The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-09-21T23:44:23Z In the COVID-19 Era, Disposable Facemasks May Be a Cheap Option for Businesses, But They’re Killing the Planet 2020-09-21T23:44:23Z in-the-covid-19-era-disposable-facemasks-may-be-a-cheap-option-for-businesses-but-theyre-killing-the-planet With demands for disposable masks, gloves and other protective equipment increasing at exponential levels around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the fight against plastic pollution has become a more significant battle than ever before. CREAM Collection, manufacturers of sustainable chef jackets, aprons and hospitality workwear, is working to reduce the alarming number of disposable masks ending up in landfill, and ultimately our oceans threatening marine life; by encouraging businesses to invest in reusable masks for their staff to wear. With September’s Zero Waste Week highlighting the increasing issue of environmental waste and pollution, particularly due to food packaging, Pam Burnett, founder of CREAM Collection is encouraging chefs, restaurant owners and other businesses to purchase an alternative cost-effective solution in the form of sustainable 100% organic cotton reusable facemasks. Pam comments: “Throughout this pandemic, wearing a mask has become so important across different business sectors, and even mandatory for some, but after seeing the negative impact on the environment of disposable masks, choosing what to cover your face with has become a much greater issue.” Since the significant effects of COVID-19 unravelled in March, CREAM Collection has been manufacturing sustainable facemasks for businesses who were forced to change how they operated and enable a safer way for them to handle food, interact with customers and continue with business continuity and has already sold thousands to environmentally conscious businesses across Australia. CREAM Collection’s facemasks are ethically made from 100% organic cotton and purposefully designed to biodegrade beyond its use. The masks feature adjustable elastic head straps for a comfortable fit and ensures no ear strain during a day of work. For additional support, the mask includes a removable aluminium strip allowing the mask to fit snugly across the face and can also be recycled afterwards. Purchasing Manager for Jackalope Hotels in Victoria, Liam Sweeney comments: “The masks are comfortable and great to wear; the team love that they can now safely interact with guests.” Pam adds: “When we throw something ‘away’, we don’t always think about where it goes and what impact it has on our environment. It is our role as business leaders to think about what we can do to reduce the waste we dispose of every day, which at the moment includes an increasing number of single-use facemasks – and mask wearing is something that will continue for the foreseeable future.” Dedicated to providing sustainable workwear to some of the most well-known chefs and restaurants in Australia and overseas, including Rockpool, Jackalope Hotels, Cumulus Inc, Muse Dining, Tetsuya’s and Josh Niland from Saint Peter in Paddington, CREAM Collection has always been committed to ensuring practical, long-lasting solutions exist in an industry that currently relies on so many pollutive materials. CREAM Collection’s facemasks can be washed (at a temperature of 60 degrees or using a hot steam iron) and sanitised and re-used to provide an easy solution for businesses that need to be agile during these uncertain times. It’s not just the hospitality industry that loves CREAM’s masks, many businesses are seeing the benefits of using the reusable products including Louise Etchell, owner of HairFreaks2 in Newcastle, who is prioritising her customers’ safety: “Not only are they incredibly soft and breathable, they hold up like new with daily laundering so we can wear them with confidence. Our clients love that we are prioritising hygiene and their safety but what’s important to us is that we are leaving less of an environmental footprint at the same time.” The masks are not a replacement for those who require medical-grade masks but a product for businesses that want to demonstrate high-level hygiene practices and ensure they are not adding to the growing amount of plastic pollution. The facemasks are available to order at $19.95 each, with the option to personalise and embroider your name or business logo. For more information or to purchase CREAM Collection facemasks, please visit For more information, please contact: Amy Cox @ CRE8IVE on T: 0431 223 105 or BAI Communications' director of engineering, Andrew Conway, joins Small Cell Forum board 2020-09-21T21:02:06Z bai-communications-director-of-engineering-andrew-conway-joins-small-cell-forum-board-1 London /Europe /Sydney /New York /Toronto /Hong Kong – BAI Communications’ Director of Engineering, UK, Andrew Conway will join the Small Cell Forum board of directors, effective 1 October 2020. Andrew is an expert in wireless cellular networks, specialising in the network design and development aspects of the transport sector, including partner management and industry liaison.Driving network densification worldwide and accelerating small cell deployments, the Small Cell Forum partners with private enterprise and works with regulators and municipalities to remove commercial and technical barriers, and forge opportunity. This commitment by the Small Cell Forum complements BAI’s vision to become a leading 5G neutral host infrastructure provider in major cities that are developing this technology for industries needing high-speed networks. ​​​​​​​Andrew believes that cellular data growth is driving an increasing need for network densification around the world. “There’s a renewed focus on infrastructure network investment and BAI plays a key role as a neutral host network provider. BAI’s networks are strongly aligned to 5G, smart city, small cell, and transport use cases. BAI is a strong supporter of the Small Cell Forum’s mission and it’s a privilege to be able to contribute to its work and help drive its thought leadership.” “BAI provides extensive cellular coverage through 3G and 4G shared infrastructure and Wi-Fi for commuters traveling underground in cities like New York, Toronto, and Hong Kong, and plans to use this technical and operational expertise to develop new 5G outdoor neutral host services,” said Andrew, who also chairs techUK’s Communications Infrastructure Council.Globally, the Small Cell Forum gathers requirements from service providers and enterprises and, as directed by the Board, these inputs shape its work in the areas of: 5G small cells; planning, management, and automation; 5G regulation and health concerns; multi-operator neutral hosting; private networks; and edge computing. “I am delighted to have BAI Communications as a Small Cell Forum member and am excited about the synergy between our organisations. Andrew’s design leadership in making the complex simple is a skill he is using to translate innovative next generation technology possibilities into real world successes at BAI. Having this capability on our board and within our neutral host work stream will accelerate our mission to make mobile infrastructure an accessible resource for industry, enterprise, and communities,” said Small Cell Forum Chair Dr. Prabhakar Chitrapu.“Andrew’s decades of experience in designing next generation networks and his interest in the societal impact of mobile communications and 5G makes him an excellent candidate for the board position,” added Dr. Chitrapu.– Ends –About BAI Communications BAI Communications designs, builds, and operates cellular, Wi-Fi, broadcast, radio, and IP networks around the world. We are engineering experts and technology innovators with proven experience in delivering the next wave of connectivity solutions through long-term partnerships with broadcasters, transit operators, governments, and MNOs. As a leading communications infrastructure provider, BAI’s neutral host solutions connect people, enrich communities, and advance economies. Our global operations span Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and the US, where we have a majority stake in Transit Wireless. For more information contactMarketing Communications Manager, UK, Roberta de LimaM +44 (0) 782 789 1840 | E Brainstorm IT appointed as a SYSPRO Australia channel partner 2020-09-21T00:04:05Z brainstorm-it-appointed-as-a-syspro-australia-channel-partner Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) specialist, SYSPRO has today announced that it has signed up a new enterprise software channel partner, BrainStorm IT to help achieve its ambitious growth goals. Melbourne headquartered BrainStorm IT is a successful custom enterprise software development and consulting company that develops, implements and enhances enterprise software. Its team expertly consults on and implements ERP systems, specialising in integrating systems and developing bespoke custom enterprise software solutions for manufacturing, distribution and automotive companies across Australia. With expertise in the ERP space already, BrainStorm IT decided to partner with SYSPRO to realise its true vision of becoming Australia’s leading business systems technology and ERP implementation partner. BrainStorm IT could see that SYSPRO’s ERP solution was built to deliver industry specific functionality for manufacturers and distributors, with the means to adapt to their unique business needs. BrainStorm IT believed SYSPRO’s platform to be exceptionally flexible compared to other ERP offerings in the market. It was important to them that SYSPRO is investing heavily in disruptive technologies including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to enable anomaly detection, predictions and computer vision, all of which will put Australian manufacturers and distributors using those technologies at the forefront of Industry 4.0 adoption. “We work closely with business leaders, understanding what makes their businesses unique and then together we look for opportunities to enhance processes, reduce costs, increase sales and to improve profitability,” said Ty Osborne, CEO of BrainStorm IT. “It has been a great experience getting to know SYSPRO’s ERP system and its Australian team as we believe the company has great vision, similar synergies and are fully aligned with our family values. We are looking forward to a mutually rewarding relationship with SYSPRO.” “Brainstorm IT’s team really impressed us with their industry expertise and their experience in adding strategic value to its customers’ ERP implementations,” said Rob Stummer, Asia Pacific CEO at SYSPRO. “Together, we will enable our customers to take their businesses to the next level in terms of efficiency, profitability and achieving their full potential.”  SYSPRO is building a strong channel partner network in Australia and across the region. “We believe it is with full partner support and commitment that we will achieve our ambitious growth targets for the APAC region,” concluded Rob Stummer.   Family business key to Australia's recovery post-COVID-19: FBA 2020-09-17T01:57:04Z family-business-key-to-australia-s-recovery-post-covid-19-fba Family businesses will be key to Australia’s economic recovery from the coronavirus recession, according to Australia’s peak body for family businesses, Family Business Australia (FBA), which is hosting its National Family Business Day on 18 September. Greg Griffith, CEO of FBA, says National Family Business Day is more significant than ever as family businesses make up over 70 per cent of Australian businesses and employ approximately 50 per cent of the Australian workforce. “Family businesses are key drivers of the Australian economy, central to our communities and a powerhouse provider of our nation’s jobs. “Family owned Australian businesses are more trusted than their corporate competitors, and are set to play a critical role in our economic recovery from COVID-19. “National Family Business Day celebrates and recognises the contribution family businesses make to Australian business and culture.” FBA is inviting businesses around the country to host a special morning tea online/virtually or in the workplace on Friday 18 September 2020. “National Family Business Day is a bit different this year, but it’s important to celebrate and rally around family businesses as they innovate and support their communities.” Mr Griffith said the high rate of Australian business ownership among family businesses meant economic activity within the sector had a greater impact on the Australian economy. He urges consumers to look for companies displaying the A family owned Australian business emblem, which adorns some of Australia’s best known brands including Carman’s Kitchen, Haigh’s Chocolates, Kennard’s Hire, Haymes Paint and so many more. “By looking for the A family owned Australian business emblem on products, shop fronts and other signage, you are keeping the wealth within the country and jobs within our local communities.” Key Australian family business sector facts: ·       Family businesses account for approximately 70 per cent of all businesses in Australia – estimated at half a million businesses ·       Approximately 50 per cent of the Australian workforce is employed in family businesses ·       Australian family business sector is worth approximately $4.3 trillion ·       The average family business has a turnover of $12 million, and employs 37 people ·       The 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer found family businesses are more trusted than business in general: 75% trust Family Businesses in Australia vs 52% trust in general businesses About Family Business Australia: Family Business Australia is the peak body for family businesses in Australia. Its purpose is to contribute to the long-term success of family business by providing resources and channels to promote success, sustainability and longevity. FBA provides access to specialist family, business and technical services and generate opportunities for families in business to learn and grow by networking and sharing with their peers. Web: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Instagram: YouTube: InfoTrack named finalist in Best Legal Tech Project award for Transition to e-Conveyancing Care Package 2020-09-16T08:28:52Z infotrack-named-finalist-in-best-legal-tech-project-award-for-transition-to-e-conveyancing-care-package InfoTrack has been recognised as a finalist at the inaugural YBF Venture’s Startup and Innovation Awards 2020.  The awards acknowledge and celebrate the startups, scaleups and global leaders that are innovating during the pandemic-induced crisis of 2020. In each industry category, a small, elite list of innovators were recognised. InfoTrack’s Transition to e-Conveyancing COVID-19 Care Package ranked as a finalist for Best LegalTech Project, Product or Pivot. The Care Package has assisted many lawyers and conveyancers to transition to remote working during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. InfoTrack CEO John Ahern said, “We’re excited to be ranked as a finalist for our Care Package. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, our aim was to assist our clients with transitioning to digital processes as quickly as possible. Overnight, legal technology became a necessity as lawyers and conveyancers could no longer meet clients face to face. They needed smart technology solutions to help them maintain business as usual.” YBF Ventures explicitly acknowledged InfoTrack’s e-signing solution SignIT, as supporting lawyers and conveyancers to continue business as usual. The number of cost agreements, electronic contracts and other legal documents being electronically signed increased significantly during COVID-19 as lawyers and conveyancers have reduced capacity to meet clients in person. InfoTrack has a strong history for their leading legal technology innovations. In 2019, InfoTrack took home awards for Most Innovative Company, Employer of Choice, Service Excellence and Best Managed Company. “Creating the Care Package was our way of supporting our clients through a challenging time,” Ahern explained. “We wanted to make sure they knew they could access our cloud-based solutions anywhere at any time.” We’re very grateful for this recognition,” Ahern continued. “Accolades like this inspire us to continue to service the legal industry well. We promise to continue to develop smart, innovative technology to help our clients remain productive and efficient.” Future of advice is in peril – it can only be assured by understanding past failings 2020-09-16T04:36:21Z future-of-advice-is-in-peril-it-can-only-be-assured-by-understanding-past-failings If the future and well-being of consumers is truly the highest priority of the federal government and financial services industry, then the quality of judgment has to improve and decisions made based on the lessons embedded in the experiences of the past.   The future viability of the advice sector is quite literally at the precipice!    Practitioner numbers are at an all-time low; exits and premature retirements continue to mount; and the industry’s reputation and obsession with over-regulation is dissuading new advice entrants.     It’s for this reason, that politicians and stakeholders must ensure that the decisions of the past that has brought about this scenario are not repeated or compounded going forward.   When looking back at history, the litany of disasters has quite literally been horrendous with most catastrophic being retrospectivity.  Basically, a misguided belief that arbitrarily changing the past will improve the present and secure the future.  The reality has been –   Education Standards:     I’ve haven’t met one person in the industry that does not support lifting standards and the standing of the advice sector with appropriate entry level academic qualifications and ongoing professional development.  However, they should never have been introduced retrospectively.   Remuneration:     Whether referred to as commission or brokerage, they constitute the cost of distribution that is incorporated into the product by the manufacturer.  They are not conflict of interest, hence, retrospective banning of commission is wrong.   ASIC (Lookbacks):     ASIC’s preoccupation with lookbacks has resulted in advisers looking over their shoulders like never before and quite literally living in fear.  Bringing down the cost of advice will never be achieved; and will only result in more compliance and administrative imposts. In all seriousness, no industry should be required to operate under a lookback regime of ten years or more.  Imagine if politicians or the legal profession was required to adhere to the same requirements!   BoLR:     Retrospective legislation by government has given the green light for institutions like AMP to change their buyer of last resort agreements resulting in drastically devalued businesses for many advisers.  This has been another decision that further undermined the standing of government, financial institutions and the industry as a whole.   Through no fault of their own; not breaking any rules or doing anything wrong – retrospective law making and arbitrary changing of contractual arrangements has quite literally brought the advice sector to the point of failure.   The purpose of the advice industry is to provide quality advice that is affordable, scalable and is in the best interest of clients.  Consumers have every right to question an industry that for two decades has wreaked havoc on itself, advisers and retrospectively changes rules and overturns supposedly iron clad assurances and undertakings.   We need leadership from both sides of parliament to work together to deliver a sustainable workable framework.  Hence my firm belief that the present structure needs to be reviewed with a view to implementation of the following –   Individual Licencing:     Move the industry away from corporate structure to advisers operating on a licencing framework that is no different to other professions such as accountants, lawyers, doctors, etc.   Past experience has proven that putting any entity that operates / and is motivated by profit between the consumer and their adviser inevitably leads to a conflict of interest.   The adviser’s sole role must be to act in the best interest of the client, not to a licencing group. The larger institutional licensees have compounded the environment for their advisers by adding extra layers of red tape, complexity and compliance.    Regulation:    Regulation and constant legislative tinkering by the federal government has only served to damage the industry and disadvantage consumers by making advice unaffordable.  There needs to be a concerted effort to remove this burden.                  Who is the Regulator?     The industry is drowning in regulatory authorities and voices demanding to be heard.  As if FASEA, ASIC, ATO, TPB, APRA, AUSTRAC, ACCC and AFCA weren’t enough, new bodies are being established in conjunction with associations, lobby groups, academia, institutions, industry super, the media and list goes on.   At what point do we say enough is enough!   Too Many Voices:     There are too many industry associations representing the advice industry vying to be heard (and taken seriously) by government.  Until these groups unite and merge into a single and powerful representative voice, it will only reaffirm to regulators the fragmented and self-interest nature of the industry.       Statements Statements Statements:     No other advice profession is required to provide so many statements i.e.  annual opt in statement, fee disclosure statement, statement of advice (SOA), etc.  All of which are ultimately paid for by the consumer.  SOAs continue to grow, not because clients read them but out of fear of litigation. Defining Advice:     The provision of advice in reality is demarcated into two clear models – Independent (open APL) and Proprietary (can only provide advice on proprietary products e.g. industry funds, bank products).  The formalisation of this distinction would be of most benefit to the consumer and provide greater transparency.   Technology:     A failing and legacy of industry domination by large institutions has been a lack of innovation and the restricted application of new technologies.  The advancement and application of FinTech is vital and needed to drive efficiencies and benefit consumers.   Career Pathways:     How can financial services attract the next generation of advisers when the current pathways actually inhibit new entrants joining the advice industry?  Two decades of non-stop regulatory reform, industry rationalisation and uncertainty has resulted in the next generation of advisers preferring alternate career paths with more attractive work life balance opportunities.   What’s the Answer?     Firstly, a combined effort and joint approach by government can halt the demise of financial services and the advice sector.  However, action is needed now with a united effort and joint approach that can create a viable future for the industry and provide affordable advice for consumers.   A good start would be a bipartisan working group NOT comprised of the usual retired judges, lawyers, vocal interest groups and individuals who have no practical experience running an advice business or face-to-face interaction with clients!  It’s for this reason that Australia has a track record of royal commissions and industry reviews failure.   There are many quality advisers who genuinely care about the industry and ensuring consumers receive quality advice and service that would gladly participate in a genuine and inclusive bipartisan review.   Secondly, as the world moves into the new era of the digital age, a national priority has to be raising the financial literacy for all Australians.  People need to be able to manage their financial affairs in order to improve their standard of living.  In addition, it will benefit the economy by improving the strength, performance and efficiency of the financial services system.   I am confident that this approach is the best way forward and would provide the all-important building blocks for a sustainable future for the advice sector – and most importantly – where the consumer will finally be the winner and beneficiary.   ENDS   Issued by Connect Financial Service Brokers             Media enquiries        Mr. Joe Perri, Joe Perri & Associates Pty Ltd Mob:     +61 412 112 545  Email: VISEO AND CLUDO ARE JOINING FORCES EXPANDING SALESFORCE AND DIGITAL SERVICES OFFERING IN AUSTRALIA 2020-09-16T02:12:26Z viseo-and-cludo-are-joining-forces-expanding-salesforce-and-digital-services-offering-in-australia Melbourne - September 16th, 2020 - VISEO, a global technology company specializing in digital transformation services, and Cludo, a leading Australian Salesforce digital services and consulting partner, have today announced that they are joining forces. The acquisition enhances the ability of both companies to deploy larger-scale digital projects across Australia and the APAC region, with the addition of Cludo’s Salesforce digital transformation expertise complementing VISEO’s comprehensive range of digital services offerings and expertise for which it is known and respected. Cludo focuses exclusively on the Salesforce platform, with offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, and is renowned for delivering transformative solutions to clients in the financial services, consumer goods, education and the not-for-profit sectors. Since its inception, Cludo has completed over 200 Salesforce projects with a record of success that saw it achieve Platinum Partner status in its first 18 months of operation, a record unequaled among Australian Salesforce partners. "Today’s announcement is the start of another exciting chapter for Cludo and we are thrilled to be joining forces with VISEO. This is a natural union and the synergies and points of connection were immediately apparent from the moment we started talking. Like VISEO, we are committed to our customers and our people, and culturally and operationally we are strongly aligned. This merger is great news for our people and will benefit our customers and the Salesforce ecosystem by allowing us to combine with a global leader and accelerate innovation and drive even greater customer success.” explains Ian Goodwin, Co-Founder and CEO of Cludo. With 2200 consultants worldwide, a presence on 5 continents, VISEO is a technology consulting firm that assists its clients with their digital transformation. In APAC, VISEO operates two support & development centers respectively located in Cebu (Philippine) and in Surabaya (Indonesia). In Australia, VISEO has established its head office in Melbourne in 2019 and is also located in Sydney. VISEO builds technological assets for its clients to serve their strategic ambitions. VISEO helps them take advantage of digital opportunities, address new uses and compete with players who are changing the rules of the games. The Australian market is in the midst of a significant digital transformation event. Welcoming Cludo into the VISEO Group reinforces its Salesforce capabilities and creates synergies with the group’s expertise. VISEO’s goal is to become a key player, very attractive, and competitive within the technology space to better assist Australian customers with their digital transformation. "VISEO Australia is delighted to welcome CLUDO into our team. We share a similar company culture; vision and our potential synergies are aligned with our strategy to become a top 3 Salesforce player in ANZ in the next 3 years. This acquisition reflects our commitment to strengthen our key partnership and develop local expertise says." Pierre-Francois VIEAU, Managing Director – VISEO Australia. "We are very pleased and honored to welcome Cludo as part of VISEO family, this move reflects our ambition for Australia, and will consolidate our partnership with Salesforce and accelerate our Cloud First Strategy." says Olivier Dhonte, VP APAC and Chairman of the VISEO Group. Charles Woodall, SVP Alliances & Channels, Salesforce APAC said "Cludo is a fast-growing member of Salesforce's ecosystem, driving substantial digital transformation projects for our joint customers. We welcome its acquisition by VISEO, which will support Salesforce's digital transformation capabilities in Australia and across the region."   For more information, please visit our websites and ### About Cludo Cludo is a pure-play Australian Salesforce systems integrator specializing in financial services, consumer goods/services and the not for profit sectors and an established leader in delivering advisory, digital transformation and support services across the entire suite of Salesforce offerings. At Cludo, we live by our core values of creativity, transparency and tenacity, and we became a Salesforce Platinum partner in our first 18 months of operation, and we are known for our impeccable track record of delivering innovation, successful technology-led transformations and great customer outcomes. About VISEO VISEO a global IT consulting firm specialized in assisting its clients with their IT and digital transformation. VISEO uses technology as a powerful lever of transformation and innovation to help its clients take advantage of digital opportunities, address new usages and compete with new players who change the rules of the game. With 2200 employees working on 5 continents, VISEO combines agility and complementary of its areas of expertise – design of new products and services, digitization of business processes, data valuation, digital assets development - to make digital a real lever of competitiveness and performance.  Contacts Hélène Sigrand - VISEO VP of Marketing & Communication +33 669314634   Pierre-François Vieau VISEO Australia Pty Ltd - Managing Director +61 408 366 333   Ian Goodwin Founder & CEO - Cludo +61 425 622 21   LIKE YOUR LOCAL! Unveils ‘Worlds Easiest Website & Connected Smart Poster’ to Aid Global SME Recovery 2020-09-15T23:33:03Z like-your-local-unveils-worlds-easiest-website-amp-connected-smart-poster-to-aid-global-sme-recovery The background - Like Your Local! was created initially to help local businesses unlock cashflow during the first Covid-19 lockdown. Since then the service has developed rapidly over a 6 month period in response to community feedback and been deployed in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. The what - Like Your Local! is a free website that provides any small business owner an easy and highly effective way to engage their audience to help grow their business. The service consists of a unique weblink that connects to a beautifully simple and highly effective mobile webpage together with a range of smart-posters that are uniquely generated for each business. The why - The online world is fractured with plenty of distraction for business owners and customers alike. Like Your Local! solves this by providing a single easy to use webpage that links to only the most valuable business functions. This provides a better, easier way for businesses to engage their audience to unlock soft value (like social media followers, growing their database) and hard value (like gift cards, online orders and sales). The how - Any small business operator can simply sign up for free at - in just a few clicks they can claim their unique weblink and smart posters. The business then simply adds their important business links to their Like Your Local! webpage, puts their posters up and shares their unique weblink over their social media profiles. We like to tell business owners to think of their weblink as ‘One Link to Like them all!’ About Like Your Local! - Like Your Local! (trading as FOMO Search PTY LTD) is a software company based in Melbourne AU and Tauranga NZ. Founded in 2017 the business designs and builds ‘clever simple’ software that enables people to easily support their favourite local businesses and for SME operators an easy, low-cost and highly effective online platform to engage their community and grow their business. Research investment will be vital to Victoria’s economic recovery 2020-09-15T20:48:14Z research-investment-will-be-vital-to-victorias-economic-recovery Victoria’s recovery from a year of crisis will rely on continued commitment to research and innovation – both key drivers of economic growth. A report released today by the Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA) shows that past investments in research have created jobs and attracted significant further investments for the state economy.The report, entitled Stimulating the Science and Research Ecosystem Creates Jobs and Investment provides evidence in support of continued investment in research infrastructure, skills and talent attraction, to deliver jobs and economic stability for Victoria’s future.The report was commissioned by Victoria’s Lead Scientist, Dr Amanda Caples and the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) Victoria, to better understand the value of the research ecosystem and how it can stimulate economic activity in the short and long term. It reveals that past Victorian Government funding initiatives in the research ecosystem have delivered substantial economic impact and jobs over time. For example, research infrastructure investments in light-weight manufacturing at Carbon Nexus has catalysed an employment precinct in Geelong that supports around 1400 jobs, and the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication has assisted in the attraction of over $300 million in research investment while supporting industry to develop a range of commercial products.Speaking on the report, ACOLA Chair Professor Joy Damousi noted that investing in science, research and innovation is the key reason why we have been able to respond quickly and decisively to emerging issues. “Our response to the unprecedented bushfires of last summer and the current COVID-19 pandemic has been underpinned by research. As we move through a recession with significant pressure placed on our country, it is the continued investment in research that will see us create jobs, stimulate activity and generate positive returns to strengthen our economy and resilience for the future,” Professor Damousi said. Dr Caples said that Victorian public research institutions have played an important role in helping Australia and the world understand the responses to COVID-19, including developing vaccines and treatments as well as leading research into the social impact of the pandemic.“COVID-19 has crystallised the need for Victoria and Australia to be more self-sufficient, better prepared for unexpected events and changes, and able to seize opportunities to improve government service delivery and business resilience. This means that our capacity to innovate and find solutions must grow to match the big challenges of today and the future,” Dr Caples said.“There has never been a more crucial time to invest in science, research and innovation.”With the continuing spread of COVID-19, governments and industries must look to strategies that can both support our wellbeing and prosperity. ACOLA CEO Ryan Winn encouraged all governments, not just the Victorian Government, to consider the evidence outlined in the report to understand the value universities and the research sector can provide to safeguarding our future, to tackle both the known and unknown issues Australia will face.Download a copy of the 28-page report via the The report includes case-studies from the Australian Synchrotron, the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication, the Victorian Organic Solar Cell Consortium, the Victorian Biomedical Imaging Capability, Carbon Nexus and Victorian Endowment for Science, Knowledge and Innovation. It also includes Notable examples and activities in Victorian Universities in relation to the public research response to COVID-19.Media contactFor more information or to arrange interviews, contact: Ryan WinnChief Executive, ACOLA0484 814 040About ACOLAACOLA is the forum whereby Australia’s Learned Academies and our Associate members come together to contribute expert advice to inform national policy; and to develop innovative solutions to complex global problems and emerging national needs. Through the learned academies, ACOLA has access to more than 3,000 of Australia’s greatest minds to bring together critical thinking and evidence to inform robust policy decisions. Exclusive Australian Distributor of AirClad 2020-09-15T07:12:21Z exclusive-australian-distributor-of-airclad-1 Expo Centric announced as exclusive Australian distributor for AirClad’s innovative and 100% reusable event structures. The events and exhibition industry is down for the count while global community fights this insidious Covid-19 pandemic. Researchers around the world are furiously working towards a vaccine and each passing day, success looks more likely. Expo Centric realises that once the global community gains the upper hand, events and exhibitions will not be the same. It is from this starting point that Expo Centric scoured the world for innovative products that could assist its clients in a post Covid world. Our key criteria were that the product must be innovative, reusable, quick to install and dismantle, able to be used outdoors and importantly visually engaging. AirClad meet and exceeded our wildest hopes! It is with great pleasure that Expo Centric announces the exclusive Australian distributorship for the AirClad range of products. The AirClad range of products are 100% reusable, designed to maximise the efficiency of the materials used, can be used indoors and outdoors, fast setup and dismantle and are customisable to meet a client’s branding requirements. Expo Centric will be introducing the following AirClad products to the Australian events and exhibition space: AirClad XPO6 AirClad YUMI AirClad OIO (Office in Office) AirClad XTRL AirClad XPO6 – The AirClad XP06 is a great way to step away from the traditional connotations of frame marquees. Being a modular system, the AirClad XPO6 can slot perfectly into any brand guides to suit a multitude of marketing applications. AirClad YUMI – The YUMI is the perfect pop-up kiosk or serving station for any event. It’s simple, stylish front fascia and clean lines give a distinctive, graphic look - complementing any brand, product or service. It features a 1.5m wide serving hatch that creates an integrated awning when open. AirClad OIO (Office in Office) - The OiO has been developed in response to growing demand for mobile offices and adaptable workspaces, however its uses are unlimited and to date has been deployed as everything from presentation display spaces, to mobile hairdressing salons. AirClad XTRL – The AirClad XTRL is a mobile, trailer- mounted structure and is ideally suited to touring events where a pre-built solution is required. Complete with integrated lighting and uniquely designed features for wall- mounted accessories and graphics, the interior space is open-plan and ready for an interior fit out. Expo Centric’s introduction of the AirClad products to the Australian events and exhibition space provides our clients an opportunity to easily take their promotion to where the client are, and not solely rely on large exhibitions. Kazoik for Business 2020-09-14T12:45:00Z kazoik-for-business Kazoik, the 5 minute rapid-fire auction site is pleased to announce its endorsement from the SME Association of Australia and the launch of Kazoik for Business.  On Thursday at 17h00 there will be a Business focussed Kazoik. This means that there is now two events each week along with the Daily Deals. What is Kazoik? It is a Verb! A Kazoik is a 5 minute Auction where the highest bid wins: No Reserves. No Minimums. No Auto-bids. No Fuss!  Kazoiks happen on a Wednesday evening at 20h00 with 5 five minute auctions between 20h00 and 21h00.  There are some awesome deals to be got - but be quick, when the five minutes runs out the current highest bidder will get the deal!  There are 3 main offers for brands:1. Kazoik – brands get to participate for free, beyond the product they are making available for the auction, which is typically part of a company’s marketing budget. There are no charges nor fees for the brand to get involved. 2. Voucher – Once the auction has run, the brands have an opportunity of delivering a call-to-action offer such as a coupon or voucher or special offer to all those that participated, multiplying the exposure on offer. This is trackable and will lead to further sales opportunities. 3. Media – We know who the customers are, we know where they are online and can now offer brands opportunities to re-market to them, and if desired, similar audiences, without the additional costs and time of other re-marketing activities and services. Why Kazoik for Business then? There were a few reasons for the creation of the dedicated business version of Kazoik.  We were getting requests to promote services and business related products. Where we fully believe that all business people are consumers and vice versa there are times when business needs to remain just that; business.  The SME Association, who is a vocal and active organisation for small and medium businesses loved the idea of getting their members an opportunity to be part of Kazoik and so through their endorsement and some brain-storming we built Kazoik for Business. The next driver was that a large number of SME’s don’t have an e-commerce ready website. In these times and the current situation, the need to transact online can be the difference between being in or out of business. Kazoik is a fully-fledged e-commerce platform and so we will extend opportunities to the members to be able to sell and offer their services and products through our portal. Finally, this is an opportunity to find out about great offers and experience them at incredible prices. It is a win-win for everyone. Engagement: #ClickClickQuick #Kazoik    PMGS Digital Marketing: SEO Melbourne 2020-09-14T07:59:01Z pmgs-digital-marketing-seo-melbourne PMGS Digital Marketing has begun to work its way from SEO IT research to SEO Melbourne. As an upcoming Australian digital marketing brand its ranked itself to the leading SEO pages and Google has recognized its full potential. We range in a number of services when it comes to SEO Melbourne. We ensure you that our company is on the rise to help you with all things SEO related, be it on page or off-page SEO strategies. We, at PMGS have designed our business to help out other companies with all web and SEO solutions. What’s best is that we are very much interested in helping everyone to get better traffic and valuable audience that will make your precious ‘baby’ thrive and do well. After all, we understand how precious your company really is. PMGS Digital Marketing has helped several Australian businesses to kick start their online presence in terms of SEO Melbourne. “Thanks to your assistance, my website is now on the top rankings of Google. I am very satisfied with your professionalism and exceptional communication. Keep it up guys! Gayan has been fantastic! He is so patient and goes beyond your expectation! He has a lot of knowledge and has very good customer service. We highly recommend!” SEO Melbourne, has become popular with a lot of small to largescale companies and the reason for that is because there are a whole lot of digital presences. Everyone uses the internet, and many businesses just want to be recognized online and to reach a global community. Now, you can visit us at or call us on 1300 946 484 for more information. Follow us on our Social Media platforms for all our updates Facebook, YouTube PROTECQ ICT SOLUTIONS: WHAT DOES IT SUPPORT IN MELBOURNE MEAN? 2020-09-14T05:55:28Z protecq-ict-solutions-what-does-it-support-in-melbourne-mean IT support has become such a requirement with the increase of technology and the internet; and that’s why IT support has improved over the past few years for our benefits. IT support can actually come in a number of different forms. Protecq is one of the best companies to come and look at solutions for all your digital needs. There have been changes and additional services for our customers, and this has actually grown our business to a better place. IT Support Melbourne, has therefore become one of the most popular features that our offices use and that’s because, it can help you in many ways, for instance, you can get support if your IT services are lost temporarily.  IT support Melbourne is about how a team of experts take care of the different networks for a number of different organisations and offices that use an internet connection to keep their digital world alive. Protecq is one of the best companies to come and look at solutions for all your digital needs. There have been changes and additional services for our customers, and this has actually grown our business to a better place. Protecq is dedicated to the field of IT education, and that’s why our team ensures that they take part on ongoing certification and training. Protecq is also experienced in handling server installation, office 365, network setup, IT security and cloud backup. Our digital IT services also include web design, web maintenance and even logo card designs for your business brands. Please visit us at Call us on 1300 945 649 Follow us on our social Media – YouTube and Facebook DE MEL LAWYER: HOW TO HIRE A GOOD IMMIGRATION LAWYER IN MELBOURNE? 2020-09-14T05:46:49Z de-mel-lawyer-how-to-hire-a-good-immigration-lawyer-in-melbourne A lot of us have problems when it comes to looking for immigration services; as a matter of fact, when you need someone who is trustworthy and reliable to help you with your visa processes you should come and look for immigration lawyers Melbourne has that will provide you, with honest results. De Mel Lawyers are committed to help with legal solutions to those who are wanting to migrate to Australia. They also offer pro bono services which can help those struggling in terms on monetary issues. A satisfactory statement given by one of their clients with whom De Mel Lawyers worked closely – Russel J Painter says: “I have known Malintha De Mel for a number of years now both as a friend and in his capacity as a solicitor. He acted for me in a migration matter and during that time, he was always very careful to ensure that I knew what he was doing, the risks and possible outcomes of his actions and any delays that may occur. The work was completed effectively and with a positive outcome. I have no hesitation at all in recommending him to a client. On a personal basis, he is a man of integrity and honour and I value the friendship of both himself and his family. I wish him well in his future activities.” Immigration law, here at De Mel Lawyers cover a wide range of different facilities which allow clients to choose from working visas, visitor visas, skilled visas, student visas, family visas, visa cancellation, citizenship matters, corporate migration, resident return visas ministerial intervention requests, business visas, humanitarian visas, distinguished talent visas and many more… To visit an immigration lawyer for all your legal advice and activities that you need to sort out. Now you can log on to their website – Hurry for more information you can contact them on 1800 959 971 E-WASTE IN SYDNEY: HOW TO REDUCE E-WASTE IN SYDNEY? 2020-09-14T05:37:52Z e-waste-in-sydney-how-to-reduce-e-waste-in-sydney ITC Asset Management has come up with a way to help reduce your e waste in Sydney significantly. There are many different kinds of electronic devices which are now taking up a lot of our lives. However, even though they are helpful, they still make up electronic garbage. That’s why ITC Asset Management has come up with a good program to help all companies that use electronic devices to recycle and help e waste in Sydney to reduce. There are many steps that you can follow to help reduce waste. As a matter of fact, you can now logon to our website and contact us to find out more about how you can help the environment by reducing the amount of e waste that your office and homes use, on a daily basis. When we talk about e waste, it talks about the number of electronic devices like laptops, computers, phones and tablets that need to be disposed and reused by others. So, when you are trying to dispose of electronic devices, we help you to dispose of them for more sustainable and greener eco-systems. Today, there are many ways that you can dispose of the electronic items that can help you with reducing the number of devices that you use on a daily (or yearly budget) ITC Asset Management helps you to do recycling and other IT related solutions also in terms of looking in the benefits of the ecosystems and sustainable development in the environment. Clients from ITC Asset Management say that: ITC Asset Management has helped us understand the valuable need for growth in the sustainable environment, and by actually participating in the reduction in e waste Sydney program and has helped us to reconsider our whole idea of the use of electronic devices.  Contact for more information, they also do data wipes, recycling and buyback programs which will give you more options in terms of growing a sustainable environment.