The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2021-01-25T05:20:24Z PEXA welcomes David Singh to the Board 2021-01-25T05:20:24Z pexa-welcomes-david-singh-to-the-board Property Exchange Australia (PEXA), the operator of the nation’s leading digital property settlement platform, is pleased to welcome Commonwealth Bank Australia (CBA) executive David Singh to the PEXA Group Board.  Mr Singh has been with CBA since 2008 and is currently the General Manager for Innovation and Business Development. Mr Singh’s experience and expertise aligns to PEXA’s focus on continuous improvement, enhancement of the services and support it provides to members and the community, and investment in pretotyping to deliver new and exciting product features to the market.  “David is a strong leader with a wealth of experience within the financial services sector, and has built an outstanding reputation and record of driving growth and innovation. I am looking forward to his critical input as part of the PEXA Group Board,” said PEXA Chairman Alan Cameron AO.  Mr Singh has taken the place of outgoing director Dan O’Neill, who has had a long association with PEXA. “We’re extremely grateful for Dan’s contribution and wish him all the very best in his new role at Westpac,” said Mr Cameron.  ENDS  About PEXA  PEXA (Property Exchange Australia) is Australia’s online property exchange network. It assists members – such as lawyers, conveyancers and financial institutions – to lodge documents with Land Registries and complete financial settlements electronically. PEXA was formed in 2010 to fulfil the Council of Australian Governments’ (COAG) initiative to deliver a single, national e-Conveyancing solution to the Australian property industry. It was originally known as National e-Conveyancing Development Limited. PEXA is committed to supporting the property industry as it transitions towards a 100 per cent digital conveyancing process that’s fast, safe and efficient. Heathrow Covid Chaos British Tech Co Has Solution 2021-01-22T09:11:38Z rhotex-inc-launches-environmentally-sound-options-to-crypto-mining      BRITISH TECH COMPANY HASGLOBAL COVID & VACCINATIONSECURE PASSPORT SOLUTIONFIRM WARNED OF SERIOUS RISKS TO AIR TRAVEL IN DECEMBERFROM FAKE COVID 19 TEST & VACCINE CERTIFICATESHEALTH PASSPORTS WITH UNSECURE QR & BAR CODE TECHNOLOGY MANCHESTER, UK, Jan 22, 2021 - (ACN Newswire) - British tech company VST Enterprises (VSTE) warned airlines and the travel industry in December of last year of 'Covid related security threats' prior to the chaotic scenes that unfolded at Heathrow airport (Monday 18th Jan).                        Tech boss and CEO Louis-James Davis warned of the very real and serious threats facing airlines, airports and passengers from fake Covid 19 test certificates, vaccination record cards, social distancing breaches and the use of health passports with 'un safe' QR and bar code technology. He also warned of the serious implications of potential data breaches using 'unsecure' code scanning technology in health passports. Passengers arriving into the UK this week (Monday) were faced with unprecedented scenes at Heathrow airport with long delays, social distancing rules breached, altercations between passengers and border officials, GBP500 on the spot fines and passengers being refused entry to flights for holding invalid Covid 19 certificates. The chaos came as the British Government put in place tough new measures for entry into the UK in a bid to get a grip of the pandemic and prevent the further spread of infection. Passengers were required to provide verifiable proof of their Covid 19 negative test result.VSTE developed and launched the worlds first secure digital health passport called V-Health Passport(TM) in April (2020) both for passengers and airlines which authenticates a persons health status including Covid test status and their vaccination records all within a secure digital passport. The V-Health Passport(TM) 'cross border' technology can be used across all air, land and sea transport infrastructure. The V-Health Passport(TM) has over 200 clinics across the UK where a person can book a Covid test - including a PCR based test - and be recognised as 'FIT TO FLY' by all International airlines. VSTE believes its solution can solve the global airline and travel issue.                                      V-Health Passport(TM) will shortly start its roll out program of secure health passport across number of airlines and airports globally. In the UK it has already started this programme and is available through its healthcare testing partners Salutaris People and Akea Life at both at Newcastle and Liverpool John Lennon airports. Both healthcare partners also offer full airline travel Covid testing at their own clinics with PCR based testing for airline travel with a V-Health Passport(TM). They also supply 'home test kits' which are supervised over Zoom calls.It is the first company in the world to have a fully functioning and secure LIVE health passport that carries a persons Covid test status and vaccination record in one secure app. Most importantly the technology is GDPR compliant and was built on a privacy framework of 'Self Sovereign Identity' where the person - or airline passenger - can choose what information they want to share, when they want to share it and with who. Privacy by design is at the forefront of the V-Health Passport(TM) framework unlike other health passport technologies.V-Health Passport(TM) is a test and vaccine agnostic platform working with all Covid 19 protocols from PCR to rapid antigen and antibody tests which can also authenticate a persons vaccine immunisation record. V-Health Passport(TM) is also the most secure passport technology in the world unlike bar codes and QR codes which are subject to a process called 'Attagging' where a QR code can be cloned and faked. Using the VCode(R) cyber coding, it works on a 'closed loop' system with 'end-to-end' encryption and has over 2.2 Quintillion variations of codes that are subject to many scanning permissions making it impossible to hack the front or back end.V-Health Passport(TM) is 10 seconds faster than any code scanner and can also be scanned within and outside of the safe social distancing of 2 metres, whereas bar codes and QR codes have to be scanned in close proximity of inches. In other circumstances it can also be scanned upto 100 metres away, allowing for easier crowd and queue ingress and egress.In addition to the security flaws and close proximity of QR code scanning, another downfall of using QR Code for this type of passport solution is that a user may have to carry hundreds of different QR codes for the same identity use case. Companies who wish to add any form of extra security to the QR code would also have to offer their own app to scan a QR code which may lead to a consumer having to carry 100's of apps or codes due to the QR codes open source nature (not being generated from a central source).Commenting on the chaos around the events at Heathrow, VSTE CEO Louis-James Davis said;"The scenes at Heathrow could have been easily avoided by using a secure system such as V-Health Passport(TM). Both airports and the airlines need to move to a secure digital platform technology to ensure the security and faster processing of passengers to verify their Covid status and vaccination records. We have that technology now and it is available for airline passengers and the airlines to download and use today. By using the V-Health Passport(TM) technology a passengers valid Covid 19 test certificate could have been scanned further than the 2 metre safe social distancing protocols and upto 100 metres away. This would have allowed for a smooth ingress of passengers coming through border control into the UK verified against their identity. This would have also helped the passengers to maintain safe social distancing and a much quicker processing through border control thus avoiding the social breaches which occurred.The V-Health Passport(TM) would not only provide border officials and airports with authentication of an airline passengers Covid 19 test status - with both a digital and printed PCR test certificate - but also their vaccination records. The technology also verifies a persons genuine identity against their existing Government ID adding another layer of security. There has been a phenomenal rise in the sale of 'Fake Covid' certificates, with both Russia and the Middle East seeing the greatest activity and posing a serious threat to global aviation security.Using any open-source technology such as RFID, bar code or QR code with any form of health passport or vaccine card/certificate leads it wide open to being hacked or cloned with a person effectively making themselves 'permanently Covid negative' and 'permanently vaccinated' and allowing them to travel freely. By moving towards a secure 'one for all' technology based solution that passengers can use with their phones, will not only protect the data of passengers but also the safety of their health. It will ensure that a passenger who is travelling has a valid Covid test result or vaccine immunisation record and ensuring other fellow passengers are safe."The V-Health Passport(TM) technology has a complete audit trail of a persons Covid testing, their vaccination records and the clinics where those tests or vaccinations have been conducted. This information is also protected under the 'Self Sovereign Identity' data framework allowing only the passenger to view this information, with officials only able to see a current and valid Covid 19 test or vaccine status in the GDPR display of the app.                                           With the alarming increase and black market trade in fake Covid 19 test certificates and also vaccination cards and certificates this also puts a very real threat and risk to passenger safety. It poses a threat to airlines and international borders with the potential for a passenger carrying a fake Covid test certificate or vaccination card - who may be asymptomatic - to board an aircraft and infect other passengers. This poses a very real threat to the aviation sector and to Governments around the world as they try to arrest the rate of infection.It is well documented that bar codes and QR codes can be hacked so any airline who considers using a health passport for Covid 19 testing and vaccination using this method of authentication risks a serious potential breach of its passenger data. In 2018 British Airways was fined a record GBP20M for a data breach on 400,000 of its customers which affected their personal and credit card data. It now faces one of the biggest ever group privacy claims in UK legal history as reported in the Financial Times. It comes at a time when security over the use of bar codes and QR codes in airline travel has come under intense scrutiny following the cyber attack last year on the former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot. The former PM had his Qantas airline boarding pass hacked. Details including his passport, mobile phone and messages between Qantas staff about him were intercepted.VSTE CEO Louis-James Davis added;"We are the first technology company in the world to have developed a secure, multipurpose, cross corporate & cross government digital health passport that does not rely on using bar codes or QR codes as its authentication technology. Both bar codes and QR codes have huge potential security implications as they can be cloned and hacked with the latter being subject to a process called 'Attagging'. Therefore any suggestion of using this type of technology in a health passport for air travel has very real security risks. Not only is a citizen's personal information at risk, but their Covid test status, vaccination records and also their credit card information. All of this can lead to the very real potential of a massive data breach and a persons personal information and data hacked and stolen. This is of particular concern when using a bar code or QR code technology designed for use to authenticate a persons Covid 19 testing and/or vaccinations records."Unlike other health passports, V-Health Passport(TM) has been designed with a citizens privacy front and centre. The technology does not track your live location and provides all data in a secure GDPR compliant framework giving citizens a unique 'self sovereign identity' style technology putting them in control of who, when and how they share their data.Louis-James Davis went on to state that both bar codes and QR codes - which represent first and second generation technology - are unsecure and vulnerable to hacking."QR codes were originally developed as a scanning technology for close proximity car parts tracking, a world away from identity and banking use cases and now digital health passports. It was then used to skip the input of websites in marketing and promotional purposes. They were never designed with security or privacy in mind... they are simply not fit for purpose and should not be used at all in any form for delivery of sensitive information, travel or event tickets or health passport."QR codes can be subject to a process called 'Attagging' or 'cloning.' The process of 'Attagging' is where a 'genuine QR code' is replaced by a 'cloned QR code' which then redirects the person scanning that code to a similar website where personal data can be intercepted and breached. The problem is that serious that in India alone there are over 1BILLION fraudulent financial transactions each day using QR codes. As the scanning user journey is the same, it is only tech savvy individuals that may notice the domain name has changed.QR codes can be cloned and redirected to other information points or websites. Often criminals and hackers will exploit this by putting a fake QR code over a genuine QR code. So a QR code for example on scanning would link to the genuine website but a fake QR code can be made up printed off and placed over the genuine code to redirect to at this point the member of the public is tricked into entering their personal information, private data and financial information. The rogue website looks and feels exactly like the genuine one and is made to mirror it precisely.                                      VCode(R) which is the ultra secure digital code which powers the V-Health Passport(TM) cannot be cloned. Even if it was printed off, or a photograph was taken and placed over a VCode(R) or V-Health Passport(TM) it simply won't scan as it works on a call and response system of information between the code and web platform to verify location of the code, user ID and time and date and much more.            V-Health Passport(TM) is making a significant contribution to the safety, mobility and return to work of the UK economy, helping businesses and employers return their staff to offices, factories and warehouses.VSTE is working with the UK Government and a number of other Foreign Governments around the world to use its technology. The company is active in multiple industries and sectors including the maritime and aviation industries, construction and major infrastructure projects, as well as major national and international sporting events. V-Health Passport(TM) is also being used by a number of private Covid testing clinics, manufacturers and healthcare practices.V-Health Passport(TM) is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play by searching for 'VPassport' and downloading to your device.For more information on VCode(R) and VPlatform(R) technology please visithttps://www.vstenterprises.comFor more information on V-HEALTH PASSPORT(TM). all media enquiriesPlease contact Gerard Franklin - Head Of Communications & External RelationsM: 07885 388398 e: gerard@vstenterprises.comVST Enterprises Ltd | The Lexicon | Mount Street | Manchester | M2 5NTNOTES TO EDITORSAbout the V-Health Passport(TM)Search 'VPassport'Apple App Store & Google on the Apple App Store and Goole Play by searching for 'VPassport' and downloading to your device.- V-Health Passport(TM) can be scanned at a safe social distance of 1-2 metres and upto 100 metres away. QR code and Barcode technology has to be scanned inches away and as such breaches social distancing protocols.- The V-Health Passport(TM) can authenticate a persons genuine Covid 19 test certificate - held in the secure health passport app and a printable version. The ultra-secure platform can now also hold vaccination records of all the major vaccination manufacturers which will be crucial in a person validating they have been vaccinated, the vaccine type, batch, dosage and date.- V-Health Passport(TM) uses a persons official Government ID such as drivers licence, passport and cross matches against databases. It is then paired against a facial recognition 'Live Likeness' test to verify the persons genuine status.- V-Health Passport(TM) is a test agnostic platform meaning it works with all Covid testing protocols from PCR based tests to rapid antigen and antibody. It has over 200 clinics across the UK on its app for passengers to book a Covid 19 test including a PCR based test approved for International airline travel.- V-Health Passport(TM) can be scanned in a 170 degree arc, whilst a person is moving and thus ensures smooth ingress and egress,- V-Health Passport(TM) It uses the worlds most secure cyber coding technology which works from a close loop system with end to end encryption and has over 2.2 Quintillion combination codes making it impossible to hack the front of back end of its system.- V-Health Passport(TM) is a GDPR compliant technology built around self sovereign identity, allowing the airline passenger or member of the public to choose what data they want to share, with whom and when.- V-Health Passport(TM) is available now and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play by searching for 'VPassport' or by visiting V-Health Passport(TM) also has its own unique contact tracing capability 'True Contact(TM)' built within the technology designed for travel, sports stadiums, venues, factories, offices and construction sites.- V-Health Passport(TM) is the only health wallet and cross border platform in the world that is multi-functional and GDPR compliant. It allows acts like 'self sovereign identity', meaning a citizens personal data is protected and they choose what they want to share and with whom they want to interact or authorise.SOURCE: VST Enterprises Ltd Microba partners with UQ to tackle Parkinson's Disease by mining the gut microbiome 2021-01-22T01:32:02Z microba-partners-with-uq-to-tackle-parkinson-s-disease-by-mining-the-gut-microbiome Brisbane-based biotech Microba have partnered with researchers from The University of Queensland’s (UQ) Faculty of Medicine to develop new treatments and biomarkers for Parkinson’s disease by investigating changes in the gut bacteria of those with the disease. Parkinson’s disease is the second-most prevalent neurodegenerative disease worldwide, with more than 10 million suffering from the disease at varying degrees. The disease is characterised by the loss of brain cells that produce dopamine. There are currently no early diagnostics, and treatments only assist to manage some symptoms. Research is increasingly pointing towards the gut microbiome as playing a role in the development of Parkinson’s, with evidence showing that changes in gut function often come many years before the onset of symptoms such as tremors. Microba’s expertise in analysing the gut microbiome with leading sequencing technology called metagenomics will be used by UQ researchers to study changes in the microbiome with the aim of identifying biomarkers for earlier diagnosis and developing new therapeutic interventions. The partnership will involve a combination of human studies in Parkinson’s disease patients and work in animal models.   The partnership’s first clinical trial, funded by the Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland Program, is set to commence in 2021 at multiple sites in Queensland. It will determine if a new treatment can restore beneficial gut microbiome species and improve symptoms such as constipation in Parkinson’s disease patients. Microba Co-founder Professor Gene Tyson said this project would take an important step towards advancing research on the gut microbiome in neurodegenerative diseases. “We believe that this partnership will uncover disease-related signals in the microbiome that have not been seen before. We are excited to apply Microba’s leading measurement and analysis tools to enable discovery in this debilitating disease” Research Lead and Group Leader in Clinical Neuroscience at the Translational Neuroscience Research Group, Dr Richard Gordon, said that the team were excited to work with Microba for this important research program. “The microbiome represents a new frontier in our understanding of Parkinson’s. With Microba’s expertise we hope to gain unprecedented insights into the functional role of the microbiome in the disease process to guide our quest for new treatments and biomarkers for early diagnosis,” he said. Microba continues to work on developing diagnostics and therapeutics derived from the gut microbiome in the areas of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Immuno-Oncology. Ends. Seagate Technology Reports Fiscal Second Quarter 2021 Financial Results 2021-01-22T01:04:34Z seagate-technology-reports-fiscal-second-quarter-2021-financial-results Revenue of $2.62 billion GAAP operating margin of 13.3%; non-GAAP operating margin of 14.7% GAAP diluted earnings per share (EPS) of $1.12; non-GAAP diluted EPS of $1.29 Cash flow from operations of $473 million and free cash flow of $314 million Returned $1.2 billion to shareholders through dividends and the repurchase of 18 million ordinary shares Declared cash dividend of $0.67 per share FREMONT, CA - January 21, 2021 - Seagate Technology plc (NASDAQ: STX) (the “Company” or “Seagate”) today reported financial results for its fiscal second quarter ended January 1, 2021. "Seagate delivered strong, double-digit revenue, earnings and free cash flow growth in the December quarter supported by broad-based improvement across nearly every served market and geography, and we had solid customer demand for our mass capacity products," said Dave Mosley, Seagate’s chief executive officer. "We also achieved our technology milestone by shipping 20-terabyte HAMR drives in calendar 2020, paving the way for Seagate’s continued success for years to come. As demand for data increases in both the cloud and at the edge, Seagate's new Lyve Storage Platform complements our HDD portfolio to help businesses address both the secular demand for mass capacity storage and the increasing complexity of managing data from edge-to-core cloud. We are well positioned to benefit from the tremendous opportunities we foresee ahead and remain focused on enhancing value for our customers, employees and shareholders." Quarterly Financial Results GAAP Non-GAAP FQ2 2021 FQ2 2020 FQ2 2021 FQ2 2020 Revenue ($M) $ 2,623 $ 2,696 $ 2,623 $ 2,696 Gross Margin 26.5 % 28.1 % 26.8 % 28.7 % Operating Margin 13.3 % 14.2 % 14.7 % 15.7 % Net Income ($M) $ 280 $ 318 $ 323 $ 359 Diluted Earnings Per Share $ 1.12 $ 1.20 $ 1.29 $ 1.35 The Company generated $473 million in cash flow from operations and $314 million in free cash flow during the fiscal second quarter 2021. Seagate maintained a healthy balance sheet and during the fiscal second quarter 2021, the Company paid cash dividends of $167 million and repurchased 18 million ordinary shares for $1 billion. Additionally, the Company raised $1 billion of debt and ended the fiscal second quarter with cash and cash equivalents totaling $1.8 billion. There were 240 million ordinary shares issued and outstanding as of the end of the quarter. For a detailed reconciliation of GAAP to non-GAAP results, see accompanying financial tables. Seagate has issued a Supplemental Financial Information document, which is available on Seagate’s Investor Relations website at Quarterly Cash Dividend The Board of Directors of the Company (the “Board”) declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.67 per share, which will be payable on April 7, 2021 to shareholders of record as of the close of business on March 24, 2021. The payment of any future quarterly dividends will be at the discretion of the Board and will be dependent upon Seagate’s financial position, results of operations, available cash, cash flow, capital requirements, distributable reserves, and other factors deemed relevant by the Board. Business Outlook The business outlook for the fiscal third quarter 2021 is based on our current assumptions and expectations; actual results may differ materially, as a result of, among other things, the important factors discussed in the Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements section of this release. The Company is providing the following guidance for its fiscal third quarter 2021: Revenue of $2.65 billion, plus or minus $200 million Non-GAAP diluted EPS of $1.30, plus or minus $0.15 Guidance regarding non-GAAP diluted EPS excludes known charges related to amortization of acquired intangible assets of $0.02 per share and estimated share-based compensation expenses of $0.13 per share. We have not reconciled our non-GAAP diluted EPS guidance for fiscal third quarter 2021 to the most directly comparable GAAP measure because material items that may impact these measures are out of our control and/or cannot be reasonably predicted, including, but not limited to, accelerated depreciation, impairment and other charges related to cost saving efforts, restructuring charges, strategic investment losses or impairment recognised, income tax adjustments on these measures, and other charges or benefits that may arise. The amounts of these measures are not currently available, but may be material to future results. A reconciliation of the non-GAAP diluted EPS guidance for fiscal third quarter 2021 to the corresponding GAAP measures is not available without unreasonable effort. A reconciliation of our historical non-GAAP financial measures to their nearest GAAP equivalent is contained in this release. Investor Communications Seagate management will hold a public webcast today at 1:30 p.m. Pacific / 4:30 p.m. Eastern that can be accessed on its Investor Relations website at An archived audio webcast of this event will be available on Seagate’s Investor Relations website at shortly following the event conclusion. About Seagate Seagate crafts the datasphere, helping to maximise humanity’s potential by innovating world-class, precision-engineered data management solutions with a focus on sustainable partnerships. Learn more about Seagate by visiting or following us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and subscribing to our blog. © 2021 Seagate Technology LLC. All rights reserved. Seagate, Seagate Technology, and the Spiral logo are registered trademarks of Seagate Technology LLC in the United States and/or other countries. Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements provide current expectations of future events based on certain assumptions and include any statement that does not directly relate to any historical fact. Forward-looking statements include, among other things, statements about the Company’s plans, strategies and prospects, financial outlook for future periods, including the fiscal third quarter 2021, expectations regarding the Company’s products, our ability to ramp production, storage industry trends and market demand, shifts in technology, the Company’s ability to meet market and industry expectations and the effects of these future trends, the possible effects of the economic conditions worldwide resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, and expectations on the Company’s business as well as dividend issuance plans for the fiscal quarter ending April 2, 2021 and beyond. Forward-looking statements generally can be identified by words such as “expects,” “intends,” “plans,” “anticipates,” “believes,” “estimates,” “predicts,” “projects,” “should,” “may,” “will,” "will continue," "can," "could" or the negative of these words, variations of these words and comparable terminology. Information concerning risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause results to differ materially from the expectations described in this press release include, among others, those risks and uncertainties included under the captions “Risk Factors” and “Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations” in the Company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended July 3, 2020 filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on August 7, 2020. Additional information will also be set forth in the Company's Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the quarter ended January 1, 2021. Undue reliance should not be placed on the forward-looking statements in this press release, which are based on information available to us on, and which speak only as of, the date hereof. The Company undertakes no obligation to update forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date they were made, unless required by applicable law. The inclusion of Seagate’s website addresses in this press release are provided for convenience only. The information contained in, or that can be accessed through, Seagate’s websites and social media channels are not part of this press release. SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY PLC CONDENSED CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEETS (In millions) January 1, 2021 July 3, 2020 (unaudited) ASSETS Current assets: Cash and cash equivalents $ 1,799 $ 1,722 Accounts receivable, net 801 1,115 Inventories 1,318 1,142 Other current assets 163 135 Total current assets 4,081 4,114 Property, equipment and leasehold improvements, net 2,218 2,129 Goodwill 1,237 1,237 Other intangible assets, net 40 58 Deferred income taxes 1,120 1,120 Other assets, net 290 272 Total Assets $ 8,986 $ 8,930 LIABILITIES AND EQUITY Current liabilities: Accounts payable $ 1,730 $ 1,808 Accrued employee compensation 206 224 Accrued warranty 61 69 Current portion of long-term debt 25 19 Accrued expenses 599 602 Total current liabilities 2,621 2,722 Long-term accrued warranty 76 82 Other non-current liabilities 179 183 Long-term debt 5,120 4,156 Total Liabilities 7,996 7,143 Total Equity 990 1,787 Total Liabilities and Equity $ 8,986 $ 8,930 SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY PLC CONDENSED CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF OPERATIONS (In millions, except per share data) (Unaudited) For the Three Months Ended For the Six Months Ended January 1, 2021 January 3, 2020 January 1, 2021 January 3, 2020 Revenue $ 2,623 $ 2,696 $ 4,937 $ 5,274 Cost of revenue 1,927 1,938 3,645 3,845 Product development 221 250 444 505 Marketing and administrative 122 120 240 242 Amortization of intangibles 3 4 6 8 Restructuring and other, net 2 — 3 17 Total operating expenses 2,275 2,312 4,338 4,617 Income from operations 348 384 599 657 Interest income — 4 1 15 Interest expense (52) (48) (102) (103) Other, net (5) (4) 14 (35) Other expense, net (57) (48) (87) (123) Income before income taxes 291 336 512 534 Provision for income taxes 11 18 9 16 Net income $ 280 $ 318 $ 503 $ 518 Net income per share: Basic $ 1.12 $ 1.21 $ 1.99 $ 1.96 Diluted 1.12 1.20 1.97 1.93 Number of shares used in per share calculations: Basic 249 262 253 264 Diluted 251 265 255 268 Cash dividends declared per ordinary share $ 0.67 $ 0.65 $ 1.32 $ 1.28 SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY PLC CONDENSED CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF CASH FLOWS (In millions) (Unaudited) For the Six Months Ended January 1, 2021 January 3, 2020 OPERATING ACTIVITIES Net income $ 503 $ 518 Adjustments to reconcile net income to net cash provided by operating activities: Depreciation and amortization 195 185 Share-based compensation 58 53 Deferred income taxes (13) (4) Other non-cash operating activities, net 4 47 Changes in operating assets and liabilities: Accounts receivable, net 315 (124) Inventories (176) (172) Accounts payable (75) 458 Accrued employee compensation (18) 22 Accrued expenses, income taxes and warranty (36) (38) Other assets and liabilities 13 (9) Net cash provided by operating activities 770 936 INVESTING ACTIVITIES Acquisition of property, equipment and leasehold improvements (270) (341) Proceeds from sale of investments 11 — Proceeds from the sale of assets — 1 Purchases of investments (4) (45) Net cash used in investing activities (263) (385) FINANCING ACTIVITIES Redemption and repurchase of debt (21) (645) Dividends to shareholders (334) (335) Repurchases of ordinary shares (1,068) (600) Taxes paid related to net share settlement of equity awards (32) (39) Net proceeds from issuance of long-term debt 1,000 498 Proceeds from issuance of ordinary shares under employee share plans 40 69 Other financing activities, net (15) (2) Net cash used in financing activities (430) (1,054) Effect of foreign currency exchange rate changes on cash, cash equivalents and restricted cash — (2) Increase (decrease) in cash, cash equivalents and restricted cash 77 (505) Cash, cash equivalents and restricted cash at the beginning of the period 1,724 2,251 Cash, cash equivalents and restricted cash at the end of the period $ 1,801 $ 1,746 Use of non-GAAP financial information The Company uses non-GAAP measures of adjusted revenue, gross profit, gross margin, operating expenses, income from operations, operating margin, net income, diluted EPS, and free cash flow, which are adjusted from results based on GAAP to exclude certain benefits, expenses, gains and losses. These non-GAAP financial measures are provided to enhance the user’s overall understanding of the Company’s current financial performance and its prospects for the future. Specifically, the Company believes non-GAAP results provide useful information to both management and investors as these non-GAAP results exclude certain benefits, expenses, gains and losses that it believes are not indicative of its core operating results and because it is similar to the approach used in connection with the financial models and estimates published by financial analysts who follow the Company. Free cash flow does not reflect all of the Company’s expenses and non-cash items, and does not reflect the Company’s uses of cash in financing and investing activities. These non-GAAP results are some of the measurements management uses to assess the Company’s performance, allocate resources and plan for future periods. Reported non-GAAP results should only be considered as supplemental to results prepared in accordance with GAAP, and not considered as a substitute or replacement for, or superior to, GAAP results. These non-GAAP measures may differ from the non-GAAP measures reported by other companies in its industry. SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY PLC RECONCILIATIONS OF GAAP TO NON-GAAP MEASURES (In millions, except per share amounts and gross margin) (Unaudited) For the Three Months Ended For the Six Months Ended January 1, 2021 January 3, 2020 January 1, 2021 January 3, 2020 GAAP Gross Profit $ 696 $ 758 $ 1,292 $ 1,429 Accelerated depreciation, impairment and other charges related to cost saving efforts — — 2 — Amortization of acquired intangible assets 1 10 10 20 Share-based compensation 7 6 14 13 Non-GAAP Gross Profit $ 704 $ 774 $ 1,318 $ 1,462 GAAP Gross Margin 26.5 % 28.1 % 26.2 % 27.1 % Non-GAAP Gross Margin 26.8 % 28.7 % 26.7 % 27.7 % GAAP Operating Expenses $ 348 $ 374 $ 693 $ 772 Amortization of acquired intangible assets (3) (3) (6) (6) Restructuring and other, net (2) — (3) (17) Share-based compensation (23) (21) (44) (40) Other charges (1) — (1) — Non-GAAP Operating Expenses $ 319 $ 350 $ 639 $ 709 GAAP Income From Operations $ 348 $ 384 $ 599 $ 657 Accelerated depreciation, impairment and other charges related to cost saving efforts — — 2 — Amortization of acquired intangible assets 4 13 16 26 Restructuring and other, net 2 — 3 17 Share-based compensation 30 27 58 53 Other charges 1 — 1 — Non-GAAP Income From Operations $ 385 $ 424 $ 679 $ 753 GAAP Operating Margin 13.3 % 14.2 % 12.1 % 12.5 % Non-GAAP Operating Margin 14.7 % 15.7 % 13.8 % 14.3 % GAAP Net Income $ 280 $ 318 $ 503 $ 518 Accelerated depreciation, impairment and other charges related to cost saving efforts — — 2 — Amortization of acquired intangible assets 4 13 16 26 Restructuring and other, net 2 — 3 17 Losses and costs recognized on the modification or early redemption and repurchase of debt — — 2 30 Strategic investment losses (gains) recognized 7 1 (24) 1 Share-based compensation 30 27 58 53 Other charges 1 — 15 — Income tax adjustments (1) — (10) (8) Non-GAAP Net Income $ 323 $ 359 $ 565 $ 637 SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY PLC RECONCILIATIONS OF GAAP TO NON-GAAP MEASURES (In millions, except per share amounts and gross margin) (Unaudited) For the Three Months Ended For the Six Months Ended January 1, 2021 January 3, 2020 January 1, 2021 January 3, 2020 Shares used in diluted net income per share calculation 251 265 255 268 GAAP Diluted Net Income Per Share $ 1.12 $ 1.20 $ 1.97 $ 1.93 Non-GAAP Diluted Net Income Per Share 1.29 1.35 2.22 2.38 GAAP Net Cash Provided by Operating Activities $ 473 $ 480 $ 770 $ 936 Acquisition of property, equipment and leasehold improvements 159 194 270 341 Free Cash Flow $ 314 $ 286 $ 500 $ 595 The Company’s Non-GAAP measures are adjusted for the following items: Accelerated depreciation, impairment and other charges related to cost saving efforts These expenses are excluded in the non-GAAP measures due to the inconsistency in amount and frequency and are excluded to facilitate a more meaningful evaluation of the Company’s current operating performance and comparison to its past periods’ operating performance. Amortization of acquired intangible assets The Company records expense from amortization of intangible assets that were acquired in connection with its business combinations over their estimated useful lives. Such charges are inconsistent in size and are significantly impacted by the timing and magnitude of the Company’s acquisitions. Consequently, these expenses are excluded in the non-GAAP measures to facilitate a more meaningful evaluation of its current operating performance and comparison to its past periods’ operating performance. Share-based compensation These expenses consist primarily of expenses for employee share-based compensation. Given the variety of equity awards used by companies, the varying methodologies for determining share-based compensation expense, the subjective assumptions involved in those determinations, and the volatility in valuations that can be driven by market conditions outside the Company’s control, the Company believes excluding share-based compensation expense enhances the ability of management and investors to understand and assess the underlying performance of its business over time and compare it against the Company’s peers, a majority of whom also exclude share-based compensation expense from their non-GAAP results. Restructuring and other, net Restructuring and other, net are costs associated with restructuring plans that are primarily related to costs associated with reduction in the Company’s workforce, exiting certain facilities and other related costs. These also exclude charges or gains from sale of properties. These costs or benefits do not reflect the Company’s ongoing operating performance and consequently are excluded from the non-GAAP measures to facilitate a more meaningful evaluation of its current operating performance and comparison to its past periods’ operating performance. Losses and costs recognized on the modification or early redemption and repurchase of debt From time to time, the Company incurs losses and fees from the early redemption and repurchase of certain long-term debt instruments. The losses represent the difference between the reacquisition costs and the par value of the debt extinguished. Other fees include any new fees associated with a modification and the write-off of any unamortized debt issuance costs associated with an extinguishment of debt. The amount of these charges may be inconsistent in size and varies depending on the timing of the repurchase of debt and consequently is excluded from the non-GAAP measures to facilitate a more meaningful evaluation of its current operating performance and comparison to its past periods’ operating performance. Strategic investment losses (gains) recognized From time to time, the Company incurs losses or gains from strategic investments accounted for under the equity method of accounting or records downward or upward adjustments on cost basis investments if an impairment or observable price adjustment is recognized in the current period that are not considered as part of its ongoing operating performance. The resulting expense or gain is inconsistent in amount and frequency and consequently is excluded from the non-GAAP measures to facilitate a more meaningful evaluation of its current operating performance and comparison to its past periods’ operating performance. Other charges The other charges primarily include write-offs related to an internal reorganization and IT transformation costs. These charges are inconsistent in amount and frequency and are excluded in the non-GAAP measures to facilitate a more meaningful evaluation of its current operating performance and comparison to its past periods’ operating performance. Income tax adjustments Provision or benefit for income taxes represents the tax effects of non-GAAP adjustments determined using a hybrid with and without method and effective tax rate for the applicable adjustment and jurisdiction. Free cash flow Free cash flow is a non-GAAP measure defined as net cash provided by operating activities less acquisition of property, equipment and leasehold improvements. This non-GAAP financial measure is used by management to assess the Company's sources of liquidity, capital structure and operating performance. Media Contact: Antoinette Georgopoulos Einsteinz Communications Ph: +61 02 8905 0995 Leap into the Future with Nessabee Creative’s Digital Marketing Solutions 2021-01-21T04:52:34Z leap-into-the-future-with-nessabee-creative-s-digital-marketing-solutions Digital marketing is an essential element for any business owner and encompasses much more than having a website. Nessabee Creative is skilled in digital marketing techniques, SEO, social media, and understands that even the most elaborate website won’t help individuals achieve their goal if it’s invisible to potential customers online. To be relevant in today’s digital world, business owners must inform, entertain and engage to attract new customers and retain existing consumers. Nessabee Creative helps individuals achieve those goals and speaks directly to each client’s customer base through multiple methods that includes website design, social media presence, and influencer marketing. The agency utilizes every method at its disposal to elevate clients’ online presence. The digital marketing consultant Perth works closely with each individual to determine their goals, develop a strategy, and employ the methods that will best help them achieve their goals. That may include design and development of a high-performing website, email marketing, Google AdWords, and search engine optimization. It can also include videos, photography, graphic design, special events, and influencer collaborations. SEO is the way that websites rank highly in search results. The Perth SEO expert utilizes a variety of methods to increase client rankings ranging from keywords and metadata to content and backlinks. All of those techniques aid in establishing a business as a respected expert in their field. It also significantly increases the potential for a website to be displayed on the first page of results when an individual performs a web search for the products and services they desire. Social media wields enormous power in today’s digital world and provides a forum to extend a company’s reach. The social media consultant Perth provides strategies for brand engagement, management and positioning. Multiple types of marketing plans and campaigns can be mounted and the marketing experts can manage a company’s reputation. Nessabee Creative provides each client with a scalable and individualized strategy that best meets their current and future goals. Sophisticated analytics are employed, enabling clients to know exactly how their websites and marketing campaigns are performing. Nessabee Creative offers a one-stop resource for startups to established businesses distinguish themselves from the rank and file. About Nessabee Creative Nessabee Creative is challenging the way the world is viewed and reinforcing the importance of individuality. To succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, you must unlock your inner creativity. Collaboration is what we thrive on and innovation is what drives us. Connect with us on Instagram. Media Contact Nessabee Creative Perth, Australia Website: Hitachi Kubernetes Service Powers Cloud-Native Applications 2021-01-19T23:46:28Z hitachi-kubernetes-service-powers-cloud-native-applications Open, multicloud Kubernetes platform offers enterprise-grade solution for Kubernetes cluster management of application and data containers in a single paneNew solution is backed by world-class training and support from Hitachi VantaraSYDNEY – 20 Jan 2021 – Hitachi Vantara, the digital infrastructure and solutions subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501), today announced the availability of Hitachi Kubernetes Service, an enterprise-grade solution for the complex challenge of managing multiple Kubernetes environments. Hitachi Kubernetes Service enables customers to simply, consistently, and securely deploy, manage, monitor, and govern Kubernetes clusters across major cloud providers and on premises. This empowers developers to deploy workloads on their platform of choice, and eliminates vendor lock-in. Containers are being adopted faster and more comprehensively than previously anticipated. The containerisation of applications enables them to be deployed and run easily across different computing environments, providing substantial infrastructure cost savings. Gartner expects that by 2022, more than 75% of global organisations will be running containerised applications in production.[1] Kubernetes is an emerging technology standard for creating, managing, and orchestrating containers and the new Hitachi Kubernetes Service brings Hitachi’s technology leadership, expertise in the enterprise, and renowned global training and support to this sector. Accelerate Adoption of Cloud Native Infrastructure Hitachi Kubernetes Service helps organisations accelerate the adoption of cloud-native applications by streamlining the management of the underlying infrastructure and Kubernetes cluster deployments. It also significantly simplifies how developers will use and consume IT-delivered container services whether these are delivered from on-premises or hybrid environments. The extensible self-service catalogue allows customers to optimise their experience by customising it to match their business requirements and rapidly deploy curated applications across a hybrid Kubernetes landscape. Hitachi Kubernetes Service provides enterprise-grade security with secure communications between the Kubernetes clusters and the SaaS management plane in the cloud. Key benefits are:Simplicity and ease of deployment through a single management pane that deploys, manages and governs across all of a customer’s private, hybrid and multicloud implementations to reduce risk and complexityA unified dashboard that enables efficient management and governance of multiple on-premises or the cloud-based Kubernetes clusters and the large number of resources across them Centralised monitoring and alerting that operators can use to solve Kubernetes root-cause analysis challenges to lower the mean time to respond and recover to achieve service level objectivesPre-populated applications in the robust service catalog to help developers start rapidly, using the latest Kubernetes-based orchestration and container servicesComprehensive Kubernetes Training and Global Support One key concern in DevOps is the lack of trained and experienced personnel. Hitachi Vantara offers extensive customer training including 10 foundational courses ranging from DevOps essentials to certification-level training courses to help customers build necessary skills. Additionally, the entire Hitachi Kubernetes Service is a managed SaaS environment supported by Hitachi Vantara’s Global Customer Service organisation. Supporting Quotes “While our customers love container technology, they are challenged by the complexity to deploy and securely manage containers at scale across multiple cloud environments,” said Bobby Soni, president, Digital Infrastructure, Hitachi Vantara. “Today, we are helping simplify and solve the multicloud Kubernetes challenge for our customers with the introduction of Hitachi Kubernetes Service. With this enterprise-grade service, our customers now have the freedom of a true agnostic platform, the flexibility of an extensible self-service catalogue, accompanied with world-class training and Hitachi global support to help their development teams drive business results.” “We have many isolated Kubernetes deployments in various clouds – it’s complex and hard to manage,” said Rob Teel, chief information officer for Aether Innovative Technologies, Inc. “The Hitachi Kubernetes Service provides an intuitive, multicloud dashboard with powerful APIs to manage our K8s cluster lifecycles, regardless of operating environment. Hitachi simplifies how we use and consume IT-delivered container services, whether these are delivered from on-premises or even from hybrid environments.” “From skills shortages to code abandonment, consistent processes and even training and support, there are many challenges in deploying and managing enterprise-grade Kubernetes in one or more clouds,” said Scott Sinclair, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). “While there are many Kubernetes services on the market, Hitachi Vantara offers an open and simple environment helping enterprises achieve success in cloud-native computing.” The Hitachi Kubernetes Service is available today on AWS, with Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure available early in 2021. ResourcesWebinar: Simplify Kubernetes: Deploy, Manage and Monitor, Tuesday, January 19, 2021 at 5 PM UTCBlog: “Hitachi Kubernetes Service: A Much-Needed ‘Easy Button’ for Managing Enterprise-grade K8 Clusters,” by Chris Sullivan, vice president, Enterprise Cloud, Hitachi VantaraBlog: “Hitachi Kubernetes Service – Getting Under the Hood with K8s,” by Peter Meister, head of Product Management – Enterprise Cloud, Hitachi VantaraSolution Profile: Hitachi Kubernetes Service: Simplify Multicloud KubernetesInfographic: Simplify Complex Multicloud Kubernetes eBook: Simple Multicloud Kubernetes Management? Yes. With Hitachi Kubernetes Service Connect with Hitachi Vantara TwitterLinkedInFacebook [1] Gartner Press Release, “Gartner Forecasts Strong Revenue Growth for Global Container Management Software and Services Through 2024”, June 25, 2020 HCL aims to “Inspire for Better” with sponsorship of Dutch team in one of the toughest ocean races 2021-01-19T23:07:34Z hcl-aims-to-inspire-for-better-with-sponsorship-of-dutch-team-in-one-of-the-toughest-ocean-races Noida, India – January 12, 2020: HCL Technologies (HCL), a leading global technology company, today announced it is sponsoring Dutchess of the Sea, an all-women Dutch team participating in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, a transatlantic rowing race. The four women departed from the Canary Islands on December 12 and will row over 3,000 miles non-stop to the Nelson’s Dockyard English Harbour in Antigua & Barbuda.   HCL’s support for the team is driven by the company’s commitment to being a sustainability-led business. Raising money for two important causes – The Plastic Soup Foundation and ALS Netherlands Foundation – the Dutchess of the Sea, one of the first all-woman Dutch teams to take part in the race, perfectly embodies the company’s core values.   The Plastic Soup Foundation is working towards creating awareness about the link between plastics and human health with dedicated campaigns about microplastics and plastic pollution. ALS Netherlands Foundation promotes scientific research into the cause of and options for prevention, cure and future treatment of ALS, while providing a communication platform for patients, relatives, surviving relatives and environment.   HCL believes in developing an ecosystem that supports the environment and communities in the regions where it operates. Its efforts in this area are intended to inspire innovation and new ideas through the use of technology and collaboration to create a better world.   The company also has a strong focus on inspiring women leaders and promoting gender equality in business. HCL recently celebrated the successful completion of its global diversity and inclusivity program ‘Women Lead’ in the Nordics. The initiative is designed to empower aspiring women in their leadership careers through exclusive 1:1 mentoring.     Other initiatives that HCL has undertaken to support its global communities and the environment in the last 12 months include:   ·       The HCL Foundation (HCLF), a not-for-profit organization, has been taking action to mitigate humanitarian crises, helping 130,000+ people to overcome problems posed by COVID-19. ·       In the UK, HCL recently completed its 12th ‘Get Started’ program with the Prince’s Trust, helping disadvantaged young people to learn skills in app design, coding, software development and cybersecurity. ·       In South Africa, HCL’s partnership with Safe-Hub will lead to the creation of a digital lab to drive digital literacy skills in young people.  ·       HCL’s sponsorship of the Göta Traneberg youth ice hockey team in Stockholm is meant to inspire the next generation of women leaders through sporting role models.   These efforts are also underpinned by HCL’s alignment with the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact on human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. To find out more about HCL’s global CSR initiatives, visit:   HCL Technologies Anne Coyle, US   Elka Ghudial, Europe   Devneeta Pahuja, India and APAC BAI Communications appoints Brendan O’Reilly as Global Chief Technology Officer 2021-01-19T05:50:59Z bai-communications-appoints-brendan-oreilly-as-global-chief-technology-officer 19 January 2021 [Hong Kong, London, New York, Sydney, Toronto]: Leading global communications infrastructure provider BAI Communications (BAI) today announced its appointment of Brendan O’Reilly to the global position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO).Based out of London, O’Reilly’s role will be focused on accelerating the company’s expansion of its neutral host solutions and magnifying its strengths as a telecommunications infrastructure service provider. This remit forms a core part of BAI’s growth strategy, which was set out by Group CEO Igor Leprince in mid-2020 and aims to cement the business as a global leader in the delivery of shared 5G network infrastructure.With almost two decades of telecommunications expertise, O’Reilly brings a proven track record of delivering complex technology strategies and programmes to his new role with BAI. He joins from Telefónica where he was the CTO for O2’s UK operation for the past six years, boasting achievements such as leading the development of O2’s network share partnership with Vodafone, O2’s fastest 4G deployment in the UK and the recent launch of its 5G network. "I’m delighted to be joining BAI in the early stages of executing its ambitious growth plans. This role offers me the opportunity to play a pivotal role in defining and implementing the technology strategy that will help BAI become a globally renowned provider of neutral host solutions to MNOs and municipalities. BAI’s engineering expertise, alongside its proven experience in delivering large scale connected infrastructure and networking solutions, positions it perfectly to lead the next phase of digital transformation that 5G is creating,” said Brendan.Group CEO Igor Leprince commented on the appointment, saying: “The deployment and expansion of 5G is going to be a transformative enabler for businesses, government enterprises, and societies around the world. It will be a key driver for the next wave of technological and economic development, accelerating the scalability of connected infrastructure applications across cities, transport networks, and other government services, changing the way we travel, live and work within cities. This makes it an exciting time to have Brendan join our business.“Brendan brings deep technical skills and knowledge to our team, alongside his extensive experience in leading successful projects and partnerships that enhance the connectivity offerings of mobile network operators. With Brendan at the helm of our technology function, BAI will continue to enhance its neutrally hosted connected infrastructure innovation and delivery to help bring the smart cities vision to fruition.” O’Reilly will commence his role in March 2021, joining BAI’s Executive team and reporting to Group CEO Igor Leprince. ENDS About BAI CommunicationsBAI Communications designs, builds, and operates cellular, Wi-Fi, broadcast, radio, and IP networks around the world. We are engineering experts and technology innovators with proven experience in delivering the next wave of connectivity solutions through long-term partnerships with broadcasters, transit operators, governments, and MNOs. As a leading communications infrastructure provider, BAI’s neutral host solutions connect people, enrich communities and advance economies. Our global operations span Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and the US, where we have a majority stake in Transit Wireless. Rhotex Inc Launches Environmentally-Sound Options to Crypto Mining 2021-01-18T15:08:23Z rhotex-inc-launches-environmentally-sound-options-to-crypto-mining-1     TORONTO, Jan 18, 2021 - (ACN Newswire) - Rhotex ( ) has officially launched 3 miner cases configured with an in-built factory cooling system to ensure 100% efficiency as the chips generate heat. From Rhotex, this first of its kind innovation designed by seasoned crypto industry experts provides an environmentally responsible solution to today's challenges with the traditional miners by consuming lesser power supply compared to the output performance.                                                             Rhotex currently offers a range of products in their new offer: RHO Lite, RHO Pro, and RHO Rack which comes with incredible features such as low power consumption, high-performance output, Wi-Fi / Ethernet connection, easy setup and productive compatibility with various blockchain options. These combined with its inbuilt cooling system increases expected hash rate conversion hence giving it an edge in the industry. All products in the RHO series were painstakingly analyzed and tried under intense conditions.Rhotex Inc.'s algorithm solutions integrate world-class hardware and software technologies for edge and cloud-to-edge enterprise solutions and mines Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash at high levels in remarkable time. Hash rate powers in the series include:RHO Lite: 1000 TH/s - Bitcoin, 5 GH/s - EthereumRHO Pro: 1800 TH/s - Bitcoin, 10 GH/s - Ethereum andRHO Rack: 4100 TH/s - Bitcoin, 20 GH/s - Ethereum.Roberts Evans, CEO for Rhotex Inc. in a statement says the RHO series is an easy to use miner that optimizes energy efficiency while providing maximum output. "It's our way of contributing our quota to a green environment by creating an eco-friendly design with an in-built cooling system that has very low carbon emission. This is the first of its kind. We are very delighted by the opportunities this innovation offers," he further added.To access the wide range of products on offer and learn more about Rhotex visit www.rhotex.comAbout RhotexRhotex Inc. is the company behind the RHO Miner series which are eco-friendly high-quality cryptocurrency miners with an in-built cooling system that delivers extremely high hash power with low energy consumption. Their partners include Equinix, Avenga, Etiya, Altiostar, and many more. Headquartered in Toronto Canada, the company currently has facilities in Australia.Contact Information:Rhotex Inc.Torrie Fontan747-216-1067SOURCE: Rhotex Inc If you join the forces, you join a family. 2021-01-18T03:31:57Z if-you-join-the-forces-you-join-a-family Robert Bugden (35), Robert Jordan (64) and Matthew Seviour (46) are members of Blesma, a charity that supports injured or limbless service men and women who served in the UK forces, regardless of where they live. All three veterans are part of the Military family, serving their country to the best of their abilities. The three found each other through the Blesma Connects app.  This article is about Budgen, Jordan and Seviour’s life experiences and how Blesma enabled them to adapt to civilian and disabled life.  At first glance, there is not much in common between Robert Bugden, a thrill seeking parachute jumping instructor aged 35, Robert Jordan, a 64 year old retired construction worker and Matthew Seviour, 46 year old football fanatic and father of two teenagers. At different stages of their lives and careers, it’s hard to spot the ties that might bind them.  But Robert, Matthew and Jordan are all part of that special family of ex-servicemen who have served their country in some part of the forces: Bugden not surprisingly in the Royal Airforce, Jordan and Seviour in the Army. But more than that – all three are members of Blesma, a charity that supports injured or limbless service men and women who served in the UK forces.  While how and when in their careers they came to be injured differs, Bugden suffering a mid-air collision while on the job with the Air Force teaching other service folk, and Jordan injured on a construction site after leaving the services, to Blesma, this is irrelevant. They served their country and they deserve to be supported.  Blesma members are spread throughout the UK, with some relocating as far afield as the US, Canada and Australia. Recognising that digital technology could help reduce the distance between both Blesma and between their more than 3,000 members, Blesma developed ‘Blesma Connects’, an app that provides news and updates of interest to members, information on the huge range of activities that Blesma offers members, easy access to assistance from the Support and Outreach officers, and also a chat facility for Blesma members to keep in contact with each other, find new friends with shared interests or just bridge the distance between members – whether that might be a few miles or a few thousand.  At 64, Jordan would love to work again, but recognises his age is against him. Rather than feel sorry for himself, he sews masks for his wife, a nurse, and the vital frontline staff she works with. He keeps in contact with both those he served with and new friends he’s made via the app, and he and his wife often attend the social events for members and partners. Bugden’s connection to Blesma is even deeper. Still a thrill-seeker at heart, Bugden still loves jumping out of planes, but now includes his wheelchair in the jump, Bugden is also a fundraiser for Blesma, organising lunches and dinners for other members and their families. His sense of humour undamaged, he commented that ‘One of the nice things about the Blesma Connects app is that you can use it even when you have limited hand function like me´.  For Seviour, Blesma Connects is a true part of his support network. The divorced father of two teenagers lost the use of limbs and suffers chronic back pain. His biggest fear is that some unexpected movement, even pulling his socks up, will cause him extreme pain. While medication helps, Seviour is never pain free. Blesma is a true extension of the force’s family for Seviour, acting as an extended support network for him from practical chores such as grocery shopping, or sharing his passions and hobbies from yoga, which helps with the pain though scuba diving which keeps the world a fascinating place. Oh, and there’s football, with the Blesma Connects app keeping Seviour both connected with others ex-forces mates to share the highs and lows of his team’s fortunes, and to keep abreast of the latest news and development, notably around treatments and options that are specifically relevant to him.   With the support of Blesma, members have been able to secure grants to upgrade their houses to better suit their abilities, get the latest in prosthetic technology, undertake training to help them with new careers and remain active and connected to the wider family that binds those who have been in the forces. As Jordan says: ‘Family looks after one another no matter what. And the forces are like a family. The first thing you ask on the Blesma Connects app is: what is your service number?’  Blesma Connects – keeping the forces family connected. The Blesma Connects appBlesma Connects is provided by Blesma - a charity that, Since World War 1, has offered disabled veterans and their families lifelong support. Blesma partnered with Miroma Project Factory to develop Blesma Connects. The app enables its members: to receive relevant news tailored to their individual needs and interests   to connect and engage in activities with other Blesma members easily keep on touch with other members and find old mates hear about new routes to secure medical support and grants easily access the welfare counselling Blesma provides. This article is based on a Zoom chat between Robert Jordan, Robert Bugden, Matthew Seviour, members of the Blesma support staff and representatives from Miroma Project Factory - a digital arm of the global Miroma Group of agencies. About Miroma Project Factory  Miroma Project Factory is a multi award-winning digital production and development house that creates innovative and interactive digital products across web, mobile, social media and games platforms. Its’ reputation is built on delivering ground-breaking products in entertainment, broadcast and health with a deep specialisation in gamification for engagement and behavioural change.   For more information, please visit  Follow on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. About Blesma Blesma, The Limbless Veterans was formed in the years following the First World War and became a national charity in 1932.  Blesma is dedicated to assisting serving and ex-Service men and women who have suffered limb loss or the loss of use of a limb, an eye or loss of sight. We support these men and women and their families in their communities throughout the UK and overseas.  Since 1932, we have been the only national Service charity that supports limbless veterans for the duration of their lives; just as we are still caring for our surviving World War II veterans, we also look after those who have survived complex trauma injuries through recent conflicts, accidents or illness, and will need our specialised support as they face the long journey ahead. Blesma aims to ensure that all serving or ex-service men and women who have lost sight, limbs or the use of limbs can lead independent and fulfilling lives and will not be failed, forgotten or left behind. For more information, please visit  Follow on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Rhotex Inc. Imposes a New Eco-Friendly Concept to Cryptocurrency Mining 2021-01-16T16:49:13Z rhotex-inc-imposes-a-new-eco-friendly-concept-to-cryptocurrency-mining-1      TORONTO, Jan 16, 2021 - (ACN Newswire) - Rhotex Inc., a leading provider of cryptocurrency mining solutions, announces its latest product line, developed through the integration of its world-class hardware and software technologies. Rhotex offers the first factory design cooling case that keeps mining operations working perfectly, while consuming less power versus output performance.                                              The design of Rhotex Inc. miners allows for cooling systems to be built within the case. Keeping temperatures down ensures that the machine runs smoothly, consistently, and at peak efficiency.The Rhotex Inc. product line includes:RHO Lite - $3,150SHA256/BTC/BCHETASH/ETHHash rate: 1000 TH/s - BitcoinHash rate: 5GH/s - EthereumRHO Pro - $5,800SHA256/BTC/BCHETASH/ETHHash rate: 1800 TH/s - BitcoinHash rate: 10 GH/s - EthereumRHO Rack - $12,999SHA256/BTC/BCHETASH/ETHHash rate: 4100 TH/s - BitcoinHash rate: 20 GH/s - EthereumFor more information, visit Rhotex Inc.Our inbuilt cooling system cases provide an environmentally responsible solution to today's challenges with the traditional miners. Rhotex inbuilt cooling systems are engineered to cool the machine as the chips generate heat. These systems are safe for computer chips and keep the chips cool as they run and generate heat. The cooling systems work automatically. This simply means you only need to turn on the cooling system, then the system automatically regulates the temperature within the case while the machine works efficiently.CONTACT:Torrie FontanRhotex Inc.+17472161067 SOURCE: Rhotex Inc Aged Care and Disability Support Marketplace, Mable, Chooses Optimizely for Greater Agility and Scale 2021-01-12T23:16:13Z aged-care-and-disability-support-marketplace-mable-chooses-optimizely-for-greater-agility-and-scale-2 Sydney, NSW - December 15, 2020 – Optimizely, an Episerver company, today announced that Mable, a safeguarded online marketplace that enables consumers to find, connect with, and directly hire independent support workers, nurses, and therapists, has chosen Optimizely to enable experimentation as part of the company’s product development. Mable raised $15 million in early 2020 in a funding round led by Ellerson Capital.  According to Piroksa Bisits-Bullen, Data Science Director at Mable, improvements in speed to market and productivity drove the selection of Optimizely. “With Optimizely, we can not only run more experiments, but our data science team no longer needs to hand-hold experiments. We can test the impact of changes on other areas of our business like contact centre volume and frequency of enquiries.” “Optimizely is proud to be working with Mable to help improve the matching of the elderly or those living with a disability with suitable carers and services more quickly and effectively thanks to our platform,” said Simon McDonald, Managing Director APAC, Optimizely. “Mable now joins brands like THE ICONIC, The Country Road Group, Kmart and Appliances Online as part of the Optimizely Asia Pacific region expansion.” “Optimizely enables a/b/n testing, lightning fast bucketing of users and an easy way for our product managers to view results real time - many other tools aren’t as robust,” said Bisits-Bullen. “We have rapidly changing customer needs and Optimizely has the agile, flexible platform to be able to adapt to those changes.” Key in Optimizely’s selection was high levels of flexibility, faster and easier experiment setup, and no impact on the speed of Mable’s channels. With over 100,000 people accessing its platform each month, Mable has grown rapidly over the past couple of years. Recent funding will improve data science and machine learning capabilities that underpin the marketplace. Optimizely’s integration with Salesforce also figured in Mable’s selection. Says Bisits-Bullen, “Our customers may be accessing the website via screen readers. Insight into that behavior provides our customer service team with important details about the customer’s digital experience and how we can better assist them. And that’s very important to us.” Optimizely enables Mable to run experiments across its website, mobile app and algorithms, empowering staff to iterate on, and improve, the user experience and customer journey.  “Social responsibility and assisting people in the Asia Pacific region is important to everyone at Optimizely,” said McDonald. “We are proud to support Mable to help members of our community safely get the assistance they need. I am excited to see how Optimizely can help Mable develop its programs even further to better serve our community.”   For more information email  About Optimizely Optimizely, an Episerver company, provides the industry’s leading digital experience optimization platform including AI-powered personalization and experimentation, which encompasses A/B testing, multivariate testing, and server-side testing. We take out the guesswork to enable brands to deliver relevant experiences driven by data. The world's greatest brands choose Optimizely to win and compete in the digital economy, including Gap, StubHub, IBM, The Wall Street Journal, and many more. To learn more, visit On October 21, 2020, Optimizely was acquired by Episerver, a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms.  Australian Smart Tech Brand, G-mee, Partners with Australia Post 2021-01-12T22:52:49Z australian-smart-tech-brand-g-mee-partners-with-australia-post-1 Images available here.Australian smart tech start-up, G-mee, has secured Australia Post as a national retail partner for the brand’s G-mee Connect smartphone. The G-mee range, consisting of the G-mee Plus smart player and G-mee Connect smartphone, is an Australian innovation created to support the safe exploration of smart technology by young users. G-mee offers all the features desired for on-the-go-entertainment and removes digital temptations. With no digital camera and a built-in G-mee App Lock, G-mee is already being recognised as the smart device to satisfy both parent and child needs. The G-mee Connect is the smartphone model of the range and offers access to Google mobile services such as Google Play and YouTube, as well as 4G cellular connectivity. This device facilitates phone calls, SMS and the use of data for browsing and downloading content anytime. Like all G-mee devices, the G-mee Connect comes with a built-in App Lock to ensure users only access age appropriate content. The smartphone also enables download of a free Call Manager App, giving parents the ability to disallow calls from specific numbers at specific times of the day. G-mee creator, Australian tech expert and father of three daughters, Charlie Brown, says the partnership with Australia Post will make safe smart technology accessible to more users. “One of the key things we’ve learned from the events of 2020, is that smart devices are now a necessity. So too is having an awareness of keeping safe online,” Mr Brown explains. “We launched G-mee online last year and our online sales show great promise. Parents are seeing the benefits of G-mee for their kids’ digital use and are telling their friends. Now it’s time to take G-mee to another level.” “We’re excited to offer G-mee Connect smartphones through participating Australia Post outlets nationally. Aussie families will now be able to find a smartphone option to help keep kids safe online at participating Australia Post outlets so they can stay connected once they return to school in 2021.” “Australia Post outlets across the country have evolved to become more than just a place to send letters and packages. Now they are also regarded as a source for quality technology and gadgets at a reasonable price point.” “The G-mee Connect smartphone is all about giving everyday Australian families an affordable device option that prioritises online safety for young users. Our products give parents the ability to curate the content their child engages with, to help guide and educate them about safely using smart technology to become informed users into the future.” The G-mee Connect is available at participating Australia Post outlets nationally for $149. For more information on G-mee, visit ENDS Editor’s Note: G-mee creator, Charlie Brown, is available for interview on request. For further information, imagery and media enquiries contact:Maria Crema, Crema PR, m: 0402 239 929, e: About G-meeThe range of G-mee smart devices is the brainchild of respected technology expert, Charlie Brown of CBN Media. Charlie created the G-mee range after he and his wife realised that there wasn’t a device on the market that they could give their three young daughters and be assured that the content they were consuming was appropriate. G-mee smart devices give users, of all levels of digital savvy, access to the best on-the-go entertainment, while including features to support safe cyber use and exploration. There are two devices in the G-mee range including the G-mee Plus smart player and G-mee Connect smartphone. About CBN MediaCBN Media is one of Australia’s leading production houses, dedicated to educating the Australian public about new and innovative technology. CBN Media produces Australia’s longest running technology TV show, CyberShack TV and Australia’s highest rating technology radio show, Life and Technology. CBN Media is headed by Charlie Brown, one of Australia's favourite cutting edge commentators on lifestyle technology. Genetec shares its top physical security trends predictions for 2021 2021-01-12T21:00:40Z genetec-shares-its-top-physical-security-trends-predictions-for-2021 SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA/MONTRÉAL, January 13, 2021—Genetec Inc. (“Genetec”), a leading technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions, today shared its top five predictions for the physical security industry in 2021. Innovative security solutions will help businesses thrive post pandemic While the world remains optimistic for 2021, organisations will need to remain creative about how they use, update, and redeploy their security systems across their facilities. This will allow them to start thinking more broadly about the role of physical security and what it can do beyond traditional applications to deliver more value. We have already seen proof of this resilience and resourcefulness over the last few months with many organisations quickly adapting to the new needs and challenges posed by COVID-19, using their physical security technology as a strategic tool in the fight against the pandemic. In many ways, the extraordinary difficulties brought on by the current situation have put an increased focus on the role and importance of the physical security industry. And once the pandemic is finally in the rear-view mirror, we believe organisations will continue to look at their physical security technology and related data as both strategic and enterprise-shaping. Businesses will focus on privacy protection In an effort to keep people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, many organisations rushed to implement ‘fever detection’ devices and other new sensors without necessarily having the time to consider privacy implications. Public privacy concerns related to COVID-19 contact tracing and other social challenges will continue to grow. These sensitivities will require the physical security industry to address privacy head-on and find appropriate solutions. Rather than hindering the development of new technologies, privacy will prove to be a driving force in the pursuit of responsible and innovative design, encouraging forward-thinking, ethical developers to embrace Privacy by Design methodologies. This involves proactively embedding privacy into the design and operation of IT systems, networked infrastructure, and business practices from the first line of code to the third-party vendors selected for partnership and integration. And, in the physical security industry, building a software solution from the ground up with privacy in mind means that organisations won’t have to choose between protecting individual privacy and ensuring their physical security. Privacy should always be the default option rather than the other way round, and security technology developers who take it seriously will gain distinct advantages, notably their customers’ trust. Cybersecurity risks will continue to rise While cybersecurity has been an issue for some time, it will unfortunately continue to be a vital concern in 2021. From schools and hospitals to private businesses and governments, there’s been a rise in cyber-attacks over the last year. In Q3 of 2020 alone, Trend Micro reported that there were almost 4 million email threats and over 1 million hits on malicious URLs related to COVID-19. Much of this can be linked to the overnight shift to remote work, which left companies scrambling to keep business running while also trying to secure corporate assets. This shift highlighted the fact that the traditional IT perimeter no longer exists. Businesses, organisations, and governments will need to take decisive steps to strengthen their cyber posture, or risk undermining the safety of their intellectual property, sensitive data, and personal information. Choosing trusted vendors and deploying physical security solutions that come with layers of cyber defense is critical. Security teams understand that built-in encryption, multi-factor authentication, and password management are the first lines of defense. Beyond that, taking advantage of other features such as cybersecurity risk scoring, system vulnerability alerts, and automated reminders for firmware and hardware updates are significant advantages in this heightened risk environment. Greater focus on trust in the supply chain Physical security technology has become an integral part of an organisation’s IT strategy and is, thankfully, now under the same level of scrutiny as other elements of an organisation’s technology stack. Some governments are already discouraging the use of certain products from security manufacturers, citing trust and security vulnerabilities. End users, especially in the enterprise space, are taking more time to scrutinise the manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors with whom they choose to work. This includes asking vendors more pointed questions about how they manage emerging threats, how forthcoming they are about product vulnerabilities and their partner ecosystem, and what their data and privacy policies are. For a physical security solution provider to be considered a reputable, reliable partner to their customers, they are going to have to meet more stringent requirements as part of the procurement process. Demand for hybrid cloud solutions will continue to grow According to Forrester’s recent report, Predictions 2021: Cloud Computing Powers Pandemic Recovery, global public cloud infrastructure will grow 35% to a market value of $120 billion over the next year. As online usage and remote work spiked during the pandemic, a global shift towards digital transformation, already underway, greatly accelerated. In order to thrive, physical security professionals will need to follow the lead of IT departments. In the coming year, physical security leaders should let go of the either/or division between cloud and on-premises security systems and embrace a hybrid deployment model in their physical security infrastructure. This will allow them to implement specific systems or applications in the cloud while keeping existing on-premises systems. With a hybrid cloud approach, security directors will become more agile in making decisions about how they can enhance scalability, redundancy, and availability to suit their organisation’s evolving needs. They will also be able to quickly migrate to newer technologies, minimise hardware footprint, boost cybersecurity, and reduce costs. Cloud offerings need to become an essential option to quickly adapt to changes and ensure business continuity. --ends-- About Genetec Genetec Inc. is an innovative technology company with a broad solutions portfolio that encompasses security, intelligence, and operations. The company’s flagship product, Security Center, is an open-architecture platform that unifies IP-based video surveillance, access control, automatic license plate recognition (ANPR), communications, and analytics. Genetec also develops cloud-based solutions and services designed to improve security, and contribute new levels of operational intelligence for governments, enterprises, transport, and the communities in which we live. Founded in 1997, and headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Genetec serves its global customers via an extensive network of resellers, integrators, certified channel partners, and consultants in over 80 countries. For more information about Genetec, visit: © Genetec Inc., 2021. Genetec, and the Genetec logo are trademarks of Genetec Inc. and may be registered or pending registration in several jurisdictions. Other trademarks used in this document may be trademarks of the manufacturers or vendors of the respective product. Press Contacts: Sue Ralston Einsteinz Communications Ph: +61 02 8905 0995 acQuire Technology Solutions acquires environmental information management software, EnviroSys 2021-01-12T02:26:13Z acquire-technology-solutions-acquires-environmental-information-management-software-envirosys acQuire Technology Solutions Pty Ltd (acQuire), a global specialist in geoscientific information management software solutions, has acquired the environmental and water quality data management software EnviroSys from SRA Information Technology Pty Ltd (SRA). The acquisition adds an environmental and monitoring solution to acQuire’s existing product suite. EnviroSys is an environmental compliance management and monitoring software product, used by mining, government, water and energy companies. It’s a flexible, comprehensive and accessible product enabling customers to capture, analyse and produce compliant reports on their projects. The software solution is used mostly in Australia. EnviroSys is highly complementary to acQuire’s flagship product, GIM Suite, and strengthens acQuire’s competitive edge and position as an industry leader in geoscientific information management solutions for the natural resources industry. SRA CEO Steve Rowe said, “With EnviroSys’ growing success and continually improving product, it was important for EnviroSys to find a new partner to maximise its growth potential, not only in Australia but globally. We see further opportunities for both companies and will partner on future opportunities and projects.”  “We are very excited to welcome the EnviroSys team into the acQuire family. They are an excellent fit for the acQuire brand with an innovative and modern software solution and we look forward to growing their excellent product and reputation under our ownership,” acQuire CEO Alison Atkins said. “Our success as a global provider of geoscientific information management solutions, plus being backed by Vela Software, means we can leverage shared services, expertise, and partnerships to extend the EnviroSys product into new areas. We see fresh opportunities to deliver the EnviroSys technology to more companies across the globe and create a connected product suite to benefit our existing and future customers.” If you have any questions about this acquisition, or the capabilities of acQuire’s products, please contact the acQuire team at or visit the acQuire website at