The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-07-29T08:25:07Z Jumping Rope vs Running 2021-07-29T08:25:07Z jumping-rope-vs-running There’s nothing quite like a runner’s high.  Runners will agree; the sense of accomplishment from running further and faster than the day before is like no other feeling. With that said, we’re here to settle the debate on jumping rope vs running.  Which cardio option is going to give you a better workout?  Benefits of Jumping Rope vs Running  Jumping Rope vs Running: Which is More Efficient?  You can forget about toiling away on the treadmill for an hour just to get a good cardio workout. All you need is a few minutes to get the same benefits from jumping rope.  Plenty of research has piled up showing the benefits of jumping rope vs running, so we’ll only highlight an essential point that has been proven.  A study led by John A. Baker at Arizona State University divided 92 male students into two groups: one group jumped rope for 10 minutes a day, and the other group jogged for 30 minutes a day. After six weeks, the men took the Harvard Step Test to measure their cardiovascular gain. Each group showed equal amounts of improvement. When it comes down to jumping rope vs running, you’ll get the same results in only a fraction of the time. Jumping Rope vs Running: Which is Safer for Your Joints? Running offers a great cardio workout, but if you’re comparing jumping rope vs running, your poor joints will think you for using a jump rope. If you’re using proper form, jumping rope puts less stress on your knees than pounding away at the pavement for long periods or long distances.  In an excellent article written by Yuri Elkaim, an interesting statistic was brought up: "About 50 to 75% of all running injuries appear to be overuse injuries due to the constant repetition of the same movement and factors associated with running injuries include previous injury, lack of running experience, running to compete, and excessive weekly running distance." But here's something serious to consider if you’re looking at jumping rope vs running: the yearly incidence rate for running injuries varies between 37 and 56%. Even treadmills, which have a predictable, even surface, and controlled climate, can cause injuries and joint pain. So unless you know how to run properly—with proper form and proper training protocols—you're setting yourself up for potential training injuries. "So, is jumping rope safer than running?" Several reasons make jump rope training an excellent alternative to your regular jog, especially if you're dealing with joint pain or have old injuries to deal with. Unlike running, jumping rope eliminates the dangerous heel-to-toe strike that tends to be the cause of many injuries. When using a good jump rope technique, you're bounding on the midsoles of your feet and keeping your knees slightly bent. This turns your ankles and knees into shock absorbers and allows the forces to be distributed evenly throughout the body, leaving minimal impact on your joints. And speaking of proper technique, what's unique about the jump rope is that it will force you to correct your form as you train. You will essentially continue making mistakes until your form is on point. It's like having a coach in the palms of your hands. If you're facing joint pain from running, be aware that jumping rope is an excellent alternative that can offer solid results without causing further joint pain or damage. Pro Tip: The surface you’re jumping on matters. Hard surfaces - like asphalt or concrete - generally put more stress on your joints than softer surfaces such as rubber or wooden flooring and often are the leading cause of shin splints and other injuries. To minimise your chances of injury and shin splints, we recommend that you jump on softer surfaces more frequently or look into getting yourself a good jump rope mat to jump on. Jumping Rope vs Running: Which is Better for Strength Training?  When you think of strength training, a jump rope typically isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Jump ropes isolate the muscles in your calves + quads, and when you bounce on the midsoles of your feet, you’re strengthening those muscles with every swing.  At Crossrope Australia, we’re taking things to another level.  By bringing a great line of heavy jump ropes to Australia and NZ, we’re helping widen the effectiveness (and efficiency) gap between jumping rope vs running.  Weighted jump ropes not only boost the overall calorie burn of your workout but also introduces strength training to the mix. Because of the increased resistance, there is an overall increase in muscle engagement and contraction.  When the weight is distributed evenly throughout the jump rope, you’re bracing your entire upper body (arms, shoulders, back, + core). You end up building muscle all over your body because the additional resistance creates more force that you have to control when you swing the rope. Jumping Rope vs Running: Which is More Fun? It’s 5:00 pm on a Thursday. You’re leaving work with your gym bag in the trunk. On the way to the gym, you start thinking... "What do I want to do tonight?” The same old answer comes to mind: go for a run. You get to the gym, change into your workout clothes, prepare yourself for the inevitable rush-hour cardio equipment when it hits you. You don’t really feel like running today. Actually, you’re kind of getting bored with it. You want something new, something cutting-edge, something different. You're craving a new challenge. We see this stuff all the time. In fact, boredom is one of the main reasons people stop exercising altogether. To avoid this fate, it's important to look for ways to keep yourself motivated. And to do that, you need to find something that you actually enjoy doing. Something fun and different than what you've tried before. If you feel like you're starting to get bored with your outdoor runs or indoor treadmill sessions, consider adding the jump rope workouts into your training mix. When you’re comparing jumping rope vs running in terms of workout engagement, there are a number of things a jump rope can offer that running can’t.  For one, as we mentioned earlier, you can literally take your workout anywhere. In an article published on Men's Fitness, Sara Greenfest mentions a study carried out by a team at the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, which found that people who exercise outside feel more energised and rejuvenated after their workout. Next, jumping rope is exceptionally versatile. It allows you to experiment with various skills and exercises to keep your workouts fun and engaging. You can play around with basic jumps, scissor jumps, double unders, one-foot variations, and many others.  Finally, you now also can experiment with different resistances. With the Crossrope jump rope system, you can easily clip different weights into your handles to change the intensity of your workouts. As a result, you can build workouts for fat loss, endurance, strength, or whatever fits the bill. If boredom starts to creep up, give the jump rope a try and see what it can do for you. Can Jumping Rope Help You Become a Better Runner? “I loved skipping as a kid—and when I heard about Crossrope Jump Ropes, I thought, I want to feel like a kid again. Jumping also improves my runs, prevents injuries, and does more for my body in 10 minutes than a 30-minute run. That’s a win-win.” - Bob Vila Now, what if you don’t want to give up running? Can jumping rope help you get better? Absolutely. What we've found is that the two can (and should) work hand in hand. Cross-training, unlike running alone, makes you less prone to injury, strengthens more core muscles, increases aerobic fitness, and helps you rehabilitate more quickly if you do happen to get injured. Elite runners know this, and that's why you will frequently see them using cross-training methods to help them improve. By incorporating jump rope workouts into your cross-training routine, you’ll tap into several benefits that will level up your running performance.  