The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-09-09T01:32:58Z PLANT-BASED EYEWEAR OFFERING A CONSCIOUS AND SUSTAINABLE ALTERNATIVE TO MODERN FRAMES. 2020-09-09T01:32:58Z plant-based-eyewear-offering-a-conscious-and-sustainable-alternative-to-modern-frames Founded by Melbourne-based Optometrists, Lauren and John, and launched to the world in 2020, Mari & Clay is a modern eyewear label crafting timeless classics out of plant-based, biodegradable materials. Mari & Clay’s capsule eyewear collection, The River Collection, pays homage to Australian waterways and consists of four classic frames available in four colourways; Black, Caramel, Sand, and Tortoiseshell. The frames are designed in Melbourne with durable, long-lasting wear in mind. While most sunglasses are commonly made of acetate, Mari & Clay frames are made from its plant-based cousin, bio-acetate, which is biodegradable. Mari & Clay’s bio-acetate is sourced from Italy and is derived from responsibly harvested cottonseed and wood pulp. Bio- acetate limits the use of fossil fuels by replacing the harmful phthalate-based plasticisers used in acetate with organic additives. Meet the team RRP $219 GOULBURN - Mari & Clay’s most lightweight design. The Goulburn is your go-to for the modern classic look now and 20 years from now. It will have you ready for any occasion with its classic round shape and touch of teardrop for a modern twist. YARRA - A flattering and versatile style. The Yarra is ready to travel with you from work to weekend. These sunglasses with a trapezoidal shape and thicker arms provide a timeless and anytime look. MURRAY - For the old souls who dream of living in simpler times, the Murray’s got you. With its square shape and rounded angles, you will be transported back in time with these timeless, vintage-inspired frames. GLENELG - Bold. Confident. Unapologetic. Command power in the Glenelg. These rectangular frames with defined edges provide a slightly oversized look for those who like a statement. With the planet in mind, Mari & Clay frames are packaged 100% plastic-free, switching plastic for protective cases made from kraft paper. Better yet, for every pair sold, one tree is planted to help to restore Australia’s landscape after the devastating fires that started in late 2019. While Mari & Clay encourages consumers to shop consciously for long-lasting pieces, it also offers a recycling program, which allows consumers to recycle their old Mari & Clay frames to receive a 15% discount on a new pair. The team continues to investigate the most sustainable practices in an effort to leave a long-lasting positive impact on the environment. “Fast fashion trends encourage consumers to constantly update their frames without a thought for the impact this has on the environment. Working as optometrists, we noticed the significant amount of waste produced in the eyewear industry. We wanted to see change. We believe we could make it happen and so we created Mari & Clay,” says Mari & Clay co-founder, Lauren Chang. “Every action we take, material we use, or system we implement has the planet in mind. Our mission is to inspire making mindful choices for a better environment. We believe our everyday choices can create collective change,” says Mari & Clay co-founder, John Chen. ENDS For further information, product call-ins, or to interview Mari & Clay's founders, Lauren Chang and John Chen, please get in touch. Megan Chambers || Playboy Playmate to Business Woman 2020-09-08T23:19:12Z playboy-playmate-to-business-woman Jasmin Shojai, best known for being awarded ‘Australia’s Top Glamour Model of 2017-18’ and for being an icon in the Playboy Brand (appearing 10 times) Is now on the journey, so to say, on becoming a more ‘Traditional Business Woman’. Although the young entrepreneur has always been quite the savvy Business Woman throughout her modelling & acting years Speaking of modelling, Miss Shojai has been featured in various Magazines & TV/Radio shows. From Maxim USA, to Maxim Mexico and even Dash Radio’s ‘Kaliente Girls’ in Los Angeles, USA. Where the supermodel also made other accomplishments. It’s sometimes hard to believe that the 26 year old star, started her career in 2016, a short 4 years ago. Now, Miss Shojai says, after a somewhat challenging year (with the current Coronavirus pandemic). She is keen to put some of her skills and knowledge in ‘numbers'. “Its going to be an interesting next few months”, she says.  “Accounting and Investment Banking have been some of my ‘hidden goals' for a while. I am very enthusiastic to start studying and making my mark in the finance world”. Fans across the globe, from the USA to Australia, and many international countries, enjoy seeing Jasmin’s incredible work and entertainment projects on her Instagram. With the Star posting almost daily, with new pictures, videos and news to share. Over the years, Miss Shojai has also been focusing on her Acting career. The Aspiring Actress appeared in the US film ‘The Alliance’ in 2018. This full feature film won many awards in film festivals and is definitely one of her most credential roles. Miss Shojai can also be very well recognised from her 2 appearances in Naked News. A TV station in Canada, featuring Women presenting the World’s most popular topics and stories, in perhaps the most revealing way “I love what I do, I have always been so passionate about my career. For me, Investment and Trades is the next passion I really look forward to working on. I have always found Mathematics in general such a Key foundation in Business, and everyday life, this year has taught me to really chase my dreams, even if they are more challenging to do” As many others have said, Jasmin Shojai is really going places! We recommend to check out her work! 3 Tips When Using Email Nurturing to Improve Conversion Rates – Our Guide 2020-09-05T05:25:19Z 3-tips-when-using-email-nurturing-to-improve-conversion-rates-our-guide One way to direct customers to your website is through email nurturing. It’s a digital marketing method that focuses on your target audience, sending them emails to get them to take an interest in your brand and eventually make a purchase. By sending emails containing relevant information improves your business’ brand awareness, your connection with your clients, and your potential to become the preferred choice among your other competitors. An email nurturing strategy must have depth and not just focus on advertising your product or service. Its value should uplift the needs of your customers and prove it will benefit them. To learn how to apply email nurturing to your business effectively, read on further below. You Should Concentrate on a Specific Audience Similar to search engine optimisation (SEO) which caters to a specific demographic, email nurturing works the same way. Your email tone must take on a particular persona or interest that can relate to your audience, enticing them to give your business a chance. You have to figure out the traits, qualities, and habits you expect your target market to share. After all, the output of your email nurturing will be based on your audience and how well they will accept your business. Your email should also include information you know will come in handy to your audience, followed by a call to action (CTA) to lead them to your website. Aside from knowing your objectives, you should also take note of your competition and the people who will least likely gain something from your product or service. They are who you need to avoid in order to cut on some costs and not waste effort on an inconvertible audience. Read the full article: Click Here SWITCH DIGITAL LAUNCHES ENGAGETV CTV and BVOD Buying Platform for Agencies and Clients 2020-08-31T23:06:16Z switch-digital-launches-engagetv-ctv-and-bvod-buying-platform-for-agencies-and-clients Leading independent digital media agency, Switch Digital, has launched a new advertising buying network targeting Connected TV and Broadcast Video on Demand (BVOD) audiences across all streaming digital channels and YouTube. The platform gives TV advertisers, and their agencies, the ability to plan and implement TV buying strategies in as little as 48 hours across all devices.  Engage TV provides targeting against demographic, purchase intent, lifestyle and socio-economic filters. The delivery of TV advertising can also be targeted down to a single postcode.  The platform also has the following market-first features: ·      Advertising is delivered to the right audiences, at the right time across networks, programs and devices ·      Advertisers are only charged for completed views – not skipped or incomplete views ·      Delivery and performance is optimized across all major TV networks, including YouTube ·      Campaign performance, including completed views, cost by network and device, is reported daily ·      There are no lock-in contracts ·      Campaigns can be optimized, adjusted or paused at any time.   “Television viewership continues to fragment with more channels and more ways to view TV. EngageTV captures that fragmentation in TV audiences and counters wastage,“ says Switch Digital CEO, Lee Stephens.  In addition to its own clients, Switch is providing the service to a number of agencies as a way for independent agencies to provide better TV buying and reporting that sets them apart from international groups. More than 50 per cent of Australian homes now own a Smart TV with 85 per cent of Australians watching broadcast TV weekly and already a quarter watching BVOD across all devices. (source: ThinkTV). BVOD TV advertising revenues grew almost 40 per cent in 2019 while linear TV revenues fell seven per cent. “BVOD TV advertising is already 12 per cent of TV advertising by value and PWC predicts BVOD TV advertising will show compound annual growth of nearly 30 per cent over the next five years while linear TV will fall one per cent a year,” Stephens said.  Advertisers already benefiting from Engage TV are franchise groups and other distributed networks who need a more targeted and faster way to reach audiences across their marketing areas. “We are seeing significant inquiry from the Automotive, Franchise, Tourism and Retail sectors as they seek to deliver all media, not just TV, in a more targeted manner,” Stephens added.  EngageTV also has significant custom audience capabilities. Through the platform advertisers can build segments based on their own first party data, multiple layers of third-party data definable by interest, past purchases or by household type.  For further information visit Meet Australia's Jeweller To The Stars 23.8.2020 2020-08-23T00:27:59Z meet-australia-s-jeweller-to-the-stars-23-8-2020 Our Story- AJT Jewellery Handmade In Melbourne Australia Since 2013 Here is Our Story, Melbourne's Anthony Troiano, AJT, has been making his trademark Skull and Lion ring's since early 2013 starting from a kitchen bench to now a global worldwide brand and has been supplying jewellery to the world's biggest stars ever since then.  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sir Elton John, SLASH Guns N' Roses, Jamie Foxx, Tommy Lee, Lenny Kravitz, Cara Delevingne, Joe Manganiello, Todd Kerns, Criss Angel, Scott Holiday (Rival Sons), Richard Fortus (Guns N Roses) and Adam Lambert are just some of the global names who proudly wear Anthony's custom made jewellery." It all started with Scott Holiday of US rock band Rival Sons seeing my Lion Ring on Instagram and now Scott says he can't play the guitar without wearing his huge ring!”.  Troiano's AJT Jewellery is unique for both men and women with rings in the shape of Skulls, Lion heads, The Julius Caesar, King Tutankhamen and Zeus rings as well as an amazing range of bracelets, Necklaces and accessories for both men and women. Having garnered a solid reputation around the world for outstanding jewellery over many years, AJT Jewellery continues to remain true to his rock ‘n’ roll provenance.  Arnold Schwarzenegger And Anthony Troiano  Sir Elton John Wearing His AJT Jewellery King Lion Ring by Anthony Troiano     Slash (Guns N Roses) and Anthony Troiano  Tommy Lee (Motley Crue) And Anthony Troiano  Joe Manganiello and Anthony Troiano  Richard Fortus (Guns N Roses) and Anthony Troiano Lion Whisperer, Kevin Richardson and Anthony Troiano  Ralf Moeller and Anthony Troiano  Todd Kerns (Slash) and Anthony Troiano  Scott Holiday and Anthony Troiano  Rob Thomas (Matchbox 20) and Anthony Troiano  KAYLEY COUTURE, BUSINESS WITH A HEART 2020-08-20T05:58:16Z kayley-couture-business-with-a-heart What was your inspiration in establishing your business? You have founded and built a community of mothers who love your clothing but also admire your generosity and kindness? What is the reason behind your advocacy of "Pay it forward". "Apart from my daughter Elisha Kayley being my inspiration, and my love for vintage inspired handmade dresses, my sister Monette has been my source of strength and inspiration since I was a child. She's like a mother to me. She always challenged me to be better. March 2019, my sister was murdered in her family home in the Philippines, and I was shattered. My life turned dark. My sister was supposed to come here for a visit and now she's gone, and she'll never get to see me here in Australia with my family, meet my daughter Elisha whom she's really fond of.I was consumed by pain, hatred, sadness, anger. I told myself i will devote my life looking for her killer and make that culprit pay.It was an ugly feeling, I was miserable and I neglected myself and responsibilities to my own family as I was drowning in so much pain.My sister is one of the most generous person I know. She's not a politician, she worked for one or many. But she's helped a lot of people and when she passed our family was blown away with the number of people who came to see her. We were astounded by hundreds of people - politicians, celebrities, workers, staff, neighbours, friends and family who all came for her. People we don't know, from different walks of life. They said how my sister helped them in different ways. Gave them gifts, helped them get a job, helped them financially, cared for their family, saved them etc.I felt guilty. I told myself it's so unfair. My sister was such a good person. The world needs her, she's helped so many. I'm supposed to be there in the coffin and she should be the one alive.What have I done good to deserve to live? My sister deserves to live. The world needs her more, people need her, and my family needs her. She doesn't deserve to die like that.Then it hit me, I asked myself that If I die, will anyone show up? Will people care? Have I done anything good? Have I affected and inspired others that they will care if I'm gone?" "You see, my sister had everything in life. Material things, luxury bags, branded dresses, make ups, many properties, and savings. But when she died, none of that really matter. She left everything behind and that just caused much more pain for my family. I established KC at first as a distraction. I thought of something that I am passionate about to divert my attention to. Since I love fashion and I love dressing up my daughter, I decided to establish Kayley Couture Australia.KC helped me showcase beautiful dresses made from the country where I came from. My sister used to say, to never forget where you came from and how you got where you are. Be humble. She always keep my feet on the ground.With Kayley Couture, I am able to showcase my kind of style and designs and at the same time help my friends back in the Philippines.With KC, I was able to touch other people's lives and inspire them to always choose kindness and pay it forward.My sister's passing taught me a lot of things. She left me legacy of kindness and generosity.I want my sister back, but that's not gonna happen anymore.I am honouring her by living her legacy. By helping others, I am helping myself heal too. By making other people happy, i feel happy too."Kayley Couture is not just a profit making business for me, I call it business with a heart. ❤️ "I'll be your legacy. I'll be your voice.You live on in me. So i made a choice to honour your life by living again. I love you. I miss you and I'll see you again." Jennifer Smith, Owner and Founder of Kayley Couture Australia has been nominated as one of the Finalists at AusMumpreneur Awards, a nationally recognised award giving body proudly presented by Ausmumpreneur  , Australia's #1 Community for Mums in Business. I'm blessed to be nominated in three categories, Fashion Award, Handmade Award and one is People's Choice: Making a Difference - Business Award. You may vote for Jennifer through this link: Select 1. Making a Difference Award - BUSINESSJennifer Smith - Kayley Couture Join Kayley Couture Australia VIP Group  Facebook: Kayley Couture Australia Instagram: @kayley_couture Local business woman named as a finalist for National Awards 2020-08-20T05:22:23Z local-business-woman-named-as-a-finalist-for-national-awards JENNIFER SMITH of KAYLEY COUTURE AUSTRALIA has been named as a finalist for the 2020 AusMumpreneur Awards in the PEOPLE’S CHOICE: Making a Difference (Business), HANDMADE BUSINESS and FASHION categories.  The AusMumpreneur Awards presented by The Women’s Business School celebrate and recognize Australian Mums in business achieving outstanding success in areas such as business excellence, product development, customer service and digital innovation. The awards are designed to recognize the growing number of women who successfully balance motherhood and business in a way that suits their life and family.  Jennifer is a mumpreneur based in Gold Coast, Queensland. She has backgrounds in customer service, banking and finance, fashion, modelling and events. Happily married and a stay-at-home mother to her two lovely daughters namely Angeli Franchesca and Elisha Kayley, whom the latter is also the face behind the name of her girls' clothing business, Kayley Couture Australia. KC is an online clothing store of vintage inspired, luxurious, and ethically handmade dresses for little girls. The range and styles are unique, the exceptional quality and beautiful scent of the dresses paved the way for the success of this fast emerging business which was only established October, 2019.  March of last year, Jennifer’s sister was murdered back in the Philippines. Suffering from postnatal depression and grief, Jennifer wanted to do something productive which she was passionate about, that will help her cope and motivate her. Fashion is her passion, as much as she loves styling and adores dressing up her beautiful two year old daughter Elisha Kayley. She wanted to make her sister proud who was like a mother to her and had always encouraged her to follow her dreams. Jennifer turned her sadness into something beautiful, and this inspired her in starting her fashion business. Jennifer is delighted to be named as a finalist and is proud of her achievements, particularly during the bushfire crisis, she was able to raise funds and donated a huge amount from profits to different agencies who volunteered and most importantly to the bushfire victims. Also last March 2020, her brand was one of the major sponsors in a charity fashion show supporting "Bravehearts", one of the leading child protection organisation in Australia. Beautiful girls walked on the runway wearing her dresses, including her own daughter. But for her, the greatest achievement was being able to inspire other mums to always choose to be kind and practice "Pay it Forward." Jennifer didn't just establish a business, she built a community of loving, generous and caring mums. There are many benefits to balancing business and motherhood as Jennifer explains, “I love that it gives me a sense of achievement and fulfillment. I have always believed that being a mother should not stop us from living our dreams. Our life does not have to end because we became mothers. Being a mother should inspire us that we can achieve anything we dreamt of, if we put our heart into it. Being a mumpreneur motivated me and gave me a reason to continue thriving and living everyday. It gave me a sense of purpose. I also love that I am able to help my husband with finances and love that I was able to meet and made friends with many gorgeous mums and their kids.” It can be challenging to be a successful business woman whilst raising a family and Jennifer gives this advice for others thinking about starting their own enterprise. ”My advice would be to not underrate yourself. Find your passion, put your heart into it, focus on your goal and just go for it. Work hard but do not forget why you are doing it in the first place. You have to put your heart into it because customers will feel if you only see them as profit, or you see them as people genuinely supporting your products.” Vote for Jennifer on the PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD through this link: Select 1. Making a Difference Award - BUSINESS 3. Jennifer Smith - Kayley Couture Read more at The winners of the 2020 AusMumpreneur Awards will be announced at an online event in September. Beauty pageant hopeful and ethical fashion designer partner to advocate for human rights in Australian first collaboration 2020-08-03T10:21:22Z beauty-pageant-hopeful-and-ethical-fashion-designer-collaborate-to-advocate-for-human-rights-in-australian-first-1 Ms Australia World 2020 national finalist, Pan Sandar Myint and ethical fashion designer, Gina Berjeel have joined forces in an Australian-first collaboration to advocate for equal human rights for vulnerable refugees. Ms Sandar Myint from Sydney originates from one of the world’s most prosecuted ethnicities known as “Rohingya” from Myanmar, and has chosen her beauty pageant platform to advocate equal human rights for the Rohingya community in Australia. Ms Sandar Myint has chosen to collaborate on her pageant outfits with Gina Berjeel, an Australian ethical fashion designer employing female refugees from Iraqi, Syrian and Afghanistan backgrounds. “This will be the first time ever in the Australian beauty pageant industry for a Ms Australia World national finalist and an ethical fashion designer to make an ethical fashion statement in support of equal human rights of Rohingya, Syrian, Iraqi and Afghanistan refugees,” said Ms Berjeel. Based on UN reports, the world’s fashion industry employs over 75 million people globally by being the second largest polluting industry after the oil industry. “Fast fashion has a significant impact on human societies around the world because the global fashion industry is worth three trillion dollars, accounting for 2 percent of the world’s Gross Domestic Product,” said Ms Sandar Myint. “To generate high profits, most fashion firms operate their factories in Asian countries for cheap labour. USA, Europe, Australia, UK and Japan import most garments from China and Bangladesh. “This generates vulnerable human rights issues including under-aged child labour, unfair labour wage and environmental degradation.” Based on the report of ABC’s War On Waste, nearly 6000KG of clothing waste is disposed every ten minutes in Australia. “It takes 2,700 litres of water to make a cotton t-shirt that is enough for one person to drink for 900 days,” said Ms Sanda Myint. “Textile factory labour workers earn only $100 per month while working in hard working environments and conditions. “This imbalance of humanitarian exploitation occurs due to the unethical standards of fast fashion. “This is the irony of beauty in fast fashion. With the Ms Australia World crowning event postponed until March 2021, Ms Sandar Myint has been productive by launching her own female empowerment web series. “Empower Success Media is my own female empowerment web series on You Tube where I present on such topics as Cyberbullying and The Art of Make up & Confidence,” said Ms Sandar Myint. “The Covid-19 pandemic has taught me that humanitarian efforts are of utmost importance. This is the perfect time for us all to change our actions to moral and ethical ones to save our beautiful world.” - ends - For more information or interview requests, please contact: Joanne Rahn Director zanthii communications Phone: 0402 148 334 Email: Facebook: Tasmanian Skincare Company to Launch Natural Botox Alternative 2020-08-02T21:22:59Z tasmanian-skincare-company-to-launch-natural-botox-alternative LAUNCESTON, TASMANIA – Award-winning Tasmanian skincare company Embalm Skincare is preparing to launch a game-changing face mask that offers a natural alternative to popular wrinkle reducer Botox. Formulated with hyaluronic acid to boost skin moisture levels, Instant Glow Face Mask is an innovative skin care product from Embalm Skincare that delivers deep, intense radiance and helps to minimise dark circles and under-eye puffiness. The hero ingredient Paracress diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, giving the skin a smoother, healthier-looking complexion along with a glowing, luminous look.When applied topically, the extract of the Paracress plant relaxes facial muscles and reduces muscle tension. In turn, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are much less pronounced. Wrinkles caused partly by muscle tension, ease and relax when exposed to the extract, providing a smoother, more even complexion. Embalm Skincare Director and Founder, Mel Driver, believes the Instant Glow Face Mask is a game changer for the beauty industry due to its ability to visibly smooth and soften skin without the need for invasive Botox treatments. “Not everyone is into cosmetic injections, so having a product that offers an alternative to dermal fillers is great for those who prefer to supplement their beauty regime with natural products,” Ms Driver said. Designed and produced in line with Embalm Skincare's "simple yet effective" ethos, the product is easy to apply and works quickly in restoring radiance and hydration to the skin.Product reviews from early adopters have been overwhelming positive, with Instant Glow Face Mask testers reporting “hydrated, refreshed, plump & dewy skin” after just one application. Instant Glow Face Mask will be available online at from 9th August and at selected retailers from 17 August.  -END- For more information, a sample of the Instant Glow Face Mask product or to interview Director and Founder of Embalm Skincare, Mel Driver, please phone 0408 370 553 or email From Prehistoric Times To Cartier, Cufflinks’ Appeal Never Seems To Fade - Historical Perspective By Sam & Qualis 2020-07-27T10:52:48Z from-prehistoric-times-to-cartier-cufflinks-appeal-never-seems-to-fade-historical-perspective-by-sam-qualis Long before fancy dressing and modern haberdashery came into men’s fashion, the way esteemed nobles and fashionistas put their outfits together was nothing short of barbaric. From leaving symmetry dead in the ditch to using ties, ribbons, and strings to hold cuffs and points together, dressing up in the past was tedious, until cufflinks came into the picture. The history of cufflinks With its roots dating back to the 17th century, the humble cufflink's first iterations were introduced as a sleeker, more appealing, and effective solution to keeping cuffs in order. These ornamental pieces were created and further refined by French tailors alongside the development of the stitched buttonhole to seamlessly combine style and functionality. Over time, the boutons de manchettes started to gain traction amongst aristocrats, socialites, and style-conscious men because of how they provided a solution that equally looked great. A few years after its introduction, sleeve buttons—as they were called at the time—became even more popular with upper-echelon dressers in a short amount of time. During this time, the buttons themselves became even more luxurious and appealing as jewelers began to show their takes on the accessories. These refined takes were best defined by gold and silver castings that were adorned with semi-precious gemstones and stamped designs, eventually leading to the modern cufflink of today. Later developments At the turn of the 18th century, the usage of cufflinks and their popularity both exploded as they became even more commonplace in the fashion during that period. Aside from being donned by monarchs and aristocrats (which essentially acted as the catalyst for popularity), they were also used to commemorate special events and royal occasions – not too far from the purposes that they’re being used for today. Despite the already-apparent growth of cufflinks and their rise to prominence, an even higher amount of success came about by the time the industrial revolution and the Victorian era came to be. Thanks to the advent of machinery and its widespread availability, manufacturers, tailor shops, and stores were able to boost their production volumes and make cufflinks even readily available. Beyond production capacities, however, this period also saw the rise in fancy designs that slowly incorporated gold and silver bases, which were adorned with intricate designs that were extravagant and captivating. This era saw the birth of the “Victorian Serpents” design, which is also a design staple among modern cufflink options today! Post-world war resurgence After the first and second world wars, the cufflink rebounded and made its resurgence in production, prominence, and overall importance in the turn of a modern fashion revolution. With the Boyer fastener system's introduction and a production drive undertaken by the factories, consumers had a sleeker, better, and more convenient way to keep its double cuffs together. This would later go on to be the cufflinks that are widely known today. Conclusion Cufflinks bear a storied past that carries its own history which adds even more to their overall importance and value. The next time you put on a suit and look at your cufflinks, feel proud that you’re wearing a time-honed accessory that was also worn by royalty and other prominent members of society in the past.   About Sam & Qualis Sam & Qualis was founded with a rebellious spirit and an ambitious goal of making high-quality, beautiful luxury goods at down-to-earth prices. Sam & Qualis consider cufflinks as one of the most defining style signature, containing within itself the power of identity and sophistication of an effortless elegance. The name Sam & Qualis has a meaningful thematic story. ‘Sam’ is the name of the founder and ‘Qualis’ is Latin for quality. The crown-shaped logo draws inspiration from the headgear worn by the Achaemenid Persian emperors. Sam & Qualis is an Australia based inspirational luxury cufflinks company that is dedicated to providing customers with meaningful pieces of cufflinks that will touch the heart at an affordable price. The company believes in producing smaller quantities of high-quality cufflinks that will last, rather than pumping out large numbers of less than perfect pieces. Each order is packed in an exclusive hand-wrapped signature gift box with great care. More information is available at the website at Sam & Qualis provides exquisite and unconventional designs, the materials used are of the highest quality which include exquisite materials like Stingray Leather, Sterling Silver, Onyx, Lapis Lazuli, Tiger Eye, Opal, Mother-Of-Pearl among others. Sam & Qualis uses CNC machining technology for making some masterpieces like Dalton, Geovanni and others.  Each Sam & Qualis cufflink is a special ornament, evoking class, character, and individuality in each and every detail. Some of Sam & Qualis best-seller cufflinks include: Sebastian - Revolutionary spirit and ingenious craftsmanship: a manifesto of Sam & Qualis' vision of contemporary cufflinks, where diabolo is introduced in an unconventional style (featured in Vogue). Lorenzo - The very soul of this pair is encapsulated in the visionary design and unbridled imagination. Enchanting deer cufflink in an antique finish like no other. Comes with a matching complimentary lapel pin. Gabriel - Wearing a cufflink was never that easy. Magnetic cufflink…the innovation you desire. Dalton - Iconic stingray inlay makes Dalton the most spectacular cufflink of modern times. Every element is designed to bring stingray’s profound soul to life (as seen in GQ Australia). Elias - A symbol of classic self-expression set in a masculine bezel with such distinguished craftsmanship, substance, and elegance. No matter what the personal style preferences of any man, there are fine cufflinks to suit anyone and any occasion. Not to be saved only for the most formal events, cufflinks are expressive and add an air of subtle sophistication to an ensemble. Born from Alexander Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo, cufflinks have now become a hallmark of men’s fashion – what a journey indeed.   # # #   World first report finds fashion critically lagging on animal welfare 2020-07-21T09:32:50Z world-first-report-finds-fashion-critically-lagging-on-animal-welfare Over the past 12 months, major clothing brands have responded to customer demands and announced animal welfare policies, but do they go far enough? New research from global animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS finds that the fashion industry comes up short between what they say and what is delivered, with only 21% of brands tracing even a portion of the animal derived materials for animal welfare.  FOUR PAWS has identified the first steps brands need, to take better care of animals and meet modern customer expectations. When the COVID-19 pandemic brought the fashion industry to a halt, it also delivered an opportunity for industry to take stock and consider its true impact. Whilst much of the debate on the social impacts of the fashion industry to date has focused on its environmental impact and how its workers are treated, customer concern for animals is growing exponentially. A 2019 You Gov poll found that 80% of Australians are concerned about the welfare and treatment of animals in at least one fashion category. Now more than ever, people are demanding that brands take responsibility for animals in their supply chains. FOUR PAWS research estimates that over two billion animals are used in the global fashion industry every year in the wool, fur, and leather industries alone, many of which suffer poor living conditions, brutal physical mutilation practices and chronic stress. To raise awareness and recognition of these fundamental issues, FOUR PAWS has developed the world’s first Animal Welfare in Fashion Report. “Animals are suffering for fashion, and shoppers want change. It’s time to make the treatment of animals used for fashion a priority, and recognise animal protection as an essential third pillar of ethical fashion,” said Jessica Medcalf, Head of Programmes at FOUR PAWS Australia and report contributor.  This report is based on a study of 77 leading Australian and global brands, with the majority owned by nine of the world’s top 20 publicly listed fashion companies which have an estimated market value of over US$550 billion. The FOUR PAWS Animal Welfare in Fashion Report assesses the extent to which companies are addressing animal welfare risks in their supply chains, with a focus on four key spotlight issues of material consideration – wool, down, exotic leather and fur. Using analytical rigour and evidence-based research, the report highlights the risks of animal-based supply chains in fashion, to animals and brands and retailers. While there have been efforts made by several brands on animal welfare, FOUR PAWS research has found that most brands lack: An awareness of animal welfare issues found in common textile supply chains. Only 38% of the fashion brands consider animal welfare risks to some degree in their supply chains and purchasing practices. Thorough and effective animal welfare policies. Just 25% of fashion brands have formal animal welfare policies in place to help safeguard animals from these risks. And just 9% of brands have both an animal welfare policy and meet at least three of five best practice animal welfare principles as set out by FOUR PAWS. Traceability in animal-based fashion supply chains, and end-to-end traceability overall. There is a real gap between what brand’s formal policies and statements say, and what they actually do. Only 35% of those with an animal welfare policy are tracing at least some of their animal-based materials, with more than half the brands demonstrating zero evidence of knowing anything about the animal-based textiles they source. Transparency to customers about where animal-based products come from and the welfare risks for the animals involved. Just 21% of brands implement assurance schemes which prioritise animal welfare i.e. certified wool and down.   But it is not all bad news, as there are many brands that have taken proactive steps forward. FOUR PAWS has also researched the key steps every responsible brand should take to minimise their risk, and maximise their ethical credentials. To integrate animal welfare in a sustainable fashion future, FOUR PAWS recommends that brands: 1. Need to cover the basics on animal welfare such as developing a robust animal welfare policy with a vision and an implementation plan, for how to achieve and monitor good animal welfare and transparency practices.2. Make a credible commitment to animal welfare, including the adoption of the best available certification systems, with the highest standard of animal care, to ensure traceability and be able to verify the brand’s claims made in relation to animal welfare. 3. Address, monitor and report on animal welfare risks in the supply chain, including the incorporation of animal welfare considerations in decisions by corporate social responsibility and compliance teams and departments involved in sourcing, purchasing and design. “The fashion industry must hold itself accountable for animal welfare in its transition towards sustainability and better corporate social responsibility,” said Medcalf. “Animal welfare considerations have been found to be particularly relevant to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to fashion. If the impact of the coronavirus outbreak this year and the SDGs are any indication, the difference over the next decade, between the good and the best performers in terms of ethical fashion, could be down to the brands who integrate animal welfare considerations in their supply chains versus those who do not.” “Shoppers have the right to know how the clothes they buy impact on animals. Brands should ensure they fully understand their supply chains and communicate their animal welfare practices clearly," said Gordon Renouf, chief executive officer at Good On You, consultation partners on the report. FOUR PAWS are confident this report will be a useful tool to support and highlight the progress of brands and industry to achieve more kindness to animals, and remains committed to working with brands and retailers in a collective effort to improve the world for animals, people and the environment. FOUR PAWS recommends brands download a copy of their Policy Development Guidelines for Animal Welfare in Textiles. “While we have a long way to go to improve conditions for the vast numbers of animals used in fashion, by working together, animal protection organisations, brands, retailers, producers and shoppers can all create a better world for animals,” said Medcalf. *** The Animal Welfare in Fashion Report is part of the FOUR PAWS global Wear it Kind campaign, raising awareness about key animal welfare issues in fashion and providing vital information to both fashion stakeholders and customers about how to create a fashion industry which values animals, people and the environment they share.The report can be downloaded here. In the past year, over 180,000 people have taken a FOUR PAWS animal welfare in fashion action. Head to today for more information. Convert Digital awarded Adobe’s coveted Magento Gold Status 2020-07-02T23:01:50Z convert-digital-awarded-adobe-s-coveted-magento-gold-status Leading eCommerce website development agency, Convert Digital, has achieved the coveted Magento Gold Status from Adobe. This accomplishment has been reached following the agency’s continuing work with the Magento 2 platform - platform that is incredibly robust and offers unrivalled flexibility and scalability.  “During the last few months, particularly with COVID-19, it’s no secret that online sales have leapt years ahead of schedule and with retailers having to respond quicker and more continuously than ever, our experience on Magento 2 gives the retailer and customer a tailored solution that helps make the overall experience easier,” said Andrew Waite, Managing Director of Convert Digital.  In the last 6 months alone, the agency has worked with over ten well- known brands on Magento Commerce such as: Stussy, Fashion BNKR, Carhartt WIP, Esmi Skin Minerals, Adornmonde, KeepCup and Universal Store.  Convert Digital’s strength is in being the architect on bespoke solutions for merchants in the APAC region who have complex business requirements around integration, cross border trade and growth. The experienced team is highly certified and works with the merchant to establish long-term roadmaps to ensure that their eCommerce solution grows with their business.  “We have worked closely on every iteration and version upgrade of Magento 2 since its release in November 2015. We were one of the first agencies to participate in the merchant beta program with Magento so our team is intimately familiar with the system, making us one of the top providers of the service in the country,” Waite added.  Akshay Bajpaee, Head of Commercia Partner Sales APAC, Adobe DX Commercial, added: “Convert Digital has elevated itself to be one of our most strategic go-to-market and implementation partners in the field of eCommerce. We are delighted to award them Gold Partner status within the Adobe Solution Partner Program recognizing their commitment to business growth and customer excellence. Convert’s reputation and experience lends to their incredible potential in creating the next wave of meaningful commerce experiences.” Magento Gold partners are regional companies that have earned the highest regional designation in a particular Adobe geographic area. 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Suitable for everyday wear, Zante, Enya, Sosa and Zack are the perfect accompaniment for a day out shopping or brunch with the girls.   For those planning a night on the town, Zeebra and Uli are two classic designs that are a must-have in any women’s winter wardrobe. Perfect paired with denim or a cute mini skirt, these offer a stylish day-night look with their micro suede upper and stretch fabric at the back for easy pull-on.   And for those looking for an all-purpose style, Dido is the boot of the season to take you anywhere you need to go. Featuring a round toe and zip detail, it will compliment any outfit choice.   Available in a range of faux leather materials and colourways, from black, tan, taupe and white, the new women’s boots collection from Verali really does have something for everyone, ensuring that women can stay on-trend and continue feeling fabulous throughout the winter.   In addition to the new women’s boots collection, Verali also offers a range of other stylish shoe choices, including wedges, flats, heels, workwear, sneakers and sandals.   Verali offers free shipping on all orders over $70, as well as a 10% discount for students (on student beans). Customers can also buy now, pay later with Afterpay.   To browse the full collection, visit     -ENDS-     Notes to Editors: For more information or comment, please contact: Name: Stephanie Turzi E-mail:   About Verali Shoes   Verali Shoes are a young at heart, fun loving brand for the girl who loves fashion and wants the latest looks fast. Our love for affordable vegan-conscious fashion and trend focused styling was where the brand concept for Verali was born. Established in 2005, Verali is now one of Australia’s most recognised youth footwear labels. 4 Dos & Don’ts for High-Quality Website Designs – Our Guide 2020-07-01T08:17:04Z 4-dos-amp-don-ts-for-high-quality-website-designs-our-guide When it comes to building a robust digital marketing strategy, one keyword that comes up time and time again is “high quality.” From social media marketing strategies to pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns, the need for impeccable quality and its relation to eventual success is evident. In the case of businesses all over Perth, only a few competitors recognise this greater need for utmost quality all over one’s digital marketing strategy. However, there’s one aspect that many still overlook: their web design. The importance of web design While it seems like a simple concept at first, the design of any website is interlinked with your digital marketing strategy because of the influence it holds on the potential for success. Whether it is at the top of the funnel or at the very bottom, this factor goes beyond merely being aesthetic. In fact, it’s the driving force for results-driven strategies in most cases. Fortunately, getting ahead of the competition by building a robust website design that’s guaranteed to see tremendous results isn’t as complex or complicated as you expect. If you’re looking to keep your web design on par with the baseline standards for success regardless of how tough the competition is, here are the dos and don’ts that you should not overlook. Read the full article 3 Web Design Trends to Watch Out for This 2020 2020-07-01T08:15:56Z 3-web-design-trends-to-watch-out-for-this-2020 With half of the year passing by quickly, you might still be looking for a crucial opportunity to take your operations up a notch and bounce back after the slowdown caused by COVID-19. As more businesses seek to revert back to their pre-lockdown workflows, it’s vital to ensure that you’re adapting as well. Between introducing more promos to bring your cash flow back to life and introducing safer ways to come back to your store, there is much to be done to get back on the path to continual growth and scaling. While there is an abundance of details that you’ll need to deal with in the coming months or weeks, there’s one question that you should ask yourself: “Is my web design up to par with the latest trends?” Why it’s important to have an updated website The field of web design is one that is continuously evolving as the matter of what constitutes an effective example changes along with shifting consumer preferences. In comparison with other business practices that don’t bear the same urgency, building a successful design that meets consumer expectations and gets the right results is a continuous process. Although it seems menial at first, brushing up on the latest trends in web design essentially equates to knowing what works and what won’t, which is an advantage for kickstarting your operations after the COVID-19 slump. Additionally, having an up-to-date web design is important because the Internet now has a greater grasp on what businesses need to succeed. 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