The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-11-11T03:46:08Z Thousands of Primary School Students to Learn Water Conservation in Live Comedy Touring Local Schools on behalf of Gladstone Ports Corporation 2019-11-11T03:46:08Z thousands-of-primary-school-students-to-learn-water-conservation-in-live-comedy-touring-local-schools-on-behalf-of-gladstone-ports-corporation From 18th – 22nd November. The National Theatre for Children (NTC) and Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) will partner to educate local primary students about water conservation and pollution prevention with The Aqua League. Now in its third year, NTC and GPC will have reached over 12,000 students with the educational program which is provided to local schools at no cost and teaches students the science behind the many ways we use water, the ways water is polluted, as well as what students and their families can do to conserve water and protect local wildlife. GPC Acting CEO Craig Walker says GPC was proud to support initiatives such as this through the organisation’s Community Investment Program. “GPC is committed to ensuring a sustainable future for the next generations,” Mr Walker said. “This includes educating our youth about the importance of our natural resources and the role they can play in effectively managing the environment in the years to come.” The Aqua League is a comedic play that takes place live-in-schools, and features characters The Water Cooler, fisherman Barry Mundy and Thunderstorm, as they learn to defeat super-villain Dame Judy Drenched, who is wasting water throughout the city. “Live theatre is a great way to educate,” says NTC Managing Director Tobias Benn. “The show goes beyond reading or other more passive methods of engaging kids. These children are watching a story unfold right before their very eyes, with the two actors playing all sorts of characters. We don’t lose the kids’ attention for a minute, because they get to respond and interact with the show. It really sticks with them.” Participating schools also receive workbooks for students, teacher guides, and digital learning materials, including interactive games and activities that reinforce the teaching points of the show. The November tour includes visits to schools across Rockhampton, Gladstone, and Bundaberg. About Gladstone Ports Corporation Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) is a Queensland Government Owned Corporation that is responsible for the import of raw material and the export of finished product from major industries in the Central Queensland region. GPC manages and operates three port areas – the Port of Gladstone, Port of Rockhampton and Port of Bundaberg. GPC’s Community Investment Program supports organisations and activities throughout the Gladstone, Rockhampton and Bundaberg regions that align with the key priorities of social, environmental and economic sustainability. More information is available at   About NTC In 1978, NTC dedicated itself to delivering entertaining and highly educational programs to positively motivate families, students and educators.  We inspire young people, and their families, to explore important and timely curricular subjects including: wise energy use, science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), financial literacy, health and nutrition and environmental literacy, among others.  Originally focused on delivering its programs via live theatre, NTC is now an award-winning educational content provider whose repertoire includes print and digital curriculum and extracurricular events.  We have developed the art of teaching through educational story-telling into a science of its own, and are the largest in-school educational production company in the world. Beam promotes jobs growth in South Australia 2019-11-10T02:16:49Z economic-development-amp-jobs-growth-beams Sunday 10 November 2019 Media Release  Beam promotes jobs growth in South Australia New jobs created and new industries boosted by e-scooter company Beam Getting an affordable and easy ride on an electric scooter is not the only benefit the growing industry has delivered to South Australia says the e-scooter company, Beam.  Since its success in being chosen to operate e-scooters in March of this year, the company has made Adelaide home and created brand new jobs in specialised functions uncommon in Adelaide’s tech industry. It says it is also attracting new talent to South Australia, helping to arrest the historical trend of negative migration.  Since launching in South Australia, Beam has created 25 new jobs - a mix of full-time and part-time team members. This does not include the additional flexible economic opportunities to a group of ‘Chargers’ who are independent contractors that assist to charge the scooters. Beam’s Head of Public Affairs Brad Kitschke says that Beam is having a significant positive impact on jobs growth and that this is especially important when South Australia has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.  “We have created new jobs in the following areas; General Management, Operations Specialists and Analysts, Marketing and Community Engagement, Warehouse Management, Mechanics, Marshalls and Logistics Specialists. “ “Roles like these don’t often come about in the start-up and tech spaces based in Adelaide. Many of these functions are usually conducted in a satellite fashion from Sydney or Melbourne. We have chosen to sink roots into the community and ensure that our team is always local.” “A few weeks ago, I attended an event where the Premier spoke about his vision for South Australia’s economy with a focus on four important areas; Exports, Technology, Migration to the State, and Job Creation. Our business ticks three of those four categories.  We have attracted talent, with members of our team who hail from overseas specifically choosing Adelaide, owing to the availability of these kinds of employment opportunities. We have created specialist tech roles not usually seen in Adelaide and we have a pathway to create many more if we are permitted to, Mr Kitschke said.   Operations Specialists, Nicole Ricciardi and Belle Lim examine use patterns in Adelaide CBD.  