The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-06-24T05:47:59Z NEW Paws and Pubs Experiences 2021-06-24T05:47:59Z new-paws-and-pubs-experiences Our NEW Paws and Pubs Experience brings together a day wandering scenic walking trails and finishing with a great pub lunch. Bella The Dog Welcoming Bus will chauffeur you to a mystery destination - and oh how much fun it will be to find out on the day where we are going! So much more than just a walk and lunch, our boutique adventures are a way of connecting with friends, nature and our beloved pooches. There are 6 dates and 6 destinations and we won't visit the same place twice. Our guided walks are sniffari's for the senses. After all dogs experience the world through their nose and they deserve lots of mental stimulation - so why not give them a new adventure to brag about at the local park. You can choose the length of the trail you want to walk as Bella will be available to pick you up along the way. Chat and share stories as you wander through scenic trails - a chance to just breath and be in the moment. Enjoy morning tea on board as we journey out to our mystery destination somewhere in Victoria.  You have the option to purchase lunch of your choice at the pub we have chosen. Bella and our team will also be available to host pooch massages onboard if the weather is not playing nicely on the day. We have done all the planning so all you have to do is bring your sense of adventure - oh and your dog! Rochway Beauty Sleep Officially Launches – An Australian first! 2021-06-24T04:03:47Z rochway-beauty-sleep-officially-launches-an-australian-first Rochway is thrilled to announce the launch of Australia’s first natural beauty sleep tonic – Rochway Beauty Sleep. Combining powerful natural sleep aids with innovative probiotics, the delicious natural berry liquid is formulated with sour cherry and calming herbs valerian and hops to encourage quality sleep to reset the body and mind. The unique formula also includes marine collagen and probiotics fermented with Rochway’s exclusive BioRestore™ fermentation process for optimal gut health and whole-body wellbeing. Tegan Martin, Rochway Beauty Sleep Ambassador, someone who knows how important it is to get quality zzz’s to reset the body and mind says, “There have been times in my life where I was having too much sleep, alongside phases where I just wasn’t getting enough. It’s been a personal work in progress learning about how to get to the source of what is influencing my sleep patterns. From improving my physical health to learning how to calm my racing mind at night, sleep will always be a major priority for me. I started trialling the Rochway Beauty Sleep a few months ago and have finally found something that I can take every night to naturally fall into a deep restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed each morning.” Naturopath and Holistic Wellbeing Expert Krystle Alves advises, “We all know how vital sleep is for health and well-being. With many studies now supporting the importance of sleep in healing, reproductive health, immune function, weight management, brain function and even the ability to regulate your emotions all of these and more have been linked to sleep. “The fact is sleep impacts several facial qualities including skin health. A study published in clinical and experimental dermatology (2015) found that good sleepers (7-9hrs) had lower skin ageing scores, and a higher skin barrier recovery after injury up to 30% better than poor sleepers. Another study by Tina Sundelin also showed that those who were sleep deprived were perceived as being, less healthy, less attractive and subjects may have felt less likely to want to interact with them socially. This new Beauty Sleep formula is a great compliment to a sound evening routine with the right active ingredients combined to target concerns,” said Krystle. The three key ingredients in Rochway’s Beauty Sleep include: 1. Marine Collagen to regenerate and rehydrate the skin. It is also responsible for maintaining skin elasticity, skin texture and minimising the appearance of wrinkles and signs of ageing. Plus, it supports the skin to keep it firm, plump and glowing. 2. Sour Cherry is rich in the vital sleep hormone melatonin, a central part of the body’s sleep-wake cycle. Melatonin promotes healthy sleep and helps to orient the circadian rhythm. It also contains proanthocyanidins that can help the body convert the amino acid tryptophan into serotonin. 3. Calming herbs Valerian and Hops top off the Beauty Sleep formula, promoting relaxation and calmness to promote a natural slumber. Key facts about Rochway Beauty Sleep: Supports good gut bacteria Marine collagen & BioRestore™ process increases absorbance of collagen Sour cherry and calming herbs support natural and good sleep Australian made 99% sugar free Naturally flavoured Free from gluten and dairy Taken one to two hours before bedtime, the new Beauty Sleep product completes the brand’s journey to wellness ethos, by now providing Australians with 24 hour gut health solutions across the range. Rochway’s new Beauty Sleep probiotic liquid is available now at at an RRP of $49.99. They are also running a limited free six day sample offer for 72 hours at with the code BEAUTYSLEEP3. About Rochway’s BioRestore™ Process: Beauty Sleep is made using Rochway’s unique BioRestore™ fermentation process. Papaya fruit and leaf undergo five stages of fermentation using six multi-strain, gut-loving probiotics, resulting in a more bio-available (easily absorbed) and bio-active complex to help beautify from the inside out and support whole body wellbeing. The six strains of probiotics used in the BioRestore™ fermentation process include Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Bifidobacterium lactis, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae (boulardii). LIMITED-TIME TULIP DELIVERIES HAPPENING ACROSS MELBOURNE AND SYDNEY 2021-06-24T01:31:59Z limited-time-tulip-deliveries-happening-across-melbourne-and-sydney Need a little winter pick-me-up? The team at Bloombox Co have just launched their deliveries across Melbourne & Sydney. For a limited time, they’ll be sending tulips on the bulb, dug to order, direct to consumers' doors. While these bulb-beauties are a limited time offer, those lucky enough to snag a bunch will receive long-time benefits as the tulip bulbs can be re-planted and enjoyed all over again in years to come. Long leggy tulips stay farm-fresh for longer as they continue to grow, sans soil! Bring the outdoors indoors with the ultimate statement stems, which you can watch root for you once you’ve popped into water and a glass vase. Once the flowers die off you can cut back the growth and air-dry the bulb, ready to plant again in two seasons. You know what they say – “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”. With minimal waste and a low environmental footprint, treat yourself to tulip joy with Bloombox Co. Kiss my Tulips! Available now for three weeks: Final pre-orders to be placed by: 10th July 2021 Deliveries: Tulips going out across Melbourne on Thursdays, in Sydney on Saturdays Prices start from $89 and include free contact-free delivery Choose from 15 / 25 / 35 bulbs, in a variety of seasonal colours Dug to order in Monbulk, Victoria What Should You Ask Before Hiring Duct Cleaning Company? 2021-06-23T05:17:19Z what-should-you-ask-before-hiring-any-duct-cleaning-company-1 Ducts are important aspects of consideration when it is about air circulation from your house or any property. It is very common to ignore the condition of ducts while it is of utter importance. It is so because, if you have dirty or damaged ducts, then air quality inside your home will not be healthy. Also, if there are any heating and cooling units in your home, then dirty ducts will affect the performance of such units. The concern is that you require a professional duct cleaning team to solve these problems. But, do you know “What Should You Ask Before Hiring Any Duct Cleaning Company"?. Here is an explanation from one of the leaders in Duct Cleaning Melbourne services, people know them as Ducted Heating Cleaning. Important questions and answers that will help you in finding a suitable company for duct cleaning: 1) What about guidelines you follow during a duct cleaning? There are two guidelines available for duct cleaners in Australia, one is from EPA and the other is from NADCA. Those who are a member of the EPA, they know the safety guidelines and post-cleaning checklist. So, you can expect high-standard cleaning from such members. 2) What are the health aspects included with your duct cleaning? The most common problems like fungi, bacteria, mould, dust and other particles should be part of their cleaning, and the cleaning should improve air quality by the end. Also, you can ask for duct sanitisation and deodorisation which are good for making a healthy environment. 3) Do you give any guarantee or warranty? If a company is providing a guarantee or warranty for its work, then you can always have faith in such a company. Thus, it is a good idea to hire such a company. 4) What are your duct cleaning service costs? It is of utter importance to know the service rates before you hire a company. It will save you from additional charges and hidden costs. 5) Why should anyone hire your company? This question is vital because there are many available in the market to provide this service and maybe at the same rates. Thus, there should be something different and the best in the company that you are going to hire for duct cleaning. Ducted Heating Cleaning provides all types of duct cleaning services across Melbourne and nearby areas.  Visit Website:- Email:-           Phone Number:-     03 6121 9084 "Sober" by ET Boys on Wake Up! Music 2021-06-22T14:25:18Z sober-by-et-boys-on-wake-up-music House vocalist, Pepper Gomez of Wake Up! Music announces that the much anticipated first release by the new band, the ET Boys, called "Sober" is out June 25, 2021. Pepper notes, "I've been waiting for a Nu Pop act to sign to the Label but little did I know it would come from my own sons." The ET Boys from SoFlo are the brothers Tacboy and Sharkeyes. Sharkeyes creates all the music for the tracks while Tacboy takes lead on the vocals and lyrics. "These sounds cannot be forced into creation but rather are born from the bonds of brotherhood," states Sharkeyes. This is a synergy that comes from growing up together in a home where dancers, musicians and music of all genres were welcome. What the brothers create as a duo is their own unique sound which has been described with various genre influences including melodic rap but is best described as the ET Boys Nu Pop sound. "Sober", their first release, tells a story which is visually and dramatically supported by the high intensity video which accompanies the track. Domonick Giorgianni, video creator, said, "The ET Boys were a dream to work with - super talented dudes who came in early and ready to work. Get ready to have your minds blown." The "Sober" video is an excellent and visually beautiful introduction to the ET Boys. As we follow the video's storyline and music, we feel both the struggle of the main character and the driving force of the music which ultimately can save him. A future release entitled, "Long Night" will tie together the two videos in the life of the brothers.  "From their music to the videos, the ET Boys are clearly making their own art and set to make their special mark on the world, "states Pepper Gomez. Tacboy, a signed IMG model, is already being compared to Jim Morrison in looks, vocal fluidity and lyrical production. In this analogy, Sharkeyes is the Ray Manzarek of the team with his formal studies in piano and drums from which he pulls to create and elevate his tracks, not to mention with over 100 tracks in the vaults for future releases.  There has never been anything like the ET Boys and "Sober" is starting off as strong as it gets as it hits the airwaves June, 25, 2021. Signed to Wake Up! Music and with distribution by ONErpm, the summer sounds of nu and indie pop are here. The ET Boys – lighting up your summer and moving in for life!  Interviews and/or appearances will be booked later this month for the ET Boys. Added news updates and other information about upcoming events may be found at Press kits will be provided upon request to members of the media by contacting the representative listed below: Media Contact: Stevie B Mia Mind Music Phone: 800-843-8575 Email: Master Stroke Sees Queensland Host Art of Attraction Tourism Summit 2021-06-21T04:41:06Z master-stroke-sees-queensland-host-art-of-attraction-tourism-summit Queensland’s Sunshine Coast will host the 2022 Art of Attraction Tourism Summit and two associated national niche tourism awards from 2- 4 March. Summit organisers Awards Absolute have entered a major partnership agreement with Sunshine Coast Council and the region’s tourism body, Visit Sunshine Coast. Awards Absolute’s Managing Director, Liz Rivers, said they were thrilled to partner with Sunshine Coast Council and Visit Sunshine Coast to keep the conference and Awards within the region for one more year. “Returning to the Sunshine Coast in 2022 will give our delegates an opportunity to experience another destination within the region, with The Events Centre Caloundra chosen as the 2022 Summit venue,” she said. The Art of Attraction is a unique event collective designed to assist towns and regions looking to take advantage of two fast-growing areas: art tourism and mature-age visitation. Visit Sunshine Coast (VSC) Business Events Manager, Maureen Brennan, said they were proud to be a support partner of the Art of Attraction Tourism Summit. “Following the success of staging this national summit for attendees in 2019, we are again looking forward to hosting these events because they are bringing together two key growth areas in 21st century tourism. “There are many mature-age visitors who are time rich and with borders closed to the previous choice of international destinations; there is a renewed thirst to explore and experience more of regional Australia,” she said.  The national conference will be held from Wednesday 2 to Friday 4 March, concluding with the Gala Awards evening that will see the winners of the Australian Street Art Awards and Grey Nomad Awards crowned. Ms Rivers said the Summit is an all-inclusive opportunity for tourism and event professionals to connect with and learn from tourism leaders at the very forefront of using public and street art as a strong economic driver, and also harnessing the flexibility, wealth and loyalty of senior travellers. “One of our main objectives in running this business event and associated Awards is to arm towns and tourism operators across the country with the tools and knowledge that will encourage Australians to explore more thoroughly and discover hidden gems,” she said. What:                    2022 Art of Attraction Summit, 2021 Australian Street Art Awards gala, 2021 Grey Nomad Awards gala When:                  2 – 4 March 2022 Where:                 The Events Centre Caloundra, Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Australian Street Art Awards: a “Tourism Awards for Public Art” program designed to showcase destinations while educating travellers about the magnificent array of outdoor art that can be found in every corner of Australia. Grey Nomad Awards: encourage positive aging through supporting and promoting soft adventure and social inclusion for mature-age travellers while recognising local government and tourism operators that provide exemplary products, services or experiences that make the lives of these travellers happier, healthier and safer. Advantages of Mink Lashes and 20mm Mink Lashes 2021-06-19T21:07:26Z advantages-of-mink-lashes-and-20mm-mink-lashes The makeup industry is growing really fast and thus, the need for a variety of items is growing more and more as the days pass by. Every outfit nowadays has a different color of lipstick, different color of eyeshadow, and of course different lengths of eyelashes. There are way too many people who are not satisfied with less and little variety. People now need more and more options even in the context of eyelashes. Now, we are here, in particular, going to talk about a definite type of Mink Eyelash that is 20mm Mink Lashes. These lashes are next on the way after the 25mm Mink Lashes. Let us discuss in a bit of detail about this category of eyelashes. 