The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-10-29T01:50:38Z WATERCOLOUR PAINTING by JOHN ANDERSEN HAS BEEN SELECTED by BUNDABERG REGIONAL ART GALLERY for HERE & NOW ART EXHIBITION 2020-10-29T01:50:38Z watercolour-painting-by-john-andersen-has-been-selected-by-bundaberg-regional-art-gallery-for-here-amp-now-art-exhibition FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Woodgate Beach artist John Andersen has one of his wonderful semi-abstract watercolour paintings selected by a panel of art experts to participate in the 2020 Here and Now Art Exhibition. His work together with the works of twenty seven other artists was chosen from a highly competitive lineup. The Here and Now Art Exhibition showcases the many talents of local Bundaberg artists. "I'm very excited about the opportunity to exhibit my work at this Super Important Art Exhibition" commented John. "My purpose as an artist is to create art that will challenge the viewers mind and I am honored to participate in an event which aligns so closely with my personal goals of promoting vibrant local art in the Bundaberg region" said John. You can see John's semi-abstract painting titled "Harbourside Walk" in the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery from October 30th 2020 through to January 31, 2021.  For further information about John Andersen's work please visit his Website , Facebook or Instagram NSW Hospital pioneers mental health strategy for frontline staff 2020-10-28T00:29:02Z nsw-hospital-pioneers-mental-health-strategy-for-frontline-staff October is National Mental Health Month. With a rapidly growing need to support the mental health of frontline healthcare workers, Liverpool Hospital has launched a creative and artistic initiative to tackle the challenge. Titled 'The Healing Hospital Arts Project – Creating Wellbeing Environments,' the Hospital has filled the walls of the Mental Health Unit and the nearby Children’s Ward with curated local art that changes every three months. In short, the Hospital has become a dynamic gallery. The project just experienced its first rotation, with the Spring 2020 Collection now on display featuring a total of 33 artworks from 6 local artists, covering themes of community, imagination, and spring warmth. “By bringing the visual arts into the Hospital, it has created an extraordinary environment and has transformed the experience of countless patients, visitors and staff,” said Dallas Rae, Allied Health Director, Mental Health. Miriam Cabello, Resident Health and Arts Consultant and lead of the Project, is responsible for introducing the curatorial and educational model that connects art with health. "Based on the success of the program to date, our vision is now to transform all Hospitals in the South West Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD) into similar 'Wellbeing Environments',” Ms Cabello said. “Our aim is to be a leader in providing innovative art and healing programs that address mental health and wellbeing." And there’s scientific evidence to back this up. The World Health Organisation recently concluded that art plays a major role in improving health and wellbeing, with some studies showing that art-enriched environments can reduce stress by 15%. Furthermore, places that exhibit art encourages self-reflection and group communication, all of which facilitate the therapeutic and healing process. "The Healing Hospital Arts Project has really brightened up the community waiting room and corridors. Everybody loves it, and I often hear conversations amongst staff and consumers about which are their favourites," said Dr Claire Jones, Director, Mental Health. “These initiatives make a genuine impact and renews our focus on wellbeing, while also supporting local artists and the local community.” For artists, this opportunity has been equally rewarding. Reena Naidu, an artist on display during the Winter 2020 exhibition, had this to say: “Having gone through hard times in my own life I know what it is like to experience the stress, sadness and trauma that comes through life’s challenges and knowing that I can contribute to someone’s happiness and uplift them.” The program is sponsored by Australian arts social enterprise ColourSpace Gallery, that have spent the past couple of years transforming the offices of the Reserve Bank of Australia, the Victorian Governor Solicitor’s Office, and various corporate spaces into galleries. In doing so, they have contributed over $50k to local emerging artists. All artworks are displayed for sale, with 75% of all sales going directly back to artists. “Regularly changing artwork is a simple way of constantly creating fresh, dynamic spaces for people to be in,” says Scott Ko, Founder of ColourSpace Gallery. “These changes can continuously trigger a sense of relief and escapism, that improves mental health for staff and patients alike.” ---------------------------------------- For interviews with Miriam Cabello or Scott Ko, or for a suite of higher res images, please contact Scott on 0433 403 044 or Photographer Tim Elwin unveils Dawn Rising 2020-10-28T00:02:30Z photographer-tim-elwin-unveils-dawn-rising Manly, New South Wales: Acclaimed Photographer Tim Elwin (Urban Ripples) presents Dawn Rising, a stunning exhibition where the surreal is real as photography takes a step towards abstract paintings. He transcends visual art in a calming, yet inspirational space which can only be captured from within the ocean at dawn, whilst still dark, waiting and watching for the sun to peak its head over the horizon. The series will be unveiled at Manly Life Saving Club in Sydney from 18th November to 24th November as an associated exhibitor of Head On Photo Festival.    “I am so very proud for my art to be recognized by the worlds’ second largest photography festival, Head On Photo Festival as it reinforces the strength of my work and the emotions I am trying to encapsulate” - Tim Elwin   Tim applies biophilic properties, colour phycology, blue space and salt water therapy theories to his art in order to evoke specific emotions that drive specific behaviours. With his art adorning private walls and workplaces around the globe, has a goal to donate this type of art into all public hospitals rooms to help calm an otherwise stressful environment for trauma patients, hospital staff and visitors. Tim achieves this through his social initiative   Dawn Rising is an associated exhibition of Head On Photo Festival 2020  More information visit &   Full 2020 program  EXHIBITION DETAILS   DATE:              Wednesday 18th - Tuesday 24th November 2020 LOCATION:     Manly Life Saving Club (upstairs)                          South Steyne (Cnr Ashburner Street)                          Manly NSW 2095   OPEN TIMES:  10:30am-5pm Every Day COST:              FREE ENTRY   To ensure we work with Covid19 venue restrictions, we have created a viewing time booking system via We use the Service NSW COVIDSafe app to register all guests upon arrival and please note your temperature will be taken                             ABOUT THE ARTIST Tim Elwin, an Australian Accredited Professional Photographer will be found mostly floating out at sea in the dark hours of dawn either with his camera, wishing he had his surfboard, or with his surfboard, wishing he had my camera. Thankful to be alive but left disabled from a horrific motorcycle accident in 2018, Tim’s connection with the water pushed him through rehabilitation to get him back on his feet & back into the water doing what he loves best, shooting the sunrise & those people who brave the often cold & windy waters at dawn to start their day in the most vigorous of ways!   Since getting back to his photography after the accident, Tim has received many accolades including Surf Visuals 2020 - TOP 50 Surf Photographers, Capture Magazine 2020 - Top Emerging Landscape Photographers (Australasia), Australian Professional Photography Awards 2020 - Top 25 Newcomer, The Mono Award 2020 - Highly Recommended and Fine Art Photography Awards 2020 - Seascape Nominee   Tim represents his art through his label Urban Ripples (   ABOUT PRINTFORPRINT.CO Printforprint is a social initiative donating calming art into Australian public hospital rooms to combat mental health issues. By creating images with purpose using the all empowering sunrise and the sky’s natural biophilic colours, the images evoke specific emotions & behaviours in which calm the mind. Installed into hospital rooms, this art helps support mental health in trauma patients and hospital staff. was born after the founder, Tim Elwin, spent months in hospitals & a wheelchair after a horrific motor accident on his back unable to do much but stare at a blank hospital wall. An image in his mind kept his focus on recovery instead of depression. The image was of a sunrise at dawn from with the ocean. The soothing colours, silky waters and the memory of how the cool salt water felt on his skin made him determined to get back to it.   After researching Tim found his answer as to why this image supported his recovery so well. The specific colours from dawn, the ocean, the connection with salt water and it benefits to creating happiness for those who frequent it. This specific biophilic environment was a perfect balance for the right headspace and to positively influence human behaviour.  If Tim can give even one person a window into the dawns he experiences and put them even slightly onto the same path, he has achieved the success he’d set out for.     ABOUT HEAD ON Head On Photo Festival is a world-leading photography festival based in Sydney presented by the not-for-profit Head On Foundation. Each year Head On curates, produces and promotes exhibitions and events by hundreds of emerging and established photographers from around the world. Through its annual competitions, Head On has awarded over $700,000 in cash and prizes to photographers across the globe. Work for exhibitions is selected without the photographers’ names ensuring submissions are considered on visual merit alone, upholding Head On's commitment to integrity, inclusivity and equality.     Innovative and forward-thinking, Head On was the first in the world to deliver a photo festival entirely online overcoming COVID restrictions.     Inspiration and innovation, story-telling and imagination, Head On filters photography down to its finest.   MEDIA CONTACT   Media enquiries for Tim Elwin, Urban Ripples; Tim Elwin 0411 727267   Media enquiries for Head On Photo Festival; Megan Bentley, Articuate PR 0452 214 611 QUICK-THINKING COVID PIVOT SAVED LOCAL EVENT BUSINESS 2020-10-27T23:37:57Z quick-thinking-covid-pivot-saved-local-event-business When Melbourne’s first restrictions were introduced on March 13th, Woohah Productions, an audio visual production house located in Braeside, made a decision that would transform the way they work and ultimately keep the 19-year-old business on its feet throughout the pandemic. It was estimated that cancellations in the Australian events sector would account for a $35 billion loss to the economy in 12 months and more than 92,000 jobs. With the odds stacked against them, Woohah Productions founder, Arosh Fernando, made a call that would pivot Woohah Productions into the world of front-facing event management and position the company as a leader in hybrid and virtual events throughout the pandemic. Back in March, it took four days for Arosh and his team to create Studio45, one of the largest ready to use broadcast studios in Melbourne. Through Studio45, Woohah Productions was able to pivot an upcoming client event on the brink of cancellation, the Arnold Sports Festival, into a hybrid ticketed event that streamed online to over 3,000 viewers worldwide. In under a week, Arosh and his team had undertaken an incredible feat and the Arnold Sports Festival was the beginning of a new era of events for Woohah Productions. Over the coming months, Studio45 hosted a range of hybrid and virtual events from corporate conferences, award ceremonies, Easter Sunday church services, music performances, and virtual fashion show conferences for clients such as 7/11, Victorian State Government, Jaggad, Hype DC, Accent Group, Mushroom Group, Sunglass Hut/OPSM, Woolworths Group, and Carlisle Home. When Stage 4 lockdown hit Melbourne in August, Arosh and the team had to leave Studio45 and take their event business totally virtual. By solving client problems and generating innovative solutions, the team created the Kasō virtual event platform, which hosted virtual conferences and award ceremonies through the use of 3D architectural programs and integrating with video-sharing platforms like Zoom. In these branded virtual worlds, attendees could explore different rooms, watch speeches, visit exhibitor/ sponsor stands, play games, and engage with other attendees through chat and video links. In total, since initial restrictions began, the team has hosted over 88 virtual/ live events, connecting over 81,000 people from 104 countries across the globe. With Australia beginning to move out of restrictions, Arosh believes that virtual and hybrid events will still stick around for a while to come. “We’ve been truly overwhelmed by the response Studio45 and our virtual event platform has had during the pandemic. It’s not only enabled Woohah Productions to stay on our feet, but we’ve been able to collaborate with other companies in the event space to keep their teams working too,” says Woohah Productions’ founder, Arosh Fernando. “As the country, and Victoria in particular, starts to re-open and physical events begin to make a comeback, we believe that virtual and hybrid events will still play a vital role in our company moving forward. We’re finding that companies who are investing in upcoming events are looking to mitigate risks and by creating hybrid and virtual events they’re setting up a fool-proof contingency plan. We’re proud to be bridging the gap and providing virtual experiences that are fun, interactive, and engaging and can be attended from anywhere in the world.” ENDS For further information about Woohah Productions, or to interview founder, Arosh Fernando about his COVID pivot and the innovative work the team is doing, please get in touch: Megan Chambers || KANIKA BATRA 's NEW CRIME THRILLER A HONEYTRAP 2020-10-26T22:19:41Z kanika-batra-s-new-crime-thriller-a-honeytrap NEW CRIME THRILLER A HONEYTRAP # AUTHOR IS TED BUNDY EXPERT. INTERVIEW HER! # FEMALE TED BUNDY MEETS TED BUNDY IN REAL TIME Ted Bundy wasn’t the only serial killer in Seattle in the early 70’s as true crime weaves one of the world’s most evil murderers into true fiction with Sydney author Kanika Batra’s debut novel, HONEYTRAP introducing a female serial killer who will leave you sleepless in Seattle! Honeytrap is a psychological thriller that intersects with historically accurate true crime. The anti-heroine by Maris Caldwell is a bisexual serial killer and hotel heiress who operates in Seattle in 1974, during the time of Ted Bundy’s reign of terror. They develop a relationship, and all events relating to Ted have been heavily researched and are precisely reported by the author who is an expert on all things Ted Bundy. The controversial novel is so full of killings it may make your stomach turn. It definitely did that to some of the characters in the book which features multiple killings, slaughter and bloodshed of men , women, a child and even a dog. Honeytrap is not for the fainthearted due to the heinous nature of the crimes involved.  It’s far stronger than anything James Patterson, David Baldacci and Dan Brown could come up with in their most fanciful dreams. Kanika Batra, who is a Ted Bundy expert, says “ I’ve worked on this novel for five years and have undertaken hundreds of hours of research into the mind, crimes and motives of Ted and I believe I can offer a new perspective to devout true crime fans everywhere. Ted Bundy has always drawn interest; a charismatic, handsome law student who managed to kill 35 women (or potentially more) in his spare time is unfathomable to people, and they to seek to understand him. There has been another surge of popularity as of late, particularly due to the movie “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile” starring Zac Efron and the Ted Bundy Tapes on Netflix. I would like to offer these audiences the knowledge I have gained from reading every book, watching every documentary, speaking to the actual police officers that handled his case back in King County in 1974, connecting with friends and members of his family and listening to hours of conversations between Ted and Stephen Michaud/Hugh Aynesworth in a palatable and riveting manner. Honeytrap will be released on Friday 13thth November, retails for $29.95 and is available now for pre order at TO INTERVIEW KANIKA BATRA , to receive review copies email or call Max Markson 0412 4501 601. ABOUT KANIKA BATRA Kanika Batra is an actress, model, operatic singer and author and has been a finalist in Miss Universe New Zealand, Miss World Australia and Miss Jetset International. Kanika has a substantial following on Instagram (@kanikabatra), Facebook (@kanikarosebatra) and snapchat   Max Markson 0412501601 Hitting horses is abhorrent 2020-10-26T19:58:02Z hitting-horses-is-abhorrent The Editor, Dear Editor, The scenes of Friday’s anti-lockdown protests with police on horseback in the middle of angry crowds, was upsetting to see. The people who hit horses in the face with flagpoles should unquestionably be prosecuted for animal cruelty, but horses have nothing to do with human conflicts and should never have been there in the first place. Watching horses flinch from a stick felt like a prescient reminder of Melbourne’s next public holiday: the Melbourne Cup Carnival. In this grotesque event, sensitive horses –who can feel a fly land on their skin—are repeatedly whipped to run faster. Juvenile horses are forced on the tracks, despite their skeletons not being developed for such exhausting work. Horses are fed a cocktail of drugs to run through their injuries and push their exhausted bodies to the finish line. As a result, many horses are injured—and die—on the track. In the last racing year, 116 horses died on Australian racetracks, as a result of injured limbs and broken bones. Horses forced to race can also suffer from stomach ulcers and bleed from the lungs. Unlike the scenes we witnessed at the Shrine, all of that abuse is entirely legal. Let’s show that we care for all horses—none of whom asked to be involved in human violence. We can say “Nup to the Cup” and instead choose peaceful pursuits on November 2’s public holiday. Mimi Bekhechi Campaigns Strategist People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PO Box 20308 World Square Sydney, NSW, 2002 (08) 8556-5828 GETASMURF – Leading Seller of Online CSGO Smurf Accounts 2020-10-20T16:45:49Z getasmurf-leading-seller-of-online-csgo-smurf-accounts People looking to play CSGO ranked matches online, or even normal matches on servers require a CSGO account that is fully functioning. However, CSGO accounts are not easy to come by ever since Steam has put in place some stellar, security features. For anyone who’s looking to play on a new profile would need to set up a new account from scratch. This is one of the only steps available to people in order to get CS GO ranked accounts. However, this is not quite feasible to all since it’s a very lengthy and tedious process in reality. Instead, people can just go forward and buy CS GO smurf ranked accounts or level 2 CSGO accounts depending on if they want to start from a certain rank, or recalibrate again. With GETASMURF CSGO Accounts, you can easily buy one to satisfy any particular need of yours related to the world of CSGO. Our clients receive all of the very best services from our team in getting help to recalibrate, or play at a rank higher or lower than their actual one’s. You will be able to use the CSGO accounts you buy from the moment it’s handed over to you. There’s no delay whatsoever from the initiation of the order to the end. ·         Our team at GETASMURF guarantees the best batch of accounts and reliable services for your comfort. Our team has skilled, well-informed users and players who are able to cater to any need of yours, in whichever particular detail or matter you need. ·         We offer the opportunity to buy CSGO Prime Account to our customers. They can use these prime accounts to directly start queuing in the prime matchmaking pool, and not in the normal one. We recommend our clientele to buy prime accounts from us to avoid the hackers or trolls they may find in the non-prime servers. ·         There’s no risk involved when initiating a transaction with us. GETASMURF is a legitimate and well established online shop that provides a one-stop solution to all those who require to buy CS GO smurf ranked accounts for themselves or for their friends. For those who are unhappy with their current rank, can take advantage of our solution to it. They can choose to buy level 2 CSGO accounts from our website and enter the rank calibration process again. This is highly beneficial to you if you want to calibrate at a higher rank, or a rank of your pleasing at any point of your gaming tenure. About the Company: GETASMURF is a strong and successful competitor in the face of other such account-selling websites. They provide budget-friendly services for players who can’t afford to buy accounts from other smurf account websites for CSGO. Our aim is to provide cheaper but reliable alternatives to buy csgo accounts in the CS market as compared to others. The user-friendly experience GETASMURF proudly offers will encourage the CSGO gaming community to not resort to other programs or games, but to only play without any problems or restrictions anymore.  For more information, please visit: Quixote Music’s Joseph Fermán Releases “La Vida” Single 2020-10-19T19:50:28Z quixote-music-s-joseph-ferman-releases-la-vida-single Quixote Music Salvadoran recording artist Joseph Fermán has officially dropped his third single, which is now his first record released on a worldwide basis. Fermán (who is a multi-lingual artist that has the ability to sing in Spanish, French, English, and Portuguese) currently resides in California, which is where he wrote and recorded “La Vida” as a testimony to living life to its fullest and his unquestioning belief that God will guide us during these troubled times.  Inspired by events he experienced while here in the USA during the Covid-19 pandemic, this music was the method used to relate to individual health concerns that Joseph, his friends, and acquaintances were forced to suffer through and either endure or die from. The track was arranged by Angel Castaños and features renowned accordionist Julian Rojas.   The three collaborators blended Salvadoran and Colombian styles of music that employ cumbia vallenata rhythms and salsa influences. Sung entirely in Spanish, “La Vida” is already in heavy rotation at many radio stations in Joseph Fermán’s native country of El Salvador. It has become very popular there across the board by impacting multiple demographic groups with its message calling for solidarity amongst all the people who have suffered this disease and to those who lost loved ones because of it. Quixote Music has now set the wheels in motion and presently endeavors to cross-market this record throughout North America.  A North American radio and press campaign has now been launched to promote “La Vida”. Latin and World Music radio broadcasters are in the process of being serviced with Joseph Fermán’s current single as are entertainment publications from north to south and coast to coast. The official adding to radio rotation playlists date is slated for the week of November 9, 2020. His music is available on most major retail and streaming platform sites. Additional personal appearances will be announced in the upcoming weeks. Mr. Fermán’s press kit will be provided upon request to all members of the media by contacting the representative listed below. He is presently available for interviews and/or appearances. Additional news, updates, and other information about upcoming events may also be found at Media Contact: Stevie B Mia Mind Music Phone: 800-843-8575 Email: MARVEL Super War Esports Takes Off In Australia 2020-10-15T05:31:11Z marvel-super-war-esports-takes-off-in-australia Sydney, Australia, 5 October 2020 - After a weekend of mobile MOBA action, one team has emerged as the champions of ESL Australia’s recent MARVEL Super War launch tournament series. The team, “PT2” defeated competitors from across Australia & New Zealand online in matches of Marvel’s first mobile MOBA title, MARVEL Super War. Overall Champions - PT2: MrEggplant (Australia) Kyo (Australia) lequadz (Australia) Rancid (Australia) RebirthAnarchy (Australia) Team captain Victor “MrEggplant” K. said this about the tournament: “It feels great to come out on top amongst some strong competition. Thanks to ESL for running such an event, I hope to see MARVEL Super War esports continue to get bigger here.” “After an incredible showing recently by other Oceanic Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) teams overseas, like Legacy Esports, there’s never been a better time to be competing in the MOBA scene here.” Said Ben Green, Publisher Development Lead at ESL. “We’re excited to watch these teams continue their journey in competitive MARVEL Super War, and congratulate all players that took part in our launch tournament series.” ### For media assets, please click here: For all media enquiries, please contact:  Alex Blaikie | PR Manager, ESL Australia |*MARVEL Super War is currently available in countries and regions including South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, and India. This game is not a global release title. About Marvel Entertainment Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of more than 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media for over eighty years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing, publishing, games, and digital media. For more information visit © 2020 MARVEL About NetEase Games NetEase Games is the online games division of NetEase, Inc.(NASDAQ:NTES), developing and operating some of the most popular PC-client and mobile games in China. As one of the world's largest incubators of quality online game content, NetEase Games is dedicated to supporting the growth of innovative studios around the globe and growing an international presence along the way. To complement its self-developed games and world-class R&D capabilities, NetEase Games also partners with other industry leaders, including Blizzard Entertainment, Mojang AB (a Microsoft subsidiary), and other global game developers to operate some of the most popular international online games in China.About ESL  ESL is the world’s largest esports company. Founded in 2000, ESL has been shaping the industry across the most popular video games with numerous online and offline esports competitions. The company operates high profile, branded international leagues and tournaments under the ESL Pro Tour including ESL One, Intel® Extreme Masters, ESL Pro League, and other premier stadium-size tournaments, to more clearly define the path from zero to hero. ESL also produces the ESL National Championships, grassroots amateur cups, and matchmaking systems, creating a world where everybody can be somebody. With offices all over the world, ESL is leading esports innovation on a global scale through the combination of global ESL competitions, amateur leagues, publisher activations, and more. ESL is a part of MTG, the leading international digital entertainment group. WINTON’S WAY OUT WEST FESTIVAL FULL ARTIST LINEUP ANNOUNCEMENT 2020-10-14T06:39:57Z winton-s-way-out-west-festival-full-artist-lineup-announcement Get ready for one of Queensland’s most anticipated music festivals.  After a 12-month pause, the iconic Winton’s Way Out West Festival will return bigger than ever in April 2021 with a star-studded all-Aussie line-up, bringing more than 100 Australian artists and musicians together for six incredible days and nights of entertainment across seven venues in one of the world’s most unique outback locations.  Winton in Central West Queensland has shaped the nation with a love of country music and the beautiful Aussie Outback. Next April, the birthplace of QANTAS and Waltzing Matilda will come alive once again to host a myriad of entertainment that celebrates its roots in classic Australiana. Way Out West will be held during the Easter school holidays (Tuesday 6th – Sunday 11th April, 2021), kicking off on Waltzing Matilda Day and continuing into the weekend with a roaring curated program of entertainment to complement the stunning sunsets and iconic Aussie scenery that has brought Winton to the world stage of iconic destinations. The weekend main stage headline performances feature some of Australia’s biggest names in music.  Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and have a look at the awesome line-up… Lee Kernaghan, Sheppard, Daryl Braithwaite, Busby Marou, The Wolfe Brothers, Beccy Cole, Adam Harvey, Sara Storer, Casey Barnes, The Bushwackers, Anne Kirkpatrick, Pete Cullen & The Hurt, Linc Phelps Music, Pete Denahy, Joy McKean, The Hillbilly Goats, Jeff Brown, Greg Storer, DEAN PERRETT MUSIC, Gretta Ziller, Megan Cooper, Small Town Romance, Tracy Coster, Keith Jamieson, Raechel Whitchurch, VIC KENA MUSIC, SaltbushSix, Allan Cameron, Andy Toombs, Bush Balladeers and Cake & Cordial Sessions. See the full program here! “Winton’s Way Out West Fest has quickly become a must on the annual calendar for travellers and lovers of great music.” Says Winton Shire Mayor Gavin Baskett. “A road trip to the outback for the WWOWF in 2021 is the perfect way to help kick start our region’s tourist season and economy. Of course, we will be following the guidance provided by governments to ensure the safety of all patrons with regard to Covid-19. However, as we have not had any recorded cases to date, the Queensland Outback will be a very popular destination as restrictions are progressively lifted. So get in early, secure your tickets and start planning for an outback adventure in Winton.” Visitors are also encouraged to take time to experience this very special part of outback Australia, take in the breathtaking surroundings and enjoy the friendly atmosphere as the whole town celebrates its unique history. Winton is one of the world’s most unique locations, bringing travellers from near and far to take part in world-renowned birdwatching, embark on self-drive outback adventures, and fossick for opals in Queensland’s Opal Capital.  Check out things to do in Winton. Also known as the Dinosaur Capital of Australia, Winton is home to the world’s largest collection of Australian dinosaur fossils at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum. Learn the story of the Outback region at the award-winning Waltzing Matilda Centre, assemble a band to play the musical fence, or simply sit back and enjoy the music. Along with an extended festival program, the schedule of events family-friendly entertainment will include a series of uniquely curated offerings held in the historic Winton Shire Hall and the wonderfully rustic Royal Open-Air Theatre, including: ·         The Salute to Waltzing Matilda, a special concert held on the annual day the Shire of Winton celebrates the history and impact of Banjo Patterson’s “Waltzing Matilda”, which was first performed at Winton’s North Gregory Hotel in 1895. ·         The finest gathering of Australian musical story-tellers at the Aussie Bush Balladeers Show, inspired by the works of classical Aussie poets such as Banjo Patterson and Henry Lawson, featuring iconic songs such as ‘When the Rain Tumbles down in July’, ‘Lights on the Hill’, and ‘By a Fire of Gidgee Coal’. ·         The screening of a new-release documentary ‘SLIM & I’ which will be accompanied by a special performance by Small Town Romance which features three generations of Slim and Joy’s family, followed by a live Q&A with celebrated songwriter Joy McKean; the daughter of Slim & Joy, Anne Kirkpatrick, and Anne’s son and daughter-in-law, James Arneman and Flora Smith. “I’m really excited to be performing at Winton’s Way Out West Fest in 2021. Outback Queensland and in particular Winton, and Boulia, hold some very special memories for me of childhood days spent travelling and touring there with the Slim Dusty Show.” Anne Kirkpatrick reminisces, “I remember performing many times in the grand old Shire Hall at Winton, so it will be fantastic to be back there again and joined by my Mum Joy, son James and his wife, Flora. After being locked down for so long, it will be a real reason to celebrate live music again in the outback. I for one can’t wait for April." Tickets are on sale now with lots of hotel and camping options available as well as an exclusive VIP option. Grab your tickets here. See the VIP option. Check out the announcement video. Artist Info.  Event and Tourism Images. Facebook | Instagram | Website | Youtube For more information, please contact SueMacMedia: Sue McAullay / M: 0418 172 602 / E: Event organized by Winton Shire Council and Chandler Shaw Events  The race that endangers the nation 2020-10-13T11:13:00Z the-race-that-endangers-the-nation The Editor, Dear Editor, Melbourne residents have endured an interminable lockdown. There is finally light at the end of the tunnel, as we strive to avoid further lockdowns. So, why put this community sacrifice at risk, by allowing Melbourne Cup Carnival to go ahead? The Victoria Racing Club has declared that the Melbourne Cup will proceed this year, “as it has done” in previous years, and hopes to attract a crowd of up to 50,000 people. This will mean attendees ignoring social distancing as they crowd onto trains, cluster at bars, and marquees, crowd into selfies, hug friends, and scream at horses. Let’s not forget the other health risks—and deaths—connected to Melbourne Cup, even in a non-pandemic year. In the last racing year, 116 horses died after being forced to run and jump on hard-packed dirt, on ankles the size of a human’s. They suffered catastrophic injuries—including breaks and fractures of their forelegs—as well as cardiac issues, internal bleeding, and head trauma. This year, we craved our own liberties—while knowing there are good reasons for communal sacrifice. Let’s allow the horses their freedom, and avoid the cruelty and viral transmission risks that come with racing. Instead, we can boost the economy with entertainment featuring safe social distancing and consenting human performers, like outdoor theatre, musical concerts, dance, and comedy. Desmond Bellamy Special Projects Coordinator PETA Australia 1a Henderson St Northcote VIC 3070 0411 577 416 A North Shore drive-in cinema is hosting a fright-fest in time for Halloween 2020-10-13T04:21:39Z a-north-shore-drive-in-cinema-is-hosting-a-fright-fest-in-time-for-halloween A North Shore Drive-in Cinema is hosting a fright-fest in time for Halloween   13 October 2020   It’s the spooky season and the Sunset Cinema is presenting some spine tingling titles at our drive-in this month. What better location to get the hairs on your neck prickling than parked in the eerie shadows of the St Ives Showground. After bringing you outdoor cinemas across Australia for over 7 years, the Sunset Cinema drive-in is our new COVID-safe event for the North Shore community. Gates open at 6.30pm so be sure to get in before the sun goes down and the lights go out…. Why not whip out your devil horns, scariest monster costumes and bring your halloween party to us! Starting off our fright-fest is the dark fairytale of Edward Scissorhands, starring Johnny Depp, the classic from the imagination of Tim Burton for all lovers of the freaky and weird!  Putting a sinister spin on the superhero genre, new release, The New Mutants is set in a psychiatric facility where their new abilities are put to the test… but who will make it out alive? Think twice before leaving your car or wandering into the woods whilst you watch our Halloween horror double feature Scream and The Blair Witch Project. This terrifying combo is perfect for hiding under your blankets and scaring yourself silly this Halloween. Need fright night snacks? It’s easy to order at one of our delicious food trucks. We have Caminito and Miss Mabel’s serving up drool worthy hot food, whilst Le Van is making signature bone chilling sundaes. Not forgetting all the movie essentials like hot popcorn to complete your drive in experience. With excellent value of $50 plus booking fee (up to 8 people), fill up your car with your fellow movie lovers and come enjoy Sunset Drive In Ku-ring-gai this Halloween. For the full seasons programming and to secure tickets, visit Hurry! We’re expecting this to sell out! Photos & Logo available HERE You can follow us on Facebook or Instagram Internationally acclaimed Canberra-based glass artist transforms heartfelt memories into exclusive ‘Field of Poppies’ artwork 2020-10-13T00:36:27Z internationally-acclaimed-canberra-based-glass-artist-transforms-heartfelt-memories-into-exclusive-field-of-poppies-artwork Limited edition artworks available from Canberra Glassworks to commemorate Remembrance Day 2020This month sees the launch of ‘Field of Poppies’, a limited-edition series of glass artworks created to commemorate Remembrance Day on 11 November 2020 and available exclusively from Canberra Glassworks. When Canberra’s award-winning glass artist Kirstie Rea was approached by the Glassworks to create an object of remembrance, she began a personal and creative journey that resulted in a unique commission titled a ‘Field of Poppies’.Kirstie Rea, the winner of the 2019 Klaus Moje Glass Award, was inspired by her childhood memories of watching televised images of families visiting cemeteries full of white marble tombstones, where their fathers and grandfathers bravely fought at Gallipoli and on the Western Front.Each of the exclusive ‘Field of Poppies’ artworks is made from layers of glass containing specks of red glass scattered throughout to symbolise both tombstones and poppies. At the base of the handheld piece is a small section which can be hand engraved with a personalised message of remembrance, for example the name of a loved one or an important date.Each work is individually created and numbered and comes with a personally signed card wrapped together in a small section of 1942 grey blanket from the Second World War, nestled in a presentation box. “I found an old blanket in my studio with the original tag still on it and realised it was from the 1940s. I thought it would add an authentic touch to the artwork, so I cut it up into small sections; every piece comes with its own piece of history,” said Kirstie Rea. Kirstie continued: “It is really important to keep your memories close to you and with this object you can hold it in the palm of your hand, have a sense of touch and hold it close to your heart. The glass responds to your body heat and its weight enables you to hold it close to you, as with all heartfelt memories.”The Canberra-born artist holds this project very dear to her as the inspiration came from the memories of her Grandfathers’ experience in World War One.Julie Skate, CEO of Canberra Glassworks, comments: “We are delighted to be collaborating with Kirstie on her ‘Field of Poppies’ artworks. It provides the opportunity for people to own a unique and exquisite glass artwork to remember someone close to their heart.” The limited-edition ‘Field of Poppies’ artworks have a RRP of $240 and can be pre-ordered by visiting For interviews with Kirstie Rea or Julie Skate or for more information, please contact Emma Kirkaldy. Elmar’s 2020 Oktoberfest 2020-10-07T01:44:09Z elmar-s-2020-oktoberfest-brings-authentic-german-fun-to-the-swan-valley German Restaurant and Biergarten, Elmar’s In The Valley, brings Oktoberfest celebrations to the heart of the Swan Valley for the 15th concurrent year.  This year’s event takes place on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th October, with Sunday being a dedicated family day to ensure all ages can join in the fun. Since the inaugural event in 2006, Oktoberfest at Elmar’s In The Valley has become an annual highlight for those who appreciate great food, beer, music and general all-round good times. The team have been working tirelessly to ensure the safe delivery of this much-anticipated 2020 event, and it’s shaping up to be the perfect antidote to what has been a rather challenging year for everyone around the globe. From the huge Biergarten covering more than 2 acres, with shady gum trees, large terrace and a children’s playground, Elmar’s brings together a wonderful mix of music, traditional German Bier and BBQ, games, competitions and more. The event is strictly ticket only, with premium tickets for Saturday covering entry, one beer or soft drink and a famous Elmar’s Bratwurst with the works in a bun, as well as a piece of Oktoberfest attire to get you into the festival spirit. Tickets must be purchased in advance and cost $43.05. General admission tickets are also available for $28.73 and include one beer or soft drink. Saturday’s event is strictly 18+ and the fun starts at midday through till 6pm. There’s live music from  WA band, Moves Like Swagger, as well as the busking-style Oktoberfest band, the Polka Dots – who are guaranteed to get you up and dancing with their classic um-pa-pa sounds. Plus, Ben Merito will pump out some tunes during his DJ set. Our Märzen is the beer of day and is specially brewed for the event. Food is courtesy of a typical German BBQ, with Bratwurst galore, and this year, in addition to Elmar’s regular tap beers, wines, ciders and premix spirits, there’s also a cocktail bar. Entertainment is on-going throughout the event, from 12-6pm, with a best-dressed competition and loads of games for everyone to enjoy.  Sunday is Family Day Our family day is almost sold out! Family day takes place from 11am to 5pm and welcomes all ages to the biggest German festival in the Swan Valley. Children under 17 come free upon registration and adult tickets are only $11.86, which includes one original beer, glass of wine or soft drink. The day promises wall-to-wall family fun, as well the Oktoberfest beer - Märzen – served in 1-litre steins, an authentic German BBQ and music from the Polka Dots, Moves like Swagger and Ben Merito. Children of all ages can enjoy a variety of different games. They can also enjoy pony rides, face painting, a bouncy castle and a best-dressed competition. Children and adults alike can browse the many market stalls selling a variety of goods. With plenty of shaded areas, a children’s playground and loads of room to let off steam, everyone can party safely throughout the day in the biggest German Biergarten in the whole of the Swan Valley. Oktoberfest is a strictly ticketed event, with pre-purchase necessary. Ticket sales close at 08:00am on the day of the event. Tickets can be purchased online for the Oktoberfest 2020 event. About Elmar’s In The Valley Located in the idyllic surroundings of the Swan Valley, Elmar’s In The Valley is run by Elmar and Anette Dieran, a German couple who migrated to the region in 1987. Their authentic German restaurant serves authentic German food and bier from their on-site micro-brewery - one of the largest craft beer producers in the southern hemisphere. Since opening in 2005, Elmar’s In The Valley has become a much-loved venue for couples, families and groups, as well as being a vibrant location for events, such as weddings, festivals and social events. Find out more at New Sesame Street Special Elmo's Playdate: Scavenger Hunt Debuts on ABC Kids Sunday, October 11 2020-10-06T00:38:45Z new-sesame-street-special-elmo-s-playdate-scavenger-hunt-debuts-on-abc-kids-sunday-october-11 Spring is in full swing on Sesame Street! Elmo and his friends are back with new games, activities, and celebrity guests – all from the comfort of home – in a brand-new special, Elmo’s Playdate: Scavenger Hunt, created and produced by nonprofit educational organisation Sesame Workshop and available on ABC Kids, October 11, as well as ABC iview and ABC Kids app.   Silliness and surprise twists abound in the half-hour special, in which Elmo teams up with Abby Cadabby via video chat for a virtual scavenger hunt. Aided by Sesame Street friends Big Bird, Grover, Rosita, Oscar the Grouch, Bert and Ernie, Elmo’s dad Louie, and tiger Mr. Stripey, the duo invites children to join in the search for all seven items on their list using the printable worksheet linked here. Along the way, Monster Foodies’ Cookie Monster and Gonger whip up a tasty dessert, Amy Sedaris shares an easy craft the whole family can make, and Gabrielle Union leads Elmo and Abby in a sweet sing-along.   “Although spring and summer look different for many families this year, our Sesame Street characters once again show children that, with a little imagination, staying at home can still be fun,” said Whit Higgins, Vice President of International Media Distribution and Business Development, Sesame Workshop. “We’re grateful to our partners at ABC Kids for their continued support as we strive to meet the needs of children and families through learning and laughter in these challenging times.”   This special is the latest effort around the COVID-19 pandemic from Sesame Workshop. Through Caring For Each Other (, an initiative created by the Workshop in response to this crisis, families can access free resources specifically designed to provide comfort and manage anxiety, create routines, foster playful learning at home, and help children stay physically and mentally healthy.   Caring For Each Other is funded in part by Sesame Workshop’s new Critical Needs Response Fund, a crucial source of flexible funds designed to meet the urgent needs of children and families. Sesame Street content continues to be available via ABC Kids each weekday morning at 9.30am. The episodes are also available any time on ABC iview and the ABC Kids app.   About Sesame Workshop Sesame Workshop is the nonprofit educational organisation behind Sesame Street, the pioneering television show that has been reaching and teaching children since 1969. Today, Sesame Workshop is an innovative force for change, with a mission to help Kids everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder. We’re present in more than 150 countries, serving vulnerable children through a wide range of media, formal education, and philanthropically-funded social impact programs, each grounded in rigorous research and tailored to the needs and cultures of the communities we serve. For more information, please visit