The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-04-06T12:49:56Z Fair Food Forager: world-wide digital app provides sustainable food options for consumers 2020-04-06T12:49:56Z fair-food-forager-world-wide-digital-app-provides-sustainable-food-options-for-consumers Fair Food Forager is a global, ethical food directory, connecting consumers with over 6,000 featured cafes, restaurants, and providores in 20 countries around the world. In March 2020, the company launched its game-changing mobile app, which allows users to search sustainable food near them on the go, suggest or check-in at venues, follow people and fair food businesses, engage with venues, and share their experiences with others.   Subscribers can filter food choices from 16 different options, including organic, fair trade, minimal use of plastic, locally produced, sustainably fished, and more.   Currently, we are encountering numerous global challenges, such as those related to poverty, inequality, climate, and environmental degradation. Many of the biggest issues facing our planet revolve around food, yet many of them have seemingly simple solutions.   Fair Food Forager has a positive and powerful vision for sustainability in the future.   “Sure, there is plenty to worry about with regards to the state of the environment, though we have to believe that we can make a difference. What choice do we have, really?” asks Founder and CEO, Paul Hellier.   Daily food choices such as the production, packaging, and transportation of food, all result in greenhouse gas emissions and therefore have an impact on our carbon footprint; and generally, the single biggest contributor to a person’s carbon footprint is their food choices.   With the help of Fair Food Forager mobile app, consumers can now find ethical and sustainable food options quickly and easily, and choose to support a business that deserves their money.   Says Hellier, “Customers no longer have to ‘settle’ for over-packaged, wasteful, unethical food, transported halfway around the world simply because they are hungry and time-poor.   “Fair Food Forager makes ‘Ethical Easy’!”   In addition to being beneficial for the environment, sustainable eating includes selecting foods that are healthy for our bodies at the same time. To support their health, Fair Food Forager also enables consumers to filter by chemical-free, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, to find foods that offer a balanced diet for the body yet are also produced in a way that doesn't harm the environment.   Fair Food Forager’s live feed provides users with recipes, inspiration, and good news stories helping them feed - and spread! - their passion for food and our planet. This growth of this global community harnesses users’ positive thinking, focusing on each other’s seemingly small everyday actions, we can get closer to our sustainability goals.   “There is hope, and globally, people are making change happen; running clean-ups and lobbying governments and businesses to reduce things like plastic pollution, starting community gardens, and eating less meat,” Hellier explains, “Momentum is growing and we believe that Fair Food Forager is the vehicle that makes waste-free food shopping an achievable goal for anyone, anywhere”. Advertisers asked to stop blocking advertising on essential news sites 2020-04-02T22:00:00Z advertisers-asked-to-stop-blocking-advertising-on-essential-news-sites-1 Friday 3rd April 2020 – Sydney, Australia: Industry association IAB Australia has issued an urgent call to action for brands, agencies, ad verification firms, and other companies in the digital advertising supply chain to stop blocking the news. The call comes as many brand and agency teams have mistakenly updated their programmatic and all other media buying to prevent any advertising surrounded by topics including “crisis,” “COVID-19,” and “coronavirus”. IAB has also encouraged brands who may currently be reviewing their creative and messaging before relaunching their advertising campaigns to ensure they consider their policy around which environments they support when they relaunch to ensure they don’t inadvertently block premium content sites. According to Gai Le Roy, CEO of IAB Australia, news consumption has understandably changed over the last month as people seek out information and return to news websites for regular updates, yet advertisers aren’t keeping step with this demand. “Credible news and media organisations are seeing huge jumps in online traffic, but many brands are blocking advertising from appearing near content mentioning coronavirus. It’s essential that brands support news and journalism because with this content now so ubiquitous, without advertising support it will be simply unworkable and unsustainable for the production of news content.” Production of accurate helpful and accessible information by journalists working for credible news organisations need to be financially supported through advertising, yet worryingly, while news organisations are investing heavily to keep the public informed, the word “coronavirus” and “COVID” are fast accelerating up advertiser blocklists, leaving swathes of news inventory redundant of much needed ad revenue. “Brands and agencies have the ability to decide for themselves the news organisations they deem legitimate and critical to the Australian public and economy. For those brands able to advertise at the moment, having advertising messages in these trusted environments with engaged audiences is an important investment,” said Le Roy. The IAB endorsed Nielsen industry audience measurement currency, Digital Content Ratings, shows that overall time spent on digital news sites and apps is up 29% for March to date compared to the same period in February and records continue to be set daily. IAB Australia has advised advertisers to always block specific words that are 100% unsafe, but for other more common or easily misunderstood terms, they recommend using more than just lists of keywords. Instead they recommend always utilising semantic contextual targeting to ensure that you can fully understand the editorial context from the text on the page and the level of risk within or adjacent to the associated environments. Further advice includes: Be creative with the targeting attributes and utilise them in conjunction with publisher’s audience data to take advantage of the enormous levels of regularly returning highly engaged audiences on premium content sites. This will help buyers to build-out models that are much more precise, meaningful and robust. Try to understand the basics of any verification vendor methodologies, regularly review performance during these critical times and be prepared to interpret the data directly. Tereza Alexandratos, Director, Commercialisation and Delivery at The Guardian | Australia “At this troubling time, delivery of high quality and broad reaching news service is imperative. The Corona virus is one of the most important stories of the decade - advertisers must be brave enough to have their messaging appear next to the stories that Australians are reading. This approach offers the most effective advertising for brands, and for Guardian Australia, we need advertisers support more than ever to ensure our survival and continue reporting on this health crisis.” Alistair McEwan, SVP Commercial Development APAC, BBC Global News “Brands that are making lazy decisions to block or avoid news for their current advertising are not only hurting news publishers and journalism, they are missing a cast iron opportunity to really connect with audiences. Now is the time to step up and not shrink into the shadows and I encourage brands and their agencies to work closely with publishers at this time to understand and deploy sensible and appropriate solutions.” Matt Rowley, CEO of Pedestrian (and Chair of the IAB Australia Board) “Applying generic brand safety rules without fully considering whether the news organisation is legitimate and critical will cause brands more harm than good. We encourage all advertisers to take advantage of their ability to control with precision where their ads appear and to embrace the opportunity to support the ongoing production of news and journalism in these uncertain times.” Neil Robinson, Managing Director Digital Solutions, News Corp "With the crisis now the dominant news story, at News Corp Australia, we’ve been asking brands to back us not block us. It's important that brands understand that there can be no stigma attached to such far reaching essential news. Appropriate, relevant and empathetic advertising on reputable and premium news sites around Coronavirus content can be extremely powerful. In fact, such messages can be vital communication tools for brands when consumers need more information, not less, to cope through crisis" Paul Sigaloff, Managing Director, Verizon Media “As a business, Verizon Media’s editorial staff have been working around the clock creating highly engaging and informative content for the Australian public which has led to a significant uplift in our audience (up to 57%) as consumers move to trusted and transparent news sources. We understand the risks that advertisers are trying to avoid and we have brand safety measures to mitigate these risks. In saying this, it is worth noting there is a clear distinction between blocking your advertising from somewhat risky or unsuitable content, and blocking it from what has become a cultural phenomenon. COVID-19 has inserted itself into every part of the consumer’s life, and that also applies to content. For most brands, to block yourself from appearing against COVID-19, is to effectively block yourself from the consumer’s view. In that situation, your brands, the publishers and the Australian public miss the opportunity for relevant engagement.” Peter Holder, Managing Director, Daily Mail Australia “Daily Mail Australia is first and foremost a news website and, as the COVID-19 situation continues to unfold, our audience has increasingly relied on us to keep it informed on events which are changing almost by the hour. Now is not the time for incessant chat about brand safety, but it is a great opportunity for many brands to connect with very seriously engaged sets of eyeballs.” /Ends About the Interactive Advertising Bureau As an independent industry association with more than 150 members in Australia and nearly 9,000 globally spanning media owners, publishers, technology companies, agencies and advertisers, IAB works to align industry stakeholders to develop solutions for the issues faced by the market and develop standards that are integral to the operation of digital advertising. IAB Australia also works closely with other industry associations including MFA and AANA to help shape the rules of play around measurement, Australian Digital Ad Practices, mentorship, global tech and policy work, Tech Lab standards, standardising terminology and supporting the broad media and marketing community. For further information about IAB Australia please contact: Gai Le Roy CEO - IAB Australia T: 0408 431 455 E: Pru Quinlan Einsteinz Communications T: (02) 8905 0995 E: Australian Company Bigmate Launches “Thermy™” - Thermal Screening to Detect People with Elevated Temperatures 2020-04-02T04:54:37Z australian-company-bigmate-launches-thermytm-thermal-screening-to-detect-people-with-elevated-temperatures Brisbane, Australia –April 2, 2020 Brisbane based computer vision leader Bigmate, today announced the commercial availability of a pre-screening solution using thermal imaging, which immediately detects elevated temperatures of people entering or leaving workplaces in real time. Unique in its ability to scale, “Thermy” can be quickly and easily deployed in a wide range of facilities, including factories, territorial borders, warehouses, government and private offices, and any location where people are moving through entrances and walkways. Thermy uses thermal cameras and advanced analytics to provide a pre-screening observational solution which helps identify people who present the risk of an abnormal temperature. Persons in question could have their core body temperature validated, utilising the organisation’s normal medical and/or Operational Health and Safety procedures. Mark Shield, Bigmate’s Managing Director, said; “With Thermy, organisations can create a pre-screening detection system to identify people with skin-elevated temperatures, which in turn minimises the risk of impact to workplace environments. Keeping workers safe is what Bigmate is all about and this technology can assist businesses keep their workplace healthy and productive. We are excited that this industry leading product has been developed in Brisbane and proud we are able to do our small part at this challenging time.” Thermy is able to identify a ‘true skin view’ even when the subject may have a beard, a hard hat, or a protective suit which covers the body - or other features which often reduce the ability to take an accurate reading from traditional thermal camera-based solutions. Thermy also eliminates the problem of ‘flaring’ which occurs when an image is recorded in places of extreme temperature variation, by removing the background object from any analysis, focusing on the person. Thermy can also operate at scale, by detecting one or many people with elevated temperatures simultaneously. This is one of Thermy’s market-leading innovations. Thermy also utilises “edge” network services so it can still function if a network connection fails. Thermy is based on Bigmate’s “Warny” solution, which uses sophisticated computer vision algorithms developed over a number of years, to protect people working around dangerous machines, such as forklifts, trucks or industrial cutting machines. Warny is used by some of Australia’s leading industrial companies to detect instances of spontaneous combustion of materials, overheating of equipment and fires in the workplace. Warny features a number of globally-leading innovations. For example, it is unique in its ability to create distance measurement from one camera, through Bigmate’s industry leading software. This allows for the extremely accurate measurement of individual skin temperature, social distancing, and people counting. One of the ways in which Thermy logically extends Warny’s capabilities is by using thermal cameras, providing real time information through dashboards, hosted in Australia on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for remote viewing and trend analysis. If someone with an elevated temperature profile is identified, an alert will be sent via multiple media, aligned to the company’s workplace health and privacy policies. “Thermy is not intended to be a medical apparatus. It is observational technology but it is designed to play a critical role in helping organisations speed up their ability to protect workers and their families in the fight against highly contagious virus outbreaks such as COVID19, the everyday day flu and beyond,” said Mr Shield. About Bigmate: Established in Queensland, Australia in 1996, Brisbane based Bigmate is a business outcome focused technology and services company. Over that time Bigmate has established a proven record in the provision of critical risk management solutions using computer vision and industrial sensors. Our focus is keeping workers safe using technology, which in turn helps to drive productivity in some of Australia’s largest companies, government and local government. Bigmate is an Amazon Web Services Partner, providing Bigmate with access to AWS’ industry leading services, its scale, flexibility and speed to market. For further information or an interview please contact Peter Witts Sydney Director, Technology Navigate Communication Ph + 61 477 274 412 Rubicon Project and Telaria complete merger following stockholder approvals 2020-04-01T20:00:00Z rubicon-project-and-telaria-complete-merger-following-stockholder-approvals LOS ANGELES & NEW YORK-- April 1, 2020-- Rubicon Project (NYSE:RUBI), the global exchange for advertising, and Telaria (NYSE: TLRA), the complete software platform that optimizes yield for leading video publishers, today announced the closing of their previously announced merger, creating the world’s largest independent sell-side advertising platform, poised to capture growth in CTV. The combined company will launch with a new name in the coming months and in the interim, will continue to trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol RUBI. Together, Rubicon Project and Telaria will enable thousands of publishers to connect with thousands of buyers and brands, creating a global, independent alternative to walled gardens in the ecosystem. In addition, the combined company will be an essential omnichannel partner for buyers across formats, screens and geographies. “We are very pleased to begin this new chapter for the combined company,” said Michael Barrett, CEO of Rubicon Project. “Going to market as the world’s largest independent omnichannel sell-side platform with robust CTV capabilities puts us in a great position to help publishers monetize across all auction types and help buyers safely and efficiently meet their campaign goals.” “The teams couldn’t be more excited to be joined in a strong and scaled enterprise. As linear TV continues to succumb to accelerated cord-cutting and TV ad dollars shift to digital, CTV is increasingly becoming the “go to” for consumers and advertisers. The combined company is very well positioned to address the demands of marketers seeking a true programmatic omnichannel ad buying opportunity,” added President & COO, Mark Zagorski. Transaction Details Under the terms of the merger agreement, each share of Telaria common stock issued and outstanding on the date of closing (April 1, 2020) will be converted into 1.082 shares of Rubicon Project (NYSE:RUBI) common stock (and, if applicable, cash in lieu of fractional shares). Leadership Michael Barrett is Chief Executive Officer of the combined company, Mark Zagorski is President & Chief Operating Officer, Tom Kershaw is Chief Technology Officer, David Day is Chief Financial Officer, Erik Hovanec is Chief Strategy Officer, Joe Prusz is Chief Revenue Officer, Adam Soroca is Global Head of Buyer Team, David Hertog is Chief Marketing Officer, Tiffany Francis is Chief People Officer, Aaron Saltz is General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Eve Filip is General Counsel, Commercial & Privacy and Katie Evans is General Manager of CTV. Inducement Awards In connection with the completion of the merger with Telaria, Rubicon Project granted 848,725 restricted stock units to six former Telaria employees who have become employees of the combined company. 394,079 of the restricted stock units vest quarterly over four years, with approximately 25% vesting on May 15, 2021 and the remainder vesting on each August 15, November 15, February 15, and May 15 thereafter until fully vested. The remaining 454,646 restricted stock units vest with respect to one-half of the awards on April 1, 2021 and with respect to the other half on April 1, 2022. The restricted stock units were issued as employment inducement awards in accordance with Section 303A.08 of the NYSE Listed Company Manual, which requires disclosure of the awards via this press release. To learn more about the combined company’s strategy, please see CEO Michael Barrett’s blog post. / Ends About Rubicon Project Founded in 2007, Rubicon Project is one of the world’s largest sell-side advertising platforms. The company helps websites and apps thrive by giving them tools and expertise to sell ads easily and safely. In addition, the world's leading agencies and brands rely on Rubicon Project’s technology to execute billions of advertising transactions each month. Rubicon Project is an independent, publicly traded company (NYSE:RUBI) headquartered in Los Angeles, California. About Telaria Telaria (NYSE:TLRA) powers the future of TV advertising with proprietary, programmatic software that optimizes ad yield for leading video publishers across desktop, mobile and CTV. Telaria’s clients include the most innovative video content publishers across the globe such as Hulu, SlingTV, PlutoTV, TubiTV, Singtel, Australia’s Nine Entertainment Co, Network 10 and Seven West Media, and Brazil’s Globo. Telaria is headquartered in New York City and supports its global client base out of 13 offices worldwide across North America, EMEA, LATAM and APAC. Forward-Looking Statements This press release may contain forward-looking statements, including statements based upon or relating to Rubicon Project’s and Telaria’s expectations, assumptions, estimates, and projections. Forward-looking statements may include, but are not limited to, statements concerning the anticipated benefits of the merger and our ability to capture CTV growth as a combined company. These statements are not guarantees of future performance; they reflect Rubicon Project’s and Telaria’s current views with respect to future events and are based on assumptions and estimates and subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from expectations or results projected or implied by forward-looking statements. These risks include, but are not limited to: challenges, disruptions and costs of closing, integrating and achieving anticipated synergies, or that such synergies will take longer to realize than expected; risks that the merger and other transactions contemplated by the merger agreement disrupt current plans and operations that may harm the parties’ businesses; the amount of any costs, fees, expenses, impairments and charges related to the merger; uncertainty as to the effects of the merger on the parties’ respective financial performance; uncertainty as to the long-term value of combined company’s common stock; the business, economic and political conditions in the markets in which Rubicon Project and Telaria operate; the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on the workforce, operations, financial results and cash flows of the combined company; the combined company’s ability to continue to grow and to manage its growth effectively; the combined company’s ability to develop innovative new technologies and remain market leaders; the effect on the advertising market and Rubicon Project’s and Telaria’s businesses from difficult economic conditions or uncertainty, including with respect to a pandemic or other global phenomenon; the freedom of buyers and sellers to direct their spending and inventory to competing sources of inventory and demand; the combined company’s ability to adapt effectively to shifts in digital advertising; the effects, including loss of market share, of increased competition in Rubicon Project’s and Telaria’s markets and increasing concentration of advertising spending, including mobile spending, in a small number of very large competitors; the effects of consolidation in the ad tech industry; the concentration of CTV advertising spend among a small number of large publishers; acts of competitors and other third parties that can adversely affect the combined company’s business; the combined company’s ability to differentiate its offerings and compete effectively in a market trending increasingly toward commodification, transparency, and disintermediation; potential adverse effects of malicious activity such as fraudulent inventory and malware; costs associated with defending intellectual property infringement and other claims; the combined company’s ability to attract and retain qualified employees and key personnel; and the combined company’s ability to comply with, and the effect on their businesses of, evolving legal standards and regulations, particularly concerning data protection and consumer privacy and evolving labor standards. The foregoing review of important factors should not be construed as exhaustive and should be read in conjunction with the other cautionary statements that are included herein and elsewhere, including the risk factors included in Rubicon Project’s and Telaria’s most recent reports on Form 10-K, Form 10-Q, Form 8‑K and other documents on file with the SEC. These forward-looking statements represent estimates and assumptions only as of the date made. Unless required by federal securities laws, Rubicon Project and Telaria assume no obligation to update any of these forward-looking statements, or to update the reasons actual results could differ materially from those anticipated, to reflect circumstances or events that occur after the statements are made. Given these uncertainties, investors should not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements. Investors should read this document with the understanding that the combined company’s actual future results may be materially different from what Rubicon Project and Telaria expect. Rubicon Project and Telaria qualify all of their forward-looking statements by these cautionary statements. 3 Tips to Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rates – What to Know 2020-04-01T08:07:58Z 3-tips-to-improve-your-website-s-conversion-rates-what-to-know-1 Nowadays, one can argue that websites are all about converting visitors into customers. While that may be true, many sites still struggle to accomplish this task. From poor web design to lack of CTAs, converting potential customers into paying buyers can be quite a challenge, especially if you have zero clues on how to go about it. The question is: “How do I enhance my website’s conversion rates?” In this article, we will share with you three tips on how you can do so: Keep it Professional There are many websites out there that look artsy and unique. Unfortunately, despite its creators’ best efforts, they still fail at converting the interested audience into paying customers. Why is this so? Remember, looks aren’t everything. While your website needs to look good and be unique, there are some aspects that you cannot forget, such as useful content, working links, and contact info. In other words, keep your website designed well both aesthetically and functionally. Neither should be compromised for the sake of the other. Click here to read the full article. 3 Reasons to Redesign Your Website for Improved Digital Marketing 2020-04-01T08:06:36Z 3-reasons-to-redesign-your-website-for-improved-digital-marketing Digital marketing starts with an excellent website design. After all, potential customers will find it hard to listen to you if you make promises and claims, only to offer them a cheap-looking website. Because of this, professional and high-quality web design is vital to the performance and success of your marketing efforts. If you’re considering changes for your digital marketing, you’ll first need to redesign your website. Making the changes by yourself may not always result in the most professional-looking outcome. This is where expert digital marketing services come into the picture because redesigning your website is an integral part of ensuring that your new digital marketing is successful. Here are three reasons you need to redesign your website when wanting to improve your digital marketing campaign efforts: 1. It enhances brand awareness and visibility No matter what kind of business you are, brand visibility is vital in ensuring that your company enjoys the awareness it deserves and can show off to the world what you have to offer. Many companies know this and implement brand visibility into most, if not all, their business activities. Not only will this allow your business to reach out to more customers, but it will reignite the fire inside customers who once bought from you but lost interest over time. Click here to read the full article: ISACA to Introduce Live Remote Proctoring for All Certifications to Ensure Uninterrupted Access for Learners 2020-04-01T00:04:02Z isaca-to-introduce-live-remote-proctoring-for-all-certifications-to-ensure-uninterrupted-access-for-learners SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA (1 April 2020) – ISACA certification candidates will be able to take certification exams remotely by the end of April, providing test-takers flexibility and convenience at a time when public health concerns related to the COVID-19 global pandemic have impeded traditional testing methods. Many have needed to shift to new ways of living and working amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. ISACA is innovating its test-taking procedures to ensure continuity in its globally respected certification program, including offering live remote proctoring for its Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT), and Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) certification exams, which will be made available to test-takers by the end of April. Candidates can register for the exam now and choose the live remote proctoring option as soon as it becomes available. The security and integrity of these tests continues to be a priority. Remote proctoring of the exams allows for monitoring of the testing area via video and for each remote proctor to monitor a few candidates at one time. Internet access during the test is prohibited. This new exam delivery option—offered through ISACA’s exam vendor PSI—ensures that those who have already begun to pursue an ISACA certification, or are in the process of exploring new remote learning opportunities, can continue to advance their learning and career goals during this time while also protecting their health. “It is vital to ISACA as a global learning organisation to continuously evolve to meet our professional community where they are—not only by developing educational offerings they need, but also by delivering these learning options when and where they need them and in ways that are safe and secure,” said Nader Qaimari, ISACA chief learning officer. “As we stay nimble to meet these changing needs in our community, adding live remote proctoring for ISACA’s certification exams ensures that professionals can continue undeterred in their learning and career advancement journeys.” Those registering for certification exams can indicate their interest in the live remote proctoring option. If an exam-taker lives in an area in which testing centres remain open, they still have the option to take the exam in person. Learn more about ISACA’s certifications at To access ISACA updates and resources related to COVID-19, visit About ISACA For more than 50 years, ISACA® ( has advanced the best talent, expertise and learning in technology. ISACA equips individuals with knowledge, credentials, education and community to progress their careers and transform their organisations and enables enterprises to train and build quality teams. ISACA is a global professional association and learning organisation with 145,000 members who work in information security, governance, assurance, risk and privacy. It has a presence in 188 countries, including more than 220 chapters worldwide. Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Contact: Julie Fenwick, Karen Keech, INCREASINGLY CONCERNED AUSSIES ARE CHOOSING TRUSTED BRANDS DELIVERING SAFETY AND VALUE DURING COVID-19 2020-03-25T23:27:52Z increasingly-concerned-aussies-are-choosing-trusted-brands-delivering-safety-and-value-during-covid-19 Australians are increasingly overwhelmed and concerned about their financial security as new restrictions to combat Covid-19 threaten jobs and income. Based on a two-wave survey of 1,000 Australians between 6-9 March and 20-23 March 2020, Kantar insights reveal that due to the rapidly changing situation, 45% of Aussies are now overwhelmingly concerned about COVID-19 impacting their life compared to just 16% two weeks ago.   64% of Aussies are worried that the coronavirus crisis will be worse than an economic recession  Just a fortnight ago, only 19% of Aussies felt coronavirus would descend into a recession, but government shutdown measures and rising unemployment has now tripled the concern. To address these worries, 6 in 10 people are proactively looking for support to plan their financial future and security and overwhelmingly want affordable pricing, deals and promotions from their banking and insurance providers.   45% of Aussies are also concerned about how coronavirus will impact their daily life As a nation, Australians are finally beginning to get the message around the critical importance of social distancing measures and other protocols designed to reduce their exposure risk. From working at home to avoiding social activities, there have been major changes in the lives of Australians in the last fortnight. For example, 6 in 10 cancelled domestic travel plans while in a massive swing from 15% in early March, three-quarters reduced time in public places – before the government shutdowns were enacted.    Prior to closure of restaurants and cafés to in-house dining, 6 in 10 Aussies had already stopped eating out in the past fortnight (up from 9%) with 9% increased their use of meal delivery services. 63% of people socialised less (up from 7%) including 4 in 10 stopping social gatherings in their homes (up from just 3%). Cinema patronage also fell with 56% of people avoiding the movies (up from 10%) leading to 30% of people streaming more content (up from 5%).    Older Aussies are more positive about their health and wellbeing despite being more at risk Overall 45% of Aussies are confident of being safe with precautions and good hygiene but those aged 55-69 are actually the most positive age group about their health in this crisis despite being more at risk. 51% believe they will stay safe with precautions and good hygiene and just 1 in 4 are worried about falling sick no matter what.  Overall, more than 1 in 3 Australians reduced their exercise and sport over the last fortnight too (up from just 4%). Safety, affordability and product availability are key with health and hygiene brands benefiting most In the last fortnight, Aussies spent significantly more on personal hygiene with 3 in 10 filling their basket with these products more than just 18% a fortnight ago. Over 2 in 10 are buying more bathroom products (up from 14%), while well-publicised pantry stockpiling has driven 29% of people to buy more (up from 14%). Beauty and luxury goods are less appealing as Aussies conserve their cash. 15% reduced purchases of beauty products (up from 3%) and 1 in 4 spent less on luxury items (up from just 4%).    Online shopping is important – three-quarters of Aussies are still purchasing online at the same rate Three-quarters of Aussies maintained their online shopping habits from a fortnight ago, with 1 in 10 increasing online shopping and 16% reducing it – likely driven by lack of product availability and/or closure of supermarket home delivery services. Social distancing and virus concerns has led to 1 in 3 people reducing their bricks and mortar shopping over the past 2 weeks but 14% actually increased in-store attendance driven by stockpiling tendencies.    Regardless of how they shop, Aussies overwhelmingly want brands to make grocery items safe and affordable with 8 in 10 demanding easier access. Most believe we won’t run out of the essentials with 6 in 10 people confident we won’t face scarcity – yet 16% still admitted to stockpiling.   Aussies are looking to trusted brands to provide them with safety and security in these testing times“Aussies want to be assured that the brands they choose are transparent, trustworthy and in control of their supply chains,” says Jonathan Sinton, Chief Commercial Officer, Kantar Australia.    “The way brands deal with the crisis now may also influence consumers in the future. People expect brands to deliver real value, act responsibly and do right by the community, including their employees. While these findings show the extent to which coronavirus is affecting people’s daily lives, we recognise that it’s a rapidly changing event. As the crisis intensifies and continues to spread, people’s attitudes and concerns will change just as quickly,” adds Sinton.   “Brands must consider current consumer concerns, how coronavirus will impact longer-term economic health and that the choices people make may continue to change well after the epidemic comes to an end. People will likewise look for trust in brands and their supply chains as they make choices as to what they may or may not buy. The upsurge in consumer behaviour change is forcing a rethink of resilient business strategies for short-term survival and on long-term strategy to ensure recovery and sustainable growth.” // Download the survey infographic // Read more Kantar coronavirus consumer insights Impact Announces Creation of Chief Partnerships Officer Role and Expansion of Board of Directors 2020-03-24T22:00:00Z impact-announces-creation-of-chief-partnerships-officer-role-and-expansion-of-board-of-directors Sydney, AUSTRALIA – March 25, 2020 – Impact, the global leader in Partnership Automation, today announced the creation of a Chief Partnerships Officer (CPsO) role within their organisation. Michael Head, former General Manager of the Impact Partnership Cloud™, was promoted to fill the CPsO role, effective February 13, 2020. They also announced the appointment of Rob Perdue, former COO & board member of The Trade Desk, to Impact’s board of directors. Head and Perdue’s appointments follow Impact’s March 2019 establishment of the Partnership Automation category, at which time the company also announced a $75 million round of funding to support the significant growth and adoption of Impact’s Partnership Cloud platform. Shortly thereafter, the company released groundbreaking new research from Forrester Consulting proving that partnerships can represent up to 28 percent of overall company revenues when properly managed. Creation of the CPsO role is the most recent advancement in the company’s mission to drive more partnerships and ignite revenue growth for their clients. “For Impact to continue to champion the emerging Partnership Economy, it requires the dedicated attention of dynamic executives with sales leadership, business development leadership and industry experience,” said David A. Yovanno, Impact CEO. “Mike has grown our company’s sales organisation originally from a team of five, to over sixty worldwide and led breakthrough company initiatives that have helped to establish us as a respected market leader. We’re excited to have Mike’s focused executive leadership now on the new investment we plan to make as a company in a broader vision for the partnerships segment of our ecosystem.” As CPsO and a member of the executive team, Head will be responsible for growing client partnerships, establishing new company partnerships and the overall satisfaction, retention and growth of customers. He will lead the Partnerships and Customer Success teams and will report into CEO David A. Yovanno. “I am excited to accelerate growth for our clients, our partners and our business,” said Head. “Partnerships are the true economic engine for our company and enterprises all over the world. I am excited to work with our internal experts and champion the importance of partnerships as the third growth channel alongside sales and marketing.” Head brings more than a decade of experience in business development to the role, with nine of those years spent at Impact closing the company’s largest deals and creating new teams. An entrepreneur at heart, his prior role was co-founder of location-based deal app, SBClick. Rob Perdue, recently added to Impact’s board, brings with him a track record of growing operations before, through and after an IPO. “With Rob’s deep advertising and market industry experience, he’ll be an excellent addition in this time of growth for the company,” said Yovanno. For more information on Impact and the executive leadership team, visit About Impact Impact is the global leader in Partnership Automation and catalyst for the new Partnership Economy. Impact accelerates enterprise growth by scaling discovery, recruitment, onboarding, engagement and optimisation of all types of partnerships. Impact’s Partnership CloudTM manages over $50B in e-commerce sales and $2B in partnership payments, providing automation for the full partnership lifecycle, confident decision making and optimisation through measurement and attribution, and protection from fraud. Impact drives revenue growth for global enterprises such as Bass Pro Shops, Fanatics, Getty Images, Lenovo, Levi’s, Techstyle and Ticketmaster. Founded in Santa Barbara, CA in 2008, Impact has grown to over 500 employees and twelve offices worldwide. To learn more visit Contacts Sue Ralston Einsteinz Communications Ph: +61 02 8905 0995 STRIVE AND THRIVE’S REBRANDING ANNOUNCEMENT 2020-03-23T04:30:52Z strive-and-thrive-s-rebranding-announcement Perth-based social platform, Strive and Thrive which is known for spreading positivity since 2016 through their social media and free annual live events has rebranded to a personal brand with a new name, website, logo and a slightly new direction. It is now known as the founder’s name, Norita Omar. Through Strive and Thrive’s annual free community event called Positive Life Expo and Workshops, Norita guided and helped promote the products and services of heart-centred entrepreneurs who are life coaches, health and wellness coaches, health practitioners and creative makers to reach the community who are in need. Norita Omar said, “Now after these years, watching how these businesses grow and how I was part of it, has led me to my new calling. The truth is, through Strive and Thrive I was merely sharing my personal stories and strategies which have helped my own healing journey. It is powerful as it has inspired many people in seeking their own healing path and strategies which works for them. However, the practitioners whom I worked within my business mentoring have more expertise, knowledge and qualifications to help these clients especially those struggling with traumas and mental health issues. Therefore me working with them, in fact, is making me part of that healing chain as well and collectively we are making a bigger impact in this world.” The new website offers an easy to navigate and engaging design and can be perfectly used on desktop, tablet, or cellphone. It also provides a library of free resources such as blog posts, worksheets, infographics, digital books and more. If you need more support in your life and heart business, access to services and programs is easy to navigate too. Norita Omar empowers heart centred coaches and solopreneurs on how to build a heart business with resilience and make an impact in this world. For more information, visit or follow Norita Omar on Facebook and Instagram Western Union Sponsors ESL ANZ Champs Prize Pool 2020-03-20T01:12:56Z western-union-sponsors-esl-anz-champs-prize-pool 20 March 2020 - ESL Australia, local division of the world’s largest esports company, has successfully sealed a sponsorship deal for the ESL ANZ Championship 2020 with Western Union, a global leader in cross-border, cross-currency money movement and payments.  Western Union will sponsor a prize pool of AUD$20,000 to be awarded to the players and teams that best manage in-game resources. Western Union’s motivation for the sponsorship stems from its mission of bringing people together via money movement paving the way for individuals who cross borders to live and work. These individuals  realize their life’s aspirations, including enjoying life, while also concurrently supporting their family and loved ones back home.  "I’m excited to be able to bring Western Union into esports,” said Graeme Du Toit, Partnerships Manager at ESL. “As we connect the ESL ANZ Champs with the ESL Pro Tour this year and send our players around the world, there’s a strong alignment with what Western Union does." "I’m equally as excited that Western Union is transferring money into our prize pool and offering our players a chance at increased rewards from participating in ANZ Champs,” Du Toit said.  “Sports brings the world together, and Western Union is driven by our passion for connecting families and communities, helping them move money for a better world,” said Mark Strathern, Head of Digital Go-to-market, Western Union, Asia Pacific. “We are pleased to collaborate with ESL, giving players exciting chances to win prizes. This collaboration will bring millions of fans and players together, enabling us to reach our customers and global audiences in a new way.” The ESL ANZ Champs kicked off at the start of March, with regular broadcasts from 6pm onwards during the week. To learn more about or watch the action, click here. To learn more about Western Union, click here. ---- For press assets, click here: For more: Digivizer recruits Head of Growth 2020-03-19T01:30:09Z digivizer-recruits-head-of-growth Sydney, 19 March 2020: Digivizer has hired Regan McGregor as Head of Growth. He joins from Sydney SaaS startup AgriWebb, and was previously at digital agency 4mation Technologies. He will manage an accelerated growth program at Digivizer whilst overseeing the Creative and Content teams. "Times are challenging for businesses, given the 2019/2020 bushfires and now Covid-19. But we're seeing an eagerness in businesses to find new ways to engage their customers, to leverage their digital marketing, and to reach new markets cost-effectively, and in new ways," says Emma Lo Russo, CEO and co-founder of Digivizer. "We know that digital marketing will play an increasing role in making this a reality. Some will turn to digital marketing for the first time, or to test new methods, while others are moving more of their budget to digital. In all cases,  organizations will look ever more-carefully at the returns on their marketing budgets. “This is precisely where Digivizer can help - and we believe it's important to prioritize investment in growth. We are delighted to announce that Regan has joined us to guide us through our next phase of growth, and to help businesses using our solution and services get the most they can from their digital marketing. He brings broad experience to Digivizer  in strategy, SaaS platforms, digital marketing, eCommerce, full digital funnel ecosystem builds, and driving online growth." Regan was previously Head of Marketing at AgriWebb, leading a global marketing team, developing and executing on growth-focused marketing programs across digital, product, content and events. Before AgriWebb, Regan was Head of Marketing at 4mation Technologies, a full-service software and web development company.“With so many digital channels out there, it’s becoming increasingly important to understand what’s working and to be able to make real-time decisions to stay competitive. I’m excited by Digivizer’s vision to bring together the key metrics across all these platforms, to provide digital marketers with the insights that help them make better decisions, faster,” says Regan McGregor. ENDS About Digivizer Digivizer, founded in 2010, is Australia’s leading digital marketing analytics technology company. Digivizer helps businesses get better results from their digital marketing, across owned, earned and paid media, in search and social, and in web performance, by giving them the information they need to make better decisions and improve their marketing ROI.  Digivizer’s digital insights are available through a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform affordable to any business, and if required, digital marketing services.  Digivizer is an ad., development and technology partner to the major social and search platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google, and is a marketing and agency partner to Google and Facebook.  It is also a partner of start-up venture capital investors Investible and Remarkable, and of global online retail outlet platform Shopify. Contacts Digivizer is at: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: YouTube: Web: For more information:  Alan Smith, Head of Strategic Business Communications, Digivizer.  Phone: +61 404 432 700. Email: Twitter: @alansmithoz    Media assets Regan McGregor joins Digivizer as Head of Growth. Photo: Digivizer. How to create a powerful local area marketing strategy 2020-03-13T00:37:19Z how-to-create-a-powerful-local-area-marketing-strategy Creating a powerful and effective local area marketing or social media strategy can be overwhelming, however it does not need to be. Recently I was fortunate enough to be shared a video that really nailed the WHY message. A key component of being able to make a difference and stand out as a preferred and recommended choice of solution provider is how we present ourselves to the local community, how we demonstrate and broadcast our "WHY" I invite you to click on the link and read my take away and ask yourself "what can I learn from the powerful message shared in the video". I look forward to hearing your feedback COVID-19 - the single word that tells IT vendors why they need cost-effective PR 2020-03-12T22:33:10Z covid-19-the-single-word-that-tells-it-vendors-why-they-need-cost-effective-pr By David Frost, CEO, PR Deadlines In recent years our Sydney-based PR agency has lost long term technology clients’ business even though we were achieving excellent results. Why? Simply because someone at head office, 12,000km distant, chose to run with a multinational agency. Their decisions overruled the preferences of clients’ Australian executives and their regional teams. Subsequently our former contacts (still friends) told us their media and social media exposure had plummeted - by more than 50 percent in two cases. With the World Health Organisation announcing a coronavirus pandemic, economies are teetering on the brink of recession. So why pay more for less in the public relations sector? An uncertain future is prompting IT organisations to assess their marcomms results and possibly seek better value from PR. They are learning that less is more. We hear rumours that some of the multinational agencies may be at risk. Our experience of interacting with the big PR agencies used by some of our IT clients is mixed. Some are highly professional: others less so. We wrote case studies for one high profile vendor about their customers’ experiences in Europe, Mid-East and elsewhere, while a high profile global agency looked after their Australian account. We were copied in on certain local emails, one of which announced that the Sydney Morning Herald had not published case study X. Two glaring errors there: first the newspaper does not publish IT case studies; secondly, it was a Brisbane case study. At 450 miles (725km) distant, a Sydney daily newspaper would never have published. Recently we were contacted out of the blue by Australia’s leading marketing publication, seeking a quote from a client that quit PR Deadlines two years ago, preferring a ‘major’ agency. We find it interesting that their new ‘bigger, marketing-focused’ agency has not managed to get on the radar of the industry’s foremost Australian publication. These experiences support our belief that certain agencies tend to send in the A-team when pitching for new business, then have less experienced people running the account. Certainly many of the multinationals we know have high staff turnovers. A PR friend who runs a mid-sized agency from Silicon Valley describes certain larger agencies as ‘bureaucratic’. We discovered what he means on seeing a client’s US agency’s plan for issuing a news release. This comprised a complex document outlining in great detail each individual media person targeted. It would have taken hours to compile, all billable time equating to zero productivity. Instead, we focus on achieving results. Surprisingly often, we see news releases and byline articles from agencies that bear no resemblance to the writing style of their media targets. Few journalists have time to read a 200-plus word intro, with twin deck headlines almost half as long. From time to time we suggest tactfully to a client’s communications chief that he/she should advise their home country agency to study the way their target media write, and emulate that style. We work on knowing journalists personally, write news releases that conform with their style, and simply send clients the results rather than inundating them with expensive and unnecessary bureaucracy. For IT companies looking for the right PR agency, we offer this advice: 1. Make sure an agency understands your company and its technology. Recently a client explained why we won their account. After Marketing narrowed the vetting process down to two agencies, their final request was ‘describe our technology to me’. Our rival agency couldn’t. 2. Don’t pay for your agency's posh address. It is no guarantee of better results or increased media coverage. 3. Agencies like to drop names of their media contacts, but these may not be appropriate reporters, editors or analysts for a specific company. Experienced professionals develop new relationships as required. 4. Check an agency’s clips book, but beware of results for high profile clients which are relatively easy to achieve. See what they score for clients your own size and budget. 5. A client’s needs and budget may vary from month to month, so an agency must be prepared to work with a flexible budget. 6. At an initial meeting, does the agency listen, or are they in ‘sell’ mode? If they don't listen, can they really understand and meet your needs? For vendors seeking a street-smart Aussie-based agency that can coordinate campaigns anywhere, or work seamlessly with a vendor’s agencies worldwide, we can help. PR Deadlines forms part of the GlobalCom network of PR and marketing communications agencies which has 80-plus offices serving over 100 countries worldwide. We can work closely with them all. #Sydney PR #Australia PR #APAC PR #COVID-19 #Coronavirus The Hub unlocks the door for MMP World Wide to better serve its global network 2020-03-09T00:08:42Z the-hub-unlocks-the-door-for-mmp-world-wide-to-better-serve-its-global-network AUSTRALIA / SINGAPORE, 9 March 2020 - Technology company CtrlShift is taking its enterprise advertising software, The Hub, across the globe with leading premium programmatic marketplace provider, MMP World Wide. MMP World Wide has been taking a proactive approach to consolidate activation and reporting, in its mission to maximise the efficiency of its media buying practice. Agnostic in the way they operate, MMP World Wide went through a rigorous evaluation process to search for a multi-channel platform to empower its trading team to execute business-critical strategies and deliver world-class results for its clientele. “Being mindful of the impact that emerging technologies can yield has put us top-of-mind with forward-looking clients. Working closely with our team, our clients are able to understand the nuances of programmatic and its role in delivering maximum efficiency through optimised spending across a multi-channel environment,” said Ayman Haydar, CEO of MMP World Wide.  With The Hub, MMP World Wide can now access multiple industry-leading, pre-evaluated platforms via a single-login, allowing them to advertise across search, social, programmatic and various media buying platforms that connect to a wide-ranging audience network. The Hub is integrated with the likes of MediaMath, AppNexus, iPinYou, Zemanta, Amobee, Verizon Media, Facebook and DV360, and connect into ad servers and DMPs. The Hub also provides an automation layer that complements the extensive knowledge and goal-oriented strategies of MMP World Wide’s trading team, allowing them to optimise campaigns from inception to execution and post-campaign in a near real-time environment for  maximum efficiency.  MMP World Wide’s first campaign for a tourism brand deployed through The Hub connected its client to an extensive audience network across 40 countries. Utilising engaging video formats across over-the-top platforms, skin video and outstream, the campaign delivered more than 60% viewability and completion rates, exceeding the campaign performance expectations that MMPWW typically achieved in the walled gardens. ”Human and machine must work together, with the former taking the lead and drawing on years of experience, to analyse how strategies can and should be effectively deployed in tandem with the holistic view provided by The Hub,” added Haydar. “CtrlShift’s vision has always been about providing an optimised and business-efficient solution for brands and agencies looking to target the right audience in an increasingly complex media landscape.With The Hub, we are constantly evaluating and integrating world-class platforms to widen the audience reach for advertisers,” said Paula Harrison, Chief Solutions Officer at CtrlShift. “Within the next two years, there will be a sharp shift in the channels where advertisers deploy their media spend for maximum efficiency. The definition of programmatic will evolve, including any audience or media that can be accessed in an automated way. And The Hub is more than just an agnostic aggregator to help brands and agencies, like MMPWW, enhance their existing and future media campaigns; it is fast becoming an essential tool for high-performance programmatic trading teams to conceive, execute and optimise results-driven campaigns that deliver on the types of outcomes brands increasingly desire,” added Harrison. The Hub serves brands and agency trading desks from the financial, technology, travel and publishing sectors. The enterprise advertising software is available globally, serviced by consultation teams in Singapore, Australia, Middle East, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. - ENDS -   About CtrlShift Headquartered in Singapore, CtrlShift is a technology company that makes digital advertising simple. The Hub, its flagship product, is an enterprise advertising software for unified media planning, activation and insights. It aggregates platforms (social, search, programmatic and more) so that brands and agencies can advertise anywhere with a single login and achieve more.   About MMP World Wide  MMP World Wide (MMPWW) is the leading premium global programmatic marketplace. Powered by state of the art technologies and in partnership with DMPs, MMPWW offers a trading ecosystem with targeted inventory, insights, and analytics. Employing a combination of in-house tech expertise with valuable strategic industry alliances, MMPWW equips its clients with the tools and knowledge to better monetize their digital advertising inventory and improve campaign performance. The company also educates its stakeholders on building a safer media ecosystem through the use of ad-tech solutions. With its headquarters based in Dubai, MMPWW has extended its global operations to service and access over 40 countries, growing network of over 500 publishers and 55 buyers.