The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-08-20T02:44:58Z WHAT KIND OF FUNERAL? 2017-08-20T02:44:58Z ezifunerals-media-release-1                                          What Kind Of Funeral Do You Want?                                   Have you ever thought about what you would do if you were asked to organise a funeral for a loved one? For most of us, coping with death and planning a funeral is one of the most difficult things we will ever be asked to do. Yet, we are generally unaware of our funeral rights and don't know how we can have genuine and meaningful involvement in the funeral. That’s where eziFunerals can help! After the successful launch of a new online funeral shopping site, early this year, eziFunerals has just announced the latest release of a new eBook,’ What Kind of Funeral?: A self help guide to planning a meaningful funeral.” Written by Peter Erceg, Owner and Founder of eziFunerals, this book informs and empowers you so that you can have more involvement in the whole experience. It provides independent and practical advice on how you can make informed decisions about all funeral-related matters. In this book you'll discover how to: Plan a personal and meaningful funeral. Deal with death, bereavement and the funeral process. Create a unique commemoration of the deceased. Arrange a funeral without using a funeral director. Administer the deceased's affairs when the funeral is over. Manage a digital life after death. Cope with the loss of a pet and, Learn how baby boomers are changing trends in the funeral industry. The book is available for download by Vivid Publishing, Lea Atkinson, who recently had the experience of organising the funeral after the loss of her father, had this to say about the books new release, “I wish I had this book when Dad died before having to deal with the funeral. I guess the majority of people battle through with very limited knowledge like me and in their time of grief rely on what is told to them by the funeral companies. It all happened so quickly. There was so much to be organized and arranged in a very limited time. Family members had conflicting ideas and opinions when we should have all been trying to support one another. It was just a whirlwind of emotions, phone calls, information searches and snap decisions that no one was really prepared for. I still don't feel as if I had the chance to grieve properly, nor as I had wanted to.” Get your FREE Copy! As a special offer to clients, eziFunerals is providing a FREE copy of the book to all clients who have registered an account. Visit ENDSContact More Information: Peter Erceg, EziFunerals – 0466 890 703 or eziFunerals - About the Author Peter Erceg is a public health practitioner with 25 years' experience in public health. His family has had a long involvement with the funeral industry which has helped him develop a strong understanding of the issues faced by both consumers and funeral service providers. About eziFuneralseziFunerals is the world’s first online funeral planning and bidding platform that supports individuals and families cope with end of life decisions, death and funerals. We are an independent, Australian-owned and operated company, and are not a subsidiary of any other corporation. We are not part of any other funeral company. Founded by consumers frustrated by how difficult it was to get independent information, eziFunerals supports consumers plan a funeral, compare prices and select the right funeral director anywhere, anytime. eziFunerals Unveils New Enhanced Website 2017-08-20T02:42:53Z ezifunerals-unveils-new-enhanced-website eziFunerals, Australia's largest funeral planning marketplace, announced today the launch of its newly revamped website – The redesigned site gives consumers an improved online funeral experience and makes it more convenient for consumers to make informed choices - both for at need and pre-need customers. “We are thrilled to launch our new website and offer consumers an enhanced online funeral planning experience, delivering an independent, transparent and trustworthy funeral service,” said Peter Erceg, Owner and Founder at eziFunerals. “With its elevated look and feel and improved navigation, we hope that the new site will empower consumers to control the whole funeral process. The launch of the new eziFunerals is an exciting first milestone in our company’s new digital funeral journey.” This is the brand’s first major upgrade of its digital platform since they were first launched in 2017. eziFunerals, has seen considerable growth in traffic and interest from consumers seeking at-need and pre-arranged funeral support since it’s launch. Partnerships are currently under discussion with consumer groups, funeral directors, nursing homes and the aged care sector, which represent a significant opportunity for future revenue growth. Erceg added, “We believe our new website, together with our upcoming funeral finance program, will drive further growth in the latter part of the year. Additionally, the launch will enable us to bring forward new capabilities such as immediate funeral quotes, a more robust CRM platform, all of which will help us to engage with our clients in a more customized way, shift more funeral consumers online, simplify funeral arrangements and deliver considerable savings to consumers.” Created with the consumer’s experience in mind, the website incorporates a one stop shop for consumers plan a funeral, get quotes and select a funeral director anywhere, anytime. Please take the time to review the following system improvements: Easy access to online funeral planning services for at need and pre-arranged funeral customers Customized funeral quotation systems that provide individualised quotes from partner funeral homes within a 100km from the client's location Mobile optimization that is user-friendly across all types of devices from desktop to tablet to mobile phone Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that helps drive organic search results eziFunerals blogs that showcases content from the company’s funeral planning tools and information resources Client reviews section that rates funeral homes on service and price Improved functionality and features for Independent Funeral Homes with increased access to Client's seeking quotes. Consumers are encouraged to explore the new site and sign up and begin planning a funeral and compare funeral directors on service and price. The new website is located at the same company address: About eziFunerals eziFunerals is the World’s First online funeral planning and bidding platform that supports individuals and families cope with end of life decisions, death and funerals. We are an independent, Australian-owned and operated company, and are not a subsidiary of any other corporation. We are not part of any other funeral company. Founded by consumers frustrated by how difficult it was to get independent information, eziFunerals supports consumers plan a funeral, compare prices and select the right funeral director anywhere, anytime Contacts eziFunerals Peter Erceg, 0466890703Owner and How to Create a Social Media Policy for Your Employees 2017-08-17T23:26:08Z how-to-create-a-social-media-policy-for-your-employees There’s no denying that businesses now live in a digital world. This has given brands opportunities to reach new people, interact with their customers on a personal level, more regularly, and promote the brand on a greater scale. This has also meant that competitors and customers will notice if you slip up, say the wrong thing, or make an inappropriate joke. A social media policy can help to avoid finding yourself in hot water.   WHAT IS A SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY? Put simply, a social media policy is a corporate code of conduct introduced by a company that provides guidelines for employees who post online, or on social media as either part of their job or as a private person. This helps to safeguard your brand while still encouraging employees to share your brand with the world! Social media is constantly changing and so your social media policy should be revised where necessary.   WHAT SHOULD BE INCLUDED? Your social media policy does not have to be a 10-page document. It can be outlined in as little as two pages – the importance will be in what aspects you cover and how thoroughly they are explained so that there is no room for misinterpretation. It is also recommended that you have two social media policies: -        One for employees who handle the company social media profiles -        One for all employees for when they are talking about, or interacting with the brand WHO DOES THE SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY APPLY TO? As mentioned above, the social media policy should apply to ALL employees, from the CEO through to senior management and team members. The social media policy should be differentiated between those who handle the company social media accounts and those employees who do not. Employees who handle the company social media accounts include anyone who: -        posts online as your brand; or -        interacts with consumers and followers as your brand WHAT PLATFORMS DOES THE SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY APPLY TO? The social media policy should apply to ALL social media platforms. It should also include blogs that are posted online.   CRISIS MANAGEMENT It is human nature to want to be involved in drama and give input on how things can be helped. In such a situation, it is important to have a clear set of steps to follow to deal with the crisis. This should include points such as who is responsible for contacting the user or person behind the drama, who is responsible for keeping the company updated etc. You do not have to go into a lot of detail about this in this document, however, it is recommended to have a social media crises management guide for employees to refer to.   RULES AND REGULATIONS These rules and regulations should refer to the way the company speaks online. The tone of voice, the type of language used, how much humour you incorporate into your posts etc. This should also include the way the company should be portrayed when replying to consumers online. These rules should also address how employees are expected to communicate when speaking about the brand on their personal profiles. Examples of this might be: -        do not use profanity in conjunction with the brand -        do not reflect political views and mention the company in the same post -        confidentiality around what information can be shared online ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES This should outline who is responsible for ensuring that social media content and communication aligns with the business and is on track with the social media strategy outlines. This could be a simple table which has tasks on the left column with the responsible individual on the right. Roles and responsibilities to be assigned can include: -        brand management -        approval of posts -        customer service -        advising other staff members SECURITY RISKS You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting yourself or your company online. To protect any breach of security is important to outline what employees should do if accounts are compromised. Examples of information to include are: -        Create secure passwords -        Avoid phishing attacks, spam, scams, and other malicious threats -        How to respond in the event of a security breach or attack EXAMPLES OF SOCIAL MEDIA POLICIES Here are a few examples of social media policies from companies who have successfully created and implemented a social media policy. Adidas Social Media Policy Department of Justice (Victoria, Australia) Social Media Policy Social Media Policy ABC Social Media Policy Fairfax Launches Executive Style Magazine for Smart men. Cool things. 2017-08-15T22:21:19Z fairfax-launches-executive-style-magazine-for-smart-men-cool-things Sydney August 16 2017 - Fairfax Media’s luxury lifestyle website Executive Style is launching a new quarterly glossy men’s magazine, free inside The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald on Friday, August 18. Executive Style Magazine has received strong support from international luxury and watch brands, retail, luxury auto and travel clients, with launch partners including Audi, Blancpain, Bvlgari, Cartier, Giorgio Armani, Harrold Luxury Department Store, Hugo Boss, MontBlanc, Rolex and Victorian Racing Club. “The magazine is a whistlestop tour of the finer things in life, with a uniquely Australian twist," says editor Michael Harry. “Our tagline is ‘Smart men. Cool things.’ and that’s exactly what you’ll find, with the latest luxury news and views we think you need to know now.” Nerissa Corbett, brand and audience director of Fairfax Prestige Group, says, “Fairfax continues to build on the success of its Prestige Group with the launch of Executive Style Magazine, a premium brand extension of our highly successful website. We’re entirely focused on providing superior results for prestige clients and brands, and this offers advertisers another valuable opportunity to communicate to our large, quality audiences.” The 52-page launch edition features actor Alex Dimitriades on the cover, plus interviews with ex-AFL legend Jimmy Bartel and up-and-coming stars Benjamin Rigby [Alien: Covenant] and Osamah Sami [Ali's Wedding]. The Spring issue includes the latest news on high-end cars, diving watches, Australian whiskies, Mick Fanning's award-winning Balter beer, plus a sleek Father's Day gift guide and a four-page fashion feature on what to wear to the Melbourne Cup Carnival. “Executive Style Magazine complements our current female premium lifestyle titles including Sunday Life and, making our premium male offering truly cross-platform, with opportunities for digital, print and event executions targeting an AB male-skewed audience,” added Corbett. Fairfax Media has a long history of relationships with luxury advertisers. In 2015 the publisher was first to market in launching Fairfax Prestige Group which manages The Australian Financial Review Magazine, Life & Leisure, BOSS,, Sunday Life, amongst others. It also recently celebrated ten years of the AFR Magazine Watch lift-out. Executive Style Magazine is available on Friday, August 18 in the The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. New Bounce Plant Protein Range 2017-08-15T06:25:05Z new-bounce-plant-protein-range Media Release - August 2017 Australia’s leading healthy snack brand, Bounce, is excited to announce the launch of a new breakthrough vegan range. Live the vegan life naturally or simply enjoy the benefits of plant-based protein – all in one tasty and nutritious protein ball! As the plant-based product trend continues to skyrocket, the new balls show how delicious and healthy a vegan product really can be! Bounce Nutritionist Susie Burrell, one of Australia’s leading nutritionists with almost 20 years of experience, says, “The winning combo of pea and brown rice proteins replicates the amino acid chain of whey protein. That means, by skipping the whey, there’s no missing out on essential amino acids that the body doesn’t produce naturally. As always, Bounce has ensured the range is nutritionally balanced for sustained energy to power through the day.” Benefits of Bounce’s new plant protein energy balls include: Rich in protein with 22-23% protein per ball Contains amino acids and easily digested Lactose and gluten free gives a better tummy feeling! Sustained energy and feel fuller for longer GMO free No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives Cold pressed to maintain ingredient integrity for optimum nutrition The first two new flavours launched in the range include: Almond Kale: Kale needs no introduction; it’s one of the trendiest health foods on the planet. Not down with exactly what you’re meant to do with it though? Don’t stress, Bounce have taken out all the guesswork and created the new Almond Kale ball. Packed with 8.8g plant protein and loads of functional ingredients, enjoy an extra antioxidant boost. Cashew Peanut: Cashews and peanuts are not nuts at all: they’re actually very sane. They’re also highly nutritious, packed with an array of vitamins and minerals: B, E and manganese to name a few. With 9.2g plant protein, this is a delicious concoction of cashews, peanuts, and a whole lot of other nuts and a list of functional ingredients! New Bounce Plant Protein balls are available now exclusively at Coles for $3.29 per ball. Parrtjima – A Festival in Light 2017 program revealed 2017-08-15T00:40:13Z parrtjima-a-festival-in-light-2017-program-revealed The second annual Parrtjima – A Festival in Light will illuminate Alice Springs with extraordinary contemporary art by some of Central Australia’s most celebrated Aboriginal artists over 10 nights from Friday, 22 September to Sunday, 1 October 2017, as revealed in the new creative program announced today. The free public event will transform Alice Springs Desert Park into a mesmerising outdoor gallery of light and sound with a breathtaking illumination of a 300-million-year-old natural canvas, the majestic MacDonnell Ranges, and a series of new installations involving Aboriginal artists from the central desert region. The festival program, created by Parrtjima curator and renowned First Nations creative director Rhoda Roberts OA, showcases the oldest continuous culture on earth and puts the magnificent Aboriginal art and culture of Central Australia on centre stage. “We are proud to present the creative program for Parrtjima 2017 and look forward to bringing senior Aboriginal artists together in Alice Springs – home of the Arrernte of Mparntwe – to share their vibrant artwork and stories with thousands of visitors at this truly unique event. “It has been a privilege to work with each artist to bring new light to their work using the newest technology, and it is our shared hope that the festival will inspire all visitors to learn more about the rich culture of the central desert artists who continue to paint country and keep our knowledge alive for future generations.” Roberts worked closely with AGB Events and Aboriginal artists and art centres from across the desert region to develop the festival program, with endorsement from the Parrtjima Festival Reference Group and ongoing consultation with a wider network of respected Arrernte persons. The creative program features the following elements and installations:   The Heartbeat of Elements of Country Alhe Itethe (Central and Eastern Arrernte) / Arna Itatha (Western Arrarnta)The majestic MacDonnell Ranges will be illuminated with a stunning light treatment celebrating the heartbeat of country, pulsating through expression of the elements wind, fire and water. Up to two kilometres of the 300-million-year-old natural canvas will be bathed with colour during a six-minute theatrical light display timed to music, playing on a 20-minute cycle. The spectacle respects the life of the land and its elements, reflecting their drama and inherent beauty. The kaleidoscopic display of colour, texture and movement is the result of consultation with a network of respected Arrernte people, some of whom gave this display on the range the Arrernte name and spellings: Alhe Itethe (Central and Eastern Arrernte) and Arna Itatha (Western Arrernte), saying it means: “The sands and lands are alive. It’s all alive and we are all still here.” Interactive Space – Wave Space Between the cycles of the Alhe Itethe/Arna Itatha display, visitors can step into a booth and experience lighting the range using a world-first interactive control system that follows arm and hand movements to change the lighting colours and patterns, discovering how their gestures affect the motion of the lights in real time. Expression Space – Bindi Mwerre Anthurre Artists Expression Space is a gallery of giant lampshades suspended beneath the stars, giving a panoramic perspective of the vibrant contemporary artworks created by Bindi Mwerre Anthurre Artists (Lifestyle Solutions). The luminous artworks portray the essence, beauty and humour of Central Australia and each artwork is a radiant reflection of the life and surrounds of the region as seen, known and loved by the group of artists involved in the installation. Bindi Mwerre Anthurre Artists is an art centre in Alice Springs supporting Aboriginal adults with disabilities to express story and paint country. Artists include Adrian Jangala Robertson, Billy Tjampijinpa Kenda, Charles Jangala, Ingkamala, Jane Mervin, Kukula McDonald and Lance James. The lampshade frames are made by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander controlled business, Centre of Appropriate Technologies, Desert Knowledge Precinct, Alice Springs. Honouring Space – Iltja Ntjarra/Many Hands Art Centre Honouring Space is presented in collaboration with Iltja Ntjarra/Many Hands Art Centre in Alice Springs, which supports Hermannsburg School-style watercolour artists who paint in the tradition of their grandfather and relative, Albert ‘Elea’ Namatjira. To honour the community, Parrtjima will represent landscape paintings by artists Gloria Pannka and Mervyn Rubuntja in collaboration with Reinhold Inkamala, Vanessa Inkamala and Kathy Inkamala in windows suspended in the desert, as if viewing the landscape. Pannka’s painting will be represented in the style of large-scale windows, as if looking out onto a landscape rendered in watercolour. The remainder of the installation will evolve over the 10 nights as the artists return to Desert Park each day to paint a scene especially for Parrtjima. The artworks are displayed between two arches made by Aboriginal-owned social enterprise Tangentyere Constructions, which is based in Alice Springs. Grounded The much-loved Grounded installation returns in 2017, showcasing a fresh crop of artworks by Ikuntji Artists Eunice Napanangka Jack and Gordon Butcher, and Arrernte Artists Patricia Ansell Dodds, Carol Turner and Greg McAdam, and artists from Barkly Regional Arts. Using a powerful digital projection onto the desert sands, the sequence of works creates a giant, seamless canvas on country, accompanied by an atmospheric soundscape and recordings of stories told by the artists. Visitors can enter the projection space for an immersive experience and become part of the art. Respected Arrernte people gave permission to display artwork by artists and arts centres from other areas on Arrernte country. The audio and specialised projection equipment for Grounded is provided by the Aboriginal-owned Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA), as part of a three-year agreement to allow for a fully integrated audio-visual experience at Parrtjima. The partnership will allow local suppliers to take ownership of the spectacular installation; acquiring world class equipment and expertise and will see the implementation of a training program to develop a long-term crew of Aboriginal employees for events. Visitors to the free family-friendly event can explore the installations at their leisure and relax at the Festival Hub in the beautiful surrounds of Alice Springs Desert Park while sampling local food and drink. An expanded program of events, including live music and artist talks will soon be announced. Andrew Hopper, General Manager, Northern Territory Major Events Company said: “Parrtjima is an uplifting family-friendly event, connecting visitors with original, contemporary and traditional Aboriginal art, while providing meaningful artistic opportunities to Central Australian artists and paving the way for local growth in capacity, jobs and training.” The festival is open to the public at Alice Springs Desert Park from 6:30pm to 10:30pm and visitors are asked to register their attendance for one of four sessions held each night. A free park ‘n ride shuttle bus is available to and from the festival at Alice Springs Desert Park, stopping at several locations around Alice Springs. Parrtjima (pronounced Par-CHee-ma) comes from the Arrernte group of languages, which has many dialects and ways of spelling words. In Central and Eastern Arrernte, ‘apateme’ means ‘to have trouble understanding something’ and ‘pwarrtyeme’ means ‘to shine’. The event name suggests shedding both light and understanding on a subject. The first Aboriginal light festival of its kind in the world, Parrtjima is proudly supported by the Northern Territory Government and event partners Northern Territory Major Events Company, AGB Events, Alice Springs Desert Park, Alice Springs Town Council, Alice in the Territory and Diggamen Civil Contracting. Join the conversation with #ParrtjimaAustralia. For more information and to register to attend, please visit EVENT DETAILS Event                Parrtjima – A Festival in Light Date                 22 September – 1 October 2017 Time                6:30pm – 10:30pm Location           Alice Springs Desert Park, Larapinta Drive, Alice Springs, NT Entry                Free URL         -ENDS- Media contact: Sarah Shields, +61 408 283 091 | Rachael Ryan, +61 406 484 929 | About Northern Territory Major Events Company Northern Territory Major Events Company (NTMEC) is a dynamic organisation that delivers and supports significant events across the Territory. Owned by the Northern Territory Government, NTMEC was established in 1999 and has the responsibility of developing, delivering and promoting world class events in the Northern Territory.   The leading B2B & SaaS startups conference comes back to Sydney on 28 September 2017! 2017-08-15T00:06:25Z the-leading-b2b-amp-saas-startups-conference-comes-back-to-sydney-on-28-september-2017 This year, the conference is supported by Lendlease, which will host the one-day event on Thursday 28 September 2017 in its new Barangaroo building, at the Tower 3. Sponsored by Microsoft and its BizSpark program, the conference will be the perfect place for the different speakers and panelists to discuss about "The Future of Work", the main topic for the morning. In the afternoon, the 250 attendees spanning from early stage to mature startup founders, investors and C-levels from medium to large international companies, will hear actionable insights from world-class experts from the B2B & SaaS space and select the most promising B2B startup entering the 1st B2B Rocks pitching competition.Attendees will have the chance to learn from shapers and doers from the B2B ecosystem and network from 8.30am to 6pm, with about 25 speakers including Natalie Slessor, the Head of Workplace at Lendlease, Dean McEvoy, CEO at TechSydney, Bridget Loudon, CEO at Expert360, which just raised a $13 million series B, Marc Havercroft, Futurist and VP of Digital Transformation for Human Capital Management at SAP, Olga Oleinikova, CEO at Persollo, Jason Wyatt, CEO at Marketplacer, Fred Orrenius, Founding Partner at Digital4s Ventures, Constantine Georgiou, Co-founder of The Founder Lab, Lawrence Crumpton, HoloLens/MR Solution Specialist at Microsoft, Nicolas Chu, Founder of Sinorbis, Marc Cowper, CEO at Recomazing, Ezechiel Ritchie, Head of Media Sales at Taboola, Jessica Ellerm, CEO at Zuper, David Francis, Co-founder of Virtual Method, Chris Gilbert, CEO Equitise, Andrew Everingham, Managing Director at Capital-E, Georgia King-Siem, Director at KPMG, Melissa Widner, General Partner at NAB Ventures, Dave Gardiner, Co-founder of Carthona Capital, Lija Wilson, Co-founder of Puffling, Adam Cook, Associate at AirTree Ventures, Andy Farquharson, Sales Architect at Winning by Design, Alister Coleman, Managing Partner at Tempus Partners and others.Aside from the main event, B2B Rocks will host a B2B startup pitching competition sponsored by Microsoft BizSpark where 10 shortlisted startups from APAC region will be pitching in front of a judging panel to win an Azure Sponsorship worth a USD 120,000 (BizSpark Plus Program), and several prizes awarded by TechSydney and other partners. If you're a B2B startup, less than 5 years old and USD 1 million in annual revenue,  click here to apply!The event is supported by Dragon Law, technology partners such as BlueJeans, Zeetings, Award Force and community partners such as TechSydney, Techboard, Recomazing, Fishburners, Tank Stream Labs and more. Tickets for the event are now available, secure your seat now!More speakers will be announced shortly as well as the fully detailed program. Don't miss our upcoming announcements about our Future of Work and B2B Startup experts by following the B2B Rocks LinkedIn page. Blue 449 Promotes Zara Cobb to Head of Strategy and Planning 2017-08-14T22:33:57Z blue-449-promotes-zara-cobb-to-head-of-strategy-and-planning Blue 449 today has promoted Zara Cobb, former Head of Planning into the Head of Strategy and Planning role as part of the roll out of the new Blue 449 Open Source approach.  The promotion follows the departure of Ian Czencz who departed the agency in June.   Zara, who has been with Blue 449 for over two years, will be responsible for the adoption of the Blue 449 global process into the agency across both the strategy and planning teams. The move comes off the back of the agency’s name change from Match Media in January and the gradual adoption of the Blue 449 philosophy and processes.   Blue 449’s open source philosophy is about welcoming input from beyond their own walls, creating a network of talent, of weaving together data and ideas and breaking down silos. In one word it can be summed up as ‘collaboration’ – inventive, collective progress towards business goals.   Zara has over 10 years’ experience having started her career in London working for some of the biggest agencies in the Telco and ecommerce categories before coming to Australia and heading up the Westpac team at Mediacom.  In 2015 she joined Match as a Group Client Partner and in that time has been instrumental in weaving the data and analytics product into the day to day planning process for clients as well as leading successful pitches on Tourism New Zealand and Royal Caribbean Cruises.    Zara said: “I am beyond thrilled to step into this role and help establish a market leading product within the global Blue 449 process. In a rapidly changing media landscape the Blue 449 approach is a refreshing, creative, and unique approach which champions collaboration, creativity, and data to produce work that really works for our clients. I am excited for this next chapter and for the opportunities it is going to unlock for both our existing clients as well as any new clients we welcome in the future.”         John Preston, CEO, added:  “Since joining Blue 449 two years ago Zara has had a big impact on the agency and is a star of the future, a new type of strategy leader. We are delighted to have rewarded her for the work she has done and excited about what she will bring to our clients’ business.”   As part of the strategy re-boot Zara will be bolstering the team and an announcement on this will be made soon.   Helping Hand Group Celebrates 20 Years with Major Milestone of $100 Million Raised in Donations 2017-08-13T23:41:37Z helping-hand-group-celebrates-20-years-with-major-milestone-of-100-million-raised-in-donations Sydney, 14 August 2017 – Helping Hand Group, Australasia’s market leader in fundraising auctions, today announced it has now raised and donated more than AU$100 million for leading charities, community groups, schools and sporting clubs since it started 20 years ago. This has been achieved by providing a broad range of unique holidays, experiences, memorabilia (music/movies/sport), artwork and fine wines through Ballot Bidding®, silent and live auctions at over 6,000 fundraising events.  “One of the main challenges of putting on a fundraising event is the sheer effort and coordination that goes into the planning and execution,” said Richard Ernster, founder of Helping Hand Group. “This is where our services play such a pivotal role in helping organisations and charities run a successful event and bring in much needed fundraising revenue.” Founded in 1997 in Sydney, Helping Hand Group now has nine offices across six countries throughout Asia Pacific and has operated auctions in 17 countries, from Australia to Abu Dhabi, Monaco, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Japan and more.  Demand for Helping Hand Group’s fundraising and auction services continues to increase significantly every year, with over 400 events held in the past year alone. The company’s growth can largely be attributed to its focus on offering more unique, luxury items for auction, which achieve far better donation figures for the charities and fundraising groups it works with.  “Given the unique, money can’t buy experiences that Helping Hand Group offers, this played a pivotal role in guests pledging large bids on our auction items at our annual Foundation Ball,” said Vanessa Barry, head of St.George Foundation. Vital to Helping Hand Group’s success is its commitment to evolving the services it provides to auction events to keep up with changing needs. In recent years, the company has introduced its Ballot Bidding® service, which gives event guests the chance to lodge their maximum bid against the items that interest them via specifically designed ballot bidding forms. It also introduced Electronic Silent Auctions that use the latest software to allow attendees to engage instantly and directly via their mobile device during an event. About Helping Hand Group Founded in 1997 in Sydney, Helping Hand Group has raised and donated over $100 million for leading charities, community groups, schools and sporting clubs, by providing memorabilia, artwork, fine wines, holidays and experiences for fundraising through silent or live auctions. It has operated auctions in 15 countries and has affiliations with nine offices across six countries. For more information, visit: AC&E Awards Announces Panel of Esteemed Judges 2017-08-10T22:15:17Z ac-amp-e-awards-announces-panel-of-esteemed-judges   SYDNEY, 11 August, 2017 – The Association for Data-driven Marketing & Advertising (ADMA) has today announced the 140 judges, including 12 chair judges for its upcoming 2017 AC&E Awards. Now in its fourth year, the esteemed panel will be judging the best work to come out of Australia and the process is underpinned by a strong audit committee and the Audited Media Association of Australia (AMAA). Set to take place on 26 October at Luna Park Sydney, the annual black-tie awards show was created back in 2014 to celebrate the outstanding campaigns that are both creative and effective within Australia’s marketing, media and advertising industries.   “We’re looking to recognise only the best in the business with the AC&E Awards, which is why the calibre of the judges has to be top-notch too,” says Jodie Sangster, CEO of ADMA. “We’re honoured to have so many judges volunteer their keen eye and judgement skills for the awards. We’ve also announced that the Audited Media Association of Australia (AMAA) has come onboard as an audit partner to ensure total transparency in the whole process including the judging, so this is the best platform to witness excellent ideas from Australia’s best and brightest.” This year’s AC&E Awards chair of judges are: Grand Chair: Jennifer Vandekreeke, Vice President, Australia at Carnival Cruise Lines Chair of Campaign Awards (Customer): Jo Boundy, CMO – Qantas Loyalty at Qantas Chair of Campaign Awards (Social Media): Kimberlee Wells, CEO at TBWA Chair of Channel Awards (Broadcast, Print and OOH): Christina Aventi, Executive Planning Director at BMF Chair of Channel Awards (Digital websites and Search): Andy Pontin, CEO at Clemenger BBDO Sydney Chair of Content Awards: Kirsty Muddle, CIO at Cummins&Partners Sydney Chair of Craft & Technique Awards: David Ponce De Leon, Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy Australia Chair of Integrated Campaign Awards: Jennifer Vandekreeke, Vice President, Australia at Carnival Cruise Lines Chair of Data Awards: Al Crawford, Former CSO at Clemenger BBDO Sydney Chair of E-Commerce & PR Awards: Christopher Savage, CEO at The Savage Co Chair of Mobile, Email, Digital Awards: Victoria Curro, MD at Lida Chair of Small Budget and NFP Awards: Will Lavender, Chairman at Lavender Chair of Technology Awards: Brad Bennett, Strategy Director at The Hallway For more information on the AC&E Awards and the full categories and awards list, please visit Entries will close on 15 August.     About the AC&E Awards ADMA AC&E Awards focus only on marketing, media and advertising work that demonstrated an equal measure of creativity and effectiveness. ADMA also created new awards categories to focus on its five core pillars for success: customer experience, content, creativity, data and technology.   About ADMA The Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) is the principal industry body for information-based marketing, media and advertising as well as the largest marketing and advertising association in Australia. ADMA has over 600 corporate members including major financial institutions, telecommunications companies, energy providers, leading media companies, travel service companies, airlines, major charities, statutory corporations, educational institutions and specialist suppliers to the industry, including advertising agencies, software and internet companies.   Media contact: Katherine Raskob Director, Communications & Customer Experience (02) 9277 5432   Facebook Advertising Vs. Google Adwords 2017-08-10T12:00:39Z facebook-advertising-vs-google-adwords Understanding whether you should be investing your advertising budget on Facebook or Google Adwords will help you to make informed decisions to benefit your business’s ROI. Both methods have their pros and cons, whether the pros outweigh the cons will depend on your budget, your business goals, your target market, what audience data you already have and your metric of conversion. WHAT IS FACEBOOK ADVERTISING? Facebook advertising is essentially advertising through the Facebook platform. Facebook has arguably the most sophisticated targeting capabilities of any social platform. In the world of social media where 16% of consumers are going online to research products, leading to 52% of these people converting to a purchase*, choosing to advertise via Facebook is definitely an option to be explored by businesses. Facebook advertising allows for three main types of ads: Awareness ads; Consideration ads; and Conversion ads. These ads include ad objectives such as reach, engagement, lead generation, clicks to website, conversion, store visits etc. Facebook ads are usually paid for on a cost per view basis. Facebook will take your daily or lifetime budget and use this to show your ads to an audience that is most likely to complete your ad objective. You can choose to do manual bidding, however, unless you have an in-depth knowledge and years of experience advertising on the platform we do not suggest this method. WHAT IS GOOGLE ADWORDS? Google is the number one preferred search engine by users worldwide with 77.43% of the market share*. Put simply, AdWords is Google’s paid advertising product. The ads that you see on the top and right of your Google search results are all products of the AdWords system. Businesses pay on a pay per click basis to have their ads shown. This is the main difference between Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. You are not paying for the number of views of your Adwords ad, but only if someone clicks on that ad. HOW DO I KNOW WHICH IS BEST FOR MY BUSINESS? It is worth noting that the intent of the user to convert is much higher when clicking through from a Google Adwords ad versus a Facebook Ad. In saying this, there are multiple factors that come into play when deciding which advertising platform to use. BudgetAs mentioned earlier, depending on whether your ad is set up with a daily or lifetime budget, Facebook will evenly distribute this budget throughout the selected time period. Google Adwords however, charges you on a CPC (cost per click) basis – so every time a user clicks on your ad. Depending on your industry, Adwords could be the cheaper alternative to Facebook, or be more costly – this comes down to competition in your industry. Effective use of your budget on Google AdWords will come through correctly conducting keyword research for your particular industry and the service you offer. Theoretically, the more specific the keyword/s you are targeting, the less expensive the CPC will be. Keyword research is not only vital to the correct use of budget but also to ensure that you understand how your target audience is searching for your product, as well as the demand for your product or service. In comparison, Facebook advertising can be limited to a daily or lifetime budget while still reaching a large audience. We recommend spending a minimum of $100 per month for your Facebook Ads – this number will differ depending on the type of ad you run; a lead generation ad will need more spend to be effective in comparison to a video views ad. The performance of your Facebook ad will also be dependant on the creation of the ad itself. Industry competitionThe more competition there is within your industry, the more money you will have to spend to be able to effectively compete for a ranking position in the Adwords results. These clicks can vary from a CPC of <$1 to over $100 dollars. Facebook allows you to reach a large audience regardless of competition as there are more opportunities to show your ad to a Facebook user than there is to show to a person searching through Google AdWords. It is worth noting that Facebook ads do run on a bidding structure, but there is not enough competition to affect the results of a low budget campaign. Doesn’t fit your nicheMaybe Adwords just isn’t the right platform for your niche? This is something that will become apparent through keyword research. For example, if you are marketing a service or product that is not widely known, then the demand will be low. It is not worth spending money on Google AdWords for your product if no one is searching for it. Facebook allows multiple methods of targeting users including uploading your email database, targeting website visitors, creating lookalike audiences and saved audiences to name a few. We have written a previous article on how to use specific Facebook audiences for specific Facebook campaigns. This audience targeting allows you to reach people who will be interested in your product or service even if they have not heard of it before. GoalWhat are you trying to achieve with these ads? The extent of Google AdWords allows you to lead people through to a landing page. This information can then be used for retargeting ads via Adwords, however, your main goal if using Google Adwords should be conversion of a user to the sale of a product. With Facebook, your conversion metrics are widened. You can create ads for brand awareness, to capture leads to add to a lead nurture campaign, retargeting campaigns, video views etc. WHAT IF NEITHER METHOD SEEMS TO WORK? Creating a compelling ad is only one part of the conversion equation – maybe even just a third – the performance of your ad will also be determined by other factors. Landing PageIf your landing page does not have a clear call to action, is difficult to navigate, slow to load or irrelevant to the ad that it is linked to, then the likelihood that your campaign will be successful is very low. Looking into the performance statistics of your ad and comparing this to the consumer behaviour in Google Analytics will give you an indication of where there is room for improvement. Length of campaignIt is impossible to analyse a campaign effectively if there isn’t enough data to look at. We would recommend running ads for a minimum of a month before being able to come to conclusions of why your ad did or didn’t work well. Any less than 4 weeks makes it hard for there to be enough traction to your ad. BudgetMuch like the length of a campaign, it is important that you have enough money behind your campaign to allow it to run effectively. Without sufficient budget, your campaign does not have the chance to perform at its best to provide you with valuable insights to analyse. ExpertiseWas your ad set up correctly and was it set up to achieve the best results possible? It is not fair to write off a campaign or platform if the execution of that campaign was not done justice. If you are not familiar with Facebook advertising or Google Adwords, we would highly recommend engaging a professional for this service. As a campaign set up incorrectly can be very costly. *Sources: Sensis Social Media Report 2017Smart insights My Assignment Services Now Providing Outstanding Marketing Research Proposal 2017-08-10T05:01:52Z my-assignment-services-now-providing-outstanding-marketing-research-proposal A marketing research proposal from My Assignment Services also conveys the derivation of facts which are obligatory to produce scope of writing a research paper. Each of the marketing research proposals is structured in a pattern of theoretical representation. A marketing research proposal is formed with the information about the capabilities of a researcher and a specific area of research which could eventually be for the intended proposal. According to the Director, My Assignment Services works with the pertinent goal for excellence in the field of research. “Excellence is the key element where the experts of the alliance work with might and main to deliver the best with accuracy,” says the Director. The solution of marketing research proposal writing for an extensive research is solved by the cluster of experts at My Assignment Services aiming at a superior level of proficiency. A marketing research proposal is a useful task for marketing students to conduct a research on the subject. It is the first step to get selected for conducting a research by showcasing the methodologies of your research and the area of involvement to conduct and dig better information. Before conducting a research, it is important for the students to get approval from the universities or the supervisor through a marketing research proposal, displaying information about the title topic and other details of the research.  “We take it as an opportunity to bring our premier marketing research proposal writing services to provide classroom assistance and fabricate a superior academic grade,” says the Director of My Assignment Services. The services of My Assignment Services is one of the most advanced aids which is structured with experts from across the globe.   My Assignment Services is a leading service provider who deliver outstanding assignments, dissertation homework’s, proposal writing and much more to the clients. My Assignment Services intends to render services for any subject with a scrutinized study as a method. An ideal marketing research proposal delivers an information which is about the practicality of a subject and shows a scope of advancement in the study. A scrutinized information which is related to marketing can also deliver an idea about the scope of marketing. “We are accoutred to provide marketing research proposal with an insight of the subject and thoroughly analyze each step of implementation which are in use,” says the Director. For more information call or whatsapp +61 452660264 or drop an email to The Metrics You Should Be Tracking on Facebook 2017-08-10T02:09:18Z the-metrics-you-should-be-tracking-on-facebook Which Metrics Should You Be Tracking on Facebook According to the Social Media Sensis Report 2017, 95 percent of all Australian social media users are on Facebook, making it the most popular social media channel for businesses. To make the most of this platform it is important to understand what your audience likes and dislikes are; this becomes obvious through looking at your data. Read on to find out which metrics you should be tracking on Facebook to improve your Facebook marketing. THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF FACEBOOK CONTENT Before you start digging through your Facebook insights for data, it is important to differentiate between the types of content your audience is interacting with. The importance of what metrics to be tracking will differ based on the types of content. On Page Put simply, this content will be anything you post to your Facebook page timeline – text posts, images, links, videos – the important metrics to track still differ with each type of post. Text and image posts This is a post that is purely text (and/or emojis) with an attached image. With this type of post, the metrics to track are: -        Likes -        Comments -        Shares -        Hide post It is important to track metrics that show negativity as well as positivity. If anything, the negative metrics are more valuable to a brand as it shows an immediate indication of the type of post that your target market does not want to see. One or two ‘hide posts’ here and there can be disregarded as reaching a few people who are not interested in your product or service. If however, you are finding that these negative metrics are a common occurrence throughout your data, this should be used to re-evaluate and tweak your social media strategy. Post with a link This is a post that includes a link for audiences to click through to. The main metrics to track with this type of post are: -        Link clicks -        Likes -        Comments -        Shares[NM1] [NM2]  If your post is clicking through to your website then the metric to focus on is link clicks, with likes and comments being secondary metrics. This is because the higher the number of link clicks, the more indicative that the information in your post resonates and is relevant to your audience. Do not ignore your comments, they can provide valuable information and feedback on the content you have provided. Video As suggested this is a video that has been posted on your Facebook timeline. The metrics to track here are: -        Video views -        Average time viewed -        Percentage of video viewed -        Link clicks (if included) Facebook provides you with two video views metrics: 3-second view and 10-second view. Both are important to understanding whether your content is appealing to your audience. A three second view shows that your video was intentionally viewed and not clicked on by accident. A 10 second view indicates that your content was interesting and relevant to the audience. In the same way, the average time people view your video and percentage of video viewed will allow you to pinpoint the average attention span of your consumers when watching video. Off Page This content is content that is not posted on your timeline – so Facebook Advertising. Facebook Advertising Facebook Advertising has become an integral part of online advertising. Facebook’s detailed targeting options and data collection allows businesses to utilise the platform to reach new audiences, grow brand awareness, grow their database and sell their products and services. As there are a number of different types of Facebook ads that you can run, your main metric will be the advertisement’s objective, outlined when creating your Facebook campaign. For example website clicks, engagement, Page Likes, Video Views, Ad Recall etc. To ensure that your metrics are being properly tracked, it is important that your event tracking Facebook Pixel is added to the relevant pages of your website. CONTINUALLY OPTIMISE YOUR CONTENT In order to run a successful advertising campaign on Facebook and understand how on-page posts are performing, it is important to combine your findings from your core metrics with any other variables or data sources that could impact your results or give you more insight into consumer behaviour. This can include things such as: -        Facebook Audience Settings; -        the advertising budget on your Facebook Ads and Boost Posts; -        placement of your Facebook Ads (i.e. Desktop, Mobile, Audience Network, Instagram etc.); -        the landing page you are driving traffic to; and -        Google Analytics data. Proptech startup Property HQ launches new website to shake up commercial real estate search in Australia 2017-08-09T04:20:12Z proptech-startup-property-hq-launches-new-website-to-shake-up-commercial-real-estate-search-in-australia Property HQ also aims to capitalise on the growing interest and innovation around proptech; especially how it relates to commercial property and the opportunity to automate many of the traditional ways property transactions are handled.   Property HQ Managing Director, Piers Kennard, said “Although our primary offering is a seamless commercial real estate portal, we are definitely interested in expanding our service to try and automate and streamline many of the traditional property transaction tasks that can bog down tenants, agents and landlords.”   Founded in 2013 and re-launched in March 2015, Property HQ is a commercial real estate and business portal, with over 20,000 listings from all of major real estate agencies and landlords, including Dexus, JLL, CBRE, Savills, Raine&Horne, Ray White, LJ Hooker and many other mid-size and boutique agencies from around the country.   Property HQ Managing Director, Piers Kennard, said “Agents, landlords and the wider property community have been crying out for years for more competition when it comes to listing commercial property online. They feel like they’re being held to ransom, especially with double-digit price hikes year-on-year, some of the highest property advertising costs in the world and only one or two players to choose from.   “We saw a clear gap in the market and the opportunity to reinvent commercial real estate search, putting agents and landlords in the box seat for a change, giving them a genuine and fresh alternative with free listings and reasonably priced listing upgrades — often at less than 10 per cent or the GST component of what they’re paying with other portals,” said Kennard.   Property HQ offers a simple pricing structure site-wide, with free Silver listings and paid Gold and full-width Platinum listing upgrades. Agents and landlords can list for one month or up to 12 months — depending on their needs and requirements — but without the lock-in contracts or expensive subscriptions. Platinum listings start from only $175.   “In launching our new brand and website, we’re really focused on solving some of the major ‘pain-points’ for agents and landlords — like providing a simple and uncluttered design, free listings, no contracts or tiered pricing by suburb, less banner ads and no page turns,” said Kennard.   The new site has also invested heavily in technology, offering functionality like video-enabled listings, list and map view options, location-based ‘Near Me’ search, an integrated language translator and the ability to easily favourite and share listings with others. The beta launch will gather additional industry feedback, with more improvements and functionality to come.   Property HQ also boasts a great library of curated property content, including news, blog posts and research, covering recent trends, deals and insights.   “Another key point of difference is that Property HQ has been built from the ground up, by property professionals for property professionals. We’ve got great relationships in the property industry and a deep understanding of commercial property, based on decades of experience. This gives us the unique opportunity to deliver a portal that agents, landlords and users actually want.   “We see a real opportunity here and with the property industry’s support, we couldn’t be more excited about the future,” said Kennard.     About Property HQ Founded in 2013 and taken over by Piers Kennard in mid-2014, is a Sydney-based commercial real estate and business portal that helps people find commercial property or businesses for sale. Property HQ has over 20,000 listings and buy-in from the major real estate agencies and landlords.   Property HQ Managing Director, Piers Kennard, has over 18 years experience in the property industry in Australia, Europe and Asia, working at companies like Regus, Knight Frank and the government in a variety of senior roles, including leasing, development, tenant representation and property management.   Property HQ Head of Marketing, Nathan Reiche has over 14 years experience in the property industry in Australia where he worked at Investa Property Group across their office, industrial and residential portfolio. Nathan also spent 18 months based in France and Monaco, working with a range of property clients in France and the UK.   -ENDS- CRN magazine names StorageCraft CEO Matt Medeiros a Top 25 Innovator 2017-08-08T23:10:42Z crn-magazine-names-storagecraft-ceo-matt-medeiros-a-top-25-innovator SYDNEY, Aug. 9, 2017 -- StorageCraft®, whose mission is to protect all data and ensure its constant availability, announced today that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named StorageCraft Chairman and CEO, Matt Medeiros, to its 2017 list of Top 100 Executives for the second year in a row. The annual list recognises leaders from the technology industry who have played an integral role in shaping today's IT channel, whether by driving huge cultural shifts, creating rich new opportunities or forging innovative routes to market. CRN named Medeiros to its Top 25 Innovators category of the Top 100 Executives. In his second year at the helm of StorageCraft, Medeiros continues to drive growth and innovation through a game-changing approach to data management. Early in his tenure at StorageCraft, Medeiros zeroed in on the pain point most organisations have been unable to address successfully: effectively managing and protecting the huge data pools they've amassed and hosted in multiple systems. From Medeiros' viewpoint, the storage industry's traditional response of ‘just back up all your data’ is simply not good enough. "Let's get more responsible about data backup," Medeiros said. "Today's world has stored too much data that is not critical to their business. It's paramount for companies of all sizes to get a better handle on managing and restoring their mission-critical data—that's where they can rely on StorageCraft's proven and innovative technologies that combine the best in reliable data protection with infinite scale-out storage." Under Medeiros' leadership, StorageCraft has grown and re-defined its solutions accordingly. In September 2016, StorageCraft acquired Gillware Online Backup and its data analytics technology. Another aspect of Medeiros' vision was achieved in January 2017 with the acquisition of Exablox, which provides award-winning and innovative all-flash, scale-out storage solutions that eliminate forklift upgrades: "Our customers' businesses operate non-stop," he said. "While their data volumes explode, uptime requirements have become more stringent. By adding converged mid-market storage technology from Exablox to our portfolio, we can address both of these problems and do so with a solution that has ground-breaking scalability." Following this vision, StorageCraft continues to focus on equipping its vast network of channel partners with award-winning solutions that solve the data management and data protection problems of their customers. StorageCraft's product portfolio now includes infinite scale-out storage solutions and an industry-leading file and folder backup application that features smart file analysis, along with flexible and reliable on- and off-premise recovery options and cloud backup for hosted data (Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite). "Today's IT ecosystem is undergoing major changes, from a disruptive, technological innovation boom to the unprecedented shift to a services-driven market," said Robert Faletra, CEO of The Channel Company. "For both technology suppliers and solution providers, navigating these uncertain waters and maintaining a competitive edge requires strong leadership and vision. CRN's 2017 Top 100 Executives actively embody these qualities, providing the exemplary guidance their companies need to thrive in this new environment and move the IT channel forward." The Top 100 Executives list will be featured in the August 2017 issue of CRN and online at Follow The Channel Company: Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook Click to Tweet This: .@TheChannelCo names @StorageCraft to @CRN 2017 Top 100 Executives list #CRNTop100 About StorageCraft The StorageCraft family of companies, founded in 2003, provides award-winning backup, disaster recovery, system migration and data protection solutions for servers, desktops, laptops and SaaS applications in addition to powerful data analytics. StorageCraft provides business continuity and data management market services through software products that reduce downtime, improve security and stability for systems and data, and lower the total cost of ownership. For more information, visit Contact Marina Brook, StorageCraft Indo-Pacific. +61 434 423 821