Not only can jumping rope improve overall cardiac performance and breathing techniques, but it can also improve coordination and rhythm to assist with runs. Jumping rope for runners develops steady coordination between their eyes, feet, and hands. This improved coordination and rhythm can positively impact a runner’s ability to connect the different parts of the body during a run.  Jumping rope also strengthens vital muscles in the body that are essential for running. The development of these muscles will help increase running speed, as well as decrease the amount of energy that your body expends to increase velocity, making runs much smoother.  Jumping Rope vs Running Recap In this article, we've explored the difference between jumping rope vs running. We feel that there are benefits to both training styles, and we're in no way advocating that you completely stop running. Not at all. A nice jog in the park or trail run through the forest can offer a lot of benefits. But here's what we do want you to take away from this article; You have different training options available to you. Running is great. But it is NOT the only option you have. And it is in your best interest to continue searching for ways to challenge your body while staying safe and engaged. So in the event you should encounter the desire to mix up your training, give jump rope training a try. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the results. Revealed: Yoga Is Not Just A Weird Activity Reserved For Hippies 2021-07-28T23:56:00Z revealed-yoga-is-not-just-a-weird-activity-reserved-for-hippies   Move over Australia there is a new fitness activity taking the country by storm. If you guessed soccer, cricket, tennis, or golf - you would be wrong. What is it?   Yoga.   Ever thought to yourself that yoga was religious and just for hippies? If so, then yoga has an image problem. Yoga as an ancient practice from India (and treated with some reverence) has taken on different forms depending on who you talk to:     Is it weird to do yoga? (Quora) Does doing yoga make you a Hindu? (BBC News) I just like stretching and stuff. Is this yoga? (Reddit)     ​Did you know that yoga is the fastest-growing sport in Australia? A 2016 study by Roy Morgan shows that yoga is the fastest-growing sporting or fitness activity, with over two million Australians now practice yoga. That means that one in 10 Australians now do yoga, making it more popular than soccer, cricket, tennis and golf.    Helena Knows, founder of mindful movement brand Seven Sundays Yoga is someone who has been on both sides of the debate: "At first, I thought yoga was mystical with the Sanskrit names for the postures and chanting and om-ing. Incense burning and wooden statues. It can feel a little hippyish, a little religious, as someone peering in from the outside."   She stayed away from yoga after her first experience almost 2 decades ago. She found it exhausting keeping up as a beginner, rather than what it is widely known for: a relaxing experience.   Yet 16 years after her first class, she found a yoga teacher who helped her discover how powerful the mind-body practice could be, particularly in worrying, uncertain times.   She is not the only one.     Ask any of the 2 million and growing Australians who practice yoga (Roy Morgan), and they will agree that it is more than physical fitness. It is a mind-body therapy.   Another survey shows that the typical yoga student is 41 years old, educated, and health-conscious female. What is enlightening is that most started practising yoga for health and fitness reasons but continued yoga to help manage stress. If you're wondering why so many Australians are flocking to yoga. It's widely understood that regular yoga practice: - teaches you how to focus the mind when you need to, - tones and strengthens the muscles for an all-body workout, - increases strength and flexibility through muscles and joints, - improves body posture, coordination and balance, - teaches you breathing and sensory techniques to help with feelings of stress and anxiety, - and cultivates more awareness of your body (also known as proprioception). Helena Knows summarises, "Yoga is a mind-body practice that improves overall fitness, flexibility and balance both on a mental and physical level. Let's not forget that yoga has ancient Indian roots and further research and study can transport you to another culture, another philosophy, an alternative to western thinking."   Confronting? Perhaps. Religious? No.   This gradual exploration of how the ancient art of yoga can benefit our modern way of life; compels Seven Sundays Yoga to share this practice, one new yoga student at a time. In their signature virtual yoga program, Helena Knows is helping new students build strength and flexibility, one yoga pose at a time.   Her approach is to keep it playful and curious rather than a strict choreography of movement. She created her step-by-step online program so yoga could help her students get where they want to be, and any place they are.   In a fit of irony, her awkward early experience helps her avoid making yoga awkward and weird.   Now that is a relief.     Enrolments are open now on the website.   Details of Seven Sundays Yoga program: When: Starts Sunday, August 8th, 2021 for 7 weeks Where: Online group sessions on Zoom GameDay and Para Football sign headline partnership to support the global development of disability football 2021-07-28T11:18:42Z gameday-and-para-football-sign-headline-partnership-to-support-the-global-development-of-disability-football GameDay, the leading provider of digital solutions to international, national, grassroots and professional sporting organisations across the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, has today announced an exciting new partnership with Para Football, the global body for the international federations of different disciplines of Para Football. GameDay will be working with Para Football to roll out a next-generation membership and registrations platform, supporting them to develop and grow the global structure, support and connectivity across the multiple disability football styles and organisations. A key feature will be the use of GameDay View, to allow Para Football to gain advanced insights into participation across different branches of disability football to help shape global development. The project will, over time, work across the member partners of Para Football, including 10 sport and international federations – World Amputee Football Federation; International Blind Sports Federation; International Federation of Cerebral Palsy Football; Football International Federation for Players with Downs Syndrome; World Intellectual Impairment Sport; International Football Committee on Mental Health; Federation Internationale de Powerchair Football Association; and the International Federation of Skate Soccer – and 3 further International Organisations for Sport for the Disabled – Cerebral Palsy International Recreation Association; International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation; and the Sports Union for Athletes with Down Syndrome. Andy Graham, General Manager for GameDay, said: “What a great, exciting partner for GameDay! We love football, and Para Football has such a fantastic commitment to developing the disability disciplines of the sport around the world. We’re really looking forward to supporting their truly innovative and exciting program across their partner ecosystem, with GameDay providing to their collective worldwide movement.” Sam Turner, Co-Founder of Para Football, said: “Para Football was established to support the international federations of Para Football and connect the Para Football community around the world. Supported by GameDay and Stack Sports as our Official Digital Membership and Registration provider, we will be better equipped to support the worldwide growth of football for persons with disabilities. The ability to measure and present the real data around Para Football participation is key to our future success, therefore working with the recognised experts in the field makes absolute sense. Para Football depends upon limited resources and a network of amazing volunteers, therefore partnerships such as this make our work more efficient, effective and impactful, ensuring a positive future of football for all.” About GameDay Gameday have been providing next generation sports technology solutions in the Australian market since 2001 and have extended the key markets they work in across the United Kingdom, Europe and New Zealand. Other GameDay partners in the European region include the International Bowling Federation, Rugby Football League, Basketball England, Run For All, Basketball Ireland, Cricket Ireland, GB Snowsports, the UEFA Foundation and Aston Villa FC Foundation. GameDay provides Membership, Competition, and Event Management platforms, and various digital website, e- commerce and auction fundraising solutions to the sports community. About Para Football Para Football is a new foundation and worldwide body responsible for developing football for persons with disabilities in the way they choose to play. The vision of Para Football is “Football for all persons with disabilities” and its mission is to “Ensure opportunity for persons with disabilities to participate on an equal basis with others in football”. Para Football unites autonomous and independent International Federations of Football for persons with disabilities and supports National Football Associations to be more inclusive and develop football opportunities for persons with disabilities. We are creating a recognised home for all things Para Football at where anyone around the world can find a way to be part of the beautiful game. For more information about Para Football, please contact or visit its channels: ➔ Website: ➔ Twitter: @ParaFootball_ ➔ Instagram: Para Football_ ➔ Facebook: Para Football Foundation ➔ LinkedIn: ➔ Youtube: Para Football For more information and interviews, please contact: Greg SturgeDirector of Strategy EMEAGameDayPhone: +44 7935 217 320 Sam TurnerCo-FounderPara FootballPhone: +44 7931 996681 Email: SurfaceWise2 verified as Australia’s longest lasting disinfectant 2021-07-28T03:28:09Z surfacewise2-verified-as-australia-s-longest-lasting-disinfectant In a world first, SurfaceWise2™, manufactured by Allied BioScience, has become the only product of its kind to be verified by a regulatory body to reduce germs by up to 98.5% over 15 weeks. SurfaceWise2™ forms a protective coating to provide residual efficacy on surfaces. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has listed SurfaceWise2™ as a hospital-grade disinfectant effective against germs, bacteria and COVID-19. This significant outcome was achieved through three-month pilots into the Australian Healthcare and Public Transport sectors and extensive independent lab testing that replicated real-world conditions. SurfaceWise2 enables continuous protection by forming an always-on protective coating that makes surfaces hostile to germs. This means that even 15 weeks after a single application, it is still delivering up to a 98.5% reduction in germs, even with regular cleaning. When lab tested in harsh conditions SurfaceWise2 outperforms all expectations. Following 1,620 simulated cleaning cycles, equivalent to 90 days on high touch surfaces such as door handles, SurfaceWise2 was still delivering a 98.5%+ reduction against bacteria and Human Coronavirus. By comparison other “long-acting” products were removed from the tested surface after just 18 cleaning cycles. Traditional disinfectants only provide momentary protection against germs. Once the product has dried, they are no longer effective and leave surfaces susceptible to recontamination when someone touches it, coughs or sneezes. SurfaceWise2 breaks that cycle of infection with its always on protection. The TGA has updated the Intended Purpose on the Australia Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) website to the following:   ·       “SurfaceWise2 is a Hospital-grade disinfectant against germs, bacteria and COVID-19. SurfaceWise2 is a hard surface disinfectant that forms a protective coating to provide residual efficacy on surfaces to reduce germs by up to 98.5% over 15 weeks.”   SurfaceWise2, exclusively distributed by Allied BioServices, can make environments safer by making surfaces continuously hygienic, enabling you to revert back to pre-COVID cleaning protocols and environmentally sustainable cleaning.   Please find the Public Summary on TGA’s Website here:   For further information or interview requests please contact:   Annalise Brown +61 408 986 702   -ENDS-   About Allied BioServices Allied BioServices is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to provide protection against germs, bacteria and viruses. The company has the exclusive rights across Australia and New Zealand for SurfaceWise2™, a revolutionary, always-on antimicrobial disinfectant coating that provides continuous, long-lasting surface protection across all industry verticals.         Subbed In releases new book by Patrick Lenton 2021-07-25T20:30:41Z subbed-in-releases-new-book-by-patrick-lenton-1 MEDIA RELEASE Date: 26/07/2021 | FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE From: Subbed In | ‘Sexy Tales of Paleontology’ by Patrick Lenton A pile of rats having an identity crisis. A sexy robot rebellion. A velociraptor revenge wedding. The world's horniest scientist. Enter Sexy Tales of Paleontology: a world of queer romance, (dis)connection, and artifical intelligence told with Patrick Lenton's idiosyncratic bizarreness and heart. Lenton's short stories combine laugh-out-loud humour with an honest-to-goodness sensibility. Sci-fi oddities, pop culture, a lesser-known Kardashian who lives on the moon, and a deft turn of comic absurdity bound through this truly queer romp of a book. But beyond all this, at the beating heart of the book, is the foolishness, horror, and delight that is love and heartbreak and 43 rats. Endorsement quotes “Lenton has an imagination like dropped pudding — delicious, and a crime to waste it. This collection is wicked, witty and only occasionally horny. Here Lenton writes with enviable verve around the intersection of science, inhumanity and the clarifying force of love. It is a book teeming with life and brilliance and I am very mad that I did not write it.” - Rick Morton (One Hundred Years of Dirt, My Year of Living Vulnerably) “Patrick Lenton is a hot little piece of ass, and his book is a hot little piece of ass (for the mind).” - Nina Oyama (Utopia, The Weekly) “Wildly inventive, refreshingly bonkers. I verify this attempt at humour by this human male.” - Julie Koh (Portable Curiosities) About the author Patrick Lenton is an author and journalist from Melbourne. He is the author of A Man Made Entirely of Bats (Spineless Wonders), collection of essays Uncle Hercules and Other Lies (Subbed In), and full-length collection of short stories Sexy Tales of Paleontology (Subbed In). His writing has been featured in The Best Australian Stories, The Best Australian Comedy Writing, Growing Up Queer In Australia, and journals like Kill Your Darlings, Going Down Swinging, Scum Magazine, and more. He is the Editor of pop-culture, news, and entertainment website Junkee and has written journalism and non-fiction for publications including The Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald, VICE, and more. Details: Genre: Fiction / Short Stories ISBN: 9780645152449 Paperback: Perfect Bound Audience: Trade/General (Adult) RRP: $24.99 AUD 280 pages 178mm x 108mm Release date: 26 July 2021 Publisher: Subbed In For further information and media requests, please contact Dan Hogan, publisher at Subbed In: Dive Instructor Academy partners with Sea Life 2021-07-16T22:12:29Z dive-instructor-academy-partners-with-sea-life As part of every PADI IDC I donate funds to an organization with strong ties to marine conservation activities. In the past I have donated funds to PADI Project Aware, Tangaroa Blue and we have adopted turtles in the Conflict Islands of Papua New Guinea. Since moving down to the Sunshine Coast and basing myself at Mooloolaba I have teamed up with the awesome people at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast Aquarium. I have made my living out of the marine world for most of my life and seen some amazing things. As an amateur photographer one of my most loved images was of this incredible green turtle shot at Turtle Bay at Komodo in Indonesia. For a species their survival rate past the first week of life is estimated to be 1 out of 1,000. Predators make an easy meal of the slow moving hatchlings and with their nesting grounds being threatened they face an uphill battle. SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast’s mission is to inspire a love of the oceans and all of its inhabitants, and to encourage people to preserve them for the future. Through their registered charity, The SEA LIFE Trust, they support projects and campaigns that make a measurable difference to the protection of marine wildlife and habitats.  Everything they do at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast is about celebrating the sea. The team is passionate about preserving marine habitats and protecting the incredible species that live in them. Marine conservation is at the heart of everything they do and something very close to my heart is the Turtle Rehabilitation Centre. I was lucky enough to visit the hospital recently where I saw first hand the effort and care given to these favourite marine creatures of mine. A dedicated team of professionals care for and nurse injured turtles back to health. One of the turtles was found up at Gladstone as a floater. Turtles will eat plastic bags which they can not digest, which results in gas build up in their stomachs. This will prevent them from diving down to feed. Turtles are susceptible to the effects of consuming marine debris. Turtles have backwards facing spines in their throats which makes regurgitation almost impossible. The plastics get trapped in their stomach, which prevents them from properly swallowing food. A larger green turtle had discarded fishing line wrapped around its front fin which had to amputated to save the turtles life. Nursing these wonderful creatures back to health to the point where they can be released again is a mammoth effort and I applaud all the crew at SEA LIFE for their incredible dedication and as such I am proud to have partnered the #IDCwithKAI programs offered by Dive Instructor Academy with SEA LIFE To find out more about the PADI Instructor Development Courses (IDC) I offer and through which 5 star IDC centres I run my programs please visit the website contact me on 0419172910 or email me at   People around the world, and in Australia, are divided on whether the Tokyo Olympics should go ahead – Ipsos survey 2021-07-13T10:21:57Z people-around-the-world-and-in-australia-are-divided-on-whether-the-tokyo-olympics-should-go-ahead-ipsos-survey 14 July 2021 Six in ten Australians (59%) say that the Tokyo Olympic Games should not go ahead and 45% of Australians are not interested in the Games, according to a new Ipsos survey As the postponed 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics due to begin on 23rd July 2021 approaches, Ipsos asked people in 28 countries their views on the event: including whether the Games should go ahead;  how interested are they in the Games, and what the impact of the Games is on wider society. Overall, global support for the Olympics taking place in summer 2021 is muted, due in part to concerns over COVID-19. On average across the 28 countries surveyed, 43% say the event should go ahead, compared to 57% who say it shouldn’t. Those in host nation Japan are among the most doubtful with 22% saying that the Olympics should go ahead while 78% say it shouldn’t; and 68% of Japanese are not interested in the Games. Key Australian findings In Australia, the key findings were as follows: ·       Four in ten (41%)- say the event should go ahead, while 59% say it shouldn’t ·       Six in ten (61%) agree that the Olympics will be an important opportunity for the world to come together following the pandemic ·       More than three quarters (77%) agree the Olympics inspire tomorrow’s generation to participate in sport ·       Two thirds agree the Games have a unifying impact in their country – 65% agree that the Olympics bring their country together ·       More Australians claim to be not very/not at all interested (45%) than very/somewhat interested (55%) ·       Australians are most interested in aquatics, which includes diving, swimming, synchronised swimming and water polo, (36%) and are second only to Hungary (37%) in interest in these events ·       Our next most popular events were athletics/track and field (27%) and gymnastics (25%) ·       While not necessarily of strong interest to a large proportion of people, Australians are somewhat unsurprisingly among the most interested in rowing, surfing, rugby sevens, and skateboarding. Among Australians other perceived impacts of the Olympics on society include: ·       Six in ten (62%) approve of government funding being used to support the performance of their country’s Olympic athletes ·       Two thirds (66%) agree that Olympic athletes should be given priority COVID-19 vaccinations ·       Opinion is split regarding whether there is too much nationalism on display at the Olympics (48% agree and 52% disagree). Ipsos Australia Public Affairs Deputy Managing Director, David Elliott, said: “While we like to think of ourselves as a sports mad nation, we could be considered lukewarm in our interest levels for the Tokyo Olympics.  Further, in comparison to others around the globe our interest level is indeed average.  No doubt this lack of interest is driven by the current situation with the global COVID-19 pandemic, as only four in ten Australians believe the Games should go ahead. “This lack of interest might be of concern for those media organisations who have the broadcast rights, but no doubt they will be waiting to see if interest improves and heats up once the Games begin.  We saw last year in the midst of the first pandemic wave how sports like the AFL and rugby league become a welcome distraction for many, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Tokyo Olympics play a similar role.”   Global Findings   Support for Tokyo 2020 Overall, support for the Olympics taking place in summer 2021 is muted, due in part to concerns over COVID-19. On average across the 28 countries surveyed, 43% say the event should go ahead, compared to 57% who say it shouldn’t. There is greatest support for the Olympics taking place as scheduled in Turkey (71%), Saudi Arabia (66%), Russia (61%) and Poland (60%). Those in host nation Japan are among the most doubtful: 22% say the Olympics should go ahead while 78% say it shouldn’t. South Korea shows the lowest levels of support for the Games taking place (14%). However, 62% worldwide agree that the Olympics will be an important opportunity for the world to come together following the pandemic. Turkey and Saudi Arabia once again show the highest levels of agreement with this statement (81% in both). South Korea, Japan and Germany are the only countries where fewer than 50% say that the Olympics presents this opportunity to come together. Ipsos also found that there is widespread agreement among the public that the Olympics generally speaking has a uniting power. Two-thirds (65%) agree that the Games ‘bring my country together’, rising to 92% in China and 84% in India. But this falls to 36% in Japan and 37% in Germany. Levels of interest - overall There is a mixed picture in terms of levels of interest in the Olympics, as majorities in 13 of the 28 countries surveyed are very/somewhat interested in the Olympics, but majorities in 15 countries are not very/not at all interested. India, South Africa and China are most interested, while Belgium, South Korea and Japan are least engaged. Looking at demographics, male respondents are split 50:50 in terms of their interest in the Olympics while more women say they are not interested (59% vs. 41%). Older generations also express less interest in the Games (59% of those aged 55-74 are ‘not interested’ vs. 50% of 18-35 year olds). Levels of interest - events Looking across the various Olympics events, we find that most people are interested in following football/soccer, followed by athletics/track & field, aquatics (encompassing swimming, diving, synchronized swimming and water polo), then gymnastics. Top 5 (global country average): 1.     Football/soccer (30%) 2.     