The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2016-06-06T06:24:25Z Taxi Lineup expands its operations in Australia 2016-06-06T06:24:25Z taxi-lineup-expands-its-operations-in-australia Sydney, Australia, June 6th 2016 - Uber disruption can work the other way with Taxi Lineup, the new service launched recently in Sydney, allowing taxi drivers to deliver parcels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After two months of operations, the Sydney-based company expands its activities to more cities across the country. Taxi Lineup was developed by Australian business owner Anthony Lechner after he searched unsuccessfully for a cost-effective platform to get urgent deliveries across town at any time or day of the week. The premise is simple. Taxis provide a large network of registered drivers that can be tracked across the city and suburbs, and are on the road 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Existing local courier services are mostly restricted to business hours delivery and a limited fleet of vehicles. Since inception at the end of March, the young start-up has seen a steady growth. With a network of more than 300 registered taxi drivers operating in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra and Newcastle, Taxi Lineup already services daily bookings (with a weekly growth rate of around 40%) for individuals and businesses across these cities. The Taxi Lineup Application development team has been simplifying and improving its booking process to allow customers to book instantly, with no account requirements. Users are able to track bookings from pickup to delivery. Taxi Lineup offers three delivery services, 1-hour, 3-hour and same day (6-hour). The start-up has been featured in major newspapers across the country including The Age and SMH. Their driver network is increasing 30% per week, and taxi drivers are seeing the service as a new important source of income. Some drivers already earned more some days with parcel deliveries than with passenger rides. The team is looking to expand to all the capital cities in Australia (Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart), as well as important regional cities (Gold Coast, Wollongong, Geelong, Launceston…) whilst also taking enquiries from interest’s internationally including Europe, USA, Asia and Africa. New Inertial Shaker for the Automotive Industry 2016-04-03T10:48:25Z new-inertial-shaker-for-the-automotive-industry The Modal Shop's shaker family has a new addition, the 2002E Miniature Electrodynamic Inertial Shaker. The light and compact 2002E is capable of producing up to 2 lbf (9 N) peak sine force over a wide 20 Hz to 3000 Hz frequency range. The 2002E is attached either directly to the test structure, through a PCB Model 288D01 Impedance Head, or through a PCB Model 208C Series Force Transducer via the 0.141 in (3.58 mm) diameter through-hole (mounting screws included). The shaker can be mounted in any orientation eliminating test fixture requirements for most testing applications. With its small size and correspondingly low cost, the 2002E is ideal for a variety of applications. It will allow automotive NVH engineers the ability to actively vibrate structures in locations that are not accessible with a typical modal shaker or modal hammer. This makes the 2002E a valuable tool for transfer path analysis or active noise and vibration cancellation studies in the automotive industry. It can also be used for traditional transmissibility and structural test studies on any number of components such as aerospace composite panels and frames. The 2002E can be powered by The Modal Shop's 2100E21-100 SmartAmp™, the 2000E miniature Class-D amplifier, or any other user-owned power amplifier, adding to its flexibility as a tool in your testing lab. Customers choose The Modal Shop products from John Morris Industrial, as their partner in calibration, to ensure quality, precision results. Reliability comes from products used in millions of factory-approved sensor calibrations. In addition, The Modal Shop has implemented innovative techniques to provide the highest fidelity of data possible. The Modal Shop, Inc. a PCB Group Company, manufactures electrodynamic shakers, structural test products, calibration systems and non-destructive testing systems for a range of industries from metrology to manufacturing. Got more questions about The Modal Shop 2002E ?Our Industrial team would love to hear from youPhone free call AUS 1800 251 799 and free call NZ 0800 651 700Email: WEBSITE: MultiTek Measuring the Sulfur Content of Petrol using ASTM D5453 2016-03-28T02:11:03Z multitek-measuring-the-sulfur-content-of-petrol-using-astm-d5453 Combustion and UV fluorescence have been the favoured method to classify intermediate streams, feedstock and finished hydrocarbon products due to dynamic range, accuracy, linearity  and strength. Here, we're concerned with the total sulfur content determination in petrol based on the ASTM D5453 Standard Test Method. As sulfur is a ubiquitous element in hydrocarbon streams and is responsible for a number of undesirable effects such as catalyst poisoning, detrimental product quality and ecosystem pollution, it is important to quantify and monitor its content in every step of the industry’s technical operations. Principle of Operation Sample components combust to form CO2 and H2O when hydrocarbon samples are introduced into a pyrotube at 1050°C. Sulfur compounds are present in hydrocarbon mixtures and fossil fuels in a wide variety of forms and chemical nature, however as described in the general reaction equipment, they also form combustion products as described in the general reaction equation (I). R - S + O2 → CO2 + SO2 + H2O      (I) The measurement of sulfur may be altered by water in the liquid phase or vapour phase and the combustion product must have the water removed before entering the reaction chamber where SO2 molecules get excited and relaxed as per equations (II) and (III) below. A PMT set at the right wavelength range will determine the emission signal of the sulfur species. SO2 + hv (190-230nm) → SO2*      (II) SO2* → SO2 + hv (230-450nm)      (III) Reformulated Petrol (RFG) Analysis Samples were studied in the MultiTek analyzer in a vertical configuration with an autosampler and UV Fluorescence detector. In order to validate, the MultiTek performance was compared with results from the ASTM Proficiency testing Program (PTP) on Reformulated Petrols. Calibration Using dibenzothiophene (DBT) in toluene, the MultiTek VNS analyzer was calibrated in a range from 0 to 25mg/kg. The instrument parameters used for RFG analysis and calibration are listed in Table 1. Figure 1 shows the sulfur calibration curve. The resulting correlation coefficient was more than 0.9999. Table 1. Instrument parameters Calibration method Inlet Ar flow 130 ml/min Inlet O2 flow 35 ml/min Main pyro O2 flow 450 ml/min Furnace temp 1050 °C Syringe volume 25 μl Sample size 15 μl Injection speed 1 μL/s PMT voltage 700 V Figure 1. S Calibration for the 0 - 25ppm range The limit of detection or 3σ was determined using the calibration data. For this application range the data resulted in a LOD of 120ppb sulfur. Results Figure 2 shows a selected representation of the injection signal distribution. In an attempt to cover the complete concentration range of the samples analysed, samples were selected. Results obtained for the last eleven ASTM ILS RFG reports are tabulated in Table 2. A correlation between MultiTek results and the reported ILS robust mean for all the samples are plotted in Figure 3. Figure 2. Sulfur results for 4 RFG samples (10 injections each) Figure 3. D5453 correlation curve Table 2. Comparison of ASTM ILS and Multitek® results Sample ID ASTM RFG ILS S Different Mean (mg/Kg) Robust ILS SD # Labs MultiTek® S (mg/kg) 10 injections MultiTek®SD RFG1006 4.8 0.64 93 4.8 0.06 RFG1008 4.9 0.54 94 5.0 0.08 RFG1009 4.7 0.73 96 4.0 0.03 RFG1010 15.5 1.35 91 16.7 0.07 RFG1011 5.7 0.66 92 5.9 0.26 RFG1012 5.7 0.65 93 5.8 0.10 RFG1101 8.0 0.93 88 7.6 0.31 RFG1102 8.3 0.93 92 8.9 0.34 RFG1103 10.6 1.17 95 10.6 0.10 RFG1104 1.9 0.46 87 1.8 0.04 RFG1105 4.3 0.68 95 4.3 0.12 Repeatability The MultiTek analyzer is a highly stable and consistent instrument. Figure 4 shows the stability test on the MultiTek system: a 10 ppm sulfur sample exhibits excellent stability to ensure product quality and process monitoring. Figure 4. Long term repeatability test on 10 ppm S sample Conclusion The results obtained show that the MultiTek analyzer is a powerful tool for determining sulfur content in order to ensure the final product quality of petrol based on the exceptional calibration linearity, low limit of detection, excellent repeatability and extremely stable response. Read this article in full at: Find out more about PAC MultiTek fromOur Petrochemical team, contact us today onPhone free call AUS 1800 251 799  and free call NZ 0800 651 700Email: WEBSITE: About PAC L.P. PAC is a leading global provider of advanced analytical instruments for laboratories and online process applications in industries such as refinery, petrochemical, biofuels, environmental, food & beverage, and pharmaceutical. To provide its customers with cutting edge technology, PAC leverages significant R&D resources to support its core technologies, including chromatography, elemental analysis, physical properties, and software applications. This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by PAC L.P. For more information on this source, please visit PAC L.P. Surfers Paradise Coaches Helping Tourist Explore the Gold Coast Region with Charter Bus Hire 2016-03-23T08:00:01Z surfers-paradise-coaches-helping-tourist-explore-the-gold-coast-region-with-charter-bus-hire Are you someone planning to visit the Gold Coast region and not sure of how you are going to explore this amazing part of the world? The Gold Coast is one of the most visited places in Australia, people from all over the world come to the Gold Coast to enjoy the beaches, surfing, water sports etc. There’s more to the Gold Coast just the beaches, there is a lot more. Warner Bros. Movie World is one of the great attractions, enjoy the day in this theme park with friendly characters. Another of the must visit places is the Sea World Gold Coast along with that there’s the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Greenmount Beach, Springbrook National Park and the list is endless. When you come to the Gold Coast you will want to visit all of these places and places not mentioned here too, in which case you need to make good transport arrangements. Surfers Paradise Coaches is the of the leading charter bus hire companies on the Gold Coast. The company provides the very best in travel and transportation experience to visitors in this part of the world. If you are looking for luxury bus charter then it’s recommended that you look no further because with over a decade of experience this bus hire company is able to meet all of your travel needs. Speaking to the media, a company representative said, “Surfers Paradise Coaches offers coaches from 13 to 60 seats available for charter. With our services, you can be sure to enjoy your special day. Our coaches are modernised with the latest technology and equipment.” Surfers Paradise Coaches is able to arrange a customized travel tour as per your plans, if you are a group of 20 or more people and would like to visit places or enjoy the footy trips on the Gold Coast then Surfers Paradise Coaches can offer you luxury bus charter at the best prices to make the trip an unforgettable experience for the entire group. The company can also help you arrange for accommodation but advice that accommodation and hotel reservations are confirmed before you arrive to avoid any kind of unpleasant experiences. If you are arriving on the Gold Coast or leaving Surfers Paradise Coaches also offer Brisbane airport bus transfers, wedding transport Gold Coast etc. About Surfers Paradise Coaches Surfers Paradise Coaches can assist you will all your charter bus hire transport requirement. No matter what your transport requirement Surfers Paradise Coaches can do it. 12 to 600 people anywhere anytime. Contact Details 35 Bailey Crescent Southport Queensland 4215 Ph: 07 55916799 Website - 24/7 urgent parcel delivery now a reality with Taxi Lineup 2016-03-10T22:22:00Z 24-7-urgent-parcel-delivery-now-a-reality Sydney, Melbourne Australia, 10 March 2016 - Ever been stuck trying to get an item across town quickly but haven’t got the time to do it yourself? Taxi Lineup is the first online solution to take care of local parcel deliveries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using local taxis.  Taxi Lineup, developed by Australian business owner Anthony Lechner, has launched in the Sydney market today. The idea is simple. Taxi Lineup is a platform for easy booking of local parcel deliveries, providing secure tracking and payment system, for drivers and customers. The magic is that Taxi Lineup uses the local network of registered taxi drivers that can be tracked across the city and suburbs, and are on the road 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It solves the “last mile” logistics issue for businesses and gives customers easy access to deliveries.  Via the mobile application or the website, customers can now use Taxi Lineup to book deliveries within Sydney and Melbourne. Any item up to 16kg can be delivered across town: documents, parcels, gifts and flowers, or even just that phone you left at home.  Customers can choose delivery within 1 hour, 3 hours or a 6 hour same day delivery window. Most importantly, bookings can be made at any time of the day or night, 7 days a week and even public holidays, and there’s no additional charge. You don’t need a corporate account to use Taxi Lineup (but we’ve got happy business customers too). Taxi Lineup is actually formalising an ad-hoc system that has been under-used for years – now we’re making it easier.  Taxi Lineup also provides a timely revenue boost to taxi drivers who have seen their industry shaken up by recent changes. Several months of market research, development and testing has highlighted the under-utilised down time many taxi drivers report in any given shift. After completing the thorough Taxi Lineup recruitment process, local taxi drivers now have the opportunity to use that down time and supplement their passenger service with deliveries. Taxi Lineup charges the same competitive flat rates to everyone – corporations, small business and individuals – regardless of time of day or day of the week:  1-hour urgent delivery from $44 (inc GST) within 10km  3-hour express delivery from $25 (inc GST) within 10km  6-hour same day delivery (eg. pick-up by 3pm and delivery by 9pm) costs $18 (inc GST) within 10km  Taxi Lineup will launch in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth shortly, and has its sights firmly set on markets regionally and overseas. The new app is now available for free download on both Android and Apple or bookings can be made directly from the website –  * Terms and Conditions apply (see website) Ready Track Pty Ltd Helping Businesses and People Keep Safe with Asset Tracking 2016-03-05T08:22:04Z ready-track-pyt-ltd-helping-businesses-and-people-keep-safe-with-asset-tracking Ready Track is one of Australia's top companies in the asset tracking and GPS tracking business. Established in 1985 the company today boasts of offering cutting edge tracking systems and technology at affordable pricing plans. Asset tracking is a growing market, individuals and businesses need to have tracking for valuables. Tracking for your most valuable assets is important, when a valuable item or product is moving from one place to another you need to have real time tracking at your disposal. If the item is traveling overseas then you need a device that will give you real time exact location of that particular item. Keep a close eye on your most valuable assets with GPS tracking devices so small they can fit in your pocket you can track anything from safes to tractors. Pricing plans for fleeting tracking, GPS tracking and asset tracking start at just $19 per month and people subscribing to the company's tracking plans receive a service features like 24/7 customer support, email alerts, 3 months of tracking history available on your system and device and location updates every 3 minutes. The premium package costs $25 a month and includes extra features like real time location updates, 6 month tracking history and instant SMS alerts while the Pro package offers all features of premium package plus API. Speaking to the media, a representative of Ready Track said, "At Ready Track Pty Ltd we understand that safety and security of valuable items is just as important for your business as anything else. When an expensive item is being transported overseas one rarely has much control over it but with asset tracking devices fitted you can easily keep track of the item's movement and location. Ready Track offers a no strings attached 30 day trial to businesses throughout Australia. This allows you to test out the system and make sure it is the right one for you before you proceed with your purchase.Contact DetailsReady Track Pty Ltd32 Victoria Street,Smithfield NSW 2164AustraliaWebsite - Track and Communicate with Staff Through Feature Rich, Dash Mountable Android Tablets Using Ready Track 2016-02-22T08:22:10Z track-and-communicate-with-staff-through-feature-rich-dash-mountable-android-tablets-using-ready-track Ready Track Pty Ltd is a GPS tracking solutions company. Ready Track is a 100% Australian owned company who supplies and supports a large customer base. The company based in Smithfield, New South Wales is part of a group of companies in business since 1985. The company has a range of GPS enabled security solutions to offer to customers. Ready Track Pty Ltd is now offering a new solution that takes fleet tracking and management to the next level. Fleet management companies can now make use of a Garmin Device also known as the Garmin Dispatch Agent which is a modular solution that provides integrated vehicle tracking, navigation, driver communication and dispatch capabilities. The device comes installed with a full tracking system from Ready Track and makes use of IsatData Pro Satellite service and IDP terminals in tandem with off-the-shelf Garmin FMI-enabled devices as the human interface.Speaking to the media, a representative of Ready Track said, "At Ready Track Pty Ltd we are always looking to improve the way vehicle tracking and fleet tracking is done in Australia and around the world. Customers who are interested in benefiting from our latest technology can feel free to call us for a free demo at 1300 766 703." She further added, "One of the biggest advantages of using our system is that it allows dispatchers to communicate and manage driver stops in real-time and customers who subscribe to our plans receive full access to the web portal where they can access greater information regarding the movement, stoppage time and other vital data."5 Reasons to Choose Garmin Dispatch Agenta)Quick Deployment: Simplifies the addition of comprehensive in-vehicle communication to fleet management solutions.b)Compatibility: Enables the use of industry-standard, Garmin FMI-enabled devices instead of proprietary data terminals.c)Reduced Costs: Optimizes the amount of information sent over the satellite network, keeping airtime costs down.d)Complete Coverage: Including satellite in a fleet management solution ensures reliable communication regardless of cellular coverage.e)Modular: Option to subscribe to just the Garmin API for users comfortable with Lua development.For more information on the company's services and solutions visit the websiteContact DetailsReady Track Pty Ltd32 Victoria Street,Smithfield NSW 2164Australia Surfers Paradise Coaches Emerges as the Preferred Luxury Bus Transport Company in Queensland 2016-02-10T06:50:27Z surfers-paradise-coaches-emerges-as-the-preferred-luxury-bus-transport-company-in-queensland Do you have a wedding that is approaching and though you have all arrangements in place the transportation of guest and wedding members is still not sorted out?If you have a wedding that's located in Queensland and you are looking for bus hire for weddings or wedding transport Gold Coast then look no further than Surfers Paradise Coaches. The company is one of the leading Gold Coast bus companies and offers a wide range of transport options for customers. Whether planning a family trip or a weekend out with friends the company offers travelers a selection of coaches from 13 seater vehicles to 60 seats luxury buses available for charter. With tinted windows and air conditioning features, guests can be certain of arriving relaxed and in style.A spokesperson for the company said, "At Surfers Paradise Coaches we understand that arranging weddings transportation can be very time consuming. Let us take care of all your wedding guest transport requirements providing a comfortable, modern fleet and friendly, professional service."The company is very transparent regarding its services, when making a booking customers are free to inspect the bus and are allowed to make suggestions or request on any additional service or arrangements needed on the day of booking. The company's coach will pick up the guests from a designated destination, giving the guests a warm welcome from the second you step onboard our fleet.The company's fleet of buses include:* 13 SEAT TOYOTA HI ACE* 24 SEAT FUSO ROSA * 60 SEAT BONLUCK* 60 SEAT AUTOBUSAll of our coaches have comfortable seats, not to mention that there is also ample leg room between seats. Comfort and safety are our top priorities, whether you are going on a short trip or a long distance journey to sightsee around Australia, there is a reason why our customers continue to trust in us as their number one coach provider.About Surfers Paradise CoachesSurfers Paradise Coaches can assist you will all your luxury bus charter, wedding transport Gold Coast and bus hire for weddings transport requirements. No matter what your transport requirement Surfers Paradise Coaches can do it. 12 to 600 people anywhere anytime.Contact Details35 Bailey Crescent Southport Queensland 4215Ph: 07 55916799Website - Ready Track Devices Helping Customers Reduce Insurance Premiums with Theft Prevention GPS Devices 2016-01-06T03:20:24Z ready-track-devices-helping-customers-reduce-insurance-premiums-with-theft-prevention-gps-devices Ready Track is a GPS tracking solutions company. Ready Track is a 100% Australian owned company who supplies and supports a large customer base. The company based in Smithfield, New South Wales is part of a group of companies in business since 1985. The company has a range of GPS enabled security solutions to offer to customers. Automobiles are often under the radar of thieves wanting to make a quick steal of vehicles and therefore security protection of vehicles has become a must. Insurance companies in Australia would charge car owners higher premium if the vehicle is not fitted with standard safety accessories like central locking systems etc while vehicles that have systems like stolen vehicle tracking systems with turn-by-turn navigation as is the case with cars made by General Motors then car owners need to pay lower insurance premiums on  a year on year basis. As per data available online car thefts have been steadily decreasing in recent years; fewer than 1 million cars were stolen in the United States in 2009 and in Australia too the number car thefts has been decreasing in recent years. Australia recorded a 38 per cent decrease in motor vehicle thefts in the period 2004-2014, while reported heavy vehicle thefts increased by 23 per cent in the same period. The increase in heavy vehicle thefts was largely due to a 45 per cent rise in plant and equipment thefts. By comparison, thefts of heavy trucks increased by 12 per cent. In 2014, the total estimated value of reported heavy vehicles stolen was $51.2 million. Source - to the media, a representative of Ready Track said, "At Ready track we understand that car theft is a menace and we advice vehicle owners that safety of their vehicle is a must. With GPS tracking devices from Ready Track you not only save on insurance premium but also get peace of mind that your vehicle can be tracked in the event that it is stolen."In Australia there are broadly 4 types of motor vehicle insurance: a) Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insuranceb)Comprehensive Insurance c) Fire and Theft Only d)Third Party Property Only Consumers should shop around and ensure they purchase cover appropriate to their situation. For more information on the company's services and solutions visit the websiteContact DetailsReady Track Pty Ltd32 Victoria Street,Smithfield NSW 2164AustraliaWebsite - Surfers Paradise Coaches Offering Best Deals on Surfers Paradise Tours this Holiday Season 2016-01-03T05:40:21Z surfers-paradise-coaches-offering-best-deals-on-surfers-paradise-tours-this-holiday-season With the holiday season in full swing the Australian way of life presents itself in a unique way. Australians love celebrating Christmas with family and friends and after the new year everyone has some or the other travel plans. Surfers Paradise Coaches is the provider of transportation services throughout South East Queensland, the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Surfers Paradise Coaches is 100% Australian owned and operated. Whether it is Brisbane airport bus transfers or transport Brisbane to Gold Coast or someone needing charter bur hire the company has luxury coaches available. Whether planning a family trip or a weekend out with friends the company offers travelers a selection of coaches from 13 seater vehicles to 60 seats luxury buses available for charter. With tinted windows and air conditioning features, guests can be certain of arriving relaxed and in style.Speaking to the media, a representative of the company said, "At Surfers Paradise Coaches we receive all kinds of enquires for coach charter Brisbane and the surrounding areas. We make special arrangements for senior group travel. We only have the most experienced drivers and tour guides that accompany guests on senior group bus hire." He further added, "We are making special arrangements keeping in mind the expect new year's rush to Surfers Paradise and the surrounding areas. Guests wishing to visit the Surfers Paradise can contact us for early bookings and we assure customers of the best service at all times."New Year's time is definitely a period that witnesses great rush among the people of Australia. With the summers setting in Australia people throng to the beaches and the beaches of Gold Coast are definitely the place to relax and enjoy. For international travelers needing Brisbane airport transfers we have made extra special arrangements. Just call 07 55916799 and the company will take care of the rest. About Surfers Paradise CoachesSurfers Paradise Coaches can assist you will all your luxury bus charter transport requirement. No matter what your transport requirement Surfers Paradise Coaches can do it. 12 to 600 people anywhere anytime.Contact Details35 Bailey Crescent Southport Queensland 4215Ph: 07 55916799Website - Nz Training & Assessment Offer A Discounted Taxi Package 2015-12-16T04:02:53Z nz-training-amp-assessment-offer-a-discounted-taxi-package New Zealand Training & Assessment Limited are Auckland’s specialist transport training provider, offering the best service when training new applicants. Their staff are always at hand to assist trainees with any special requirements and they have the reputation for providing the best service available in their field. This applies to their discounted Taxi Package (Taxi: P. Endorsement plus Area Knowledge certificate) which they provide for $690 incl GST) and prospective taxi drivers can save themselves a further $69 if they book online. This package is for those who want to drive a vehicle carrying passengers for Hire or Reward, who must hold a P. Endorsement licence. If the vehicle is fitted with a taxi meter then the driver must hold an Area Knowledge Certificate for the area that Taxi company operates in e.g. Auckland Metropolitan A/K certificate. It is illegal to drive a taxi without one. To be eligible, intending taxi drivers must have held a full class 1 current licence for two or more years, get a DL9 medical (approx. $45.00) and be able to pass a fit and proper persons check* (Serious convictions may stop a person from holding a P. Endorsement licence licence) People should contact NZTA if they have any concerns. (*People from overseas will need to provide documented proof.) Prospective drivers should be aware that a class 1 practical driving test may be required unless they have passed this test within the last five years, and AA or VTNZ charges apply. The P. Endorsement Course takes two days with Logbooks – Unit standard 24089 ($100-00 discount if already completed in the last 12months). On satisfactory completion of the course, a certificate will be issued which people must take to the AA or VTNZ and lodge their DL20 application. Please note there are no re-sit fees and classes are held every Wednesday, bookings required. Inductees will be provided with an Auckland Metropolitan A/K question bank, which contains eight objectives for them to complete and return. When they have completed the booklet and learnt the material they will be ready to be tested. Testing should be completed within four weeks of commencement and there can be no re-sit fees during this period. It should also be noted that once people  have passed the A/K test they will be given an Area Knowledge Certificate - this must be kept and a copy given to the taxi Company that they will drive for. Please go to . Leading Car Rental Company in Gold Coast Continues to Excel 2015-12-11T03:47:26Z leading-car-rental-company-in-gold-coast-continues-to-excel Jet Setter Car Rentals has continued to astound the competition by remaining one of the most popular companies among customers; this is according to a recent customer royalty and engagement research that was conducted recently. The company continues to be rated highly across a broad range of categories. The founder and president of the company was quoted saying, “There is very stiff competition for the top spots in this industry. However, we remain dedicated to keep an edge when it comes to engaging our customers even as we seek to continue delivering better results than the competition as far as our customers’ expectations are concerned”. Jet Setter Car Rentals has worked hard to continually measure and enhance every single aspect of the customer experience. Whether it is are dealing with reservations, written communication, face-to-face customer interactions, claims, billings or customer service calls; the company has  created numerous interactive feedback systems that include online customer surveys so as to enhance or customer rental experience. The company’s director had this to say, “We believe that consumer engagement and loyalty are the leading indicators of consumer behavior. This is why our main strategy continues to be ‘keeping the customer first’, this has enabled us to continue providing customers with a hassle-free rental experience and continue to deliver a profitable growth for the company.” He went on to say, “we are humbled by the fact that customers continue to rate us very highly and we therefore thank them and promise them our best service in all aspects of our interactions.” Jet Setter Car Rentals has continued to earn very high marks in car rental surveys in all the four important areas: convenience and expertise, behavioral engagement of drivers, comprehensive pricing and discounts in addition to empathetic customer service and reputation. Jet Setter Car Rentals continues to be best cheap car rental Gold Coast car rental brand; it has maintained a long history of innovation in this industry and is ranked among the best brands when it comes to customer loyalty. Contact Details Suite 1, Corner of Lang Street and Golden Four Drive, North Kirra Queensland 4225 Ph: (07) 5536 8000 Website – Coach Hire Company Sees an Increase in Passenger Numbers 2015-12-11T03:34:59Z coach-hire-company-sees-an-increase-in-passenger-numbers With its close relation to Gold Coast, Surfer’s paradise is a large city; whether you are looking for a single day charter bus hire in Gold Coast or a Brisbane Airport transfers, there is no better professional company to help you out with all your travel plans. Surfer’s Paradise Coaches have a wide range of coach sizes that can fit any group size. They are ideally situated close to Gold Coast to provide the best luxury coach hire for any type of meeting or event.    No matter how you look at it, Surfer’s Paradise Coaches are still the leading providers of the most direct and cost effective ways for anyone need transport Brisbane to Gold Coast and the surrounding cities. These factors are as a result of the willingness of his company to encourage new customers to try its services and rate them without any reservations whatsoever.Surfer’s paradise General Manager says, “We are consistently seeing an increase in the number of passenger groups using our coaches to and from areas where people would have traditionally preferred to use other means of transport. The initial feedback seems to suggest the perhaps because the economy remains in the balance in just about every part of the world, people are beginning to ask for the value for their money when looking for the most convenient services. This has been proven by the fact that our passengers pay mush less than what a taxi ride, speed rail or air ticket would cost them while the comfort level is comparable to most of the above while at most times it exceeds their expectation.”    By offering services to different routes as per the needs of customers, this has given our passengers the advantage of being dropped directly where their function is taking place; our customers can be in the right place at the right time without struggling to secure a seat but enjoy a relaxing journey to and from their events. Surfer’s Paradise Coaches are always modernizing their fleet of buses so as to ensure passengers enjoy comfortable rides no matter what destination they are travelling to.   Contact Details35 Bailey Crescent SouthportQueensland 4215Ph: 07 55916799Website - Ready Track Emerges As The Leader in Fleet, Vehicle and Personal GPS Tracking Systems in Australia 2015-12-02T11:25:04Z ready-track-emerges-as-the-leader-in-fleet-vehicle-and-personal-gps-tracking-systems-in-australia Ready Track is a GPS tracking solutions company. The company based in Smithfield, New South Wales is part of a group of companies in business since 1985. Ready Track is a 100% Australian owned company who supplies and supports a large customer base.Many market leaders in each transport industry segment use the Ready Track range of GPS systems and devices. Solutions from Ready Track are mainly beneficial for businesses/industries like service, transport, plant equipment, rental etc but anyone needing GPS tracking, fleet tracking, vehicle tracking or even personal tracking devices can find it with this company. The main use of GPS tracking systems is found with transport industry. GPS tracking systems once deployed on transport vehicles makes way for round the clock fleet tracking. Fleet tracking is a must for fleet owners and owners of freight carriers etc, knowing the position of the vehicle and other information is vital. By monitoring each of the vehicles using GPS Tracking, operational staff can locate assets, allocate tasks, improve efficiencies and provide improved customer service. Ready Track solutions can provide businesses with information such as time and distance travelled, route taken, provide engine management data, schedule maintenance and more. In the event of a mishap or delay in reaching the destination owners/managers can take steps. Speaking to the media, a spokesperson for the company said, "Our vehicle tracking devices and GPS systems are the best in the market. Out systems are used by industry leaders and we are proud to say that our systems generate the best results in real time mode. These results have been possible because we not only sell the best GPS tracking systems but back them up with customer service like no one else." Ready Track offers customers with comprehensive tracking service plans starting at just $10 a month. With the $10 a month tracking plan the company shall give you a portal based service but users cannot have mobile phone tracking with this basic services. Customers who upgrade to premium and pro package have the facility of real time tracking on the mobile phone with features like 365 day history, trip reports, geofencing, email alerts, SMS alerts etc. For more information on the company's services and solutions visit the website Contact Details Ready Track Pty Ltd 32 Victoria Street, Smithfield NSW 2164 Australia Website - Workplace lawyers next victim in the commodisation of legal services 2015-11-06T05:29:30Z workplace-lawyers-next-victim-in-the-commodisation-of-legal-services Australia, November 2015. Workplace lawyers are set to be the next victim of the commodisation of legal services with Australia’s largest labour hire company Adecco releasing a range of Outsourced Human Resources (OHR) online offerings designed to dramatically reduce if not halve SMEs HR legal spend on services traditionally supplied by workplace lawyers. The offerings - standard, unique and boutique –provide tailored solutions that enable SMEs to build their own digital HR capability and expertise without incurring prohibitive legal costs. From the standard to boutique packages, the offerings have been designed to meet the needs and expectations of every SME regardless of size or sector. They range from basics of employment contracts and employee handbooks to tailored anti-bullying policies, equal employment and sexual harassment issues, employee performance frameworks, gender diversity initiatives, and enterprise bargaining for the manufacturing and logistics sector and compliance with award wages. According to Adecco’s General Manager of Industrial Relations in Australia and New Zealand and Director of Adecco:OHR (A:OHR) Chris Turner: “Despite the potential for huge costs for non-compliance, many SMEs are not aware of just how close to the wind they are when it comes to complying with the industrial relations and HR regulatory framework in Australia which continues to grow in complexity. Last year alone the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) received more than 7 million website visits and assisted 20,000 people with complaints, and the Fair Work Commission website received more than 3 million visits and 120,000 unfair dismissal eligibility enquiries. We are also seeing record judgements for damages and compensation being awarded.” “And even if SMEs are aware of their compliance and employee obligations, our experience and research indicates that the legal costs and lost time incurred in putting in place the correct policies, procedures, frameworks and training are prohibitive for many – and that is what really drove us to launching this new A:OHR offering – linking HR/IR experts with industry experience and expertise to provide real support and allow SMEs to get on with what they do best - running their business.” Mr Turner added. As the largest labour hire company in the world, Adecco has the industrial experience, technical expertise and commercial know-how to develop and administer these innovative offerings that can be tailored for every business and industry. They can assist businesses manage risk, minimise disruption and save valuable and potentially costly time addressing workplace claims and disputes. “There is no aspect of the HR legal and performance services that these packages do not offer,” Mr Turner said. “And that is not our only differentiator. Unlike most HR consulting firms or workplace relations lawyers, Adecco’s 50 year history as the world’s number one recruitment company gives us a unique insight how to manage the recruiting and staffing needs of business in such a way that the best interests of the business are protected at all times and this is reflected in the OHR packages we are offering. “The last thing any business needs in this challenging environment is a costly and emotionally draining industrial relations dispute or an unfair dismissal or EEO claim that cannot be reliably defended.” Mr Turner concluded. -ENDS- For additional comment please contact Louise Nealon at CallidusPR on (02) 9283 4114/0403 569 177 or at About the Adecco Group The Adecco Group, based in Zurich, Switzerland, is the world’s leading provider of HR solutions. With more than 32,000 FTE employees and around 5,100 branches in over 60 countries and territories around the world, Adecco Group offers a wide variety of services, connecting around 700,000 associates with our clients every day. The services offered fall into the broad categories of temporary staffing, permanent placement, career transition and talent development, as well as outsourcing and consulting. The Adecco Group is a Fortune Global 500 company. Adecco S.A. is registered in Switzerland (ISIN: CH0012138605) and listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (ADEN).