Nicole Ricciardi is American born and has previously held roles with PepsiCo and Mitsubishi but she says she jumped at the chance to take on a data-driven role at Beam. “Jobs like this don’t come around that often in the tech industry in South Australia. To run the business every day we are knee-deep in data, analysing trends with a focus on the most efficient ways to use our vehicles”  Belle Lim, a Singapore native, says that it's fantastic to be part of a growing company with a positive focus. “I love it when I talk to my friends both overseas and interstate and tell them about what we are doing in Adelaide. It has definitely increased the interest that people in startups and tech have about moving to Adelaide, and it’s awesome that these opportunities will be available for people who grew up here who won’t need to move if they want to work in these fields.”  Jobs growth and economic activity do not just come from the roles Beam employ directly. One such significant partnership Beam is focussing on is with Specialised Solar Solutions. The two companies are working together to design and build prototype solar-powered charging stations for e-scooters.  Mr Kitschke says that Specialised Solar Solutions had a background in designing furniture for playground and leisure areas like park benches. The two companies got together recognising the opportunity and need to incorporate solar charging in existing furniture for e-scooters, and promote new concepts for scooter charging. “Specialised Solar Solutions already had a track record of designing new and innovative street furniture that is solar powered so that is a great start because in the future they should all be able to plug an e-scooter in and charge it.  We are also leading the industry by designing a prototype e-scooter charger that could work with our preferred parking stations. It makes sense that if we incentivise someone to leave the scooter in a specific location to keep the streets clean, they should also be able to plug it into a charger which has renewable energy as a power source.”  “This focus is really about industry leadership. While the industry says it is sustainable, some companies are charging scooters with electricity generated from non-renewable sources and scooters have to be collected and transported which increases carbon emissions. If we can charge scooters on-site with dollar there is a dual benefit and we are living up to our sustainability promise.” As someone who grew up in South Australia, I know all too well the devastation that the closure of Mitsubishi South Australian manufacturing had on the economy and the impact it had on families.   We are really excited to be working with Bronte and his team at Specialised Solar Solutions to create new jobs in green industries for South Australian manufacturers. While at this stage we are just designing and developing prototypes, we hope that this is the start of a partnership that drives more economic growth and sees Bronte and companies like his export his designs and intellectual property as interstate and overseas jurisdictions look at the role of solar in the e-scooter industry. Mr Kitschke concluded.  Media Enquiries  Brad Kitschke Head of Public Affairs 61 403 809 630  Luxo Living Presents the most exciting Trivia Frenzy in Australia 2019-11-08T06:29:36Z luxo-living-presents-the-most-exciting-trivia-frenzy-in-australia This coming November 12, 2019, get ready for Luxo’s most surprising FRENZY PROMO! Luxo Living offers shoppers the chance to win $500 Luxo Cash Voucher, plus a $5 discount coupon for every correct answer in their trivia questions. The discount coupon can be used with a minimum purchase of $250 worth of furniture items. What’s great about this would be the opportunity to obtain discounts, only by answering easy questions. The game will start at 6:30PM AEDT (Sydney time) until 7:30PM AEDT. And theres more! From 7:30PM AEDT, a free cotton rich bedsheet set  will be given away every 2 minutes. The bed sheet includes a fitted sheet,  flat sheet and 2 pillowcase. The winners may choose any colour and size he/she wants. Luxo Living will post 10 questions on their website. The lucky contestant with the most correct answers will win the Grand Prize. In case of a tie, a draw will take place. Watch out for surprises and giveaways on their Luxo Frenzy event. Complete your shopping experience with low-priced items from all categories on the Luxo Living website and shop with discount coupon from different collections. Gather your friends and family and have fun while getting vouchers and other surprises on their website. Luxo Living value every customer, that's why they're so eager to make this year's Trivia Frenzy Promo even more unforgettable. So, make sure to list November 12 into your calendar. Luxo Living is dedicated to bringing every Australian household with the best online shopping experience. Famous for their various promotions all-year-round, the company aims to make furniture shopping a fun and rewarding experience for everyone. From delivery offers to discount coupons, Luxo Living never fails to surprise devoted customers and new furniture shoppers. Luxo Living's 11.11 Singles' Day Sale 2019-11-08T06:22:28Z luxo-living-s-11-11-singles-day-sale 11.11.2019! Achieve the ultimate comfort of your home by joining the best furniture shopping spree of the year as Luxo Living brings you the most enticing online deal today, full of discounts, surprises, and enjoyable online shopping experiences. Luxo Living’s 11.11 Singles’ Day Sale offers customers the opportunity to fill their homes with low-priced items from all categories in exciting deals from various collections. This day is all about getting the best discounts on different furniture items- from purchasing a classic leather sofa, or those trendy accent chairs or perhaps even the latest traditional sauna! This day is the most fabulous day to design your home as the holiday season is coming near! What's fantastic about all this would be the endless choices you have at your fingers. Browse for exclusive deals and get unique discounts and offers from different furniture items. Luxo Living guarantees that shoppers wouldn't have to wait a long time to reap exclusive benefits from various collections. Enjoy discount vouchers and free shipping offers. For furniture shoppers who have been waiting on the perfect time to splurge, get ready as Luxo's 11.11 sales event is near. This sale will happen on November 11, 2019, as this one-day sale will give you any furniture that suits your taste. Concentrating on the finest and quality items for sale, this concept also highlights the best possible rates for you and the furniture you want to have. So, make sure to list November 11 in your calendar. By providing a great selection of quality furniture that is comfortable, fashionable, durable, and affordable, Luxo has developed a strong market presence. Through the advent of online shopping, they promise to deliver and set up your purchase with their SAME DAY delivery option in Sydney. Luxo quality product lines come with fair daily pricing, offering much lower prices than most retailers in the Australian market. For any enquiries contact Luxo Living at 02 8999 1114 or try their Live Chat, and they will immediately get back with all the information anyone requires. Hollywood stars support ‘next epic’ Aussie sci-fi franchise 2019-10-30T00:35:18Z hollywood-stars-support-next-epic-aussie-sci-fi-franchise HOLLYWOOD stars including Priscilla Presley, US actor Cliff Simon (aka Stargate’s Lord Ba’al) and Bruce Logan from team Star Wars, have thrown their support behind the work of Hunter Valley author A.J. Cootes, who will officially launch the first book in the Almythea franchise in Australia this November. Almythea has been 20 years in the making and excitement is building worldwide for what is being touted as the next epic franchise in the sci-fi fantasy adventure genre. The main launch will be at Supanova in Brisbane from November 8-10, following other book launches in the Hunter Valley on November 3 and on the Gold Coast on November 7. A percentage of proceeds will go to Beyond Blue to help fight anxiety, depression and suicide. Priscilla Presley will play Petelia (Queen of the ‘fleafs’ – pixie-like creatures that act as her messengers and spies, when they’re not messing up) in the upcoming films and Cliff Simon will play Grey Paw (a rebellious, smouldering, immortal Obi Wan Kenobi type). He has also written the foreword for the book. A.J. Cootes began writing after his best friend, Greg Wilson, was involved in a near-fatal motorcycle accident. Greg’s ensuing battle with depression inspired the pair to co-author the artist’s biography, My Brush with Depression, in the hope it would help others facing similar problems. Growing up, A.J. loved movies and stories that encouraged his imagination and altruism. His favourites are the Star Wars films, Dune by Frank Herbert, The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain and other books by Charles Dickens and Ernest Hemingway. The story of Almythea begins with: “In a world ruled by evil, it will take an outcast to save the people.” For centuries, Almythea has been ruled by the tyrannical alien overlord The Lost One and his duplicitous, seductively-sinister lieutenant, Raven Weaver. The once peaceful planet, now enslaved, wastes away as it is mined and stripped of rare refractive crystals. When Little Hawk, a young warrior, confesses to a crime he didn't commit to protect Broken Arrows, the woman he secretly loves, he is exiled to the Badlands. Formidable creatures force him to battle not only for his life but also against his inner demons. On the brink of death, Little Hawk encounters the mysterious and rebellious shaman, Grey Paw – changing the course of Almythea's future…” A.J. Cootes writes from his secluded farm in the Hunter Valley and is a director of the Greg Wilson Studio. He resides with his wife, Joyce, and inseparable friend and business partner Josie Wilson (collectively known as the Hippies on the Hill). He is happiest when he is writing, playing with his dog, Hemingway, and tending to his hens, led by Princess Layer, in the Cluckleberry Inn coop. There will be six instalments in the Almythea franchise The Chronicles of Almythea – Rise of Wingtar; The battle for our souls; The New Kingdom; Three will fall and one will rise; Battle of the Ancients (prequel part one) and the 1,000 year war begins (prequel part two). Numbers will be limited at the book launches on the Gold Coast and in the Hunter Valley, which will be hosted by nearby resident Channel 7's Better Homes and Gardens host Johanna Griggs and ‘Media Queen’ Aldwyn Altuney, from the Gold Coast. For event details, book sales and more information, visit ENDS Media contact only: For advance copies of the book, interviews with A.J. Cootes or celebrities involved, contact project manager Lynn Santer on 0410 513 009 or marketing manager Aldwyn Altuney on 0409 895 055. Metallica Pop-Up Book Created by Perth Digital Agency Amid Cancelled Tour 2019-10-26T00:58:30Z metallica-pop-up-book-created-by-perth-digital-agency-amid-cancelled-tour More info: Hetfield, frontman to the world’s biggest heavy metal band ‘Metallica’, recently checked himself into rehab, cancelling the Australian and NZ legs of the band’s international WorldWired tour.Perth- based agency Lethal Digital has spent this year creating a children’s pop-up book, inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and Metallica’s song ironically titled ‘The Thing That Should Not Be’.Lee Rekman, Director of Lethal Digital had planned to meet with James, Lars, Kirk and Rob on Thursday 17th October, 2019 in Perth prior to their show at Optus Stadium to present the pop-up book idea, with the intention of collaborating with Metallica’s charitable foundation, ‘All Within My Hands’.“A pop-up book with shiny gates and a compelling graphic story is the ideal medium to introduce the world’s greatest metal band to future followers. It’s my passion project for fellow Metallica fans to share with their young ‘metalheads’. Reading, learning and interacting with the 3-D adventures of James, Lars, Kirk and Rob.”The Thing That Should Not Be:A small and deluxe, hardcover pop-up book featuring 3-D renderings of Metallica.The book references Metallica’s 1986 Master of Puppets song by the same name, co-written by James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett. sought their lyrical inspiration via American writer, H.P. Lovecraft’s short story monster, Cthulhu a.k.a. ‘The Thing That Should Not Be’.Design features a book cover with robust magnetic closure, inviting readers to ‘open the doors’ of discovery spanning six illustrative pages.The Thing That Should Not Be is purely conceptual.Metallica has NOT commissioned the book.Although the original meeting didn't eventuate as planned, several copies of the pop-up book are on their way to one of the band members.For further info, including high-res images, contact Lee Rekman at Lethal+61 438 141 977  | THE BLOGGERS BRUNCH IS TRANSFORMING INFLUENCER MARKETING - MERGING THE ONLINE AND OFFLINE WORLDS 2019-10-23T09:50:33Z the-bloggers-brunch-is-transforming-influencer-marketing-merging-the-online-and-offline-worlds Australia’s number one agency that connects millions of mums with brands, Kids Business Communications is back with their Bloggers Brunch™ this October 25th in Melbourne with leading brands taking centre stage. What started as the industry’s best kept secret almost 10 years ago, has morphed into an organically grown platform that is accelerating and leveraging brand awareness, with grassroots marketing that brings the online world, offline – and then back again. In its journey, the event has been home to hundreds of brands, both established and emerging and involved thousands of influencers along the way. The Bloggers Brunch™, now Australia’s Premier Influencer Marketing Event, removes the online disconnect and unites mums and brands via face to face experiences with the influencers Mums turn to. It gives both the influencer and the brand a chance to discover one another personally, creating authentic interactions and facilitating real brand/consumer relationships that resonate with readers.   Christie Nicholas, Managing Director of Kids Business has spent almost 20 years marketing brands to women, primarily Mums, and curated the event from its beginning. Nicholas believes: “The Bloggers BrunchTM gives brands and influencers the unique opportunity to fast-track perfectly aligned partnerships that go beyond a single post, to deliver amplified results. We do this by creating a brand experience. Without an experience, there is no emotion. Without emotion there is no advocacy. And advocacy is the catalyst to a brand’s success.  In light Facebook and Instagram’s changes as well as today’s very noisy online marketing sphere, the power and ability to do this well is critical to growth.”  One of the long-term brand partners involved in previous events as well as the upcoming event, Jen Harwood of Happy Hair Brush fame explains:  “Influencers need to meet us, see us and most importantly experience our product. If they love our product and share it, that gives us the 3rd party credibility with potential customers. This event enables us to get to the majority of influencers FIRST, establishing ourselves as the leaders and the response has been incredible! We can hardly keep up. Influencers create powerful, genuine content that speaks about the problem our product solves and our relationships with them is personal.”  As online platforms are moving away from vanity metrics, it is relationships, now more than ever, that matter most. “Potential customers are more receptive to the messages coming from someone they already know, like and trust and who clearly believes in the product” Nicholas adds. The benefits not only lie with the brands – it is the ONLY event on an influencers calendar designed to directly introduce influencers with a stable of the hottest brands and key contacts who are keen to ignite relationships.  Brands participating at this event include a mix of global brands, FMCG essentials, emerging players and everyday home essentials, including: Moose Toys, VTech, LeapFrog, Black + Decker, Breville, Smash Enterprises, Mustela, Uganic by Wattlehealth, Beginners on Stage, Happy Hair Brush, KONG, Nutriderm, Dermavive and retailer Spotlight.   Discover what happens when the online and offline worlds unite, the role influencers play in educating the wider audience and why more brands want messages shared organically and transparently. -end-  Please contact for Media access and story ideas. Beaming the first and last mile 2019-10-16T07:04:11Z beaming-the-first-and-last-mile Thursday, 17 October, 2019 Media Release Beaming the first and last mile  -  data shows the value of e-scooters As authorities consider the outcomes of the first round of e-scooter trials in New Zealand, Beam Mobility is calling for a greater focus on the potential benefits of micro-mobility and the need for safer operations.  Data from Beam’s two trial sites,  Christchurch in New Zealand and Adelaide in South Australia, conclusively show that micro-mobility services like e-scooters are an effective and sustainable first and last mile, connecting users to public and private transport.  Singling out Auckland and the challenges faced by policymakers owing to the need for significant infrastructure spend and better connected public transport,  Beam says that a safe and well run e-scooter service has the potential to deliver significant benefits and overcome some of the obstacles many of the experts say are cause for concern in New Zealand’s largest city.  Auckland Transport’s 2018-2028 regional strategy,  with its vision of creating an accessible, well connected, safe and sustainable city is the perfect match for greener, affordable shared e-scooters playing a role connecting the first and last mile of commuter’s journeys.  Beam’s Head of Public Affairs, Brad Kitschke said that well run and safe trials that deliver real benefits to the community should be a focus of the forthcoming review of e-scooters in Auckland and other cities.  This includes ensuring operators have appropriate insurance coverage so costs are not passed on to New Zealand taxpayers. “We are finding that e-scooters are an essential part of the transportation ecosystem. When you examine the data from our operations there are very clear patterns emerging which demonstrate that e-scooters are being used as a transport service. In Christchurch, many Beam trips start or end right in the city centre, are connecting users to public transport hubs often as part of a morning or evening commute.” In Adelaide we piloted a specific program to connect people with e-scooters on the edge of the City where the light rail terminated, the results demonstrated that people will use e-scooters for that last mile in and out of the city.   This indicates that concepts like park and ride for e-scooters would be viable, encouraging people to catch public transport or leave private cars outside of the city center.  This kind of concept would have environmental benefits, reduce congestion and utilise existing expenditure on infrastructure more effectively.   While they are fun to ride there needs to be a greater focus on the benefits of a properly connected and safe multi-modal approach to e-scooters.  Given the challenges faced by a city like Auckland, it makes sense that e-scooter providers focus on meeting these challenges.    There is also a need to mandate better safety outcomes and reduce the imposition on taxpayers, owing to the number of accidents and injury claims to the ACC. Beam is the only provider that covers riders with accident insurance. We don’t pass the burden onto the public purse,”  Mr Kitschke concluded.    Christchurch start and endpoints of trips.    Heatmap : Where Trips  started 1Legend Red : High-Demand Area Bright-Yellow : Low-Demand Area= Image demonstrating the increased demand for e-scooters at the South Terrace tram stop in Adelaide.  Additional information  Comparing rules and safety outcomes in trial cities in Australia and New Zealand.  Conditions and Outcomes  Adelaide  (Beam) Brisbane   Christchurch (Beam)  Auckland  Max Speed 15km/h 25km/h  15km/h  25km/h Speed Governance  Governed so 15km /h downhill.  None speeds exceed 30km downhill  Governed so 15km /h downhill.  None speeds exceed 30km down fill  No go zones  Enforced scooters slowed to a stop and riders were required to exit the area  Not enforced  Enforced scooters slowed to a stop and riders were required to exit the area  Not enforced  Enforceable Geo Fence Boundaries   Enforced scooters slowed to a stop and riders were required to re-enter the approved area of operation.  Not enforced - scooters were regularly seen in the parklands and other Council areas able to be ridden with no restrictions  Enforced scooters slowed to a stop and riders were required to re-enter the approved area of operation.  Not enforced initially  Hospitalisations and Accidents  1 More than 132 Hospitalisations.  10 % of those required admission  A report by the Royal College of surgeons indicated that 28% had been injured when the scooter was travelling at a speed exceeding 30km/h, an indication that speed plays a significant role in serious injuries and proof speed was not governed.  1 Fatality  0 More than 7500 claims to the New Zealand Accident Compensation Commission  More than $3m in claims  1 Fatality   Insurance  Beam has accident insurance cover for its riders and is the only operator to provide this type of coverage.  Insurance experts have warned riders are not be covered for accidents.  Beam has accident insurance cover for its riders and is the only operator to provide this type of coverage.  Insurance experts have warned riders are not covered for accidents by the policies of the operator and this is why they are claiming against the Accident Compensation Commission in such extreme numbers.  For media enquiries Brad Kitschke Head of Public Affairs 61 403 809 630  FRIDAY 18th October: Sydney plays host to the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2019 2019-10-16T01:10:18Z friday-18th-october-sydney-plays-host-to-the-young-entrepreneur-of-the-year-awards-2019 Sydney’s most exciting young business talent will come together to celebrate the city’s entrepreneurial spirit. On Friday 18 October Sydney’s most exciting gamechangers will gather at the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Gala Night 2019 at The Establishment. The Awards recognise and celebrate the accomplishments and ambitions of businesspeople under 40 in this great city. MEDIA CALL: Media are invited to take photos/film the red-carpet festivities as our Young Entrepreneurs make their way into the Gala Dinner at The Establishment from 6.30pm.  (Visuals will be similar to the following: Interviews are available with finalist Leigh Rust, co-founder of Safetyline Jalousie 0417 679 799 For more information and interview opportunities with other finalists please contact: Amanda Williams | 0414 605 850 The initiative has unearthed more than 60 nominees who collectively turn over hundreds of millions of dollars a year and generate job creation across the country. Finalists in the Awards are leaders in their respective fields, disrupting traditional sectors, and developing exciting new startups that are shifting the business landscape both in Australia and abroad. There are 16 awards in total including the prestigious Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the Trailblazer Award. The finalists at the 2019 Sydney Young Entrepreneur Awards: 360 PR - Lisa Solomons  Alphatex Industries - Steven Lampsakianos  Alphazodiac - Derrick Tin  Ampersand Projects - Alex Bottomley & Marcus Kellett  AMR Hair & Beauty Supplies - Ammar Issa  App Boxer - Zyran Erasmus  Art Pharmacy Consulting - Emilya Colliver  Blomdahl Australia - Jeffrey Chui  Boss Lady Events, Boss Media Co & Sesame Pizza - Jade Boland  Candice Meisels PR - Candice Meisels  CannPal Animal Therapeutics - Layton Mills  Coinpoket - Alfonso Porcelli  Dibble Foods - Vuong Nguyen  DJ Jazzy - Jasmine Regan  EKOLUV - Emily Kate Symes  Grow Group – Ayda Shabanzadeh & Darrin Leung  MAX Build - James Meagher  MC Hair Extensions - Mariah Rota & Tom Cole  Millennium Communications - Cassandra Hili Mosh - David Narunsky & Gabriel Baker  mPort - Dipra Ray & Melody Shiue  muru music - Nicc Johnson  Nexba - Troy Douglas, Drew Bilbe  Nicovape - Ryan Boulton  One Stop Warehouse - Anson Zhang & Jeff Yu  Overflow - Layton Brooks & Oliver Peckham  OWEST - Salpi baroudjian & Jacob Markarian  Pantera Press - Alison Green  PB Physio - Pei Gan & Jared Boccanfuso  PETspot - Nicholas Figliano & Joseph Commisso Pollen Consulting Group - Paul Eastwood  Safetyline Jalousie - Leigh Rust & Nathan Rust  School Bytes - Blake Garrett  Sol Products - Rebecca Veksler SPRINTLAW - Alex Solo & Tomoyuki Hachigo  Star Compliance - John James   The PR Hub - Samantha Dybac  Triaxial Consulting - Daniel Cully & Drew Roberts  Two Sides Accounting - Natalie Lennon  Urban Plant Growers - Dilhan Wickremanayake & Peter Cole    Vault Interiors Property Styling - Justine Wilson  Xceptional - Michael Tozer  Zapala Corp - Carlos Ferri  As a long-time supporter of the Young Entrepreneur Awards, and a judge of the awards itself, Dr Glen Richards knows firsthand the quality of the nominations that the initiative receives every year. "This initiative gives nominees an exceptional chance to be seen by potential investors and potential customers," says Richards. Richards says he is excited to see who else the Sydney Young Entrepreneur Awards will uncover this year. The event’s founder Camilla Jansen says just being nominated is validation for the many hours of hard work that go into building a brand-new business. "Starting up a business takes a lot of grit and energy, while making it successful takes even more than that,” say Jansen. "An awards night like this is about recognition for these hard-working entrepreneurs. Those selected by our judges will receive honours, but everyone in attendance should be very proud for what they've achieved. She says the entrepreneurs featured at the event are the ones "you will hear of in the future". "As a business owner, I know it can be very lonely at the top sometimes, and this event gives them an opportunity to meet likeminded peers, in a relax and fun environment," she says. "This initiative has created not only a cross-pollination of ideas but amazing business opportunities as well.” Winner of the 2018 Manufacturing, Wholesale & Distribution Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Leigh Rust, co-founder of Safetyline Jalousie, says the initiative is an amazing opportunity for young businesspeople in Sydney. “Since taking out the 2018 award, we've really enjoyed being part of the Young Entrepreneur community and we’re very humbled and proud to be part of the awards again this year,” says Rust. “In addition to the exposure and recognition, a real highlight for us has been connecting with fellow trailblazers and masterminding with Australia’s leading entrepreneurs.” “Strategic partnership development has, and continues to be, one of the biggest drivers of growth in our business and the awards is an incredible opportunity to network with Sydney’s best and brightest young business leaders.” ENDS Don't miss the final Sydney Home Show of the year! 2019-10-13T23:19:29Z don-t-miss-the-final-sydney-home-show-of-the-year Tens of thousands of Sydney home owners, renovators and local trade are set to flock to the Sydney Home Show this October, returning to the International Convention Centre Sydney, Darling Harbour.  Held over three days from Friday 18 - Sunday 20 October, over 180 exhibitors will showcase the latest products for kitchens, bathrooms, interiors, outdoor living, smart home automation and more.  A few stand/exhibitor highlights include: Harvey Norman, with a huge showcase of furniture, bedding and an outdoor living showcase taking up an impressive 144 square metre space! You’ll also find other big brands such as Hafele Home, Tucker BBQ’s, Domayne, Jetmaster Fireplaces, Samsung Digital Door Locks, BORA, Alinta Energy, Vergola and more!  Visitors can get inspiration for their renovation and landscaping project at the Green Living & Design Seminar Stage, sponsored by Myard.  Myard is a a passionate and innovative family owned landscaping company that began its journey in 1991. Hear all the best tips, tricks, trends and advice about landscaping and elevating your outdoor areas with informative talks from Myard. The schedule is jam packed with leading industry experts including celebrity interior designers James Treble from 9GEM Open Homes and Fiona Parry-Jones from Foxtel’s Love it or List it. They’ll be giving you the best tips, tricks and secrets from their incredible careers that take them all over Australia.  Also on stage you’ll also find House Rules season 7 favourites Katie & Alex from NSW, and Pete & Courtney from VIC. Drop into a topic focused talk from the couples about renovating on a budget, or stop by when we tackle a Q&A live on stage! Darren Palmer from The Block will be on stage on Saturday talking all things Clever Kitchen Storage, as a brand ambassador for Hafele Home.  He will also be on the Hafele stand throughout the Saturday for meet and greets!  Visitors can also drop by the Designer Furniture Showcase, featuring unique, local and modern pieces from some of the best in the business offering inspiration for every aesthetic and room in the house! The Sydney Home Show has a brand new feature this year; as we bring you the Connected Living,  AI Smart Home Hub. Find a range of specialists in the smart home automation industry ready to help you with all your smart home, smart secuirty and smart entertainment needs! You’ll also find a seminar stage here with hourly talks from the experts, allowing for your questions right after! For visitors seeking expert advice for their projects, the KBDi Ask an Expert area will feature free 20-minute consultations with Kitchen and Bathroom designers. Make an appointment at the Show. Walk-ins only. The Home Show is a great place to start your renovation or home improvement project. Getting around the Show in 2019 is easy - the comprehensive Show website features a full list of exclusive savings and prizes, a searchable exhibitor list, stage timetables and a Home Ideas Hub blog to help visitors get the best out of their projects. Find exciting new products from companies including Highgrove Bathrooms, Samsung, Bobbio, NexGen Decking, iHeath Saunas, Australian Outdoor Living and more!  The Sydney Home Show is Sydney’s favourite building and home improvement event - don’t miss this chance to see everything for your home under one roof in one weekend..  Find out more at  - ENDS - For all media enquiries, interviews, images, media passes and promotions, please contact: Laura White - Marketing Manager 03 9276 5531 | THREE IN FOUR SENIOR STUDENTS FACE ATAR ANXIETY 2019-10-09T23:36:26Z three-in-four-senior-students-face-atar-anxiety Sydney, Australia, 10th October 2019: Seventy-five per cent of Australian senior students are experiencing or have experienced ATAR anxiety, according to new research from Cluey Learning. Surprisingly, over half of these students consider their parents’ ATAR anxiety to be worse than their own. The release of the research coincides with the start of Term 4, a critical time for Australian senior students. The term marks final high school exams, the transition of Year 11 students into Year 12, and the last chance for Year 10 pupils to select senior subjects, which can determine their final ATAR score. The nationwide survey of senior students* reveals that a specific ATAR score is “extremely important” to 57 per cent of pupils. More than half have a particular ATAR score they wish to achieve, with 55 per cent aiming for an ATAR of 90 or above. Despite this, more than half of students believe an ATAR over 90 is “impossible”. When it comes to an ATAR under 60, over 80 per cent of students agree this score would be detrimental to their life and/or career. According to the research from Cluey Learning, over 75 per cent of students believe their ATAR will impact the rest of their life. What’s more, 25 per cent of students who are aiming for a specific ATAR score agree they are unsure what they will do if they miss out on the rank they hope for. Founder of Youth of Sydney, Ryde Young Citizen of the Year and Year 12 student Tasnia Ahmad recognises the impact of ATAR anxiety on the minds of students her age: “Your ATAR can decide your whole career so it’s a regular point of discussion for students; we share our ATAR goals with each other and even talk about the ATAR goals parents have for kids. At times it can feel like the ATAR constricts you. All your work boils down to a number which can be stressful to think about.” In response to emphasis on the admission rank, Cluey Learning has launched #ATARanxiety, a campaign encouraging students to shift focus from their final number to what can be done today. The brand will release expert tips via their blog and social channels throughout Term 4. Chief Learning Officer Dr. Selina Samuels comments: “At critical moments in education, students can feel like nothing else in the world matters except that final year or result. It’s easy to become fixated on the end and its enormity instead of the small steps to take today to allow effective learning to continue. Rather than finding ways to remove the pressure, it’s better to find ways to manage it. Learning how to best deal with stress and expectations can help build resilience. The challenge is learning how to distinguish between reasonable levels of stress and disproportionate anxiety”. When it comes to getting on top of ATAR anxiety, students expressed a number of tactics. Study was the top choice for managing ATAR anxiety followed by “ignoring it”, exercise and meditation. Over 85 per cent agreed that last minute study and help is an important part of the prep process. Despite this, over 85 per cent of students agreed that when studying alone they often have questions which they need support with. “The last few weeks before the ATAR exams can feel very lonely,” says Samuels. “Many students feel that all they can do is go over and over their notes on their own. But that kind of repetition of familiar material makes students passive learners and breeds boredom. The trick to this final study stretch is to maintain your interest and to keep finding new ways to approach the same content. A tutor can help keep your study more lively in the final stretch and ensure no question goes unanswered.” Cluey Learning is extending office hours to provide session support from 6am until 10pm (and up until midnight for eastern states) across Term 4. Cluey is ready to support the early risers and night owls, helping students’ study from wherever suits them. Free subscriptions to sleep and mindfulness app Calm will also be available as part of the #ATARanxiety campaign. Cluey matches students with expert private tutors who conduct sessions using an online platform. Features like video and audio, a virtual whiteboard and digital content results in a personalised learning experience for each student. Visit for more information on ATAR anxiety and senior student packages. -ENDS- Additional research findings, according to Cluey Learning: 88 per cent of students will be disappointed if they don’t achieve their desired ATAR 84 per cent of students feel like the ATAR is the most important thing they will do at school The main reason for a desired ATAR is: To get into the course I want (46 per cent) It’s important for a successful career (18 per cent) I want to know I did my best (15 per cent) To make my parents / school proud (13 per cent) Bragging rights (6 per cent) Student plans for after school: Tertiary education (51 per cent) Travel (19 per cent) Learn a trade (18 per cent) Unsure (6 per cent) Other (6 per cent) NOTES TO EDITORS: *Student Edge supplied the sample for this survey conducted by Cluey Learning with 420 Year 11 and 12 students across Australia in October 2019. For interviews with Selina, a senior student or for research raw data please contact: Candice Meisels | | 0481 369 484 About Cluey Learning: Cluey Learning offers online tutoring mapped to the Australian curriculum. Expert tutors are matched to each student. Students can follow customised lesson plans or upload their own notes and questions. Cluey Learning has helped over 3,000 students and has been rated 4.7/5 by parents and students. SEA WORLD AND DEAF SERVICES TO HOST DEAF COMMUNITY 2019-10-02T04:49:51Z sea-world-and-deaf-services-to-host-deaf-community Deaf Services is proud to partner with Sea World to host a weekend celebrating Deaf community and culture. On Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 October Sea World is offering members of the Deaf and hard of hearing community FREE ENTRY to the park, as well as 50% off entry for friends and family accompanying them (entry to be purchased on the day of attendance). Additionally, a number of Sea World’s iconic shows and presentations such as the Affinity Dolphin Presentation and the all new Thunder Lake Stunt Show will feature Auslan interpreting, provided free of charge by Deaf Services. Bikash Randhawa, Village Roadshow Theme Parks COO, said Sea World was delighted to join forces with Deaf Services to host the weekend. “Sea World prides itself on being a family-friendly destination, which provides a welcoming environment for all guests and we are excited to be able to offer this opportunity to the Deaf community,” he said. “We want to ensure all of our guests can experience the world-class rides, attractions and presentations on offer at the park and events such as these highlight our commitment to creating memories for our guests which last lifetimes.” Deaf Services CEO, Brett Casey said their organisation is thrilled to partner with Sea World for the event. “As the leading not-for-profit organisation providing support to Deaf and hard of hearing Australians of all ages, it is heartening to know that Sea World echoes Deaf Services’ commitment to a more inclusive, accessible and equitable Australia,” he said. “Deaf Community Day will be hugely positive for the Deaf community as we turn our vision of all community members empowered, connected and achieving into a reality." Brisbane-based insurance professional recognized as rising star 2019-10-01T01:27:35Z brisbane-based-insurance-professional-recognized-as-rising-star St Leonards, NSW (September 23, 2019) - A Brisbane-based insurance professional has been recognised in a prestigious list of the industry’s top rising stars. Gallagher Bassett Services’ Heather Sippel has been included in Insurance Business magazine’s annual Young Guns report, recognising 25 up and comers aged 35 and under who are taking Australia’s insurance world by storm. As the catastrophe operations manager at Gallagher Bassett, Sippel is able to influence and encourage her staff, customers and clients daily to achieve positive outcomes. Her competitive nature ensures she is constantly pushing her team to provide customers with the best service and outcomes. Having entered the industry at the age of 16, Sippel is quick to recommend an insurance career. “With the variety of insurance products in the market and associated specialist roles available, no industry comes close in being able to offer such diversity, support and guidance for new entrants,” she says. “Insurance is a field that breeds intense loyalty among its adherents. But although insiders are already aware of its charms, the industry must always be thinking about what – and who – is coming next. Insurance needs more exposure to younger professionals – and who better to promote it to the next generation than the industry’s Young Guns?” says the Insurance Business team. “In this issue, 25 up-and-comers – all 35 and younger – were named by their colleagues, managers and mentors as symbols of excellence in the field despite their young age. They are the future of the Australian insurance industry, with up-to-date knowledge that industry veterans can benefit from and leadership skills that will make them role models for the brokers of tomorrow.” For the full report see issue 8.05 of Insurance Business magazine out now. To view the list and to find out more about Sippel click HERE. -ENDS- Insurance Business is the leading independent business magazine and website for insurance brokers and advice professionals. A key business resource, Insurance Business provides daily breaking news, cutting-edge opinion and in-depth analysis affecting the industry. Insurance Business also offers a series of industry reports that recognize the achievements of key individuals and businesses as well as providing the latest in business best practice in a continually evolving industry. Part of the global Insurance Business suite of publications, IB reaches a wide readership in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, USA, Canada and UK. Daisy Hill-based educator recognised as industry top performer 2019-10-01T01:25:17Z daisy-hill-based-educator-recognised-as-industry-top-performer-1 St Leonards, NSW (September 18, 2019) - A Daisy Hill-based educator has just been recognised in a prestigious list of the industry’s top professionals. John Paul College’s Karen Spiller has been included in The Educator’s fourth annual Hot List report, report, sponsored by the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, spotlighting the 50 individuals deemed as the movers and shakers of Australian K-12 education. Not only does Spiller inspire and influence the staff of John Paul College to achieve great things, but she also challenges the hearts and minds of its students. Just 18 months into her principalship, Spiller has helped dramatically turn around the primary school’s results; its 2018 NAPLAN results landed JPC as one of the most improved schools in the country.  Spiller has held national and state leadership roles in significant educational bodies and remains the state chair of Independent Schools Queensland. She has presented at national and international conferences and is well recognised and respected for her powerful and dynamic presentations, professional knowledge, and collegiality, as well as her desire to make a difference for students and staff alike. In 2018, she was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for her contributions to the education field. “Education professionals around Australia continue to push ahead with the critical responsibility of ensuring that all students have the highest-quality educational experiences,” says The Educator editor Brett Henebery. “We were once again inundated with excellent nominations from across Australia for this year’s Hot List. Spiller and all the individuals recognised this year truly represent the cutting edge of educational excellence in Australia.” To view the full online report and to find out more about Spiller, click HERE. -ENDS- The Educator is Australia’s only independent publication for senior education management professionals. It offers aspirational cover stories and high-level case studies providing a global and national perspective on education leadership and management best practice, as well as interviews with the finest minds in education. The website features daily news, an industry forum and exclusive multimedia content. The Educator is published by leading independent media company Key Media. Find out more about Key Media’s magazines, events and websites at FAMILY FESTIVAL PUTS DEAF CULTURE ON THE MAP 2019-09-30T02:50:53Z family-festival-puts-deaf-culture-on-the-map Deaf Services is pleased to be major sponsor of the 13th Deaf Festival, held this year on Saturday 5 October at Mt Gravatt Showgrounds. Convened by Deaf Culture Council Queensland (DCCQ), the Deaf Festival is a day of inclusive family fun celebrating the culture, heritage, achievements and language of the Deaf community. The day will include live performances from ABC TV’s Sally and Possum, Toowong State School Signing Choir and North Queensland’s own Deaf Indigenous Dance Group, as well as beekeeping demonstrations, storytelling and poetry delivered in Auslan (Australian Sign Language). Present on the day will be Federal Member for Moreton Graham Perrett, Brisbane City Councillor for Calamvale Angela Owen and Deaf Services CEO Brett Casey. No festival would be complete without rides and activities, and young thrill seekers will not be disappointed with an Australian Ninja Warrior demonstration, giant slide, rock climbing wall, jumping castle and spinning tea cup ride! If you prefer not to spin while you sip your drink, feel free to stop by the Deafonshire Tea Stand or one of many stalls serving up delicious food and beverages on the day. Everyone is welcome to attend this day celebrating everything great about the Deaf community! Find out more at