The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-03-18T22:14:50Z SAS announces $1 Billion investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) 2019-03-18T22:14:50Z sas-announces-1-billion-investment-in-artificial-intelligence-ai Cary, NC (Mar 17, 2019) SAS, driving the future of analytics, is investing $1 billion in AI over the next three years through software innovation, education, expert services and more. The commitment builds on SAS’ already strong foundation in AI which includes advanced analytics, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision. Educational programs and expert services will equip business leaders and data scientists for the future of AI, with the technology, skills and support they need to transform their organizations. “At SAS, we remain dedicated to our customers and their success, and this investment is another example of that commitment,” said SAS CEO Jim Goodnight. “With our innovative capabilities in AI, SAS helps businesses deter damaging fraud, fight deadly disease, better manage risk, provide exemplary service to customers and citizens, and much more.” The $1 billion investment in AI will focus on three main areas: Research and Development (R&D) innovation where SAS continues to build on the success of its global AI efforts; education initiatives addressing customer needs to better understand and benefit from AI; and expert services to optimize customer return on AI projects. R&D Innovation SAS is investing in R&D innovation in all core areas of AI, with a special focus on making it easy for users with different skill levels to benefit – from business experts to data engineers to data scientists. SAS is embedding AI capabilities into the SAS Platform and solutions for data management, customer intelligence, fraud & security intelligence and risk management, as well as applications for industries including financial services, government, health care, manufacturing and retail. SAS continues to partner with innovative companies and leading technology providers like Accenture, Cisco, Deloitte, Intel and NVIDIA. This work brings the latest advances and practices in AI and machine learning to customers, and ensures SAS AI technologies perform optimally in customers’ hardware and cloud environments. SciSports, an innovative Dutch sports-analytics startup, is applying computer vision from SAS to data streaming from soccer, or football, matches. SAS AI technology running on NVIDIA GPUs delivers in-game insights to coaches and managers. By capturing and analyzing this and other data, football clubs can improve many aspects of “the beautiful game,” including in-game strategy, player recruitment and the fan experience. “The reason SAS tops the revenue list for advanced analytics for the last five years is that SAS solutions are built on a foundation of machine learning and deep knowledge of analytics. These are part of SAS’ DNA,” said Dave Schubmehl, Research Director for Artificial Intelligence at IDC. “Combining SAS’ knowledge and technology with its continued push to innovate in computer vison, NLP and deep learning will drive further adoption of AI across multiple industries. And it will help companies interested in AI – whether early in their AI and analytics life cycle or more mature.” Customer Education and Development Initiatives Customer education and development initiatives such as the new SAS AI Accelerator Program will focus on helping organizations and professionals get AI-ready at any level. SAS will offer: Tailored curricula to help organizations improve their AI skills. This will include e-learning like the SAS Academy for Data Science, and in-person training in AI technologies, best practices and more. Certification programs that help analytics professionals and data scientists earn the valuable credential of SAS Certified Professional in AI and Machine Learning. This will make them even more marketable to companies seeking AI talent. The SAS Analytics Center of Excellence, a group of PhDs and advanced experts in AI, machine learning, NLP, computer vision, optimization, simulation and related data science skills. These SAS experts are dedicated to supporting customer AI implementations – from well-established applications to first-of-a-kind innovation. Resources and talent are also part of the investment. SAS will augment its AI expertise through additional resources in Professional Services, Centers of Excellence, Education and R&D. AI and Analytics in Action As the latest addition to the SAS smart campus project, SAS’ newest headquarters building, a 420,000 sq. ft. tower which hosts the new Global Education Center, uses the latest innovations in AI and machine learning to connect performance with business results. The new building features thousands of IoT connected sensors – embedded in chillers, boilers and air handlers – that monitor water and energy use. Through neural networks using SAS Event Stream Processing, the SAS facilities team will track sensors and systems performance in real time to enhance predictive maintenance (identifying equipment problems before they become major) and optimize energy and water usage. Underscoring SAS’ commitment to sustainability, nearly half of the new building’s power is supplied by the adjacent SAS Solar Farm. Among the many customers using AI and machine learning from SAS are: Connexions Loyalty – works with top brands on customer-loyalty programs serving more than 200 million people worldwide. The company relies on a SAS AI-powered personalization engine to better market to and improve the loyalty of its clients’ customers. Daiwa Securities – created a SAS AI-powered recommendation system for its sales representatives. The system analyzes and predicts changes for each customer, recommending the most suitable product or appropriate follow-up messages to engage customers and reduce churn. Volvo and Mack Trucks – uses AI solutions from SAS to analyze IoT data streaming from big rigs, and then offer predictive maintenance insights that help fleets to keep on trucking. More information on SAS and AI will be shared by SAS CTO and COO Oliver Schabenberger at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference in San Jose on March 19, in his keynote “AI: Technology's Inevitable Consequence.” About SAS SAS is the leader in analytics. Through innovative software and services, SAS empowers and inspires customers around the world to transform data into intelligence. SAS gives you THE POWER TO KNOW®. HEMIDEINA RECEIVES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ACCELERATING COMMERCIALISATION GRANT FOR THE HERA WIRELESS IMPLANT 2019-03-14T22:34:16Z hemideina-receives-federal-government-accelerating-commercialisation-grant-for-the-hera-wireless-implant MELBOURNE, March 15, 2019: Hemideina, a hearing solutions company focussed on the development and commercialisation of the Hera Wireless Implant, announced today that it was awarded an $800,000 grant from Accelerating Commercialisation, under the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme.   The funding will enable Hemideina to strengthen its Intellectual Property portfolio, plan market access pathways, and trial the Hera Wireless Implant device for safety and efficacy.    Dr Elizabeth Williams, CEO and Co-Founder of Hemideina said: “The Accelerating Commercialisation grants are very competitive. Receiving the grant is a significant milestone for Hemideina, and further validates our design capabilities and capacity to disrupt the established hearing implant market with a second-generation alternative.”   Dr Kate Lomas, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, describing the Company’s patented acoustic technology, said: “We have an opportunity to bring this technology to the market, which should seed further Australian-based technology innovations for people with unmet needs in hearing solutions.”    Andrew Maxwell, Chairman of the Board, said: “The Accelerating Commercialisation program is critical to the success of Australia’s well-respected innovation eco-system. Companies like Hemideina, undertaking early commercialisation of essential products for the global human health sector, urge all levels of government to continue to champion research and development incentives of this kind.    “Accelerating Commercialisation, coupled with the R&D Tax Incentive, are vital for Australia to build companies that will create a sustainable industry and jobs-based innovation in human healthcare. Together, we can be the architects of more Australian success stories by driving competitiveness and economic returns and accelerating sustainable progress with these incentives.”                About Hemideina   Founded in 2017 with a mission to revolutionise hearing for the profoundly deaf, Hemideina takes inspiration from biological systems to deliver solutions in human hearing. Hemideina’s Hera Wireless Implant is based on the company’s proprietary signal processing technology and is set to disrupt the hearing implant market currently worth $1.8bn.    Media contact:Georgie MorellMorell & Co0438 008   For more information, please visit Robotic Education for Youth In Collaboration Between Space Center Houston and California Association of STEAM Education (CASE) 2019-03-11T08:16:38Z robotic-education-for-youth-in-collaboration-between-space-center-houston-and-california-association-of-steam-education-case-1 HOUSTON, TX, 11 March 2019 The California Association for STEAM Education (CASE) and Space Center Houston have collaborated on more opportunities for youth to attend Space Center University®, a five-day hands-on education program. As a part of the collaboration, youth will have access to a newly developed robotic solution provided by CASE, including a special FlipRobot curriculum developed for Space Center University®. FlipRobot is a robotic education solution co-developed by CASE and Actura. Robotics is fast becoming an integral part of STEAM education as a field which involves coding, developing and operating robots and encourages a wide plethora of survival skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, computational thinking, design thinking, collaboration, communication and most importantly, curiosity and imagination. Educational robotics’ value also lies in developing and understanding the application of STEAM education in and out of the classroom. Many programs and courses, in and out of the classroom, have started to facilitate this form of teaching, and Space Center U is one of them. Combining classroom theory with cognitive and tactile tasks, Space Center University® simulates astronaut training and real-world NASA experiences. Students discover areas such as robotics, rocketry, thermal protection systems and space habitats. In this collaboration, Space Center Houston and CASE will provide an immersive robotic experience tailored for groups participating through CASE. The objective of the robotic challenge is to build a rover module to collect rocks from a Mars landscape in the shortest amount of time and most efficient way possible. A new option that will be given to a group of students is to use FlipRobot to complete that challenge. The FlipRobot curriculum, as well as the hardware and software solution, have been developed specifically for this challenge in close collaboration with CASE and Space Center University®. CASE Senior Space School students will be the first in the world to experience this unique programme in July 2019. David Sunton, Chief Officer at California Association for STEAM Education (CASE) Foundation says: “We are delighted to be collaborating with Space Center Houston on robotic learning applications. We share a commitment to provide interactive, engaging, and exciting STEAM programs underpinned by the foundations of the Seven Survival Skills by Dr. Tony Wagner. This helps develop students’ interest in the areas of STEAM, leading students to utilize STEAM skills after high school. A new and renewed interest in these subjects will prepare young people for leading occupations of the future.” “Students will need these skills to successfully navigate the fast-changing workforce shaped by automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and globalization, enabling them to become 21st century leaders.”  Daniel Newmyer, Space Center Houston Vice President of Education adds: “We look forward to collaborating with CASE on delivering hands-on robotic opportunities for CASE Space School students as part of their Space University program.” About CASE (California Association for STEAM Education) The California Association for STEAM Education (CASE) Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Headquartered in Cupertino, California. CASE was established in 2017 by educators, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs to advocate excellence in STEAM education through the development and implementation of innovative in-classroom curriculum and extracurricular education programs. Our vision is to be the most inspiring advocate of STEAM education globally. Our Aims: ·To produce the most inspiring STEAM-based curriculum and learning programs. ·To be the global knowledge hub for STEAM educators to collaborate and excel in delivering enriched STEAM content. ·To offer students the highest standard of STEAM learning; collaboratively and globally. ·To equip students with the transportable skills for the 21st century. ·To support communities to close the global achievement gap.  Media Contact – CASE (California Association for STEAM Education): Elliott PorterEmail:  1300 303 402 | Mobile: +61 412 888 373 ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Media Kits and Enquiries:    Sydney startup Q-CTRL announces new quantum firmware for improving superconducting quantum computers 2019-03-08T01:52:06Z sydney-quantum-startup-q-ctrl-announces-new-quantum-firmware-for-improving-superconducting-quantum-computers Media Release, Friday 8 March, 2019, Boston Massachusetts, USA - At the American Physical Society (APS) meeting today in Boston, Massachusetts, the team from Sydney quantum start-up, Q-CTRL, will present a series of new techniques with the power to drive big performance gains for superconducting quantum computers used by companies such as IBM, Rigetti and Google. “The work we’re presenting tomorrow focuses on custom solutions that target the errors limiting superconducting quantum computers. These developments help the community accelerate the path to the first useful quantum computers, capable of solving important problems in chemistry, drug discovery, and industry,” said Q-CTRL CEO and Founder Professor Michael J. Biercuk. Quantum computers take various exotic forms, with some of the world’s largest technology companies building specialized circuits out of loops of superconducting materials. These materials allow electricity to flow with no resistance, but also enable information to be encoded in a totally new way. However, this approach brings a major challenge – the hardware is unstable and extremely susceptible to error.  A typical quantum computer today suffers so many errors that it becomes useless after less than a thousandth of a second – an extremely short time before the notorious “blue screen of death” would appear. Q-CTRL uses quantum control engineering to stabilize this hardware, enabling it to do more, and remain useful for longer.  At the APS meeting – the premier technical conference for presenting new developments in quantum computing – the Q-CTRL team revealed a set of new techniques developed in-house that target some of the most serious sources of error in superconducting quantum computers.  In a quantum computer, the operations needed to perform a computation must ultimately be realized as actual manipulation of hardware.  Q-CTRL redefines what this manipulation looks like, using “modulation” concepts similar to the way radios and mobile phones work, such that the same computation is run, but with better performance.  Single-axis DRAG Quantum control is already used at a basic level by almost all teams to reduce errors. One popular approach, known as “DRAG”, facilitates the reduction of one kind of error called leakage, or loss of information, but is hard to combine with complementary techniques designed to reduce other kinds of errors. The team at Q-CTRL has leveraged its own custom research tools to invent a new way to simultaneously achieve suppression of leakage and other sources of error by building a new “single-axis DRAG”. This new solution is fully compatible with a wide range of known techniques to suppress other error sources, such as crosstalk and dephasing. Q-CTRL has also invented a suite of new error-reducing control solutions for two-qubit gates employed in these processors. Leveraging its expertise in quantum control, the Q-CTRL Quantum Engineering team produced novel modulation schemes to combat the imperfections that can limit the performance of the so-called entangling operations that are needed to make two-qubit gates functional.  “These research results are an example of our ability to address the most pressing challenges in quantum computing and also a demonstration of the powerful professional-grade products we have built and which we used to perform this work,” said Dr. Michael Hush, Lead Quantum Control Engineer at Q-CTRL. ENDS ABOUT Q-CTRL Q-CTRL was founded in November 2017 and is a venture-capital-backed company that provides disciplined control-engineering solutions to harness the power of quantum physics for next-generation technologies. Q-CTRL is built on Professor Michael J. Biercuk’s research leading the Quantum Control Lab at the University of Sydney, where he is a Professor of Quantum Physics and Quantum Technology. The team’s expertise led Q-CTRL to be selected as an inaugural member of the IBM Q startup network last year.  Q-CTRL is funded by Sequoia Capital, Data Collective, Horizons Ventures, and Main Sequence Ventures and was in February 2019 named one of the 10 top quantum computing startups to watch by tech publication Network World BLACK OPAL® AND BOULDER OPAL ® The software used by the Q-CTRL research team forms the basis of the BOULDER OPAL® product which is currently available for presale.  This product follows on the successful public release of BLACK OPAL®, which provides an intuitive graphical interface to help teams reduce decoherence, increase fidelity, and take control of their hardware.   ABOUT PROFESSOR MICHAEL J. BIERCUK Professor Michael J. Biercuk is the CEO and Founder of Q-CTRL. He is also the Director of the University of Sydney’s Quantum Control Lab and Chief Investigator in the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems. An award-winning experimental quantum physicist, Michael speaks with clarity and authority about science and technology, and is adept at making physics accessible for a lay audience, such as with his TEDxSydney performance in 2016 and articles in publications such as ABC Science, The Conversation and the Australian Financial Review.  Michael enjoys working at the intersection of science, technology, watchmaking and fashion, and can make difficult concepts entertaining, from what electricity is to how computers work. Michael is one of the world’s leading experts in the new emerging field of quantum technology; the work he is doing promises to be as transformational in the 21st century as harnessing electricity was in the 19th.  He also has an active creative collaboration with luxury watchmaker A. Lange & Sohne, focused on the links between high horology and quantum physics.    Cloud Analogy, a renowned Salesforce Consulting Company is opening up a new office in Australia 2019-02-25T07:21:13Z cloud-analogy-a-renowned-salesforce-consulting-company-is-opening-up-a-new-office-in-australia SYDNEY, Australia, Monday, February 18, 2019 - Cloud Analogy was founded in 2015 and is one of the best Salesforce Consulting companies. It has treaded on its path of high growth and attained an astounding success - in a matter of a few years. Since then it has established itself as a well-known brand for its global clients, and recently it has embarked on its ambitious target to open an office in Australia. This way it intends to relentlessly pursue the path of high growth, driving the startup ecosystem as usual. It has planned for an office In Australia in one of the prime and busiest locations. The Salesforce platform has endless possibilities and has a high potential for the transformation of your business. It is a technology bandwagon on which many organizations have found a resolution of all their complex to simple problems with customized solutions. All that these organizations had to resort to was to employ a certified Salesforce Consultant such as Cloud Analogy and register a path strewn by growth and higher productivity for themselves. The global clients have hand-picked Cloud Analogy-  for performing this task of using the Salesforce technology for their organizations. This way Cloud Analogy has placed itself far ahead of its competitors. Cloud Analogy has not only worked on Salesforce technology but forayed into other technology areas such as mobile app development. However, they have used the mobile app development landscape so far, without any monetization. These apps were used by their famous clients such as Honeywell and others. They have lot many apps to boast about such as Pintags, Drag and Drop and many others. In this endeavour, Cloud Analogy has worked in a wide array of domains such as retail, health and patient care, real estate and there is no end to this ever-growing list of clients.   Cloud Analogy has a team of certified Salesforce technology nerds as well as proficient mobile app development experts and employs the best practices of developing a customized solution - for the exact requirements of your business. So, Cloud Analogy has a high chance for working successfully with any clients in Australia. We are reminded of the exemplary service provided by them with their list of global clients as they are right on-time, extraordinary delivery of a solution. Expectation are high on Cloud Analogy to repeat the same success rate in Australia, with innovative solutions and maximizing the returns of your business or enterprise. So, if you are seeking for a trustworthy Salesforce Consultant or a mobile app development company, Cloud Analogy ought to be your right choice. They are sure to excel in their services to provide your organization - delivery on schedule as well as best-in-class communication with your esteemed organization. Please feel free to get connected to our experts without any further delay. Venue: Cloud Analogy Softech Pvt Ltd Level 33, Australia Square, 264 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia Ph: +61-2-8006-8515 Hut34 Goes Live with World’s First Google-Powered Ethereum Wallet and Enhanced Wallet-As-A-Service Offering 2019-02-20T05:54:59Z hut34-goes-live-with-world-s-first-google-powered-ethereum-wallet-and-enhanced-wallet-as-a-service-offering Sydney, February 20 2019 – The Hut34 team has gone live with the world’s first Google powered cryptocurrency wallet. With a single click, users can securely, quickly and easily access their Ethereum and cryptocurrency tokens via their own Google credentials. The Hut34 Wallet beta launched late 2018 and since then a raft of exciting new features and functionality have been added to ease the public adoption of emergent token economies. “We are excited about the future applications of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but as it stands access to and using the technology is too hard and time consuming. Only the highly motivated are willing to cross the pain threshold to enter the space,” says Tim McNamara, Founder, Hut34. “This discourages consumers and corporates and is a real barrier to broader crypto adoption. We want to help solve this problem and we believe the Hut34 wallet is a critical contribution to crypto infrastructure to bridge this gap.” Hut34 have developed a better way to provide users with secure wallets that are both user friendly and accessible across any platform, meeting enterprise grade requirements. In fact, they are confident that a better wallet experience will spur the next step towards mainstream adoption in the crypto space. “For consumers we’ve built a solution that removes many of the friction points people hit. We’ve made sign-in super easy - leveraging the power of the Google and OAuth; removing the need to understand the intricacies of private key management to get up and running,” continues McNamara. “They can then securely store their Ethereum and crypto tokens and take advantage of the user friendly and easy to use functionality. What’s really important is that we have no access at all to the users funds at any time. The most important question to ask is ‘who has access to the wallet's private keys?’ - the answer should never be ‘the wallet provider’. Leveraging Google’s identity and security models means users can enter the crypto space seamlessly, maintain access to their addresses without having to store complex details, and not worry about anyone within our, or any other organisation getting access to their information.” In addition the Hut34 developers have launched an incredibly easy to use token conversion tool. This allows users to easily convert between Ethereum and other Ethereum based tokens. A lot of innovative technology and engineering hours went into developing this feature via a ‘decentralised exchange’ protocol called 0x (“Zero ex”). The power of this tech cannot be underestimated as it has removed the need for crypto asset exchange to happen via any third party – which is a potentially risky undertaking. With the Hut34 wallet, your crypto assets remain in your control at all times. To complement the wallet, Hut34 has also released its “Wallet-as-a-Service” or “WaaS” offering to help businesses get up and running on the Ethereum blockchain quickly and securely with their own custom-wallet implementations. “As we launched the, free of charge, Hut34 Wallet for individuals, we were also approached by various organisations launching their own blockchain projects. It was immediately apparent that extending our wallet technology to other businesses, would help them alleviate a lot additional development work and expense,” said Peter Godbolt, Co-Founder, Hut34.   Under this model, wallet services can be white labelled and branded. Corporates maintain the consumer facing interface and features can be enabled at their specification. Using the Hut34 Wallet, businesses can access the strengths of blockchain technology without requiring their development teams to re-skill into challenging new technology.  WaaS is well positioned to enable more businesses and developers to rapidly adopt blockchain technology as this trend gathers momentum. Hut34’s first deployment of their wallet technology is with - creators of Australia’s first regulatory compliant fiat backed token or “stablecoin” called AUDR.  They are also working on other WaaS implementations with exciting new commercial, community, and open science projects including Frankl, TrigID, Solara and the recently launched SevenMile Innovation Lab. Increased API functionality, DEX connectivity and fiat borrow capacity are also in the development pipeline for release in early 2019. The Hut34 Wallet is available at About Hut34 The Hut34 Project is building the tools for the new open data economy. Technology to allow both consumers and corporates to more easily easily control, manage, share, exchange and monetize their data and information. Connecting humans, A.I., bots and IoT sensors towards an open global data and knowledge economy. Find out more about Hut34 Project here ​ Inaugural Australian Space Industry Conference 2019-02-20T03:37:28Z inaugural-australian-space-industry-conference The Space Industry Association of Australia is pleased to announce that next week we will co-host the inaugural Australian Space Industry Conference, being held in conjunction with the Avalon Air Show 2019. The event will take place in Melbourne on Monday 25 February and at the Avalon Airshow on Tuesday 26 February 2019. “This conference brings together many of the key players in the Australian Space Industry, offering a range of highly credentialed speakers, including an opening address from the Minister for Industry, Science and Technology the Hon Karen Andrews MP, and a keynote address from Mr Anthony Murfett, Deputy Head of the Australian Space Agency. Supported by a stellar group of subject matter experts, covering many key aspects of the space industry, we are confident that there is something in our program for every participant” said Rod Drury, Chair of the SIAA. “We aim to ensure that everyone who attends has the opportunity to hear the latest from a diverse cross-section of industry participants, generate some fresh ideas, and that they are able to capitalise on a number of networking opportunities being offered as part of the event program.” Although interest has been strong, there are still some tickets available. To register go to Sunshine Coast to trial eating disorder pilot program 2019-02-19T03:32:19Z sunshine-coast-to-trial-eating-disorder-pilot-program Brisbane eating disorder clinic, Centre for Integrative Health, will open a new clinic on the Sunshine Coast next month as part of a federally-funded pilot program to help individuals and their families affected by eating disorders.   Centre for Integrative Health Psychologist, Dr Kiera Buchanan, and Accredited Practicing Dietician, Kate Lane, will head treatment at their new Buddina clinic.   Under the pilot program, psychology and dietitian services will be extended for people with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder and other specified eating disorders.   Dr Buchanan says according to treatment standards 20-40 sessions of specialist support is required to achieve recovery from an eating disorder. However, Medicare currently only covers 10 sessions with a psychologist and five sessions with a dietitian.   Under the changes, support will be extended to up to 50 psychology sessions per year and up to 20 dietitian sessions.   “It is hoped that through increased access to affordable treatment from specialist treatment providers, the prevalence of eating disorders in Australia will be significantly reduced,” Dr Buchanan says.   She says the changes, expected to be rolled out nation-wide as of November 2019, will directly benefit an estimated 30,000 Australians living with an eating disorder each year.   “Eating disorders and disordered eating together are estimated to affect more than 16 per cent of the Australian population, " she says.   "Eating disorders also have the highest rate of mortality of all mental-health conditions, highlighting the need to target this population."   Dr Buchanan says its anticipated access to specialist care for those living with an eating disorder will reduce the burden on the hospital system.   "Left untreated, the average duration of an eating disorder is seven years," she says.   "However, with the correct support, full recovery from an eating disorder is always possible."   Centre for Integrative Health’s new Sunshine Coast clinic will commence treating patients on March 1.   ENDS Impact Innovation and LSQ team up to boost bioeconomy 2019-02-18T23:49:29Z impact-innovation-and-lsq-team-up-to-boost-bioeconomy The growth of Queensland’s bioeconomy is set to accelerate with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between two champions of innovation-driven entrepreneurship. Specialist innovation and commercialisation company Impact Innovation Group and key industry body, Life Sciences Queensland Limited (LSQ) have formally committed to collaborate on activities for boosting innovation outcomes across the state. Impact Innovation’s managing director, Brian Ruddle, said working together will allow more knowledge-based start-ups and existing enterprises that are solving life science-related problems to access the right expertise and resources when they need them. “Queensland’s position in the global biotechnology industry has been expanding over the past decade, with new ventures emerging and seeking support to scale up every week,” he said. “But many of these innovators are so focused on developing the technical viability of their ideas that they fall behind on the process of getting them ready for the market. “This is where the combined strengths of Impact Innovation and LSQ can make a real difference.” Acting LSQ CEO Clare Blain said the cooperative agreement would enable both parties to introduce new opportunities to their networks. “LSQ, through its new business development initiative led by Deputy CEO Dr Nagaraj Gopisetty, will provide members and life science start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs with the tools to accelerate their business growth and connect them with even more market outreach and skills development options,” she said. “Our members are innovators in a wide range of industries, from human and animal healthcare to agriculture, marine technologies and bioenergy. We are working closely with Impact Innovation’s diverse expertise to offer greater engagement across more disciplines.”  The MOU recognises the mutual interests of Impact Innovation Group and LSQ in working with entrepreneurial ventures to advance clever and commercially viable ideas from Queensland research centres, start-up communities and other existing businesses. Activities that are expected to emerge from this agreement include training, engagement and collaboration events; access to specialist advisors, trade mission delegations and other global connections; extended promotion of relevant funding schemes and other investment opportunities; and exploring new initiatives for collaboration. ENDS FASTER, MORE ACCURATE SKIN CANCER TEST ON THE HORIZON 2019-02-05T13:11:07Z faster-more-accurate-skin-cancer-biopsy-test-on-the-horizon 5 February 2018 -- New research, published today, in PLOS ONE shows that the Melaseq™ test can also be used on skin biopsy tissue. -- Retrospective analysis of patient data suggests that Melaseq may be able to identify good/poor prognosis patients at the time of diagnosis - allowing doctors to individualise treatment plans. -- Investigation into the biological role of the 38 Melaseq microRNAs revealed significant regulation of genes cruicial to melanoma development and metastasis. Research identifying a new way to get more accurate results from skin cancer biopsies has recently been published by the Public Library of Science (PLOS ONE). The new test, Melaseq, liquifies tissue taken from a suspected melanoma and runs it through a genetic test created by Melbourne start-up company, Geneseq. Currently, melanoma biopsies are diagnosed through visual assessment of microscopic slides by pathologists, resulting in up to 15% uncertain or incorrect diagnoses.  The Melaseq test is a more objective testing method that relies on uniform data and information for diagnosis. This will improve melanoma diagnostic accuracy, where uncertainty exists due to the challenging nature of skin lesion pathology. This means more potential for earlier diagnosis and less room for error. The research also showed that Melaseq may also predict a patient’s length of survival. Patients with a genetically ‘high risk’ Melaseq result have a more aggressive form of melanoma may choose to begin treatment earlier, potentially preventing the cancer from spreading. Geneseq Director and creator of the test Dr Ryan Van Laar said that Melaseq had the potential to be the new ‘gold standard’ of melanoma diagnosis. “By using established science and existing data we can provide a more accurate test result that doctors and patients can rely on, rather than the subjective visual assessment by an individual pathologist.” “The difficulty of accurately diagnosing melanoma from visual assessment only is demonstrated in the fact that up to 15% of samples sent to pathology for assessment come back without a diagnosis at all,” said Dr Van Laar. According to the research paper, the worldwide incidence of melanoma skin cancer has continued to increase at a rapid rate over the last 30 years. In 2015, approximately 351,880 melanoma skin cancers were diagnosed globally. This is the second application of the skin cancer diagnostic test developed by Geneseq, first published in the British Journal of Cancer in 2018.  The Melaseq test can identify disease-specific microRNA expression, in either biopsy tissue or blood. This assists in the diagnosis and prognosis of melanoma more accurately, and at a much earlier stage, than previously possible.  “To our knowledge, this is the first time that this method of testing has been applied to genomic profiles of both blood and solid tissue,” said Dr Van Laar.  “While a blood test may be the first option for doctors in diagnosing melanoma, Melaseq-FFPE will help pathologists looking at tissue samples that have already been sent it in for assessment.”  “We look forward to this research becoming clinically available and helping healthcare professionals identify the disease in its earliest and most curable stage,” Dr Van Laar said. About Melanoma Two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer during their lifetime, of which melanoma is the rarest but most deadly form. Worldwide, the incidence of melanoma continues to increase, outpacing the rise of any other malignancy in the Caucasian population over the last 30 years.  Despite being curable if diagnosed early, four Australians die each day from this cancer, resulting in more deaths than the road toll. If not diagnosed early and accurately, melanoma grows quickly spreads through the lymphatic system and bloodstream to other organs such as the lungs, liver, brain or bone. There are currently no specific solid tissue, blood or genetic tests available to help doctors diagnose melanoma or monitor for recurrence.   In 2018 there will be an estimated 14,320 melanoma diagnoses, 1,905 deaths and over 50,00 people living with the disease. Over 2 million Australians have one or more high-risk characteristics for developing melanoma in their lifetime.   About Geneseq Biosciences: Geneseq Biosciences is a Melbourne based biotechnology company, pioneering the development of new “liquid biopsy” tests to help doctors individualise cancer diagnostics & treatment options. Founded in 2016, their first test Melaseq, is designed to accurately detect the genetic (microRNA) fingerprint of active melanoma in blood.  Geneseq Biosciences was selected to participate the 2017 Melbourne Health Incubator program and published their first study in the British Journal of Cancer in January, 2018.  For more information please contact Dr Ryan van Laar, Geneseq Biosciences, +61 (3) 9028 2992   Email:| Web:  | Twitter: @geneseqbio   Publication link: Mark Taylor MP to Officiate at Opening Ceremony of Warakirri College Blacktown’s New Science Lab 2019-02-04T05:19:58Z mark-taylor-mp-to-officiate-at-opening-ceremony-of-warakirri-college-blacktown-s-new-science-lab The multipurpose laboratory has been designed to facilitate Science, Biology, Food Technology and Living Skills classes. The 4-month construction project was delivered by Sydney Office Fitout, and includes a fully functioning science lab and preparation room with prep benches and chemical storage, as well as a multiple station kitchen equipped with ovens, gas cooktops, fridge, double sink, stainless steel prep benches and fume extractor. The new science laboratory will allow students to design and conduct a wider variety of controlled experiments to collect reliable first-hand data, while Food Technology students now have a dedicated space to plan, prepare, present, and evaluate their creations. “I think we are going to learn some really great life skills in here,” said Warakirri student Maverick M. “There’s so much room and freedom. It’s exciting because it’s an actual, real kitchen, not just some frypans in an old room! It makes me feel so hopeful and excited because it’s brand new.” “I am 10/10 excited to use the room,” added Warakirri student Tyler S. “It is so nice and big and clean and sophisticated. It’s going to make Science and Food Tech so much more enjoyable.” Funding for the project was provided by the NSW Government, with administrative support from The Association of Independent Schools. “We are most grateful to the Department of Education for their generous support of this project which will enable our students to develop new skills and enjoy their classes in an innovative, inspiring learning space,” said Warakirri College Principal Carolyn Blanden. The multipurpose laboratory opening ceremony will commence at 10.00am on Tuesday 19 February 2019 at Warakirri College Blacktown, 7 Sunnyholt Road Blacktown 2148, with Mark Taylor MP, the State Member of Parliament for Seven Hills in attendance.    About Warakirri College Warakirri College is an independent high school for young people aged 15–22 completing their Year 10 and Higher School Certificate. Students have disconnected from mainstream schools due to peer relations difficulties like bullying or gender issues, mental health challenges such as anxiety or depression, complex family backgrounds, refugee experience or parenthood.  Warakirri is an independent high school with campuses at Fairfield and Blacktown. As a social impact initiative of MTC Australia, students do not pay fees and are provided with textbooks, food and other resources. Graduates typically progress to University, TAFE, private colleges and employment.  About MTC Australia MTC is the social enterprise that gives people the inspiration, capability and opportunity to create a fulfilling life. We deliver high impact employment, training and youth programs that help more than 15,000 people every year to gain skills for employment and entrepreneurship, build self-worth, and enable possibilities for transformative change. We deliver a range of proven programs, including government initiatives such as the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS), Disability Employment Services (DES), jobactive and Skills for Education and Employment (SEE). We also deliver nationally accredited training courses and innovative youth programs, and offer specialist recruitment services through MTC Recruitment. As a social enterprise, we continue to support and empower at-risk Australians, by reinvesting surplus back into innovative social impact initiatives like Warakirri College, an independent high school for students who need an alternative to mainstream education. News: XENON First to Distribute NVIDIA’s Most Powerful AI System: NVIDIA DGX-2 2018-12-12T20:50:52Z news-xenon-first-to-distribute-nvidias-most-powerful-ai-system-nvidia-dgx-2 Melbourne December 13, 2018 - XENON Systems, a leader in high performance computing, data analytics and artificial intelligence solutions, is the first to secure rights to sell the NVIDIA DGX-2 and DGX-2H platforms across Australia and New Zealand. By exploiting greater model and data parallelism, NVIDIA DGX-2 can solve the world’s biggest AI challenges that demand the largest datasets and the most complex deep neural networks. This includes financial institutions, insurance, science research, and security scenarios where there’s a requirement for large-scale statistical analysis. XENON is the only ANZ NVIDIA Elite Solution Provider and partner authorised to sell NVIDIA DGX-2 in the ANZ region. The relationship builds on XENON’s experience selling NVIDIA DGX-1 platforms over the last 2 years, in which XENON has successfully deployed 20+ units into various industries, including telco, tertiary institutions, and government. “We are committed to assessing and learning about the newest technologies that come to market, and we remain uniquely placed to translating their adoption into viable business outcomes for Australian organisations. We are proud of our long standing relationship and work with NVIDIA, and are pleased to now offer the most advanced AI platform the DGX-2 series,” said Dragan Dimitrovici, CEO of XENON Systems. NVIDIA DGX-2 is the world’s largest GPU. It is the first 2-PFLOPS system with 16 fully interconnected GPUs and the revolutionary NVIDIA NVSwitch technology. DGX-2 enables unprecedented compute density and scale in the data centre. Delivering world-record AI performance, each DGX-2 system arrives fully integrated with NVIDIA’s Deep Learning software stack, which includes: ● Major AI frameworks: Caffe, Caffe2, TensorFlow, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, MXNet, Chainer, Theano, Torch, and more ● Fully containerised deployment with easy-to-use interface ● Available containers for HPC applications: Gamess, GROMACS, LAMMPS, MILC, NAMD, VMD, and more For more information, please visit and for specific product information go : and About XENON With over two decades of experience in designing and deploying supercomputers, workstations, and servers, XENON is leading its customers to the forefront of high performance computing, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. Whether the application is life sciences, enterprise or public services, XENON contributes to all stages of planning, design, and deployment to enable its customers to gain value from their data immediately. By offering the latest CPU, GPU, storage, and data networking technologies from a wide variety of global partners XENON is able to work with customers prior to the decision phase to design best-of-breed solutions to match requirements. In addition to hardware, XENON also offers the world’s most innovative software in areas of predictive data analytics, artificial intelligence, real-time IoT streamed data analysis, high availability storage, and SDN. XENON consulting and professional services brings everything seamlessly together to ensure that solutions are designed to; best meet customer needs, are configured and fully tested for system robustness, and delivered on time. OXAIR’S OXYGEN SYSTEMS WIPE OUT HOSPITAL CYLINDER COSTS 2018-11-29T14:19:30Z oxair-s-oxygen-systems-wipe-out-hospital-cylinder-costs Oxair Gas Systems’ new India venture will be taking centre stage with the company’s showpiece oxygen generating equipment at next year’s Arab Health Show in Dubai’s World Trade Centre from January 28-31. Representatives from Oxair Gas Systems India P Ltd will be available on Stand H58 to give a demonstration and answer any questions about the company’s latest high purity oxygen delivery systems supporting the health service in even remote parts of the subcontinent, as well as providing a safer and cost-effective alternative to conventional cylinders in local hospitals and medical facilities. A leading global manufacturer of advanced gas process systems, Oxair’s Indian subsidiary will also be showcasing the OA120 Medical Oxygen Generator Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) system, which can produce the equivalent of 12 cylinders a day (7 M3 capacity). The company eagerly awaits the world’s healthcare decision-makers at Stand H58 in Centre Hall 2 to show them the amazing cost-saving and safety benefits of its systems compared to traditional gas cylinders. These high quality medical devices are designed to last and deliver consistent, high purity oxygen to hospitals and healthcare facilities of all sizes.   Oxair’s Medical Oxygen Generators PSAs are registered medical devices under ISO 13485, which makes them fully compliant for use in all hospitals and medical facilities around the globe regardless of remoteness. As the equipment provides hospitals with the ability to control their own supply of 94% pure oxygen, it eliminates the chance of succumbing to failures in the oxygen cylinder supply chain. Clinicians are guaranteed a constant source of high quality oxygen that can be piped directly to the patient’s bedside on demand. The system is designed with ease of use in mind and comes with a user-friendly full colour touch screen requiring no extensive technical training. In addition, due to high quality parts being used to produce superior valving and piping, the system requires less maintenance, has low power consumption and guarantees high performance levels throughout its long lifespan. The Arab Health Exhibition presents the perfect platform in a region where healthcare expenditure is accelerating to meet an anticipated rise in the number of patients. Over 700 projects involving hospitals, clinics and research centres worth billions of US dollars are under various stages of development. These developments will need regular supplies of life-saving gas. Installing oxygen generators can not only significantly reduce a hospital’s oxygen costs, but also improve the health and safety standards for its staff due to them no longer handling dangerous high-pressure cylinders while eliminating the noise pollution associated with their delivery. CEO at Oxair, Jim Newell explained: “This is a major show for Oxair India and a chance to connect with the right people us so early in the year in a vital target market. Oxygen generators are the future for healthcare to reduce the reliance on cylinders except as a back-up for medical needs.” Oxair’s technology is suitable for small to medium-sized hospitals and has minimal impact on the workplace thanks to its specially designed muffler which makes it one of the quietest PSA systems on the market. The system can be engineered to integrate with any existing system, or designed from scratch. Oxair’s medical oxygen generators can also be used to fill cylinders for backup use. Visit Oxair in Centre Hall 2, Stand H58 at the Arab Health Exhibition in Dubai where Oxair’s representatives will be delighted to answer any questions. Alternatively, if you are not able to attend the show but would like to know more visit Australia officially ‘Ahead of the Global Curve’ in Animal Health 2018-11-20T07:23:28Z australia-officially-ahead-of-the-global-curve-in-animal-health OVER 100 of the nations leading parasitologists, veterinary authorities, industry and business leaders gathered in Western Sydney today to mark the official launch of an Australian led - global breakthrough in animal health.  A who’s who of faces from agriculture and the scientific community along with invited guests converged on Camden’s Belgenny Farm Thursday, in a ceremony to announce what’s been labelled the most significant shakeup in veterinary parasitology in 40 years.  Hosted by CEO of the International Animal Health Products group, Mr Chris Lawlor, the event was the culmination of almost 20 years research and development along with millions of dollars in investment.  Addressing the lunchtime audience, Mr Lawlor said the release of ‘BioWorma’ initially came about as a result of work being done by the CSIRO, where the opportunity presented itself to play an active role in the advancement of animal health, both domestically and around the world. Through the targeting of intestinal parasites affecting sheep, cattle, goats and horses, Mr Lawlor said the opportunity to put Australian agriculture  ‘ahead of the curve’ was an exciting one. “ Globally, the losses from parasites would be in the tens of billions of dollars. “ I didn’t want to see the science to arrest this scourge developed overseas and then see Australian farmers having to buy it back.”  Even after the CSIRO discontinued its involvement in the project in 2004, Mr Lawlor refused to abandon the idea and continued pilot testing on his own property. According to Mr Lawlor, the next two decades involved 19 trials and three different safety studies including a plethora of testing and an encyclopaedic volume of reports. “It was something that had never been done before, so there was no rule book.” “It was like moving up through the levels of a video game,” Mr Lawlor said. “Each level was more and more difficult.” Two decades on, and universally acknowledged as one of the most significant recent breakthroughs in area of parasitology, Chris and his team’s work is about to have a major global economic and environmental impact, particularly in the area of agriculture where resistance to chemical drenches is now at alarming levels. "The fact is we’ve put Australia at the forefront of scientific advancement in livestock parasitology. “For the first time, we can now successfully treat multiple parasites in different grazing animals with a naturally occurring fungus – something that has never been done before.  “It has been a long and very difficult journey to not only develop and gain approval from various regulatory bodies around the world but keep the research, development and technology right here in Australia. BioWorma has been approved for sale in Australia and New Zealand and the USA where it will be released in early 2019, and Mr Lawlor said he hopes it will be available in Europe within the 12 to 18 months. For more information, visit ends. Embargoed: 12.30pm - November 21.   World-leading Science Museum Group curates digital transformation 2018-11-13T02:50:21Z world-leading-science-museum-group-curates-digital-transformation BRISBANE, 13 November 2018 – The UK’s world-leading group of science museums, The Science Museum Group (SMG) which attracts five million visitors per annum, has selected Australia’s largest enterprise Software as a Service company TechnologyOne (ASX:TNE) to modernise and transform its existing financial business system. TechnologyOne Chief Operating Officer, Stuart MacDonald said “The Science Museum Group stands among several new world-leading customers that have chosen TechnologyOne’s Software as a Service offering to transform their business. “The Science Museum Group’s new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution from TechnologyOne has now gone live; empowering the group to streamline their financial operations to support their growth,” Mr MacDonald said. The Science Museum Group transacts an average of five million visitors each year. With around 1,000 employees and over 500 volunteers, the group required a robust and intuitive solution that would enable the finance team and other users, to access real-time information quickly and efficiently anywhere – on any device. Jane Ellis, Director of Corporate Services at Science Museum Group explained that: “As an organisation in the cultural sector we recognise the importance of actively responding to the challenges that lie ahead. With an increased requirement to generate income and make more efficient use of resources, we felt that our existing finance system no longer met our needs. We knew that multiple workarounds were being used in order to deliver financial outputs and all too often these were manual and time-consuming processes.  Furthermore, we wanted a user-friendly system, accessible from any device, with real-time reporting for our end users.” The new solution has gone live and provides the Science Museum Group with an intuitive system, that allows both finance and non-finance users to easily interrogate real-time data, quickly produce reports and efficiently make strategic decisions. “TechnologyOne demonstrated their ability to meet all of our requirements and provide a solution on time and to budget which delivers against our long-term goals of innovation and transformation. The new solution goes some way to enabling the Group to realise its digital first vision, as well as being adaptable and complying with current legislation,” said Ms Ellis. Anwen Robinson, UK Operating Officer at TechnologyOne, commented: “The public sector is an increasingly challenging environment to operate in so implementing the right SaaS technologies that are both flexible and enable the organisation to future-proof is vital. As the most significant group of science and innovation museums worldwide, it stands to reason that the Science Museum Group is embracing financial transformation to ensure it inspires interactive science for decades to come.” - Ends - About TechnologyOne TechnologyOne (ASX:TNE) is Australia's largest enterprise software company and one of Australia's top 200 ASX-listed companies, with offices across six countries. We create solutions that transform business and make life simple for our customers. We do this by providing powerful, deeply integrated enterprise software that is incredibly easy to use. Over 1,200 leading corporations, government departments and statutory authorities are powered by our software. We participate in only eight key markets: government, local government, financial services, education, health and community services, asset intensive, project intensive and corporate. For these markets we develop, market, sell, implement, support and run our preconfigured solutions, which reduce time, cost and risk for our customers. For over 30 years, we have been providing our customers enterprise software that evolves and adapts to new and emerging technologies, allowing them to focus on their business and not technology. Today, our software is available on the TechnologyOne Cloud and across smart mobile devices. For further information please visit:   About the Science Museum Group We are the world’s leading group of science museums, welcoming over five million visitors each year to five sites: The Science Museum in London; the National Railway Museum in York; the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester; the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford; and Locomotion in Shildon. We share the stories of innovations and people that shaped our world and are transforming the future, constantly reinterpreting our astonishingly diverse collection spanning science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine. Standout objects include the record-breaking locomotive Flying Scotsman, Richard Arkwright’s textile machinery, Alan Turing’s Pilot ACE computer and the earliest surviving recording of British television. Our mission is to inspire futures - igniting curiosity among people of all ages and backgrounds. Each year, our museums attract more than 600,000 visits by education groups, while our touring exhibition programme brings our creativity and scholarship to audiences across the globe. More information can be found at: