The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-10-16T21:40:36Z JURA celebrates 25 years of expertise in automatic coffee machines 2019-10-16T21:40:36Z jura-celebrates-25-years-of-expertise-in-automatic-coffee-machines X Spritzer doesn't need to be Aperol 2019-10-16T05:31:15Z spritzer-doesn-t-need-to-be-aperol If you love the taste of Orange Bitters, Prosecco and Soda Spritzers, then do try this Summers new sensation: Slider Spritzers, the smooth combination of Mandarin Bitters and Prosecco but hold the soda. Fill a large wine glass (180 ml) with ice, pour in 90 ml of the 8% Mandarin Slider and the add 90 ml of Prosecco Preparation Time: 3 min For best results, serve both the Mandarin Slider and Prosecco chilled. Garnish with slices of Mandarin or Orange or even both. So instead of 1 and 2 then 3, it's now just 1 then 2. Take your drinks menu to the next level this Christmas 2019-10-15T21:34:32Z take-your-drinks-menu-to-the-next-level-this-christmas Move aside the Espresso Martini, this festive season JURA Australia share their latest coffee-based recipes, guaranteed to not only impress the fussiest guests, but also look great on the table this Christmas Day. George Liakatos, JURA Australia’s General Manager says, “It’s amazing how many people only ever use their coffee machines for their daily caffeine hit. Our machines can deliver so much more at the touch of a button, making it quick and easy to get creative with the beverages you can serve up this Christmas.” JURA’s Strawberry Dream - Ingredients (for 1 person) 2 x 45 ml strong espresso made using a JURA ENA 8 Whipped cream maker 350 ml cream 10 ml sugared water (made of equal parts sugar and water) Strawberry purée 5 ice cubes Preparation: Put the ice cubes in a shaker. Prepare the espresso in the same shaker. Shake for about 20 seconds so that the espresso cools immediately. Then pour the mixed ingredients into the whipped cream maker. Tightly close the whipped cream maker, shake it and insert the cartridge. Vigorously shake the whipped cream maker 8-10 times and refrigerate until needed. Put a little strawberry purée in a cocktail glass and pour the frothy espresso over it. Decorate with a strawberry or a coffee bean, if liked. JURA’s Red Cool - Ingredients (for 1 person) 45 ml espresso made using a JURA ENA 8 Campari or Red Bols Lemonade Ice cubes Preparation: Take a long drink glass. Fill the glass almost to the rim with ice cubes. Add 20 ml of Campari and then lemonade to the glass. Place 2 straws in the glass. In a separate receptacle, prepare an espresso with 45 ml of water. Pour the hot, freshly made espresso over an ice cube into the glass. Pour carefully to make sure the espresso does not mix with the Campari. This will create an attractive layered effect. Stir before enjoying this speciality coffee. For the gift that keeps on giving, or to get Christmas ready, JURA’s ENA 8 in Nordic White or Sunset Red is a must have on the wish list. At an RRP of $1,899, the ENA 8 is a fully automatic coffee machine that is compact to fit neatly in any size space and most importantly uses coffee beans, not pods. Available now online at as well as selected electrical retailers, department stores, independent and specialty outlets. Those who purchase an ENA 8 between 1st November and 31st December 2019 will receive a bonus Coffee Cocktail Kit valued at $150 including; 1kg JURA Coffee Beans, 4 × latte macchiato glasses, 780ml cocktail shaker and 4 × cocktail recipe cards. About JURA: JURA’s products stand for innovation, ease of use and sustainability. JURA believe in the perfect cup of coffee, using fresh beans, freshly ground and extracted at the touch of a button. The product range includes both machines for domestic use and professional models for the office and food service industry. In recent years the long-established Swiss brand has grown to become a global player, operating in around 50 countries. SYDNEY FISH MARKET HOOKS DEC PR AS AGENCY OF RECORD 2019-10-10T06:05:34Z sydney-fish-market-hooks-dec-pr-as-agency-of-record p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica} p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px Helvetica} span.s1 {color: #0000ff} October 2019, Sydney, Australia – Australia’s home of seafood, Sydney Fish Market, has appointed independent agency DEC PR to manage its public relations, following a recent competitive tender process. Sydney Fish Market is the largest market of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere; a one-stop-shop for 3 million food lovers from Sydney and beyond. Having been the flagship commercial hub for the New South Wales fishing industry for more than 70 years, today more than 13,300 tonnes of seafood is traded through the wholesale market, annually. Stephanie Margrain, Marketing & Communications Manager at Sydney Fish Market says: “Our team was impressed with the professionalism as well as the strategic and creative thinking that DEC PR showed during the tender process.” “We are excited to partner with an independent agency with such strong capability spanning consumer and corporate communications – one that will be able to support and shape stories across our seasonal events, but also work closely with our internal team and our retailers, to drive earned media outcomes that champion the consumption of seafood and promote the world-class sustainability of the industry," added Margrain. Renowned for its 36-Hour Seafood Marathon held annually from 23 to 24 December, and Good Friday Trading at Easter, Sydney Fish Market is an iconic Sydney destination for locals and tourists alike, but also aims to educate consumers on the wide range and seasonality of quality, sustainable seafood available. Agata Kenna, Managing Director at DEC PR, says: “Food and tourism are categories that the DEC PR team is incredibly passionate about, so Sydney Fish Market combines two of our favourite pastimes. We have extensive experience building brands, safeguarding reputations and cultivating genuine engagement in this space, and are looking forward to collaborating on campaigns that attract Australians from near and far to this iconic destination.” DEC PR commences work immediately. -ENDS- For more information or any media enquiries, please contact: Sarah-Ann Taylor via or +61 2 8014 5033 For more information please visit Hand-Washing More Effective Than Hand Sanitiser 2019-10-10T03:34:48Z hand-washing-more-effective-than-hand-sanitiser A new study has found washing your hands under running water removes the flu virus much faster than alcohol sanitizer – suggesting hand sanitizer might not be as effective as people think when fighting against the flu. The influenza A virus (IAV) remains infectious in wet mucus from infected patients, even after being exposed to an ethanol-based disinfectant (EBD) for two full minutes, report researchers at Kyoto Profectural University of Medicine, in Japan. Fully deactivating the virus, they found, required nearly four minutes of exposure to the EBD. The secret to the viral survival was the thick consistency of sputum, the researchers found. The substance’s thick hydrogel structure kept the ethanol from reaching and deactivating the IAV. “The physical properties of mucus protect the virus from inactivation,” said physician and molecular gastroenterologist Ryohei Hirose, PhD, MD., who led the study with Takaaki Nakaya, PhD, an infectious disease researcher at the same school. “Until the mucus has completely dried, infectious IAV can remain on the hands and fingers, even after appropriate antiseptic hand rubbing.” The study suggests that a splash of hand sanitizer, quickly applied, isn’t sufficient to stop IAV. Health care providers should be particularly cautious: If they don’t adequately inactivate the virus between patients, they could enable its spread, Hirose said. The researchers first studied the physical properties of mucus and found — as they predicted — that ethanol spreads more slowly through the viscous substance than it does through saline. Then, in a clinical component, they analyzed sputum that had been collected from IAV-infected patients and dabbed on human fingers. (The goal, said Hirose, was to simulate situations in which medical staff could transmit the virus.) After two minutes of exposure to EBD, the IAV virus remained active in the mucus on the fingertips. By four minutes, however, the virus had been deactivated. Previous studies have suggested that ethanol-based disinfectants, or EBDs, are effective against IAV. The new work challenges those conclusions. Hirose suspects he knows why: Most studies on EBDs test the disinfectants on mucus that has already dried. When he and his colleagues repeated their experiments using fully dried mucus, they found that hand rubbing inactivated the virus within 30 seconds. In addition, the fingertip test used by Hirose and his colleagues may not exactly replicate the effects of hand-rubbing, which through convection might be more effective at spreading the EBD. For flu prevention, both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization recommend hand hygiene practices that include using EBDs for 15-30 seconds. That’s not enough rubbing to prevent IAV transmission, said Hirose. The study wasn’t all bad news: The researchers did identify a hand hygiene strategy that works, also sanctioned by the WHO and CDC. It’s simple: Wash hands, don’t just rub them. Washing hands with antiseptic soap, they found, deactivated the virus within 30 seconds, regardless of whether the mucus remained wet or had dried. Source: mSphere. Original Post How to introduce a greenwall to any space in your home 2019-10-09T02:28:54Z how-to-introduce-a-greenwall-to-any-space-in-your-home Indoors or out, a greenwall in the home not only beautifies the space, it also improves the air quality, provides insulation and improves the mood of each member of the household. Mark Paul, Founder of The Greenwall Company and former Horticulturist of the Year shares his tips for greening any space in the home. “There are a few things you need to take into consideration prior to installing a greenwall in your home, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. The first is, do you currently have access to water, light and airflow. If not, is it going to be an extra cost to install plumbing, lighting or fans? Secondly, will the plants you like thrive in the space that you’ve chosen. Plant selection is key, and every space will require a different pallet design.” Mark shares his tips for each room he’s installed greenwalls and greenroofs: Outdoor Room: An outdoor greenwall can be a great way to not only hide tired/old fencing or an ugly wall, but also provide privacy from your neighbours. If planted correctly with high reaching plants in the top section of the wall, you’ll be able to create extra height and privacy without council approval. Living Room: Get back to nature indoors. Greenwalls applied to internal walls, particularly in living spaces, offer a surprisingly high level of insulation. In winter they keep the warm air in and in summer they keep the hot air out. Kitchens: The important thing about plant selection when it comes to kitchens is to opt for plants which are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Bathroom: Greenwalls in bathrooms are great for improved air quality and the removal of toxins. They are becoming more and more popular following recent TV series showing them. The Roof: A forgotten space for many. Applying a greenroof, or in our case EcoPillows to your roof will capture stormwater in addition to other benefits including, softening a hard roof surface, improved air quality and insulation. “No matter what area you’re working with, our new and improved greenwall and greenroof systems can be easily customised to fit any space, large or small,” said Mark. About The Greenwall Company: 
 The Greenwall Company is the premier producer of modular and custom designed greenwalls in Australia. An unequalled product, Greenwall can be used like cladding to produce instant ‘greenspace’ both inside and out. The system developed by Mark Paul at The Greenwall Company over approximately 30 years, presents an innovative system based on inorganic media and adjustable substrate depth that retains moisture and simulates conditions resembling natural soil. In addition, by using plants adapted to impoverished environments and seasonal drought, The Greenwall Company achieves water efficient planting that is resilient to inevitable short-term human and mechanical failures. dermaviduals release Christmas Duos for the whole family 2019-10-08T21:51:04Z dermaviduals-release-christmas-duos-for-the-whole-family dermaviduals’ popular Christmas Duos are back and these pamper packs will help to tick every loved one off the present list this holiday season. With a great saving off normal prices plus a complimentary cosmetic bag, you’ll love giving the gift of great skin! Nourish Duo | RRP $130 The Nourish Duo is perfect for your mum/aunt/grandma to help them to continue to age gracefully. As the name suggests, these products love the skin and provide luxurious nourishment for dry or ageing skin. This powerhouse duo contains a Cleansing Milk with DMS 150ml and a DMS Base Cream High Classic Plus to strengthen and revitalise skin for a luminous glow. Protect Duo | RRP $115 For your friend that is always on outdoor adventures, the Protect Duo will keep their environmental damage down to a minimum! This duo contains an SPF 50ml to protect and a DMS Mask with Vitamins 50ml to repair existing damage & prevent further oxidative stress. Clear Duo | RRP $120 The Clear Duo is for the guys in your life, its perfect as it contains our multi-tasking Total Cleansing Cream 150ml. This can be used as a shaving cream, face cleanser, body wash and even a shampoo! Accompanying this amazing do-it-all cleanser is the PlutioDerm Plus, which is an anti-inflammatory moisturiser, making it great to use post-shaving. Rebalance Duo | RRP $127 It’s never too early to start looking after your skin and creating good habits. The Rebalance Duo is perfect for the teens on your list. This duo contains our refreshing and calming Cleansing Gel 150ml and DMS Base Cream Classic 50ml to visibly restore & clarify skin, as well as prevent blemishes. Repair Duo | RRP $130 The Repair Duo will rebuild and nurture skin for a healthy, even complexion. This duo is great for most skins, including sensitive and contains a Cleansing Milk with DMS 150ml and a DMS Base Cream High Classic. Renew Duo | RRP $96 The Renew Duo is perfect for anyone on your list! It contains a Lip Balm 4.8g and DMS Peeling Cream 50ml, which are an essential duo to polish and nourish for picture perfect skin and lips. About dermaviduals: Made with pure, natural ingredients, all dermaviduals products are free from emulsifiers, preservatives, fragrances, mineral oils, silicones, dyes and amines, so you can be sure there are no nasties in your skin care routine. dermaviduals is now available in over 300 clinics across Australia and New Zealand. The range now includes cleansers, serums, face and body moisturisers, and bespoke mineral makeup. Why you shouldn’t be scared to buy an apartment in 2019 2019-10-08T02:59:16Z why-you-shouldnt-be-scared-to-buy-an-apartment-in-2019-2 Contrary to recent reports on apartment building defects and faults creating fear amongst prospective apartment investors, Adrian Wilson, Founder of Ayre Real Estate, shares his expert advice to bring back confidence in the market. Adrian Wilson says, "We are sympathetic to the recent issues a number of investors and homeowners have had and are continuing to face. It is a real tragedy that anybody should have to go through the scenarios reported in the media. However, we are of the view that these issues are isolated to a faction of the country’s apartment buildings. The vast majority of new buildings offer profitable, low risk investments. In particular, there have been some fantastic, high quality buildings in Sydney that have recently been completed. “When purchasing in a completed development we encourage investors to do their due diligence and use some readily available tools to ensure they are confident in their purchase decision. Just like you would instruct a building inspection prior to purchasing a house, the process is the same for apartments by way of a strata search. Unfortunately, it seems many people are unsure of the potential red flags to look out for, or they completely neglect this process. “When it comes to off-the-plan purchasers, there is obviously more inherent risk as the building is yet to be constructed. However, buying anything before you can see, touch and feel it on a ‘sight-unseen basis carries a degree of risk. Stick to a reputable developer and builder and ensure you have appropriate legal advice. I’ve seen thousands of people over my career do incredibly well from buying off-the-plan. In most cases, the risk has paid off with sound capital growth. Buyers should not be deterred from considering apartment investments but should do their homework to ensure they are comfortable with both the risks and opportunities that buying off-the-plan provides,” adds Adrian. Adrian’s top five tips for those looking to purchase an apartment with confidence in 2019 include: Conduct a Strata Search If the property is very old, consider also conducting a Building Inspection Do some research on the developer Due diligence on the builder Homework and research the area for recent sales, rental rates and what buildings are popular or close to amenities and transport “When you look at the number of apartments built in comparison to the number of complaints reported, it is an incredibly small number that have been affected beyond normal warranty and defects. Building is a complex art form and issues can occur. Luckily in most cases, they are easily fixable.” said Adrian. About Ayre Real Estate: Ayre Real Estate has been founded by multi-award winning Real Estate Agent, Adrian Wilson, a pioneer in the Sydney City apartment market with nearly 20 years’ experience and perhaps one of the most strategic thought leaders in the industry. The Sydney City apartment specialists, delivers apartment focused services that are smarter and simpler, yet deliver beyond expectations for both owners and landlords while elevating the lives of the clients and communities they work in. Dairy's decline 2019-10-06T22:08:04Z dairys-decline Dear Editor, Having grown up on a dairy farm, I understand the hardships faced by today’s farmers who are forced to move out of the industry as the price and demand for milk continues to fall. The struggling dairy farmer is not a new phenomenon. Dairy Australia figures show that the number of registered dairy farms fell from 22,000 in 1980 to 5,700 in 2018, meaning that 75% of dairy farms have closed down. The number of cows has only fallen by 17 percent in that time, indicating that the industry continues to be taken over by huge corporations. One farmer was quoted recently as saying "It's like losing my right arm" as his cows were driven off to slaughter. But let’s not forget: while it’s painful to lose an arm, those cows are losing their lives, after losing their calves shortly after birth every year, so that humans can steal the milk they produce to nurture their babies. The calves are either raised separately for the same cycle of pregnancy, birth and loss or, if male, shipped off to slaughter or shot or bludgeoned to death on the farm. Farmers are tough and resourceful. The ones I knew, who got out of dairy decades ago, diversified into more ethical products. Those losing their livelihoods now to the giant conglomerates will hopefully do the same, as the market for these vile products continues to shrink. Desmond Bellamy Special Projects Coordinator PETA Australia PO Box 2352 Byron Bay NSW 2481 0411 577 416 Ticket stubs feeding hungry bubs: Humanitix helps OzHarvest provide 100,000 meals to people in need. 2019-10-02T02:50:17Z ticket-stubs-feeding-hungry-bubs-humanitix-helps-ozharvest-provide-100-000-meals-to-people-in-need Humanitix gives event impact, as organisers use the platform to sell tickets, with booking fees going towards closing the education gap. One project, the Humanitix Nutrition For School Children program, works with delivery partners around the world to make sure no child goes to school hungry.      Adam McCurdie, Co-CEO at Humanitix says the positive impact from is growing as more organisers use the platform.  “We’re a unique charity in that we don’t ask for donations. We just ask event organisers to run their awesome event on our platform – their booking fees can change lives.”  “At Humanitix we believe education is the ticket to opportunity. With access to primary and secondary schooling, and the support needed to stay in school, kids live healthier, more fulfilling lives. They can escape the traps of poverty. Our programs include scholarships for Indigenous students, education programs for young girls and nourishing Aussie kids and their families, through the great work of OzHarvest.” Ronni Kahn AO, Founder and CEO of OzHarvest said education is essential to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty for vulnerable people.  “OzHarvest relies on the amazing support of like-minded organisations like Humanitix to help keep our wheels turning and whilst food rescue fills hungry bellies, education transforms lives.  We are thrilled to work with Humanitix, who share our vision for a better world, and are committed to making positive change.” Event organisers love that their events can have such an impact. Says Group Marketing Manager Mikaila Faber from The Sydney Collective: “One of the things we’re passionate about at The Sydney Collective is giving back to our local communities. Through Humanitix we’re able to run events like our Melbourne Cup and New Years Eve event, and then direct the booking fees to projects we truly care about. Humanitix has been a dream to use and are always there to lend a helping hand.” Humanitix is now the fastest growing ticketing platform in Australia, and has contributed more than $350,000 to education programs. More and more event organisers are choosing to add purpose their events, as well as enjoying the price point, unique features and charity status of the Humanitix platform.  The team is available for interviews Contact Adam Long, Chief Growth Officer on 0421 498 170 or  Download photography, logos and the media kit here. For Journalists: Possible story angles Ticket stubs feed hungry bubs: Humanitix and OzHarvest provide 100,000 meals. Two Aussie organisations giving kids a chance, starting with their bellies.  FAQ What is Humanitix? Humanitix is the not-for-profit ticketing platform giving events impact. We make event management a delight, and then direct 100% of the profit from booking fees towards education projects, such as education programs for young girls.  Who uses Humanitix? Anyone running events – whether an independent community event, festival or international conference. By ticketing their event with Humanitix, Singularity University funded 10,000 days of education, the Football Federation of Australia funded 2 years of girls’ education from a single match, and The Grounds of Alexandria funded 15,000 meals for disadvantaged children.  What has Humanitix achieved? Humanitix is now the fastest growing ticketing platform in Australia, and has contributed more than $350,000 to education programs.  Why is Humanitix different? Humanitix is an exciting case of scalable social innovation, capable of transforming both the role of business and radically growing the funding pool for education programs. It’s a charity for the tech-generation. Why education? We believe education is the ticket to opportunity. With access to primary and secondary schooling and the support needed to stay in school, kids live healthier, more fulfilling lives and can escape the traps of poverty. Our work ranges from scholarships for Indigenous students, through to meals for disadvantaged Aussie kids, through to education programs for young girls around the world. How did it get started? Humanitix was created by Joshua Ross and Adam McCurdie, who left lucrative jobs in finance to make Humanitix happen. Funding has come from many foundations, including Google and Atlassian’s, as well as a range of philanthropists. Where can I find out more? Visit    Or contact Adam Long, Chief Growth Officer: 0421 498 170 or  How to get rid of the bowl of crap 2019-09-30T22:37:23Z how-to-get-rid-of-the-bowl-of-crap How to get rid of the bowl of crap! A how-to guide from interiors expert Justine Wilson Media Release - October 2019 Any household who claims they don’t have a bowl of crap or drop zone, deserves a medal. Daily items such as mail, keys and phone chargers alone can create unsightly clutter around the home. Thankfully, Property Stylist Justine Wilson has some functional, yet stylish ways to tackle the problem. “When decluttering our homes, a great place to start is by looking at the everyday items we surround ourselves with. We all have that one bowl, on our hallway console, or on our kitchen island, that always seems to be constantly overflowing with a mish-mash of personal items such as mail, keys, phone chargers, hair ties and the like. It’s this collection of random, yet essential everyday items that poses as a real eyesore, and is perhaps in my belief, more in need of sorting than those big-ticket items such as garages and wardrobes,” says Justine. Justine’s top organisation and storage tips include: Storage Boxes: While originally designed to store your laundry, Kmart’s woven basket range will work wonders for organisation, especially if you have earthy-style, natural interiors. Following the recommendations of expert organiser Marie Kondo herself, you can put smaller boxes inside to further organise your items. The lids will also come in handy for keeping any unsightly mess hidden away! Multi-purpose Storage Tins: Perfect for a modern-feel home, look for white multi-pack tin sets with clean lines and built-in dividers, Kmart, Target and IKEA have good options. Use them to organise your belongings into categories, then pop the lid on and slide it under the counter, and you won’t even notice that it’s there. Baskets: You can’t go wrong with a nice basket. Pile your items in and hide them away under the kitchen counter or kitchen table – no one will ever know. Lids will come in handy to disguise your items, or you can even cover it with a nice cushion or throw on top. Freedom has a great selection. Move it: A really simple solution. Move your daily items off the countertop and into a hallway console or kitchen drawer, removing any visible clutter from your view. If you choose this option, drawer dividers are a must and will certainly help stow away all your messy items, try the Skubb compartment box from IKEA. “Don’t let clutter cause you stress! Find a practical and attractive solution that’s suitable for your space and keep it compact. Remember, the more space you have, the more tempted you’ll be to fill it!” adds Justine. About Vault Interiors: Vault Interiors are a dedicated team of property stylists who specialise in unlocking the potential of each and every property they step into. Whether it be styling for the purpose of selling a property or furnishing a client’s new dream home or investment, the team not only deliver jaw dropping results but save time and money with their hassle-free complete furniture packages. Celebrate Melbourne Cup at Sanctuary Cove 2019-09-30T04:24:33Z celebrate-melbourne-cup-at-sanctuary-cove With a welcoming atmosphere and stunning location, The Marine Village Sanctuary Cove offers an abundance of dining options for the much-anticipated yearly event.   With a mouth-watering selection of cafes, restaurants and bars nestled throughout the precinct, every cuisine is catered for. Diners are spoilt for choice and can opt for a simple casual lunch, or if they are seeking a more formal experience, they can indulge with a set lunch menu at one of the impressive restaurants in the Village.   Jonez on Food Guests are in for a real treat as acclaimed Chef, Gary Jones, serves up contemporary innovative cuisine. With over 45 years of culinary experience, Gary will be impressing diners with a special Melbourne Cup three-course meal accompanied by a glass of Moet & Chandon on arrival. Tickets are $90pp and prizes for best dressed will also be on offer.   InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort Join the Sanctuary Cove Country Club as they celebrate Melbourne Cup with a luncheon in the scenic setting of the Botanical Room. Don your finest spring racewear as you as you delight in a flute of Bimbadgen Sparkling Wine on arrival followed by a selection of antipasto delights. Indulge in the buzz of Cup Day with large TV screens displaying all the action, live music entertainment and a host of prizes to be won, tickets are $90pp.   Cove Tavern Take part in the Cove Tavern annual Melbourne Cup celebration in a fun and casual atmosphere. Enjoy a set course menu especially created for the event, with lucky door prizes and lots of enjoyment guaranteed. Back a winner with onsite TAB facilities and watch the race that stops the nation live on the big screens.   Black Angus Bar and Grill Indulge this Melbourne Cup day at Black Angus an enjoy delights from their extensive a la carte menu. Enjoy their signature steak dishes or choose from their many succulent seafood dishes such as fresh oysters, opulent seafood platters or fish of the day. Enjoy live music with Jo Phillips, sweeps and prizes while watching the race live on the big screen.   Offering an array of dining options, Marine Village visitors can also choose more casual offerings such as Anchor Buoy, the new Bistro 19 (formerly Café 19), George’s Paragon, Thai House and Dragon Cove.   Melbourne Cup day isn’t just about the race, it presents the perfect opportunity to dress up, sip champagne and back a winner – and there is no better place to do this than The Marine Village at Sanctuary Cove.   To view the full places to dine for Melbourne Cup at The Marine Village at Sanctuary Cove, visit   SOUL SEED LAUNCHES “SUPER SEED SNAPS” IN WOOLWORTHS NATION-WIDE 2019-09-29T23:00:00Z soul-seed-launches-super-seed-snaps-in-woolworths-nation-wide Media Release: Monday 30 September 2019 Over date-based snacks? Supermarket hemp foods favourite, Soul Seed, has launched a new range of “Super Seed Snaps” into 744 Woolworths stores across Australia. Found in the health food aisle, Super Seed Snaps are gluten free with 5g+ of protein, fibre plus a variety of vitamin and mineral-rich super seeds including hemp, flax, chia and pumpkin. The baked snacks are ideal for lunchboxes, briefcases and handbags alike. There’s a flavour for every mood and palette - Salted Caramel, Turmeric & Black Pepper, Rich Choc and Spicy Sriracha. Soul Seed Founder Cade Turland says, “9 times out of 10, when I flip to the nutrition panel on a snack, the first ingredient I read is ‘dates’. “We set out to create a snack with a real point of difference in the health food category. Something tasty, filled with whole foods and of course featuring our favourite nutrition-packed super seed, hemp. That’s where Super Seed Snaps were born.” Soul Seed’s millennial founders Cade Turland and Forbes 30 Under 30 Listmaker, Georgia Branch, have been blown away by the growth of the brand. Launched in 2018, Soul Seed has quickly become Australia’s widest reaching hemp foods brand. Soul Seed’s ethos is to bring whole food nutrition to the whole family. The products can be found in both Coles and Woolworths as well as Ritchies IGA stores. For samples, interviews and images please contact Georgia Branch | ABOUT SOUL SEED Part of Trichomia Pty Ltd hemp brands (also owner of Hemple), Soul Seed is Australia’s widest-reaching supermarket hemp foods brand. Soul Seed’s cold pressed Australian hemp seed oil, protein and seeds can be found at Coles and Ritchies IGA while their Super Seed Snaps range can be found at Woolworths nation- wide. Trichomia Pty Ltd investors include MMJ (ASX:MMJ). The perfect sun-kissed glow this summer 2019-09-26T00:57:34Z the-perfect-sun-kissed-glow-this-summer With the warmer months approaching, all the dresses, skirts and short sleeve tops reappear, which means more skin is exposed! Many people desire to look tanned and have a summery sun-kissed glow. With dermaviduals Self Tanner, everyone can achieve a bronzed look for those warmer days in a much safer way. Co-Managing Director of dermaviduals, Reika Roberts, says, “As we approach summer, the harmful UV radiation is out and is detrimental to your skin’s health, increasing the risk of skin cancer. The dermaviduals Self Tanner is a great alternative to achieve a bronzed look without exposing yourself to the sun’s harmful rays for extended periods of time.” Author and owner of Newcastle clinic Skintifix, Robyn McAlpine says, “dermaviduals’ Self Tanner helps to reduce uneven skin tone caused by blood vessels near the surface, spider veins and acne scars. Hypo and hyper pigmentations including white spots, vitiligo areas and age spots can be optimally balanced.” The membrane cream is used for the tanning of face and body with the active agents DHA (INCI: dihydroxyacetone) and erythrulose. The Self Tanner provides an even tan, moisturises and hydrates. Key benefits of dermaviduals Self Tanner: Subtle, natural colour that can be applied on several consecutive days to intensify the tanning product Streak-free application Creates a smooth, soft texture on the skin and improves complexion Can be used on face and body Leaves the skin feeling soft, moisturised and hydrated Regular skincare can be applied after the tanner has penetrated Maximum tanning effect will appear after 24 hours Lasts up to a week The Self Tanner will prepare your skin for summer, giving you an even and bronzed complexion without the harmful effects of the sun. The dermaviduals Self Tanner can be used on all skin types. dermaviduals Self Tanner RRP $65.00 About dermaviduals: Made with pure, natural ingredients, all dermaviduals products are free from emulsifiers, preservatives, fragrances, mineral oils, silicones, dyes and amines, so you can be sure there are no nasties in your skin care routine. dermaviduals is now available in over 300 clinics across Australia and New Zealand. The range now includes cleansers, serums, face and body moisturisers, and bespoke mineral makeup. NEW Hobart Dining Hot Spot - Prospect House Open For Dinner - Richmond Tasmania 2019-09-24T00:43:45Z new-hobart-dining-hot-spot-prospect-house-open-for-dinner-richmond-tasmania NEW TASMANIAN GOURMET DINING VENUE OPEN 7 DAYS   Prospect House Private Hotel Restaurant in Richmond, SE Tasmania now welcomes locals and visitors for dinner   September 2019: Prospect House Restaurant, the fine dining restaurant at one of Tasmania’s oldest and most elegant country house hotels, now welcomes locals and visitors, alongside hotel guests, for dinner every night of the week.   Head Chef Kurstin Berriman has created a sophisticated, contemporary dinner menu celebrating the very best of Tasmanian produce. She’ s delighted that locals and visitors, as well as hotel guests, can now enjoy her food:   ‘The menu at Prospect House Restaurant features simple, tasty, fresh dishes made with top quality local produce and is designed to be enjoyed with family and friends.’   Berriman, who has worked in the hospitality industry in Tasmania and the UK for over 20 years and has owned and operated award-winning restaurants including Restaurant Synergy in Launceston, is proud to bring her creativity and passion for Tasmanian produce to Prospect House Restaurant.   ‘I’m excited about creating new dishes from seasonal produce, incorporating modern and traditional techniques, while respecting the foundations of classical French cooking,’ she says.     Prospect House Private Hotel has its own orchard and gardens where mulberries, quince, walnuts, herbs, root vegetables and more are grown. Berriman regularly picks, pickles and preserves for the months ahead. There’s also an apiary, where a thriving bee community produces honey for the restaurant kitchen.   More local produce, ranging from trout and lamb to olives and cheeses, is sourced from nearby Coal River Valley. Berriman’s relationships with smaller producers and family-owned farms mean she has access to exceptional quality, limited supply ingredients. Local farmers often drop their own produce at the kitchen back door.   Prospect House Restaurant ‘s seasonal three-course dinner menu ($85 including side dishes and amuse-bouches) includes entrées such as Tarkine free-range pork belly served with Savoy cabbage and pickled quince, and main courses such as Strelleyfield free-range duck breast served with mushroom and chestnut ravioli and black truffle consommé.   Diners can enjoy fine Tasmanian wines, including a selection of cool climate Coal River Valley wines, from an extensive wine list that also includes other Australian and international drops. The drinks list features world-class Tasmanian whiskies and craft gins too. Before and after dinner drinks can be served in several cosy fireside lounge spaces or outside in the  gardens in summer.   Prospect House Restaurant is perfect for special occasion dining and can accommodate groups of up to 12 (subject to hotel occupancy). Diners can also eat outside in warmer months, casually by a courtyard fire or at a special table overlooking the pond and oak trees (on request).   Dinner guests may also book a room for the night (subject to availability).   COMING SOON:  Cooking classes with Kurstin Berriman – hotel guests will be able to join  cooking classes on Fridays (Bread and Butter Making) and Saturdays (Pickling and Preserving).   For more information visit:   ENDS Please reach out if you want images as we have great shots! Be social: Insta: prospecthouseprivatehotel   For further information please contact: Tel 0415 290023