20mm Mink Eyelash The 20 mm Mink Eyelash is yet another popular and the most wanted brand of eyelash present in the makeup industry. It has been used on various celebrities and has not at all disappointed them. The company produces a large part of these lashes and ensures that the quality of the product is natural and toxin-free. Moreover, they provide free samples of the mink lashes 20 mm which we are sure would be worth it. The life span of these 20mm Mink Lashes is 30-40 times from the day that you have worn them for the first time. MissAngel Lash provides such wholesale mink lashes which once purchased would leave you completely happy and satisfied. Then, you won’t have to buy lashes from anywhere else. Features of 20mm Mink Lash as produced by MissAngel Lash The product is 100% hand-made by their own workers. It does not damage the eye when worn. It does not involve any harm to animals. The products manufactured by MissAngel Lash are given and provided with full assurance of their quality. Now, Mink Lashes for sure are some really amazing and attractive products to be bought but, there are some things that every mink lash owner should know and have in mind before and after purchasing them. Let us in brief discuss a few of such important things. Things to keep in mind before and after purchasing Mink Lashes They are made from natural hair- Unlike other eyelashes, the mink lashes are made from the natural hair of the mink animal. Hence, they are more realistic and softer. They involve high maintenance – The Mink Lashes require high maintenance due to the fact that they are made from real hair. One must not be near water for around 24 hours after applying these and also not near steam for 48 hours until the glue sticks tight. Moreover, these should be combed regularly. They give an experience of Quality and Comfort – Since the Mink lashes are made from natural hair, they provide an overall light experience to the owner. They can be removed off easily – Only little applications of any oil remover would easily remove the mink lashes. Hence, these are some positives that make the mink lashes all the way better to be used. Do not wait! Just go and grab yours at Revitalife CEO Named in Top 50 Healthcare Technology Report 2021 2021-06-17T03:12:05Z revitalife-ceo-named-in-top-50-healthcare-technology-report-2021 This year’s awardees represent some of the most accomplished executives in healthcare technology and Clive is honoured to be named. Revitalife Company owner, Lance Clews, says “When it comes to driving success in business, there is no better way to do that than by bringing in the right people for the job. And that’s why we appointed Clive as CEO in 2018.” says Lance. “Clive has been instrumental in taking our business to the next level by driving innovation whilst ensuring our customer-centric care culture remained a priority. He has achieved this by surrounding himself with a quality management team and implementing better business practices. Clive also led the company through the COVID-19 pandemic with his intuitive thinking and team collaboration.” The Healthcare Technology Report share in its media release published this week, “This year’s awardees represent some of the most accomplished executives in healthcare technology. Their leadership has been critical in developing industry-leading medical devices, next-generation software platforms, cutting-edge drugs and therapeutics, and advanced diagnostics, among other technologies. From inventing novel orthopedic and mobility devices to spearheading platforms to strengthen the patient/provider connection, and to developing new blood tests to diagnose diseases, these awardees have made significant contributions to society at large. They come from varied backgrounds in medicine, research, biotechnology, business, and finance, leveraging unique insights to provide their companies with the agility and ingenuity needed to thrive. While highly involved and instrumental to the continued success of their companies, they have also remained dedicated to advancing their particular fields, with many participating in prestigious research institutions and trade groups that are collaborating to develop more effective solutions for patients across the globe.” Appointed CEO of Revitalife Sleep Solutions in late 2018, Clive’s team describe him as a visionary and an approachable customer-centric leader with an open-door policy who genuinely cares. Clive has introduced product innovation and strategic partnerships including the announcement of an exclusive collaboration with Celliant Technology in the adjustable bed market in Australia in 2019, along with Sleep Disorders Australia in 2021. Through these and other collaborations he continues to work on ways to bring a better night’s sleep to every Australian. We would like to congratulate all CEO’s named. For the full list visit here. ____________ Revitalife is an Australian family-owned and operated class 1 medical devices company specialising in innovative therapeutic products for everyone, from elite athletes to senior Australians. As a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider Revitalife works closely with leading health and medical professionals, with the mission to help more Australians suffer less, enjoy faster recovery and attain restful sleep. Revitalife offers one-on-one personalised consultations, both in-home and online, to work with customers in building a sleep solution that works best for their unique needs and requirements. PETCLOUD PARTNERS WITH WYNDHAM DESTINATIONS TO HELP PET PARENTS ENJOY STRESS-FREE TRAVEL 2021-06-16T03:45:49Z petcloud-partners-with-wyndham-destinations-to-help-pet-parents-enjoy-stress-free-travel With more Australians owning a pet and more Australians holidaying at home, PetCloud has partnered with Wyndham Destinations to ensure pets can enjoy a holiday as much as their owners while also educating pandemic pet parents about the services available to them when they want to get away.   For pets who are joining the trip, PetCloud’s nationwide network of pet sitters, dog walkers and pet taxis are available to assist when pet owners need some help looking after their fur baby on holiday, while a National Pet Directory uses GPS to locate pet-friendly beaches, parks, pubs and cafes nearby.   For pets who are staying at home, PetCloud offers everything from house visits and house sitting to pet sitting, doggy day care and dog walking. Services vary depending on the animal’s needs and how long their owners will be away.   The pandemic saw more Australians than ever welcoming a pet into their home and PetCloud CEO Deb Morrison said she wanted pet parents to know that there were services available that allow them to have their pet and holiday too.   “Australia already has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world with animals in around two-thirds of households and when the pandemic hit, we saw a surge in pet adoptions, sales and fostering. It’s wonderful to see so many animals in loving homes and that’s where we want them to stay so we’d love to see all pet parents take advantage of services such as pet sitting, dog walking and house visits to ensure their pet is safe and well whether they stay or go on vacay,” Ms Morrison said.   Lorna Groves, Director Customer Experience & Lifestyle, Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific said the timely collaboration between Wyndham Destinations and PetCloud would help travelling pet owners save money while also reducing any travel anxiety.   "Pet resorts and kennels can be more expensive than a hotel room. At selected Club Wyndham vacation club resorts, we offer pet-friendly accommodation across the country from Hobart to Dunsborough, the Gold Coast and The Victorian Alps, which welcome families and their pets," Ms Groves said.   "With vaccinations underway and borders reopening, Australians are eager to plan their next getaway and thanks to PetCloud’s range of accessible and affordable pet services, pet owners can more easily care for their pets at home or on the great Australian road trip."   PetCloud’s network of more than 30,000 sitters, drivers and walkers is the largest and most trusted in Australia. All PetCloud sitters have had police checks, are trained in animal handling, insured, and have the backing of RSPCA Queensland, which is a proud partner of PetCloud.   "Australians are as obsessed with travel as they are with their animals, so partnering with Wyndham Destinations, especially while we’re all holidaying at home this year, makes perfect sense. Our mission is to make responsible pet care easy and this collaboration is all about making it easier for pet owners to travel with or without their pet,” Ms Morrison said.   "Club Wyndham’s pet-friendly resorts allow travelling pet parents to easily accommodate their pets and when they want to head off on a sightseeing activity that isn’t pet friendly, PetCloud can step in and offer peace of mind with easy, trusted, local pet care."   To celebrate the partnership, PetCloud is offering a $30 credit* to Lifestyle by Wyndham members to use on their first pet service. *The promotional offer of $30 credit is available only to new PetCloud customers and Lifestyle by Wyndham members having a qualified stay at any participating Club Wyndham vacation club resorts. Travellers must book and complete their stay by December 31, 2021. Pet policies vary by hotel and may include certain restrictions on the type, size, and number of pets allowed. Additional hotel fees may apply. Learn more at    Download the PetCloud App from the App Store or Google Play or visit   Images of dogs on holiday are available to download here.   Media Contact: Christine Allen       Coastal Communications               0405 020 288   ABOUT PETCLOUD PetCloud is the industry leader in responsible pet care services. The Australian owned and run company offers a safe, convenient and affordable way for pet owners to find someone to look after their pet whether they require pet sitting, dog walking or a pet taxi. The platform is part owned by RSPCA Queensland with PetCloud’s Customer Support run through the RSPCA Qld’s National Call Centre. Guided by experts and industry leaders, PetCloud is Australia’s most trusted and reliable pet sitting platform. PetCloud is a social impact organisation, which plays a positive role in helping to change the lives of pets and people in Australia.   ABOUT WYNDHAM DESTINATIONS ASIA PACIFIC Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific is the largest timeshare development operation outside of North America. The company markets and sells vacation ownership interests and provides consumer financing to vacation owners in Club Wyndham South Pacific. The Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific team also provides support for affiliate Wyndham Destinations International Limited, responsible for the development of Club Wyndham Asia and Innovative Holiday Club by Club Wyndham. SANSDRINKS.COM.AU FOUNDER IRENE FALCONE SAYS TRY JULY TO CUT DOWN ON ALCOHOL 2021-06-15T04:27:54Z sansdrinks-com-au-founder-irene-falcone-says-try-july-to-cut-down-on-alcohol LOOKING TO CUT DOWN ON ALCOHOL? WHY DON’T YOU TRY THIS JULY? Dry January, Feb Fast and OcSOBER are all campaigns to encourage people to give up alcohol for a month but for those who haven’t managed it yet why not try July with the help of ? Studies have shown that benefits to cutting down on alcohol include: weight loss, better sleep, lower blood pressure and reduced cholesterol. is a non-alcohol wine, beer and spirits online superstore founded by Irene Falcone in 2020 and now Irene has gone on to open Australia’s FIRST non-alcoholic physical bottle shop in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, directly across the road from a major liquor chain. Falcone is one of Australia’s leading female entrepreneurs who founded natural health & beauty store Nourished Life in 2012 with $100 and sold it five years later for $20 million. went from zero to $500,000 in the first 3 months and is on target to generate over $10 million in sales next financial year. Speaking on cutting down on alcohol and replacing with zero alcohol drinks, Irene says, “The success of Sansdrinks shows more and more people are looking for ways to cut down on alcohol but still be able to socialise and enjoy a drink. The variety of none-alcohol wine, beer and spirits is unbelievable with so many swaps that taste exactly like the real thing! Cutting down alcohol has so many benefits and now that there are options to still be able to socialise and enjoy a drink without the after effects it makes it so much easier for people to give it a go!” View hundreds of non-alcoholic beverages at  TO INTERVIEW IRENE FALCONE email or call Max Markson 0412 501 601 ABOUT IRENE FALCONE Irene Falcone is one of Australia’s most successful female entrepreneurs who started her first business, natural health & beauty store Nourished Life, with $100 in 2012 and sold it 5 years later to an ASX listed company for $20 million. Now Irene has launched a new online business selling non-alcoholic beer, wine and spirits that has gone from zero to $500,000 in the first 3 months and is on target to generate over $10 million in sales next financial year. Irene is passionate about disrupting industries, providing better shopping options and making buying easier. Irene is also obsessed with small business, supporting Aussie brands, driving forklifts, talking to  Skincare product testers end up pregnant 2021-06-15T01:41:13Z skincare-product-testers-end-up-pregnant Melbourne, Australia - Product testers for Skin Federation’s Prebiotic Intimate Lubricant were pleasantly surprised by some unexpected pregnancies. Three couples involved in testing have already given birth while a fourth is due in the coming weeks.  In 2019 Skin Federation set out to develop an intimate lubricant specifically for women which would have the added benefits of improving the overall condition of their intimate skin area. For 12 months samples were created and quality tested at the Skin Federation lab and then sent to product testers for review and feedback. Testers included couples and single women from varying age groups, and with their help a final product formulation was ready in early 2020.  What makes the Skin Federation Prebiotic Lubricant standout is the inclusion of prebiotics. Prebiotics encourage the growth of beneficial microorganisms which are essential to the development and maintenance of a healthy skin microflora. So now women are able to enjoy themselves while knowing they are looking after their skin at the same time.   Since the development of the personal lubricant Skin Federation has released 2 more products featuring prebiotics. These include a Prebiotic Intimate Hydrating Gel and a Prebiotic Intimate Cleansing Micellar Serum. The full range of Skin Federation products are available now from:  “The high number of pregnancies in our test group was not something we had expected. We set out to develop a personal lubricant for women with a skincare first approach. With the assistance of our testers, I think we successfully achieved that. As for the pregnancies, we put it down to the extra practice and dedication as a tester.” - PJ (Founder of Skin Federation) About Skin Federation Skin Federation is a personal skincare manufacturer and retailer specialising in products for the female intimate areas. Skin Federation was founded in 2019 and released its first product in 2020 during the height of the COVID pandemic in Melbourne. Learn more about Skin Federation at Some Seedsational News 2021-06-15T01:33:26Z some-seedsational-news is hectic, rushed, we want foods that are quick, easy, tasty but are also better for us at the same time. But when we are in a hurry, how can we trust that what we buy is truly healthy, even when it says so.    Seedsations has just released: Our Roasted Watermelon seeds come with either a hint of salt, or a hint of maple... Each tin has 80grms of goodness.  Perfect for sprinking on pastas, salads, yoghurts, cereals, granolas..or JUST EAT THEM STRAIGHT FROM THE TIN. Each of our tins have easy to remove you can reuse your tin for anything in your home. In the muesli bar section, and health food section of supermarkets, most of us look and simple, how easy is  this in a packed-lunch, or to carry and eat on the go. But are they really all that healthy?   Many of these products are full of potential allergens such as nuts and dairy, high in sugars and have ingredients that we can’t even pronounce.   