The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-02-11T05:09:36Z Australian Skincare paving the way for conscious beauty with palm oil and cruelty-free certifications 2021-02-11T05:09:36Z australian-skincare-paving-the-way-for-conscious-beauty-with-palm-oil-and-cruelty-free-certifications-1 Each product is designed to enrich your skin with the highest quality ingredients and essential nutrients, ensuring nourishment, hydration and all ‘round good vibes for you and your skin without harming the planet in any way.  With the belief in being kinder from paw print to footprint, Butt Naked is proud to boast products free from animal-derived ingredients and palm oil. Due to the harmful effects caused by the deforestation and production of palm oil, and in turn to Orangutan habitats, Butt Naked has alway been a palm oil free zone but has now officially become certified palm oil free by The Orangutan Alliance.  Instead of using palm oil or a sustainable palm oil (there’s still no guarantee it’s being sourced in an ethical way), Butt Naked opts to use coconut oil and brassica oil to mimic the effect of traditional palm oil, both of which are 100% pure and natural.  The main push to become officially certified comes from Butt Naked’s desire to be completely transparent with consumers on how a product is made to what it’s packaged in, providing a more conscious and ethical way of shopping for skincare.  By labelling themselves as palm oil free, this company can help to raise awareness of the alarming issues facing the environment and its inhabitants due to unsustainable palm oil production whilst at the same time promoting ethical alternatives.  The love for furry friends and the need to do right by them in all aspects drives Butt Naked so much so that they also donate 5% of all profits to the Melbourne no-kill animal shelter, Save-A-Dog Scheme.  Butt Naked products are available on The Iconic, at select David Jones stores or online at   How to be happily single & avoid depression this Valentine’s Day 2021-02-10T01:17:02Z how-to-be-happily-single-avoid-depression-this-valentines-day WHILE Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a day of joy and romance, many single people spend the day feeling lonely, depressed and suicidal. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report shows that relationship problems are the top cause of suicides today and psychologists worldwide suggest that Valentine’s Day on February 14 is the start of an annual rise in suicide rates that peak in April. It doesn’t have to be this way however as there are many positives to being single, as Gold Coast author Louisa Pateman shares in her new book Single, Again, and Again, and Again… “It takes courage to be single and it’s a big myth that when you meet ‘the one’, you will live happily ever after,” Ms Pateman said. “Your ultimate goal should be happiness - single or not. We all have our own unique life journey. If I had waited for ‘the one’, I wouldn’t have had such an amazing life.” Louisa, 47, has travelled to 73 countries, had multiple properties and chose to have her son solo using a sperm bank at age 37 after stressing out about her biological clock ticking and having more than 13 failed relationships since the age of 21. A civil engineer for 25 years, she created exciting and rewarding life experiences through travel, investing and spending time with girlfriends. “I spent 20 years looking for my soulmate and my son, Nicholas, is now the love of my life. I wouldn’t give him up for any man,” she said. Her tips for being happily single include: Embrace/ accept your situation for what it is and what you have Learn to be present- enjoy the moment Find other single people you can relate to but don’t exclude yourself from couple situations. Find opportunities where you can be around people you can connect with, who have lived part of your journey Love yourself and appreciate your self worth. You determine your own worth by what you will and won’t put up with Find inner contentment and the good in all your challenges. Don’t be a man/ woman hater or shun couples. If you are bitter, resentful or hold grudges from past relationship failures, that bitterness permeates your present experience. Find exciting and rewarding life experiences that you can do on your own. When you come out of a relationship, write down a list of all the things you want to do without a partner and do it, like going on a girl’s retreat or writing a book (eg. I was up 10pm to 2am most nights when writing my book). Stay optimistic about life. Have an attitude of gratitude. Be grateful for what you have - big and little things. List things you’re grateful for and realise things aren’t that bad. Look at life from a macro perspective and realise how small your issues are in the overall scheme of things Remind yourself that not everyone in a relationship is happy. You may be better off than some people who don’t have the courage to be single Ms Pateman’s tips are also in line with Singles Awareness Day (or Singles Appreciation Day), which is celebrated on February 15 each year. “It is a celebration of love in all forms recognising the love between friends, family and loving yourself. You have to accept you are where you are,” Ms Pateman said. “I’m not saying you can get rid of your desires. I’m saying if you don’t have courage to live a rewarding life on your own, life could pass you by and you could miss out on a lot of opportunities.” For more details or for a copy of the book Single, Again, and Again, and Again…, visit ENDS ___________________________________________________ MEDIA CONTACT ONLY: AA Xpose Media Director/ Photojournalist Aldwyn Altuney ph: 0409 895 055 Hommey Cushions: We’ve Got Some Pretty Cushy News 2021-02-02T01:49:48Z hommey-cushions-we-ve-got-some-pretty-cushy-news A house isn’t a home without a Hommey that’s probably why we’ve managed to sell 1,000 cushions in just seven weeks. Although we have plenty of comfy places to rest on our laurels (that’s a weird saying isn’t it? I mean laurels are sticks basically - we’ll stick to our fluffy cushion, see what we did there? OK moving on), we are constantly working on ways to delight our customers.  First, for our new comfort-seekers, allow us to introduce ourselves, we’re Hommey; purveyors of cushy and comfy cushions. But we aren’t a one-trick pony though we offer an extensive selection of options; choose the size - from quaint and cute to full-body, hide-in-during-a-rainy-day and everything in between. Choose the type of fabric...don’t worry there’s no wrong answer here, they are all addictively soft cloths like felt, velvet and boucle. Choose your shape; round, rectangular or square. And that’s not even the extent of the options we offer, don’t take a word for it, take a look at our great features. We are very proud to have had our products featured in Real Living, Urban List, Broadsheet and MamaMia. But the thing that we are most proud of is our 99% positive customer rating! OK, I think that covers the introductions, so let’s move on to the fun stuff we have in the works! New Collection...LOADING We love our current selection of cushions, and our customers do too! But we are creative folks here at Hommey cushions, so we are always working on the next exciting idea! So stay tuned we’ve got an amazing new collection launching in the coming months.  Get Ready for Collabs! We love collaborations, and we are working with both artists and other homeware brands, to bring you completely new products. At the moment it’s a bit hush-hush, so if anyone asks you didn’t hear from us...but make sure to keep an eye out for some exciting new things to come! Gold Coast Made, Handcrafted Softness We believe in offering the highest quality possible, the perfect balance between suppleness and support and we stand by our products with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. We even offer free shipping within Australia!  Wondering how comfy you can get? Get in touch with us, we’ll help you choose the perfect cushions for your home, she-shed, man-cave or tree-house! ANGELUVE Brings Sustainable Fashion And Spirituality Together 2021-01-21T06:39:25Z angeluve-brings-sustainable-fashion-and-spirituality-together ANGELUVE, a conscious fashion brand based in Sydney Australia, was founded on the principle of spirituality and sustainability. It’s on a mission to empower people to live an authentic life of passion and purpose and to create a positive impact in the world through conscious and sustainable fashion.   The impact of fashion on the environment is increasingly understood to be a problem, and the company wants to be part of the solution. The company is committed to making ethical and sustainable products that respect people, animals, and the planet. Each collection is carefully curated using sustainable materials that are friendly to the environment such as organic cotton, recycled fabrics, and plant-based fibres. This ensures its clothes do not cause any harm to the environment.   More than a clothing brand, ANGELUVE is a state of mind and a way of life. The brand sets out to make a positive difference by empowering people’s lives and valuing conscious living. The brand’s inspiration behind its design comes from spirituality. Its goal is to create unique products and experiences that nurture individual spiritual growth, as well as raise people’s awareness around how they can live a life of passion, purpose, possibility, and potential.   The versatile collection features a range of soulful pieces of clothing that celebrate love, faith, positivity, self-belief, freedom, empowerment, and all things spirituality. Throughout the collection, inspirational slogans are used to serve as a reminder and to empower the wearer. The products are also energised with high vibrations of love and light. By choosing conscious fashion, wearers are spreading love and radiating positive vibes through the clothes. The company is also committed to social and environmental sustainability and gives back to the community. A portion of sales goes towards charities with good cause including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Thread Together, and Green Fleet. It takes pride in building a better world that is inspired by sustainability, ethics, and spirituality.   For more information, visit  RETREAT Magazine's Issue #20 has landed 2020-12-11T03:14:56Z retreat-magazine-s-issue-20-has-landed Retreat Magazine's Issue #20 has landed! For this issue, we have set out on a number of different journeys to inspire your next vacation. If you’re on the lookout for fresh destinations, whether you're a beach bum, surf enthusiast, or looking for the ultimate weekend getaway, we have you covered! Turn to page 126 for the ultimate insider’s guide to the world’s most luxurious desert escapes from the Arabian Peninsula to Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. We also have the top European holiday destinations, exclusive villas that offer the utmost of privacy and luxury. If you’re dreaming of Greece, we have the best hotels, restaurants, and things to do on the beautiful island of Santorini. For those of us who can not yet travel, we have fun ideas to make a staycation at home, tips to turn your bathroom into a hotel-inspired relaxation station and ideas for hosting a resort-worthy 5-star brunch.   As we know that the perfect outfit can make your holiday paired with a great outlook, we have the smartest shopping and packing tips, the best style advice for home or abroad, and all the tips you’ll need to incorporate your favourite travel trends into your wardrobe today. What shoes are easiest to slip off in an airport line? We’ve got you covered! Our editors have also put together the ultimate capsule wardrobe and round-up of your must-pack shoes. In this issue, we also have a look at the best beauty tips, skincare advice and how-to guides for every type of trip, no matter the season. If the holidays and 2020 have left you in need of some R&R, we also have advice on starting a meditation practice to bring you into the New Year. Finally, as always, this issue is a celebration of everything that inspires our travels from the best cocktail to the best views to enjoy it, so we hope that it will entice you to dream of where your next travel plans will take you. Download the app on iTunes or Google Play and visit and for more! The Pandemic Project Championing Sustainability within the Fashion Industry 2020-12-02T02:31:39Z the-pandemic-project-championing-sustainability-within-the-fashion-industry Melbourne, Australia 2nd of December, 2020 h-ours is fashion multi-hyphenate Rong Jake Chen’s community orientated creative hub focused within the fashion industry and his latest iteration named ’02 resilience’ is a pandemic inspired inquiry exploring the future of sustainability within the fashion industry. Joining Rong to undertake this study of the impact of COVID-19 on the fashion industry is storyteller Vy Nguyen, alongside designers Cashmere Malekitsch, Cynthia & Xiao, FFIXXED Studios, Graedance, Jonathan Liang, Karla Laidlaw, Speed Ltd., and Shhorn. The culmination of this exploration is an exhibition opening on the 10th of December presenting, above all, the resilience of the designers, the supply chain and the community. The COVID19 pandemic has left the fashion industry with cut orders and supply chain mayhem resulting in dead stock, over supply of materials, and an overall drop in demand for products. For some people in the supply chain, this means a loss of work and livelihood. h-ours has sought to address some of these concerns by offering guidance and support for designers to adapt to uncertainty by exploring and developing new categories to take advantage of the would-be-waste within their supply chain. In this collaboration, the participating designers have all produced both an exhibition object and commercial product that extend beyond designing for the body to consider designing for homes as well. The designers have utilised leftover resources and materials from different entities to create a limited quantity of special edition items that are individually brand-centric, laden with cultural meaning and each exploring individual designer’s shared experiences through the pandemic via a theme. For example, designer couple, ffixxed studios, rekindled their relationship with intimacy and created new levels of ‘togetherness’ – interpreted through their exhibition blanket fitted with their signature knitted caps and four arm holes, to be experienced as a form of elevated closeness. Alongside this, they’ve created a limited number of pillow cases to share within this theme, made completely out of 100% wool deadstock. Each item reflects each designer’s meditations on how Covid-19 shaped their brands and personal life in 2020, as well as their statement for how this pandemic will inform their future practice. Themes explored were also developed as a way to connect with the viewing community, allowing for conversations on wider shared experiences with the pandemic, whilst also providing a learning platform about these designers and the complexities of the fashion supply chain. shhorn on sleep ffixxed studios on togetherness Jonathan Liang on lazing Cynthia & Xiao on renewed comfort  Cashmere Malekitsch on body dysmorphia  Speed on memories  Graedance (by Rong Jake) on unseen time  emerging feature: Karla Laidlaw on hope Photographers Myles Pedlar, Phebe Schmidt and Tre Koch have also collaborated to document the designer’s offerings for the home, interpreting a selection of objects through their signature lens. The exhibition for h-ours will open on the 10th of December with a limited opening event and will run for three days from the 11th to the 13th December at Le Space in Collingwood, a newly emerged spaced at the intersection of design, art, and education, run by internationally acclaimed photographer, Ying Ang. As part of the digital voyage this year has taken, an online platform has been made in conjunction with the physical exhibition, and features more details on the designers, their works, and allows for the purchasing of the limited edition lifestyle product made for the exhibition. This can all be accessed at Event Start Date: 11.12.20Event End Date 13.12.20Location: Le Space Collingwood, 1 Mater Street. Contact: Rong Jake Chen (0401 946 360), Due to current Victorian restrictions, participants need to register for attendance, with event caps.Free event registration:  Hi-resolution images of product photography: Dropbox / Googledrive Sponsored by: Creative Victoria Le Space About Rong Jake Chen: Rong Jake Chen (Yuan Rong Chen) is a Chinese designer based in Australia. Hailing from a migrant family, Rong draws inspiration from his cultural identity to design from a liminal place merging themes from his birth place in the east to Australia where he currently resides. Rong has a background of design through practice. From designing t-shirts for his friends, Rong’s design eventually caught the eye of UNIQLO with who he collaborated on a capsule. His work focuses on researching humanistic narratives, such as communities and primal natures, whilst looking into the cyclical nature of our social blueprint. An admirer of contemporary art as a practice, and digital media as a medium, much of Rong’s work integrates and welcomes collaboration in the process. Formerly the co-creative at AMXANDER, a contemporary menswear line that reinvented and explored cultural and social uniforms, he has been nominated twice for the International Woolmark Prize, the National Designer Award and also the Lane Crawford Creative Callout. Since leaving AMXANDER, Rong has increasingly pursued new ways to explore fashion and art projects. He currently has an online residency at Burea of Works, exhibiting alongside contemporary Chinese artists including Xiao Ke and Zi Han on their global series exploring the ‘What is Chinese?’ About h-ours: As the community project arm of Rong Jake, h-ours takes various forms and platforms for its execution but maintains a strong ethos in developing and growing emerging and contemporary talent in Australia. Project 01 took form as a pop up store in St Collins Lane, featuring an array of diverse global and local talent. Contact: Iris Chen