The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-04-17T09:48:03Z US Foreign National Mortgage Program For Australian Investors 2021-04-17T09:48:03Z us-foreign-national-mortgage-program-for-australian-investors Borderless Mortgagor Capital has built unique lending relationships with sophisticated local banks and credit unions that understand how to review a foreign buyer’s loan application and how to assess foreign-based financial documents. They offer customized programs for foreign buyers seeking residential, commercial, bridging & jumbo loans. Highlights of the Borderless Mortgagor Capital Foreign National Loan Program: Super jumbo loans, Up to $100 million 80% LTV for purchase, refinance and equity release (cash out) Loans amortized over 30 years No FICO, Social Security number, Green Card or visa required No Income verification required Condotels and non-warrantable condos eligible Second homes, vacation homes and investment properties eligible Mobile Home Park, Multifamily units (2 to 80 units) eligible Interest only loans available Closing on average 30 days Rates from 2.90% Borderless Mortgagor Capital is a non-resident mortgage brokerage for Foreigners & High Net Worth Individuals with offices in Florida, Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, & Tokyo, specialising in high value and complex US Foreign National Mortgages. Borderless Mortgagor Capital LLC has a team of mortgage specialists with diverse perspectives and backgrounds. The team speaks various languages, including English, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Cantonese, Spanish, Greek, Albanian, Hebrew, and Russian. They have over 15 years of mortgage financing experience and have been the leader in helping non-U.S. residents achieve their real estate goals in the States. Melbourne entrepreneurs launch revolutionary online marketplace 2021-04-16T08:53:49Z melbourne-entrepreneurs-launch-revolutionary-online-marketplace-1 MELBOURNE, Victoria, April 16, 2021 - The Warrp platform was officially launched in the App store today, marking the start of Australia’s newest and most innovative digital marketplace. Warrp provides users a truly unique experience through dynamic pricing that takes the stress out of determining an item’s price and haggling with buyers. A process of user valuations and Warrp’s pricing algorithm creates a price-point for sellers to begin selling their products, known as a PriceWarrp, with an updated PriceWarrp for each product every 12 hours. Warrp Co-Founder and CEO, Matthew Ng, said this was the first time a system like this had been used in an online marketplace environment. “Warrp’s dynamic marketplace takes the time and worry out of trying to determine a price for your item, making it possible to create a listing in only 18 seconds,” Mr Ng said. “The system determines a price based on what the market deems fair and equitable through aggregated valuations from buyers and experts on the platform. “Over time our machine learning technology will gather this data to create an incredibly accurate price assessment of a huge range of different consumer goods. “Warrp is for the contemporary consumer, someone who wants a fast and worry-free experience selling their goods online.” Warrp Co-Founder and CTO, Roman Granovskyi, said Warrp was built on a model of safety and trust in an effort to transform the way buyers and sellers interacted both online and in person. “We are the only consumer goods marketplace of its kind that escrows all transactions, which means money only changes hands once everyone is satisfied,” said Mr Granovskyi. “There is also no bank account or credit card information required to use the service as all top-ups and withdrawals are securely handled by PayID. “Furthermore, we believe we are the first Australian marketplace platform to offer a geo-recommended Safe Meetup & Pickup delivery method for users to meet and finalise their transaction at locally partnered cafes, restaurants, and other businesses. “It’s a logical means of building trust amongst our users under the S.A.F.E model that’s at the core of how we operate.” The platform is based on an end-to-end design where buyers and sellers can Securely transact while the rest of the community plays an Active role in ensuring prices are Fair, making the entire experience seamless and Easy. Warrp can be downloaded on iPhones via the Australian App Store, with cross-platform versions for all other smartphone and web devices to be released at a later date. For more information visit or the Warrp Marketplace at US Microfilm giant announces new partnership 2021-04-16T00:32:40Z us-microfilm-giant-announces-new-partnership FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Imaging Australia New Zealand Announces Strategic Partnership with e-ImageData   Regional, Australia, April 13, 2021—Expanding its dedication to providing first class cost-effective scanning solutions, Imaging Australia New Zealand (IANZ) is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with e-ImageData Corporation. This partnership will bring IANZ the ability to sell cutting-edge microfilm scanners to its customers throughout Australia and New Zealand that utilize archival scanning.   Customers rely on IANZ to assist them by ensuring all elements of their business technology work together for the unified benefit of their business. With an integrated approach, IANZ can provide a range of services tailored for each customer. These services include the best quality imaging and digitisation procurement solutions and microfilm conversion services. In addition, via its partners, IANZ are able to offer book scanning equipment and high-speed document scanning equipment, servicing both Australia and New Zealand wide.   “We are thrilled to be working alongside e-ImageData to provide our clients across Australia and the New Zealand region with a powerful microfilm tool. From our initial conversations, we could clearly see similarities in our customer base and the industries with which we serve, it was a unanimous decision,” said Mark Petts, Imaging Australia New Zealand Managing Director.   Known for their patented and innovative technology, e-ImageData’s ScanPro® product line is the most trusted and versatile microfilm scanner on the market. The ScanPro is affordable, durable, totally upgradeable, and can deliver both fast lookups and high-performance conversion scanning for all film types, the only microfilm scanner that has all of these capabilities. The ScanPro is quick to learn, easy to use, dependable, and ships with a 3-year factory warranty, the best in the industry.   “Our e-ImageData team is looking forward to working with IANZ to sell our ScanPro product line of microfilm scanners throughout Australia and New Zealand,” said James Westoby, President, e-ImageData. ###   About Imaging Australia New Zealand With a combined 30 years of experience within the imaging and digitisation sectors across Australia & New Zealand, Imaging Australia New Zealand has become a major player in the Microfilm Equipment and Scanning Industry. Further information about IANZ can be found at   About e-ImageData Based in Hartford, Wi and founded in 1989, e-ImageData Corporation is an international manufacturer of microfilm scanning systems. Our products are built in the United States under the ScanPro® brand and shipped worldwide. Further information about e-ImageData Corporation can be found at Delivering A/NZ companies global intelligence to protect digital assets 2021-04-16T00:04:16Z delivering-a-nz-companies-global-intelligence-to-protect-digital-assets Melbourne, 15.04.2021 — Group-IB, a global threat hunting and adversary-centric cyber intelligence company, has signed a partnership agreement with Virtual Vendors, an Australia based cyber security advisory company. The two companies aim to join forces to connect local business and government organizations to Group-IB’s products and services trusted by the world’s biggest financial, energy, telecommunications, eCommerce companies, and enterprises amid growing frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks on IT and OT networks.    According to the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), an average of 164 cybercrime reports are made by Australians every day. Banking trojans and ransomware groups are increasingly active in the region. The top five sectors to report ransomware incidents to the ACSC are healthcare, government, education, transport and retail.  As stated in the Hi-Tech Crime Trends Report 2020-21, Australia is one of the most favorite targets of infamous ransomware gangs, such as REvil and Ryuk. Cybercriminals are also actively interested in payment cards issued by the local banks: Australia is in the top-10 countries in the world by the number of card dumps traded on the underground marketplaces, as per the report.    The increased attack surface, caused by the growing remote workforce, is further driving change in the threat landscape for Australian and New Zealand private and public companies, whose cybersecurity teams are constantly challenged in the protection of the customer and corporate assets. Thanks to the partnership between Virtual Vendors and Group-IB, local financial sector, eCommerce, telecommunications, industrial companies and government institutions can now leverage Group-IB full suite of battle-tested Cyber Threat Intelligence & Attribution, Threat Hunting, Fraud Hunting, and Digital Risk Protection technologies. Group-IB smart cybersecurity ecosystem uniting Group-IB’s patented innovative technologies helps cybersecurity teams consolidate, prioritize, and make informed decisions on relevant  threats posedto their organization.   Virtual Vendors has extensive commercial experience, active cyber expertise, and technical knowledge. The partners aim to deliver valuable real time defense, based upon Group-IB’s 18 years of proactive threat research and analysis. The ability to inform cyber teams of links between scatter incident data, cybercrime groups, phishing attacks, botnet and fraudulent activity is invaluable to Australia and New Zealand government and private enterprises as they continue to digitize their business. “Virtual Vendors are confident that both government and private enterprises across our region will benefit from Group-IB’s technological leadership which is built on more than 18 years of experience in cybercrime investigations worldwide, and more than 65,000 hours of incident response,” says Gregory Ryan Managing Partner at Virtual Vendors. “We are pleased to partner with Group-IB, to make these essential, market-leading cyber solutions available to all Australian and New Zealand enterprises.” The recent attack at Channel Nine again highlighted that  organization’s need tools driven by real time information to defend against these new variants of malware or ransomware, that’s why the platforms and expertise that Group IB provides, is invaluable in helping to protect valuable digital assets by understanding key vulnerabilities, based upon great intelligence..     “Group-IB's continued investment into the Australian market is essential to our growth as a Singaporean company and to further support clients within the region for their Cyber Threat Intelligence, Network Security, Anti-Fraud and Digital Risk Protection needs,” comments Nicholas Palmer, Head of Global Business at Group-IB. “The Australian government has placed significant focus on developing cyber security in all critical infrastructure segments. Our partnership with Virtual Vendors was taken given the significant experience of its leadership team working with the financial and government segments as former CISO and business leaders within the Australian market and we look forward to working together with our new partners to bring visibility to the threats and adversaries that their customers and all of Australia faces.”   Learn more about Group-IB’s products and services at     About Virtual Vendors    Virtual Vendors is an exciting Australia based cyber security advisory company who represent innovative global or local cyber security vendors in the Australian and New Zealand marketplaces.Our team has extensive Consultancy, Technical and Delivery experience from both Vendor/Customer side, as well very strong relationships across the region covering Government and Private Enterprise extensively.   We partner closely with vendors that match our detailed selection criteria offering the highest value for our customers and ensure there is no domain conflictwith the vendors in our portfolio.   Operating collaboratively in this way we take these high value solutions to our customers and in addition, our customers come to us with challenges that we as an innovative leader in the cyber security space are able to respond to. This response drives insight, resources and solutions that mitigate and solve those challenges. Inevitably our approach is to continue to develop the crucial capabilities and posture that Government and Private Enterprise cyber teams need to stay ahead of the emerging cyber threat landscape.   The Virtual Vendors model is to partner closely with few innovative cyber companies which complements our consulting and delivery expertise that want to access and grow their business in the Australia and New Zealand market and become an extension of their core go-to-market team. Once we have established the vendor in the region, we hand that successful operation back to the vendor as a robust and profitable business to continue its growth journey.       About Group-IB   Group-IB is a Singapore-based provider of solutions aimed at detection and prevention of cyberattacks and online fraud. The company also specializes in high-profile cyber investigations and digital risk protection. Group-IB’s Threat Intelligence & Attribution system has been named one of the best in class by Gartner, Forrester, and IDC, while its Threat Hunting Framework has been recognized as one of the leaders in Network Detection and Response by the leading European analyst agency KuppingerCole Analysts AG.  Gartner identified Group-IB as a Representative Vendor in Online Fraud Detection for its Fraud Hunting Platform. In addition, Group-IB was recognized as a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s Market Guide for Digital Forensics and Incident Response Services. Group-IB was granted Innovation Excellence award for its Digital Risk Protection (DRP), an Al-driven platform for identifying and mitigating digital risks and counteracting brand impersonation attacks with the company’s patented technologies at its core. Group-IB’s technological leadership is built on the company’s 18 years of hands-on experience in cybercrime investigations around the world and 65 000 hours of cyber security incident response accumulated in one of the biggest forensic laboratories and a round-the-clock centre providing a rapid response to cyber incidents—CERT-GIB.  Group-IB is a partner of INTERPOL and Europol and has been recommended by the OSCE as a cybersecurity solutions provider. Our mission is to protect clients in cyberspace on a daily basis with the most innovative products and services while preserving our team members’ happiness.   For more information, please contact:                +65 3159-3798 Twitter | LinkedIn |Facebook   For More information – Please contact +61 402892412 @VendorsVirtual - a new web app getting people back into Sydney CBD pubs. 2021-04-15T23:27:48Z www-findavenue-io-press-release-a-new-app-getting-people-back-into-sydney-cbd-pubs-v1-0 EMBARGO: 10:00AM AEST 16th April 2021 A new web app to get people back into Sydney CBD pubs. Sydneysiders can now visit leading pubs in the city and save time with The live web app that brings discoverability, safety, spontaneity and stress-free navigation to visitors venturing to Sydney’s CBD, including seamless linking to the Service NSW COVID Safe Check-in app. Supported by a grant from the Sydney City Council, the map-based live web app has been launched as a free trial in the Sydney CBD. It was not long ago during COVID-19’s peak that almost 95 percent of NSW pub workers were stood down or had their jobs terminated. Additionally, Sydney CBD recreational visitor numbers dropped by 86% and NSW public transport usage numbers almost halved. With rays of light emerging following the Covid-19 global pandemic, fostering a safe environment to encourage people to return to cities has never been more important. However, despite the good news, COVID-19 continues to impact CBD hospitality businesses as not everyone is comfortable returning to the city centre for leisure and entertainment. And although initiatives such as the $500 million Dine and Discover program are promoting a safe return to city life, the public are finding it frustrating and stressful as some venues are booked-out weeks in advance and customers are not sure whether they will be let in without a booking. To address this agile, lean innovators are using technology to proactively support the sector's economic recovery. One such innovation is Founded by creative entrepreneur Jamie Andrei, based in Australia's leading innovation hub Stone and Chalk at the Sydney Startup Hub, the live web app is currently being trialed in Sydney's CBD. Leading, forward thinking venues already using the web app as part of the live trial include Harts Pub, York Lane, Papa Gedes Bar, The Fortune of War, The Glenmore Hotel, Since I Left You, The Australian Heritage Hotel, The Captains Balcony, The Foxhole, Argyle Bar, Spawn Point Bar and Stitch Bar with more venues to be announced shortly. is a free to use live web app that is all about encouraging the safe return of foot traffic to the city. The web app creates a seamless experience using data to allow the public to find the best venue options near them and increase certainty when it comes to making plans. The app makes it easy to browse by venue capacity in real time, register for SMS alerts should a venue be full, and it can walk customers straight to a venue’s door via Google Map directions, and importantly allows Covid Safe Sign-in by linking to the Service NSW app in a seamless manner.  It also features a window signage mode that displays the capacity status in venue windows as a visual nudge to attract walk-in customers. is designed to match patrons to venues near them and to optimise occupancy for owners, replacing the need to queue or crowd around to scan a QR code to sign in, or randomly walk around the city looking for a venue that can squeeze patrons in. founder Jamie Andrei states: ‘Many people stopped coming into the CBD altogether during COVID, they stayed at home and ordered-in which decimated the local hospitality sector. Being based in the city, I saw first-hand the impact the drop in foot traffic was having on venues. Foot traffic was down 90% with weekly takings mirroring that trend. As things improved there was still a lot of uncertainty and confusion over bookings. It got me thinking, there has to be a better way to find a venue.’ In addition to the positive feedback from initial market research, the easy-to-use web app has been testing well, with over 50 interviews being conducted with venue staff and the public alike. Uncertainty and frustration over bookings are universal pain points and is a simple and efficient way to improve the overall hospitality customer experience, encourage people to return safely to the Sydney CBD, increase venue occupancy and bring back fun and discovery to people’s lives. ‘The response has been great. The Sydney City Council, Sydney City Liquor Accord and CBD Sydney Chamber of Commerce have all been supportive. Customer and industry feedback has been very positive. Our focus is to get the public using the web app regularly to streamline their CBD customer experience and attract people into local venues,’ Mr Andrei said. Ultimately the technology could be used across many sectors from museums, restaurants to art galleries, the Royal Easter Show and more. Anywhere that foot traffic and venue capacity are key inputs. The long term vision is to operate the web app as a free to use, location-based media business. To use the web app please visit www.findavenue. Photos: Link here to photos cleared for use courtesy of Bake. ABOUT BAKE is a creative, innovative forward thinking content agency who work with a range of leading businesses from start-ups and scale ups, industry bodies, to state government agencies through to privately owned family businesses. CONCENTRATION RISK OF GOVERNMENT DATA RISES FOLLOWING HOME AFFAIRS DECISION 2021-04-15T04:42:13Z concentration-risk-of-government-data-rises-following-home-affairs-decision AusTender information reveals yet another Government Department has selected the same, single provider that already holds 80 per cent of the value of Government data centre contacts. The Department of Home Affairs has followed a long line of recent Federal Government agencies who have selected the same data centre supplier, including the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, the Australian Taxation Office, Services Australia, Australian Communications and Media Authority, Australian Fisheries, Department of Education, Department of Defence and the Department of Infrastructure. All of these agencies entered into new contracts with this single data centre supplier within 2020. This single-track approach is exposing the Government and Australians to significant risk by increasing the concentration of data with one data centre provider.   Research by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), commissioned by the SmartaData Alliance, found that of the 87 current data centre facilities contracts with Australian Government agencies, 54 per cent were with one data centre provider. That figure has risen following the decision by Home Affairs.  In terms of contract value, the Home Affairs decision means over 80 per cent of Government expenditure on data centres is now with one provider.  Spokesperson for the Smarta Data Alliance Armon Hicks, says this is a growing, significant risk which the Government must now recognise and address.  “It is extremely concerning that the Government continues to place all of its data eggs in one single basket, with one provider,” Mr Hicks said. “That’s government data – yours and mine – with one provider, in one city, only five kilometres apart and it represents a significant sovereign risk for the Government, the community and every Australian. “Data centres are critical infrastructure - Australia’s national security and the ability of the Australian Government to deliver services is contingent on the protection and the resilience afforded by Australia’s data centres. “Our concern is that if there was a major incident that affected this single data centre provider like a bushfire or power outage or a serious cyber hacking or worse, a terrorist attack – will the government agencies that rely on that data to deliver essential services be able to access it?”.   “The potential damage that been caused by cyber-attacks was made clear with the recent attack on Nine Entertainment crippling its operations.   “If something similar were to happen to our Government departments the impacts could be catastrophic.” In its 2020 Cyber Security Strategy, the Federal Government acknowledged the seriousness of the issue stating: “Highly sophisticated nation states and state-sponsored actors continue to target governments and critical infrastructure providers. Australian Government or state and territory government entities were targeted in 35.4% of the incidents the ACSC responded to in the year to 30 June 2020 (see Figure 1). Around 35% of incidents impacted critical infrastructure providers that deliver essential services including healthcare, education, banking, water, communications, transport and energy. A successful cyber attack against one of these services could have significant ramifications for the broader economy and Australian way of life.” The Smarta Data Alliance argues that appropriate risk mitigation strategies must be applied to minimise the risk associated with major data loss or unavailability. “Having over 80 per cent of the value of contracts for Government data with one service provider does not achieve this,” Mr Hicks said. “While each facility in itself may represent a secure environment, the fact of having both the prime and backup with one provider represents a risk aggregation that should be unacceptable given the catastrophic consequences of loss of that data.”  “Our Government departments need to recognise the inherent risks to the public of storing so much data within a single data centre provider. “We need to put a solution to this in place now, rather than waiting for an unmitigated disaster to happen first. “This means a shift in the implementation of the procurement guidelines. We cannot go on inadvertently creating one big target because of the concentration of data to one service provider. “The Federal Government must spread the risk across diverse data centre providers with separate management, corporate and operational structures, mandated distance separation, multiple connectivity, and other risk mitigations to keep all Australians’ data storage infrastructure and data secure.” Government and data centre providers must work together to ensure Australia’s data and the infrastructure protecting that data remains safe.   ENDS About the Smarta Data Alliance The Smarta Data Alliance is a coalition of peer data centre operators and cloud service providers in Australia who have come together to raise concerns about the inherent risk in the current concentration of critical national federal government data centre provision with a single provider. Membership of the Alliance is open to all data centre operators who share this concern. NO MORE TEARS WITH JABS 2021-04-14T00:54:38Z no-more-tears-with-jabs Media release - for immediate release   NO MORE TEARS WITH JABS Simple plastic device to block needle sensation lands in Australia – for use at home or at the doctor   Sydney, 13 April 21 ·      A chemical-free, non-invasive solution reduces or removes the feeling of the needle poke ·      Works in 93.2% of users[1] ·      Perfect for kids & adults with needle fear, or regular injection-receivers ·      Can be easily used at home for insulin or other self-administered shots ·      Can be used by nurses and GPs for vaccinations or allergy shots Most of us are glad that COVID vaccinations are getting close, but many Aussies are secretly dreading going to the doctor for their next injection. Now, a simple device used in the US and UK is available to reduce the sensation of the needle without any toxins or extra steps – some people feel nothing at all when using it. Needle stick fear As many as one in ten people has needle phobia, and one in five of those avoids medical treatment and can miss out on urgent care. Many of us put off going to the doctor because of it, and have to suffer anxiously in the lead up – or we put off taking kids because we want to delay the tears. Some people’s fear is so extreme is has led to death instead of treatment. It has been a problem since needles were invented, and we still don’t know why. But for many, needle phobia starts in childhood – often in relation to a medical experience that makes us link healthcare with pain or fear. It can be a serious problem that causes great anxiety and delays or disrupts proper medical care. Parents go out of their way to try to prevent their children associating the doctor with pain and fear, even if they do themselves. People try different methods to alleviate the phobia – including hypnosis, or requesting numbing sprays and creams before a jab. For young children especially, it is difficult to explain the unusual feeling of a needle prick, although people try with some success to bribe or reward them with treats, distract them with iPads, or play down the pain. Designed by a paediatrician to block pain If you dread getting pricked, or you have children that do, you know that ‘just getting over it’ isn’t an option. But now there is a tiny object that can safely and non-invasively prevent the pain, with no chemicals or drugs, smells, skin damage, or side effects. It’s so simple, it’s hard to believe on sight – but studies have shown that 93.2% of people experience mild or no pain when using it. ShotBlocker® has been used with great success in the US and Europe, and is now available for the first time in Australia and New Zealand. Doctors and pharmacists recommend its use for those with a fear of needles. It can also be used early on children, so they don’t develop an association between needles and pain. For those living with diabetes or other conditions that necessitate regular injections, it is easy, safe and cheap to use at home. It is reusable (on the same patient) and small enough to put in a purse or pocket. ShotBlocker® works in a unique way, using ‘gate control’ pain management. It is a plastic disc with a gap for the needle. Small blunt bumps are pressed against the skin, distracting the body by saturating the sensory nerves so that pain impulses aren’t sent up the spinal cord to the brain. Doctors in the US, where the device has been used for some time, report patients and parents asking for the ShotBlocker® by name because of positive prior experiences. It can be used for all injections under the skin or into muscle almost everywhere on the body – including vaccinations and minor injections such as allergy shots or insulin. Ask for it at your next shot ShotBlocker® is produced by Bionix Medical Technologies and will be exclusively distributed in Australia and New Zealand by ECOMED, one of Australia’s most trusted medical equipment distributors. It is available now at Pharmacy Online and in store at selected pharmacies – ask your pharmacist or doctor about it at your next visit. – End –     For media enquiries, please contact: Gigi Shaw E:   For purchasing enquiries, please contact: Lauren Callaghan ECOMED Customer Care T: 1800 67 5432 E:    About ECOMED Established in 1995, Ecomed is an Australian owned distributor of Medical Equipment & Consumables that has provided Australia and New Zealand healthcare markets with high quality products for a quarter century. Ecomed’s highly qualified, specialist staff are a dedicated team of professional healthcare Product Specialists, Product Managers & Clinical Educators that provide best in field before and after sales support. Global manufacturers partner with Ecomed because we understand their products; know their customers; and are passionate about providing the best products to the ANZ market and its patients. Ecomed distributes diagnostic, emergency care, infant care, monitoring, cryotherapy, respiratory, and general medical care equipment and supplies. For more information, visit   About ShotBlocker® Invented by James Huttner, M.D., Ph.D., a pediatrician and co-founder of Bionix Medical Technologies, a Toledo, Ohio based medical device company., US Patent # 6,902,554. The effectiveness of the ShotBlocker® has been clinically tested and supported through four independent studies. The medical facilities involved with these studies include: Department of Emergency Medicine and the Department of Pediatrics from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey‐ Robert Wood Medical School;  Department of Emergency Medicine, St Christopher’s Hospital for Children ‐  Drexel University College of Medicine; Department of Pediatrics, St. Luke’s Medical Center, Quezon City, Philippines; Family Physicians Association of Flower Hospital, Toledo, Ohio; Maumee Pediatrics Associates, Maumee, Ohio.   [1] A study on the Efficacy of ShotBlocker® found that 93.2% of those with ShotBlocker experienced mild to no pain compared to 51.7% of those without ShotBlocker®. SYSPRO rebrands as it commits to securing a digital future for global manufactures and distributors 2021-04-12T23:36:24Z syspro-rebrands-as-it-commits-to-securing-a-digital-future-for-global-manufactures-and-distributors Melbourne, 13 April 2021 - SYSPRO, an industry-built ERP software solution designed to make things possible in key manufacturing and distribution industries, has unveiled its re-energised brand, visual identity and positioning to the market. The new brand tagline and positioning signifies SYSPRO’s evolving offering to the market and how the business continues to be committed to guide customers to secure a digital future.  Over the past year, manufacturers and distributors have had to contend with global vulnerabilities and disruptive forces. Many have now shown a sense of urgency in accelerating their digital transformation journeys for long-term resiliency. The industry has realised that digital transformation is now indispensable in translating efficiency and productivity gains back into the business. With industry needs top of mind, SYSPRO redefined its message to resonate with customers as they take their next step – whether it is expanding into new territories, adding new product lines, transforming business processes, or driving innovation.   According to Sandra Fraga, SYSPRO Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, “Our customers are looking for trusted advisors and industry specialists that understand their need to deliver value, drive operational efficiencies, control costs and drive bottom line results. As a pledge of commitment to help manufacturers to remain resilient, we have changed our tagline to ‘Say Yes to Next.’  Underpinned by purpose, this tagline will be embodied within every customer interaction as we lead them through significant growth. We believe this will really resonate with our customers as they say yes – to the next idea, the next opportunity, the next possibility, and to achieve more.”  The rebrand also talks to SYSPRO’s adaptability to align with industry trends and leverage emerging technologies that will enable partners and customers to have a competitive advantage. Built from experience and made for manufacturers, SYSPRO Cloud ERP has been developed with this in mind.  “In today’s environment, businesses need to evolve faster, expand quicker, collaborate across the business and serve customers better by delivering tangible business value. While manufacturers have realised that they need to review their current technology solutions to meet the challenges of the future head-on, the key to success in this new digital era is selecting an ERP platform with cloud capabilities to embrace innovation to transform their business for enhanced growth and long-term sustainability,” notes Fraga.   With a new look and feel, SYSPRO’s primary focus will remain on ensuring the delivery of a high-quality ERP solution and experience to the market.  “As industries continue to navigate through uncharted territory, we have an opportunity to reset and transform their businesses for future growth and digital innovation. As trusted advisors, we look at delivering next generation technologies built for the industries and sectors we serve. We understand that industry leaders don’t wait, they build the next,” concludes Fraga.  For more on SYSPRO Cloud ERP, visit:   What is white labelling? 2021-04-12T14:09:36Z what-is-white-labeling-wildjar-1 You may be unfamiliar with the term ‘white labelling’, but familiar with the concept. Many industries, from grocery retailers to IT services, use white labelling as a means of selling goods or services that are produced elsewhere under their own brand. The term was derived from the process of “whiting out” text on a piece of paper so that it can be re-written. An example of white labelling can be found at your local supermarket. Many of the products on shelf are manufactured at the same facility, but are sold under different brand names. Supermarket home brands are some of the most common - they pay for a product to be manufactured, but put their own label on it. Why? Aside from the obvious cost benefit, it is almost impossible for one entity to have the production capabilities for every single product it sells. Companies outsource their manufacturing to entities that do have the appropriate resources, saving them time and money and allowing them to focus on growing other areas of their business. The same concept applies to digital software. Developing your own company-branded software or portal requires extensive testing, funding and skills that many agencies simply don’t have. With so many solutions already available, it makes sense to take advantage of white labelling.  Benefits Of White Labelling Building Credibility Consistent branding is crucial, particularly when it comes to digital marketing. Agencies need to present a cohesive image to clients; and that’s where white labelling comes into play. Having your branding on reports and portals can strengthen your business’ credibility and improve brand awareness. More Services If your services are currently limited to in-house, purchasing third-party software can allow your business to expand its offerings. Think targeted campaigns, improved client data and seamless integrations. It’s all about investing in the right resources to ensure your business runs smoothly. Customer Loyalty Build customer loyalty by offering solutions they can access. Improve your client retention with a range of services, minimising their need to look elsewhere. Each time a customer accesses your services, they’ll be met with consistency - allowing them to return time and time again. Added Support In an ideal world, technology operates perfectly 100% of the time. Realistically, that’s not always the case. Purchasing white label software comes with the buffer of troubleshooting support from the developer, saving you the worry when something goes wrong. High Quality Companies that create software that is available for white labelling invest the time, energy and resources into developing high-quality solutions, so you don’t have to. White labelling is an industry in itself, with companies taking advantage of advances in technology to ensure their software is competitive. Ensure your clients have access to high-quality solutions by investing in white labelling.  Finding the right solution  At WildJar, we provide advanced software solutions that are easy to use, so you can focus more on building your business. With seamless integration available to collate your existing resources, it’s simpler to generate, track and implement strategies to keep your business ticking. Our call tracking platform was built with Agencies in mind. All of our Agency plans come with a whitelabel solution, using your own branded URL, logos and colour scheme to fit your brand. Our channel partner program is the easiest and quickest way to deliver a cutting edge call tracking solution to your clients, whilst generating an additional revenue stream for your business. Book a demo today and find out why more businesses worldwide are turning to WildJar for their business solutions. Australian parking tech developer wins partnership to launch integrated cloud-based parking solution 2021-04-08T03:38:08Z australian-parking-tech-developer-wins-partnership-to-launch-integrated-cloud-based-parking-solution MEDIA RELEASE - Sydney, New South Wales, 8 April 2020 - Mosman Council has further cemented its position as an early adopter of technology by introducing the award-winning CellOPark parking payment app to its suite of cloud-based, contactless and paperless parking solutions for residents. CellOPark, from Australian technology company Smarter City Solutions, will work in conjunction with the current parking payment methods, as a part of the councils endeavour to embrace new technology and implement innovative parking solutions to enhance the customer experience. Mosman Council are considered industry leaders for their adoption of new parking technology and were the first Australian local council to transition completely to virtual parking permits after launching Smarter City Solutions’s vPermit in 2019, which won an award for ‘Excellence in Technology and Innovation’ at the Parking Industry Awards in the same year.   vPermit was delivered to over 10,000 Mosman residents and has reduced customer service hours by allowing residents to register for a parking permit online through the vPermit portal.    The CellOPark system will also automatically give eligible Mosman residents using vPermit a ‘free’ three-hour period to park in areas such as The Spit, Balmoral, Clifton Gardens, Rosherville Reserve and also near Taronga Zoo. A first of its kind, this integration will automatically discount fares for residents using a car registered with vPermit by using License Plate Recognition(LPR) technology.   Alongside the CellOPark and vPermit technology, the council has also implemented in-ground, real-time sensors on key streets and car parks, and developed their own app to help motorists find available parking in popular areas. With the data collected from the various smart parking technologies the council can now make informed decisions about their planning and development instead of relying on anecdotal evidence.   Speaking of the project Mosman Council General Manager Dominic Johnson said the pay-by-app service would further enhance the driving and parking experience in Mosman.   "The app is the latest in a suite of innovative solutions implemented by Mosman Council to ensure Mosman continues to develop along a smart city pathway.   "Local users will benefit from the Mosman-specific information, which accounts for vPermit holders' free parking periods, contributing to a tailored parking experience.   Ori Almong, Managing Director of Smarter City Solutions, said that given our current Covid-conscious climate the move to contactless technology has accelerated the need for innovative parking solutions such as CellOPark and vPermit. “We are pleased to team up with Mosman Council for the second time to create a parking management solution which suits the needs of residents, visitors, businesses and the council while still offering incredible data for future council planning. “Now via the CellOPark app and mobile site , visitors and residents of Mosman will be given more flexibility and options for payment when looking to park in the council area and with our premium reminder service, they will never risk a fine again. “CellOPark’s technology simplifies the entire parking process for visitors, residents and the council. Motorists can start a session in the zone they parked in, with zone selection made easy through GPS integration and QR codes on signs, and because transactions  are linked to license plates there is no need to hold on to printed tickets or display them on dashboards.” Smarter City Solutions has built a strong reputation in deploying integrated, cloud-based parking solutions that enable municipalities and campuses to deliver a better experience to their staff and stakeholders. They have a suite of products including vCompliance, an infringement management system that can be tailored to the needs and integrated with legacy systems. END Smarter City Solutions Bio Smarter City Solutions (SCS) is an established Australian software and technology services organisation that is leading the way with integrated parking systems. SCS is delivering award winning parking solutions derived from interconnected cloud-based technologies using its own pay-by-app and virtual permit systems as well as vCompliance for infringement issuance and systems from other leading parking technology providers. Smarter City Solutions is on a mission to develop software and systems that enable parking providers to enable a better experience of parking and administrative infrastructure for their staff and stakeholders.  About Mosman Council Mosman Council is recognised as an industry leader for its use of the latest technology to manage public parking efficiently. Council has embraced new technology in its parking strategy by using innovative solutions to manage its public parking space, introducing in-ground sensors to improve the utilisation of its limited parking supply and moving to all-digital parking permits through its award-winning vPermit system. Council’s parking sensors, digital permits and customer parking apps enhance the ability to use information collection and communication technologies to further improve or expand services. Brisbane City moves to cashless parking 2021-04-08T03:33:39Z brisbane-city-moves-to-cashless-parking MEDIA STATEMENT - Sydney, New South Wales, Wednesday 10 February - Brisbane City Council announced the end to cash payments at 960 parking meters which operate 7500 parking spaces around Auchenflower, Buranda, Bowen Hills, Fortitude Valley, Kelvin Grove, Milton, Newstead, South Brisbane, West End and Woolloongabba. Brisbane City Council announced the decision to drop cash payments from parking meters at Tuesday’s full council meeting. From February 22, the only payments accepted at parking meters will be via credit card, smartphone or the CellOPark app. “I am advised that cash payments in Queensland dropped from 35 percent to 15 per cent across the board,” infrastructure committee chairman David McLachlan told the meeting. “This steep decline in cash use over recent months is clearly a direct response to the pandemic, and consumers are clearly showing trends to minimise contact with physical currency.” “What this proved to us is that so few people use coin payments, with motorists embracing technology to pay for parking,” Cr McLachlan said. “Using cashless payments only for parking is a sign of how we are working to quickly adapt to a new normal post-coronavirus. “Not only are cashless payments great from a hygiene purpose, they also significantly reduce maintenance costs for our meters by hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, which is a great outcome for ratepayers.” Speaking about the announcement Michael Doherty, Head of Business Development at Smarter City Solutions, says “It’s great to see Brisbane Council take an innovative approach to parking by ending cash payments at meters to keep up with our evolving digital society.” “In the midst of Covid we’ve seen retail and hospitality businesses switch to contactless payments for hygiene purposes and it’s natural that our parking should follow suit.” “Contactless parking payment solutions such as ours have been on the market for a while now, maturing to become sophisticated technology that meets the needs and expectations of motorists.” “Motorists in Brisbane have enjoyed the simplicity of Smarter City Solutions’s CellOPark app since 2016. They are able to choose parking zones using GPS or QR Codes, start and stop sessions at the push of a button and manage their payments all through their phone or mobile website.” “CellOPark also provides a pay-by-call solution for those who are unable to use the smart phone app. Motorists can call 0756 4652 22 and follow the prompts to start and stop their parking.” -ENDS- Michael Doherty Bio Michael Doherty has been at the forefront of parking technology for close to a decade, having worked with many of the businesses behind Australia’s leading parking and payment apps and cloud-based permit and compliance technologies. As Head of Business Development for Smarter City Solutions, he oversees the sales and marketing of unique integrated parking solutions for local councils, universities, corporate clients all over Australia and beyond. Michael was the first employee at Smarter City Solutions when it launched as CellOPark in 2013. He returned to the company in 2020.  Multi-disciplined with a solid, 25-year strong track record in information technology, Michael embraces disruptive technology and looks forward to a future where parking permit stickers and coin-fed meters are a thing of the past. Smarter City Solutions Bio Smarter City Solutions (SCS) is an established Australian software and technology services organisation that is leading the way with integrated parking systems. SCS is delivering award winning parking solutions derived from interconnected cloud-based technologies using its own pay-by-app and virtual permit systems as well as vCompliance for infringement issuance and systems from other leading parking technology providers. Smarter City Solutions is on a mission to develop software and systems that enable parking providers to enable a better experience of parking and administrative infrastructure for their staff and stakeholders. OneBlink appoints VP for North America 2021-04-07T23:51:54Z oneblink-appoints-vp-for-north-america Paul has an extraordinary record over 30 years of generating new accounts, exceeding sales targets and building enthusiastic customer relations. An experienced sales and business development executive, Paul has produced significant results for both large and small software and professional services firms, both across the US and internationally. “OneBlink is extremely excited to announce our first US based employee, and to gain someone of Paul’s calibre and experience is a huge bonus”, OneBlink C.E.O Darren Besgrove said. “While we planted the seeds for our US expansion back in 2019, COVID-19 and the ongoing restrictions on international travel really forced us to rethink how we would resource and support the North American market. We remain very positive on the opportunity and the business model for White Labelling our world class solution to ISVs who haven’t made the leap to low-code, so end-users can realise greater customisation around the ISV’s own products. Paul’s appointment is the catalyst we need the resume that expansion and engage more ISV partners under our unique White Label program.” “Be it with end-user organizations or channel partners, my clear passion is helping my clients achieve optimal business outcomes, and that same thinking from OneBlink is what attracted me to this opprtunity”, Paul said. About OneBlinkOneBlink is an Australian-headquartered ISV who has built it’s Low-code Application Development Platform on the back of AWS’ global infrastructure, and has been an AWS Advanced Technology Partner since 2015. Combining low/no-code smart forms, mobile and web app builders, with powerful developer-centric tools for integrations and workflow, IoT, API management, hosting and No-ops deployment, OneBlink is a proven solution for mid-large enterprises and government agencies seeking to digitally transform or optimise a range of business processes. Beyond AWS accreditations for Mobile and Government, OneBlink was awarded Cloud World Forum’s “Best Enterprise Mobility Solution - 2015” in London. Progress Global Hackathon Challenges Developers to Build Apps to Make the World a Better Place 2021-04-07T22:22:43Z progress-global-hackathon-challenges-developers-to-build-apps-to-make-the-world-a-better-place Sydney, Australia —April 8, 2021—Progress (NASDAQ: PRGS), the leading provider of products to develop, deploy and manage high-impact business applications, today announced The Worthy Web, a virtual six-week hackathon, challenging developers across the world to create web apps that help people lead better lives, stay connected, and contribute to society during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.   The hackathon kicks off today and closes on May 24. It features a total of $40,000 in cash prizes distributed in multiple categories.   “The Worthy Web aims to inspire developers to use their skills and the power of technology to build apps that will make the world a better place,” said Sara Faatz, Director, Developer Relations, Progress. “Whether it is apps that help people cope with the realities of living in a pandemic, connect restaurants with local shelters, help to make services accessible to those with disabilities, or anything related to betterment of the community or our world, the hackathon is part of our mission to enable the developer community to do well and have a positive impact on the world.”   Developers can enter the hackathon at any time over the six-week period. The apps they create should be for the good of humanity and built leveraging Progress’ industry-leading developer tools. Winners will be selected based on the apps’ positive impact on the world or the community, quality of the idea, overall execution and implementation and use of the Progress developer tools in one of nine categories: “Best Use of Telerik® UI for Blazor,” “Best Use of Telerik® UI for Angular” and “Best Use of KendoReact™” and others.    Winners will be announced on June 9.   Along with the hackathon, Progress will launch a Weekly Worthy Web Show that will feature practical tips on how to build “Worthy Web” apps and will host discussions on topics like accessibility, overcoming unconscious bias and ethical design in app development. The show, which will take place on the popular video streaming platform Twitch, aims to encourage collaboration, knowledge sharing and creativity among those joining the hackathon.     For more information about The Worthy Web and how to enter the hackathon, visit   Additional Resources Follow Progress on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn ·       Read the Progress blog   About Progress Progress (NASDAQ: PRGS) provides the leading products to develop, deploy and manage high-impact business applications. Our comprehensive product stack is designed to make technology teams more productive, and we have a deep commitment to the developer community, both open source and commercial alike. With Progress solutions, organisations can accelerate the creation and delivery of strategic business applications, automate the process by which apps are configured, deployed and scaled, and make critical data and content more accessible and secure -- leading to competitive differentiation and business success. Over 1,700 independent software vendors, 100,000+ enterprise customers, and a three-million-strong developer community rely on Progress to power their applications. Learn about Progress at or +1-800-477-6473.    ###   Progress, Telerik, KendoReact, and Kendo UI are trademarks or registered trademarks of Progress Software Corporation and/or one of its subsidiaries or affiliates in the US and other countries. Any other trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.   Voice - you don't know what you've got til it's gone 2021-04-07T13:24:16Z voice-you-don-t-know-what-you-ve-got-til-it-s-gone At no time in recent history has the power to communicate by voice, been more important. With International and National borders closed to travel this past year, our ability to remain connected has relied even more heavily on long distant communication like video or telephone calls.   But let’s stop for a moment to think - how would this be possible without the magic of the human voice?  This is the challenge faced every day by people living with chronic Dysphonia.   Simply put – the term ‘dysphonia’ means ‘difficulty making voice sounds’ . BUT unlike vision and hearing, no-one ever thinks about their voice; it's the forgotten one of the 3 Wise Monkeys.    Dysphonia can be associated with other health conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons Disease, Myasthenia Gravis just to name a few… or it can stand alone.  It can be a short, one-off  episode, or like for many members of the Australian Dysphonia Network, it can be a chronic and life changing condition that impacts on employment, relationships and in many cases, the mental health of those affected.   Most of us don’t give our voice a thought until it’s gone, so The Australian Dysphonia Network aims to change that by raising awareness, and funds for research into early diagnosis and management of voice issues. They want voice disorders to be recognised and valued alongside vision and hearing issues.   World Voice Day, April 16th is the perfect day to do just that.   World Voice Day was founded in Brazil back in 1999 with the aim of drawing attention to the science and phenomenon of voice production. It soon grew to highlight the significant role that the voice plays in every aspect of our daily lives.  World Voice Day has gained momentum across the globe, and currently over 50 countries join the annual celebration with events, lectures, performances and media strategies to promote it’s message.   The Australian Dysphonia Network will also use this time to remind everyone that any voice change that lasts longer that 4 weeks in the absence of a ‘cold’, should be fully assessed by a Laryngologist or Speech Pathologist whose expertise is in Voice issues.  CLICK HERE for 90 sec promo clip – ‘The Value of Voice’   CLICK HERE for Published media moments on Dysphonia in Australia. Including: ·      ABC HealthReport ·      9Honey ·      Studio 10 OneBlink adds Global Distribution via AWS Marketplace 2021-04-07T03:47:09Z oneblink-adds-global-distribution-via-aws-marketplace Beginning initially with it’s LcS (or Low-code Suite) Starter Service, OneBlink can now provide customers a seamless transition from it’s 60-day Free Trial, to ‘month-to-month’ SaaS billing direct on their AWS account, regardless of where they are in the world. Prior to the initiative, software buyers would have had to contract separately with OneBlink for a subscription to LcS.      “OneBlink is proud to announce the launch of LcS in AWS Marketplace”, OneBlink C.E.O Darren Besgrove said. “As an Australian headquartered ISV we’re excited about the expansion opportunities we can develop through AWS Marketplace, both across ANZ and those parts of the world where we don’t have direct representation. Being aligned with AWS, we continue to innovate our product set and we’re pleased to be part of the program.”     Deepening the relationship with AWS, OneBlink adds Marketplace as yet another AWS achievement, coming on the back of its long-standing AWS competencies within Mobile and Government, and it’s inclusion in both AWS’ Public Sector and SaaS Programs.      OneBlink joins more than 1,000 companies on AWS Marketplace for SaaS products.      About OneBlink    OneBlink is an Australian-headquartered ISV who has built it’s Low-code Application Development Platform on the back of AWS’ global infrastructure, and has been an AWS Advanced Technology Partner since 2015.     Combining low/no-code smart forms, mobile and web app builders, with powerful developer-centric tools for integrations and workflow, IoT, API management, hosting and No-ops deployment, OneBlink is a proven solution for mid-large enterprises and government agencies seeking to digitally transform or optimise a range of business processes.      Beyond AWS accreditations for Mobile and Government, OneBlink was awarded Cloud World Forum’s “Best Enterprise Mobility Solution - 2015” in London.