The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-12-11T23:24:20Z P&N Bank Invests in Integrated Data-Driven Services with Dell Boomi 2017-12-11T23:24:20Z p-n-bank-invests-in-integrated-data-driven-services-with-dell-boomi Sydney, Australia – December 12, 2017 – Dell Boomi™ (Boomi) has announced that Perth-based P&N Bank is using Boomi integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) to enable the reliable, secure and synchronised exchange of customer data across the organisation to boost its customer-facing operations. P&N is Western Australia’s largest member-owned bank. It delivers personal and business banking, insurance, and financial planning services to over 90,000 clients. With high volumes of private client, employee and partner information generated by and stored within its internal systems, P&N Bank went to market seeking a versatile integration solution to manage its environment while keeping that data safe. In conjunction with customer relationship management (CRM) consultant and Boomi partner, CRM Online, P&N Bank selected the Boomi platform to connect its various business-critical and bespoke applications, such as loan origination, CRM and lead management, while maintaining the integrity and security of that data. Importantly, Boomi provides P&N Bank with the unique capability to connect on-premise data with cloud-based environments. This aligns with the organisation’s strict security requirements while allowing it to capitalise on the benefits of flexible data synchronisation. “We have a set of business requirements that rely on the exchange of data between several systems, and so we needed an integration solution to make the management of those apps more straightforward,” said Erik Fenna, CIO at P&N Bank. “Boomi’s connectors, simple workflow and style sheet-driven transformation of files gives us the ability to maintain an up-to-date data environment within the confines of our strict security protocols. By introducing the solution, we have a way of keeping data accurate and delivering it to employees managing our client accounts. Since we have confidence our client data is accurate and protected, we can focus on driving value for those clients.” The Boomi platform is being used to underpin P&N Bank’s Work Management System through which tasks are queued and assigned on the basis of priority. This has eliminated a series of manual processes, while also giving employees full visibility into the information required to perform their particular roles; any additions and changes made are automatically replicated across the organisation to further boost the customer experience delivered by the bank. Boomi has also transformed P&N Bank’s Broker Network which is used by around 1,000 partners. It has enabled the bank to modernise its single data feed into a multi-data feed while maintaining the same formats and protocols, with a gateway protecting private information shared between the parties. Furthermore, the Boomi platform has created a more reliable link between P&N Bank’s data warehouse and its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system so that data is updated, configured and maintained inside a consistent interface. Due to the low-code design of Boomi, these transactions can be performed in-house through an easy-to-use interface rather than requiring the bank to hire additional resources. “Customer Experience is an increasingly important competitive differentiator between financial services organisations,” said Michael Evans, Managing Director Asia-Pacific and Japan, Dell Boomi. “Using the Boomi platform, P&N Bank is able to ensure the timely and accurate exchange of data across its client applications so that employees are appropriately-resourced to manage client enquiries. In doing so, the bank has created a connected business that optimises a customer experience across its services portfolio.” About Dell Boomi Dell Boomi (Boomi), an independent business unit of Dell, is the leading provider of cloud integration and workflow automation software to build The Connected Business. Boomi helps more than 6,500 organisations accelerate business agility by connecting data and applications to run faster and smarter. Visit for more information. © 2017 Boomi Inc. Dell, Boomi, and Dell Boomi are trademarks of Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. Other names or marks may be the trademarks of their respective owners. Okta for Startups: Free Identity Tools for Entrepreneurs 2017-12-06T22:35:54Z okta-for-startups-free-identity-tools-for-entrepreneurs Okta, Inc. (NASDAQ:OKTA), the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise, today announced the launch of Okta for Startups, a program offering the Okta Identity Cloud to entrepreneurs and small businesses for free for one year. “Founding a company is hard. And it’s even harder when you have to build a business model for something that hasn’t been done before, or that you’re trying to differently – all while getting your core systems up and running.” said Frederic Kerrest, Okta COO and co-founder. “With Okta for Startups, we’ll enable new and growing companies to focus on what’s most important when you’re getting started – your core business and customers – by making it easy (and free) to build a foundation of identity and access management into your app or company infrastructure.” Today, thousands of organisations use the Okta Identity Cloud as the connective tissue that secures both their employee and partner ecosystem, as well as their customer-facing offerings. Within an organisation, the Okta Identity Cloud makes it easy to manage and secure the rapidly growing network of people, applications and devices connected to a business. For developers and business leaders building new or improving existing customer experiences, Okta also makes it easy to add the same level of security and user management into any web or mobile application through its API offerings. Now with Okta for Startups, young and developing organisations will be able to use both Okta’s employee- and customer-facing identity tools for up to 25 employees, contractors and partners through the Okta Identity Cloud for free. In addition, organisations will also have the option to use Okta’s APIs as the identity and authentication layer of their customer apps for up to 25,000 monthly active users. “Our mission at Agile Stacks is to make it easier for organisations to quickly implement a full stack DevOps automation for cloud environments. We’ve been growing quickly since we started a little over a year ago, and as we continue to expand, we sought innovative partners to help us build a scalable, secure infrastructure of our own,” said Igor Mameshin, CTO at Agile Stacks. “Programs like Okta for Startups are critical for young companies like us as they provide founders with the best tools available on the market for free or at a low cost – allowing us to use Okta to power our authentication layer and user store as a foundational piece of our application so we can focus our precious resources on innovation, business strategy and differentiation.” “We’re focused on changing the way people work at – taking the manual work off of sales and creating sales and marketing alignment based on real data and intelligence,” said Oleg Rogynskyy, CEO at “As a growing company ourselves, we looked for innovative partners to help us take care of the behind-the-scenes work of our own infrastructure and security so we can focus on growing our business. Y Combinator, which we graduated from in 2016, taught us to spend our cycles on the things that will help us to go from vision to reality – and being able to partner with world class solutions like Okta allow us to do just that.” For more information about Okta for Startups, email About Okta Okta is the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise. The Okta Identity Cloud connects and protects employees of many of the world's largest enterprises. It also securely connects enterprises to their partners, suppliers and customers. With deep integrations to over 5,000 apps, the Okta Identity Cloud enables simple and secure access from any device. Thousands of customers, including Experian, 20th Century Fox, LinkedIn, Flex, News Corp, Dish Networks, and Adobe trust Okta to work faster, boost revenue and stay secure. Okta helps customers fulfill their missions faster by making it safe and easy to use the technologies they need to do their most significant work. Dell Boomi’s Fall Release Helps Enterprises Unlock the Power of The Connected Business 2017-12-05T23:07:02Z dell-boomis-fall-release-helps-enterprises-unlock-the-power-of-the-connected-business ROUND ROCK, Texas – December 5, 2017 – Dell Boomi™ (Boomi) announced the availability of the Fall 2017 release of Boomi’s flagship cloud integration technology. The release adds new integration accelerators, and features to fortify data insights, security and compliance. Boomi exists to help enterprises connect everything and engage everywhere across any channel, device or platform. Boomi integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) equips enterprises to improve productivity, accountability and collaboration internally and with customers and partners to help build The Connected Business and drive digital transformation efforts. “The increased functionality of the Dell Boomi platform in delivering sophisticated, user-centric services is resulting in a superior consumer experience, and has the advantage of improving our overall IT operations, and our ability to identify and address student demands with greater ease than ever before,” said Kerrie Campbell, Chief Information Officer, Flinders University. “These new developments will further help ensure Flinders continues to meet customer expectations in the increasingly-competitive higher education space.” Drag-and-drop integration innovation Customers use Boomi iPaaS for agile integration that’s far faster and easier than custom-coding or traditional on-premise middleware. With this release, Boomi helps customers accelerate implementations by providing an enhanced drag-and-drop data integration and application development environment, with the latest pre-built tools and reusable components. Boomi connectors unlock the power of the cloud and cloud-based commerce with new and enhanced Boomi connectors for Box, AWS (S3, SQS and SNS), Salesforce Events, Shopify, and Zuora. Store, access, and share data across applications with Boomi’s Box connector. Cloud commerce is taken to the next level with Boomi’s Shopify connector to support e-commerce initiatives by simplifying the ability to build integrations from Shopify to other applications. Subscription billing with Boomi’s Zuora connector enables organisations to connect to Zuora’s Z-Commerce Platform to access Z-Billing and Z-Payments data as well as other cloud applications, such as Salesforce, and NetSuite. Execute event-driven processes in near real time with Boomi’s Salesforce Events connector to connect the new Salesforce Platform Events to other applications. In an Internet of Things example, a manufacturer can connect Salesforce Platform Events to smart printers to monitor the status of ink cartridges. When a cartridge is low, Platform Events can automate reordering from a supplier. Trusted data insights and compliance With applications and data connected by Boomi’s unified platform, Boomi customers synchronise and enrich data through a data hub for confident decision making. Boomi’s latest release helps customers create trusted data insights and compliance at enterprise scale. New and enhanced capabilities include: The ability for data stewards to resolve quarantined issues and increase master data accuracy by allowing business users to edit relationship between different datasets and how they relate to each other. The new Golden Record Query API creates a direct pipeline between an organisation’s master data and their analytics solutions. Businesses can now maintain clean master data on top of their transactional data to generate business value and gain a 360-degree view of their master entity. Enhanced reference data management capabilities that allow business users to see relationships within different data sets very simply, visually, and with real-time synchronisation. Creating end-to-end workflows With this release, Boomi continues to tightly incorporate Boomi Flow into the Boomi platform. Organisations can now utilise the technology to create and manage workflow processes from simple to sophisticated and run a more efficient business from the unified Boomi interface. For example, with new hire onboarding, various steps include sending the offer letter to the candidate, submitting the approved offer to HR and provisioning a new hire account within IT – all of these are included in a single flow across multiple stakeholder swim lanes and are accessible from any device. Supporting Quotes “Boomi’s cloud-native, unified platform allows you to scale and move to the cloud, however we understand that supporting the realities of today’s enterprise means it's a journey to best-of-breed cloud,” said Boomi Chief Product Officer, Steve Wood. “With Boomi, our customers always have access to the industry’s most advanced integration capabilities to help them digitally transform their organisation and move toward being a successful Connected Business.” “At Quanta we have hundreds of IT systems, thousands of integrations, and we frequently acquire new companies. A lack of a standardised integration approach led to challenges with timely accessing quality data across our companies,” said Kurt Witt, manager of Data Management Services, Quanta Services. “In response, we created our integration center of excellence to define and deliver integration services that add structure to enterprise data and build a support framework for enterprise integration. The benefits of using Boomi for real-time information access, to streamline business processes and create integrity across multiple systems help us deliver an agile, connected business.” “Subscription-based businesses have benefited from stable and predictable revenue projections, data-driven insights from customers, and large economies of scale,” said Mike Aaron, Vice President of Product at Zuora. “Boomi’s ability to connect Zuora with cloud and on premise finance and CRM applications allows more organisations to benefit at an even larger scale. Extending Zuora means organisations can better manage subscriptions and automate processes like product invoicing.” To learn more about how these new Boomi features can help your business or see a demonstration, please visit: About Dell Boomi Dell Boomi (Boomi), an independent business unit of Dell, is the leading provider of cloud integration and workflow automation software to build The Connected Business. Boomi helps more than 6,500 organizations accelerate business agility by connecting data and applications to run faster and smarter. Visit for more information. © 2017 Boomi Inc. Dell, Boomi, and Dell Boomi are trademarks of Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. Other names or marks may be the trademarks of their respective owners. Australian Charity Deploys Boomi for Cloud Transition and Business Expansion 2017-10-31T22:50:43Z australian-charity-deploys-boomi-for-cloud-transition-and-business-expansion Sydney, Australia – November 1, 2017 – Dell Boomi™ (Boomi) has announced that Australia’s first charity, The Benevolent Society, is using the Boomi integration platform to enable its transition to a 100 per cent cloud model, create a connected data environment, and support its business expansion. Founded in 1813, The Benevolent Society provides a range of support services to people with disabilities, children and families, older Australians and carers. With the goal of helping Australians live their best lives, the not-for-profit kickstarted its cloud migration which, over a 12-month period, will help create a mobile workforce and streamline internal processes including reporting to government, and subsequently further improve its employees’ ability to continue providing services to Australians. “Technology is playing an increasingly prominent part in the way we operate as an organisation,” said James Foot, Director of IT at The Benevolent Society. “For us, a key part in improving the service and the experience we provide to clients begins with the connection at our back end. That means ensuring important client information is readily accessible through a secure interface. Boomi provides us with a platform to synchronise our systems so the data that is generated is accurate, up-to-date, and easy to use by our teams.” Boomi’s integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) was selected to centralise The Benevolent Society’s applications and the data they generate so that employees can access critical resources on any device, in any location and at any time. This is particularly significant for The Benevolent Society’s client-facing practitioners who are no longer restricted by location and time, and can now deliver more elaborate and timely services to clients. For example, any time a client calls in to The Benevolent Society’s contact centre and is authenticated, the contact centre manager will instantly have all information at hand without requiring the caller to provide a detailed background on the conversation again. This includes details on how many times the client has interacted with The Benevolent Society, what services they are receiving, and what follow-up questions to ask. Boomi has also simplified The Benevolent Society’s entire data environment by connecting dozens of systems – including up to 20 customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, human resources tools and bespoke apps which were formerly siloed – into a single interface. This not only ensures data is up-to-date and accurate for all users, but removes the need for repetitive and time-consuming manual data entry into multiple databases. The additional benefit of consolidating this previously disparate data is that The Benevolent Society is now able to streamline processes related to its reporting obligations. Some Australian funding models require organisations to report client statistics including the number of clients it services and how many services are being provided. The Boomi technology is also supporting the onboarding of 800 new staff and 9,000 new clients following The Benevolent Society’s joining together with the NSW Government’s Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) Disability Community Services Teams. “By using Boomi to create a connected business, The Benevolent Society is even further boosting its ability to help Australians in need,” said Michael Evans, Managing Director Asia-Pacific and Japan at Dell Boomi. “The integration of apps and data equips The Benevolent Society’s employees with the resources they need to perform their jobs anywhere and at any time. As a result, they can respond even faster to optimise the experiences of clients with a personalised touch.” About Dell Boomi Dell Boomi (Boomi), an independent business unit of Dell, is the leading provider of cloud integration and workflow automation software to build The Connected Business. Boomi helps more than 6,200 organisations accelerate business agility by connecting data and applications to run faster and smarter. Visit for more information. © 2017 Boomi Inc. Dell, Boomi, and Dell Boomi are trademarks of Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. Other names or marks may be the trademarks of their respective owners. About The Benevolent Society The Benevolent Society is Australia’s first charity, working as a catalyst for social justice and change for over 200 years. The Benevolent Society advocates for a better life for all Australians and provides quality services in the areas of Family Support, assisting older people, and Australians with disability. We help people age well and live a healthy life, staying in their homes wherever possible. For more information, please visit, on Facebook, or on Twitter at @BenevolentAU. TechnologyOne sees a surge in local government sales 2017-10-18T19:57:41Z technologyone-sees-a-surge-in-local-government-sales BRISBANE, 19 October 2017 - TechnologyOne (ASX:TNE), Australia’s leading enterprise software as a service provider announced today that FY17 was a record year for local government deals with a 48 per cent increase in licence fees in this sector. The company also closed a strong fourth quarter in FY17 in the local government market with 10 new major deals totalling $40 million in total contract revenue - across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. TechnologyOne Chief Executive Officer, Edward Chung said there was a 90+% win rate and a surge in the value and quantum of local government deals closed in FY17. “We dominated competitors in the local government sector by securing 240 deals from Australia, New Zealand and the UK in FY17. Of these, 222 were new purchases from our loyal existing customers and 18 were new customers,” Mr Chung said. “More than 18 new customers chose TechnologyOne’s integrated enterprise software as a service solution over competitors. “Also many amalgamated councils kicked-out outdated standalone software products from the likes of Civica and Infor who continue to dress-up their old hosted solutions as cloud”, said Mr Chung. TechnologyOne Executive Chairman, Adrian Di Marco said the company had geared up to continue its domination of the local government market in the coming year. “This is the tip of the iceberg for us as we continue to deliver our market leading integrated solution to meet the growing demands for digital transformation by local governments. We are uniquely placed to do this because of our mass production, digitally enabled software as a solution, that is delivering significant benefits to the sector. “We have more than 300 council customers and are continuing to grow fast” he said. “We continue to deliver exceptional projects at breakneck speed with several recent SaaS go-lives being implemented in less than 12 weeks. “The press has been unfortunately very focused on the BCC litigation. This was an entirely different project to anything else we have ever contracted, and our customers and the local government sector understand this. “BCC were a development partner which has never before been done in local government; and BCC struggled to fulfill their obligations. This was highlighted in an independent report commissioned by BCC which they have continually refused to release, because they have publicly stated it would not be in the interest of the rate payers of Brisbane. Clearly this has been an unfortunate event for both BCC and TechnologyOne.” - Ends - About TechnologyOne TechnologyOne (ASX:TNE) is Australia's largest enterprise software company and one of Australia's top 200 ASX-listed companies, with offices across six countries. We create solutions that transform business and make life simple for our customers. We do this by providing powerful, deeply integrated enterprise software that is incredibly easy to use. Over 1,200 leading corporations, government departments and statutory authorities are powered by our software. We participate in only eight key markets: government, local government, financial services, education, health and community services, asset intensive industries, project intensive industries and corporates. For these markets we develop, market, sell, implement, support and run our preconfigured solutions, which reduce time, cost and risk for our customers. For 30 years, we have been providing our customers enterprise software that evolves and adapts to new and emerging technologies, allowing them to focus on their business and not technology. Today, our software is available on the TechnologyOne Cloud and across smart mobile devices. For further information please visit: Dell Boomi B2B Integration Transforms How Organizations Work with Trading Partners 2017-10-11T01:52:25Z dell-boomi-b2b-integration-transforms-how-organizations-work-with-trading-partners ROUND ROCK, Texas, October 10, 2017 – Dell Boomi™ (Boomi), the leading provider of cloud integration and workflow automation software to build The Connected Business, continues to disrupt the 30-year-old legacy EDI market, evolving the company’s leading B2B and EDI integration platform to help organizations and their trading partners move at the speed of today’s business. Boomi EDI aligns with Boomi’s flagship cloud integration technology to deliver the industry’s only unified cloud platform that orchestrates data, applications and business processes to help organizations run faster and smarter. As part of the company’s unified platform capabilities, Boomi offers a low-code solution for easily setting up and managing EDI connections, programmatically onboarding partners, and integrating EDI with business processes and legacy applications. By streamlining EDI and centralizing integration and API management, Boomi allows customers to maximize the ROI of their EDI investments. Boomi disrupts legacy EDI solutions by allowing customers to: Build, maintain, and simplify EDI integrations: Boomi’s low code, visual drag and drop user interface (UI), built-in trading partner framework and re-usable components increase flexibility and agility, reduce repetitive work for EDI specialists. Gain end-to-end visibility: Boomi allows organizations to break down traditional EDI silos and integrate trading networks with an organization’s business systems and IT services. The increased transparency allows for quick responses and fosters partner relations. Empower business users: Boomi enables business users to add, remove or change specific parts of an EDI configuration to respond to business requirements, increasing business agility and responsiveness. Latest Features of Boomi EDI Highlights from the latest release of the Boomi platform include these B2B integration features: Trading Partner Management UI: The Boomi Trading Partner Management user interface (UI) provides a consolidated view of all trading partner components, making it easier for Boomi customers to find, configure, and deploy changes for those partners. Boomi provides a ‘single pane of glass’ view for tracking and troubleshooting all integrations. Boomi also provides a portal for authorized users with the ability to track all EDI transactions using any document attribute such as key number, PO number and customer number to respond more quickly to partner requests and enhance customer service. Support for multiple trading partners per process: Organizations can add their company’s profile for each standard in the Trading Partner component, confident that the right standard will be used for each partner. Boomi has enhanced the ease-of-use and flexibility of its support for value added networks (VANs). A single process can now use multiple VANs. Support for additional, global EDI standards: Boomi has extended its already broad support for EDI standards with support for RosettaNet and Tradacoms. A more comprehensive list of new Boomi EDI features can be found here. “By receiving an order electronically through Dell Boomi EDI, we are able to process the order extremely quickly with 100 percent accuracy,” said Kelley Parkes, director of Technical Operations, at First Source, a distributor of fine chocolates and other specialty food items. “The EDI process absolutely reduces and, in some cases eliminates, errors in order taking. It also provides a way for us to give the customer information in real time.” “At Boomi, we’re taking a proven and essential technology, EDI, and re-imagining it so it can run at the speed of today’s business,” said Jeff Burk, vice president of R&D for Dell Boomi. “We’re leapfrogging EDI into the 21st century, increasing connectivity with drag-and-drop ease, automating workflows, leveraging cloud scalability, and improving visibility for customers and their partners. By taking the repetitive, time-consuming work out of EDI, we’re freeing customers to shift IT resources to their most critical business initiatives, confident that the Boomi platform with provide the flexibility and reliability they need for managing EDI networks.” To watch a demo showing how Dell Boomi’s EDI and B2B Integration capabilities transform how organizations work with trading partners, please visit: About Dell Boomi Dell Boomi (Boomi), an independent business unit of Dell, is the leading provider of cloud integration and workflow automation software to build The Connected Business. Boomi helps more than 6,200 organizations accelerate business agility by connecting data and applications to run faster and smarter. Visit for more information. © 2017 Boomi Inc. Dell and Dell Boomi are trademarks of Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. Other names or marks may be the trademarks of their respective owners. ### AMCAP Accelerates Supply Chain with Dell Boomi Integration 2017-10-02T23:10:19Z amcap-accelerates-supply-chain-with-dell-boomi-integration Sydney, Australia – October 3, 2017 – Australian supply chain management company, AMCAP, has implemented the Dell Boomi™ (Boomi) integration platform as part of an IT transformation to aggregate and streamline a series of bespoke on-premises applications into a unified environment. AMCAP provides third and fourth party logistics for a range of companies including Holden, Ford, Subaru, KTM, Suzuki, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Mitsubishi and Kia. Its 250 employees use various warehouse management (WMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to manage the national operation. However the organisation required a means of integrating this IT environment to accelerate its supply chain from order to delivery. “Having recently migrated our warehouse operations from a traditional in-house mainframe to Manhattan SCALE, we are implementing Boomi to ensure that all the systems and data our staff relies on are seamlessly integrated with full visibility,” said Karen Aisthorpe, National IT/IS Manager at AMCAP. The Boomi integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) will support all AMCAP’s application integration processes, replacing a series of unique integration instances the organisation was using. It will also provide powerful data management and workflow automation capabilities that deliver outcomes in a fraction of the time of legacy middleware technologies. “By substituting various in-house integrations with Boomi, staff will be able to operate through a single interface without compromising access to or accuracy of the data with which they are working,” said Aisthorpe. “Consequently, we will consolidate multiple inventories into one so that there is full transparency over the information from the customer systems, mainframe and WMS.” The Boomi solution will also allow AMCAP to respond to various customer demands. For example, AMCAP has been able to introduce real-time cycle count adjustments – which were formerly available on a weekly basis – giving clients to-the-minute updates to stock information, resulting in accelerated order-to-delivery times. Additionally, AMCAP is also using the Boomi platform to integrate its back-end system with the SAP Ariba network to help transform its procurement operations. This integration will provide its key Tier 1 and 2 mining customers with touchless transactions while driving significant efficiency gains for AMCAP and its business units. AMCAP’s integration strategy will help further boost its competitiveness in what it describes as a tough financial climate as it not only boosts customer experience, but prepares AMCAP to adopt newer technologies and integrations as the market evolves. “AMCAP operates in a time-sensitive industry that relies on to-the-minute accuracy in order to deliver to customer expectations,” said Michael Evans, Managing Director Asia-Pacific and Japan, Dell Boomi. “By using Boomi to transform its IT and data from a traditional, on-premises model to a modern, powerful and flexible environment, AMCAP is able to ensure its systems are fully-integrated so that the supply chain is streamlined and customers receive products on time.” About Dell Boomi Dell Boomi (Boomi), an independent business unit of Dell, is the leading provider of cloud integration and workflow automation to build The Connected Business. Boomi helps more than 6,000 organisations accelerate business agility by connecting data and applications to run faster and smarter. Visit for more information. © 2017 Boomi Inc. Dell, Boomi, and Dell Boomi are trademarks of Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. Other names or marks may be the trademarks of their respective owners. Dell Boomi Launches Integration Accelerator for Workday and Microsoft Active Directory 2017-09-27T01:08:37Z dell-boomi-launches-integration-accelerator-for-workday-and-microsoft-active-directory ROUND ROCK, Texas, Sept. 26, 2017 – Dell Boomi™ (Boomi), the leading provider of cloud integration and workflow automation software to build The Connected Business, today announced that it has launched the Integration Accelerator for Workday and Microsoft Active Directory. Boomi is a Workday Connect Partner, and this integration seamlessly connects Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) with Microsoft Active Directory for streamlined onboarding, provisioning, and employee management processes. Workday HCM is a single system that enables organizations to make faster decisions, gain operational visibility, prepare for future talent shifts, and build effective teams. With the Integration Accelerator for Workday and Microsoft Active Directory, organizations can automatically deliver access to key applications and corporate resources when onboarding new employees. “Boomi makes application integration faster and easier for more than 6,200 organizations worldwide, including our customers who integrate with Workday,” said David Tavolaro, vice president of global business development, Boomi. “As a Workday Connect Partner, Workday offers our customers a more seamless and flexible onboarding experience, eliminating manual provisioning activities, and boosting efficiencies throughout worker transition processes.” “Dell Boomi is an invaluable tool for companies that use Workday HCM as a key component of their digital business,” said Marcello Damiani, chief digital officer, Moderna Therapeutics. “We see great value in the Integration Accelerator for Workday and Microsoft Active Directory because it allows us to efficiently streamline our people processes, while also minimizing administrative onboarding and provisioning issues as we grow our company.” Dell Boomi is a signature sponsor of Workday Rising, Workday’s annual gathering of customers, prospective customers, partners, and employees that collaborate and learn how Workday helps organizations achieve their growth objectives and prepare for the future. Workday Rising is taking place October 9-12 in Chicago. About Dell Boomi Dell Boomi (Boomi), an independent business unit of Dell, is the leading provider of cloud integration and workflow automation software to build The Connected Business. Boomi helps more than 6,200 organizations accelerate business agility by connecting data and applications to run faster and smarter. Visit for more information. © 2017 Boomi Inc. Dell and Dell Boomi are trademarks of Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. Dell disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. Acronis Access Advanced Brings Sophisticated Security and Precise Control to Mobile Data Sharing 2017-09-25T05:24:39Z acronis-access-advanced-brings-sophisticated-security-and-precise-control-to-mobile-data-sharing SYDNEY, Australia, 25 September 2017 – Acronis, a global leader in hybrid cloud data protection for business and consumers, today announced the availability of Acronis Access Advanced 8.0 — the latest version of mobile file access, sync & share solution for enterprises. Acronis Access Advanced 8.0 introduces new features designed to increase security, compliance, and convenience protecting shared data. It also extends the flexibility of integrating with other mobile applications. The new features include web-based file editing with Microsoft Office Online, simultaneous editing of documents by multiple users, extended sharing using nested folders with independent permissions, support for Microsoft Intune Mobile Application Management (MAM) without Intune MDM enrollment, allowing Intune app management with any MDM solution, and ZIP archive creation features inside the iOS app. Acronis Access Advanced is a perfect solution for companies who value data and performance. Scuderia Toro Rosso Formula 1 Team uses Acronis Access Advanced to share confidential telemetry data and R&D documents between the factory, trackside engineers, and subcontractors. “With Acronis Access Advanced, we’re in full control of our data. We can track the information path and even remote-wipe a laptop, tablet or mobile device if it is lost or stolen to prevent a competitor from accessing the data. Our plan is to share sensible data that way,” said Raffaele Boschetti, Scuderia Toro Rosso Head of IT. US Air Force Air Combat Command A4, which maintains military aircraft, also uses Acronis Access Advanced. It allowed them to dramatically reduce electronic document management overhead by controlling and monitoring data on mobile devices remotely. Acronis Access Advanced simplifies the management of shared data while meeting the strictest requirements for secure file sharing. It also removes the risks associated with using public file sync & share services, such as inability to choose data storage location or monitor user activities. It addresses the need of modern businesses for secure file access, sync and share — something that has been validated by a 200% YoY growth in sales. Key capabilities Mobile, web and desktop client access Encryption in-transit and on-device Full IT control of sharing options and recipients Mobile Office editing and PDF annotation Web-based Office editing via MS Office Online iOS document provider extension for convenient view, edit and save back from other mobile apps Remote lock and wipe of mobile app Integration with leading MAM platforms from MobileIron, BlackBerry, Microsoft and others New features, introduced in Acronis Access Advanced 8.0 Safe editing of sensitive documents with Microsoft Office Online, without downloading them to endpoint devices Collaborative co-editing of documents Microsoft Intune MAM independent from MDM support Extended flexibility when syncing and sharing folders Ability to create ZIP archives in the Acronis Access iOS app “Mobile file access, sync and share, is an integral part of every business. Today’s employees spend hours working on their mobile devices, both at home and in transit. Without a secure solution like Acronis Access Advanced, they’re putting their business data at risk. Acronis Access Advanced gives employers an easy way to control what is shared and who accesses the data. It is an important security measure for every business,” said Gaidar Magdanurov, Chief Marketing Officer at Acronis. For more information, please visit About Acronis Acronis sets the standard for hybrid cloud IT data protection through its backup, ransomware Active Protection, disaster recovery, and secure file sync and share solutions. Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine and set apart by its image technology, Acronis delivers easy, fast, complete and affordable data protection of all files, applications and operating systems across any environment—virtual, physical, cloud, mobile and applications. Founded in 2003, Acronis protects the data of more than 5 million consumers and 500,000 businesses in over 150 countries and 20 languages. With more than 100 patents, Acronis products are consistently named best product of the year and cover a range of features, including migration, cloning, and replication. Today, Acronis solutions are available worldwide through a global network of service providers, distributors, and cloud resellers. Learn more at Madison Technologies expands IoT device portfolio with Shepelec Business Acquisition 2017-09-21T23:44:35Z madison-technologies-expands-iot-device-portfolio-with-shepelec-business-acquisition-1 This strategic acquisition represents a deliberate move in to the design and development of technology solutions tailored to the emerging Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) by Madison Technologies. Madison's Managing Director, David Redfern, said that “this acquisition aligns strongly with our goals for long term evolutionary growth of our product and total solutions growth. The Multipar product range is quite unique and in many ways is the missing link in providing a complete end to end total IIoT solution.” The MultiPar product is a data logging and cloud-based platform solution that can record almost any parameter.  With multiple interfaces to measure and log analogue, digital and serial devices, the MultiPar transmits this data to the cloud-based platform over the cellular network.  Shaun Smith, General Manager Industrial ITC, Madison Technologies said, “The MultiPar offering is already trusted by a large customer base in the water metering sector. We will look to leverage off this solution for a wide range of industries such as smart cities, other utilities sectors, mining and transport.” “As the sector grows, and more applications for this technology are discovered, we expect the MultiPar to be a significant part of the IoT market moving forward,” Shaun Smith said. Madison Technologies has established a new business called mIoT, which, as a wholly owned subsidiary, will focus on the design, development and manufacture of IoT devices, platforms and solutions for a broad range of industry applications, further solidifying Madison’s position in this space. David Redfern concluded, “By partnering with innovative companies, and bringing them the technology that will help transform their business, Madison Technologies will further cement its place in the specialist communications technology arena.”  Dell Boomi Global Study on The Connected Business Identifies Cost Savings, Revenue Growth Through Successful Integration 2017-09-21T23:10:39Z dell-boomi-global-study-on-the-connected-business-identifies-cost-savings-revenue-growth-through-successful-integration ROUND ROCK, Texas – September 21, 2017 – Dell Boomi™ (Boomi), the leading provider of cloud integration and workflow automation software to build The Connected Business, today announced results of a survey that documents millions of dollars in cost savings and revenue growth by becoming a connected business. The study also found that the level of organizational connectivity is set to nearly double within a six-year period, and that organizations are rapidly adopting cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS) technology as deployment of cloud applications continues to accelerate. While the study, “The Connected Business: a survey report on business connectivity and the importance of integration,” identifies a clear trend toward greater connectivity across businesses, it also highlights the impact that poor integration can have on organizations. Nearly nine in 10 (87 percent) of respondents have experienced drawbacks from poor integration, including high costs, delays, and subpar efficiency and collaboration. Nearly half (49 percent) say that poor integration is holding their organizations back. The study, conducted for Boomi by the research firm Vanson Bourne, is based on a global survey of 900 IT decision-makers that outlines the state of integration today, the effect of poor integration, and the benefits realized when integration fully connects a business. Other highlights include: 88 percent of respondents believe that becoming more connected as a business will have a positive impact on revenue growth in the next 12 months Average cost savings since deploying an integration solution exceed $3 million For 74 percent of CIOs surveyed, successful integration will be crucial to remaining competitive over the next five years 81 percent say the right integration solution would greatly improve business performance 67 percent have missed business opportunities as a result of poor integration 59 percent characterize integration as the “Achilles heel” for their organization “Organizations clearly recognize the critical need for integration to improve efficiency, visibility and competitive advantage as the pace of business accelerates and new applications are deployed,” said Chris McNabb, Boomi CEO. “This study documents millions of dollars in bottom- and top-line impact by becoming a connected business, as well as the ability to drive digital transformation.” Benefits of Integration and The Connected Business Organizations see significant benefits with integration to build The Connected Business, with ability to connect everything and engage everywhere to achieve business agility, data-driven decision-making and a laser focus on customers. As top benefits, respondents cited improved productivity (73 percent), improved data accessibility (68 percent), more efficient workflows (57 percent), increased profitability (54 percent) and faster, more accurate decision-making (48 percent). Respondents also cited other “crucial outcomes” of integration as the ability to improve operational efficiency (54 percent), be more responsive to customer needs (50 percent), allow for faster innovation (48 percent), connect data and workflows for insights (46 percent) and validate and enrich data for better data quality (44 percent). These benefits contributed to average savings of $3.26 million for organizations since deploying an integration solution, the study found. At the same time, 88 percent of respondents say that becoming a connected business will enable them to increase revenue. Over 12 months, respondents estimated that their connected businesses could expect revenue to grow 11 percent, or $544 million. In addition, 89 percent of respondents agree that becoming a more connected business will help drive digital transformation within their organizations. Among those using iPaaS, 74 percent said it has made their organizations smarter, 72 percent said faster and 62 percent said better. From a technology perspective, respondents said that an integration solution should improve data integrity (61 percent), ensure information security (59 percent), offer end-to-end connectivity in a single platform (55 percent), accelerate workflow implementations (48 percent) and allow for faster innovation (46 percent). The State of Integration Today As it is, 62 percent of organizations today use an integration solution, while 38 percent do not. Those with an integration solution have in place on-premise middleware (60 percent), a custom in-house solution (49 percent), application-specific data import (47 percent), iPaaS (43 percent), open source integration (43 percent) and/or integration appliances (35 percent). Those organizations use three integration solutions on average. Going forward, iPaaS is the integration technology of choice. The survey finds that among organizations today using an integration solution, 94 percent will have iPaaS deployed within the next 12 months — comprised of 43 percent using iPaaS today, 43 percent in the process of adopting iPaaS, and 8 percent planning to adopt iPaaS in the next year. Impact of Poor Integration The study finds that 87 percent of organizations have suffered high costs and delays from poor integration. Moreover, 67 percent say they have missed business opportunities in the past year because of poor integration, while 8 percent say they may be missing opportunities but aren’t aware of it. Nearly two-thirds (64 percent) are still struggling with legacy middleware, while 40 percent cannot build simple, let alone sophisticated, integrations. The Connected Business survey queried IT decision-makers, including CIOs, vice presidents of IT, IT directors, IT managers and others. Industries represented include financial services, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, retail, energy and utilities, and higher education. A full copy of The Connected Business study is available here. About Dell Boomi Dell Boomi (Boomi), an independent business unit of Dell, is the leading provider of cloud integration and workflow automation software to build The Connected Business. Boomi helps more than 6,000 organizations accelerate business agility by connecting data and applications to run faster and smarter. Visit for more information. © 2017 Boomi Inc. Dell and Dell Boomi are trademarks of Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. Dell disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. ALLARD SHELTON APPOINTS JOHN MASCARO AS ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR 2017-09-18T18:53:44Z allard-shelton-appoints-john-mascaro-as-associate-director p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; color: #000000; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000} p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; color: #000000; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000; min-height: 14.0px} p.p3 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; text-align: justify; font: 12.0px Arial; color: #000000; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000} p.p4 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; color: #000000; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000; min-height: 12.0px} span.s1 {font-kerning: none} PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 19th September 2017 Melbourne 19th September 2017 - Senior property manager John Mascaro has recently been appointed as Associate Director of Allard Shelton. This new role will see John bring a breadth of experience and knowledge to the company as well as good governance; mentoring the existing property management team, all of who currently enjoy continued success under his expert guidance. His property career has seen the last 5 years within Allard Shelton as senior property manager, where his knowledge and experience has positioned Allard Shelton at the forefront of the property management arena. His thorough knowledge of commercial asset legislation together with his strong negotiation skills, attention to detail and commitment to the industry is of great benefit to all his clients. “John’s outstanding leadership qualities and expertise all contribute to the consistent delivery of excellent service, and ultimately his continued success. We are privileged to have such a great force as part of our team,” stated Director Patrick Barnes. John commenced his property career in 1998 working with city fringe agencies and has enjoyed a career spanning across all sectors of the property market including residential, retail and commercial. He has also worked with a wide range of clientele from institutional organisations to private investors, managing a vast calibre of properties throughout Melbourne. ALLARD SHELTON WINS INDUSTRY RECOGNITION FOR EXCELLENCE. 2017-09-15T01:00:08Z allard-shelton-wins-industry-recognition-for-excellence PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 15th September 2017 Contact: Sandra Coia P: 0418176375 E: Melbourne, 15th September 2017 - The 2017 annual REIV Awards for Excellence were announced last night, recognising those real estate agencies in Victoria who have delivered exceptional results to the property industry. Allard Shelton were awarded the best office site marketing campaign (under $20,000) for 9-11 Palmerston Crescent South Melbourne; a property that went through an earlier marketing campaign with an international agency but failed to sell. The winning marketing campaign for the sale of 9-11 Palmerston Crescent South Melbourne was facilitated by three of Allard Shelton’s Directors, James Gregson, Michael Ryan and Joseph Walton. “We strategically repositioned this property in the market and broadened it’s appeal with an outstanding marketing campaign driven by our experienced team. This ultimately saw the vendors achieve approximately $500,000 more than the best offer submitted through our competitor’s campaign.” stated Mr. Gregson. Allard Shelton, who are currently undergoing rapid growth and increasing their market share within Victoria, are a consistent recipient of awards at this prestigious event and are also finalists for the Gold Award for Excellence which will be presented at the REIV Awards for Excellence on Thursday 26 October. This award recognises the best campaign of all submissions across all categories. Over the course of the past decade Allard Shelton have been a finalist on 25 occasions and have won awards in a variety of categories 6 times, along with an overall prestigious Award for Excellence in 2014. “We have exceptional people in place driving our business and are growing not only in size but also capability and insight.” commented Mr. Ryan “It is our team’s on-point, competitive marketing campaigns that help convert real estate opportunities into the best value for our clients and we are very proud to receive this award in honour of our success.” This year, Allard Shelton were also finalists in 3 other categories for Best Sales Campaign: Best Retail Sales Campaign budget (under $20,000): 168 Main street, Croydon (Joseph Walton, Michael Ryan & James Gregson) Best Retail Sales Campaign budget (over $20,000): 19-21 Douglas Parade, Williamstown (Michael Ryan, James Gregson, Joseph Walton) Best Development Site/Specialised Property Sales Campaign budget (under $20,000): 1 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park (Michael Ryan, James Gregson, Joseph Walton) About Allard Shelton Pty. Ltd. Allard Shelton Pty. Ltd. is a Melbourne based real estate agency established in 1884 and is one of Australia’s longest standing property firms. The Company offers services to both vendors and sellers in property sales, leasing, appraisals and property management. Allard Shelton is one of Melbourne’s most trusted agencies, with a vast network of long term, high profile clients for whom they provide tailored agency services, consulting and property investment guidance. For interview enquiries or further information please contact: Sandra Coia at SL Media e: p: 0418176375 Flinders University leverages Dell Boomi platform for connected cloud strategy 2017-09-12T00:00:00Z flinders-university-leverages-dell-boomi-platform-for-connected-cloud-strategy Sydney, Australia – Sept. 12, 2017 – Dell Boomi™ (Boomi) has announced that Flinders University is using the Boomi integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) to enable a connected environment as it begins to execute its five-year digital strategy through to 2021. The primary objective driving the Adelaide-based University’s strategy is to provide a personalised and customised education experience to each of its 26,000 students throughout their entire journey – from prospect to graduate. Flinders is migrating its applications to the cloud to enable this. Flinders will also leverage the Boomi Master Data Management (MDM) Cloud, managed from the same Boomi integration platform, so it can accurately map this journey by ensuring data is consistent and up-to-date across a diverse range of applications regardless of where the data was initially collected. “Flinders’ digital strategy will result in the widespread use of cloud services to optimise and enhance learning for our students no matter the study they are completing,” said Kelvin McCarthy, Solution Architect, Information and Digital Solutions, Flinders University. “But introducing cloud-based apps is just the first step. We need a way to connect those apps with one another so we can provide a unified experience for users – that’s where Boomi comes in. “Boomi’s integration capabilities ensure these apps operate concurrently and consistently so that students can learn through a modernised environment that is accessible on their terms – on mobile, at any time, and from any location.” Flinders selected Boomi following a tender process in which it went to market looking for a combination of traditional ESB-style integration, APIs, and MDM. Boomi was the only vendor that could provide these capabilities in a true cloud environment; competing products only offer managed services, with software located on-premises and fed through a third party data centre. Having completed various minor back-end integrations, Flinders’ first major project involves the migration of its Student Management System (SMS) from on-premises to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) version. The project will require more than 100 Boomi integration points to replace legacy integrations that were coded up to 10 years ago. Due to the low-code design of the Boomi platform, Flinders’ Information and Digital Services division is able to focus on the business outcomes and drivers related to technology, data and analytics while deploying the integrations. This not only spares resources, but it allows the team to focus on the University’s top priority: delivering better outcomes to students. Future phases of Flinders’ Boomi project will see it use the Boomi MDM Cloud - launched in Australia in July – to aggregate student data from multiple sources. “If we can’t understand the student, what stage in their learning journey they are, and what they need, we can’t optimise the services we offer them, nor can we propose further opportunities,” McCarthy said. “We have the Student Management System, Learning Management System, alumni management system and a plethora of other applications which contain chunks of information about every student. That’s a lot of data, and if it isn’t synchronised, it can cause significant conflicts. With Boomi, we can have confidence in data accuracy as all information stored by our apps will be handled by the MDM platform in the cloud. This type of accuracy and real-time access helps us better understand the student journey, and will become increasingly important the further we progress along our digital roadmap.” As well as creating an automated, central data repository, these MDM capabilities will play a prominent part in Flinders’ adoption of learning analytics as it works toward becoming a world leader in the practice by 2025. “Today’s students, most of whom would be digital natives, expect more than competency-based learning – they want a unique, tech-enabled experience that fits their aspirations and is shaped around their schedules,” said Michael Evans, Managing Director APJ, Dell Boomi. “Using Boomi’s cloud-native platform to connect applications and maintain data integrity, Flinders can analyse the needs of its students and seamlessly align the learning experiences it offers to those demands.” About Dell Boomi Dell Boomi (Boomi), an independent business unit of Dell, is the leading provider of cloud integration and workflow automation to build The Connected Business. Boomi helps more than 6,000 organisations accelerate business agility by connecting data and applications to run faster and smarter. Visit for more information. © 2017 Boomi Inc. Dell and Dell Boomi are trademarks of Dell Inc. or its subsidiaries. Other names or marks may be the trademarks of their respective owners. Mindfields to democratise RPA by offering a one stop solution at a fixed price per process. 2017-08-22T21:15:38Z mindfields-to-democratise-rpa-by-offering-a-one-stop-solution-at-a-fixed-price-per-process Sydney: Australian automation and AI advisory firm Mindfields has launched Automation as a Service (AaaS), a banquet of RPA services such as research, education, consulting and execution, packaged at a fixed price per process. It will open doors to automate processes that were previously unimaginable or unfeasible. RPA takes business processes that are currently performed by human workers and creates a software bot that then performs the same task around the clock. Mindfields Managing Director Mohit Sharma said, “We do not want to charge new clients for the framework we have already developed for existing clients, instead we have customised workshops backed by ongoing research to reduce the cost of automation and shorten their decision cycle," Mindfields has automated and robotised its own consulting and delivery processes in the form of AaaS. Clients will get a bundled offering containing consulting backed by ongoing research in emerging technologies and delivery embedded with training. “Our aim is to make it free in the long-term and focus on feeding and exploiting data generated by automation. Automation is the first step in the journey and should be treated as investment in short-term” commented Sharma. AaaS will provide following benefits to clients for a fixed price per process: Automate more at faster pace Consulting backed by ongoing research on RPA tool and process selection Education to empower client teams to execute RPA in-house Execute and implement RPA efficiently based on Mindfields’ experiences and lessons learned Automation at a fixed price per process, which provides cost assurance to a business case Enabling clients to focus on the most important outcome of RPA i.e. automating data and interaction analytics, rather than the technical details. Currently, clients are paying separately for these services to various vendors who work in silos which can increase costs and project timelines. AaaS will democratise RPA irrespective of industry vertical and client’s company size. “Businesses can now think about the outcomes they are seeking, rather than getting bogged down in the technology specifications and cost of initiating the RPA journey.” Mindfields has also been recently covered in the technology section of the Australian Financial Review. You can view the article here - For more info on AaaS, visit - or watch this video About Mindfields: Mindfields is a vendor and tool agnostic full-service Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence firm with a global presence. We provide consulting, education and execution to clients backed by comprehensive independent research. For more information, please visit our website.