With our Seedsational Watermelon Seed Snacks we are going to change Snacking forever.  Our aim is to bring our bodies and minds to life with our pure, nutritious and flavoursome Watermelon Seed Bars and snacks.   After spending months testing, tasting and standing firm in our desire for our products to be plant-based, simple and using real ingredients, we have perfected a range of Watermelon Seed Bars and Roasted Seed Snacks. Crunchy, munchy and SEEDSATIONALLY SCRUMPTIOUS.   Our bars come in three flavours, original, apple pie, and pumpkin spice using real Tasmanian apples and Tasmanian pumpkin, with natural flavourings.   AND IT GETS EVEN BETTER   Our snacks are full of vitamins and minerals including nearly half your daily magnesium needs – to build and maintain a healthy immune system and psychological well-being, they are a great source of protein and iron, plus they are allergen free.   Not only are the products Seedsationally nutritious, they are Seedsationally scrumptious as well. No need to take our word for it, consumers say so too, eg. Brooke from Hobart who messaged us ‘Your bars help me get through the day, I am more energetic, and being so busy with my job and my 2 kids the bars are perfect on the go!’   We were also finalists in the Startup category in the Nationwide Food and beverage awards 2020.  Want to know more?  Harness the power of investing, replace your income and retire early. 2021-06-15T00:39:21Z harness-the-power-of-investing-replace-your-income-and-retire-early Newcastle, NSW, 26 May 2021 – Businessman and author, Tim Levy, is proud to offer his 9th non-fiction work, ‘Forever Money’, hitting Amazon on 25 May. ‘Forever Money’ is an informative and practical guidebook with real-world steps to help readers think differently about their money. It teaches, in simple terms, how to harness the power of investing to pay yourself automatically, every month, ultimately earning all of your time back, forever. Several years ago, whilst living in the USA, author, speaker and CEO, Tim Levy, had a lightbulb moment in a conversation after speaking on digital business and marketing strategy at an entrepreneurial conference.  The conversation had turned to financial intelligence and investment strategy, and he realised… he had none. “Investment was something that had never made it onto my list of things to figure out. Investment was something for rich people, people who had money to invest,” or so he thought. Tim realised, like most people, his experience in investing had been limited “to finding a better bank account, trying a term deposit account, and, once, a gently disastrous foray into a share portfolio fund”.  His schooling had ill-equipped him with the practicalities, and they’re rarely discussed with our friends or family, leaving us all in the dark.  So, how do you learn the real-world strategies to gaining financial freedom if no-one talks about it? Driven by this desire, Tim went on a personal mission to learn the secrets of the wealthy. With unique access to those in the know, as a regular speaker to CEO groups of high net-worth individuals, he had those tricky conversations. “I distilled that information, applied it over years to my own finances, honed a system and built a passive income portfolio. Now, I’ve reached the point where I could semi-retire if I wanted to. It’s an amazing feeling! I’m delighted to share what I’ve learnt about investing, creating passive income and earning your time back so that everyone can enjoy Forever Money too.” Tim’s clients and readers have shared, “I’d really like to say how much I appreciate your common sense, realistic approach to helping folks like us who have big dreams, are working 18 hour days and giving us real solutions to help us get our lives back.” “Revealing, intuitive, genuine, insightful, honest, perceptive, action-based, dynamic, present/actual, and truthfully……life-changing.” and, “Tim will help you realise that you can live a life you have always dreamed of, give you a road map and bring it to reality.” ‘Forever Money’ has been written for anyone who wants to make the most of their money, invest wisely, replace their income and retire early.  That’s financial freedom.  That’s Forever Money. For more information and media resources, visit ISBN: 9798716634213Genre: Nonfiction - Personal FinancePublication Date: May 2021Price: $USD14.95 / $AUD19.95Format: PaperbackTrim: 6 x 9Page Count: 114   About Tim Levy CEO & Owner, Tim Levy and Associates, Newcastle, NSW  - digital strategy and media production studio focussing on business growth   CEO & Owner, Resonant Blue Studios, Newcastle, NSW - newly formed production company focused on short and, eventually, feature film production, with the intention to produce meaningful stories to bring a little light and laughter into the world To arrange a book signing or interview, please review the Media Contact information attached.      ### Stop trading your life for money and make your money work for you. 2021-06-15T00:37:31Z stop-trading-your-life-for-money-and-make-your-money-work-for-you St Kilda, Victoria, June 2021 – Businessman and author, Shaun Fox, is proud to offer his debut work, MONEY, THE BOOK, hitting Amazon and available online now. MONEY, THE BOOK is an informative and practical guidebook with real-world steps to gaining true financial freedom and wealth: the time to do the things we most want to do in our lives. From a single-parent and hard-working family, Shaun Fox was always determined to create financial freedom for himself and his loved ones.  