The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-04-12T01:44:36Z How to choose and style crystals for every room of the house 2021-04-12T01:44:36Z how-to-choose-and-style-crystals-for-every-room-of-the-house Justine Wilson, author of the Crystal Connection, shares her tips on how to incorporate crystals into the different zones of the home. A crystal collector herself, with over 100 displayed throughout her own home, Justine encourages those just starting out with crystals to select a piece that speaks to them as the best rule of thumb. “Crystals can be used in any space that looks pretty and feels right to you, there is no right or wrong way to work with crystals. They are as beautiful as they are mythical, so just enjoy bringing them into your home, and thus you will get a feel for the visual and spiritual impact they can have on your space,” says Justine. Entryway: A nice stone to have at your property’s entryway is rose quartz. You will often see this at top end day spas as it promotes a sense of self-love, relaxation and a peaceful experience. Having a stone like this will also signify to your family and guests that it is a welcoming, loving environment to enter. Study: Amethyst is a wonderful stone to have in creative spaces such as studies, workshops, or even mediation zones, as it can promote mental clarity and assist in opening up and promoting your spirituality. It can help stimulate new ideas and inspiration so it’s wonderful for any space when you need to focus, work or create. Another great one for a work zone is citrine, as it can assist in attracting wealth and abundance - so a wonderful stone for any business endeavours. Living Rooms: Agate is a great stone to have in living areas as it is very versatile to incorporate, you could have an agate artwork, agate bookends on a bookshelf, or agate coasters. Agate also comes in many different colorways so it will work with any interior scheme. Agate is also a grounding stone that promotes maturity and stability, and I think it’s nice to feel grounded in your main living space. Kitchen/Dining: Clear quartz is a great stone for these zones as it is a master stone in many ways. Clear quartz can be programmed for any intention and is a nice one for a kitchen or dining area because often you are also creating something from scratch, so it will work alongside your mood and energy. Quartz can change the feel of the space depending on the vibe and meals you are creating, i.e you could be having a fun night with friends, ask the stone to assist in creating joy and happiness. If it is a serious family dinner, ask the stone to guide you with clarity on the right words to say to your family members to resolve the issues. Bedroom: A great stone for your bedroom is labradorite as it is a protective stone that can restore energy, promote rest and help to recharge you. It can also assist in revealing your true emotions, which we all need sometimes in order to deal with things or to take the right path of action. Any stone (blues and black stones are great for this) that are protective will also work in bedrooms. About the Crystal Connection: The Crystal Connection, a 200-page coffee table book is a sensory and emotive visual guidebook that demonstrates a profound love for crystals and is not only inspiring but will connect the reader even more with their own sacred home space. The Crystal Connection is available now at an RRP $45.00. Currently $34.40 from and Follow them on Instagram @crystalconnectionbook Pack Free Walking Trips in New Zealand 2021-04-08T03:55:29Z pack-free-walking-trips-in-new-zealand Thrilled about the upcoming border opening, pack free walking company Life's An Adventure offers New Zealand guided walking tours that feature the best iconic walks of the South Island. The most popular walk features a tatse of the four best walking tracks of New Zealand’s Fiordland region including the Milford Sound Track, the Routeburn Track, the Hollyford Track and the Kepler Track combined in a 5 day Pack Free walking holiday. At the top of the South Island they offer Pack Free Walks of the iconic Queen Charlotte Sound Track, the Abel Tasman Coastal Track or a combination of both. For further information, images, interviews: Start your journey to wellness with Australian made Rochway probiotics 2021-04-07T00:41:04Z start-your-journey-to-wellness-with-australian-made-rochway-probiotics Introducing Rochway, the Australian-made brand leading the wellness revolution with cutting-edge probiotic products formulated with the highest quality probiotics and locally sourced ingredients, backed by years of clinical research. The new range of advanced probiotic complexes are formulated with their unique BioRestore™ fermentation process which utilises multi-strain probiotics for a more bio-available (easily absorbed) and bio-active complex to support gut health, immune function, the nervous system, and beautiful hair and skin. Launching with 12 products across the range, in liquid, powder, or capsule form, the journey to wellness starts today with all products available online now at Carel Crous, Rochway New Business Development Manager & Head of NPD says, “At Rochway we have been producing probiotics since 2006, with our brand stocked in more than 2,000 pharmacies and health food stores throughout Australia and our products exported to more than 30 countries in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. “The fact that our products are manufactured locally at our own TGA approved manufacturing facility in Queensland, using our exclusive BioRestore™ process, enables us to produce the highest quality and most advanced probiotics to meet all relevant Australian standards to the highest degree. We can also test and trial new formulations and introduce additional ingredients and formulas at a fast pace to keep up with consumer demand and new trends coming to market.” Key facts about Rochway Probiotics: Each Rochway product is fermented using their unique BioRestore™ process which utilises multi-strain probiotics for a more bio-available (easily absorbed) and bio-active complex. All products are naturally free from dairy, gluten, lactose, GMO, and added sugars. Ingredients have not had the use of herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilisers. Rochway’s probiotic products support gut health, immune function, the nervous system and beautiful hair and skin. The Product Range: SUPERFOODS: Kakadu Plum with Probiotics and Vitamin C Powder | RRP $22.95: Probiotics + Kakadu Plum + Vitamin C = gut health and skin goals, formulated for total daily wellbeing. Bio-Fermented Blueberry Concentrate | RRP $31.95: Bio-fermented blueberries with six raw probiotic strains creates this probiotic + antioxidant powerhouse to beautify the gut and skin. Bio-Fermented Coconut Water Concentrate | RRP $31.95: Rich in naturally-occurring electrolytes and six raw probiotic strains to help hydrate, plump and glow. Top of Form IMMUNITY: Bio-Fermented Olive Leaf Concentrate – Natural Berry | RRP $31.95: The brand's most-loved immune product in a natural berry flavour, made with fresh olive leaves bio-fermented with broad-spectrum probiotics. Bio-Fermented Olive Leaf Concentrate – Natural | RRP $31.95: Bio-Provide a double-action approach to immune system health, combining six raw probiotic strains with immune-boosting olive leaf. DIGESTION: Papaya Leaf Capsules | RRP $36.00: Packed with antioxidants and digestive enzymes, which help to break down food and macronutrients during digestion, ultimately helping to reduce digestive issues. Probiotic Daily Broad-Spectrum Capsules | RRP $34.95: A daily probiotic capsule containing 25 billion good bacteria using 3 different probiotic strains to support digestive health and immune function. Bio-Fermented Papaya Leaf Concentrate | RRP $34.95: The superfood-rich elixir, which takes full advantage of the digestive health benefits of papaya leaf, the ultimate gut-support elixir. Bio-Fermented Papaya 35 Fruit & Leaf Extract | RRP $34.95: Uses the same bio-fermented base as all other Rochway bio-fermented liquids, without any extra fuss. This one is all about the papaya, using both the fruit and leaf to make the ultimate gut-support elixir. Beans and Greens Probiotic Powder | RRP $29.95: Super-charged greens and probiotics for everyday wellbeing and vitality formulated with 10 billion good bacteria plus six green superfoods in every serve. ANTI-INFLAMMATION: Bio-Fermented Turmeric with Ginger and Black Pepper Extract | RRP $31.95: Turmeric, ginger and black pepper are the ultimate triple-threat in this anti-inflammatory, digestive-support elixir. PLUS: Colloidal Silver | RRP $29.95: Made from filtered water and electrically charged fine silver particles, this tasteless and odourless colloidal silver is made to the highest purity and premium quality standards. The new range of Rochway probiotics are available online now from TRAVELLO & EARTHCHECK - A PARTNERSHIP FOR TRAVELLING WITH A PURPOSE 2021-03-19T00:38:42Z travello-amp-earthcheck-a-partnership-for-travelling-with-a-purpose-1 Two of the world’s leading travel brands, Australian travel tech company Travello, and sustainability advisory group EarthCheck have partnered to deliver exceptional travel experiences. The two companies have joined forces to support destinations and tourism operators as they rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic that decimated the tourism industry. “The industry has never seen a time like this, so solutions that worked in the past really have no relevance in this environment. We need new ways of thinking to stimulate this recovery and that’s what we’ve done” says Travello CEO, Ryan Hanly. EarthCheck Founder and CEO, Stewart Moore notes that “Destinations need to position themselves competitively for the future, engage with visitors in a new way and build sustainability into recovery efforts.” The partnership provides destinations a unique offering by combining their key strengths to provide a ready-made technology solution to support destinations and operators to connect online with a domestic travel market which now has developed significant pent-up demand. “EarthCheck has been the industry leader in shaping how destinations plan their futures, working with Travello means we can combine our strategic vision with tangible economic benefits at a time when tourism operators need it most” continued Moore. Both companies have a shared vision on sustainable and responsible travel and a growing interest to bring social and economic benefits to the places they visit. Hanly continues, “Our research has shown that traveller’s want to leave destinations better than when they arrived, and they want the opportunity to participate in rewarding social and environmental experiences that give back to the local community. In addition, creating a greater connection between people and place provides an opportunity to build increased online interest in the destination and repeat visitation and spend.” While the initial focus of the partnership is economic recovery and driving spend and cash flow at the local level, the companies also have a long-term plan that can develop over time.  “We really want to drive longer term sustainability outcomes; help improve dispersal and assist travellers to form a close connection with destinations. We want visitors to be more than tourists and have a positive impact on the destinations they visit.” said Moore The companies are also creating innovative ways for visitors to give back to the destinations they are visiting by gamifying positive social and environmental activities and encouraging sustainable tourism which will ultimately aid deeper connections with destinations. The companies are currently in discussion with a wide range of destinations across Australia, Europe and the Americas.   ----ENDS----   ABOUT TRAVELLO Travello  is a Brisbane based company, but have over 1,000,000 users globally, making it one of the largest travel communities in the world. Travello is one of Australia’s leading online sellers of tours, activities and attractions and is focussed on building industry leading travel technology.    ABOUT EARTHCHECK EarthCheck is the world’s leading business advisory group specialising in sustainability and destination management for the travel and tourism industry. EarthCheck’s holistic approach to responsible tourism and its world leading science enables destinations and operators to benchmark and certify their performance with confidence and surety. Through its Total Tourism Management™ platform, EarthCheck works in partnership with clients to help plan for the future and guide the design, construction and operation of smart buildings and the responsible management of tourism destinations. Find out more at   Media contact: Andre Russ, EarthCheck Mobile: +61 (0) 449 901 114 Email:   Ryan Hanly, Travello Mobile: +61 (0) 415 214 215 Email:   Easter Styling Tips with Justine Wilson 2021-03-17T01:40:49Z easter-styling-tips-with-justine-wilson According to Justine Wilson, leading Property Stylist and Founder of Vault Interiors, holiday decorating is not just for Halloween or Christmas! Justine believes Easter is just as important when it comes to styling the home for special occasions and one that has been overlooked in the past. Easter 2021 is all about pastels, florals, bunnies and eggs. “These icons are all associated with the holiday season, so why not enjoy bringing them into your home and creating whimsical displays. You can style up a storm, and easily create a magical experience to share the holiday with friends and family,” said Justine. Justine’s top five tips for styling your home this Easter include: 1. Faux florals: These are inexpensive and can be found at any hobby store, variety store or dollar shop. For Easter, I like to select soft blues, pinks, and whites so the display feels like a spring day! These have a big impact and are easy to install, I use faux florals on my tablescape, on my stairwell, and as a filler for any other key vignettes. They often bend easily and require no fastening other than wrapping or manipulating them into the shape you require. 2. Bunnies: It wouldn’t be Easter without some cute bunnies, these figurines can be sourced at target, Kmart, homewares shops, or at places like TK Maxx. I have all different sizes and shapes, from grass look ones, to pretty glass ones, and simple ceramic ones. They create pretty displays and can be styled on any surface. 3. Eggs: From glass eggs, grass eggs, foam eggs and even wooden, or my favourite – chocolate eggs! It doesn’t matter which you choose, however by integrating some eggs it's an easy and fun way to bring the Easter look to life. They can be used for entryway vignettes, kitchen clusters or in main tablescapes to really signify and celebrate the holiday. 4. Don’t focus on one area: With seasonal styling is best to have little pops of décor all over the home for a magical experience for your family and your guests. I like to have an Easter wreath on the door, something on the stairs, some décor in the kitchen as well as the living and dining rooms. 5. Use pretty food as part of your display! This could be sugared almonds, candies, easter eggs, cupcakes or cakes or really any tasty treat that suits the theme. Decorating with food is a wonderful way to jazz up your table and of course delight your guests. “Remember, any key entertaining areas of your home are great places to decorate. If you continue the styling theme throughout your home - you will create more of an event-like experience!” adds Justine. For more styling tips go to: Media release: Get set ... Synch! 2021-03-11T02:39:02Z media-release-get-set-synch Just over one week before his solo east coast tour, Taxiride frontman Jason Singh’s unmissable soaring vocals can be heard on high rotation on TVs around Australia, as one of the band’s most popular tracks - Get Set - provides the soundtrack to Visit Victoria’s latest tourism marketing campaign to promote vibrant Melbourne.The Top 5 classic anthem remains one of Taxiride’s most recognisable songs, and is the perfect choice to encourage interstate visitors to “get set” for Melbourne, from where the band hails.The Visit Melbourne ads, which showcase the best of the Victorian capital, surrounding neighbourhoods and regions, hit the screens while Jason has been rehearsing for the forthcoming tour, which coincidentally will see him perform the hits of Taxiride, along with his solo material and a selection of favourite classics from late March and throughout April.Bringing two sets of solid 90s nostalgia across twelve cities and towns in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, Jason Singh plays Taxiride (Hits, Bits & Beyond) features the dynamic frontman in acoustic mode, with his powerhouse vocals front and foremost.The Hits, Bits & Beyond show will see Jason perform all the iconic hits that saw Taxiride at the top of the Australian music industry, including of course, Get Set, Everywhere You Go, and the most played song on Australian radio in 2002, Creepin’ Up Slowly. His set will also include material from deep within the Taxiride catalogue - such as Skin, Saffron and Worlds Away."I'm proud of everything I've done," Jason says, "Taxiride is where it all started for me and to have one of our hits used to represent Melbourne and Victoria’s many attractions is a great honour. I’m also excited about getting back on the road and playing a collection of songs I've rarely, some never, played live.”With a studio album, a covers album and a string of singles including two dance club hits, Jason will also feature a variety of his solo material, which has seen him tour extensively with a long list of accomplished artists including Mariah Carey, Rick Astley, HANSON and John Farnham.Stories, influences and insights from over 20 years of touring; you can be sure, as Jason Singh plays Taxiride, that each show is set to be a different ride. CHECK OUT ONE OF THE VISIT MELBOURNE ADS HERE:CONNECT WITH JASON Facebook: @jasonsinghtaxirideInstagram: @jasonsinghtaxiride MEDIA CONTACT:Erin Jameson+61 419 323 663 | erin(at)jamesonandco(dot)com JASON SINGH TOUR DATES AND VENUES:Friday, March 19Arcobar - 18+8 Arco Lane, Heatherton, VIC03 9551 1424Tix: $30 - phone bookings only (dinner & show)Doors: 6.30pm (7pm dinner)Show starts: 8pm Saturday, March 20Volta Arts and Culture - 18+15 Field St, Ballarat, VIC0419 379 757Tix: $30 + bf - EventbriteDoors: 7.00pmShow starts: 8pm Thursday, March 25Brass Monkey - 18+115A Cronulla St, Cronulla, NSW02 9544 3844Tix: $76.50 (includes dinner) - Oztix Doors: 6.30pmShow starts: 8pm Friday, 26 MarchThe Bridge Hotel – 18+119 Victoria Road, Rozelle, NSWTix: $30 + bf - MoshtixDoors: 7:30pmShow starts: 8pm Saturday, March 27Centro CBD - 18+28 Stewart St, Wollongong02 4225 3556Tix: $30+bf (show only); $55+bf (dinner & show) - TryBookingDoors: 6.00pmShow starts: 8pm Sunday, March 28Lizotte’s Newcastle - 18+31 Morehead St, Lambton, NSW02 4956 2066Tix: $30+bf (show only); $72+bf (lunch & show) - 12pmShow starts: 2pm Friday, April 9The Lounge (Royal Hotel) - 18+1259 Sandgate Rd, Nundah, QLD07 3051 7619Tix: $29.90+bf OztixDoors: 7.30pmShow starts: 8:30pm Saturday, April 10Wallaby Hotel - 18+45 Railway St, Mudgeeraba, QLD07 3558 3316Tix: $29.90+bf OztixDoors: 7.30pmShow starts: 8:30pm Friday, April 16Sooki Lounge - 18+1648 Burwood Hwy, Belgrave, VIC03 9754 7567Tix: $30.00+bf OztixDoors: 7.30pmShow starts: 8pm Friday, April 23Railway Hotel Murchison- 18+4910 Goulburn Valley Hwy, Murchison East, VIC03 5826 2552Tix: $30.00+bf Eventbrite Doors: 7.30pmShow starts: 8pm Geotab and JESI join forces to help organisations manage the safe movement of mobile and remote workers 2021-03-10T02:34:01Z geotab-and-jesi-join-forces-to-help-organisations-manage-the-safe-movement-of-mobile-and-remote-workers Now available on the Geotab Marketplace, the JESI solution helps mitigate risk for workers by automating emergency alerts and enabling real-time responses to critical eventsAPAC 9th March 2021 - Geotab, a global leader in IoT and connected transportation and JESI, an Australian-based Global Remote Worker Management company, today announced the availability of JESI’s safety solution on the Geotab Marketplace. JESI seamlessly integrates with Geotab’s award-winning telematics solution, enabling organisations to better control risks associated with remote workers operating across multiple geographic locations and diverse work environments. Available globally, Geotab and JESI collectively deliver a scalable safety solution to help organisations with workers operating in potentially high-risk scenarios to reduce risk by automating emergency alerts and enabling real-time responses to critical events. “As a company dedicated to improving fleet safety, enabling business and fleet leaders to mitigate risk is critical, especially for those working in remote environments. By collaborating with innovative partners like JESI, we are able to help these organisations keep their employees safe through increased visibility and check-in alerts,” said Louis De Jong, Executive Vice President at Geotab. “Geotab is excited to expand our Marketplace offering to include an Australian-based company who truly understands the crucial importance of improving safety for workers in high-risk circumstances or remote locations.” Both compelling and powerful, Geotab and JESI provide organisations with a centralised dashboard to help manage people and vehicle assets together, irrespective of where they are located. More importantly, in the event of an incident or emergency, organisations have access to pertinent information with one click. “Geotab and JESI have worked together over the past 12 months to develop a solution that gives organisations a significant competitive advantage,” said Joe Hoolahan, CEO at JESI. “By offering the JESI solution on the Geotab Marketplace, we are equipping organisations around the world with the potential to help reduce employee injury or death while also saving company time, money and resources.”To learn more about JESI, visit: or email About JESI Management SolutionsJESI is a Remote Worker Management SaaS product that enables organisations to control the risks associated with a diverse workforce who operate across multiple geographic locations. JESI, Australian based is established as a leading international software solution for remote workers across a wide range of industry sectors including resources, construction, education and health. To learn more, visit www.jesi.ioAbout GeotabGeotab is advancing security, connecting commercial vehicles to the internet and providing web-based analytics to help customers better manage their fleets. Geotab’s open platform and Marketplace, offering hundreds of third-party solution options, allows both small and large businesses to automate operations by integrating vehicle data with their other data assets. As an IoT hub, the in-vehicle device provides additional functionality through IOX Add-Ons. Processing billions of data points a day, Geotab leverages data analytics and machine learning to help customers improve productivity, optimize fleets through the reduction of fuel consumption, enhance driver safety, and achieve strong compliance to regulatory changes. Geotab’s products are represented and sold worldwide through Authorized Geotab Resellers. To learn more, please visit and follow us @GEOTAB and on LinkedIn. The Great Barrier Reef - Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation 2021-03-04T02:26:39Z the-great-barrier-reef-climate-change-mitigation-and-adaptation Brisbane, QLD 4 March 2021. The Great Barrier Reef is under increasing threat from climate change, renowned for its ecological significance and the beauty of its seascapes and landscapes, its ecological integrity is in danger despite considerable management effort. These natural assets provide important ecosystem services to business operators and the wider community in Queensland. In 2019, the Queensland Government commissioned EarthCheck, the industry leading environmental certification and benchmarking program, to assist the Great Barrier Reef islands to transition to a low or zero carbon future and to become more resilient. “Climate change, extreme weather events and a steady growth in visitation is putting increased pressure on the Great Barrier Reef islands,” said Melinda Watt, the Project Leader for EarthCheck. As Chief Scientist with EarthCheck, Melinda has been involved in the evolution and application of EarthCheck's international benchmarking indicators and standards for over twenty years. The aim of the project was to assist the Great Barrier Reef islands to benefit from new technologies and innovative practices to not only reduce greenhouse emissions, but provide additional benefits through energy, water, and waste management, as well as to improve overall self-sufficiency for the islands. EarthCheck worked with a project team made up of ARUP, Queensland Tourism Industry Council and Regional Economic Solutions. The team worked closely with the local communities of Magnetic, Masig and Palm Islands to deliver a sustainability and risk assessment and prepare an options analysis of environmental and sustainability solutions together with decarbonisation business cases for each of the islands. The decarbonisation cases have been designed to help the islands quantify the economic and environmental opportunities to invest in climate action, evaluate implementation risks and support applications for funding for applicable grants. The initial phase of the decarbonisation project involved onsite visits to engage with local communities, understand the issues and local impact. These visits identified sustainability-oriented and climate resilient project options that were developed up to business cases. Queensland Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef Meaghan Scanlon said that “While decarbonising islands alone won’t stop climate change threatening the Great Barrier Reef, EarthCheck’s community-led decarbonisation business cases will help to provide insight and identify future opportunities to drive a low carbon future and increase resilience of the island communities.” ROYAL CARIBBEAN SAYS “SHALOM, ISRAEL” WITH ODYSSEY OF THE SEAS DEBUT 2021-03-01T22:14:52Z royal-caribbean-says-shalom-israel-with-odyssey-of-the-seas-debut 1 March 2021 – Israeli holidaymakers will set a new course for adventure this summer when Royal Caribbean International begins sailing from Israel for the first time in May. The global cruise line will offer Israelis a combination of 3- to 7-night escapes visiting the Greek Isles and Cyprus on board its highly anticipated, brand-new ship, Odyssey of the Seas. The new sailings will go on sale on Tuesday, March 9. The itineraries, roundtrip from Haifa, Israel, will include visits to idyllic isles and destinations in the Mediterranean, including Rhodes, Santorini, Mykonos and Athens, Greece and Limassol, Cyprus.   “We are thrilled to debut Royal Caribbean cruises from Israel with our newest and most innovative ship, Odyssey of the Seas. Israeli travelers will be looking to get away, relax with total peace of mind, and enjoy the travel experiences they are missing dearly; and that is what we do best,” said Michael Bayley, president and CEO, Royal Caribbean International. “Sailing from Israel is an opportunity we have had our sights on for quite some time. We greatly appreciate the government of Israel for their collaboration and confidence in us to deliver memorable cruise experiences to their residents, and look forward to delivering on that promise aboard our newest ship – the first ‘Green Island’ at sea.”  Residents of Israel will be the first guests to cruise on Odyssey during its inaugural season. The innovative ship is designed to make for a memorable holiday for every kind of traveler, with a variety of new and signature experiences from bow to stern. Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea, highlights on board include a two-level pool deck designed for downtime under the sun and stars, SeaPlex – the two-level indoor and outdoor activity complex that is a high-adrenaline playground for all ages, and a lineup of complimentary and specialty restaurants primed to please every palate with cuisine from around the world. And entertainment throughout the ship will be punctuated by high-tech signature productions in the Royal Theater and Two70, where art and multimedia merge for jaw-dropping performances found only on Odyssey. “Thanks to the millions of vaccines we have brought, I am proud that Israel will be the first country in the world to launch Royal Caribbean’s new flagship. Royal Caribbean's decision to come to Israel is a significant expression of confidence in our policy. This is an important economic, touristic moment for the State of Israel,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “Israel is a global model of success. We will continue our program – the ‘green passport’ – so that we can get out of the COVID-19 virus in peace. Just as we made Israel the world champion in vaccines, we will make it the world champion in economics and tourism in the post-Corona era.” In conjunction with Israel’s health and tourism authorities, Royal Caribbean will be the first to offer fully vaccinated sailings, where both crew and guests above the age of 16 will be vaccinated against COVID-19. Details on the additional health and safety measures to be implemented by Israel and Royal Caribbean will be announced at a later date. The Greek Minister of Tourism, Mr. Haris Theoharis, supports all the efforts for the resumption of cruising in Greece and the surrounding area. He said, “We are very happy with today’s announcement as our recent travel agreement with Israel is already bringing results, and more people will have the opportunity to have unique experiences in our beautiful destinations and islands.” Savvas Perdios, the Deputy Minister of Tourism for Cyprus commented, “It is an honor to be featured in Royal Caribbean’s itinerary this summer, and we are delighted to welcome their newest ship to our island. Cyprus supports the cruise industry and is pleased to help the industry on its road to recovery. We are certain that guests will have a great time, both on board the ship and when visiting Cyprus, one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean.”     GAME-CHANGING SHIP  Odyssey will be the first Quantum Ultra Class ship to homeport in the region, touting a distinctive new look, an action-packed top deck and a mix of record-holding hits and groundbreaking firsts.  The state-of-the-art ship will come to life with game-changing, technological innovations like the next-generation SeaPlex, which will see the addition of this venue’s first Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade with club-level views of the competition below; a reimagined Adventure Ocean kids program, and the maxed-out Social180 teen lounge with gaming consoles, music, movies and an outdoor wraparound deck with ocean views. Guests will also enjoy a variety of dining venues, including Teppanyaki, serving East Asian flavors in a traditional Japanese style; and the cruise line’s first Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar, which offers rustic Italian dishes with a contemporary flair.  Up top, Odyssey’s vibrant next-level pool deck will feature two open-air, resort-style pools and four whirlpools with shady casitas and hammocks. Also on deck will be several guest favorites, including the FlowRider surf simulator, skydiving with RipCord by iFly, the iconic North Star all-glass observation capsule that boasts 360-degree views from 300 feet above sea level, and robot bartenders at Bionic Bar. For more information on Royal Caribbean’s first cruises from Israel, guests and travel advisors can visit   About Royal Caribbean International Royal Caribbean International has been delivering innovation at sea for more than 50 years. Each successive class of ships is an architectural marvel featuring the latest technology and guest experiences for today’s adventurous traveler. The cruise line continues to revolutionize vacations with itineraries to more than 270 destinations in 72 countries on six continents, including Royal Caribbean’s private island destination in The Bahamas, Perfect Day at CocoCay, the first in the Perfect Day Island Collection. Royal Caribbean has also been voted “Best Cruise Line Overall” for 18 consecutive years in the Travel Weekly Readers’ Choice Awards. Media can stay up to date by following @RoyalCaribPR on Twitter and visiting For additional information or to make reservations, vacationers can call their travel advisor; visit; or call (800) ROYAL-CARIBBEAN. Royal Caribbean International is applying the recommendations of its Healthy Sail Panel of public health and scientific experts to provide a safer and healthier cruise vacation on all of its sailings. Health and safety protocols, regional travel restrictions and clearance to visit ports of call, are subject to change based on ongoing evaluation, public health standards, and government requirements. U.S. cruises and guests: For more information on the latest health and travel alerts, U.S. government travel advisories, please visit or consult travel advisories, warnings or recommendations relating to cruise travel on applicable government websites.           Autumn Styling with Justine Wilson 2021-02-25T00:44:47Z autumn-styling-with-justine-wilson According to leading property stylist Justine Wilson, Autumn 2021 is going to be all about adding layers to your home in warm tone accents of chocolate, terracotta, rust, orange and coral. Lighting, updating outdoor spaces and adding greenery should also be on the priority list. The founder of Vault Interiors suggests keeping it simple by changing the light bulbs, installing an umbrella to make the most of outdoor spaces, or clipping branches from changing trees to disperse in pots and vases through the home. “As we head into the cooler months, we ultimately spend more time indoors so it’s a great time to refresh your interior spaces to be both cosy and inviting. With many of us spending more time at home these days also, investing in sprucing up your home will be money well spent, and create an inspiring place to enjoy,” advises Justine. Justine Wilson’s top Autumn styling tips and trends for 2021: Add layers to your home: This means adding extra rugs, such as sheepskins or layer rugs on top of each other for added depth. Add blankets and throws plus extra plump cushions to your living and bedroom room spaces, this will create warmth and texture. Faux fur, wool and thick fabrics like velvets are great materials to up the cosy /snuggly factor. Add warm tone accents: When it’s cold outside you want to visually warm up your interiors so opt for rich earthy tones which are also bang on trend and echo the changing leaves and colours of nature. Colours like chocolate, terracotta, rust tones, mustards, coral or orange tones are a great way to achieve this. Consider new scatter cushions, pop coloured artwork, or accessories like books, vases and candles in these tones to add a hint of warmth and to dress up your spaces. Lighting: Lighting is a great way to battle the changing seasons, as the light fades earlier, consider adding extra floor or table lamps to your home. Ambient light always creates an inviting ambience. Also, consider swapping your cool tone bulbs to warm white for additional glow. If you don’t have enough space to inject additional lamps, opt for candles. Candles in hurricane vases or grouped in a large cluster on a tray are perfect for this season and look really pretty also. Outdoor spaces: Don’t overlook your outdoor spaces as we head into autumn, the weather can still be nice enough to enjoy a dinner party or bask in the remaining sun. Ramp up the lighting by way of candles, lanterns or fairy lights. Consider installing umbrellas, pergolas or shade cloths to help to protect from the elements. Invest in an outdoor heater or add an outdoor fire pit for magical autumn evenings with friends and family. Add greenery: Adding fresh flowers or large leafy green stems in the cooler months is a great way to keep things fresh. It’s an inexpensive way to inject colour and life into your home. Large vases of clipped branches from changing trees are a beautiful way to reflect the seasons and bring the outside in. Plants can be brought into key areas to add a decorative element and also assist with oxygen flow in the room. Fresh flowers on your entry tables or coffee tables will certainly add beauty, colour and create a visual focal point. For more styling tips go to their new website: JURA Australia announce pre-sale for the highly anticipated E8 Piano Black 2021-02-22T03:38:10Z jura-australia-announce-pre-sale-for-the-highly-anticipated-e8-piano-black JURA has redesigned its bestseller and are launching the latest generation of its E8 in the Australian market from 1 April 2021. With inquiries already coming in for the new machine due to the successful launch overseas and the latest Roger Federer campaign, JURA Australia have allowed customers to pre-register for one of these highly anticipated machines. Enjoy the full aroma of coffee that’s in a league of its own – always freshly ground and freshly extracted. The new E8 mid-range JURA coffee machine is loaded with features including the new extra shot function, 17 different beverages and one-touch automatic cleaning with new mini tabs. George Liakatos, JURA Australia General Manager says, “We thought the original E8 was packed with features and clearly so did our customers worldwide as it has been the best-selling model globally for the last 5 years. The new generation E8 really takes automated coffee machines to the next level. It’s not only packed with features but sophisticated in design and easier to use with the machine set up to make 17 coffee specialities, a new Extra Shot button and simplified one-touch maintenance with our new cleaning tabs.” For the new E8, JURA has combined features previously reserved for its premium segment with the advantages of the most successful automatic coffee machine in its history to create an entirely new machine. JURA E8 – Key Features: The Professional Aroma Grinder is a new, quiet grinder with a perfected cutting geometry which allows the flavours to fully unfold, thereby increasing the aroma by 12.2% compared to conventional systems, maintained for the service lifetime. 17 different coffee specialities can be prepared at the touch of a button, including a Cortado. Those who like their coffee more intense can pep up their cappuccino or flat white using the Extra Shot function. The machine will grind, tamp and brew twice to ensure the coffee is not over-extracted. Thanks to the innovative fluid system, automatic milk system cleaning takes place at the touch of a button with new mini tabs An intelligent algorithm identifies your drinking habits and ensures the start screen displays either two or four of your favourite drinks The ability for Siri to prepare a coffee via the J.O.E.® coffee app from compatible phones and tablets. Easy programming, simply touch and hold each beverage to enter programming mode to completely customise drinks from coffee strength, temperature, amount of water and amount of milk. The JURA E8 in Piano Black will be available from 1 April 2021 for an RRP $2290 online at as well as selected electrical retailers, department stores, independent and specialty outlets. Customers can pre-register for the E8 from today here: About JURA: JURA’s products stand for innovation, ease of use and sustainability. JURA believe in the perfect cup of coffee, using fresh beans, freshly ground and extracted at the touch of a button. The product range includes both machines for domestic use and professional models for the office and food service industry. In recent years the long-established Swiss brand has grown to become a global player, operating in around 50 countries KONCHECK Is Now Offering: Police Check + VEVO Check 2021-02-15T07:54:16Z koncheck-is-now-offering-police-check-vevo-work-entitlement-checks National Police Checks and VEVO Check (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) Work Entitlement Checks are crucial for Australian employment. They ensure a safe working environment and validate an individual’s legal working rights in Australia. KONCHECK is an online service powered by Konze Enterprise Pty Ltd. It allows individuals to complete their police checks online in a convenient and secure way. Criminal background checks and employment screening are necessary in industries such as healthcare, transport, education, construction, security, hospitality, and more. Simultaneously, a Right to Work check is also mandatory for every Australian Visa holder to prove their working rights, as every visa holder has different working conditions. An Australian work entitlement check from KONCHECK is suitable for many visa categories such as Bridging Visas, Student Visas, Temporary Graduate Visas, Working Holiday Visas, Provisional Visas, and more. KONCHECK has a fully online, fast and secure application process. It is accredited by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, and the certificates are valid across all Australian states and territories. Whether it is a Police Clearance Check or VEVO Work Entitlement Check, KONCHECK can do both online in just 5 easy steps. The former's certificate can be obtained within 1-2 business days, while for the latter, it is instant! Here is a quick feature-list of KONCHECK: - ACIC (Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission) accredited police check provider - Quick turn-around time - Secure online payment - Track applications on-the-go - User-friendly application process Wish to obtain your national police check and or right to work check done? Don’t wait! Visit or contact them at QUANTUM OF THE SEAS' CURRENT SINGAPORE SEASON EXTENDED UNTIL JUNE 2021 2021-02-10T04:37:04Z quantum-of-the-seas-current-singapore-season-extended-until-june-2021 10 February 2020 – Royal Caribbean International today announced the extension of the Singapore season for Quantum of the Seas, one of Asia’s largest and most revolutionary ships. This follows the success of the safe cruises pilot programme, which launched in December 2020. With this extension, Royal Caribbean will deploy Quantum for an additional three months in Singapore between 22 March 2021 and 21 June 2021.   Singapore residents can continue to satisfy their feelings of wanderlust and enjoy fun-filled activities, next-generation entertainment and world-class dining on board one of Royal Caribbean’s most groundbreaking ships. Now available for bookings, these 2-, 3- and 4-night Ocean Getaways will continue to operate with the same set of comprehensive health and safety measures in place, such as mandatory COVID-19 testing, reduced sailing capacity and strict physical distancing measures.   “We are thrilled to announce the extension of the sailing season and look forward to having guests experience first-hand our signature cruise vacation that has wowed local cruisers already, with many booking repeat visits,” said Angie Stephen, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, Royal Caribbean International. “Our close partnership with the Singapore Government has played an instrumental role in the success of these pilot cruises, and we remain committed to safeguarding the health and safety of our guests and crew during these additional sailings.”   Holidaymakers of all ages can expect the same signature Royal Caribbean experience on their Ocean Getaway, while cruising with peace of mind. The global cruise operator has taken every effort to keep guests and crew aboard Quantum of the Seas safe through a comprehensive set of health and safety measures that adhere to the CruiseSafe Certification standards jointly developed by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and DNV GL[1]. For a full list of health and safety measures being enforced on board Quantum, visit The ground-breaking Quantum of the Seas features unmatched innovations in onboard attractions, such as RipCord by iFLY, the first skydiving experience at sea; North Star, an engineering marvel that transports guests more than 300 feet above the ocean; SeaPlex, the largest indoor sports and entertainment complex at sea with bumper cars, roller skating and more; as well as the Bionic Bar powered by Makr Shakr—home to the world’s first robotic bartenders. Guests will also get to enjoy a landscape of 18 restaurant concepts as vast and varied as dining in the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, including specialty restaurants created with partner chefs such as Jamie Oliver.   Guests who book their sail-cation on Quantum of the Seas before 30 April 2021 can be assured of flexibility in their plans with Royal Caribbean’s Cruise with Confidence program, which allows for changes and cancellations up to 48 hours before the cruise begins. For even greater peace of mind, included with the cruise are COVID-19 protections which include a 100% credit towards a future cruise should a guest or any member of their travel party test positive for COVID-19 during the three weeks prior to their booked cruise; or a full refund if a guest, or any member of their travel party, tests positive during their voyage. Royal Caribbean will continue to cover COVID-19 related costs up to $25,000 SGD per person in the travel party for onboard medical costs, any required quarantine, and travel home.   [1] The certification programme is jointly developed by STB and DNV GL, a global classification body and recognised advisor in the maritime industry. The certification is benchmarked against global standards and protocols, as well as Singapore’s national safe management measures and certification programmes such as SG Clean.   How to be happily single & avoid depression this Valentine’s Day 2021-02-10T01:17:02Z how-to-be-happily-single-avoid-depression-this-valentines-day WHILE Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a day of joy and romance, many single people spend the day feeling lonely, depressed and suicidal. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report shows that relationship problems are the top cause of suicides today and psychologists worldwide suggest that Valentine’s Day on February 14 is the start of an annual rise in suicide rates that peak in April. It doesn’t have to be this way however as there are many positives to being single, as Gold Coast author Louisa Pateman shares in her new book Single, Again, and Again, and Again… “It takes courage to be single and it’s a big myth that when you meet ‘the one’, you will live happily ever after,” Ms Pateman said. “Your ultimate goal should be happiness - single or not. We all have our own unique life journey. If I had waited for ‘the one’, I wouldn’t have had such an amazing life.” Louisa, 47, has travelled to 73 countries, had multiple properties and chose to have her son solo using a sperm bank at age 37 after stressing out about her biological clock ticking and having more than 13 failed relationships since the age of 21. A civil engineer for 25 years, she created exciting and rewarding life experiences through travel, investing and spending time with girlfriends. “I spent 20 years looking for my soulmate and my son, Nicholas, is now the love of my life. I wouldn’t give him up for any man,” she said. Her tips for being happily single include: Embrace/ accept your situation for what it is and what you have Learn to be present- enjoy the moment Find other single people you can relate to but don’t exclude yourself from couple situations. Find opportunities where you can be around people you can connect with, who have lived part of your journey Love yourself and appreciate your self worth. You determine your own worth by what you will and won’t put up with Find inner contentment and the good in all your challenges. Don’t be a man/ woman hater or shun couples. If you are bitter, resentful or hold grudges from past relationship failures, that bitterness permeates your present experience. Find exciting and rewarding life experiences that you can do on your own. When you come out of a relationship, write down a list of all the things you want to do without a partner and do it, like going on a girl’s retreat or writing a book (eg. I was up 10pm to 2am most nights when writing my book). Stay optimistic about life. Have an attitude of gratitude. Be grateful for what you have - big and little things. List things you’re grateful for and realise things aren’t that bad. Look at life from a macro perspective and realise how small your issues are in the overall scheme of things Remind yourself that not everyone in a relationship is happy. You may be better off than some people who don’t have the courage to be single Ms Pateman’s tips are also in line with Singles Awareness Day (or Singles Appreciation Day), which is celebrated on February 15 each year. “It is a celebration of love in all forms recognising the love between friends, family and loving yourself. You have to accept you are where you are,” Ms Pateman said. “I’m not saying you can get rid of your desires. I’m saying if you don’t have courage to live a rewarding life on your own, life could pass you by and you could miss out on a lot of opportunities.” For more details or for a copy of the book Single, Again, and Again, and Again…, visit ENDS ___________________________________________________ MEDIA CONTACT ONLY: AA Xpose Media Director/ Photojournalist Aldwyn Altuney ph: 0409 895 055 Coupa Business Spend Index Reveals that Business Spend Sentiment is Gradually Improving for Third Consecutive Quarter 2021-02-10T00:40:07Z coupa-business-spend-index-reveals-that-business-spend-sentiment-is-gradually-improving-for-third-consecutive-quarter SYDNEY 10 FEB, 2021 – Coupa Software (NASDAQ: COUP) has published the findings from its Business Spend Index (BSI), Q1 2021 Outlook. The Coupa BSI analyses billions of dollars of aggregated and anonymised business spend decisions across Coupa’s platform, often serving as an early indicator of macroeconomic health over the next three to six months. The Q1 Outlook shows that business spend sentiment is gradually improving (an increase of 2.9 percent), but is still below trend. Data from the past quarter shows the following year-over-year changes in business spending:96 percent decrease in business spending on air travel25 percent decrease in business spending on office supplies11.5 percent increase in business spending on technology, including hardware, software, and services22.8 percent increase in contingent workforce spend12.3 percent increase in business spending for shipping and freight “While the Coupa BSI Q1 2021 Outlook shows modest improvement overall, a return to trend is unlikely until the number of new COVID cases reported daily has been significantly reduced,” said Jeff Collins, chief economist at Coupa. “Although government action to combat the economic consequences of the pandemic has likely mitigated the depth of the downturn, we do not expect the U.S. economy to return to ‘normal’ levels of output or employment in the next three to six months.” Spend Sentiment by Vertical Industry:Financial Services: Although below trend for the last four quarters, the sector is improving bolstered by refinancing activity, stimulative fiscal policy, and continued accommodative monetary policy by the Federal Reserve. Improved spend sentiment for Financial Services implies the sector is expected to contribute more positively to U.S. GDP growth for the next three to six months. Health and Life Sciences: Spend sentiment for Health and Life Sciences declined sharply from the previous quarter. The sector has been hard hit by the resurgence of COVID-19 cases and is expected to remain below trend for the next three to six months. High Tech: Confidence in the tech sector, which has remained high throughout the pandemic, is now returning to trend. Companies in this sector are expected to benefit long-term from changes brought about by the pandemic and continue to contribute positively to U.S. GDP growth for the next three to six months. Manufacturing: Spend sentiment for Manufacturing rebounded, but is still well below the trend line. Demand is expected to increase as vaccinations and warmer weather reduce the negative impact of the pandemic on the sector. Retail: The Retail sector continues to improve but is still below trend, as uncertainty caused by layoffs and business shutdowns persist. However, stimulus checks and low interest rates are expected to mitigate the impact of the pandemic in the months to come. To view the Coupa BSI Q1 2021 Outlook in its entirety, visit The findings of the BSI are not necessarily indicative of trends happening with Coupa's business. The Coupa BSI MethodologyThe Coupa BSI is an early indicator of potential economic growth based on current business spending decisions of hundreds of U.S. companies. It analyses billions of dollars of anonymised transactions from the Coupa BSM Platform, which has cumulatively processed over $2 trillion in business spend, to measure confidence around U.S. economic growth at an aggregate level, as well as an industry level within financial services, health and life sciences, high tech, manufacturing, and retail. The index is based on three key measurements related to business spend: (1) spend volume, (2) average time to approve spend decisions, and (3) average rate of spend approval/rejection. The Coupa BSI is normalised to a baseline value of 100, which represents the weighted composite value of the three components in the baseline reference period (July 2016). The weighting methodology is periodically updated based on recalibration of the model. This was most recently done for Q4 2020.