The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-01-17T22:49:29Z Ascend the new star of PGG Wrightson Seeds Annual Ryegrass Portfolio 2018-01-17T22:49:29Z ascend-the-new-star-of-pgg-wrightson-seeds-annual-ryegrass-portfolio PGG Wrightson Seeds have released a fast-establishing annual ryegrass called Ascend to replace their popular Winter Star II variety. PGG Wrightson Seeds, National Sales & Marketing Manager, Cameron Henley says Ascend offers exceptional seedling vigour and improved early winter production and the decision to replace Winter Star II with Ascend was made following extensive trials across Australia. “Winter Star II was a market leader for many years in late maturing annual ryegrasses and was always a popular choice for farmers, providing consistent quality winter feed,” Cameron explained. “Farmers were telling us that they really loved Winter Star II and that it provided them with exactly the sort of grazing and forage opportunities they were after, but if we could improve it in one way they would like it to come to its first grazing a bit quicker.” Based on this feedback, PGG Wrightson Seeds invested significantly in researching and developing a faster-establishing annual ryegrass. “The whole reason behind developing Ascend was farmer driven – the product was developed in direct response to listening to farmers,” Cameron said. “Ascend captures what we desired in breeding this grass – it is something that jumps up very quickly like a rocket and that is why we chose the name.” Ascend also offers farmers improved rust tolerance and excellent dry matter production from autumn to late spring. It also has finer leaves and is more densely tillered to improve its grazing performance. “Rust is strongly associated with poor quality pasture and any pastures which are free of rust are far more usable and palatable for animals than pasture that contain rust,” Cameron explained. “We have also seen farmers getting one or two earlier grazings using Ascend, compared to when they were using Winter Star II and with its denser tillering Ascend fills out quickly providing exceptional ground cover.” Ascend is suitable for famers looking for highly flexible forage options. “Ascend is suited for farmers seeking to increase their home-grown winter pasture production from autumn into late spring – whether for grazing or cutting for silage or hay,” Cameron said. “Ascend is able to offer multiple forage options because it establishes early but matures late in the season. You can be grazing early through the year and then cut for silage or hay late in spring - it is a very flexible pasture option.” Cameron said Ascend is the result of a very long breeding and evelopment programme. “It typically takes ten years to breed and trial a new grass before releasing it to farmers. So you can be assured that Ascend is one of the best annual ryegrasses available.” “For farmers that have been using Winter Star II in the past they should feel confident in moving to the next model in Ascend and for those farmers who are seeking a fast establishing and highly productive annual grass to increase their home grown feed they should give Ascend a go.” For more information on how Ascend tetraploid annual ryegrass can improve your pasture production, contact your local PGG Wrightson Seeds’ Pasture Seed Agronomist as listed at or call 1800 619 910. - Ends - Media Enquiries: C7EVEN Communications Kate Munsie Adam Arndell (02) 6766 4513 / 0421 935 843 (02) 6766 4513 / 0403 372 889 Photo Captions: Cameron Henley, National Sales & Marketing Manger at PGG Wrightson Seeds Australia Ascend Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass closeup Ascend Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass Scientists take off their white coats and head bush 2017-12-04T05:35:16Z scientists-take-off-their-white-coats-and-head-bush Scientists take off their white coats and head bush Scientists are leaving the big cities for rural Australia in a bid to ensure the products they develop are well matched to producer’s needs. A team of seventeen scientists from Virbac Australia’s Research and Development Team recently travelled to Bathurst and Orange in New South Wales to get closer to resellers and producers. Over the course of three days the team visited several stores, farms and the Australian National Field Day at Borenore. “Although we have an active and relevant new product portfolio it is important that the people who develop and support our products understand our market. We need to be developing products that really make a difference to productivity and ultimately the farm’s bottom line,” said Dr Robert Dempster, Director Research and Development, Virbac Australia. “Our scientists go back to basics when they visit properties and field days in rural Australia. They put their boots on and get a chance to work with cattle and sheep. We get a chance to ask how animal health fits in with the priorities of resellers and producers. We also get to sample the trends occurring in market, for example the increasing use of automated handling equipment on sheep farms. “Some of the more significant points raised by farmers during the Virbac scientist’s visit to Borenore was the need for better options for producers in getting their cattle and sheep through periods of drought, products that are effective against resistant strains of worms, as well as products that offer more convenience. “This is something our scientists have taken back to the labs to test and trial new and better solutions for the tough conditions our producers face. “Farmers were keen to discuss upcoming and available options for parasite treatment – and were keen to let us know how our new Tridectin 3-Way Oral Drench for Sheep is being received”, Dr Dempster said. Launched in September 2017, Tridectin relies on three active ingredients from the major drench families, which means fewer worms and eggs, as well as less pasture contamination – which reduces the overall requirement for increased drenching and therefore decreases the rate of selection for resistance. As the project lead in the product development of Tridectin, Aimy Johnston, New Product Development Project Manager at Virbac Australia, explains Tridectin delivers a market leading export slaughter interval (ESI) of just 17 days – eleven days shorter than other combination drenches – and is the only oral combination drench containing Moxidectin. This new class of combination drench continues to kill susceptible barber’s pole worm and small brown stomach worm for 14 days after drenching. “As the New Product Development Project Manager, it is a fantastic experience to get out to the stores and meet our customers. Having worked on the development of Tridectin for over five years, I was thrilled to see the product in prime position in the stores and humbled by the appreciative comments we received from store staff and producers" Aimy says. Virbac Australia invests approximately five percent of annual turn-over back into research and development – that accounts for millions of dollars directed to products that are pivotal to farm production and quality. This local investment in new products for Australian sheep and beef is supported by a global investment in new companion animal products. Dr Dempster adds, “we’ve been working with Australian farmers for 30 years now – and we’re proud to be working at grass roots level with primary producers. We now carry the Australian Made Logo on many of our products which are made in one of our three manufacturing plants in NSW”. We’ll continue to work with producers – on their farms and at the agricultural field days around Australia and we’re grateful for their important input to ensure the new products we launch in the future meet their needs,” said Dr Dempster. - Ends - Media Enquiries: C7EVEN Communications Kate Munsie Adam Arndell (02) 6766 4513 / 0421 935 843 (02) 6766 4513 / 0403 372 889 Photo Captions: Virbac R&D staff on a sheep farm near Bathurst, NSW. The Virbac R&D team on-site at the Australian National Field Day, Borenore, NSW. Virbac Australia challenge producers in 12 month livestock performance challenge 2017-11-30T10:34:16Z virbac-australia-challenge-producers-in-12-month-livestock-performance-challenge Virbac Australia challenge producers in 12 month livestock performance challenge Sheep and cattle producers across Australia will soon have the chance to be part of a unique program designed to improve animal growth, fertility and ultimately their financial bottom-line. From 1 December 2017 Virbac Australia will invite sheep, beef and dairy producers to nominate for the Multimin Performance Ready Challenge - a 12 month program focussed on the effective use of trace mineral injections for cattle and sheep. As part of the Challenge up to seven producers will be selected to document their progress and share their experiences using Multimin with the ultimate prize of an experience of a lifetime overseas trip. Valued at more than $21,000, the prize will offer professional development tailored to the winner and their enterprise. “We want to work with sheep, beef and dairy producers from across Australia in a challenge to see how significantly they can improve fertility, animal health and ultimately herd performance with the use of Multimin,” said Dr Jerry Liu, Nutritionist and Livestock Nutrition Product Manager, Virbac Australia. “We know that during high demand periods such as joining, weaning and birthing, animals have elevated requirements for trace minerals. Multimin injections are designed to rapidly and effectively top up trace minerals to get stock performance ready. “The results we expect are better conception rates, tighter calving and lambing intervals, improved immune function, reduced disease and treatment costs, and better general health. “By working with producers in this way, we will be able to see and document just how much they can increase fertility and productivity,” he said. The successful applicants for the Multimin Performance Ready Challenge will receive an on-farm assessment and analysis, a free 12 month supply of Multimin, an iPad to capture and document their progress and 12 months support from some of Australia’s most renowned vets. “We want to watch the progress of each producer using Multimin through video blogs and social media so that other producers and industry experts can share the experience and monitor results. During the challenge, producers will gain knowledge they can communicate with other producers across the country. “As part of the program, producers will have the support and expertise of some of Australia’s most experienced animal experts to hone their operations. These professionals will work with the challengers to improve and optimise animal productivity,” Dr Liu said. Experts include, Dr Craig Dwyer, Veterinarian and President of Australian Cattle Vets. Dr Dwyer has a particular interest in cattle nutrition, reproduction and bull fertility. Dr Colin Trengove, Veterinarian and Managing Director, Pro-Ag Consulting. Dr Trengove has more than 30 years experience working in whole farm nutrition and animal health. Dr Susan Swaney, Veterinarian and Technical Services Manager at Virbac Australia. Dr Swaney is an expert in recent advances in parasitology, nutrition and vaccination. Dr Matthew Ball, Veterinarian and Technical Services Manager at Virbac Australia and owner of Beacon Veterinary. Matthew Ball has over 18 years experience in helping cattle farmers develop practical and profitable preventative health programs. As well as the overseas trip, the overall winner will also take home a 12 month supply of Multimin. The second and third runners-up will receive a six month supply of Multimin. Entries for the Multimin Performance Ready Challenge will be open from 1 December 2017 and close 31 January 2018. Entries can be made at: - Ends - Media Enquiries: C7EVEN Communications Kate Munsie Adam Arndell (02) 6766 4513 / 0421 935 843 (02) 6766 4513 / 0403 372 889 WordStorm PR is thrilled to represent FOUR PAWS Australia 2017-11-01T23:29:13Z wordstorm-pr-is-thrilled-to-represent-four-paws-australia With offices in 10 countries and more recently in Australia, FOUR PAWS aims to stop animal suffering and to ensure that animals are treated with respect, empathy and understanding. The not-for-profit organisation has been operating since 1988. WordStorm PR will be working with FOUR PAWS Australia on an initial project to increase awareness of bile bear farming in Vietnam, with plans to hopefully rescue bears who are being saved and relocated to a fabulous new bear sanctuary. Monica Rosenfeld, Managing Director at WordStorm PR, said: “Animal cruelty is such an important issue and we are honoured to be educating the public about all the amazing work FOUR PAWS does to help the plight of animals around the world. It’s such an inspiring organisation doing very important work, therefore we are thrilled to be involved in helping to spread the word. We look forward to promoting the projects that FOUR PAWS are working on to protect these ill-treated animals.” For more infomation contact: Rochelle: Grace: Virbac named finalist in prestigious export awards 2017-09-22T03:37:52Z virbac-named-finalist-in-prestigious-export-awards One of Australia’s leading animal health companies has been named a finalist in the prestigious Premier of New South Wales Export Awards. Virbac Australia was recognised for outstanding international success in the field of agricultural products, services or technology including processed foods and beverages and the forestry, fisheries and fibres industries. Sarah Hunter is the Virbac Director of Commercial Excellence for Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and said it is an honor for the company to be recognised during its 30th anniversary in Australia. “2017 is an important year for Virbac Australia and, to be selected as a finalist in the New South Wales Premier’s Export Awards for Agribusiness, is wonderful recognition of our role as a major exporter of animal health products to more than 20 countries around the world,” Sarah said. “That we’re continually reaching new heights 30 years after we started in this country is a remarkable achievement, and it gives me great satisfaction to know that our manufacturing, research and development (R&D), sales and support teams are all locally based and contributing to our economy.” An Australian success story, the company produces several ‘Made in Australia’ accredited products; an endorsement of the company’s support of local R&D and manufacturing. “We currently employ more than 250 staff in four strategic locations across the country, who produce our top quality, industry-leading, sheep, cattle and equine products, veterinary pharmaceuticals and vaccines, as well as a wide range of pet health products for dogs and cats,” Sarah said. “We’re currently ranked as the eight largest animal health company in the world, manufacturing and selling many unique and innovative products including an implant for the temporary medical castration of dogs,” Sarah explained. “This is the only product of its kind in the world and was developed following research with owners of male dogs who are increasingly wanting to know about all the castration options, both surgical and medical, and for their veterinarian to help them make the best choice for their dog.” Manufactured at Macquarie Park in Sydney, the product is exported to countries throughout Europe and North America, as well as South Africa and New Zealand. “Sheep producers around the country have also welcomed the recent launch of our broad-spectrum combination drench, Tridectin, which is a huge step forward in the fight against worms,” Sarah said. “The drench is world-first product, with a registered claim to kill triple resistant and monepantel resistant worms in sheep and offers producers the opportunity to grow healthier, more productive sheep.” Sarah said development of both products was testament to the organisation’s passion for improving animal health. “Our approach to developing veterinary specialist products and those like Tridectin exemplifies our commitment to working closely with animal owners, resellers, vets and farmers in the animal health industry to identify and fully respond to the needs of customers locally and internationally,” Sarah said. “We’d like to thank our customers, suppliers and employees for their support and commitment over the years. As our long history shows, we’re a company that’s both stable and dependable – and we’ll continue to innovate in business structure, approach to market and providing our customers with the platform for future success.” New South Wales Premier’s Export Awards winners will be announced during a gala dinner at The Star on Wednesday 25 October 2017. “I’m really looking forward to the event and would like to wish other nominees all the best in their respective categories,” Sarah said. “There is a huge opportunity for Australian companies to improve global commercialisation of innovation, and we are proud to be recognised as one of those leading the way in agribusiness export.” Ends. For more information contact: C7EVEN COMMUNICATIONS T: 02 6766 4513 Adam Arndell Kate Munsie 0403 372 889 0421 935 843 A world-first in worming treatment for sheep launched by Virbac Australia 2017-09-13T04:06:41Z a-world-first-in-worming-treatment-for-sheep-launched-by-virbac-australia Virbac Australia is pleased to announce the launch of a technologically advanced product, specially designed to revolutionise sheep worm control. TRIDECTIN™ is the world’s only broad-spectrum combination drench with a registered claim to kill triple-resistant and monepantel-resistant worms. This new class of combination-drench for sheep offers producers the opportunity to ensure healthier, more productive sheep, and it’s a huge step forward in the fight against worms. The advanced patented formulation combines potent chemistry with the latest technology, providing a reliable, safe and effective solution against all the major worm species especially barber’s pole worm, small brown stomach worm, and black scour worm. Tridectin’s triple action treatment contains three powerful actives designed to kill worms fast. It’s ideal to use either as a strategic pre-lamb or summer clean-out treatment, or as needed based on worm egg count results. Containing Moxidectin, Levamisole and Albendazole, for a ‘triple-pronged’ approach to worming, its higher kill rate means fewer worms and eggs, as well as less pasture contamination – which reduces the overall requirement for increased drenching and therefore decreases the rate of selection for resistance. Tridectin delivers a market leading export slaughter interval (ESI) of just 17 days – eleven days shorter than other combination drenches – and is the only oral combination drench that continues to kill susceptible barber’s pole worm and small brown stomach worm for 14 days after drenching, delivering a longer period of protection, which helps producers to increase productivity and profit. With producers gearing up for their first summer drench, Tridectin’s arrival is perfectly timed to assist producers in clearing their stock of worms prior to the hot summer conditions. Worm-infested paddocks not only reduce growth rates, productivity and fertility, but they can even lead to animal death - yet Tridectin helps to minimise the risk over summer, clearing those worms that previous drenches may have left behind and thus reducing pasture contamination. John Embling, Regional Director of SANZA for Virbac Australia and Board Member of Animal Medicines Australia welcomes Tridectin’s introduction to the market. “The introduction of safe, more effective ag-vet chemicals can only be a good thing for our farmers, regional communities and environment. They boost farm productivity by eliminating damaging pests and diseases, and that’s crucial to the success of our agricultural and livestock industries.” Mr Embling goes on to credit the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) for its work in getting Tridectin registered. “Even though they were in the midst of relocating from Canberra to Armidale, the APVMA were very efficient in registering and bringing this newer, better formulation to sheep producers at exactly the time they’ll need to use it. With this latest addition to a farmer’s arsenal, the situation for Australia’s agricultural and animal health industry looks very encouraging indeed.” Tridectin follows in the footsteps of Virbac’s leading drench Cydectin, offering an innovative approach that builds on Cydectin’s recognition and success over the past 23 years. Set to launch on September 25th, Tridectin’s release will be supported by an extensive advertising campaign encouraging producers to ‘power up’ their next drench. The product will be available at rural merchandising stores across Australia, and producers are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to protect their sheep against worm infection like never before. - Ends - Media Enquiries: C7EVEN Communications Kate Munsie Adam Arndell (02) 6766 4513 / 0421 935 843 (02) 6766 4513 / 0403 372 889 New seed distribution centre sets Australian benchmark 2017-08-02T04:30:41Z new-seed-distribution-centre-sets-australian-benchmark Managing Director of Rural Bank, Alexandra Gartmann, will officially open PGG Wrightson Seeds state-of-the art seed processing and distribution site at Truganina, Victoria on Wednesday 9 August 2017. John Stewart the General Manager of PGG Wrightson Seeds in Australia said, “the opening of this new facility is testament of our commitment to the Australian seed industry. In addition to the work we already undertake in plant research and development, this represents a significant investment in warehousing and logistics that will efficiently deliver the highest quality seed to our customers.” PGG Wrightson Seeds’ investment in the innovative facility will support the next generation of forage seed genetics and dramatically improve the seed supply chain for Australian farmers. Quintin McCall is the National Supply Chain Manager for PGG Wrightson Seeds and said the purpose-built facility sets a new benchmark for seed distribution centres in Australia. “Our new facility at Truganina is a vital link in our supply chain and we have invested in creating a best-in-class operation that is unparalleled in the industry,” Quintin said. “PGG Wrightson Seeds provides the market with a wide range of high quality products and we have invested heavily to ensure we have product of high quality available to producers when they need it.” Storing seed with endophytes was a key consideration when designing the new facility. “Endophytes have been one of our big breakthroughs producing persistent pasture plants better suited to handle tougher conditions and resistant to pest pressure,” Quintin explained. “Seed containing endophytes needs to be stored correctly or it will quickly lose its quality, so one of the big things we have done is install a large cold-room and provided roof insulation to lower temperatures. The 20,000 square metre facility, also features an innovative seed mixing plant. “Our state-of-the-art seed mixers have dramatically increased our seed mixing capabilities which means we can be very responsive to customer demand, particularly when customers have specific order requirements,” Quintin said. Improving the health, safety and wellbeing of its employees was also a major consideration when designing the new facility. “The volume of seed that we manually handle has dramatically reduced due to storage configuration changes, and we have installed a comprehensive dust management system which creates a more pleasant working environment for staff in our manufacturing areas,” Quintin said. “The office environment has also been considered, and staff now have a much more open and spacious office with plenty of exposure to natural light.” The facility will process seeds from Tasmania, New Zealand, South America, the United States of America and other international origins. Improvements in export capabilities will also enable the facility to increase seed sales internationally. “We are very proud of our facility in Melbourne and it’s industry-leading features and capabilities and we’re excited about the upcoming official opening,” Quintin said. “Melbourne is our largest site and a major link in our supply chain nationally and we are really excited with what we have here.” Media are welcome to attend the official opening of PGG Wrightson Seeds’ Truganina facility on Wednesday 9 August 2017. WHAT Opening of PGG Wrightson Seeds distribution centre in Truganina WHEN Wednesday 9 August 2017, 3:00 pm WHERE PGG Wrightson Seeds, 13 Felstead Drive, Truganina VIC 3029 WHO Media are invited to attend the launch, tour the facility and interview: John Stewart - General Manager, PGG Wrightson Seeds Australia Quintin McCall - National Supply Chain Manager, PGG Wrightson Seeds Australia Alexandra Gartmann, Managing Director, Rural Bank and guest speaker PGG Wrightson Seeds Australia Pasture Specialists Ends. For media enquiries: C7EVEN Communications Adam Arndell, 02 6766 4513 / 0403 372 889 / Kate Munsie, 02 6766 4513 / 0421 935 843 / Alexandra Gartmann Biography Alexandra joined Rural Bank as Chief Executive Officer in October 2015, having been a member of the Board since November 2014. Before joining Rural Bank, Alexandra was CEO of the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR), a charitable foundation based on a partnership between philanthropy, community, government and business supporting the economic prosperity of rural, regional and remote communities across Australia. Prior to this, Ms Gartmann held the position of CEO of the Birchip Cropping Group for 10 years — a not-for-profit agricultural research organisation based in the Mallee Wimmera region. Alexandra was previously a member of the Board of the Rural Finance Corporation of Victoria. She is Chair of the CSIRO Agriculture Advisory Council, a member of the Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership and a member of the Victorian Agriculture Advisory Council. She has been a member of the Crawford Fund, National Rural Advisory Council and RIRDC National Rural Issues Consultative Group. As a champion for rural and regional Australia, Alexandra will be officially opening the PGG Wrightson Seeds Australia facility and providing her views on the need for infrastructure and research investment to support efficient supply chains and drive agricultural research to support ongoing farm innovation. Photo Captions: PGG Wrightson Seeds Australia Melbourne Distribution Centre – Outside PGG Wrightson Seeds Australia Melbourne Distribution Centre – Warehousing PGG Wrightson Seeds Australia Melbourne Distribution Centre – Inside Rural Bank Managing Director Alexandra Gartmann PGG Wrightson Seeds acquires Superior Seed Company 2017-07-27T23:00:03Z pgg-wrightson-seeds-acquires-superior-seed-company PGG Wrightson Seeds (PGWS) today announced the purchase of Superior Seed Company at Deniliquin in the Riverina Region of NSW. The parties have agreed terms, and expect Superior Seed Co to transition to PGWS ownership by the end of August 2017. Superior Seed Co is a local seed production, cleaning and wholesale marketing business. The company was established in 2002 by Ian Lea, and is the largest provider of proprietary cereal and pulse seeds to the district’s broadacre farming industry. In addition to its seed production and marketing activities the business also custom cleans and grades cereals and pulses for local farmers and warehouses up to 3000 MT of seed. Australian manager of PGG Wrightson Seeds, John Stewart said “we are pleased to have the opportunity to invest in a respected local provider of high quality planting seed. At PGG Wrightson Seeds, we are committed to improving farmer productivity through high performance planting seeds. We feel that Superior Seed Co’s business culture aligns well with these values.” Superior Seed Co’s General Manager Ian Lea said “PGG Wrightson Seeds with its much broader range of crop and pasture seed products, backed by plant breeding capability, will open up new opportunities for Superior Seed Co’s suppliers and customers. We’re pleased to be handing the business over to such a well-resourced and respected company.” The Superior Seed Co business will trade under PGG Wrightson Seed’s very successful seed distribution business AusWest Seeds. AusWest Seeds holds licences to produce and market a full range of cereal varieties from both Australian and International cereal breeding companies, as well as a full range of pasture seed. AusWest Seeds has been providing crop and pasture seeds for 60 years and is pleased to now be able to better service the grain and grazing industries in southern NSW and northern Victoria. Committed to keeping jobs in the local area, Peter Johnson, the manager at AusWest Seeds, commented that "the seed cleaning facilities and capable staff located on Barham Road near Deniliquin, coupled with access to a number of local professional seed producers gave AusWest Seeds the capability to bring improved plant genetics to this highly productive cropping region." The Deniliquin location will also allow AusWest Seeds to better service the pasture seed market with annual and perennial grasses, legumes and forage crops such as oats, sorghum, millet and brassicas. Superior Seed Company is expected to transition to AusWest Seeds from 1st September 2017. For more detail contact Peter Johnson at AusWest Seeds on 0457 856 579 or Ian Lea at Superior Seed Co on 0428 629 265 Ends. For media enquiries: C7EVEN Communications Adam Arndell, 02 6766 4513 / 0403 372 889 Sheep farmer grateful for $20K tax write-off to improve farm productivity 2017-06-06T00:30:40Z sheep-farmer-grateful-for-20k-tax-write-off-to-improve-farm-productivity Illabo sheep producer, Peter Belling, has capitalised on the Federal Government’s highly popular tax write off for equipment purchases valued up to $20,000, by purchasing a Clipex Sheep Handler before the end of financial year. The business-savvy cereal crop and sheep producer, who runs “Dundoo Hills” with his wife and son, said the tax break was a big incentive. “I’ve been studying sheep handlers for the past three years and the benefits of each model,” Peter said. “The machine itself was $19K without the scales, but it will be worth it. If the incentive is there, you might as well be improving the farm – you don’t want to be working with old gear all the time.” Peter purchased the Clipex Sheep Handler in March to meet the end-of-financial year deadline. “I was looking to save time and man power. We buy wethers or lambs every few months and then fatten them up and turn them off and get another lot, so for us the Sheep Handler has a dual purpose” Peter explained. “As we speak I am shifting sheep onto grazing canola and grazing wheat and they will stay here until we shut these paddocks up at the end of June and then we’ll harvest in October.” The high turnover of stock is labour intensive, with Peter man-handling a lot of sheep during his 35 years on the property. “I’ve purchased 1,500 wethers in the past few weeks and, when they arrive, I weigh and sort them into their weight category,” Peter said. “Yesterday I vaccinated, drenched and drafted 700 wethers by myself with two dogs using the Clipex Sheep Hander.” Peter said prior to purchasing the machine the same task would have taken him one and a half days. “I would have to run them up a draft onto a set on scales and then release them and then go back and get another one. I did have a reasonable system before, but nowhere near as good as this,” Peter explained. “I’ve only had it for a couple of months, but I can do jobs now that used to take two people and I am saving my shoulders – I don’t have to man-handle sheep up and down a race.” Peter believes his ability to easily and accurately weigh his flock will improve their bottom line. “We will be able to improve profitability as we will be able to calculate accurately how long it has taken for the sheep to put on weight,” Peter said. “It will be worth it. If I bought 1,000 wethers and made $20 a head I will make my money back.” The federal government have extended their $20,000 instant asset tax write-off scheme for another 12 months. Businesses with an annual turnover of up $10 million will now have until June 30, 2018, to immediate deduct eligible assets up to the value of $20,000. Please refer to the Clipex website ( for more information about their innovative Clipex Sheep Handler, including explainer videos. Ends For media enquiries: C7EVEN Communications Adam Arndell, 02 6766 4513 / 0403 372 889 Accurate weighing of ewes critical to improve profits 2017-05-29T01:30:15Z accurate-weighing-of-ewes-critical-to-improve-profits Accurate weighing of ewes critical to improve profits Like most experienced sheep producers, Damon Soster has a good eye for judging the weight of a moving merino ewe, but he says his farm profitability has increased dramatically since using the Clipex Sheep Handler to weigh his flock. The Cassilis farmer runs a 5,500 hectare Hereford Stud, “Dalkeith”, in the Upper Hunter Valley, where 500 commercial cows and 8,000 merino ewes enjoy a generous, annual rainfall of 610 mm. “We used to just eyeball the sheep, but to be able to get accurate weights quickly and efficiently pays for itself - it just takes the guess work out of it,” explained Damon. “The Clipex Sheep Handler is fantastic for weighing – it is so efficient. One person and two good dogs can manage the whole process – you could weigh 550 / 600 in an hour if you are having a good run.” Damon said he purchased the Clipex Sheep Handler two years ago to decrease labour costs. “Labour costs are our biggest challenge. In our district the mines take a lot of the casual labour – even kids coming out of school want 10 or 20 times what we used to pay,” Damon said. “With the Clipex Sheep Handler you’re saving money on having people during those peak times and you’re making good money at the end of it having a good line to sell.” The innovative farmer said he trusts the Clipex brand, since first using the Clipex fencing system to erect fences throughout his property seven years ago. “I am constantly looking at innovation. I am a big believer in moving forward, rather than doing things how we have for the past 30 or 40 years,” Damon said. “The two main challenges for us in the fencing system were labour and longevity. A lot of the other products on the market are very labour intensive and you could see the other products were wearing out after 10 years.” Damon said he first saw the Clipex Fencing System at a field day and knew it would save time. “I liked the formulation of the clip. I knew it would be a labour saver and, having used the product now for eight years, it proved that it was,” Damon said. “Once we got the fences up and erected, I haven’t done anything to the fences at all. We have a kangaroo and feral pig problem here and it has stood up to that really well and the maintenance is minimal.” Damon said the products have also improved on-farm safety. “With any of these new technologies it makes life easier and takes away that hard labour component - the Clipex fencing system is not back breaking,” Damon explained. “The old technology in weigh crates resulted in jammed fingers. For keeping staff morale, if you are running things more efficiently and safely then people are happier. And, if it’s not hard on your back and your fingers, it just makes things safer.” The after-sales service has also been impressive. “I think an important thing with this company is that it is family-owned - you can talk directly to the people who are innovative and making the products. It’s a massive plus and driver for me to use the products,” Damon explained. “I’ve used their products for eight years and I have promoted their products to other producers in the region. I’m not afraid to preach it at all – they are great products.” Please refer to the Clipex website ( for more information about their revolutionary fencing products and the Clipex Sheep Handler, including explainer videos. Ends For media enquiries: C7EVEN Communications Adam Arndell, 02 6766 4513 / 0403 372 889 Hero cow that took ‘unbelievable’ swim through NSW floodwater receives mineral reward 2017-05-11T00:30:27Z hero-cow-that-took-unbelievable-swim-through-nsw-floodwater-receives-mineral-reward Hero cow that took ‘unbelievable’ swim through NSW floodwater receives mineral reward A pregnant cow that survived a massive swim through floodwaters on the NSW north coast has received a free health boost following the awe-inspiring effort. The Angus-cross cow, known as Debbie, became a local hero in April after managing to swim from Lismore to Ballina during the recent floods that ravaged parts of the state’s north. What made Debbie’s effort all the more remarkable was that she was heavily pregnant at the time. In the wake of the incredible story, animal health company Virbac Australia has administered Debbie with Multimin - an injectable source of zinc, manganese, copper and selenium – to help get her back to full health following the incredible ordeal. Virbac also administered drench, vaccine and other medication free of charge, to the rest of farmer Tony Ivey's cattle at his Gundurimba property, east of Lismore, which was hard hit by the floods. Virbac’s technical vet Dr Matthew Ball administered the free nutrition injections on Monday, 8 May 2017. Mr Ivey said Debbie, and his other remaining Brangus cattle, would benefit from the vet’s visit to the farm. “The length of time that Debbie spent in the water is unreal. It’s a long time in the water, days and days. It was just unbelievable that she made it out okay,” he said. “She floated 70 kilometers down the river before being found and has been struggling a bit since, so it great to give her a boost.” Dr Ball said like the rest of the community, he had been amazed by Debbie’s superhuman effort. “We heard about Debbie’s story of the swimming cow and it really struck a chord with us. We thought we could help given she was stressed, in late gestation, and looked very copper deficient.,” Dr Ball said. “We are excited about helping her and the rest of Tony’s remaining cattle with Multimin as it can help improve all of those things as it assists to top up trace minerals close to high demand periods.” Multimin significantly and quickly lifts the trace mineral status of cattle and is ideal for events like joining, calving, marking, and weaning when nutrition demand increases. It helps provide trace minerals essential for optimal health, production and fertility and is delivered via a water-based injection. - Ends – Photo caption: Dr Matthew Ball, Technical Veterinarian with Virbac Australia injects Tony Ivey's cattle with Multimin_8.5.2017. Contact: Adam Arndell, C7EVEN Communications, 0403 372 889 / 02 6766 4513 Virbac Australia: Virbac (Australia) Pty Ltd is a specialist animal health company, with its core business in sheep and cattle products, veterinary pharmaceuticals and vaccines, a wide range of pet care products for dogs and cats, plus a broad range of products for horses. Virbac Australia’s 2015 sales turnover was more than A$120 million. In Australia, Virbac employs around 260 personnel, all of whom are passionate about animal health. Virbac offers an injectable product called Multimin, designed to top-up important trace minerals (manganese, zinc, selenium and copper) in beef and dairy cattle. The focus of trace mineral supplementation has developed to beyond merely correcting deficiency symptoms. Strategic mineral supplementation is aimed at the optimisation of reproductive performance, immune function and growth, resulting in significant improvements in productivity and subsequently profitability. Further information on Multimin can be found here. Revolutionising the livestock industry, one fence at a time 2017-05-08T02:30:52Z revolutionising-the-livestock-industry-one-fence-at-a-time With demand for exclusion fencing at historic levels, Australian family-owned and run company Clipex is leading the challenge to make it easier and more cost effective to install – and further, its innovative range of livestock handling products is revolutionising the industry. Clipex fencing technology replaces traditional ‘hole in the post’ fencing with an advanced and yet extremely simple ‘slot and clip system’. It effectively eliminates the need for tie-clips or tie wire, instead enabling farmers to simply clip in their wires. Being incredibly strong and easy to install, Clipex fencing is guaranteed to be the fastest and most secure method of attaching fence wires into a fence post, while at the same time drastically reducing labour and material costs. Clipex fences are at least 10 times faster to attach the wires than traditional tying off methods, and their Y posts are the largest and strongest available. Most importantly, they require much less energy to install wires to, and can easily be used by anyone, even children. As founder of Clipex Ashley Olsson explains, the idea came from what he describes as a “divine revelation” that occurred while driving back to his family farm in Goulburn. “Back in 2007, I saw an elderly farmer trying to pull down an old rusty fence by the side of Crookwell Road. I felt for him, and I uttered a simple prayer – “God I feel for that man, there must be a better way to fence”. A few minutes later I received the answer to that simple prayer – and it was crystal clear. As soon as I arrived home I drew up the mechanism that I had seen, and soon after, we lodged our first patent – and it all just snowballed from there.” The Olsson family has a long history serving rural and regional communities, beginning with their salt block business that originated back in the late 1940s in a shed just west of Parramatta. This was the first pressed salt block produced in Australia to contain a range of minerals, and it was also the forerunner of all multi-nutrient blocks produced in Australia since then. They’ve been at the forefront of farming innovation and technology ever since, and their fencing products have a variety of patented technologies, all designed to reduce cost, improve worker safety, reduce workload, and minimise the stresses and strains of physical labour that are so common in the farming industry. This year Clipex is celebrating 10 years of business. They now have 62 employees in Australia with eight of their own Clipex sales and service outlets and they also employ 180 staff in China – and they offer a huge range of fencing and stockyard products, from post & wire fencing, end assemblies, gates and accessories, automated cattle and sheep handling equipment, crushes and yards. They’re driven by a passion for innovation, and for Ashley, it’s the special features on products such as their heavy-duty cattle crush range that sets them apart. “Our patented rattle-free latch makes opening the door extremely easy – yet it’s quiet enough that there’s no noise to spook the animals.” And their most recent patent covers a revolutionary rotary cattle tub, that requires less workers to handle more stock WITHOUT being inside the enclosures WITH THE STOCK vastly improving worker health and safety and operating efficiency What’s also unique is the company’s belief in making products that will last a lifetime, as Ashley explains: “We don’t believe in what is referred to as ‘in-built obsolescence’. We aim to maximise the life of our products, for example our heavy-duty cattle crush is designed to last a very long time. Its components are hot dipped galvanized after construction, and made from very strong steel, so they won’t rust or wear out easily, and it can be serviced very easily and cost-effectively. The business is continuing to invest in efficiency-focused innovation, developing new patents, more efficient manufacturing facilities and new technologies such as manufacturing robots designed to help to automate production lines. Ashley’s original vision to help farmers and their families with affordable innovation is now “going Global”. Clipex has been sold in North and South America, the UK, Scandinavia, Africa, Malaysia, Germany, Ireland and France. Yet for Ashley, the core reason for the business remains the same as it’s always been as he explains. “While innovation costs a lot of money, and we of course need to turn a profit in order to continue operating, at our heart is a desire to deliver affordable innovation for every farmer, so that we can help lift burdens from as many people as possible”. We get a lot of satisfaction from helping farmers and their families and providing the industry with more affordable innovative solutions. Clipex has changed fencing history, and for the first time in 100 years we’ve been released from the slavery of tying off wires, allowing us more precious time for the things we love to do.” Photo caption: Clipex founder, Ashley Olsson -- Ends -- Media Enquiries Adam Arndell C7EVEN Communications Tel: 02 6766 4513 or 0403 372 889 Flooding offers mixed conditions for autumn planting 2017-04-10T05:00:37Z flooding-offers-mixed-conditions-for-autumn-planting Widespread rain across much of the country has created mixed conditions for planting winter pastures, with farmers advised to plant now or monitor soil moisture closely over the coming weeks. Allan Mudford is the Northern Product Development Manager for PGG Wrightson Seeds Australia and said the there is an opportunity for producers in the western zones of south east Queensland to plant oats and annual ryegrass. “Flooding and water logging in the eastern zones will however delay planting, but I would suggest farmers plant any higher ground with an annual rye grass like Winter Star II or Diamond T as soon as possible,” Mr Mudford said. “I would then suggest planting Italian varieties like Concord II or Nourish for late winter and spring/summer production when the lower country dries out.” Farmers living in flooded areas should also prepare for Autumn planting now. “Farmers living in flooded areas should be prepared to plant as soon as possible if no follow up rain occurs – before the colder soil and air temperatures set in,” Mr Mudford said. “In areas that have been dry all this summer current rain will allow a good opportunity to plant over the next two to three weeks.” Mr Mudford said Autumn offers the ideal window for planting winter pasture. “Autumn is that time of year that can set you up for 12 months of production. A good autumn planting can produce more pasture over your winter period, and that results in more profitability on farm,” Mr Mudford said. “When selecting a pasture variety, farmers should determine what periods they are more likely to need more feed and plan by using different varieties. For example, some producers need early winter production and some need more feed later in the winter.” An ideal planting profile would include early and late maturing pastures, to enable a high volume of winter feed and late-season pasture for hay and silage, that could be used for next winter or even in a drought. “10 years ago farmers used to plant one variety of pasture, now 60 percent of farmers use different varieties to create different production curves,” Mr Mudford explained. “There are better genetics in the varieties today and they are growing longer into the season then what they used to.” Timing is critical, with planting technique and soil moisture impacting optimum growth. “Some of the flood irrigation does not work - you can have plant damage, so the type of irrigation is very critical,” Mr Mudford explained. “It’s also important to have a good understanding of the root structure of your plants and monitor soil moisture, so you get the most bang for your dollar in terms of irrigation water.” Mr Mudford said Concord II is a good consistent variety of pasture that is suited to a wide range of soils and environmental conditions across Australia. “Concord II is fast establishing, has good rebound after grazing and has a nice densely tillered, which leads to more feed for the cows to consume,” Mr Mudford said. “It also has an exceptionally long season to it - in the north we get it to grow into late January and silage coming into Spring and Summer.” With 18 years’ experience with PGG Wrightson Seeds Australia, Mr Mudford visits a number of farms and advises farmers in different areas with different farming conditions. “Our staff have a good base knowledge of how farmers are achieving higher productivity in a large range of environments. We get to visit a wide range of farms and sometimes they have problems and sometimes they have great stories of high productivity, so we can share those stories,” Mr Mudford said. For more information on how Concord II can improve your pasture production, contact your local PGG Wrightson Seeds’ Sales Agronomist as listed at Ends. Photo Caption - Allan Mudford, PGG Wrightson Seeds Northern Product Development Manager For media enquiries: C7EVEN Communications Adam Arndell, 02 6766 4513 / 0403 372 889 Leading South African vet to showcase trace mineral impact on bull fertility in Australian tour 2017-04-03T23:00:22Z leading-south-african-vet-to-showcase-trace-mineral-impact-on-bull-fertility-in-australian-tour Prominent South African veterinarian Dr Martin Ferreira will touch down in Australia this week for a tour highlighting the benefits of trace minerals on bull fertility and semen quality. Dr Ferreira, whose current research investigates the effect of injectable trace minerals on bull semen quality and its freezing and fawning, arrives on Saturday April 8 and will present at six events across Australia on the six-day tour. A guest of Virbac Australia, Dr Ferreira will present on the latest in trace mineral science and how trace minerals can assist in bull fertility and semen quality. The tour is targeted at cattle veterinarians, reproduction professionals, and beef/dairy producers and aims to improve knowledge and understanding of trace minerals, which are essential for fertility and optimal production in beef and dairy cattle. Virbac Australia Livestock Nutrition Specialist, Dr Jerry Liu, said the tour was a chance for industry participants to hear from Dr Ferreira, who has over 24 years consulting experience with leading South African animal health companies. “We are excited to be hosting Dr Ferreira, who will present cutting edge, world class information to Australian industry professionals and beef and dairy producers,” Dr Liu said. “For beef and dairy producers, the chance to learn the latest in trace mineral science from a global expert is truly unique.” He said in addition to his trace minerals work, Dr Ferreira had over 26 years of experience as a professional vet, with his work taking him to many parts of the African continent, including Kenya, Zambia and Uganda. “With Dr Ferreira’s current area of research being the effects of trace mineral supplementation on bull semen quality, it’s a unique opportunity to hear from a global leader in the field,” Dr Liu said. “Dr Ferreira has also provided productivity consultation for beef, dairy and feedlot operations as well as operating his own cattle property for 21 years.” Dr Ferreira is scheduled to speak at locations including Camden in NSW, Gippsland and Western Region in Victoria, and Toowoomba and Rockhampton in Queensland, on the tour. Whilst the events are invitation only, Virbac Australia welcomes the media to interview Dr Ferreira during his visit, as well as attend any of the local events. State Date Time Town Where NSW Saturday 8th April 9:00 – 16:00 Camden, NSW The University of Sydney, Mayfarm VIC Sunday 9th April Dinner time Gippsland, VIC TBA VIC Monday 10th April 11:30 – 13:00 Ensay, VIC Little River Inn (64-70 Johnston St) VIC Tuesday 11th April 10:30 – 12:00 Gazette, VIC Moyle Pathfinder Angus (2126 MacArthur-Penshurst Rd) 14:00 – 15:30 Camperdown, VIC Total Livestock Genetics (4969 Princes Highway) QLD Wednesday 12st April 12:30 – 15:00 East Toowoomba, QLD Toowoomba Motel (2 Burnage St) 18:30 onwards Toogoolawah, QLD South East Country Vets (31 Cairnscroft St) WA Thursday 13th April 10:00 – 12:30 North Rockhampton, QLD Park Avenue Hotel (Cnr Haynes & Main St) Media Opportunity Dr Martin Ferreira will deliver a presentation on bull fertility and semen quality, and how trace minerals can help. Interview opportunity with Dr Martin Ferreira, - Ends - Contact: Adam Arndell, C7EVEN Communications, 0403 372 889 / 02 6766 4513 Martin Ferreira: Martin Ferreira is a veterinarian specialist in herd health and preventative medicine. He completed his Masters of Veterinary Medicine (Bovine) at the University of Pretoria in 2000 and is currently completing his PhD at the University of Pretoria. His area of research investigates the effect of injectable trace mineral supplementation on bull semen quality, and its freezing and fawning. Mr Ferreira has over 26 years of veterinary experience in mixed practice, and over 24 years of experience working as a consultant for various animal health companies in South Africa. His work has taken him to various parts of the African continent, including Kenya, Zambia & Uganda. Virbac Australia: Virbac (Australia) Pty Ltd is a specialist animal health company, with its core business in sheep and cattle products, veterinary pharmaceuticals and vaccines, a wide range of pet care products for dogs and cats, plus a broad range of products for horses. Virbac Australia’s 2015 sales turnover was more than A$120 million. In Australia, Virbac employs around 260 personnel, all of whom are passionate about animal health. Virbac offers an injectable product called Multimin, designed to top-up important trace minerals (manganese, zinc, selenium and copper) in beef and dairy cattle. The focus of trace mineral supplementation has developed to beyond merely correcting deficiency symptoms. Strategic mineral supplementation is aimed at the optimisation of reproductive performance, immune function and growth, resulting in significant improvements in productivity and subsequently profitability. Further information on Multimin can be found here. PGG Wrightson Seeds Base AR37 tops Australian Forage Value Index 2017-03-02T04:00:14Z pgg-wrightson-seeds-base-ar37-tops-australian-forage-value-index PGG Wrightson Seeds Base AR37 perennial ryegrass, has topped the charts in the new Australian Forage Value Index, just released by Dairy Australia. The Forage Value Index has found Base AR37 perennial ryegrass to be the highest performing cultivar throughout South West Victoria, Gippsland, Northern Victoria and Tasmania across most seasons. PGG Wrightson Seeds, National Sales & Marketing Manager, Cameron Henley says the Index results support the company’s long-term, ongoing commitment to research and development, which he says is the foundation for developing great pasture cultivars. “Since 1938 PGG Wrightson Seeds has proudly led the development of improved pasture plant genetics in Australia and it is the rigour of our research and testing that helps us select elite material,” said Cameron. “We work closely with farmers to get the balance right and we are pleased that Base AR37 has been recognised as the top performing cultivar across south-east Australia.” The Forage Value Index is a rating system that helps Australian dairy producers and their advisors to make more informed decisions when selecting perennial ryegrass cultivars and provides an accurate, reliable and independent assessment of the potential economic value of perennial ryegrass cultivars in different dairy regions of south-east Australia. As an excellent late season quality feed Base AR37 has shown excellent persistence and very high tiller density, high dry matter production and is unsurpassed for dry matter yield. For more information on how Base AR37 perennial ryegrass can improve your pasture production, contact your local PGG Wrightson Seeds’ Sales Agronomist as listed at The Australian Forage Value Index is a partnership between Dairy Australia, Agriculture Victoria, DairyNZ, the Australian Seed Federation and Meat and Livestock Australia. Further information about the Australian Forage Value Index and the 2017 Forage Value Index Pasture Tables are available at: Ends. For media enquiries: C7EVEN Communications Adam Arndell, 02 6766 4513 / 0403 372 889