Beginning with a mowing service when he was just 8 years old, he is now a sought-after entrepreneurial influencer and mentor with two decades of experience in start-ups, financial institutions and venture capital.  During his many years in real estate and financial services, Shaun saw first-hand the deep distress caused by his clients’ lack of access to clear investment knowledge. Now, he is on a mission to help his readers realise their own financial freedom, no matter what stage of life they’re in. Author, Shaun Fox says, “I grew up with very little money around and, as a result, very little spare time.  Now I'd like to share what I've learnt about money, investing and creating time so that everyone can take a shortcut to their own financial freedom.” Shaun’s clients and proteges have shared, “I instantly found Shaun to have excellent values of truth, integrity and decency... I always felt listened to, valued and appreciated, even when I started and had no clue what I was doing.”  “He showed patience and understanding and never showed doubt in my capabilities.” and, “Love his passion for making change in the world especially with his desire to spread education.” The author is also proud to offer an accompanying training program, created especially to complement the book, and available free to every reader.  The Anyone Can Invest online training program showcases Shaun’s innovative approach to helping each person uncover and take advantage of the assets they already have in their life, no matter where they stand financially.  He then shares how to put these pieces together in practical and unique ways.  For more information, visit MONEY, THE BOOK guides each reader on how to take charge now and invest in themselves - personally and in business - for a bright financial future. For more information and media resources, visit ISBN: 979-8502997553Genre: Nonfiction - Personal FinancePublication Date: May 2021Price: eBook $9.95 - $20.90 PaperbackFormat: Paperback - eBookTrim: 6 x 9Page Count: 149 About Shaun Fox CEO & Owner, FOXI Pty Ltd, St Kilda, Victoria - financial and asset management, specialising in creating lending mechanisms and joint venture relationships CEO & Owner, RAIC Pty Ltd, St Kilda, Victoria - investment manager and VC enterprise specialising in developing high-yielding investment opportunities with a strong preference for mortgage-backed securities   To arrange a book signing or interview, contact:            Angela LevyTim Levy & AssociatesM: 0432 963 973E: angel@timlevy.netW:  To place orders for the book, contact:                              Joshua SmithFOXI Pty LtdSt Kilda  VIC  3182M: 0433 802 805E: joshua@shaunfox.netW:   Melbourne Couple Support Locals With Free Pastries During Lockdown 2021-06-11T06:29:04Z melbourne-couple-support-locals-with-free-pastries-during-lockdown-1 MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, June 11, 2021.  Melbourne Couple, Albert and Alice Tran delivered French-inspired pastries by Laurent Bakery to struggling Melbourne COVID lockdown residents as part of their community initiative with their start up company ONYA Thanks!.Co-Founder, Alice Tran, said the philanthropic initiative was grounded in the company’s core values to support and give back to the community.Ms Baruah from Cocoa Oven received a free pastry box and said “I’ve been feeling a bit anxious over the last few days, I know doughnuts won’t solve world issues but sometimes all you need is a simple gesture of kindness to help you keep going.”Ms Tran said “We put a call-out through our social channels for people to nominate others doing it tough during the lockdown, and started gifting surprise boxes of six mixed Laurent Bakery doughnuts,”“Our company is currently in its pre-launch phase, but the situation was deserving of our support and we wanted to lift spirits with some incredible pastry treats free of charge during lockdown”ONYA Thanks! was created by husband-and-wife duo, Albert and Alice Tran, after organising gift deliveries during lockdown but left feeling disappointed when required to ask the gift recipient their address, ruining the surprise.Ms Tran said ONYA Thanks! provided a solution to the problem of self-disclosure when trying to gift a surprise package to a family member, friend or colleague.“ONYA Thanks! is provided the recipient’s name and contact number, and arranges delivery on behalf of the sender, which retains the all-important element of surprise,” added Ms Tran.“We also create a trusted privacy barrier where a recipient may be hesitant to disclose their personal address to a sender, and instead feel comfortable doing so with ONYA Thanks! as a reputable service.“Our concept was originally designed for corporate gift-giving situations where many people are now working from home or remotely, so it’s not as simple as just sending a gift to an office address anymore.“But it works in any situation where the sender doesn’t have the receiver’s address, so gifting for a birthday, anniversary, engagement, baby announcement, or any other occasion can be done without giving away the surprise of where the gift is coming from.”As well as partnering with Laurent Bakery, ONYA Thanks! has also recently secured Brown Brothers’ Brown & Co. vegan-friendly rosé to its gift range.To find out more about ONYA Thanks!, search @onya.thanks on Facebook or Instagram. The ONYA Thanks! website will go live in July.