The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-03-26T03:35:08Z Itoc is the 19th Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner globally to achieve the AWS Security Competency Status 2019-03-26T03:35:08Z itoc-is-the-19th-amazon-web-services-aws-partner-globally-to-achieve-the-aws-security-competency-status-2 Brisbane, Australia; 26th March 2019 For immediate release Itoc is proud to announce that it has achieved AWS Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Competency, and is the 19th partner globally to be awarded this status.   Achieving the AWS Security Competency differentiates Itoc as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member that provides specialised consulting services designed to help enterprises adopt, develop and deploy complex security projects on AWS. To receive the designation, APN Partners must possess deep AWS expertise and deliver solutions seamlessly on AWS. “Itoc is proud to be one of the four APN partners in Australia and 19th globally to achieve AWS Security Competency status,” said Richard Steven, CEO. “Our team is dedicated to helping companies maintain a strong security posture by providing in-depth solutions that are aligned with AWS security best practises as well as our own internal strategies.” AWS is enabling scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises. To support the seamless integration and deployment of these solutions, AWS established the AWS Competency Program to help customers identify Consulting and Technology APN Partners with deep industry experience and expertise. Itoc applies a holistic approach to efficiently manage risk in consideration of various security aspects such as human behaviours, infrastructure, data category, threat intelligence and most of all, clients. Ensuring that Itoc’s customers comply with the latest security standards is a crucial part of their ongoing security practice. Case in point is Itoc’s ongoing engagement with Judo Capital. Judo Capital is bringing back the craft of relationship banking to transform access to finance for Australia’s small and medium-sized (SME) businesses. Judo is a registered finance company operating under an Australian Credit Licence with the application process underway for a full licence to become a bank. As a cloud-native business, Judo Capital is disrupting the Financial Services industry by driving innovation with 100% cloud-based infrastructure. With this innovation, comes much scrutiny and precedence setting with the compliance and regulatory requirements and auditing reporting for the cloud-native financial services company. With a large amount of private and confidential data to handle, Judo had to be certain its IT is highly secure. From day one, Itoc has been a foundational partner with Judo Capital on their journey, from the design and implementation of Judo’s initial core banking platform on AWS, through to delivering continued innovation, cloud managed services and ongoing security requirements. The AWS platform was designed with security and privacy in mind. Itoc has implemented a Well-Architected security framework based on next-generation security principles, tooling and operating procedures. “At Judo, we believe technology should be invisible, so we can focus on truly valuable relationships with our customers, unleashing them to grow great Australian businesses. Working with cloud based services and security capabilities, provided by Itoc, has enabled us to remain focused on our true mission, while achieving our vision of an IT-less future…” Graham Dickens, CTO Judo Capital About Itoc Itoc delivers solutions that offer speed of innovation and delivery to market whilst observing security and architecture best practices. If cloud is core to the success of service development efforts, Itoc would love to hear from you. Itoc AWS Cloud services Cloud Foundation Cloud Migration IntelligentOps – Next generation cloud managed services Cloud Architecture & Consulting Services Big Data & Analytics Machine Learning Itoc look forward to combining their proven experience in Security, DevOps and our Financial Services competencies to deliver outstanding solutions for customers’ complex, highly-regulated environments. Newly Designed Smart Climate Control for Australian Homes 2019-03-26T00:26:31Z newly-designed-smart-climate-control-for-australian-homes There is something new in Air Conditioning for Australia. A new smart controller for central control of the entire home climate from one amazing looking touch screen interface, smartphone app, or even voice control with smart assistants like Google or Amazon. Air Conditioning, what we want to give us efficient comfort at home, can be enhanced with the new AirTouch 4.   What does it do and how does it work? First thing you’d notice about AirTouch 4 is the amazing design. The interface looks like it belongs in a modern home and you feel confident that it will provide you with the control, comfort and efficiency that you want from your air conditioning. The screen is crisp, bright, and features a curved slider to adjust the temperature which is presented to you clearly in the middle of the screen.    Featuring Australian landscapes in its design, AirTouch 4 is just as much a work of art celebrating the Australian climate, while also letting you enjoy whatever climate you want in your own home.   On the left is a list of rooms in your home or “air conditioning zones” where you can adjust their conditioned air flow or temperature or turn them off completely.   The goal for the user interface is for it to make sense straight away with familiar controls while also being something fresh and new. You wouldn’t have just one light switch for the entire house, and so AirTouch means you can control the air conditioning in individual rooms rather than just for the whole building. This can help save energy and money on the resulting power bills as you won’t be paying to cool or heat rooms in your home that you are not using.   The technical aspects ·      One device to control 4 different ducted air conditioners ·      Adjust the amount of conditioned air going into or turn on/off the conditioned air in up to 16 air con zones ·      You can position 1 or 2 of the Air Touch panels anywhere ·      Smartphone app control either at home or away ·      Integrates with Google Home and Amazon Alexa smart assistants ·      Android 8” based tablet   Extended with a Smartphone App The additional smartphone app for remote control makes sense. It is designed to be easy and works on Android or iOS. There is a mini slider down the side of the app for adjusting the temperature and a fresh page to change the airflow in each zone or turn it off completely just like on the panel. But it does more. If you are out and home gets a bit warm or cold because of the weather, it can give you a little nudge with the AirTouch home temperature alerts inviting you to turn on the air conditioning remotely. That is actually really great because it means you can avoid coming home to a hot or cold house. Also, it gives you peace of mind in that you can double check to make sure that the system is turned off when no one is home and you won’t be back for a while.   Why the open smart assistant platform is great There are a lot of home automation systems out there, but a lot of them are closed off systems and you can end up getting locked in to their way of doing things. Adding new devices or functions can be difficult. The rise of smart assistants has enhanced our lives in many ways: it is easy to say things like “Hey Google turn on the lights” or “Alexa order my favourite pizza”. AirTouch 4 works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa so just say the word and your wish is their command. This is the beauty of AirTouch being open to work with these open systems – you choose to control it how you want. Just ask Google for example to warm up the living room, cool down the family room, or turn the AC on or off completely.   Comfort & Efficiency with Individual Temperature control (ITC) Everyone’s different with individual choices. When it comes to home air conditioning, it is no different as some like it warmer, some like it cooler. Some like a lot of conditioned air where they are, others like less. Everyone is an individual. Hence the name for the Individual Temperature Control technology. It lets you specify a different temperature set point beyond just air volume in individual rooms around the home.   But also, it lets AirTouch monitor temperatures at a far greater level. Normally, with most AC systems, the temperature sensor used to monitor the home is in just 1 location. AirTouch 4 with ITC on the other hand can monitor temperatures in more locations. So if the sun rises and warms up rooms on 1 side of the house, AirTouch can adjust their air flow and not waste air on rooms that are actually ok.   Do More Without Doing Anything with IFTTT IFTTT air conditioning control. Imagine a very busy day and you’re scrambling to get out of the house, drop your kids off at school and rush for an early meeting. And midway across town, you realize that you’ve forgotten to shut off your home air conditioning. What do you do? Nothing. With AirTouch 4, your air conditioning system will shut off on its own using a unique sensor with the help of Geofencing by IFTTT.   Works your way AirTouch runs on a wall mounted Android tablet. It is constantly powered. For homeowners, this is useful. You can install your other lifestyle apps to it to enjoy. Order a meal, book a car, play Spotify, or install your own lighting or other smart home control system directly to it.   All Smart, All New AirTouch 4 is a smart home climate controller that looks and works smart. Better yet, it was designed in Australia for Australian conditions and lifestyles. Learn more at  BOOKTOPIA.COM.AU BEATS AMAZON 2019-03-25T22:48:59Z booktopia-com-au-beats-amazon AUSSIE BATTLER BEATS AMAZON  LITTLE AUSSIE BATTLER BEATS AMAZON AT ITS OWN GAME!   # AUSTRALIA WINS DAVID V GOLIATH BATTLE! # ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM DUMPED IN BIN!   # WATCH HILARIOUS AMAZONIAN ELEPHANT VIDEO CLIP! # AMAZON COMES TO AUSTRALIA & BOOKTOPIA SALES INCREASE BY 50%!   When Amazon came to Australia two years ago the so called experts all got it wrong by predicting gloom & doom for Australia’s award winning & leading online book retailer 2 years later the “ Amazonian elephant in the room” has been literally dumped in the dumpster in a hilarious video that also shows Booktopia’s sales have sky rocketed from $80m a year to $113m in 2018 with further growth predicted to $130m for 2019.     See the “Amazonian elephant in the room” video clip here from 1minute 22 seconds to 1minute 36 seconds While controversial Amazon boss Jeff Bezos founded his company on selling books his Australian arm’s book sales are only a few single digit percent of his business and books aren’t even in the top 10 categories of overall product sales for Amazon Australia.     Tony Nash CEO & co-founder started Booktopia 15 years ago with just $10 says “ accounts for 14% of all book sales across Australia and online we are number one. Plus the company is powering ahead at an incredible rate with one book sold every 6 seconds and over 5,500,000 books sold this year. Since Amazon announced they were coming our revenues have risen from $80m in 2016 to $113m in 2018 and further growth expected in 2019.”   “With double digit growth year-on-year for the last 10 years and employee numbers going from 25 to 200 is embarking on a crowd funding campaign through to raise up to $10 million so it can further invest on top of its existing $10m worth of automation, and go from the existing 148,000 titles in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours to 200,000 titles” concludes Tony.  TO INTERVIEW TONY NASH email or call Max Markson 0412501601            Max Markson Survivor Watch and Siege DNA to Merge 2019-03-25T07:01:34Z survivor-watch-and-siege-dna-to-merge Principals from Survivor Watch and Siege DNA announced today that the two companies have merged effective on the 25th of March 2019. The new company will trade under the Siege DNA Pty Ltd.    The principal stakeholders behind Survivor Watch & Siege DNA have been providing cutting edge technology for the safety of the wider community across Australia for over 5 years.    The new company will be led by former Secom Vice President, Dominic Campagna and combines the expertise of both firms to provide a complete portfolio of personal safety emergency wearables and power solutions to Law Enforcement, First Responders, Education, Aged Care and to the Domestic Violence sector.   The Siege Watch (Samsung Galaxy LTE), will be launched and showcased by SAMSUNG at the 7thAnnual Police Technology Forum, in Canberra later this week. This world first wearable will include a feature to assist Officers with identifying P.O.I (Persons of Interest) through their facial recognition application.   This application notifies the Officer via their Siege Watch with an image and the latest data of the person of interest from their watch list. This information is encrypted end to end and will only be available to Law Enforcement.   The Siege Watch will also include standard features of 24/7 monitoring, discreet alerts and notifications, as well as tracking with locators.    Australia’s premier law enforcement technology and networking event showcases the latest capabilities that are being trialled and developed to enable our police forces to become more effective and efficient in the face of increasingly sophisticated organised crime.   The Siege Watch is powered by Siege DNA, a power platform for capturing and reporting of Security Incidents, providing real time intelligence of a business operations for risk management and keeping organisations informed and well-tuned to global events posing a threat to your business and daily operations.   “This merger allows Siege DNA Pty Ltd to offer end to end solutions for the array of Domestic and international customers interested in a broad range of safety wearable and cutting-edge products, monitoring and the triage of emergencies and events”, said CEO Dominic Campagna.   “Collaboration with an experienced development and management team with years of knowledge with our original concepts in wearable solutions is the first step to a global safety ecosystem”, said Survivor Watch Co-Founder Sy Lagaaia.   Siege DNA will continue innovating the Survivor Watch technology and other related applications whilst working with Government Agency’s in India, Indonesia, New Zealand and the USA.   For more information or interview requests, please contact:   Missy Robinson The Rebel Collective 0407 037 977 Espire shall once again host exclusive breakfast meet for higher education in Melbourne 2019-03-25T06:09:31Z espire-shall-once-again-host-exclusive-breakfast-meet-for-higher-education-in-melbourne Melbourne, Australia – 25th March 2019 − Espire Infolabs, a global IT services provider, announced today that they would be hosting a power-packed breakfast meet for Digital Enablement of higher education on Thursday, 28th March 2019 at Hotel Intercontinental, Melbourne. A similar Sitecore-partnered breakfast event was held last year in Sydney, 22 June at Shangri-La Hotel. Primarily catering to the needs of higher education institutions who wish to leverage the powers of digital transformation for remaining competitive in the age of the hyper-connected, technology savvy millennial student, with greater expectations than ever before.      The event aims to get together industry leaders, marketers and CIOs to discuss challenges to the growth of the education industry business and will feature an impressive line-up of speakers including Ram Bali from Espire Infolabs, who is the regional head of Australia and New Zealand and Matt Scolari, Digital Strategist, Technologist & Consultant, Ex Chief Digital Officer & Director - IT Solution Delivery, the University of New South Wales (UNSW). Like last year, the breakfast meet is expected to be a full house. It will see CX experts, digital marketing leaders, technologists, CTOs, and others involved in the myriad domains for higher education collaborating for a common cause - finding a digital enablement strategy that best meets the aspirations of students who desire to pursue higher education while providing universities/colleges (both offline and online) with cutting-edge tools, technologies, and strategies in DXP for remaining competitive. Apart from discussions on the importance of mapping out a holistic student engagement, by including personalization and contextual messaging, along with journey mapping at all the relevant touchpoints of the student journey, talks for ensuring a more nuanced scholar-professor engagement/mentorship is also on the cards. Participants will also discuss the ways and means for facilitating research and community engagement. And what institutes of higher learning can do to maintain their credibility and brand loyalty while maintain a winning edge. The meet will also crystal gaze into the latest trends and practices prevalent in the world of higher education.   During the two-hour long meet, a leading University in Australia that profited with their digital transformation efforts will walk you through their success story.    Espire enabling business transformation journey for higher education Espire Infolabs has been delivering highly contextualized and relatable customer experiences. We have built formidable partnerships with leaders in the digital space and have been designing, implementing and supporting digital experience solutions of any scale and complexity. In our efforts we have leveraged the unique and powerful Customer Engagement Hub (CEH) framework for delivering best-of-class user experience.       To gather insights on how Espire's digital experience solutions can strengthen your digital strategies and increase revenue opportunities, participate in the digital enablement breakfast meet by writing to us at or by registering directly on website.  About Espire Infolabs Espire Infolabs is a global IT services company empowering global businesses to drive growth and customer engagement with exceptional digital experience solutions through digital content management, multi-channel customer communication management, and enterprise applications, cloud computing, integration and analytics. It is a SEI CMMI Level 5 Ver 1.3 (Dev + SVC) Appraised, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 20000-1:2011 and ISO 22301:2012 Certified Company. Espire Infolabs has offices in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Development Centers in India (Gurgaon, Delhi and Navi Mumbai). For more information, please visit  Eventify App Platform Revamped and Relaunched By Teksmobile 2019-03-25T06:03:09Z eventify-app-platform-revamped-and-relaunched-by-teksmobile Eventify - the multi-featured digital event app builder platform initially released in 2017 - has received a facelift. The new version is equipped with powerful and more customisable features, and is set to take the convenience factor of professional event managers even higher. Speaking on behalf of Teksmobile, CEO Hussain Fakhruddin stated that the encouraging response to the first version of Eventify was a big factor behind the second coming of this event app platform. Earlier, the platform had already been used to create the official mobile applications of several high-profile events - with Nordic Smart Cities, Business Innovation, Startcon and Nordic Smart Cities being among the most noteworthy ones. Buoyed by the great reviews and the feedback received from early users, the developers of Teksmobile have gone in with a series of new and improved features in Eventify 2.0. Event organisers can quickly add/edit event names, dates and brief descriptions, upload logo(s), select theme colours, and proceed to adding all the relevant event-related information. For example, detailed scheduling of the event - speaker names & bios, their sessions, sponsor details, and information on exhibitors participating in events can all be included. Interested attendees can access all the pertinent information before deciding to participate in the event. Seamless networking will continue to be one of the biggest USPs of the Eventify tool, according to a senior executive from the Teks team. The platform has a live, one-on-one messaging system, allowing people to easily communicate with each other. In addition, a global push notification system has also been added. Event managers can, with its help, quickly notify all attendees about changes and updates in their events. The process is super-fast and super-effective. Maps on Eventify have also improved in their utility and accuracy, compared to those in the previous edition. To ensure people can reach event venues, detailed navigational maps are present. With exploring across large event floors also often proving to be tricky, organisers can add a clear floor plan in their app, created with Eventify. That way, attendees will have no difficulties in checking out the different sections/zones of the event. One of the biggest high points about the Eventify platform is the fact that it takes away the need for prior coding knowledge to build mobile event apps. Organisers, after subscribing, can simply click to add/edit sections and categories - and ensure that the final version of the app contains all the information that they require. Live previews are available, allowing the organisers to check how their event app is shaping up. Once this stage is complete, Teksmobile takes over - submitting the app for review and getting it live in stores with a fortnight or less. At a time when awareness and adoption of cutting-edge event technology is at an all-time high, Eventify offers state-of-the-art paperless promotion solutions. Instead of having to rely on the woefully ineffective yet considerably expensive event pamphlets and hoardings and banner ads, organisers can simply sign up on Eventify, build their very own event apps, and reach out to the widest possible audience. From the dashboard of the Eventify portal, users can also check out in-depth event reports and statistics, pie-charts, and other visual representation of key numbers. Mr. Fakhruddin likes to refer to Eventify as the ‘intelligent’ app platform! Eventify has been designed to build apps for practically all types of B2B events - from small-scale business meetings and workshops, to high-profile conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, and the like. While software and tech events are the main points of focus, organisers of medical conferences and travel industry events are also being encouraged to use the platform to build customised event apps. Mr. Fakhruddin, however, was quick to point out that his team would not be taking on any events related to finance, entertainment, gambling, politics and other social activities. Eventify was a big success when it launched back in 2017, and its revamped avatar packs in several new and interesting features. Most importantly, the new version is decidedly more flexible for event organisers. The tool is available on a subscription-only basis - with the two available packages being Business Pro ($249/event; ideal for smaller events) and Enterprise Pro ($599/event; ideal for large events). A number of international event managers have already expressed interest about the tool - and the team is looking forward to collaborating with many more high-profile B2B events over the next couple of quarters. Visit to know more about the new-look Eventify app-builder platform. Dial 91-33-40649087 or send emails to to clarify your doubts and further queries. Eventify is one of the finest event management software tools currently available, and it eases the task of making event apps and maximising the exposure for events manifold. AMD Radeon™ GPUs and Developer Tools Tapped for New Generation Gaming Platform, Google Stadia 2019-03-25T02:34:52Z amd-radeon-gpus-and-developer-tools-tapped-for-new-generation-gaming-platform-google-stadia-1 San Francisco, Calif. — Mar. 19, 2019 — Building on a close, long-term collaboration between the two companies, AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) today announced that Google selected high-performance, custom AMD Radeon datacenter GPUs for its Vulkan® and Linux®-based Google Stadia. Google announced the platform today at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, Calif. AMD also is supporting Google with its software development tools and Linux-based, open-source Vulkan driver to help game developers optimize future titles to run on the new GPU-powered platform.“By combining our gaming DNA and datacenter technology leadership with a long-standing commitment to open platforms, AMD provides unique technologies and expertise to enable world-class cloud gaming experiences,” said Ogi Brkic, corporate vice president and general manager of the Datacenter GPU Business Unit at AMD. “AMD is delighted to work with Google in its effort to bring amazing gaming experiences to legions of gamers around the world with the reliability and no-compromises performance they expect.” “We’ve worked closely with AMD for years on this project, leading to the development of a custom GPU with leading-edge features and performance for Google Stadia,” said Dov Zimring, Google Stadia developer platform product lead. “Google and AMD share a commitment to open-source with expertise in Vulkan, open-source Vulkan GPU drivers, and open-source graphics optimization tools. We’re humbled by the spirit of innovation and collaboration that exists throughout the gaming industry and look forward to pioneering the future of graphics technology with game developers, in open-source.”High-performance AMD Datacenter GPUsStreaming graphics-rich games to millions of users on demand and from the cloud requires ultra high-performance processing capabilities to minimize latency and maximize game performance. It also requires advanced technologies to tackle unique datacenter challenges, including security, manageability, and scalability.Custom AMD high-performance Radeon datacenter GPUs for Google Stadia include: Second-generation High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM2) to provide power savings in a compact footprint; Critical datacenter features such as Error Correcting Code (ECC)1 protection to help ensure data integrity; Fast, predictable performance with security features for cloud-based gaming, via the industry’s first hardware-based GPU virtualization solution built on industry standard SR-IOV (Single-Root I/O Virtualization) technology. The AMD graphics architecture supports a wide range of today’s gaming platforms – from PCs to major game consoles – enabling developers to optimize their games for a single GPU architecture and extend these benefits across multiple platforms which now include large-scale cloud gaming platforms.Robust Developer Tools Powerful AMD software tools enable developers to optimize their games and other applications for AMD Radeon GPUs. AMD empowers developers with a range of options and broad flexibility to optimize the performance of GPU-based applications based on a long-standing commitment to open-source platforms, including Linux-based drivers and support for the low-level Vulkan API that provide broad control over the performance, efficiency and capabilities of AMD Radeon GPUs.The open-source AMD Linux drivers allow Google and its development partners to inspect the code and understand exactly how the driver works, enabling them to better optimize their applications to interface with AMD Radeon GPUs. The driver also contains an application tracing component that, together with the AMD Radeon GPU Profiler (RGP), provides access to detailed, low-level information about how workloads run on AMD Radeon GPUs. Identifying timing issues that might suggest potential optimizations, this capability dramatically improves developers’ ability to create applications that deliver the best possible performance on AMD Radeon GPUs.The AMD Radeon GPU Profiler allows game developers to visualize exactly how their application is utilizing the GPU, including how graphics and compute thread groups occupy the GPU. Developers are then able to track event timing and optimize their games for Google Stadia. RGP also interoperates with the popular open-source RenderDoc graphics debugging tool to give developers deeper real-time insights into the rendering of each frame, reducing the time required to debug and profile frames during the development process.RGP operates the same way in a virtualized environment as it does when running on a dedicated PC client, making it easy for developers to optimize their applications for virtualized GPUs in large scale environments as they would for any other gaming platform.For more information visit the Google Stadia website, here.Supporting Resources• Learn more about AMD cloud gaming solutions here• Learn more about Radeon GPU Profiler here• Learn more about RenderDoc here• Discover AMD Open Software support on• Become a fan of AMD on Facebook• Follow AMD on Twitter• Follow Radeon™ graphics on TwitterAbout AMDFor 50 years AMD has driven innovation in high-performance computing, graphics and visualization technologies ― the building blocks for gaming, immersive platforms and the datacenter. Hundreds of millions of consumers, leading Fortune 500 businesses and cutting-edge scientific research facilities around the world rely on AMD technology daily to improve how they live, work and play. AMD employees around the world are focused on building great products that push the boundaries of what is possible. For more information about how AMD is enabling today and inspiring tomorrow, visit the AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) website, blog,Facebook and Twitter pages.Cautionary StatementThis press release contains forward-looking statements concerning Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) including the features, functionality, availability, timing, deployment, benefits and expectations of AMD future products and the expected benefits of AMD’s collaboration with Google, which are made pursuant to the Safe Harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements are commonly identified by words such as "would," "intends," "believes," "expects," "may," "will," "should," "seeks," "intends," "plans," "pro forma," "estimates," "anticipates," or the negative of these words and phrases, other variations of these words and phrases or comparable terminology. Investors are cautioned that the forward-looking statements in this document are based on current beliefs, assumptions and expectations, speak only as of the date of this document and involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from current expectations. Such statements are subject to certain known and unknown risks and uncertainties, many of which are difficult to predict and generally beyond AMD's control, that could cause actual results and other future events to differ materially from those expressed in, or implied or projected by, the forward-looking information and statements. Material factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from current expectations include, without limitation, the following: Intel Corporation’s dominance of the microprocessor market and its aggressive business practices may limit AMD’s ability to compete effectively; AMD has a wafer supply agreement with GF with obligations to purchase all of its microprocessor and APU product requirements, and a certain portion of its GPU product requirements, from GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc. (GF) with limited exceptions. If GF is not able to satisfy AMD’s manufacturing requirements, its business could be adversely impacted; AMD relies on third parties to manufacture its products, and if they are unable to do so on a timely basis in sufficient quantities and using competitive technologies, AMD’s business could be materially adversely affected; failure to achieve expected manufacturing yields for AMD’s products could negatively impact its financial results; the success of AMD’s business is dependent upon its ability to introduce products on a timely basis with features and performance levels that provide value to its customers while supporting and coinciding with significant industry transitions; if AMD cannot generate sufficient revenue and operating cash flow or obtain external financing, it may face a cash shortfall and be unable to make all of its planned investments in research and development or other strategic investments; the loss of a significant customer may have a material adverse effect on AMD; AMD’s receipt of revenue from its semi-custom SoC products is dependent upon its technology being designed into third-party products and the success of those products; AMD products may be subject to security vulnerabilities that could have a material adverse effect on AMD; data breaches and cyber-attacks could compromise AMD’s intellectual property or other sensitive information, be costly to remediate and cause significant damage to its business and reputation; AMD’s operating results are subject to quarterly and seasonal sales patterns; global economic uncertainty may adversely impact AMD’s business and operating results; AMD may not be able to generate sufficient cash to service its debt obligations or meet its working capital requirements; AMD has a large amount of indebtedness which could adversely affect its financial position and prevent it from implementing its strategy or fulfilling its contractual obligations; the agreements governing AMD’s notes and the Secured Revolving Line of Credit impose restrictions on AMD that may adversely affect its ability to operate its business; the markets in which AMD’s products are sold are highly competitive; AMD's issuance to West Coast Hitech L.P. (WCH) of warrants to purchase 75 million shares of its common stock, if and when exercised, will dilute the ownership interests of its existing stockholders, and the conversion of the 2.125% Convertible Senior Notes due 2026 may dilute the ownership interest of its existing stockholders, or may otherwise depress the price of its common stock; uncertainties involving the ordering and shipment of AMD’s products could materially adversely affect it; the demand for AMD’s products depends in part on the market conditions in the industries into which they are sold. Fluctuations in demand for AMD’s products or a market decline in any of these industries could have a material adverse effect on its results of operations; AMD’s ability to design and introduce new products in a timely manner is dependent upon third-party intellectual property; AMD depends on third-party companies for the design, manufacture and supply of motherboards, software and other computer platform components to support its business; if AMD loses Microsoft Corporation’s support for its products or other software vendors do not design and develop software to run on AMD’s products, its ability to sell its products could be materially adversely affected; and AMD’s reliance on third-party distributors and AIB partners subjects it to certain risks.  Investors are urged to review in detail the risks and uncertainties in AMD's Securities and Exchange Commission filings, including but not limited to AMD's Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 29, 2018.©2019 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.  All rights reserved. AMD, the AMD Arrow logo, Radeon, and combinations thereof are trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Vulkan and the Vulkan logo are trademarks of the Khronos Group Inc. Other product names used in this publication are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective companies.1ECC support is limited to the HBM2 memory and ECC protection is not provided for internal GPU structures. InterSystems IRIS™ Data Platform 2019.1 Further Accelerates Digital Transformation Initiatives 2019-03-24T23:35:34Z intersystems-iristm-data-platform-2019-1-further-accelerates-digital-transformation-initiatives SYDNEY, Australia, 25 March 2019 – InterSystems, a global leader in information technology software for health, business and government applications, today announced the availability of InterSystems IRIS data platform 2019.1. This is the third release of InterSystems IRIS, the company’s flagship data platform, featuring enhanced performance and scalability, cloud support, integration capabilities and enhanced support for Java, Python, and C# development.   InterSystems IRIS 2019.1 provides the following new capabilities:   Performance and scalability. The release features new performance improvements for parallel queries and data ingestion resulting in more than 50 percent performance improvements and expanded sharding support with simpler rebalancing across nodes. Expanded cloud support. InterSystems IRIS is now available in the marketplaces of all three major public cloud platforms, with standard licensing as well as a new free Community Edition for development and an Express Edition for small production applications. The release also supports asynchronous mirroring and availability zones to enable disaster recovery in the cloud. Integration. The latest release further expands the product’s schema, transformation, routing and testing capabilities, supporting integration and service aggregation as a key enabler of digital transformation initiatives. Enhanced language support. 2019.1 adds to the existing comprehensive development capabilities with functional and performance enhancements to the Java, Python and C# development languages.   InterSystems IRIS Data Platform is successfully empowering organisations worldwide to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives by reducing the need to implement and integrate multiple technologies for data management, integration and analytics. InterSystems customers and partners typically reduce overall development efforts by more than 300 percent.   “Modern digital transformation initiatives require a wide array of functional capabilities to accelerate and maximise success. In today’s competitive environment, organisations need to become more agile and drive more intelligent decisions in response to market trends and competitive threats,” said Jeff Fried, director of product management for InterSystems IRIS Data Platform. “We designed InterSystems IRIS 2019.1 to further speed and simplify these efforts for our customers and partners.”   Access the InterSystems IRIS data platform 2019.1 here, and the InterSystems Developer Community here.  About InterSystems InterSystems is the information engine that powers some of the world’s most important applications. In healthcare, finance, government, and other sectors where lives and livelihoods are at stake, InterSystems has been a strategic technology provider since 1978. InterSystems is a privately held company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA), with offices worldwide, and its software products are used daily by millions of people in more than 80 countries. For more information, please visit Data Backups Save Local Business From Going Bust 2019-03-24T10:29:42Z how-backups-can-save-your-business Local Kit business reached out to the IT professionals at Server Guru IT Support for help with a backup strategy. The companies general manager claimed "Server Guru was very professional in initial discussions to find out exactly what our businesses needs were" "We had no clue our previously implemented backups were not even working!"  "Server Guru implemented a sound onsite and offsite backup solution, we now sleep at night knowing that we are taken care of, in case of disaster we can roll back to a previous backup" said the GM. IT consultant Bill from Server Guru explained "Business backups are key in recovering from cyber-attacks and malicious software like "ransomware" where a client’s data is infected and held ransom, in many cases paying the ransom does not guarantee the business getting its data back". A third of Australian businesses have experienced a cybercrime of sorts. Losing data because of malware or malicious attacks cost Australian businesses in excess of $270 000 on average. The latest wave of malicious software known as ransomware is big business, nearly 50% os cyber-attacks are caused by ransomware. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that locks your computer, system or network until you pay the cybercriminal owner a fee. Naturally, the first defense against these attacks are user awareness. Employees should be made aware of the dangers of opening unsolicited emails and attachments. Having up to date anti-virus software is a necessity but should not be not always counted on as a way to prevent these malware as many malware are rewritten and not always detected by antivirus signatures. Only when these new variants spread across the internet and are exposed to be causing harm are they submitted for analysis to antivirus labs for testing. This leads me to discuss the importance of a good backup strategy. No business should be without at least one backup system in place. The recommended way to do backups would be to have separate backup systems, one for local backups and another system that sends backup to offsite servers.  A decent backup strategy is the only way to recover from a cyber-attack where malware is used. Server Guru IT Support has developed a small business backup strategy that will secure small businesses from today's cyber-attacks.   MedAdvisor partners with Adheris Health, the leading US provider of dynamic patient adherence and engagement solutions, to accelerate rollout in US market 2019-03-22T05:17:24Z medadvisor-partners-with-adheris-health-the-leading-us-provider-of-dynamic-patient-adherence-and-engagement-solutions-to-accelerate-rollout-in-us-market MedAdvisor partners with Adheris Health, the leading US provider of dynamic patient adherence and engagement solutions, to accelerate rollout in US market Melbourne, 22 March, 2019 - MedAdvisor Limited (ASX: MDR, the Company), Australia’s leading digital medication management company, is pleased to announce it has signed an initial 12-month Digital Partnership Agreement with Adheris Health, the leading provider of dynamic patient adherence and engagement solutions. The relationship/partnership will offer extended digital adherence programs to Adheris Health’s pharmaceutical clients and across its retail pharmacy network. About Adheris Health Adheris Health, a Syneos Health Company, is a leading provider of dynamic patient adherence and engagement solutions. With customised patient behavioural models built on extensive data insights and analytics, Adheris Health has the ability to communicate with varying patient types as they move throughout their individual patient journeys – in the doctor’s office, at the pharmacy and in their home – through their extensive and proprietary data-driven platform. By targeting patients at the intersections of care with unique, dynamic, adaptable programs, patients receive the comprehensive support required to continue with therapy, resulting in improved success for all stakeholders – patients, providers and brands.  Adheris Health currently reaches over 197m patients on behalf of 26,000+ pharmacies, and has the largest network for patient and prescriber access in the US with access to 197 million patients, 295k prescribers, and direct access to 2.2 billion prescriptions per year. Adheris Health is part of Syneos Health, a US$7B company listed on Nasdaq (Nasdaq:SYNH) that provides integrated clinical and commercial solutions to biopharmaceutical customers Digital Partnership Agreement The initial 12-month Digital Partnership Agreement focuses on extending Adheris Health’s current suite of adherence and engagement solutions to include SMS & web-based offerings powered by MedAdvisor. There has been expressed strong interest from the US pharmaceutical market in increasing their reach through digital channels and the partnership is expected to generate revenue in CY19. MedAdvisor will derive revenue in a similar way to Australia for Patient Engagement Programs that are sold to large pharmaceutical companies in Australia. MedAdvisor will charge a set up fee and a per patient fee relating to the size and complexity of the campaign. Building upon the Australian experience of these types of programs in improving medication adherence in target patient pools, MedAdvisor and Adheris Health will explore the impact of multidimensional communications on patient behaviour. MedAdvisor’s timely investment in globalising its product platform over the past 6 months has been crucial in enabling it to enter this partnership and to support the sophisticated requirements of US-centric medication adherence and engagement programs. Keith Kiarsis, President of MedAdvisor Welam USA, commented: “Adheris Health has been the US leader in patient adherence and engagement programs for over 25 years. They have generated significant revenue from their proprietary and patented technology, patient delivery systems and measurement. These programs have demonstrated significant adherence improvement across virtually all classes of medications dispensed through retail chains. Through this partnership MedAdvisor will be able to combine our market leading digital capabilities with Adheris Health’s impressive network scale and extensive patient performance and clinical program design expertise. The resulting combination will be an unmatched multidimensional approach to patient support in the US, a market more than 10 times the size of Australia.” Robert Read, CEO of MedAdvisor, added: “We have been working toward this moment for the past 6 months. Aside from investing in business development in the US, we have significantly evolved our Australian product into a global product that meets ISO27001 security standard and US HIPAA regulations. Furthermore, the investment in globalising our technology platform is beneficial in the US, in Asia via our joint venture with Zuellig Pharma (previously announced) and in time, in Australia.  It is validating for our global expansion strategy that Adheris Health, the leader in dynamic patient adherence and engagement solutions in the largest pharmaceutical market in the world, has chosen to partner with MedAdvisor for expanded digital solutions for their clients, and we look forward to working with them now and in the years to come.”   Michael Skovira, President of Adheris Health, commented: “By bringing together Adheris Health’s extensive reach and deep adherence knowledge with MedAdvisor’s digital offering, we’re creating a better patient experience at scale. By adding this innovative digital capability to our suite of dynamic patient performance solutions, we’ll have the ability to provide customers with even more opportunities to influence positive patient behavior and drive improved outcomes.”   The parties will begin to market the programs from March 2019 with programs and revenue expected to commence in Q3 CY19. ---ENDS---   For more information   Jennifer Duraisingam Corporate Communications Manager Tel: +61 3 9095 3036   About MedAdvisor MedAdvisor is a world class medication management platform focused on addressing the gap and burden of medication adherence. Founded with a desire to simplify medication management, the highly automated and intuitive Australian software system connects patients to their community pharmacy, providing them with real time access to their personal medication records. Available free on mobile and internet devices, the platform also incorporates a variety of valuable and convenient features including reminders and pre-ordering of medications, which together improves adherence to chronic medications by approximately 20%. Since launching in 2013, MedAdvisor has welcomed over one million users through its connections with ~55% of pharmacies and a network of thousands of GPs across Australia. MedAdvisor was recognised in the 2018 AFR Fast 100 at position 23. MedAdvisor Welam is the operating name of MedAdvisor in the USA and it is promoted as Welam Health.   About Adheris Health Adheris Health, a Syneos Health™ company, provides dynamic patient performance programs that activate patients, improve outcomes and elevate brand performance. By leveraging the largest comprehensive networks for patient and prescriber access in the US, we support the patient through the most critical moments of care to ensure they stay on their prescribed therapy to maximize both brand and patient performance.  Learn more at SAS partners with NVIDIA on deep learning and computer vision 2019-03-22T01:54:23Z sas-partners-with-nvidia-on-deep-learning-and-computer-vision-1 Cary, NC (Mar 19, 2019) SAS today announced it is partnering with NVIDIA to help businesses bring artificial intelligence (AI) into their organizations. The companies are collaborating across machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing, with NVIDIA GPUs and CUDA-X AI acceleration libraries, to support the core elements of SAS’ AI offerings – leading to faster, more accurate insights.  “AI is transforming business across industries,” said Gavin Day, SAS Senior Vice President of Technology. “At the heart of AI-based transformation is advanced analytics. Powerful GPUs help speed the analysis and impact of AI by processing millions of mathematical operations very quickly. By partnering with NVIDIA, we combine our strengths to augment human intelligence and realize the true potential of AI.”  For industries such as health care, life sciences, manufacturing and financial services, artificial intelligence delivers significant value. Here are some examples of how SAS and NVIDIA are helping customers accelerate their AI efforts: ●       Health care providers using object recognition to identify malignant versus benign cancer cells. ●       Manufacturers using computer vision to find defects before products leave production lines. ●       Financial institutions saving trillions of dollars with fraud detection. “Our collaboration with SAS will help enterprise customers extract the true value of AI for their company,” said Ian Buck, Vice President and General Manager of Accelerated Computing at NVIDIA. “With NVIDIA technology, businesses will be able to accelerate their entire data science workflow to innovate, add new services and increase profitability.”  With expanded NVIDIA GPU support across SAS® Viya® – including products such as SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning and SAS Event Stream Processing – customers can take advantage of high-performance AI capabilities including image classification, object detection, speech-to-text, image recognition and sentiment detection. The companies are also pushing deep learning and decision-making capabilities to edge devices, which will drive greater IoT opportunities. For example, equipping an edge device like a commercial drone with AI technology will give it the ability to handle everything from infrastructure monitoring to predictive maintenance for industrial plants. With the GPU and analytics built into the drone, analysis can be performed where the data resides. Analyzing data in real-time results in faster and more accurate decisions.  The partnership with NVIDIA is one strategic element of SAS’ commitment to AI and machine learning. SAS also announced it would invest $1 billion over the next three years on AI software innovation, education programs and other resources. In addition, SAS Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer Oliver Schabenberger delivered a keynote titled “AI: Technology's Inevitable Consequence” at the NVIDIA GTC conference.  About SAS SAS is the leader in analytics. Through innovative software and services, SAS empowers and inspires customers around the world to transform data into intelligence. SAS gives you THE POWER TO KNOW®. Klugo Group announces Mark Culverson as their new Chief Executive Officer. 2019-03-22T01:49:01Z klugo-group-announces-mark-culverson-as-their-new-chief-executive-officer Klugo Pty Ltd is delighted to announce the appointment of Mark Culverson as its new CEO, effective immediately.    Since April 2018, Mark has been instrumental to the growth and continual improvement of Klugo's NetSuite sales practice, professional services and NetSuite development services offerings in his current role as General Manager.    Mark will take over from Annaliese Kloé, current CEO and Board Member, as the business starts its next chapter of growth and expansion.   New Horizons for Annaliese Kloé The decision to step down as CEO of Klugo has primarily come about due to the rapid success and international growth and expansion of Klugo's sister company, Next Technik. Next Technik is a NetSuite Product Development house and has pioneered the market with the leading Built for NetSuite Native Field Service solution, NextService.    Since 2014, NextService has gained international acclaim as the leading Field Service Management solution for NetSuite customers. In 2018 Next Technik proved its dedication to the North American NetSuite customer base by opening its US office in Dallas, Texas. Since operations commenced, Annaliese has successfully managed both Klugo and Next Technik in tandem. However as both businesses continue to excel, the need for "fearless focus" has become apparent.   Annaliese says: "I am excited and proud to have built Klugo's executive leadership team to a point where I, as CEO am confident to step back from the day to day management and concentrate on strategic direction as a member of the Board. Next Technik is earlier on in its business lifecycle and requires the focus to ensure growth and expansion in new international markets."   A New Challenge for Mark Culverson Announcing Mark's appointment, Annaliese Kloé has said: "It is an exciting time for both me and the board of Klugo as we have found an outstanding leader and motivator in Mark Culverson. Over the past twelve months, Mark has shown a resounding dedication to elevating Klugo to the next level and has been warmly welcomed by the team at Klugo."   "Mark has been chosen to fulfil this role and champion the business due to his wealth of experience in building high-performance teams in the software and technology industry, and his previous involvement in taking a number of high growth businesses to new levels of success."   Over his 30 years in the software industry, Mark has contributed to some of Australia's greatest technology success stories. A key member of the team in Attaché, one of Australia's earliest and most successful accounting software businesses, through to 15 years with TechnologyOne, a now internationally renowned ERP solution, Mark has excelled in many critical areas across those businesses including sales leadership, customer success management and executive leadership.   Mark Culverson says: "Since joining Klugo as the General Manager in 2018, I have been continually excited and impressed by the agile nature of the company, the strength and detailed knowledge of the team, and the Board's drive and ambition to continue to grow. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with each member of the Klugo team, as their passion and dedication to improving our client's businesses is a testament to the core values imparted by the business’s directors, Annaliese Kloé, Daniel Perry, Stephen Nankervis, Richard Kloé and Di Kloé.   He also says: "Klugo, as one of just a few NetSuite Partners who has achieved consistent 5 Star status over many years has an immense opportunity to further contribute to the strengthening of the NetSuite product's position in the Asia Pacific region as the cloud ERP of choice for small, medium and large businesses. No other product on the market offers the level of functional coverage and flexibility in development that NetSuite does. In 2019, we are starting to see from our customers that the choice to move to the "cloud" is becoming the "rule", rather than the exception. Having been born in the cloud over 20 years ago, and one of the first true cloud vendors, NetSuite has cemented itself in the market as the leader, and with the backing of Oracle, it will be a lofty task for any other vendor to catch up."     "Our future is very bright," says Mark Culverson. We have an outstanding group of people who continue to dedicate themselves to Klugo's vision of being "the leaders in leveraging the power of NetSuite", and I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to lead that team.    Media enquiries or interview requests can be forwarded to: Michael Dean Marketing Manager Klugo Group +61 400 064 914 FPT showcases enterprise blockchain Akachain at Money2020 Asia 2019 2019-03-22T01:41:19Z fpt-showcases-enterprise-blockchain-akachain-at-money2020-asia-2019 During the three-day event, FPT focuses on showcasing its latest blockchain-based solutions for the industry: Akachain. Powered by blockchain technology and smart contract, Akachain is designed to provide the technology infrastructure to support financial institutions in transforming business models and achieving operational excellence. One of Akachain’s major use cases is UTop, one of the first Blockchain-based loyalty network in South Asia, which promises to enable the conversion of customers’ accumulated loyalty into a pre-defined common point that can be used to exchange for a tangible reward in subsequent purchases. The two solutions are the testaments to the company’s continuous belief in the disruptive power of blockchain technology in the financial industry. FPT will also be presenting to the Asia Pacific market its success stories & capabilities in Fintech, including digitizing Banking systems, reimagining Insurance Industry and modernizing the Capital Market. Visitors can learn more about FPT’s expertise, success cases & solutions at Kiosk number 16, level 5, Marina Bay Sands Expo. Money20/20 Asia, a part of Money 20/20 global series events, is the largest Asian event enabling payments and financial services innovation for connected commerce at the intersection of mobile, retail, marketing services, data & technology. Drawing 3,500+ attendees, including more than 1,500 companies and 70 countries, Money20/20 is critical to realizing the vision of disruptive ways in which consumers and businesses manage, spend and borrow money. Money20/20 Asia is held in Marina Bay Sands Expo, Singapore from 19th to 21st of March, 2019. MEET ELLIOT HAYES - BYRON BAY’S ELON MUSK! 2019-03-21T04:28:52Z meet-elliott-hayes-byron-bay-s-elon-musk MEET BYRON BAY’S ELON MUSK!   # SMART ENERGY ENTREPRENEUR HAS BUILT  AUSTRALIA’S FASTEST GROWING ENERGY COMPANY IN 2 YEARS # SUCCESS DUE TO BEATING THE RISING COST OF ENERGY  # NEW CUSTOMERS LOVE THE ENVIRONMENTALY  FRIENDLY COST SAVINGS  # IT’S THE UBER OF ENERGY COMPANIES # CELEBRITIES USE SMART ENERGY    Elliot Hayes surfs every morning in Byron Bay  before motivating his  team of 130 staff to help the nation cut their electricity bills by providing affordable, clean energy solutions to households and businesses across Australia. Smart Energy is the Uber of energy companies with seven offices servicing NSW, Victoria, Queensland, WA and South Australia and plans to expand into the Northern Territory and NZ this year. Utilising the latest advances in technology Elliot’s team monitor customers’ electricity usage , supply batteries and carry out residential and business solar panel installation. Smart Energy’s  founder and Managing Director Elliot Hayes says “Everyone at home and in business is absolutely sick and tired of power bills going up and up. The rising cost of electricity and gas is simply unfair and unacceptable.  Our success is because we are doing something about it and giving homes and businesses cheap, clean energy solutions, plus we have a really professional team of staff right across Australia. We’re like the Uber of energy companies. Actually we’re better than Uber because we service every city and town and area in Australia. You don’t get Uber in country towns but you can get Smart Energy!”  Elliot is also proud of the support he is receiving from celebrities like surfing star Joel Parkinson and celebrity chef Steven Snow who has won a  Good Food Guide hat every year for over 20 years! World champion Pro Surfer Joel Parkinson says “Knowing that right now there’s no one charging me for energy and I’m doing the right thing for the environment here, I’m running off my own grid, you get a bit of a kick out of it.” Award winning celebrity chef Steven Snow is passionate about the environment and his famous FINS restaurant, Australia’s most awarded regional restaurant. Also one of the most sustainable. Steven’s  home is powered by  Smart Energy. Steven talks about the importance of making an individual change to impact environmental issues, as well as the significant savings in converting to solar. He says “The reason why I converted  is because it just goes with what we do in this house. You know, no air con, we have rain water hooked up for all our gardens, for our washing machines, for our bathrooms.” Watch Joel and Steven’s testimonial videos at   AIIA celebrates ongoing government–industry collaboration on digital transformation 2019-03-21T02:06:25Z aiia-celebrates-ongoing-government-industry-collaboration-on-digital-transformation Sydney, Australia – 21 March 2019 -- The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), the peak member body for the ICT industry, is celebrating the progress made by government and industry since a memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed with the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) one year ago. Michael Keenan, Minister for Human Services and Digital Transformation, was the keynote speaker at the AIIA hosted Ministerial Luncheon held on Tuesday 19 March at the National Press Club. The event marked the anniversary of the shared commitment to continue to deliver the Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Agenda. In his valedictory speech, Minister Keenan emphasised he is an ongoing supporter of the MOU between the DTA and AIIA, highlighting some of the positive outcomes benefiting the industry. The MOU was entered into on 13 March 2018 in order to facilitate practical ways for the DTA and AIIA to engage industry and government agencies in meaningful dialogue. During the first year, participating AIIA members have benefited from ongoing updates on the DTA’s activities relating to its digital transformation agenda. This included the opportunity for AIIA members to contribute directly to DTA on user research. Commenting on the anniversary of the AIIA and DTA MOU, Ron Gauci, CEO of the AIIA, said: “We’ve made great progress identifying opportunities for the parties to exchange information and draw on expertise to deliver better government online services for individuals and businesses. “Our members think this has been a ‘great start’ for industry and government agency dialogue. We hope this model will continue to evolve, and that it can be applied across other agencies.” Several initiatives and activities have been undertaken to support the opening of the dialogue. These include: Regular meetings between DTA CEO and AIIA CEO Cadence meetings between AIIA members and DTA Senior decision makers Being part of the October 2018 USA delegation visiting the following AIIA member offices: Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce, IBM, Cisco, Infosys, Qlik, WIPRO, Singtel Innov8 and Oracle. The delegates also attended think tanks such as the World Economic Forum and the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, as well as startup incubators at Berkley SkyDeck and the Australian Landing Pad, all showcasing innovative Australian technology start-up companies. # # # About AIIA The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) is Australia’s peak representative body and advocacy group for those in the digital ecosystem. Since 1978 AIIA has pursued activities to stimulate and grow the digital ecosystem, to create a favorable business environment for members and to contribute to Australia’s economic prosperity. We do this by delivering outstanding member value by providing a strong voice of influence; building a sense of community through events and education; enabling a network for collaboration and inspiration; and developing compelling content and relevant and interesting information. Media Contacts For more information please contact: Jeffrey Coote Tel: (02) 8355 3130