The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-05-18T06:31:07Z Launch A Successful Google Ads Campaign For Your Small Business 2021-05-18T06:31:07Z launch-a-successful-google-ads-campaign-for-your-small-business Running a successful Google Ads campaign requires constant monitoring and optimisation. However, as simple as it sounds, we find business owners often struggle to run a successful Google Ads campaign. It certainly requires a lot of time, effort, and energy to ensure that the campaign is set up for success. There could be many reasons why your Google Ads campaign could be underperforming or not performing at all. We’ve put together the top tips that will ensure the important aspects of your Google Ads campaign are monitored and optimized. 1. Choosing the right campaign goal It can be overwhelming to know when you are not sure on what goal to select when setting up your Google Ads campaign. The simple rule is to realise what your business objectives are and to try to align your campaign goals with your business goals. For instance, if your business goal is to generate more leads then ensure your Google Ads campaign goal matches this. This is the first and most crucial step in predicting the success of your Google Ads campaign. Click here to read the full article. How to Set Up Facebook Dynamic Ads to Gain More Conversions 2021-05-18T06:29:40Z how-to-set-up-facebook-dynamic-ads-to-gain-more-conversions At present, one of the most powerful online platforms that helps brands and businesses promote themselves in the digital world is Facebook. You can advertise your products or services and reach a specific audience without wasting too much of your efforts by targeting the right consumers interested in your offers. However, if you want to maximise your Facebook advertising strategy while running an eCommerce business, you will need to pay more attention to dynamic ads than other strategies. Dynamic ads is a format created to display ads on a user’s newsfeed if they previously showed engagement on a similar product or service and have visited your website. Due to the social media platform’s impeccable capabilities of showcasing relevant offers to users based on their recommendations, you won’t have a hard time attracting new prospects. You don’t need to develop individual ads anymore and instead, focus on presenting your entire catalogue. Keep reading below to learn more about utilising Facebook’s dynamic ads to promote your brand. Click Here to read the full article. Desaltek: A new ecommerce website for water treatment solutions in Australia 2021-05-18T05:19:14Z announcing-the-launch-of-desaltek-a-new-ecommerce-website-for-water-treatment-solutions-in-australia Advanced Watertek Business Manager Sara Farghaly. Source: Advanced Watertek. Advanced Watertek has launched Desaltek, an online shopping solution for water treatment system maintenance across Australia.   At Desaltek, you’ll find replacement water filter cartridges, reverse osmosis membranes and reverse osmosis chemicals for various applications.   Products have wide compatibility with systems from all manufacturers.   Replacement water filter cartridges are sold by the carton, which is an economical way to purchase the high volumes required for industrial and commercial water treatment.   Advanced Watertek Business Manager Sara Farghaly said “Desaltek was set up to make ordering spares for RO end users simple and straightforward.   Our goal is to support Australian companies with the essentials for successful maintenance of any reverse osmosis, desalination or filtration system.”   With the launch of the new ecommerce website, customers can now procure their essentials for water treatment system maintenance entirely online, in a secure and convenient fashion.   “Desaltek offers a hands-off approach to maintenance,” Ms Farghaly said.   It’s ideal for savvy operators who regularly service any water filtration or treatment system”.   Advanced Watertek opened doors in Perth, Western Australia in 1984, and have since expanded internationally to the UAE and Oman.   As an original equipment manufacturer specialising in membrane-based water treatment solutions, they have successfully manufactured thousands of systems for more than 55 countries.   Advanced Watertek designs and manufactures all systems in-house under ISO9001 certification in their Dubai manufacturing facility.   Across Australia, Advanced Watertek have installed and commissioned systems for a wide range of industries and applications, including oil and gas, mining, agriculture, hospitality, marine and remote communities.   Desaltek have partnered with the same high-quality brands that Advanced Watertek utilise in their system designs to offer a premium range of solutions.   Reverse osmosis membranes are supplied from industry leading brands including DuPont FilmTec and Nitto Hydranautics.   Desaltek can also supply a range of pumps and genuine spare part kits from brands including Cat Pumps, Danfoss and Grundfos; along with additional products from brands such as Myron L and Pentair.   Ms Farghaly said Desaltek was confident in the quality of products they offer.   “If you’re operating a commercial or industrial reverse osmosis system in Australia, you’ll find replacement water filters and membranes available online to suit,” she said.   “If it’s something more specialised that you require, just get in contact – we’ll be happy to discuss a solution for you.” About Advanced Watertek: Advanced Watertek have provided safe and reliable water across Australia and the world since 1984. As an OEM, the company specialises in membrane-based water treatment solutions. Advanced Watertek is headquartered in Perth with offices in the UAE and Oman. Advanced Watertek have recently set up Desaltek to supply maintenance essentials for water treatment across Australia. Find replacement water filters, reverse osmosis membranes, chemicals and spare parts to suit all systems. Media Contact: Tom JurkiewiczEcommerce Marketing Specialisttom.jurkiewicz@advancedwatertek.com COOL Separations, an affiliate of PROXA Water, has granted the rights to license Eutectic Freeze Crystallization (EFC) Technology to Comprimo, Worley’s sulphur technology business. 2021-05-18T03:42:57Z cool-separations-an-affiliate-of-proxa-water-has-granted-the-rights-to-license-eutectic-freeze-crystallization-efc-technology-to-comprimo-worley-s-sulphur-technology-business EFC produces clean water from industrial wastewater and can be reused on site. It reduces refiners’ costs and environmental footprint by providing low-temperature crystallization-based solutions for the separation of water and salts or heat-sensitive materials. Compared to alternative separations technologies, this provides customers with a more energy-efficient path.  When combining an EFC unit with Comprimo’s desulphurization technologies, this process eliminates gaseous and liquid sulphur emissions from the scrubber effluent and provides clean, reusable water. In addition to treating this highly contaminated effluent to recover water, the process also produces sellable salt, which can be used as a raw material for fertilizer industries.  “Our partnership with COOL Separations means we can assist our customers to not only meet their emissions targets and reduce their capital and operational costs, but also to encourage the reuse of water in industrial processes. This brings us one step closer to delivering a more sustainable world,” said Frank Scheel, Senior Vice President, Comprimo.  We are pleased that EFC technology from COOL Separations combined with Comprimo’s sulphur recovery processes can offer refiners even more from a water recovery and emissions perspective. This collaboration also endorses the viability of the EFC process under the rigorous environment of oil refiners,” said Rob van der Meij, Chief Executive Officer, COOL Separations. COOL SEPARATIONS brings the Eutectic Freeze Crystallization (EFC), Freeze Concentration (FC) and Cooling Crystallization (CC) processes to the market as ENERGY EFFICIENT methods to concentrate aqueous process streams and produce clean water (ice) and pure salt.  PROXA is a water treatment company that offers a range of water management services that cover the entire water cycle from consulting and design, research and development, engineering and construction, and plant modernisation to operational management, maintenance, repairs, after-market service, chemicals, consumables and spares. Our water management solutions are optimal, reliable and efficiently implemented, while our in-house expertise, extensive research and access to leading global technologies enable us to deliver objective solutions tailored to address our client’s unique set of needs. For all enquiries, please contact us at: Mums Reveal Top 10 Baby Stores in 2021 2021-05-18T00:52:19Z mums-reveal-top-10-baby-stores-in-2021 We’re regularly approached by baby brands here and across the globe, that are launching into the Australian market place for the first time, or baby brands that are already well established in retail, who come to Mumpower with similar unknowns. These baby brands often ask us: Where do Mums go to shop for baby goods? How satisfied are Mums with their retail shopping experience? What can brands and retailers do together to motivate Mums to shop more often? All fantastic questions. Mumpower reached out to our vast network of Aussie Mum Shoppers to clarify the unknowns for brands in this space. Check out the following insights to learn more about Mums buying behaviour for baby goods (excluding FMCG), and prepare to boost your in store presence and retail partnerships. The top 10 type of Baby Stores (ex FMCG) Mums are buying from: In order of priority, these are the retailers Mums are buying baby goods from: In store – pharmacy (i.e Chemist Warehouse, independent pharmacies) In store – department store (i.e. Big W, Target, Myer, David Jones, Kmart, etc) In store – Baby Bunting Online – department store (i.e. Big W, Target, Myer, David Jones, Kmart, etc) Online – Baby Bunting Online – pharmacy (i.e Chemist Warehouse, independent pharmacies) Online – direct from the brand Other online shopping stores (i.e Amazon, Ebay, Kogan, etc) In store – Other stores (not listed) specialising in baby/childrens products Online – Other stores (not listed) specialising in baby/childrens products What does this mean to brands? It is important for brands to stock ranges in both online and offline retailers. In-store retail destinations continue to be a popular destination for Mums. It provides the opportunity to touch, feel, try products and compare items in person. Top 3 retailers offering the best shopping experience Baby Bunting Department stores (i.e. Big W, Target, Myer, David Jones, Kmart, etc) Pharmacies (i.e Chemist Warehouse, independent pharmacies) What does this mean to brands? The better the shopping experience, the greater the likelihood mums will return or recommend to others. There is opportunity for both brands and retailers to review the entire buying experience and brand touch points and review what role can your brand play in improving her in store shopping experience. 8 ways retailers and brands elevate Mums buying experience, as told by Mums: Competitive pricing Excellent brand ranging Product availability Be Convenient Enhanced in store shopping experience Enhanced online shopping experience Superior customer service Knowledgeable staff What does this mean to brands? This is what Mums are seeking from her buying experience.  Some of the ways brands can demonstrate how they deliver across these factors is by: clearly communicate the value or added value of the offering (via communication strategy, reviews, website presence, branding, signage), use intuitive technology online to personalise her experience and promote other ‘like’ products or brands that suit, improve staff training and ensure the in store experience is easy – and enjoyable- to navigate. 6 strategies to attract more Mums in store As part of this Mumpower research initiative, Mums were encouraged to nominate and rate activities that would motivate her to shop more often. The most popular responses, in order of demand include: Educational experiences Demo days with brands VIP special event In store local mums group catch ups Expert speakers Meet and greet with influencers What does this mean to brands? Mums are hungry for information and very eager to engage with brands on site. Mum shoppers need to feel confident in her buying decision and will actively seek this information.  Therefore, this is an opportunity for brands to review the value-add in store experiences your brand can drive in unison with the retailers, i.e. hosting educational experiences such as child safety sessions, baby bonding ideas, breastfeeding support and more, will enable the customer to learn something of direct interest to her needs, interact with others and experience first hand how a brand will fit into her life. Understanding where Mums choose to shop is one part of Mums buying journey . Beyond this, there are many other insights that will continue to support brand growth. Such as: understanding the competitive landscape, assessing how Mums perceive your brand, and what advertising mediums have the greatest influence on her decision to buy. Here is an example of how further Market Research will boost your success exponentially.  Brands that gain insight into her total buying experience are best placed to drive growth further. -end- GRC Solutions launches new Workplace Behaviours eLearning course. 2021-05-17T23:37:34Z grc-solutions-launches-new-workplace-behaviours-elearning-course All employers have an overarching duty of care to avoid exposing their employees to unreasonable and foreseeable risks of injury. As highlighted by recent cases in the media, this duty of care extends to the prevention of harm from sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination. Employers should have regular compliance reporting to ensure employees remain adequately trained and have access to a clear policy setting out how and to whom complaints are addressed. A recent report from the Human Rights Commission found that one in three people experienced sexual harassment at work in the past five years. Respect@Work The Report highlights several negative effects of workplace sexual harassment: ·         staff turnover; ·         negative workplace culture; ·         resource expenditure to deal with sexual harassment; and ·         damages associated with claims brought against a business for sexual harassment. Employees also have a duty under occupational health and safety laws to take reasonable care for the health and safety of their colleagues. Training should ensure that staff are empowered to act in support of their colleagues and know how to report issues they become aware of. GRC Solutions is proud to launch our ground-breaking new course, which aims not only to help you to prevent and address misconduct in the workplace but also to celebrate and support diversity and inclusion.   As UNESCO’s World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development approaches on 21 May, there has never been a better time for everyone to train on the standards of conduct and behaviours that safeguard us all. Backed by powerful case studies, scenarios, and a fresh visual design, it delivers practical tips on how to prevent and address bullying, discrimination, and sexual harassment in the workplace, whether in the office, at home, or off site. For the first time, we ask learners to imagine a higher standard of conduct than just avoiding breaches. A new module on diversity and inclusion covers concepts such as accessibility, cultural competence, and unconscious bias, and shows how we can make our workplaces safe, respectful, and inspiring places for all. •             Module 1: Workplace bullying •             Module 2: Discrimination and sexual harassment •             Module 3: (Advanced) Bullying, discrimination, and sexual harassment •             Module 4: (Advanced) Managing incidents •             Module 5: Diversity and inclusion The content may be taken a combined course or delivered as a series of micro-learning modules scheduled over a number of weeks. The Workplace Behaviour course can be customised to fit your organisation needs.  The course can be deployed via the organisation’s own Learning Management System (LMS) or via the GRC Solutions Salt® Compliance LMS. TOA Global, BGL ink new partnership to deliver SMSF admin automation 2021-05-17T12:35:14Z toa-global-bgl-ink-new-partnership-to-deliver-smsf-admin-automation TOA Global announced a partnership with Melbourne-based software and data service company BGL Corporate Solutions to automate and simplify the administration of self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) for Australian accounting firms.   BGL is a developer of Australia’s leading SMSF administration and Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) company compliance software solutions. Under the new partnership, TOA’s clients can expect high quality, error-free audits with a faster turnaround time since all the necessary documents are within easy access. They can also remove frictions in the compliance process through a user-friendly and intelligent compliance software, thereby managing their business more effectively.   In addition, clients will receive the highest level of security and data integrity, given that BGL’s suite of cloud solutions, Cas 360, Simple Fund 360 and Simple Invest 360, had been awarded an ISO 27001 recertification early this year.   “At BGL, we are a strong advocate of developing ecosystem partnerships that establish a better way for our clients to work with their clients. Partnering with TOA Global is a great example of two leading service providers collaborating to create new opportunities for the benefit of both our clients'', says Ron Lesh, Managing Director of BGL.   Lesh also adds that the partnership between BGL and TOA Global will also cover a range of initiatives, including TOA Academy and educational events/training collaborations to support and further build the skills of TOA team members.   Aside from this new partnership, TOA Global is also one of the sponsors of BGL’s industry event, BGL REGTECH 2021, happening across Australia and New Zealand. Please register here to secure your ticket! Bondle appoints Beatriz Justinek as Head of Sales 2021-05-17T09:18:34Z bondle-appoints-beatriz-justinek-as-head-of-sales Sydney, 17 May. Bondle, the platform for business communications, announced that Beatriz Justinek has taken on the role of Head of Sales. Beatriz will be responsible for all sales activities globally. “As we experience rapid growth in multiple markets, it became important for us to have a dedicated person take over this role from me.” said Sandeep Rao, CEO of Bondle. “Beatriz brings the relevant experience and incredible energy to lead the team.  Having exited a start up herself, she has a solid understanding of building a business from the ground up.  I am looking forward to working with her and growing the business.” Prior to joining Bondle, Beatriz has played a critical role in managing client interactions, administrative processes, business management, sales and marketing  in various companies. She co-founded and built Dreamyland, successfully exiting the business in 2017. “I am delighted to join Bondle and believe it to be an honour to take on this position” said  Beatriz Justinek.  “Effective communication is key to establishing and maintaining positive partnerships with your team and your customers and that is what Bondle has to offer.  I see massive growth potential globally and am excited with the prospect of being part of this journey. Beatriz will be based in the Sydney office. About Bondle Bondle is a Sydney based scale-up that provides an end-to-end online communications technology that replaces paper-based processes and creates online traceable solutions that make collaboration easy. The software integrates email, document storage, messaging and task management into one revolutionary innovation that establishes a shared source of the truth for any business.   For all media related enquiries reach out to us on Autodesk promotes Australian Reseller Advanced Spatial technologies Pty Ltd to Gold Reseller Tier Status 2021-05-17T07:35:52Z autodesk-promotes-australian-reseller-advanced-spatial-technologies-pty-ltd-to-gold-reseller-tier-status Perth, Western Australia    Australian Software and hardware solution provider Advanced Spatial technologies Pty Ltd (ASt) has recently been promoted to Gold tier reseller status with Autodesk, a world leader in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software.    Image: The team at Advanced Spatial technologies Pty Ltd Autodesk Gold Partner designation is reserved for partners which have demonstrated the ability to deliver complete Autodesk software solutions, with technical expertise in specific industries, solutions, support, training, implementation, and consulting services.   “Despite being in the midst of the pandemic, AST worked as one team with Autodesk together with Ingram Micro and continued to grow their business which allowed them to expand their product and service offerings with the addition of Manufacturing complimenting their existing AEC specialisation.”  says Mr Andy Cunningham, Regional Director Autodesk Australia Pty Ltd. “I’m extremely proud of AST and year on year growth that they achieved and I congratulate the entire AST team on achieving Gold tier status within the Autodesk Partner Program.”   Mr Nguyen notes that ASt specialises in the delivery of Autodesk solutions for government and private sector clients, including many in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industries, and in the manufacturing vertical. “As a Gold Partner, any existing or potential client can be confident in our technical expertise in delivering complete solutions, spanning software, support, training, implementation, and consulting services.”   He says the ASt team values lasting relationships based on a mutual exchange of value and points to this approach as a key factor for long-term success.  “ASt was founded with a vision for strong customer relationships. Our goal is to provide technology tools and solutions to help customers and AEC industry professionals with new work efficiencies, cost savings and improve the productivity for their entire organisation,” he notes. “And achieving this milestone simply wouldn’t be possible without the ongoing support from our customers in these industries.”     “We are very proud of the service we provide to our customers. When a customer reaches out to us for assistance, we always strive to provide solutions that will best benefit our customers and allow them to achieve success.”    “This achievement would not be possible without the support from our customers, Autodesk and Ingram Micro and we thank them all for this.”    The company sources technology solutions and second tier support from Ingram Micro, where Business Manager Mischa Avetisoff says the distributor has enjoyed a fruitful relationship with ASt. “We have worked in a strategic partnership over many years with a particular focus on helping ASt grow its software business. Seeing Tai and his team secure a top tier status with Autodesk is confirmation of the effort put in, and bodes well for the future,” she comments.   Trent Gomersall, Director, Ingram Micro Cloud, adds: “Autodesk is widely recognised for its ability to accelerate efficiency and performance. Backed by proven partners recognised by the vendor, Australian partners can implement these solutions knowing they are supported with Ingram’s team of Autodesk subject matter experts.”     About     Established in 1995, Advanced Spatial technology Pty Ltd (ASt) is headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. As an award winning, specialised software, hardware and drafting services  with over 25 years of experience, ASt provides solutions to AEC industry professionals and provides them with the tools and ongoing support for continued success. As an Autodesk Gold Partner, ASt is specialised in Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Fusion 360, Advanced Machining, Advanced Design and Product Design & Manufacturing.  CaddWest Bureau (CWb) a division of ASt, provides a comprehensive range of drafting and BIM services across multiple disciplines for the architectural, engineering, construction, facilities management and infrastructure industries. Bamboo launches self-managed super fund investment in digital currency 2021-05-17T04:22:53Z bamboo-launches-self-managed-super-fund-investment-in-digital-currency Bamboo has developed a customer-centric product to purchase digital currency for individual self-managed superannuation funds. Instead of taking days or weeks to understand security, compliance and onramps, Bamboo has packaged up a product to make investment effortless.  With built in compliance, reporting and storage Bamboo allows anyone with a mobile phone and bank account to participate in just a few minutes. “Until now, purchasing digital currency has been overwhelming, time consuming and complicated,” said CEO Blake Cassidy. “Bamboo responds to these issues and provides a quick, easy and safe way for people to gain exposure to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold and Silver. It is so simple, anybody can do it,” he continued.  Australians are at the forefront of adoption with over 20% of the population owning digital currency. More and more people are looking to invest for the long-term and it’s expected these currencies will be as widely owned as stocks and commodities such as gold over the coming decade.  ATO reported a total of AU$168M funds allocated to digital currency investment in their December statistics release. This data means that the average fund allocation per person is around AU$7,500. Google Pay and Samsung Pay will soon let customers pay with Bitcoin and other digital currencies. BitPay, a digital ledger payment processor, revealed it is planning to bring Google Pay and Samsung Pay support early in 2021.  Visa has recently announced late in March 2021 it will allow the use of cryptocurrency to settle transactions.  “Digital currencies are becoming widely accepted across the globe and being able to invest in these currencies to increase performance in your self-managed superannuation diversifies your portfolio even further.  We see this as an important part of the early stages of Bamboo’s growth. ENDS About Bamboo Bamboo is a people-focused mobile application that is designed to make micro-investing in digital currency simple, safe and secure. Our solution helps customers achieve their financial goals and reinforces positive behaviour by making investing part of their daily lives. New customers can sign up and begin investing in as little as 90 seconds.  Customers are able to effortlessly invest into digital assets passively and incrementally. Each customer’s portfolio is funded through automated or discretionary contributions. These will be distributed into digital assets in accordance with the customer’s selected portfolio composition. Bamboo is tackling the problem of trust in the digital asset space by being the first company to deploy an end-to-end, publicly verifiable Proof of Solvency (PoS) protocol. The PoS will empower customers by providing them with tools to independently audit and verify the platform without the need for trust. This will give customers the peace of mind and reassurance that their funds are accounted for. About Blake Cassidy Blake is an ambitious and driven CEO with a passion for technology. Previously working in funds management, strategy consulting, software development and a founder of IoT company Blake brings venture experience and subject matter expertise to drive growth in the Bamboo Platform. Blake was a seed investor into Bamboo and worked with the founding team to assist with strategic projects as a consultant. Embodying the vision for Bamboo, Blake is now delivering on new features and functionality while at the same time preparing for launch in growth markets.    Business Lending Space Thriving As A Result Of Digital Ads 2021-05-17T00:29:49Z business-lending-space-thriving-as-a-result-of-digital-ads Date: 17 May 2021 Delivering The Holy Grail For Business Lenders The market for business lending is a competitive environment with over two million small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) currently operating across Australia. Many are regularly looking to non-bank lenders to secure finance, creating a great opportunity for those who can get in front of business owners at precisely the right moment. One boutique lead generation agency is helping business lenders thrive in this market by providing access to the holy grail – quality leads in high volume.  “The key is in knowing what a good lead looks like,” says Cobra Digital’s Managing Director Reuben Scheckter. “We utilise a customised filtering process to verify each lead and ensure they are a good match. That means only the best quality leads are passed on. We can do this at high volume thanks to customised internal systems and process. It’s all about bringing quality together with speed and volume.” Two of the crucial steps in Cobra Digital’s qualification process include confirming the business is ABN registered and also meets the monthly revenue threshold required by clients. “Our lead generation methods also change based on audience behaviour and adapt to actions like using a smartphone or laptop to allow for streamlined data input,” says Scheckter. Spam and duplicate leads are also removed automatically, in real time, before the data is passed on.  Last year Cobra Digital generated over 17,500 exclusive business loan leads for clients. This year the figure is already over xxxx. Their unique approach has seen business owners connect with loan providers and aggregators to secure finance for a wide variety of needs from day-to-capital, vehicles and equipment to refurbishments, fit outs, property purchases and new business launches. Business finance broker firm Capital Sorted is just one client appreciating Cobra Digital’s focus on high quality, high volume leads. Prashneil Prasad, Director of Capital Sorted, says the company’s superior systems and processes have delivered direct wins for his business. "Their speed and efficiency have helped with conversation rates because we are now calling people within five minutes of them registering their interest.” Capital Sorted’s conversion rate has risen to around 9% with Cobra Digital, compared to 6% with previous lead generation companies. The increase is due in part to Cobra Digital’s ability to transfer leads directly into their client’s CRM system in real time. This removes the need for clients to manually enter the data themselves and cuts the lag time between enquiry and contact. “We are beating the competition to connect with people because we are now able to call potential customers very quickly, which matters in a competitive market,” says Prasad. “We are enjoying positive ROI with Cobra and on top of that we are getting repeat business from clients we have signed through them. They are a knowledgeable and dedicated team who really understand the market.” The COVID-19 pandemic saw Cobra Digital further extend its tailored approach to business. With lenders quickly changing lending policies as economic conditions tightened, many loan providers and aggregators were left unable to secure finance for customers who would typically sail through the approval process. This situation posed a significant challenge for some clients.  In one instance Cobra Digital was engaged on a fixed price contract to secure a high volume of quality business loan leads. The change in lending conditions meant loans were not being approved. This left their client paying for leads they couldn’t use. Rather than enforce the contract, they took a longer term view.  “We chose to be adaptable. They needed to focus on profit rather than growth so we re-negotiated the terms of their agreement where we made a sacrifice to help them. While it wasn’t ideal for us, we valued the long term relationship,” says Scheckter.  The team at Cobra Digital remain committed to providing clients with high quality, high volume leads as competition in the business lending market continues to increase.  Graphic Design Services that make your business memorable! 2021-05-14T07:45:46Z graphic-design-services-that-make-your-business-memorable At Pepperit. we understand the importance of creating a strong brand identity. We listen to your needs, creating a graphic design project that makes your business’s personality shine. We can handle any task you throw at us. Whether it is providing eye-catching logos, stunning magazine layouts and beautiful website designs. We have got you covered. Our graphic design services are an investment for your business, ensured to drive your sales and attract customers. With Pepperit, we use our years of experience and up-to-date technology, to bring fresh ideas and inspired designs that form meaningful connections between your brand’s story and customer base. We are branching out - expect to see our unique services in the Central Coast. Our graphic design Central Coast service helps businesses located in the central coast area, increase customer conversion rates and sales. Delivering results that go up and above expectations is our goal. We want to produce intelligent designs and strategies, to help your graphic design materials stand out in the central coast. Whatever graphic design Central Coast project you need, our team will deliver. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and get your free quote! Nicole Shelley Head of Marketing pepperit. t. 02 9327 7775 A Social media agency with experts. 2021-05-14T06:46:43Z a-social-media-agency-with-experts Social Media. It has become integral in our daily lives, our conversations and how we connect with our community. A Social Media Agency could be just what you need. The popularity of social media services has skyrocketed. Platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin have a collective 3.8 billion active users. And these platforms only keep growing worldwide. The worldwide population of users on Facebook is 2.89 billion. Almost half of the Australian population uses the popular social media platform. Businesses use social media to find their customers and make meaningful connections with them. Social media allows for two way conversations about the products and services you have on offer, and the industry as a whole. Social media experts can help you to drive this engagement with people including your customers, staff, suppliers, and even family and friends. Why not get social with pepper? At pepper we value authentic social media services. We strive to create real connections between you and your customers and this is best done through social media.  As Social Media Experts, the team here at pepper understand the importance of this and have built strong relationships with various long standing clients. To meet the needs of our clients we offer bespoke social media services.  Need some more help? We’ve got you covered with our 10 questions to ask when appointing a social media marketing agency.  For more information, please contact: Nicole Shelley Head of Marketing pepperit. t. 02 9327 7775 AAA City Removalist Recently Moved Karl Stefanovic & His Family into Their New Home in Sydney 2021-05-14T05:22:32Z aaa-city-removalist-recently-moved-karl-stefanovic-amp-his-family-into-their-new-home-in-sydney AAA City Removalist was hired by Karl Stefanovic, Australia’s favourite television personality. The TV presenter and his wife Jasmine have engaged the services of AAA City Removalist for the second time in 12 months, this time moving into their own property. We were humbled and honoured to have been the removalist company chosen to safely pack and transport their precious belongings.  Karl Stefanovic is one of the most popular television presenters and journalists in Australia. As a co-host of Nine Network's breakfast program Today, Karl has entertained, informed and engaged with us on a daily basis with interesting news stories from Australia and around the world. Having won the Gold Logie for Most Popular Personality and the Silver Logie for Most Popular Presenter in the past, he’s become something of a global sensation over the years. It’s not an exaggeration to say that people from all over the world love this man’s quintessential Aussie humour. The millions of views on YouTube for his clips from the Today show are proof enough of that.   The AAA Difference So, what did AAA do differently when hired to move a celebrity like Karl Stefanovic? Nothing at all! As one of the Best Removalists in Sydney, we always bring our AAA-game, whether our client is a celebrity or not. Our goal is to provide the same level of care to all our clients without exception. We go the extra mile for all our customers, providing them with an unparalleled experience in moving homes, units and offices. After all, with each job we take on we put our reputation on the line. This means we need to work hard to ensure the customer gets to experience the AAA difference for their move, making it a memorable experience for them.  Our Expertise Enhances Your Moving Experience  Karl is not the first celebrity we’ve moved and will definitely not be our last. So, what’s the secret to our success? It’s simple, really. People see the value in hiring an Experienced Removalist like us. After all, you can’t get an average rating of 4.6 stars on Google reviews, Product Review, Facebook and Trust Pilot unless you consistently deliver quality and live up to your customers’ expectations. We understand that it’s not easy for you to trust someone else to handle your valuables with care. We want your experience with us to be positive in every sense of the word. Since 2005, we’ve perfected the art of moving, having carried out thousands of residential, commercial, interstate and country relocations.  We Take the Stress Out of Your Move Just the thought of packing up their entire lives and moving to a new home is enough to stress out most people. Moving has long been touted to be one of the most stressful events of one’s life, and with good reason. It can be overwhelming to figure out how to pack everything you own into boxes and move it all without incident into your new home. At AAA City Removalist, we wanted to take moving from being a stressful event to an exciting event for you. Thanks to our team of efficient staff, fleet of well-maintained trucks and services such as free moving boxes, free utilities changeover, transit and public liability insurance and more, we’ve successfully made relocation a pleasant affair.  Are You Planning to Move?  Say ‘No’ to stress and ‘Yes’ to a smooth and hassle-free move. Contact AAA City Removalist today for a free quote for your relocation. Call us on 02 97371111 Sydney Electrical Services Offers Affordable, Energy-Saving Strata Management 2021-05-13T11:32:43Z sydney-electrical-services-offers-affordable-energy-saving-strata-management Experience and expertise, combined with an elevated level of professionalism, are the hallmarks of Sydney Electrical Service. When selecting an electrical contractor for strata management, it’s essential that the company is familiar and experienced with advanced systems to ensure superior quality whether they’re required to upgrade a security system or install a charging system for environmentally friendly electric cars. The electrician Bondi is a full-service strata management provider with Level 2 expertise and 24/7 emergency services. The company provides lighting installation and repairs of interior and exterior lighting for the illumination individuals need for safety. Energy-efficient LED lighting is used for every installation to save clients’ money. As a strata management contractor, the electrician Inner West provides testing, installation and repair of a wide range of electrical appliances, along with smoke detectors, alarms and security systems. The company performs preventative maintenance to avoid problems before they arise. Switchbox upgrades and safety switch installation are an integral part of the services offered, as more electrical devices enter into use and the demand for power is greater. Electrical safety standards continue to evolve and change. Upgrading of structural wiring is essential to accommodate the increased demands that are placed on electrical systems in the modern world. An electrician near me is cognizant of all safety regulations and industry standards. Sydney Electrical Service performs energy audits and reports to help clients improve electrical performance and efficiency for overall savings. The experts at Sydney Electrical Service are premiere providers of strata management with extensive experience in acting as a liaison with landlords and tenants. The company provides 24/7 emergency services, is fully licensed and insured, and guarantees workmanship on all services. Clients have peace of mind knowing that the Level 2 electrical specialist are qualified to work on contestable projects and is accredited by the NSW Department of Planning. Media Contact Sydney Electric Service Phone: 0433 462 902 Chifley Tower, Level 29/2 Chifley Square Sydney NSW 2000 Australia Website: