide, Australia we are up against some of the world’s biggest brands and beating them, it’s crazy.” In its 25th year, the Webby Awards were established to celebrate Internet excellence and recognise online achievement in categories including innovation, diversity, education and entertainment. Operating on a similar voting structure to the Academy Awards, the Webby Awards are judged by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS) whose 2000+ members are drawn from industry, peers and media. This year, the IADAS has to consider more than 13,000 entries coming from over 70 nations and rate them on criteria including user experience, ease of navigation, creativity and software technology. Nominees were announced on 20 April, voting for the People’s Voice closes on 6 May and all winners are announced on 18 May. Contact for interviews: Adelaide: Kimon Lycos (Founder) Forever Has Fallen Pty Ltd Tel: +61 400 263 740 About Forever Has Fallen Created by Adelaide based advertising agency Mihell & Lycos, Forever has Fallen is a new way to entertain fans in the digital age. Forever Has Fallen combines listen anywhere/anytime podcasting with a fictional story world that extends the story and turns the experience into a game. Fans earn rewards the deeper they dive into websites, social media profiles, interactive messaging and hidden content or ‘Easter eggs.” THE ROCK STARS WITH AUSTRALIA’S WAYNE MATTEI in YOUNG ROCK ON FOXTEL 2021-04-30T06:29:25Z the-rock-stars-with-australia-s-wayne-mattei-in-young-rock-on-foxtel THE ROCK STARS WITH AUSTRALIA’S WAYNE MATTEI Comedic TV series YOUNG ROCK starts this Sunday 3rd May at 6.30pm on Foxtel and stars actor and celebrity bodyguard Wayne Mattei as WWF wrestler Sgt. Slaughter.Already shown on prime time on NBC in America, the comedic series starts with The Rock’s 2032 Presidential bid as he looks back at the life of a young Dwayne Johnson and how he grew up to become famously known as “The Rock”. The series covers Johnson’s father, Rocky Johnson, and his career as a WWF wrestler alongside Andre The Giant, Macho Man Randy Savage and Sgt.Slaughter played by Wayne.  TO INTERVIEW WAYNE MATTEI email or call Max Markson 0412 501 601 ABOUT WAYNE MATTEI Born in Glenelg, South Australia, Wayne has had a long and dynamic career of over 30 years as a pro wrestler, champion bodybuilder and providing security to high profile clients and celebrities across the globe. In the last few years he has worked with A-list Hollywood stars that include: John Travolta, Jean Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal and David Beckham to name a few, as well as Rock bands, Models, Athletes, corporate figures and MAFS personalities Jessika Power and Cyrell! Alongside this Mattei  has acted in several movies, television shows and commercials; “Maniac – Protector & Enforcer” – Web Series (2019), Broken Hill (2009), The Boys Are Back with Clive Owen (2009), Craziness (2015), Jesus Walks (2017), Johnny Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017) and most recently, Never Too Late (2020). Never Too Late saw Mattei act as the giant male nurse alongside James Cromwell, Jackie Weaver, Jack Thompson, Shane Jacobsen and Dennis Waterman. Follow Wayne on Instagram @hellsvigilante     ESL Gaming and Intel® Announce Biggest Brand Partnership Celebrating 20 Years of Esports Collaboration 2021-04-28T23:15:44Z esl-gaming-and-intel-announce-biggest-brand-partnership-celebrating-20-years-of-esports-collaboration ESL Gaming and Intel® to each invest in three-year partnership totaling more than USD $100m  Historic renewal to commence in 2022 and include IEM Katowice 2025 Cologne / New York / Stockholm – April 28, 2021- ESL Gaming, the world’s largest esports company, has announced the renewal of its long-standing partnership with Intel® in what is the biggest brand partnership deal in esports history to date. Commencing in 2022, the renewal will see the brands invest over $100m in esports over three years up to and including IEM Katowice 2025, and marks 20 years of collaboration between ESL and Intel® – extending the longest running partnership in the esports industry. ESL and Intel® have been building esports from the ground up for two decades, bringing world-class esports experiences to fans and players globally in that time. The partnership started with ESL’s early events in Germany before turning into a global arrangement in 2006 when Intel® became the official title sponsor of the Intel® Extreme Masters (IEM). Since then, ESL and Intel® have taken esports to all corners of the globe with live events spanning across North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, China, Southeast Asia, and Australia. To date Intel and ESL have executed 82 IEM events in a total of 15 seasons, and that number will continue to grow with the partnership renewal now in place. The renewal is a continuation of the 2016 agreement in which Intel® became ESL’s Global Technical Partner powering some of the world’s most prestigious esports tournaments and pioneering stadium events worldwide, and which introduced one of the most prestigious accolades in CS:GO, the Intel® Grand Slam. Through the partnership and the success of the flagship IEM product, Intel has cemented their position as a key player in professional esports globally. The extension will see the two brands continuing to deliver technology solutions that will power all pro-level tournaments and events, and will enable both to look towards an exciting future in which the growth of esports continues. It will also break new ground for Intel and ESL, with the partnership now expanding to include DreamHack Open and DreamHack Festivals for the first time. The US $100m+ investment will bring further product innovations and improvements for fans and players alike, and guarantees that ESL and Intel will continue to take esports to all corners of the world. Reflecting both parties’ commitment to bring top-level esports to the fans, all non-league ESL Pro Tour circuit CS:GO tournaments will now be unified under the legendary Intel® Extreme Masters brand, including ESL One Cologne which is now transitioning to Intel® Extreme Masters Cologne (IEM Cologne). Ralf Reichert, Co-CEO at ESL Gaming, said: “After 20 years of building something hand in hand it’s hard to consider Intel as merely a partner. The two-decade journey has forged a bond that has no parallel in the world of esports and we are excited to be extending it with a commitment of this magnitude; the next three years will be the greatest esports fans have seen yet.” Marcus Kennedy, General Manager of Gaming and Esports Segment for Intel, said: “When we joined forces with ESL two decades ago, we never imagined just how powerful this partnership could be. We’ve shaped the esports landscape together, collaborated on some of the most spectacular events in the world, and brought the very best esports experiences to millions of fans around the globe. As a leader in PC gaming, we at Intel are excited about this next step in our successful history together and to elevate esports to an even higher level.” For more information please visit and keep up to date with all the news by following ESL on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. ABOUT ESL GAMING ESL Gaming is the world’s largest esports and gaming lifestyle company. Since 1994, the company has been shaping the industry and leading esports and gaming innovation on a global scale across the most popular video games with numerous online and offline esports competitions, and through premier gaming lifestyle festivals. The company operates high-profile, branded international leagues and tournaments under the ESL Pro Tour, including ESL One, Intel® Extreme Masters, DreamHack Masters, ESL Pro League, and other preeminent, stadium-size tournaments. ESL Gaming also produces and hosts DreamHack Open tournaments, ESL National Championships, grassroots amateur cups, matchmaking systems, and DreamHack’s gaming lifestyle festivals — which feature everything gaming under one roof. ESL Gaming is part of MTG, the leading international digital entertainment group. More information is available at Intel, the Intel logo, and other Intel marks are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries. Gritty Brit cycling 3,000 km for mental health 2021-04-26T08:58:38Z gritty-brit-cycling-3-000-km-for-mental-health [Sydney, NSW]: James Hackney (28, UK) departed Uluru, NT on 18th April 2021 headed for Bondi Beach, NSW on a bicycle covering 2,795km of Australian terrain. Hackney is raising money for the Royal Flying Doctor Service, in order to increase awareness of the lack of mental health resources available to these communities. This solo trip will require grit and determination, but is only a fraction of what those struggling with mental health face each day.   “On average Australians living in rural communities die from suicide at twice the rate of city people, yet are only able to access mental health services at a fifth of the rate of city people. This isn’t good enough.” says James Hackney. “The goal of this tour is to travel through rural communities, and bring to light the mental health issues that plague rural Australia.”   Since setting off on the 18th April 2021, James has: ·  Covered over 1,000km on bike, carrying all supplies on his person ·  Exceeded his $10,000 fundraising goal and increased the target to $20,000 in aid of the Royal Flying Doctor Service ·  Successfully raised $11,500 to date, 23rd April 2021 ·  Started conversations with inhabitants of rural towns to understand the mental health plight   James intends to end his ride at Bondi Beach on May 3rd 2021, having covered 4 states of Australia within ~15 days.   To learn more about the Ride for Rural Australia, click here. To follow the journey on Instagram, click here. To view fundraising efforts, click here.   About James: James is a 28 year old, residing in Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW. Whilst he is fit, he has only ever cycled an isolated 200km at any one time for recreational purposes. As part of this challenge, he will be riding 160-250km per day, everyday until he reaches his home in Sydney. About The Royal Flying Doctors: The not-for-profit Royal Flying Doctor Service has been taking the finest healthcare to the furthest corners of Australia since 1928. It provides primary healthcare and 24-hour emergency cover to 90 per cent of the Australian continent, via a modern fleet of specially equipped aircraft.    SHANE WARNE TO PRESENT ADVANCED HAIR STUDIO $7000 CARROT TO RUN THE TAN RECORD BREAKER 2021-04-22T22:39:23Z shane-warne-to-present-advanced-hair-studio-7000-carrot-to-run-the-tan-record-breaker MELBOURNE MEDIA ALERT 9am SATURDAY 24th APRIL - RUN THE TAN RECORD ATTEMPT # SHANE WARNE TO PRESENT RECORD BREAKER WITH $7,000 CHEQUE # STEWART McSWEYN TIPPED TO BREAK CRAIG MOTTRAM’S 2006 RECORD   The RUN THE TAN event supports mental health and there will be a RECORD ATTEMPT starting at 9 am SATURDAY 24th APRIL , Pillars of Wisdom, Alexander Avenue, Melbourne. SHANE WARNE will be there to present probable record breaker Stewart McSWEYN with $7000 at the start/finish line at the Pillars of Wisdom, Alexander Avenue, Melbourne.   Tokyo 2021 Olympian McSweyn will try to break 4-time Olympian Craig Mottram’s existing 2006 record of 10 Minutes 8 seconds for running the 3.827 km tan track. Warne has an Advance Hair Studio $7,000 carrot for McSweyn to beat Mottram’s record when McSweyn competes alongside Mottram and other elite athletes at the Run The Tan fun run this Saturday. The Run The Tan fun run supporting mental health is open for the elite athletes and the public. All details at   The RUN THE TAN event is open to the public to watch or participate in the public fun run event on Saturday 24th April.  The event kicks off at 8:45am with a Welcome to Country and the Elite showcase race event starts at 9am followed by a series of “waves of runners”. Prize presentations from 10.30am. The start and finish line is at the Pillars of Wisdom, Tan Track and all details are available at    About Stewart Mcsweyn.  Shane, 25, is the  current Australian 1500m record holder and last weekend qualified for the 1500m, 5k & 10k at this year’s Tokyo Olympic Games. He is Australia’s #1 track & field athlete. World ranked. Possible Gold Medal winner in Tokyo. DOB - June 1 1995 King Island, Tasmania. Lives in Melbourne and trains under coach Nic Bideau at Melbourne Track Club. Australian record holder 1500m and 3000m - 3.30.51/7.28.02 both set in 2020.Ranked no.3 in the world 1500m in 2020. Fastest miler in the world in 2020 3.50.61 run in Penguin, Tasmania (fastest mile ever in a town named after a bird!) 2nd fastest ever lap of the tan - 10.12. Also previous Australian 10,000m record holder of 27.23.80 set in 2019. World Championship finalist at 5000m in Doha 2019.     Max Markson 0412501601   LUC LONGLEY – ONE NIGHT ONLY PALAIS THEATRE MELBOURNE  Saturday May 29 2021 Tickets from Ticketmaster       ON THE ROAD WITH BILL CLINTON Nelson Mandela, Kim Kardashian, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tony Blair, Al Gore, Mike Tyson, Pele and more.By Max Markson. Book available now from   Markson Sparks! Suite 411 4th Floor 410 Elizabeth St Surry Hills Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA 2010   E: M: 0412 501 601 Work: +61 2 9213 2900     ECAL appoints technology entrepreneur, Karen Orford, to their Global Executive Team. 2021-04-18T23:33:35Z ecal-appoints-technology-entrepreneur-karen-orford-to-their-global-executive-team Recent enterprise growth in major sports, streaming and fintech is just the tip-of-the-iceberg for ECAL as they prepare for continued business expansion in new markets and new territories in 2021.    In preparation for expansion, ECAL has appointed Silicon Valley based technology entrepreneur, Karen Orford, as its Global Head of Customer Success.   An experienced business, marketing and customer success professional, Orford joins ECAL from an impressive entrepreneurial background with a demonstrable track record of success within the technology industry.   Orford has successfully launched an impressive number of start-ups herself, including ‘Ekidna World’ (exit to Astro TV), plus innovative digital payments solutions ‘Pay with Drop’ and Vikatron Inc, a digital proof of wallet and blockchain solution.   Orford also recently held the role of Director of Business Innovation and Strategy at, a not-for-profit global community of 3.5 million high-achieving Australians and alumni, assisting 50+ technology companies to expand their business globally.   Orford is well-placed to bring a fresh perspective and invaluable experience as a big-picture visionary and execution specialist. “ECAL is at an exciting point in its journey. Having successfully managed solid year-on-year growth to now, it is clear this has been achieved with customer success and support at its heart. The challenge now is to retain that customer-centric DNA, and put in place the people, systems and processes to deliver performance and satisfaction at scale”, says Orford.   Relied upon by many famous sports organisations from Premier League to the NBA, ECAL is proving out strong business cases for its technology across new industries including payments, fantasy and streaming to name a few.   ECAL Founder and CEO, Patrick Barrett says “It’s vitally important we have strong and experienced executive leaders across our business pillars to properly scale this business. We’re thrilled to welcome Karen to lead our Customer Success division, she brings a wonderful energy to the organisation, and understands our desire to deliver exceptional business outcomes for our clients.”   This appointment comes just nine months since the business was acquired by HyperKu, and is testament to the group’s vision to develop a global, scalable enterprise marketing platform.       END   For all media enquiries, please contact: Olivia Novello, PR Professional OM Digital 0431 377 114     About ECAL: ECAL ( is a world-leading direct to calendar marketing platform, used by 300+ major brands globally across sports, entertainment, media, ticketing and payments. Headquartered in Melbourne, with a presence in London, Los Angeles, Singapore, Delhi and Manila, ECAL’s smart ‘sync to calendar’ technology delivers important, hyper-personalised and actionable events direct to calendar, for better business outcomes.   About HyperKu: HyperKu (HyperKu Holdings) is a Singapore based enterprise and majority owner of ECAL, co-founded by Patrick Barrett and Remon Gazal. HyperKu is actively building a portfolio of ready to scale, enterprise platform businesses across a range of sectors including marketing, payments, media and events. Funds for Youth to get Outdoors! 2021-04-16T11:19:45Z funds-for-youth-to-get-outdoors EMBARGOED UNTIL 19 April 2021     19 April 2021   Outdoor education and recreation have a tremendous and essential role in achieving and maintaining physical and mental health, yet many of population are still yet to access and experience the benefits. Announced today, Outdoors NSW & ACT are one of the successful applicants of the Australian Government and NSW Government Bushfire Community Recovery and Resilience Fund which will get more youth into active recreation.   The funding will go towards connecting with 1,900 youth across Greater Sydney and Northern NSW with a variety of active recreation opportunities through a structured program and then celebrating their achievements on completion of the 8-week program with 4-day camp.   “The skills built in active recreation and the outdoors cannot be replicated elsewhere and it is so important that these opportunities are delivered to all youth in our communities regardless of barriers, so they have the opportunity to build skills of social capacity, resilience and mental health management.” Lori Modde, CEO of Outdoors NSW & ACT comments.   As has been demonstrated time and time again, the value of camp-based holiday programs for children and youth impacted by catastrophic circumstances is visible in their social, mental and resilience capacity. The experiences, memories, and friends made by attending these programs seems difficult to measure however, parents, participants, and staff who deliver these camps will observe how powerful an impact these projects make across the entire community.   However, what is more measurable is the long-term health outcomes and a multitude of studies show time spent in nature is consistently linked to well-being objectives. A 2018 paper by Marsden Jacob & Associates estimated $508 million was saved in lifetime healthcare costs by people participating in outdoor pursuits in NSW alone. The Outdoor Youth Programs Research Alliance (OYPRA) reported from their nine-year study, the sharp rise in the youth anxiety and mental health challenges can be improved through participating in outdoor programs.   The youth that will partake in this program will be in some of the disadvantaged areas of Northern NSW & Greater Sydney and also affected by the 2019/2020 bushfires. Based on the highly successful ‘Drought Break’ program run by the Office of Sport under the Auspices of Regional NSW in December of 2018 and January 2019, Outdoors NSW & ACT in collaboration with their active recreation partners applied for close to $600,000 to implement this Youth Recreation Resilience Program.   Partners involved in the project will include members of Outdoors NSW & ACT, Department of Education, Office of Sport NSW and non-government organisations working with the communities in question.     This is a Bushfire Community Recovery and Resilience Fund project through the joint Commonwealth/State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.     --ENDS-- For more information contact Lori Modde CEO Outdoors NSW & ACT 0415 279 822   Why Caravan and Boat Bearings Fail 2021-04-16T07:24:23Z why-caravan-bearings-and-boat-bearing-fail Caravan Bearings and Boat Trailer Bearings Caravan bearings and boat trailer bearings are a combative issue, especially when they fail. Seeing a wheel off a caravan on my way home has triggered this article. I would appreciate it if you could share this with your mates as many folks forget to do bearing checks. The premature bearing failure caused a wheel to come off and roll into inbound traffic with truly nasty outcomes. What are the signs of a failing bearing? Carbon black is produced when the casting or lining of the bearing is worn. Carbon black mixes with grease and looks like squid ink, black as. This bearing requires immediate replacement and is in imminent danger of complete failure. Carbon black cannot be inspected using Bearing Buddy or standard dust caps. These products must be removed to check grease. Bearing Buddies can cause improper lubrication, reduce bearing service life and cause bearing damage. Are the rubber grommet dust caps the answer? Couplemate rubber grommet insert dust caps allow a visual grease inspection without removing the dust cap. Another sign of a failing bearing is brown grease caused by water ingress. Water will enter the bearing cavity when a hot hub is immersed in cold water. The contracting air within the hub sucks water into the hub through the rear bearing seal. This results in early failure when the wheel bearings collapse. Water ingress is impossible to eliminate, but it can be controlled if boaters wait at the ramp and complete a safety inspection before dunking hot hubs into cold water. This video will greatly help you understand how to grease bearings. [embed][/embed] Surprising, it is not the smaller outer bearing that fails. The larger inner bearing is the load carrying bearing and always the first bearing destroyed. First, to check the bearings, remove the nuts and remove the wheel, then the bearing dust cover, then split pin and outer washer finally remove the brake drum, hub or disc rotor and inspect the bearings. Note: Bearing Buddies do not stop bearing failure. Here is a little-known tip When replacing bearings, give your axle profile a good clean. If you see a brown or coloured mark where the bearing sits, then it is time to replace your axle. This bearing journal is worn beyond further use; replacing bearings on this journal will only increase the bearing replacement cycle. A good axle will produce great mileage. Installing bad quality bearings causes wear and tear on your axle. When replacing Chinese bearings with Japanese bearing for the first time, make a note or take a photo of your clean bearing journal. Save the photo using the date of the photo. Bearings causing heat Danger, danger................ When towing, I religiously touch the outer hub of my wheel to check for heat. Hubs must not be too hot to touch; otherwise, you will soon lose a wheel. Heat is caused by wear and tear of your bearings or a loose axle profile, causing your bearings to spin and create heat. The axle profile is the contact surfaces were the bearings connect to the axle. No amount of adjustment is going to stop your bearings from overheating if your axle is cooked. Other reasons caravan bearings fail prematurely? Finally, the lack of high temperature bearing grease will cause failure as the operating temperature rises, low-temperature grease melts. Melted grease does not return to its former state. © Steve Wotherspoon 26th January 2017 WordPress Hosting Australia: Building and hosting your next big project 2021-04-16T02:11:17Z wordpress-hosting-australia-building-and-hosting-your-next-big-project When it comes to building a new website, WordPress is one of the most widely recognised content management systems worldwide. Whether it’s for your latest business pursuit, your new personal blog, or perhaps it's to showcase your updated portfolio, a WordPress developer Sydney can help you take your website to the next level.  Once you’ve got yourself a Sydney Wordpress developer to develop your latest business pursuit, what’s next? You now have to consider Wordpress Hosting Australia.  WordPress Hosting can quickly become a pain you just don’t have the time to deal with. Keeping up with all the Australian Wordpress hosting needs from optimising for performance and security, avoiding being hacked, and consistently updating Wordpress software is a full-time job. It’s something you don’t have time for, but it’s also a job you can’t afford to ignore.  When it comes to choosing the right WordPress Host, Australian Wordpress Hosting should be at the top of your list. With other hosts, you’ll need to log a support ticket, or call an overseas call centre. Why save time by wasting more time? When you try WordPress Hosting with pepperit, you can speak to a real person to help you with any hosting issues or questions. Chat to pepperit today to help you build and host your next big thing.  For more information, please contact: Nicole Shelley Head of Marketing pepperit. t. 02 9327 7775 Galaxy Racer Announce Record Prize-Money for Independent Fortnite Tournament 2021-04-14T17:28:47Z galaxy-racer-annound-record-prize-money-for-independent-fortnite-tournament eSports company Galaxy Racer is announcing the launch of Australia’s largest independent Fortnite competitions for April 18th, with prize money of $10,000. The tournament will boast many of the OCE’s top 20 professional trios, as well as the chance for 10 amateur teams to win the right to challenge them!   Galaxy Racer is renowned for driving change in the rapidly growing industry. They have championed females in eSports, content creation in the Arab world and own the leading teams in Europe, Middle East and South East Asia and now are set to invest heavily in growing the Australian gaming market.   “Australia is generally underrepresented in eSports, but it has enormous potential. Australians are a culture of sports lovers. To generate interest, we are staking the largest independent prize pool ever offered to Australian amateurs!” said CEO of Galaxy Racer, Paul Roy.   “With this event, Galaxy Racer is officially announcing its entry into Australia, but not just with Fortnite. We are investing in the entire esports ecosystem of Oceania, just as it did in the Middle East, South East Asia and Europe, building some of the biggest teams and players worldwide...” said Mr. Roy.     Amateur Qualifier Event Normally high-profile tournaments are restricted to professional teams. The Galaxy Racer tournament however will reward 10 teams the right to qualify to play against the professionals.     The qualifier event will be run on April 18th. To register for the event, players can visit The entry instructions are on the pinned tweet.     Key Event Dates   18th April: Open Public Qualifiers - Top 33 Teams get into Semi-Finals - NOT STREAMED   20th April: Semi-Finals - Top 33 Teams will compete for 10 Spots in Finals - STREAMED   21st April: Grand Finals:  STREAMED LIVE -        Top 10 teams from public + top 20 invited teams     How to Watch The competition is free to stream on Galaxy Racers Twitch Channel -     Tournament Commentators Popular online personalities Aussie Antics & Coach Timmy are commentating the event, bringing expert comments to the highly knowledgeable fans, and making it more accessible and understandable to those viewing for the first time.   The tournament is also supported by Cano Scrims who is promoting it within the Australian gaming community.     eSports is booming during COVID-19 eSports has boomed during the pandemic, with Twitch & YouTube seeing over 20% growth in viewership hours. The eSports industry is worth $1.1 billion and is projected to increase to $1.8+ billion by 2022.   Money is flooding into the emerging industry, fueling the rapid expansion. In 2019, the worlds top five Dota 2 players earned more than Novak Djokovic ($3.1 Million v.s 3 Million)!   Rank Game Overall Prize Pool (Millions) 1 Dota 2 223.3 2 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 95.5 3 Fortnite 85.2 4 League of Legends 74.6 5 StarCraft II 32.8 6 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 21.7 7 Overwatch 21.6 8 Hearthstone 21 9 Heroes of the Storm 18.1 10 Arena of Valor 14.6     Future Investments “Watch this space!” said Paul Roy, CEO of Galaxy Racer. “This is the first investment of many in the Oceanic region. Galaxy Racer are committed to growing the Esports ecosystem in the Oceanic region”     About Galaxy Racer Galaxy Racer are pioneers of eSports within the changing entertainment landscape. They heavily invest in growing the sport by funding teams, developing talent and content creators.   Committed to the game, dominators of the field, inspiring creators – Galaxy Racer (GXR) is not only one of the fastest-growing Esports organizations around the globe, but also has the biggest content creator presence in the Arab Speaking World and Asia. Spread across a diverse international roster of 12 teams and 20+ Content Creators with over 70 Million Reach, boasting professionals from 22 countries, GXR strives to be the central hub for all manner of gamers. Since its introduction to the competitive gaming scene in 2019, the team has already established top global ranking status across in the biggest games of the scene, including CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, and PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, Rocket League and Fortnite. What is white labelling? 2021-04-12T14:09:36Z what-is-white-labeling-wildjar-1 You may be unfamiliar with the term ‘white labelling’, but familiar with the concept. Many industries, from grocery retailers to IT services, use white labelling as a means of selling goods or services that are produced elsewhere under their own brand. The term was derived from the process of “whiting out” text on a piece of paper so that it can be re-written. An example of white labelling can be found at your local supermarket. Many of the products on shelf are manufactured at the same facility, but are sold under different brand names. Supermarket home brands are some of the most common - they pay for a product to be manufactured, but put their own label on it. Why? Aside from the obvious cost benefit, it is almost impossible for one entity to have the production capabilities for every single product it sells. Companies outsource their manufacturing to entities that do have the appropriate resources, saving them time and money and allowing them to focus on growing other areas of their business. The same concept applies to digital software. Developing your own company-branded software or portal requires extensive testing, funding and skills that many agencies simply don’t have. With so many solutions already available, it makes sense to take advantage of white labelling.  Benefits Of White Labelling Building Credibility Consistent branding is crucial, particularly when it comes to digital marketing. Agencies need to present a cohesive image to clients; and that’s where white labelling comes into play. Having your branding on reports and portals can strengthen your business’ credibility and improve brand awareness. More Services If your services are currently limited to in-house, purchasing third-party software can allow your business to expand its offerings. Think targeted campaigns, improved client data and seamless integrations. It’s all about investing in the right resources to ensure your business runs smoothly. Customer Loyalty Build customer loyalty by offering solutions they can access. Improve your client retention with a range of services, minimising their need to look elsewhere. Each time a customer accesses your services, they’ll be met with consistency - allowing them to return time and time again. Added Support In an ideal world, technology operates perfectly 100% of the time. Realistically, that’s not always the case. Purchasing white label software comes with the buffer of troubleshooting support from the developer, saving you the worry when something goes wrong. High Quality Companies that create software that is available for white labelling invest the time, energy and resources into developing high-quality solutions, so you don’t have to. White labelling is an industry in itself, with companies taking advantage of advances in technology to ensure their software is competitive. Ensure your clients have access to high-quality solutions by investing in white labelling.  Finding the right solution  At WildJar, we provide advanced software solutions that are easy to use, so you can focus more on building your business. With seamless integration available to collate your existing resources, it’s simpler to generate, track and implement strategies to keep your business ticking. Our call tracking platform was built with Agencies in mind. All of our Agency plans come with a whitelabel solution, using your own branded URL, logos and colour scheme to fit your brand. Our channel partner program is the easiest and quickest way to deliver a cutting edge call tracking solution to your clients, whilst generating an additional revenue stream for your business. Book a demo today and find out why more businesses worldwide are turning to WildJar for their business solutions. 50mm Cast Tow Bar Receiver - now Australian Made 2021-04-10T10:35:31Z 50mm-cast-tow-bar-receiver-now-australian-made 50mm Cast Tow Bar Receiver Couplemate's 50mm cast tow bar receiver is Made in Australia for Australian conditions. Covid-19 has provided an ideal environment to enhance Australian Made parts produced by Couplemate. Many Australian companies have experienced unusual extended production times from overseas manufacturers. Delays in shipping have frustrated many Australian companies importing goods for sale within Australia. Further, many customers were inverting the receiver arm in an effort to gain height. Inconsistent welding of this important product often caused breakages or separation between the tongue and the box section. As a result, we concluded that fabricated receiver bars could cause an unsafe situation in some circumstances. The main image above shows 1/2 of a receiver casting die. Yes, it is quite expensive to produce goods in Australia. We think Australian jobs are worth the expense. Receiver Design The tow bar receiver is also known as a hitch. In Australia, hitches are designed to withstand static loads according to the tow bar rating. Fabricated hitches may pass stratic tests in both a normal and inverted position. As a result, cast hitches are used in an inverted position even allowing for shock loading events. Given the opportunity for human error in fabrication, Couplemate decided to manufacture a cast model to build in an extra safety factor. Shock loading events up to 3 times the coupling loading places extreme forces onto fabricated hitches. The robotic welding looks strong enough at first glance. However, changes in ambient temperature and humidity must be compensated by the operator. In many cases, this does not occur, because the operator is untrained. Further, no batch testing or product testing exists on many imported products. Australian Made New Australian made products start on the drawing board. You can image from the tooling profile above, design and tooling for new products are easy. In fact, it is quite difficult. The first batch saw a tooling change that imprinted useful customer information into the casting die. The first hitch Couplemate produced was a 50mm drop model. The 100mm drop model is currently in production. Thes model suit a standard 50mm Australian towball. Further, also in the product are 70mm towball models that suit 50mm and 100mm drop. These Australian products replace products that were previously imported. Find further information on cast towbar hitches below 50mm Cast Tow Bar Receiver – Australian Made 70mm Towbar Receiver Hitch Kits What Deals are on offer? Couplemate offers deals to resellers and occasionally to retail buyers. Contact the Company for wholesale quantity buy prices.   Renowned StretchLab Franchise Arrives in Australia 2021-04-09T00:46:38Z renowned-stretchlab-franchise-arrives-in-australia-1 Having taken America by storm, one-on-one assisted stretching brand, StretchLab, is now set to arrive in Australia. Boutique Fitness Studios, the Master Franchise Ownership group behind CycleBar, announced today that they have partnered with former AFL player Tory Dickson and professional cricketer James Pattinson to bring StretchLab, a unique assisted stretching franchise, Down Under.  The franchise will cater to the growing demand for wellness services, which has seen a worldwide surge following the coronavirus pandemic. Owned by Xponential Fitness, a curator of leading boutique fitness brands, StretchLab has become one of the group’s fastest-growing brands over the last three years, with more than 300 studio franchises awarded. The concept offers customised assisted stretch sessions with trained FlexologistsⓇ who are trained in StretchLab’s proprietary material. The sessions provide an easy, quick and much-needed solution to the growing awareness among consumers for the importance of recovery to everyone – regardless of how active they are.  Matt Gordin, CEO of Boutique Fitness Studios, immediately recognised StretchLab as an exciting business model and an affordable entry into franchise ownership for Australians.  “The unique beauty of this concept is that it complements almost every other fitness brand out there. It’s adding value rather than creating competition. The franchise opportunity is an affordable, scalable way for entrepreneurs of all types to bring a proven and sustainable business model to their market. It also aligns perfectly with our ethos to encourage fluid mobility and positive energy and wellbeing in the community. It hits the target in every way,” he said.  Dickson and Pattison were motivated to invest following their own experience with remedial stretch, its myriad wellness benefits, and the franchise’s prolific growth across the US.   “Throughout my sporting career, I’ve experienced first-hand the role stretching can play to mitigate and recover from injury. It is no surprise this concept has taken off overseas. I’m looking forward to it succeeding here as a business and as a tool to help achieve or maintain individual well-being,” said Pattinson. “The buzz around personal wellness is now huge and only getting bigger. The relevance and appeal of stretching are so widespread, making it a great investment. From elite sportspeople and amateur athletes to ageing bodies and people who understand the benefits of maintaining positive, fluid movement, StretchLab caters to all,” said Dickson.   The first StretchLab opens in Currambine, WA, mid this year with direct involvement from stretch guru Brad Walker, the original Course Creator and Chief Stretch Adviser for the StretchLab Flexologist Training Program.  To learn more about the StretchLab franchise opportunity, please contact Matt Gordin, or visit