The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-10-27T19:53:20Z Celebrating Strength & Beauty 2020-10-27T19:53:20Z celebrating-strength-amp-beauty The Breast Cancer Aotearoa Coalition (BCAC) in partnership with Sweet Louise, Breast Cancer Foundation NZ and Metavivors NZ has launched the Gifts to the Future, He Koha ā Mua Legacy Project to enable a number of New Zealanders with advanced breast cancer to create video legacies recording moments, memories, messages and insights they would like to share.   It’s hoped these video legacies will help the women involved pass on their stories, for their immediate family – partners, children, grandchildren and beyond - and help others who will face a similar diagnosis. The videos will be shared on the BCAC website with links from both Sweet Louise and Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.   BCAC Chair, Libby Burgess explains: ‘This October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are raising awareness of advanced breast cancer and highlighting the sad truth that around 1,000 New Zealanders are living with incurable breast cancer. The Gifts to the Future, He Koha ā Mua Legacy Project is a way to honour the women and men with advanced breast cancer and to help celebrate the strength and beauty of those who will not survive their diagnosis.   ‘Raising awareness of breast cancer is crucial, and with early detection and effective treatments, most of the 3300 New Zealanders who are diagnosed each year will survive.  But for some, the cancer has advanced and they are faced with the prospect of ongoing treatments and a shortened life expectancy. Their needs are different from those with early breast cancer and for a long time their voices were not heard. Now we have Metavivors NZ, an online peer support group hosted by BCAC, Sweet Louise, a charity focused entirely on supporting those with advanced breast cancer, and Breast Cancer Foundation has published hugely important research on advanced breast cancer in New Zealand.’   The coordinated efforts of these groups and particularly the Metavivors themselves have already resulted in real change. There is now an active communication network among those with advanced breast cancer, offering peer support from those who truly understand, a wealth of information and connection to support services that make a difference – from vouchers for home help and hairdressing, to access to clinicians for advice.   The introduction of new medicines and the patient-led campaign for more PHARMAC funding has inspired new conversations about advanced breast cancer and encouraged groups to work together in support of their members and to raise wider awareness.   Libby adds: ‘The Gifts to the Future, He Koha ā Mua Legacy Project is about acknowledging the distinct needs of those people who have the advanced, incurable form of breast cancer who have felt hidden away and ignored. One of our key roles is to speak up on behalf of patients, and we work closely in liaison with them. Our BCAC committee of women who have experienced breast cancer, several of whom have advanced disease, understand exactly what is involved. We want women and their families to know they are not alone.’   BCAC is an active member of Patient Voice Aotearoa, a coalition of groups representing a range of diseases. PVA is currently gathering signatures for a petition calling for doubling then tripling NZ’s medicines budget.   ‘Everyone in New Zealand is affected by disease, either themselves or family members or friends. We all want the best care for people in need and it should be a right as a New Zealander to receive access to the medicines you need.’ Libby says she encourages everyone to sign and support the PVA petition at   The Legacy Project is supported by an educational grant from Pfizer NZ.     Media contact: Celia MotionBreast Cancer Aotearoa CoalitionPhone 021 041 0581Email   Revolutionary Australian-Made Anti-Ageing Plant Stem Cells 2020-10-27T05:38:50Z revolutionary-australian-made-anti-ageing-plant-stem-cells Australian anti-ageing company, Reyou Longevity®, has launched its flagship products on Indiegogo. According to the director, James Thai, the company will be releasing the Anti-ageing Plant Stem Cell Serum and Moisturizer with an exclusive launched special 45% off RRP. The company, whose mission is to set a new standard in anti-ageing skincare products, seeks to empower its customers to go through the ageing process gracefully. Reyou Longevity® is raising funds to allow manufacturing of their first small batch through its Indiegogo campaign. “We have turned to the amazing community on Indiegogo to enable us to produce the first batch of the Stem Cell Serum and Moisturizer quickly and efficiently while maintaining the highest quality standards,” said the company director, also explaining why they have opted to raise funds through the crowdfunding platform. The company believes that through the crowdfunding campaign they will source the best quality, premium ingredients from local Australian suppliers and meet the purchase requirements. While describing the two products, Reyou Longevity® company director described how they are harnessing the power of Plant Stem Cells and creating a powerful skincare range, using Australian native flora infused with premium naturally-sourced active ingredients and giving customers products that can help them defy the signs of ageing the natural way. As a company that believes beauty does not come with an expiry date, Reyou Longevity® abides by their founding principles providing its customers with effective and safe products. The company maintains the highest standards of quality by using premium quality ingredients that are one hundred percent natural, safe, and completely free from toxins and preservatives. Apart from their commitment to providing their customers with safe products, they are also passionate about keeping the environment clean. The company spokesperson explained that stem cells play an important role in ageing research, adding that they contain regenerative capacity that helps the body to build the necessary blocks. He also added that dermatologists are turning to stem cells to fight wrinkles and improve the skin’s appearance mainly because it contains essential amino acids and peptides, which act as skincare powerhouse ingredients for helping the skin to rejuvenate. While revealing that the company has a zero-tolerance policy for animal testing, the company spokesperson mentioned that their products are made through alternative ways that are cruelty-free. “We found an alternative way to reap the powerful benefits of stem cells without hurting anyone or anything!” said the company spokesperson, adding that they have harnessed the power of stem cells in plants and created a range of premium cruelty-free skincare products that are made to defy any signs of ageing. "We've put in so much effort in our premium formulations and cannot wait to launch our range and share the power of plant stem cells with the world," said James. He believes that ageing should not feel detrimental. In fact, ageing should inspire confidence as maturity and life experience is a formula for a well-balanced life.   While outlining the benefits of the Anti-Ageing Stem Cell Serum, the company spokesperson clarified that the product is suitable for all skin types and genders. The Anti-Ageing Stem Cell Serum prepares the skin to absorb nutrient-rich antioxidants and peptides, maximizing on skin hydration, which in turn stimulates collagen synthesis and enhances cellular metabolism. Other benefits include the assistance in rehabilitation and purification of the skin through aiding the elimination of toxins and cellular wastes. It also helps in the production of collagen and the reduction of wrinkles.   Their flagship range is now available for pre-order with an exclusive 45% off RRP and expected to ship to customers early in December 2020.   About Reyou Longevity® Reyou Longevity® is an Australian anti-ageing company based on the foundation that beauty doesn’t come with an expiration date. Its mission is to set a new standard in anti-ageing skincare products to empower everyone to go through the ageing process gracefully. Popular Diversity Model Search Goes National 2020-10-26T01:27:03Z popular-diversity-model-search-goes-national-2 MEDIA RELEASEOCTOBER 2020Bella Management, a pioneer of diversity in the modelling industry, has announced model and body positive activist Stefania Ferarrio and First Nation’s recording artist Mitch Tambo as ambassadors for this year’s Unsigned Model Search proudly supported by Melbourne Fashion Week (M/FW). The Bella Unsigned Model Search made its debut at last year’s M/FW and was a resounding success unearthing some wonderfully diverse talent and reinforcing M/FW’s commitment to diversity. This year’s Search will focus on inclusivity. “Inclusivity is about including those who might otherwise be excluded or marginalised due to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio- economic status, age, physical abilities and religion,” says BELLA Management founder Chelsea Bonner. “Despite the difficult circumstances we wanted to go ahead with this year’s Search as we believe that now more than ever a message of inclusivity is so important. “It’s been a very tough few months for our industry so we also wanted to create a fun and exciting event that was something to look forward to and enjoy” Stefania said she’s thrilled to be an ambassador for this year’s BELLA Unsigned Model Search. “When I started out in the industry there was very little diversity. This is changing slowly but surely but there is still some way to go. It’s so encouraging to have organisations like BELLA and the City of Melbourne championing inclusivity,” she said. “I’m excited to be part of this unique model search and to find the new wave of diverse talent. Plus it’s a chance to have some fun in what’s been a difficult year for many including those in the modelling and entertainment industries,” added Mitch. This year’s Search will be national and primarily online with aspiring models in every state encouraged to apply. Winners will be chosen by an industry panel including guest international judges Robyn Lawley and Jennifer Atilemile. State winners will be announced on November 16 and will win a contract with BELLA Management. Three national finalists selected from the state winners will also win a portfolio and the opportunity to star in a pop-up runway event as part of M/FW in late November, COVID restrictions dependent. “We’re very much looking forward to the Search culminating in a pop-up runway at M/FW to bring some fun and excitement back to the fashion and modelling industry and to play our part in reviving the Australian city that has been the hardest hit by this pandemic,” says Chelsea. Bella Unsigned Model Search DetailsRegistrations via 13: Registrations closedNovember 16: State winners announced November 24: National winners and people’s choice announced November 26: M/FW Pop-up Runway featuring ambassadors and winners. Mitch Tambo to perform. For images: -ends-For media enquiries: Stephanie Carden E: M: 0411 186 893OR Amanda Jacobson E: M: 0411 265 646 360 PR now representing pureTAN® 2020-10-25T23:14:28Z 360-pr-now-representing-puretan-r 360 PR are excited to announce that effective immediately they will be representing the iconic and pioneering Australian tanning brand, pureTAN®. The brand was recently acquired by Chemcorp International, the owners and distributors of leading beauty brands including 1000 Hour, Real Techniques, EcoTools and SpaScriptions to name a few. Launched in 2003, pureTAN® was the original salon-profession spray tan in a can. Developed by salon-tanning experts Danielle and Michael Fletcher, the brand was formulated to provide customers with a natural, nourishing tanning product that wouldn’t dry out the skin or leave a lingering fake-tan smell. In 2020, pureTAN® remains true to its original ethos. The hydrating, plant-based formulation comes with a product promise of no nasty chemical ingredients including no Parabens, no Sulphates, no Animal Testing, and no GMOs. And the brand’s unique Base Blend technology, which works with individual skin tones, ensures the perfect tan for everybody, every time. For any questions or product requests, please contact Lisa Solomons from 360 PR – or 02 9571 4448/0416 175 518. Overseas Property: Getting an Australian Mortgage as a Foreigner is much easier and quicker with Borderless Mortgagor Group 2020-10-25T00:50:37Z overseas-property-getting-an-australian-mortgage-as-a-foreigner-is-much-easier-and-quicker-with-borderless-mortgagor-group If you are not an Australian and you are wondering whether you can own property in Australia, the answer is yes, you can buy property in Australia – even if you do not live in the country. Many investors have aspired to own property in Australia. While they may currently be living abroad, there are many reasons why investors are buying property in Australia and why the country’s real estate is desirable; as an investment, as somewhere to stay occasionally or as a way to provide for future needs.   A growing number of Asian & Middle East investors are buying properties abroad. The top destinations that have attracted Asian wealth are –Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands,Cyprus, Germany, United States of America and Canada. Who are the buyers?  ·      61% Businessmen and industrialists  ·      25% Self-employed/Traders  ·      10% Working Professionals  ·      3% Self-Employed professionals  ·      1% Others    That said, buying property in the Australia as a foreigner is easier if you are a cash buyer – i.e. do not need to apply for a mortgage or additional borrowing as it may be difficult to apply for such a mortgage.   But what about if you need to buy property on a mortgage? Does it complicate things? Let’s find out.   Loan Options There have been a growing number of Australian lenders in the last decade specialising themselves in offering mortgages and short term finance designed specifically for non-Australian citizens buying or refinancing Australian property.   Borderless Mortgagor Group has several Foreign National Mortgages, Non Citizen mortgage programs catered specifically for non-resident investors investing overseas regardless if they have foreign credit reports, residency or proof of income. As of 2020, Borderless Mortgagor offers mortgages in over 26 countries to foreign nationals which includes the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, Eastern Europe, Thailand, Singapore and many more.They work directly with over 350 lenders to create loan program specifically for the requirements  for various nationalities in Asia, Australia & Europe. Mortgage programs include residential, commercial, bridging, short-term, delayed mortgage payment & cash out refinancing. Director of Borderless Mortgagor Group, Darsh Kuma, said Overseas buyers are still finding it difficult to obtain a mortgage from overseas lenders. The international mortgage market is extremely complex and time consuming. There are many issues to take into consideration such as currencies, income, security and the legal framework in different countries. There is finally an International mortgage solutions for foreign nationals who wants to invest overseas. Borderless Mortgagor Group seeks to bridge this gap with end-to-end solution for non resident mortgage lending. With a global network of over 350 lenders offering 1000 different custom mortgage products in over 20 different countries. The process is streamlined, fast, and efficient—so clients can enter the property market quickly and find the property that best suits their needs. For more information on overseas lending and international properties please visit Cyprus has the European Union's most favourable tax system for corporate & individuals 2020-10-25T00:42:17Z cyprus-has-the-european-union-s-most-favourable-tax-system-for-corporate-amp-individuals It is important to highlight that Cyprus is not an offshore tax haven. The Cypriot tax regime and tax legislation is in full conformity with both European Union Laws and Directives and with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). In fact, Cyprus has not only fully adopted all EU Directives, it has even gone further by not imposing minimum holding period, percentage holding and any other restrictions used by most Member States. This then also becomes one of the main tax benefits to investment activities via Cyprus; that is, the sector's global recognition, conformity and credibility. Testament to this is also the extensive network of Cyprus double taxation treaties, working closely with other nations to benefit their private sector, encourage investment, growth and progress, whilst ultimately also benefiting the company's home country. Indeed, tax planning advantages in Cyprus reach far beyond saving tax (money). It is a complete business strategy for investment (especially to Europe, Middle East and Africa), as well as a global solution for financial efficiency. These benefits are for large corporate companies, small and medium size enterprises (SME), as well as individuals. CYPRUS CORPORATE TAX HIGHLIGHTS Cyprus stands out as a premium corporate tax planning jurisdiction due to the following key aspects: ·      Now with a 12.5% cap, Cyprus has the lowest corporate tax in the European Union – applies to both onshore and offshore companies. Corporate tax can be reduced to 0% since gains from trading in securities are completely exempt ·      No withholding tax on dividends, interest and royalties paid from Cyprus; Dividends to shareholders are tax free. There is no minimum participation on in bound dividends to qualify for tax exceptions ·      Profits from the sale of shares, bonds, debentures and other titles of companies established anywhere in the world are exempt from tax ·      Extensive double tax treaties network – Cyprus has double tax treaties with over 50 countries. ·      50% of income from interest derived by a Cypriot registered company is exempt from corporate tax ·      No inheritance or gift tax in Cyprus; No Net Wealth Tax ·      Free movements of profits derived from operation on non resident investments ·      Full capital gains tax exemption is given on capital gains ·      Salaries of foreign employees of offshore entities employed outside Cyprus are completely tax exempt ·      Access to EU directives ·      No Controlled Foreign Corporation legislation Borderless Mortgagor Group is an International Property Consultant, with a global network of over 3000 properties lenders offering 1000 different Offshore Solutions in over 20 different countries. The process is streamlined, fast, and efficient—so clients can enter the property market quickly and find the property that best suits their needs. For more information on overseas lending and international properties please visit  Borderless Mortgagor Group lawyers in Cyprus can provide you all the information about the taxation system. You can also contact us if you need details about company incorporation or the legal system in Cyprus No Obligation. No-Risk. Completely Confidential. Tailor-Made Customised Offshore Solutions. Made Completely For You.           Lily Allen announces collaboration with Womanizer 2020-10-22T09:28:55Z lily-allen-announces-collaboration-with-womanizer IN HER CONTINUING quest to create a more open, sex positive society Lily Allen has spent the past several months working with German brand Womanizer to create her very own product, the ‘Liberty’ set for launch on October 22.Lily joins the company as Chief Liberation Officer, leading the charge on their #IMasturbate campaign, raising awareness for sex positivity and female masturbation.Lily’s relationship with Womanizer began when she mentioned using their products in her Sunday Times best-selling memoir My Thoughts Exactly. Talking about discovering her own sexual pleasure while on the Sheezus tour, she wrote “And since you ask if I had to pick one vibrator above all the others, I recommend the Womanizer”, she said.According to a recent Womanizer survey[1] with 7,000 men and women from 14 countries, the international masturbation gap between the genders is still 68%. Men engage in the act about 156 times per year, while women only engage around 50 times a year on average.Lily and Womanizer want to challenge existing assumptions and myths with the #IMasturbate campaign and invite people to reflect on their own, often negative attitudes towards this topic.“Sex toys are still seen as a taboo subject because they are related to masturbation and female pleasure. Female pleasure in itself is a taboo subject. The only way to make taboo subjects no longer taboo is to speak about them openly, frequently and without shame or guilt.”Lily Allen’s ‘Liberty’ is available on from October 22, 2020.Wild Secrets press contact:[1] The representative survey was conducted in July 2020 in cooperation with Appinio. 7,000 men and women from 14 countries (Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Korea, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK, USA) participated. Further results on request. LITTLE BELLIES’ MISSION TO MAKE FIRST FOODS BETTER 2020-10-22T03:48:00Z little-bellies-mission-to-make-first-foods-better-1 Australia’s much-loved baby food brand Little Bellies, today officially launches its brand-new Organic Baby Bowls, offering Aussie babies a range of purees purposefully-designed to help little ones develop important spoon-feeding mechanics, aid developmental oral and motor skills, and encourage mindful eating practices and behaviours. Bucking the trend of many other ‘wet food’ baby products (which are largely in pouches), the new Bellies Baby Bowls range – featuring variety in texture, and fruit-free options – are served up in a bowl format to support interactive spoonfeeding and make baby’s development priority number one. In an age of mindful eating and smoothie bowls, it’s about time to be bubs’ turn. Spoon-feeding is particularly important for budding eaters as it facilitates eating meals one mouthful at a time; a mindful behaviour that gives little bodies time to signal fullness and respects their natural ability to regulate their food intake. Eating with a favourite spoon and from the new see-through bowl also enables true interaction between parents and their babies, helps little ones see, touch, and smell their food and learn in an engaging and enjoyable manner. “With the launch of our brand-new Organic Baby Bowls, the team at Little Bellies is proud to offer Australian parents something we believe to be missing in the shopping aisle; a product that has baby’s development front and centre, as well as featuring benefits for parents and the environment,” says Little Bellies founder and managing director Clive Sher. The new Organic Baby Bowls range features six variants, including pure-veg fruit-free options for parents who are seeking genuine veg-only for tiny tastebuds, as well as different combinations of fruit, veg, and grains blends. Natural, certified organic and with no added sugar or salt, the six flavours help babies learn about new flavours and tastes, and different food groups, making every mealtime a learning adventure. Natural Feeding Advocate and children’s nutritionist Simone Emery strongly supports using bowls and spoons for mealtimes and snacks. “Introducing a variety of natural feeding options, as well as different flavours and textures is instrumental for children’s natural development,” she explains. “The mechanics of sucking on food and swallowing food from a pouch are completely different from those required to hold a spoon, place food on the tongue, move it around the mouth, and swallow. It’s really important for children’s natural development to learn to do things that seem only natural to their parents.” Not only will bubs benefit from this range, but Aussie parents will too. The convenient Organic Baby Bowls have been designed to be easily navigable and provide clear, transparent labelling information. The naming structure used on the bowls makes it clear and easy to identify which purees are completely fruit-free, which have grains, and which offer a mix of fruit, veg, and grains. The bowls are clearly named so that the flavours represent the exact ingredients used, and in the true proportions, to ensure parents are accurately informed about what’s under the lid. Bellies Baby Bowls are also portable, resealable, and re-useable for convenience, and are also recyclable; making them the more environmentally-friendly puree snack or meal option for Aussie families. The Bellies Bowl range includes four “Simple Spoonfuls” flavours suitable for 6+ months and two “Tasty Textures” flavours suitable for 7+ months. The Simple Spoonfuls variants uniquely include three completely fruit-free options; Veggie Bowls – Pea and Carrot; Sweet Potato, Pumpkin and Zucchini as well as the Jumble Bowl – Sweet Potato, Carrot and Brown Rice which is a savoury blend, combining a mix of veg and grain. The Goodie Bowl – Apple, Apricot and Millet introduces a wholesome fruit and grain-based blend, specially designed for those after-meal or in-between meal snacking moments. The Tasty Textures range introduces two Smoothie Bowls – Banana, apple and oats, and Apple, strawberry and oats; fruit and oat-based breakfast purees that contain no added sugars, and provide a healthy start to the day for early risers. Organic Baby Bowls are the latest addition to the Little Bellies family, which features Baby Bellies (7+ months), Little Bellies (12+ months), and Mighty Bellies (3+ years). The range is the first puree and first product outside of snacks for Little Bellies. “At Little Bellies, we passionately believe in doing what’s natural,” said Sher. “Across the entire Bellies range, we use wholesome, organic ingredients free from artificial additives, genetically modified ingredients, unnecessary salt, and sugar, which is especially important during the formative baby and toddler years.” Baby Bellies Organic Baby Bowls are available now from Woolworths stores across Australia, with an RRP of $2.25. For more information please visit END The Baby Bellies Organic Baby Bowls offer a 110g serving and do not come with a spoon. NOTE TO MEDIA: Simone Emery and Clive Sher will be available for media interviews pending requests. ABOUT SIMONE EMERY Simone Emery is a children’s nutritionist, writer, guest speaker, and mother, and owner of the site ‘Play With Food’. Simone works at a feeding therapy clinic running the SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) approach to feeding therapy protocol. She also offers home-based fussy eater consults in Melbourne, a unique online sensory food school, online consultations, and is a guest speaker for community groups on fussy eating. Her online content is mostly aimed at parents of 0 – 12-year olds. ABOUT LITTLE BELLIES Launched in 2011, Little Bellies provides natural, wholesome snacks for babies and toddlers, and has grown quickly to become a dominant force in the Australian market. Founded by brothers Clive and Steven Sher, Little Bellies was born from a desire to feed their kids nothing but the best quality food, free from artificial additives, genetically modified ingredients, and unnecessary salt and sugar. The age-appropriate snacks for babies and toddlers are organic, and its products for children under the age of 12 months do not contain added sugar or salt. Little Bellies works closely with its Australian and New Zealand distributors DKSH Grocery Connect to provide Australian families affordable, better-for-you snacks and now baby bowls, with the range now available across Coles and/or Woolworths. For media enquiries and to arrange interviews with Clive Sher and/or Simone Emery please contact: Neha Lokesh | | 0470 580 215 New 2021 Furniture Collection now Available at Remarkable Outdoor Living 2020-10-21T04:32:11Z new-2021-furniture-collection-now-available-at-remarkable-outdoor-living Remarkable Outdoor Living announced that it’s new collection of outdoor furniture has arrived for the 2020-2021 season. A premier provider of outdoor furnishings for enhancing lifestyles, the store currently has a variety of sales and exclusive offers available that provides individuals with the opportunity to obtain the creative selections they want at substantial savings. The new Remarkable Outdoor Collection features lounge furniture that combines durability and quality with beautiful and sophisticated design. Each piece or set is equally applicable for use on patios, balconies, decks, the beach or poolside, or in the backyard. Multiple configurations are available to accommodate a myriad of outdoor spaces. Individuals can choose from furnishings of teak, wicker, rope, and aluminum. Today’s outdoor environments aren’t complete without a firepit and the company is currently offering 12 percent off its entire Ecosmart range. Customers can choose from models constructed of stone, concrete and cast iron, along with metal and stainless steel in timeless styles to match any décor and design preferences. Firepits have become an essential element of outdoor furniture and the sophisticated firepits are available in wood, gel fuel, ethanol, and natural and propane gas models. Remarkable Outdoor Living is also conducting a sale on its in-store stock for any outdoor setting. The company has furnishings to harmonize with outdoor environments ranging from lounges and tables to complete dining sets for comfortable outdoor enjoyment. Customers can also select from daybeds and sun loungers, chairs and benches, and umbrellas and stands. Remarkable Outdoor Living offers delivery Australia-wide for customer convenience. The company provides zero-contact delivery and pickup services designed for an elevated level of safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Delivery and assembly services are provided at no additional cost, just some of the reasons the company has earned a reputation for quality outdoor furniture Australia. About Remarkable Outdoor Living Remarkable by name, remarkable by nature, from stone and concrete to beautiful natural wood, Remarkable Outdoor Furniture brings beauty to your outdoor space without breaking the bank. With 20 years of expertise in outdoor furniture, Remarkable reflects our commitment to quality and value, providing exceptional outdoor settings in numerous materials that offer the choice and peace of mind our customers deserve. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram. Media Contact Remarkable Outdoor Furniture 232 Whitehorse Rd. Nunawading VIC 3131 Website: Hybrid solar battery wins 2020 New Product Innovation award 2020-10-21T00:46:03Z hybrid-solar-battery-wins-2020-new-product-innovation-award An innovative hybrid solar battery from SENEC, which combines the photovoltaic (PV) inverter with the battery inverter, has won an ABA100 award for New Product Innovation in The Australian Brand Awards 2020. The SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid battery offers home owners extensive benefits including 90 per cent solar power self-sufficiency, even in blackouts, while the combination inverter can deliver savings of $3,000 due to its simplified installation and design aggregation.The V3 comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and an optional extended 20-year warranty. This is expected to be a major impetus for millions* of homeowners with rooftop solar to take the next logical step and add a battery. SENEC is one of the world’s most popular brands for innovative energy and storage solutions with more than 40,000 systems installed worldwide. These have zero critical failures, which make them one of the safest batteries available. Following a decade of domestic success, the German manufacturer established in Australia three years ago. With scores of accolades and awards for previous models, the new SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid solar battery storage system has achieved an Australian first: the first hybrid solar battery to win an award.“This latest New Product Innovation award recognises innovative consumer products that offer a point of difference from their competitors,” said Patricia Cavalcanti, chief operating officer for SENEC Australia.“Over the past few years, we have established a qualified and certified network of retailers and installers across the nation so we are geared up for what we believe will be one of the fastest growing business segments.“There are huge incentives to install a solar battery,” she said. “While most PV systems generate energy during daylight hours, most people are at work during the day and need their energy at night and before the sun comes up. “A SENEC rechargeable solar battery stores excess energy from rooftop solar panels rather than sending it back to the grid for next to nothing. By using more of the energy produced, SENEC users can almost triple their solar independence and reduce power bills by up to 90 per cent. “This means homes can use free solar power 24 hours a day, including nights, cloudy days and even during blackouts,” she added.A smartphone app enables users to take control of the power supply, view the performance of their entire system including solar production, and allows them to track their savings as they* While there are 2.23 million or 20 per cent of homes with rooftop solar panels in Australia, only three per cent of these had batteries connected at the same time. In three years, the number of homes with solar is expected to be three million or 30 per cent of Australian homes.About SENEC:SENEC is one of the world's most popular brands for innovative energy and storage solutions. With its sophisticated memory-based energy solutions, SENEC gives people the freedom to generate, use and share their sustainable energy. SENEC is a wholly owned subsidiary of EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, one of the largest energy supply companies in Germany and Europe. EnBW is resolutely focused on the transition towards a renewable energy future. SENEC Australia was established in 2017. enquiries:Issued on behalf of SENEC Australia by WMC Public Relations Pty Limited. Contact Karan Nagrani, Marketing Manager, SENEC Australia on 0430 954 922 or contact Wendy McWilliams at WMC PR on (03) 9803 2588 / 0421 364 665. SENEC Australia’s Chief Operating Officer, Patricia Cavalcanti, is very happy that the SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid battery has won a New Product Innovation Award. Melanie Burnicle (Beauty Boss Business) awarded 2020 Stevie Solo Entrepreneur & Podcast of the year! 2020-10-21T00:34:55Z melanie-burnicle-beauty-boss-business-awarded-2020-stevie-solo-entrepreneur-podcast-of-the-year Melanie Burnicle, Founder and Director of Beauty Boss Business has taken out the Gold Award for Solo Entrepreneur of the Year and Podcast of the Year in the prestigious 17th annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business. The Stevie Awards for Women in Business honor women executives, entrepreneurs, employees, and the companies they run– worldwide. The Stevie Awards have been hailed as the world’s premier business awards. Melanie Burnicle, Founder of Beauty Boss Business says, “I am so thrilled to have won these amazing awards. When the pandemic hit our industry hard in March, I decided now was the time to create the business and education platform I had always dreamt of, but never had the hours in the day. I guess you could say, thanks to Covid my passion project is now live.” Melanie owns and runs agency/production company 2Twenty2 Group, which she founded in 2014 contracting artists for short-term projects, in 2017 she realised there was a need for an industry body to look after the make-up artists in the region, so she founded The MAGAP and its awards platform. In 2020, during the pandemic she released her podcast Brilliant Brains and Beautiful Minds, chatting with business owners, CEO’s and experts who candidly open up about the honest truths of running a business. Most recently she has launched her 7C Strategy online course that teaches business foundations modules to those who are great at their craft but not so great with business. “Learning so much throughout my career and on my personal journey, something shifted for me in the last couple of years where I now feel I have a voice with enough knowledge that’s worth sharing with others and be able to do some good in an industry which has brought me so much joy throughout the years. So here we are!" said Melanie. About the Stevie Awards Stevie Awards are conferred in eight programs: the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, the German Stevie Awards, the Middle East & North Africa Stevie Awards The American Business Awards®, The International Business Awards®, the Stevie Awards for Great Employers, the Stevie Awards for Women in Business, and the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. Stevie Awards competitions receive more than 12,000 entries each year from organizations in more than 70 nations. To listen to her podcasts go to: · · For further information go to: & Is this the best kept secret in NSW property investment? 2020-10-20T06:18:04Z is-this-the-hottest-real-estate-market-in-nsw Helped by a recovery from the prolonged drought the south west slopes of NSW has become one of the hottest rural real estate markets in NSW, according to Yass based LAWD senior director, Col Medway. With commodity prices, apart from wool, remaining high mixed farming properties in the region had jumped substantially in the last 12 months and were now making $5000 to $6000 an acre ($12,355 to $14,826 a hectare), he said. By contrast similar country on the northern slopes of the Liverpool Plains with the same 600mm annual rainfall was fetching between $2000 to $2500 an acre ($4942 to $6178 a hectare). Mr Medway said the “disconnect” between the two was probably due to the more prolonged drought in the north. With most of NSW now out of drought this provided an opportunity for buyers of northern slopes mixed farming properties. He predicted prices on the northern slopes would soon rise to be more in line with those in the south. “If history is any guide the market is unlikely to retreat,” he said. Mr Medway said there had been an unprecedented rise in land values across the eastern states despite the drought. “We thought there would be a flood of properties come onto the market after the drought broke but despite that the market has continued to rise,” he said. While prices were likely to plateau, Mr Medway believes they were unlikely to fall while commodity prices remained high, a good winter grain harvest was likely and there was continued low interest rates. Family farm businesses, he said, remained the main buyers. It was quite evident that many farmers were looking to expand their holdings to maintain economies of scale with many from the next generation returning to the land. Among the main property listings LAWD has under offer is Cavour, a 500ha almond orchard at Euroley, near Narrandera on the Murrumbidgee River in the NSW Riverina. Owned by Folium Capital, a US hedge fund, the farm, which has good ground and river water security, is expected to fetch about $30 million. Expressions of interest close on October 22. Another major listing under LAWD is a newly constructed goat abattoir at Bourke. Mr Medway said feral goat numbers were now rebuilding after the drought. The herd if not interfered with would double within the next 18 months. Further evidence of the strength of mixed grazing land on the south west slopes has been the sale last week of Moeyan a 625ha property located at Berthong near Young NSW, which was expected to sell for about $5500 per acre ($13,590 a ha).  While the sale price cannot be disclosed at this time, LAWD has advised that contracts were exchanged well above expectations. Introducing Australia’s latest at-home spa essentials collection…BATHEFEX! 2020-10-20T05:12:52Z introducing-australias-latest-at-home-spa-essentials-collection-bathefex The BATHEFEX range features a signature collection of Epsom Salts, as well as complimentary cleansing bars and me-time treatment masks to revive and nurture the skin. The range has been developed to celebrate the joy of bathing and its ability to transform the mind and bring welcome respite for sore muscles. Erica Galea, Chemcorp International Marketing Manager, the creators of the new Australian brand based in Sydney says, “BATHEFEX believes in the art of bathing, it is a ritual we live and breathe. We are excited to re-launch this brand into the market. They are affordable, readily available and contain sought-after ingredients, wrapped up in beautiful packaging”. BATHEFEX Epsom Salts are the heroes of the brand – there are six Epsom Salt Bath products in the range, each with its own unique blend of essential oils, for various relaxation, recovery and wellness benefits + a soothing Foot Soak to relieve sore and tired feet. BATHEFEX has worked with local suppliers, to source ingredients including essential oil blends for its salts and is also working toward transitioning the rest of the range. The BATHEFEX product range includes: BATHEFEX EPSOM SALT BATH - BREATHE EASY 1.4KG - RRP $12.99. BATHEFEX EPSOM SALT BATH - TUBEROSE + JASMINE 1.4KG - RRP $12.99. BATHEFEX EPSOM SALT BATH - ACTIVE RECOVERY 1.4KG - RRP $12.99. BATHEFEX EPSOM SALT BATH - LIME + LEMONGRASS 1.4KG – RRP $12.99. BATHEFEX EPSOM SALT BATH - FRAGRANCE FREE 1.4KG – RRP $12.99. BATHEFEX EPSOM SALT BATH - LAVENDER + GREEN TEA 1.4KG – RRP $12.99. BATHEFEX EPSOM SALT FOOT BATH 750G – RRP $8.99. BATHEFEX SOFTSOLE EXPRESS EXFOLIATING FOOT PEEL – RRP $9.99. BATHEFEX REPAIRING HAND MASK – RRP $7.99. BATHEFEX NOURISHING LEG MASK – RRP $9.99 BATHEFEX EPSOM SALT SOAP BAR – LAVENDER, LIME & LEMONGRASS or FRANGRANCE FREE – RRP $2.99. The complete BATHEFEX range is available online now from, Big W, Blooms The Chemist, Chempro & selected independent Pharmacies. LeVel Lemonade Expands! New magnesium boosting Lemon&Raspberry flavour 2020-10-20T03:39:23Z level-lemonade-expands-new-magnesium-boosting-lemon-raspberry-flavour After having sold more than 700,000 bottles since its introduction last year, LeVel Lemonade has today announced the launch of their new variety of their “better for you” lemonade. Taking lemonade to a new level, the new Lemon&Raspberry addition to the range boasts a full 160mg of magnesium, plus it also includes 100% of your daily intake of Vitamin C, whilst being low in sugar. Caitlin Read, sports dietitian, yoga teacher and exercise physiologist who works with elite athletes says, “It is essential to ensure you meet your daily magnesium and vitamin C requirements. These two essential nutrients play an important role in maintaining energy levels, reducing feelings of fatigue and normal psychological function. Vitamin C also plays a key role in keeping our immune system firing.” LeVel Lemonade is a premium carbonated formulated supplementary sports drink that is ideal for both the sport and fitness fanatic along with the health conscious. Chrish Graebner, Founder of LeVel Lemonade says, “The flavor and crave factor of this range of drinks is what makes it stand out from other wellbeing options in the market today. I like to think of it as the angel on one shoulder telling you to pick the good for you option and the devil saying just indulge when you’re at the fridge, the beauty of these drinks is now you can have your Lemonade and drink it too.” The magnesium and Vitamin C contribute to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue as well as normal energy metabolism and psychological function. In addition, vitamin C is an antioxidant that works to reduce the damaging effects of free radicals. “As a dietitian, I wouldn’t normally recommend a carbonated drink to my clients but due to the ingredients and low sugar content, this is a “better” option, and who doesn’t love a refreshing pink lemonade,” adds Caitlin. Stand out features of LeVel Lemonade: High in Magnesium – LeVel Lemonade contains 50% of your daily magnesium requirements. Low Sugar – LeVel Lemonade is 97.5% sugar-free. High in Vitamin C – The tangy drink will provide the 100% recommended daily intake of Vitamin C! High in Fizz – LeVel Lemonade has been carefully designed for consumers who like carbonated soft drinks but are looking for a healthier alternative. ​​​​​​“We are really excited about the new flavour and hope it takes some of our older consumers back to their childhood treat on a summers day. The current lineup has performed well and with the warmer months now upon us, our consumers can enjoy a lemonade a day, without the guilt or expanding waistline,” says Chrish. LeVel Lemonade will be launched in Caltex and EuroGarage (Formerly Woolworths Petrol) nationally for a promotional price point of $3.00 or online from October 2020: @levellemonade #levellemonade What would happen if Apple had a baby? Meet Pronto. 2020-10-19T03:07:56Z what-would-happen-if-apple-had-a-baby-meet-pronto Sophisticated, sleek, sexy… Not words you’d associate with a baby bottle. This Australian tech company is challenging the norm though with the world's first self sterilising baby bottle and turning heads at the same time. Pronto was developed after three years of research and development, into current products on the market and how parents are forced to use these outdated and ugly methods, and is about to disrupt the market with this high tech baby bottle solution. The company behind Pronto, which was founded by Shannon Gilleland, is revolutionising the baby bottle market by focusing on the latest generation of parents who are tech savvy and convenience driven. Shannon says “Pronto Bottle is liberating parents globally from the hassle, inconvenience, uncertainty and general sense of compromise associated with bottle feeding rituals today.” This innovative baby bottle uses UVC tech neatly concealed in the bottle, to sterilise the bottle and the water at the same time, completely removing the need to sterilise and pre-prepare multiple bottles, and allowing parents to do so while they’re out and about. This frees parents to focus their energies elsewhere, giving back valuable time to their busy schedule and allowing them to do so with style. Sick of the boring, outdated products on the market that were visually and physically designed for babies but didn’t take into account the modern day parents' needs or aesthetics, Pronto’s founder set about solving the problem. “I hated that my sense of taste and style was dumbed down when it came time to choose a baby bottle for my child.” Shannon said. “In a day and age when mobile phones are statement pieces and provide convenience at the same time as functionality, why haven’t parenting products being designed with the same considerations?” Shannons right. After all, convenience culture has given rise to an expectation of immediacy in which a fifteen minute wait for a cab is no longer acceptable but spending hours binge watching your favourite series on Netflix is. The latest generation of parents are defining new rituals where there is a fluid relationship with technology that removes barriers to every day requirements and the same should be said for feeding a baby.  Especially now when parents are juggling working and schooling their kids from home. They certainly don’t have the time to waste on the bottle washing and sanitising process! Plus who wants to see the pile of bottles and sterilising equipment cluttering your benchtop in the background of a zoom meeting? Which is why Pronto is revolutionising the parenting / baby tech industry and working on a way to remove all of the unnecessary parts of bottle feeding and giving freedom back to parents globally. After interviewing other fathers and mothers on how they were travelling with their kids, Shannon found that there weren’t any simple, convenient, or sleek, options on the market. Everything that existed relied on big, bulky, ugly sterilisation systems that parents were forced to use at home and gordy outdated bottles that looked like the ones our grandparents had used and you’d rather leave hidden in your bag. Thinking beyond the impressive Apple style aesthetics, that could slip just as easily into your back pocket unnoticed, this bottle packs a punch of features. USB-C Rechargeable. Can be carried empty. Only 1 bottle to deal with. The only baby bottle that can be sterilised on a plane… seems like a mute point at the moment considering we can’t travel, but parents desire to keep their babies safe while out and about, whether COVID is still here or not, won’t change.  That's why Pronto’s self-sterilisation feature is such a winner. Whether you’re home or out, the bottle sterilises itself and the water that's added to it (if you’re formula feeding) directly before a baby feeds from it, making it a safer bottle feeding option no matter where you are. To find out more about the genius of how Pronto was developed and how it works, as well as the values behind the company, head to the company's equity crowdfunding campaign on Birchal. Don’t miss out on a unique opportunity to be a part of disrupting the way we parent forever. Pronto video here -