Athletics/Track & field (27%) 3.     Aquatics* (22%) 4.     Gymnastics (21%) *Swimming, diving, synchronized swimming and water polo. Completing the top 10 are volleyball, tennis, basketball, cycling, boxing, and badminton. Impact of the Olympics on society We also asked people what they think of the Olympics in a wider sense. Some highlights include: ·       A majority worldwide (80%, global country average) say that the Olympics inspire younger generations to participate in sport ·       Two-thirds (67%, global country average) approve of government funding being used to support the performance of their country’s Olympic athletes ·       Seven in 10 (71%, global country average) agree that Olympic athletes should be given priority COVID-19 vaccinations. Agreement is highest in China (92%), Saudi Arabia (89%), India (88%) and Turkey (87%) but less decisive in Germany (50%), Great Britain (52%), Belgium (54%) and the Netherlands (56%) ·       Opinion is split regarding whether there is too much nationalism on display at the Olympics (55% agree and 45% disagree, according to the global country average).   Note to editors: This study did not have any external sponsors or partners.  It was initiated and run by Ipsos, because we are curious about the world we live in and how citizens around the globe think and feel about their world. These are the results of a 28-market survey conducted by Ipsos on its Global Advisor online platform. Ipsos interviewed a total of 19,510 adults aged 18-74 in the United States, Canada, Malaysia, South Africa, and Turkey, and 16- 74 in 23 other markets between 21st May and 4th June 2021. The sample consists of approximately 1,000 individuals in each of Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, mainland China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Spain, and the U.S., and 500 individuals in each of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Hungary, India, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, and Turkey. The samples in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, and the U.S. can be taken as representative of their general adult population under the age of 75. The samples in Brazil, mainland China, Chile, Colombia, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Turkey are more urban, more educated, and/or more affluent than the general population. The survey results for these countries should be viewed as reflecting the views of the more “connected” segment of their population. The data is weighted so that each market’s sample composition best reflects the demographic profile of the adult population according to the most recent census data. “The Global Country Average” reflects the average result for all the countries and markets where the survey was conducted. It has not been adjusted to the population size of each country or market and is not intended to suggest a total result. Where results do not sum to 100 or the ‘difference’ appears to be +/-1 more/less than the actual, this may be due to rounding, multiple responses or the exclusion of “don't know” or not stated responses. Sample surveys and polls may be subject to sources of error, including, but not limited to coverage error, and measurement error. The precision of the online surveys conducted is measured using a Bayesian Credibility Interval. Here, the Australian results have a credibility interval of +/-3.5 percentage points. For more information on the Ipsos use of credibility intervals, please go to: The publication of these findings abides by local rules and regulations. As a foundation member of the Australian Polling Council Ipsos complies with the Council’s Code of Conduct.  The purpose of the Code is to provide journalists and the public with greater confidence and trust in publicly released polling and survey data. We strongly encourage the inclusion of methodological details in any reference to published Ipsos results. This study is compliant with the Australian Polling Council Code of Conduct. The Long Methodology Disclosure Statement for the study will be available at within two business days.   Further information can be found at:   For more information on this news release, please contact: Rochelle Burbury | Third Avenue Consulting 0408 774 577 |   About Ipsos Ipsos is the world’s third largest market research company, present in 90 markets and employing more than 18,000 people. Our passionately curious research professionals, analysts and scientists have built unique multi-specialist capabilities that provide true understanding and powerful insights into the actions, opinions and motivations of citizens, consumers, patients, customers or employees. We serve more than 5000 clients across the world with 75 business solutions. Founded in France in 1975, Ipsos is listed on the Euronext Paris since July 1st, 1999. The company is part of the SBF 120 and the Mid-60 index and is eligible for the Deferred Settlement Service (SRD). ISIN code FR0000073298, Reuters ISOS.PA, Bloomberg IPS:FP   Melbourne based neo-soul artist AKOSIA returns with her latest single ‘ISO’ 2021-07-06T06:31:06Z melbourne-based-neo-soul-artist-akosia-returns-with-her-latest-single-iso Australia’s new voice in contemporary soul-pop, AKOSIA, returns with her latest single and video, “ISO”.  A smooth fusion of R&B, trap and soul, “ISO” explores sensuality, passion, and a boldness that comes with the intoxication of love with no distractions through Akosia’s flirtatious songwriting. Produced by grammy nominated producer Will Stah, whose past resume of work includes Ariana Grande’s “Be Alright”, Ella Mai’s “Nobody Else”, and the music of One Four: “ISO” captures the strength of femininity and sexuality through the sultry and Badu-inspired magic of Akosia’s vocals.  Akosia on “ISO”, “writing ISO unintentionally unlocked a hidden part of me and I’m still a bit surprised by the sensuality of it all. When I write I unfold myself and create music not only to reflect my own experiences but to explore the complexities of the heart, the private mind and in this case shameless passion. I now feel so bold, and free to express my ideas about love and sexuality and want to share that feeling of playful confidence with my fans.”  Arriving alongside the single, is a visual that is an otherworldly fantasy which depicts intimacy, longing and passion as the characters make their way towards each other. From controlling the waves, to whisking them away into outer space, the video for “ISO” developed by film director Dale Crawford, sees Akosia as a magical intergalactic siren, enchanting and calling her lover towards her. Akosia on the video, “when I wrote ISO, I was living in a beautiful haze where I wasn’t always able to distinguish one day from the next and honestly, I didn’t care. Those moments released me from the pressure of time in lockdown and they can be felt as the sun rapidly rises and sets. Dale Crawford and I created a magical world in which two lovers are seduced by each other, isolate in their love and together forget the world. ISO is about freedom, playfulness and being confident with the person you want to be that is actually there waiting inside.”  The ISO music video also allowed Akosia to be costumed in the stunning couture of Jason Gretch and Simon Hartman London (who has worked with Beyoncé on her project for Disney, Black is King) and jewellery from Parisian designer Philippe Ferrandis.  “Fashion is a crucial element of my art and creativity. When I had my fittings for ISO, I felt regal in a very ethereal kind of way. It was really mind expanding to see myself in such splendour and I caught a glimpse of my full potential. Being able to work with designers like Hartman and Grech is inspiring and elevates my artistic vision. I am so grateful for the experience.”  Alongside writing and recording her music, Akosia has a passion for live performance and is already turning the right heads. After releasing her follow up single, “Speechless” last year Akosia was chosen to perform as part of Mushroom’ The State Of Music, series, where she was introduced by Tones & I. This year Akosia shared the stage with Julia Stone at the Portsea Hotel and performed at the Forum in Melbourne. Akosia is headlining upcoming shows at Carriageworks for VIVID Sydney and the National Gallery of Victoria.  Akosia has just begun to share her lush afrofuturist vision with the world and we are on the launchpad. Keep an eye on this one, her next step will be big. The new single ISO, from the soul-pop enchantress, was released July 2nd 2021. For interview opportunities please get in touch. ISO can be found on Spotify here. The video for ISO can be found on YouTube here. How a Bearing Buddy Destroy Caravan Brakes 2021-07-02T21:25:50Z how-a-bearing-buddy-destroy-caravan-brakes How a Bearing Buddy Destroy Caravan Brakes Installing bearing buddies on your caravan can have unintended consequences such as destroying your braking system. A correctly adjusted brake drum should stop your rig quickly. However, some circumstances can lead to accidents. Caravan and Camper owners love to install the latest, time-saving equipment. Owners self install bearing buddies thinking they are using time-saving devices; however, the reverse can be true. The photo above is a Dexter backing plate that accommodated a 12" Electric Drum. As you can see, the bearing buddy made quite a mess of the brakes. Excess grease escaped out of the rear bearing seal into the backing plate. The magnet had been engaging the drum face but not adhering to the drum face effectively. As a result, braking is significantly reduced. Further, there is evidence the magnet surface has inconsistencies that also results in ineffective braking. Couplemate recommends not installing bearing buddies on electric brakes. This type of equipment is better suited to boat trailers and box trailers that are either disc braked or un-braked. Bearing Buddy's destroy drums brakes of any type, mechanical, hydraulic or electric. Drum brakes fail when misusing bearing protectors. An overfilled bearing cavity spills grease onto brake shoes and other equipment inside the backing plate. The most effective way to ensure your wheel bearings are in great shape is a manual inspection. Alternatively, rubber grommet dust caps can give an insight into carbon black or water contaminated grease buy, removing the rubber grommet. Upon removing the grommet, perform and inspection noting any discolourisation of the grease. Finally, inspect your bearing buddies immediately. If brake shoe contamination is evident, replace the shoes. Braking effectiveness is not improved by cleaning the brake shoes because the grease has permeated the entire shoe material. Purchase replacement dust caps here 45.2mm Standard Dust Cap 2t – Parallel Gal Australian Dust Cap 1.98″ Dexter Dust Cap 2.441″ Dexter Dust Cap Suit 2t Source: Couplemate Trailer Parts Unbalanced Caravans are Impossible to Tow Safely 2021-07-02T21:17:39Z unbalanced-caravans-are-impossible-to-tow-safely Towing a Balanced Caravan Towing a balanced caravan is a daunting task for new caravanners. It is hard to tow a caravan. We find a large number of caravanners have been advised to install load levelling devices. Load levellers or weight distribution hitches were initially believed to be the best device on the market to balance caravan connections. Installing load levellers on the drawbar was previously recommended by caravan outlets, because they were the best solution available at the time. However, I have never been a fan of load levellers. Masking problems with an unbalanced caravan and can cause a problem with excess weight being loaded onto the vehicle suspension. Drivers are often unaware of the new weight limits being loaded on the tow bar by the load levellers. As a result, the maximum towing capacity a vehicle can legally tow has been exceeded, with excess downforce or weight on the vehicles tow bar. Couplemate have recently manufactured our own tow ball scales in response to one of the most common questions we get: "How do I balance my caravan?" Our new scales measure the weight of the caravans coupling or the camper trailer coupling. Tip - carry your weight scales on board (they weigh less than 2kg) and measure the coupling head weights once every week of your trip. This measurement provides excellent information on how the dynamic balancing of your caravans affects the way you drive them. Incorrect Towing An unbalanced caravan without the right correction equipment can lead to disastrous consequences. Take for example the caravan rollover reported on 7 News Monday, 5 August 2019 5:28 pm. For more on this story, click this link. In this case, an unbalanced caravan commenced a sway event that a driver was unable to rectify. How do I balance my caravan loading weights? Balancing a caravan is not as hard as you would imagine. Measure the front and back wheel arch to the ground (write these measurements down). Measure the tow tongue height to the ground (these first two measurements are the reference points to review once you have reached point 5). Connect your caravan to the vehicle and swing up the jockey wheel. Do not engage the load levellers. Now remeasure points 1,2 and 3. Use a level on your drawbar. The bubble should be centred. It will point slightly down once the weight is shifted to the tow bar (when connected). Now your caravan drawbar is level, measure the distance between the bottom of the coupling head and the top of the tow ball tongue. The correct distance is the shank height or 12mm. (There are some variations. For example, if your height is at 25mm then installing a 2mm shackle tow ball is your solution). You may need to change your receiver bar to a drop bar or riser bar to correctly match your tow bar with your caravan. Once balanced in a level towing position, the final thing we need to balance is the coupling head weight. You will need to purchase a tow ball scale as a result of varying coupling head weights during your trip. Coupling Head Weight Balancing It's equally important to ensure you are balancing your coupling head weight correctly. Follow the instructions below to make sure you avoid uneven load: Write down the ATM from your VIN plate or alternatively take your rig over a weighbridge. Leave your trailer connected, but ensure you drive your vehicle off the scale (leaving only the caravan to be weighed). Collect your weighbridge ticket then drive home and finished the rest of the procedure. Once home, disconnect the caravan from the towing hitch. Insert the tow ball scale into the coupling. The jockey wheel should be wound down and insert the full drawbar weight onto the ball scale. Single Axle head weight is approximately between 7% - 10%. The Tandem approximate head weight is between 5% to 7%. (Please note: No lighter than recommend and no heavier than towbar manufacturer recommendations). Add scale weight to weighbridge weight to get the actual ATM. You can also multiply the ATM by the % for single or tandem axles to get your approximate coupling head weight. With the coupling head weight known you can now move weight forward to the rear of your caravan to balance your rig. Vehicle Suspension Caravan and trailer coupling head weight has a massive effect on towing and vehicle suspension. An unbalanced caravan can cause your front suspension to lift causing a light front end, subsequently reducing traction and steering. Remember, I asked you to measure the front and rear wheel arches? Once you have balanced your rig these wheel arches will be within the manufacturer's specifications. A light front end causes oncoming traffic to experience high beam rays coming from your vehicle at night. How many times have you noticed oncoming traffic using high beams and not dipping their headlights? It is likely these travellers have an unbalanced caravan that has lifted the front suspension. Finally, a light front suspension also increases the likelihood of a sway event similar to the video above. It's critical to ensure the weight of your rig is well-adjusted. Balancing Trailer and Caravan Weight Gas bottles and toolboxes add a significant amount of heavyweight to the front drawbar or A-frame area. To counterbalance these weights, many caravanners have loaded spare tyres and other heavy items onto the rear of the caravan. The very best place to store heavy equipment is over the axles or the vertical centre of gravity. Once the free space is exhausted over the axle area with heavy items, it is necessary to balance your rig front and back. Balancing a caravan is a similar concept to balancing a set of scales. However, you must follow the weight distribution rules allowing 5% - 7% of the ATM on the coupling for tandem or 7% - 10% of the ATM on the coupling for single axles Why is there a variation in percentages? Single axles have less resistance to the road surface in a sway event, therefore, more force is required on the coupling to prevent sway. The lighter end of the scale applies when your rig is empty. The upper end when your rig is full of water, food, and essentials. Tandem axles have more resistance to the road surface than single axle caravans. As a result, they are more resistant to sway at the same speeds and loading, than similar rigs in a single axle configuration. Electronic Sway Controllers Even with a perfectly balanced caravan, unforeseen events can occur resulting in disasters. Take a kangaroo jumping out in front of your vehicle, while highway towing. A balanced caravan is perfect in normal driving conditions. However, electronic sway control will straighten your rig in an instant during potential unexpected events. BMPRO sway control overrides your brake controller in a sway event. This is done by applying power directly from the battery to left or right side where necessary. Sway events will result in the caravan or camper trailer braking directly in the line of travel. It will also cause the tow vehicle to decelerate. Once the sway event has finished, the sway controller returns to its normal monitoring position. Source: Couplemate Trailer Parts Cash Offer For Old, Scrap, Junk, Or Unwanted Cars in Brisbane 2021-07-02T05:48:34Z cash-offer-for-old-scrap-junk-or-unwanted-cars-in-brisbane Best Cash for Cars Brisbane is #1 cash for car removal company located in Brisbane. We pay top cash for old vehicles and provide fast car removal anywhere in Brisbane, and all metropolitan areas. You can earn from $150 – $6,000 in cash for your old, junk, scrap, or unwanted car today. Wondering How To Get Rid Of A Junk/Scrap Car? To get rid of your old, junk, scrap or unwanted car for cash, contact Best Cash For Cars Brisbane. Before you schedule a pickup, talk with our friendly car valuer over the phone or fill out our online quote form to determine how much cash you can get for your old car. Free Scrap Car Removal in Brisbane If you are looking to sell your old, junk, scrap cars for cash, or if you are looking for free scrap car removal in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Moreton Bay, Redland Bay, Sunshine Coast or nearby area give us a call on 0451977517, we give top cash for scrap cars Brisbane. Call us on 0451977517 to get instant cash and free pickup in 1 hour. What We Offer: - We buy and pay Cash for cars, trucks, vans, Utes, Suvs, 4x4s of any many/model and in any condition. - We provide Free Car removal - We do environmentally friendly auto wrecking and recycling What We Don't Do: - We don't buy scrap metals - We don’t buy scrap car parts - We don’t remove scrap rubbishes If you live in the Brisbane and surrounding suburbs, we can have our tow truck driver come to your house immediately for pickup. Get Free Car Removal Appointment Today We know that you are busy with your work and family responsibilities so we make sure that you don’t have to wait for many hours only for the towing truck to come and pick up your old car. We can schedule a pickup time and date convenient for you. Our staff do the removal process as smoothly as possible, making no damage to their properties while removing their unwanted cars. Call us at 0451 977 517 or submit our online form to avail our extremely convenient and handy Cash for Cars Brisbane services. Aussie Mum & Primary School Teacher’s new book aims to put a spotlight on bullying 2021-07-02T03:32:41Z aussie-mum-amp-primary-school-teacher-s-new-book-aims-to-put-a-spotlight-on-bullying Aussie Mum & Primary School Teacher’s new book aims to put a spotlight on bullying  We all like to think that bullying is less prevalent in Aussie schools these days, but as many teachers and parents know, sadly this isn’t always the case.  Sunshine Coast based Aussie Mum & primary school teacher Lisa Edgar says bullying in our society has become quite systemic and suggests we need to have conversations about it with our children from a young age. To stimulate these conversations she has recently written & published her first children’s book titled ‘The Playground Hero’. “As a primary school teacher and a mum, I’ve spent a lot of time around children. And in doing so I’ve seen a lot of bullying, and I’ve also seen many acts of kindness. I wrote this book to put a spotlight on both of these topics and to hopefully give parents a tool to influence their children in a positive way,” she says. The Playground Hero is a heartfelt and beautifully illustrated story about a school boy named Jack who doesn’t have any friends, and explores the hurtful feelings of being lonely, isolated and bullied. It also shows how sport can be a great way to bring a group of very different kids together and find common ground.  According to the Australian Government’s Institute of Health & Welfare, 60% of children aged 8-12 years have experienced 2 or more bullying behaviours which can include verbal, physical, social and cyber bullying. Children victims of bullying are also more likely to have poor academic performance, at risk of struggling with transition points throughout life, more likely to have mental health concerns and are at higher risk of suicide (source: “I’m hoping the book will become a call to action for children to make a positive difference in somebody else’s life through inclusion. It is a perfect example of modelling to children the actions underpinning the words which are quite simply, ‘be kind, always" she says. Edgar, who lives on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland with her two children (aged 6 & 8 years) and two dogs, has taught at a wide range of primary schools throughout Australia and abroad, and also holds post graduate qualifications in Applied Linguistics. She says whether your child has been a victim of bullying or a participant in bullying, or just needs to learn more about empathy, she hopes her book (which is best suited to children aged 4 years to 12 years), can help. The book is available for just $25 (including postage and handling) online from now, and will be promoted at a range of local events including the Sunshine Coast where Lisa is now based.  ENDS SUNSHINE COAST BOOK LAUNCH Date: Saturday 24th July Time: 2:30 - 4:30 Venue: Noosa Yacht and Rowing club Tickets: $30 including a copy of the book, drink on arrival & canapes. Grab your tickets here: The event is child friendly. Cost is $30 per person (adult) and includes a copy of the book, a house wine and nibbles.   SONG SAGA PRESENTS SONG SAGA LIVE AT VIVID SYDNEY 2021-07-01T02:07:15Z song-saga-presents-song-saga-live-at-vivid-sydney SYDNEY, NSW -- Song Saga will present Song Saga LIVE! as part of the Vivid Sydney Festival Ideas Exchange taking place at the UTS Great Hall on Friday August 13, 2021, and featuring a celebrity panel competing to share the stories and soundtracks of their lives. For the first time ever, Song Saga will be played live on stage in front of a festival audience of up to 500 people with a celebrity panel ready to share the music and memories that made them who they are. And the audience gets to help choose the winners! Song Saga founder, Eran Thomson says “this will be a social experience that helps people break into the memory bank and recall the stories and soundtracks of their lives.” Get ready to take a musical trip down memory lane and play along with a mix of playful personalities including: Bec Charlwood (comedian), Tim Silverwood (ocean activist), Simeon Bartholomew (musician) Fenella Kernebone (radio/TV presenter), Leah Howard (DJ/choreographer), JJ Winlove (filmmaker) and more. Song Saga LIVE! is sure to be an intimate, awesome, funny and emotional roller coaster ride with a killer playlist. But it's about more than the panel. This special event will help everyone who attends remember how much they rock too! Celebrate your inner legend, enjoy stories you won't hear anywhere else and discover (and remember) some classic tunes. Expect surprise appearances, audience awards, door prizes, and yes, the bar will be open. Singing, dancing, and air guitar are optional, and highly encouraged. Event Details Venue: Vivid Ideas Exchange, University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Address: The Great Hall, Level 5, Tower Building, Ultimo NSW 2007  Date: 13 August Time: 8pm - 10pm Ticket Price: $39.99 Buy Tickets: Link ### Song Saga is the conversation card game with a killer soundtrack. Green cards spark memories of the music and moments that have meaning to you, and every round takes you on a musical trip down memory lane. Blue “You Rock!” cards are won by sharing the best song and story ‘set” - and how you keep score. And the Gold Card Awards are how you give props to your fellow players. The game is unique in that it’s played using any music app, but what makes it really special is how it surfaces songs and stories we may have forgotten or never heard. The outcome is joyful connection and recollection. Learn more at: Song Saga Online Press Kit: Link Song Saga Website: Vivid Sydney Website: Eran Thomson Website: Harness the power of investing, replace your income and retire early. 2021-06-15T00:39:21Z harness-the-power-of-investing-replace-your-income-and-retire-early Newcastle, NSW, 26 May 2021 – Businessman and author, Tim Levy, is proud to offer his 9th non-fiction work, ‘Forever Money’, hitting Amazon on 25 May. ‘Forever Money’ is an informative and practical guidebook with real-world steps to help readers think differently about their money. It teaches, in simple terms, how to harness the power of investing to pay yourself automatically, every month, ultimately earning all of your time back, forever. Several years ago, whilst living in the USA, author, speaker and CEO, Tim Levy, had a lightbulb moment in a conversation after speaking on digital business and marketing strategy at an entrepreneurial conference.  The conversation had turned to financial intelligence and investment strategy, and he realised… he had none. “Investment was something that had never made it onto my list of things to figure out. Investment was something for rich people, people who had money to invest,” or so he thought. Tim realised, like most people, his experience in investing had been limited “to finding a better bank account, trying a term deposit account, and, once, a gently disastrous foray into a share portfolio fund”.  His schooling had ill-equipped him with the practicalities, and they’re rarely discussed with our friends or family, leaving us all in the dark.  So, how do you learn the real-world strategies to gaining financial freedom if no-one talks about it? Driven by this desire, Tim went on a personal mission to learn the secrets of the wealthy. With unique access to those in the know, as a regular speaker to CEO groups of high net-worth individuals, he had those tricky conversations. “I distilled that information, applied it over years to my own finances, honed a system and built a passive income portfolio. Now, I’ve reached the point where I could semi-retire if I wanted to. It’s an amazing feeling! I’m delighted to share what I’ve learnt about investing, creating passive income and earning your time back so that everyone can enjoy Forever Money too.” Tim’s clients and readers have shared, “I’d really like to say how much I appreciate your common sense, realistic approach to helping folks like us who have big dreams, are working 18 hour days and giving us real solutions to help us get our lives back.” “Revealing, intuitive, genuine, insightful, honest, perceptive, action-based, dynamic, present/actual, and truthfully……life-changing.” and, “Tim will help you realise that you can live a life you have always dreamed of, give you a road map and bring it to reality.” ‘Forever Money’ has been written for anyone who wants to make the most of their money, invest wisely, replace their income and retire early.  That’s financial freedom.  That’s Forever Money. For more information and media resources, visit ISBN: 9798716634213Genre: Nonfiction - Personal FinancePublication Date: May 2021Price: $USD14.95 / $AUD19.95Format: PaperbackTrim: 6 x 9Page Count: 114   About Tim Levy CEO & Owner, Tim Levy and Associates, Newcastle, NSW  - digital strategy and media production studio focussing on business growth   CEO & Owner, Resonant Blue Studios, Newcastle, NSW - newly formed production company focused on short and, eventually, feature film production, with the intention to produce meaningful stories to bring a little light and laughter into the world To arrange a book signing or interview, please review the Media Contact information attached.      ### Stop trading your life for money and make your money work for you. 2021-06-15T00:37:31Z stop-trading-your-life-for-money-and-make-your-money-work-for-you St Kilda, Victoria, June 2021 – Businessman and author, Shaun Fox, is proud to offer his debut work, MONEY, THE BOOK, hitting Amazon and available online now. MONEY, THE BOOK is an informative and practical guidebook with real-world steps to gaining true financial freedom and wealth: the time to do the things we most want to do in our lives. From a single-parent and hard-working family, Shaun Fox was always determined to create financial freedom for himself and his loved ones.  Beginning with a mowing service when he was just 8 years old, he is now a sought-after entrepreneurial influencer and mentor with two decades of experience in start-ups, financial institutions and venture capital.  During his many years in real estate and financial services, Shaun saw first-hand the deep distress caused by his clients’ lack of access to clear investment knowledge. Now, he is on a mission to help his readers realise their own financial freedom, no matter what stage of life they’re in. Author, Shaun Fox says, “I grew up with very little money around and, as a result, very little spare time.  Now I'd like to share what I've learnt about money, investing and creating time so that everyone can take a shortcut to their own financial freedom.” Shaun’s clients and proteges have shared, “I instantly found Shaun to have excellent values of truth, integrity and decency... I always felt listened to, valued and appreciated, even when I started and had no clue what I was doing.”  “He showed patience and understanding and never showed doubt in my capabilities.” and, “Love his passion for making change in the world especially with his desire to spread education.” The author is also proud to offer an accompanying training program, created especially to complement the book, and available free to every reader.  The Anyone Can Invest online training program showcases Shaun’s innovative approach to helping each person uncover and take advantage of the assets they already have in their life, no matter where they stand financially.  He then shares how to put these pieces together in practical and unique ways.  For more information, visit MONEY, THE BOOK guides each reader on how to take charge now and invest in themselves - personally and in business - for a bright financial future. For more information and media resources, visit ISBN: 979-8502997553Genre: Nonfiction - Personal FinancePublication Date: May 2021Price: eBook $9.95 - $20.90 PaperbackFormat: Paperback - eBookTrim: 6 x 9Page Count: 149 About Shaun Fox CEO & Owner, FOXI Pty Ltd, St Kilda, Victoria - financial and asset management, specialising in creating lending mechanisms and joint venture relationships CEO & Owner, RAIC Pty Ltd, St Kilda, Victoria - investment manager and VC enterprise specialising in developing high-yielding investment opportunities with a strong preference for mortgage-backed securities   To arrange a book signing or interview, contact:            Angela LevyTim Levy & AssociatesM: 0432 963 973E: angel@timlevy.netW:  To place orders for the book, contact:                              Joshua SmithFOXI Pty LtdSt Kilda  VIC  3182M: 0433 802 805E: joshua@shaunfox.netW: