The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-05-28T01:12:31Z The Greenwall Company introduce new greening options 2020-05-28T01:12:31Z the-greenwall-company-introduce-new-greening-options The Greenwall Company have been reclaiming the built environment by clothing building facades and indoor spaces for over 30 years. Their signature and patented soilless modular installations can be seen across Australia, with locations including the award-winning Origin Energy head office in Melbourne and the famous Qantas First Class Lounge at Sydney’s International Airport. Following testing and successful installation, The Greenwall Company is releasing their new checkerboard walls, cacti/tree planters and bespoke pot-free outdoor planters. Mark Paul, Horticulturist and founder of The Greenwall Company says, “We’re excited to officially launch the new design options as I feel they will provide real solutions for those looking to green their homes or commercial space. These new designs are really for people or businesses who don’t have the standard blank concrete wall to work with, are looking for something standout or simply have an awkward space or lack of it. “All of our installations, big or small, are planted with our patented soilless media which is made from 94% recycled expanded plastics that would otherwise be destined for Australian landfill. The formulation is so much lighter than soil, even when wet, greatly reducing the structural load and need to reinforce the surface they are being applied to is removed, making life easier, cheaper and environmentally friendly for the client,” said Mark. The Greenwall Company now offer the following designs for residential or commercial installation. All designs are bespoke and created by The Greenwall Company team: Standard Greenwalls: A soil-less vertical garden grown on the surface of a built structure designed to replicate the growing conditions found in nature. Pre-planted modular panels are installed to create a living skin with unlimited design opportunities. Standard size is 2m x 1m, however they can also be custom built to any size. Pseudo Greenwalls: The pseudo greenwall system works on the basic principles of a true greenwall, but with cost advantages. Pockets of inorganic media are used to grow individual plants, as opposed to full panels that support a mass of individual plants. In time, these pockets grow to form a full canopy across the space they are on. Checkerboard Greenwalls: A pattern of greenwall panels arranged in a checkerboard layout, nominal panel size is 620mm x 600mm. This greenwall panel can halve the amount of greenwall surface area. Thus, the cost is also proportionately reduced. This style of greenwall is a creative/colourful adaption of a greenwall. Blade Greenwalls: This is a small slice of greenwall nominally, 200mm x 200mm x 2000mm. This size of greenwall is malleable enough to incorporate green strips within the facade of an existing building. A blade instantly greens a small area adding colour and life to the smallest of spaces EcoPillow Planters: Pre-planted lightweight gabions in bespoke sizes and shapes depending on the area available. Sizes range from the “Coffin” which is 2m x 0.5m x 0.5m, or a cube which is 1m x 0.5m x 0.5m or 1m x 1m x 1m. Perfect for use on balconies, outdoor entertaining spaces and can be easily moved if needed, as they are significantly lighter than a pot full of soil. Greenroofs: Modular in design, the EcoPillow is a pre-grown living roof that offers all the proven benefits of a greenroof while radically reducing risk and cost of the roofing structure. As a pre-grown and fully encased product, the EcoPillow is lightweight, has built-in irritation which reduces the risks from extreme weather conditions, wind scour or rain erosion. These can be planted across the full area, or only planted initially with 50% coverage, again reducing costs but allowing growth to cover the entire space. All of The Greenwall Company’s greening options provide benefits beyond their aesthetic appeal, including reducing the urban heat island effect, improving air quality and general wellbeing of those around them. In Australia, there are over 6,000 species that can be colonised on both rocks (lithophytes) and on trees (epiphytes). COVID-19 FREE HAIR LOSS ADVICE AT 2020-05-19T05:42:30Z covid-19-free-hair-loss-advice-at-hairloss-com-au COVID-19 FREE HAIR LOSS ADVICE  # New free website established to provide hair loss advice during current pandemic. # COVID-19 victims can lose up to 50% of their hair 3 months after they recover.  # Health and well-being is important in managing hair loss and thinning due to COVID-19 restrictions. # Using nutritional supplements and botanical medicine is helpful to support wellness, stress & hair loss. # World’s leading medics combine to give free advice.    World leading dermatologist and hair loss specialist Professor Rod Sinclair has combined with a team of Doctors, Trichologists and Medicos from around the world to establish the website providing free advice and comfort regarding hair loss to victims of the Covid -19 Virus and to those experiencing an increase of anxiety and stress during the current pandemic.    The website explains the technical details behind Febrile Telogen Effluvium (FTE) or acute hair shedding. FTE can result in the victim losing as much as 50% of their hair within 3 months after they recover. The website provides advice regarding treatment and management and the facts.   The website with advice from the Medical hair loss “dream team“ has been created and arranged by Advanced Hair Studio ( AHS) as an informational community website regarding hair loss associated with the COVID-19 virus as a way of giving back and supporting the public. Founder and Chairman of AHS Carl Howell has helped some of the world’s most famous personalities with their hair loss over the last 40 years including cricket legends Shane Warne, Sourav Ganguly, Jacques Kallis, and Graham Gooch as well as AFL stars Brendon Goddard and Ben Cunnington among others. The AHS sports stars are also spreading the serious message about the hair loss website on social media to comfort and assist the public. AHS is in 15 countries worldwide.   TO INTERVIEW CARL HOWELL email or call Max Markson 0412 501 601      Australia's celebrated international beauty queen, Robbie Canner introduces the first of her Ms Australia & New Zealand World 2020 National Finalists 2020-05-18T07:52:38Z australia-s-celebrated-international-beauty-queen-robbie-canner-introduces-the-first-of-her-ms-australia-amp-new-zealand-world-2020-national-finalists Australia's celebrated international beauty queen, Robbie Canner is on the hunt for successors after taking over the reins of the Australian and New Zealand arm of the prestigious international Ms World pageant - and she wishes to introduce her first 15 national finalists! Coming from all walks of life, cultures (Australian indigenous, Fijian, Afghan, Kenyan, Burmese, Filippino, Kiwi - but to name a few!) and backgrounds, Robbie Canner is committed to ensuring the Ms Australia and New Zealand World is an inclusive pageant welcoming and embracing women from all walks of life. "My aim is for all women of Australia and New Zealand to be represented in the World pageant," said Ms Canner. The Australian and New Zealand finals of the internationally-renowned pageant, which were set to be held in May, have been postponed to 28-30 August, 2020 at the Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport Hotel & Conference Centre, and is open to all ladies 26 years and over and of any status. "I decided to take on the role of director because the World pageant has been fantastic for me and I wanted to give back to all ladies 26 and over to have the same opportunities as I have had so the inaugural pageant is here, and with New Zealand so close I decided to have them join so we can grow World," said Ms Canner, who resides in Sydney. The pageant is a charity event for Tour de Cure Australia, and more specifically, the Scott Canner Young Investigator Grant (named after Robbie's late son who lost his battle to non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2011 at the age of 22), which helps fund the research of up-and-coming cancer researchers. More than 750K in grants have been awarded thus far. The Ms World platform is NOWSA - National Organization for Women's Safety Awareness. "The World pageant system is all about the entrant. No platform or charity is a requirement although we welcome entrants to share their chosen charities and platforms with us, if they have one," said Ms Canner. "All the World queens are coming from the US for the gala evening in August 2020, and most of the judges will be international judges." Major sponsor, huntmaster has generously supported the event, offering the four major winners, Ms Australia World and Ms Australia World Elite and Ms New Zealand World and Ms New Zealand World Elite entry to the prestigious Ms World Pageant 2020 from 13-16 October, 2020 in Las Vegas, United States of America as well as accommodation, food, beverages and return economy flights. "I would love all ladies to enter - the more the merrier! Come join us - it’s a fantastic ride," said Ms Canner. During her reign as Ms World 2018/19, Ms Canner proved that age really is just a number, from beating out beauties from 22 different countries aged 26 and up - to walking the prestigious New York Fashion Week in February 2019 as the one of the oldest models to grace the runway. Entries are being accepted now. Entry Form and Pageant Information can be found at this link: For more information, or interview/photo requests, please contact: Joanne Rahn Director zanthii communications Phone: 0402 148 334 Email: Facebook: Darrylin Gordon Halls Creek, WA Ms Australia World 2020 National Finalist Ms Australia World 2020 national finalist, Darrylin Gordon is an Indigenous farmer from Halls Creek in Western Australia's Kimberley region, who came to prominence after her appearance in the Visible Farmer documentary series. The Visible Farmer project put the spotlight on two pressing issues: gender equality and food security, both which are vital for the future of Australia. The goal of the unique documentary series was to change perceptions and inspire new generations of women to help shape the future of Australia's sustainable food production. "I like what the pageant stands for and as an Aboriginal woman, I hope to be able to create understanding and awareness of the issues faced by our First Nations women whilst promoting reconciliation through my representation," said Ms Gordon. "The pageant platform provides a much greater audience where women from all over the country can come together and share our stories, our diversity and our passion that drives us to be the strong women we are, building a strong foundation to advocate for women from all walks of life. "The cause I am most passionate about is advocating for social change for our First Nations people 'Working together for a better future'." Chantelle O'Donohoe 30 years old Sydney, NSW Ms Australia World 2020 National Finalist Chantelle is an inspiration and role model for all. She has a strong passion for raising funds and awareness for children’s medical services as well as children’s education. Being a proud Nukunu Aboriginal woman, Chantelle has a sincere concern for bridging the gap within the education of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians. Chantelle works at a not-for-profit organisation where she shares her knowledge in emerging technologies with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities nationally. Outside of her full-time employment, Chantelle is a mother who raises awareness for social issues and injustices, and is an advocate for several organisations and programs including donating over 600 hours of her personal time to volunteering. Whilst Chantelle is passionate about many causes and loves to volunteer her time, the one cause that particularly concerns her at this time is the increasing gap between the education of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians. Particularly within the STEM related subjects of maths, science, technology and engineering. Throughout Chantelle's career, she has been lucky to now find herself in a position where she is able to give back to this cause and put systems and workshops in place to assist in ‘closing the (educational) gap’. After years of researching how to best assist, she found herself taking on a role to teach emerging Technology skills to mob in community all over our beautiful country. Within this role, she teaches skills in caring for country with drones, how to build and code robots, how to preserve culture through digital art, digital storytelling and apps, as well as passing on knowledge on how to open online stories and market themselves which in turn leads them to further independence and becoming self-sufficient in business. She also encourage mob (women particularly) to not only finish High School but also to seek out higher education, and provides them with the pathways available to do so. For 2020, Chantelle has also been issued with an acceptance to the Teachers of STEM initiative and will be returning to University to achieve her Bachelor’s degrees in both Education and Science Engineering. She has a long term plan to continue her work within community and have partnerships in place with the government and local universities to provide assistance and consultation on how to best address the issue of the educational ‘gap’. Maria Perera 29 years old Melbourne, VIC Ms Australia World 2020 National Finalist Maria is a female director/CEO in civil construction. She comes from a legal background and working in construction was not at all a planned event. In fact, not a lot of people were supportive of her move at the time given not many women were in that specific field. In 2015, Maria fell into construction and built her company from the ground up. She is now an ambassador for women in construction, and industry mentor at RMIT University for female students entering male-dominated industries. Maria has been featured as a Top 100 Woman in construction, and was a speaker at the Sydney Build Expo 2020 on to the topic of diversity in construction, and has also been confirmed as a speaker at the forthcoming Tedx Sydney event. Maria's goal is to promote diversity and female empowerment and uses any available platform to collaborate, and empower, other women. Cole Sialeipata 27 years old Central Coast, NSW Ms New Zealand World 2020 National Finalist Cole Sialeipata was born and raised in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, and unlike many others, Cole has experienced a number of things in her short 28 years of life most wouldn’t think was possible to continue life from - domestic violence, sexual assault, homelessness and much more. Cole lived in Christchurch for most of her life until Christchurch was struck with the traumatic 7.1 Earthquake in 2010. Losing almost everything in a short amount of minutes including her life which happened to be saved after deciding to sleep the other way around that night where a TV crushed her feet instead of her head, Cole decided to leave New Zealand and pursue an internship at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida for seven months. With the second earthquake in 2011 leaving next to nothing, Cole had nothing to go back to and decided not to get on her flight back home to New Zealand, and instead stayed in Australia to pursue a whole new beginning. This beginning didn’t start off to the greatest but with everything Cole always found the silver lining in things. Cole was homeless, unable to find employment or a safe place to stay. Cole made her way to the Central Coast of New South Wales to a friends' house she had met in the United States who offered her a place to stay. From there, Cole found employment and was able to save and get her own little shoebox apartment and start her life journey. Cole worked in various community sector roles, however still felt like there was something missing in her career and life. Cole eventually got employed by local NGO Coast Shelter working as a support worker for homeless youth. A light lit up in Cole and it was then her passion for her community ignited. Cole has studied her Diploma in Community Service, Homelessness Services and Mental Health. For the past five years, Cole has been actively helping her community at work but also voluntarily. Conducting fundraising events, food drives, social groups, mentorships roles in high schools, and recently joined Women’s Justice Network. Cole has been recognised by the NSW government for her community development achievements and was nominated for the 7News Young Achiever awards for 2020. Cole has raised over $20,000 for her community, and is also the founder of Charity Project Aria and has launched her first pilot program to equip disadvantaged women with various skills who have experienced domestic violence. The program has been designed to help and support women to reintegrate back into their communities better equipped after leaving DV environments. As a Ms New Zealand World 2020 national finalist, Cole hopes to encourage women to be nothing less than themselves in their own beautiful way. Women, just like flowers, trees, the ocean and a rainbow, they have their own beauty. Nicole Smith 50 years old Gold Coast, QLD Ms Australia World 2020 National Finalist “Have courage and be kind”, These are Cinderella’s words that Nicole Smith tries to live by everyday. Nicole studied dance on the Gold Coast in Australia and at Michigan State University in the USA, before gaining for her teacher’s qualification in London, England. She was a teacher and then co-director within the Gold Coast Ballet in the late 80's up until 1995. Besides dance, Nicole was also involved in many theatre productions in Australia. She also works extremely hard everyday in her professional career as a Registered Nurse. Nicole started a not-for-profit dance studio called "Terricky Dancers" in Rural Western Australia in 2009. The dance school gave many local and indigenous children free or highly subsidised dance classes. During this time Nicole became involved in her first pageant called "The Boab Quest". Nicole placed 2nd runner up after raising $15,200. This money was used to buy sports equipment and to provide breakfast programs for children who would otherwise have gone to school hungry. After the passing of her husband in 2012, Nicole and her daughter Rebekah found pageantry again. Nicole helped her daughter Rebekah compete in Australia, England, France and the United States. Nicole knew she wanted to do more to help and give back to the community. She wanted to speak out about causes she is passionate about such as the Haemophilia Foundation of Queensland. Because of this, Nicole is so excited to take her experience as performer, dance teacher and pageant mother to the next step of competing in the Ms Australia World and Ms New Zealand World pageant. She believes the pageant world is filled with people dedicated to making improvements in themselves and the world around them every day, and she strives to be one of those people. Em Hardwicke 45 years old Jindabyne (Snowy Mountains), NSW  Ms Australia World 2020 National Finalist Em Hardwicke of regional New South Wales, was motivated to enter the inaugural Ms Australia & Ms New Zealand World 2020 pageant to raise funds for cancer research and and finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes, and also to advocate for women's safety, anti-bullying and suicide prevention. Em spent years in an emotionally abusive relationship without even realising it, but considers herself one of the lucky ones. Em has always believed that every woman and every person has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. She believes no woman deserves to be sexually, physically, mentally or emotionally abused or assaulted. No woman deserves to be disrespected or mistreated. Em wants to be part of the change and use her voice to share the National Organzation for Women’s Safety Awareness (NOWSA) message, vision and mission of educating and advocating for social change. "As a mother to a nearly 6 year old boy, I strongly believe I have a responsibility to teach my son that mistreating and/or disrespecting a woman in any way, at any age or in any circumstance is unacceptable," said Em. "I also want to instil in him a strength to not stand by and watch someone being mistreated or abused. I want to teach him to use his voice and speak up for someone who may not feel they have a voice of their own. By teaching our children, our sons, to treat women with respect from an early age and to encourage our fathers, brothers, uncles and friends to lead by example, only then can we expect to see things change." "Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced." James Baldwin. Analieze Bella Newton 51 years old Sydney, NSW  Ms Australia World 2020 National Finalist Analieze entered her first national pageant at 49 years of age after seeing Mrs Earth Australia 2017, Suzi Dent on Channel 7’s Sunrise proudly talking about her experience. Analieze came across the Miss Diamond Australia pageant, which was promoted as being different to other pageants. There were no age, height or weight restrictions, and it was based in Brisbane, Australia. Analieze entered Miss Diamond Australia in 2017, and was crowned Miss Diamond Australia Classic 2018 in April 2018 at 50 years of age. Analieze has used pageantry as a platform to advocate for diabetes, being a sufferer herself, and has even had toes amputated due tp the illness. She is an incredible humanitarian, spending all her time raising awareness for Charity and helping at homeless feeds. As an adult, Analieze was a single mother for many years; she might not have been homeless but she has experienced having to line up for food vouchers at charity organisations to be able to feed herself and sometimes needed help to have her dues paid. These were not her happiest years but by having been in this situation herself where she needed help she realises how important it is to be able to give back and help people less fortunate. Prior to pageantry, Analieze was a lost soul, a ghost. pageantry has changed her life, she now sits on the judging panel at pageants around Australia and the world, and is a bit of a celebrity. Analieze migrated to Australia from the Philippines at the age of 18 and resides in West Ryde in New South Wales, Australia. She works as a legal secretary, and is a proud mother to her son, Sean. Pan Sandar Myint 28 year old Sydney, NSW Ms Australia World 2020 National Finalist Pan Sandar Myint was born in Myanmar with Rohingya Burmese background. Pan graduated high school with 92% and gained entrance to study Medicine in 2008. But Pan still pursued to study abroad because of not getting equal human rights for being Rohingya in Myanmar. Pan graduated with a Diploma of Business at TAFE in 2010 which led her to finish her Accounting degree within two years & six months. After working in the accounting industry for a while, Pan realised the professional didn't suit her friendly & bubbly personality so she decided to change careers and now enjoys a successful career in the migration industry. Coming from the most prosecuted ethnic “Rohingya” in the 21st century, Pan strongly advocates on following the path of tolerance to save humanitarian value. Due to her strong passion of humanitarian rights, Pan was awarded a scholarship from Change the World United Nations as a delegate of Angola for the 2019 Path Of Tolerance campaign held at NYU University (Abu Dhabi). With no experience in modelling, fashion or beauty pageanty, Pan joined the Ms World Australian pageant as a platform to advocate equal human rights and to save humanitarian value by following the path of tolerance. Due to Pan's strong advocacy for Equal Rights of her Rohingya Community, she has appeared on several news media outlets (SBS Australia Burma, Friends World TV, Radio Free Air Asia and Pak Awaaz). Pan is extremely grateful to represent Australia by enjoying priceless moments with her beautiful pageant family, their strong support & love. Diana Omuoyo Sydney, NSW Ms New Zealand World 2020 National Finalist Diana is a Kenyan native and over the last 16 years has lived in the United States and New Zealand, moving to Sydney, Australia in 2019. She works as an IT Solution Engineer and as a woman of colour in Tech is a minority in a predominantly male-oriented field. Her love for Math and Technology is what drives her passion for sharing her knowledge and experiences in the field. She has co-founded and partnered with programs that support Science Technology Engineering and Math [STEM] in schools and colleges, mentoring and coaching others on these topics and educating them on the various career options in these fields.Often the ‘odd one out’ and having to navigate through a lot of the stereotypes and biases, she has endured bullying at work and the struggles of having to prove herself. This is a sentiment shared by a lot of other women and minorities in Tech. By establishing, contributing and sharing on Tech forums and platforms, she aspires to be one of the voices that inspires and supports not only those wanting to join the industry but also motivate those currently in it to continue on.Another passion of hers stems from the kindness & generosity she felt when she first moved to New Zealand with no family or friends. Her involvement & engagement with the community gave her that sense of belonging. It is because of this that she often volunteers for a broad spectrum of causes as her way of participating, supporting & giving back to the community. She learnt that every little gesture that helps spread positivity, togetherness and that brightens another’s day is always worth it.She joined the Ms. New Zealand World Pageant to continue to share her experiences and raise awareness for worthy causes. She stands with the women and minorities in the STEM fields - in pursuit of knowledge and strength to learn and grow because “The journey starts from within”. Katie Mouser 37 year old Canberra, ACT Ms Australia World 2020 National Finalist Katie joined the Ms Australia World 2020 pageant because she wanted to set herself a challenge in 2020; not only to improve and better herself, but also to find a way to provide more exposure to causes which she feels passionately about, and wish she could do more for, on both a national and international stage. Katie also loves the idea of building new networks, and forming new connections & friendships; supporting on another on their journeys. Katie hopes to represent to the nation (and internationally), a genuine, successful and mindful modern woman; capable of achieving whatever she sets her mind to regardless of age, ability or experience. During the pageant (and at Ms World if she were to win nationally), Katie intends to work with her fellow women to engage their communities and increase awareness of their platforms; not only by example, but also utilising the exposure a national and/or world title presents them with media and community options for raising support. As a child, Katie grew up in another country, and when she came back to Australia, she felt displaced, uncertain and anxious. As she worked to overcome this, Katie decided that where it was within her power, she never wanted another person to feel that way. Katie discovered she had a natural talent for forging solid, long-lasting friendships and relationships with almost everyone that she came across, something which continues today. This assists Katie greatly in gaining much needed support for causes she is passionate about, but also gives her a solid and trusted foundation to help others who may confide in her, or ask for her help, to provide them with honest, genuine and humble assistance. Katie takes great pride in her resilience; and is thankful to be supporting NOWSA through the Ms World system. As a survivor of domestic violence, experienced first-hand at a young age, she is wholeheartedly behind an organisation which aims to keep women safe. Katie is also incredibly grateful to be supporting Tour De Cure as Ms Australia World's charity platform at a national level; Cancer has affected many people she cares about, has stolen some too soon, and left it's own mark in her life, not only in her heart and mind, but also having had a cervical cancer scare herself. Katie is proud to be participating in a pageant surrounded by beautiful, genuine and kind women, each of them accepted for being their true selves along their journeys alongside each other. Leila Beikmohammadloei 47 years old Brisbane, QLD Ms Australia World 2020 National Finalist Leila is competing in the Ms Australia World 2020 pageant because she believes that each and every single one of us has a voice. She believes everyone has a story (or stories) to tell which consist of our experiences and locations, our hopes and aspirations and how they have shaped us into who we are and how we live our lives; be it by choice or by circumstance. Leila is coming from a very male-dominated society, and suffered two decades of domestic violence, ending up with a domestic violence order for two years. She is a domestic violence survivor, and is very proud of how she strongly cut toxic relationships from her life and environment to save her children and herself. Leila dared herself to improve upon and build her self-confidence by venturing outside her comfort zone; she dared herself to connect with people and help them when they needed to be helped. She dreamed of partnering and collaborating with World Vision, and organisation sharing her vision of supporting and helping others, particularly children and women. She wants to show all women around the world to be proud of their identity, values, themselves of who they are and what they believe in. She believes in herself and she will be successful at accomplishing the challenges she has set herself, dreams and goals. Challenging and developing herself feels like the sky is the limit! Suzzaan Kakar Melbourne, VIC Ms Australia World 2020 National Finalist Suzzaan Kakar describes herself as an Australian-Afghan village girl. She was born in Kunduz, Afghanistan and was four years old when she lost my father in the Afghanistan war, Suzzaan's father was a rich man and head of the city, her mother was an educated woman but she was not allowed to work, so she was helping women at home. In Dasht Harchi, there was no women's jail, so the Government would send them to Suzzaan's father to be under his restriction. After her father was killed, she and her family found refuge in Pakistan. Her mother had a teaching job, and was looking after the family without any other financial support. As a result, they had no food to eat, and until coming to Australia, didn’t have a fridge to keep water in 50 degree heat. Suzzaan came to Australia by humanitarian refugee visa and her Aunty helped to bring the family to Australia, but in her young age, she had to work hard to help the rest of family, brothers and sisters in Pakistan. Suzzaan started her journey in Australia studying the English language, and then a Diploma in Accounting and a Bachelor's degree in fashion - and she continues to study at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne. Suzzaan is single (never married), speaks four languages - Pashto, Dari, Urdu, English, is a model and fashion designer and stylist with dreams to start her own label incorporating old village fabrics into modern fashion. Suzzaan is also an animal rights activist and hopes to use her pageanty platform to raise awareness of this cause. Jasmine Farlow 30 years old Newcastle, NSW Ms Australia World 2020 National Finalist Introducing Jasmine Farlow - Ms Australia world 2020 national finalist This Sydney born queen has resided in many places up and down the east coast of Australia, experiencing a lot of what this great land has to offer. Jasmine's history in pageantry is a vast one, competing for over a decade she has earned a handful of Australian titles but believes that “we never stop learning or growing” so continues to stay within the pageant community. Since her first competition she has branched out to direct not one, but three different systems, all in the hopes of providing women a platform for self growth. In an effort to encourage others to shine, Jasmine has also coached many pageant students, some who have gone on to hold international titles themselves. Throughout her journey of self growth, Jasmine has never lost her love for animals but rather has been able to build a network to help support the rehoming and rehabilitation of our animal friends. This has become her passion and her career path. Jasmine is currently pursuing this path in animal care through undertaking studies, working at an animal farm and volunteering, or raising funds for pets and wildlife operations including Sea shelter and the RSPCA through which she was able to adopt her wild born Dingo, Diego. It is Jasmine's hope that gaining her vet nursing qualifications along with building a small sanctuary to house canines who are at the end of their rope, and have no where else to turn, may lead to teaching others a greater appreciation and respect for the animal kingdom. “We as humans need to nurture our animal friends, not fear them or abuse them. One act of kindness towards an animal in need might not change the world but it will change the world for them, and that is powerful” Tulip Goujon 44 years old Sydney, NSW Ms New Zealand World 2020 National Finalist Tulip Goujon is a mother of four children who had never considered joining a pageant as she always focussed her time on her children and their education. However Tulip believes taking up this journey has introduced her to some amazing, encouraging and beautiful queens who are all proud representatives of their cultures, people and homelands. Tulip has a big heart for her community and people. She enjoys taking part in sports such as marathon running and gym bootcamps, and has participated in many charity events. One of her favourite being a boxer for a match which raised funds for families who were in need of everyday necessities. She strongly believes in independence and that education is the key to success. Tulip's passion for fashion has always been a part of her. She used to work and organise promotions for promotional models and was in-charge of events for special occasions organised by Sydney West Multicultural. Tulip holds highly the value of respect, not only for other people but towards herself also. She enjoys uplifting and empowering other women and hopes her journey in this pageant leads her to other like-minded and strong leaders. Sandy Nand 45 years old Sydney, NSW Ms New Zealand World 2020 National Finalist Growing up on the tropical islands of Fiji, Sandy comes from a family of educators, and has lived with five brothers and two sisters She was very close to her father who was her idol, and he always believed that she would one day make him proud. After his passing away, Sandy moved to New Zealand making "the land of the long white cloud" her home where she grew her own little family. From being a banker to running a household and looking after her kids, she invested in properties. Ten years ago, she moved closer to her family in Brisbane and called Australia her home. She’s been a banker most of her life, and her career has not stopped her living her dreams She stands up for domestic violence, not only for women, but for men as well. Sandy believes that if a relationship is not working, one must learn to let go and move on. Sandy believes in this day and age there are so many ways to be independent. Apart from this, she believes in charity. Often very shy, she doesn’t mention her charities to the world as part of her father's teaching was not to brag about what one does for humanity. Here she is today learning still. Miracle cream cures Psoriasis in 7 days 2020-05-05T07:48:03Z miracle-cream-cures-psoriasis-in-7-days An Australian lady has been cured of her Psoriasis in just 7 days after months of trying different chemical-based treatments that did not work and if anything made her skin worse!  Sally suffered for the last 6 months and was desperate to find a solution. One month after using antibiotics A family member saw our post on the Face Book page Australian Made Products, where over 1,600,000 Australians share their favourite Australian Made and Owned products, Sally, being skeptical but hopeful, then decided to purchased the Grahams Natural Psoriasis Cream and within 1 week her Psoriasis was cured and no sign of the condition that had haunted her for months was has now disappeared. One day after using Grahams Natural Psoriasis Cream Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease which can be very debilitating for the 2 million plus Australian sufferers. This is a very heart-warming story that Sally wanted to share with us and the rest of Australia since she received such amazing results so quickly. Hand Care Should Be Everyone’s Primary Concern Right Now 2020-05-04T05:32:08Z hand-care-should-be-everyone-s-primary-concern-right-now From the very start of the Coronavirus pandemic, the recommendation to wash our hands more often – and the correct way – was rightfully touted as one of the most important methods for preventing virus transmission. “But there’s a crucial next step that hasn’t received as much attention – or any attention at all”, says Mel Driver, Director of Embalm Skincare. “Keeping your skin moisturised to prevent the kind of cracking and micro-tears that could make you more susceptible to COVID-19”. If you don’t rehydrate, then ironically, washing your hands frequently could, indirectly, be putting you at higher risk. The skin on our hands is particularly thin, and with the excessive use of hand washes and hand sanitizers, problems such as dryness, irritation, peeling and cracking easily arise. You should never miss the chance to treat your hands to some much-needed TLC, but now it’s more important than ever. Here’s to ensure you’ve got your hand care routine mastered: On a ‘normal’ day the advise would be not to over-wash hands but during this crisis, our hands are constantly being washed as it’s the best defence against Coronavirus, germs and bacteria. But the constant washing of hands can strip the skin of natural oils, drying our skin out even further in the process.  As much as possible opt for a non-aggressive liquid soap, and watch the water temperature; keep it warm as opposed to hot to prevent additional skin dryness. Re-apply hand cream after hand washing to moisturise, nourish and protect. Wear gloves as much as possible, while doing dirty tasks such as cleaning the house, doing the dishes, gardening, washing the dog or the even the car. Steam mask. Give your hands steam mask when doing the dishes. Slather your hands in hand cream before putting on the dish washing gloves. The hot water in the sink will create something like a steam-like hand treatment, leaving your hands super soft. This also allows for the nourishing ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin. Exfoliate. Just as exfoliating face and body, it’s also beneficial to do the same on your hands. Exfoliate with a gentle scrub to remove the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal fresh skin underneath. Be careful not to exfoliate sore, cracked or burning skin. Build a barrier. Reward your hands with indulgent, nourishing creams. If you make sure you’ve got only one thing in your handbag, let it be hand cream. Travel-friendly creams will enable you to moisturise your hands anywhere and at any time they need a hit of hydration. Hand cream forms a barrier against the drying effects of alcohol-based hand sanitisers, and when reapplied throughout the day, will guarantee soft and nourished skin. Gently massaging into the skin each time can also help with circulation while warming up your hands. Overnight hand mask. Just like our face, hands need some extra attention from time to time. Treating yourself to a hand mask once a week can help to amp up hydration, ensuring your hands are in tip-top condition. Apply a generous amount of hand cream just before bed and put on some cotton gloves to allow overnight repair and hydration. Don’t forget about nourishing those nails and cuticles. Massage the cream into your cuticles before you slip on those gloves.  -END- About Embalm Skincare: Embalm Skincare is an Australian hypoallergenic skincare range for busy mums with sensitive skin. The range has won multiple awards and certifications including being PETA certified cruelty-free and vegan.Embalm Skincare’s range of face and body care products is available to buy online at Hydrate and repair brittle heat-styled hair with Mafura & Baobab Oils 2020-05-03T23:36:38Z hydrate-and-repair-brittle-heat-styled-hair-with-mafura-baobab-oils After sneaking into the market recently, SheaMoisture are excited to announce that the new Manuka Honey & Yogurt Hydration + Repair collection is proving to be a star performer and taking out awards already. The new shampoo, conditioner and treatments are formulated to repair each strand of hair by reducing breakage on heat-styled hair by up to 76%* when used as a collection. Featuring certified organic shea butter, manuka honey, yogurt extract and mafura oil, this ultra hydrating collection smoothes rough, dry cuticles, fights split ends and restores vitality to dull, lacklustre hair, resulting in hair feeling stronger and more resilient. The new addition to the growing SheaMoisture brand in Australia is perfect over processed and heat styled hair. Erica Galea, Chemcorp International Marketing Manager says, “All of the products in the SheaMoisture range are free from parabens, phthalates, parrafin, mineral oil, DEA, petroleum, formaldehyde, propylene and sulfates. Each of the recipes have been handed down from Sofi Tucker, a healer and the founder of the brand over 100 years ago. Today her family are still working with the brand to keep the heritage and her memory alive.” Key Ingredients: Manuka Honey: This natural and organic ingredient draws in and seals moisture plus boosts shine. Yoghurt Extracts: Add nourishing moisture and strengthen hair. Mafura Oil: Softens and promotes healthy-looking hair. Products in the SheaMoisture Hydrate & Repair collection include: SheaMoisture Hydrate + Repair Shampoo | RRP $19.99 This sulfate-free shampoo gently cleanses while infusing hair with intensive moisture, reconstructive proteins and shine enhancing nutrients. Formulated with certified organic Shea Butter, ultra-moisturising Manuka Honey and Yogurt in a reparative formula to restore moisture and transform coarse hair, improving smoothness, texture and manageability. SheaMoisture Hydrate + Repair Conditioner | RRP $19.99 This rinse-out conditioner instantly detangles while infusing hair with intensive moisture, reconstructive proteins and shine-enhancing nutrients. Formulated with certified organic Shea Butter, ultra-moisturising Manuka Honey and Yogurt in a reparative formula to condition and smooth dry cuticles, resulting in reduced frizz and breakage prevention. SheaMoisture Hydrate + Repair Protein Power Treatment | RRP $24.99 SheaMoisture’s Manuka Honey & Yogurt Hydrate + Repair Protein-Strong Treatment with Mafura & Baobab Oils is powered by reparative proteins and butters, in a nutrient rich strengthening cream to naturally reinforce and revitalise over-processed, abused hair fibers. Certified organic Shea Butter, ultra-moisturising Manuka Honey and Yogurt in a deep conditioning formula that fortifies weak strands, combating breakage and split ends to leave hair looking smooth and healthy. SheaMoisture Hydrate + Repair Multi-Action Leave-In | RRP $24.99 Certified organic Shea Butter, reparative Manuka Honey and Yogurt blend together in a lightweight treatment that fortifies hair with strand supporting proteins in a natural protective layer, while fighting frizz and the appearance of split ends. Ideal for hair that is prone to breaking, snapping or splitting. No Mineral Oil · No Parabens · No Phthalates · No Propylene Glycol · No Sulfates · No Animal Testing The new SheaMoisture Hydrate + Repair products are available now at select Priceline stores nationwide and via About SheaMoisture In 1912, Sofi Tucker believed she could build something better for the next generation. A widowed mother at just 19, and the originator of what has become SheaMoisture. Recipes have been handed down, tested and proven for over four generations. Pioneering fair trade through Community Commerce in Africa and abroad SheaMoisture applies local expertise and gives back 10% of sales to women-led businesses, supporting those who supply the brand with their produce and women in the community through The Sofi Tucker Foundations. As a company, SheaMoisture strives to stay true to their roots giving back to their community and fighting poverty. For more information, hi-res imagery or product samples, contact 360 PR: Lisa Solomons – 0416 175 518 – 360 PR announce Free PR Day support service for Australian Businesses 2020-04-28T00:45:46Z 360-pr-announce-free-pr-day-support-service-for-australian-businesses In response to the changing needs of businesses due to COVID-19, Sydney’s boutique PR and communications agency 360 PR has today launched their new monthly ‘Free PR Day’ support service. Created to assist Australian brands, services and expert influencers, the first 20 businesses to register for the complimentary support service will receive a one-off, obligation-free 30 minute strategy session with PR experts on how to leverage current PR opportunities, adapt current strategies and start planning beyond COVID-19. Lisa Solomons, Founder & Director of 360 PR says, “Over the past month we have seen the world of PR and influencer engagement change once again. Brands, particularly with online stores and services, have the ability to stay relevant and deliver results. It all comes down to how you pivot your strategy and adapt to the changing at-home needs of media and influencers.” Free PR Day is open to all sizes of businesses, big and small, or even start-ups who have an innovative solution or new service to offer Australian businesses or families during this time and beyond. Each strategy session will include: Review of current status and key challenges faced How your brand/expertise solves a problem and making it relevant at present Determine key messages to maximise awareness by acknowledging COVID-19 Important channels to play now based on target audience and changed consumer behaviours Content ideas brainstorm Actionable steps to take immediately “How do we know PR can work at a time like this you may ask? We have the proof. We have seen one of our longest standing Australian beauty brands featured across the online channels of the major networks and beauty websites, Instagram stories of key influencers and social pages with links to buy. This has resulted in a significant increase in sales with product lines now out of stock both online and in major retailers,” says Lisa. Free PR Day Date: Thursday, 7 May 2020 Time: By appointment – available to first 20 applicants only Location: Zoom meeting – details to be provided on confirmation How to register: Submit your brief via our website – first in best dressed! “We want to do our bit to help give back, so what better way than do what we do best and offer our services, tips and advice to as many Australian businesses as we can. If it helps to keep a business afloat and people employed, it’s time well spent for us,” adds Lisa. For further information, to register or speak with Lisa Solomons from 360 PR, please contact: Rachel King – or 0423 833 814 Australians ‘hungry’ for beauty product recycling, Edible Beauty delivers 2020-04-18T20:24:33Z australians-hungry-for-beauty-product-recycling-edible-beauty-delivers Luxury skincare brand, Edible Beauty, has today announced a new recycling program for their own line of ‘edible’ beauty products in partnership with TerraCycle. The Edible Beauty Recycling Program allows Australians to collect and ship all their Edible Beauty product packaging to TerraCycle who will then turn them into new products.   Additionally, for every kilogram of waste collected in the program, recyclers will earn $1 towards the school or charity of their choice.  Edible Beauty founder, Anna Mitsios, says sustainable packaging has always been a priority, alongside the brands’ commitment to using quality and ethical ingredients.   “Edible Beauty is thrilled to ensure our consumers are now able to dispose of all our packaging in an environmentally responsible manner.” “We are proud to announce that our products, as well as being made from Australian wildcrafted plants, cruelty-free and vegan, now come in 100% recyclable packaging too,” said Ms Mitsios. Jean Bailliard, General Manager of TerraCycle Australia, said the program highlights a real demand for recycling options within the beauty industry. “Many people aren’t aware of the difficulties in recycling beauty products. Dark or black coloured plastic, for example, isn’t able to be recycled in traditional material recovery facilities; this is where we step in.” “Once we receive the items, we will sort, shred and melt them down into plastic pellets to be used in the manufacture of new products such as garden beds, park benches and even playgrounds. This helps us to go from a linear to a circular economy,” said Mr Bailliard. To join the program, Australians simply visit, create a TerraCycle account and then start collecting all their empty Edible Beauty products from home. Accepted in the program are: droppers, pumps and spray closures; plastic tubes and containers, sachets and tea refill pouches; and masks (including packaging). Violet glass packaging is conditionally accepted according to local council.    Skin Care Tips Every Guy Should Know Before Making Purchase 2020-04-15T08:54:45Z skin-care-tips-every-guy-should-know-before-making-purchase Are you looking for information about facial care for men? You are at the right place of exploration. Research says, there are thousands of men that search on the Best Skin Care Products For Men across the web. In this between, many of them end up with gimmick products. Don’t be one of them who spend much on a skincare product, just read this guideline before making the purchase.   When it comes to figuring out the right skin care product, men always end up with random product and its results in something horrible. Always prefer to buy the Best Face Cream For Men that suits your skin type. Because, there are variations in brand, and product you are going to choose for the routine use. As a dermatologist, here I recommend a few things you should keep in mind before making the purchase.   If you want to improve the skin then there are certain things you should keep into mind. What are they? Let’s look into them.   First & foremost, understand the skin type: Sensitive skin type: you may get affected after the usage of the product Oily skin type: the skin type is shiny and greasy Dry skin type: this skin type is itchy and rough Normal skin type: the skin type is clear and not much sensitive Dry & oily skin type: this one is dry in some area and oily in a certain area   Once you understand the skin type, you need to select the skin care product that is perfect for you. Go through the below tips: Always include product labels The skin care products you are going to choose will simply depend upon the type of skin you are choosing. Check out the skin at a starting level. Do you have an acne problem? If you have then you should look for moisturizer or cleanser that is oil-free. If you have sensitive skin then using the mild and fragrant product would be perfect for the usage.   Wash the face after you exercise The usage of regular soap usually contains harsh ingredients that can affect the dry skin. To come out from this, you need to wash the face at least twice in a day with lukewarm water and with the usage of cleanser.   Include the shaving technique Men usually make use of multiple bladed razors for shaving closely to the skin. In such case, if you found razor burns or bumps then you should make use of double-bladed razor instead of any other. Before you start to shave, it would become important to shave and keep the skin wet. Try to moisturize the skin with the usage of shaving cream.   You need to moisturize on a daily basis The moisturizer will work perfectly by water trapping in the skin. This will simply reduce the fine line appearance and make the skin look younger than before. If you want a good result then you should apply moisturizer to the body and face just after a bath. The cruelty free and vegan-friendly professional strength antioxidant facial serum 2020-04-14T23:20:01Z the-cruelty-free-and-vegan-friendly-professional-strength-antioxidant-facial-serum The cruelty free and vegan-friendly professional strength antioxidant facial serum Made in Australia and free from synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, parabens & silicones MEDIA RELEASE - APRIL 2020 Introducing Anthogenol® Anti-Ageing Facial Serum, the professional strength antioxidant skin treatment formulated to help combat the visible signs of daily oxidative stress such as fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness and uneven skin tone. A powerful antioxidant and protector of collagen integrity, Anthogenol® Anti-Ageing Facial Serum works to combat skin ageing and has been clinically proven to improve skin brightness, increase skin hydration and significantly decrease severity of skin pigmentation*. Marketing Manager of Phytologic, Emily Macgregor, says, “Day to day our skin is exposed to triggers of oxidative stress. As a result, our skin is the first part of the body to display visible signs of ageing. Collagen damage, reduced skin elasticity, pigmentation, redness and fine lines and wrinkles are just some of the outcomes from free radical damage. While no one can avoid ageing altogether, we can all prevent the signs of premature ageing by using proven skin treatments such as Anthogenol®.” Free radical damage can be caused by stress, both emotional and physical, lifestyle factors such as smoking or excess alcohol intake and environmental factors such as pollution, chemical and sun exposure. “There have been multiple clinical trials investigating and proving the benefits of the patented Grape Seed extract in Anthogenol® Facial Serum. We are proud to present an anti-ageing skin solution that is not only proven to reduce the visible signs of ageing but is also Australian made,” adds Emily. Formulated for both day and night use, the lightweight, bioactive formula absorbs quickly to leave skin feeling plumper, with improved texture and appearance for a revitalised complexion. Key benefits: Clinically proven active ingredient MASQUELIER’s® Original OPCs. Powerful antioxidant action to help skin recover faster from free radical damage. Protects collagen and elastin in the skin. Helps maintain healthy skin following exposure to UV rays. Helps reduce signs of skin ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles or pigmentation. Made in Australia from vegan friendly ingredients and not tested on animals. Contains premium grade natural essential oils. Free from synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, parabens, silicones and harsh detergents. Directions for use: Dispense a pea-sized amount of serum onto the palm of the hand and smooth evenly over the face and neck in an upward and outward motion. For optimum results, use every morning and evening after cleansing and before moisturising. Anthogenol® Anti-Ageing Facial Serum with Masquelier’s® Original OPCs is available now for RRP $99.95 in store at Chemist Warehouse or online at or * ‘2019 clinical trial results from sample size of 40 healthy women 30-50 years of age’, Rao, A. Anthogenol for Skin Health Dec 2019. About Anthogenol: Anthogenol is a proud tribute to the remarkable legacy of Professor Jack Masquelier, who helmed a scientific breakthrough in 1948 when he successfully isolated the powerful antioxidants Oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs). OPCs are not able to be made by the human body, nor can they be synthetically produced. Professor Masquelier developed an exacting, patented method to extract this powerful antioxidant, which lead to the development of Anthogenol® – a highly refined form of Grape Seed extract that cannot be compared to any other on the market. For more information, hi-res imagery, product samples or to interview Emily, please contact 360 PR: Lisa Solomons – 02 9571 4448 – 0416 175 518 – 5 reasons to choose natural and organic lip balms 2020-04-14T00:18:45Z 5-reasons-to-choose-natural-and-organic-lip-balms-1 Have you noticed that your hands and lips are starting to dry up? With the change of season bringing cooler and dryer conditions, coupled with many Australians now in self-isolation, it’s a combination to wreak havoc with your skin. Thanks to Pure Planet Club, their new range of organic, plastic-free and recyclable packaged collection of lips balms can be delivered safely to your door. Christina Kjaergaard, Commercial Manager, Pure Planet Club says, “For us as a brand it’s all about providing plastic-free solutions for everyday products. So, our new lip balms are encased in handcrafted, plastic free, compostable packing, made from 100% uncoated PCW paper. “Our lip balm collection is also USDA certified organic and contains all natural ingredients including shea and cocoa butter, beeswax, sunflower oil and antioxidant rich vitamin E to moisturise and hydrate the skin,” adds Christina. Pure Planet Club’s top five reasons to choose natural and plastic-free lips balms include: 1. Eco-friendly beauty: Non-organic lip balms have been known to contain harmful ingredients to the environment including petroleum-based products whereas organic lip balms only contain natural components. 2. Skin health: Organic lip balms such as ours contain vitamins and antioxidants that actually improve the health of your lips due to the nourishment they deliver. 3. Zero waste: By going organic, you are likely purchasing a product that isn’t packaged in plastic and destined for landfill such as our compostable, callipo style packaging. 4. Good for your gut: Imagine how much lip balm we ingest over our lifetime! Just as you wouldn’t choose to eat, or drink nasty chemicals, think twice about what you’re putting on your lips on a daily basis. 5. Prevent damage: Natural ingredients in organic lips balms such as beeswax can also act as a barrier to protect your lips from future damage. New Pure Planet Club lips balms are available in packs of three at an RRP of $30.00, delivered to your door. On sale now from About Pure Planet Club: Pure Planet Club are the creators of tree-free and plastic-free toilet paper, household and beauty products. Their mission to save the planet by keeping our forests green and oceans clean began in 2017 with their toilet tissue made from bamboo and sugarcane waste. In 2019 they launched their first beauty products including organic and plastic free lip balms. For more information, product samples, hi-res imagery or to interview Christina Kjaergaard please contact: 360 PR – Lisa Solomons – 0416 175 518 – Top Australian Women’s Online Clothing Boutique The Half Boutique now Offering Free Worldwide Shipping 2020-03-29T13:01:15Z top-australian-women-s-online-clothing-boutique-the-half-boutique-now-offering-free-worldwide-shipping The Half Boutique is a favorite in Australia for its amazing dresses and other fashion pieces for stylish women. Now the store if providing free worldwide online shipping so women across the globe can enjoy the same amazing choices. March 29, 2020 The Half Boutique is something special. The Australia-based women’s online clothing boutique delivers the latest in very much in-demand fashion choices at amazing prices and backed up by customer service that truly cares, building the online store a spotless reputation. Now to make things even more exciting, The Half Boutique is offering free worldwide shipping so women can enjoy shopping at their store no matter where they live across the globe. Shopping to look amazing has rarely been so simple or so much fun. “We love the idea of making our catalog easier to shop for women wherever they may be,” commented a spokesperson from The Half Boutique. “Our style is international and up-to-date and the interest from other countries has always been high, so we imagine this is going to work out very well.” Current popular choices at the online clothing boutique include summer dresses, floral dresses, mini dresses, playsuits and jumpsuits, crop tops and long sleeve tops, skirts, shorts, pants, and much more. The free worldwide shipping is available for all orders over $50. Students get a special 15% off. The reviews for the store never fail to be passionate. Christine M., from Melbourne, said in five-star feedback, “When it is time to buy a dress online, I always turn to The Half Boutique. Absolutely amazing prices, service and most of all dresses. Perfect for school, work, or fun. Totally recommended!” For more information be sure to visit ### NEW SpaScriptions: Conveniently cleanse for a healthy, radiant glow 2020-03-22T23:38:17Z new-spascriptions-conveniently-cleanse-for-a-healthy-radiant-glow Swipe away with NEW cleansing pads from SpaScriptions, designed to remove the days cosmetics and leave your skin feeling refreshed and clean. With four unique treatment types included in the new range, you can quickly remove makeup while also targeting specific skincare concerns. Erica Galea, Marketing Manager of Chemcorp International, says, “SpaScriptions combines nature with science to create beautiful products and tailored skincare solutions designed for specific skin needs. Since the launch of SpaScriptions in Australia back in August 2019, just over 6 months ago, we’ve been overwhelmed by the strong demand for the range. Originally launching with 30 unique facial products, we are proud to be expanding the range with new, innovative additions so soon.” SpaScriptions offers an affordable, easy to use skincare range designed to fit perfectly into your beauty routine with all items priced under $20. Created with a range of key ingredients to target specific skin conditions, each product is pH balanced, hypo-allergenic and not tested on animals. The new SpaScriptions Makeup Remover Pads range includes: Glacier Water + Hyaluronic Acid – Cleansing Pads 80pcs | RRP $9.95 – The Glacier Water with Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Pads remove makeup and daily grime from the face, eyes and décolleté, whilst retaining skin hydration, improving skin elasticity and alleviating the visible signs of skin dryness including fine lines. Gentle enough for daily use and suitable for all skin types. Facial Resurfacing – Peel Pads 60pcs | RRP $9.95 – Gentle, effective treatment pads with Glycolic Acid to help exfoliate the skin and improve texture for a brighter complexion, and Vitamin C to stimulate Collagen production. Regular use of these pads can help to combat skincare concerns including uneven texture, pore size and dullness. Wipe pad across face, neck and décolleté after cleansing. Use 1-2 times a week for best results. Collagen – Eye Makeup Remover Pads 80pcs | RRP $9.95 – Gentle eye makeup remover pads formulated with Collagen to remove makeup whilst helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, revealing healthier looking skin. Smooth over the face, neck and décolleté. These pads promote youthful texture and enhances luminosity in the skin. Suitable for all skin types and free from fragrance, alcohol and oil. Retinol – Eye Makeup Remover Pads 80pcs | RRP $9.95 – These Eye Makeup Remover Pads are infused with Retinol to gently remove makeup whilst helping to minimise wrinkles and rejuvenate skin texture. Helping to combat visible signs of aging and brighten skin tone, skin will be left feeling more radiant and refreshed. Allow 1-2 minutes for retinol to soak into the skin. Free from fragrance, alcohol and oil. The new SpaScriptions Makeup Remover Pads are available now in store at Big W or online at @spascriptions.australia Toilet tissue subscriptions the way to go in 2020 2020-03-19T04:11:28Z toilet-tissue-subscriptions-the-way-to-go-in-2020 Pure Planet Club, Australia’s plastic-free, 3-ply Toilet Tissue made from 100% renewable bamboo and sugarcane, have announced they will be ready to take on new subscribers in the coming weeks. With stock levels set to rise in April, the subscription-based delivery model ensures that no Australian business or household subscribers are without toilet paper now and into the future. Christina Kjaergaard, Commercial Manager at Pure Planet Club says, “Our subscription-based model is the perfect, stress free way to ensure the home or office is stocked with the appropriate supply of toilet paper on an ongoing basis, plus our products are great for the environment. It’s really a matter of set and forget and you can feel good about it at the same time.” All Pure Planet Club Toilet Tissue is also septic-safe, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and BPA-free, making it the most guilt-free toilet tissue available. Unlike conventional toilet paper, which is usually wrapped in plastic, our toilet tissue rolls are individually hand-wrapped in paper, plus our pretty marine-inspired designs look great in any bathroom. Key benefits and security of subscribing to Pure Planet Club toilet tissue deliveries: Never run out of toilet tissue – Sufficient stock levels are maintained for all subscribers. Although the website currently states out of stock, but this is simply for new subscribers, all of the current subscriptions have been accounted for with stock. Choose the sustainable option – Using Pure Planet Club toilet paper saves wiping out 27,000 trees per day as it is tree-free and made from 100% plant-based materials, bamboo and sugarcane waste. Stress free delivery to your door – All Australian subscribers receive free delivery to their door; a 10% discount and delivery timings can be customised to their household or workplace with delivery option from every week to every 20 weeks. Pre-orders for subscribers joining the club in April are now open at Pure Planet Club’s Marine Collection toilet tissue in double length is available now for RRP $52.20 per 36 pack carton on subscription or $58 for one off purchases. Control your coverage with new Custom Complexion range 2020-03-19T00:37:17Z control-your-coverage-with-new-custom-complexion-range Real Techniques is excited to launch their highly anticipated brand new Custom Complexion range in Australia. A combination of innovation and practicality presents the 3-in-1 brushes, the newest essential in every makeup collection. There are three custom complexion brushes to choose from; the complexion, cheek and contour brush, which have three settings installed in the base of the brush. Each click will bring you a whole new brush, serving a different purpose for makeup application. This easy-use brush is perfect for those just starting out in makeup and aren’t sure where to begin. Erica Galea, Marketing Manager at Chemcorp International says, “These new brushes are pioneering the way we do makeup. The 3-in-1 brush means you pay for one brush and get three, and also gives you more space in your makeup bag for the essentials, more makeup of course!” The brushes are made from synthetic bristles that are 100% cruelty free and easy to clean. They are also fully retractable, so perfect throw on your bag for when you are on the go! The new Real Techniques Custom Complexion range: Slide Complexion Brush | RRP $27.99 A foundation and concealer brush. Fully customisable for three different coverages. Use Min for a natural base, Mid for an even medium base or Max for a full coverage. Best used with tinted moisturiser, foundation and concealer. Slide Cheek Brush | RRP $27.99 A blush and highlighter brush. Fully customisable for three different purposes. Use Min for a light flush of colour, Mid for an natural even tone or Max for a vibrant pop of colour. Use with power or cream blush and highlight. Slide Contour Brush | RRP $27.99 A bronzer and contouring brush. Fully customisable for three different finishes. Use Min for an all over blend for the face, Mid for framing of forehead and jawline or Max for sculpting cheekbones. Use with power and/or cream bronzer or contour. The Real Techniques Custom Complexion Range is available now at Priceline stores nationwide or online at