The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-12-04T03:39:09Z Save our soils: snapshot reveals top threats 2019-12-04T03:39:09Z save-our-soils-snapshot-reveals-top-threats Soil Science AustraliaMEDIA RELEASE Embargoed to 12.01AM (ACDT) 5 December 2019 Save our soils: snapshot reveals top threats The top threats facing Australian soils—erosion, contamination, urban encroachment, salinity and climate change—must be addressed or prevented through a nationally co-ordinated approach before irreversible damage is done according to the national peak body for soils. The inaugural Save our Soils: Australian Soil Snapshot 2020 commissioned by Soil Science Australia, released today on World Soil Day, suggests protection of Australia’s most valuable natural asset, now worth $1 trillion per year, will demand co-ordinated education, data-sharing, research, policy and on-farm application to achieve sustainable land management on a national scale. “Soil is the living skin of the earth, supporting our food production, economy and health, yet our valuable soils are under increasing attack,” said Associate Professor Mosley, President, Soil Science Australia.   “Erosion from wind and water is the most obvious risk to soil.  Everyone understands dust storms, but these can rip a trailer load of fertile topsoil per hour per hectare from an average farm which is terrifying. “What does that mean for future harvests? What does it mean for that farming family?  With 10% loss of crop yield forecast by 2050 our ability to sustain livelihoods and our food and fibre production is threatened,” he said. Furthermore, with only around 10% of Australia suitable for crops or improved pasture, the impacts of climate change and extreme weather events are decreasing that parcel every year.   “Longer and harsher droughts are sucking the life out of soils and battering too many regional communities as well,” said Associate Professor Mosley. “Our farmers are looking for new answers but there is still a disconnect with the soil science.” The fallout from poor soil management can be felt for generations yet sustainable agricultural practices can dramatically reduce soil damage and improve productivity. The report highlighted other soil issues like urban encroachment onto valuable agricultural land, acidification, salinisation and contamination as common threats that are increasing across Australia. “On one level, we understand how to fix these problems, but this will require investment and everyone working together on this urgent national priority,” said Associate Professor Mosley. “We need to strike the right balance between growth and land care, and we must reframe our approach to soil management through an integrated strategy that brings soil scientists, researchers, policymakers and farmers together.” Associate Professor Mosley said despite the challenges most landowners wanted to improve their soils. “Information and education is everything.  Australia has some of the oldest, poorest soils on earth, but we also have some of the most innovative and resilient farmers and communities who really care about their land. We can sustain our economy, environment and feed the planet if we save our soils. “We need soil security in Australia, it’s not just about water.  A world without soils would be a world without life,” he said. “It all begins and ends beneath our feet.”  Quotes from Dr Michael Crawford Chief Executive Officer Soil CRC “Soil research is the key to finding solutions to our underperforming soils in agriculture. The Soil CRC provides the opportunity for effective collaboration between industry and science as well as a pathway to adoption of new soil management technologies by farmers. “Through its soil research and innovation program, the Soil CRC is developing new solutions that will unlock the potential of Australia’s agricultural sector. “Australian agriculture is facing increasing challenges of longer, more frequent droughts and a hotter, drier climate. Good soil management is one way to help address these challenges.” “Climate change and drought are reinforcing the value of soil stewardship. Better soil management can help farms become more resilient in drought by improving water-retention capacity. It can also reduce soil erosion, fertiliser usage and chemical run-offs from farms into the environment. Better soil stores more carbon dioxide, in turn mitigating the effects of climate change and global warming.” “By bridging a gap between soil scientists and farmers, we will ensure that soil performance is increased not just in the short term, but in the long term.” Soil Science Australia is the national peak body for soils, soil science and soil scientists. MEDIA/INTERVIEWS with Soil Science Australia Federal President Luke Mosley ph 0428 103 563 or contact the Soil Science Australia Office 0476 450 321 or Download the Save or Soils Australian Soil Snapshot 2020 infographic Rodeo 4 Life Arena Spectacular Thrills for Charity with Troy Wilkinson Named 2019 Rodeo 4 Life Champion in Australia’s Richest Bull Ride 2019-12-04T00:07:31Z rodeo-4-life-arena-spectacular-thrills-for-charity-with-troy-wilkinson-named-2019-rodeo-4-life-champion-in-australias-richest-bull-ride MEDIA RELEASE: 4 DECEMBER 2019 Rodeo 4 Life Arena Spectacular Thrills for Charity with Troy Wilkinson Named 2019 Rodeo 4 Life Champion in Australia’s Richest Bull RideWhen Rodeo 4 Life the arena spectacular exploded at WIN Entertainment Centre in Wollongong on Saturday night, this ground-breaking first in extreme entertainment that combined Australia’s richest bull ride rodeo with a full length country music concert did not fail to impress. A packed house of country music fans, rodeo and extreme sports enthusiasts were thrilled when Rodeo 4 Life’s Grand Entry opened to Queens’ We Are The Champions with a star-studded line-up of 25 elite Australian bull riding champions, Rodeo Queen of Australia, Bonnie McLean, country singer Victoria McGee and host John Jarratt, amid a spectacular light show that set the tone of what was to come.Every bull riding champion lives for this extreme sport, its high energy and unpredictability with success dependent on the bull they draw and what happens on the night, Rodeo 4 Life was no exception with the energy fast and furious.Round 1 of the bull riding competition had the audience on the edge of their seats when the thrill-seeking cowboys burst from the chutes drawing on their experience and sharpened skills to stay mounted on John “Happy” Gill and Sons and Matt Besant’s mightiest bulls as they exploded from the chutes to a roaring crowd with Australia’s legends of rodeo, Glen Morgan and Tyler Pendagast calling the shots. Rodeo Clown Big Al Wilson kept the mood upbeat and the audience laughing while Rodeo Protection clowns Gene McDonald and Rodney-Ray (Rude) Mancell risked life and limb to protect the fallen cowboys from possible disaster.When it came to the concert; the power and spectacle didn’t let up when Travis Collins and his band rocked the crowd performing some of his greatest hits for over an hour while the audience cheered and lit up WIN Entertainment Centre with phone torches to much loved music and songs. Then came Round 2 of the rodeo and the competition for the grand prize was fierce as the bull riders challenged themselves against the bulls in the ride of their lives to help save the lives of others in need of organ transplants.With scores close, Troy Wilkinson, 29, from Upper Horton and Marrickville who is ranked 114th in the world, won the inaugural 2019 Rodeo 4 Life Championship title with a combined total score of 169 riding Vertical Exit and Earthbound adding to his string of credits including the highest individual bull riding score in Australia with a record of 93 and the titles of 2015 APRA Bull Riding Champion, 2017 PBR Australia Champion and 2017 PBR World Finals Qualifier.Commenting on his win, Wilkinson said, “The riders always give it their best. We go into every rodeo competing not with each other, but competing with the bulls hoping that all elements come together to achieve the highest score.” “With Rodeo 4 Life, I got lucky. This event has taken rodeo bull riding to an incredible new level,” said Wilkinson. “Holding Australia’s richest bull ride rodeo in an indoor arena, located right on the beach, and combining it with a light show and a full-length concert starring one of Australia’s best country music singers, Travis Collins made it an exhilarating experience for riders and the audience. “The house was pumped, the atmosphere incredible, and because it was for charity, it was even more special,” he said. Cowboy Toby Collins, 27, from Maldon VIC was the only other rider to successfully score in both rounds and earned a combined score of 160 riding White Ice and Vertical Exit and walked away with $7,500 while Cliff Richardson, 28, from Gresford NSW, earned the highest individual ride score of 92 on superstar bull High Flying Akubra.The evening of extreme sport was not without its thrills and spills when Jono Couling, 26, from Singleton, was thrown in Round Two having a dramatic run in with B.F.G. which left audiences shocked. Couling said, “It’s a dangerous sport and that sort of thing is part and parcel of being a bull rider. It happens from time to time. I don’t feel too bad, there’s nothing majorly wrong with me just a cracked shoulder blade and some scrapes. I’ve had worse injuries and I’m looking forward to my next rodeo at Christmas.”Producer Doug Vickers OAM was delighted with the outcomes saying, “Rodeo 4 Life had 4 primary objectives; to raise wide-spread awareness of the life-saving work of the RPA Transplant Institute and funds to support their vital research; to increase awareness of the importance of organ donation; and, to create an arena spectacular that would thrill and entertain our audience.” “Through combining a full-length country music concert with the extreme sport of rodeo bull riding, Rodeo 4 Life achieved all of this and so much more,” he said. “Travis Collins gave an incredible performance and every one of our bull riding champions rode their hearts out to give the audience a show they’ll never forget while helping give others a chance at life,” said Mr Vickers. “Congratulations to all, especially Troy Wilkinson who took out the grand prize and the 2019 Rodeo 4 Life title. Together we achieved what we set out to do including generating widespread awareness of organ transplantation and more than $100,000 for the RPA Transplant Institute as a result of Rodeo 4 Life. With exciting plans are now underway to make next year’s Rodeo 4 Life bigger and better, in 2020 we’ll give the audience an even more spectacular show,” Mr Vickers said. Thanks to the funds raised from Rodeo 4 Life, the RPATI will be able to continue with the development of a world first organ perfusion system that will be able to extend organ viability from the current length of just a few hours to become viable for several days. This will allow more organs to be made available for transplant and a greater number of Australian lives to be saved.-ENDS- RODEO 4 LIFE LINKSRodeo 4 Life Website: 4 Life Facebook: Donor Register: RODEO 4 LIFE MEDIA CENTRE – DOWNLOADSPhotographs of Rodeo 4 Life the arena spectacular can be downloaded here: or - PHOTO CREDIT: FRENCH’S PHOTOGRAPHY RODEO BULL RIDING RESULTSCOverall WinnerTroy Wilkinson: - Riding Vertical Exit & Earthbound- Score 169- Prize: $9,500 (total: Round 1 + $2k) Round One1. Troy Wilkinson on Vertical Exit scored 89 - Prize $7,5002. Toby Collins on White Ice scored 78 - Prize $4,5003. Jack McArthur on Reverend Black scored 73 - Prize $3,000 Round Two1. Cliff Richardson on High Flying Akubra scored 92 - Prize $6,0002. Bryden Atkins on Turbulence scored 89 - Prize $4,5003. Toby Collins on Vertical Exit scored 82 - Prize $3,0004. Ty Thompson on Bloodline scored 81 - Prize $1,5005. Troy Wilkinson on Earthbound scored 80 Rage against the maps 2019-12-03T02:29:40Z rage-against-the-maps The Editor Dear Editor, The Victorian government has released a new map aimed at making it as easy as possible for hunters to identify where it's fine for them to slaughter and maim animals going about their business. Contrast this with the manufactured rage of our politicians over the existence of Aussie Farms' Farm Transparency Map, a resource that does nothing more than compile publicly available information. The Aussie Farms map indicates where farms are located in an effort, as the site says, "to force transparency on an industry dependent on secrecy". Each year in Australia, hundreds of millions of animals are confined, tormented, and slaughtered out of public view – behind high walls or in massive compounds. Tens of thousands of chickens are kept inside sheds in an atmosphere so toxic that humans entering the premises report having trouble breathing, sows are confined to stalls barely large enough for them to take a single step forward or backwards, and sheep are punched and cut with clippers by shearers paid to work quickly, not carefully. Any attempt to expose the egregious abuses occurring in these places is met with hand-wringing and rage as well as threats of criminal penalties. Yet a licence and a mobile phone are all that are required for anyone who wants to satiate their bloodlust by taking an expedition into a state forest. A common theme binds both scenarios: whether it's disingenuous angst over a map listing businesses or obsequious facilitation of barbaric slaughter, animals always lose out. Let's allow room in the conversation for consideration of their right to live. Sincerely, Paula Hough Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Asia-Pacific PETA Australia PO Box 20308, World Square, Sydney NSW 2002 Australia’s number one trace mineral competition is back to assist farmers in improving animal growth and fertility. 2019-12-01T19:30:00Z australias-number-one-trace-mineral-competition-is-back-to-assist-farmers-in-improving-animal-growth-and-fertility It has certainly been a challenging year for most livestock producers across the country. The on-going impact of poor to desperate seasons across Australia has focused many cattle and sheep producers on the nutritional challenges and one leading animal health company is determined to assist. Virbac Australia are now inviting sheep, beef and dairy producers to enter the Multimin Performance Ready Challenge, a 12-month program focused on the effective use of trace mineral injections for cattle and sheep. As part of the Challenge up to seventy-five producers will receive discounted Multimin product in exchange for sharing their experiences and results with using Multimin and one lucky competing individual or team will win the ultimate prize of an overseas study tour. Valued at more than $21,000, the prize will offer professional development tailored to the winner and their enterprise. “Last year’s challenge received an incredible amount of support and engagement from the public and livestock experts all over Australia. Challengers saw better conception rates, tighter calving intervals, improved immune function, reduced disease, and better general health,” said Dr Jerry Liu, Nutritionist and Livestock Nutrition Marketing Manager, Virbac Australia. For previous Multimin Challenge winner Renee Murfett, the Multimin Challenge was a great opportunity to see the significant impact of trace mineral supplementation on her dairy calves immunity and health. As part of her prize, Virbac Australia is sending Renee to the World Ag Expo in the USA in February where she will learn more about best-practice dairy farming. “We want to work with sheep, beef and dairy producers from across Australia to see how they too can improve fertility, animal health and ultimately herd performance with the use of Multimin and encourage all to enter,” says Dr Liu. “We know that during high demand periods such as joining, weaning and birthing, animals have elevated requirements for trace minerals. And consequently, with less feed available than normal in many areas of Australia, stock are not receiving many nutrients, including trace minerals.” “Large parts of the country are certainly struggling and keeping a positive mentality can be difficult for producers during these unfavorable times. The industry data we are seeing is indicative of this with producers purchasing less drenches and vaccines which is one sign that stock numbers have declined. There are far fewer animals to treat this year versus last year the last few weeks of bushfires doesn’t help. “Our national interest is to re-build Australia’s livestock numbers and improving the immunity and fertility in our animals will be a major contributor to this. During these tough times, improved health and productivity is going to pay off and we want to assist producers as much as we can to do this,” Dr Liu said. Angus producer Nick Boshammer from NBGenetics in Chinchilla, QLD has recently had a positive result with Multimin and looks forward to entering the Multimin Performance Ready Challenge to further advance his herd and gain access to industry experts. “I used Multimin pre-joining in October this year and saw a 100% response rate in my fixed time AI program. I want to get as many AI pregnancies as I can which means getting stock in calf as early as possible. It’s about increasing my animals’ trace minerals levels during this high demand period to give them every opportunity to cycle early on. “We need all the help we can get in these tough conditions, so I’ll be entering the Multimin Challenge this year and encouraging my friends to enter as well. I think there is a big opportunity for Multimin to be used in early weaned calves. I will Multimin every one of my weaned calves this month to give them a rapid top-up of essential minerals for future performance and fertility,” Mr Boshammer said. As part of the program, producers will have the support and expertise of some of Australia’s most experienced animal experts to hone their operations. Experts include: Dr Paula Gonzalez-Rivas, Technical Services Manager for Nutrition at Virbac Australia Dr Matthew Ball, Veterinarian and Senior Technical Services Manager - Cattle at Virbac Australia and owner of Beacon Veterinary Dr George Cox, Technical Services Manager - Sheep at Virbac Australia Dr Colin Trengove, Veterinarian and Managing Director, Pro-Ag Consulting Dr Enoch Bergman, Owner Veterinarian, Swans Veterinary Services Dr Graham Lean, Principal Consultant at Agrivet Business Consulting As well as the overseas trip, the overall winner will also take home a 12-month supply of Multimin. The second and third runners-up will receive a six month supply of Multimin. Entries for the Multimin Performance Ready Challenge are open from 1 December 2019 with only seventy-five challengers selected. To find out more and to enter, visit Ends Media Enquiries: Kate Munsie - C7EVEN COMMUNICATIONS (02) 6766 4513 / 0421 935 843 Photo captions: Nick Boshammer from NBGenetics Dr Enoch Bergman, member of the Multimin Challenge expert panel Target Sheep event tours New South Wales & Victoria offering key insights in the fight against worms. 2019-11-29T05:44:04Z target-sheep-event-tours-new-south-wales-victoria-offering-key-insights-in-the-fight-against-worms With summer drenching season upon us, leading animal health company Virbac Australia has just completed a roadshow throughout regional New South Wales and Victoria, educating producers on parasite management, with a special focus on the importance of an effective summer drenching program and current drench resistance levels in the Yass, Boorowa, Euroa, Ballarat and Hamilton regions. Virbac’s Target Sheep initiative is aimed at optimising the health and performance of livestock at three key stages of the production cycle; pre-joining, pre-lambing and marking/weaning. The roadshow focused on how to increase productivity by managing worm resistance with an effective drench program. The Target Sheep events bring together industry experts, veterinarians and producers to improve on-farm productivity and profitability through leading animal health management practices and industry benchmarks. Key speakers at this weeks events included Veterinary Parasitology Consultant, Dr Tim Elliott and Virbac Australia Area Sales Manager’s, Emily Fowler, Matthew Grylls and Rod Evans. Tim’s presentation educated producers about worm biology and their life cycle, with tips on pasture management and drench strategies to reduce the risk of internal parasites specific to the region. “A summer drench at this time of year needs to be a very effective drench to ensure a successful reduction in worm burden,” said Tim. “Weaned lambs are highly susceptible to worms, but effective drenching helps to increase weaner growth rates. For all these reasons, this first summer drench is of vital importance, so farmers can remove the worm burden in individual livestock, reduce pasture contamination from worms and allow for healthier weaners over summer.” During the Yass event, Emily Fowler encouraged attendees to join Virbac’s Target Sheep program which allows producers to formulate sheep managing strategies specific to their region. “With resistance to treatment becoming an increasing problem, the summer drench farmers choose can make a huge difference in the success of any worm control program. For these reasons, farmers must choose a potent and persistent solution that protects stock against infection and boosts sheep wellbeing and productivity, for healthier, more profitable farms. The Target Sheep program is a practical forum with open discussions and engagement from independent experts. The group aims to tackle relative important issues throughout the sheep production cycle.” Around 20 local sheep producers attended the Boorowa event, and Brad Smith from Neringah Farm described his local event as a very informative day. “I find it concerning that there will be no new drench actives being released in the near future and therefore appreciated Dr Tim Elliot's emphasis on the importance of drench selection and conducting regular worm egg counts.” With summer storms becoming a common occurrence in the Boorowa region, Emily Fowler explained now is not the time to be complacent in worm management programs. “Summer storm events are breeding pools for barbers pole worm and liver fluke. We encouraged all attendees to continue monitoring their sheep and carry out regular worm egg tests as well as be aware of the resistance levels on their farm as no two farms are the same. Hopefully this has been a useful discussion for our local producers, and it’s given them some useful information to now go out and act on.” Virbac will be hosting further Target Sheep events throughout Australia in the coming months. For more information, visit, follow Virbac Australia on Facebook or Instagram or call 1800 242 100. Ends Media Enquiries: Kate Munsie - C7EVEN COMMUNICATIONS (02) 6766 4513 / 0421 935 843 Photo caption: Target Sheep Boorowa Event Target Sheep Yass Event The Idea Shed creates disruption and impact to educate dog owners on Ivory Coat Wholegrain 2019-11-27T21:49:19Z the-idea-shed-creates-disruption-and-impact-to-educate-dog-owners-on-ivory-coat-wholegrain Independent creative agency, The Idea Shed, has created a new campaign to introduce dog owners to the new healthy option available through the Real Pet Food Company, Ivory Coat Wholegrain.   Although Ivory Coat is the number one grain free brand in the pet speciality channel, the company recognise that dogs love variety when it comes to meal time. By launching Ivory Coat Wholegrain dog food, with dry and chilled options, the brand is able to guarantee that no matter the reason, there is an Ivory Coat product that will appeal to your pet. Consumers treat their dogs like part of the family and gain fulfilment from seeing them thrive.  However, they also recognise that dogs will be dogs and embrace their natural animal instincts.  With this in mind, The Idea Shed team created a series of animal-centric visuals celebrating dogs exhibiting this natural animal behaviour and combined it with tailored messaging to ensure it was contextually relevant to the specific touchpoint. The campaign delivers impact with the disruptive ‘butt-sniff’ visual and dual headline. Not only does the image give a point of difference when compared to category norms, it brings to life the key benefit of supporting good gut health in a simple and visual way, making it an easy get for the consumer. In addition to this, against the back drop of increased humanisation of animals, The Idea Shed’s creative is deliberately animal-centric and delivers its core message with clever wit and personality. Real Pet Food Company’s Channel Marketing Manager, Jacqueline Nalder said: “Our pets have individual needs, just like us. We recognise there is no “one size fits all” food, which is why we have launched our wholegrain range for dogs, with varieties across both dry and now chilled options. It’s an easy way to look after your dog’s overall gut health and offers an alternative to our grain free range, for those dogs without food sensitivities or allergies.” Shopper Marketing Manager, Cheryl Griffin added: “We have worked with The Idea Shed to seamlessly bring this campaign to life across OOH, instore and digital.  We love that the campaign is packed full of personality and that good gut health is brought to life through the lens of those behaviours animals exhibit naturally.” Also commenting on the campaign John Volckman, Co-Founder/Partner of The Idea Shed said: “While saying hello is relatively straight forward for humans, the butt-sniff is the dog’s handshake. Taking this insight, we had fun developing a campaign which shines the light on dogs being dogs. Our team has enjoyed bringing this campaign to life across the full path to purchase, identifying scenarios that show healthy dogs doing what they do best – being dogs. It was also great that the team at Real Pet Food utilised our full scope of services to bring this Ivory Coat campaign to market. They are such a passionate group and we are enjoying working with them across a number of campaigns which we are excited to see hit the market in the new year.”     Agency Team: The Idea Shed    John Volckman – Co-Founder/Partner Adrian Moore – Head of Digital  Mike Avery - Art Director Isabelle Slack – Junior Designer Peita Neale – Finished Artist  Elkie Pieterse – Studio Manager  Dan Adams - Senior Account Director Christine Kynoch - Account Manager     Agency Partners:   Real Pet Food Company    Shannon Roach – Head of Marketing  Jacqueline Nalder – Channel Marketing Manager Cheryl Griffin – Shopper Marketing Manager  Ashlee Beck – Assistant Brand Manager  Kate Clarke – Digital Producer    Rapid Media    Danielle Hitchcock – Senior Account Director  Cameron Brands – Director of Digital Dawn Beaumont – Search Marketing Specialist          RST LAUNCHES ADVANCED FORMULA GUARDIAN ROADBINDER TO GLOBAL MARKET FOR THE TREATMENT OF DUST, SEDIMENT AND EROSION ON UNSEALED ROADS 2019-11-27T01:23:44Z rst-launches-advanced-formula-guardian-roadbinder-to-global-market-for-the-treatment-of-dust-sediment-and-erosion-on-unsealed-roads Guardian Roadbinder is the latest technology in RST’s suite of road stabilising and dust suppressant products used across the globe to build and maintain unsealed roads that are safer, more durable and require less water treatments and maintenance. By using Guardian Roadbinder during construction and in the maintenance of unsealed roads and surfaces, companies in the mining, agriculture and civil construction industries are achieving higher quality unsealed roads that are resistant to erosion and dust, and reduce the need for regular watering and repair which saves time and money. Immediate results have been remarkable, with RST clients noting the product’s unique ability to form mechanically high-resistant road pavements that remain flexible and dust-free for significant periods of time without the need for dust suppression watering or regular maintenance to combat erosion. RST is a market-leading global environmental specialist company that offers high-performance products, tailor-made mechanical equipment, engineering services and total-managed systems for dust suppression, road and soil stabilisation, water and sediment solutions, and erosion control.  RST Operations and Technical Director David Handel says Guardian Roadbinder is a chemically advanced product, the first of its kind on the global market and just one of the innovative solutions RST continues to offer its clients to improve their operations. “Guardian Roadbinder has been specifically developed for the construction and reconstruction of strong, durable unsealed roads that can support high volumes of heavy vehicle traffic while minimising dust emissions over extended periods of time without the need for regular watering,” he said. "This product is achieving outstanding results for our clients as it is can be tailored to suit a site’s specific conditions and requirements, from improving materials used in sub-grade preparation through to water cart applications and maintenance operations. “Including Guardian Roadbinder throughout the building and maintenance processes will reduce the amount of maintenance required to keep a road safe, dust-free and open to traffic. “We’ve developed Guardian Roadbinder with our clients’ needs in mind and the result is a robust product that is achieving immediate results, dramatically cutting down water usage and importantly, improving safety outcomes.” Guardian Roadbinder is applied during road construction and is also used as part of an operation’s ongoing road watering program to achieve the highest dust suppression results with significantly less watering requirements. RST has over three decades of experience in developing versatile and effective environmental management solutions across a range of industry sectors including mining, quarrying, waste management, civil constructions and manufacturing in both Australia and overseas. RST is an Australian business operating internationally, with projects currently in the United States of America, China, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Colombia, Chile, Croatia, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Lithuania and the United Arab Emirates.   For more information, contact Reynolds Soil Technologies on (07) 5522 0244 or visit Water waste! 2019-11-25T22:11:36Z water-waste The Editor Dear Editor, The NSW government is introducing severe water checks on homes. Level Two restrictions will be enforced in the Greater Sydney, Blue Mountains and Illawarra regions from 10 December. Fines may be slapped on those using hoses and sprinklers. People have been asked to restrict the length of their showers. But, while we are staying dirty and our gardens dying, there is no mention of the production of meat, dairy and eggs. Enormous amounts of water are used in irrigating the crops that farmed animals eat, providing millions of animals with drinking water, and washing away the polluting filth of factory farms, trucks and slaughterhouses. All for products that are cruel to animals, harmful to human health, and detrimental to the environment. An average of 4,500 litres of water is required to produce just one steak, and the production of a single hamburger requires the same amount of water as taking around 30 showers. The government would be better off ensuring that food vendors in government buildings remove animal products from their menus. This would set a positive example for the rest of the state. Any water conservation measures must include a long, hard look at animal agriculture industries. Mimi Bekhechi Campaigns Strategist People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA Australia) PO Box 20308 World Square Sydney, NSW, 2002 (08) 8556-5828 Draft ‘Design Build Practitioners Bill’ does not extend compliance far enough, says AIPM 2019-11-25T01:15:52Z draft-design-build-practitioners-bill-does-not-extend-compliance-far-enough-says-aipm Draft ‘Design Build Practitioners Bill’ does not extend compliance far enough, says AIPM 25th November 2019. Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) has submitted its responses to the draft legislation of the Design and Building Practitioners Bill 2019 and ‘Building Stronger Foundations’ Discussion Paper. In its submission to the NSW Government’s Better Regulation Division, AIPM acknowledged that the legislation is a major step forward in ensuring compliant building work, considering the systematic failures within current building codes and conduct within the building and construction industry. AIPM believes the aims of the Bill are admirable and in line with community expectations. The obligations of building practitioners are well-defined; however, the Bill currently limits its focus on designers and constructors and ignores broader project management and certifier compliance. Obligations remain limited, and not extended across the full process of building work. ‘We need to ensure the Bill has adequate countermeasures that would actively discourage short cuts that are currently being taken in the building industry’, says Ms Elizabeth Foley, CEO at AIPM. The draft legislation currently defines practitioner as a ‘design practitioner, principal design practitioner or building practitioner’. There would be various other practitioners involved in a typical building including project managers and certifiers, yet currently excluded in this definition, and therefore the compliance process, who need to ensure work is completed in accordance with a concept design and with building codes and standards. ‘There needs to be a commitment to compliance providing adequate coverage of the full design process, and this can’t be achieved by the current definition of “practitioner” in the Bill’, Ms Foley said. AIPM also believes education is a key issue within management and leadership in construction, causing the gap in accountability across building work processes, and compliance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) ‘performance requirements’. ‘We have university graduates coming straight out of classrooms and given tasks they are not experienced in, with no practical building knowledge and more importantly they do not have the skills or confidence to communicate with trades people and builders alike’, Ms Foley said. The draft Bill is hosted on the NSW Govt website, which can be accessed at here. A full version of AIPMs response to the draft Bill can be accessed here. Elizabeth Foley, CEO of AIPM is available for comment on request. About AIPM The Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) is the premier, longest-serving body for project management in Australia. We are recognised by Australian business, industry and government as the key promoter, developer and leader in project management professionalism. AIPM is a member of the International Project Management Association (IPMA). Media Contact: Marcus Sandmann Chief Marketing Officer Australian Institute of Project Management P: +0411 877643 E: VetSupply Launches Black Friday Sale 2019-#SaveMoreSpendLess 2019-11-21T11:14:44Z vetsupply-launches-black-friday-sale-2019-savemorespendless The countdown has begun to witness the biggest shopping fest of the year. Black Friday deals have kicked off in the market. So, with the motive to serve premium quality products for your pets, VetSupply has rolled out a massive discount on major pet care products. Black Friday offers come with a special opportunity to store in a variety of pet supplies at super-discounted rates. Therefore, VetSupply provides you a great opportunity to shop the best products at a modest amount. The company is all set to unveil its Black Friday Offers. The festive season is definitely all fun for your pet. But you can add in more to that. Holiday season is about offering extra love to your pet on their plate through various treats. VetSupply stocks a wide range of pet dietary supplements and treats from the popular brands available at exceptional prices. Indeed a good combination of taste and health. As always, customers look forward to shopping at the stores on Black Friday. However, along with the fun of festivity all around, the ongoing threat of flea and tick season cannot be overlooked. Parasites can be a major reason to flop the fun for your pet by infesting them. Well, to prevent and treat fleas and ticks, VetSupply offers a myriad of flea and tick preventives and treatments at discounted rates. The online store has exciting BOGO (Buy One Get One) offers on broad-range of flea and tick treatments this Black Friday. VetSupply SUPER DEALS is giving you a great chance to store in preventatives to save big and smartly protect the pets from parasites. This Black Friday, VetSupply is also offering super deals on dog dewormers to protect your furry friend. The super sale on dewormers includes a comprehensive range of treatments for gastrointestinal worms and preventives for heartworms with special discounts throughout the day. So, shoppers can now start saving big with Black Friday deals and get the seamless experience of shopping. Pet parents no more have to worry about the extra shipping charges as the leading online store believes to make the shopping fest more about savings than spending. Therefore, customers can order any product and can enjoy the privilege of FREE SHIPPING. There are a number of deals and deep discounts on the various items across the e-store including flea and tick treatments, wormers, treats, toys, joint care, wound care, accessories, pet food and a lot more for customers. In addition to these deals, the online store has some exciting combos which are a bonanza offer and can double the protection for your pets. So to grab the best out of Black Friday deals and to get more information about Black Friday offers, you can visit   About VetSupply: VetSupply is one of the leading pet stores in Australia. The company’s mission and vision are to make the expensive brands affordable to each and every pet parent of the country and make pet parenting easier. VetSupply offers an enormous range of pet products including treatments, medications, food, supplements and accessories. The Company offers best deals on all the leading products including flea and tick medications, wormers, wound care, heartworm preventives, pet supplements and a wide range of other pet supplies. Vet Panel at VetSupply is one of the best panels of Veterinarians in the online healthcare market. Apart from providing thorough information and guidance regarding pet health, they also work really hard to make sure that the correct and advanced products are procured and made available for customers. Dogs lost to heat 2019-11-19T11:25:32Z dogs-lost-to-heat The Editor Dear Editor, As the weather heats up (and it’s not even summer yet!) we need to remember our canine companions, who often suffer more than we do during high temperatures. Most people know now not to leave dogs in hot cars, in which the temperature on a warm day can rise to forty degrees in five minutes. Yet still police and motorist organisations are rescuing hundreds of dogs every year from this agonising fate. People are often unaware that parking in the shade and with your windows down doesn’t make much difference to the temperature inside your car. A less-known danger is faced by dogs who are tied up in yards without access to shade and water. A dog in Brisbane was found dead last week from heat stress after being tethered to a fencepost in the sun. Dogs should be kept inside in the cool but, if they must be left outside, The RSPCA have appealed to people to secure their gardens rather than use tethers, ensure there is always an area of shade as the sun shifts around the garden, and always to have two to three containers of water available, in case one gets knocked over. If you see an animal in distress, please call the police or the RSPCA. Desmond Bellamy Special Projects Coordinator PETA Australia PO Box 2352 Byron Bay NSW 2481 0411 577 416 John Jarratt Announced as MC for Explosive Rodeo 4 Life Charity Event 2019-11-19T00:25:03Z john-jarratt-announced-as-mc-for-explosive-rodeo-4-life-charity-event John Jarratt Announced as MC for Explosive Rodeo 4 Life Charity Event Today, Rodeo 4 Life producers announced that John Jarratt, Australian screen legend will officiate as Master of Ceremonies in the explosive rodeo and country music charity event at WIN Entertainment Centre in his home town of Wollongong on Saturday 30 November, to help fund world-first research at the RPA Transplant Institute. Best known for his portrayal of Mick Taylor in the iconic Wolf Creek films and television series on Stan, Jarratt has long been committed to lending his name and his support to many worthwhile causes. “I believe we each have a duty to support important causes that make a real difference. Helping give people a second chance at life through promoting organ donation and funding transplantation research is up there for me as one of the most important things we can all do to help save lives,” said Jarratt. “I grew up in Wongawilli in the Illawarra so I’m really excited about heading back to my home town to be part of such an important cause when Rodeo 4 Life rocks The Gong!” he said. Rodeo 4 Life’s producer Doug Vickers OAM said, “We’re very grateful to John and all those getting behind Rodeo 4 Life so together we’ll be contributing to saving the lives of many with 100% of profits supporting the vital work of the RPA Transplant Institute to help increase the number of life-saving liver and kidney transplants each year. “The audience should be prepared for an ‘edge of their seat’ experience when Rodeo 4 Life explodes with a thrilling, action-packed night of electrifying live rodeo and country music entertainment,” Mr Vickers said. Rodeo 4 Life’s star-studded line-up includes John Jarratt as MC and seven-time Golden Guitar winner and back-to-back CMC Male Artist of the Year, Travis Collins performing a full length concert with some of Australia’s toughest bull riding superstars fighting the odds to stay mounted on the legendary JP Gill and Sons’ mightiest rodeo bulls as they compete for the championship title and a whopping $30,000 in prize money! Rodeo 4 Life will also star Australia’s legendary rodeo clown, Big Al Wilson, rodeo protection clowns Gene McDonald and Rodney-Ray (Rude) Mancell - both risk takers who’ll put their lives on the line to distract the bulls away from the grounded riders, rodeo announcer Glen Morgan whose name is synonymous with Australian rodeo sports; and, the spectacular mighty rodeo bulls bred by John “Happy” Gill and Sons Rodeo Contractors who’ll be doing their darnedest to send Rodeo 4 Life’s bull riding superstars flying! For tickets to the Rodeo 4 Life arena spectacular visit Ticketmaster or -ENDS- INTERVIEW REQUESTS Insight Communications on: 02 9518 4744   Access images from the Media Centre:    Rodeo 4 Life will be conducted in accordance with policies, rules and industry standards of Rodeo Services Australia (RSA), and the NSW Code of Practice for animals used in rodeo events. Whilst the event is raising funds to go toward Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Transplant Service; the hospital or Sydney Local Health District is not involved in the conduct or organisation of this event. NSW and ACT Guiding Community merges with NT to create A Place To Grow Together 2019-11-18T03:48:23Z nsw-and-act-guiding-community-merges-with-nt-to-create-a-place-to-grow-together The NSW & ACT Girl Guides community will merge with Girl Guides NT to form Girl Guides NSW, ACT and NT from January 2020 creating a 7,800 strong member organisation. The merger offers a chance to expand learnings and foster collaboration between the state and territories. Girl Guides in NT will have access to greater resources and opportunities through this partnership, with all the administrative and operational benefits of a larger Association. More opportunities will be available to assist with the geographical challenges faced in the NT. The partnership will also allow Guides in the NT to participate in creative initiatives run by Girl Guides NSW & ACT such as GirlMade which supports girls to express themselves creatively. The NT community hope to share their unique experiences and perspectives with the NSW & ACT members, to further support the growth and empowerment of the next generation of Australian women. Letitia Baldwin, NT Regional Manager, Girl Guides NT, is looking forward to this new step in NT Guiding history, believing it will bring great benefit to the girls and Leaders. “I have a brilliant team of Leaders and we will work well with the NSW and ACT teams. It is important to have fresh ideas and the chance to network, especially for our adult members so they can share that with the girls. I want to make this community as big and beautiful as it can be. “I think the opportunities are going to be endless; NSW & ACT have an exciting range of things for girls to do and now we will be able to leverage this and get the girls involved in so many more activities. “It is great to know we’re not alone; we are a part of a large network. I am looking forward to NT standing proud and showing off what we can do,” said Ms Baldwin. Eboney Prentice, Leader Darwin District, Girl Guides NT, has been a member of the Guiding community for 30 years; having had many unique experiences with Guiding including travelling the world, she is now sharing the Guiding experience with her daughter. “Guiding focuses on the community, it encourages girls to think about more than just themselves, to learn from others and give back to the world around them. The joining of our communities will support this Guiding mission and enhance the girls experience,” said Ms Prentice. Sarah Neill, State Commissioner, Girl Guides NSW & ACT, travelled to NT earlier this year and met the Guiding community; she is thrilled to be partnering with them. “I am looking forward to working closely with Letitia and her team who have such a deep passion for Guiding. The girls as always are at the centre of what we do and we know this partnership will enhance their Guiding experience with increased support,” said Mrs Neill. -ENDS- Notes to editor: Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT are devoted to the growth and development of girls. They provide a place where girls can learn, build their skills and connect with like-minded peers. The benefits also extend to the Leaders and volunteers who play a vital role in supporting the girls. Guides work to serve their community and help those in need offering help where they can. They participate in many local activities and initiatives aimed at giving back to the community. Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT offers girls A Place To Grow. For media enquiries please contact: Simone Gur | ZADRO Agency | | 0417 778 511 Oakley Grioli I ZADRO Agency I | 02 9212 7867 IMAGES Images are available for use. For high-resolution images, please contact: Image: Letitia Baldwin, NT Region manager, Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT. Image: Eboney Prentice, Unit Leader Darwin District, Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT. Image: Sarah Neill, State Commissioner, Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT. Image: Girl Guides NT. Image: Girl Guides NSW & ACT. Australia's Oldest Online Pet Supply Retailer Turns 20! 2019-11-08T00:02:58Z australia-s-oldest-online-pet-supply-retailer-turns-20 The year was 1999. The world was worried about Y2K, eBay had just launched in Australia and brothers Mark and Steven Perissinotto were preparing to launch Australia’s first online pet supplies business. Now twenty years and over 2.5 million orders later, VetShop Australia will celebrate over 100 dog years of business on the 17th of November. Like many great businesses, Steven says it all started over the table at a big family lunch. “We came up with the idea over lunch and were able to launch VetShopAustralia three months later,” Mr.Perissinotto said.  The brothers saw the huge opportunity the internet provided, and started the business part-time out of the back of veterinarian Mark’s Nambour clinic.  “We were working fifty hours a week at our original jobs and then putting in another twenty or so hours to only be getting ten orders per day,” Mark Perissinotto said.  “Success didn’t come to us overnight, running your own business is always ninety percent perspiration, ten percent inspiration” said Steven.  The breakthrough came in 2001 when, recognising high levels of interest from US buyers, the international website changed its currency to USD and sales instantly grew around 10-12% month-on-month between 2001-2006. This success enabled Mark to leave his veterinary practice in 2005 and saw Steven leave law in 2007 to allow them to concentrate on the business full time. In 2009, the business moved from Image Flat to a larger premises at Forest Glen where it remains today, shipping orders to over 1 million customers in over 70 countries. Over the years, the business has picked up a number of awards including a Telstra Business People’s Choice Award in 2011, Power Retail Top 100 Retailer in 2017 and the Top 150 in 2018. Both Mark and Steven have also been nominated for a variety of awards. Mark was a finalist in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards in 2015 and Steven was recently named as one of the Top 50 People in E-Commerce by Internet Retailing. VetShop Australia has also been the sponsor of the Surfing Dog Championships, held as part of the Noosa Festival of Surfing, since 2012. About VetShopAustralia VetShopAustralia is an online pet retailer that has been proudly serving Australian pet owners since 1999.  With its head office and distribution centre located in Forest Glen, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, VetShop Australia stock a huge range of over 1000 pet-related products; including international brand name animal health products such as NexGard, Bravecto, Revolution, Advocate, Hills and Royal Canin.  Awards 2009 – AIMIA Online Retailer of The Year 2011 – QLD Telstra Business Award People’s Choice 2013, 2014, 2016 & 2017 – Word of Mouth Service Award - Queensland 2015 – EY Entrepreneur of The Year Finalist (Mark) 2016 – St. George Business Champion 2017 – Power Retail Top 100 Retailer 2017 – Golden Brontos Most Successful Campaign Finalist 2017 – Google Regional Online Heroes (Steven) 2018 – Power Retail Top 150 Retailers 2019 – Internet Retailing Top 50 in e-Commerce (Steven) Sponsorship 2012 - 2020 -Sponsor of the largest Surfing Dog Competition in the world, VetShopAustralia Surfing Dog Championships, part of the Noosa Festival of Surfing   Grid soil mapping helps farmers manage variability across multiple soil properties 2019-11-06T23:26:30Z grid-soil-mapping-helps-farmers-manage-variability-across-multiple-soil-properties The benefits of grid soil mapping in developing targeted strategies to address individual soil properties have been highlighted by a recent research project, conducted by Precision Agriculture Pty Ltd. The project investigated the use of grid soil mapping to measure a variety of surface soil chemical properties, and also explored the relationships between different soil characteristics observed in the grid mapped data. Over a 12-month period in 2018, Precision Agriculture tested and mapped approximately 100,000 hectares of agricultural land across New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania. Principal Scientist with Precision Agriculture, Dr Kirsten Barlow, said results from 289 paddocks – almost 10,000 grid soil samples -where multiple soil properties were measured, were used in this project. “The grid soil sampling divides each paddock into small grids, generally a two-hectare grid, although this varies across industries,” Dr Barlow said. “We collected 0-10cm soil cores within each grid on a diagonal transect that zig-zagged through the paddock, with the samples then sent to a commercial, accredited laboratory for analysis. “The soil tests varied notably between and within each paddock.” Soil pH – the acidity or alkalinity of the soil – generally had the lowest variation, while Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC), which influences the ability of the soil to supply plant nutrients (calcium, magnesium and potassium) and Exchangeable Sodium Percentage (ESP) had the greatest variability within a paddock. The investigation into the relationships between the different soil tests also revealed wide variations. While some soil characteristics such as pH and CEC were well correlated in some paddocks, for most other characteristics up to 75% of paddocks had no consistent trends between the soil test data. Dr Barlow said soil acidity and sodicity are common constraints limiting crop performance, which can be addressed through variable rate applications of lime and gypsum, while nutrients such as phosphorus can be more strategically targeted through variable rate fertiliser applications. “Grid soil mapping provides a comprehensive measure of the variation in soil properties across the paddock,” Dr Barlow said. “Where multiple soil properties are measured, separate, more targeted, variable rate strategies can be developed for each soil constraint to ameliorate individual soil properties.” Further details on the results of the study can be found at: