The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-11-12T04:11:06Z 90’s Street Style Hair Accessories Emerge as Aussie Summer Fashion Trend 2019-11-12T04:11:06Z 90-s-street-style-hair-accessories-emerge-as-aussie-summer-fashion-trend The nostalgic 90’s hair clip was a shining performer during New York Fashion Week in February 2019, and the trend continues to gain momentum as we approach 2020.   Coveteur editor Hannah Baxter thrust the bobby pin back into the spotlight, wearing her crystal-encrusted “damn” clip during her Fashion Week appearance. Models were also spotted parting their hair deep to one side using three hairpins and using clips as more of a fashion statement than an accessory.   Influencer Micah Gianneli, who has more than 1 million Instagram followers, has welcomed the trend to Australia, wearing a Hannah Baxter inspired ‘Paris’ clip from the Colette by Colette Hayman range in one of her recent posts.   Australia’s leading fashion accessories outlet Colette by Colette Hayman has also noticed an increase in the demand for hair clips, bobby pins, and headbands.    “We have seen a huge increase in demand for street style hair accessories, with shoppers looking to join in on the trend. From stylish snap clips to cool exposed bobby pins, just clipping two slides to one side of your part can be the perfect way to complete this season’s look,” said Tash Pitzer, Head of Accessories   Colette by Colette Hayman’s newly launched hair accessory range has been the go-to destination for savvy shoppers looking to be a part of the trend. The most popular hair accessories in the Colette by Colette Hayman range include the Pink Gold-Tone Large Claw Clip, the Pink Animal Print Headband, and the Silver and Rose Gold Rhombus Hair Clips.   The new Spring/Summer range also features a variety of flower crowns and headbands - just in time for the Spring Racing season, Headbands and crowns are already flying off the shelves with racegoers looking to show off a unique, colourful vibe at racetracks around the country. Colette by Colette Hayman’s affordable range is also making it easy for anyone to join in on the hottest new fashion trend. “You don’t have to be a supermodel or world-class designer to look your best with stunning hair accessories. With pieces starting from just $3.99, everyone can become a trendsetter.”   -ENDS-   Colette by Colette Hayman’s new accessories range is available for sampling and review.  GIFTING - See our latest accessories online and email me a link to what you are interested in from - Hi-res images are available and Interviews can be arranged upon request.   SCARVES FLOWER CROWNS HAIR SLIDES PEARL SCRUNCHIES   Facebook – Instagram -   For media enquiries contact Juliet – or 0414 966 005 Samson and Charlie champion female wellness with new bellabox Welcome to Wellness collaboration 2019-11-11T23:58:28Z samson-and-charlie-champion-female-wellness-with-new-bellabox-welcome-to-wellness-collaboration It’s official, boutique natural skincare brand Samson & Charlie are part of bellabox’s December health and wellness box: Welcome to Wellness. Samson & Charlie notoriously champion health and wellness through their values of cruelty-free, fair-trade and vegan products, aligning the brand perfectly with Bellabox’s own Welcome to Wellness mission. “We’re so thrilled to collaborate with such a great brand we really believe in,” said Samson & Charlie founder, Carole Staeck of the Welcome to Wellness partnership. “We believe in helping women enjoy looking after themselves, just like bellabox does.” While Samson & Charlie can’t reveal which product will be included in the Welcome to Wellness box, they’re eager to point to the importance of wellness before the holidays. “Christmas and summer holidays can be so hectic, we hope the Samson & Charlie product included in the Welcome to Wellness box enhances the wellbeing of all the subscribers,” said Staeck. Samson and Charlie are dedicated to wellness by encouraging customers to take time out and indulge their senses with their stimulating products. From delicate acne-clearing face oils with natural, tantalising fragrances to sumptuous-smelling exfoliating cleansers, living well is an essential element of the brand’s products. “Our products are designed to help busy people enjoy a moment of calm, while getting instant, effective results for their skin. We’re passionate about the wellness aspect of skincare,” said Staeck. Samson and Charlie has just celebrated their one year anniversary, accumulating huge growth of over 17k Instagram subscribers and DTC growth of 5,000 customers in just 12 months. Joining the Welcome to Wellness box is the ideal way to continue the brand’s growth, while also cementing the Melbourne-made brand as a leader in ethical skincare and ‘living well.’ The Welcome To Wellness subscription box is a seasonal offering of beauty and lifestyle products under the bellabox umbrella. Like Samson & Charlie’s own mission, the aim of Welcome to Wellness is to encourage women to fall in love with taking care of themselves in mind, body and spirit. Bellabox’s Welcome to Wellness Box including a product from Samson & Charlie will be sent to subscribers on December 16th, 2019. Summer feet heroes for 2019 2019-10-31T01:14:36Z summer-feet-heroes-for-2019 With the warmer months fast approaching, having comfortable and supportive footwear is crucial to enjoying the sunny outdoors, but we also want to feel confident strutting bare feet around for everyone to see! Two genius innovations from McGloins Supertex are here to save you the hassle and stress this summer. Unfortunately, winter can leave our heels cracked and dry which is unpleasant. BodyPlus Skin Oil is the ultimate hack when it comes to feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin as the weather heats up. The key to taking care of dry skin on heels is to replace moisture that has been lost, BodyPlus Skin Oil is packed with all the essentials that lock in moisture and promote hydration for a smoother complexion. This gem of an oil helps repair and rejuvenate the skin’s natural defence barrier to protect the skin and increase moisture retention, which means it is great for cracked heels. This means you can wear your Archline Thongs without any insecurities. Archline Thongs are lightweight, flexible and supportive – the perfect way to keep feet comfortable, supported and healthy this summer. BodyPlus Skin Oil RRP $19.95 | Stockist: Chemist Warehouse BodyPlus Skin Oil is a skin protectant enriched with ceramides, which encourage skin cells to bond, forming a protective barrier from external irritants that leaves your skin hydrated and maintains elasticity. Unlike other brands, BodyPlus Skin Oil doesn’t leave a greasy layer on your skin but rather absorbs into the skin, allowing for deeper nourishment and hydration. Archline Orthotic Thongs RRP $34.95 per pair | Stockist: Archline’s supportive footcare range feature special Balance Technology to align the body’s natural foundation, support and relieve foot pain and to keep you moving for longer. Archline products provide relief for foot conditions such as flat feet, plantar fasciitis, heel pain and other foot pain. Social Handles: @bodyplusau & @archline Samosomas Bungle Bungles Flip Flops 2019-10-17T15:40:32Z samosomas-bungle-bungles-flip-flops Samosomas are best known for providing the world with unique foot loving flip flops, and now we bring to you the latest foot alternative, The Midnight Black 'Bungle Bungles' EVA Foam Flip Flops. That’s right, we are offering another unique alternative to the usual rubber flip flops. Our statement making hemp range are available from anywhere in the world and now our all-day EVA foam range will be breaking through the norm again.  Our EVA Flip Flops are made from a special blend of ethylene and vinyl acetate which makes them tough like rubber yet soft and more elastic, so you can wear them all day. They are so comfy you might even wear them to bed!  Go online today and be one of the first in the world to experience the unique range of Samosomas Flip Flops.   Visit for more details Natural vs Synthetic Diamonds 2019-10-08T11:11:01Z natural-vs-synthetic-diamonds IN RESPONSE TO THE RECENT INTRODUCTION OF SYNTHETIC DIAMONDS INTO THE AUSTRALIAN MARKET PLACE. INTRODUCTION Since the first diamond was discovered thousands of years ago, mankind has been mesmerised by these most spectacular and precious of natural gemstones, revered for their unmatched ability to scintillate and reflect light, their durability, rarity and earth-borne origin ensuring that they have become the most precious of gemstones to this day. The physical properties of a natural diamond are not their only desirable feature – their precious nature has ensured that a diamond, above all other stones, has become the one true symbol of love – pure, enduring and timeless, a diamond is the ultimate gift of commitment. Diamonds by their very origin are the rarest gift of mother nature – formed deep in the ancient earth’s core under enormous heat and pressure and found in only a handful of areas in the world ranging from the frozen depths of the Canadian artic zone to the wilds of the African savannah and the Australian outback. A real diamond is rare, a real diamond is natural and a real diamond is the truest reflection of luxury and commitment. What is a Synthetic or Lab Grown Diamond? For several decades the technology has been available to manufacture a synthetic version of a diamond, primarily as a cheap source of industrial grade material. Due to issues with the colour and clarity of the stones manufactured these were not of a quality suitable for use in jewellery. Manufacturers of these man made stones have recently refined the production process of making a synthetic stone of a gem colour and clarity that have now become commercially available. There are two main methods of manufacturing synthetic diamonds - High Pressure/ High Temperature (HPHT) and CVD or chemical vapour deposition. Each of these methods can now produce a carbon crystal with the chemical and physical properties of a diamond in a mass produced factory environment. The synthetic material is then cut and finished in a process that results in a man-made stone resembling a natural diamond. So Why Not Choose a Synthetic Diamond? THE ORIGIN Unlike a natural diamond which is formed by chance in the earth under ancient layers of stone and rockand brought to the surface by natural forces of volcanoes and erosion, man-made diamonds are mass produced in an industrial environment, made at will and are neither rare nor precious. As the manufacturing methods are made more efficient and the capability to produce large quantities of the man-made material is harnessed, the cost of production will fall rendering these stones of little value in the near future. Natural diamonds are recovered from their birthplace in the natural environment in a small number of minute areas globally. The number of natural diamonds bought to market depends entirely on the discovery of a natural source that can be efficiently recovered. There is a limit to the supply dictated by nature that has not seen any new deposits identified in the past 50 years. Once a new source of natural diamond is identified it will take approximately 20 years to bring a new deposit online for recovery. THE ENVIRONMENTAL COST Inaccurately, synthetic stones have been marketed as a ‘green’ alternative to natural diamonds with false claims regarding the lower environmental impact of synthetic diamond production. It is important to clarify that synthetic diamond production consumes massive amounts of electricity to create the required manufacturing conditions. The by-product of the manufacturing process is non degradable industrial waste that cannot be effectively disposed of.Synthetic diamond production generates 3 times the environmental impact of the process of recovering natural diamonds from their source. THE RAPIDLY DECLINING VALUE Synthetic diamonds have been misleadingly promoted as an affordable alternative to natural diamonds that are more accessible. Initially synthetic diamond offerings have been priced at a nominal value of roughly 70% of the natural diamond equivalent. It is important to understand that this price has no true basis and is not indicative of the cost of production. It is a price commanded by the company producing the stone and in no way reflects its actual worth. Over the past 12 months, market forces including the entry of De Beers into the synthetic diamond market, have seen a significant downward correction of the cost and value in a move to correctly reflect the mass produced nature of synthetic stones, De Beers has sought to set an industry standard price of USD $800 per carat for all synthetic diamonds reflecting their mass manufactured origin that should not in any way be linked to the value of natural diamonds. As a result, many synthetic diamonds purchased as little as 2 years ago are now worth significantly less than the price they were bought for. This downward trend is likely to continue as the amount of material produced increases in the marketplace. For this reason, synthetic diamonds should not be purchased as a future store of wealth but rather in the same way as other diamond simulants. THE ETHICAL POSITION Traditional recovery of natural diamonds from their source has often been in remote areas inhabited by indigenous communities. The international diamond industry has sought to ensure that mining activity are strictly governed by responsible, and sensitive best practice minimising the impact on the natural environment and the local communities living in the location. Modern diamond mining mandates a social responsibility to remediate the natural environmental and to invest in the local communities it touches by developing infrastructure such as hospitals, transport and housing. Many communities in areas of diamond mining have been significantly enriched through the investment of the diamond industry. In contrast, the synthetic diamond industry makes no restitution for the impact of the resource intensive manufacturing process. There is no investment made in social or environmental wellbeing of manufacturing locations. Synthetic diamonds are produced by industry for profit maximisation and commercial benefit alone. BECAUSE THEY ARE ALMOST BUT NOT QUITE A DIAMOND Synthetic diamonds may have the same chemical structure as their natural counterpart and to the eye may appear as a natural diamond offering the same physically attractive play of light however it is important to remember that only a diamond of natural origin is real, rare and sought after. Like a reproduction of a rare artwork, replica watch or handbag, the mass produced copy may look the same but will never hold the same value or luxury as the real authentic item. THE POSITION OF DIAMOND GUILD AUSTRALIA AND ITS MEMBERS Our association founded on an emphatic belief of the importance of ethical and professional sale of diamonds and representing the top diamond professionals in Australia has chosen not to promote or sell synthetic diamond products. We believe that this category of diamond alternative product is not sold nor promoted in an ethical manner. As a product category, synthetic diamonds do not represent a viable proposition that can be sold in good faith with the belief that the product will retain its value. Diamond Guild Australia chooses to promote and sell only natural diamonds, guaranteed as to their origin and ethical source. We value natural diamonds for their beauty, rarity, individuality and how they inspire us. We believe only natural diamonds are worthy of symbolising love and important moments in life. We will only offer our clients natural diamonds because we have confidence in their ability to bring true joy and luxury to the wearer. The members of Diamond Guild Australia are proud to only offer their clientele the finest quality, ethically sourced natural diamonds, guaranteed for their authenticity and hand selected for their beauty by trained diamond professionals. Please note: The Guild takes pride in offering all diamond consumers an accurate, professional and expert source of diamond information that can be used to guide the purchasing decision. Our members are highly skilled, professionals whose expertise we draw upon to develop this information resource. We strive to ensure our content is accurate, timely and honest.  For further information please contact us on or visit SOUL SEED LAUNCHES “SUPER SEED SNAPS” IN WOOLWORTHS NATION-WIDE 2019-09-29T23:00:00Z soul-seed-launches-super-seed-snaps-in-woolworths-nation-wide Media Release: Monday 30 September 2019 Over date-based snacks? Supermarket hemp foods favourite, Soul Seed, has launched a new range of “Super Seed Snaps” into 744 Woolworths stores across Australia. Found in the health food aisle, Super Seed Snaps are gluten free with 5g+ of protein, fibre plus a variety of vitamin and mineral-rich super seeds including hemp, flax, chia and pumpkin. The baked snacks are ideal for lunchboxes, briefcases and handbags alike. There’s a flavour for every mood and palette - Salted Caramel, Turmeric & Black Pepper, Rich Choc and Spicy Sriracha. Soul Seed Founder Cade Turland says, “9 times out of 10, when I flip to the nutrition panel on a snack, the first ingredient I read is ‘dates’. “We set out to create a snack with a real point of difference in the health food category. Something tasty, filled with whole foods and of course featuring our favourite nutrition-packed super seed, hemp. That’s where Super Seed Snaps were born.” Soul Seed’s millennial founders Cade Turland and Forbes 30 Under 30 Listmaker, Georgia Branch, have been blown away by the growth of the brand. Launched in 2018, Soul Seed has quickly become Australia’s widest reaching hemp foods brand. Soul Seed’s ethos is to bring whole food nutrition to the whole family. The products can be found in both Coles and Woolworths as well as Ritchies IGA stores. For samples, interviews and images please contact Georgia Branch | ABOUT SOUL SEED Part of Trichomia Pty Ltd hemp brands (also owner of Hemple), Soul Seed is Australia’s widest-reaching supermarket hemp foods brand. Soul Seed’s cold pressed Australian hemp seed oil, protein and seeds can be found at Coles and Ritchies IGA while their Super Seed Snaps range can be found at Woolworths nation- wide. Trichomia Pty Ltd investors include MMJ (ASX:MMJ). Flaunt Marketing Lands Five New Accounts 2019-09-23T01:12:02Z flaunt-marketing-lands-five-new-accounts New accounts include: Williams Burger Days for social media management. PopSockets for Australian PR and social media management Llumar Singapore for video production of Asia Pacific Summer campaign Razor Scooters for Christmas and Summer 19/20 PR plus social media Moochies for Christmas and Back to School PR plus social media Flaunt was founded in 1995 by Director Sharyn Lowe who says the new batch of accounts signals the flexibility and scope of results Flaunt can achieve. “At the heart of our business is great ideas combined with outstanding delivery,” said Lowe. “We have people inside the business with 30 plus years of experience as well as those recently graduated, it’s this combination which is so powerful,” she said. The Razor and Moochies accounts are extensions to the work Flaunt conducts with ASX listed Funtastic Toys Australia, while the Grill’d owned Williams Burger Days and the PopSockets accounts were gained via company referrals. Llumar is a long standing Singapore based client, part of the Eastman Group. Flaunt was appointed to produce creative print and film campaigns for their window tinting products, which will be circulated around Asia. “After having the business for almost 25 years, being able to grow only via referrals is such a great feeling,” said Lowe. “It means our senior team can be focused on our clients, rather than pitching for work.” “We are so grateful for our past and present clients that refer us and those that take us along with them to their new positions,” she said. Fashionworkroom is a One-Stop Resource for Australian Fashion Designers 2019-09-20T03:43:25Z fashionworkroom-is-a-one-stop-resource-for-australian-fashion-designers New designers and established fashion houses can experience a variety of difficulties when getting their designs off the sketch pad and into the hands of clients. The Fashionworkroom facilitates the entire process, providing everything from mood boards to completed garments with its one-stop studio for fashion design solutions. The process begins with the designer’s ideas. The company provides professional 360-degree illustrations and mood boards of client designs. It’s an essential first step that enables designers to define colors and materials, patterns and textures, and establish a theme for their line if desired.  Once the initial sketches have been approved, Fashionworkroom will create a tech pack with all the technical components required to actually construct the garment. The company is cognizant of the need for extreme accuracy and the tech pack will include colors and trims, materials and measurements, along with hardware, embellishments, and labels and tags. The pattern maker Melbourne attends to every detail and creates CAD-generated patterns and grading sets to client specifications. Designers have the option of receiving their patterns in a myriad of formats that include PDF or DXF, paper sheet or cardboard to accommodate a variety of preferences and needs. The creation of samples is absolutely critical to show potential buyers and obtain orders and Fashionworkroom offers a complete range of sample services. Sample making Melbourne includes resolution for any production or creative issues that may arise whether clients have a single design or an entire collection. The apparel pattern maker Melbourne also provides assistance with sourcing fabrics and essential details that include brand logos and labels to care instructions. The company can also help when decorative ornamentation such as embroidery and prints are required. The company maintains partnerships with offshore manufacturers to assist in obtaining quotes for production of casual garments to haute couture. Fashionworkroom is a one-stop resource for fashion designers just starting out and established fashion houses that are introducing new lines and collections. The company provides a comprehensive array of services to ensure each client’s vision becomes a fashionable reality. About Fashionworkroom Fashionworkroom has more than 18 years of experience in fashion technology, providing services throughout Australia. We offer fashion illustration, mood boards, tech packs, pattern making and fashion sample development, along with sourcing and offshore manufacturing services. Chelsie is shining with her custom-made ring from Larsen Jewellery! 2019-09-19T11:14:37Z chelsie-is-shining-with-her-custom-made-ring-from-larsen-jewellery-1 Larsen Jewellery is incredibly pleased to have been a part of The Bachelor Australia Series 7 as the Official Ring Partner, and to have been able to assist Matt Agnew in designing and creating this incredibly beautiful commitment ring that Matt has given to Chelsie. In preparation for the finale episode, Senior Larsen Jeweller, Kate Reid met with Matt for a one-on-one jewellery consultation. Together, Matt and the team at Larsen Jewellery designed the beautiful bespoke ring for his chosen Bachelorette, Chelsie. Matt was taken by the rarity of the colours and shapes of some truly unique gemstones, and his final selection was carefully considered and personal. “As a Senior Jeweller at Larsen Jewellery, I was fortunate enough to meet with Matt and discuss his ideas for a perfect gift for his chosen bachelorette. I showed him various gemstones and diamonds and we spoke about a number of different design options,” Kate notes of her appointment with Matt. “The custom-made ring is set with a striking 3.73ct rectangular cushion cut grey Spinel gemstone, accentuated by two dazzling shield cut diamonds. The unique ring was entirely handmade by one of our most talented Jewellers using Fairtrade™ 18ct rose gold,” Kate continues. Fairtrade certified gold is responsibly mined. This means that the miners have received a Fairtrade ‘Minimum Price and Premium’, which assists with social, environmental and economic development in their communities, and in turn creates better living and working conditions. Fairtrade gold helps miners and their communities to work their way out of poverty in South America and Africa. Co-Founder of Larsen Jewellery, Lars Larsen comments: “As always, we have really enjoyed the process of working with The Bachelor Australia team as the Official Ring Partner for Series 7. This is the third year in a row that we have partnered with The Bachelor Australia as the Official Ring Partner, and each year we are impressed by how engaged The Bachelors have been with the process. We are once again very excited to be able to showcase our work to both Matt and the shows’ viewers”. Creating exceptionally beautiful jewellery and using stunning, ethically sourced diamonds, coloured gemstones and metals, Larsen Jewellery represents the pinnacle in quality and design when it comes to beautiful fine jewellery. As one of the most respected jewellers in Australia, Larsen Jewellery specialises in custom made pieces of fine jewellery, which can be designed to meet the individual taste and requirements of each client. @larsenjewellery #TheBachelorAU #larsenjewellery #officialringpartner For further information on the Official Ring Partnership, to visit one of the Larsen Jewellery stores or to co-ordinate an interview with a Larsen Jewellery representative contact: Annabel Carroll from Polkadot Communications // // 0451 915 112 Australian Supermarket IGA Joins the Edible Bug Revolution 2019-09-16T10:17:24Z australian-supermarket-iga-joins-the-edible-bug-revolution Supermarket trailblazers IGA have announced they will be the first chain of Australian supermarkets to stock edible crickets. The addition of Grilo products to IGA shelves comes on the back of increasing demand from customers for more sustainable sources of protein. “We are passionate about bringing our customers new and exciting products that they wouldn’t usually be able to find,” says the HG Retail Group. For people looking to reduce their environmental impact while also meeting dietary needs edible crickets offer the perfect substitute. “Grilo Protein is one of these such products and we are proud to support this innovative and local company who is committed to supplying healthy, sustainable and future conscious food that tastes great!” – Rob Outridge, IGA Owner, Maleny. Eating crickets has previously been uncommon in the West, largely due to the ‘ick’ factor associated with eating bugs. However, consumers are now recognizing that not only are crickets mild in flavour, but their nutrient density, sustainability and versatility make them a more sustainable and delicious protein alternative. IGA’s move to add Grilo products to their shelves is incredibly exciting and demonstrates the growing understanding for the need to find food solutions that meet both planet and human needs. We believe the growing trend of consuming insects will result in a healthier planet and healthier bodies. Here are three reasons why Grilo products will now be on IGA shelves: Environmental Alternative Crickets are the most sustainable source of protein on earth. They require far less resources (water, land, feed and energy) than other popular sources of protein, such as chicken, beef or pork, and produce 80 times less methane than cows. Given that 18% of greenhouse gas emissions is a result of livestock production, cricket’s growing popularity should result in a significant lowering of emissions. Nutrient Dense Crickets are extremely nutrient dense, containing 69% protein, vitamin B12, Omega 3, iron, potassium and calcium. Their digestibility is higher than that of plant proteins, making it easier for the body to extract and absorb all those nutrients. Given the busy lives lead by most people and the impact of good nutrition on mental and physical health, the need for accessible, easily prepared nutrients is great. Versatile & Delicious Given their mild, nutty flavour, crickets are extremely easy to incorporate into meals and smoothies; sweet or savoury. Alternatively, Grilo energy bars are an extremely convenient and delicious means of meeting daily protein requirements. For more information or for an interview contact: Camila Meyer Co-founder at Grilo Protein Click here for images. Grilo organic cricket powder and smoothie protein blends available at IGA Energy Bars made with organic cricket powder: banana caramel, chocolate mint and cacao fudge “We are passionate about bringing our customers new and exciting products that they wouldn’t usually be able to find,” says the HG Retail Group. IGA: first Australian supermarket chain to stock edible bugs products Grilo roasted crunchy crickets SAVE THE PLANET WITH SUNGLASSES MADE FROM SHAMPOO BOTTLES 2019-09-16T00:58:47Z save-the-planet-with-sunglasses-made-from-shampoo-bottles Having kept 89,900kg of plastic salon waste in circulation and out of landfill since its inception, Sustainable Salons is taking its innovative approach to the next level by turning trash into trends through a closed-loop collaboration with eyewear giant, Dresden Vision. Introducing ‘The Shampoo Collection’, the world’s first sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, and prescription glasses frames created entirely out of recycled shampoo bottles. Sustainable Salons - a comprehensive resource recovery program designed for the salon environment - collects pre-separated materials from salon businesses and finds recycling and repurposing solutions to keep up to 95% of their waste out of landfill and in circulation.  Launching online and in Dresden stores across the country on October 1st, this forward-thinking, truly sustainable, closed-loop solution will see plastic shampoo bottles collected from Sustainable Salons’ members across Australia and New Zealand recycled into black signature Dresden frames.  The Dresden glasses system is a sustainable alternative to the cyclical, disposable, eyewear fashion industry. The company, Co-founded by Bruce Jeffreys and Jason McDermotts, is on a mission to bring high-quality, sustainably made glasses to the globe. A focus on meaningful and powerful collaborations lead Sustainable Salons to Dresden Vision; an ethical, socially and environmentally sustainable eyewear brand. With the current recycling landscape being so uncertain, Paul Frasca, Sustainable Salons’ Co-founder and Managing Director and Bruce Jeffreys, Dresden Vision’s Founder, are proving that pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box can result in game-changing ideas. Paul Frasca says, “‘The Shampoo Collection’ is an incredible introduction to the consumer market for the Sustainable Salons team. Through our work, we’ve so far rescued 89,900kg of plastic from landfill and given it a new life through a range of products. We’re excited to be collaborating with Dresden Vision, a company that shares our same sustainable values.”  “It’s a chance for us to not only create the world’s first closed-loop product created entirely out of shampoo bottles but also to educate consumers about the impact their lifestyles can have on the environment. If you’re having your hair done at a salon, what is their recycling policy? Are they adding to the problem or becoming part of the solution? When you visit  a salon that uses Sustainable Salons, you know that your waste isn’t going to landfill and that’s the message we want to share.” Founder of Dresden Vision, Bruce Jeffreys,  says, “This project is something we’ve always dreamed of; linking up with a business that is fighting a waste problem and collaborating to create a new, exciting product. It’s not only amazing in terms of recycling waste but we also hope it acts as a catalyst to encourage innovative thinking for future uses of waste plastics.” ‘The Shampoo Collection’  100% post-consumer recycled and Australian-made Prices starting at $89 and Dresden stores globally ENDS To interview Paul Frasca or Bruce Jeffreys about ‘The Shampoo Collection’, please get in touch: Modern Currency Megan Chambers | The Most Anticipated Event in Australian Fashion to Take Place Onboard Luxury Super Yacht 2019-09-01T23:39:21Z the-most-anticipated-event-in-australian-fashion-to-take-place-onboard-luxury-super-yacht Gold Coast, Queensland - September 07, 2019 - The most anticipated fashion event of the year in Australia, Luxe Runway, will make fashion history once again when it takes place onboard the world’s first super yacht entertainment venue. The exclusive red-carpet event will feature the Gold Coast’s finest fashion labels, one of the Gold Coast’s most recognised DJs, and a charming VIP host, promising to deliver guests with a truly dynamic experience.  Interested parties are urged to act fast to secure themselves a place at this spectacular annual event, which is organised by Luxe Agncy, a premier full-service marketing and events agency.  Luxe Runway, or LR19, takes place onboard The YOT Club, which will depart from Marina Mirage on Saturday 7 September at 5 pm. Tickets are available from eventbrite from $89, with VIP tickets being $129 (SOLD OUT). The fashion show will be produced by Luxe Agncy’s runway production partner, the Bella Styling Co. The Gold Coast’s leading fashion labels and designers will be on display on the stunning catwalk, including Mojalivin, Black N Bling, Tracy Poblano, Nikke Horrigan and Yellow Thread. Luxe Runway previously made Australian fashion history in 2018 with the Meraki Fashion Show, bringing Visibility to Disability with Lisa Cox and raising money for Red Nose Australia. The Meraki Fashion Show in Brisbane appeared in national and international headlines and was streamed, live, to over three million people worldwide.  This year, LR19 will make fashion history once again as the fashion show takes place onboard the world’s first luxury super yacht entertainment venue. Designed for cruising the waterways of the Gold Coast and Brisbane in comfort, The YOT Club features a stunningly aesthetic shade for shelter from the elements, a full onsite commercial kitchen, ten bathrooms, an eight-metre wide stage, and two luxurious levels, each with a full-service cocktail bar. Exposure for LR19 is expected to surpass that of their fashion event last year with worldwide media coverage and some of the country's most influential socialites in attendance. Confirmed VIPs have a combined number of social media followers of over two million, and Luxe Agncy is negotiating strategic partnerships with international media outlets to stream the event live once again.  Probably best known for his part in choosing the national and international DJs that play at the infamous Candy Shop Mansion parties, Valentino Beynon will be the event’s headlining DJ, creating an electric atmosphere from behind the turntables. Chris Eldridge, actor, model and influencer, has been confirmed as their VIP host.  Find out more and view pictures on Facebook and Instagram. LR19 will raise money for I Can I Will, a charity supporting children who are severely bullied due to their special needs. Media outlets can get in touch by contacting Luxe Agncy direct.  Triumph Core Collection | Spring/Summer 2019 2019-08-30T01:44:12Z triumph-core-collection-spring-summer-2019 This season’s rich and sophisticated collection builds around our best-selling Amourette family.  Drawn from 132 years of fit innovation and design expertise to create timeless, stylish and supportive bras with trusted fits for all shapes and sizes. Signature laces and embroideries, lightweight and soft microfibers in flattering colours ensure the ultimate feminine look, with a variety of bra silhouettes with smoothing function shape and support the body. In Spring/Summer ’19 Triumph continues our quest for a more natural, real bra silhouette continues and this season we have further explored softer, lighter padding that still offers our trusted fit and support. Our seasonal colour palette blends soft faded tones of colour reminiscent of the past, through to futuristic tones both with soft metallic and shimmer touches.   Sian Thomas, Global Head of Creative Design, Triumph comments: We have interpreted the ongoing trend for casualisation and comfort by starting to explore new looks for bras this season, which we have called: “Soft on the Outside and Support on the Inside”. Traditional construction is hidden by clean design and more natural touch padding, and softer mold shapes are inspired by nineties jersey dressing. Our allover iconic stretch laces and bestselling fits are given a modern look with molded cups, clean tailored edges and new non-wired fits for a new generation of comfort. Triumph presents the new generation of Amourette Charm styles that are light, smooth and invisible under clothes with an elegant and sophisticated touch. They offer the same floral design in smooth and light styles as well as cleaner & flatter finishes. The Spring/Summer ‘19 collection will be available online and in store from 6th September 2019. Fashion Walking Tour with Melbourne’s Stylist Sally Mackinnon 2019-08-29T07:40:02Z fashion-walking-tour-with-melbourne-s-stylist-sally-mackinnon Get ready to discover shopping gems from Melbourne’s Little Collins Street precinct with leading fashion stylist Sally Mackinnon. This personalised fashion tour, suitable for men and women, will begin at the Melbourne Town hall on the 3rd and 4th of September 2019.   Sally Mackinnon is one of Melbourne’s most loved personal stylists. Join Sally as she takes you through this exclusive styling tour featuring some of the precinct’s best retailers and brands including Elk, Jay Dillon, 124 Shoes, Swensk, First Principles Denim and Drizabone.   Fashion enthusiasts will also get to know some of the fabulous stories behind the brands that make up the fabric of Melbourne’s independent retail scene. And of course there’ll be inspiration galore while previewing the latest collections.   Presented by Melbourne City Precinct, this fashion walking tour has been specially curated by Sally Mackinnon, a leading light in personal styling for men and women over the last decade. With her style expertise and passion for fashion expect no less than choc-a-block and fun event full of information, ideas and style advice. Top MC Professional Emcee Master of Ceremonies Australia's Rob Doorey Is YourMC 2019-08-08T21:00:09Z top-mc-professional-emcee-master-of-ceremonies-australias-rob-doorey-is-yourmc The 'conductor' that never turns his back on the audience is Australia's premier emcee, master of ceremonies, Rob Doorey... YourMC Professional emcee Rob Doorey may not wave an orchestra conductor’s baton during his presentations as an event host, but his role as an emcee can be construed as sharing some similarities with that of conductors of orchestral performances. While these two styles of events differ in multiple respects, there are some similarities into qualities needing to be possessed by those chiefly responsible for guiding these performances. For instance, both types of “performances” require sensitive guidance and direction of their respective participants by a super-responsive other: in one case a music conductor, in the other: a professional emcee. In making this comparison, consider the role of a musical conductor, as defined in Wikipedia: “The primary responsibilities of the conductor are to unify performers, set the tempo, execute clear preparations and beats, listen critically and shape the sound of the ensemble, and to control the interpretation and pacing of the music”. Indeed, many people would agree that the rightform of sensitive guidance from the most suitableconductor (or emcee) will more likely achieve the desired outcome of successful performance (or event). With decades of experience as a professional emcee hosting a range of successful events from corporate conferences and product launches, to gala dinners and business awards nights, Rob’s personal insights into this domain assuredly have merit. Some conductor-like attributes Rob has and uses in his profession include precision-timing, careful pacing and an ability to pay close attention to subtle nuances that well might be missed by other participants. Rob credits his ability to pick up on such nuances and to act appropriately on them to his many years of experience in the profession. His career in commercial radio has undeniably contributed to his sharp sense of timing on-stage and during interviews, helping him to effectively “read” and respond to audiences and to interviewees while at the same time often responding to feedback/requests by production crew or other managers who make requests (or commands) into his headpiece. As well as having to ‘build rapport quickly” with a range of people, Rob lists many other functions of the role of an event host. Time-keeping is a critical one, with this including “cueing people - so they are ready to go” and “getting performers both on and off-stage efficiently”. On this note, Rob recalls doing stage-interviews with Western Sydney Wanderers football players in a shopping venue which he describes as challenging as he had to manage sets of players both on and off the stage “and at both ends” at once - while at the same time tuning-in to the assembled mall crowd and responding accordingly. “I see myself as a conductor of sorts,” he said. “I do bring this to my role as an emcee. And I am organised, good at bringing calm to what can be a stressful situation.” One of Rob’s clients, Adam Farmer, of MG MY GATEWAY, attests to Rob’s conducting abilities while event-hosting in his comment: "Rob was the ultimate professional (emcee) - Great voice, was easy to work with, understood what we were about and kept the evening moving along." At times there is also a need for an emcee to “run interventions” or “fill in gaps” with appropriate improvisations (usually dialogue). Rob agreed and added: “I am able to quickly analyse a situation and take action fast. And I am quick-witted and energetic," which most certainly helps! Rob’s effectiveness in his many roles as an emcee has been amply demonstrated by the many years of “repeat custom” he has had as a professional event-host, including to high-end corporate events and to a wealth of other events around the country. Corporate realtor functions are one sector he enjoys catering to, with corporate Raine and Horne and Elders clients seeking him out in particular. Another annual event that Rob has hosted for several years and that is especially close to his heart is the Kids of Macarthur Health Foundation Ball -- which is a major fundraising event for the Children’s’ Ward of Campbelltown Hospital, a part of Sydney’s Westmead Children’s Hospital. Rob Doorey is Australia's premier emcee. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and everywhere in between. For more information visit YourMC Master of Ceremonies website or book Rob by calling +61 410 438 003. 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