The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-11-18T00:21:35Z 5 ways to be a better leader in 2020 2019-11-18T00:21:35Z 5-ways-to-be-a-better-leader-in-2020 Each year Dana Lightbody, CEO of The Leadership Institute, hosts 35 leadership summits, presents over 500 high profile speakers and educates more than 2500 attendees looking for that golden nugget to become a better leader within their business or organisation. Today, she shares her top five ways to achieve just that in 2020, no matter what stage of the journey you’re at. Dana advises, “Leadership isn’t something that you’re born with, it’s a learnt skill that needs constant nurturing and development throughout your life and career. Combine this with the fast paced, technologically advanced world we live in, where there seems a new gadget, app or way of doing things everyday - it can become very overwhelming. “It’s time to get back to the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) way of doing things and put a plan together for your leadership journey in 2020. The key thing is to make sure it’s realistic and something you will stick too,” said Dana. Dana Lightbody’s top five ways to be a better leader in 2020 and KISS, include: Create an Executive Toolkit: Start with your values and write them down, this will give you a way to measure yourself against the qualities your ‘ideal leader’. Knowing who you are and what you stand for will assist your team in measuring themselves in a positive way, leading them to feel valued, and as a by-product, even more motivated. Allocate time: Block out time in your calendar and schedule the events and training sessions you want to attend throughout the year. If you schedule it in advance, you’re more likely to attend and follow through. Get educated: Book in formal training, internally or externally and make time to attend it. Conferences for straight from the source learning, deconstructed university courses or one day industry focused trainings. Whatever it is, make time for it. Compile a selection of books to read throughout the year, if reading is not your thing – try an audiobook on the way to work. I’d start with my favourite business author Brené Brown and aim for one per month. Engage a mentor or sponsor: You’d be surprised how many experienced CEO’s, entrepreneurs and educators are looking to mentor or sponsor upcoming talent. Simply make a list of the people who inspire you and reach out. Network: Attend networking events! You should find that a lot of courses and summits include a networking session at the end of the first day. Plan to stay for the duration, and although it’s like speed dating, you never know who you might meet or what opportunity might arise. The Leadership Institute have released their 2020 calendar of events here. With key highlights of the line-up including: Authentic Leadership Summit: 10-20 March 2020 The Empowered Woman Summit: 26 March 2020 The SME Success Summit: 13 May 2020 Indigenous Leadership Summit: 26-29 May 2020 Women in Public Sector Leadership Summit: 16-19 June 2020 Disruptive Innovation Summit: 18-21 August 2020 Business Transformation Summit: 23 September 2020 The 5th Women In Leadership Summit: 20-23 October 2020 Executive Leadership Summit: 24-27 November 2020 “I truly believe that what got you here, won’t get you there. So, don’t be complacent and think that where you’re at right now is good enough, because sadly that when’s you get left behind. Chase the desire to be best in practice and be open to learning from others to stay ahead of the game,” said Dana. For further information, images or to request an interview with Dana Lightbody, contact: Rachel King – 360 PR – – 02 9571 4448 Mining industry super duo prove job sharing’s a win-win 2019-11-15T05:26:12Z mining-industry-super-duo-prove-job-sharing-s-a-win-win Brisbane, 13 November 2019. Part time work. Work from home days. Job Sharing. Flexible working arrangements are on the rise in Australia … and they’re here to stay. But many Australian employers, particularly large organisations, are hesitant or struggle to implement job sharing. Citing concerns such as lowered productivity, lack of supervision and feelings of unfairness among other employees, as well as IT security, possible impacts on customer service and the implications of flexible working on team dynamics. Catherine and Kristy are set to prove them wrong. Catherine and Kristy have been job sharing since 2017. As part of Australia’s rising share of part time workers (31% in 2018, up from 25% in 1998), they’re on the leading edge of the flexible working arrangements wave. And they’re on the leading edge of how to make job sharing really work. ‘From day one, everything we did, said or delivered was from ‘us’’, says Catherine. ‘We trust each other. If we didn’t, this relationship definitely wouldn’t work!’ Both Kristy and Catherine were working in the mining industry in senior roles, Kristy as a Project Management Office (PMO) Lead and Catherine as a Senior Advisor Project Finance, when they met. Like many women, they were reluctant to return to full time work after having families, but they also didn’t want to lose the careers they had worked so hard to obtain. When Kristy was approached for a job-sharing role, she accepted on the condition she could work with Catherine. So, what makes it work? ·      They have a professional charter. ‘We understand who our customer is, we know our expectations, we provide service and we are reputable’, say Catherine and Kristy. ·      They have systems in place to ensure that to do items are carried over and prioritised as needed. ·      They respond as one. They use a single mailbox so that all work items and necessary emails can be actioned by either one of them. ·      They know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. And the benefits to both themselves and their employer have been more than they could even have imagined. Rather than being less productive, their mining employer now has the benefit of a larger range of skills across two people, as well as a ‘get the job done’ mentality which far exceeds the average worker who generally has a five-day work week to accomplish projects. When either Kristy or Catherine take annual leave, there is still a person available who understands what is necessary for the role and is able to manage things while the other is away. Plus, they keep each other accountable. ‘Our output is far higher with much greater visibility than with your average full-time worker, but without the need for management micromanaging’, Catherine adds. ‘In fact, our management is absolutely speechless by how successful our job share has been.’ Of course, job sharing has had benefits for Catherine and Kristy as well, allowing them time with their families, while still maintaining their careers. It’s also given them the flexibility to follow other passions in their lives. In this case, those passions are in the form of a children’s design and décor shop, Homely Creatures. In fact, Homely Creatures is actually their second job share as they own and run it together. ‘We were looking for a gap in the children’s industry, something that we could feel good about aligning ourselves with’, Catherine says. ‘The opportunity to buy Homely Creatures arose and we decided it was a risk worth taking!’ Kristy and Catherine are passionate about bringing awareness and hope to others that may want to job share, as well as educating companies about the benefits and the process that can make job sharing a true success. Catherine says, ‘I have heard so many men and women complain about how hard it is to find part time work or a company that is willing to discuss job sharing opportunities with them. So many just find it too difficult.’ ‘The job sharing arrangement is still very immature within our company, but we are determined to help move it out of our department and into the global company and then out of the company into other companies in Australia’, Kristy adds. ‘Job sharing allows valuable workers who may only want or be able to do part time work back into the workforce. It makes us smarter and stronger as a whole. And it brings more skills and opportunities to businesses as well’, Kristy says. About Catherine and Kristy: Catherine Goos grew up on a cattle crop farm in Central Queensland riding dirt bikes and sliding down the banks of a clay dam. She relocated to Brisbane (a long time ago!) and now calls New Farm home. She started her working life in the tourism industry, but it wasn’t long before she jumped ship for the finance world. She has a passion for interior design, renovating homes and her family, including husband Kris and three-year-old son, Jack. Kristy Wong was born in Adelaide but made her way to Darwin via the middle of Australia, living in an underground house in Coober Pedy as well as Alice Springs. She came to Brisbane for university and this is where her love of technology was born. Her first ‘real’ job was at the Queensland Police where she started as a Graduate Database administrator but quickly moved up the corporate ladder to senior positions, including Quality Assurance Officer and Project Manager. This sent her to her current role in the mining industry. Kristy also has a passion for supporting families with premature babies, as her and her husband Ivan’s own twin girls were born in 2016 at only 27 weeks and 6 days.     *Catherine and Kristy are available for interviews.* Media enquiries Kristen Lowrey M 04 1286 4088 E Other enquires Homely Creatures M 0417 892 283 (Kristy) M 0418 735 550 (Catherine) E or visit the website,             Is Your Safety Data Safe? 2019-11-15T01:23:43Z is-your-safety-data-safe n a world where companies handle increasingly large amounts of data, it’s vital that sensitive company information remains secure and risk management processes are extended to data security. Companies need to check if their providers are ISO 27001 compliant and not just their data centres that provide the hosting.  ISO 27001 is a global standard that outlines the requirements for an information security management system (ISMS). The standard is an internationally recognised best practice model for mitigating data security risks. Organisations use ISO 27001 to securely manage assets including financial information, intellectual property, employee details, or information entrusted by third parties.   When you entrust your data to a third-party company, you should request independent verification that its information systems are ISO 27001 certified – not just data centres that provide the hosting. This means that if an information system runs on cloud infrastructure, both environments must be ISO 27001 certified. Too often, businesses claim ‘data security’ simply by piggybacking on the certifications of their cloud infrastructure provider.  Organisations certified to ISO 27001 have developed a systematic approach to managing sensitive company information. This involves applying a risk management process to its people, processes and IT systems so that data remains secure. So do a quick check to ensure your cloud based software providers have your back when it comes to your data security. Original Article here: AIIA’s US trade delegation lays the groundwork for Australia’s next wave of digital tech 2019-11-14T22:02:38Z aiias-us-trade-delegation-lays-the-groundwork-for-australias-next-wave-of-digital-tech Sydney, Australia – 15 November 2019 -- The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), the peak member body for the ICT industry, has completed a six-day trade delegation to the US to help organisations learn about how to best utilise and implement the latest developments in digital technology. The delegation included global businesses, senior executives of government agencies, venture capital organisations, SMEs and startups who travelled to the West Coast of the US from 3-8 November 2019 and visited San Francisco (Silicon Valley) and Seattle. The itinerary included visits to Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce, DocuSign, IBM, ServiceNow, Adobe, Cisco, Google and Infosys. Ron Gauci, CEO of AIIA, said the trade delegation enabled members to better understand the opportunities and the role they can play in working with the Federal Government to deliver the digital services agenda. “Once again the US delegation has proven to be a valuable opportunity for AIIA members to network with some of the world’s best companies, and to learn about trends and the latest developments in their markets,” said Gauci. “There is currently a strong focus and investment in Artificial Intelligence, and the related issues around the ethics and transparency of its use are of great importance. All the major tech companies we visited also have a focus on the culture and skills required to harness and take advantage of the digital revolution. “As the Australian Government continues its digital transformation agenda across all portfolios, an understanding of cutting-edge technology developed by the private sector is critical. It is also vital that government and business work together and partner successfully for the benefit of taxpayers and citizens.” The AIIA Ministerial Delegation has enabled technology sector business leaders to engage with government and leading digital organisations including Microsoft, Adobe, KPMG, IBM, ServiceNow, Cisco, Infosys, Telstra, Datacom, CDC Data Centres, Veriluma, Itree, Sypaq, iCIMS, BGH Capital, MXA, Informpros, Talihealth, AUCloud and OK RDY. The delegates also attended the Australian Landing Pad showcasing innovative Australian technology startup companies. “By spending six days with a group of like-minded business people, sharing insights on best practices in digital transformation, I’m confident that Australian tech leaders have forged relationships that will lead to greater collaboration and improvement of our government digital services,” said Gauci. “We are delighted that the delegation has created opportunities for our members to grow their business through the relationships forged on the trip, and to learn about the innovations which should assist them in delivering future government outcomes.” For a video on the AIIA’s US trade delegation view here. To find out more about how to join the AIIA, please visit # # # Additional information Sponsors and Hosts included: Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce, IBM, Cisco, Infosys, HERE Technologies, Google, DocuSign, ServiceNow and Adobe. About AIIA The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) is Australia’s peak representative body and advocacy group for those in the digital ecosystem. Since 1978 AIIA has pursued activities to stimulate and grow the digital ecosystem, to create a favorable business environment for members and to contribute to Australia’s economic prosperity. We do this by delivering outstanding member value by providing a strong voice of influence; building a sense of community through events and education; enabling a network for collaboration and inspiration; and developing compelling content and relevant and interesting information. For more information on AIIA Policy and Advocacy key areas please visit Media Contact For more information please contact: Carmelle Pavan GM Marketing & Communications – AIIA M: 0402 099 349 Jeffrey Coote Tel: (02) 8355 3130 New art installation uses ‘brainwaves’ to create personalised artwork 2019-11-14T00:12:48Z new-art-installation-uses-brainwaves-to-create-personalised-artwork Dexus has launched its ‘Brainwaves’ art installation at 100 Mount Street, North Sydney. To demonstrate the benefit of an inspiring physical environment to employee wellbeing, the ‘Brainwaves’ installation is open to the public in the lobby of 100 Mount Street. Users are encouraged to enter the installation and focus on a moment of mindfulness. Using cutting edge wearables, brain activity is detected and transformed into pulsing and undulating unique artworks on the 16-metre lobby video wall. “An inspirational work environment can be a positive catalyst for organisational and cultural innovation and change, and has a direct impact on employee wellbeing,” says Su Lim, Principal – Workplace Consulting at Six Ideas by Dexus which specialises in workplace strategy and solutions. According to research undertaken by Dexus, more than 70% of office decision makers[1] recognise a great workspace has a positive impact on productivity, job satisfaction, team engagement and culture. “As organisations are increasingly focused on the importance of employee wellbeing to business success, they are understanding the benefits to be gained by improving their workspace. The presence of art can be one change an organisation can make,” says Lim. Other improvements include improved access to natural light and aspect, choice of spaces in which to work, plants, sleep/relaxation pods, sit/stand desks and personal workspace temperature control. “However, it’s important the investments you make reflect the purpose, values and culture of your organisation,” Lim says. “It’s not about following trends or doing what others are doing, but taking a strategic approach to providing the workplace that is appropriate for the future of your organisation.” Find out what your brainwaves look like and visit 100 Mount Street, North Sydney. 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday from now until 22 November 2019. For more information on improving your workspace for productivity, visit:  Images are available for download, here or you can view and embed this video.  [1] Dexus Report: Back to Work Insights January 2018 Introducing Boutique Lifestyle Photography in Auckland – Plus A Great Booking Special 2019-11-12T20:00:37Z introducing-boutique-lifestyle-photography-in-auckland-plus-a-great-booking-special Boutique Lifestyle Photography are award-winning portrait photographers based in Auckland, New Zealand. Established in 2007, the team have formed and further developed their signature style of portraiture; timeless images of your loved ones that artistically tell your story. Since their inception, Boutique Lifestyle Photography have continued to expand their professional photography services. From stunning family photography to beautiful maternity portraits and graduation photography, all photo shoot bookings are held in their upmarket Auckland studio location. More recently, a range of commercial photography services have been introduced including professional product photography as well as professional head shots. As part of their services, all portraits receive the team’s acclaimed professional portrait retouching. From scars to scratches, any imperfections or blemishes that you may have can be removed at your request. The team are also pleased to announce a fantastic $79 photo shoot sitting special. Included in this package is your in-studio photo shoot with your Auckland photographer, valid for our portrait services (excluding glamour), as well as a bonus $50 studio credit towards your chosen portraits. If you’ve been considering a professional photo shoot, then now is the perfect time. You are encouraged to contact the friendly team to discuss your requirements. In-studio consultations are available to discuss in advance your photo shoot aspirations and begin planning your session. Bookings are available Monday to Saturday by appointment. The Boutique Lifestyle Photography Philosophy As a family owned and operated business, the team at Boutique Lifestyle Photography go to great lengths to ensure your satisfaction. From your initial contact with the team, throughout your photo shoot to the final delivery of your treasured images, you are sure to be impressed. Having worked with countless families and individuals over the years, we are proud to have worked closely with people from all walks of life. Irrespective of your requirements, we offer you an in-studio portrait service that is both relaxed and professional with amazing results. We also offer a great range of flexible gift voucher options, perfect for any occasion or milestone. In addition, we also encourage charities or fundraising groups to contact us regarding any upcoming events or promotions we can assist with. Please visit our website and contact us with any queries relating to your event and how we can help. We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us with any booking enquiries or general questions and we will be happy to assist. Boutique Lifestyle Photography(09) 522 5123 How Much Does A Professional Business Website Cost? 2019-11-11T04:27:30Z how-much-does-a-professional-business-website-cost To succeed as a business online, a virtual shop front that merely describes your company will no longer cut it; your business website should be constantly working to attract customers and generate revenue. A professionally designed small business website in Australia, depending on size and complexity, can range anywhere from $5,000- $20,000. Yes, there are cheaper website options out there, however: end of the day, as the good old saying goes “you get what you pay for”. Cheap web design can say more about your business as a first impression that you’re willing to admit. Sure, the website may function and list your services, but with no marketing, lead generation, email nurturing or conversion strategies in place – you simply have wasted money on an ‘online brochure’ and left crossing your fingers, hoping someone will call you, or fill out an online enquiry. Read the full article: Australia's Oldest Online Pet Supply Retailer Turns 20! 2019-11-08T00:02:58Z australia-s-oldest-online-pet-supply-retailer-turns-20 The year was 1999. The world was worried about Y2K, eBay had just launched in Australia and brothers Mark and Steven Perissinotto were preparing to launch Australia’s first online pet supplies business. Now twenty years and over 2.5 million orders later, VetShop Australia will celebrate over 100 dog years of business on the 17th of November. Like many great businesses, Steven says it all started over the table at a big family lunch. “We came up with the idea over lunch and were able to launch VetShopAustralia three months later,” Mr.Perissinotto said.  The brothers saw the huge opportunity the internet provided, and started the business part-time out of the back of veterinarian Mark’s Nambour clinic.  “We were working fifty hours a week at our original jobs and then putting in another twenty or so hours to only be getting ten orders per day,” Mark Perissinotto said.  “Success didn’t come to us overnight, running your own business is always ninety percent perspiration, ten percent inspiration” said Steven.  The breakthrough came in 2001 when, recognising high levels of interest from US buyers, the international website changed its currency to USD and sales instantly grew around 10-12% month-on-month between 2001-2006. This success enabled Mark to leave his veterinary practice in 2005 and saw Steven leave law in 2007 to allow them to concentrate on the business full time. In 2009, the business moved from Image Flat to a larger premises at Forest Glen where it remains today, shipping orders to over 1 million customers in over 70 countries. Over the years, the business has picked up a number of awards including a Telstra Business People’s Choice Award in 2011, Power Retail Top 100 Retailer in 2017 and the Top 150 in 2018. Both Mark and Steven have also been nominated for a variety of awards. Mark was a finalist in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards in 2015 and Steven was recently named as one of the Top 50 People in E-Commerce by Internet Retailing. VetShop Australia has also been the sponsor of the Surfing Dog Championships, held as part of the Noosa Festival of Surfing, since 2012. About VetShopAustralia VetShopAustralia is an online pet retailer that has been proudly serving Australian pet owners since 1999.  With its head office and distribution centre located in Forest Glen, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, VetShop Australia stock a huge range of over 1000 pet-related products; including international brand name animal health products such as NexGard, Bravecto, Revolution, Advocate, Hills and Royal Canin.  Awards 2009 – AIMIA Online Retailer of The Year 2011 – QLD Telstra Business Award People’s Choice 2013, 2014, 2016 & 2017 – Word of Mouth Service Award - Queensland 2015 – EY Entrepreneur of The Year Finalist (Mark) 2016 – St. George Business Champion 2017 – Power Retail Top 100 Retailer 2017 – Golden Brontos Most Successful Campaign Finalist 2017 – Google Regional Online Heroes (Steven) 2018 – Power Retail Top 150 Retailers 2019 – Internet Retailing Top 50 in e-Commerce (Steven) Sponsorship 2012 - 2020 -Sponsor of the largest Surfing Dog Competition in the world, VetShopAustralia Surfing Dog Championships, part of the Noosa Festival of Surfing   pitt&sherry is delighted to announce that it has appointed Benita Husband to be the new CEO. 2019-11-07T23:55:16Z pitt-amp-sherry-is-delighted-to-announce-that-it-has-appointed-benita-husband-to-be-the-new-ceo pitt&sherry is delighted to welcome Benita Husband as its new CEO. Benita has enjoyed a successful career as a consultant engineer, working in many sectors and multiple countries and took over the reins this week. With 20 years experience working in professional services and the construction industry, Benita is recognised for her engaging leadership style, client focused outcomes, and guidance on aligning strategy with commercial success. Benita was attracted to the pitt&sherry CEO role as she knows and understands the brand and story and believes pitt&sherry has a unique value proposition.  Chairman Paul Hardy said, “We are excited to have Benita on board. She is a huge asset to the company, bringing a vast amount of experience, passion, strategic thinking and positive energy and will lead us on the next phase of our journey.” Benita has complemented her engineering degree with an MBA and holds other company director and governance qualifications. She has extensive involvement in professional organisations and networks. Here’s a link to her LinkedIn profile for information TasmaNet is accelerating Aussie expansion through Partners 2019-11-06T22:55:03Z tasmanet-is-accelerating-aussie-expansion-through-partners TasmaNet is attracting partners around Australia keen to take advantage of the potential of the new nbnTM Enterprise Ethernet service for their business, enterprise and government customers. TasmaNet connected the first nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet service in Australia and continues to lead the market with this transformational product, utilising superfast symmetrical speeds up to 1 Gbps over dedicated fibre to deliver dependable high-speed data, voice, and networking services to schools, business, and government customers around Australia – often at vastly more affordable prices than available from legacy telco’s. In addition to large and multi-site businesses, nbnTM Enterprise Ethernet is helping small and medium sized businesses to unlock their potential with high bandwidth applications like video conferencing, e-commerce, and business-critical cloud services like Office 365 and online backup. More information about nbnTM Enterprise Ethernet ( and about TasmaNet ( is available here. Hobart-based web development business MyTyreSite were early adopters of nbnTM Enterprise Ethernet. With 15 developers managing websites and sales tools for the tyre and wheel industry, MyTyreSite need dependable fast Internet to grow their Australian business and underpin their expansion into the huge US market, bringing millions of dollars into the Tasmanian economy. To view the video click here. The dedicated fibre connectivity of nbnTM Enterprise Ethernet enables MyTyreSite to now download video in seconds instead of the 10-minute wait on their previous connection. TasmaNet partners can be the first to make this transformational technology available to their customers, backed by TasmaNet’s direct relationship with NBN Co, expert 100 percent Australian service desk team, and enhanced service level agreement (SLA) options. The company’s Key Channel program features generous trailing commissions on business grade nbn products; a ServiceNow portal to manage leads, quotes, orders and support tickets; dedicated pre-sales support to help nurture and close deals; marketing resources including brochures and case studies; plus sales and technical training for the partner’s team, backed by ongoing partner support. Access to TasmaNet’s data lake allows partners to identify sales opportunities, particularly in locations where Enterprise Ethernet can be delivered with no fibre installation cost. The data lake links customer locations and nbnTM capability, enabling partners to access near real time site qualification of nbnTM technology available to their customers, and allowing decision makers to quickly assess service options and associated price points. Partners sought TasmaNet is accelerating expansion around Australia through on-boarding capable partners servicing customers in key industry verticals that need fast, reliable Internet. These include medical centres, dentists, lawyers, accountants, retail and architects, amongst others. Channel partners also have the option to sell a full stack of enterprise solutions including managed private networks, next-generation Firewall-as-a-Service, backup for Office 365, cloud connect, Backup-as-a-Service and expert cyber threat assessments, private/public cloud and data centre services. Alternatively, if partners choose simply to refer opportunities to TasmaNet, the company has a referral partner agreement that includes a one-off commission payment where TasmaNet successfully converts opportunities to a sale. In a recent channel success story, Orkestra was on-boarded as a TasmaNet partner to help address demand from schools, businesses and enterprise customers in regional Victoria for fast, reliable Internet over dedicated nbnTM fibre to facilitate their digitisation journey and dramatically improve business outcomes. Already they have been successful in signing up customers in the commercial real estate and education sectors. Prospective TasmaNet partners can learn more here: ### Taking the digital marketing and tech industry by storm! 2019-11-06T22:53:58Z taking-the-digital-marketing-and-tech-industry-by-storm Connecting business around the world is how digital marketing company WeBOOST operates. The company aims to build a communication bridge between Australian companies and the wider Chinese demographic - whether they live in Australia, China, Malaysia or Singapore - just to name a few. WeChat marketing is the main service of WeBoost where they help with the registration processes on an official account and the designing and development of the WeChat Mini Program - along with H5 Pages. WeChat is a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payment app. Now as a very young and small business, WeBOOST are currently celebrating the new successes of the business.   “We have recently undergone some great structural changes within the business including a new website -, a new office and an expansion of our team, which will help us serve our clients at a more comprehensive way,” said Nick, Marketing Manager at WeBOOST. WeBOOST's digital marketing and IT solutions allow businesses to directly connect with their customers who don't speak English as their first language. "Our aim is to help both the customer and the business. We want them to both feel connected to each other, and with a language barrier amongst the Chinese speaking community, we want to create a sense of trust and support. Our WeChat, search engine optimisation and social media marketing allow businesses to break down the communication barrier," added Nick. The business was founded in 2016 by YJ who led the team in WeBOOST to its current success with notable clients including Chadstone, Longriver, D1 Store and more. With the team’s recent success and developments, they are still constantly looking for talented individuals while offering opportunities to students and recent graduates to achieve as a whole. To complement the entire digital marketing campaign, WeBOOST also provides services on website development, application development, social media marketing and search engine optimisation. Learn more about WeBOOST by visiting their new and improved website here. -END-   For more information, please contact: Nick | Marketing Manager E:   About WeBOOST The ultimate goal of WeBoost is to make IT services affordable and available to everyone. To achieve that goal, we endeavour to connect your business directly onto the Internet and bolster your business appearance in the online market. Founded in Melbourne, WeBOOST strategically positioned between local corporations and the online audience for brands to advocate themselves through the digital space. Our expertise in WeChat marketing, including Mini Program and Official Account, builds a pathway for Australian companies in reaching the wider Chinese-speaking population in China, Malaysia, Singapore and more. With website design and; development, mobile application development, search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine and social media marketing and system development, WeBOOST brings a holistic digital marketing solution to the table for the ultimate online brand resonance. Findex targets talent growth in 2020 with appointment of Chief People Officer, Jane Betts 2019-11-06T05:24:36Z findex-targets-talent-growth-in-2020-with-appointment-of-chief-people-officer-jane-betts Melbourne, VIC — Wednesday 6 November 2019 — Findex, one of Australasia’s leading integrated advisory firms, today announces the appointment of Jane Betts in its newly created role of Chief People Officer (CPO). Designed to supercharge Findex’s people strategy, this newly created role will sit in the executive management team and be responsible for the driving the group’s employee engagement, retention and acquisition strategies. Findex employs over 3,000 staff in regional and metropolitan Australia and New Zealand, delivering accountancy and advisory services to a client base of more than 250,000 individuals, over 80,000 businesses and over $17bn funds under advice. With plans to continue its merger and acquisition strategy in 2020, (having already completed 6 acquisitions in 2019 and 5 in 2018), Ms Betts is a welcome leadership appointment in this space.  Speaking about her appointment, Ms Betts said, “I am delighted to be joining Findex as Chief People Officer and am excited by the focus a newly created role brings to the group. Findex is at an exciting point in its talent evolution and I’m looking forward to building on Findex’s existing strengths, as well as looking at our talent development strategies as the team grows in 2020.” Spiro Paule, Findex CEO, also commented on Ms Betts’ appointment saying, “Elevating the Chief People Officer role to an executive level is a demonstration of our commitment to nurturing, developing and growing our people. We believe that our ability to retain and attract industry leading talent is what enables us to deliver best in class solutions to our clients and the broader market place. We’ve experienced growth in a number of key areas for us in 2019 and look forward to what 2020 and beyond holds for our people.” Across 2019, Findex announced 57 new partners and invested strongly in its regional expansion, positioning it as regional powerhouse in the advisory space through its 110 office network. Ms Betts brings to the group over two decades of experience in senior HR leadership positions across major financial services organisations. She most recently joins from AGL, where she was GM for People Partnering, Strategy and Transformation, supporting the transition and benefits realisation following its major investment into the business model last year. Prior to this, Ms Betts was Group Executive for Human Resources at Australian Unity, which experienced a 200% growth in headcount during her three years in post. Ms Betts starts in post from 6 November 2019. NOTES TO MEDIA Media inquiries: Sophia Pellatt, Icon Agency +61 3 9907 5012 Jane Betts is available for comment on request. Please submit questions to ABOUT FINDEX What we do We provide uniquely tailored, integrated solutions for people, businesses, government organisations and institutions that transform and grow as their needs do. Our story began over thirty years ago with a vision to provide a holistic offering to help clients achieve their financial and lifestyle goals, in one place. Now, as one of Australasia’s leading integrated advisory firms, we pride ourselves on a high-touch, personalised approach to help our clients achieve their financial, professional and life goals. Through our 110 locations across New Zealand and Australia, we provide you with a single point of contact to oversee all your financial affairs, working collaboratively with others from within Findex and broader marketplace. Our scale allows us to offer competitive solutions from a location convenient to you, respond to international and national issues, while understanding and supporting local communities.  Supporting local communities Since 2017, we’ve contributed over $1 million to support community health, education and entrepreneurial initiatives through the Findex Community Fund. Our community support also extends to empowering regional entrepreneurship through the FoundX program, connecting communities of regionally based start-ups, entrepreneurs and small business owners. Findex is also the proud founder of the SproutX Accelerator program for agtech start-ups, an Australian first, which focuses on solving tomorrow’s problems, today.  Growing with Australia and New Zealand We have 3,000+ staff, 250,000+ individual, 80,000+ business clients and over $17bn funds under advice. Almost 95% of our Partner group are equity holders in our business across Australia and New Zealand. Our team of 3,000 have demonstrated expertise in the business advisory, wealth management, audit, performance consulting, accounting and tax space. We have the 5th largest accounting offering in Australia. We work with agribusiness, Not-For-Profits, Education, Government, SME and individuals and are committed to them. Global network Findex operates the Australasian arm of Crowe Global, ranked eighth largest accounting network in the world. We’re proud to be a member of this network, and celebrate that for over 100 years, members of Crowe have made smart decisions for multinational clients working across borders.  These global ties are crucial for our work with governments, regulatory bodies and industry groups to shape the future of the profession worldwide. With exceptional knowledge of business, local laws and customs we provide lasting value to clients. JOHN MCAFEE TO SPEAK AT STARTCON.COM IN SYDNEY ON NOVEMBER 23 2019 2019-11-06T03:31:27Z john-mcafee-to-speak-at-startcon-com-in-sydney-on-november-23-2019 UNITED STATES 2020 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE, FAMED COMPUTER SECURITY ENTREPRENEUR AND LIBERTARIAN JOHN MCAFEE TO SPEAK AT STARTCON ON NOVEMBER 23 John McAfee to speak live via video on freedom, privacy and technology including cryptocurrency, computer security, blockchain and his new decentralised currency exchange McAfeeDex.  Freelancer CEO Matt Barrie to interview McAfee on his political campaign and how innovation can win back privacy and freedom.    United States 2020 Presidential Candidate John McAfee will be a keynote speaker at StartCon, Australia’s leading technology, startup, corporate innovation & growth conference to be held at Royal Randwick Racecourse on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd November 2019.  At StartCon, McAfee will discuss topics of freedom, privacy and technology including cryptocurrency, computer security, blockchain and his new decentralised currency exchange McAfeeDex. He will join over 55 global leaders in technology including Australia’s 29th Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and experts from eBay, Lyft, Airbnb, Airwallex, Uber, The Iconic, and more, during the two day event, with 4000+ attendees, 160 exhibitors and hundreds of startups in attendance. A lifelong advocate of personal freedom, McAfee now applies his passion, energy and vision to evangelising blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption. He uses his reach to encourage individuals to look beyond investing at all of the positive social change made possible by the blockchain.  In 2016 McAfee ran for President of the United States on a platform of Freedom, Privacy and Technology. He is running again in 2020, this time to draw public attention to the blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution."  "Cryptocurrencies will either free us or further enslave us depending on the choices that we make now," he says.  Matt Barrie, Chief Executive and Founder of says, “John McAfee is a world renowned technology entrepreneur, having founded McAfee Antivirus. His fame has only grown since then, running as a US Presidential Candidate and he is now universally known as a vocal activist for privacy and freedom through technology. John’s tweets constantly hit global headlines and move entire markets.  I look forward to debating the escalating battlefield for privacy and freedom as technology facilitates both a creeping infringement and increasing ability to protect one’s rights, and new missions including his presidential campaign and McAfeeDex, with John at StartCon.”  StartCon brings together the world’s best experts to provide actionable insights into how to start and growing world class technology driven businesses. Whether you are an entrepreneur, corporate innovator, working at a startup or are thinking about starting a business - if there is one event you must attend this year - it’s StartCon.  StartCon 2019 will feature expert workshops, a tech expo, hackathon, masterclasses, a FinTech stage, a Disruption stage, VIP lounge and an artificial intelligence (AI) stage. Guests can also attend networking events, experience live gaming and visit a startup alley that includes some of the most innovative businesses in the local market and across Asia.  You can follow John McAfee on Twitter at  Joining John McAfee at StartCon 2019 on November 22-23 will be speakers including: International Speakers   Malcolm Turnbull, 29th Prime Minister of Australia Jenny Arden, Director of Design @ Lyft, formerly AirBnb Joe Fahed, Global Products Operations Manager @ Uber Tony Aug, CTO & VP, Technology & Strategy, Digital @ Arrow Petra Hofer, Technology Leadership Advisor, fmr eBay Director of Technology Dan Lok, Founder, Influencer @ Eric Siu, Owner and CEO @ Single Grain Alberto Antinucci, Digital Innovation Strategist & China Expert @ Antinucci Consulting Katie Burke, Chief People Officer @ Hubspot Amy Peck, Senior Director of Enterprise Content @ Vive Studios and more!   Local Speakers include Fred Schebesta, CEO & Co-founder @ Finder Ashik Ahmed, CEO, CTO & Co-founder @ Deputy Vivek Bharadwaj, Marketing Science @ THE ICONIC Dr Jemma Green, Executive Chairman & Co-founder @ Power Ledger Chris Smith, Founder & Director @ BIG Esports Craig Rees, VP & Head of Engineering @ AirWallex Taryn Williams, CEO & Founder @ James Spencely, VC Investor & Mentor @ Greg Cross, Serial Entrepreneur @ Soul Machines Alex Moss, CEO & Head Designer @ Canaria Daniel Wearne, Head of Design @ Up Banking Alex McCauley, CEO @ StartupAus Sarah Tang, VP, Enterprise @ Helen Souness, CEO @ RMIT Online Randall Noble, COO @ Hive Gaming Dr Michelle Perugini, CEO & Co-founder @ Presagen Simon Banks, Managing Director & SVP @ HyperWallet  Ali Anderson, Manager of Outreach Programs @ Australian Institute for Machine Learning and more!   More StartCon 2019 speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.   StartCon 2019 features multiple tracks for startups, marketing and growth professionals, designers, engineers, tech experts and corporate innovators and is jam-packed with:   Expert workshops Tech expo Hackathon Masterclasses FinTech stage  Disruption stage  Artificial intelligence stage VIP lounge  Multiple networking events Live gaming  Kids coding camp Startup alley that includes some of the most innovative businesses across Asia   ENDS   About StartCon  StartCon (formerly SydStart) is the largest Australian startup and growth conference, expo and entrepreneur community, established in 2009. Thousands of technology startup professionals, investors and ecosystem participants have already experienced StartCon events. This year’s conference will be held on November 22nd & 23rd at Royal Randwick Racecourse, with world-class international speakers in entrepreneurship and growth marketing, high quality workshops and an expo showcasing the biggest tech names and high-growth startups in Asia Pacific.   Submissions for Pitch for $1 Million - Submissions can be made online with entries encouraged from startups in all sectors including, but not limited to, Advanced Manufacturing, Robotics, Blockchain, AI, Big Data, Adtech, Digital Media, Edtech and more.   Ethics is good for business - at last the message is getting through says Dr Zivit Inbar 2019-11-06T00:10:53Z ethics-is-good-for-business-at-last-the-message-is-getting-through-says-dr-zivit-inbar The message that ethical behaviour and making decisions based on what is best in the long-term for an organisation’s reputation, financial welfare and sustainability is getting through said Dr Zivit Inbar founder and CEO of DifferenThinking a boutique consulting firm specialising in strategic people, culture, ethics, leadership and performance services.   Commenting further Dr Inbar said recent high-profile cases of unethical behaviour together with changes in community expectations makes every business vulnerable and it jeopardises their financial viability when they are exposed.  This means that culture, ethics, innovation and decision making – the core pillars of leadership are more important than ever.   As a general observation, people and businesses are not unethical – however, problems arise if ethical behaviour is not ingrained in an organisation’s DNA and decisions made at all levels are unable to ask the fundamental questions ‘what is the right thing to do and by whom’ affirmed Dr Inbar.   “Companies love to extol the merits of their corporate culture and virtuousness of managers and staff that are collectively dedicated to maximising shareholder returns, the environment, inclusiveness, equality, etc.”, said Dr Inbar.   “But the word ‘ethics’ is very different with a far deeper meaning and implications.  Even a business that adheres steadfastly to the rule of law can still be operating unethically”.   Warren Buffett once said “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it”.    Dr Inbar continued, “Once unethical practices and behaviours are exposed and trust is lost – the momentum of the irrevocably damaged reputation accelerates the decline and ultimate destruction of the business”.   “This very sobering realisation is why organisations can no longer rely on the mantra that ‘this is how we do things here’ as a shield or excuse for unethical behaviour.  They need to keep improving from within and the key to strengthening processes and behaviour can only come from the top”.   Hence the primary theme and purpose of DifferenThinking workshops ‘Culture Ethics & Innovation – are led from the top’ that provide practical tools for managers to develop ethic-first cultures within their businesses.   These tools, coupled with Dr Inbar’s own research about the role of boards in corporate ethics, provide a unique resource and service for the business community.    Dr Inbar concluded, “It is heartening to observe that business leaders in growing numbers appreciate that a reputation for ethical behaviour builds trust both internally and externally with organisation’s stakeholders who rely on the business to conduct itself ethically in all dealings.    “I’m also confident DifferenThinking workshops and programs will continue to be supported by organisations keen to reduce risks and empower their human capital”.   Issued by DifferenThinking           Media Enquiries:     Mr. Joe Perri, Joe Perri & Associates Pty Ltd                               Mob:  +61 412 112 545     Email:       About Dr Zivit Inbar    Dr Zivit Inbar is the founder and CEO of DifferenThinking, a consulting practice that specialises in people, culture, leadership & ethics.   Dr Inbar has over 17 years of experience and expertise with building high-performance teams, driving high-level strategies and processes at the board and executive levels, spanning private and listed local and global organisations (China, APAC, Europe and the US).    Her Board portfolio includes roles as a Chairwoman, Non-Executive-Director, Company Secretary and Advisory Board Member. Zivit is a member of Standards Australia AI trustworthiness and governance committees. She is also the founder of, a unique program that aims at developing and growing a community of women leading AI.   Dr Inbar is an Adjunct Professor at Deakin University’s MBA program, a Graduate of Harvard Kennedy School Executive Program, a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a Fellow Certified member of the Australian Human Resources Institute.    Her PhD is focused on Strategic Thinking and Strategy Implementation by Western companies operating in China and she is the author of "The Ethical Kaleidoscope: Values, Ethics and Corporate Governance" (with Doug Long), 2017, Routledge Publishing, UK.         Bitglass global report finds 66pc of companies omit key security tool 2019-11-05T22:27:17Z bitglass-global-report-finds-66pc-of-companies-omit-key-security-tool SYDNEY, November 6, 2019 – Bitglass, the Next-Gen CASB company, has just released “A for Adoption,” its 2019 Cloud Adoption report. The study examines the rate of cloud adoption in more than 138,000 companies worldwide. Results indicate that although 86% of enterprises have deployed cloud-based tools, only 34% have implemented single sign-on (SSO), one of the most basic and critically important cloud security tools. For the past five years, Bitglass has conducted research on the rate of enterprise cloud adoption in order to uncover deployment trends. This year, the report found that the use of cloud applications has grown extensively over the past 12 months, with Salesforce and Slack increasing by 55% and 44%, respectively. As more companies deploy cloud applications and modernise the way their employees perform their work, they must also implement effective security tools and strategies tailored to a cloud-first environment. “Cloud adoption has grown at a staggering rate, allowing organisations to evolve and keep pace with the market’s ever-growing productivity and flexibility demands,” said Rich Campagna, CMO, Bitglass. “The significant gap between the adoption of cloud-based tools and cloud security technologies indicates that most companies are at serious risk of suffering a data breach. Enterprises must understand that operating in the cloud is fundamentally different from the traditional way of conducting business, and that on-premises methods of protecting data are no longer sufficient.” In addition to tracking SSO usage, Bitglass uncovered adoption rates for a host of different cloud-based tools, including Microsoft Office 365, Google’s G Suite, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Slack, Salesforce, Box, and ServiceNow. Key findings: Despite an early lead in the cloud productivity market, the adoption of Google’s G Suite has reached only 33%, up from 25% in 2018. Microsoft Office 365 still reigns as the cloud productivity suite of choice with a 79% adoption rate. Deployment of AWS has increased by 43% since 2018, reaching an average of 20% this year. At 82%, financial services organisations are the fourth largest adopters of Office 365. Additionally, their adoption of SSO grew nearly 41% since last year, indicating that the financial services sector is recognising the criticality of cloud security tools. While 79% of healthcare organisations have adopted Office 365, only 30% have adopted SSO. This disparity is particularly concerning in light of the vast amount of sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) that they collect and store. Technology remains the leading vertical in terms of AWS adoption (32%) and is the top user of Slack (79%). However, the industry lagged in SSO, reaching only 33% adoption. Education is a major user of cloud-based tools, adopting Salesforce (30%) and Okta (18%) more than any other industry. Larger organisations are the leading adopters of cloud applications and single sign-on. 64% of large firms utilise SSO, which is nearly 50% more than medium-sized companies, and more than twice that of small organisations. Methodology Using internally developed technologies, the Bitglass research team scanned the cloud to identify which cloud services were in use across a sample of more than 138,000 companies. The analysis included productivity suites such as Office 365 and G Suite, messaging apps like Slack, file-sharing apps like Box, as well as single sign-on (SSO), a basic cloud security tool. To learn more about how cloud adoption has developed over the past year, download the full report here: About Bitglass Bitglass, the Next-Gen CASB company, is based in Silicon Valley with offices worldwide. The company's cloud security solutions deliver zero-day, agentless, data and threat protection for any app, any device, anywhere. Bitglass is backed by Tier 1 investors and was founded in 2013 by a team of industry veterans with a proven track record of innovation and execution. Media Contact David Frost, Touchdown Austrsalia, for Bitglass 612.79039567