The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-06-12T03:31:03Z Case Study: Quickly Create An Online Booking System For Complex Events 2019-06-12T03:31:03Z case-study-quickly-create-an-online-booking-system-for-complex-events Case Study: Quickly create an online booking system for complex events My experience using the system was excellent. It saved me countless hours. Lach Falvey, Development Convenor, Swimming Metro North East Summary Over $50,000 of event bookings and memberships have been successfully processed with this fast and simple online solution using WordPress, PayPal, Gravity Forms, Gravity View and GFChart. Client Situation The club knew it was a mess. Every year application forms were emailed to members. They would then print, complete, attach a cheque, put in an envelope and snail mail them back – sometime over the following days, weeks or months; if at all. The cheques were banked, except for the odd one that was rejected. The forms were collated, and information transposed onto a spreadsheet. This was all shared with the organisers. Everything was slow, nothing was up to date, it took a lot of effort to manage. And it was a huge chore. Despite steaming through 2019, this is still a typical scenario for many clubs and community groups. A lot of businesses too. The problem with existing online solutions There are some fantastic online event booking systems (Eventbrite, TryBooking, etc) but none of them was entirely satisfactory. Club events require a lot of additional information and selection choices, and these solutions were poor at collecting and collating through a friendly user interface. They all appear to be designed for seat bookings at venues on specified dates, maybe with tiered pricing, and some optional extras. Club events are different in that they run over several weeks, with competitors scheduling events, not seating, and whilst the difference seemed subtle, it wasn’t. Next, we looked at WooCommerce, the leading eCommerce solution for WordPress. It offers a near perfect customer front end solution, but where it fell down was on the back end. We couldn’t find a way to get a simple clean download of all the booking information. Maybe there is a solution out there somewhere, but we just couldn’t find one. The Solution Gravity Forms came to the rescue. It’s ability to collect complex information through forms and make it available for download via a simple csv file for spreadsheet viewing was key. It’s payment gateway add-ons gave us a way to collect money. So, we hired some cheap hosting, installed WordPress and a Genesis theme, and built a really basic website containing photos of previous club events, and information about future events. We opened a standard PayPal account, loaded Gravity Forms and the PayPal add-on, and our new booking system went live. We used the free ‘members’ plugin to provide basic access control and the free ‘Gravity Forms Directories and add-ons’ plugin to display a simple list of bookings to selected people with access. The system worked a treat for customers, and the administrators loved the speed and ease of downloading all booking details into a spreadsheet. What was missing was a simple dashboard giving an overview of bookings. GFChart to the rescue. GFChart provided the missing dashboard capability. Available as a plugin which extends Gravity Forms to display live data in charts, it is used to display a dashboard that tells administrators which events are selling well and where there is an opportunity to invest extra sales effort. Continued System Enhancements Since this Case Study, the core event booking capability has been rolled out with other clients, and modified for taking club membership payments. Examples and New Features Bookings form which fronts the dashboard shown above. Squad booking form. Dashboard for an online training system built using GFChart. Significant additional enhancements of GFChart have taken place that will provide an even better solution for your bookings needs. Gravity Forms booking overview. Survey Customiser Display Charts in Emails and PDF’s Buy GFChart Now Sports Podiatry Roseville Sydney CBD On Feet Injury Foot Pain Ankle Sprains Toes 2019-06-10T22:00:09Z sports-podiatry-roseville-sydney-cbd-on-feet-injury-foot-pain-ankle-sprains-toes Who should you consult first for an ankle sprain - a GP, Physiotherapist or Podiatrist? A sprained ankle is a common injury that many people will suffer from at some time in their lives. An unexpected movement can cause the foot to suddenly twist, forcing the ankle joint out of its normal position, and stretching or even tearing the ligaments around the ankle. People will often consult their GP or a physiotherapist as their first point of contact when they suffer an ankle sprain or injury. But a GP or physiotherapist may not always have enough experience and the specialised knowledge to effectively determine the extent of the injury and prescribe appropriate treatment to help you get relief from pain and provide a long-term rehabilitation plan to restore the ankle strength and movement. RELATED ARTICLE: Leading Sydney CBD and North Shore Sports Podiatrist New Toe Nail Bracing Treatment for Ingrown Toenails Eliminates Need for Surgery A delay in the correct treatment often means prolonging the recovery time, with the added risk of long term damage to the ankle. This can negatively impact daily physical activity, lead to an inability to take part in sports activities and result in lingering or recurring pain that can last for years. An incorrectly treated ankle sprain can even lead to the early onset of arthritis in the ankle. Mark Lin, the Principal Sports Podiatrist and Director for Footwork Podiatry, comments, “It’s really important to get the right diagnosis from the start in order to avoid long term damage. Seeing a sports podiatrist will ensure that you get the best rehabilitative treatment, to eliminate pain, restore full movement and function, and reactivate the muscles to support the ankle. Our specialised techniques will address any joint displacement and realign the ankle joint, facilitating a full and speedy recovery and prevent a recurrence. With timely treatment, our patients are usually able to get back to their usual level of daily movement including sports activity in the shortest possible time. In many cases, our treatment will not only restore optimal function but actually make the ankle stronger and more stable than before the injury. This is because we also address any pre-existing biomechanical issues during the treatment of the injury.” RELATED ARTICLE: North Shore Sydney CBD Foot Podiatrist Says Kinesiology Sports Tape Might Help Prevent Injuries and Reduce Inflammation Pain Footwork Podiatry will not only assess and treat your symptoms, but they will also perform a measurable and functional assessment to determine whether you are at risk of other pain and injuries. Their latest evidence-based assessment system allows them to collect meaningful data that converts to an accurate treatment plan as well as determine when you can get back to playing sports safely. “We believe the body has an incredible capacity to heal itself from injuries. Our range of revolutionary, evidence-based treatment modalities, advanced manual therapies, alternative solutions and unique hands-on treatment techniques work to stimulate the body’s own healing response. Using Foot mobilisation, Trigenics, low-level laser therapy, and corrective exercises, we offer the most effective treatment to treat a sprained ankle,” says Lin. The team at Footwork Podiatry undertake regular in-house training and ongoing professional development in order to stay at the forefront of musculoskeletal skills. This ensures that their customers receive the most up-to-date and evidence-based clinical assessment and treatment. Footwork Podiatry is situated in Roseville on Sydney’s North Shore and Sydney CBD. They are dedicated to improving the quality of life and achieving people's optimal well-being. Visit the Sports and Podiatrist Clinic to book online, or call Mark Lin or Wei Lee and their friendly team on +61 2 9416 7889 to get the best treatment advice for a sprained ankle and any other foot and leg injuries or conditions. The information contained in this guide is provided in good faith and is not intended to be nor is it to be used as a substitute for any sort of professional, medical or podiatric advice. An accurate diagnosis can only be made following personal consultation with a podiatrist. Any users should always seek the advice of their podiatrist, or other qualified healthcare providers before commencing any treatment. Syndicated by Baxton Media, the Market Influencers. 2019 Korfball World Korfball Championships Team Selected 2019-06-09T03:37:58Z 2019-korfball-world-korfball-championships-team-selected Korfball Australia is pleased to announce the team for the upcoming 2019 World Korfball Championships has been selected. The tournament, to be played in Durban, South Africa, kicks off on the 1st of August, and runs until the the 10th of August. As has been previously announced, Tim Miller will lead the team as Head Coach, with Sharyn Bungey and Krissy Marshall supporting in Team Management roles. 2019 World Korfball Championships Team Females Amy Kubank (Flinders, SA)Bethan Channing  (Boomers, SA)Emily Hutchesson (Glenelg, SA)Georgia Bungey (Arista, SA)Lauren Charlton (Newcastle, NSW)Lauren Bungey (Arista, SA)Tamika Zilm (Nomads, UK) Males Andrew Hutchesson (Flinders, SA)Ben Wallace (Newcastle, NSW)Cameron McLean (Arista, SA)Greg Perry (Boomers, Vic)Jazz Zulfic (Flinders, SA)Jeffrey Vlietstra (KV Viko, Ned)Nik Bungey (Arista, SA)Zac Marshall (Arista, SA) The team takes a new look and feel to South Africa, with a new coach, seven players returning from last year’s Asia-Oceania Korfball Championships team and eight players making their Open Team or International debut. The full team, and all National Team updates, can be found on the National Team page. The team is a truly representative one, with players based in 2 continents, 3 countries, 3 Australian states, and representing 7 different clubs. Whilst this presents its challenges, this is a great sign for the ongoing development of Australian Korfball, and we look forward to more widespread representation as our newer regions and clubs continue to grow. As a smaller sport, Korfball in Australia doesn't receive any Government or other funding, and as such all training and tournament costs are borne by the players. Despite this, and with many opposing nations being funded, or even fully professional, Australia still ranks 10th in the world. In order to assist our players, and try and close the gap on the front running nations, Korfball Australia has launched a crowdfunding campaign. On this campaign, donors can donate to individual players, or the team as a whole. As an added bonus, any donations made by Australian tax-payers over $2 are tax deductible, thanks to our partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation. The team is already training together at regular training camps, which will continue until they depart for South Africa. Perth Family Lawyers with a Personal, Professional Approach 2019-06-07T03:55:27Z perth-family-lawyers-with-a-personal-professional-approach Thomson Family Lawyers are Perth based family law firm, providing services across the full range of family law matters. Led by Director Serina Thomson, the team at Thomson Family Lawyers are committed to combining our wealth of knowledge and experience in matters of divorce, separation, child support and custody matters, property settlements and more, with an understanding client focused approach to your situation. From our offices, North of the River, in Stirling - conveniently located just off the freeway, the team at Thomson Family Lawyers will provide you with the right advice and representation for your family law matter. Why you should rely on Thomson Family Lawyers Perth: - FREE 15-minute initial consultation - We specialise in all areas of family law - Professional dispute resolution - Client-focused approach - Speak and work with a team that cares Contact us today and discover how we can assist you! Visit us at or call us on 08 6444 9911 Sports Podiatry Roseville Sydney CBD On Foot And Leg Injuries In Active Children 2019-06-05T22:00:58Z sports-podiatry-roseville-sydney-cbd-on-foot-and-leg-injuries-in-active-children Foot and leg injuries in active children Most people will agree that living an active lifestyle is a big part of keeping fit and healthy, for children as much as adults. For children, this often means taking part in sports programs at school or at independent sports clubs. But all sports come with a risk of injury at some point, be it rugby, football, tennis or athletics, and the feet and legs are often first in the firing line. Active children and adolescents are increasingly susceptible to foot and leg pain, deriving from a number of causes: Sever’s disease is an inflammation of the growth plate in the heel of growing children, caused by repetitive stress to the heel. A tight calf is often the biggest contributing cause! A condition known as Osgood-Schlatter disease is an inflammation of the area below the knee, where the tendon from the kneecap attaches to the shinbone and is a common cause of knee pain in growing adolescents. RELATED ARTICLE: Roseville Sydney CBD Sports Podiatry Cures Runners Of Achilles Tendinitis, Runners Knee Shin splints, or medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS), is another common injury that active children or adolescents can suffer from. Repetitive stress on the shinbone and the fascia that connect the muscles to the bones can cause inflammation and pain. This is especially true when sports are undertaken without warm-up or cool down exercise, or where there are underlying biomechanical factors such as flat feet, weak ankles, hips or core muscles. Mark Lin, the Principal Sports Podiatrist and Director for Footwork Podiatry, played representative basketball during his childhood in Auckland and sustained numerous foot and ankle injuries during this time. Now as a father who is still active in social basketball and running, he understands the impact that such injuries can have on an active lifestyle, and the importance of managing and preventing such condition. Says Lin, “Chronic or recurring symptoms occur when there is an interference to the healing process such as scar tissues, biomechanical stress, structural misalignment, or repetitive strain. Our hands-on treatment techniques help to eliminate these obstacles to healing and to promote the body’s natural healing response. Footwork Podiatry offers a range of non-invasive rehabilitative techniques that they believe are the first line of treatment for foot and leg injuries in children. Their specialised techniques include foot mobilisation, Trigenics, and ART (Active Release Techniques). RELATED ARTICLE: Foot Podiatrist from Footwork Podiatry in North Shore Sydney CBD Sports Clinic Explains Sore Ankle Flexibility, Growing Pain and Flatfeet Footwear Foot Mobilisation Techniques (FMT) is a manual therapeutic method that aims to naturally improve the position of the joints. The joints are taken through their natural motions to break up adhesions and restrictions, thereby allowing the body to naturally restore optimal biomechanics. TRIGENICS® is a neurological muscle assessment, treatment and training system which reprograms the way the brain communicates with the body. Principal Sports Podiatrist and Director for Footwork Podiatry, Mark Lin is the first Podiatrist in Australia to be trained and specialised in this unique neuro-muscular treatment system. Active Release Techniques® (ART) is an effective hands-on technique that reduces pain and improves movement and is globally recognised as a leading treatment for soft-tissue injury. “Our treatment modalities are safe, eliminate pain without medication or surgery and address the underlying biomechanical causes of foot and leg pain. Our specialised techniques are designed to ensure long term improvements, helping children to stay pain and injury free, achieve optimal function, and improve their overall sports performance.” Footwork Podiatry is situated in Roseville on Sydney’s North Shore and Sydney CBD. For further information, visit the Sports and Podiatrist Clinic to book online, or call Mark Lin or Wei Lee and their friendly team on +61 2 9416 7889. The information contained in this guide is provided in good faith and is not intended to be nor is it to be used as a substitute for any sort of professional, medical or podiatric advice. An accurate diagnosis can only be made following personal consultation with a podiatrist. Any users should always seek the advice of their podiatrist, or other qualified healthcare providers before commencing any treatment. Syndicated by Baxton Media, the Market Influencers. Caroline McDougall Introduces Counselling And Psychotherapy Services 2019-06-05T14:22:16Z caroline-mcdougall-introduces-counselling-and-psychotherapy-services (Brighton, Australia)—Caroline McDougall is pleased to introduce her counselling and psychotherapy services for residents in the Brighton area. Caroline McDougall is a highly qualified and accredited psychotherapist and counsellor who provides therapy for individuals, couples and groups. With extensive experience in both mental health and private settings, Caroline specialises in process-experiential emotion-focused therapy which helps people overcome personal and relational issues and build a more balanced, positive life. “There’s no doubt that dealing with personal difficulties, relationship problems, anxiety, depression, and other conditions can be tough. These things drain people of their energy and vitality and keep them from truly living their best lives. My mission is to help people understand that there is hope. Rather than allowing themselves to be trapped by negative thinking and emotions, we can help them break free from harmful cognitive and behavioural cycles and learn to live in greater harmony,” said Caroline McDougall counsellor and psychotherapist. Caroline offers a very affordable service with a sliding scale for health care card holders and is conveniently located in the Bayside area of Melbourne. For individuals, she helps them explore their emerging or ongoing personal issues, process their experiences in terms of personal strengths and weaknesses, learn to regulate their thinking and emotions, and build resilience. In her relationship therapy sessions, Caroline helps couples build successful relationships through a process of enhanced insight and responsibility, allowing them to find a resolution to their issues with care and consideration. Individual or group therapy may be combined with mindfulness meditation to help people find relief from conditions caused by caused by ruminative, negative thinking and the associated emotions. In addition to her counselling services, psychotherapist Caroline McDougall also offers psychotherapy for those who uncover deeper issues during their sessions. Psychotherapy helps those who find themselves chronically depressed, anxious, substance addicted, or unable to control their emotions truly get to the heart of what lies beneath these states experience more regulated ways of feeling, thinking, and behaving and grow in self-understanding and confidence. McDougall went on to say, “We know for certain that learning to live in harmony with yourself and others helps people feel happier, more motivated, and more fulfilled. There is no greater reward than watching those once gripped by negative thinking and emotions find peace, and I look forward to having more opportunities to help people achieve this goal.” Visit to learn more about Caroline McDougall and her counselling and psychotherapy services. About Caroline McDougall: Caroline McDougall is a qualified and accredited counsellor, psychotherapist and educator who specialises in process-experiential emotion-focused therapy. Zukaz, an Augmented Reality Mobile Application Launches in Albury – Wodonga 2019-06-05T06:16:03Z zukaz-an-augmented-reality-mobile-application-launches-in-albury-wodonga-1 Local residents and visitors are in for a treat as there will be an interactive AR treasure hunt using the Zukaz Hunter App.  There will be opportunities to win amazing prizes along with thousands of vouchers for local businesses. During the Zukaz launch, there will be food stalls and plenty of fun-filled activities for all including face painting, jumping castle, a dunk tank and much more. Established in Albury, NSW – Zukaz is a free, location-based AR app, that allows merchants to drop real cash vouchers in your area. Real cash vouchers can then be redeemed in-store or traded on the Zukaz marketplace, allowing users to sell them to make a profit. The inspiration behind Zukaz is “Pokémon Go”, the biggest mobile phenomenon in 2016, which blends AR with real-world scenarios. Just by word-of-mouth and organic growth, the beta version of the Zukaz app had a rapid increase of downloads, from 70 to 550 in only 4 days in Albury. According to Liam Scammell, marketing and sales manager of Zukaz, “strategic partnerships are in place for Zukaz to be sustainable and to grow exponentially.” “In 2018, $273.29 B was spent on digital advertising to bring merchants and consumers together. In 2019, it is estimated that figure will rise to $316.42 B. These costs are all up front, with no guaranteed return on marketing spend. Zukaz allows merchants to directly advertise their goods and services to consumers by using the power of AR and geo-mapping while charging them only on success. Giving them a return on every marketing dollar.” With a large number of people and merchants engaged in the ecosystem, Liam believes that “the city of Albury-Wodonga is the perfect launchpad for Zukaz before going global.” Promoting through Zukaz also allows businesses to generate new revenue streams and access new target markets. Other strategies like incentives, achievements, vouchers, promotions and database acquisition from larger merchants will be carried out to keep people engaged in the long term. “At the end of the day, it’s all about creating value for the consumer and value for the merchant”. FOOTY MEETS ARTS: A colourful, creative approach to State of Origin rivalry 2019-06-05T05:03:46Z footy-meets-arts-a-colourful-creative-approach-to-state-of-origin-rivalry On the eve of this year's State or Origin clash, local artist Susan Hando has featured two colours – a vibrant maroon and a delicate blue – in her latest sport-inspired works on paper. While 2019 marks the 39th year that State of Origin battles have been played in modern jerseys, State based teams, dating back to 1908, played in a more refined style. Susan displays and sells her distinctive Torn & Drawn original artworks at VEND Marketplace, an eclectic small business collective on Brisbane's Northside offering everything from organic dog wash and bespoke jewellery through to antique furniture and house plants. Alongside her hand-drawn images and hand-torn gift cards are her new Origin artworks – reflecting the jerseys, boots and balls of rugby league in the 1920s. Her Origin series captures the simplicity of the single colour jerseys. In the 1920s, the maroon jerseys were laced while the blue jerseys were buttoned, so linen thread and real buttons feature on some works for added texture. “As a proud Queenslander, I’ve had this idea to capture and transfer the colours and the history of State of Origin into works on paper”, said Susan, who’s heavy graphite/pastel style captures the simple yet distinctive “kangaroo” design that was embroidered on the vintage jerseys of the 1920s - a design that continued into the 70s.  “I was inspired by stories of my great uncle, W. R. (Billar) Smith,’ said Susan.  “Billar represented Toowoomba, Queensland and Australia, and the Toowoomba Rugby League awarded him a life membership.  It is likely he wore a similar styled maroon jersey.”   Susan has always drawn – starting with landscapes as a small child as she accompanied her stock and station agent father on trips into the bush. When she moved to Sydney, she developed a passion for drawing botanical subjects.  Yet it was creating a special drawing for her father that led to her new small business venture. “I was not sure what I could give my father for his 80th birthday. He taught me how to fish and has always encouraged me to draw.  So, I drew his very first Alvey fishing reel in graphite on watercolour paper. Capturing this battered, Bakelite reel - with a missing handle – was the perfect gift.”  That was ten months ago – since then Susan has been drawing a diverse mix of subjects that capture everyday objects to appeal to a range of interests – random pieces of Lego, garden gnomes, choirboys, cats, dogs, flowers and, of course, Alvey reels. “Many of my works on paper, especially those with a fishing theme, are bought as gifts for dads and grandfathers. I rather like the idea of my artworks being hung in man caves!” So, which of the new Origin artworks are her favourite? “The maroon jersey with the linen laces of course”, said Susan, who noted that she probably chose the 1924 jersey as her “model”, as from 1922 to 1925 Queensland defeated New South Wales 11 times in 12 matches.  Susan currently lives in Sydney with her Victorian-born husband and Sydney-born son and travels to Brisbane frequently to see family, friends and of course, to draw! Torn & Drawn artworks, each a signed original by Susan Hando, can be discovered at: “Practical Tactical” Shop 96 VEND Marketplace and Greenhouse 1768 Sandgate Road, Virginia Shop Open 7 days: 8am – 4pm Free parking on site plus licenced café (café open 8am-3pm) Instagram: Facebook:       With 130 restaurants worldwide, Sandella's opens its first restaurant in Queensland 2019-06-04T06:29:16Z with-130-restaurants-worldwide-sandella-s-opens-its-first-restaurant-in-queensland With 130 quick service restaurants across the world including the USA, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Dubai, Sandella's is making Australia home with its first store opening in Caboolture, Queensland mid-June 2019. Sandella's Founder, Michael Stimola said "After many months of planning to launch the Sandella's brand into Australia, we are proud to be opening our first Aussie restaurant in Caboolture and we are going to let the whole town know with an epic Grand Opening full of discounts, fun and most importantly, free food! "Our Eat Right, Right Away philosophy extends to the new menu which is all about fast and fresh food that the local Australian market will love but still keeping true to the Sandella's taste. If you are a foodie, you will love Sandella's pizzas, wraps, salads, paninis and sides," he said. Sandella's extensive menu is also available for local delivery and pickup via the mobile app which is soon to be available. Sandella's Australia Caboolture Grand Opening is being held on 22nd June 2019 at 107 Lower King Street, Caboolture QLD from 6.30am - 9 pm. Find out more by visiting or Minuteman Press Franchise in Footscray Brings Fun and Expertise to Strong Partnerships with Clients Like The Western Bulldogs 2019-06-03T15:02:04Z minuteman-press-franchise-in-footscray-brings-fun-and-expertise-to-strong-partnerships-with-clients-like-the-western-bulldogs FOOTSCRAY, VIC – Fiona McDonnell is everything you would hope to have in a marketing services provider.  She collected an impressive and diverse professional career that lends itself to finding excitement, drawing it out in people and directing it into success.  As she and her husband Ed own the Minuteman Press franchise in Footscray, this means every one of their clients can count upon digital print, design and marketing from a most respected brand in the world.  They are only gaining more respect and having a grand time while they do it, fourteen years into their franchise ownership.  Prior to buying their business, Fiona gathered experience in a range of industries. She says, “Ed, my husband and business partner, says even after 21 years together he still has trouble piecing my career together. I've done so many fun things (often having 3 jobs at once). I've been a promotional model, worked as an Assistant Fashion Buyer, helped to manage and run a very popular Irish pub, marketed and sold everything from cosmetics to car alarms and aromatherapy. I also worked for GE, Lendlease and had two or three business partnerships.” She and Ed met when Fiona was a partner in a sales training and marketing business.   Even then, they were helping people sort out the best ways to communicate.  Fiona explains, “The company trained such clients as BHP, the largest Australian mining company to manage tele sales (training scientists to be less technical and listen to their own stories to make sure they translate to a non-technical audience).” Fiona did not intend to become an entrepreneur, but Ed approached her with exactly that in mind.  She says, “I had just returned to my first full time Account Management role after having our son, Scott. I was working hiring plants and maintenance services on plants into 5 Star Hotels and Corporate Offices when Ed got the idea that a Minuteman Press centre would be our future.” For Fiona, business ownership was not going to be a full-time endeavor, until after she attended training at Minuteman Press International and became particularly enthusiastic.  “I was supposed to be part -time but got so excited by the time we attended training on Long Island, New York.”  She has a personal history with print and working in her uncle’s print business as a child.  “I was hand-collating carbon duplicate sheets. I thought that it would be the last industry I would ever work in and yet I love it. The industry offers a lot more creativity than you can imagine looking in from the outside.” As Minuteman Press franchisees, Ed and Fiona also receive ongoing local support from Minuteman Press. Andy Barratt, Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President for Melbourne, says, “Fiona and Ed make an impressive team and their hard work over the years while following the Minuteman Press franchise system has really helped them build their business and do right by their clients.” “The opportunity to spend time overseas and in Australia with peers from the Minuteman Press franchise family of owners has been far more rewarding than we could have imagined 14 years ago. I was able to attend all the big events in our son’s school life and even go on interstate camps. There is so much diversity in my career that no two days are the same - it is never boring.” – Fiona McDonnell, Minuteman Press Franchisee A service culture is really a big part of what they do and how they welcome people into long-term partnerships with measurable growth for businesses of all sizes.  “Our whole team jumps to ensure the phones are answered within 3 rings and with a smile on their faces. We keep the Minuteman Press phone credo at every phone station and ask a lot of questions to ensure we understand what people need from us before they leave the call. It has also been vital to us that while ‘the customer is always right’ we educate the customer so that expectations are managed - this is particularly important to ensure clients get value from graphic design services,” she says. Fiona gives insight into the formidable business skills earned by her husband and attributes their centre’s success to him appropriately.  "Ed revolutionised the chocolate business in Australia when he arrived as the General Manager for Russell Stover Candies.” Ed became a tremendous asset to the companies for which he worked before he bought his franchise with Fiona. “Obviously, his additional experience with Johnson and Johnson Consumer products and Pepsi made him a very competitive marketer.” Adrian is the Manager at Minuteman Press in Footscray and he has been with Fiona and Ed for 10 years.  She adds a note about employee longevity and the outright fun attached to the projects they complete each day: “Most of our team has been with us over 7 years and, like us, they enjoy the diversity of a day at Minuteman Press, where you may be printing anything from branded toothbrushes to tea canisters along with more typical jobs of business cards, magazines and publishing books.” It is as if those who come to trust Fiona, Ed and their staff are drawn first to their enthusiasm for building business together, but they stay because it is clear very quickly that Minuteman Press is a true ally, especially under pressure.  Fiona shares, “We had a client call one day to say that the pizza he ordered for the lunch took longer to arrive than our business card order - a good relationship with the couriers certainly helps to establish a reputation in the community that we are so fast - you'll get windburn if you stand in our way. We had a client going overseas the other day and I was literally dropping the job on his doorstep as he pulled his cases out the front door - he thought there was no chance the manuals would be done in time. I got the biggest hug and a fab google review!” As it is their nature to anticipate the next smart move, Fiona and Ed got into promotional products early in their business ownership, buying a client list from another printer as well as some equipment including a wide format press.  We Are The Modern Printing Industry™ is a statement they made early and one they prove with each passing year through results.  She states, “The ability to do pull up banners on the same day has saved many of our clients headed for a trade show or presentation from going empty handed. There is a lot of satisfaction when clients light up about being able to do all their corporate or trade clothing with us and at the same time provide some unique branded gifts to their clients. We have done everything from rulers and pens to marquees and media walls.” As if to firmly punctuate the great range available to their clients, she continues, “Mouse matts and pens are an everyday item around here and we love tailoring ideas to a market or launch especially for some of our time-poor clients.” In business, people love the shortcut of talking to someone who is an expert in their field and willing to show them ways to move the business forward.  Fiona expands on this, “We put the title of “solution provider” on all our Business cards for a few years to remind us that is our prime reason to do what we do. There are fast track ways to grow a business and we have done it successfully across so many industries with our clients and our own business. Marketing is not a mysterious artform; it is a proven formula. We believe if we are looking after our customers, the profit is there and so far, we have been correct on that!” The Australian Rules Football Team Partners with their local Minuteman Press in Footscray for winning results on and off the field. Sometimes two passions collide as it did for Ed when his Australian Rules Football Team, The Western Bulldogs, won the premiership in 2016 after 54 years! As Fiona says, “We are in the local community and have sponsored the "Doggies" (as they are affectionately known) long before they were winning. They have often relied on us to pull a rabbit out of a hat and get printing, pull up banners, lectern signs etc. done in double fast time frames.” Ed's faith paid off and for many years The Bulldogs have been a trusted client.  When they won the premiership flag our A2 “Woof Woof” Posters were on every seat in the stadium,” Fiona says with pride. The “Woof Woof” they printed adorned every window of every business and home in the western suburbs. She adds, “As the coach relayed his instructions to the players on TV our foam core mounted signage (for another major sponsor) was beamed into millions of homes across the country.”   At last, for another job well done, The Bulldogs displayed class in their appreciation for Minuteman press.  According to Fiona, “As a thank you for all our help and support in that winning season we proudly hosted the Premiership Trophy in our centre, allowing us and our team to be photographed at our leisure as part of the “Doggies” Championship team; and that (as the advert we printed for them says) was priceless.” Australians embrace Minuteman Press and Fiona attests to the loyalty her brand has earned over the years.  “If a company moves into our geographical location and has been using Minuteman Press they tend to favor sticking with the brand they know. I think we also have a larger online presence as we have been doing SEO/SEM not just for a long time, but effectively for a long time.  The longer we have been doing this the more brand recognition is occurring in our marketplace. Let's face it. There is something of a foot in the door when people know the brand ahead of engaging with you.”  About Minuteman Press International Minuteman Press International is the number one rated business marketing and printing franchise that offers world class training and unparalleled ongoing local support. Started in 1973 by Roy Titus and his son Bob, Minuteman Press began franchising in 1975 and has grown to nearly 1,000 business service franchise locations worldwide including the U.S., Australia, Canada, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. Minuteman Press is ranked #1 in category by Entrepreneur 28 times and 16 years in a row, including 2019. Independent franchisee satisfaction firm Franchise Business Review has also named Minuteman Press International to its 2019 Top Franchises, 2018 Top Franchise Leaders, Top Franchises for Women, and Top Franchises for Veterans lists thanks to positive reviews from our owners. At Minuteman Press, We Are The Modern Printing Industry™ providing high quality products and services that meet the needs of today's business professionals and go way beyond ink on paper. Today, our franchises offer innovative branding solutions and produce custom designs, promotional products, branded apparel, direct mail marketing, large format printing (banners and posters), signs and graphics, and much more. Prior experience is not necessary to own and operate a successful Minuteman Press franchise. To learn more about #1 rated Minuteman Press franchise opportunities and speak with one of our experienced franchise representatives at no obligation, call 0390 690 309. Continue your franchise research, watch exclusive owner videos and access Minuteman Press franchise reviews at Hire Express named Hire and Rental Company of the Year 2019-06-03T02:52:24Z hire-express-named-hire-and-rental-company-of-the-year The Hire and Rental Industry Association (HRIA) recently announced the 2019 HRIA award winners at the National Gala dinner.   Among the top award winners on the night, Hire Express was named the “2019 Hire and Rental Company of the Year - <$5M”.   Held in Melbourne, this once a year event showcases the incredible work carried out by local hire and rental companies throughout Australia.   "As one of the newest equipment companies in Australia, we are so proud of our achievement to be named the Hire and Rental company of the year in the under $5 million category. We have a fantastic business model, which includes providing excellent service to our customers with our specialist knowledge in the industry. The award is a motivator for us to keep pushing hard to continue to provide better solutions and customer service," said CEO of Hire Express, Allen Besseling.   Hire Express is a general equipment hire company, which is only two years old, operating in Blacktown, a western suburb of Sydney.   "We just want to take the time to thank all our fantastic and loyal customers and suppliers, if it weren't for their amazing support, we wouldn't be where we are today," continued Allen.   With a vision "to make hire more accessible for when you want it", Hire Express aims to ensure customers receive exceptional service and provided with the best value for money. Hire Express want to supply the newest and most reliable gear on the market all at the click of a button.   Hire Express are also the main sponsor for the Beyond Bitumen rally, which raised nearly half a million dollars for Beyond Blue this year.   To find out more about Hire Express, please click here.   For more information, please contact: Allen Besseling - CEO of Hire Express P: 0412 975 014 E:   About Hire Express Hire Express is a general equipment hire company operating through a centralised distribution warehouse in Blacktown, Sydney. Hire Express is a one-stop shop making all equipment readily accessible by offering anything from small building tools to large construction equipment.   As a new hiring company on the block, Hire Express aim to provide excellent customer service and have formed a team who are specialists in the trade. Hire Express is a fast, affordable and reliable hiring business using the latest technology as well as providing the newest equipment. WHY RUGBY LEAGUE LEGEND MATT COOPER GIVES A SHIT ABOUT HIS COLON ! 2019-06-02T23:59:28Z why-rugby-league-legend-matt-cooper-gives-a-shit-about-his-colon WHY MATT COOPER GIVES A SHIT ABOUT HIS COLON ! # JUNE IS BOWEL CANCER AWARENESS MONTH# RUGBY LEAGUE LEGEND MATT COOPER GETS BEHIND IT!# KEEP YOUR ENVIRONMENT CLEAN WITH COLONIC HYDRATION Rugby League legend Matt Cooper is getting behind Bowel Cancer Awareness Month in June and Red Apple Day on Wednesday June 19 and encourages everyone to have a colonic irrigation.  Colon Care Centres at Surry Hills, Bondi, Randwick and Kogarah are giving away Red Apples every day in June to all visitors at all their 4 clinics. Matt, who played his entire 267 game career with the Dragons including 13 State of Origins and 7  for Australia, plus starred on TV shows The Full Monty, Celebrity Apprentice and Dancing With The Stars, says “ You have to give a shit about your colon! It’s important to have a colonic irrigation, in fact I’m having 3 this month! It makes you feel healthy and good, and it’s good for you and your colon.” Colon Care Centre owner Anna Paredes has been keeping colons hydrated and healthy for 25 years. Anna says “ After having your bowel checks, avoid gastrointestinal diseases by keeping  your environment clean and live a long life. Don’t let Hereditary Bowel Cancer get you down. Stay clean and avoid bowel cancer today with colonic hydration. I also invite all Doctors to support Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and if they call me I’ll give them each a basket of red apples for their surgery”.  Anna who is also the President of the Australian Colonic Hydrotherapy Association has been keeping colons healthy for 25 years and invites anyone with any questions to call her on 02 9211 1174. TO INTERVIEW MATT COOPER OR ANNA PAREDES email or call Max Markson 0412 501 601 ( Photos of Matt having a colonic irrigation are available!)   INTEL® EXTREME MASTERS SYDNEY SETS NEW RECORD FOR AUSTRALIAN ESPORTS VIEWERSHIP 2019-05-30T02:26:27Z intel-extreme-masters-sydney-sets-new-record-for-australian-esports-viewership Sydney, Australia - 27 May 2019 - Intel® Extreme Masters (IEM) Sydney, Australia's biggest esports tournament, is now in the history books, with Team Liquid winning the tournament and taking home the lion’s share of US$250,000 in front of a packed Qudos Bank Arena. In an intense final lasting five maps, Team Liquid took the win over Fnatic to secure themselves a spot in esports history as champions at the tournament’s third stop in Sydney, and 75th stop globally since its inception in 2006. This year’s event, held across May 3-5, surpassed all previous viewership records for an esports tournament held in Australia, with over 20 million viewers tuning in across the duration of the event. Counter-Strike fans across the world watched almost 10 million hours of content over the course of the event, up 16% vs. 2018. On social media, users made over 36,000 tweets related to IEM Sydney 2019, while content surrounding the tournament was viewed over 55 million times across all platforms. “IEM Sydney is a truly world-class event, and seeing our broadcast reach over 20 million people around the world is a testament to the quality of the tournament.” said Nick Vanzetti, MD & Senior Vice President of ESL APJ. “Between those who watched online and the 7,500 fans who attended each day of the main event, there is a growing appetite in Australia for the highest level of Counter-Strike.” “We owe the continued success of Intel Extreme Masters Sydney to the esports community in Australia and around the world, which continues to grow at an incredible pace,” said John Bonini, Vice President and General Manager of VR, Gaming and Esports at Intel. “This community is why Intel keeps fueling this growth with more esports, more great content for PC gamers and more innovation when it comes to performance and power.” IEM Expo Attendees at the event were able to immerse themselves in the latest PC gaming technology and titles. The Intel® Showcase featured the latest 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 and Intel® Core™ i9 processors for gaming and VR. Attendees also had the chance to purchase the latest pc gaming products from Intel partners and engage in competitive gaming on Intel’s leading gaming technology, including the Intel® Hades Canyon NUC at the Intel® Channel Pavilion. ### Media contact detailsAlex Blaikie - PR, ESL Australia - Press photos: IEM Sydney Press Kit: Intel® Extreme Masters Sydney 2019 is presented by ESL in collaboration with TEG Live and held at TEG’s flagship venue, Qudos Bank Arena. ESL is the world’s largest esports company. Founded in 2000, ESL has been shaping the industry across the most popular video games with numerous online and offline competitions. It operates high profile, branded international leagues and tournaments such as ESL One, Intel® Extreme Masters, ESL Pro League and other top tier stadium-size events, as well as ESL National Championships, grassroots amateur cups and matchmaking systems, defining the path from zero to hero as short as possible. With offices all over the world, ESL is leading esports forward on a global scale. ESL is a part of MTG, the leading international digital entertainment group. TEG Live is wholly owned by TEG, Asia Pacific’s leading ticketing, live entertainment and data analytics company. TEG Live is a dynamic and diverse promoter of live content in music, sport, family entertainment, esports and exhibitions. TEG Live connects millions of fans every year with unique live experiences and adds value to events with hospitality and sponsorship services. For more information: TEG Live Website: The Top 10 Apps For Your Personal Training Business 2019-05-26T23:56:45Z the-top-10-apps-for-your-personal-training-business With the amount exceptional fitness apps on the market, it’s never been a better time to use technology to benefit your Personal Training business. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite ‘Top 10 Personal Training Apps’ that help you communicate directly with clients, keeping them accountable and on track, all while managing your business and market growth. This means you can spend less time on the clerical stuff and more time actually training your clients. Plus, people LOVE using apps! Click here to read the full article. South Coast Students Laugh & Learn to Make Good Financial Decisions 2019-05-22T03:11:05Z south-coast-students-laugh-amp-learn-to-make-good-financial-decisions Illawarra, Shoalhaven and Far South Coast primary school students will learn crucial financial literacy skills during May with the return of Horizon Credit Union and The National Theatre for Children (NTC). For the fifth year running, the organisations have partnered to deliver Showdown at Two Bob Billabong to schools across the region. The tour begins on Monday 27th May and will visit schools in Pambula, Narooma, Bodalla, Ulladulla, Huskisson, Nowra, Berry and Berkeley. “We’re thrilled to be in a position to give back to the community by sponsoring these educational programs for children’s financial literacy. One of the things that set us apart from other financial institutions is that we exist for the benefit of our members. Our main aim is to help them manage their money better. Establishing good savings habits at a young age is a priceless skill that can be carried through to adulthood” said Horizon CEO Jon Stanfield. The fun, comedic and interactive educational program will focus on what is money, the uses of money, why we should save money and how we can save money. The financial concepts covered in NTC’s Showdown at Two Bob Billabong live shows are reinforced by student workbooks (both online and print versions), teacher guides, digital games and activities that align with the curriculum and are provided at no cost to the schools through Horizon Credit Union’s sponsorship. “A huge factor in the success of these programs is that students are inspired about a topic and will go home and share that inspiration with their friends and family. It’s a way to spread a positive educational message into the greater community and help kids to prepare for their financial future.” said NTC Managing Director Tobias Benn. Over the life of the five-year program, Horizon Credit Union will have reached 50 schools and educated over 16,000 students across the NSW South Coast.   About Horizon Credit Union Horizon Credit Union’s branch network spans the NSW South Coast. Horizon looks after over 15,000 people in that region and is in its 54th year of operation. It is a member-owned financial institution that does everything a bank can do. Anyone can join Horizon. Horizon returns profits back to members in the form of competitive rates, fair fees and support in their communities.   About NTC NTC is a premium provider of educational programming with operations Australia, New Zealand and the USA. We work directly between schools and our partners to promote positive behaviour and life skills to students in grades K-12 on a local, regional and national level. Our award-winning educational programs are provided free for schools and are customizable to accommodate specific messages and goals for our partners. Through formats including live performance, in-class discussion, graphic novels, print curriculum, and digital games and activities, we present topics such as energy conservation, safety, financial literacy, STEM, water and environmental stewardship, and health and social responsibility in ways that engage and empower students. In doing so, we are helping our partners to be forces of change for students, parents and communities at large.