The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-04-12T14:09:36Z What is white labelling? 2021-04-12T14:09:36Z what-is-white-labeling-wildjar-1 You may be unfamiliar with the term ‘white labelling’, but familiar with the concept. Many industries, from grocery retailers to IT services, use white labelling as a means of selling goods or services that are produced elsewhere under their own brand. The term was derived from the process of “whiting out” text on a piece of paper so that it can be re-written. An example of white labelling can be found at your local supermarket. Many of the products on shelf are manufactured at the same facility, but are sold under different brand names. Supermarket home brands are some of the most common - they pay for a product to be manufactured, but put their own label on it. Why? Aside from the obvious cost benefit, it is almost impossible for one entity to have the production capabilities for every single product it sells. Companies outsource their manufacturing to entities that do have the appropriate resources, saving them time and money and allowing them to focus on growing other areas of their business. The same concept applies to digital software. Developing your own company-branded software or portal requires extensive testing, funding and skills that many agencies simply don’t have. With so many solutions already available, it makes sense to take advantage of white labelling.  Benefits Of White Labelling Building Credibility Consistent branding is crucial, particularly when it comes to digital marketing. Agencies need to present a cohesive image to clients; and that’s where white labelling comes into play. Having your branding on reports and portals can strengthen your business’ credibility and improve brand awareness. More Services If your services are currently limited to in-house, purchasing third-party software can allow your business to expand its offerings. Think targeted campaigns, improved client data and seamless integrations. It’s all about investing in the right resources to ensure your business runs smoothly. Customer Loyalty Build customer loyalty by offering solutions they can access. Improve your client retention with a range of services, minimising their need to look elsewhere. Each time a customer accesses your services, they’ll be met with consistency - allowing them to return time and time again. Added Support In an ideal world, technology operates perfectly 100% of the time. Realistically, that’s not always the case. Purchasing white label software comes with the buffer of troubleshooting support from the developer, saving you the worry when something goes wrong. High Quality Companies that create software that is available for white labelling invest the time, energy and resources into developing high-quality solutions, so you don’t have to. White labelling is an industry in itself, with companies taking advantage of advances in technology to ensure their software is competitive. Ensure your clients have access to high-quality solutions by investing in white labelling.  Finding the right solution  At WildJar, we provide advanced software solutions that are easy to use, so you can focus more on building your business. With seamless integration available to collate your existing resources, it’s simpler to generate, track and implement strategies to keep your business ticking. Our call tracking platform was built with Agencies in mind. All of our Agency plans come with a whitelabel solution, using your own branded URL, logos and colour scheme to fit your brand. Our channel partner program is the easiest and quickest way to deliver a cutting edge call tracking solution to your clients, whilst generating an additional revenue stream for your business. Book a demo today and find out why more businesses worldwide are turning to WildJar for their business solutions. 50mm Cast Tow Bar Receiver - now Australian Made 2021-04-10T10:35:31Z 50mm-cast-tow-bar-receiver-now-australian-made 50mm Cast Tow Bar Receiver Couplemate's 50mm cast tow bar receiver is Made in Australia for Australian conditions. Covid-19 has provided an ideal environment to enhance Australian Made parts produced by Couplemate. Many Australian companies have experienced unusual extended production times from overseas manufacturers. Delays in shipping have frustrated many Australian companies importing goods for sale within Australia. Further, many customers were inverting the receiver arm in an effort to gain height. Inconsistent welding of this important product often caused breakages or separation between the tongue and the box section. As a result, we concluded that fabricated receiver bars could cause an unsafe situation in some circumstances. The main image above shows 1/2 of a receiver casting die. Yes, it is quite expensive to produce goods in Australia. We think Australian jobs are worth the expense. Receiver Design The tow bar receiver is also known as a hitch. In Australia, hitches are designed to withstand static loads according to the tow bar rating. Fabricated hitches may pass stratic tests in both a normal and inverted position. As a result, cast hitches are used in an inverted position even allowing for shock loading events. Given the opportunity for human error in fabrication, Couplemate decided to manufacture a cast model to build in an extra safety factor. Shock loading events up to 3 times the coupling loading places extreme forces onto fabricated hitches. The robotic welding looks strong enough at first glance. However, changes in ambient temperature and humidity must be compensated by the operator. In many cases, this does not occur, because the operator is untrained. Further, no batch testing or product testing exists on many imported products. Australian Made New Australian made products start on the drawing board. You can image from the tooling profile above, design and tooling for new products are easy. In fact, it is quite difficult. The first batch saw a tooling change that imprinted useful customer information into the casting die. The first hitch Couplemate produced was a 50mm drop model. The 100mm drop model is currently in production. Thes model suit a standard 50mm Australian towball. Further, also in the product are 70mm towball models that suit 50mm and 100mm drop. These Australian products replace products that were previously imported. Find further information on cast towbar hitches below 50mm Cast Tow Bar Receiver – Australian Made 70mm Towbar Receiver Hitch Kits What Deals are on offer? Couplemate offers deals to resellers and occasionally to retail buyers. Contact the Company for wholesale quantity buy prices.   Renowned StretchLab Franchise Arrives in Australia 2021-04-09T00:46:38Z renowned-stretchlab-franchise-arrives-in-australia-1 Having taken America by storm, one-on-one assisted stretching brand, StretchLab, is now set to arrive in Australia. Boutique Fitness Studios, the Master Franchise Ownership group behind CycleBar, announced today that they have partnered with former AFL player Tory Dickson and professional cricketer James Pattinson to bring StretchLab, a unique assisted stretching franchise, Down Under.  The franchise will cater to the growing demand for wellness services, which has seen a worldwide surge following the coronavirus pandemic. Owned by Xponential Fitness, a curator of leading boutique fitness brands, StretchLab has become one of the group’s fastest-growing brands over the last three years, with more than 300 studio franchises awarded. The concept offers customised assisted stretch sessions with trained FlexologistsⓇ who are trained in StretchLab’s proprietary material. The sessions provide an easy, quick and much-needed solution to the growing awareness among consumers for the importance of recovery to everyone – regardless of how active they are.  Matt Gordin, CEO of Boutique Fitness Studios, immediately recognised StretchLab as an exciting business model and an affordable entry into franchise ownership for Australians.  “The unique beauty of this concept is that it complements almost every other fitness brand out there. It’s adding value rather than creating competition. The franchise opportunity is an affordable, scalable way for entrepreneurs of all types to bring a proven and sustainable business model to their market. It also aligns perfectly with our ethos to encourage fluid mobility and positive energy and wellbeing in the community. It hits the target in every way,” he said.  Dickson and Pattison were motivated to invest following their own experience with remedial stretch, its myriad wellness benefits, and the franchise’s prolific growth across the US.   “Throughout my sporting career, I’ve experienced first-hand the role stretching can play to mitigate and recover from injury. It is no surprise this concept has taken off overseas. I’m looking forward to it succeeding here as a business and as a tool to help achieve or maintain individual well-being,” said Pattinson. “The buzz around personal wellness is now huge and only getting bigger. The relevance and appeal of stretching are so widespread, making it a great investment. From elite sportspeople and amateur athletes to ageing bodies and people who understand the benefits of maintaining positive, fluid movement, StretchLab caters to all,” said Dickson.   The first StretchLab opens in Currambine, WA, mid this year with direct involvement from stretch guru Brad Walker, the original Course Creator and Chief Stretch Adviser for the StretchLab Flexologist Training Program.  To learn more about the StretchLab franchise opportunity, please contact Matt Gordin, or visit Greatest Arcade Console Experience at Home 2021-04-07T18:44:42Z greatest-arcade-console-experience-at-home Arcade consoles are the next level of gaming gear for kids, teenagers and even adults and are perfect for home use. When you are buying arcade consoles, you need to make sure that you consider the right console design and included games are important. Arcade consoles are popular not just for men but also great for families with kids and amongst both boys and girls who love to pass the time with games. It is not just an amazing pass time for the kids, but it also develops a lot of cognitive benefits for them. Hence, this article is all about making you aware of the perks of enjoying arcade consoles at home for both kids and teenagers. THE COGNITIVE BENEFITS WITH ARCADE CONSOLES AND RETRO GAMES Here are some of the cognitive benefits that you need to keep in mind whenever you are about to get your kid or child a new retro arcade console: Best for Improving Coordination With the arcade console games, the children will understand the meaning of engaging their audial, visual and physical movements at the same time. Video games are not just about gazing at the screen, but it also triggers mental stimulation. There is strategy and technic involved in every game.  Their reaction time and pushing the right buttons helps them develop these skills that can be applied in everyday activity.  Therefore, he/she will develop coordination by training the mind accordingly. Development of Problem Solving Techniques The kids and teenages will learn the approach of dealing with problems and overcoming them achieved by experiencing failures again and again in arcade games. Within the arcade games, the players will have to make quick decisions to find a way out of the complex situations of different levels and gameplay.  That in itself stimulates the mind and helps them to adopt this habit.This also encourages children to really think and consider different options as well as solve problems to complete a game level.There are many portable game consoles available in the market with many challenging games for you or your kids to enjoy. Boosts Concentration Level The children or the kids will eventually develop more concentration towards achieving an objective. Hence, the fun mindsetthat is developed in children will eventually turn out to be productive for them in the long run. Attention and concentration are always helpful for kidsin their school and future professional lives. Better Functioning Power of the Brain Arcade games stimulate the mind and trains the brain to handle different problem based scenarios as well as providing audial and visual transitions. As per research in this field, individuals playing video games are noticeably more mentally stimulated than the ones who do not play such games. Therefore, if your child is playing arcade games at home, then he/she is experiencing constant functioning of the brain and having to think through problems. These are a few of the cognitive experiences that the kids or teenagers will obtain while playing arcade consoles at home. DIFFERENT TYPES OF ARCADE CONSOLES AVAILABLE FOR YOU There are handheld arcade consoles and joystick arcade gaming consoles available at online and offline stores for you to enjoy your streamlined gameplay experience at home. Handheld Arcade Consoles The handheld portable game consoles are quite popular products that are being used by kids or teenagers at home to pass the time and develop cognitive benefits. They are in the form of a mobile phone with arcade gaming buttons on either side of the device and a screen in the middle. The games can be loaded in an SD card that will be plugged onto the console for giving you an amazing gaming experience. They are available in different storage and design variants. Check out the above-linked page to pick the ideal one based on your needs. Joystick Arcade Gaming Consoles Joystick Arcade Gaming consoles are perfect for your plug and play TV gaming experience. You can also connect these consoles directly onto your computer monitor in place of keyboards to play the games with the specified controls. These joysticks can be used to play different games based on your choices. You need to pick the console that has your favourite games listed on it. Whether you love fighting, adventure or casual games, joystick arcade gaming consoles have all of it. Get the one that suits your own or your kid’s enjoy the most. There are design, memory and game options available for you in any type of arcade consoles. Your favourite arcade games are now at your fingertips that you can also carry while you are on the go. Whether you get the arcade sticks or the handheld arcade gaming consoles, you will have constant fun and train your mind as well. CONCLUSION These are a few of the things that explain the great experience that you have while playing on arcade gaming consoles at home. If you are usually bored during your free time at home and want an affordable gaming console to pass your time, go for the arcade consoles. The above benefits are mentioned by focusing upon the kids and teenagers, but most people above the age of 25 and less than 40 are also fond of playing these arcade games. So, if you want that fun and nostalgic gaming experience that will keep you and your family entertained, go and purchase it today! BREAKING NEWS! BRIAN AMATRUDA OFFERS $1 MILLION OFFER TO TIM TSZYU TO FIGHT MICHAEL ZERAFA 2021-04-03T23:26:13Z breaking-news-brian-amatruda-offers-1-million-offer-to-tim-tszyu-to-fight-michael-zerafa BREAKING NEWS! $1 MILLION  OFFER FOR TIM TSZYU TO FIGHT MICHAEL ZERAFA Wealthy Melbourne boxing promoter Brian Amatruda  is offering Tim Tszyu one million dollars to fight Michael Zerafa in Melbourne. Tszyu’s million dollar pay day is more than his entire career earnings to date.  Multi millionaire property developer, owner of the Big Time Boxing company and functions venue The Melbourne Pavilion, Amatruda has promoted 2 World Championships fights with Anthony Mundine as well as fights with Danny Green, James Toney and a string of other world rated fighters.  Amatruda says “ I’m sick and tired of seeing Tim make excuses and avoid what is Australia’s biggest fight. Tim Tszyu v Michael Zerafa. Tim is a quality fighter but he just fought a 36 year old fighter who was coming off a brutal knock out and his second loss in a row. Hogan also had  a major injury coming into the fight and at one stage was going to withdraw.” Amatruda continues “ No discredit to Tim, but he has never fought the likes of Micheal Zerafa who is in his prime and fought the best  in the world. Not like Tim’s opponents who were just Australians, who whilst quite handy fighters will never be world champions. Tim’s talk of a world title is fanciful as the titles are all scheduled  elsewhere so why not fight the very best in Australia?” “ Dream Time promotions, Tim’s promoter offered Michael $70,000 to fight Tim. We thought about offering Tim ten times that amount, then thought let’s round it off at 1 million dollars which is probably more than Tim’s whole career earnings. If Tim thinks he is on a different level hen let’s get the fight on and he can have an easy pay day! The offer is open for 7 days otherwise Michael will look to go overseas where offers have been made for much bigger fights” concludes Brian.  TO INTERVIEW BRIAN AMATRUDA & MICHAEL ZERAFA email or call Max Markson 0412 501 601 Top National Motor Show To Bring Exposure For Melbourne Businesses 2021-04-01T05:37:57Z top-national-motor-show-to-bring-exposure-for-melbourne-businesses Top National Motor Show To Bring Exposure For  Melbourne Businesses  Media Release  For Immediate Release  April 2021 On April 18th, Melbourne will experience one of the top motor shows in Australia organised by the prestigious car club, The Compello Club. The Compello Festival Of Cars 2021 motor show, like no other in Melbourne, is set to bring together like minded car enthusiasts from all levels of backgrounds and incomes appreciating Melbourne’s finest cars. The first official Compello Festival of Cars 2021 will feature 150 vehicles, 50 exhibitors, 25 booths offering aftermarket accessories, live entertainment and Stomping Ground Brewery Co will be there to quench the thirst.  Set to transform a 4000sqm warehouse facility, this will become one of the largest motor shows post Covid-19, helping to facilitate small businesses to start flourishing and thriving back up again as restrictions begin easing off in the City of Melbourne.  Created by The Compello Club, one of Australia’s SuperCar, Sports Cars and Prestige Car Club, this will be a magnificent display of SuperCars, Sports Cars, Modified and Tuned Cars from all around Melbourne. “There is no other show like this in Melbourne and we are car fans with no outlet and so here we are” says Craig Phinn, one of the club Founders. “We are bringing like minded people together from all levels of backgrounds and incomes” says Mr. Phinn. This festival will help reel in much needed exposure for businesses to rebuild post Covid-19. Mr.Phinn adds “All other events run by larger companies have been canceled and have now given 2022 dates for their events, but we are a small team and being flexible, we are taking on the risk that restrictions would not change. With this we are able to provide exposure in a market that is still closed”. With a “If you love it, we love it” club ethos, The Compello Club has grown exponentially since its inception. Members of this club display strong camaraderie and have been aiding each other during this pandemic period especially with valuable mental health support. “We are hoping to make this Festival of Cars an annual event plus we run monthly car meets and track events as well” said Mr. Phinn.  “We are excited to see how this festival will bring people together and appreciate cars post Covid-19” says Bryron Mark Paulus, one of the club Founders. Mr. Paulus also adds “We are showcasing a variety of cars from Supercars, Sports, Prestige and Japanese, the Compello way of diversity and love for all cars”. The Compello Club hosts a number of car meets, track events, annual SuperYacht party and soon to be an annual Festival of Cars. The club includes members from diverse backgrounds who appreciate the joys of motoring. This festival of cars is a testament that even during a time of global instability, with a supportive group of people coming together, it will bring a strong positive impact to the community. -End- Event link: Event video: For further information, imagery, photo shoots, interviews or media enquiries Neva Weber Dressed AU PR | Email: | M: 0411 4587 46  Available for interviews: Craig Phinn Byron Mark Paulus WAYNE MATTEI AUSTRALIAN MAN MOUNTAIN STARS WITH THE ROCK! 2021-03-31T21:50:19Z wayne-mattei-australian-man-mountain-stars-with-the-rock AUSTRALIAN MAN MOUNTAIN STARS WITH THE ROCK!   # THE ROCK’s NEW TV SERIES – YOUNG ROCK # GENTLE GIANT WAYNE MATTEI IS SGT SLAUGHTER! # CELEBRITY BODYGUARD STEPS INTO THE HOLLYWOOD SPOTLIGHT! # THE ROCK USES HIS 226 MILLION INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT TO PROMOTE WAYNE !   Australia’s 6ft 3in Man Mountain and gentle giant, Wayne Mattei, co-stars alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in new series Young Rock as WWE wrestling superstar, Sgt.Slaughter.    TO INTERVIEW WAYNE MATTEI email or call Max Markson 0412 501 601   Already showing in prime time on NBC in America, the comedic series starts with The Rock’s 2032 Presidential bid as he looks back at the life of a young Dwayne Johnson and how he grew up to become famously known as “The Rock”. The series covers Johnson’s father, Rocky Johnson, and his career as a WWF wrestler alongside Andre The Giant, Macho Man Randy Savage and Sgt.Slaughter played by Wayne.    “ It was amazing filming Young Rock in Brisbane last year during Covid. Playing an iconic character like Sgt. Slaughter was fun and the feedback we are getting for the show in the US is extremely positive. I can’t wait till it airs here in Australia” says Wayne.    Born in Glenelg, South Australia, Wayne has had a long and dynamic career of over 30 years as a pro wrestler, champion bodybuilder and providing security to high profile clients and celebrities across the globe. In the last few years he has worked with A-list Hollywood stars that include: John Travolta, Jean Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal and David Beckham to name a few, as well as Rock bands, Models, Athletes, corporate figures and MAFS personalities Jessika Power and Cyrell!   Alongside this Mattei  has acted in several movies, television shows and commercials; “Maniac – Protector & Enforcer” – Web Series (2019), Broken Hill (2009), The Boys Are Back with Clive Owen (2009), Craziness (2015), Jesus Walks (2017), Johnny Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017) and most recently, Never Too Late (2020). Never Too Late saw Mattei act as the giant male nurse alongside James Cromwell, Jackie Weaver, Jack Thompson, Shane Jacobsen and Dennis Waterman. Young Rock will be available to view in Australia later this year. Follow Wayne on Instagram @hellsvigilante   TO INTERVIEW WAYNE MATTEI email or call Max Markson 0412 501 601   This World Health Day over 25,000 Early Learners across Australia are set to tune in and Namaste for Children in emergency care! 2021-03-31T08:33:21Z this-world-health-day-over-25-000-early-learners-across-australia-are-set-to-tune-in-and-namaste-for-children-in-emergency-care Every year tens of thousands of children in Australia enter emergency accommodation – some arrive with only the clothes they are wearing. The process can be swift and traumatic, leaving children facing new and unfamiliar surroundings. Many will have experienced violence and suddenly find themselves separated from parents or siblings. This is simply not fair! That’s why Little Rockers Radio and Alannah & Madeline Foundation are inviting early learning centres, family day care and families around the country to host their very own Buddy Yoga Class, pressing play for a purpose on World Health Day, Wednesday 7th April 2021, at 10am. Encouraging the country to Namaste together, funds raised go to The Alannah and Madeline Foundations’ Buddy Bag program - backpacks full of basic, essential items for vulnerable children in emergency accommodation.  “Alannah & Madeline Foundation is extremely grateful for the support from Little Rockers Buddy Yoga. This support for our Buddy Bags program helps vulnerable children entering into emergency accommodation, by providing them with a backpack of basic essential items on arrival. It is theirs to call their own, no matter where they go,” says Lynne Kearney, from The Alannah and Madeline Foundation. Designed to foster compassion, gratitude and strength in our early learners, this Biggest Ever Buddy Yoga get-together will lead children through an enchanted yoga sequence and soothing meditation, perfect for littlies (and biggies too!). “We’re responding to the WHO objectives by running a healthy campaign that supports children in need and are anticipating over 25,000 children will take part,” says Sarah, founder of social enterprise, Little Rockers Radio. “It’s a really cute, healthy way to make an impact!” Little Rockers Radio and The Alannah and Madeline Foundation are delighted to be welcoming Goodstart Early Learning and their 671 centres nationally to the campaign.  “We are proud to be the major sponsor of Buddy Yoga. At Goodstart we’re for ensuring the best outcomes for children right across Australia, particularly those in vulnerable circumstances. It’s a wonderful alignment with Buddy Yoga as we are equally passionate about physically active play in the early years which made the decision to be involved an easy one.” Goodstart’s Head of Marketing Tim Cochrane said.  “We’re a not for profit organisation as well and we hope through our network of centres in every state we can help raise awareness and support to create some comfort for children entering emergency accommodation.  Also joining the campaign as Buddy Yoga HEAD YOGI is well known Australian family travel and lifestyle blogger, Jade from @mumwithwings, who found herself grounded from her role as an International Qantas Flight attendant due to recent world events. Jade took the opportunity of being grounded in her community to create her kids health venture, Kids with Wings Yoga and has created and voiced a gorgeous friendship yoga garden class for the thousands of children to follow. Registrations are now open via: and we’re asking all Early Learning Centres to Namaste with us for this important cause.   The details: -          World Health Day, April 7 2021, 10am -          Goodstart Early Learning and other Centres PRESS PLAY on World Health Day at 10am -          Individuals can also take part in their homes: Registration is $10 -          Early Learning Centres: $25 -          Listen via Little Rockers Kids Radio: Live Stream, Station Apps, iHeartRadio or TuneIn Radio. Photo Opportunity: Children in Goodstart Early Learning Centre doing Buddy Yoga!   World Health Day 2021   On World Health Day, 7 April 2021, the World Health Organisation (WHO) invites you to join a new campaign to build a fairer, healthier world. As COVID-19 has highlighted, some people are able to live healthier lives and have better access to health services than others - entirely due to the conditions in which they are born, grow, live and work.   All over the world, some groups struggle to make ends meet with little daily income, have poorer housing conditions and education, fewer employment opportunities, experience greater gender inequality, and have little or no access to safe environments, clean water and air, food security and health services. This leads to unnecessary suffering, avoidable illness, and premature death. And it harms our societies and economies.   This is not only unfair: it is preventable. That’s why Little Rockers Radio and The Alannah and Madeline Foundation are running BUDDY YOGA on World Health Day to raise funds for Children in Emergency Care.     About The Alannah and Madeline Foundation: The Alannah & Madeline Foundation is a national charity protecting children from violence and from bullying. The Foundation was set up in memory of Alannah and Madeline Mikac, aged six and three, who were tragically killed with their mother and 32 others at Port Arthur, Tasmania, on 28 April 1996. The Foundation was launched in 1997 and has been operating for more than 20 years. The Foundation’s key objectives are to care for children who have experienced or witnessed serious violence, reduce the incidence of bullying, cyber bullying and other cyber risks, and, advocate for the safety and wellbeing of children. Their programs are in one-third of all Australian schools, and more than 75 per cent of all Australian public libraries (reaching all 1,500 within the next three years). They support 10,000 children in refuges or foster homes across Australia every year and have reached more than two million children and their families nationwide since the organisation was established in 1997. About Little Rockers Radio: Little Rockers Radio is an online children’s radio station playing favourites from The Wiggles, Play School, Teeny Tiny Stevies and more. Press PLAY any time day or night to listen to fun music, nursery rhymes, story time, lullabies and more. Kids Radio is used as a platform for change. Little Rockers Kids Radio is a social enterprise with a simple mission. Every child has the right to be safe, happy and healthy and they exist to make this happen. To date, the station, founded by Bentleigh Mum of two, has helped to raise over $220,000 for charity. Buddy Yoga is the concept of founder Sarah Morrissey. About Kids With Wings Yoga: Well known Australian family travel and lifestyle blogger, Jade from @mumwithwings found herself grounded from her role as an International Qantas Flight attendant due to recent world events. Jade has taken the opportunity of being grounded in her community to start a children’s Yoga hub in her home region on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, establishing kid’s health venture, Kids with Wings Yoga in Mt Eliza.   Jade has joined this campaign as the Buddy Yoga Head Yogi. Jade has created and voiced a gorgeous friendship yoga garden class for the thousands of children to follow. Jade has practiced Yoga for over 10 years. She trained with @yogawithgeorgia to gain her 200hr Teacher Qualification in 2019 in between flying duties. In 2020 she trained with @zenergykidsyoga and is a qualified 95hr Children’s Yoga Teacher. She currently teaches Kids Yoga at Lavana Yoga Studio in Mt Eliza twice a week and holds regular school holiday workshops. Jade lives the Yogic Values on and off the mat and believes that yoga has the ability to heal and help us all on our life journeys. BREAKING NEWS! VULY RELEASE WORLDS FIRST ANTI GRAVITY TRAMPOLINE 2021-03-30T22:02:39Z breaking-news-vuly-release-worlds-first-anti-gravity-trampoline WORLD FIRST AUSTRALIAN INVENTION: THE ANTI-GRAVITY TRAMPOLINE   # NEW ZERO GRAVITY VULY AIR TRAMPOLINE WILL CHANGE THE WORLD # 70 NEW TECH & MANUFACTURING JOBS IN SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND # $50 MILLION IN EXPORT SALES   Australia’s leading, safest and favourite trampoline company, Vuly Trampolines have invented the world’s first anti-gravity trampoline, the VULY AIR, and it will be officially released on Tuesday 6th April 2021. WATCH VIDEO TO INTERVIEW VULY FOUNDER  & CEO JOE ANDON email or call Max Markson 0412 501 601   Utilising NASA technology for training astronauts for replicating weightless flight and Zero G gravity the new VULY AIR trampoline is a world first Australian invention by the Brisbane based company. The new Vuly Air trampoline will create 70 new tech and manufacturing jobs and generate over $50 million in export sales in the first 12 months.   Vuly Trampolines founder Joe Andon says “ An anti-gravitational trampoline has always been a dream of mine. Our R & D team has been working on this for 7 years. Now it’s come to fruition. At Vuly we want to make the impossible,possible. Vuly Air is a game changer. It will create 70 new tech and manufacturing jobs in South East Queensland and over $50 million in export sales globally during the first 12 months. It already has other applications. We’ve been in discussions with Richard Branson’s people in the UK about utilising our technology for aviation and long haul flights to assist in reducing deep vein thrombosis. NASA want to utilise Vuly Air in their astronaut training programme as well as its potential for GPE, Gravitational Potential Energy. However for now this is a product marketed for children from 12+ years ( and adults) and is something anyone can have in their backyard. We've taken care of all the magnetic repulsion elements and all a customer has to do is plug it in!”   Joe continues “ Vuly Play will be selling this historic Facebook post as an NFT for when we first reveal this anti-gravity technology to the world. Proceeds will be provided to the Australian Olympic Trampoline High Performance Program arranged by Darren Gillis. Like Steve Jobs had his team sign the first Apple computers so we are getting our VULY AIR team to sign and number the “ black box” for the first ones off the production line. They will become collectors items.”   Numbers 1 to 16 will be gifted as follows to :- 1. Harry & Meghan’s son Archie.  2. Donald & Melania Trump’s son Barron.  3. Beyonce & Jayzee’s daughter Blue Ivy 4. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s North,Psalm, Chicago and Saint.  5. Smithsonian Institution.  6. Greta Thunberg 7. Malia and Sasha Obama  8. Malala Yousafzi 9. Prince George, 3rd in line to the throne, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.  10. Prime Minister Scott Morrison. 11. Elon Musk and his wife Grimes son X Æ A-12. 12. Chris Hemsworth & Elsa Pataky’s family. 13. Australian Institute of Sport for Gymnastics Australia’s Olympic team. 14. Australian Institute of Sport for Swimming Australia’s Diving team. 15. Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry’s daughter Daisy. 16. Mark Wahlberg’s family …plus Vuly Air trampolines will be in all 20 Wahlburgers restaurants across Australia and New Zealand as well as in all 50 Wahlburgers globally.    Retailing for $7395.00 including GST advance orders are available now on the website.   TO INTERVIEW JOE ANDON & receive video or call Max Markson 0412 501 601 ABOUT VULY: Australia's favourite Trampolines. Vuly Play has grown to be Australia's #1 choice in Trampolines. From our HQ in Brisbane, our Trampolines have found their home in backyards Australia-wide. Our award-winning trampolines range from the light-weight and affordable Flare trampoline to the double-galvanised powder-coated Thunder Pro. Made from premium materials and designed to the highest safety standards, our innovative trampolines are made to last.       COVID STRESS AND OUR KIDS EDUCATION 2021-03-30T04:54:26Z covid-stress-and-our-kids-education-1 What a year. Coronavirus Pandemic. Frightening words for adults, and frightening emotions for our children. A new book has been a savior for students battling end of year exams in unprecedented conditions. And now it’s used to prepare students for a brand new school year, not knowing what to expect. Author of ‘My Coping Skills Handbook’, Amanda Dounis, just watched her child complete the HSC during COVID-19, and knows all too well the importance of empowering kids with the tools to succeed during these trying times. Giving them the ability to cope with anything at any time. Now Amanda is helping the new cohort of final year students get ready for another unpredictable year. Her simple 4 step C.O.P.E formula encourages children to: C - become a curious detective O - observe thoughts and feelings P - imagine a positive outcome E - think like an explorer and explore options Amanda has also acknowledged the importance of the beginning of school year, by supporting school aged kids with anxiety and challenging thoughts. Each year Dounis offers support via workshops and short sessions for kids.  She has done the same this year and modified her methods to attend to the fears and curiosities of students. The Positive Thinking Clinic is a place where change takes place.  Amanda uses a variety of modalities to get the desired outcome that her clients aim for. She uses integrative techniques and that’s why the Positive Thinking Clinic is unique.  She shows you how to cope with anything anytime, regardless of your age. Amanda is available for in-person or online interviews. (Children and parents benefitting by using the formula can be made available for interview upon request) Amanda Dounis Positive Thinking Clinic [Author, Psychotherapist, Early Childhood Teacher, Counsellor and Hypnotherapist] PH: 0458 850 850 Lead Your Sports Journey Towards Success With Sportsmans Warehouse - The Leading Online Sports Store 2021-03-25T06:33:03Z lead-your-sports-journey-towards-success-with-sportsmans-warehouse-the-leading-online-sports-store You always need the best sports equipment and accessories to win the game. At Sportsmans Warehouse, they provide you with high quality and premium range of sports equipment and accessories made from the best quality material to give you increased durability and better performance. 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Two19 can be contacted directly via Shield Corporate Security is introducing security training courses! 2021-03-24T02:30:58Z shield-corporate-security-is-introducing-security-training-courses-1 Shield Corporate Security is proud to announce the launch of its updated security training courses.   Updating our training courses has been a working progress over the last year and we are excited to introduce the final product to the market.   These new and improved gold-standard training modules build on our existing training used for many years by Shield’s guards, however, they will now be introduced to external security professionals for the first time.   Shield’s security courses have been endorsed by Real Response, which is an award-winning Australian-based Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that assists in preparing organisations to deal with emergency situations. The partnership between Shield Corporate Security and Real Response has been strengthened by working together to support those offering security and health services. Additionally, Shield is an ISO certified training provider with registration to IAF and JAS-ANZ.   These training courses will be made available to individuals who are wishing to upskill or organisations wanting to better prepare their staff for service and emergency situations. Shields trainers hold over 60 years of combined experience providing the highest level of training and risk management advice specialising in operational experience and counter terrorism strategies.   The current security courses that we are offering include: Security Management Course  Site and Risk Management: Part 1 Security Operations Management: Part 2 Incident Management: Part 3  Security Operative Course Security Operations Introduction: Part 1 Site Security Operations: Part 2 Incident Management: Part 3 Tactical Firearm Course Security Management Course: Security of Medicinal Cannabis    Completion of the courses will result in a Certificate of Attainment as well as the confidence and ability to take on any security situation.   Secure your spot in Shield Corporate Security’s training courses today, contact us as an expression of interest at The DNA COMPANY and EVOLT Enter New Partnership To Improve Health and Wellbeing Through Integration 2021-03-17T02:30:55Z the-dna-company-and-evolt-enter-new-partnership-to-improve-health-and-wellbeing-through-integration TORONTO, CANADA. –March 1, 2021 10am EST –Announced today, Kashif Khan, CEO and Founder of THE DNA Company and Edward Zouroudis, CEO of EVOLT proudly announces their new partnership with the agenda to improve health and wellbeing through integration.    SAID CEO KASHIF KHAN OF THE DNA COMPANY: “A new integration between THE DNA COMPANY and Australian wellness company EVOLT will see body genetics analysis available to millions of users through the revolutionary EVOLT Active App.  With the fitness industry filled with tools and resources to help understand the body, the Evolt Active App is a cut above the rest, allowing people to understand more than just weight loss numbers. Our research team has spent the last 3 years working with professional athletes, Olympians and black ops military exploring the full potential of human optimization by unlocking our human instructional manual – our DNA. This integration with EVOLT is our first major effort bringing our insights from professional athletes to the general consumer.”    SAID CEO Edward Zouroudis OF EVOLT: “This progressive insight has been the driving force behind the exciting partnership between THE DNA COMPANY and EVOLT. As a pioneer in the science of functional genomics, THE DNA COMPANY understands EVOLT 360 scan results go beyond just reporting current states, to informing personalised roadmaps for improving those results.    HOW THE DNA COMPANY AND EVOLT WILL WORK TOGETHER:   The Evolt 360 Body Scanner machine is a medically graded composition machine that uses bioimpedance technology to provide a user with full insight into body composition health. In 60 seconds, the Evolt 360 uses algorithm-based measurements to give data on lean muscle mass, body fat, protein, body water percentage and more than 40 other measurements, which all get sent directly to a user’s Evolt Active App account.    Together, test results from THE DNA COMPANY integrated with EVOLT 360 body scan results will unlock an individual’s ability to deal with their health in a more precise way – drastically reducing the burden of cost, potential physical pain and time involved in improving health and wellness, as well as treating chronic disease.     Imagine receiving your personalised report from the DNA COMPANY, which would provide the most accurate information about your genomic fingerprint, and combining it with the results of an EVOLT 360 body scanner. You would have superior insight into identifying how your genes and genetic pathways influence your health and wellness – that’s more than double the advantage.    With the combined details of your DNA and more than 40 personal measurements from the Evolt 360 that stay uploaded in your Evolt Active App account, there’s never been a better time to get to know how your body works more, and what more it can do for you.    About EVOLT360.COM: Visit for more information or to get in touch about how the EVOLT360 Body Scanner and the interactive Evolt Active App can benefit your health and wellness company.    About THE DNA COMPANY: The DNA Company is a functional genomics company that provides evidence-based therapies based on genomic insights that identify how genes and genetic pathways influence health and wellness.   The Best Caravan and Trailer Spring Upgrade Choices 2021-03-16T10:54:35Z the-best-caravan-and-trailer-spring-upgrade-choices Caravan Trailer Spring Choices Caravan spring and boat trailer choices help prevent holiday accidents. I hope this helps you when making your trailer spring selection. Yes, these matters are essential, and you will need professional help unless you happen to be an engineer or a tradesperson who understand a little basic engineering. Will your car will stop your caravan in an emergency? The information below may seem challenging to read but keep coming back to it as it is a good reference point for learning later. When in doubt, call our sales team on 0733483822, Bruce, Mike or Christopher. We will be happy to discuss how you can make your rig safe and secure for the next big trip. We recommend getting a weighbridge certificate so we can give you the correct information. Weighbridge Certificate The best place to start caravan upgrade work is with a weighbridge certificate. This certificate allows you to select the following components correctly. Springs Axles Coupling Tyres - gives you the correct information about the right tyre pressure. You will also need a tow ball scale so you can add the tow ball weight to your weighbridge certificate. Rocker Roller Springs Rocker roller springs would be the most commonly used caravan springs on trailers today. However, foresight must be used to select your spring size correctly. Select a spring capacity of about 10% over your weighbridge certificate. Planning for the future and shock-loading conditions will help you significantly avoid disasters. There are many rocker roller springs on the market, so let's look at the best of them. The spring on the right uses the second leaf as a wrap. This wrap restricts the expansion of leaf #1 under extreme loading conditions. Leaf #3 is located 80mm from the eye and support loads 80mm from the eye. Note: This is the breakage point, so the 3rd spring must be installed in this position. Leaf #4 is located 100mm from the eye and supports leaf #3. If your leaves are further apart, we recommend selecting another brand of spring. Al-ko or Couplemate. The Roller End of the spring has leaf #3 directly under the roller and 100mm from the end of the spring. Leaf #3 is the most important of the spring set because it is the foundation of the suspension's load capacity. Axle loadings Trailer springs are rated according to maximum axle loadings. Axle loadings are 750kg - 39mm Round LM bearings 1000kg - 40mm Square LM bearings 1450kg - 45mm Round slimline bearings 1450kg - 45mm Square slimline bearings 1600kg - 45mm Square Parallel bearings 2250kg Square depending on bearings used The lowest common denominator calculates caravans and trailers weight ratings. It is the bearings used that determine axle rating. Upgrade your caravan spring but do not exceed your axle capacity. Exceeding Axle Capacity Let's say you choose to put six-leaf shackle springs (1500kg) on a 39mm Round Axle. Yes, they fit but are not suitable to carry your desired load. Although this axle can carry the weight short-term, your caravan springs will flex, causing premature ageing and failure. Your axle will also snap under stress loading due to vibration fatigue. Premature Ageing and Failure Now you have assembled your 1500kg springs onto your 39mm Round Axle and loaded your trailer ready for that trip to Cape York. Now run a straight edge across that axle. See the gap between the straight edge and the axle in the middle of the beam? If the gap is more substantial than 5mm, you are in trouble, and your entire rig will fail. The axle will wobble up the highway, creating reverberations to your springs. The stresses, if not dampened, are going to your springs from your axle and causing premature ageing. These stresses affect your bearings, resulting in extreme bearing wear. Now hit a pothole on the shoulder of the road, and your outer bearing snaps. So let's go back to square one and do it right. Talk to the experts at Couplemate. How to fix Dangerous Caravan Vibration Fatigue Caravan Spring or Axle upgrade 2200mm x 45mm Square Parallel Axle If you upgrade more than your axle rating without checking your components attached to the axle, then a problem can occur. Let's go through a few things you need to remember. Correct axle selection will save you money on bearings, springs and other running costs. Problems occur when your fully loaded caravan is almost the same capacity as your maximum carry load. If you are over your maximum carrying load limit, you are at the stage of an axle and brake upgrade. Fishplates Small springs may have 6mm fish plates, so upgrade those to 8mm. Off-Road springs have 10mm fishplates.  Take care when tightening U-bolts, too much tension on one side may cause spring breakage. It would be best if you tightened the u-bolts coming through your fish-plate evenly. Uneven tightening will cause your spring to crack and eventually break in the middle. U-bolts U-bolts will be tight when you first install them. However, they are known to stretch after 500 km. Please give them a re-tighten. We recommend and use nylock nuts on all of our u-bolts. Couplemate Trailer Parts supply the only know rated u-bolt on the Australian market. Due to known failures in u-bolts manufactured in various countries, Couplemate batch tests every shipment. U-bolt failure is commonly known as hydrogen embrittlement and is caused by bending the u-bolt. We remove this stress by further baking u-bolts in ovens after the bending process. The breaking capacity of Couplemate u-bolts are 1/2 inch - 17 tonne 16mm Heavy Duty U Bolts So not all u-bolts are the same, nor should you rely on the cheapest u-bolt being the best quality for you. Couplemate u-bolts are premium and, as such, are tested and guaranteed. You may pay a few cents more. However, you can be sure that your u-bolts have been well designed, tried and tested long before your purchase. Make sure your U-bolts holding your springs have not rusted and are tight. Loose U-Bolts have been known to break your springs. It is widespread for springs to rust in between the leaf. If you are dipping non galvanised springs in saltwater, you will get 4 - 5 years of life out of your springs. Trailer Spring Choices Spring loading capacity must be known when you purchase your springs, so look at your axle size first. Note: Not all springs are the same; choose a good brand spring. If your dealer cannot tell you the spring capacity, please walk out of the shop. The loaded spring rating is the first test of competence. If your trailer total weight is 800kg, and you have a 45mm axle, please do not put six-leaf springs in because it is over-kill. Your trailer will bounce down the highway. Try and match your average loads exactly with your spring setup to ensure trouble-free trailering. Better to have the right springs on a heavier axle. Eye to eye springs is common for campers, tandems, box trailers and some caravans. Off-road springs are heavier again and are suited to campers. Why? Because Caravan and Camper springs are 60mm wide as opposed to 45mm for standard spring setup. 60mm springs are more durable and can handle extreme loads of tandem trailers when cornering. Slipper springs are standard on boat and Jet Ski trailers. If you are going into some large suspension spring systems, go for off-road or rocker roller type suspension systems. Rocker Roller spring systems give a better ride than standard tandem suspension system. Should I put my springs on top of my axle to gain extra lift? Here are examples of what not to do. 39mm Axle (750kg) with four left slipper springs (800kg). This system is ok, but often it is tempting to put six-leaf springs (1300kg) on this axle, thinking it is also OK. Unfortunately, you will break many sets of slippers in 12 months. Why? Because a lot of axle flexing occurs when axles are overloaded. This flex causes rapid deterioration of the springs, and they are breaking due to fatigue. Upgrade your axle to a 40mm Square or 45mm Round Axle, which will cost you about $80. Another bloke wanted six stud Landcruiser hubs on his boat with a 39mm axle. Same problem, broken springs. You need to de-rate axles and springs by 20% when using six stud Landcruiser hubs because of the bigger wheel, more weight and more pressure on the axle setup. Again he needs to upgrade his axle. Another bloke had a 50mm Round Axle with a 4.2mtr boat and wanted six-leaf springs. It seems OK, but the boat was too light for this oversized setup, which would have resulted in it skipping through corners and bouncing down the highway. Don't sandblast springs. Measure the width of the spring at the spring centre bolt. If the width has grown on either side of the spring centre bolt, then your spring has cancer and needs to be replaced. Do not put slipper springs on your camper. Under extreme conditions, the slipper springs can dislodge themselves from it a rear hanger. Campers, especially off-road campers, use eye to eye springs. Campers with slipper springs are restricted to on-road use for problem-free motoring. Camper Trailer Spring Choices Off-road campers usually take a pounding in comparison to their bitumen only cousins. Off-road outback rebound springs are a must with 5/8" U-Bolts. 1/2" U-Bolts are typically installed on all trailers, but you need the larger U-Bolts when you are trying to kill your suspension in rugged country. Outback springs are 60mm Wide and cater for a fair whack due to twisting and turning in all sorts of terrain. Standard 45mm springs are going to give you trouble sooner or later. Axle width should be no less than 45mm Round or 45mm Square. Brake your trailer with either electric off-road or disc override rotors. Off-road electrics are the preferred favourite over standard electric brakes. Standard brakes cannot handle the dust and heat associated with off-road warriors but are commonly used by bitumen dwellers. There is also an issue with magnet rattle; Electric Brake Magnets. Tandem Springs Question: Where do I locate the middle hanger bracket? Answer: The rule of thumb is to measure the box length of your chassis. 1 inch to 2 feet of the length is the distance from the centre to the back of the trailer where the centre rocker is hung. Boat trailers are heavier in the rear than a camper, so the rule varies a little. The best tandem springs can be purchased here. For example, if the measurement is 12', then  12/2 = 6 inches back of the centre. © Steve Wotherspoon 17th March 2016