The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-01-17T04:06:20Z Pakistani Dresses Aims to Become the First Choice for Pakistani Clothing in Australia 2019-01-17T04:06:20Z pakistani-dresses-aims-to-become-the-first-choice-for-pakistani-clothing-in-australia Sahil Fashion & Alterations launched their brand new online fashion store aimed at Pakistani people living in Australia and wanting to shop for the best Pakistani clothing available here in Australia. The company already has a showroom located in Dandenong near Melbourne and aims to expand their business in the coming months by opening new stores in the coming months. The company is also open to idea of selling their products at different outlets in and around Melbourne. Pakistani Dresses specializes in Pakistani wedding dresses, Pakistani bridal dresses and Afghani dresses in styles, colors and fabrics to suit the tastes of a discerning clientele. Shoppers will find glamorous garments made by some of the most popular and highly sought designers in the world. The company understands though Pakistani clothing and Afghani dresses are now easily available online people with a rich taste of styling always crave to wear clothing designed by famous designers like Maria B, Rang Rasiya, Zara Shahjahan and Zainab Chottani to Sobia Nazir, Sana Safinaz, Asim Jofa, Kashees, and Serene Premium. By offering designer clothing from some of the best known Pakistani labels in the business the company aims to become the first choice online store for Pakistani clothes in Australia.  Pakistani bridal dresses and Pakistani wedding dresses is something that the owner takes personal interest in. The owner understands that bridal dresses is something that is really aspirational for any bride and by exceeding their expectations the store would be delivering exactly what the customer wants. Hazaragi dress is another of the in demand clothing type that the store offers. Hazaragi dresses have a charm of their own and are available in rich fabrics, radiant shades and with stylish embroidery, some of which are highlighted with metallic work for shimmer and shine.  About Pakistani Dresses Sahil Fashion & Alteration has been in the clothing industry for the past 15 years and served thousands of customers all over the world. When it comes to Pakistani bridal dresses and Pakistani wedding dresses we are the best, simply because we take the latest in Pakistani dresses and give our customers a real taste of what a Pakistani bride would love to be dressed in. At our store in Dandenong, Melbourne we have the latest range of Punjabi suits, hazaragi dress, asim jofa and more. We invite to visit our store and we are sure you'll be pleasantly surprised by collections of Pakistani dresses. Media Contact Sahil Fashion & Alterations 9/249-253 Lonsdale Street Dandenong, Victoria 3175 Australia Website: Pakistani Dresses Announces up to 50 Percent off Select Designer Garments 2018-12-18T04:19:03Z pakistani-dresses-announces-up-to-50-percent-off-select-designer-garments Sahil Fashion & Alteration, announced the launch of their new online store Pakistani Dresses. To celebrate, the boutique shop is offering shoppers up to 50 percent off select wedding dresses now until the end of December 2018. Pakistani Dresses specializes in Pakistani wedding dresses, Pakistani bridal dresses and Afghani dresses in styles, colors and fabrics to suit the tastes of a discerning clientele. Shoppers will find glamorous garments made by some of the most popular and highly sought designers in the world. The company offers a wide range of Pakistani wedding dresses that combine the traditional with modern touches to celebrate the love of the wedding couple. Brides don’t have to travel to obtain the Pakistani bridal dresses of their dreams. Vibrant colors, intricate embroidery, and attention to detailing have made the offerings at Pakistani dresses highly sought by women around the globe. Of special interest are collections of Pakistani wedding dresses that are highlighted by non-traditional colors, sparkling embroidery, and embellished with Swarovski crystals. From silk and silver lamè to velvet, cotton and linen, each garment is designed to impress. Selections are available for all occasions whether it’s a lavish wedding, a party frock or casual wear. Every woman yearns for the flowing fabrics and stylish elegance embodied in Pakistani bridal dresses. The luxury designers understand the importance of a woman’s special day, creating wedding garments that will impress the groom and have celebrants talking long after the vows have been spoken. Afghani dresses are also available in rich fabrics, radiant shades and with stylish embroidery, some of which are highlighted with metallic work for shimmer and shine. The dresses are imminently chic and incorporate traditional styling with new features that have become one of the most popular fashion trends of today. Dresses are available for women and girls. The launch of Pakistani Dresses provides women with a multitude of choices from designers encompassing Maria B, Rang Rasiya, Zara Shahjahan and Zainab Chottani to Sobia Nazir, Sana Safinaz, Asim Jofa, Kashees, and Serene Premium. The celebratory savings of up to 50 percent off select garments provides shoppers with the opportunity to obtain some of the mostly highly sought fashions in the world today. About Pakistani Dresses Pakistani Dresses was officially launched by Sahil Fashion & Alteration, a registered clothing business of Australia. Sahil Fashion & Alteration has been in the clothing industry for the past 15 years and served thousands of customers around the world. Connect with Pakistani Dresses on Facebook. Media Contact Pakistani Dresses Phone: +61-469-310-418 Address: 7 Toombul Road Virginia QLD 4014 Website: Go bold or go home 2018-11-26T00:40:00Z go-bold-or-go-home By Tatiana Stutz, Guest makeup artist, The Institute of Makeup Artistry Just like any art, makeup expertise requires boundless enthusiasm and takes years of learning and practice. The Institute of Makeup Artistry, a cutting-edge, professional makeup artistry course allows you to work side by side with experts in the field, sharing their knowledge and experience to help launch your career. My top tips for summer 2018/2019 will see the transition from the extremely heavy contours to much lighter, highlighted, natural glowing skin with playful accents, metallic shadow and smudgy bold lips. Think, radiant creamy textures with minimal coverage. Fresh naturally looking dewy skin is all the go this summer. Skin is in – it’s time to put down the contour kits, brushes, sticks and wands for a more natural look. Tinted moisturiser is a great place to start. It’s about applying the right amount of makeup, so your skin looks healthy. Use natural tones and ultra-fine touches to get the perfect bare face effect. Embrace your natural glow with lighter foundations and spot concealing where you get the most shine to leave your face looking radiant. Bold is back! This is the year to experiment with bright eyeshadow palettes you never thought you’d try. Pushing the boundaries on your eyes with wild colour palettes, making a statement and taking your creativity to the next level is this season’s trend. Brightly hued, free-form eyes in pastel, metallic neon and tropic-inspired hues will sculpt your eyes and make them pop. Think cool 90’s chick, with full lids that are daring and fun. If that’s too adventurous for you, try a simple bright blue line across the lash line. Bright, defined lips are dominant again this season. Paintbox bright lips will really elevate a look. Red, orange and fuchsia are huge this summer. Try mixing liquid lipsticks with intense colour and gloss to add moisture and make them look healthy and plump. Making sure your lips are lined precisely with sharp, defined edges will also help create a fuller pout. Contour draping is the secret you need to know. Draping is essentially contouring with blush. While plums, hot pinks and peaches are nothing new, makeup artists are now taking it to a whole new level using blues, greens, oranges and yellows. Reviving the 70’s bold cheek trend, draping gives your face a sculpted glow on the cheekbones and around the temples and brow bones. The key to make draping look chic, is blending. Use the darker shade to chisel, then buff it out with the lighter colour. The result is a softer, fresher approach to definition. Interested in staying on top of the makeup trends? The Institute of Makeup Artistry was launched in May 2018, and is a modern and innovative provider of e-learning courses, bringing together highly experienced professionals with a strong focus on skill orientated learning, to teach you how to recreate these makeup trends. Modules range from Face, Eyebrow, Eye and Lip Shapes, Glamour Makeup for Photography to Theatre Stage and Special Effects Makeup. Acclaimed Makeup Artists collaborate to launch innovative online training course 2018-08-16T02:00:00Z acclaimed-makeup-artists-collaborate-to-launch-innovative-online-training-course The Institute of Makeup Artistry (IMUA) has officially launched a world-class online education platform this month for aspiring makeup artist professionals interested in learning about makeup from bridal looks through to special effects. For over two years, beauty industry heavyweights and experienced makeup professionals have collaborated to create quality content and professionally filmed HD video tutorials. Designed to be completed over a six to twelve-month period, the course gives easy access to highly acclaimed and talented industry professionals for mentoring and support, clear instructions and a variety of assessments. Anthony Mondello, CEO, IMUA credited the creation of the course on an increasing demand for quality education and a lack of time to physically attend. “We noticed an increase of expensive face-to-face options for Makeup courses and a limited number of quality online options for aspiring makeup artists. “Our students are wanting the very best mentors and teaching, and the flexibility to complete high quality training in their own time; our course offers both. “We have built an innovative course that is delivered 100% online, utilising video tuition and providing students an amazing experience that would rival conventional face-to-face learning and at a fraction of the cost. “The student feedback thus far has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Mr Mondello. Author of the course, acclaimed makeup artist Rachel Dal Santo, has over 30 years’ experience in many sectors of the makeup industry. “The world of makeup offers endless opportunities, from wedding makeup to special effects and everything in between. This is why I’ve constructed the course to include aspects of what I think are the essentials for having a successful career in the industry. “Being an all-rounder is a tremendous selling point and offers the perfect launch pad for beginners. We’ve really designed the course requirements around what would be practical and essential for those starting out,” said Ms Dal Santo. Over 140 students signed up to the launch of the course in May, each student has the ability to create a templated website, showcasing their abilities and will receive professional discounts of makeup and equipment. For more information visit: -ENDS- Notes to Editors: Media contacts Sinead Andrews, Account Coordinator, Zadro | +61 2 9212 7867 Jessica McLean, Account Manager, Zadro | 0400 433 182 | +61 2 9212 7867 Images: Anthony Mondello, CEO, IMUA Rachel Dal Santo, Professional Makeup Artist and Author of IMUA course content IMUA course images About IMUA Institute of Makeup Artistry (IMUA) was launched in May 2018, by Online Education. Online Education Pty. Ltd. is a modern and innovative provider of e-learning courses. As a global leader in this field, we have a strong focus on skill orientated learning, bringing together highly experienced professionals with inspired individuals who wish to improve personally and professionally. Local business owners team up together in time for the wedding season 2018-08-14T21:52:30Z local-business-owners-team-up-together-in-time-for-the-wedding-season Wedding season is fast approaching and local businesses in the Melbourne Eastern Suburb, Montrose, came together to create a bridal shower and intimate wedding shoot. These talented locals from Mary Eats Cake, Dewinta Dandot Photography and many others collaborated by using their skill set to showcase their work to provide local brides-to-be with some great wedding inspiration. The Cottage Charm themed bridal shower was a small intimate setting at Mary Eats Cake’s new venue in Montrose to bring to life a beautiful setting. All successful women worked hard to create special moments for brides they service. The shoot is a reflection of the great talent all the businesses showcase. “We hosted a bridal shower celebration complete with flowers you can eat, drink and wear. The cottage charm bride-to-be has a certain class when enjoying High Tea and cake with her friends and family. Bridal showers are an expression of the bride's journey from engagement to the upcoming wedding. They weave preferred colour themes on table decorations, take home gifts for guests, cute photos of the couple and floral arrangements around the room. The elegant bridal High Tea experience is for the refined bride that believes in magical dining experiences enjoyed with family and friends,” said Co-Director of Mary Eats Cake, Sarah de Witt. New to the area, Dewinta Dandot moved from the west to experience the beautiful nature of the Dandenong Ranges and to expand her photography business. The bridal shower & wedding photoshoot was a great way for her to showcase her talent. “This shoot was inspired by my love for High Tea and a group of close friends who enjoy each other’s company whilst pampering themselves with gourmet delicacies and artisan tea. Having met the directors at Mary Eats Cake at Montrose, I knew we could do something fabulous together. The venue itself has a lovely cottage charm feel. Thus the idea of styling a girly high tea became our vision,” said the owner Dewinta Dandot Photography. The shoot took place on June, 25 with various female and male models who helped create the scene for all the partners involved. Businesses and vendors who participated included Dewinta Dandot Photography (photographer), Mary Eats Cake (venue), Botanique (florist), Samone Shepherdson art + design (stationery), Peggy Stasinos Makeup & Hair (makeup artists), Hair by Marjorie May Fair (hair), Empire Bridal (wedding dress/accessories) and Love & Lines (signage). Together these businesswomen can create a perfect wedding setting for a couple who wants something unique and different on their special day. About Mary Eats Cake The celebration of High Tea served with urban sophistication, local rustic charm, delicious decadence and a dash of fabulous. Our bespoke experience comes from Sarah de Witt (a Tea Sommelier) and Jessica Hillbrick (a French trained Pastry Chef). After studying Psychology for four years, Sarah followed her passion (and nose) for tea. She has made a name for herself as one of Australia's few Tea Sommeliers, has served on the board of the Australasian Tea Association and judged Tea Brewing Competitions in Australia and China. Le Cordon Bleu trained Jessica knows good pastry. After working in Accounting for five years, Jessica followed her passion for pastry to some of London's finest High Tea establishments. She has created the menu at Mary Eats Cake bringing a modern fresh twist to High Tea tradition. The dynamic duo combine their love for tea, pastry, celebrations and all things delicious to bring you seasonal High Tea food paired with Artisan Teas served with love at Mary Eats Cake. They have two teahouses in Brunswick and Montrose. More at About Dewinta Dandot Photography Dewinta is a lifestyle and documentary wedding photographer. Dewinta Dandot Photography’s approach may be a bit unusual – you won’t get a cold, artificial photo session in a perfectly-decorated studio. Instead, you’ll get an open, genuine, cozy photo session that captures your beautiful, authentic story. Dewinta will really get to know you and your loves ones. She wants to move beyond the formal introductions and the technical photoshoot questions, to the heart of your relationship and find the most authentic version of you. If you’re an engaged couple, Dewinta wants to find out what love looks like in your eyes, to hear your stories, what you love about each other, so that your photos will be more than just a collection of disconnected moments, but a love story.  Dewinta’s specialty is photographing people in a beautiful, fun, and relaxed way. She loves to work with natural light and on-location to capture natural lifestyle photos and documentary portraits that you and your loved ones will cherish for generations. If your heart is open, Dewinta knows you’ll make lasting photographs that allow you to step back into the moments that filled your heart with pure joy. More at Ready to get excited about your wedding planning? 2017-07-24T04:26:07Z ready-to-get-excited-about-your-wedding-planning Unbiased Uncomplicated Unpretentious UNBRIDELY LIVE!   Join some of Adelaide's leading wedding suppliers for a relaxed night, with live entertainment, food truck grub and drinks, as they answer all of your questions and share their expertise. - No pressure, no obligation; just a genuine opportunity to pick the brains of the best in the industry. Uncomplicated – The main aim? Simply to feel in control of and empowered about your wedding planning. Unpretentious – We’ve got an awesome venue, mouth-watering food and 1st class live entertainment. Our 5 key speakers will present, you’ll have a chance to participate in the app-driven Q&A, then we’ll put on some tunes and mingle with you. When: Thursday 21 September 2017Where: Published Arthouse, Adelaide For details on the 5 key presenters (Q&A panel to be announced this week!) and to buy tickets head to the website:   ***Early Bird Tickets close at 11:59pm on Monday 31 July!***   Please note that all admission must be pre-purchased; tickets will not be available at the door.     A wedding keepsake gift given from the bride to her father 2017-05-30T12:29:50Z a-wedding-keepsake-gift-given-from-the-bride-to-her-father Weddings are such an important day in our lives, why not create a special  wedding keepsakes gift of such an important day. We recently did a wedding keepsake from a bride to her father.  The photo was actually her father walking her down the aisle.  It was a special moment in time captured forever as a keepsake.  The tears were flowing of joy when the photo engraved keyring was presented to her loving father.  He was thrilled to pieces and loved his keepsake of a special day in time that is remembered forever by many people. I am sure it is still cherished and will be cherished for many years to come. Weddings are a very special occasion.  The union of a man and a woman for life.  Although unfortunately the reality is this is not always the case, but the reality is that we walk down the isle expecting it to last for life.  That day is such an important day and one you remember forever.  All the preparation that takes place for that special day is really amazing.  Why not then have a create your own special wedding keepsakes to remember that special occasion.  This piece was given to the father of the bride.  The bride let us know he was totally thrilled with his special keepsake and there were tears of joy when he received  his special gift.  I am sure he has it somewhere special and it brings a smile to his face when he looks at that keepsake of his daughters wedding. Nick Ireland from The Diamond Jewellery Studio Shared His Thoughts On Argyle Diamonds 2016-12-02T05:12:52Z nick-ireland-from-the-diamond-jewellery-studio-shared-his-thoughts-on-argyle-diamonds The Diamond Jewellery Studio continues to be the #1 source of high quality handmade diamond jewellery in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. They have an exquisite collection of jewellery adorned with rare Argyle diamonds. Nick Ireland, the man behind their stunning collection, said: “At 15, I started a jewellery apprenticeship in my local town and then once completed moved to Hatton Garden, London and worked in some amazing jewellery workshops.“ Under the guidance of a leading diamond broker from the London diamond bourse, Nick has learnt “good from bad diamonds and how they were traded on the international market”. His knowledge and experience has helped him in creating his own name in the diamond jewellery industry.   Nick Ireland creates stunning pieces of Argyle diamond jewellery. According to Nick, Argyle pink and blue diamonds are incredibly rare. The mine was opened in the 1980s by Rio Tinto and produces 95% of the world’s pink diamonds. Nick shared that one of the reasons why he specialised in these rare gemstones is because it has the strongest colour of all pink diamonds found globally. Because of the intensity of its colour, it is perfect for creating amazing pieces of jewellery.   It was reported that the Argyle mine has already entered into its shutting down phase with the last diamonds to be mined by 2020. Nick said that: “Once the mine has closed, anyone with an Argyle Pink Diamond will have something truly unique and irreplaceable.” He added that: “Over the next few years, before the closure of the Argyle mine, we will be creating as many custom pink diamond pieces as we can.”      For clients who are planning to purchase jewellery with Argyle diamonds, Nick said that Argyle pink diamonds are suited to all types of jewellery be it engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity rings, earrings, brooches or pendants. He said that he prefers using them in rings where they can be matched against super white D colour diamonds which show off the beautiful pink hues when being flashed around on a moving finger. Nick Ireland assured that: “The Diamond Jewellery Studio hand make beautiful bespoke pieces of jewellery to cater to clients’ needs and will continue to do so in the future.”   For more information, visit their website: Book more clients and increase profits with the ‘More Brides’ eBook 2016-09-20T02:34:15Z book-more-clients-and-increase-profits-with-the-more-brides-ebook SYDNEY, Australia – 20 September, 2016 - With thousands of happy couples tying the knot everyday around the world, the demand for wedding photographers is at an all-time high making the industry hugely competitive. As a result, standing out from the pack can be quite challenging, especially for those entering the market.  This is what prompted Sydney-based wedding photographer Mark Condon to create ‘More Brides’, a e-book that provides unconventional advice for finding more clients and increasing profits.“It’s a sad truth that the financial success of a wedding photographer is largely determined by their marketing skills as opposed to their artistic talent.” said Mark Condon, Author of ‘More Brides’. “The most talented wedding photographers are rarely the ones making the most money.”As a working wedding photographer and founder of the popular photography website Shotkit (, Condon recognises the need for wedding photographers to work smarter to book their next bride. The wealth of knowledge available in ‘More Brides’ is drawn from 10 years of experience in online marketing, having worked with the world’s best wedding photographers via Shotkit and his own experiences in the industry.With over 15 chapters of step-by-step guides and illustrations, ‘More Brides’ aims to solve every wedding photographer’s number one dilemma – how to book more clients.Modern digital techniques such as search engine optimisation, keyword research and social media marketing are explained in detail alongside more traditional marketing strategies that have been given an unorthodox twist.One such chapter ambiguously titled “The Ghost Associate” will be sure to ruffle some feathers in the wedding photography industry…“I’m not an award winning wedding photographer; I haven’t shot hundreds of weddings and I don’t have thousands of Facebook fans...’ said Condon. ‘However, I am receiving 3 times more booking requests than I did last year, allowing me to increase my pricing, and be more selective about the clients I work with – I choose them, rather than the other way around.”Working with the perfect client is the goal for every creative professional, and nowhere is this more important than on the emotional rollercoaster of a wedding day.“Having the luxury of choice as a wedding photographer is a wonderful thing. Choosing clients who share your creative vision makes the job a lot more enjoyable, and increasing pricing rather than the number of weddings we shoot allows us an enviable quality of life.” said Condon.Mark Condon works from his home in Sydney, dividing his time between wedding photography, Shotkit and his two preschool sons. Author of four popular e-books, Condon and his Shotkit site have amassed legions of fans keen to improve their photography and grow their business with his tips and techniques.‘More Brides’ has already received praise worldwide by famous wedding photographers and creative professionals. The e-book caters for all levels of wedding photographer, both newcomer and world-renowned. In fact, over 50% of the book’s techniques can be applied to any genre of professional photography, particularly those chapters regarding marketing and managing an online presence.Having jumped from page 17 to page 2 in Google Australia in less than 3 months, it’s clear that Condon is following his own advice and applying it to his wedding photography business. Using the techniques found in ‘More Brides’, all wedding photographers can ensure their forthcoming wedding season is booked out.More Brides is compatible with all digital devices and available for download at for USD$48.“At $48 the book is an absolute steal! I have a copy and the layout is easy to follow, full of diagrams, step by step instructions and more detail than you’d ever expect from such a wide range of topics.” – Andrew Hellmich, PhotoBizXposed Podcast.About Mark CondonMark Condon is a British wedding photographer, living in Sydney but shooting weddings worldwide. Mark gives photography enthusiasts a peek at the camera gear of the world’s best photographers at Shotkit, and offers advice to wedding photographers in his 4th best selling e-book ‘More Brides’ Australian jewellery designer raising the bar for unique pieces 2016-08-23T06:03:10Z australian-jewellery-designer-raising-the-bar-for-unique-pieces Australian Jewellery Designer, Simone Walsh, makes it easy for Australians to access unique, fine and fashion jewellery through her fascinating online jewellery shop: a great place to snap up delightful Christmas gifts for women (and men too). Simone Walsh specialises in designing contemporary and unique jewellery that is created from precious metals: particularly sterling silver, with gold and gemstone highlights. Visitors to the Simone Walsh Jewellery website can choose from a unique collection of charming and intricately designed jewellery that cannot be found anywhere else.  From stud and dangle earrings to statement necklaces and wedding jewellery, there’s nothing in the Simone Walsh Jewellery online store that doesn’t command attention. The collection is very appealing to those who want to stand out from the crowd and make a statement with their jewellery. Some of the most popular pieces in the shop include an Arabesque pendant with vivid red beads, a Lily of the Valley necklace with lustrous pearls, delightful Forget-Me-Not dangle earrings, and sets of elegantly simple textured silver stacking rings. Not all jewellery is made equal and when it comes to quality and authentic designs, Simone Walsh Jewellery is in a league by itself. Apart from the uniqueness of the jewellery collection, Simone Walsh Jewellery is committed to producing ethical jewellery. Simone seeks to use ethically mined or lab grown gemstones and recycles all gold and sterling silver. In addition, she endeavours to use as much recycled precious metals as possible. Simone has been designing jewellery for over two decades. Her pieces reflect the depth of her experience and the passion for her craft. When asked what motivated her to pursue a career in this field, she said: “I’ve always been drawn towards the sparkly and the ornamental. When I was a kid growing up in Adelaide I had a vast collection of ornate, vintage buttons that I would play with for hours on end.   Around 1992 my love of beautiful and intriguing objects came back into focus when I stumbled across a simple yet fascinating statement necklace. I got myself some pliers, wire and glass to see if I could replicate the unusual design. I was hooked.” Though based in Australia, Simone’s talent for art jewellery has captured eyes and hearts of many across the world. Simone Walsh Jewellery has customers from as far afield as Britain, France and the United States. One customer summed up the overall appeal of Simone’s jewellery. She said: “It’s so rare to find eco-conscious jewellery that has this sort of old-world elegance.” The uniqueness and authenticity of Simone Walsh Jewellery designs make them unique gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.  As for Christmas gifts, Simone Walsh Jewellery creates Christmas pudding coins: a collection of 6 large, high quality silver coins that each display a different vintage Christmas illustration. These are very popular and are often gifted as family heirlooms. Simone Walsh Jewellery is backed by a money back happiness guarantee and - best of all - Australian customers get free shipping.  For further information or to browse Simone Walsh Jewellery’s collection of unique designs, visit the online jewellery shop: * * * Full media kit and a selection of high res images: ESSENSE DESIGNS ADDS TO ITS TRENDSETTING SORELLA VITA BRIDESMAID DRESS COLLECTION 2016-06-27T20:25:10Z essense-designs-adds-to-its-trendsetting-sorella-vita-bridesmaid-dress-collection Award-winning bridal house Essense Designs announced today the arrival of additions to its Sorella Vita bridesmaid dress collection. The new collection additions bring the hottest runway styles and latest red carpet trends to the aisles of fashionable weddings around the world. Showcasing eye-catching details and sophisticated fabric, the new Sorella Vita bridesmaid dresses include glamorous sequins, soft boho styles, and trendy high-low hem details. Brides and bridesmaids will find new sequined bridesmaid dresses added to the trendsetting Modern Metallic designer series, soft boho silhouettes, and a new, romantic bridesmaid dress with a fashion-forward high-low hem. “Sorella Vita is designed for the bride who wants to add a little something different to her bridal party - a bride who wants a bit of fashion-forward style as part of her day,” said Chief Creative Officer, Martine Harris. “All of the dresses within the Sorella Vita collection can be mixed and matched with other styles, giving brides the opportunity to play with styles and create the wedding party style of her dreams.” No matter if the bride’s vision of her wedding day is trendy, glamorous, bohemian or romantic, the new additions to the Sorella Vita Collection will highlight the style of her wedding and bring confidence and beauty to each of her bridesmaids. Essense Designs was founded by Wayne and Martine Harris in Western Australia in 1992 with the mission to exceed brides' expectations by designing, manufacturing, and wholesaling to retailers wedding gown collections with fashion-forward styling, superb fit, couture finishing, and extraordinary customer service. The company's Overland Park, KS, office in the greater Kansas City metro area, serves as the hub of its northern-hemisphere business, while its original office in Perth, Australia, serves the southern hemisphere. In addition, the company has offices in the UK and Switzerland, as well as over 1,000 retailers worldwide. Essense of Australia, Stella York, Martina Liana wedding dresses, and Sorella Vita bridesmaids dresses can be found in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and throughout Europe. Dresses can be viewed online at the company website, and blog, ### WA-based Essense Designs Nominated for 2016 International Bridal Industry Awards 2016-06-13T15:51:18Z wa-based-essense-designs-nominated-for-2016-international-bridal-industry-awards WA-grown international bridal gown design house, Essense Designs, has been nominated in three out of three eligible categories for the 2016 Distinctive Excellence in the Bridal Industry (DEBI) Awards. The awards are regarded as the highest honor for design and manufacturing in the bridal industry, and are presented by National Bridal Market Chicago and New York International Bridal Week. Essense Designs is returning to defend its title in the the coveted ‘Bridal Manufacturer of the Year’ category for Essense of Australia as well as the Bridesmaid category for its Sorella Vita collection; both of which it proudly won at last year’s 2015 DEBI Awards. The ‘Bridal Manufacturer of the Year’ Award recognizes the manufacturer that excels in every single part of business including: customer service, design excellence, customer satisfaction, reliable delivery, and overall excellence. In addition, the Stella York collection has been nominated for ‘Collection of the Year’ for design innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. “We are so honored to be nominated for these prestigious awards,” said Martine Harris, Chief Creative Officer. “One of our core values is to create mutually beneficial and truly long-lasting relationships with our stores, so to be selected by retailers in this manner is quite meaningful.” The award winners will be announced during National Bridal Market Chicago. This year’s award ceremony will be held at the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois on the evening of September 10, 2016. About Essense Designs Essense Designs was founded in  Perth, Western Australia, by Wayne and Martine Harris in 1992, with the mission to exceed brides' expectations by designing, manufacturing, and wholesaling to retailers wedding gown collections with fashion-forward styling, superb fit, couture finishing, and extraordinary customer service. The Perth office serves as the hub of its southern-hemisphere business, while its Kansas City metropolitan based Overland Park, Kansas office in the US serves the northern hemisphere.  In addition, the company has offices in the UK and Switzerland, as well as over 1,000 retailers worldwide. Essense of Australia, Stella York, Martina Liana wedding dresses, and Sorella Vita bridesmaids dresses can be found in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and throughout Europe. Dresses can be viewed online at the company website, and blog, Contact Becky Rossman +1 913 276 5601 ### Notes to editors: Full list of awards and finalists - Manufacturer of the Year Casablanca Bridal Essense of Australia Maggie Sottero Morilee by Madeline Gardner Collection of the Year (Design Innovation) Lillian West Madison James Sophia Tolli Stella York Special Occasion Nominees Jovani Mon Cheri Morilee by Madeline Gardner Terani Couture Prom Nominees Alyce Paris Clarisse House of Wu Morilee by Madeline Gardner Bridesmaid Nominees Allure Bridals Bill Levkoff Morilee by Madeline Gardner Sorella Vita Headpiece Nominees Bel Aire Bridal Marionat Maritza’s Bridal Veils, Inc. Richard Designs Flower Girl Nominees Amalee Accessories Joan Calabrese by Mon Cheri Lille Couture Rosebud Fashions Men’s Formal Wear Nominees Allure Men The David Tutera Men’s Collection Ike Behar New York Quinceanera Nominees Bonny Bridal House of Wu Mary’s Vizcaya At Meg’s Tailoring The Bridal Season Never Ends 2016-03-24T01:59:47Z at-meg-s-tailoring-the-bridal-season-never-ends We might think that summer is the ‘bridal season’ and we would be correct to some extent, but for the hard-working team at Meg’s Tailoring the bridal season never ends. Sure, there are certain times of the year, particularly in summer, when they almost have more brides than they can handle but that is exactly what they love as it sets their creative juices flowing more than ever. The imaginative and resourceful Meg’s Tailoring team are at their best when they are advising first time, or even second time around brides on their ‘big day’. Often brides come to them with their own pre-conceived ideas on what they want their gown to look like and the Meg’s girls are more than happy to totally accurately reproduce their client’s ideas. The Meg’s Tailoring service includes designing, creating and fitting a bridal gown as well as restyling and altering any gown that the bride might provide.  The professional team at Meg’s Tailoring are very adept at taking in or letting out bridal gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses, and can also do hand-beading and boned gowns. What they have noticed this season is that they are getting requests for all kinds of styles from vintage to the very trendy and modern ‘hippy chick’. The ingenious Meg’s Tailoring team just love a challenge and they also enjoy collaborating with their customers to produce the perfect dress on the day. They also appreciate that in today’s ‘image conscious’ world, their customers are all after the ‘perfect fit’. The experienced and professional team at Meg’s Tailoring can re-shape new dresses that are not quite the shape desired, putting in cups for ‘curvier curves’ and, of course, shortening, taking in, letting out the sides, and sometimes even lengthening a gown. The Meg’s team provide a ‘steam and press’ service, free-of-charge, and for those who are too busy before the wedding, they will deliver your gowns to your door by courier and even stay with the bridal party to help them fit their gowns. Also, with winter just around the corner it is useful to remember that Meg’s Tailoring has undercover parking in their Newmarket and Takapuna stores. For more information go to  . Meg’s Tailoring Are Open For All Those Urgent Alterations 2016-02-28T20:28:54Z meg-s-tailoring-are-open-for-all-those-urgent-alterations The friendly and hard-working team at Meg’s Tailoring are experiencing an upsurge in women, (and men) bringing in clothing they had purchased last year which is now too big for them! We can only surmise that they have been living up to their New Year’s resolutions, which is a good thing. It is also a good thing that the Meg’s team are there all year round to offer a wide range of cost effective clothing alterations to deliver perfectly fitted clothes every time. The Meg’s Tailoring team of seamstresses, tailors and machinists are particularly handling urgent alterations of bridal clothing. Also, we have all been guilty of buying a pair of expensive, brand jeans, only to find when we get them home that the waist is too big or the leg is too long. This is ‘bread and butter’ to the experts at Meg’s Tailoring and they love seeing their clients walking out in perfectly fitted jeans. Alterations while you wait! While you wait service! Same day service! Whichever way you put it, the Meg’s team want you to know that no matter what sort of problem garment you bring in to them, they can fix it in a jiffy. Going to an important meeting and the hem of your best skirt has come adrift? Off to a wedding and your trousers are falling down? Sit down, have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and the Meg’s magicians will have you out the door before you know it. Their comprehensive Alterations service is a big part of the Meg’s Tailoring toolbox. They also have a large undercover car park for their patrons, and a New Zealand and Australia wide delivery service. Having worked in Auckland, Sydney and London, the owner Megan Kenny has decades of experience in dressmaking, clothes design and interiors. She has brought together and trained an excellent team of consultants and seamstresses to provide the very best alteration and dressmaking service. Through word of mouth, great service and growing work from leading fashion stores, Meg’s Tailoring quickly moved to larger premises in Newmarket and then opened a further two stores in the City and on the North Shore. The team at Meg’s Tailoring provide excellent service with experience, and there is no job too large or too small and if someone is in a hurry the Megs team can do the job while they wait, same day or next day. If it is not urgent their standard turnaround is four days. For more information please go to  . NZL Store Philosophy Reflected In Their Products 2016-02-21T20:40:21Z nzl-store-philosophy-reflected-in-their-products NZL store is all about interpreting New Zealand in a new light; cinematic prints, candid snapshots, statement t-shirts and accessories; so that others visiting our land can take away a souvenir of something unique that in some way defines their stay. It is also about New Zealand and mythology; allegories of our land in a new light – it’s all about distances, taking the risk, a calling. To come here people travel forward through time, to the end of the earth, where the new day starts. NZL store is about an ethos of uncompromising freedom and individuality, uncovered in unexpected ways, offering a unique range of printed products and artisan gifts for travellers and locals looking for something new and surprising. The NZL store also offers exceptional great gift ideas for homesick Kiwis overseas. The Oxford English dictionary describes an Outlier as a person or thing detached or separated from the main body or system. From this point of view New Zealand could be described as an outlier. 4,000 km east of Australia and about 9000 km west of Chile, New Zealand sits all alone out in the middle of the southern Pacific. As a result of this isolation New Zealanders have developed some interesting traits. Described as having a number eight wire culture, early New Zealanders had to fix machines, clothes, furniture etc. way beyond their useful lives, often using things they could find in their local environment. Number eight wire was plentiful in the farming community and so became the symbol of this self-sufficient attitude. An example of the way NZL’s philosophy reflects their products is their Outlier Tee which replicates this interesting relationship between isolation and the rise of the number eight wire culture. The three dimensional line design looks formed from wire, but also hints at the idea of design drawings. Any new project needs to start with a plan and New Zealand as a new country is still in its formative years revealing a brand new country and culture forming all in physical isolation in the middle of the Pacific. For further information on NZL Store’s products and services, please visit the website at .