The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-01-25T19:27:15Z The Importance of Call Tracking in Marketing Campaigns 2021-01-25T19:27:15Z the-importance-of-call-tracking-in-marketing-campaigns If you work in digital marketing, then you’ll appreciate that every bit of data helps when it comes to putting together a winning strategy. Whether you’re running a Facebook campaign or optimising webpages for Google, the importance of understanding what drives clicks is key. However one area of marketing that many people overlook is call tracking.  With just some basic software, you can unearth a host of analytics data that will take your campaigns to a whole new level. Want to find out more? Check out this blog from the experts at WildJar.  Link phone calls to campaign efforts  Don’t have call tracking set up? You’re missing half the picture. Without call tracking software running alongside your campaigns, you can’t accurately determine what’s working and what's not. Yes, analytics allows you to measure online conversions, but what about when someone calls your business directly instead of clicking a link or filling out a form? By using call tracking software, you’re trading confusion for certainty. The end result is a more comprehensive picture of your entire campaign.  Dynamic Number Insertion Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) works wonders if you want to understand customer behaviour on a deeper level. This software feature assigns a unique number to each contact based on their source, allowing you to see where they are calling from. If they decide to log off and come back to your site at a later date, they’ll keep the same identifier so you’re never left guessing. Dynamic Number Insertion also helps marketers track offline behaviour for added information and context.  Refine customer service with call recordings and transcripts Everyone knows that customer service is key, particularly when it comes to driving sales and building a great reputation. The good news is call tracking software can help marketers to improve the way they communicate with customers. Recordings of past conversations are invaluable for training purposes as they can be used to upskill staff who may need help improving their phone manner or understanding of products. Simply review with a senior member of the team, provide feedback, and refine the process as required. Call recordings can also be used to update and modify marketing campaigns in a broad sense. Use transcripts to identify the keywords and types of language that callers are using when they make an enquiry. From there, update website and ad copy accordingly to really maximise the appeal of your content.   Multichannel attribution Being able to track the customer’s entire journey has been a game changer. Thanks to multi-attribution tracking, marketers can view every channel that a customer has come into contact with before picking up the phone. This allows you to learn more about user behaviour which in turn can help you to better allocate resources and optimise specific strategies. Multichannel awareness is all about giving you a better understanding of the whole picture, so the right decisions can be made and the best results can be achieved across the board.  Speak to us about lead generation call tracking software  Lead generation call tracking software can make a world of difference to marketing campaigns. Whether you want to learn more about the user journey, improve customer experience or measure the effectiveness of your efforts across different channels, it’s something you can’t afford to go without.  To find out more about call tracking for marketers and what this software can do for your business, get in touch with the friendly team at WildJar. Call today or complete an online form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 2Base Technologies Celebrates The Eleventh Anniversary 2021-01-25T14:06:06Z 2base-technologies-celebrates-the-eleventh-anniversary 2Base Technologies is celebrating their 11th-anniversary celebration on 25th of January. This special milestone will be celebrated virtually due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. This special will be celebrated along with the employees of the company, remotely. The management team will be delivering a short message to the crowd, followed by a few fun-filled activities and games. The eleventh anniversary is expected to provide an engaging experience, bringing everyone together. During the past 11 years, 2Base Technologies have grown from a small team to a family of over 40 members, expanding the services to South Africa and Australia. The world has been plagued by COVID-19 pandemic, affecting our lives. But we continue to stay afloat even during these testing times. We are continuing our operations remotely, turning our homes into our workstations. 2Base Technologies have completed various projects, keeping our customers around the globe happy. Our hard work and dedication have been recognized by various rewards. Verified B2B reviewers, Clutch and Goodfirms, has listed as the top web application development services and mobile application development company. Recently, we had earned the "Suvarna (Gold) Grade Certificate of Excellence", as the Best Employer. 2Base Technologies provide the best services to the clients. We provide our clients with the best digital transformation consulting, custom software application development services, eCommerce website development services and mobile application development services. This year, 2Base Technologies is focusing on digitally transforming businesses into a smart one with an intention to find smart solutions to real-world problems with the help of technology. Let's have a quick look at the highlights of the bygone year- Tradies Optimistic for a Better 2021 2021-01-25T05:25:39Z tradies-optimistic-for-a-better-2021 In a recent survey of our RSEA Rewards members, 67% are optimistic that they will be better off from a work perspective in 2021. Most are hoping for more work and a return to ‘normal’.   2020 was significantly more difficult for our Victorian members and for labourers and business owners overall. Compared to the national result of 39%, in Victoria, 44% of respondents said they were ‘worse off’ vs prior year. A massive 46% of business owners and 48% of labourers felt they were ‘worse off’.   “I was made redundant twice this year due to COVID. Once in stage 1 lockdown and again in stage 2. Was a big impact on my family”, Plumber, VIC “Lockdown reduced my ability to get on certain sites, and limited access to some work places which left me without work”, Labourer, VIC   “It’s been rough as a labourer. Not much stability when booking in work”, Labourer, QLD   “The challenges were the extreme movement and restrictions put in place to manage people to control the environment.” Business owner, NSW     In true Aussie form, those most affected (worse off in 2020), remain the most optimistic about 2021 with 78% of labourers and 71% of Victorians believing they will be better off in 2021, vs the national 67%. Here are some thoughts on what our members are looking forward to in 2021:   “2021 is going to be amazing because it’s not 2020.” Kasey, Builder, VIC   “There is an air of optimism and good will out there and Australians that’s what we need to hold on to” - Ken, Electrician, QLD   “Cold beers after work on a Friday arvo, interacting with other people”- Solomone, Driller, NSW   “A more productive year, weekends to look forward to adventuring.”- Allie, Labourer, VIC   In contrast, farmers are more cautious with only 51% believing they will be better off in 2021 vs last year.   Throughout the pandemic, all RSEA Safety stores remained open to provide essential PPE, sanitisers and safety gear. As we all head back to work this year, we remain committed to helping our customers stay safe and productive in 2021. New Year, New Office 2021-01-25T02:31:32Z new-year-new-office Exciting things are happening at OneCall in the Christchurch office.  Following continued growth within the Christchurch market, seeing new members joining the team, a move to a new office has become necessary. You can now find OneCall at a convenient location in Unit 1 at 1 Show Place in Addington. OneCall's phone number has remained the same and customers wont have any changes to their Account Manager. As a result of the move OneCall are pleased to offer a wider selection of IT services from a growing team of technology specialists.  For more information check out our post. OneCall would like to thank their loyal customers for their continued support through a challenging 2020 and into and exciting 2021. Carat releases findings from its 2021 Trends Report 2021-01-24T22:41:43Z carat-releases-findings-from-its-2021-trends-report Today Carat has released its annual 2021 Trends Report focussing on Societal, Tech and Media trends.  To look ahead to 2021, the agency took stock of 2020, looked for patterns amidst all the rapid change and disruptions, and uncovered technologies and behaviours that are becoming a part of life for more people.   “2020 was a year that we certainly won’t forget, and its lasting impact will continue to be felt in all areas of business and society. It made our 2021 Trends Report this year even more critical to help our clients understand how to navigate these changes and pinpoint the trends that we believe will be here to stay,” said Linda Fagerlund, Chief Strategy Officer, Carat Australia.   Danni Wright, National Head of Strategy & Connections Planning at Carat Australia added, “For the first time in our history of releasing the Carat 10 trends report, we have looked at societal trends in addition to the more traditional media led trends. This is reflective of Carat’s focus on understanding the ‘consumers’ we are solving for as real people under our new ‘Designing For People’ positioning.  It’s also reflective of the reality that media exists at the heart of culture today and that understanding this intersection is essential to unleash the power and potential of media.”   Societal Trends   COVID Editions = Life Additions.   Many new behaviours, such as BOPIS (buy online pickup in store), are here to stay.   Brands must have both a robust virtual and physical offering with a focus on delivering both with flexibility and convenience.   Flexi-Living.  COVID is the now proven case study for flexible working, disrupting the traditional ‘metro-based nine to five’ and opening up new opportunities for consumers and brands alike.  Brands must consider their mental availability to ensure that people continue to shop the brand even if physical availability has shifted.  Local area marketing will also rise in importance as part of the comms mix.  Wellness to Wellbeing.  With the world experiencing a heightened sense of anxiety from bushfires, global pandemics and social justice movements, we saw an accelerated focus on wellbeing which manifested in a myriad of ways – mindfulness became mainstream.  We gave ourselves permission to treat ourselves without the feeling of guilt, and wellbeing at work became a must-have as opposed to a nice-to-have. Supporting people with their wellbeing goals is a prime route for brands to tap into, however, companies must be mindful that their internal policies and practices hold up to the standards the brand is setting.    Activated Empathy.  Where overseas activism has split along partisan lines, younger generations in Australia are uniting in collective allyship.  Driving social, governmental and business change on the issues most urgent to their generation – such as climate change and racial injustices.  Brands can expect to be part of the change and the conversation, and are not immune to criticism.  Therefore, the emotional intelligence, transparency and societal actions of a brand has never been more pertinent.     Tech + Media Trends   Interactive Reality.  Once a dormant fad, the time is right for augmented reality and QR codes.  These functional technologies helped us to live more remotely in the COVID era, and with usage behaviours now ingrained in our everyday, we expect AR and QR are here to stay.   With the rapid growth in e-commerce, brands have been experimenting with ways of bringing in-store experiences into the virtual world, and we’re beginning to see brands move beyond novelty when using AR/QR, and starting to use it as a value add.   Sonic Society.  Exciting things are happening with audio. Smart speakers are reaching saturation point, music-first companies are rotating to audio-first and voice-led utility is becoming more ingrained in our everyday. Brands must ensure that they are shoppable within audio enabled buying platforms, and also that they have distinctive brand codes for this medium. Look out for the resurgence of the jingle!    Brand Safety to Societal Safety.  There is a greater emphasis on brand safety in all its forms.  Advertisers and agencies are moving from brand safety to societal safety – looking to not only ensure their advertising does not appear in inappropriate content, but to ensure that it does not fund inappropriate content or publishers.   State of Subscription.  We have seen the explosion and diversification of new paid content services launching in Australia, with entertainment and media becoming more virtual, streamed, personal and – at least for the time being – more centred on the home than anyone could have anticipated.   With the influx, more questions are being raised around existing ad-funded models, with consumer revenue now overtaking advertising revenue, and the sustainability of these subscriptions as financial strain and fatigue kicks in. One Stop Shops.  As the big technology companies consolidate their power, they are building synergies between their different services, making life easier, quicker and more seamless for consumers – and in turn shortening the traditional consumer purchase funnel.    Integrating their services means that these companies are becoming ‘one stop shops’ for all of your needs, rather than a disparate group of apps and sites – which will continue to impact the smaller players with more specific specialities.   Virtual in Person (VIP) Access.  As COVID put an abrupt end to in-person events and live entertainment, new spaces and venues were created through virtual experiences.  We became privy to artists live-streaming intimate acoustic sets, were welcomed into chefs’ home kitchens, and elite fitness trainers’ backyards.   This presents new opportunities for brands to play a role in providing access to, or enhancing, such content with the added benefit of a level of scale not afforded by physical events.    Danni Wright, National Head of Strategy & Connections Planning at Carat Australia said, “For the first time in our history of releasing the Carat 10 trends report, we have looked at societal trends in addition to the more traditional media led trends. This is reflective of Carat’s focus on understanding the ‘consumers’ we are solving for as real people under our new ‘Designing For People’ positioning.  It’s also reflective of the reality that media exists at the heart of culture today and that understanding this intersection is essential to unleash the power and potential of media.”     The report includes in detail the implications for marketers on all of the trends mentioned above.  The full report can be found here   Getting a US Mortgage With Foreign Income 2021-01-23T23:53:17Z getting-a-us-mortgage-with-foreign-income Borderless Mortgagor Group works with hundreds of lenders but many of these firms are relatively unheard of or difficult to access.These banks, specialist funds and lenders fly under the radar of most, but they facilitate a substantial part of the high net worth mortgage market.  Borderless Mortgagor Group mortgage offering includes: • Residential Mortgages  • Buy to Let Mortgages  • Commercial Finance  • Development Finance  • Bridging Finance  • Asset Finance  • We arrange mortgages across the world Our major markets can be found wherever there is a solid lending and property market with international appeal. This includes but is not limited to: • The United Kingdom  • Australia • United States- All 50 states • Spain • Germany • Portugal • Switzerland • United Arab Emirates Here are examples of the deals we are able to source for our clients through these channels. USA Mortgage type: US Foreign National Mortgage Program For Overseas Residents Property: Santa Barbara, California Property Price: $750,000 LTV: 75% Rate: 3.84% Term: 30 years-5/1ARM Australia Mortgage Type: Australian Non-Resident Mortgage Property: Brisbane, Australia Property Price: $640,000 LTV: 75% Rate: 4.88% Term: 30 years (variable) Borderless negotiates individual terms and conditions with all of these lenders. In a fragmented market, we know exactly which firms to approach based on the circumstances of each client. We understand the nuances of each lender and each type of mortgage, we navigate the market for our clients to pick out the very best terms and conditions. Borderless Mortgagor Group Offices in Melbourne, Singapore, Florida, Cyprus & London Diagnostic Flexibility at Your Fingertips with New, Versatile 12MP Diagnostic Display 2021-01-22T12:20:25Z diagnostic-flexibility-at-your-fingertips-with-new-versatile-12mp-diagnostic-display 22nd January 2021 – Barco, a global leader in visualisation technology, has released a new 12MP healthcare diagnostic display system for picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and breast imaging. The Nio Fusion 12MP display is a highly topical answer to changing expectations and standards in diagnostic workstations.   The diagnostic display as office companion Rachel Coxon, Vice President Healthcare at Barco APAC said, “Expectations of how diagnostic displays will enhance workflows are increasing among radiologists. Workstations are now expected to be able to handle all modalities, including those used for images of highly dense breast tissue. Work environments are also becoming more flexible, in response to the growing home reading trend globally, including Asia.  Lightweight, flexible and long-lasting solutions are needed to fulfil the need to diagnose from the hospital, clinic or home office.”   Barco’s answer: Nio Fusion 12MP The Nio Fusion has a 12MP screen resolution, which makes it suitable for multiple PACS images and breast imaging modalities including breast tomosynthesis. The Fusion design eliminates the need for multiple portrait displays or complex installations. A Keyboard-Video-Mouse (KVM) function makes it possible to attach a second workstation to the display and switch between two computers at the touch of a button, simplifying scheduling and the management of the workstation fleet. The Nio Fusion 12MP is calibrated to meet the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard for greyscales, and Barco’s SteadyColorTMtechnology guarantees consistent, calibrated colors over time. The luminance of the Nio Fusion 12MP is well above industry standard, which is further enhanced by Uniform Luminance Technology to make sure that all areas of the screen maintain the same brightness. The Nio Fusion 12MP model is thin, lightweight and was designed to mirror people's natural field of vision to reduce head, hand and eye movements. SoftGlowTM task and wall lights, along with the Ambient Light Sensor and Compensation, also reduce eye strain and the potential for eye fatigue over time. Nio Fusion 12MP is driven by a powerful Barco MXRT display controller, offering radiologists a set of workflow support tools, such as SpotViewTM and RapidFrameTM that also greatly increase diagnostic accuracy. It has also earned Barco's Eco Product label after receiving an A+ ecoscore for enhancements in display power efficiency, the display’s compact and stackable packaging and regionally adapted content that lowers carbon footprint and waste. Rachel Coxon concludes: “CIO and PACS managers are increasingly challenged with the needs of physicians and QA staff to support the reading of complex cases while still managing budget pressures and constraints of assuring uptime and efficiency. The Nio Fusion 12MP offers a long-lasting future proof investment approved for both radiology and mammography use, simplifying fleet management and reducing investment. At the same time, it can help the QA team manage the quality and compliance effortlessly through automatic QA, assuring compliance and uptime of PACS workstations."     About Barco Barco designs technology to enable bright outcomes around the world. Seeing beyond the image, we develop visualization and collaboration solutions to help you work together, share insights, and wow audiences. Our focus is on three core markets: Enterprise (from meeting and control rooms to corporate spaces), Healthcare (from the radiology department to the operating room), and Entertainment (from movie theaters to live events and attractions). In 2019, we realized sales of 1.083 billion euro. We have a global team of 3,600 employees, whose passion for technology is captured in 400 granted patents. For more information, visit our website, follow us on Twitter (@Barco), LinkedIn (Barco), YouTube (BarcoTV), or like us on Facebook (Barco). For media queries, please contact: Aashna Khurana | M: +91 9999000309 | E:   How Do I Get an Australian Police Check 2021-01-22T10:51:29Z how-do-i-get-an-australian-police-check When do I need a National Police Certificate? Australia National Police check now Possible. Another feather has been added to the cap of KONZE Enterprise Pty Ltd as it launched its latest project KONCHECK.  KONCHECK is an online portal to lodge a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (NCCHC). Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) accredits KONCHECK. Australian Government strongly recommends National Police Check for employers. Police check is a consent-based background and reference check of an applicant. Organizations use it to check if an employee is suitable for paid work, unpaid work, or volunteering with vulnerable groups such as children or adults with disabilities. Crime check is essential for community services, Government, Defense, Immigration, finance and Banking. Not long ago, when conducting an applicant’s Pre-Employment Background Check was quite a hazard. KONCHECK promises to eliminate the hassle of a manual background check as well as the possibility of errors. The website’s automated screening system is more useful than ever. KONCHECK introduces a modern technology by which one can verify their documents, check records in few simple steps. KONCHECK also saves time as dependencies of time-consuming paper forms and snail-mails are over. KONCHECK is focusing more to avoid cyber-crime issues and hassle-free hiring. The director of KONZE has added, “We want to free up the process and dismiss any risk of safety for Organizations. So, the chances of economic fraud, money laundering, office violence, cybercrime issues can be minimized.” In KONCHECK, National Police Check Application are processed within 1-2 business days in 70% of the cases. Rests may take 10-15 days or more time if the case of complicated. Last but not least, KONCHECK has the capability to be a revolution in the Police checking Process by streamlining it, effortlessly. MORE HELP FOR AUSSIES IN NEED AS COUNTRY’S LARGEST PHARMACY RETAILER TEAMS UP WITH NEW SUPPLEMENTS BRAND 2021-01-22T01:10:09Z more-help-for-aussies-in-need-as-country-s-largest-pharmacy-retailer-teams-up-with-new-supplements-brand-1 Kynd has a commitment that for every one product sold, one Immunity product is donated to an Australian in need, including the homeless and those in women’s refuges. Since launching in June last year, the brand has donated more than 25,000 Immunity products to 16 charity partners around the country.      That number is set to increase. From today, all six of Kynd’s products will be available in more than 350 Chemist Warehouse stores across Australia.     Founder Matthew Stenmark said Kynd’s mission was aimed at helping people be kind to their bodies, kind to others and kind to the planet.    “I travelled through Africa and India and after coming home to Sydney, I wanted to do something that would make a difference to peoples’ lives, their health and the environment,” Mr Stenmark said.    “I am thrilled to be stocked in Chemist Warehouse. We’re particularly excited that giving more Australians better access to our products, means more Australians in need will benefit.    “We have proudly partnered with 16 charities across Australia and are looking to assist more people throughout 2021 and would encourage charity organisations interested in receiving donations of our immunity product to get in touch.”    Kynd’s products to be stocked in Chemist Warehouse include:  Women’s Multivitamin + Skin  Glow – Hair, Skin & Nails  Magnesium Bio 1200  Sustainably Sourced Fish Oil Double Strength  Nutricosmetic Collagen Forte  Collagen+    To enable Kynd to reach as many people as possible, Kynd leverages the national distribution network of iNova Pharmaceuticals.    In addition to Chemist Warehouse, Kynd products are also available in Coles and Blooms The Chemist stores.    Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Supplements may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate.  MEDIA CHECKLIST: HOW TO PREPARE YOUR BUSINESS FOR MEDIA IN 2021 2021-01-22T01:08:13Z media-checklist-how-to-prepare-your-business-for-media-in-2021 We have all seen, especially during the COVID crisis, how businesses have had to pivot and respond quickly to changing restrictions. In many cases it has launched people and companies who may never have considered themselves a media target into the news spotlight. Our team at Adoni Media Public Relations certainly spent many months helping corporate affairs and business teams manage media interest. To help as you plan out your year, we’ve put together a media checklist so that you can be better prepared. Update your Crisis Communication Plan Crisis communication was in high demand during 2020 and not just for dealing with the media but for advice on how to manage and control internal communication with staff and stakeholders. The risk of not responding in a measured and strategic way is long-term damage to your brand and reputation. The solution is being prepared. Don’t wait for a crisis to hit. Instead, have a crisis management plan in place so that you have the resources and framework to respond. For clients we work with that can mean identifying potential risk areas, developing key messaging, creating a chain of command and preparing holding statements. Once you have the policy and procedures in place it is important to test them. For some large organisations that can mean running crisis exercises, for others it can involve media training so that key spokespeople know they have the skills to respond. Prepare with Media Training  There’s nothing more daunting then having a television camera in your face and not knowing how to manage the confrontation or answer a journalist’s questions. Our team at Adoni Media run media training sessions that provide practical and tailored training to your industry. Adoni Media’s Founder, Leisa Goddard, has been a journalist for 30 years and has helped prepared CEOs, executives and spokespeople from ASX-listed companies to government agencies and charities. During media training sessions the people most likely to face the media from your organisation learn how to respond, how to frame key messages, where to look during an interview and how to overcome nerves. Body language, facial expressions and what not to do during a media interview are equally as important.   Our entire team of media trainers are former Senior Journalists who each have decades of experience in the media industry. It means you and your team walk away with an understanding of how the media works and that alone can help build your confidence. Content is king A solid content strategy will ensure your business is consistent and active across multiple platforms when it comes time to engaging with stakeholders and making public statements. Prepare two content plans, one for internal content to be published on your website, on your company blog and through internal EDMs. The second plan should be for external content, such as Media Releases, holding statements, thought-leadership pieces and posts to social media. To gain maximum value from the work you put in to creating content make sure you optimise before publishing. Keyword research is invaluable in any content plan. Social Media Alongside your content plan, you should have a social media calendar and a commitment to scheduling regular posts to build brand awareness, trust and engagement. If you’re making media and managing publicity a focus for your 2021 and would like some advice then please know we take pride in making our experience your advantage. Climate Risk: What the Board of Directors Need to Know 2021-01-21T19:54:02Z climate-risk-what-the-board-of-directors-need-to-know Sydney, Australia – January 22, 2021 – InConsult, an advisory firm specialising in end-to-end risk management, governance, audit has released a climate risk guide to help directors understand their climate risk responsibilities and take steps in the right direction.  The climate is changing at the fastest rate in history with severe consequences for earth’s inhabitants. The changing climate impacts the quality of our lives and the financial wellbeing of many entities. Climate change directly and indirectly impacts economic outcomes, such as agricultural output, critical economic resources, manufacturing, energy production, transport, supply chain and other services, as well as wider human and animal welfare. Directors have a duty of care and diligence under section 180 of the Corporations Act 2001 and under the common law.  Organisations are increasingly focusing on the impact of climate change and environmental issues on current and future corporate performance. The Board, CEO and leaders have started to realise that climate risks and opportunities are not abstract concepts, but are essential for creating a sustainable business model that delivers long-term value. This guide aims to help directors understand their climate risk responsibilities and take steps in the right direction. The guide includes: - a valuable checklist that directors can use to evaluate their climate risk posture. - a summary of the legal and regulatory climate reporting and disclosure requirements. - typical climate risk assessment challenges that are often experienced. Click here to download the guide About InConsult Established in 2001, InConsult is a leading professional services firm based in Sydney with extensive local and international experience in risk management, business resilience, internal audit, corporate governance and risk management technology solutions. InConsult offers a comprehensive, end-to-end range of solutions to help public and private sector organisations effectively manage risks and improve internal controls to maximise opportunities. InConsult clients include ASX listed companies, not-for-profit organisations, international insurers and public sector organisations.   For more information, please contact: Tony Harb, Director, InConsult Telephone: 02 9241 1344 Email: AGR Technology Highlights How Custom Agritech Software Can Benefit Agricultural Businesses 2021-01-21T11:07:18Z agr-technology-highlights-how-custom-agritech-software-can-benefit-agricultural-businesses As the global population grows and demand for farmable land increases, farmers and other agricultural workers are facing a multitude of challenges, which include deforestation, climate change, reduced biodiversity, chemical pollution and soil degradation. Australian company AGR Technology offers custom agritech software solutions to help agricultural businesses in their fight to overcome these issues. Overcoming agricultural challenges The agriculture industry is facing unprecedented challenges in modern times due to a number of factors. The increasing population and demand for land leads to deforestation, which in turn helps to exacerbate climate change, which then negatively impacts crops. Deforestation from agriculture also reduces biodiversity, affecting the world’s flora and fauna. The use of pesticides and fertilizers can also have a negative impact on the environment, polluting water sources and degrading soil until even more chemicals have to be used in future to successfully grow crops – a vicious cycle. Agritech seems to provide a promising solution to a variety of agricultural problems. It’s a fast-growing industry, and involves using the latest technological solutions (including drones and robots and cutting-edge software) to achieve faster planting and harvesting, as well as modifying crops to thrive in challenging environmental factors. Agritech software solutions can lead to: Increased efficiency for farmers Improved crop yields Reduced operational costs Reduced food and water waste Custom software to boost your business From its modest beginnings as a channel on YouTube (agrtech1), AGR Technology has grown to also include a blog, collection of software and array of business value-added services.The business helps to design and build bespoke pieces of software specifically tailored to suit a variety of individual business requirements, including agritech software solutions for agricultural businesses. AGR Technology is based in the Goulburn Valley area but can service businesses across Australia in a wide variety of industries, including: Agriculture, orchard, packing and other farming businesses (agritech) Real estate Legal firms Education Logistics/transport and other commercial software The AGR team works hard to consistently deliver premium products and services with your best interests in mind. They can offer you a high-quality agritech software product that perfectly suits your needs, helping you to overcome any agricultural issues that are standing in the way of your business succeeding. What’s more, their custom software contains only the features you use and can be adapted going forward as your needs change, so your business will never outgrow it. More information AGR Technology produces popular content as well as offering a wide range of services to other businesses, such as search engine optimisation (SEO), website security auditing, press release distribution, website design and more. AGR always urges customers to ‘Leave us a review!’, as they value honest feedback. To discover further information about the company and the services it offers, you can head to the website at – or you can connect on social media via their LinkedIn page or by giving them a follow on Facebook. Source: A PUB WITH NO BEER? IRENE FALCONE's ONLINE BOTTLE SHOP SANSDRINKS.COM.AU HAS NO ALCOHOL! 2021-01-21T01:28:27Z a-pub-with-no-beer-irene-falcone-s-online-bottle-shop-sansdrinks-com-au-has-no-alcohol A CURRENT AFFAIR TASTE TEST BIG SUCCESS! Slim Dusty sang about a pub with no beer and entrepreneur Irene Falcone’s online bottle shop has no alcohol!  ACA’s alcohol v zero alcohol taste test proved zero alcohol is a winner! On Wednesday 20th January 2021 A Current Affair staged a blind alcohol-free v alcohol taste test between sparking, red and white wines, beer and spirits and it was an amazing success for the ZERO ALCOHOL products! Beer and spirits came through with flying colours and doubt over what was alcoholic and what was alcohol free was clearly confusing. Founder and CEO of Irene Falcone says “ There are now hundreds of fantastic taste alike beers, wines and spirits that are perfect if you are trying to lessen your intake of grog but still want to enjoy the experience of having a glass of sparkling, gin and tonic or beer at the end of a day, with a meal or at the bar. I’m not telling people to totally stop drinking, but if you want to switch to zero alcohol a couple of nights a week then I’ve got the answer with an amazing range of international and local companies creating great tasting drinks that include sparkling wine, bourbon, gin, white, dark and spiced rum ..everything your taste buds desire without the alcohol.” TO INTERVIEW IRENE FALCONE email or call Max 0412 501 601  ABOUT IRENE FALCONE Irene Falcone is one of Australia’s most successful female entrepreneurs who started her first business, natural health & beauty store Nourished Life, with $100 in 2012 and sold it 5 years later to an ASX listed company for $20 million. Now Irene has launched a new online business selling non-alcoholic beer, wine and spirits that has gone from zero to $500,000 in the first 3 months and is on target to generate over $4 million in sales by Christmas 2021. Irene is passionate about disrupting industries, providing better shopping options and making buying easier. Irene is also obsessed with small business, supporting Aussie brands, driving forklifts, talking to her customers & finding new products to enrich everyone’s lives.         Australian IIoT integration innovator Reekoh scaling with global industrial market leader AVEVA 2021-01-20T19:52:47Z australian-iot-innovator-reekoh-scaling-with-global-industrial-market-leader-aveva Australian integration platform Reekoh has forged an agreement with AVEVA, one of the world’s biggest engineering and industrial software companies, which will see components of Reekoh’s product suite bundled and resold through AVEVA’s global distribution and partner ecosystem, reaching a customer base of 16,000 large-scale industrial organisations. The agreement is a coup for the fast-growing Brisbane based iPaaS company, delivering a mature channel as it expands on the global stage.     Digital transformation accelerated in 2020 across sectors such as oil & gas, manufacturing and food & beverage, driven partially by the disruption and re-engineering imposed by the global COVID-19 pandemic. AVEVA’s cloud and AI product roadmap is growing exponentially with these systems relying heavily on integration between traditional OT systems, customer business and IT systems, and the cloud.  Reekoh’s suite of tools and services are laser-focused on this integration layer and in recent months Reekoh proved the value and capability of its product and the expertise of the team by quickly delivering a number of integrations for key AVEVA products and solutions, helping to accelerate their readiness for going to market.    Already, Reekoh has been positioned directly with AVEVA customers in manufacturing, food and beverage, resources and facilities infrastructure (e.g. cities, data centres) and is working closely with some of AVEVA’s largest distributors in France, Germany, UK and North America on opportunities in their channel. These opportunities are commonly requiring scalable integration of existing operational technologies and systems with cloud services and business applications, some of which are part of the AVEVA product portfolio. For example, AVEVA’s Unified Operations Centre solution for global Data Centre customers required IT integration that could be easily developed and deployed with the AVEVA technology stack. In a matter of weeks, Reekoh supported integration to Work Order and Data Centre Management systems such as IBM Maximo, hyperscale cloud services and other IT business systems, all with AVEVA’s underlying asset performance management and monitoring/control portfolio.   The Reekoh Accelerate integration platform, combining scalable hybrid infrastructure and a large library of pre-built integration plugins together with an exciting product roadmap including support for Edge-based data integration and capability, is exactly what industrial customers and channel partners have been looking for to enable the next wave of digital transformation.  Under the reseller agreement, Reekoh will continue to have their own identity and presence on the AVEVA platform. Reekoh is one of only a small number of external companies resold in this way through AVEVA and is the first Australian company to reach this milestone.       Reekoh CEO and co-founder Dale Rankine said, “It’s very satisfying to have reached this point where our product and value proposition for the industrial market has been validated so strongly by a global market leader like AVEVA. The global IoT Middleware market is set grow to USD $25B by 2025, with Manufacturing being the largest growing segment and APAC the growth region”. “What we are bringing to market with AVEVA is a world-leading capability that can truly make OT/IT interoperability and integration practical and achievable for the whole industrial enterprise market”. Reekoh has created an AVEVA Partnership Resource Center to highlight all relevant products and resources to the AVEVA ecosystem, and are also a sponsor of the upcoming AVEVA World Digital online event.    Reekoh is building on recent successes with customers such as Tassal, who are adopting greater IoT and cloud technologies in their seafood farming and production operations, as well as local Australian councils such as City of Paramatta and Lake Macquarie who recently extended their use of the Reekoh platform for their various Smart City initiatives.     About Reekoh  Reekoh is an agile integration technology suite that brings together all aspects of the modern data landscape for enabling business outcomes; Physical (IIoT/OT), Application and Open Data. Reekoh was founded in 2015 in Australia and has grown to deliver solutions with customers throughout APAC with a team of over 25 employees in Brisbane, Sydney and Manila. Named a Gartner Cool Vendor for IoT and with multiple business and technology awards, Reekoh’s goal is to be the leader in integration technologies for the global industrial market. For more details visit:     About AVEVA  AVEVA is a global leader in engineering and industrial software driving digital transformation across the entire asset and operations life cycle of capital-intensive industries.  The company’s engineering, planning and operations, asset performance, and monitoring and control solutions deliver proven results to over 16,000 customers across the globe. Its customers are supported by the largest industrial software ecosystem, including 4,200 partners and 5,700 certified developers. AVEVA is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with over 4,400 employees at 80 locations in over 40 countries. For more details visit:    The Executive Talk: PTT Global Chemical PCL (SET:PTTGC) 2021-01-20T09:40:15Z the-executive-talk-ptt-global-chemical-pcl-set-pttgc PTT Global Chemical PCL (SET:PTTGC) Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Kongkrapan Intarajang discusses the company's strategy and outlook in The Executive Talk (TET) by What are GC's current business execution strategies? What is the rationale behind the expansion towards the downstream industry?GC's strategies are based on 3 major strategies. The first is "Step Change", emphasizing on strengthening our home base by gearing more towards the downstream businesses to enhance the competitiveness and flexibility, being able to capitalize on diverse feedstock, while at the same time ensuring that our costs are globally competitive, with the notion of horizontal and vertical integration applied to the business.The horizontal and vertical concepts involve our production lines from upstream all the way to downstream businesses, which can be further developed into different types of chemical products, and can serve as fundamental feedstock for various industries such as packaging, garments, communication and electronics devices, automotive, construction, engineering plastic, and agricultural equipment. This also serves to diversify business risks, expand product offerings, and add values to them.The next strategy "Step Out" capitalizes on GC's being the largest petrochemical operator in Southeast Asia, with 12 production sites across the globe. Our purpose is to build a genuinely global business. We have begun to invest in the USA more intensively. The Step Out strategy emphasizes on 2 components; merger and acquisition or M&A and the downstream business to secure global footprint, as well as investing in the petrochemical business; our core business, in Ohio, where polymer feedstock cost is very competitive.The third strategy "Step Up" focuses on Sustainable Development, or SD; the matter that GC takes as an important part of the business, not just as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities. In this regard, the Step Up strategy is multi-dimensional. In terms of scale, GC has expanded collaboration with our alliances both domestically and internationally in a larger scope, based on the concept of the circular economy to create awareness, from waste collection, management, sorting, transportation, and recycling, which is different from before when it was purely mechanical recycling, but now we are implementing chemical recycling, as part of the 'Step Up' initiative both in terms of scale and scope.TET: Based upon the determination to operate the business in a sustainable manner, what are the tangible outcomes resulting from such endeavor?GC has recently been ranked the first in the world in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices: DJSI for the second consecutive year in the chemicals sector. We are also in the top 10 ranks of DJSI World and Emerging Markets for the eighth consecutive year, reflecting our determination in our ESG intent. This goes to show the Company's support and alignment with the global Sustainable Development Goals; SDGs that GC has been abiding by and actively executing for a long time.Not only that, GC is the first and only Thai company that has been granted A level assessment (Leadership Level), which is the highest level in climate change and water security management, under the assessment of the globally trusted sustainability evaluation institute 'Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)' in 2020.We intend to play a part in solving the problems and alleviate the impact of climate change, transitioning into the low carbon society, following the objective of the Paris Agreement and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as the emphasis on maximum effectiveness on the use of water resources, reflecting the environment-conscious operations.With our goals to reduce the emission of greenhouse gas (scope 1 and 2) by 20% from normal business operations in 2030, compared to the base year (2012). The organization's greenhouse gas emission account has been developed, with the plan to expand the operational scope to the value chain (scope 3) in an integrated manner. Furthermore, the water management goals have been developed both internally and externally to ensure measurable outcomes and sustainable leadership position in an international arena.TET: What are GC's directions in ensuring the organization's financial health?We need to increase the quality of earnings. In the past, our major source of income has been from commodity products. GC has intended to increase high value products, performance products and green chemical portfolios by 2030. It is expected that the profit generation from these products will contribute 20% of the Company's total profits.However, sustainability is the significant determinant of the Company's financial strength. If shareholders look at it on a short-term period, this may not be the key objective. We wish for our shareholders to grow together with us, generating capital gain that can pay out dividend and remain competitive in the market. Hence, quality and stability are more important. In this regard, the downstream business is less volatile with around 10% EBITDA margin, which is less likely to drop to a single digit.TET: What is the outlook of the petrochemical industry?If we look at the petrochemical industry from the commodity side, there might be a certain extent of oversupply over the next 2-3 years, depending on each product. But from our projection, the situation should be better than in 2020, when things should have already bottomed out in the second and the third quarters of 2020, caused by missing demand. Now we have begun to see signs of improvement in the fourth quarter and we are of the view that the situation in 2021 should be considerably more improved than in 2020.TET: What are the strengths that differentiate GC from other players, both in the regional and global levels?Even though our products are more advanced in many aspects, there are certain points that others are doing better than we are. Nevertheless, our number one strength is our sustainability performance, where we have been ranked the world's number one in the chemicals sector by DJSI. We have been able to reduce costs resulting from the adjustment of business execution processes that allow for energy saving and reduction of greenhouse gas emission, which will be the key component in the cost structure in the future. It might not have yielded tangible benefits today, but when the law becomes effective in the future, we will always be ready. It will also serve to enhance business opportunities, since global partners all place emphasis on this matter, while many competitors may not have this in place yet or may not be as good at this as we are. Meanwhile, sometimes customers will come to us because we have invested so much in sustainability and investors are also very interested in the matter of sustainability as well.TET: What is the most significant challenge faced by GC and the petrochemical industry?The challenge is when people are starting to doubt the viability of this industry. Many people might not notice the tangible difference between petroleum and petrochemical businesses. The petroleum business has been viewed by many that the return on capital is on the downside. The petrochemical business, on the other hand, if the portfolio is well-managed, I think that this industry has a promising future because petrochemicals are always part of many people's lives.Therefore, the challenge is how to maintain or build the competitiveness, by way of keeping the cost of the commodity market low, while ensuring that new businesses can accommodate several industries, for instance, EV, construction, electronics, depending on the strategies of each company. In this regard, we believe that the challenge is not different from what we faced in the past, the only difference is the prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic.TET: How do you see GC 5 years from now?Strength must be borne from within, so we emphasize greatly on transformation. We execute organizational and digital transformation alongside one another. Though we have not been affected by the digital disruption today, I believe we must start now for future growth, for instance, cost reduction, modernization of work processes by adopting the technology. Thus, there should be several changes in our organization such as change of the organizational culture, which has progressed quite a lot because we work fast and get serious. We have initiated the work and will have to meet the desired goals. We also need to adjust and strengthen our product portfolio and enhance the quality of earning, as well as overseas investment, whereby our long-term goal is to increase margin contribution from overseas investment from 10% to 30%.About The Executive Q&A SeriesThe Executive Q&A Series is presented by ShareInvestor, Asia's leading financial internet media and technology company and the largest investor relations network in the region. For more information, email Website: