The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-09-20T22:46:29Z Proptech Start-up Yabonza on a rapid growth path with new acquisitions 2021-09-20T22:46:29Z proptech-start-up-yabonza-on-a-rapid-growth-path-with-new-acquisitions Dateline: Sydney, NSW, 20th Sept Yabonza has secured its first major Rent Roll acquisition, laying the foundation to acquire 5000 properties by early 2022. The new investor fund has raised 9.5m in the first series of capital and then has a mandate to provide subsequent funding on a healthy pipeline of rent rolls paving the way for Yabonza to become one of the largest Residential Real estate groups in 2022.  Yabonza will leverage capital from the Yabonza Rent Roll Fund to execute on its pipeline of acquisitions to supercharge growth in a market that has traditionally been slow and expensive to gain traction.  Yabonza is tapping into strong tailwinds of profitability pressure on legacy real estate businesses, a low yield environment and high demand for asset backed yield products; and strong demand from consumers for technology enabled experiences.  Gary Flowers, Chairman of Yabonza says; “The fund offers a great investor yield in its own right, and at the same time it’s a great story for the real estate industry too. Offering an exit strategy to agents to further consolidate the market. The growth for Yabonza from here is only going to be exponential’   Mark Trowell CEO of yabonza says;  ‘This is an exciting direction for us. Covid caused a number of funding channels to dry up for a lot of start-ups in 2020. With this change in direction and with the launch of the Yabonza Rent Roll Fund, it has allowed us to really super charge our growth plans and focus on our product offering to our customers’ -------------------------------- Yabonza is a high growth and high scale proptech business designed to revolutionize the residential property management industry. Yabonza is consolidating a large number of highly fragmented and inefficient legacy rent roll assets through a yield fund and utilising a unique proprietary technology platform and service delivery model to drive efficiency and a better experience for all stakeholders in residential property management.   The Yabonza Technology Platform and business model has been built and tested over the past 5 years with properties under management.  Established and proven business model servicing properties throughout 200 plus suburbs across all states and territories in Australia.  Property owners (landlords) access their dedicated Asset Manager available to support their property portfolio and maximize value on their assets through income, growth, and opportunities to capitalize on the market. With premium property services accessible for every owner and every tenant, Yabonza means better investment property. Boutique Builder Jackson Dwellings Provides Turnkey Luxury Home Solutions 2021-09-20T03:55:24Z boutique-builder-jackson-dwellings-provides-turnkey-luxury-home-solutions High-end earners don’t have to settle for an ordinary home with the services offered by Jackson Dwellings. The boutique builder creates luxury dream homes that feature elegance, sophistication and innovative design. Jackson Dwellings-built homes combine amenities that cater to every need and desire. Homes can be highlighted by private lifts, walk-in closets and Jacuzzis and spa bathrooms, along with gourmet kitchens, home theaters, gyms and game rooms. The boutique homes can also include technology-driven features, libraries, a wine cellar, and fully equipped home offices, all of which are combined with open floor plans. The home builder Macedon Ranges has the experience, expertise and specialization required to provide the custom materials and appliances that clients desire. Jackson Dwellings is unique in that the firm has developed its own innovative One-to-One Display featured in multiple media outlets. It allows clients to see exactly how their project will appear before construction even begins. A walkthrough can be created at the company’s projection center or via a 3D virtual experience. As a boutique company, the builder Macedon Ranges is revolutionizing the way that homes are built and how clients experience them. The firm is focused on personalized service and quality rather than quantity, enabling the company to provide its highly specialized services. The company’s Registered Builder, Cameron Jackson, maintains communication with clients via video texts, personal voice mail or Instagram throughout every step of the building process. The company delivers fixed-price quotes with no hidden fees and provides a 7-year structural warranty. The firm understands that clients don’t want to wait to occupy their dwelling and the turnkey homes can be completed within 10 months from the date the building permit is obtained. Jackson Dwellings builds custom homes and also provides renovations. The Gisborne builder can introduce clients to features of which they may not be aware to accommodate their personal lifestyle. Technology changes quickly. As a boutique builder, the firm creates homes that meets the needs of clients today and into the future. About Jackson Dwellings Since our launch in 2010, we’ve been dedicated to building luxury homes of exceptional quality, with a focus on excellent workmanship, open client communication and unrivaled professionalism. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram. Media Contact Jackson Dwellings Phone: 0412 286 008 7A Newry Dr. Gisborne, VIC 3437 Australia Website: Best Earrings for Sensitive Skin 2021-09-17T12:34:34Z best-earrings-for-sensitive-skin Best Earrings for Sensitive Skin | Silver Are you a fashion and jewellery lover that enjoys dressing up and pairing your gorgeous clothing with accessories that elevate your look? Earrings are a beautiful way to add flair and personality to both your everyday and special occasion outfits. While earrings are super fun to style, they can become difficult to incorporate into your daily routine if you have sensitive skin and ears. At Nina Zola, we think being stylish also means being comfortable and that’s why all our earrings are hypoallergenic. Interested in learning more about the best earrings for sensitive skin and our favourite selects? Let’s dive in. Hypoallergenic Silver Earrings Do you find that after a day of wearing earrings, your ears are red and irritated, and it makes you never want to wear those earrings again? The cause may be that you are allergic to the materials used to create them, often the incorporation of nickel is the problem. If you want to wear earrings all day every day without the hassle of irritation, hypoallergenic earrings are the way to go. They’re also a great option for loved ones that also suffer from the same problem, now you will also have a go-to gifting idea. When shopping for Silver earrings, we recommend opting for nickel-free and earrings that are 14K gold or rose gold plated or above or 925 sterling silver earrings. This will ensure that they are both high-quality and will be comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. At Nina Zola, all our earrings are available in three styles, 18K Gold plated, 18K Rose Gold plated and 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium plated so they are both hypoallergenic and lightweight making them the perfect option to complete your daily outfits!    Sterling Silver Earrings  Are you looking to accent and add eye-catching sparkle to your looks? Our range of stunning sterling silver earrings has something for all style aesthetics and all occasions. Now you can go from university or the office to events and nights out with ease and will make standout additions to your jewellery collection. Here are some of our favourite picks from our Nina Zola collection that we think you’ll love just as much as we do. Simply Brilliant  Are you a lover of classic understated style that is equally elegant and brilliant? Our Simply Brilliant premium quality sterling silver earrings are perfect for you. The clean minimalistic lines and the glistening stone will complete any outfit flawlessly. These earrings will become a timeless treasure and a daily essential for yourself or as a gift for a family member or dear friend. Joyful Pink  Do you consider butterflies to be your spirit animal? A beautiful and care-free part of nature, the butterfly symbolises transformation, inner beauty, and love. With its unique allure, our Joyful Pink sterling silver earrings are a fashion faithful from everyone from young girls to chic women. They will add a feminine touch to your look and feature an unexpected, beautiful stone in the butterfly wings for a bejewelled touch. Modern Chic Do you love a modern twist on a classic? Our Modern Chic stud available with either a light pink or blue stone features a beautiful handmade look. The unique appearance is your perfect accessory for everyday wear to dressing up for a night out. Show off both your sophisticated and fun side by adding some much-needed colour to a classic outfit or coordinate the stone with a colourful look. Beach Lover Add a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your jewellery collection with our Beach Lover sterling silver earrings. The delicate dangle chain threader earrings are accented with a graceful and meaningful beach inspired fish that adds an unexpected detail to the elegant style. If you have a few piercings, pair our Beach Lover earrings with our Simply Brilliant or Modern Chic styles for a gorgeous ear party.   At Nina Zola, we are so inspired by the women in our community, we love creating earrings and jewellery that fits your lifestyle, makes you feel beautiful and gives you the confidence to shine your light on the world. We hope you’ve found your new pair of favourite earrings! If you’re looking for more style inspiration, follow us along on Instagram at @ninazolabrand and tag us in your photos and videos wearing out designs, we’d love to see. The curious CMY Cubes 2021-09-17T07:46:31Z the-curious-cmy-cubes The most intriguing and satisfying toy explores the worlds of subtractive colour mixing and physics with its ever-changing spectrum of colours SYDNEY, Australia (September 17, 2021)—An intriguing new toy is taking the market by storm thanks to the hours of curiosity and enjoyment it brings to kids and adults alike. The CMY Cube explores colour subtraction, optics, and physics in a simple yet compelling way and has garnered rave reviews as both a toy for people of all ages or an interesting conversation piece as part of the decor in the office or at home. CMY Cubes launched their trademark cube and polyhedron-shaped objects in September 2020 and has seen an impressive demand for their products. Since its launch, CMY Cubes has increased its revenue by 1200%, demonstrating the public’s fascination with this magical object. Each face of CMY's cubes and polyhedrons is coated in electromagnetically subtractive materials, which at first appear as cyan, magenta, or yellow. As users move the object about and manipulate it into various shapes, new colour combinations appear, allowing users to explore the magic of optics, light, and physics at play in real time. The vast number of colour changes and possibilities have proved to be captivating, delivering endless enjoyment for those engaging with the toy. The CMY Cubes is the first product of its kind and has caught the attention of a vast market of consumers, making it a timeless toy that knows no bounds when it comes to age or interests. From kids to adults, hobbyists and teachers, and people with learning difficulties, CMY Cubes are an intriguing and beautiful gift any recipient will enjoy. "Our goal is to be a household name across the world and to have everyone from kids to gen pop, hobbyists, educators and people with developmental disabilities to find inspiration from the beauty of subtractive colour mixing,” said Enzo Gonzalez, CMY Cubes co-founder and product engineer. In creating each of the brand’s solid shapes, product developers looked to the knowledge and wisdom of the ancient Greeks, landing on products crafted in the shape of the five Platonic solids. These shapes, Greek thinkers claimed, make up the core patterns of all physical creation. In addition to The Original Cube and Cube Stand, four other product offerings are currently available in CMY’s lineup. They include The Aether, The Cube Presence, The Mundus, and The Collectors Pack, featuring three of the Platonic solids in original or mini sizes. Additional products are forthcoming in early October, including The Motus, The Ignis, and The Ultimate Pack, which features all five Platonic solids. For those looking to become a brand ambassador for CMY Cubes, the company offers an affiliate program. Affiliates can earn commissions for advertising CMY Cubes' products and making successful referrals that result in purchases. To learn more about CMY Cubes and to purchase the most interesting and satisfying toy on the market, visit Deborah Hutton releases range of Australian made UPF50+ hats after surviving second skin cancer surgery 2021-09-17T00:34:19Z deborah-hutton-releases-range-of-australian-made-upf50-hats-after-surviving-second-skin-cancer-surgery Deborah Hutton knows how harmful the Australian UV rays are, following skin cancer surgery to remove two basal cell carcinomas from her face in mid 2020, the Australian media personality landed in the spotlight after sharing dramatic images of her skin graft, prior to the removal of her stitches. A chance meeting with the specialist sun hat supplier, RIGON headwear, led to the idea of Deborah creating a range of her own signature UPF 50+ hats that would give more than just shade protection for herself and others, who are passionate about sun protection and preventing skin cancer. Deborah was to learn that the hats she was wearing were not giving the proper protection she needed. The strong Australian UV rays were still penetrating the material,” explains Deborah, “I had just assumed that any hat gave you full protection from the sun.” Canopy Bay by Deborah Hutton is the result of months of design and research, culminating in a range of stylish hats, made in Australia, of UPF50+ sun-protective material that offer a sophisticated solution for every outdoor lifestyle. The range features fabrications made for travelling such as the patented Flexibraid®, an innovative flexible material which is crush resistant, water-friendly, lightweight and hard wearing.  Rigon, a family-owned company, based on the NSW Central Coast have been making quality headwear for decades, “Rigon enabled me to design this beautiful range for people like me who want to maintain an active lifestyle, whether it be walks in the sun, a day at the beach, a country hike, picnics, a day on a boat or a round of golf.”  Deborah was adamant on producing a range which was functional, easy to wash, rain proof and comfortable. Most hats in the Canopy Bay collection conveniently pack flat and regain shape at the other end. Importantly, they leave no hat mark on the forehead when removed, due to the internal ComfyFit size adjuster which also keeps the hat securely on your head, even in a gale. From the Trilby style ‘Paros’, to the ‘Bronte’ beach hat and the Panama shaped ‘Bonville’, Deborah has designed a range which follows her own personal interests, including golf.   There is also a stunning wide brim hat ‘Carla’ named in memory of designer friend, Carla Zampatti, who sadly passed away while the range was being designed. I wanted to acknowledge her enormous contribution to Australian fashion and felt this was a suitable way to remember her, having known her since I started modelling in the early 80’s,” elaborates Hutton.  After revealing her personal skin cancer journey, Deborah was inundated with support, “it was a very humbling experience from the sharing of personal stories, to the outreach from organisations focused on skin cancer awareness, protection and cure,” reveals Deborah, “I wanted to make it my mission to share the message that your favourite hat may not be doing its job, and a UPF 50+ material is proven to be more sun protective in  blocking the harsh rays of the sun.” Canopy Bay by Deborah Hutton is available at and in selected retail stores from today, September 15, 2021, ranging in price from RRP$95.00 to RRP$195.00.  Link to campaign imagery: Canopy Bay by Deborah Hutton CampaignLink to still life imagery: Canopy Bay by Deborah Hutton Still Life ABOUT DEBORAH HUTTON Deborah Hutton is one of Australia’s most acknowledged and respected media personalities. Through an accomplished career working alongside iconic Australian companies, Deborah Hutton is one person who is able to influence the Australian public and continually exude a persona of trust, intelligence and loyalty. Deborah Hutton is an Australian household name, Australians look to Deborah Hutton as a barometer of good taste, style and professional achievement. Deborah Hutton’s career began when she graced the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine at the age of sixteen and since then has become a household name and much-loved personality. From starting her career as the face and ambassador for MYER Department Stores, going on to host multiple Lifestyle programs for the Nine Network, Deborah was for more than ten years an editor for the top circulating magazine, Australian Women’s Weekly. In keeping with her desire for continual reinvention Deborah’s interest in the area of personal wellbeing has resulted in her new on-line platform Balance by Deborah Hutton. Facing 50 and the shock of being diagnosed with a serious skin cancer, Deborah spent more than a year assessing and redefining herself and realised along the way, women not only needed support but also wanted to connect and talk. Balance by Deborah Hutton is an on-line community giving women access to coaches and experts in all aspects of life, from health and wellbeing to career and finance.   After surviving her first facial skin cancer over 9 years ago, and subsequently recovering from her second scare in 2020, Deborah’s advocacy and commitment to skin cancer awareness and education has been solidified with her Sun-Safe Ambassadorship for La Roche-Posay and her Brand Ambassadorship with The Skin Hospital. Deborah aligns herself with life-saving initiatives and brands such as these because she is passionate about helping others and proud to be associated with experts in their field. CONTACT Adam Worling Public Relations Director AWPR M: 0411 573 493             E: Rug Addiction is a Popular Resource for Quality Oversized Rugs Australia 2021-09-16T09:32:07Z rug-addiction-is-a-popular-resource-for-quality-oversized-rugs-australia People purchase rugs for a variety of purposes. Tamara Thompson, owner of Rug Addiction, also knows how disparate personal preferences and tastes can be when shopping for rugs. The shop’s extensive range of rugs, shapes, styles, colors, patterns and materials has made it one of the most popular resources for rugs, runners and decorative cushions. Customers can select from rugs in 11 different categories, with 14 color variations and combinations. Rugs encompass 7 interior design styles in 5 material compositions. Excluding runners, consumers can choose from 5 sizes. Collectively, over 1,000 different size options are available to accommodate a myriad of requirements. The range of selections at Rug Addiction accommodates any need. Modern rugs Melbourne are stylish, add warmth to rooms, and are an affordable option for updating décor. Rugs are a practical way to reduce sound and insulate floors. They’re also beneficial for reducing slip and fall injuries and available in luxurious handmade and hand-woven styles. Runner rugs Australia are highly sought for spacious rooms and for placing under furnishings. Rug Addiction features one of the largest selections of oversized rugs available. Rugs are stain-resistant, create a foundation of relaxed luxury, and lends sophistication to any room. Classic motifs and traditional designs have been updated to reflect today’s modern and contemporary preferences. Rugs are more than simple floor coverings. They’re works of art in their own right and provide long-term value. The offerings at Rug Addiction reflect multiple décor styles. An additional benefit of rugs is that if individuals decide to relocate, they can simply roll up their rugs and take them to their new home. Customers can shop Rug Addiction in person or buy floor rugs online Australia at the company’s website in synthetic, eco-friendly, and blended materials. Imported from throughout Arab nations and Europe, the rugs are highly durable and have earned a reputation for maximum quality. Payment plans are available and many of the store’s collections have been featured in multiple media outlets. About Rug Addiction When Tamara Thompson started Rug Addiction in 1993, she wanted to take her love for quality floor rugs and interior design and share it with the world. At Rug Addiction, we follow her philosophy so that with every piece we source through leading Australia’s importers of floor rugs, you can have a slice of her fascination at home with you. Tamara is an expert with 27 years of experience in sourcing designer rugs and the company’s brand ambassadors, Kerrie and Spence from the hit show “The Block” support our philosophies and taste for good interiors. Connect with us on Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo. Media Contact Rug Addiction 129 High St. Kangaroo Flat, VIC 3555 Website: AlphaFit Launches the Core Belt Squat – Innovative Product for Lower Body Training 2021-09-16T00:07:56Z alphafit-launches-the-core-belt-squat-innovative-product-for-lower-body-training Gold Coast – September 16, 2021 – The first of its kind to market, this plate loaded cable belt squat machine enables gym users to train several lower body or athletic leg movements without placing unnecessary stress on their shoulders, spine or lower back. Designed and engineered in Australia with peak performance and aesthetics in mind, this product is guaranteed to be the centrepiece of any commercial gym, specialty strength or rehab facility. The Core Belt Squat is a massive drawcard for weightlifters, powerlifters and athletes nursing back pain or shoulder injuries. It aids in increasing muscular hypertrophy in the legs without placing heavy pressure on the back and spine. Athletes with restrictions from axial loading spinal compression or rehabbing from shoulder, elbow or wrist discomfort can safely load the glutes, hamstrings and calf muscles to continue building strength despite their upper body limitations. Sure to become an indispensable piece of equipment in any commercial gym, AlphaFit’s Core Belt Squat has been designed in collaboration with athletes and high-performance coaches to ensure it accommodates different types of users and their individual training needs. This compact unit features a 1.2m x 1.2m training platform, 15kg trolley with an incorporated safety catch, dual linear shaft cable system, multi-grip handles, 250kg pin load capacity, 14 drop stop adjustments, and HDPE lined band hooks for resistance training. The generously sized training platform features a replaceable anti-slip rubber surface for maximum stability. Its dimensions allow athletes to comfortably complete squats, lunges, marches and deadlifts uninhibited. While developed predominantly for lower body training, one of the advantages of the AlphaFit Belt Squat is its high degree of versatility—it allows users to perform a solid variety of different movements with extra equipment. Athletes can connect grips and attachments via the carabiner to perform supplementary upper body cable movements within the 1.2m cable pull length.  Like no other on the market, the Core Belt Squat features an unmatched level of safety features for peace of mind when squatting. The adjustable drop stop ensures each user will find a safe and comfortable base position for their lowest range of movement. Another important design feature is the trolley’s safety catch. It offers users the ability to lock the loaded or unloaded trolley quickly and easily in 20 different height positions by pulling on the safety handle. This feature is especially important for users under fatigue mid set or who have overestimated their lifting capacity. The Core Belt Squat is designed and manufactured with the highest degree of quality from AlphaFit’s Gold Coast facility. All their Australian made gym equipment is available in a variety of colours at no additional cost. Local manufacturing allows AlphaFit to have complete control over the quality, turn-around and customisation of such products, enabling them to service customers like no other supplier. A belt squat machine could be one of the best investments a gym owner can make. By taking the upper body out of the equation, the Core Belt Squat provides athletes of all kinds the option to perform squats with optimum posture, balance and stability in total safety. This product is the first in the new range of plate loaded machines AlphaFit plans to release in the coming months. For more information on this product, visit our website: To see the Core Belt Squat in use, visit the YouTube video here: AlphaFit is Australia’s largest and leading manufacturer of premium strength and conditioning, functional and customisable specialist fitness equipment. With over 20 years of steel manufacturing experience, the Australian-owned and operated family business is recognised for its high-quality steel fitness products, fast turnaround times and expansive custom branding options for gyms. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Lindsay Howard, Marketing Manager, on 07 5574 4975, or email Graphic design is so much more than just a pretty picture. 2021-09-15T03:06:01Z graphic-design-is-so-much-more-than-just-a-pretty-picture Graphic design Wollongong. It’s the surefire way to ensuring your business stands out from the rest of the Wollongong crowd through beautiful, well-designed creative. Everyone loves a pretty brand with fun social media graphics, right? But any graphic designer Wollongong-way will tell you design is so much more than just creating graphics that look great. Graphic design services are all about creating a visual experience for your customers that makes your brand and business sing. It’s not just about making things look beautiful, it’s also about conversion.  We understand that Wollongong businesses are as unique and as their owners. As such, we know the local market and are always on the hunt for companies looking to partner with us to develop winning marketing strategies. Effective Wollongong graphic design will increase interest in your business and your product or service, to ultimately encourage your audience to take the next step in the sales process - enquiring, adding it to the checkout, buying. Driving conversions and increasing return on investment is just one of the benefits of working with graphic designers that are well-versed in both marketing and design.  At pepperit, our graphic design services hinge on our mandate for authentic marketing. We’ll take your graphic design Wollongong project to where it needs to be, based on what you feel is right for your brand. Our talented designers have a special knack for bridging the gap between business and design – we transform strategy into a tangible beauty. Let’s chat about how we can turn your vision into a reality.  Nicole Shelley Head of Marketing pepperit. t. 02 9327 7775 Local councils and community organisations are poised to create jobs in communities 2021-09-14T06:15:58Z local-councils-are-poised-to-create-jobs-in-communities Residents and communities can rally together and support struggling small businesses by buying local and helping local solopreneurs and even jobseekers start businesses.  Volunteers and community interest groups can help small business owners and solopreneurs with tasks like social media marketing. These community activities create much-needed jobs. They revive and stimulate struggling economies, businesses, and households caused by the pandemic. Job seekers in the community can also create job opportunities by networking and connecting with local businesses and employers.  Job creation is made possible with CommunityCONNECT, a multi-language geo-location platform. This platform enables individuals and business owners to connect, buy local, and support local businesses, to help others in need, to find job opportunities, and it could be used for networking and volunteering.  More than just a static online directory that is commonly seen, our multi-language platform empowers residents from all backgrounds and ethnicities to connect and be active in communities.  Our real-time geo-location map can determine where and what services and products are on offer, and who is making the connection at a click of a button. It is like a business or community directory on steroids! Local councils, community and professional organisations, business owners, job seekers, and even volunteers can use CommunityCONNECT to create and maintain their community connections and support one another to survive and thrive in challenging times that is brought about by the pandemic. About us CreateMyJob is a for-impact social enterprise born out of the need to connect and empower local communities to survive and thrive in a post-pandemic world through the proactive creation of jobs. Media contact Visit Fresh Soup Brand DariKay Rebranding to DARI'S 2021-09-14T05:19:34Z fresh-soup-brand-darikay-rebranding-to-dari-s FRESH SOUP BRAND DARIKAY REBRANDING TO DARI’S  Australia’s leading freshly made soup brand DariKay is changing its name to DARI’S, with a brand-new look including a new logo, colours, and new ‘Feel at Home’ tagline.   The rebranded DARI’S Soups will start to appear in Woolworths chillers in September, followed by Coles and independent retailers from November, phasing out the old DariKay packaging through a gradual roll-out.   The rebrand from DariKay to DARI’S celebrates the real people behind the soups – Dari and Yehiel Kaplan and family. The couple started their Dari’s Kitchen food business in their home kitchen in 2004, beginning with Pilpel dips, followed by DariKay fresh, small batch soups in 2007, which has grown to become Australia’s top chilled soup brand.   All soup recipes are developed, tried, and tested by Yehiel, using his skills as a chef to create a range of flavours to suit different taste preferences and dietary needs. The soups are stocked by major supermarkets and independent retailers across Australia.  Dari Kaplan, co-founder, says: “Our soup rebrand to DARI’S is a big change but a very exciting one. We felt that DARI’S better connects us to our consumers, it lets people know that a real family is making these soups, to our recipes, just like we do at home.   “It’s the same DariKay soup that people know and love – the flavours, size, and ingredients are exactly the same - but with a new look and a new name, that reflects who we are.”  A major part of the rebrand is the launch of a new website,, which has photographs from the Kaplan family albums and tells the story of how Dari and Yehiel’s business began.  Dari adds: “People can now get a glimpse into our family and how we started all those years ago, with our children as our taste testers, and our little kitchen blender. We’re very proud of how we started because that is how we got here. We hope that when people share a DARI’S soup, they feel the love and care of our family, because that’s what we’re all about, and that will never change.”  The flavours of the new rebranded DARI’S Soups will remain the same as the current DariKay soup line-up. There are 13 fresh soups in the range including vegetarian, poultry, meat, and seafood varieties, with gluten-free, dairy-free, and preservative-free options.   The soups are made in small batches at the family’s kitchen HQ in Marrickville, New South Wales, using carefully selected quality ingredients such as free-range chicken and aged beef brisket. Flavours in the range include Chicken Noodle, Chicken & Corn, Beef & Barley, Mushroom, Lentil, and Spicy Prawn.  For detailed nutrition information, soup ingredients, stockist details, and soup FAQs, visit DARI’S Soups are 550g and have an RRP of between $6 and $9 depending on individual retailer pricing and offers.  ENDS   Press information: Nevo Kaplan, Marketing Executive, Dari’s Kitchen. Tel: 02 9557 3337, Email   ·     About Dari and Yehiel Kaplan:   Dari and Yehiel Kaplan are the founders of the Dari’s Kitchen food company and its brands: Pilpel Fine Foods, Dari’s Table, and DARI’S Soups (previously known as DariKay), which are sold across Australia in Coles and Woolworths supermarkets and independent retailers.   The couple started their business at home in 2004, using Yehiel’s expertise as a chef and his food industry experience in restaurants and catering to create their highly successful Pilpel dips range. Expansion into soups followed, with DariKay soups launched in 2007.   After years of organic growth to become the top chilled soup brand in Australia, DariKay soup is now being rebranded to DARI’S, to represent the family at the heart of the company. For more information, visit Haus introduces range of residential stacking and sliding doors 2021-09-14T04:27:34Z haus-introduces-range-of-residential-stacking-and-sliding-doors Adelaide, SA – 14/09/2021 - Haus Windows & Doors provide residential aluminium sliding and stacking doors in Adelaide, making it a perfect choice for Australian consumers and developers. Their range of aluminium doors offer unique combination of strength, quality and aesthetics.  Haus Aluminium doors supplied in Adelaide are the ideal choice for glazed openings in your house. Residential aluminium sliding and stacking doors opens to two-thirds of its width and seamlessly connect your home to outdoor open space. This type of stacking doors are available in two, three, four or six-panel configuration. These panels are accessible up to 2700mm high and 1500mm wide subject to site conditions.  Haus Windows & Doors offer a wide range of standard colours and finish. You can also get some information about our custom alternatives and door installation provided in Adelaide to extend beyond our standard range. Aluminium stacking doors & window ranges offered by us in Adelaide, are dependable all throughout the year regardless of any weather conditions in summer or winter. Also, you will likewise appreciate the savings on your energy costs, which is both useful for you and the concerning global climatic conditions.  Aluminium stacker doors are a great way to create space in your home. If you are a party lover or love to invite your friends and family to your home for catch-ups, then stacking doors are the best choice. It will create more space for your guest to mingle between both indoor and outdoor. Stacking doors have a faultless design permitting accessibility and flow within the house. What sets Haus stacking doors apart is the clean aesthetic design, effortless movement and graceful operation.  You can genuinely feel a sense of harmony after introducing Haus’s Aluminium stacking and sliding doors at a chosen spot in your home or office space. Just let them know a particular glass type that you have in mind and they will source it for you in a greater quality and within quickest time possible. Adelaide Designer Windows introduces new range of Doors and Windows 2021-09-14T04:17:45Z adelaide-designer-windows-introduces-new-range-of-doors-and-windows-1 Adelaide, SA - 14/09/2021 - Adelaide Designer Windows introduces a new range of energy efficient and uniquely styled Aluminium windows and doors in Adelaide. Their product ranges are designed to the highest standards using a range of quality Aluminium material rigorously tested with Australian industry standards and are committed to beautiful designs. Their doors are a versatile option for any residential or commercial space for the plethora of customisable options it provides. For example, the classic two-three or four-panel sliding aluminium door is the company’s most unique configuration and is known to work excellently for larger openings. Adelaide Designer Windows (ADW) in Adelaide also specialise in several other aluminium doors and windows like the corner sliding doors. The cavity stacking sliding aluminium door is one of the most innovative products, as it saves space and minimizes obstacles by having panels that open up into a wall.  So why would you choose Adelaide Designer Windows’ sliding aluminium doors when there are other windows and doors manufacturers in Adelaide?  ADW’s technical knowledge within the Aluminium Windows and Door Industry ensures a quality and tailored solution to every project. They are regarded as the best sliding aluminium door and window provider in Adelaide and are known for using high standard and best quality of aluminium for windows and doors. ADW offer premium stacking door for those looking for superior quality, style and colour. Their specialists have first-hand knowledge and experience in building products that can handle harsh weather conditions.  All products are made to the highest standard, are Australian-made, and are fully certified and tested. If you are looking for a boutique provider of excellently designed, custom-made sliding aluminium doors for your home or commercial project - Adelaide Designer Windows (ADW) is the one to go for. Sydney-based Author Writes Children’s Book about Social Distancing 2021-09-14T01:08:06Z sydney-based-author-writes-children-s-book-about-social-distancing Contact name: Jamie Kennedy   Publisher: Brave Moon Publishing Phone: +61 435 792 822 Email: Website: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sydney, NSW – Who is the wombat in the mask? A new children’s book (reader’s age 5 - 10 years old) has been published in Australia and it is everything that parents have been looking for during these challenging times. Written by Sydney-based American expat Jamie Brooke, the book is told from the perspective of an illustrated wombat named Wilbert and other loveable characters Wendy the Wallaby and Ken the Kangaroo. The new ebook version launches to the public 24 September 2021. What’s unique and special about this series is that the stories parallel challenging events happening in our world today. “I wanted to find a way to explain to children the hardships we’re all facing today while teaching empathy, sharing hope and building community along the way,” shared Jamie. Writer and holistic health advocate Jamie Brooke originally set out to write the book as a unique birthday gift for her niece and nephew, but was later approached to publish the book as part of a series that includes Wilbert the Wombat Saves the Day. Now with the two books published in the USA, UK and Australia, Jamie is excited to share these messages of hope and community mindset with a larger audience. Saves the Day and Social Distances are available on Amazon and at 10% of proceeds go to WIRES Wildlife Rescue, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to rescuing and caring for Australian wildlife. For wholesale enquiries, visit Ingram or go directly through Brave Moon Publishing  Note to the editors: Should you require additional details, please contact: or call (61) 435 792 822 About the author, Jamie Brooke: Jamie Brooke is a storyteller, yogi, and animal lover, who believes in doing what you love and exploring what sparks your curiosity. As a kid, Jamie would spend countless hours with her teddy bears lined up in a row, reading books to what she was sure was a very captive audience. The teddy bears may have long since been donated to new homes, but Jamie’s innate love for storytelling still holds strong to this day. Now as an expert storyteller, Jamie teaches the power of story through her writings and teachings. She has a Psychology degree and is a certified yoga teacher, using her education to dive into the science and art of storytelling through visual, oral and written content. Originally from California USA, Jamie now lives in Sydney Australia with her husband Jason. She loves home-cooked meals, traveling and chocolate, naturally. ENDS Direct Quotes from Author “Writing has always been really important to me, and I wanted to find a way to help my niece and nephew learn what they could do to take care of themselves and others during challenging times.”  “It’s gratifying to hear from parents saying the books have brought them and their kids joy, understanding and empathy during these challenging times. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.” “I think Wilbert, in a way, represents all of us; how many of us tend to keep to ourselves, and spend a lot of our time with our immediate family and friends. But I would hope that Wilbert inspires us all, if given the chance to help our community, to also go above and beyond to help out.” Direct Reviews "A heart-warming story about our new favourite character, Wilbert! This book teaches the importance of taking care of yourself and others. It is a wonderful tool to help explain illnesses, and the pandemic to little ears." - Caitlyn Wallinger, Author of Mother Mule   “This book packs bright illustrations and an easy-to-follow story that kept our son engaged. The message helped us explain social distancing to him in a fun way that he could understand. I highly recommend.” – Ryan (starred review)   “Learn about Australian animals and how to be a friend and help your community, especially during tough times. Very topical, well-written and illustrated, so much to love about this charming book.” – Rosalie (starred review) EarthCheck extends global sustainability partnership 2021-09-10T01:31:48Z earthcheck-extends-global-sustainability-partnership BRISBANE, QLD, AUSTRALIA – Friday, 10 September 2021 EarthCheck the world’s leading scientific benchmarking, certification and advisory group for travel and tourism has extended its global network of partners by welcoming, Belmond, the LVMH owned luxury hospitality and leisure collection into the EarthCheck Certified program. EarthCheck works in over 70 countries across the globe with some of the world’s leading hospitality and hotel brands and destinations. The holistic program allows a client to apply sustainability and circularity principles to the design, construction, operation and refurbishment of assets which sit across the tourism and travel supply chain. EarthCheck provides Belmond with credible and evidence-based science. In a luxury world all about experiences, they now have access to scientific data to support their business planning and decisions, guaranteeing they meet the needs of the new carbon economy. There is now a heightened awareness of climate change following 18 months of global reflection and the release of the recent IPCC report which has called for urgent action by both industry and policy makers. EarthCheck provides easy to use tools and reporting templates that help operators to understand and plan for risk management, decarbonisation, and net-zero road maps.  EarthCheck’s CEO and founder, Stewart Moore, says of the partnership with Belmond, “I am delighted to welcome a brand leader such as Belmond to the EarthCheck family. This offers a unique opportunity to work together to help deliver responsible and authentic travel products and experiences. Travel can be a force for good and Belmond are positioning themselves to lead the way, ensuring that sustainability is core to their future.” After a global pause for the industry, Stewart says “it is also heartening to see a return to a focus on the sustainable design, construction and operation of tourism infrastructure”, he refers to the investment and commitment that Belmond have made, not only to the EarthCheck Certification of their current portfolio, but to their pragmatic and innovative approach to their ongoing sustainable design and renovation of their hotels, resorts, vessels and trains.   Merindah Botanicals Emerges from Award-Winning Beginning 2021-09-10T00:08:23Z merindah-botanicals-emerges-from-award-winning-beginning On the back of a number of industry accolades, fresh product developments and unprecedented growth, award-winning Australian skincare company Embalm Skincare has officially re-launched as Merindah Botanicals. Based in Launceston, Tasmania, Merindah Botanicals produces hypoallergenic skincare products that restore a clear and glowing complexion for busy women with sensitive skin. The company has often been recognised for products including the Pampering Body Lotion, Luxurious Face Cream and the Invigorating Body Scrub. According to Merindah Botanicals Director (Embalm Skincare founder) Mel Driver, much like its predecessor, Merindah Botanicals will to continue to help cultivate beautiful skin, and preserve it in its best possible condition all while using ethically sourced ingredients. “Although the outside might be changing, nothing about the products will be,” she explained. “Our formulations will be the same that have won us 27 awards since 2013.” Ms Driver said the re-brand to Merindah Botanicals better encompassed the company’s purpose, vision and mission. “To put it simply, as a business we’re growing, evolving and blossoming, so we wanted our branding reflect that. “The word Merindah means ‘beautiful’ in the language of our indigenous people, and botanicals are key ingredients used in our products to restore a healthy, natural glow to the skin. “Merindah Botanicals reiterates both our commitment to the history and traditions of Australia and the natural wild beauty of the outback that we all love, along with the 100% natural ingredients that you will find in every one of our products,” Ms Driver added. Along with its fresh new face, Merindah Botanicals has also introduced a True Beauty Club community, where like-minded members do not only receive exclusive offers, access to discounts and VIP masterclasses, but are encouraged to be bold, be beautiful and “most importantly just be themselves”, according to Ms Driver. “Merindah Botanicals' mission is built on the belief that every woman deserves to look good and feel beautiful. “We empower women to feel beautiful and encourage them to believe in themselves. To believe that they can do anything, to dream big and reach for the stars.” She said the True Beauty community was about helping women go on a journey from self-conscious to self-confident. “At Merindah Botanicals we believe anything is possible. What drives us is our passion for transforming the beauty industry into one that empowers all women to discover their true beauty. “It’s time to Be Bold. Be Confident. Be Beautiful.” Ms Driver encourages all women to join the True Beauty revolution with the hashtag #IAMATRUEBEAUTY and to check out the company’s new website at