The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-05-21T00:15:55Z New theatre investment improves surgical outcomes 2019-05-21T00:15:55Z new-theatre-investment-improves-surgical-outcomes The Olympus VISERA ELITE II System with 4K, 3D and Infrared surgical modes are designed to increase accuracy, speed and precision during surgery and have been made available in eight of the hospital's 16 theatres. Seven of these are mobile, meaning they can be moved to each specialist theatre and one is fixed and offers 4K, 3D and Infrared (IR) capabilities. The system offers different observation possibilities such as narrow band imaging and infrared imaging. Infrared imaging is particularly important for gynaecological oncology procedures such as sentinel lymph node mapping, colorectal liver metastases and biliary identification during laparoscopic cholecystectomy. The hospital has also acquired an additional system – the Olympus 4K System. The Olympus 4K surgical platform to be used for primary and revisional laparoscopic procedures, offers true 4K image quality at four times the resolution of Full HD and utilises a wider colour gamut (BT2020) with over one billion colour combinations allowing for greater accuracy, speed and precision during surgery. Improved patient outcomes Perioperative Services Manager Dave Ramsay said the two new systems will be used for a range of surgical procedures in the areas of Upper GI, Bariatric, Colorectal, General, Gynaecology, Cardio Thoracic and ENT. “Having the cutting-edge laparoscopic systems in our theatres means surgeons have the ultimate view of their surgical field,” he said. “As one surgeon aptly put it, it means they have a view of open surgery combined with the magnification of a telescope.” CEO, Ben Edwards said investing in the latest technologies was imperative for patient care. “We are proud to have such highly-skilled specialists using these cutting-edge technologies across the hospital and we will continue to invest in future medical technologies which support improved patient outcomes,” he said.  Images: SJOGM_1.JPG - The St John of God Murdoch surgical team Dropbox link: SJOGM_2.JPG - The new Olympus 4K surgical platform in use during surgery Dropbox link: SJOGM_3.JPG - The new Olympus 4K surgical platform in use during surgery Dropbox link: SJOGM_4.JPG - The new Olympus 4K surgical platform in use during surgery Dropbox link: About St John of God Murdoch   St John of God Murdoch Hospital, part of St John of God Health Care, is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to furthering the values and healing mission of Jesus Christ. Established in 1994 to provide comprehensive, quality health services for patients in Perth’s southern suburbs, St John of God Murdoch Hospital is now one of Australia’s leading private health campuses. The hospital has 507 beds including a 20-bed hospice, a 24-hour emergency department, 20-chair Cancer Centre, and a wide range of clinical and diagnostic services including medical, surgical, paediatric, maternity, and critical and coronary care.  For more information about St John of God Murdoch Hospital please visit About Olympus Australia & New Zealand OlyOlympus is a world-leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality optical, electronic and precision engineering products, for scientific, medical, industrial and consumer applications. Our mission is to have a profound and positive impact on society by making people's lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling through our products and business activities. MedAdvisor & Zuellig Pharma JV signs its first customer - MedExpress pharmacy chain in the Philippines 2019-05-20T05:20:37Z medadvisor-amp-zuellig-pharma-jv-signs-its-first-customer-medexpress-pharmacy-chain-in-the-philippines Melbourne, 20 May 2019 - MedAdvisor Limited, Australia’s leading digital medication management company, is pleased to announce that its Singapore based 50:50 Joint Venture with US$13B Zuellig Pharma (ZP MedAdvisor Pte Ltd, “ZPM”) has signed as its first customer, MedExpress Drugstores, the leading hospital outpatient pharmacy chain in the Philippines. MedExpress Drugstores in the Philippines MedExpress is the leading hospital outpatient pharmacy chain in the Philippines serving 1.5 million customers in 50 key hospitals nationwide. In addition, MedExpress is also the leading delivery service drugstore in the Philippines. The agreement with MedExpress is for ZPM to provide a digital adherence program to its customers via SMS as well as a “MedExpress” white labelled mobile medication management app to help customers track their medication and order refills from MedExpress. The agreement is for an initial 18-month term commencing from the date of deployment of the MedAdvisor app at the first MedExpress drugstore. The contract is to be renewed for further 24-month extensions thereafter. ZPM will receive an agreed share of the revenue from orders processed, and services provided via the MedExpress app. The commercial terms with MedExpress remain confidential, however MedExpress will be paying fixed and variable amounts for access to the Software which will be immaterial to MedAdvisor’s revenue in FY20. Potential revenue from pharma manufacturers is unknown at this stage. All conditions precedent have been met and all material terms disclosed. These Agreements are ongoing as disclosed above with standard termination provisions for material breach or non-performance. Robert Read, CEO of MedAdvisor commented: “I am delighted to have MedExpress Drugstores join us as our first customer in Asia. MedExpress is a highly innovative and reputed business in the Philippines, and we look forward to helping them deliver unprecedented service and convenience to their customers with the MedAdvisor platform”. Robert Lim, CEO of MedExpress Drugstore commented: “Partnering with ZP MedAdvisor provides us with an outstanding opportunity to elevate the professional services we provide our customers especially in the area of patient medication adherence. We believe this partnership will further cement our status as the leading innovator in the pharmacy industry in the Philippines”. ---ENDS--- For more information: Jennifer Duraisingam Corporate Communications Manager Tel: +61 3 9095 3036 About MedAdvisor MedAdvisor is a world class medication management platform focused on addressing the gap and burden of medication adherence. Founded with a desire to simplify medication management, the highly automated and intuitive Australian software system connects patients to tools and education materials through their community pharmacy. Available free on mobile and internet devices, the platform also incorporates a variety of valuable and convenient features including reminders, pre-ordering of medications and medicines information, which together improves adherence to chronic medications by over 20%. Since launching in 2013, MedAdvisor has connected over one million users through ~55% of Australian pharmacies and a network of thousands of GPs across Australia and in 2018, was recognised in the AFR Fast 100. About MedExpress Drugstores MedExpress first started its operation in 2006 and it is the leading Delivery Service Drugstore in the country. It is unique from other retail drugstores because it provides the Patient Medication Safety, Delivery Convenience, & Competitive pricing. In 2010, MedExpress evolved to a new business model where it partnered with key hospitals to establish and manage a Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy located in the premises of the hospital. The new business model proved to be very successful because MedExpress is now operating the hospital outpatient pharmacy of the top 50 hospitals in the Philippines with a customer base of 1.5 million patients. MedExpress also prides itself as the country’s leading innovator, with price-match guarantees, unique price discounting approaches and convenient service features such as home delivery, all underpinned by state-of-the-art information technology. What is the vaping law in your state! 2019-05-19T20:03:29Z what-is-the-vaping-law-in-your-state There's a lot of conflicting information around Australian vaping laws. It can be quite difficult to navigate these laws as they differ from one state to the next. There have also been several new laws that have that have passed over the last few years that directly impact the e-cigarette market. The vaping laws for each state is as follows; NEW SOUTH WALES (NSW) VAPING LAWS In New South Wales, e-cigarette laws were passed in June and December of 2015 that made amendments to the Public Health (Tobacco) Act. Another set of laws were also pased in 2017 that have effected the way e-cigarettes can be displayed and sold in NSW. These laws restrict the sale of e-cigarettes and e-cigarette accessories to people under the age of 18 and it is also an offence to use e-cigarettes in cars with children under the age of 16. You cannot display an e-cigarette or e-cigarette accessory advertisement that can be seen or heard from a public place whether that be inside or outside a business premises, you cannot give out free samples of e-cigarettes and accessories and you cannot have e-cigarette products as a part of shopper loyalty programs, sponsorships or in vending machines. Retailers are allowed to display price tickets and single price boards only. Some retailers have been exempt from the display laws and you will find a few vape stores, mainly in Sydney that can openly display their products in store. Retailers have also found a way around the free samples regulation by charging a small fee of 50c or less to allow you to try e-liquids at their tasting tables. You can purchase e-liquids without nicotine in NSW and you can import nicotine from overseas. It is legal to use e-cigarettes with e-liquid containing nicotine and you can vape in indoor and outdoor smoke free zones. VICTORIA (VIC) VAPING LAWS Victoria passed e-cigarette specific changes to the Tobacco Act on August 1 2017. These laws regulate the sale, advertising and use of e-cigarettes. The sale, use and possession of products containing nicotine are banned under the Victorian Drugs and Poisons Legislation. E-cigarettes cannot be used in smoke-free areas, it is illegal to sell an e-cigarette product to a person under the age of 18 and advertising or promotional materials relating to e-cigarette products cannot be visible. Stores are only allowed to display a sign letting customers know e-cigarette products are available for purchase at the shop and a price board similar to the price boards we see for cigarettes. The new laws also prohibit retailers from providing samples of e-cigarette products and you can no longer vape in enclosed workplaces such as a retail shop. You can however still import nicotine from overseas and purchase e-liquids without nicotine. SOUTH AUSTRALIA (SA) VAPING LAWS South Australia has been the leading state in Australia's vape scene. For now, vaping laws in South Australia have been very liberal. E-cigarette products are un-classified which means that they do not come under the same regulations as cigarettes. This means you can sell and advertise e-cigarettes and e-liquids in stores and can also vape in smoke-free zones, however, you still can’t buy e-liquids with nicotine in SA. Unfortunately government are considering going ahead with proposed e-cigarette regulations in 2018 which will restrict the selling of e-cigarette products. The proposed restrictions will restrict the sale of e-cigarette products to people under the age of 18 and at retail outlets without a license. There will be restrictions around advertising and promoting e-cigarette products, the use of e-cigarettes in smoke-free zones and in a motor vehicle with children under the age of 16. On March 18 2018 Liberal premier Steven Marshall was voted in, these laws would have been passed if labour won the election. However, with Liberal holding the majority, the new laws are uncertain if they will be passed. NORTHERN TERRITORY (NT) VAPING LAWS Congratulations Northern Territory, you are the most liberal state when it comes to the law and vaping. E-cigarette products are currently unclassified in Northern Territory which means the only laws that apply to the Northern Territory are at the federal level. This means you cannot buy e-cigarettes or e-liquids in Australia that contain nicotine. You can legally vape wherever you like in NT unless there are signs saying you can’t and you can display vape products in stores without any restrictions. The Northern Territory is considering regulations around e-cigarettes, but no proposals have been made, so if they do regulate e-cigarettes in future, it could still be a while away. AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY (ACT) VAPING LAWS ACT passed regulations in 2017 that now apply the same restrictions on e-cigarette products as tobacco products. The laws state that you cannot sell e-cigarette products to children under the age of 18, you cannot advertise e-cigarettes in stores and must keep them out of view. You also cannot vape in smoke-free zones. The sale and supply of e-cigarettes is legal, using vaporisers that contain nicotine is legal and you can still import nicotine from overseas. TASMANIA (TAS) VAPING LAWS Tasmania passed new laws on 29 November 2017 that treat e-cigarette products similar to tobacco products. You can not vape in smoke-free zones or in vape stores or stores that stock vape products. Stores need to carry a license to sell e-cigarette products and can not advertise e-cigarettes in stores. Stores need to display certain notices and there is a ban on displaying and advertising products in stores as well as a ban on shopper loyalty programs. The laws also prohibit the selling of e-cigarette products to children under the age of 18. WESTERN AUSTRALIA (WA) VAPING LAWS Western Australia is one of the strictest states with laws around vaping in Australia. In Western Australia provisions that relate to e-cigarettes come under the Tobacco Products Control Act 2006 and the Medicines And Poisons Act 2014. Under the act, you are not allowed to sell any product that is not a tobacco product, but designed to resemble a tobacco product or package. Unfortunately, due to this act, e-cigarettes with or without nicotine cannot be sold in Western Australia. You can still buy e-cigarettes and e-liquids online from vendors in other states and have it shipped to WA. The use of vapes and e-liquids is legal to use with or without nicotine in WA and there are no controls around vaping in no-smoking zones, so you are legally free to vape wherever you like unless the owner of the premises prohibits vaping. QUEENSLAND (QLD) VAPING LAWS Queensland has some of Australia’s strictest laws around vaping. e-cigarettes are considered smoking products under the Tobacco And Other Smoking Products Act 1998. Due to it being classed under the same laws as cigarettes, e-cigarettes and e-liquid cannot be sold to children under 18 years of age or be advertised, promoted or displayed at retail outlets. You cannot vape in smoke-free zones and Queensland is the only state in Australia which you cannot import nicotine for personal use from overseas and it is illegal to use an e-cigarette containing nicotine. New Release of InterSystems TrakCare Offers Mobile-Enabled User Interface to All Clinical Workflows 2019-05-16T04:11:08Z new-release-of-intersystems-trakcare-offers-mobile-enabled-user-interface-to-all-clinical-workflows SYDNEY, Australia, May 16, 2019 – InterSystems, a global leader in information technology platforms for health, business and government applications, today announced that the latest release of InterSystems TrakCare® extends mobile capabilities for the unified healthcare information system. The latest version of TrakCare extends the mobile-enabled user interface introduced in 2018 to all clinical workflows, improving the user experience wherever care is delivered. New mobile functionality includes support for operating theatre bookings and administration, maternity and nursing care plans, and delivers dynamic patient lists, a patient journey tracker and additional graphing capabilities. What’s more, the company announced today that it has built this newest version of TrakCare on its new InterSystems IRIS for Health data platform, which boosts systems interoperability, cloud scalability and healthcare big data capabilities. “Data volumes are growing faster in healthcare than any other industry, and the move to IRIS for Health ensures that TrakCare is more interoperable, faster and more scalable than ever,” said Christine Chapman, Vice President for TrakCare at InterSystems. “In addition to traditional interoperability standards like HL7 and SDA, we can now operate through FHIR standards.” IRIS for Health is the only data platform engineered specifically for healthcare. It combines high-performance analytical and transaction processing, cloud scalability and native interoperability for all data types. Basing TrakCare on the InterSystems IRIS for Health platform will enable future releases of TrakCare to better integrate, analyse and act on new sources of healthcare data – no matter how large – and to share electronic medical record (EMR) data more effectively. InterSystems is also ready to engage with TrakCare customers looking to develop or deploy solutions based on the SMART on FHIR standard. “We view SMART on FHIR as critical in enabling organisations to innovate by enhancing the TrakCare experience and taking full advantage of their EMR data,” said Dimitri Fane, Director of Product Management for TrakCare. As functional capabilities, data volumes and processing requirements grow, TrakCare on IRIS allows healthcare providers to easily scale and upgrade their systems. IRIS for Health supports vastly increased capacities with features like sharding, distributing data across multiple cloud-based servers to provide flexible, inexpensive performance scaling. About InterSystems InterSystems is the information engine that powers some of the world’s most important applications. In healthcare, finance, government, and other sectors where lives and livelihoods are at stake, InterSystems has been a strategic technology provider since 1978. InterSystems is a privately held company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA), with offices worldwide, and its software products are used daily by millions of people in more than 80 countries. For more information, please visit SAS rallying analytics experts to fight the opioid epidemic 2019-05-16T00:13:24Z sas-rallying-analytics-experts-to-fight-the-opioid-epidemic Cary, NC (May 15, 2019) Analytics provider SAS has launched the SAS® Opioid Analytics Users Group to unite data experts who want to help those on the front lines turn the tide of the opioid epidemic. Led by an advisory board consisting of leaders from academia and the public and private sectors, the users group will share novel solutions with the health, government and technology communities to inform new policies and strategies. “The opioid epidemic has ignited urgent research efforts and new programs across the country,” said Steve Kearney, PharmD, SAS Medical Director. “Many of these efforts involve applying analytics to the data behind the epidemic. We want to gather talented analytical minds and see what can be accomplished when we work together.” Open to SAS users in the US, the group will be guided by domain experts in both the opioid epidemic and analytics who will guide the group’s activities to ensure the best practices, discoveries and methodologies created will be relevant and valuable to stakeholders. All 50 state governments, all 15 executive federal departments and hundreds of counties and municipalities use SAS. SAS has also been a standard in colleges and universities for more than 40 years. With such a diverse membership, the users group will be able to look at many facets of a complex problem. For instance, how can we curb the alarming rise in illicit drugs such as fentanyl, which has surpassed prescription opioids as the leading cause of overdose deaths? How can we identify people at risk for substance use disorder? What’s the best way to get them treatment, particularly those who live in rural areas? How can we identify systems of fraud or prescribers who stray well beyond CDC guidelines? The SAS Opioid Analytics Users Group Advisory Board met for the first time at the recent National Prescription Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit in Atlanta. The board includes advocates, scientists, law enforcement and public health representatives from North Carolina, New Jersey, Colorado, the University of Kentucky and RTI International (a non-profit research institute), as well as Kearney and Christina Emrich, the SAS users group administrator. From investigations by the US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General to student research at Carnegie Mellon University to pioneering data integration in New Jersey, there are countless possibilities for analytics to curtail the opioid crisis. “Our users combine analytics prowess with a desire to improve the world,” said Kearney. “Let’s focus our passion for using data for good on this tragic public health emergency.” People interested in joining the virtual group should visit About SAS SAS is the leader in analytics. Through innovative software and services, SAS empowers and inspires customers around the world to transform data into intelligence. SAS gives you THE POWER TO KNOW®. The Good Dentist Kicking Goals As Newcastle Jets Club Dentist 2019-05-15T04:50:47Z the-good-dentist-kicking-goals-as-newcastle-jets-club-dentist Garreth McBride of The Good Dentist in Newcastle has dreamt of becoming the Club Dentist at the Newcastle Jets since he arrived in Australia in 2012. We suspect it might have had something to do with following his Liverpool FC hero Emile Heskey to Newcastle when Heskey joined the Jets, although Garreth refuses to confirm or deny this. The soccer die-hard (or ‘football’ as he prefers) is now having his dreams realised after he signed a partnership with the Newcastle Jets in April 2019 to become their official Club Dentist. The partnership means that Garreth is the emergency dentist for any players in the A League, W League and Juniors squads as well as their preferred dentist off the field. Some of the players and families of the corporate team were already patients at The Good Dentist so Garreth was thrilled when the Newcastle Jets approached him with the offer. “I’m a fairly passionate member of the Jets community,” says Garreth. Football was my first love and I’ve always dreamt of being involved in the Newcastle Jets in whatever capacity I could. I want the best for the players and members so its great that I can offer them assistance in the best way I know how.” The Good Dentist is offering Newcastle Jets 2018/19 Members who want to get their teeth done in the off-season 15% off check-ups and any subsequent treatments if required. Members with private dental cover will pay no gap on the check-up and 15% off subsequent treatments, if required.  Just mention you are a Jets member upon booking and remember to bring in your Newcastle Jets 2018/19 Membership Card to get the discount. View Terms & Conditions CHIROPRACTIC A KEY ROLE IN BACK PAIN RELIEF AND DRUG USE REDUCTION SAYS BIGGEST EVER COMPARATIVE STUDY 2019-05-15T03:12:10Z chiropractic-a-key-role-in-back-pain-relief-and-drug-use-reduction-says-biggest-ever-comparative-study The US study by New Zealand Professor Ian Coulter* is entitled A comparative effectiveness controlled trial evaluated the addition of chiropractic care to usual medical care for patients suffering from low back pain . It was a multi-site, pragmatic, comparative effectiveness study which looked at 750 active duty military personnel with low back pain, aged 18 to 50 years who received either usual medical care or usual medical care plus chiropractic care. Professor Coulter (who is the keynote speaker at this week’s annual conference of the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association in Christchurch) says: `The most common musculoskeletal condition reported is low back pain. Low back pain is also one of the most frequent reasons that people seek medical care. The burden of low back pain is made worse by the fact that many treatments included under the umbrella of usual medical care, such as NSAIDs, steroid injections, spinal surgery, and opioids, do not significantly decrease pain and may result in serious side effects. Spurred on primarily by the resultant opioid crisis, many government and private organizations, including the FDA, the Joint Commission, and the American College of Physicians are now recommending the use of non-drug, non-surgical therapies for chronic pain, including low back pain. Chiropractic care and/or spinal manipulation delivered by doctors of chiropractic is one of these recommendations.’ The study, published in April found significant improvements in lower back pain intensity and physical disability in favour of those receiving chiropractic care in addition to usual medical care. No related serious adverse events were reported in either group.  Last week Australasian doctors called for a shift in the way pain management is treated in an attempt to tackle New Zealand's opioid "epidemic". The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) Congress in Auckland heard that there was a need for a "multidisciplinary, evidence-based approach" to pain management, to stamp out New Zealand's "serious" opioid problem. Recent evidence suggests that chiropractic care has an important role to play in reducing opioid prescriptions compared with non-chiropractic care.  There has been a tenfold increase in the number of people over 60 getting help for an addiction to opiate drugs. Figures released by the Ministry of Health show 530 people aged 60 or over are now getting what is called opioid substitution treatment.  In a new meta-analysis and systematic review, presented at the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM) 2019 Annual Meeting in March, patients who visited a chiropractor to help manage a musculoskeletal pain condition were 49% less likely to receive an opioid prescription than their counterparts who went to other healthcare providers . Ten years ago almost no one over the age of 60 had opioid substitution treatment, with just 42 people using it in 2008, but it has increased every year since. The Ministry of Health said the 530 people over 60 who got treatment in 2017 represents a 1200 per cent increase. Professor Coulter says: `Our findings have the potential to impact clinical practice by strengthening the scientific literature regarding the use of chiropractic care in patients with lower back pain.’  New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association President Dr Hayden Thomas comments: `We know there are many more New Zealanders who have a dependence on opioids but have not put their hand up for help. Drugs such as morphine, codeine, Tramadol and Fentanyl are too often given as pain relievers when there are other drug free ways to help manage pain, such as chiropractic.  ‘Some people develop an addiction to these drugs, even when used as prescribed by their doctor. Across the world preventing opioid addiction and overdose is a significant public health priority; and as part of a strategy to reduce opioid use, clinical guidelines in many countries now recommend many drug-free options to be considered as front-line treatment ahead of any medication. ’  Chiropractors are uniquely placed to provide care that specifically focuses on the health of the spine and the relationship between the spine and the nervous system.  New Zealand’s chiropractors are taking the lead to inform, and inspire people to prevent pain and disability by educating the public to have a greater understanding of the relationship between their spine and nervous system, improving their posture, addressing and preventing spinal problems, and engaging in physical activity.  *Professor Ian Coulter is a senior health policy researcher at the RAND Corporation, where he holds the Samueli Institute Chair in Policy for Integrative Medicine, based in Santa Monica, CA. He is a professor at UCLA’s Division of Public Health and Community Dentistry; Pardee RAND Graduate School; and the Southern California University of Health Sciences. ­Ends­ Further Information: Dr Hayden Thomas, Chiropractor 027 299 9939‬ or ‬‬ Responding to the 10,000 new Australian jobs 2019-05-14T07:12:06Z responding-to-the-10-000-new-australian-jobs PharmOut announced today that it will invest in a multimillion-dollar state of the art Medicinal Cannabis Academy to offer practical training in the growing and processing of Medicinal Cannabis into pharmaceutical dosage forms. The Medicinal Cannabis Academy will expand PharmOut’s existing global leadership in the areas of Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), consulting and training. Commencing in the third quarter, the Academy will help cultivators, manufactures and job seekers in meeting the medicinal cannabis industry’s estimated demand for 10,000 new regional workers over the next two years. Trevor Schoerie, PharmOut’s Managing Director commented “Medicinal Cannabis cultivation and processing is an exciting global phenomenon. Australia’s reputation for good agricultural practices and compliance, added to the favourable climate and land availability has seen hundreds of millions of dollars being invested into the region. Given this is a brand-new industry, there is a substantial knowledge gap. Our plan is to help cultivators, manufacturers and their workforce learn about propagation, cultivation, harvesting and processing and to help them meet the stringent regulatory standards required for both local and export markets.”  In looking to leverage early global mover advantage, Medicinal Cannabis companies are moving quickly to secure large export contracts. Maria Mylonas, PharmOut’s Learning and Development Director, is equally excited about expanding PharmOut’s existing educational services, saying “PharmOut is frequently asked for guidance by the industry looking to recruit staff experienced in cannabis cultivation and processing under a framework of Good Agricultural Collection Practices (GACP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as required by the regulators. At the same time, there are job seekers looking for opportunities to establish a career in this interesting growth sector. PharmOut has over 10 years’ experience in training Pharmaceutical industry employees and the Academy is a natural extension of what we do.” According to a report by Global Market Insights, the global medicinal cannabis industry was estimated to be worth more than US$ 11 Billion in 2017 and projected to surpass $US 55 billion by 2024. Australia legalised cannabis for medicinal use in October 2016 creating strong interest from international and local investors. There is currently an estimated investment of over 2 million square meters in new greenhouse capacity in Australia, specifically focused on meeting the global market demand for Medicinal Cannabis. For example, Canadian Company, Asterion, recently announced the Australian Government Awarding of Major Project Status for their Australian entity’s $450 million Toowoomba Medicinal Cannabis Project. Asterion estimates the requirement for a full-time workforce of 800 as well as an additional 300 part time and shift-based positions. The project is planned to commence in the last quarter of 2019. About PharmOut: Founded in 2006, PharmOut is an experienced professional consultancy specialising in supporting the medicinal cannabis and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries with offices in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom and United States. PharmOut regularly guides clients through the rigorous licensing, permitting, GACP and GMP requirements of various international agencies. DR. EINSTEIN SAYS INSTALLING OXAIR’S PSA SYSTEM WAS A BRAINWAVE 2019-05-13T11:03:43Z dr-einstein-says-installing-oxair-s-psa-system-was-a-brainwave At the mercy of extreme weather conditions and haphazard transport links, failing supplies are a potential nightmare for hospitals, not to mention the problems associated with storage, handling and removal of traditional oxygen cylinders.  Oxair Gas Systems is helping many hospitals in India to overcome these challenges by installing automatic oxygen delivery equipment that offers a cost-effective alternative to the inconvenience of ordering in traditional cylinders. Australia-based company Oxair, through its India agent Agastya, has been successfully targeting the subcontinent medical market with Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) systems, which generate oxygen on tap directly to where it’s needed with constant purity of up to 93-94%. PSA is a unique process that separates oxygen from compressed air. The gas is then conditioned and filtered before being stored in a buffer tank to be piped directly to the end user on demand or to refill bottles already in circulation. Chellam Hospital, based on the outskirts of Chennai, is one of India’s growing number of healthcare facilities that has installed Oxair’s cost-effective PSA oxygen system and is reaping the benefits, according to the hospital’s founder and Endocrinologist Dr. Einstein. He said: “I was impressed with Agastya’s very professional approach in assessing our requirements and the installation of the Oxair equipment was to our exact specification. It now means that we have a sustainable supply of oxygen and no longer have to rely on shipping in replacement cylinders.” Like many hospitals floor space was at a premium at Chelllam. Following guidance from Agastya, it was decided to site the versatile PSA system on the rooftop from where the equipment is providing oxygen through ventilators that are supporting patients with their breathing. Chellam is following in the footsteps of other hospitals in the Indian medical fraternity that have realised the benefits of having their own source of oxygen rather than relying on outsourcing supplies and the resultant handling of cylinders. A global manufacturer of advanced gas process systems, Oxair’s PSA units are quality medical devices designed to last and deliver consistent, high purity oxygen to hospitals and healthcare facilities in even the remotest locations around the world. As well as India, hospital patients worldwide are benefitting from Oxair’s units which have also been installed in Africa, the Philippines, Tonga, and Indonesia to provide a reliable and sustainable supply of oxygen. NEW APP GIVING SICK QUEENSLANDERS FAST ACCESS TO AFTER-HOURS DOCTORS 2019-05-08T01:47:26Z new-app-giving-sick-queenslanders-fast-access-to-after-hours-doctors The State’s largest after-hours home doctor service has launched a new app, saving sick Queenslanders up to 15 minutes when they need to book an urgent doctor’s appointment at night, on weekends or during public holidays.   House Call Doctor’s new app was launched in April and means those who fall ill when their GP is closed can skip the usual phone queue and book a home doctor to come to their home directly through the app on their phone.   House Call Doctor General Manager James Wood said the app streamlined the booking process.   “When sick and needing urgent medical care, the last thing many people want to do is make a call and wait in a phone queue, before the booking process even begins,” Mr Wood said.   “Through the app, patients can enter their details and the symptoms they’re experiencing, and a doctor’s consultation will be booked – there’s no need for a phone call at all.”   Mr Wood said House Call Doctor had been working on the re-vamped app for six months.   “We wanted to ensure a good user experience and a simple process,” he said.   “The patient’s details can be stored securely in the app, so should they need to use the service again, the booking process is even faster.”   House Call Doctor has made more than 750,000 visits to homes, hotels, aged care facilities and nursing homes since it started in April 2015.   The House Call Doctor app is available on iOS and Android devices. It can be found here on the Apple store and here on Google Play.   <ENDS> MedAdvisor and Zuellig Pharma form Joint Venture to extend MedAdvisor’s medication management platform to Asia 2019-05-07T06:42:23Z medadvisor-and-zuellig-pharma-form-joint-venture-to-extend-medadvisor-s-medication-management-platform-to-asia MedAdvisor Limited, Australia’s leading digital medication management company, is pleased to announce that it has completed the formation of its 50:50 joint venture with Zuellig Pharma Holdings Pte Ltd (“Zuellig Pharma”), one of the largest healthcare services groups in Asia. With close to 100 years of history, Zuellig Pharma’s $US13 billion business provides healthcare services to over 350,000 medical facilities (pharmacies, medical clinics, hospitals) across Asia, and works with more than 1,000 clients, including the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world. The Singapore based Joint Venture named ZP MedAdvisor Pte Ltd. (“ZPM”) aims to commercialise MedAdvisor’s medication management platform across Asia. The Joint Venture will initially provide SMS based Digital Adherence Programs in two initial markets (Philippines and Malaysia), leveraging MedAdvisor’s approach in the US.  ZPM will also market MedAdvisor’s leading pharmacy and patient medication management solution within the region. ZPM has entered into two initial agreements: Firstly, ZPM has signed a software licence agreement for its medication management solutions on an exclusive basis for 8 key markets. Under the agreement, MedAdvisor will provide a localised version of its global platform for pharmaceutical manufacturers to fund medication adherence related programs and digitally connect pharmacies and their patients to make medication management more accessible. Secondly, ZPM has entered into a promotional agreement with Zuellig Pharma to provide support for its market entry ambitions in Asia. Under the agreement, Zuellig Pharma will market to its network of 350,000 pharmacies and medical clinics across ZPM’s key markets to introduce MedAdvisor’s medication management products and build up ZPM’s addressable patient pool. Additionally, Zuellig Pharma will work with their existing manufacturer clientele to run adherence programs through the Joint Venture. Equity contributions to ZPM to fund the initial working capital will be reported in FY20 and are expected to be less than 8% of MDR’s existing cost base. Whilst ZPM will initially be capitalised by Zuellig Pharma, MDR will invest in stages from November 2019 to July 2020. Robert Read, CEO of MedAdvisor and Chairman of ZP MedAdvisor commented: “I am delighted that the initial formation of our joint venture with Zuellig Pharma has been completed. The strong partnership is based on a shared purpose to improve patient health. MedAdvisor’s global technology platform combined with Zuellig Pharma’s network and client reach will be a formidable combination and the formation of this joint venture with a company of Zuellig Pharma’s size, reach and reputation represents a strong validation of MedAdvisor’s global reputation as a leader in its field.” John Davison, CEO of Zuellig Pharma commented: “The MedAdvisor platform has the potential to help millions of people manage their medications safely and effectively. Pharmacies have an essential role in providing healthcare to the community and we are committed to helping them serve their patients better. This Joint Venture expands Zuellig Pharma’s growing suite of digital solutions that address key pain points in delivering quality healthcare. We look forward to building a successful partnership with MedAdvisor, as we work together to make healthcare more accessible in Asia.” ---ENDS---    About MedAdvisor   MedAdvisor is a world class medication management platform focused on addressing the gap and burden of medication adherence. Founded with a desire to simplify medication management, the highly automated and intuitive Australian software system connects patients to medication related tools and education materials from their community pharmacy. Available free on mobile and internet devices, the platform also incorporates a variety of valuable and convenient features including reminders, pre-ordering of medications and medicines information, which together improves adherence to chronic medications by over 20%.   Since launching in 2013, MedAdvisor has connected over one million users through ~55% of Australian pharmacies and a network of thousands of GPs across Australia and in 2018, was recognised in the AFR Fast 100.      About Zuellig Pharma   Zuellig Pharma is one of the largest healthcare services groups in Asia, operating with the purpose of making healthcare more accessible. It provides world-class distribution, digital and commercial services to support the growing healthcare needs in the region.  The company was started almost a hundred years ago and has grown to over US$13 billion in turnover, covering 13 markets with 13,000 employees. It services more than 350,000 medical facilities (pharmacies, medical clinics, hospitals), and works with over 1,000 corporate clients, including the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world.  CarePlus™ Technology Suite Growing with RTLS CarePlus™ Mobile Resident Call 2019-05-07T01:25:37Z careplus-technology-suite-growing-with-rtls-careplus-mobile-resident-call [Perth, Australia, 7 May 2019] Health Workforce Australia (HWA) estimates there will be a shortage of over 100,000 Nurses by 2025, which is a topic that has been extensively explored in numerous Australian Royal Commissions[1]. CarePlus™ has tackled this challenge by designing a product to not only empower residents but provide staff with the tools to generate greater productivity and workflow. CarePlus™ Mobile Resident Call is a clinical-grade RTLS solution, offering residents a dynamic mobile device to page for assistance when help is required to create the ultimate safety system all aged care facilities require.   RTLS (Real-Time Location System) dual active technology RF (Radio Frequency) and IR (Infra-Red) delivers clinical-grade, 100% room accuracy location services to locate residents and encourage fast staff response with CarePlus™ Mobile Resident Call. One button or two button options provides customisable functionality; the one button option offers paging for assistance, whilst the two-button option provides opportunities to page for assistance or signals for emergency help. Increasing resident’s freedom and independence, whilst improving time optimisation for staff, guarantees improved satisfaction for the entire facility, fostering peace-of-mind for staff, residents, and their families.   This simple CarePlus™ Mobile Resident Call device not only exemplifies the fundamental safety features healthcare experts recommends, it also exceeds expectations, seamlessly uniting residents needs with optimised resources and greater workflow and productivity for staff.   [1] NITYR (nitisinone) Tablets for tyrosinaemia type 1 will be available with fully subsidised access on the Life Saving Drugs Program across Australia 2019-05-03T06:19:39Z nityr-nitisinone-tablets-for-tyrosinaemia-type-1-will-be-available-with-fully-subsidised-access-on-the-life-saving-drugs-program-across-australia-1 MELBOURNE, Australia, April 29th, 2019 – Orpharma Pty Ltd.and Cycle Pharmaceuticals Ltd.are pleased to announce listing of NITYR™(nitisinone) tablets on the Life Saving Drugs Program (LSDP)as of the 1stof May 2019. NITYR™ was approved in June 2018 by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for the treatment of Hereditary Tyrosinaemia type 1 (HT-1) in combination with dietary restriction of tyrosine and phenylalanine.  Listing on the LSDP will make the product readily available to all patients diagnosed with the condition. NITYR™ is the first generic nitisinone formulation to be listed on the LSDP. Listing on the LSDP coincides with New Zealand’s Pharmaceutical Management Agency (PHARMAC) Rare Disorders Subcommittee’s recent decision to recommend funding of nitisinone with a high priority. A final decision is yet to be made by New Zealand’s Pharmacology and Therapeutics Advisory Committee (PTAC). These outcomes will make NITYR™ the first and only generic nitisinone formulation readily available in the southern hemisphere. NITYR™ is currently approved by a number of competent authorities and has been available in a number of jurisdictions including the United States and Canada. HT-1 is an ultra-rare genetic disease that can cause hepatic, renal and neurological complications. In most cases, if left untreated, the disease is fatal. The current number of patients with this condition in Australia is estimated at 20 patients. NITYR™ was developed by Cycle Pharmaceuticals  Ltd.after many years of research and development to find an alternative formulation to ORFADIN* (nitisinone) capsules. NITYR™ is clinically proven to be bioequivalent to ORFADIN; has an improved formulation allowing it to be stored at room temperature and administered with or without food. NITYR™ tablets are small and tasteless allowing for ease of swallowing and are available in 2, 5 and 10 mg strengths. NITYR™ can be disintegrated in water and administered using an oral syringe, the preparation can be stored for up to 24 hours, allowing NITYR™ to be used by patients of any age.    Please review the Product Information before prescribing. The Product information can be accessed at:    NITYR is a registered trademark of Cycle Pharmaceuticals Limited in the United Kingdom, licensed by Orpharma Pty Ltd in Australia and New Zealand. – GL-0014 (April 2019) *Orfadin is a registered trademark of Swedish Orphan Biovitrum International AB (publ).   About Orpharma Orpharma is an Australian pharmaceutical company focused on the supply of orphan, paediatric and emerging therapeutics. Orpharma is Australia’s first and only one stop shop for metabolic products supplying a range of low protein food, medical nutrition and medicines. Orpharma is collaborating with global leaders in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals to deliver therapies to patients in need. The company’s current product portfolio includes innovative medicines targeting rare metabolic diseases, cancer and anti-infectives. For more information about Orpharma visit About Cycle Pharmaceuticals   Cycle is a pioneering pharmaceutical company, reimagining how drugs can benefit patients to make their lives easier and improve their quality of life at every stage. Specifically, Cycle focuses on three areas of pharmaceutical development: - Improving orphan drugs, which treat the under-served rare disease patient community; - Repurposing drugs – creating a new indication for an already existing drug; and - Generics – reinstating generic drugs previously available in the market With Headquarters in Cambridge (UK) and offices in Boston, Mass. (USA), Cycle has developed unique partnerships with renowned universities around the world. For further information, please visit  Dentist for Chickens Is on A Mission to Make Dental Care Pain-Free and Gentle in Newcastle 2019-04-30T08:43:08Z dentist-for-chickens-is-on-a-mission-to-make-dental-care-pain-free-and-gentle-in-newcastle Dr Amit Kalra and Dr Ravinder Kalra, Dentist for Chickens, recommend the patients of all ages to avail pain-free dentistry and restore their smiles. They offer guaranteed gentle dental care in Newcastle, Australia. Dr Amit Kalra and Dr Ravinder Kalra, the couple team of dentists urge every individual to seek a dentist’s advice to improve their overall dental health. Dr Kalra considers every patient equal as the dental issue can affect the person of any age. In Newcastle, Dentists for Chickens offer an opportunity for patients to schedule the entire family’s dentistry and get it addressed on the same day. Family dentistry focuses on a comprehensive treatment to cure all dental problems and help maintain healthy teeth, jaws, and gums throughout life. Dentist for Chickens offer a wide range of dental solutions and has adopted modern methods of fighting. In addition to advanced dentistry procedures, restorative and cosmetic treatments are also available at Dentist for Chickens. Gum management is among the major components of the dental plan, especially, for those who experience symptoms of the condition. Bleeding gums, chronic bad breath, loose teeth, and swollen & red gums. The probable solution to this problem is frequent deep cleansing of teeth and maintenance. This care is a definite way to keep out gum disease and related issues. Restorative treatments may deal with single and full arch dental implants, bone grafting and implantation of supported dentures. Besides, Dentist for Chickens focuses on bringing back the smile of the patients with failed dental implants. The team shifts its attention to advanced dentistry of the patients for better dental protection. This team of dentists is all set to change the view of patients and encourage them to visit a dentist regularly. Dentists for Chickens emphasizes on a friendly approach to offer a relaxed atmosphere to the patients. Dr Kalra as promoting pain-free and gentle dental care by removing all the phobias of patients in their clinic. Dentist for Chickens has a variety of cosmetic treatments ranging from professional teeth whitening to porcelain veneers and clear braces. This team of dentists promises total dental care without any side effects of cosmetic treatment. About the company Dentist for Chickens is the top dentist in Newcastle, known for its excellence since 2013. At Dentist for Chickens, we encourage our patients to smile freely & be themselves.  It’s time to get your treatment plan tailored by staying within the budget.  Stay assured about the pain-free solution, our caring & supporting dental team will be by your side throughout the treatment. To learn more about the services offered at Dentist for Chickens please visit the website at or call 02-4971-0144 to schedule an appointment. New Media App Launches To Kill Off The Press Release 2019-04-30T04:15:39Z new-media-app-launches-to-kill-off-the-press-release A new technology platform has launches tomorrow made just for you. This tech platform called Story Match® will change the way that you receive your story pitches. No more emails, no more press releases and no more hassling PRs (I promise not to be one of those…) First, watch this! In 1.5 minutes it will explain it all to you… Story Match® is a two sided market place App and Desktop platform that allows brands to pitch story ideas to journalists, at the same time allowing journalists to select only what topics of stories they want to receive. Journalists, like you, set up their profile using 6 simple steps. You can select from up to 50 industry tags (food, finance, lifestyle, tech, etc etc) and can localise by State and Territories. If there’s a match on industry tags then you see the pitch. Using swiping technology you can scroll through stories, swipe left if you don’t like the story or right if you do. If you swipe right, it will open an immediate and private chat between you and the person who posted the pitch. The best bit…. The pitches have limitations – so brands can only upload selected images, a headline and up to 500 characters to bring their pitch to life. They then select which industry tag their story is relevant to, and localise it. So now you don’t need to read any more press releases or receive any more pitches that you’re not interested in. Story Match® was developed to improve efficiencies in the media industry, and allow all brands, no matter how big or small the opportunity to get their brand noticed. The tech platform has been developed by Founder and Director of Polkadot Communications Dionne Taylor – who has worked both as a journalist and a PR for the last 15 years. Dionne is available for an interview to chat about this new and exciting platform, built just for YOU! If interested in speaking with Dionne, please get in touch.