The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-07-27T00:39:50Z Azamara Quest® departs from Glasgow Ahead of the Brand’s Return to Service 2021-07-27T00:39:50Z azamara-quest-departs-from-glasgow-ahead-of-the-brand-s-return-to-service-1 MIAMI, July 27, 2021: Azamara – the boutique cruise line dedicated to Destination Immersion® experiences – announces that Azamara Quest® was the first of its ships to depart from Glasgow’s Peel Port (King George V Dock), on the afternoon of July 26th, following thirteen months docked in the Scottish city.   For over a year, Glasgow has been a safe haven for three of Azamara’s fleet, Azamara Quest®, Azamara Journey® and Azamara Pursuit®, and in this time the ships and crew have enjoyed fantastic support from the local people and the authorities, businesses, including taxi companies, hotel owners and grocery stores.   Azamara President, Carol Cabezas comments, “We want to extend our thanks to Peel Ports for hosting the Azamara fleet and to the Glaswegian community who have not only welcomed our ships and crew with open arms but have also made an integral contribution in maintaining and preparing our vessels, ensuring  that we can get back to doing what we do best this summer; connecting people to people; people with cultures; and people with themselves. As the ships prepare to return to the oceans, the generosity of Glasgow will be fondly remembered.”   The ship sails for drydock in Cadiz, Spain to finalize preparations ahead of its return to service in August with five back-to-back Greece Country-Intensive® Voyages®; each seven-nights in length and a total of 18-late nights in port, including Santorini, Rhodes and Heraklion, Greece. Bringing the culture and heritage of destinations onboard, these sailings will debut a brand-new immersive onboard program for guests – Destination Celebration – the adaptation of AzAmazing Evenings®.   “We’ve been honored to have had the three Azamara ships docked at KGV over the past year. Their giant presence has been a spectacular addition to the River Clyde scene, drawing sightseers from Glasgow and beyond,” says Peel Ports Clyde port director Jim McSporran. “While we’re sad to see Azamara Quest leave, followed soon by her sister ships, it is an encouraging sign that the gradual removal of Covid restrictions taking place will soon see the cruise industry return to its pre-pandemic scale of operations.”   To book one of Azamara’s Greece Country Intensive voyages, please visit:   ENDS   About Azamara     Azamara is an upmarket cruise line and leader in Destination Immersion® experiences. Presently with three mid-sized ships sailing to all seven continents of the world, and an additional fourth ship scheduled to join the fleet in 2022. The boutique-style ships allow them to reach marquee ports around the world and dock in smaller, less-visited hidden gems. Azamara’s commitment to creating immersive experiences allows guests to travel deeper with longer stays, more overnights, and night touring. Guests can experience a boutique hotel at sea with inclusive amenities such as gratuities, select beverages, exclusive cultural events and more. For more information visit       AUS Media Inquiries: RETREAT CALENDAR: WILD WELLNESS LAUNCHES IN TASMANIA 2021-06-29T20:51:59Z what-s-on-wild-wellness-launches-in-tasmania It’s time to take the plunge. Wild Wellness is Tasmania’s new remedy for modern life stress. Think Wim Hof Instructor-led ocean plunges, expert-led sessions by the fire and guided breathwork beneath the stars. All set in Tasmania’s epic wilderness. Due to demand, four exciting new options are on offer ranging from day experiences to recharging retreats to four-day guided cliff walks. Wild Wellness is an Australian first – a merging of medical professionals, decades of experience and global thought leaders – delivered through retreats and online courses – launching nationally this August. So, lace up your boots for transformative travel deep in the island wilds, supported by a wellness team spanning input from a doctor, psychologist, NLP practitioner, breath-worker and nutritionist. We take the best of the traditional wellness model and bring it into nature’s office. With limited spots remaining, find out about the latest offerings across Tasmania. Three Capes Lodge Wild Wellness Walk – Tasman Peninsula August 20-23, 2021 The ultimate cliff-hugging Wild Wellness experience. Across four life-shifting days on the Three Capes Track, walkers deep dive into nature, cold water plunging with a qualified practitioner, fireside journaling and meditation among towering Eucalypts. Led by expert Tasmanian Walking Company guides, the healing power of nature has its way between long table dinners and fireside chats. “I’m so thrilled to be launching Wild Wellness with such an esteemed company, the Three Capes Wild Wellness Walk is an epic partnership. Ultimately, I can’t see why Tasmania shouldn’t be the Australian epi-centre of health and wellness. I do feel Wild Wellness belongs here; one of the last wild frontiers, at the edge of the world,” says founder, Alice Hansen. Five Huts Wild Wellness Walk – Mt Wellington Hobart August 29, 2021 Our FIRE AND WATER experience. Dip a toe into Wild Wellness, in conjunction with the team at Walk on Kunanyi for a day on the mountain like no other. We’ll explore some of kunanyi / Mount Wellington’s most celebrated huts, hear their stories, take an icy plunge then cosy round a hut fire across 7-hours of powerful wilderness immersion. Wild Wellness @ The Cove  - Devonport North West Coast September 3-5, 2021 Wild Wellness delivered with front row seats to Bass Strait in Tassie’s North West – recharge, relax and grow. This three-day retreat draws the very best practitioners to the coast from around Australia. Wim Hof Instructor-led ocean plunges, doctor-led chats round the fire pit, powerful journaling, massage, sunrise yoga and secret cove escapes come standard with this wellness experience. Little penguin dusk performances are complimentary. AF-Wild Wellness @ The Cove - Devonport North West Coast October 1-3, 2021 Our Alcohol-Free Wild Wellness Retreats (AF-WW) are for those wanting to shift their relationship with alcohol and enjoy the process. Australians spent an extra $2 billion on alcohol in 2020 compared with 2019. As a country, we like a drink. This retreat is an Australian first - a merging of medical professionals, global thought leaders and decades of experience. Hosted by The Cove, Tassie’s latest seaside escape, it’s the ideal locale for transformative sessions served up with a good dose of seaside relaxation. “Wild Wellness is truly a unique and innovative approach for Australian Mental Health,” says addiction specialist Dr. Chris Davis, a Sydney-based GP and Director of East Sydney Doctors and founder of the Clean Slate Clinic. “I consult with patients every day who would benefit from holistic skills that are offered by the retreat. I am excited to be visiting Tasmania and being part of the program at The Cove in September.” With plans to expand nationally, keep an eye out for Wild Wellness coming to the Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk and the Cradle Mountain Huts Walk in 2022. ENDS For more information visit: More on Alice’s story: here Image Link: here For further information please contact Tracey Leitch: Tel 0415 290023 Tech Guru calls for online vigilance - Protect your family against cyber security attacks and toxic content during lockdown 2021-06-29T00:26:09Z tech-guru-calls-for-online-vigilance-protect-your-family-against-cyber-security-attacks-and-toxic-content-during-lockdown Tech Guru calls for online vigilance to protect the mental health of Australian families during lockdown Protect your family against cyber security attacks and toxic content As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to lockdown millions of families across Australia, Mick Esber, tech guru with over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity, is urging parents to put in place a family technology plan. Avoid cyberbullying, toxic content, and overuse of unregulated social media platforms these school holidays by following a few simple steps. A recent study commissioned by Esber revealed that 96% of Australians aged 18-56 are currently using Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, tiktok, twitter or snapchat with: 3 out of 4 were most concerned about the security of their personal information. Over half were also concerned about their data being sold. 40% are worried about what their children are exposed to. 39% were concerned about there being no laws about what can and can’t be shared. 40% would even be happy to pay for access to a safe social media platform. “We spend a lot of time on social media, even more so in school holidays and especially if you are under lockdown. It’s a well-known fact that cyberbullying has been linked to depression, anxiety, social isolation, and more recently suicide in teens. Our increased usage and reliance on social media apps during the COVID pandemic have only exacerbated these problems, especially during lockdowns. “The difference between traditional bullying and cyberbullying is that in the digital world people are usually anonymous and people feel trapped as a result. The current global social media platforms have tried to address this, but all the solutions have been reactive in nature to date. Most people don’t seek support, and research suggests 71% of young people don’t think social media platforms do enough to prevent cyberbullying. We need to change this!” said Esber. Mick Esber’s top five tips to keep families cyber safe during the current lockdown include: Create a family technology plan and stick to it. Limit social media and app usage to one hour per day at set times. Ensure all parental controls are in place and updated, so you can see the content your children are viewing at all times. Update all passwords using a reputable password manager to avoid being hacked, making sure you don’t use generic passwords. Talk to your children about what they are viewing, explain the risks and be involved to ensure they aren’t developing unrealistic expectations of life and reality. Educate yourself on what toxic content is and how it can impact your children now and later in life. About Mick Esber: Mick Esber is an expert technology leader with over 20 year’s experience working with start-ups and fast-moving tech organisations. To date his career has seen him work across Fintech, Health, Gaming and Defence and now social media. As a contributing member of ISACA and IEEE, Mick is a thought leader and industry innovator. His entrepreneurial experience as a tech start-up founder and passion for solving real-world problems is the driving force behind his current Web 3.0 projects, building networks, protocols, and digital apps. His passion for exploiting technology to enable business transformation and new ways of working, are the driving force behind the creation of bhapi – a leading safe social media network for families and kids which is scheduled for launch in September this year, with a Kickstarter campaign launching on the 1st July 2021 to get the platform up and running. Rochway Beauty Sleep Officially Launches – An Australian first! 2021-06-24T04:03:47Z rochway-beauty-sleep-officially-launches-an-australian-first Rochway is thrilled to announce the launch of Australia’s first natural beauty sleep tonic – Rochway Beauty Sleep. Combining powerful natural sleep aids with innovative probiotics, the delicious natural berry liquid is formulated with sour cherry and calming herbs valerian and hops to encourage quality sleep to reset the body and mind. The unique formula also includes marine collagen and probiotics fermented with Rochway’s exclusive BioRestore™ fermentation process for optimal gut health and whole-body wellbeing. Tegan Martin, Rochway Beauty Sleep Ambassador, someone who knows how important it is to get quality zzz’s to reset the body and mind says, “There have been times in my life where I was having too much sleep, alongside phases where I just wasn’t getting enough. It’s been a personal work in progress learning about how to get to the source of what is influencing my sleep patterns. From improving my physical health to learning how to calm my racing mind at night, sleep will always be a major priority for me. I started trialling the Rochway Beauty Sleep a few months ago and have finally found something that I can take every night to naturally fall into a deep restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed each morning.” Naturopath and Holistic Wellbeing Expert Krystle Alves advises, “We all know how vital sleep is for health and well-being. With many studies now supporting the importance of sleep in healing, reproductive health, immune function, weight management, brain function and even the ability to regulate your emotions all of these and more have been linked to sleep. “The fact is sleep impacts several facial qualities including skin health. A study published in clinical and experimental dermatology (2015) found that good sleepers (7-9hrs) had lower skin ageing scores, and a higher skin barrier recovery after injury up to 30% better than poor sleepers. Another study by Tina Sundelin also showed that those who were sleep deprived were perceived as being, less healthy, less attractive and subjects may have felt less likely to want to interact with them socially. This new Beauty Sleep formula is a great compliment to a sound evening routine with the right active ingredients combined to target concerns,” said Krystle. The three key ingredients in Rochway’s Beauty Sleep include: 1. Marine Collagen to regenerate and rehydrate the skin. It is also responsible for maintaining skin elasticity, skin texture and minimising the appearance of wrinkles and signs of ageing. Plus, it supports the skin to keep it firm, plump and glowing. 2. Sour Cherry is rich in the vital sleep hormone melatonin, a central part of the body’s sleep-wake cycle. Melatonin promotes healthy sleep and helps to orient the circadian rhythm. It also contains proanthocyanidins that can help the body convert the amino acid tryptophan into serotonin. 3. Calming herbs Valerian and Hops top off the Beauty Sleep formula, promoting relaxation and calmness to promote a natural slumber. Key facts about Rochway Beauty Sleep: Supports good gut bacteria Marine collagen & BioRestore™ process increases absorbance of collagen Sour cherry and calming herbs support natural and good sleep Australian made 99% sugar free Naturally flavoured Free from gluten and dairy Taken one to two hours before bedtime, the new Beauty Sleep product completes the brand’s journey to wellness ethos, by now providing Australians with 24 hour gut health solutions across the range. Rochway’s new Beauty Sleep probiotic liquid is available now at at an RRP of $49.99. They are also running a limited free six day sample offer for 72 hours at with the code BEAUTYSLEEP3. About Rochway’s BioRestore™ Process: Beauty Sleep is made using Rochway’s unique BioRestore™ fermentation process. Papaya fruit and leaf undergo five stages of fermentation using six multi-strain, gut-loving probiotics, resulting in a more bio-available (easily absorbed) and bio-active complex to help beautify from the inside out and support whole body wellbeing. The six strains of probiotics used in the BioRestore™ fermentation process include Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Bifidobacterium lactis, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae (boulardii). Media release 2021-06-07T23:30:00Z media-release Special eBook releaseAnniversary edition of Julietta Jameson’s Christmas Island, Indian Ocean marks 20 years since the Tampa crisisHow a tiny island and a boat full of refugees changed Australia forevereBook available July 15, 2021 through select major digital bookstores and participating librariesISBN: 978-0-6451128-7-0 “At last, a book that tells us all about Christmas Island: a place we have previously heard about as an entry point for people seeking asylum in Australia, but otherwise a blank spot in most Australian minds.”- Julian Burnside AO QC Melbourne-based author, Julietta Jameson will release a new, edited version of her moving 2003 book, Christmas Island, Indian Ocean, which will be available for the first time in eBook format from July 15, 2021.This special anniversary edition marks twenty years since the ‘Tampa crisis’, when a Norwegian freighter rescued hundreds of asylum seekers from a sinking Indonesian fishing boat and attempts to deliver them safely to Christmas Island were thwarted by the Australian government, sparking outrage amongst humanitarians and attracting global media attention for all the wrong reasons.It is a deeply-affecting account of Jameson’s journey to Australia’s most isolated territory … an extraordinary place, at an extraordinary time.Originally published in paperback form by ABC Books, the eBook version of Christmas Island, Indian Ocean has been revisited by the author, who during the lengthy editing process, found that the questions and issues raised at that time are every bit as relevant and important today as they were then.Says Jameson, “This book came about when, one morning in the latter stages of 2001, I heard an ABC Radio interview with Captain Don O'Donnell, the harbour master of Christmas Island. He was describing the moving send-off the islanders had given the Tampa when she finally sailed away, her human cargo having been taken off her deck by the SAS and delivered to the Australian war ship, the Manoora, to eventually be taken to Nauru. As a journalist, an avid hobbyist on matters of the human condition and from the point of view of my own confusion about this and many other things in my life, I decided to go to the island and see what was going on for myself. “As I set off, Australian public debate on the ‘Tampa crisis’ and the government's ensuing ‘Pacific Solution’ to ‘stopping the boats’ was passionate, polarised and front-page news, which almost feels quaint in 2021, given how normalised and widely accepted strong-arm tactics – some might say cruelties – towards asylum seekers have become. “Editing this book for the twentieth anniversary of the Tampa crisis, as I revisited my reflections of and at the time, it seemed like the questions I'd asked twenty years earlier had barely touched the sides of what was to come. Moreover, the answers I thought I had found had been dashed against the jagged rocks of hardened hearts and minds.“But I believe it is valuable to look at where we came from, in order to understand how we got here. At the very least, the remarkable humanity the Christmas Islanders showed in the latter part of 2001 might serve as a reminder of the humanity in us all.” ABOUT THE AUTHORJulietta Jameson is an Australian author who has lived and written in Los Angeles, London, Sydney and Melbourne as well as more remote places such as Australia’s Christmas Island for this book, the New South Wales outback for Tibooburra and the Legend of the Tree of Knowledge, and Italy, Greece and Switzerland, following the travels of the poet Lord Byron for her book, Me, Myself and Lord Byron.She has also written biographies and her journalistic career has spanned the gamut: hard news, finance, the arts, celebrity and travel. In addition, she writes screenplays for cinema and TV. Julietta is based in Melbourne, Australia. MEDIA CONTACT (for interview, extract and review requests):Erin Jamesonerin(at)jamesonandco(dot)com / +61 419 323 663 CHRISTMAS ISLAND, INDIAN OCEANCopyright © Julietta Jameson 2003 First published February 2003This edited edition © Julietta Jameson 2021 Published July 2021 Introducing Rochway’s new Kakadu Plum with Collagen powder 2021-06-07T05:00:48Z introducing-rochways-new-kakadu-plum-with-collagen-powder Rochway, Australia’s premium producer of advanced probiotic complexes, is excited to announce the launch of their latest product offering, Kakadu Plum with Collagen. The product combines powerful probiotics, postbiotics, collagen and essential vitamins and nutrients to support glowing skin and whole-body vitality. Formulated with locally sourced Australian Kakadu Plum which is one of the world's richest natural sources of Vitamin C, the delicious powder supports healthy hair, skin and nails, supports the immune system, and can even help reduce cold and flu symptoms. With 2.5g of Hydrolysed Marine Collagen per serve, the Australian-made powder also supports healthy, firm and glowing skin. The formula is topped off with 2.4 billion CFUs of beneficial bacteria from multi-strain probiotics and postbiotics to support digestive health, immune function and everyday wellbeing. Carel Crous, Rochway’s New Business Development Manager & Head of NPD says, “Our exciting new product has been developed, manufactured and tested in our very own TGA approved manufacturing facility in Queensland, using our exclusive BioRestore® bio-fermentation process. This has enabled us to produce the highest quality and most advanced probiotics to meet all relevant Australian standards to the highest degree.”Top of Form Ingredients: Each 4 g dose contains: Terminalia ferdinandiana (Kakadu Plum), fruit flesh dry extract 40 mg derived from T. ferdinandiana fruit flesh dry 400 mg Hydrolysed collagen (fish) 2500 mg Bifidobacterium bifidum 0.4 Billion CFU | Lactobacillus plantarum 1 Billion CFU | Lactobacillus rhamnosus 1 Billion CFU | Lactobacillus acidophilus 1 mg | Lactobacillus paracasei 1.5 mg | Bifidobacterium lactis 1 mg Kakadu Plum with Collagen is free from wheat, gluten, yeast, milk derivatives, eggs, soy bean products, lactose, artificial colours and preservatives. It contains benzoates, fish products, sugars, xylitol, sucralose, and residual sulfites. We recommend mixing 4 g (1 scoop) into water, juice, smoothies or sprinkling on food every day for optimum results. About Rochway: Established in 2006, Rochway products are stocked in more than 2,000 pharmacies and health food stores throughout Australia, and are exported to 30+ countries in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Key facts include: Each Rochway product is fermented using their unique BioRestore® process which utilises multi-strain probiotics for a more bio-available (easily absorbed) and bio-active complex. All products are naturally free from dairy, gluten, lactose, GMO, and added sugars. Ingredients have not had the use of herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilisers. Rochway’s probiotic products support gut health, immune function, the nervous system and beautiful hair and skin. The new Rochway Kakadu Plum with Collagen powder is available at an RRP of $42.45 online from The Greenwall Company Present TWO ELEVEN – Cremorne 2021-06-07T03:26:22Z the-greenwall-company-present-two-eleven-cremorne The Greenwall Company are thrilled to present their latest commercial project, TWO ELEVEN, located at 211 Military Road in Cremorne, Sydney. Under the careful tutelage of COSO Architects and working in conjunction with the skilful hands of Habit8 Landscape Architects, the innovative team were able to realise the creative fusion set down by Anthony Solomon & David Vago. Featuring grouped EcoPillows over three key areas of the top floor of the complex, the planting system was designed to not only provide privacy for the residents but also a greenspace for those looking into and out of the building. Mark Paul, Founder and Director of The Greenwall Company says, “The addition of our greening solutions to the development has enabled the complex to reach a 5-star sustainability rating and provide a sustainable system, designed to last the lifetime of the building.” The project was faced with multiple challenges, including difficult access due to being located on a major road bus route, numerous neighbours at close quarters, and a head contractor eager to reach practical completion with a plethora of trades completing tasks at one time. The Greenwall Company were also challenged to deliver on time and on budget a variety of species sourced from different environs, including Byron Bay & Northern Rivers. The high-density living of this complex was softened greatly by mature planting, pre-grown by The Greenwall Company, which has resulted in a significant reduction of ambient noise, while creating instant privacy and tranquillity for both residents and neighbours alike. Anthony Solomon, Director of COSO Architects said, “Under the guidance of the team leader and skillful staff, the Greenwall Company were able to successfully deliver a first-class product to this bespoke development.” About The Greenwall Company: The Greenwall Company is the premier producer of modular and custom designed greenwalls in Australia. They pride themselves on the fact that their walls and roof gabions are built from 94 per cent of recyclable materials that would otherwise be destined for Australian landfill. Tested, designed, re-designed, and mastered to ensure they will last the lifetime of the building on which they are installed, further reducing waste. The Greenwall Company have now installed their greenwall systems in over 200 projects and will continue to work towards the goal of reclaiming the built environment. Ocean Guardian releases large scale virtual shark net for beaches, resorts and aquaculture 2021-06-07T00:47:24Z ocean-guardian-releases-large-scale-virtual-shark-net-for-beaches-resorts-and-aquaculture Ocean Guardian, manufacturers of Shark Shield Technology, the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent technology, have announced for commercial sale the new LR1000 Shark Barrier, designed as a replacement for physical exclusion nets, shark nets and drumlines. In 2020, Australia suffered the most shark attack fatalities in 86 years, while statistics published by the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) show that 93% of all animals caught in their shark nets on NSW beaches were bycatch and that 55% of the total catch died. The new LR1000 Shark Barrier has been developed in partnership with Armscor’s Institute of Maritime Technology division, Armscor is the acquisition agency for the South African Department of Defence. Using proven Shark Shield Technology, the LR1000 is the result of six years of research, development, and testing, resulting in a scalable solution for beaches, resorts, and aquaculture organisations experiencing financial loss due to shark predation or incursions. Sharks have short-range electrical receptors in their snouts used for finding food. Shark Shield Technology is used to create a powerful three-dimensional electrical field which causes spasms in these sensitive receptors turning sharks away. There are no known harmful effects on sharks or humans. Shore powered, the LR1000 can be installed in sections up to 400 meters in length with multiples of this possible to cover larger areas. The system consists of surface buoys spaced 3 meters apart, on each buoy is a free hanging antenna cable with depth coverage of up to 12 metres. The free hanging antenna provides low resistance to ocean swells, currents, and no resistance or entanglement risk to other sea creatures such as whales, dolphins, turtles, etc. MP Jason Falinksi stated, “The Northern Beaches recently voted to remove environmentally damaging shark nets and drumlines, this is long overdue. What is also long overdue is the use of new technology that protects both wildlife, swimmers, surfers and our blue economy. I strongly urge the government and authorities to use the new technology alternatives such as Ocean Guardian’s Shark Barrier that do not adversely impact our environment.” Lindsay Lyon, CEO of Ocean Guardian says, “We are experiencing enormous global demand for the LR1000 from iconic tourist sites like the Busselton Jetty in Western Australia to private resorts such as Great Stirrup Bay Island in the Bahamas, where we previously sold sixty of our BOAT01’s for resort protection. Shark attacks have a significant impact on local economies and tourism, and there is growing environmental demand to remove inhumane and harmful shark mitigation measures such as shark nets and drumlines. We’ve had exceptional growth in our B2C business during 2020/21 and the new B2B Shark Barrier will provide a transformational growth opportunity for our company.” To fund the significant growth presented by the new B2B Shark Barrier the Company has also signed an agreement with VCF Capital Partners to act as corporate advisors to raise up to $10 million dollars through a private placement and/or an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2021/22. “Australia has some of the best beaches in the world, coupled with the rate of developments in coastal towns plus the increasing rate of city dwellers opting for a sea change for better work/life balance driven by COVID, we have more people in the water, resulting in more risk. Ocean Guardian has the technology to implement protection in key tourist areas,” said Lindsay. About Ocean Guardian: Ocean Guardian is the world’s leading shark deterrent technology company. Since 2001 the company’s Shark Shield Technology has protected tens of thousands of ocean lovers and prevented the unnecessary killing of animals from environmentally fatal shark nets, drumlines and shark culling. Ocean Guardian’s Shark Shield Technology is the only scientifically proven electrical shark deterrent supported by peer-reviewed published research, and successful in deterring Great Whites. The technology is so effective government has approved the devices for consumer rebates. Nothing is more effective. About Armscor & IMT: Armscor is the acquisition agency for the South African Department of Defence (DOD). Renowned for its acquisition expertise, Armscor has enhanced and expanded its service offering to the DOD as well as to stakeholders across the African Continent in line with its vision to be the premier defence technology and acquisition service provider for the South African Government and our allies on the African continent and the world. Armscor’s Institute for Maritime Technology (IMT) division was established in 1975 and is a multi-disciplinary ISO 9001 2015 division specialising in Techno-military research and development, as well as specialised products and services. IMT provides services to the South African National Defence Force (primarily to the South African Navy), government departments, defence industry, the broader maritime community and other clients as part of its commercial initiatives. World class capabilities are focused in under and above water technology areas. Bali in trouble - millions of Aussies stay at home leaving Island of the Gods in dire straits 2021-05-25T00:10:59Z bali-in-trouble-millions-of-aussies-stay-at-home-leaving-island-of-the-gods-in-dire-straits Chef Dean Keddell is the driving force behind a project to deliver desperately needed funding to five Bali charities to help thousands of families get through the pandemic crisis. More than $257,000 has been raised in just a few months.Please take a moment to read how you can help.With Bali welcoming more than one million Australian visitors to the holiday isle in a normal year, the much-loved tourist destination enjoys a thriving tourism-based economy. A year has passed without international tourists and there is no end in sight.“Bali is in a crisis situation,” said Dean Keddell, restaurateur, executive chef and owner of two of Bali’s most-beloved restaurants, Ginger Moon Canteen and Jackson’s Lily. “This pandemic has reaped havoc amongst families and communities, as well as costing the economy billions of dollars,” he said.Without tourists, few businesses are open and there is no local work for the majority of the population. That means huge financial stress for most families. While Dean normally employs 130 staff over his two venues, he says he has now had to cut back to a core of 50 and the restaurants remain closed.“I found myself sitting amongst the chaos wondering what I could do,” he said. “So I thought I would make my staff active by providing a project that we could all get involved in. We began collecting favourite family recipes that have been handed down through the generations of their families and then we expanded to ask local Warung cooks for theirs.”“We have now produced a beautiful, large hardcover cookbook, Our Bali Your Bali (Bali Kita Bali Kamu), which incorporates lots of colourful images, family and community stories, more than 100 local recipes and a collection from both my restaurant kitchens. At 400 pages it really is more of a coffee-table cookbook,” he said.The Bali Needs Our Help project is asking people to order books via a Chuffed crowd funder with more than $257,000 raised to date. Dean wants everyone in Australia who has ever visited Bali to support the cause by purchasing a book. The project aims to sell 5,000 books and raise $375,000 with all profits going directly to local charities that have been badly hit. “The charities we have chosen are the backbone of Balinese society – they support the poor and vulnerable at the best of times. Now with this pandemic, many more families have joined the ranks of the needy, while the charities have found themselves unable to raise their normal funds,” said Dean Keddell.“I know for sure that cashflows are at critical levels and these charities need financial aid to continue their wonderful support of local families with food, clothing, education and environmental needs.”The five charities that will receive funding from the project are:Bali Children's Foundation - helping thousands of local children to complete school and to find employment. Scholars of Sustenance - combatting the effects of COVID-19 by providing nutrition to those in need.Friends of the National Parks Foundation - working to protect wildlife and their habitats, at the same time supporting local communities.East Bali Poverty Project - helping people to help themselvesBali Wise by R.O.L.E Foundation - empowering marginalized women through skills education, as a means to develop sustainable communities.“If you have ever visited Bali or plan to enjoy some time on our tropical island,” said Keddell, please support us and buy a book. I promise you’ll love all the stories, photos and local recipes. Bali’s warm and sincere hospitality has been captured between the covers in order for us to bring our precious Bali to you.” video: further information or to request a 76-page sample of the book, please contact:Wendy McWilliams, WMC PR: 0421 364 665 E Keddell on WhatsApp: +62 813 3724 0760 E: dean@gingermoonbali.comJonette Wilton (Publisher, Sunday Press): 0403 680 571 E: extensive selection of high-res images is available including those shown below, plus 17 images can be viewed via the crowd funding page here: (top right). Please contact Wendy or Jonette to request any images required. Please credit photographer Candra Sanchez, if you are able.Please read the attached media release for more information and a selection of images JURA Australia release new sustainable Click and Clean Mini Tabs 2021-05-24T04:03:41Z jura-australia-release-new-sustainable-click-and-clean-mini-tabs JURA Australia is thrilled to announce that their new Milk System Cleaner Mini Tabs are now available, allowing machine owners to enjoy their specialty milk-based coffees, with cleaning now just a click away. No more over-pouring of the solution, the new mini tabs not only dose the correct amount every time but are more sustainable thanks to the reduction in product wastage and their refillable containers. George Liakatos, JURA Australia’s General Manager says, “There is a long history of pronounced awareness of environmental issues and sustainable use of resources and energy at JURA. This explains why our original milk system cleaner contains no phosphates. The optimised formula guarantees optimal hygiene for your milk system while protecting the environment at the same time.” Together with JURA’s automatic cleaning program, the new mini tabs effectively remove milk fats and proteins. This keeps the tubes clean and hygienic for consistently fine, and consistently delivers light-as-air milk foam for those who enjoy a café latte, cappuccino, macchiato and flat white in outstanding quality. Key facts about the new Milk System Cleaner (mini tabs): - Easy to use. - Always the right amount. - The mini tabs ensure safe and hygienic use in just one step, simply click & clean! - Keeps the tubes clean and hygienic for consistently fine, light-as-air milk foam. - Phosphate-free. - Refillable for even less waste. The new JURA Milk System Cleaner (mini tabs) are available now at an RRP of $24.99, or for a refillable bottle for $22.99 from JURA Australia online, Harvey Norman, David Jones, The Good Guys, JB Hi-Fi Home and selected electrical stores nationally. About JURA: JURA’s products stand for innovation, ease of use and sustainability. JURA believe in the perfect cup of coffee, using fresh beans, freshly ground and extracted at the touch of a button. The product range includes both machines for domestic use and professional models for the office and food service industry. In recent years the long-established Swiss brand has grown to become a global player, operating in around 50 countries. Proven electronic shark deterrents prevent deaths and injuries 2021-05-24T02:10:15Z proven-electronic-shark-deterrents-prevent-deaths-and-injuries-1 New research published in the Royal Society of Open Science journal has confirmed that Ocean Guardian’s personal electronic shark deterrent devices save lives. In the paper titled “Predicting potential future reduction in shark bites on people”, scientists say that the use of Ocean Guardian’s personal electronic shark deterrents is an effective way to prevent the future deaths and injuries of up to 1063 Australians over the next 50 years. In 2020, Australia suffered the most shark attack fatalities in 86 years, causing a significant economic and emotional impact on the communities in which they occurred. Ocean Guardian is the world’s leading shark deterrent technology company. Since 2001 the company’s Shark Shield Technology has protected tens of thousands of ocean lovers and prevented the unnecessary killing of animals from environmentally fatal shark nets, drum-lines and shark culling. Ocean Guardian’s Shark Shield Technology is the only scientifically proven electrical shark deterrent supported by peer-reviewed published research, and successful in deterring Great Whites. The technology is so effective government has approved the devices for consumer rebates. Nothing is more effective. In a recent interview with Surf Lifesaving South Australia Dr Charlie Huveneers from Flinders University explained the facts around electronic deterrents saying, “…the electric deterrents can reduce shark bites by about 60%. People will automatically think that the 40% is when the sharks approach at speed, and maybe with a predatory intent and we actually found that it’s not the case, even when the sharks approach at speed with a predatory intent, the electric deterrents can still actually stop a shark when its approaching very fast. And when it’s within half a metre, the shark can and will actually turn around and stop that predatory approach in some situations, and that’s actually increased with the electric deterrent as well.” Sharks have short-range electrical receptors in their snouts used for finding food. Shark Shield Technology is used to create a powerful three-dimensional electrical field which causes spasms in these sensitive receptors turning sharks away. There are no known harmful effects on sharks or humans. Lindsay Lyon, CEO of Ocean Guardian says, “This new research adds additional scientific evidence to the shark mitigation strategy deployed by the Western Australian State Government in providing consumers rebates for proven electronic shark deterrents as good economic policy. Over 70% of shark fatalities in WA over the past fifteen years have been surfers and divers, and providing individual personal protection is without question the best shark mitigation strategy. We hope this research encourages other state and federal governments to recommend the use of proven personal electronic shark deterrent.” The researchers analysed per-capita shark bites around Australia from 1900 to 2020 and developed models to estimate the preventative impact of Ocean Guardian electronic shark deterrents if they were worn by water users, to predict how many shark bites could be avoided. Lead author Professor Corey Bradshaw of Flinders University says efforts to reduce the risk of shark bites, even if they are extremely rare, are valuable with proven electronic shark deterrents capable of reducing the likelihood of a bite by about 60%, potentially saving hundreds of lives over the next 50 years. In NSW last month Northern Beaches Council voted to pass a motion urging the state government to abolish the shark nets at its local beaches. This motion comes after new data released by the Animal Justice Party revealed 290 animals had died in Northern Beaches shark nets over the past nine years, including 18 whales and dolphins, 21 turtles, and 224 threatened or protected species. Statistics published by the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) show that 93% of all animals caught in their shark nets on NSW beaches were bycatch and that 55% of the total catch died. About Ocean Guardian: Ocean Guardian is the world’s leading shark deterrent technology company. Since 2001 the company’s Shark Shield Technology has protected tens of thousands of ocean lovers and prevented the unnecessary killing of animals from environmentally fatal shark nets, drumlines and shark culling. Ocean Guardian’s Shark Shield Technology is the only scientifically proven electrical shark deterrent supported by peer reviewed published research, and successful in deterring Great Whites. The technology is so effective government has approved the devices for consumer rebates. Nothing is more effective. For further information or to set up an interview with Lindsay Lyon please contact: Lisa Solomons @ 360 PR: +61 416 175 518 or Winter Styling Tips with Sydney Property Stylist Justine Wilson 2021-05-24T00:08:03Z winter-styling-tips-with-sydney-property-stylist-justine-wilson When the weather starts to get colder it’s a wonderful time to refresh the home for the season ahead. According to Justine Wilson, Sydney Property Stylist and Founder of Vault Interiors, as winter is traditionally a time for hibernation, rest and recharge, and to enjoy guilt-free time indoors - it’s important to cosy up the living quarters of the home. Justine says, “Some key trends I expect to see this winter are the new accent colours of rich plum, warm apricot, burnt orange through to deep green and olive tones throughout the home. Outdoor living spaces will remain popular, while layering, ambient or hygge lighting, and bringing greenery and earthy materials from the outside in will also be key focuses.” Justine Wilson’s top five trends for winter 2021 include: Each year new winter accent colours come out. This year we are seeing rich plum tones, warm apricot tones, burnt orange, rust tones and deep green and olive tones. These accent colours take a cue from the changing exterior landscape and will help to bring the outside in. Switch out your cushions, throws and accessories to get the look. Look to make your outdoor spaces more useable in the cooler months. Think about free-standing pergolas, large umbrellas, or shade cloths for a little more protection from the elements. Also, winter is a great time to have long cosy nights around a fire pit, you can source wood-burning or gas or ethanol options to suit your property’s needs. Plus, add some fun seating like wood stumps or comfy outdoor chairs, and your good to go. Layering is a wonderful styling tool in winter, consider using double rugs, double bed throws, extra cushions and thicker curtains. The more layers and textures you can introduce into your interior the better, as it will help with warmth and also adds to the cosy factor of any space. Faux fur rugs and throws, wool knits and velvets are wonderful styling textures to use in winter. Having nice ambient lighting will help your home feel welcoming and pretty, opt for table lamps with warm globes. Pretty outdoor lanterns with candles or LED candles, and inside use candlesticks or candle votives. Candles will help your home smell great and also look pretty. A big trend is grouping lots of vintage brass candlesticks on a coffee table, mantle or dining table. Mix and match styles of candlesticks for a pretty eclectic look, they can be found easily at charity shops. Adding twinkle fairy lights is also a pretty way to bring soft lighting into your space. As the leaves start to fall outside, it’s a nice touch to bring some greenery or earthy materials inside. In winter display seasonal florals or just bunches of greenery to create pretty vignettes or moments on your surfaces. Succulents and eucalypts are great for this time of year, or you can also forage pretty branches from your own garden, or bring in potted plants and create little clusters. For more styling tips go to: Azamara® Reveals Health and Safety Protocols for Return to Sailing in August 2021-05-12T00:36:52Z azamara-reveals-health-and-safety-protocols-for-return-to-sailing-in-august MIAMI, May 11, 2021 – Azamara – the boutique cruise line dedicated to Destination Immersion® experiences – is pleased to reveal the brand’s ‘Explore Well at Sea’ program ahead of the line’s return to service in August. Through Azamara’s commitment to wellness, the cruise line is implementing new standards with the launch of its ‘Explore Well at Sea’ program to enhance the onboard experience, keeping guests’ safety and peace of mind a top priority. With the guidance of the Healthy Sail Panel – a group of the best minds and leaders in public health, biosecurity, epidemiology, hospitality and maritime operations – travelers can expect advanced screening protocols such as fully vaccinated crew and guests, enhanced sanitation measures, and enhanced medical services. Azamara will continue to evaluate these protocols and update them as public health standards and the global situation evolves. Booked guests and travel partners will be advised of the latest requirements prior to voyage departure.   “Since we suspended our sailings over a year ago, we’ve had time to develop a strong restart plan and build on our existing health and safety protocols to ensure peace of mind for guests and crew, especially when it comes to traveling within our new world,” said President of Azamara, Carol Cabezas. “Cruising is one of the safest places to travel, which is attributed to all the enhanced protocols set in place, and we are extremely fortunate to be guided by the Healthy Sail Panel for a healthy return to service in Greece beginning on August 28, with five back-to-back Country-Intensive Voyages and one classic Mediterranean sailing.”   ‘Explore Well at Sea’ Program Highlights:   Testing & Screening: All guests will be required to be fully vaccinated two weeks prior to sailing, as an added layer of protection to keep guests and crew safe, in addition to providing a negative SARS-CoV-2 test result. Once aboard, complimentary COVID-19 testing and medical evaluations will be available.   Air Filtration: With new HVAC filtration systems, the air indoors aboard each of Azamara’s ships is comparable to the fresh sea air. This advanced filtration system takes in fresh sea air and moves it through a two-stage filter, plus copper coils, to eliminate 99.99% of germs, making the transmission of aerosol particles between spaces extremely low to virtually impossible.    Cleaning Protocols: Advanced cleaning protocols and guidelines approved by the CDC and recommended by the Healthy Sail Panel will be followed. Every nook of the ships, from bow to stern, will be regularly cleaned and sanitized. New standards include enhanced team member training, use of EPA-certified disinfectants, and techniques like electrostatic spraying.    Medical Capabilities: An enhanced medical facility will be found on board each Azamara vessel, with more equipment, a dedicated infectious control officer, and new isolation staterooms to provide comfortable and complimentary care. New agreements will be in place with local governments, hospitals and transportation partners to ensure guests a safe return home.    For more information on Azamara’s health and safety protocols, please visit:   About Azamara Azamara is an upmarket cruise line and leader in Destination Immersion® experiences. Presently with three mid-sized ships sailing to all seven continents of the world, and an additional fourth ship scheduled to join the fleet in 2022. The boutique-style ships allow them to reach marquee ports around the world and dock in smaller, less-visited hidden gems. Azamara’s commitment to creating immersive experiences allows guests to travel deeper with longer stays, more overnights, and night touring.  Guests can experience a boutique hotel at sea with inclusive amenities such as gratuities, select beverages, exclusive cultural events and more. For more information visit   BEAT THE WINTER BLUES WITH THESE PACK-FREE GUIDED WALKS 2021-05-12T00:34:23Z beat-the-winter-blues-with-these-pack-free-guided-walks April 2021 – Exploring the Australian wilderness doesn't have to involve carry back-breaking rucksacks and sleeping in flimsy tents. With Life's An Adventure's pack-free guided walks you can escape the southern winter and enjoy a wilderness experience with plenty of creature comforts.   Pack-free means swapping a bulky backpack for a small day pack and only carrying the basics –  lunch, water, jacket and camera. The rest of your luggage is waiting for you at your cool accommodation after your day walk as is a warm shower, delicious dinner and glass of wine.   SO WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO? HERE ARE SIX PACK-FREE WALKS PERFECT FOR A WINTER ESCAPE.   5-day Larapinta Trail, NT. Quickly becoming one of the country's premier walking destinations, the Larapinta Trail showcases the Red Centre's ancient beauty. Life's An Adventure offers a 5-day Larapinta experience which includes walking with an Indigenous guide, exploring the area's amazing gorges and waterholes, seeing the trail from the air on a scenic flight and returning each day to comfortable accommodation. While here you can add on a few of the other NT walks to extended the adventure. 3-day Byron Hinterland walk, northern NSW. Many people flock to Byron Bay for its beautiful coastline, but Byron’s Hinterland is just as impressive. Wander through forests of massive Antarctic beech trees, delight in the dramatic cascading waterfalls of Nightcap National Park and Whian Whian State Conservation Area and see the stunning high country of Border Ranges National Park. You'll earn your tasty dinner on these wilderness walks!   7-day Carnarvon Gorge, Bunya Mountains & Cania Gorge, central Qld. This pack-free walk explores the Bunya Mountains and Cania Gorge on your journey to the iconic Carnarvon Gorge. This walk will take you along deep water-carved gorges, over dry and harsh sandstone escarpments, through lush and verdant rainforest, and finally into ancient art galleries of immense cultural and spiritual significance. Note: there is also a 5-day Carnarvon option that cuts out the Bunya Mountains and Cania Gorge.   4-day Gold Coast Hinterland Traverse walk, Qld. This pack free walk takes you away from the glitz and glamour of Main Beach to the spectacular Lamington National Park in the Gold Coast Hinterland, a World Heritage Area comprising of Australia’s largest remnant of ancient subtropical Gondwana Rainforests. It's every shade of green on this walk and your luxury accommodation is at Binna Burra Sky Lodge then O'Reillys Rainforest Retreat.   3-day Noosa and Sunshine Coast Hinterlands Walk, Qld. Explore a range of landscapes in beautiful Mapleton and Woondum national parks with their tall open forests of blackbutt forest, scribbly gum forest, piccabeen palm groves and warm tropical rainforests. Make your way across pretty creek and listen for the chorus of 32 different species of frogs that live here as well as abundant birdlife. Dinners will be enjoyed at The Pomona Bistro situated in the historical site of an early 1900s bakery. The menu features fresh food from paddock to plate. 5-day Red Centre Walk, NT This iconic walk includes the big 4 including Kings Canyon’s Giles Track and Scenic Rim walk as well as a walk around world-famous Uluru (Ayers Rock) and through the stunning Kata Tjuta (The Olgas). No matter how many photos you may have seen of these famous rock monoliths, when you experience them first hand you will be amazed at their spectacular size and beauty. This trip has been designed to minimise your travelling time in the vast outback. Enjoy a scenic flight from Alice Springs to Kings Canyon on day 2 saving almost 4 hours of driving and fly out of Uluru on day 5 avoiding a 5-hour return journey to Alice Springs. This walk has been specifically designed to travel only 300kms instead of the usual 1000km circuit of the Red Centre.   Life's An Adventure offers pack-free guided walks all over Australia and also on NZ's South Island. For more info visit   ENDS   Image link available on request.   Social:   Facebook:   Instagram:   Impressions PR 0415 290023 Serial mover and leading property stylist Justine Wilson shares her top moving tips 2021-05-10T02:05:28Z serial-mover-and-leading-property-stylist-justine-wilson-shares-her-top-moving-tips Having moved 23 times already in her life, leading Sydney Property Stylist Justine Wilson, certainly knows a thing or two about moving to a new house. Not only does she and her team essentially move house every day, sometimes twice a day to style properties for sale across Sydney, but she’s also earned the title of moving guru personally. Impressively her fastest pack up and pack down is an impressive two days. Justine Wilson, Vault Interiors Director, and award-winning property stylist says, “After moving so many times in my life, I’ve learnt a thing or two to streamline the process and even use the experience as a time to declutter and reinvigorate my own home. To many, it’s a daunting process, but hopefully my tips help make it more of a positive experience instead of a chore.” Listed in the top three most stressful life events, alongside death and divorce according to psychologists, Justine shares her top five tips to make moving smooth sailing in 2021. 1. Declutter prior! Before your move day, Justine suggests organising any items you don’t want to relocate to the new place to be sold, disposed of, or given away. Advertise items on gumtree or ask friends or family if they want free items (just ensure they collect them to make life easier for you!). Justine’s rule of thumb – if you haven’t worn it or looked at it in a year it’s not essential. 2. Pre-plan placement: Justine suggests planning ahead exactly what furniture items will go where, this is very important as it saves the movers double handling things and jamming up rooms full of furniture. It’s a much smoother process if they know exactly what room each item goes into and will save you money on their hourly rate at the end of the day. You can achieve this by doing a walk-through with them before they start unloading. 3. Label all your boxes: Justine’s favourite tip – seems like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how many times this step is left out. Labelling is essential to avoid the panic that a room full of unmarked boxes can trigger. If every box is labelled with the room it's going into and whether it essential items or “non-urgent” items. Be descriptive of what’s in the box i.e instead of just “kitchen” write “kitchen – pots and pans”. 4. Purchase recycled boxes: Moving boxes can be expensive – so purchasing recycled boxes is a good trick, just ensure you write on the packing tape, not the actual box. This ensures you can often return them after the move and recoup a refund, or neatly stack and store and have boxes ready for your next move without the confusion of writing all over the box. 5. Enlist help! A move will feel less painful and less stressful if you enlist friends to help pack up – make a night of it, shout some pizza and wine, play some music and before you know it half the home is done, and you have had a few laughs in the process. Just remember to instruct them on labelling – and be sure to return the favour at a later stage. 6. Hire professionals: Justine is very lucky to have a fantastic and highly trained team that assists her with each move, it would not be possible to have moved so often without her professional team. People often try to move themselves to save on cost, but it doesn’t pay off in the long run, you can damage your property if you don’t know how to correctly carry items, you can hurt yourself or simply wear yourself out. 7. Treat it like an overnight stay: Pack a small bag with your essentials so you know exactly where they are, this means a towel, toiletry bag, phone charger and a change of clothes and some snacks. Ensure you have plenty of water and it's always a nice gesture to ensure your removals team have water bottles too. Justine adds, “If you have a big enough budget and are time-poor, you can get the company to quote on packing all your items for you also, phone around to suss out the price difference in you packing or them packing before you start so you can weigh it up.” For more styling tips go to: To request further information, high-res images, or to interview Justine Wilson, please contact: Lisa Solomons | 360 PR | P: 02 9571 4448 | M: 0416 175 518 | E: