The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-04-22T01:58:24Z MICHAEL JACOBSEN LAUNCHES NEW BOOK ENTREPRENEURS, MAVERICKS AND EMPIRE BUILDERS! 2019-04-22T01:58:24Z michael-jacobsen-launches-new-book-entrepreneurs-mavericks-and-empire-builders INSIDE THE MINDS OF LEGENDARY ENTREPRENEURS, MAVERICKS AND EMPIRE BUILDERS!   Michael Jacobsen’s new book ENTREPRENEURS, MAVERICKS AND EMPIRE BUILDERS reveals the secrets to success of some of Australia’s and the world’s leading minds including billionaire retailer and horse breeder Gerry Harvey; former Hoyts Cinema boss Peter Ivany; Seafolly founder Anthony Halas; Mavericks including pop culture icons Jimmy Barnes AO; Lee Kernaghan OAM; Lord Jeffrey Archer and Bonnie Lythgoe; and leading global figures in entrepreneurialism including the European Investment Bank Vice President Vazil Hudak; Venture capitalist Saul Klein MBE; and Sir Richard Branson’s former partner, private equity figure, Toby Coppel.   Michael Jacobsen says “In a changing world, one constant is that entrepreneurs and mavericks remain at the forefront of all empires, the lifeblood of a nation’s economy and the driver of growth at major corporations. My book is for anyone wanting to be inspired, to learn secrets of business success and to be entertained by the stories of those who have created their own life path and left their mark on the world.” Published by Wilkinson Publishing , ENTREPRENEURS, MAVERICKS AND EMPIRE BUILDERS will be officially released and launched by Professor Attila Brungs, Vice Chancellor & President, University of Technology Sydney at 12 noon on Monday 29th April 2019  The book will retail for $29.99 and is available for pre order from   ABOUT THE AUTHOR Michael Jacobsen is an Australian Serial Entrepreneur and educator based in London. He has businesses in Australia, the UK, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania and Spain. He is Executive Chairman of European Leisure Management Group, an entertainment and leisure property developer and operator in Europe. He was also co-Producer and co-Owner of Dirty Dancing, the musical adaptation of the classic movie, which hasbroken records around the world and is recognised as one of the most successful stage shows of all time. Michael wrote his first book, The Business of Creativity, in 2013 for UK publisher Brightword.    TOP-RANKED LINKEDIN MARKETING COMPANY OPENS IN PERTH 2019-04-20T01:34:40Z top-ranked-linkedin-marketing-company-opens-in-perth Bibby Consulting Group are proud to reaffirm their position as the leading LinkedIn marketing and training company in the country following the launch of their Perth office. The decision to enter the Western Australian marketplace caps-off 7 years of growth for Bibby Consulting generating over $400 million in sales for their clients using social media site, LinkedIn. A Western Australian presence has been an important goal for Managing Director, Nathanial Bibby, who believes Perth’s B2B industries have plenty of potential to leverage the power of social media to grow their sales revenue.  “Western Australia is the nation’s best kept secret when it comes to social media marketing. With more Perth businesses than ever embracing social media, leading companies are looking for a competitive edge,” says Nathanial. “If you’re using LinkedIn to grow your business, having a version of your CV uploaded just isn’t going to cut it. We’re excited to be able to show Perth businesses how they can take control of his platform and use it to generate leads and drive sales revenue upward.” Bibby Consulting Group is the biggest LinkedIn marketing company in Australia and have trained over 20,000 business professionals on how to effectively leverage LinkedIn. Bibby’s clients include brands such as Westpac, Apple, Channel 7, Fremantle Dockers, Western Union and Harcourt’s. With a commitment to exceptional customer-service, outstanding results and KPI’s, Bibby Consulting Group have firmly established themselves as the leading social media agency in Australia and South East Asia. Tel: 03 9028 8058Address: Spacecubed, 45 St George’s Tce, Perth WA 6000E-Mail: The Australian SEO Industry Mined With Dodgy Practitioners – How To Avoid Them 2019-04-18T05:47:48Z the-australian-seo-industry-mined-with-dodgy-practitioners-how-to-avoid-them A common reason why small businesses delay the decision of using SEO services is represented by the negative stories they have heard from other people in the industry. There are so-called SEO experts who promise a lot but deliver very little, or there are even scammers who leave with advance payments never to be heard of again. Under these circumstances, small business owners who don’t have contacts in the SEO and digital marketing industries don’t know where to start and are afraid of taking risks, so they give up on the idea of improving their online presence with the consequence of losing customers. Not just the SEO industry but also the wider online marketing and web design industry that has dodgy practitioners. Fraudsters trying to con honest people have always been around, and the Internet has become a perfect ground for them as getting away is easier when the people don’t interact face-to-face. VMA case studies We have had many clients come to us after previously being burnt by not only other SEO agencies but also by web development agencies. One of those clients that were previously deceived was a dog training business who put down a 30% deposit with a Melbourne web development agency and 2 months went by and still no word or action from the developer. We quickly developed an action plan and managed to complete a large custom development project, first focusing on the front end development. This allowed us to get a sign-off for the grant while still working on the backend development, which required more time. As a result, our client now has a fully customised web development site that uses automation to streamline their business operation and expand by adding more trainers. Another client we are happy we were able to help was Fragram Tools, who had waited for 12 months for the previous developer to take action and fix problems such as the website tasking g in more than a minute to load! The solution we proposed was redeveloping the website from scratch and building it our way, with our own theme architecture and customised design, while also securing the site to avoid hacking. The new website was live by the 4th week, and our client was very pleased with the end results. What these case studies teach us that without the right SEO and web development expert you will be struggling for months in a row; being deceived by a dodgy practitioner can harm your online presence and business significantly, causing you to turn away prospects and lose customers. This danger has also been emphasized by the office of Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise, through Ombudsman Kate Carnell who has said that “the industry is rife with ‘horror stories’ in which small businesses (SMBs) are ripped off by SEO consultants ‘over-promising and under-delivering.’” The need for industry regulations Carnell is planning new regulations for the industry as many of the deceitful actions fraudsters are taking are often located in a grey area. As a small business owner, you too probably receive dozens of sales contacts a month from unknown companies proposing to help with your business’s marketing. Some of these cons not only spread the word by email, but go one step further through robocalls announcing companies that their listing on Google is unverified. Next, they claim they are affiliated with Google and promise they can put your website on the first page of Google search results or try to sell you a Google My Business listings management service. If you receive this type of message and consider somebody is trying to trick you, you can contact Google via their complaint centre and report violations. The number of formal SEO-related complaints in Australia last year was relatively small – about 100 – but the office of Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO) thinks that many fraudulent SEO engagements go unreported. Corroborate this with the lack of regulation (the ASBFEO can investigate and advocate but not independently create new regulations) and you have “a minefield of dodgy practitioners” looking for their next prey. How can you avoid becoming the victim of a SEO or online marketing scammer? The first rule of thumb is that no SEO agency can guarantee to get you on page 1! Unless they are using long tail keywords that people don’t search for. Being cautious is the best way to avoid problems. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is! Before you sign a contract with an SEO or web agency you need to ask them these questions: ·         Can I see examples of your previous work? Reliable SEO and web development agencies usually present some past work samples on their websites. If not, they should be able to provide them on demand. If they refuse, this should be a warning sign for you. ·         What are your customers saying about you? Again, a digital marketing expert who knows their business should have already disclosed feedback from customers in the form of testimonials featured on their website and by allowing customer reviews on Google My Business and on Facebook. A simple Google search can reveal other customer opinions that will help you make the right decision regarding your potential collaboration with the SEO services provider you are considering. ·         Can you provide references and contact details of past clients so that I can speak to them directly? A genuine and reliable digital marketing expert will always be able to provide a positive answer to this question. ·         What is the framework or process that we will follow? Not being able to answer suggests the person you are talking to is either very disorganised or they have never completed SEO or web development work at all. Having a process to follow means they know how to do their job effectively and that they are aware of the challenges they may have to deal with in the process. ·         Will there be one central point of contact throughout the process? Customer service should represent a priority for your digital marketing provider. Preferably they should assign one person who will represent your first contact throughout the project. If not, whenever you have a complaint they will refer you from one employee to another and no one will know for certain who is responsible for solving your problem. ·         Do you offer a guarantee? Many businesses use guarantees to reduce the perceived risk of the product. The guarantee is rarely invoked by customers, but if someone happens to be dissatisfied with the products/services provided, the business offering the guarantee should keep their promise. Providing a money-back guarantee suggests that the respective company is taking risks like exposure to manipulation, customer service burden, and complicated finances, something not everyone is able to do. However, it is important that your SEO provider does more than include a money-back guarantee badge on their website – they should also be able to present you the procedure for getting a refund in case you are not satisfied. By asking the right questions before starting your collaboration with a SEO practitioner or a web developer, you should be able to avoid unpleasant situations where your website is working very poorly or there is no work done for the money you have paid. Hopefully the upcoming regulations in the SEO industry that the ASBFEO Ombudsman is looking to implement will reduce the number of fraudulent practitioners and encourage more and more businesses to call to the services of a SEO expert, online marketer, or web developer without being afraid of falling victim to scams. Ed Chan has been shortlisted for the Australian Accounting Awards 2019 2019-04-18T01:21:41Z ed-chan-has-been-shortlisted-for-the-australian-accounting-awards-2019 The Australian Accounting Awards, in partnership with Intuit QuickBooks Australia, is the only national independent awards program for the accounting industry. Recognising excellence across a true cross-section of the accounting industry, the awards celebrate the contributions of both individuals and firms who are leading the way. The finalist list, which was announced on Wednesday, 17 April, features over 270 accounting professionals and firms across 32 categories. Winners of each category will automatically be shortlisted for the coveted Accountants Daily Excellence Award. “To a group of people who prioritise their clients and professionalism above all else, sincere congratulations from myself and the team at Accountants Daily,” said head of editorial at Momentum Media Katarina Taurian.  “It’s a privilege to connect with all of you every day via the Accountants Daily platform, and I look forward to the pleasure of meeting you at the awards evening in Sydney. “As well as recognising exemplary skill and innovation, this year’s awards program celebrates the impact of accountants on the health, wellbeing and lifestyle of their clients and employees.  “The material impact of an accountant in the lives of their clients should be sung from the rooftops, and Accountants Daily is proud to do that for the accounting profession.” Commenting on being shortlisted, Ed said, “Chan & Naylor’s recognition for its excellent contribution to the tax accounting industry reinforces the strength of the brand in connecting with the community and engaging with its customers.” Ed Chan, Co-founder & Non-Executive Chairman at Chan & Naylor, said that he was humbled to be recognised and proud to be a part of such an exclusive network. The winners will be announced at a black-tie gala awards ceremony on 24 May at The Star Sydney. Why Do Corporations like Boeing and VW Prematurely Launch Killing Machines? 2019-04-17T04:40:09Z why-do-corporations-like-boeing-and-vw-prematurely-launch-killing-machines It’s for profit and market share, stupid. Cost-benefit analyses that compare quality-cost relationships, profits, and market share with the risks of failure may be at the heart of decisions to prematurely launch products that are known to be faulty, according to Professor Janek Ratnatunga, CEO of the Institute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA). Professor Ratnatunga believes it is time to consider the management accounting implications, “when the faults of some of these products are so great that corporations are actually launching glorified killing machines.” The Boeing 737 Max “In the aftermath of the second recent crash of the company’s almost brand-new aircraft, the 737 Max jetliner, there is evidence that Boeing was well aware of design faults but went ahead with the production and marketing of these veritable killing machines,” he says.  The latest accident led to a worldwide grounding of Boeing’s 737 Max aircraft and attention is focused on a flight-control system that Boeing admits can automatically push a plane into a catastrophic nose dive if it malfunctions and pilots don’t react correctly. It also appears that the plane’s design certification and approval processes were significantly flawed and that U.S. regulators outsourced much of the plane’s safety assessment to Boeing itself, which delivered analyses with crucial flaws. “We are now learning that U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) employees who approve new and modified aircraft designs warned as early as seven years ago that Boeing had too much sway over safety approvals of new aircraft but they faced retaliation for speaking up,” he says. The 737 Max was produced in response to the release of the single-aisle, fuel-efficient Airbus A320 Neo. Boeing estimated the market would be worth some $2.5 trillion over the next 20 years and decided it needed a single-aisle plane with 20 percent better fuel efficiency and lower operating costs that could quickly be brought to market. Professor Ratnatunga asserts that, “There were challenges in design requirements and cost management. Boeing decided to use an earlier version of the 737, rather than design the aircraft from scratch. In the revised design, the engines were moved forward but this meant the more powerful engines could pitch the jet’s nose upward, creating the conditions for a mid-air stall.” To prevent the stall, Boeing created an automated-flight-control feature called the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS). When MCAS sensors detected the nose of the plane pitching up, the software controlling the tail’s horizontal stabiliser would automatically push the nose back down. “It was a cost-minimising way to fix the design problem and it understated the extent to which MCAS might take automated control of the plane,” says Professor Ratnatunga. In another move that Professor Ratnatunga asserts was designed to keep costs to a minimum, Boeing decided, with the support of regulators, not to provide extensive pilot training, including how to disable the software. Boeing stated that flight-simulator training for pilots, which costs airlines time and money and could have dampened sales, weren’t necessary. Boeing has now acknowledged that training guidelines for the 737 Max did not mention MCAS. These strategies got the 737 Max to market faster, just nine months after Airbus introduced the A320 Neo. “Due to the cost savings it offered airlines in terms of fuel efficiency and pilot training, the Max was an immediate hit, garnering more than 5,000 orders from over 100 customers worldwide. It received FAA certification in March 2017 and regulators around the world followed suit. Two months later, Boeing began deliveries of its 737 Max, seemingly well aware that they were potential killing machines,” says Professor Ratnatunga.   The Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Scandal “Volkswagen (VW) is another classic example of a company that got away with practices that not only broke the law but resulted in the production and distribution of killing machines,” says Professor Ratnatunga. VW installed software that activated pollution controls during testing and switched them off in real-world driving. The software allowed the cars to spew harmful nitrogen oxide at up to 40 times the legal limit. Some estimates contend that the health of up to 200,000 people has been negatively impacted by these actions, with many deaths attributed to the deadly air pollution. VW initially denied the use of the so-called ‘defeat device’ but finally admitted it in September 2015 and reached a $US15 billion civil settlement with environmental authorities and car owners in the US under which it agreed to repair or buy back up to 500,000 of the affected vehicles. “While one would assume that such negative publicity, massive criminal charges, huge civil settlements and potential investor lawsuits and criminal probes would affect VW’s long-term share price, it was not the case. After a massive 20 per cent fall when the diesel-emissions scandal broke in October 2015, just two years later Volkswagen AG's share price was back above 2015 levels,” says Professor Ratnatunga.   How Do Management Accountants Fit Into The Picture? Cost savings! As organisations become leaner, design engineers and management accountants look for ways to reduce costs, however Professor Ratnatunga believes they must be conscious of the quality-cost trade-off and apply a higher moral and ethical standard to situations where there is a conflict between maximising a company’s shareholder value and the social responsibility of keeping customers safe. “The pursuit of higher profits and shareholder value may lead companies to undertake unsafe and/or unethical actions, as the costs of these actions are often easily absorbed by the sheer volume of revenue they generate. In other words, companies assess the profitability of law breaking or causing the loss of life by weighing the benefit to be gained against the cost of being caught multiplied by the probability of being caught,” he says. Professor Ratnatunga says that, “These examples demonstrate the importance of clearly communicating the management accounting numbers on which critical decisions are made, especially where a company’s products and services may endanger human lives. It also shows that human life cannot be equated to a monetary value in settling a legal liability.” Prof Janek Ratnatunga  CEO, ICMA Australia The opinions in this article reflect those of the author and not necessarily that of the organisation or its executive. [ends] For further comment on the above topic, please contact: Prof Janek Ratnatunga CEO, ICMA Australia Mobile: +61432758380 Email:   About the Author  Professor Janek Ratnatunga is the CEO of the Institute of Certified Management Accountants. He has held senior appointments at the University of South Australia, Monash University, University of Melbourne, and the Australian National University in Australia; and the Universities of Washington, Richmond and Rhode Island in the USA. Prior to his academic career he worked as a chartered accountant with KPMG. He has also been a consultant to many large Australian and international companies and to the World Bank.  DexSafe’s Tools For Hazard & Risk Assessments 2019-04-17T02:07:27Z dexsafe-s-tools-for-hazard-amp-risk-assessments DexSafe have tools available that can assist companies with their hazard and risk assessments and then can provide feedback on recommendations from their product range to help eliminate, isolate or minimise the risks. They also offer a fully comprehensive solution, right from concept and design through to installation in Australia and New Zealand. Last month we studied their ForkSafe impact barrier system, and this month is is their PedSafe segregation barrier systems. The intent behind pedestrian walkways is safety, to keep people walking safely apart from those in forklift trucks and other vehicles, and to reduce the incidence and possibility of accidents in the workplace. PedSafe provides a clear visual barrier between pedestrian walkways and other warehouse traffic. The PedSafe barrier system is fully modular, making it ideal for doing long walkways and also small areas, with a unique anti-slip aluminium handrail that can be cut to length. The spring-loaded pedestrian gates allow dedicated access points in your system and any number of rails can be bolted to each post.  Fully modular, made from posts and rails, the PedSafe System features clean and smart joins and is easy to customise to any length or configuration. Isolating people from machinery is one of the obvious safety concerns in any factory environment, and the PedSafe Barrier System is an economical way to ensure pedestrian are kept out of harm’s way. The system comes with self-latching gates, simple spring-loaded gates that automatically close and latch behind you. Key locks provide an additional method of locking out certain areas. These are ideal for keeping pedestrians and moving vehicles apart. Dedicated forklift passage ways are easily created and are a good way of ensuring pedestrians are kept out of harm’s way. Whether you need to do short or long runs, the PedSafe Barrier system is the solution. Modular components make custom and tailored solutions easy. All components of the PedSafe Barrier System are fully replaceable should any damage occur, so for more information on segregation barrier systems, dedicated forklift passageways and modular components please go to . Greater Bank propels its digital transformation by moving to the cloud with Genesys 2019-04-15T06:24:40Z greater-bank-propels-its-digital-transformation-by-moving-to-the-cloud-with-genesys Greater Bank, an Australian customer-owned financial institution, has deployed the Genesys PureCloud® platform because of its flexibility, scalability and the ease with which it connects every customer interaction across channels, including voice, email, web chat, social media and SMS. PureCloud is an all-in-one cloud customer engagement and employee collaboration solution from Genesys (, the global leader in omnichannel customer experience and contact centre solutions. Greater Bank’s Head of Contact Centre, Natalie Lane, said the move to PureCloud was driven by the business’ goal is to empower customers by enabling them to access and use products and services when they want, and on the channels of their choice. “To provide this level of service, we needed to become the bank of tomorrow by undergoing a digital transformation. This started with moving our contact centre to PureCloud,” Mrs Lane said. Greater Bank has replaced its outdated, on-premise customer management software with the PureCloud platform to handle approximately 250,000 inbound calls annually and support more than 70 agents in a new, state-of-the-art customer experience hub in Newcastle, NSW. “We chose PureCloud because it allows us the flexibility to scale up as needed, tap into other features at no additional cost and gives our employees the capability to better facilitate our customers across time zones. To put it simply – PureCloud provides excellent value for money,” Mrs Lane continued. Greater Bank has earned a track record of excellence in customer service with recognition as Bank of the Year by Roy Morgan for two years running (2016 and 2017) and achieving consistently higher than average customer satisfaction ratings. The moment of truth came for Greater Bank when it conducted a pilot program which evaluated the platform’s robust capabilities. “In what could have been a period of disruption for both our employees and customers, we maintained our exceedingly high 9 out of 10 customer satisfaction rating when we tested PureCloud. This was the proof we needed,” Mrs Lane said. Greater Bank was also impressed with PureCloud’s speed of deployment, which took only six weeks from start to finish. “Despite the complexity of the project, the full deployment of PureCloud was fast and easy – from setting up call queues, building IVRs and training staff. We like that queue management has become simpler and new features are continuously delivered without interruption.” Mrs Lane also commented that PureCloud helped the bank take its reporting capabilities a big step forward. “The monitoring, call recording and live SLA reporting has opened the door for ongoing coaching opportunities for staff. We also have benefited from the real-time performance of our call queues.” “Our long-term goal is to continue driving innovation by adding new digital features, functionality and integrations. Our business model revolves around our customer, and we consider PureCloud a key differentiator for our continued success.” Launched globally in 2015, the PureCloud platform is a unified, all-in-one customer engagement and business communications solution that is proven to provide a return on investment (ROI) nearing 600 percent* in three years and payback in less than three months. A true cloud offering based on microservices architecture, PureCloud is flexible, open, feature-rich, and built for rapid innovation, providing organisations with a future-proof solution for quickly scaling to meet customer growth. *A commissioned Total Economic Impact (TM) of Genesys PureCloud study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Genesys, December 2017. Greater Bank underpins local growth and development with global cloud technology from Genesys 2019-04-15T01:51:59Z greater-bank-underpins-local-growth-and-development-with-global-cloud-technology-from-genesys Greater Bank, an Australian customer-owned financial institution, is rejecting the recent trend to send customer service roles offshore, and has deployed the Genesys PureCloud® platform to create business efficiencies, enhance customer experience and cultivate its local workforce. Due to its flexibility and the ease with which it connects interactions across all channels, the PureCloud platform has helped Greater Bank improve customer and employee collaboration, simplifying the communication process. The innovative solution from Genesys, the global leader in omnichannel customer experience and contact centre solutions, was deployed to replace Greater Bank’s on-premise customer management software. The PureCloud platform supports more than 70 agents and handles approximately 250,000 inbound calls annually to Greater Bank’s new, state-of-the-art customer experience hub in Newcastle, NSW. Increased job satisfaction, flexible working conditions and locations are also made possible with the scaleable and fully integrated platform, leading to an evolution in the Hunter Region workforce. Greater Bank’s Head of Contact Centre Natalie Lane, said the business was looking for a solution that would benefit both customers and employees. “We needed a system that would empower our customers to access and use our products and services when they want and on the channels of their choice. Equally, to retain and attract talent, we required a solution that was easy to use and could provide our team the flexibility to work wherever they needed,” Mrs Lane said. “To provide this level of service, we knew we needed to become the bank of tomorrow by undergoing a digital transformation. This started with moving our contact centre to PureCloud. “We chose PureCloud because it allows us to scale our contact centre operations in line with call volumes, tap into other features at no additional cost and gives our employees the capability to better facilitate our customers across timezones. To put it simply – PureCloud provides excellent value for money,” Mrs Lane said. Greater Bank has earned a track record of excellence in customer service with recognition as Bank of the Year by Roy Morgan for two consecutive years (2016 and 2017) and consistently achieving higher than average customer satisfaction ratings. The moment of truth came for Greater Bank when it conducted a pilot program which evaluated the platform’s robust capabilities. “In what could have been a period of disruption for both our employees and customers, we maintained our exceedingly high 9 out of 10 customer satisfaction rating when we tested PureCloud. This was the proof we needed,” Mrs Lane said. Greater Bank was also impressed with PureCloud’s speed of deployment, which took only six weeks from start to finish. “Despite the complexity of the project, the full deployment of PureCloud was fast and easy – from setting up call queues, building IVRs and training staff. We like that queue management has become simpler and new features are continuously delivered without interuption.” “Our long-term goal is to continue driving innovation by adding new digital features, functionality and integrations. Our business model revolves around our customer, team and community, and we consider PureCloud a key differentiator for our continued success.” Launched globally in 2015, the PureCloud platform is a unified, all-in-one customer engagement and business communications solution that is proven to provide a return on investment (ROI) nearing 600 percent* in three years and payback in less than three months. A true cloud offering based on microservices architecture, PureCloud is flexible, open, feature-rich, and built for rapid innovation, providing organisations with a future-proof solution for quickly scaling to meet customer growth. *A commissioned Total Economic Impact(TM) of Genesys PureCloud study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Genesys, December 2017. CommsChoice to Deliver Managed VMware SDWAN Services in Australia 2019-04-14T23:08:12Z commschoice-to-deliver-managed-vmware-sdwan-services-in-australia FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CommsChoice to Deliver Managed VMware SDWAN Services in Australia 15th April 2019 SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA CommsChoice Group (ASX: CCG), an emerging managed services provider, today announced it will offer VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud in Australia to accelerate customers’ journeys to the cloud. CommsChoice’s vision to serve the Australian geography is aligned with VMware’s strategy to expand its software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) footprint in the Asia-Pacific region and to enable multi-national businesses across the region to build more secure over-the-top networks leveraging economical public internet access. Today’s distributed enterprises struggle with application performance and WAN complexity at their branch offices. VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud automates branch deployment and ongoing management, delivers performance of cloud and enterprise applications and enables IT departments to roll out branch offices virtually by using the cloud as the WAN. Rapid deployment - while fixed connections are being installed - and branch resilience are even made possible using wireless technology. “CommsChoice aims to provide connectivity and collaboration using cloud solutions that will free customers from the burden of investing in hardware solutions,” said Ben Gilbert, CEO of CommsChoice. “VMware is at the core of this initiative. By combining VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud with CommsChoice’s collaboration portfolio, customers can easily transform their business using a next generation branch network that combines better security and performance with a simple, centralised and abstracted management layer. This can help them adapt quickly to changing business and network conditions.” “We are pleased to partner with CommsChoice to serve the changing needs of enterprises in Asia Pacific,” said Sasha Emmerling, Senior Director of Marketing, VeloCloud Business Unit, VMware. “CommsChoice has a pedigree of bringing cutting-edge technologies to the industry, and together we will provide enterprises with scalable, cloud-delivered, and cost-effective wide area networks.” CommsChoice will showcase VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud at AWS being held 1-2 May 2019 at the ICC in Sydney. About CommsChoice CommsChoice Group is a vendor-neutral information and communications technology (ICT) managed service provider. The company services mid-tier customers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and internationally using its hosted voice platform combined with innovative SD-WAN technology. The company currently services almost 3,000 clients globally and employs more than 60 staff across offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Philippines and Singapore. For more information, visit and follow the company on LinkedIn @CommsChoiceGroup. ##### VMware, VMware SD-WAN, and VeloCloud are registered trademarks or trademarks of VMware, Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and other jurisdictions. The Top 7 Tips To Increase Your Landing Page Conversions 2019-04-13T09:09:42Z the-top-7-tips-to-increase-your-landing-page-conversions “Why isn’t my page converting?” This is one of the top questions I am constantly asked. A lot of business owners (including digital marketers) struggle with creating landing pages that actually convert! They may be using the best practices available, but their conversion rate is lower than expected. What I’ve personally found in my 16 years of running a leading Digital Marketing and Web design company in Perth is that we sometimes skip over the really basic stuff, including simple design flaws which can easily turn away the potential leads. With that in mind, I have put together the The Top 7 Tips To Increase Your Landing Page Conversions. It’s time to put your business hat on and demystify the most common landing page falsehoods and arm you with the correct information so you can start kicking some major lead generating goals! 1. Not Split Testing Time and time again we see people creating only the one landing page thinking it’s going to capture all their leads, but when it fails to attract any potential leads or sales – they have no idea what went wrong? I highly recommend creating multiple versions of the one landing page and split testing against each other to see which one is working the best. You don’t need to redesign each landing page so they all look completely different, it could be as simple as just changing the headline on each one – this way you can easily identify which headline is resonating with your target audience and which headline isn’t. 2. Stop Selling & Start Educating Put yourself into the shoes of your customer. Do you like to read a robotic sales pitch that is bland an uninspiring, No? Well then, why would your customer? One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to selling online, is that they are basically doing just that… they write their content as if they are ‘selling to you’. Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to be sold to. I prefer to learn about the benefits of a product and be educated on the value I am about to purchase. So when you start writing your content, list all the benefits your product or service will bring and make that be the highlight of your landing page. For example, let’s use a ladies handbags as a potential item for sale. I constantly read product descriptions that go something like this: “Black Leather sling bag with adjustable chain strap”. To me, that sums up a lot of bags with no real effort to sell the benefits or value. So how about we changed the copy to something like this: “This luxurious black leather sling bag has an adjustable chain strap, made from premium quality leather.” Now, I don’t think of myself as a great copywriter at all, but just adding a couple of keywords like ‘Luxurious, quality & premium’ really add that extra detail to your listing. So remember to start educating your audience on the benefits and value of your products or service. Read the full article: Click Here Why Cheap Logo Design Can Be An Expensive Option 2019-04-13T09:06:16Z why-cheap-logo-design-can-be-an-expensive-option I’ve been providing a professional logo design service for well over 17 years now, and one of the most common enquiries I receive is “I’ve just started a small business and I need a cheap logo design”. I get it – funds are tight.. you’ve just taken the plunge and decided to start working for yourself, good for you! Starting up a business from scratch is quite a costly investment, whether you’re purely online or setting up a brick and mortar business, the costs are all starting to add up, so you start to think “how can I save money to get me by for now”… This is all too common and I’ve seen this scenario play out over and over again, and 9 times out of 10… it doesn’t end well for the business… it actually works out costing you more in the long run. The one thing that is designed to set you apart and promote your services and unique selling point against every other business competing in the same industry is your branding, and after all the money you’ve just invested into setting up your business (in some cases tens of thousands of dollars) you’ve now decided to just settle for a cheap logo design – WTF… Seriously? So you jump onto Google and start searching for cheap logo design options in your local area, and soon enough you are bombarded with all these ads from sites like Fiverr or Freelancer (for example), and you start asking yourself ‘how bad can it be?’ Fiverr is a classic example – Let me ask you this, if I paid you $5 to design me something, would you spend 20 to 30+ hours researching my industry, my competitors, my target audience, my unique selling point and then start conceptualising logo designs that best reflects the premium service my business has to offer my clients… No, I guarantee you wouldn’t put in that amount of effort for $5, so why would you have such high expectations that a cheap logo design service would produce anything but a cheap, unoriginal and uninspiring branding for your business. Continue reading the full article - Click Here Accru wins two Client Choice Awards for best accounting firm 2019 2019-04-13T04:06:11Z accru-wins-two-client-choice-awards-for-best-accounting-firm-2019 Accru won awards in two categories - ‘Best Accounting & Consulting firm <$50m’ and ‘Best Value Firm’, based on the results of the Beaton Benchmarks research survey. The survey asks over 200,000 clients of professional services organisations to rate the performance of firms they have used in the last 12 months. The firm with the highest score in each category wins. Audit partner Steven Zabeti (pictured above left) says “To win awards that are directly based on what our clients say about us in an independent study means a lot to our whole team. I believe our clients appreciate the breadth and consistency of the personal service they receive, whether it’s for their audit or their tax and advisory needs.” Accru has been a finalist or won the ‘Best accounting firm’ category for the last five years, but this was the first year that they have also come top for ‘Best value firm’.  Managing Partner, Glenda Nixon, says “Delivering exceptional value to our clients would not be possible without the diverse, dedicated team and inclusive culture we enjoy. Our team mirrors the diversity of our global and multicultural client base and helps us to ‘walk in our clients’ shoes’, understand their many different needs and perspectives, and provide the personalised connections and outcomes they value.” Accru Felsers is adept at customising software and systems to meet clients’ needs for greater automation, efficiencies and financial insight.  Rebecca Beitzel, head of outsourced accounting, says “Our technical abilities provide clients with greater worth in terms of time and cost savings, and also free us to use our strategic expertise to add further value.” Accru Felsers has unusually strong capabilities for a firm of its size, especially in the international tax and advisory space.  International tax partner, Brett Cox, believes this is another source of value for SMEs.  “Small and mid-sized businesses can struggle to find the specialist skills they need if they are trading internationally.  We are able to provide that – priced, scaled and delivered in a way that suits them.” Accru Felsers sincerely thanks their clients and team, without whom these awards could not be achieved. Glenda Nixon says “We are motivated to keep on exceeding client expectations and hope to produce great results and successes together for many years to come.” Accru’s Client Choice Awards now include: Winner, Best Accounting Firm under $50m 2019 Winner, Best Value Firm (professional services) 2019 Finalist, Best Accounting Firm under $50m  2018, 2016, 2015, 2014 Winner, Best Accounting Firm under $50m 2017 Finalist, Most Cost-Conscious Firm 2017 Best C-suite Provider (as voted by ‘C’ level executives) 2015 Most Client-focused Accountant 2015 (Graeme Jennings, Accru Perth) About Accru Felsers Sydney Chartered Accountants + Business Advisors Accru Felsers is part of Accru Australia, ranked a Top 30 Australian accounting firm with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart. Based in central Sydney, Accru Felsers provides a full range of accounting, tax, audit and international advisory services at globally recognised standards. We specialise in German-speaking and international businesses, growing Australian businesses and Asia-Pacific expansions. The firm is known for excellent client service and the ability to scale services for startups up to multinationals. Our highly qualified multilingual team and our international partner firms enable us to support clients in over 60 countries. Inclusiveness is fundamental to our culture and we lead the accounting industry for gender and cultural diversity.' MEDIA CONTACT: Sue McLean Marketing Manager Accru Felsers Chartered Accountants + Business Advisors Email Phone    61 + (2) 8226 1655 Lone workers now have a lifeline with innovative new mobile app 2019-04-12T06:18:04Z lone-workers-now-have-a-lifeline-with-innovative-new-mobile-app Imagine receiving a phone call informing you one of your workers has died, alone, on their shift. It’s a real concern for employers and families of remote and isolated workers. And it happened to security company owner, Jonti Sarak, who received the dreaded call that a lone security guard had died from a stroke while on duty. Immediate investigations revealed the guard who passed was employed by another security firm, but that did not relieve Mr Sarak’s stress at the thought it could happen again. “I was really affected by this incident, and the possibility of receiving another call like that, so I started to look for a way to prevent a tragedy like this from happening again,” he explained. At first, Mr Sarak would drive between his sites, personally checking on his guards’ wellbeing. But he realised this was not practical for every company – and it wouldn’t prevent lone worker incidents occurring between site visits. Seeking an automated, less time-consuming option, Mr Sarak developed a better way to manage the safety of his workers. He created an app that offers a much-needed solution to an issue affecting not only security guards, but any isolated workers across industries. TeLoRa is an automated, user-friendly, time-saving and cost-effective app which is available now. A potential lifesaver, TeLoRa (standing for The Lonely Ranger), is an easy way for employers of isolated workers, their clients, and the workers themselves, to stay connected. Much more than a safety check app, TeLoRa provides regular, automated check-ups, live tracking, and direct messaging, so isolated workers always feel help is at hand. The app also assures employers that their workers are safe, and stay on shift, on site, on schedule. Mr Sarak explained, “All the app features came from consulting with my managers, and through testing with my team on the ground, who suggested features important to them. That was important to me, because we’re all very concerned about our team on the ground. And companies have a legal, moral and ethical responsibility to make sure their isolated workers are safe.”   Some of TeLoRa’s key features include:   ●       Employers add shifts that start automatically, saving the worker from doing it. ●       Users received automated safety check-ups. If they do not respond to these, the employer and their Incident Managers get notified. ●       Final destination alerts ensure workers get home safely after a long shift. ●       Full transparency: clients can see that users are actually on-site and exactly where. ●       Alerts triggered when users leave a designated geofence (a pre-set GPS site boundary). ●       Incident responders are allocated to find and help a user in need. Access last known locations, maps, medical information, medications and next-of-kin details. ●       Easy communication flow. Incident managers stay up to date with incidents and the steps needed to resolve them. ●       TeLoRa can be monitored internally by the employer or externally by TeLoRa itself, meaning TeLoRa can monitor alerts and dispatch response units if required, meaning your users are safe 24/7. “The workers are very grateful for this app. They’ll go eight to twelve hours without seeing another person, so if anything happens to them, it can become a real issue and they’re concerned about it.” Mr Sarak said. “The best thing about the app is it’s not only for security guards. Building managers, construction workers, machine operators, home visit care workers, delivery drivers, installation technicians or even plumbers and electricians working out there by themselves can use the app allowing the app to protect so many lives.” Creating TeLoRa is the culmination of Mr Sarak’s lifelong desire to help people. “That’s why I have a security company, because it allows me to help and protect people,” he said. “My whole life’s work, my reason for being, has brought me to this point – TeLoRa may be able to save someone’s life. To be the person that’s developed this app is special. I’m going to be so proud the day it does save someone’s life, somewhere in the world, because I feel it will.” For further information, visit or download from The App Store or Google Play. For interview opportunities, please contact Jonti Sarak on email: or phone: +61 2 8339 0207 or +61 405 423 405. AIIA voices concern over two critical pieces of rushed digital legislation 2019-04-12T04:59:49Z aiia-voices-concern-over-two-critical-pieces-of-rushed-digital-legislation Sydney, Australia – 12 April 2019 -- The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), the peak member body for the ICT industry, is calling for more consultation between government and industry following the speed at which two critical pieces of legislation for the digital sector passed through both houses in parliament in the past five months. These are the Assistance and Access Act passed by parliament on 6 December 2018, and more recently the amendments to Australia’s Criminal Code triggered by the Christchurch shooting video, which was passed through parliament in just two days in April. Ron Gauci, CEO of the AIIA, said: “More dialogue is required between government and industry to ensure legislation keeps pace with technological developments. The Government’s reaction shows a complete lack of understanding of the modern economy and the role of ICT in underpinning economic growth. The unintended consequences of both pieces of legislation, and the damage to the Australian digital sector and multinational companies operating in Australia are yet to be understood.” The amendments proposed by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security have not been revisited since the Act was passed in December 2019. Meanwhile, the amendments to the Criminal Code involved no consultation with industry and received royal assent on 5 April 2019. “In the case of the Assistance and Access Act, a consultation process was undertaken. However, the speed at which the Bill was introduced in parliament - seven business days after public consultations closed - suggests that very little consideration was given to the over 344 public submissions. “Critically, both sets of legislation fail to establish clear processes for companies to follow,” said Mr Gauci. “Without greater dialogue between the digital industry and government, and the departments that serve the government of the day, we will continue to see implementation of regulatory frameworks that are out of step with technological developments.” # # # About AIIA The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) is Australia’s peak representative body and advocacy group for those in the digital ecosystem. Since 1978 AIIA has pursued activities to stimulate and grow the digital ecosystem, to create a favorable business environment for members and to contribute to Australia’s economic prosperity. We do this by delivering outstanding member value by providing a strong voice of influence; building a sense of community through events and education; enabling a network for collaboration and inspiration; and developing compelling content and relevant and interesting information. Media Contacts For more information please contact: Jeffrey Coote Tel: (02) 8355 3130 Genesys Extends Google Cloud Contact Center AI Integration Across All Three Customer Experience Platforms 2019-04-11T01:00:00Z genesys-extends-google-cloud-contact-center-ai-integration-across-all-three-customer-experience-platforms Genesys® (, the global leader in omnichannel customer experience and contact centre solutions, is extending its integration with Google Cloud Contact Center AI across all three of its platforms – Genesys PureEngage™, PureConnect™ and PureCloud® – this quarter. Differentiated by native telephony, omnichannel orchestration and agent desktop offerings, Genesys provides businesses the rare advantage to implement bots and automation using Google Cloud Contact Center AI without introducing the complexity of third-party integrations. The company is already working with existing customers running on each of its platforms to integrate Google Cloud Contact Center AI, including a leading global ridesharing company, one of the world’s top five largest automobile manufacturers and a Fortune 500 U.S. department store. As showcased last year at Google Cloud Next ’18, Genesys was one of the first partners to integrate with Google Cloud Contact Center AI. Genesys is now helping multiple enterprise-level organisations leverage this technology through its early adopter program. In fact, Genesys is one of the only vendors to support an integrated end-to-end Google Cloud Contact Center AI solution for small, medium and large enterprises across both cloud and on-premises deployments. “The launch of Google Cloud Contact Center AI was a game-changer for the industry,” said Paul Lasserre, Vice President of Product Management for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Genesys. “Businesses leveraging Genesys solutions have already identified hundreds of use cases for this powerful technology to provide holistic value across marketing, sales and services contexts.” The Genesys integration with Google Cloud Contact Center AI enables AI-powered virtual assistants to intuitively handle routine calls and chats or escalate an interaction to an employee when needed. Lasserre added, “Now any business using our customer experience platform can easily put their AI strategy in motion leveraging Google Cloud and Genesys. Our AI capabilities, including Predictive Routing, coupled with Google Cloud Contact Center AI enables businesses to better support employees and care for customers.” “Contact Center AI empowers enterprises to use AI to complement and enhance their contact centers,” said Rajen Sheth, the Director of Product Management for Google. “Google Cloud's goal is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to use AI for contact centers through our relationships with key partners like Genesys.” See Google Cloud Contact Center AI and Genesys in action during Google Cloud Next '19 in San Francisco from April 9 to 11. Visit Genesys booth S1723 to learn how to leverage natural language processing to rapidly help customers and employees in real-time. About Genesys Genesys® powers more than 25 billion of the world’s best customer experiences each year. Our success comes from connecting employee and customer conversations on any channel. Every day, 11,000 companies in more than 100 countries trust our #1 customer experience platform to drive great business outcomes and create lasting relationships. Combining the best of technology and human ingenuity, we build solutions that mirror natural communication and work the way you think. Our industry-leading solutions foster true omnichannel engagement because they perform equally well across channels, on-premises and in the cloud. Experience communication as it should be: fluid, instinctive and profoundly empowering. Visit on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and the Genesys blog. ©2019 Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. All rights reserved. Genesys, the Genesys logo, and Genesys PureCloud are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Genesys. All other company names and logos may be registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies. Media Contacts Australia Elizabeth Williams Group Account Director ZADRO +61 2 9212 7867 +61 411 201 354 Julie Donovan Senior Account Manager ZADRO +61 2 9212 7867 +61 410 510 080