The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-12-13T00:00:43Z Holista Files Patent for Water-Soluble Technology Targeting Cannabidiol (CBD) and Other Fat-Soluble Nutraceuticals 2019-12-13T00:00:43Z holista-files-patent-for-water-soluble-technology-targeting-cannabidiol-cbd-and-other-fat-soluble-nutraceuticals PERTH, AU, Dec 13, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - Holista CollTech (ASX: HCT; Holista) today announced that it has filed its 100%-owned global patent for platform technology that will deliver many fat-soluble medications by creating a water-soluble delivery system. This patented process can apply to a whole range of molecules including the Cannabidiol (CBD) oil industry.The commercial benefits for the CBD producers include making their CBD formulation up to 40 times more potent (allowing them to reduce their dosages significantly) as well as making their product palatable for the young and the elderly.Fat-soluble molecules have poor bioavailability as they don't dissolve well and reach the bloodstream. As such, a higher dosage needs to be ingested. This is both wasteful and costly. The platform technology will particularly benefit the Cannabidiol (CBD) oil industry where the active material is scarce, costly and poorly water-soluble.A statement released this week by Dr Roscoe Moore Jr, Project Leader and head of Holista's Technical Advisory Panel, stated: "Working on developing this technology is exciting. Most medicine consumed orally is wasted due to its poor absorption by the body. This is especially true for CBD, which is also expensive. More important, the integrity of the final molecule is preserved exactly as it is found in nature and hence, there is no apparent need for any lengthy approvals process anywhere in the world. We only use materials certified as 'Generally Regarded as Safe' (GRAS) by the FDA[1]."Dr Moore is the retired Assistant Surgeon General of the United States. He currently sits on several Company boards linked to CBD in the United States and Canada.CBD Oil has an earthy, musky and lingering bitter taste due to the high concentration of organic compounds that make it very unpalatable. This makes formulating CBD for oral consumption difficult. The taste masking technology linked to this patented formulation used GRAS botanicals to allow wider applications in pharmaceutical and food with oral dosing."Holista drew from parallel work done on the turmeric molecule which is also very fat soluble," said Dr Swanand Malode, leader the teams in Europe and Asia that worked on this technology for more than five years."We note that there is growing consensus in the medical community that CBD can be used to improve patient outcomes for conditions such as seizure, inflammation, pain, psychosis or mental disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, nausea, migraines, depression, anxiety," said Dr Rajen Manicka, CEO of Holista.Holista is focused on fat-soluble substances such as CBD, curcumin and Vitamin D, targeting initially the food and nutraceutical markets in Australia and North America.According to a new estimate from cannabis industry analysts the Brightfield Group[2], the hemp-CBD market alone could hit $22 billion by 2022. The prospects for Australia are also increasing. According to a 2016 University of Sydney report[3], "Medicinal Cannabis in Australia: Science, Regulation & Industry", found that the Australian medicinal cannabis market, if it emulates cannabis regulations in Netherlands and Canada, may produce demand for as much as 8,000 kg of product. Australia approved medical cannabis in 2016 and is working towards liberalising this space further.CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis, has had a surge in popularity. Unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the chemical compound that gives cannabis its psychoactive effects, CBD has been shown to help patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, Multiple Sclerosis and epilepsy - without having the harmful effects.The patent was registered in the USA and filed for a global coverage, as US Filing No: 16/694,197 (the patent may be viewed on the Holista website). Holista has instructed its patenting firm to secure all global strategic markets world-wide.With the patent filing completed, Holista has commenced negotiations with companies involved in CBD processing in North America and expect these negotiations to complete in 2020, leveraging the expertise and network of Dr Moore Jr.The commercial model will seek to charge an industry-standard formulation fee for non-exclusive access and then a quarterly licensing fee and royalty based on wholesale pricing of the licensee product.[1] FDA - Food and Drug Administration, USA[2] For more information on the Brightfield Group, refer to[3] Details of the study can be found at  AIIA seeks consultation following Government's response to ACCC Digital Platform Inquiry 2019-12-12T03:25:26Z aiia-seeks-consultation-following-governments-response-to-accc-digital-platform-inquiry Sydney, Australia – 12 December 2019 -- The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), the nation’s peak member body for the ICT industry, has issued the below statement following the Government’s response to the ACCC Digital Platform Inquiry. AIIA welcomes the release of the report titled ‘Regulating in the digital age – Government Response and Implementation Roadmap for the Digital Platforms Inquiry’. During the 12-week consultation period, the Government received more than 100 written submissions and held numerous meetings to better understand stakeholder views. The AIIA acknowledges that the Government has the right to carefully consider the influence of large digital platforms. This must be balanced against the risks that further regulatory measures may impact innovation and the operation of the digital economy. The AIIA is reviewing the Government’s response to the ACCC Digital Platforms Inquiry, but are seeking assurances that the Government will consult widely with industry during its implementation. The AIIA looks forward to working with the Government, in particular on its commitment to consult around data privacy reforms. The Government’s response to the ACCC Digital Platforms Inquiry can be viewed here. # # # About AIIA The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) is Australia’s peak representative body and advocacy group for those in the digital ecosystem. Since 1978 AIIA has pursued activities to stimulate and grow the digital ecosystem, to create a favorable business environment for members and to contribute to Australia’s economic prosperity. We do this by delivering outstanding member value by providing a strong voice of influence; building a sense of community through events and education; enabling a network for collaboration and inspiration; and developing compelling content and relevant and interesting information. For more information on AIIA Policy and Advocacy key areas please visit Media Contact For more information please contact: Jeffrey Coote Tel: (02) 8355 3130 AIIA announces new Board and State Council Chair appointments to represent Australia’s ICT industry 2019-12-10T22:58:21Z aiia-announces-new-board-and-state-council-chair-appointments-to-represent-australias-ict-industry Melbourne, Australia – 10 December 2019 -- The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), the peak member body for the ICT industry, today announced four new Board appointments and three new State Council Chairs. Former AIIA Board Deputy Chair, Rob Hillard, has been appointed as new Chairman. Rob is currently Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer at Deloitte, former Managing Partner of Deloitte Consulting, and a recognised industry technology expert. Existing Board members Angela Fox and Mark Nicholls take on the shared responsibility of AIIA Board Deputy Chair, while Murray Hurps has been appointed Treasurer, and John Paitaridis remains on the Board as Immediate Past Chair. The Full Board of Directors now includes: Stuart Althaus (Chief Executive Officer, SME Gateway) Craig Baty (Principal, Data Driven) Ken Boal (Vice President, Cisco) Matt Codrington (Managing Director, Lenovo Australia & NZ) Angela Fox (Managing Director, Dell Australia & NZ) Rob Hillard (Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Deloitte) Murray Hurps (Director of Entrepreneurship at the University of Technology Sydney) John Ieraci (Chief Customer Officer, Telstra Enterprise) Megan James (Consultant to the ICT Industry) David La Rose (Managing Director, IBM Australia & NZ) Sharryn Napier (Vice President & Regional Director Australia & NZ, Qlik) Mark Nicholls (Managing Director, Information Professionals Pty Ltd) John Paitaridis (Chief Executive Officer CyberCX & CEO Technology Portfolio, BGH Capital) Vito Rinaldi (Managing Director, Blue Crystal Solutions) Karl Sice (Business Leader ANZ, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise) Rupert Taylor-Price (Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Vault Cloud) Steven Worrall (Managing Director, Microsoft Australia) Directors are elected for up to three-year terms to set strategic direction for the AIIA and work closely with AIIA management to develop the National Business Plan and oversee operational excellence. The AIIA is also pleased to announce the State Council Chairs for 2020. They are: NSW - Bridget Luke, IBM Australia Ltd (with deputies Jon Asquith, ServiceNow; Matt Day, Deloitte; and Sonya Sherman, Objective) South Australia - Karin Geraghty, iinet (with deputies Rohan Bishop, Adept, and Jason Dreimanis, DWS) Victoria - Warren Hill, Data#3 Ltd (with deputies Sam Parker, ServiceNow and Simon Elliot, ACT - Greg Boorer, CDC Data Centres Pty Ltd (with deputy Hala Batainah, GiG Enterprises) Western Australia - Sharon Brown, Sharon Brown & Associates (with deputies Geoff Harben, KPMG and Daniel Harvey, Amristar) Queensland - Mark Nicholls, Information Professionals Pty Ltd. “I’m delighted to welcome the new appointments to AIIA’s National Board and our State Councils. These members represent the diversity of the Australian digital economy, including large Australian companies, multinationals and small and medium sized businesses,” said the Chairman Rob Hillard. “As the new Chairman, I recognise that it’s more important than ever for the IT industry to have a representative industry association. Through the AIIA, we look for ways to introduce positive change to help Australian businesses be more competitive, meet the needs of their customers and remain successful on the global stage. “The AIIA’s vision is to grow Australia’s social and economic prosperity through technology innovation. Our Board members bring a vast range of skills, industry insights and experiences to the table, as together, we aspire to improve advocacy and shape policy for the Australian ICT sector, generate new business opportunities, increase collaboration with other members, and build professional standing.” Find more information on AIIA Board members here. # # # About AIIA The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) is Australia’s peak representative body and advocacy group for those in the digital ecosystem. Since 1978 AIIA has pursued activities to stimulate and grow the digital ecosystem, to create a favorable business environment for members and to contribute to Australia’s economic prosperity. We do this by delivering outstanding member value by providing a strong voice of influence; building a sense of community through events and education; enabling a network for collaboration and inspiration; and developing compelling content and relevant and interesting information. Media Contacts For more information please contact: Carmelle Pavan GM Marketing & Communications – AIIA M 0402 099 349 Jeffrey Coote Tel: (02) 8355 3130 Rage against the maps 2019-12-03T02:29:40Z rage-against-the-maps The Editor Dear Editor, The Victorian government has released a new map aimed at making it as easy as possible for hunters to identify where it's fine for them to slaughter and maim animals going about their business. Contrast this with the manufactured rage of our politicians over the existence of Aussie Farms' Farm Transparency Map, a resource that does nothing more than compile publicly available information. The Aussie Farms map indicates where farms are located in an effort, as the site says, "to force transparency on an industry dependent on secrecy". Each year in Australia, hundreds of millions of animals are confined, tormented, and slaughtered out of public view – behind high walls or in massive compounds. Tens of thousands of chickens are kept inside sheds in an atmosphere so toxic that humans entering the premises report having trouble breathing, sows are confined to stalls barely large enough for them to take a single step forward or backwards, and sheep are punched and cut with clippers by shearers paid to work quickly, not carefully. Any attempt to expose the egregious abuses occurring in these places is met with hand-wringing and rage as well as threats of criminal penalties. Yet a licence and a mobile phone are all that are required for anyone who wants to satiate their bloodlust by taking an expedition into a state forest. A common theme binds both scenarios: whether it's disingenuous angst over a map listing businesses or obsequious facilitation of barbaric slaughter, animals always lose out. Let's allow room in the conversation for consideration of their right to live. Sincerely, Paula Hough Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Asia-Pacific PETA Australia PO Box 20308, World Square, Sydney NSW 2002 What is Popcorn Lung? 2019-12-01T19:16:12Z what-is-popcorn-lung Today we are looking into bronchitis obliterans and how it relates to vaping. Popcorn lung also known as, bronchitis obliterans is caused by a chemical called diacetyl. The name "popcorn lung” actually comes from diacetyl's butter flavoring which in the past was used to make popcorn hence where the name originates. But, when the chemical started to make microwave popcorn, factory workers sick by breathing it in, the chemical was removed from products made by major popcorn manufacturers. In fact diacetyl (and ultimately, popcorn lung) has been responsible for deaths as well as "hundreds of cases of bronchitis obliterans, a serious and irreversible lung disease." Your body when you develop popcorn lung definitely does not sound fun. When diacteyl is inhaled it can cause popcorn lung which is a scarring of tiny air sacs in the lungs reulting in the thickening and narrowing of the airways. According to the Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center (GARD), a division of the NIH, symptoms of popcorn lung include shortness of breath, a dry cough, fatigue, and wheezing that isn’t caused by asthma or a cold—all of which can occur two to eight weeks following exposure to fumes (ammonia, nitrogen oxides, food flavouring fumes, welding fumes) or respiratory infections that can cause the condition. According to GARD, there's no treatment for popcorn lung. But some medications, including antibiotics and immunosuppressive medicine, might be able to help patients manage the condition. A lung transplant might be recommended in very severe cases. Cough suppressors and supplemental oxygen might also be suggested to help someone manage their symptoms. From a 2016 report published in Enviromental Health Prespectives, diacetyl is a substance that can be used in some vaping juices. The authors of the report tested 51 flavoured e-cigarette liquids for the chemical and found that 39 of the 51 tested juices contained diacetyl. The report also points out that while most people focus on the danger of nicotine that other substances can also cause damage and harm. We always recommend that you purchase all electronic cigarettes and e-liquids from a reputable seller. These are our recommendations at VapeStreet Australia. Summer Skin Revival with Lotion M Mist 2019-11-28T03:13:36Z summer-skin-revival-with-lotion-m-mist dermaviduals introduces summer’s must have moisturising mist, Lotion M. Formulated with horsetail extract, known for its antioxidant, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, Lotion M strengthens the capillaries, reduces sun damage and can be stored in the fridge for a refreshing spritz throughout the day. Reika Roberts, Managing Director of dermaviduals Australasia says, “The start of the warmer weather is always a great indication on when you should make the change from our ever-popular winter Lotion N to Lotion M for summer skin. Both products in the range provide instant moisturisation to the skin.” Rebecca Miller, Founder of the La Bella Medispa Groups adds, “Lotion M is a fantastic moisturising facial care mist for the whole day. Just a few sprays, around 20 centimetres from the face with eyes closed, will help to tighten and refresh the skin and connective tissue. We update most of our client’s bespoke prescriptions to include Lotion M from November each year, as this is when we really start to notice clients coming in with sun exposure symptoms.” dermaviduals Lotion M key facts: A water-based composition with horsetails and cucumber extract, D-panthenol and moisturisers The product intensely moisturises the skin Cucumber extract has astringent effects to help remove excess oil and dirt from the skin Horsetail extract contains tightening silicic acid, saponines and flavonoids “All dermaviduals products are formulated based on the principles of corneotherapy, which put simply enables their products to treat the skin by penetrating the surface to align and support the foundations, known as the stratum corneum to get technical. That is why these products actually work long term and you end up with the dermaviduals glow. The best part is we can change your personal prescription based on environmental and personal circumstances, to support your skin all year round,” said Rebecca. dermaviduals Lotion M is available now from dermaviduals clinics across Australia at an RRP of $91. About dermaviduals: Made with pure, natural ingredients, all dermaviduals products are free from emulsifiers, preservatives, fragrances, mineral oils, silicones, dyes and amines, so you can be sure there are no nasties in your skin care routine. dermaviduals is now available in over 300 clinics across Australia and New Zealand. The range includes cleansers, serums, face and body moisturisers, and bespoke mineral makeup. @dermaviduals #dermaviduals SPARE WORKSPACE AND VENUEMOB ANNOUNCE MERGER 2019-11-26T01:12:08Z spare-workspace-and-venuemob-announce-merger FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   SPARE WORKSPACE AND VENUEMOB ANNOUNCE MERGER Australia’s leading online marketplaces are joining forces to become the No 1 platform to find and book meeting and event spaces in Australia SYDNEY, November 22, 2019 – Spare Workspace and Venuemob announced today the merger of their companies to create one of Australia’s largest platforms to discover and book event, meeting and training spaces around Australia. Helping over 5000 businesses, collectively Spare Workspace and Venuemob have handled over $300 million of enquiries since their inception. Founded in 2015 by Jake Dimarco, Spare Workspace helps businesses to easily book on-demand meeting and training spaces online by the hour or day. Venuemob has been connecting Australians with the perfect venues for their events in just a few clicks since 2012.  With over 6000 unique spaces to choose from, customers will find the perfect venue for events ranging from a small meeting to a large-scale corporate conference. Their merger will make them the No 1 online platform in Australia to find and book event and meeting space. “Spare Workspace’s growth over the past four years has been astounding,” says Spare Workspace CEO Jake Dimarco. “With our industry-leading booking platform, we’ve taken a difficult and time-consuming task and made it super simple. I couldn’t be more excited to join forces with Venuemob and offer our customers a wider range of venues to meet all their needs. Customers won’t need to look anywhere else. We will be Australia’s biggest one-stop shop for event, conference and meeting spaces.”  Both companies have raised capital from major Australian and global investors. By coming together under Spare Group, they will now have dedicated teams in both Sydney and Melbourne to better serve customers with personalised recommendations and support.  “We’re thrilled to join Spare Workspace to create an even stronger presence around the country,” says Venuemob Director Adrian Bunter. “This merger will only strengthen our success. Our shareholders are incredibly excited about Jake taking on the role of Group CEO. He’s proven to be a strong leader in the industry and will no doubt take both businesses to the next level.” The company will continue to operate both brands into 2020, with an exciting roadmap in place to integrate both businesses in the coming months.  “We will continue to innovate and transform how customers discover and book their events and meetings around Australia,” says Dimarco. “We expect our growth to be exponential across both businesses. Watch this space.” To find the perfect space for your next meeting, visit and for your next event, visit . [ENDS] For all media enquiries, please contact: Jake Dimarco +61 2 8417 1036 About Spare Workspace Spare Workspace is the No 1 platform to easily discover and book on-demand meeting and training spaces around Australia. Businesses can compare and book over 2000 spaces starting from $20 an hour within minutes.   About Venuemob Venuemob is the leading online platform to find and book the perfect event venue around Australia. With over 4000 spaces, Venuemob has the ideal location for your next event, whether it’s a corporate Christmas party or a product launch. Best of all, it’s completely free to use. ENDS Water waste! 2019-11-25T22:11:36Z water-waste The Editor Dear Editor, The NSW government is introducing severe water checks on homes. Level Two restrictions will be enforced in the Greater Sydney, Blue Mountains and Illawarra regions from 10 December. Fines may be slapped on those using hoses and sprinklers. People have been asked to restrict the length of their showers. But, while we are staying dirty and our gardens dying, there is no mention of the production of meat, dairy and eggs. Enormous amounts of water are used in irrigating the crops that farmed animals eat, providing millions of animals with drinking water, and washing away the polluting filth of factory farms, trucks and slaughterhouses. All for products that are cruel to animals, harmful to human health, and detrimental to the environment. An average of 4,500 litres of water is required to produce just one steak, and the production of a single hamburger requires the same amount of water as taking around 30 showers. The government would be better off ensuring that food vendors in government buildings remove animal products from their menus. This would set a positive example for the rest of the state. Any water conservation measures must include a long, hard look at animal agriculture industries. Mimi Bekhechi Campaigns Strategist People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA Australia) PO Box 20308 World Square Sydney, NSW, 2002 (08) 8556-5828 Early Bird Tickets On Sale Now for The Show Sydney 2019-11-21T00:36:29Z early-bird-tickets-on-sale-now-for-the-show-sydney Tickets are now on sale for Australia’s ultimate professional makeup, hair and beauty event, The Show Sydney. At just $30 plus booking fee, the early bird special will run through until December 2nd (Cyber Monday) and will be the best opportunity to get the best deal that will be offered before tickets go up to full price. Tickets are available online now at Being held at The International Convention Centre on the 8th and 9th of February 2020, ticket holders will have two-day access to world-class makeup, hair and beauty experts, plus have the opportunity to purchase some of the latest and greatest products on the market. The founders and creator of The Show Sydney, Scott Lattimer and Eliza Campagna are expecting over 5000 attendees at the inaugural event. Eliza says, “The line-up of talent, educators and brands that we have secured so far are at the top of their game and there’s more to come. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all thing’s beauty, The Show Sydney is the place to be.” The Show Sydney Event Details: Date: 8th and 9th February 2020 Time: Saturday 9am – 5pm and Sunday 10am – 5pm Location: The International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour Tickets: Available now at early bird pricing - $30 + Booking Fee – Handles: @theshowsydney Over 38 brands are confirmed to exhibit at The Show Sydney, including: Danessa Myricks Cozzette Beauty Stilazzi TEMPTU Ben Nye Silk Oil of Morocco Senna Cosmetics Ofra Cosmetics Nanshy CanGro The Makeup Artist Guild Asia Pacific (MAGAP) Research Council of Makeup Artists (RCMA) Australian College of Makeup & Special Effects (ACMUSE) Australian Academy of Cinemagraphic Makeup (AACM) Melissa Sassine Li-Sa Choi Dose of Colours Beaudazzled Scotty’s Makeup Inglot Cosmetics Crown Brush Australia Bdellium Tools Egyptian Queen Beauty LippieBook – Rachael A. Artistry MODELROCK Lashes Glindawand Cosmetics Real Techniques Formawell Beauty x Kendall Jenner SpaScriptions 1000 HOUR Hakuhodo Bluebird FX SHY Designs Got Flesh dōTERRA Essential Oils Evidence Skin Care (ESK) • Embryolisse Skincare Herman’s Professional Hair Lorna Evans Education Angel Hair Extensions Kitology Glamour Makeup Mirrors For further information, images or to request an interview with Scott Lattimer or Eliza Campagna, contact: Rachel King | 360 PR | E: | P: 02 9571 4448 The Miracle Post-Burn Treatment 2019-11-21T00:07:31Z the-miracle-post-burn-treatment The festive season is almost here, and with that comes summer entertaining and Christmas parties. With all the extra festive cooking of delicious treats for family and friends, combined with getting all dolled up for parties using fancy hair tools, there is an increased risk to accidentally burn yourself while using all of these hot appliances! BodyPlus Skin Oil is the miracle treatment that works when it comes to reducing the appearance of burns and scars. CEO of McGloins Supertex, Nick Barnes says, “BodyPlus Skin Oil helps to repair and rejuvenate the skin’s natural defence barrier. Ceramide and Vitamin E provide the essential nutrients to lock in moisture and promote hydration in order to protect the skin. It’s great because it doesn’t leave a greasy layer on your skin but rather absorbs into the skin to work its magic, helping in the burn healing process.” Simply massage BodyPlus Skin Oil in a circular motion on the affected burn area. For optimal results, it is recommended to apply BodyPlus Skin Oil twice daily to allow for intense hydration to safely treat burns and delicate, healing skin and to further prevent and reduce the chance of peeling. BodyPlus Skin Oil has numerous other key benefits including: Everyday moisturiser Safely treats stretch marks Treats sunburn Lightens dark spots Heals drying fingernails Reverses premature skin aging Acts as cleansing agent Soothes pain from cold sores Suitable for men and women of all ages Helps to treat eczema BodyPlus Skin Oil is available for RRP $19.95 at selected pharmacies or online: @bodyplusau Party Season Quick Recovery Hacks 2019-11-20T23:57:30Z party-season-quick-recovery-hacks The party season is well and truly here! All you need is the quickest recovery hacks, and L’Action Paris is here with some of the best party season essentials this year. With some instant hacks for daytime relief on struggle street, or less than 15 minutes of ‘me time’, you’ll feel a little more jolly to power through the festive season! Marketing Coordinator of McGloins Supertex, Shima Shahbazi says, “Long work days and late nights with festive end of year celebrations can take a toll on your mood and wellbeing. They say ‘it’s all in the eyes’, and it’s true. When you’re feeling under the weather or tired, most people will notice any change in your eyes. So, it makes sense that the top three recovery saviours from L’Action Paris are all about eye relief.” L’Action Paris – Tired & Puffy Eyes Soothing Mask – RRP $9.95 A beautiful combination of chamomile for decongesting, soothing aloe vera and anti-aging green tea. This mark revitalises the eyes and soothes the eye contour area in a matter of minutes. Practical and works quickly, this mark is ideal for a bit of ‘me time’ relaxation after a long day at work, or the morning after a late night out. How to use: Remove a mask using tweezers and then apply to eyes on clean, dry skin. Leave for 15 minutes before gently peeling off. Firmly reseal the sachet after opening. For extra freshness, put the sachet in the refrigerator half an hour before application. Avoid contact with the eyes. L’Action Paris – Chamomile & Fig Eye Relief – RRP $16.95 Enriched with fig extract, this refreshing stick soothes and tones tired eye contours and helps to relax eyes. Camomile, renowned for its decongestant properties, produces brighter eyes and instantly relaxes the eye contours. Ideal for those days that follow festive celebrations! Keep this one in your handbag. How to use: Apply once or multiple times throughout the day by smoothing the stick over the area around the eyes before applying your usual make-up, or when needed. L’Action Paris – Dark Circle Concealer – RRP $16.95 Based on a universal shade, this concealer stick perfectly matches your colour and complexion, naturally erasing the trace of wrinkles and fatigue. Made with active ingredients castor oil for nourishment and hydration, anti-aging and anti-oxidant Vitamin E, and Kaolin, purifying and softening clay. How to use: Apply a thin layer under the eyes onto clean, dry skin. Smooth by dabbing with your finger. Apply your make-up as usual. 3 fun ways to use your office coffee machine this Christmas party season 2019-11-20T23:01:45Z 3-fun-ways-to-use-your-office-coffee-machine-this-christmas-party-season The festive season is all about giving back and spending quality time with friends and family. But what if you could extend this into the office this year? Those of you with a coffee machine in the office can make a few simple changes to add some festive cheer and give back to your favourite charity. Or maybe it’s a great Christmas gift to the office! George Liakatos, JURA Australia’s General Manager says, “Who doesn’t love the festive season! Coming from a large family, it’s filled with breakfasts, lunches and dinners all December. This year we’re putting more focus on bringing the festive cheer into our office by adding a few extra elements and activities beyond the tinsel and Christmas tree in the foyer.” George’s top tips for bringing the Christmas cheer into the office this season includes: 1. Support a charity: For the month of December, put a jar next to the coffee machine and request a gold coin donation for every coffee made. Give the proceeds to your chosen charity or a cause your team members feel strongly about. 2. Friday Cocktails: A glass of champagne or a beer on a Friday isn’t unusual in most workplaces. This year, why not up the ante and throw in a few coffee based cocktails. There are so many more out there than just the Espresso Martini. You could even create a mixology competition. 3. Recycle Grounds: Coffee grounds can be repurposed in the garden or to make a coffee scrub. Think sustainably and recycle your coffee grounds to reduce your environmental footprint. Enjoy your coffee without the guilt! About JURA: JURA’s products stand for innovation, ease of use and sustainability. JURA believe in the perfect cup of coffee, using fresh beans, freshly ground and extracted at the touch of a button. The product range includes both machines for domestic use and professional models for the office and food service industry. In recent years the long-established Swiss brand has grown to become a global player, operating in around 50 countries. P. Princi Butchers Celebrates First Place in National Ham & Bacon Awards for Bone-in Leg Ham in Wa 2019-11-20T06:30:34Z p-princi-butchers-celebrates-first-place-in-national-ham-amp-bacon-awards-for-bone-in-leg-ham-in-wa In what could be deemed Australia’s tastiest competition, P.Princi Butchers has been awarded 1st place in producing some of the best Ham in Western Australia, just in time for the holiday season. P.Princi Butchers ham came in first in WA for the 2019 Australian PorkMark Ham & Bacon Awards, Traditional Bone-In Leg Ham category. P.Princi Butchers Traditional Bone-In Leg Ham is made from 100% Australian pork and stood out over 130 entries. Joe comments;  “The story of P.Princi Ham began in the early 1950s, where our recipe travelled from Italy to Australia. We pay particular attention to detail and as a result, have been recognised for producing one of the best in the state. What sets us apart is the quality of the pork that we begin with. Our artisan Ham range includes chemical nitrate and gluten free options, and is produced with a rich family heritage of passion”.  In an award earlier in the year, Australian Pork Limited General Manager of Marketing, Peter Haydon said; “Bacon is an Aussie household staple but there’s a high chance the family favourite that shoppers are selecting isn’t made with local ingredients.   Many people are surprised to learn that 80% of bacon sold in Australia is made using imported pork which may not be subject to the same quality, welfare and environmental standards as our production systems.  “If you want to support Australian pig farmers, look for the pink Australian Pork logo on pack. Otherwise, check the bar chart on the Country of Origin label has a percentage of over 90% of Australian ingredients”. Pop into P.Princi Butchers and support your local award winning Perth ham butcher. We are located at Bicton Plaza (Shop 10/258 Canning Highway, Bicton WA 6157, available online, and deliver. Links: ENDS For more information, please contact:  Mwansa Msapenda at Nessabee Creative Just Wines Awarded the Best Wine Retailer by Mozo Experts Choice Awards 2019 2019-11-19T06:34:53Z just-wines-awarded-the-best-wine-retailer-by-mozo-experts-choice-awards-2019-2 Recently Just Wines (Australia’s 2nd Largest Online Wine Website) was awarded the prestigious Online Wine Retailer of the Year title and the Best Product Range in the Online Wine Retailer at Mozo Experts Choice Awards 2019. About Mozo Experts Choice Awards These awards have been recognised as a great platform to bring forth the products and services that offer great value to Australians. Not only do they analyse credit card, deposit accounts, energy plans, insurance and similar financial services but other products too that are used by people on a day-to-day basis. In July 2019, Mozo introduced Online Grocery Services awards that included various subcategories, one of them being the Online Liquor and Wine Retailer awards. Says AJ Duncanson (Mozo money expert)—“Whether it’s a celebratory drink or a Sunday barbecue at the beach, Aussies love their alcohol. So, this year we’ve introduced the Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Online Liquor and Wine Retailers to help Aussies find the best places to pick up wine or a six-pack without having to leave the comforts of their sofa.” Following tailor-made and tough judging parameters for each category, winners are announced after intense database analysis to ensure that the consumers get a great value on products. In order to find the best Online Liquor and Wine Retailer, judges analysed around 46,468 products listed on each of these websites (While doing this, different vintages and packaging options of the same product were excluded). Retailers requiring subscription or offering specialised one-day shipping were not considered as these features are often location dependant. 2019 Results for Online Wine Retailer Category Just Wines was declared Online Wine Retailer of the Year primarily for an unrivalled product range in the industry. Owing to the same reason, it also won the 2019 Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Best Product Range in the same category. The website has over 6000 wines wherein one can find even the unique styles, making it stand out from the crowd. The second and most important factor is the shopping experience. The website offers a clearly-designed menu that makes browsing easy. What adds to this are the excellent searching options and relevant filters. They also offer great customer service and a 100% Moneyback Guarantee. This means that in the rare event of dissatisfaction, one can claim a replacement or full refund of purchase. With the festive season around the corner, we’re sure you can find great discounts too. For more details, visit News Source: DineSmart - Dine Out Help Out 2019-11-18T04:23:14Z dinesmart-dine-out-help-out DineSmart is changing lives this Christmas   As we wrap up another year, many of us turn our minds to friends, family and to those who are less fortunate. DineSmart is back and, with a host of new restaurants taking part, it’s simple to lend a hand to people who are homeless this Christmas. Since 2003 DineSmart has applied the simple model of asking diners to chip in a small donation to their bill and granting those donations to combat homelessness in the local community. The collective power of restaurants and local diners working together, makes it such a success, having helped StreetSmart raise over $5.7million. Heading into its 17th year, there are more than 110 participating restaurants and the campaign runs from November 21st – December 31st with hopes to raise at least $250,000 for homelessness projects during the busy run into Christmas. But in those 17 years, homelessness in Australia has worsened. Between 2011 and 2016 (the most recent census), homelessness increased by 13 per cent. In New South Wales alone it increased by 37 per cent. CEO of StreetSmart, Adam Robinson, is asking diners to chip in whenever they can: “We’re not properly funding essential, often lifesaving, services. We’re not properly funding low cost housing. I think as a community we haven’t prioritised solving these issues. We seem to be sitting back and thinking it’s okay. That’s just not good enough for a country as wealthy as ours. We can and should be doing something, and we can all make a difference through leaving a small donation on our bill when we dine out. DineSmart has had a meaningful impact on thousands of people’s lives delivering essential services to those in crisis, as well as working to prevent the causes of homelessness.” DineSmart has also seed funded a number of innovative projects that are leading local responses to homelessness. Organisations such as Orange Sky Laundry, HOMIE, The Street Socceroos, FareShare, Wear for Success,, and Second Bite, all received early funding from DineSmart and have gone on to have lasting impact. To find all the restaurants involved check the google map “BMiles Foundation works with women who are impacted by mental ill health, many of whom have experienced trauma and or family and domestic violence, and these much-needed funds will enable women to access clinical support to assist them with their recovery. Please let your supporters know their funds raised by DineSmart are going directly to those in need and making a real difference to the lives of the most vulnerable women in our society.” Kate Timmins, BMiles Foundation For more information about how to Dine Out and Help Someone Sleeping Out visit:  For further info / interviews  please contact Geoff on 0428 909 097