The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-12-10T05:24:19Z Video performance measurement in search and social now easier, accountable, objective 2019-12-10T05:24:19Z video-performance-measurement-in-search-and-social-now-easier-accountable-objective 10 December 2019: Digivizer has solved the difficulties and complexity of measuring and comparing the performance of video content across social media and search by adding YouTube organic performance to its platform. Digital marketers know the value of video: for example, Google reports that 90% of people discover new products on YouTube, and advertising spend on free video on demand (FVOD), and advertiser-funded video on demand (AVOD), are both predicted to grow rapidly over the next four years (sources: Google, Juniper Research, WARC). Video effectiveness has, however, been difficult to measure, made more-complicated when seeking to compare performance across different social media and paid channels.  Digivizer measures and analyses video performance across a broad range of metrics: subscribers, video views, number of posts, description, engagement covering  Shares, Comments, Likes & Dislikes, average percentage view, average view duration in seconds, and total minutes viewed.  In addition to YouTube organic performance, Digivizer also measures video performance measurement across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter  and LinkedIn, including organic and paid video measurement. Performance is presented in summary views, which can then be expanded for more-detailed analysis, and videos can be sorted by performance for the selected period. Marketers can see instantly which channel performance is best, for any given video, across marketing campaigns. “Marketers have been left in the dark when it comes to measuring the performance of video in social and search, especially when trying to understand video at each stage of the sales funnel and how its performance compares across platforms,” says Emma Lo Russo, CEO of Digivizer.  “Marketers can now measure the return on the investment made on driving the outcomes they can see from video: hope and guesswork have been replaced with measurable insights. “Video is king on social and search, because it helps brands take their customers from awareness through consideration to purchase. It has a longer shelf-life than other content formats, is often the most-affordable paid media option at the top of the sales funnel, talks to bigger audiences, conveys deeper messaging and resonance, and allows marketers and influencers to create great entertaining and informational content.  “Video deserves more attention. Marketers, at last, can prove the value of video in social and search and its impact on sales and growth.” With YouTube now added, Digivizer offers over 120 measurements across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google, across owned, earned and paid media .  ENDS About Digivizer Digivizer, founded in 2010, is Australia’s leading digital marketing analytics technology company. Digivizer helps businesses get better results from their digital marketing, across owned, earned and paid media, in search and social, by giving them all the information they need to make better decisions and improve their marketing ROI.  Digivizer’s digital insights are available through a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform affordable by any business. Digivizer plans start at US$89 per month. Digivizer is an ad, development and technology partner to the major social and search platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google (incorporating Display), and YouTube, and a marketing and agency partner to Google and Facebook.  It is also a partner of start-up venture capital investors Investible and Remarkable, and of global online retail outlet platform Shopify. Contacts Digivizer is at: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: YouTube: Web: For more information:  Alan Smith, Head of Strategic Business Communications, Digivizer.  Phone: +61 404 432 700. Email: Twitter: @alansmithoz    Media assets Digivizer has solved the difficulties and complexity of measuring and comparing the performance of video content across social media and search by adding YouTube organic performance to its platform. Photo: Digivizer. Digivizer has solved the difficulties and complexity of measuring and comparing the performance of video content across social media and search by adding YouTube organic performance to its platform. Photo: Digivizer. Brisbane based Online Marketing Business Delivers New Product Offering for SMBs 2019-12-10T02:49:00Z brisbane-based-online-marketing-business-delivers-new-product-offering-for-smbs Virtual Storm, a Brisbane-based Online Marketing business that helps small-to-medium businesses generate more sales and customers through organic search engine optimisation strategy and services, has released a new product offering to the market. Of the new product offering, Business owner Storm McManus said: "This is an offering that is designed to give businesses a deep insight into the current standing of their website from an SEO perspective. The report analyses various website fundamentals and delivers some clear recommendations for website improvements that businesses can make to increase organic traffic flow." The offering is designed as the perfect starting point for businesses that are looking to increase their organic traffic but aren't sure of where to focus their efforts first. "The SEO Site Analysis Report reveals data about a business that they just would not be privy to without running the analysis. Data that clearly highlights why the business may not be receiving as much organic traffic as they would like to. Furthermore, the recommendations delivered are unique to the business' online marketing goals and objectives" said Storm. Other Online Marketing offerings developed specifically for SMBs that are available on the Virtual Storm online shop include: - Keyword Research Report - Content Marketing Strategy - Sales Funnels 101 Workbook - Email Marketing Bundles  - Copywriting Tools and Templates All online offerings can be accessed via the Virtual Storm shop. About Virtual Storm Virtual Storm helps SMBs generate sales and customers through organic SEO and content marketing. Owner, Storm McManus, has 20+ years experience in marketing sector, with the last eight years spent helping businesses manage their strategic online marketing efforts. Humanitix, the not-for-profit ticketing platform, partners with Canva, integrating the Canva Button to give events impact 2019-12-06T04:37:18Z humanitix-the-not-for-profit-ticketing-platform-partners-with-canva-integrating-the-canva-button-to-give-events-impact The Canva Button is an API released by Canva that enables online platforms to give their users design superpowers. Humanitix, a non-for-profit ticketing platform which utilises funds raised from event booking fees to fund education programs, was selected as a launch partner for the Canva Button, and is the first online ticketing platform to release the integration. Mike Williams, product manager for the Canva Button said, “Millions of people use Canva every month to promote and showcase their events with a Canva design. We’re thrilled to see Humanitix embrace the Canva Button to help streamline the design process for their users, and give their already great event creation experience that extra edge.” Co-CEO of Humanitix, Josh Ross said: “Canva has been a huge supporter of Humanitix’s mission to use event booking fees to close the education gap. Because Canva worked with Humanitix for their pilot roll out, we’ve been able to offer world-first event-management features to our users, who can create professional banners and promotional graphics right from within our platform.  “It means better events, more tickets sold, and more booking fees for our education projects. It’s all about running events with impact.” One such event organiser is CJ Holden, who uses Humanitix for events for KPMG’s High Growth Ventures and the highly acclaimed Space Series event in Byron Bay. Says Holden: “This is a game changer for event organisers. We run events for CEOs and tech-leaders, so everything needs to be perfect and beautiful. The Canva Button on Humanitix has cut the back-and-forth with graphic designers. It’s taken the platform to a whole new level.” Amanda Price, the Head of High Growth Ventures at KPMG commented on the partnership: “I’m so excited to see the Australian tech ecosystem coming together like this. Canva is Australia’s poster child unicorn, and Humanitix is growing so fast that they may well become the first charity unicorn. Everyone wins when high growth ventures collaborate.” Humanitix is doubling in size every few months as event organisers and ticket buyers flock to their platform. Latest figures project more than 3 million ticket buyers visiting their platform each year. Booking fees on Humanitix have already funded 150,000 meals for disadvantaged school kids, scholarships for indigenous students, and 52,000 days of education for girls. For Journalists: Possible story angle: Tech Unicorn Canva and Tech-Charity Humanitix Team Up to Tackle the Education Gap The team is available for interviews Contact Adam Long, Chief Growth Officer on 0421 498 170 or  L2R: Joshua Ross, Cofounder at Humanitix; Cameron Adams, Cofounder at Canva; Adam McCurdie, Cofounder at Humanitix – Celebrating the launch of the Canva button - JPEG Download. Download photography, logos and the media kit here. FAQ What is Humanitix? Humanitix is the not-for-profit ticketing platform that gives events impact. We make event management a delight, and then direct 100% of the profit from booking fees towards education projects, such as literacy programs for young girls.  Who uses Humanitix? Anyone running events – whether an independent community event or an international conference. By ticketing their event with Humanitix, Singularity University funded 10,000 days of education, the Football Federation of Australia funded 2 years of girls’ education from a single match, and The Grounds of Alexandria funded 15,000 meals for disadvantaged children.  What has Humanitix achieved? Humanitix is now the fastest growing ticketing platform in Australia and New Zealand, and has contributed more than $400,000 to education programs.  Why is Humanitix different? Humanitix is an exciting case of scalable social innovation, capable of transforming both the role of business and radically growing the funding pool for education programs. It’s a charity for the tech-generation. Why education? We believe education is the ticket to opportunity. With access to primary and secondary schooling and the support needed to stay in school, kids live healthier, more fulfilling lives and can escape the traps of poverty. Our work ranges from scholarships for Indigenous students, through to meals for disadvantaged Aussie kids, through to education programs for young girls around the world. How did it get started? Humanitix was created by Joshua Ross and Adam McCurdie, who left lucrative jobs in finance to make Humanitix happen. Funding has come from many foundations, including Google and Atlassian Foundation, as well as a range of philanthropists. Where can I find out more? Visit    Or contact Adam Long, Chief Growth Officer: 0421 498 170 or  About Canva  Launched in 2013, Canva is an intuitive online design and publishing platform with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere. Featuring a simple drag-and-drop user interface and a vast library of templates ranging from presentations, social media posts, posters, invitations to resumes, a huge collection of stock photography, illustrations and fonts, anyone can take an idea and create something beautiful. Canva is available on web, iOS and Android. WildJar Releases Microsoft Search Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) Integration to Enhance Call Attribution 2019-12-03T08:55:47Z wildjar-releases-microsoft-search-advertising-formerly-bing-ads-integration-to-enhance-call-attribution-1 SYDNEY, AU – WildJar, a leading global communications software as a service platform, announces that it has released an advanced integration with Microsoft Search Advertising which allows marketers to capture rich call attribution data from Microsoft Ads and use it to provide further insights into consumer purchasing behaviour.   WildJar now has the ability to send web and conversion data from phone calls directly into Microsoft Ads. This integration enhances campaign performance by automatically connecting conversions back to the specific search keywords, ads or campaigns that customers interacted with during their search, allowing for a detailed picture of a customer’s purchasing behaviour.  “We are growth focused and always striving to deliver cutting edge voice and SMS solutions for our clients,” states James O’Neill, Co-Founder and CEO of WildJar. “Our new Microsoft Search Advertising integration is yet another example where we have listened to our clients’ requests and reinforces WildJar as one of the fastest growing global call intelligence platforms. It has been fantastic working with the Microsoft team and I am happy to say the integration is now live and available.” Microsoft Search Advertising market share continues to grow globally, with over one third PC search market share in the US, 23% in the United Kingdom, 16% in France and nearly 16% in Australia. Microsoft's careful selection of key partnerships such as The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo, CBS Interactive and many more, helps marketers increase their digital footprint whilst bringing high-quality traffic and increased clicks to their marketing strategy. “We are delighted to see that WildJar have completed an integration to our API. For Microsoft Advertising customers that rely on calls from a performance standpoint, this will enhance their ability to measure performance on our platform, and we are excited to see the positive impact that will result from this integration” said Paul Korber, Director of Partner Development AUNZ, Microsoft Advertising. To learn more about the WildJar integration with Microsoft Search Advertising, visit or call 1300 317 533 About WildJar   WildJar helps businesses become wildly successful by providing cutting edge voice and SMS solutions. Founded in 2016, WildJar has helped more than 4,000 companies worldwide drive revenue and connect their customer’s journey online to their purchasing behaviour offline. Finally, businesses and marketers have complete attribution and analytics to measure call outcomes and ROI. With WildJar’s Voice Platform, businesses get granular campaign attribution to understand why customers are calling, real-time intelligence about who’s calling and analyse what’s being said during conversations to improve outcomes. ONMA Specializes in Creating an Optimized Online Presence for Success 2019-12-03T07:38:13Z onma-specializes-in-creating-an-optimized-online-presence-for-success An online presence is a necessity in today’s business climate to build brands, increase visibility and manage reputations. Creating a constant stream of content, along with influencing and inspiring the way potential customers view a business, requires the specialized knowledge, experience and expertise available at ONMA. The marketing agency provides an extensive range of services and offers packages to accommodate any business need, from startups to large corporate projects. Every project begins with a consultation to assist clients determine what they want to achieve and the services that will accomplish their goals. ONMA conducts a comprehensive analysis of a client’s project to identify strengths and areas that need improvement. Project planning can go forward at that point that’s customized to the individual demands and needs of the client. One of the most important aspects of online marketing is having an optimized website that ranks highly in web searches. Few people look beyond the first five results and a primary goal at ONMA is to increase business visibility through SEO for clients. A vast majority of websites are accessed via phone and ONMA specializes in websites with responsive design that displays correctly on mobile devices. Pay-per-click campaigns can be conducted to grow traffic, along with marketing endeavors that assist in capturing leads. As a Google partner, ONMA is able to establish AdWords marketing campaigns designed to boost business through conversion optimization. Social media marketing is a critical element for today’s businesses and ONMA takes social media marketing very seriously. The agency can provide content, highlight reviews, and assist in managing a client’s online reputation to increase their customer base. Websites are created that facilitate a guest’s visit and are easy to navigate. The exemplary services offered by ONMA have been creating online marketing success for clients around the world through the “Big Four” of online marketing – Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google. ONMA collaborates with clients utilizing proven methods, techniques and technology specifically designed to obtain results. To know more about our service visit Natural Disaster = No Exhibition stand 2019-12-03T03:49:13Z natural-disaster-no-exhibition-stand What would your brand do if your exhibition stand builder could not build your stand the day before bump in?   Set up trestle tables and some brand coloured table clothes?   Not with Expo Centric.   Our client, Allianz, was looking forward to showing at COBA at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre. Everything was booked, confirmed, and staff were on their way.   Bump in was to begin early Saturday morning. The exhibition truck was packed with the Allianz stand and commenced it's long journey up the coast on the Friday night all as planned.   Unexpectedly, 3 hours into the 10 hour journey, the truck had to make a full stop. To it's dismay, the devastating and unfortunate bush fires throughout NSW and QLD caused road closures. All road access was blocked and the truck driver had no way of reaching the exhibition destination.   For most exhibiting companies this may very well have been the final stop (and for some it actually was.) The natural disaster would have impacted exhibitors from showcasing their brand and presence at the upcoming event.   Nevertheless, Allianz teamed up with Expo Centric and were determined to achieve a positive outcome. Failure wasn't an option, Expo Centric had to do everything in their power to deliver a flawless exhibition stand in time for the show opening.   Expo Centric staff, both on site and back in the office, worked long and hard Friday night through to Saturday. ·      New exhibition drawings were developed ·      Replacement frames were organised with friendly suppliers in QLD ·      New graphics were ordered by a QLD printer and rush printed ·      All the new elements were delivered on site to the GCCEC ·      On site staff worked over time to ensure the stand was completed before opening   The end result:The Allianz stand was built and signed off by the client before the show opening and attendees wouldn't of even imagined the great lengths Expo Centric had gone to.   What could have happened: Like other exhibitors who faced the same situation, they may have had to resort to trestle tables and brand coloured table clothes.   The team at Expo Centric are highly dedicated and determined to provide our clients with the utmost customer service. They go above and beyond and strive to deliver on the brand experience that is promised to our clients, not even a natural disaster will hold them back!     About Expo Centric: Expo Centric design and build integrated communication structures for trade shows, interiors, specialty retail spaces and museums. Their goal is to create high-impact experiences that break through the clutter of everything competing for your visitor's attention. As a full-service exhibit house, they offer design consultation, custom design and construction, total graphics production, multimedia, all animations, and storage facilities.  Eyeota Introduces Gaming Audiences Through New Partnership with Ziff Davis 2019-11-27T22:16:37Z eyeota-introduces-gaming-audiences-through-new-partnership-with-ziff-davis  Eyeota, the leading audience technology platform enabling the intelligent use of data, today announced a new partnership with global digital media company Ziff Davis, a division of J2 Global.   Through this partnership, marketers and agencies can use the Eyeota Audience Marketplace to access audiences derived from Ziff Davis’ 125 owned and operated digital properties and partner sites, including IGN,Mashable, PCMag, Ookla Speedtest, and AskMen, with 5,000 annual product reviews and over 200 million unduplicated monthly visitors.   “By partnering with Eyeota, we are able to leverage the valuable insights we have on these audiences. This partnership will introduce a variety of audience segments in high demand verticals, such as gaming, entertainment, technology, B2B and consumer electronics,” said James Whitehead, General Manager at Ziff Davis.   Ziff Davis has a multitude of gaming audiences available in the Eyeota Audience Marketplace sourced entirely from owned and operated web and mobile properties that are constantly refreshed and curated. These include wide-reaching, scalable audiences such as those interested in general gaming and online entertainment and tech, to more niche, high quality segments such as Fortnite fans or Windows 10 users.   Asia Pacific accounts for nearly half (47.4%) of digital games revenue worldwide, with US$1.9B coming from Australia (source: eMarketer). Data across the Eyeota platform shows a growing trend of gaming advertisers in Oceania steering their audience targeting strategies towards site visitors who intend to shop for consumer electronics, PlayStation consoles and parents with older children.   Jimmy Aoun, Business Development Director at Eyeota, said “The collaboration between Eyeota and Ziff Davis will deliver new and vibrant audience segments that help brands reach highly engaged avid gamers. Advertisers will now be able to influence their customers’ purchase intent through Ziff Davis’ segments, elevating their audience targeting strategies to a whole new level.” The Idea Shed creates disruption and impact to educate dog owners on Ivory Coat Wholegrain 2019-11-27T21:49:19Z the-idea-shed-creates-disruption-and-impact-to-educate-dog-owners-on-ivory-coat-wholegrain Independent creative agency, The Idea Shed, has created a new campaign to introduce dog owners to the new healthy option available through the Real Pet Food Company, Ivory Coat Wholegrain.   Although Ivory Coat is the number one grain free brand in the pet speciality channel, the company recognise that dogs love variety when it comes to meal time. By launching Ivory Coat Wholegrain dog food, with dry and chilled options, the brand is able to guarantee that no matter the reason, there is an Ivory Coat product that will appeal to your pet. Consumers treat their dogs like part of the family and gain fulfilment from seeing them thrive.  However, they also recognise that dogs will be dogs and embrace their natural animal instincts.  With this in mind, The Idea Shed team created a series of animal-centric visuals celebrating dogs exhibiting this natural animal behaviour and combined it with tailored messaging to ensure it was contextually relevant to the specific touchpoint. The campaign delivers impact with the disruptive ‘butt-sniff’ visual and dual headline. Not only does the image give a point of difference when compared to category norms, it brings to life the key benefit of supporting good gut health in a simple and visual way, making it an easy get for the consumer. In addition to this, against the back drop of increased humanisation of animals, The Idea Shed’s creative is deliberately animal-centric and delivers its core message with clever wit and personality. Real Pet Food Company’s Channel Marketing Manager, Jacqueline Nalder said: “Our pets have individual needs, just like us. We recognise there is no “one size fits all” food, which is why we have launched our wholegrain range for dogs, with varieties across both dry and now chilled options. It’s an easy way to look after your dog’s overall gut health and offers an alternative to our grain free range, for those dogs without food sensitivities or allergies.” Shopper Marketing Manager, Cheryl Griffin added: “We have worked with The Idea Shed to seamlessly bring this campaign to life across OOH, instore and digital.  We love that the campaign is packed full of personality and that good gut health is brought to life through the lens of those behaviours animals exhibit naturally.” Also commenting on the campaign John Volckman, Co-Founder/Partner of The Idea Shed said: “While saying hello is relatively straight forward for humans, the butt-sniff is the dog’s handshake. Taking this insight, we had fun developing a campaign which shines the light on dogs being dogs. Our team has enjoyed bringing this campaign to life across the full path to purchase, identifying scenarios that show healthy dogs doing what they do best – being dogs. It was also great that the team at Real Pet Food utilised our full scope of services to bring this Ivory Coat campaign to market. They are such a passionate group and we are enjoying working with them across a number of campaigns which we are excited to see hit the market in the new year.”     Agency Team: The Idea Shed    John Volckman – Co-Founder/Partner Adrian Moore – Head of Digital  Mike Avery - Art Director Isabelle Slack – Junior Designer Peita Neale – Finished Artist  Elkie Pieterse – Studio Manager  Dan Adams - Senior Account Director Christine Kynoch - Account Manager     Agency Partners:   Real Pet Food Company    Shannon Roach – Head of Marketing  Jacqueline Nalder – Channel Marketing Manager Cheryl Griffin – Shopper Marketing Manager  Ashlee Beck – Assistant Brand Manager  Kate Clarke – Digital Producer    Rapid Media    Danielle Hitchcock – Senior Account Director  Cameron Brands – Director of Digital Dawn Beaumont – Search Marketing Specialist          Growth continues for online advertising underpinned by strong video trading 2019-11-27T21:00:00Z growth-continues-for-online-advertising-underpinned-by-strong-video-trading 28th November 2019: Although growth is slower than in previous years, digital has bucked the overall advertising slowdown, with the latest IAB Online Advertising Expenditure Report prepared by PwC revealing the market grew 3% quarter on quarter and 6.5% year on year to reach $2.381b for the September quarter. The report, which is recognised as the industry standard for independent market level industry intelligence in Australia, has been revamped to enable members to review market data at a glance. The three advertising categories, general display, classifieds and search & directories all recorded year on year growth, broadly maintaining their respective share of market spend. Within general display, the travel sector is now within the top three industries, almost doubling its share of spend to 8.2% of the total general display market for the quarter. Automotive remains the top spending advertising category representing 22% of display revenue for content sites. Video was the main driver within general display advertising, growing steadily through the September quarter to reach $413m and 48% of the total display spend, fueled by the retail, FMCG and Technology sectors. Connected TV is now the dominant device for video inventory expenditure, increasing to 38% from 31% for the September quarter, while desktop (34%) and mobile (28%) expenditure both slightly decreased. Programmatic trading continued to increase, with content publishers reporting that 36% of all general display advertising inventory was sold programmatically in the September quarter. By contrast, agency direct buys, via insertion order, which is the dominant buying method for general display advertising, reduced to 47% of inventory. Within video inventory, some 49% was bought programmatically versus 46% via agency buys. The full report is available for IAB Australia members. The report compiled by PwC, solely for the use of the IAB, presents an unaudited aggregation of data provided by members of the IAB as well as estimates developed from publicly available information and other sources. /Ends About the Interactive Advertising Bureau The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Limited is the peak trade association for online advertising in Australia. As one of over 43 IAB offices globally and with a rapidly growing membership, the role of the IAB is to support sustainable and diverse investment in digital advertising across all platforms in Australia. The IAB Industry Charter, which was announced in October 2018, details the organisation’s focus on helping marketers and agencies understand how digital advertising can deliver on their business objectives. Foundation elements of the IAB Industry Charter include a renewed focus on standards that promote trust, steps to reduce friction in the ad supply chain; and ultimately improve ad experiences for consumers, advertisers and publishers. Beyond the IAB’s continued focus on content and ad measurement, the Charter outlines four additional areas of activity: digital ad effectiveness, data and data privacy; standards and guidelines; and improving the digital value chain. For further information about IAB Australia please contact: Gai Le Roy CEO - IAB Australia T: 0408 431 455 E: Pru Quinlan Einsteinz Communications T: (02) 8905 0995 E: New TV show focuses on women in business 2019-11-24T23:45:54Z new-tv-show-focuses-on-women-in-business Women in business are in the spotlight on a first of its kind TV show hosted by digital PR disruptor Jules Brooke. She’s The Boss, on Ticker TV* features women as business owners and bosses being interviewed about their business journey and what they have learned along the way, the good, the bad and the ugly. Jules said with the proliferation of female-run businesses (now more than 30% of all businesses) it is important that women continue to support and uplift each other. “She’s The Boss is showcasing the huge array of businesses across a myriad of industries that are being run by women,” she said. “With guests such as George McEncroe, the Founder of Shebah, and Monica Meldrum, the founder of Whole Kids foods sharing stories of their initial inspiration, what they have learned along the way and offering advice to viewers as part of the show. “We’re a bit starved for business TV that is interesting or appealing to people that are interested in business, but also innovation and technology. She’s The Boss show makes business TV relevant to the hundreds of thousands of women running their own business, never mind the hundreds of thousands more that are considering it.”  Jules is a PR coach who understands the huge value a television interview can make to someone’s profile. Bringing her unique style of humour and empathy, this serial entrepreneur, taps into her inquisitive nature to dig deep. The number of Australian businesses starting in Australia has been growing with women are leading the pack. Recent statistics show 34.8 percent of business owner-managers are female, with around 50,000 joining their ranks every year. Ticker TV is a new way to watch business television. Founded by Ahron Young, ex Bureau Chief for Sky Business, the channel is streaming live through an app and also on Twitter.   The Real Reason Small Business Owners Trust Rise SEO 2019-11-21T23:47:21Z the-real-reason-small-business-owners-trust-rise-seo Press Release Summary: Rise SEO commits to trust and transparency in their tailored digital marketing services. The online marketing team outlines the risks of choosing marketing teams that aren’t upfront with their strategies, and the benefits of working with a team that is up-front with every aspect of their services. Rise SEO has announced a commitment to tailored online marketing strategies with complete transparency. Taking note of the rising trend of unreliable results from black-hat SEO practices, the digital marketing team has highlighted a range of risks that small business owners need to be aware of, and offer a solution that is designed to be trustworthy from beginning to end. The risk of unreliable marketing teams The team at Rise SEO have become increasingly aware of the dangers currently in the digital marketing industry. For instance, they have become aware of growing complaints of companies that may falsify the results that they give to clients, directly misleading them as to the success of their marketing campaigns. Other companies also use “pick & choose” tactics, picking out specific analytics that make their SEO & Google Ads management efforts look more succesful than the bigger picture would indicate. There is also the rising risk of black hat SEO, which relies on tactics that may offer a temporary boost to your search engine rankings, but often do more harm than good in the long run. These tactics include things like content automation, keyword stuffing, using hidden text, or using negative SEO against competitors. Total transparency and trust Aware of the growing dangers in the digital marketing landscape, Rise SEO has pledged to ensure that their clients will always get the full picture, offering complete transparency on the results of any of their Google Ads Management, SEO, or Conversion Rate Optimisation stats. As such, small business owners can see the real impact of their digital marketing efforts, without any hidden details. This enables a connection of trust between the two parties, but it also casts a light on areas where the marketing strategy can further improve, offering usable insight. Ensuring better results in your marketing The point of an online marketing strategy is to establish a return on investment. This is impossible so long as business owners aren’t aware of what returns they’re really getting for their investment. Rise SEO is committed to correcting that with full transparency and detailed reports on the results of every aspect of their digital marketing services. To learn more about the team and the services they offer, visit the Rise SEO webiste. END Notes for the editor: More information is available from Rise SEO’s press contact Mike Hall. To reach the company by phone, call (07) 5641 4643, or email at You can find more information at their company website: Rise SEO’s postal address is Unit 9/193 S Pine Rd, brendale, Brisbane, QLD 4500. Explore Video Options for Business During a Free Mead Media Consultation 2019-11-21T02:19:58Z explore-video-options-for-business-during-a-free-mead-media-consultation Scott Bidmead, director of Mead Media, known for hosting and producing global TV series has announced that the video production agency is offering free 30 minute strategy sessions. The consultations offer global brands and SMEs the opportunity to learn media hacks, content strategy tips and the opportunities available with creative film projects and communications campaigns. Mead Media has earned a reputation as a premiere advertising agency that provides exceptional results that are also cost effective. The agency has worked with top brands from around the globe and during the free strategy session, individuals will receive advice, content ideas and learn about media hacks for any goal. The corporate video production services Sydney tells client stories in creative and innovative ways. Mead Media combines a variety of traditional and digital methods in video production, advertising and public relations. Each custom project is designed to increase visibility, build brand awareness, and promote the client’s message. This is an era in which video is an essential component of connecting with audiences online and off. Any video ad, commercial or film must capture the audience’s attention in the first five seconds or the message is lost. As one of the top advertising agencies Sydney, Mead Media is a master of accomplishing that with methods and techniques acquired over many years of experience, working with the likes of Jason Momoa, Margot Robbie and brands like the Commonwealth Games, China Tourism and Penfolds.  The agency has extensive experience in producing TV shows for national networks and high-profile commercials that demand attention. Mead has worked with some of the most well-known companies in the TV and film industry. As communication and public relations experts, the advertising video production company is cognizant of the need to meet budgetary needs and time constraints. Mead Media understands the psychology required in today’s marketing atmosphere to succeed. The free 30 minute strategy sessions offered by the agency will help individuals find direction and ideas that can be implemented to aid in acquiring new customers, retaining established clients, and ensuring any company’s message is one that will strongly resonate with audiences. Locals ‘R’ Us Provides Effective Small Business Solutions with Leaflet Distribution 2019-11-20T04:35:40Z locals-r-us-provides-effective-small-business-solutions-with-leaflet-distribution-1 The owner of a small to mid-size business must be innovative to create content, manage a social media account and plan media campaigns, all while trying to operate their business. Locals ‘R’ Us founder, Sharyn Crawford, provides multiple marketing services that aids in increasing visibility, acquiring new customers, and generating revenues. Leaflet distribution is one of the most effective and affordable ways for businesses to advertise their products and services. A full 48 percent of consumers respond to advertisements in the form of leaflets. If the recipient doesn’t use it, leaflets are commonly saved and passed on to family and friends. Leaflet walkers Brisbane can target a client’s message to specific demographic areas and populations. Robocalls, unsolicited emails, and SMS advertising are annoying. Leaflets are non-irritating and they’re an eco-friendly option since they’re recyclable. Even in an era of digital marketing, advertising materials delivered via letterbox remain highly effective. One of the reasons is that they’re perceived as a more personal form of communication. Letterbox distribution Brisbane Southside enables businesses to utilize their own unique message and be as creative as they’d like. Leaflet walkers and letterbox distribution are just two of the services offered at Locals ‘R’ Us. Individuals will learn from the organization’s partners that are specialists in their industries. They provide support and micro business strategies specifically designed to be effective, yet low cost. Small business owners typically don’t have the budget or access to technology that larger corporations use. Locals ‘R’ Us provides support for business owners to develop a social media strategy and how to create and sustain a social enterprise that combines a commercial approach with methods that give back to the community. Business owners will discover new avenues and opportunities of which they may not have been aware. Leaflets don’t have to be large, elaborate or complicated to be successful. With a clear message, colorful materials and powerful words, letterbox distribution and leaflet walkers can help business owners increase their customer base by as much as 10 percent. Locals ‘R’ Us provides the small business solutions to help owners reach their earning potential. Promoting Australian businesses at the 2019 CIIE with Chinese Digital Marketing Solutions 2019-11-20T01:51:21Z promoting-australian-businesses-at-the-2019-ciie-with-chinese-digital-marketing-solutions The 2019 China International Import Expo (CIIE) has successfully ended on 10 November. USD$71.1 billion (or AUD$104.1 according to currency on 20 November) worth of tentative deals were signed at the Expo. Australian businesses were a part of the extraordinary numbers, including Bubba Organics, Ocean King and Micurae. Victorian commissioner to Greater China Tim Dillon mentioned many Australian businesses have signed on for the next CIIE already. WeBOOST is proud to announce our successful collaboration in developing digital marketing and IT solutions with the aforementioned companies. We have worked with these companies in developing its Chinese digital marketing solution for the Expo and beyond. With the uniqueness between every company, we customized our approach amongst them. Bubba Organics Bubba Organics dedicates to “create premium, 100% natural, pure & gentle baby skincare essentials that mums can trust & babies love.” Its Australian Goat Milk skincare series is renowned for fighting eczema in babies. With products that we trust and use in our office, WeBOOST worked at our best to demonstrate the amazing products from Bubba. We have helped the gorgeous ladies from Bubba Organics in registering a WeChat Official Account to not only build connections and communicate with the Chinese vendors but also display their products with a WeChat H5 page. To extend the reach and demonstrate the positive impact of Bubba’s products, we have translated customer reviews and testimonials from Australian mums to Chinese for the H5 page as well. While the financial figure of the deal is confidential, the ladies have reported a great success. And, further collaborations between Bubba Organics and WeBOOST are in progess. Ocean King Offering health wellbeing products to world leading travel retailer chains and multinational pharmacies in Asia Pacific, Ocean King was another key corporation that WeBOOST worked with for its CIIE success. Other than a WeChat Official Account, we have developed a WeChat Mini Program and a new website for the world-renowned brand. The WeChat Mini Program allowed Chinese customers to purchase products straight from Ocean King, demonstrating the ability of a Mini Program to convert WeChat traffic to sales. Its new eCommerce website also helped to extend the reach of its products and sales channel worldwide, notably Australia, Singapore and Indonesia. The project details of our collaboration with Ocean King will be available at our website in a short time. Micurae Micurae is empowering healthcare with its digital medical solution. Aimed at breaking the geographical barrier in accessing quality healthcare, Micurae has been collaborating with WeBOOST in developing the underlying system in doing so. The innovative idea from Micurae offers more than benefits to health, but a holistic and personalized patient care. The system from Micurae customizes every step of the medical journey for its patients in order to ensure the best care and even better recovery. Following key medical values including “do no harm” and patient confidentiality, Micurae added transparency and affordability to the equation that differentiated its solution above the rest. WeBOOST carefully developed the system to make the idea of Micurae into a reality. And we cannot be prouder to see Micurae’s success in the CIIE.   WeBOOST is excited to hear the success of our collaborating companies in the 2019 China International Import Expo and is planning to help even more Victorian and Australian businesses in the upcoming 2020 CIIE. Learn more about WeBOOST at For more information, please contact: Nick | Marketing Manager E:   About WeBOOST The ultimate goal of WeBoost is to make IT services affordable and available to everyone. To achieve that goal, we endeavour to connect your business directly onto the Internet and bolster your business appearance in the online market. Founded in Melbourne, WeBOOST strategically positioned between local corporations and the online audience for brands to advocate themselves through the digital space. Our expertise in WeChat marketing, including Mini Program and Official Account, builds a pathway for Australian companies in reaching the wider Chinese-speaking population in China, Malaysia, Singapore and more. Taking the digital marketing and tech industry by storm! 2019-11-20T01:46:11Z taking-the-digital-marketing-and-tech-industry-by-storm Connecting business around the world is how digital marketing company WeBOOST operates. The company aims to build a communication bridge between Australian companies and the wider Chinese demographic - whether they live in Australia, China, Malaysia or Singapore - just to name a few. WeChat marketing is the main service of WeBoost where they help with the registration processes on an official account and the designing and development of the WeChat Mini Program - along with H5 Pages. WeChat is a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app. Now as a very young and small business, WeBOOST are currently celebrating the new successes of the business.   “We have recently undergone some great structural changes within the business including a new website -, a new office and an expansion of our team, which will help us serve our clients at a more comprehensive way,” said Nick, Marketing Manager at WeBOOST. WeBOOST's digital marketing and IT solutions allow businesses to directly connect with their customers who don't speak English as their first language. "Our aim is to help both the customer and the business. We want them to both feel connected to each other, and with a language barrier amongst the Chinese speaking community, we want to create a sense of trust and support. Our WeChat, search engine optimisation and social media marketing allow businesses to break down the communication barrier," added Nick. The business was founded in 2016 by YJ who led the team in WeBOOST to its current success with notable clients including Chadstone, Longriver, D1 Store and more. With the team’s recent success and developments, they are still constantly looking for talented individuals while offering opportunities to students and recent graduates to achieve as a whole. To complement the entire digital marketing campaign, WeBOOST also provides services on website development, application development, social media marketing and search engine optimisation. Learn more about WeBOOST by visiting their new and improved website at -END-   For more information, please contact: Nick | Marketing Manager E:   About WeBOOST The ultimate goal of WeBoost is to make IT services affordable and available to everyone. To achieve that goal, we endeavour to connect your business directly onto the Internet and bolster your business appearance in the online market. Founded in Melbourne, WeBOOST strategically positioned between local corporations and the online audience for brands to advocate themselves through the digital space. Our expertise in WeChat marketing, including Mini Program and Official Account, builds a pathway for Australian companies in reaching the wider Chinese-speaking population in China, Malaysia, Singapore and more. With website design and; development, mobile application development, search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine and social media marketing and system development, WeBOOST brings a holistic digital marketing solution to the table for the ultimate online brand resonance.