The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-06-03T22:31:34Z Eyeota Awarded Neutronian Certification Badge, Industry’s First Independent Verification of Data Quality and Compliance 2020-06-03T22:31:34Z eyeota-awarded-neutronian-certification-badge-industry-s-first-independent-verification-of-data-quality-and-compliance — Eyeota, the leading audience technology platform enabling the intelligent use of data, today announced it was awarded with one of the first Neutronian Certification Badges for its Eyeota Branded Segments.    Neutronian was founded to reinvigorate the entire martech and adtech industries by helping data-driven marketing achieve its full potential. Until now, every brand has had to act as its own data auditor in a buyer-beware world. To help marketers avoid wasting time and money on low quality data, Neutronian created data quality standards that enforce and spotlight the good players in the marketing ecosystem and those best practices.    “The use of data has gotten increasingly complex for all players involved, but marketers still need to use quality data in order to target audiences with any kind of sophistication,” said Jimmy Aoun, Eyeota ANZ Business Development Director. “So, we are very proud to have been awarded this certification in recognition of our commitment to providing marketers with quality data.”   Since its inception, Eyeota has been firmly committed to ensuring data quality and transparency are at the foundation of its trusted relationships with clients and partners. As marketers around the world work to overcome challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, efficient audience targeting is more important than ever.  “Not every data provider is willing to disclose the necessary information or lift its hood to an inspector, but Eyeota’s eagerness to partner with us proved its confidence in their data,” said Timur Yarnall, CEO and co-founder of Neutronian. “It’s a true pleasure to award Eyeota one of the first Neutronian Certification Badges, signalling a new era of third-party validation to elevate the transparent and quality-focused data providers to improve efficiency and trust across the industry.”    Aoun added: “By partnering with Neutronian, we are not only taking a step forward as a company but also a major leap forward for our industry. The assurance required for marketers and buyers today are of the utmost importance.  The Neutronian certification, which includes stringent criteria and auditing, will give our marketers the verification they are looking for when making strategic decisions.”    Neutronian built the first independent compliance and quality certification for data providers, the Neutronian Certification Badge. To earn the certification, data providers must undergo a comprehensive audit and meet the baseline criteria for more than 50 aspects covering five main categories: ·       Consent and compliance  ·       Sourcing transparency   ·       Dataset characteristics  ·       Methodology and processing ·       Performance   With the award of the Neutronian Certification Badge, Eyeota will enable Neutronian’s platform to continuously monitor Eyeota dataset samples starting in Q3 2020. This continuous monitoring will help to proactively detect any variances from certified standards as they occur, adding another layer of verification to the Eyeota Branded Segments.   “Being one of the first to be certified with a Neutronian Certification Badge is a significant honour,” said Kristina Prokop, CEO and co-founder of Eyeota. “Quality and transparency have always been vital aspects of our data business and now, more than ever, those principles are critical for brands’ bottom lines. For the first time, Neutronian is offering our industry an independent verification of these important elements to encourage more transparency moving forward.”  Why Beauty Lies in Website Minimalist Design – What to Know 2020-06-03T05:55:44Z why-beauty-lies-in-website-minimalist-design-what-to-know Minimalist design is the new in-thing in just about everything that emanates from design. From houses, to fashion all the way to being an entire lifestyle and movement, minimalism definitely has an intense impact on the way the world is today. But why do people love it so much? The answer is simple—it’s because of the notion that less is more, which entails that a less cluttered space or design speaks to the human soul in another way. When it comes to the internet and web design, the same principles apply. Many websites are going the route of sticking to one colour or one primary colour and a few accents to give the page character, as well as removing any unnecessary elements and replacing them with fully functional ones. Websites full of unnecessary visual noise are not pleasing, as they remove focus points and create mental discomfort. With a good plan of action and a purpose in mind, your minimalist website can be an attention grabber. Click here to read the full article Utilizing Web Design Techniques for Conversions – Our Guide 2020-06-03T05:53:46Z utilizing-web-design-techniques-for-conversions-our-guide Web design is an invaluable tool companies use to grow their business. A webpage is a landing pad that offers leads looking for a product or service with all the information they need. A well-built website expedites the process of sales and marketing, as there are less digital objects cluttered that will throw buyers off. If you are struggling to get your website visible to online traffic, there are proven methods that can assist you in growing your business. Here are some tried and tested techniques that will boost your webpage in the search results page: Have Healthy SEO Habits Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a modern business tool that works through a plethora of systems. It is a very complex practise that entails a lot of strategies and techniques that business owners can employ to convert leads into customers. Hiring the services of a professional SEO agency can reduce the burden of the technicalities paired with it for a price. This price may be hefty depending on where you look, but SEO specialists are an invaluable business asset. Click Here to read the full article. Wordpress Hosting Australia 2020-06-02T05:58:53Z wordpress-hosting-australia-1 One thing that COVID19 has taught us is how much we need the internet. Your need could be a google search to find a product or service or to keep the lights on to successful e-commerce business. However, what’s important is having your website live and secure at all times - that's where Wordpress Hosting Australia comes in.  For wordpress websites; you'll want to ensure; - Your website is hosted in an Australian datacentre.   - You have the help and support if you need it.  - You should be able to call or email and get a response, not be flicked from department to department.  pepperit. has been hosting Australian websites for 10 years.   Need help to migrate your website, for our Wordpress Hosting Australia client this is usually on the house (unless you have a very large or complex website like 1000 plus pages).  Plus we are also offering discounted Wordpress Hosting for the next 1 year to help out small business owners. Head to Wordpress Hosting Australia for the pricing. Then contact us directly for your discount. No catch just from one good Australian to another.      For more information please contact: Nicole Shelley Head of Marketing Pepperit. t. 02 9327 7775 w. Access shopper behaviour and purchasing trends of Australian Mums 2020-05-30T08:24:52Z access-shopper-behaviour-and-purchasing-trends-of-australian-mums Did you know what your customers are thinking, feeling or even saying about your brand, competitors, or industry? If not, that’s where Mumpower comes in. We continuously reach out to Mums, an economic powerhouse, within our vast market research community of 14,000+ participants for quantitative and qualitative insights into what they are buying, how they are buying and why. This way, we deliver companies and brands clarity around trends and certainty around Australian Mothers purchasing behaviour that leads to heightened brand advocacy and more sales. Over the past 12 months, Mumpower has produced an extensive list of industry research insights on behalf of companies in the following industries: Baby Goods and Services, Children Products, FMCG and supermarket brands, Home products, Appliance industry, Organic market, Lifestyle products, Beauty products, Food brands to reveal shopping habits of Australian Mothers across popular categories. An example list of market research reports produced throughout 2020/2019 period include: ·        Brand advocacy trends and market predictions ·        Usage and Attitude towards advertisers and advertising mediums ·        Consumer relationships with market leader brands and characteristics of best performers ·        Consumer relationships with non market leader/emerging brands and characteristics of best performers ·        Social media habits and trends of Gen X and Gen Y Australian Mothers ·        The role and impact of pester power ·        Marketing to Kids and the role of Kidinfluencers ·        Online shopping trends ·        Instore shopping trends ·        How the shopping habits differ across Gen X Mums vs Gen Y Mums ·        How customers feel about buying Australia Made ·        Product packaging customer preferences ·        How do product claims and accreditations drive sales ·        Sustainability trends and recycling habits of Australian households ·        Cooking trends, predictions and shopping habits of Australian Mothers ·        Market research trends for Organic products in Australia ·        Health and wellbeing assessment; Mums state of mind today ·        Leading Supermarkets private label and home brand assessments ·        Baby skin care consumer trends and preferences ·        Baby food and baby snacking shopper trends and preferences ·        Breastfeeding trends Australian Mothers ·        Mums involvement in online support networks vs live Mother groups ·        Australian Mums usage and attitude towards Appliance industry ·        How Mums buy via baby expos and shows and ways to optimise sales ·        Covid-19 Purchasing Behaviour and shopping habits of Australian Mums For industry leaders who want to go beyond marketing to mums, ‘Knowledge is Profit’ Mumpower data insights enables companies to shape brands with Mums. Being Mum-centric accelerates B2C relationships that lead to sales. If you would like to discover shopping habits and market research stats about Australian Mums related to your industry, please contact to discover more. Join 300+ other happy customers and power your brand forward. About: Mumpower is Australia’s leading agency shaping brands that speak to mums. Ten years young, we keep today’s mums at the centre of the conversation to deliver brands: Mum-to-Mum Advocacy via: Market Research, Campaign Activation & Advocacy Accelerators. Mum Advocacy fuels growth for your brand. It’s critical and your success depends on it. Contact: for more details - End- Riverina Fresh appoints Keep Left for integrated program 2020-05-28T02:21:08Z riverina-fresh-appoints-keep-left-for-integrated-program Sydney, Australia: 28 May 2020 – 100% Australian owned dairy company, Riverina Fresh, has partnered with marketing communications agency Keep Left to deliver an integrated campaign to increase brand awareness amongst supermarket shoppers and support its café customers impacted by the COVID-19 shutdowns.  As the milk-of-choice for leading baristas, Riverina Fresh supply milk to over 5,000 cafes in VIC, NSW and ACT. The company needed to pivot fast when government restrictions forced the hospitality industry to restrict trade or close its doors.  Discussions with supermarkets began, and within 72 hours, Riverina Fresh had expanded its retail footprint with a selection of its milks on the shelves of 180 Woolworths stores in Victoria and 100% of stores in NSW and ACT, bypassing the backlogged distribution centres in Victoria and delivering direct to store with its refrigerated trucks.  Delivery also continued to café partners who were quick to enact their own pivot from local eatery to food pantry and generate a new income stream during COVID-19.  Riverina Fresh CEO, Rob Collier, said: "Having supported our farmers through the drought in the Riverina for the past three years, we are familiar with pulling together to navigate tough times.  “Throughout all the hardship, it’s been great to see how the whole industry has rallied together to support each other. Riverina Fresh is proud to have played a part in that through the ongoing supply of product and refrigeration.”  Devised by Keep Left, the campaign incorporates a digitally-led consumer engagement activation in collaboration with leading baristas across the country, a branded content stream and supporting PR across business, trade and consumer media.  It promotes the importance of ‘Support Local, Buy Local’ during these unprecedented times by tapping into current consumer sentiment to deliver further connections between local businesses and their communities.  Home-ground - a real-time discussion amongst industry leaders Salvatore Malatesta (St Ali), Sasa Sestic (Ona), Paul Jackson (Dane’s Specialty Coffee), Jody Leslie (Toby’s Estate) and Jenny Willits (Seven Miles Coffee Roasters) - launched on 13 May and streamed on Facebook to thousands of viewers in 24 hours.  Proudly Australian owned and grown, Riverina Fresh supports local farmers, local communities and the local economy, with all profits staying in Australia.  The brand is now actively exploring the establishment of a home delivery channel in Melbourne and Sydney as well as further partnerships with independent retailers.  TRAVEL INFLUENCER REWRITES INSTAGRAM CAPTIONS WITH THE TRUTH 2020-05-26T09:01:18Z travel-influencer-rewrites-instagram-captions-with-the-truth SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — May, 2020 — After nearly a decade of inspiring intrepid souls across the globe, World of Wanderlust — founded in 2012 by Australian travel influencer and self-proclaimed "gypsy," Brooke Saward — has embarked on a unique trip down memory lane. For years, Saward's otherworldly photographs have reflected a charmed life; now, the 28-year- old globetrotter is sharing what really happened behind the mesmerizing pictures, eager to share with her audience of 584k followers that Instagram is not a reflection of real life. The response? Tens of thousands of likes and comments per post."The experience of traveling encompasses so much more than just visiting new places. It's an opportunity for connection; for storytelling — with the people you meet along the way, and the people who are following along online," says Saward.The World of Wanderlust Instagram page currently showcases over 1,100 dazzling photos of some of the most beautiful, foreign, exotic, and ethereal places on Earth — from the cultural gem of Kyoto to the idyllic canals of Amsterdam, and beyond. To date, Saward has traveled to over 80 countries and has explored hundreds of breathtaking destinations, all while sharing her expert solo travel tips on her blog.Saward's latest project — unearthing her innermost thoughts, feelings, and impressions as a collection of autobiographical stories from each destination — is completely different from any existing World of Wanderlust content. Each narrative reads like an excerpt from a poignant novel beneath a slew of enchanting, corresponding photographs.In her refreshingly raw narratives, the female solo traveler recalls the vulnerability of heartbreak ("When I got home that night, I consulted my therapist. 'How long should you wait to start dating again?' I typed into Google"), the crushing weight of loneliness ("...a small and slow tear rolled down my face. What am I doing here? What am I trying to prove?"), and the exhilaration of wild nights of freedom ("...we'd break into basketball courts at midnight until we were both yelled at to leave"). The result is a captivating mini-series of reflections — a delectably scandalous version of Eat, Pray, Love for Saward's generation.You can find Brooke's travel narratives in the Instagram captions of her most recently-posted photos, which she began developing and posting on March 24, 2020. To learn more about World of Wanderlust, visit the official World of Wanderlust website, and be sure to follow the adventures on Instagram and Facebook! ACROSS GENERATIONS, AUSTRALIANS ARE MORE OPTIMISTIC ABOUT COVID-19 AND ARE READY TO SPEND WHEN THE PANDEMIC ENDS – LANDMARK STUDY FROM AUDIENCE PRECISION 2020-05-24T23:40:33Z across-generations-australians-are-more-optimistic-about-covid-19-and-are-ready-to-spend-when-the-pandemic-ends-landmark-study-from-audience-precision Australians are showing signs of greater optimism about a COVID-19 recovery, with less people saying it will have a big impact on their personal finances and most expecting to delay purchases until the pandemic is over, a landmark new study from Audience Precision has found.   The ongoing global study*, called “COVID-19 – Marketers Action Plan”, is the first of its kind to look at trends spanning generations, from Generation Z to Boomers, and also across the top 25% household income band, which reveals very different attitudes towards COVID-19 and spending patterns.   Gen Z are the most ready to spend up big as soon as the pandemic is over in Australia but have delayed their purchases until then, while Boomers are not delaying purchases to any significant degree. Millennials are the most cautious, becoming the ‘wait and see’ generation.   In Australia, all generations are less concerned and more optimistic about COVID-19 than the UK and US. Gen Z are the least concerned across all generations, along with Boomers, who also have the highest levels of optimism. High income earners are also the most optimistic but the second most concerned about COVID-19.   In terms of personal finances, Millennials have the lowest level of optimism, with 40% saying COVID-19 will have a major impact on their personal finances, the highest of all generations. Gen X were the second highest generational group to say COVID-19 will have a major impact on their personal finances (38%), and 36% of Boomers believe the same.   “This is the third wave of our ongoing COVID-19 research study, and we are finding that Australians are more generally optimistic. This represents a massive opportunity and brands need to capitalise on this momentum of positivity. Although across generations most will delay their purchases, they are ready to spend once the pandemic is over,” Audience Precision Head of Business Development, John La Rosa, said.   “These are very encouraging signs for marketers and this further highlights the need to be ready to accommodate a surge in expenditure. It’s important to start to brand build now to ensure awareness is achieved prior to full pre-COVID-19 conditions. Marketers need to have agile and quickly executable strategies ready for further signs of a speedy recovery.   “There are key cross generational differences, however, which have major implications for marketers and brands. Although people approve of normal advertising, there are some shifts in expectations. Having a deep understanding of what your consumers’ wants and needs are will drive repeat purchase and build longer term brand loyalty, as we know that they will choose brands based on past experiences.”   Purchase category delays   The study also looked at 11 purchasing categories^ across generational groups with some diverse results when asked about which purchases they would most likely delay until the pandemic was over:   ·       Gen Z: technology items, luxury items, clothes, flights and concert tickets ·       Millennials: cars, home appliances, clothes, tickets to events, luxury items ·       Gen X: day to day items, vacations, concert tickets, cars, home appliances, sporting events ·       Boomers: day to day items, vacations, flights, sporting events, concert tickets.   Among the top 25% income band, holidays, flights, cars, luxury items and home appliances were the top five categories that were most likely to be delayed.   Purchase category priorities post-COVID-19   For younger audiences, fashion, smartphones and home appliances are high on their radar. As for the older generations, clothes, home appliances and home furnishings are in demand.   In terms of higher priced items, the top 5 categories that each generation and top income band will buy first are:   ·       Gen Z: Clothes, smartphone, home appliances, luxury goods and smart devices ·       Millennials: Clothes, technology, smartphone, home furnishings and smart devices ·       Gen X: Clothes, home appliances, home furnishings, technology and smartphone ·       Boomers: Home appliances, clothes, home furnishings, technology and smartphone ·       Top 25% income band: Clothes, home appliances, technology, home furnishings and smartphone     Approval of marketing techniques during COVID-19   When looking at people who were planning to purchase specific major products and their approval of brand advertising techniques, normal advertising is more acceptable for experiences, flat screen TVs, mortgage/finance brands and wearable devices, which are all products that are relevant to lockdown/isolation, or they are aspirational products. However, normal advertising has taken a dip for gaming, automotive, gym equipment and holidays.   When looking at people who purchase minor products, most categories would benefit from normal advertising during this period (excluding books, health foods, skincare and sports apparel). It shows that the shorter purchase decision cycle and lower priced goods have more minimal impact from regular brand advertising.   Approval of marketing techniques across media channels during COVID-19   There is considerably more acceptance and approval for running regular advertising for Out-of-Home advertising, possibly due to anticipated lockdown laws easing.   Consumers expect ads on messaging apps, video pre rolls, ads on tablets, website advertising, sponsored content, retail sites and comments on social media to stay both informed and connected in these times.   Ad placements in channels that fill a consumer’s need have become more widely accepted.   Price and locally made being key motivators for consumers to purchase brands again, along with previous brand experience. This is evident particularly for Gen X, Boomers and high income groups. Interestingly, the brands that reached out to the consumer via CRM programs are not looked upon overly favourably. Brands that had a positive brand image and were seen to be supportive and helpful delivered greater cut through than brands that were not.   Spending time with media channels and social media   Across traditional channels, most Australians have spent the most amount of time with broadcast television during COVID-19 restrictions across all generations, followed by reading more books and audio books, listening to radio, reading more newspapers and reading more magazines.   Gen Z are least likely to engage with traditional media channels, instead opting for digital and social feeds as their preferred source of news and entertainment.   Across digital channels, streaming content (SVOD and BVOD) and listening to music streaming services were most popular across all groups, followed by watching more videos (such as YouTube), listening to podcasts and creating videos (such as Tik Tok).   Unsurprisingly, Boomers are the least engaged and interactive with these platforms, instead opting for what they know and trust for their content preferences through traditional channels.     All groups are spending more time on social media channels. Most are watching more news coverage on social media channels, followed by spending longer on messaging services, spending more time on computer/video games and spending more time on apps.     Sources: *Methodology: To identify attitudes and behaviours during the COVID-19 outbreak, the study was conducted by Audience Precision’s research partner GlobalWebIndex in 17 countries with research in field from 22 to 27 April. It included a sample size of 1,073 Australians who are internet users aged 16 to 64. ^ The 11 purchase categories are: clothes, home appliances/devices, home furnishings, insurance, luxury items, personal electronics, smartphone, technology/smart devices, cars, flights and vacations/trips.   Ends   For further information contact: Rochelle Burbury Third Avenue Consulting 0408 774 577     About Audience Precision Audience Precision is an Australian owned, experienced, independent and reputable media strategy consultancy and technology business. It was founded by respected media industry veteran and entrepreneur, Haydon Bray. Audience Precision eliminates the guesswork by using data combined with proprietary systems and machine learning to help marketers better understand audiences, align their marketing efforts, optimise marketing expenditure, and significantly reduce media wastage across all media channels. It combines data scientists, researchers, strategy architects and software developers to create a game-changing model for businesses. Audience Precision has offices in Sydney, New York and London.   Perth Start-Up Growth Agency Lands Webby Honours 2020-05-22T05:37:30Z perth-start-up-growth-agency-lands-webby-honours Bud has been named an honouree in this year’s Webby Awards – the leading international awards honouring excellence on the internet – in its 24th Annual Webby Awards.  Hailed as the “Internet’s highest honour” by The New York Times, The Webby Awards, presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), is the leading international awards organization honouring excellence on the Internet. IADAS, which nominates and selects The Webby Award Winners, is comprised of Internet industry experts including Instagram Co-founder Kevin Systrom, Mozilla Chairwoman Mitchell Baker, 23andMe Co-Founder and CEO Anne Wojcicki, PBS CEO Paula Kerger, Headspace Founder Andy Puddicombe. “Honourees are setting the standard for innovation and creativity on the Internet,” said Claire Graves, Executive Director of The Webby Awards. “It is an incredible achievement to be selected among the best from the 13,000 entries we received this year.” Bud received recognition for its work in the best visual design category for it’s agency website, rubbing shoulders with projects from industry heavyweights Apple, Google, Squarespace and the Washington Post. “When we started this project we knew we needed to create something visually disruptive and unique to tell our story and engage people to look deeper, to receive this level of recognition for such a young company blew us away.” “It’s inspiring that great work can get recognised and be disruptive, even at this level, no matter who you are.” – Tom Smolarek, Director @ Bud. You can watch the 24th ceremony and all the winners at hosted by Patton Oswalt.   Original article: Camera specialist CameraPro on the hunt for acquisitions 2020-05-21T02:25:41Z camera-specialist-camerapro-on-the-hunt-for-acquisitions MEDIA RELEASE 5 May 2020 Camera specialist CameraPro on the hunt for acquisitions BRISBANE – Leading Australian camera speciality retailer, CameraPro, is currently actively looking at acquisition opportunities of aligned retail and ecommerce sites across Australia. "We've been looking for opportunities for national growth and expansion for some time,” wrote CameraPro founder Jesse Hunter. “And with the significant decline in the camera industry, further consolidation in the market is inevitable.” The current retail downturn for the camera retail industry is unprecedented with GFK data showing around 20% decline even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, with both travel restrictions and safety lockdowns, the market has dropped by more than half of 2019. Many specialty camera stores are temporarily closed, with a number expected not to reopen for some time, if at all. “CameraPro’s unique model of experiential retailing has proven very successful in our declining industry, with our retail growth averaging over 50% y-o-y for the past 2 years,” Hunter confirmed. “We are now looking to roll our model of Service Excellence and photographic experience from Queensland into other Australian markets.”  While the current environment is no doubt a test, CameraPro believes there is still significant potential for growth and market expansion. CameraPro has a reputation of purposeful market leadership with strong social and environmental initiatives, growing rapidly over the last 10 years to be the market leader in Queensland.  Also, a market innovator, even as recently as March this year with the launch of an industry first “Video Shopping Service” (as reported in the SmartCompany entrepreneurship publication); CameraPro has interstate growth firmly in its sights. “We feel we are now in one of the strongest positions in the market to bounce back as the photographic and camera industries re-emerge from Covid. Acquisition will be part of our strategy moving forward in a vastly changed retail marketplace.” Interested parties are encouraged to contact CameraPro’s General Manager, John King, directly on   0411 287 070 or About Founded in 2007, CameraPro is a leading, independent photographic retailer serving customers Australia-wide. Our story began with a simple ambition: to deliver a better retail experience for photographers. More than a decade later, our success story is more than anything else the story of a commitment to that original promise. -ends- Sydney Swans midfielder gets #quarantoned for kids with cancer 2020-05-20T03:39:04Z sydney-swans-midfielder-gets-quarantoned-for-kids-with-cancer Harry Cunningham, Sydney Swans midfielder, calls for Australia to join the team that’s getting #quarantoned for kids with cancer this June. The Redkite Ambassador, who has been maintaining his fitness in isolation since April, is keen to break a sweat and make an impact for children with cancer. He’s recruiting people to join Redkite’s 20-day stomach-crunching challenge this June to raise much needed funds to support families going through their child’s cancer. “Since the start of lockdown, I have kept physically active at home, not only to keep myself AFL ready, but for my own personal wellbeing. “Redkite’s Crunch 4 Kids not only encourages people to do something positive for their core strength and mental health, but everyone who participates in the challenge is showing kids going through cancer that you’re on their team,” he said. Crunch 4 Kids is organised by Redkite, Australia’s leading childhood cancer support charity, which provides essential support such as free online, video and phone counselling, and financial assistance to families, as well as funding music therapists and social workers in children’s cancer wards around the country. Participants set their crunch and fundraising goals and can do the challenge solo or recruit their own team. With 2020 marking 20 years of partnership between Redkite and the Swans, Crunch 4 Kids is a core part of the anniversary celebrations and the club is fielding a team to complete the challenge. Redkite CEO, Monique Keighery said she was grateful for the Swans’ support over the last two decades and was looking forward to seeing them join families from around the country to take part in the challenge in their home gyms or on their living room floors. “Every crunch crunched, and every dollar raised, will go towards providing essential support to kids with cancer and their families. “This April, the number of support sessions delivered was 60% higher than the 2019 monthly average. These families need extra support at this time and for their communities to acknowledge and understand their unique challenge,” she said. Harry said he couldn’t wait for the crunch challenge to begin: “When it comes to football, I’m on the best team in the world but I’m proud to let kids with cancer know I’m on their team too.” Show kids with cancer that you’re on their team too by signing-up here: Grandmother crunches her COVID curves for kids with cancer A Rockingham grandmother is doing her part to flatten the COVID-curve by staying in and working out to flatten her “COVID-curves” and raise money for Redkite, Australia’s leading childhood cancer support charity. This June, Anne Johansen, 74, is taking on Redkite's Crunch 4 Kids with Cancer, a 20-day fundraising, tummy-training challenge. She plans to do 20 crunches a day and hopes to raise $500 for her efforts. Redkite supported her family when her grandson, Ryan Morich, was diagnosed with cancer. "Ryan was 12 when he was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma. Redkite kept my family afloat when my grandson was battling cancer. “Redkite helped pay my grandson’s family bills when both of his parents’ work hours got cut. Ryan’s cancer came back a second time, which cost him his left leg below the knee, so it was a long drawn out illness. “We reckon it was chemo, radiation, nanny’s veggie bake, the family and Redkite that kept Ryan going,” she said. Anne said her age was no barrier to her taking part in Crunch 4 Kids with Cancer, where participants set their crunch and fundraising goals, either solo or as part of a team. “During isolation I have still gone walking and bike riding, but I have also cooked a lot, so I need to flatten my curve. The stand-up criss-cross crunch is quite good for people of a mature age because it helps us practice our balance as well,” she said. Redkite provides essential support to families who have a child with cancer, such as free online, video and phone counselling, financial assistance, as well as funding music therapists and social workers in children’s cancer wards around the country. Over the last year, Redkite has supported approximately 250 West Australian families facing cancer and this April, the number of support sessions delivered nationally was 60% higher than the 2019 monthly average. Redkite CEO, Monique Keighery, said she was looking forward to seeing families from around the country take part in the challenge in their home gyms or on their living room floors. “Redkite’s Crunch 4 Kids encourages people to do something positive for their wellbeing, and everyone who participates is showing a child with cancer that you’re on their team. “Right now, these families need extra support and for the community to acknowledge and understand their unique challenge. Every crunch crunched and every dollar raised will go towards providing essential support to children with cancer and their families,” Ms Keighery said. To show a West Australian kid with cancer that you’re on their team, please visit: SEMrush Research Reveals that Money Anchors Can Bleed a Site's Link Juice Dry 2020-05-20T01:45:19Z semrush-research-reveals-that-money-anchors-can-bleed-a-site-s-link-juice-dry SEMrush, the leading online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform trusted by more than 25 per cent of Fortune 500 companies, uncovers the key findings of its long-term research on toxic inbound links that Google penalises. Over the course of two years, SEMrush has conducted meticulous research and analysed 830+ websites’ backlink profiles. The penalty database consisted of cases from SEMrush users and industry forums users, whose websites were hit with Google penalties. The goal of the study was to uncover the exact factors that trigger penalties and their frequency and to provide tips for marketers on how to avoid and get rid of the Google penalties.  Key findings: Money anchors and sponsored and paid links in articles and blog posts account for causing over 50 per cent of penalty cases. Words like “Sponsored by”, “Information was provided by”, “Advertorial content”, “Advertorial post on behalf" etc. can become a reason for a penalty. Guest posting and press releases come in as the second most frequent cause for a Google penalty - they account for 45 per cent of the penalty cases. Google Unnatural Inbound penalties are real. Google is still actively monitoring compliance with its guidelines for webmasters and is still actively attracting its webspam to manually cases check. Old manipulative link-building techniques (like PBNs and link networks, spam in forums and blogs, and links from web directories) also continue to be the causes of a manual ban. Google does not distinguish between recent and old toxic links. Google treats all websites equally. It makes no difference to Google where the links to your site come from - be it spammy, dubious websites or trusted, reputed media. SEMrush's Chief Strategy Officer Eugene Levin commented, “Being the leading online visibility and content marketing software, we can never overstress the importance of SEO. It’s the very foundation of your online visibility. So, at the time when successful online presence is the sole surviving strategy for most businesses, it’s great to revisit the founding principles of your online visibility. And, of course, a healthy backlink profile can be the make it or break it factor. Thus, I encourage everyone who’s aiming at having a successful online presence to consider the findings from our research and use this working from home time to fix and improve some SEO issues they never had the time to work on before.” To read the full research and uncover more details about the findings,  visit [] About SEMrush SEMrush is a leading SaaS company providing a platform of end-to-end digital marketing and SEM solutions in more than 150 countries. SEMrush’s platform and innovative digital marketing tools are trusted by leading brands, including Vodafone,, eBay, HP, and BNP Paribas, as well as 25% of Fortune 500 companies. The company was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.  For photos of the spokesperson Eugene Levin, please see here. Online platform helping communities to support business 2020-05-19T07:35:00Z online-platform-helping-communities-to-support-business One community-driven organisation attempting to help businesses lessen the financial impact of the COVID-19 crisis is West Australian-based, B2Me Australia. Established in 2018 by community development specialist, Dr Ray Bartell, B2Me Australia is an online service finding platform allowing small to medium-sized businesses across all industries to offer their professional services to the wider community throughout Australia.    “B2ME Australia is a service-finding, reputation-driven platform that connects professional service providers with consumers recommended by friends or affiliate communities as well as the broader marketplace, in a way that builds valuable relationships, trust and rapport,” said Dr Bartell.  One of the impacts that Covid-19 has had in the general community is the increased awareness to support local businesses and with social distancing in place, the use of technology becomes increasingly relevant. “B2Me is a great tool for individuals, families, businesses and community groups trying to navigate their way through these challenging times. The B2Me platform enables people to access, connect and engage with service providers within their community groups and wider associations,” said Dr Bartell. “B2Me exists to help people to find and cultivate their ‘village’ - this is more important now than ever before, because we believe that when individuals thrive, communities flourish.” According to Dr Bartell the online platform takes the hassle out of sifting through numerous unknown recommendations of many social media networking sites like Facebook. “A platform used to find trusted service providers endorsed by others in the community of which you belong, is one in which schools in particular, not just state-wide but Australia-wide, have embraced as families are able to easily find a reputable businesses operating within their community group or locality – it’s a win-win situation. “For instance, people may want to have access to good accountants right now – needing tax advice they can make sense of – particularly with the stimulus safety net packages – there is so much information coming out now from the government that it can be overwhelming. “The uncertainty and economic impact of the pandemic is enormous. What has been amazing to see is those small businesses who have experienced significant impacts such as forced closure or loss of business, pivoting and thinking outside the box in order to keep their doors open - for example, florists turning to delivering veggie boxes, and breweries manufacturing hand sanitiser. Job losses have led some to look at freelance opportunities and get creative in the types of services they can offer. B2Me supports all these efforts by allowing those individuals and businesses to be seen and supported by their community”. Whether you are a business owner, or an individual seeking the services of providers, a sporting club, school, or a community group - get on board - sign up to B2Me Australia – and support your local businesses. Schools looking to get on board with B2Me Australia o help support their local family businesses will be joining a wide variety of nationwide educational facilities on the west coast as well as those in the eastern states including: WA: St George’s College, Perth Prendiville Catholic College, Ocean Reef John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School, Mirrabooka Lake Joondalup Baptist College, Joondalup Victoria: Crest Educational Bayside Christian College, Langwarrin South Queensland: Mueller College,  The Lakes college, North Lakes Tasmania: Launceston Christian School, River Side Leighland Christian School, Ulverstone Schools can find out more by visiting - Add info: Drawing on his work in Papua New Guinea, Dr Bartell has completed his PhD exploring the local governance systems of schools looking in-depth at the foundations for effecting positive change.  Dr Bartell has served on numerous local and international boards over the course of his career, and is currently serving on the board of Alta-1 Australia.     Australian Digital Advertising market slows across all categories 2020-05-18T22:30:00Z australian-digital-advertising-market-slows-across-all-categories Tuesday 19th May 2020: Total online advertising growth slowed in the first quarter of 2020 to deliver overall year-on-year growth of 3.8% according to the IAB Australia Online Advertising Expenditure Report (OAER). The Report compiled by PwC, found that the drop in expenditure traditionally experienced after the December holiday quarter was more pronounced this year, with the total advertising in Q1 reaching $2,286m in expenditure. The Report, which captures data until 30th March 2020, reflects the traumatic summer season of bushfires and drought, as well as the traditional post Xmas decline, but only includes a couple of weeks of data when the country was seriously impacted by COVID-19 lockdown. Gai Le Roy, CEO of IAB Australia commented: “While this report captures the zeitgeist of the tough start to the year we experienced Australia wide, it precedes the real impact of COVID-19. There is no doubt that the current quarter will be tougher for all in the industry but we are seeing shoots of hope in some sectors.” Additional findings from the IAB OAER Report from PwC All online advertising categories showed growth year on year, but general display and search & directories declined from the preceding December quarter (12% and 4% respectively. Classifieds grew 2% from the December quarter. Video advertising continued to grow, increasing to 53% share of general display advertising, an 18% growth on the same quarter last year. The skew towards programmatic advertising continued, with 43% of all advertising bought programmatically versus 38% being bought from agencies using insertion orders (IOs). The percentage of inventory bought directly from advertisers increased to 19%. Some 56%, the bulk of content publisher’s video inventory, was bought programmatically in the March quarter. For the first time, the entertainment category entered the top five industry categories, joining retail, finance, real estate and automotive, despite all recording declines against the previous quarter. The technology sector experienced the largest increase in share quarter on quarter, while the travel sector experienced the largest decline. The Report also found that in Q1, content publisher’s desktop video inventory revenue share increased slightly to 36% with an increase in people working from home, up from 34% the preceding quarter, while viewing via connected TVs was 38% and 26% viewed via mobile video advertising. Second wave of Ad Impact Research IAB is working on the second wave of its ad impact research to understand the investment intentions of advertisers and agencies for the coming months. Data to date shows that approximately 50% of advertisers who had previously pulled spending are now back in market investing, though mostly at a reduced level. The number of those who have reduced or stopped their spending all together appears to have decreased, though a significant number continue to delay investment or completely withdraw. /Ends About the Interactive Advertising Bureau As an independent industry association with more than 150 members in Australia and nearly 9,000 globally spanning media owners, publishers, technology companies, agencies and advertisers, IAB works to align industry stakeholders to develop solutions for the issues faced by the market and develop standards that are integral to the operation of digital advertising. IAB Australia also works closely with other industry associations including MFA and AANA to help shape the rules of play around measurement, Australian Digital Ad Practices, mentorship, global tech and policy work, Tech Lab standards, standardising terminology and supporting the broad media and marketing community. For further information about IAB Australia please contact: Gai Le Roy CEO - IAB Australia T: 0408 431 455 E: Pru Quinlan Einsteinz Communications T: (02) 8905 0995 E: Optimo Designs granted exclusive rights to deliver market-leading FMCG data and insights from the COVID-19 crisis 2020-05-14T22:16:26Z optimo-designs-granted-exclusive-rights-to-deliver-market-leading-fmcg-data-and-insights-from-the-covid-19-crisis Optimo Designs (Optimo), a leading Australian brand and creative agency, has been granted exclusive rights to a world -leading technology platform that will deliver data and insights from the COVID-19 crisis.    Optimo is partnering with Black Swan Data, a London-based global technology and science company, which is at the forefront of using Artificial Intelligence to unlock real time discussions within social, review and blogging platforms. It can then accurately predict the future needs and wants of consumers. Optimo already conducts extensive customer and consumer research within the Snacking and Non-Alcoholic Beverages categories.   Updated every two weeks, Black Swan Data reports the impact of COVID-19 on the Snacking and Non-Alcoholic Beverages categories. By analysing millions of real-time conversations, brands receive a unique insight into the immediate conversations and preferences of Australian consumers.  The report provides regular insights into category-specific trends and the changing consumer sentiment resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The objective of the report is to better inform brands of immediate trends and opportunities for growth as a result of the pandemic. Chelsea Parkinson, Managing Director of Optimo Designs said: “This campaign is about giving marketers real data and insights into consumer behaviour in the snacking and non-alcoholic beverages categories as the COVID-19 crisis unfolds.    “We are combining Optimo’s expertise in these categories with Black Swan’s state-of-the-art data and insights derived from millions of real-time online consumer conversations.”   Steve King, Black Swan Data’s CEO said: “Brands are not short of conjecture and opinion about the impact on consumers of COVID-19, but what they need is data. In this artificial environment there is a temptation to react to what feels like a trend, identified using tools like social listening or traditional research, only to discover it was a passing fad. It is crucial therefore to identify the trends and cultural drivers that will emerge, grow and sustain as COVID-19 plays out in a more sophisticated way. Surfacing these requires structured scientific analysis, using the tools and techniques of Social Prediction and crucially a robust time-series dataset.”   The report package consists of six reports over 12 weeks.  A typical two-week period will cover up to 70 million conversations and will detail the exact number of conversations monitored during that period.  The social media platforms observed include Twitter, Reddit, news sites, product reviews, forums and blog comments. The unique proprietary Artificial Intelligence tools are used to scrutinize, clean and enrich all conversations to ensure the underlying data is relevant and robust.     Global trends from the US and European markets will also be available to Australian brands.