The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2018-11-26T00:40:00Z Go bold or go home 2018-11-26T00:40:00Z go-bold-or-go-home By Tatiana Stutz, Guest makeup artist, The Institute of Makeup Artistry Just like any art, makeup expertise requires boundless enthusiasm and takes years of learning and practice. The Institute of Makeup Artistry, a cutting-edge, professional makeup artistry course allows you to work side by side with experts in the field, sharing their knowledge and experience to help launch your career. My top tips for summer 2018/2019 will see the transition from the extremely heavy contours to much lighter, highlighted, natural glowing skin with playful accents, metallic shadow and smudgy bold lips. Think, radiant creamy textures with minimal coverage. Fresh naturally looking dewy skin is all the go this summer. Skin is in – it’s time to put down the contour kits, brushes, sticks and wands for a more natural look. Tinted moisturiser is a great place to start. It’s about applying the right amount of makeup, so your skin looks healthy. Use natural tones and ultra-fine touches to get the perfect bare face effect. Embrace your natural glow with lighter foundations and spot concealing where you get the most shine to leave your face looking radiant. Bold is back! This is the year to experiment with bright eyeshadow palettes you never thought you’d try. Pushing the boundaries on your eyes with wild colour palettes, making a statement and taking your creativity to the next level is this season’s trend. Brightly hued, free-form eyes in pastel, metallic neon and tropic-inspired hues will sculpt your eyes and make them pop. Think cool 90’s chick, with full lids that are daring and fun. If that’s too adventurous for you, try a simple bright blue line across the lash line. Bright, defined lips are dominant again this season. Paintbox bright lips will really elevate a look. Red, orange and fuchsia are huge this summer. Try mixing liquid lipsticks with intense colour and gloss to add moisture and make them look healthy and plump. Making sure your lips are lined precisely with sharp, defined edges will also help create a fuller pout. Contour draping is the secret you need to know. Draping is essentially contouring with blush. While plums, hot pinks and peaches are nothing new, makeup artists are now taking it to a whole new level using blues, greens, oranges and yellows. Reviving the 70’s bold cheek trend, draping gives your face a sculpted glow on the cheekbones and around the temples and brow bones. The key to make draping look chic, is blending. Use the darker shade to chisel, then buff it out with the lighter colour. The result is a softer, fresher approach to definition. Interested in staying on top of the makeup trends? The Institute of Makeup Artistry was launched in May 2018, and is a modern and innovative provider of e-learning courses, bringing together highly experienced professionals with a strong focus on skill orientated learning, to teach you how to recreate these makeup trends. Modules range from Face, Eyebrow, Eye and Lip Shapes, Glamour Makeup for Photography to Theatre Stage and Special Effects Makeup. Acclaimed Makeup Artists collaborate to launch innovative online training course 2018-08-16T02:00:00Z acclaimed-makeup-artists-collaborate-to-launch-innovative-online-training-course The Institute of Makeup Artistry (IMUA) has officially launched a world-class online education platform this month for aspiring makeup artist professionals interested in learning about makeup from bridal looks through to special effects. For over two years, beauty industry heavyweights and experienced makeup professionals have collaborated to create quality content and professionally filmed HD video tutorials. Designed to be completed over a six to twelve-month period, the course gives easy access to highly acclaimed and talented industry professionals for mentoring and support, clear instructions and a variety of assessments. Anthony Mondello, CEO, IMUA credited the creation of the course on an increasing demand for quality education and a lack of time to physically attend. “We noticed an increase of expensive face-to-face options for Makeup courses and a limited number of quality online options for aspiring makeup artists. “Our students are wanting the very best mentors and teaching, and the flexibility to complete high quality training in their own time; our course offers both. “We have built an innovative course that is delivered 100% online, utilising video tuition and providing students an amazing experience that would rival conventional face-to-face learning and at a fraction of the cost. “The student feedback thus far has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Mr Mondello. Author of the course, acclaimed makeup artist Rachel Dal Santo, has over 30 years’ experience in many sectors of the makeup industry. “The world of makeup offers endless opportunities, from wedding makeup to special effects and everything in between. This is why I’ve constructed the course to include aspects of what I think are the essentials for having a successful career in the industry. “Being an all-rounder is a tremendous selling point and offers the perfect launch pad for beginners. We’ve really designed the course requirements around what would be practical and essential for those starting out,” said Ms Dal Santo. Over 140 students signed up to the launch of the course in May, each student has the ability to create a templated website, showcasing their abilities and will receive professional discounts of makeup and equipment. For more information visit: -ENDS- Notes to Editors: Media contacts Sinead Andrews, Account Coordinator, Zadro | +61 2 9212 7867 Jessica McLean, Account Manager, Zadro | 0400 433 182 | +61 2 9212 7867 Images: Anthony Mondello, CEO, IMUA Rachel Dal Santo, Professional Makeup Artist and Author of IMUA course content IMUA course images About IMUA Institute of Makeup Artistry (IMUA) was launched in May 2018, by Online Education. Online Education Pty. Ltd. is a modern and innovative provider of e-learning courses. As a global leader in this field, we have a strong focus on skill orientated learning, bringing together highly experienced professionals with inspired individuals who wish to improve personally and professionally. My Little Love Heart Design Competition Winner 2018-05-01T01:30:52Z my-little-love-heart-design-competition-winner Whales   Designed by Wendy Reyes exclusively for My Little Love Heart     We are so excited to announce the winner of the My Little Love Heart fabric design competition that was run through SAE Creative Media Institute at their Perth Campus.   Last year we ran the competition to come up with a fabric design exclusively for us that would be unique and original for our range of baby accessories. Previously we revealed that Mikey Couch was awarded third for his gorgeous and popular flamingos design. We also announced earlier this year that Anthea Elsner’s design of Bird Perch came in second, a beautiful cream design with little birds and nest.   And now it gives us great pleasure to declare the winner of the fabric design competition as Wendy Reyes with her Whales design.     We love both the simplicity of this design as well as the intricate details of the whale. The beautiful shades of blues stand out on the white background and we absolutely adore the little baby whale accompanying its mother.   The brief to the students was to develop a print predominately for boys and Wendy’s design is perfect for this. Not only will it look gorgeous on boys, but we are sure that little girls will love it too.   We will be making our complete range of bibs with this fabric including our bandana bibs, baby bibs, large bibs and bandummy bibs. Also, our range of teething toys will be made with this unique whales’ design. Our range of baby shower and new born gifts as well as our burp cloths will adorn this exclusive print on the My Little Love Heart (  website.   We have really enjoyed working with everyone from SAE Creative Media Institute and foremost the lectures and students. We were overwhelmed at the quality of designs by the students and feel that every single one could have successfully gone to print.   Apart from everyone at SAE, we would like to thank all the other people involved in the process. This includes but not limited to the photographer, models and other businesses who lent products to us for the shoots.   We hope that you have enjoyed the exclusive designs and supporting local businesses and graphic artists as much as we have.   Photo Credits: ·    *    Photo by Norman Moran Photography. ·    *    Whales design print by Wendy Reyes Design. ·    *    Bibs, Teethers and burp cloths by My Little Love Heart. ·    *    Cube chair by Little Big Learning. ·    *    Rottnest Prints by Gumdots. ·    *    Toy Box by Le Petit Cadre. ·    *    Whale cushion by Boo and Bear Baby. ·    *     Beanie, baby moccasins and bloomers By Toastie Toots. ·    *    Rugs and Pompoms Ohh Happy Home.   About My Little Love HeartMy Little Love Heart is a boutique baby accessories brand that specialises in hand made baby bibs, bandana bibs, top knots, hair accessories, teething toys and baby shower gifts. It was established by Luisa Figueroa in August 2014 and has two main revenue streams, these being online sales and through its wholesale network. They pride themselves on providing superior quality products combined with the latest styles and trends using fabrics that have been designed both locally and overseas. Romper Stomper Kids Announces New Brand and Launch of Store for Kids Clothes Online 2018-04-30T21:45:14Z romper-stomper-kids-announces-new-brand-and-launch-of-store-for-kids-clothes-online Romper Stomper Kids, a one-stop destination for kids shoes online, is pleased to announce the launch of its recently rebranded company and new online store, The company will now be known as Camino Kids, which features a comprehensive line of functional and practical clothes for children, along with quality shoes online. Camino Kids’ strategic development involves a rebrand of the company. The new brand provides a unique opportunity to parents to take full advantage of premium quality apparel for kids and babies of all genders and sizes. Collaborating with the top clothing brands in the industry, Camino Kids is able to source the coolest kids fashion, shoes and accessories from around the globe. “We started off as Romper Stomper Kids in 2015 that focuses on offering the best quality kids shoes online,” stated at the company’s Official Website. “People were continuously asking when we would introduce clothing ranges that’s why we came up with Camino Kids.” Over the last few years, the company has been on the journey of learning about what kids need. Therefore, they decided to expand their horizon and provide kids’ apparel that will meet their needs. Camino Kids is newest source of state-of-the-art kids clothes online. It has all the latest kids fashion for all classy children. They are committed to delivering the best kids fashion, shoes and accessories that will fit the needs of their clients. Furthermore, they always feature products on sale on the website so that customers can easily access to amazing kids’ fashion at competitive pricing. Customers can visit the new website to discover new services and products offered in the product suit of Camino Kids. The company rebranding initiative did not just focus on changing the name of the company and adding more offerings to its product lines. The process also includes a revamped online store that features streamlined product selections, a more intuitive and attractive storefront and responsive design. The website is also extremely user-friendly, allowing anyone to search for the product he/she needs without any hassle. Safe and secure shopping is what the new brand ensures its customers and potential clients. It has detailed information on delivery and shipping, as well as clear and easy to understand Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions to protect the identity and information of customers. They can also easily track their order so they can monitor their needed items. In addition, Camino Kids has a dedicated customer service to answer customer enquiries and address their concerns. It covers a variety of topics and Frequently Asked Questions that are answered in clear and understandable manner. The refreshed website and brand of the company integrates a modern design approach, as well as engaging content to keep customers and potential clients informed. They are committed to offering the best brands for the best prices, outstanding customer service and high-quality products. About Camino Kids Camino Kids is a new brand that started off in 2015 as Romper Stomper Kids. It initially focuses on offering high-quality kids shoes online, until recently, it sought to reach more clients and provides them a more extensive product offering. This leads to the birth of Camino Kids that offers a complete suite of kids fashion, shoes and accessories. It is a popular kids fashion destination online that has all the coolest brands for kids in the market at great prices. The new store is also loaded with exceptional features and functionality that will make one’s shopping experience hassle-free, fun and enjoyable. ### For inquiries, please contact us at 0401-060-361 or visit Exclusive Baby Accessories Design 2018-02-28T22:25:04Z exclusive-baby-accessories-design Late last year My Little Love Heart ran a design competition through SAE Creative Media Institute at their Perth Campus with the brief to come up with a fabric design that we could print and make into baby products including baby bibs, bandana bibs, burp cloths and top knots. In November we announced the third-place winner was Mike Couch with his “Flamingos” print and now it gives us great pleasure to award the second place to Anthea Elsner’s for her “Bird Perch” design. The first time we saw Anthea’s design we just loved it! The colours of the birds and the background is just beautiful. This combined with the egg in the nest is a cute little inclusion and we knew it would look fantastic on our bandana bibs and other products. Luisa from My Little Love Heart commented “We are always on the lookout for stylish and trendy fabrics, we want to stay at the forefront of design and wanted to work with Perth’s up and coming designers who are up-to-date with the latest trends. This competition allows us to access a large pool of amazing designers and gives local design students an avenue to show their amazing skills”. Edna, Design Lecturer with SAE Creative Media Institute agreed adding “We are thrilled to be working with My Little Love Heart; they produce an amazing range of quality products and this competition allows our students to work with an up-and-coming brand. It is a great opportunity for them to work on real projects that will go into production and made available for all to see. Plus it will really add credibility to their portfolios!” The beautiful range of products including bandana bibs, top knots, baby bibs, baby headbands and baby shower gift sets are now available online at My Little Love Heart and through stockists around Australia. Succulent and Cactus Creative Partnership 2018-02-17T14:39:30Z succulent-and-cactus-creative-partnership Press Release What happens when you pair an illustrator with a baby accessory label? You get this super cute collection of handmade bibs & accessories! A creative partnership between Perth graphic artist Megan Isabella and Luisa Figueroa, owner of popular Perth baby accessory company My Little Love Heart, this is the perfect example of the magic that happens when two local creatives join forces to collaborate. The special collection features Megan’s original hand drawn illustrations in a fun cactus & succulent print. "The aim was to create a design that was fun and playful. I chose the potted succulents and cactuses as a motif for the pattern because houseplants are so popular at the moment and we knew it would be appealing to new Mums. Megan Isabella hand draws all of her botanical designs before scanning them into the computer where she transforms them into pattern designs for printing on fabric and other surfaces. A unisex print suitable for both girls and boys, the design comes in a range of styles including head accessories, teething rings, bandanna bibs, regular bibs, burp cloths, and My Little Love Heart’s signature Bandummy TM . "We went for a green colour scheme because we wanted something gender neutral and were bored of the monochrome prints current on the market- I wanted something colourful" says Luisa. If you’re looking for a unique, locally made gift for your Mumma friend’s little ones you can’t go wrong with this. Shop online or find your nearest stockist at Product Photography: Norma Moran photography Models: Victoria and Emilio Plants & Pots: Let it grow studio Baby Shoes: tiptoe and co All artwork © Megan Isabella Design 2017 AMP Capital Bring The Face of Fashion to the East and West 2017-03-28T22:48:05Z amp-capital-bring-the-face-of-fashion-to-the-east-and-west Wednesday, 29 March 2017 - AMP Capital Shopping Centres (AMPCSC) is pleased to announce the launch of The Face of Fashion Magazine which will be available to shoppers in Queensland and Western Australia from this week. The bi-annual magazine, which will launch exclusively in AMPCSC’s Garden City and Karrinyup Shopping Centres in Perth and Pacific Fair Shopping Centre on the Gold Coast, will see an initial print run of 260,000 across all three centres. Led by editor-in-chief of 10 Magazine and 10 Men, Alison Veness, The Face of Fashion will celebrate Australian and international fashion, beauty and lifestyle. “I’m thrilled to be working with AMP Capital to produce The Face of Fashion, and supporting Australian designers and retailers,” said Veness. “Both cities are unique in their approach to fashion and lifestyle. This will be celebrated with curated content tailored to reflect both markets.” AMP Capital has recently unveiled its latest redevelopment plans for both Garden City and Karrinyup Shopping Centres, which will see the centres transform into leading edge, world-class retail, leisure, entertainment and fashion destinations. Meanwhile, Pacific Fair has continued to welcome leading local and global brands to its stable of retailers, cementing its title as Queensland’s leading fashion destination. Belinda Daly, Head of Shopping Centres Marketing has said, “At AMP Capital, we’ve always been a supporter of established and up-and-coming brands through our shopping centres across the country. By launching The Face of Fashion in Garden City, Karrinyup and Pacific Fair, we’re excited to give these brands and centres a voice, and showcase just how much talent and creativity is found within our coastal cities.” The first issue of The Face of Fashion will focus on the AW17 season, including a ten page spread shot by internationally renowned fashion photographer Simon Lekias, who has previously worked with Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire and InStyle. The shoot was styled by leading stylist Mark Vasallo who is known for his work with leading Australian brands Scanlan Theodore, Bassike and Camilla. The Face of Fashion magazine can be found in-centre or online through: The first Autumn/Winter issue is available now, while the second issue for Spring/Summer will launch in September 2017. ENDS Media enquiries Niki Aquino, Consultant Hausmann Communications 02 8353 5723 / 0435 098 085 Booking enquiries Phebe Chan, National Business Development Manager AMP Capital Shopping Centres 02 9257 9526 About AMP Capital Shopping Centres: Established in 1971, AMP Capital Shopping Centres has a portfolio of 27 centres throughout Australia and New Zealand, which generates over $A7.9 billion in annual sales and attracts more than 158 million visitations annually. AMP Capital Shopping Centres employs a team of 300 professionals and has around 3,500 retailers. Its expertise includes property and asset management, property development, leasing, marketing, research, placemaking and retail design. AMPCSC’s purpose is to create inspiring shopping centre experiences for all its stakeholders and to be a world-class property and development team, delivering significant value to its clients. *As at 30 June 2016. Includes internally and externally managed centres Wrap Your New Arrival in Beautiful Bedding from Izzz 2016-08-24T00:15:16Z wrap-your-new-arrival-in-beautiful-bedding-from-izzz Preparing for a new baby can be a stressful, tiring process. You want to ensure everything is perfect and in place for that big day. And thanks to Izzz, one Australia’s top baby bedding online retailers, things have never been easier. Izzz makes is possible to find all of the leading baby nursery bedding providers in one convenient place. From modern baby bedding to designer options, there is a bedding set for everyone. Best of all, they are available at discounted prices! In fact, if you find a lower price for any of the designer baby bedding, unisex baby bedding, neutral baby bedding, modern baby bedding, or other items being sold by Izzz, we will beat that price and slash it by another 3 percent.   Izzz stocks hundreds of the highest-quality baby bedding sets, far outnumbering what you would find walking into any story in Australia. And these items feature some of the most luxurious fabrics that are perfect for your little one. Each baby nursery set that is sold by Izzz undergoes rigorous quality control testing to ensure customer satisfaction. Whether it is unisex, neutral or designed for your baby boy or girl, you can rest assured that these baby bedding sets have been tested time and time again. What happens if you can’t decide on the baby cot bedding sets, or the modern bedding? No, problem, because Izzz provides customers with live support representatives who can answer your questions and point you in the right direction. Plus, each of the baby bedding sets comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee. Start browsing the collection at and see for yourself how fantastic these products really are! About Izzz The word Izzz basically means glorious or high standard and that’s exactly what we mean. Our intention is to indulge you in luxury at a convenient expense. Our online store offers the best range in town,all from authentic brands, and a 100% money back guarantee. We’ll take care of you right from start to the completion of the order. Time Travelling With NZL Store 2016-03-21T02:07:31Z time-travelling-with-nzl-store The exploits of Dr Who and his tardis are so last century. We’re all time travellers when you journey to New Zealand. Our location on the edge of the GMT dateline means we’re ahead in time from all other countries and to get here you’ve actually travelled through time. You’re now five hours ahead of Perth, Australia, 13 hours ahead of London, England, and 19 hours ahead of Chicago, USA.   Thousands of people do small stints of time travel everyday as they journey from place to place around the globe. But when you travel to New Zealand you really go the distance, in fact so forward in time for many that you actually arrive in tomorrow. News and events from home will be happening yesterday, weird aye? Celebrate this miraculous (pretty easy) feat with a 100% cotton time traveller tee from East 180. (NZL Store). For more information please visit the website at  .     NZL Store Says ‘Celebrate Your Bravery In 2016’ 2016-02-21T21:42:00Z nzl-store-says-celebrate-your-bravery-in-2016 The NZL store is about New Zealand and mythology; allegories of the land in a new light. It’s all about distances, taking the risk, a calling. People who journey to New Zealand travel forward through time, to the end of the earth, where the new day starts. They are now in their future, on the edge of tomorrow – it starts again here, first. The NZL store celebrates the bravery, innovation and determination of ‘the traveller’, and this combined with our country’s ethos of uncompromising freedom and individuality, underpins all that they do. The NZL store is about product of time, place and imagination, and they’re about providing a connection between the journey and a personality: an item that comes to life because you wear it, or display it, with context; from a backdrop of exploration, courage and change. A recently posted blog on the NZL Store website at titled “Celebrate your bravery anyway with a quality 100% cotton East 180 tee from NZL store”, said. “A definition of bravery and the saying to follow in the footsteps of giants. The sea journey to New Zealand from Europe in the mid-19th century and one of the longest journeys of migration in human history. •    100 days in a wooden boat propelled by canvas sheets tied up with rope •    covering a distance of 20,000 km (12,500 miles) over oceans and seas •     encountering anything from sub-arctic storms with waves of over 5m (16 ft.), to being becalmed in the doldrums for weeks; to 15m (49 ft.) whales and icebergs. •    sharing a tiny space of only 1.8m headroom with 200 others; as well as livestock, rats and cockroaches. •    never washing, apart from the occasional flooding by sea water as waves break over the bow •     eating only salted and preserved meat, ship’s biscuits of flour, oatmeal and dried potatoes washed down with a little stale water. It makes the 24 hour travelling time to NZ now a dream but celebrate your bravery anyway with a quality 100% cotton East 180 tee from NZL store.” NZL Store Philosophy Reflected In Their Products 2016-02-21T20:40:21Z nzl-store-philosophy-reflected-in-their-products NZL store is all about interpreting New Zealand in a new light; cinematic prints, candid snapshots, statement t-shirts and accessories; so that others visiting our land can take away a souvenir of something unique that in some way defines their stay. It is also about New Zealand and mythology; allegories of our land in a new light – it’s all about distances, taking the risk, a calling. To come here people travel forward through time, to the end of the earth, where the new day starts. NZL store is about an ethos of uncompromising freedom and individuality, uncovered in unexpected ways, offering a unique range of printed products and artisan gifts for travellers and locals looking for something new and surprising. The NZL store also offers exceptional great gift ideas for homesick Kiwis overseas. The Oxford English dictionary describes an Outlier as a person or thing detached or separated from the main body or system. From this point of view New Zealand could be described as an outlier. 4,000 km east of Australia and about 9000 km west of Chile, New Zealand sits all alone out in the middle of the southern Pacific. As a result of this isolation New Zealanders have developed some interesting traits. Described as having a number eight wire culture, early New Zealanders had to fix machines, clothes, furniture etc. way beyond their useful lives, often using things they could find in their local environment. Number eight wire was plentiful in the farming community and so became the symbol of this self-sufficient attitude. An example of the way NZL’s philosophy reflects their products is their Outlier Tee which replicates this interesting relationship between isolation and the rise of the number eight wire culture. The three dimensional line design looks formed from wire, but also hints at the idea of design drawings. Any new project needs to start with a plan and New Zealand as a new country is still in its formative years revealing a brand new country and culture forming all in physical isolation in the middle of the Pacific. For further information on NZL Store’s products and services, please visit the website at . Onceit Continue To Access The Best International Designers 2016-02-17T03:31:22Z onceit-continue-to-access-the-best-international-designers Onceit was launched in May 2010 with a staff of one and a dream to become a leading destination for online designer sales. Five years down the track, Onceit has become a one-stop destination for luxury fashion and accessories within both New Zealand and Australia. However, the best news is they deliver all this at insider prices. With now over 250,000 loyal members they feature over 40 different designer sales a week with major brands in fashion, footwear, accessories, home-decor and more. Onceit have continued their goal to get the best designers internationally and locally and at the best prices, and this month Onceit features brands including Zara, Ksubi, Ecoya, Stolen Girlfriends Club Eyewear, House of Holland, Bendon Lingerie, Ben Sherman, I Love Ugly, Huffer, Smashbox and much more. Onceit now run sales on Saturday, so they have more brands and products live on the site to purchase from on the weekend. Currently they provide same day dispatch on around 15 selected sales a week, meaning that they ship to customers on the same day they receive the order and then, in many cases achieving same or next day delivery. Onceit consistently runs promotions and giveaways via Instagram and last month’s giveaways included Sass & Bide, Kate Spade, $500 Onceit credit, Ecoya and Kate of Arcadia.  For further information on Onceit please visit the website at . EZYVISION Recommend Wearing Goggles When Using Contact Lenses 2016-02-09T20:45:30Z ezyvision-recommend-wearing-goggles-when-using-contact-lenses With so many people now taking advantage of the benefits of wearing contact lenses, EZYVISION, New Zealand’s premier online contact lens supplier, advise that swimming with contact lenses should be avoided whenever possible to help prevent bacterial contamination of the eyes. As they explain, swimming with contacts can result in eye infections, irritation and potentially sight-threatening conditions such as a corneal ulcer and they recommend that contact lenses should not be exposed to any kind of water, including tap water and water in swimming pools, oceans, lakes, hot tubs and showers. Swimming with contacts can irritate and even damage the eyes, so EZYVISION advise that wearing swim goggles is a safer way to see clearly both above the surface and underwater. If water gets in the eyes when swimming, lenses should be removed, cleaned and disinfected as soon as possible to reduce the risk of eye irritation and infection. The team at EZYVISION also advise that rigid gas permeable (GP) contact lenses should never be worn while swimming, as they are more likely to dislodge from your eye. While soft contact lenses are more likely to remain on your eye when swimming, they are porous and can absorb chemicals and bacteria, increasing the risk of eye irritation and infection. Also, fresh water and water in swimming pools can cause soft lenses to tighten on your eyes, causing significant discomfort. For those who do decide to swim with contact lenses, daily disposable lenses are the safest option. They are meant to be worn and thrown away after a single use, eliminating the need to clean and disinfect them. As the EZYVISION team say, to be safe, it's a good idea to discard daily disposable lenses immediately after swimming, rinse your eyes with rewetting drops or artificial tears approved for use with contact lenses, and then replace the lenses with a fresh pair of daily disposables. For those using daily disposables for occasional wear, they offer good value for money when comparing the cost of contact lenses. EZYVISION recommend that when not in use, storing the lens in the right way can prolong the life and usability and for people who wear contacts daily, they need to clean them every night (unless using daily disposable lenses). Lenses can be cleaned a fresh cleaning solution, which should also be used in the lens case when storing the lenses. Following these tips will help extend the life of contact lenses and keep them clean and unscratched. However, it is crucial to change the contact lens case every six to eight months to avoid any infections. To order your contact lens and for more information on EZYVISION, please visit the website at  .     Sydney 2016 Home & Giving Fair, the only industry led gift and homewares trade event in Australia 2016-02-03T01:35:43Z sydney-2016-home-amp-giving-fair-the-only-industry-led-gift-and-homewares-trade-event-in-australia Organised by the Australian Gift & Homewares Association (AGHA), Home & Giving Fair is the only gift trade event in Australia, run by the industry, for the industry. This not to be missed trade exhibition for retail buyers, store owners and managers, interior designers, stylists, event planners and more is expected to attract thousands of qualified and excited buyers. Taking place over four days in February, retail buyers can expect over 350 quality AGHA Wholesaler Members exhibiting thousands of new and much loved brands across the eight Home & Giving core product categories; Gift, Home, Fashion, Jewellery, Kids, Kitchen, Outdoor and Stationery.  “As the only industry led gift and home trade event in Australia, retail buyers can expect the best buying environment possible to source new season ranges,” said Wayne Castle, CEO of AGHA. Home & Giving Fair is once again featuring the exclusive Design Life Sydney. Under the beautiful architecture of The Dome, buyers can source quality and contemporary best-selling product.  For the 2nd year running Home & Giving Fair hosts the Fair Trade Zone in collaboration with the Fair Trade Association (FTA) of Australia and New Zealand. Here, retail buyers will discover likeminded companies offering handmade and artisan items from around the world. This year, over 13 industry professionals will be presenting one-hour sessions in the Retail Seminar Series, including Stylist Megan Morton, popular blogger Jen Bishop from Interiors Addict, Di Swinbourn of COLOURDOT and the Sydney Design School and Marketing Funnel Specialist Grace Lever. The Retail Seminar Series offers free, educational seminars to support growth in the retail industry. Offering a wide range of topics including PR, e-commerce, business growth funding, visual merchandising, trends, marketing, styling, customer service and more, the sessions aim to give small-to-medium businesses the information they need to grow, and to develop skills they can apply to their businesses. Home & Giving Fair will run from 20-23 February 2016 at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park. As Home & Giving Fair is a trade only event, all buyers are required to register using business and personal identification at –END- Both print ready high res images and low res digital images can be downloaded here.   MEDIA ENQUIRIES Paris Dennett- Marketing Manager 02 9763 3225                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ABOUT AUSTRALIAN Gift & Homewares ASSOCIATION (AGHA) Australian Gift & Homewares Association (AGHA) is the leading industry body representing the gift and homewares industry in Australia with origins dating back to 1977. Based in Homebush, Sydney, the not-for-profit organisation is dedicated to serving its membership of Wholesalers and Retailers through the provision of discounted industry services, commercial and political lobbying as well as two annual Home & Giving Fairs. Further information Two For One Glasses At 2016-01-27T20:44:00Z two-for-one-glasses-at-ezyglasses-co-nz What a great way to start the New Year – buy one – get one free from EzyGlasses! By going to the website at people can select a pair of glasses from their $49.95 range, or higher price range, and will receive a free pair of $19.95 glasses at the same time – an unheard of deal. If they don’t like any of the $19.95 glasses, they can choose a higher priced pair and the discount will still apply. Shoppers can then proceed to the check out and enter the code FREEGLASSES in the promotional code box that is on the checkout page. This will apply the discount to give them the second pair of glasses free. Prospective shoppers are welcome to order different prescriptions for each pair of glasses, so they can actually order along with a friend if they don’t want the second pair for themselves. 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