The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-05-24T01:33:22Z Managed Service Providers focused on becoming strategic advisors in 2019 2019-05-24T01:33:22Z managed-service-providers-focused-on-becoming-strategic-advisors-in-2019-1 Sydney, Australia — May 23, 2019 — Datto, Inc., the leading global provider of IT solutions delivered through managed service providers (MSPs), today announced the release of its third annual State of the MSP Report. Based on a survey of more than 1,600 MSP partners around the globe, the report showcases the continued evolution of the MSP industry, as MSPs become more strategic advisors to their clients and derive a larger portion of their revenue through recurring IT services. “The survey shows what we see every day - it's a great time to be an MSP. It’s a positively charged environment,” said Rob Rae, Vice President of Business Development, Datto. “Almost half of surveyed partners have been working in the industry for more than 15 years and nearly 100 per cent of them said that right now is the best time to be in their industry. For more than a decade, Datto has been passionate about providing the right technology to MSPs, who support the backbone of the economy through their work with small businesses.” As IT plays a growing role in the success of SMBs everywhere, IT service providers are adjusting their business model to include more managed services. The survey found that more than 80 per cent of MSPs report recurring services driving a portion of their revenue, highlighting an industry shift from IT service providers solely modelled on ad-hoc services to becoming more strategic advisors to their SMB clients. In fact, 44 per cent of respondents stated that more than 50 per cent of their revenue is a result of recurring services. “SMBs in particular struggle with increasing IT complexity, an explosion in security threats, greater compliance demands, and intensifying skills shortages. More than ever, companies are turning to trusted IT partners to help solve these challenges,” said Alastair Edwards, Chief Analyst, Canalys. “Canalys research shows that more than 80 per cent of channel partners around the world now offer some form of managed service. To stay ahead, IT service providers must evolve their businesses, shifting towards more recurring revenue and greater industry specialisation. Partnerships with the right technology companies and platform providers will be critical to success.” To better capture managed services revenue, MSPs are expanding their portfolios with services they might not traditionally think to offer on a recurring contract, such as Networking as a service. SMBs are willing to pay for managed services to keep their IT infrastructure and networks running efficiently. In addition to taking on a more strategic role and expanding their solutions sets, 56 per cent of MSPs specialise in services for a particular industry, with healthcare holding the number one spot for the second year in a row. To keep pace with the growth in managed services, 71 per cent of MSPs plan to hire more employees in the next 12 months. While marketing and sales remain the top challenges, the data shows that MSPs are becoming savvier about this aspect of their business. Security concerns also remain a top priority for MSPs and their clients. Ransomware and cybersecurity have almost doubled as a pain point, from 14 per cent in 2017 to 30 per cent in 2019. To read the findings, access the State of the MSP Report here. About Datto As the world’s leading provider of IT solutions delivered by Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Datto believes there is no limit to what small and medium businesses can achieve with the right technology. Datto offers business continuity and disaster recovery, networking, business management, and file backup and sync solutions, and has created a one-of-a-kind ecosystem of partners that provide Datto solutions to half a million businesses across more than 130 countries. Since its founding in 2007, Datto has earned hundreds of awards for its rapid growth, product excellence, superior technical support, and for fostering an outstanding workplace. With global headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut, Datto has international offices in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Australia, China, and Singapore. Learn more at # # # Media contact: Rose Keating and Ricki Bui Espresso Communications Phone: +61 2 8016 2022 Email: Barracuda Launches Advanced Bot Protection 2019-05-23T23:50:31Z barracuda-launches-advanced-bot-protection-1 Sydney, 24 May 2019 - Barracuda, a leading provider of cloud-enabled security solutions, today announced the introduction of Advanced Bot Protection. Advanced Bot Protection uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help customers defend against the latest automated threats. It is available for both the Barracuda Web Application Firewall (WAF) and WAF-as-a-Service platforms. Web applications are the number one attack vector for hacks resulting in breaches, according to the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, and malicious bots pose a significant threat to application security. Bots have evolved from using simple scripts to using sophisticated tactics such as headless browsers and machine learning to break through traditional application security defences. Organisations need an application security solution that can keep up with these evolving attacks. According to Gartner: “The main types of bot attacks include distributed denial of service (DDoS), fraudulent purchases, web scraping, and vulnerability scans and exploits. Unsupervised ML can be used to learn the characteristics of typical human-driven traffic, allowing the detection of bots as anomalies. Supervised ML can be used to identify features related to automated behavior.”1 With Advanced Bot Protection, Barracuda WAF customers have access to functionality that includes: Bot spam detection — Reduce referrer spam and block comment spam Credential stuffing prevention — Block credential stuffing to stop account takeover attacks Request risk scoring — Track incoming requests and use advanced behavioral analytics to detect attackers Client finger printing — Track users with better fidelity than IP addresses Dedicated bot mitigation UI — New user interface makes it easy to configure bot mitigation features “To effectively protect their organisations against today’s evolving threats, customers need sophisticated bot mitigation capabilities,” said Tim Jefferson, SVP of Data Protection, Network and Application Security, Barracuda. “Traditional web application firewalls don’t all provide advanced bot protection, and some bot mitigation vendors only offer point solutions that aren’t integrated into WAFs. Advanced Bot Protection is fully integrated into Barracuda’s web application firewalls to provide a complete application security solution that is easy to deploy and manage.” Learn more about Barracuda Advanced Bot Protection, now available with Barracuda Web Application Firewall: Resources Get information about Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service: Get information about Barracuda Web Application Firewall: Read the blog post: 1Gartner: Assessing the Impact of Machine Learning on Security, Published: 6 May 2019, by Anna Belak, Anton Chuvakin, Augusto Barros About Barracuda At Barracuda we strive to make the world a safer place. We believe every business deserves access to cloud-enabled, enterprise-grade security solutions that are easy to buy, deploy, and use. We protect email, networks, data and applications with innovative solutions that grow and adapt with our customers’ journey. More than 150,000 organisations worldwide trust Barracuda to protect them — in ways they may not even know they are at risk — so they can focus on taking their business to the next level. For more information, visit Barracuda Networks, Barracuda and the Barracuda Networks logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Barracuda Networks, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. Blue Prism’s Ecosystem of Technology Partners Lays Foundation For Delivering New Intelligent Automation Capabilities 2019-05-23T23:26:10Z blue-prisms-ecosystem-of-technology-partners-lays-foundation-for-delivering-new-intelligent-automation-capabilities-1 ORLANDO, FLA & Sydney, AUSTRALIA – May 24, 2019 — Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM) continues to be the platform of choice for technology companies looking to innovate, disrupt and drive digital transformations for their clients through intelligent automation capabilities. Today, Adlib Software, HyperScience, Moonoia, and Smartlogic announced that they are joining Blue Prism’s Technology Alliance Program (TAP) as affiliates, helping to build out best-in-class automation solutions that incorporate cutting edge technologies including intelligent document processing, AI powered data extraction, machine learning and data analytics. “Our connected-RPA platform is the launch pad and gold standard for extending intelligent automation capabilities at scale,” says Linda Dotts, SVP Global Partner Strategy and Programs for Blue Prism. “Each month we see many new partners join our TAP, each delivering a unique value proposition, all focused on helping clients digitally transform, driving business led outcomes for our joint customers. We deliver the art of the possible at Blue Prism through the industry’s broadest ecosystem of technology partners. Congrats to this group on making the grade.” These partners strengthen a broad array of intelligent document processing capabilities including Blue Prism’s own Decipher, announced last month, and an existing partnership with ABBYY. Companies participating in Blue Prism’s Technology Alliance Program at an affiliate level can easily customise their solutions, accelerate product development and minimise time to market for their products, using the market’s most advanced RPA software. It also gives partners an opportunity to help expand market awareness on the benefits of RPA by delivering their own complementary products to Blue Prism’s ecosystem by sharing them on the Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX). Highlights from our most recent affiliate Technology Alliance Partners includes: Adlib Software: By adding AI-driven data extraction, enrichment and automation capabilities to Blue Prism’s connected-RPA platform, Adlib Software enables true end-to-end process automation. Leveraging leading AI and ML technology, Adlib transforms unstructured document content into high-quality, machine-consumable data for RPA, enabling a digital workforce to accelerate customer response times, identify and protect high-risk content (PII) and manage risk within contracts and agreements. “We're excited to join the Blue Prism community reflecting the growing market and customer demands for RPA solutions powered by AI-driven extraction of structured data from complex unstructured document formats,” says Scott Mackey, SVP Market Strategy, Adlib Software. “Our integration with Blue Prism’s connected-RPA will enable customers to achieve true end-to-end process automation resulting in automation of mission-critical processes, reduced costs and improved operational efficiency.” HyperScience: HyperScience empowers business users to automate manual data entry processes, including extracting both handwritten and printed data from forms, as well as capturing data points from semi-structured documents, and doing so at a lower error rate. By combining HyperScience’s distinctive data extraction product and Blue Prism’s connected-RPA offering, customers can automate each step in the full lifecycle of intelligent document processing capabilities – unlocking additional speed and cost-savings for their automation deployment. “Enterprises have struggled to find reliable and cost-effective means for extracting key insights from their troves of scanned images and PDFs,” says Swapnil Parikh, Vice President of Product at HyperScience. “HyperScience delivers on machine learning’s potential in a real way: our technology enables companies to automate up to 95 percent of the manual work required.” Moonoia: As a Blue Prism TAP affiliate, Moonoia will accelerate the development of its flagship product docBrain, the AI platform for data extraction and document analysis, while enabling enterprise customers to leverage RPA and artificial intelligence (AI) for their document processes and achieve the highest accuracy and quality of the extracted data. “Our entire purpose at Moonoia is not only to solve complex document processing challenges for use cases where traditional OCR/ICR technology fails to deliver acceptable results, but to empower users to train their own AI models and custom build unique solutions that address company-specific problems,” says Geert Truyen, CEO at Moonoia. “We see this partnership as instrumental in helping us bring AI-powered data extraction to a broader audience of enterprise clients as well as augmenting a portfolio of intelligent automation capabilities for Blue Prism.” Smartlogic: The Smartlogic Semaphore integration with Blue Prism provides qualified data within automated processes. Semaphore’s ability to classify, extract and deliver insight – plus Blue Prism’s connected-RPA – lets organisations efficiently and effectively move their digital transformation journey with intelligent end-to-end automated processes. When information is semantically harmonised, accuracy improves, automation becomes flexible, and enterprises can handle a broader range of use cases. These capabilities coupled together enable organisations to rapidly respond to complex enterprise information needs to maximise business outcomes. “Smartlogic’s technology focus is to empower business users with a platform to manage and govern an authoritative layer for adding context and meaning to structured and unstructured information,” says Jeremy Bentley, CEO and Founder of Smartlogic. “Leveraging AI, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and text analytics capabilities within the Semaphore platform enables Blue Prism clients to identify, classify and extract qualified contextual data along the processing pipeline. We deliver an incredible value proposition together.” If you want to find out more about joining the Blue Prism Technology Alliances Program, please visit: About Blue Prism In this digital era where start-ups are constantly disrupting markets, only the most agile and innovative enterprises survive and thrive. At Blue Prism, we pioneered Robotic Process Automation (RPA), emerging as the trusted and secure intelligent automation choice for the Fortune 500 and public-sector market. Now we bring you connected-RPA supported by the Digital Exchange (DX) app store—marrying internal entrepreneurship with the power of crowdsourced innovation. Blue Prism’s connected-RPA can automate and perform mission critical processes, allowing your people the freedom to focus on more creative, meaningful work. More than 1,300 global customers leverage Blue Prism’s digital workforce, empowering their people to automate billions of transactions while returning hundreds of millions of hours of work back to the business. Visit to learn more about Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM). Follow Blue Prism on Twitter @blue_prism and on LinkedIn. ### Media Contacts Sue Ralston Einsteinz Communications Ph: +61 02 8905 0995 Blue Prism Enables Easier Access and Greater Collaboration to Advance Intelligent Automation Capabilities 2019-05-23T22:00:00Z blue-prism-enables-easier-access-and-greater-collaboration-to-advance-intelligent-automation-capabilities ORLANDO, FLA & Sydney, AUSTRALIA – May 24, 2019 — Looking to provide greater flexibility and access to its digital workforce, Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM) today launched its new online community while also adding ecommerce capabilities to its Digital Exchange (DX), making it easier for organisations to deploy and scale their intelligent automation solutions. These advances build on Blue Prism’s connected-RPA vision of collaborative innovation, by creating a growing community that shares best practices and provides greater access to the latest artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, intelligent document processing and cloud capabilities. “Our motto of automating together, better and more, is definitely highlighted with these new capabilities,” says Dave Moss, Co-Founder and CTO for Blue Prism. “We are listening and responding by supporting a self-service model, which makes it easier for our customers to share, innovate and deploy intelligent automation solutions. These new capabilities help unify customer experiences and best practices for sharing, while providing the necessary community support to make automation the cornerstone of any digital transformation.” Enhancements to DX By way of the ecommerce capabilities, Blue Prism’s Digital Exchange, an intelligent automation marketplace comprising of customers, technology and channel partners, now enables customers or prospects to quickly buy and download software licenses directly from the exchange. This introductory package, which consists of a single software license along with one-year standard support, makes it easy for people to get started, learn more and explore what’s possible with an intelligent digital workforce. In the next 90 days, the ecommerce functionality will also allow other Blue Prism partners to offer their assets and integrations for sale via the DX. Anyone can now purchase and download this introductory Blue Prism v6.5 package which includes work queue trends and analytics, full Japanese and simplified Chinese language capabilities, IPv6 support, and data gateways, offering more data control while reducing the amount of storage being used. Private Assets is another new key feature on the DX. Users control who can view assets outside of a customer or partner’s organisation. They can only be seen by the employees of said company and then only after they are logged in. This feature gives enterprise customers more security and control over the assets used by their employees, only those that they approve, license and test are made available. Since being launched back in November 2018, DX adoption continues to skyrocket with more than 4,120 registered users from nearly 714 registered companies who can download over 110 assets to accelerate the time to market for their intelligent automation projects. It provides business leaders drag and drop access to AI, machine learning, cognitive and disruptive technologies from companies they know and trust. Other new key enhancements to DX include integration with Google Analytics to provide more visibility into how assets are being downloaded and used. Support for open sourced Blue Prism assets being shared via GitHub as well as the ability for partners and customers to securely share proprietary assets has also been added. According to Forrester Research, the partner of the future will likely not be a pure transacting one. “It doesn’t make sense to the new generation of tech buyers who make two-thirds of all new tech decisions today. As mentioned above, 73 percent of business buyers find the web more convenient to make purchases, and we forecast that 17 percent of all B2B transactions will happen through eCommerce by 2023”.¹ Blue Prism Community Now Live The Blue Prism Community is a new online experience where users can share, learn and create. The Blue Prism Community provides a new and exciting platform where users can engage with others who share common interests, goals and objectives. The Blue Prism Community provides: An online space open to everyone that is easy to navigate, and where users can get up to speed on important announcements and industry news. Participation in a growing ecosystem of digital entrepreneurs and innovative companies redefining the nature of work. Access to an innovation corner for new Blue Prism product ideas and features, including DX. A home for regional and industry-specific user groups. Discussion communities and in-person meet-ups for practitioners, professionals and innovators. Latest content and information on upcoming events, hackathons, demos, etc. About Blue Prism In this digital era where start-ups are constantly disrupting markets, only the most agile and innovative enterprises survive and thrive. At Blue Prism, we pioneered Robotic Process Automation (RPA), emerging as the trusted and secure intelligent automation choice for the Fortune 500 and public-sector market. Now we bring you connected-RPA supported by the Digital Exchange (DX) app store—marrying internal entrepreneurship with the power of crowdsourced innovation. Blue Prism’s connected-RPA can automate and perform mission critical processes, allowing your people the freedom to focus on more creative, meaningful work. More than 1,000 global customers leverage Blue Prism’s digital workforce, empowering their people to automate billions of transactions while returning hundreds of millions of hours of work back to the business. Visit to learn more about Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM). Follow Blue Prism on Twitter @blue_prism and on LinkedIn. ### Media Contacts Sue Ralston Einsteinz Communications Ph: +61 02 8905 0995 1 Blue Prism Technology Partners Continue to Augment Intelligent Automation by Adding AI-Powered Chatbot and Data Analysis Capabilities 2019-05-23T21:30:00Z blue-prism-technology-partners-continue-to-augment-intelligent-automation-by-adding-ai-powered-chatbot-and-data-analysis-capabilities ORLANDO, FLA & Sydney, AUSTRALIA – May 24, 2019 — Continuing to push the envelope for innovation around intelligent automation capabilities, Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM) today announced that CognitiveScale, and Shibumi have joined the company’s Technology Alliance Program (TAP) as affiliates. These new partners will help drive digital transformations for their clients by extending Blue Prism’s connected-RPA capabilities to include blockchain, AI-powered chatbots along with workflow and data synchronisation solutions being delivered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. “Each month Blue Prism adds a few key technology partners that show us the art of the possible with our digital workforce,” says Linda Dotts, SVP Global Partner Strategy and Programs for Blue Prism. “Our connected-RPA platform provides a bedrock foundation for enterprise customers looking to drive innovation through new intelligent automation capabilities. This latest group of technology partner affiliates highlights the depth and breadth of our rapidly evolving ecosystem.” These partners strengthen an already comprehensive array of technology and independent software vendors (ISVs), that provide new and breakthrough intelligent automation capabilities by leveraging Blue Prism’s connected-RPA platform. Currently Blue Prism’s Technology Alliance Program consists of 12 premier and 25 affiliates partners with more being added each month. These partners are also expanding market awareness on the benefits of RPA by delivering their own complementary products to Blue Prism’s ecosystem by sharing them on the Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX). Highlights from this new round of affiliate Technology Alliance Partners includes: CognitiveScale: CognitiveScale is an enterprise AI software pioneer that pairs humans and machines to radically simplify the development, deployment and management of their AI systems. This collaboration combines the power of AI and RPA to unlock the value of Intelligent Process Automation (IPA). CognitiveScale’s “Process Insights Agent” will be available on Blue Prism’s Digital Exchange (DX) to identify, manage, and predict process exceptions to drive greater efficiency and effectiveness. This will give enterprises the ability to generate insights and learn from existing documents and processes within a Blue Prism workflow. CognitiveScale will also add its “Customer 360 Agent”, the company’s next generation customer system-of-record system, to Blue Prism’s DX. “This is an important step in bringing Intelligent Process Automation to life,” says Akshay Sabhikhi, CEO of CognitiveScale. “Combining CognitiveScale's open, scalable and trusted AI systems with Blue Prism's connected-RPA capabilities will truly transform customer experiences and increase efficiency of business processes while reducing costs.” provides best-in-class AI-powered chatbots utilising Natural Language Processing (NLP) models to understand intents and drive dialog flows using natural language conversations. The in-built service orchestration framework allows secured integration with backend enterprises systems to exchange information. With this integration, dialog flows can now connect to Blue Prism's connected-RPA platform, enabling enterprises to build-out context-aware business flows, driven by natural language conversations with customers, and accessible via 30+ voice and chat-based interaction channels. "We are taking Blue Prism’s intelligent automation capabilities and extending them to the end user, whether that be a consumer, a contact center agent or an employee," says's Founder and CEO Raj Koneru. "By adding AI and NLP capabilities into the mix, conversational AI bots with RPA further elevates the user experience and provides higher value automation for external and internal processes with new operational agility, to improve customer engagement and deliver new services. We look forward to collaborating with Blue Prism to drive even more innovation and disruption.” Shibumi: Founded in 2012, the world’s leading advisory firms and organisations rely on Shibumi to achieve their most strategic business objectives. Shibumi SaaS solutions enable programs to define targets, capture ideas and track delivery, all with a unique focus on benefits realisation. By integrating with the Blue Prism platform, the entire end-to-end impact/value of the automation program is now visible to the organisation’s stakeholders. “We’re excited to be a part of the Blue Prism community,” says Bob Nahmias, CEO, Shibumi. “The powerful combination of Blue Prism and Shibumi provides our mutual customers the ability to drive scale and maximise the value from their automation programs.” If you want to find out more about joining the Blue Prism Technology Alliances Program, please visit: About Blue Prism In this digital era where start-ups are constantly disrupting markets, only the most agile and innovative enterprises survive and thrive. At Blue Prism, we pioneered Robotic Process Automation (RPA), emerging as the trusted and secure intelligent automation choice for the Fortune 500 and public-sector market. Now we bring you connected-RPA supported by the Digital Exchange (DX) app store—marrying internal entrepreneurship with the power of crowdsourced innovation. Blue Prism’s connected-RPA can automate and perform mission critical processes, allowing your people the freedom to focus on more creative, meaningful work. More than 1,300 global customers leverage Blue Prism’s digital workforce, empowering their people to automate billions of transactions while returning hundreds of millions of hours of work back to the business. Visit to learn more about Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM). Follow Blue Prism on Twitter @blue_prism and on LinkedIn. ### Media Contacts Sue Ralston Einsteinz Communications Ph: +61 02 8905 0995 Network Nasties The Number One Frustration Among Australian IT Managers 2019-05-22T23:04:25Z network-nasties-the-number-one-frustration-among-australian-it-managers Sydney – 21 May 2019: Around six in ten Australian IT admins are frustrated by unexpected network issues in the workplace, and just over one third feel underappreciated. That’s according to Paessler, the network monitoring company, which compared and contrasted the views and opinions of 2,000 IT administrators across the world. While 59 percent of Australian IT staff were frustrated by something in the network going wrong unexpectedly, only 49 per cent of Dutch managers felt the same frustration. Both markets compare favourably to those in the US, where 68 percent of IT administrators were frustrated by unexpected network problems. More than one in three (34 percent) of Australian IT staff say they feel there is a lack of understanding and appreciation for what they do. This compares to 29 percent of IT administrators in Germany, 26 percent in the US and 23 percent in France. This frustration was most prominent among IT admins in the UK, at 46 percent. End users reporting problems before IT knows about them was the second most stated frustration for IT admins at work, with more than half (52 percent) of Australian IT staff stating this. This was less of a frustration for their French and Dutch counterparts, at 45 percent. “Information technology sits at the heart of the modern business, underpinning everything from production and back-office functions to customer interactions and order fulfilment,” says George Wilson, Director of Sales Operations – APAC, Paessler. “Operating without IT would be like operating without electricity. IT used to be firmly under the direction and control of a business’s IT department, but increasingly this is no longer the case. Trends such as BYOD, SaaS and cloud storage are allowing staff to source and use their own resources independently of the IT department. “This survey suggests that Australian IT staff are feeling a sense of vulnerability with issues potentially originating from the users themselves, many no doubt due to human error. At the same time, there really does appear to be little appreciation for the work that IT staff do for their business. “The IT administrator’s role is only really made apparent when something goes wrong. Indeed, tasked with deploying and managing hardware and software, the traditional view still holds that the IT department is not a group that can provide strategic vision and advice. This situation needs to change if organisations want to thrive. Rather than being predominantly labelled as a cost centre or reactive service provider, the IT department must be given the opportunity to become more innovative, and as a result, better positioned to take the lead role in digital transformation projects. Maybe then we will see frustrations dissipate among IT administrators.” The survey also pointed to the lucky ones: 14 percent of Australian and UK IT staff claimed to have no frustrations at work, referencing a reliable monitoring solution as the reason for this. Austrian and Dutch staff were most likely to say they had no frustrations due to their monitoring software (38 and 33 percent respectively). ENDS Follow Paessler on social media: Facebook: Twitter: Google+, and LinkedIn: Research methodology The research surveyed more than 2,000 IT administrators in 110 countries in December 2018. About Paessler AG In 1997 Paessler revolutionised IT monitoring with the introduction of PRTG Network Monitor. Today over 200,000 IT administrators, in more than 170 countries, rely on PRTG to monitor their business-critical systems, devices and network infrastructures. PRTG monitors the entire IT infrastructure 24/7 and helps IT professionals to seamlessly solve problems before they impact users. Our mission is to empower technical teams to manage their infrastructure, ensuring maximum productivity. We build lasting partnerships and integrative, holistic solutions to achieve this. Thinking beyond IT networks, Paessler is actively developing solutions to support digital transformation strategies and the Internet of Things. Learn more about Paessler and PRTG at Tableau 2019.2 Introduces New Mapping Capabilities That Provide Sharper, Smoother Experience For Location-Based Data 2019-05-22T22:47:06Z tableau-2019-2-introduces-new-mapping-capabilities-that-provide-sharper-smoother-experience-for-location-based-data SEATTLE - May 22, 2019 - Tableau Software (NYSE: DATA), the leading analytics platform, today announced the general availability of Tableau 2019.2, which includes next-generation mapping capabilities to enhance how people analyse location data. Tableau 2019.2 upgrades its background mapping technology - now powered by Mapbox - with vector maps, creating an experience that is not only smoother and sharper, but that allows people to see more detailed location data and perform analysis with more contextual background layers. The newest version also includes parameter actions for more visual interactivity, as well as several new community-requested features, including customisable tooltips in web authoring, a personalised Tableau Server homepage, improved dashboard building tools, and updates to AskData, Tableau’s natural language capability. For more information visit: Location data is growing in demand as more decisions are now based on “where.” In fact, a recent analyst report indicates that by 2022, 30% of customer interactions will be influenced by real-time location analysis, up from 4% in 2017. Tableau’s new vector based maps offer greater detail and a smoother browsing experience than image-based mapping products. This means when customers zoom or pan, Tableau scales the map accordingly vs. loading images, no longer breaking customers from the flow of their analysis. Mapbox’s leading technology also provides new background mapping layers to add context - including subway and train stations, building footprints, terrain, and water labels - to geospatial data. PATH, a global health organisation that uses Tableau and Mapbox to monitor reported cases of diseases like malaria and more easily and precisely keep tabs on communicable diseases in hot spots, will benefit from these new geospatial capabilities. “Monitoring the reported cases of diseases like malaria will be enhanced greatly by accurately placing those cases on a map. As visualisation tools, maps engender a sense of both place and scale. They also instigate exploration and discovery so decision makers can see where diseases are emerging and make comparisons to where they have available resources such as health facilities, drugs, diagnostics or community health workers.” said Jeff Bernson, Vice President, Technology, Analytics and Market Innovation at PATH. “By adding more accurate and detailed vector mapping into our work with Tableau through initiatives like Visualize No Malaria, our country partners can more easily and precisely keep tabs on communicable diseases in hot spots, and get help to those who need it faster.” Easily Change Reference Lines, Filters, Even SQL Queries Visually. No Really, Do It. Tableau 2019.2 gives people the ability to change the parameters that power analytical features like calculations, filters, and reference lines by simply selecting data points on a viz. This new feature, called parameter actions, is simple to use and makes it easier than ever to do complicated interactive analytics like point-in-time and comparative analysis. For example, a calculated field may return true if “Sales” is greater than $500,000 and otherwise false. To make the calculation more flexible, dashboard authors can use a parameter, instead of hardcoding $500,000 in the calculation, by changing a value in a text box. Parameter actions take that one step further by allowing people to dictate the parameter’s value by selecting a data point within the viz, no text box required. This keeps customers in the flow of their analysis and makes dashboards even more interactive. You Asked, We Listened. New Features to Delight the Tableau Community The latest release also includes new features based on community input and feedback, including new ways to customise and share dashboards, and more. With Ask Data, Tableau continues to make conversational analytics more powerful and flexible. Customers can now create calculations using natural language, ask more powerful questions such as replacing or adding data elements, and get insights into the questions that people are asking with usage analytics. Customisable tooltips on reference lines, including the ability to edit the text or disable the tooltip altogether. Hideable dashboard containers free up screen space when no longer in use. Automatically replaceable worksheets within a dashboard, making it simple to adjust a dashboard with a new worksheet with just a single click. A new content browsing experience with a personalised Tableau Server homepage makes it easier than ever to relevant content, quickly. Biometrics security such as Touch ID and Face ID with Mobile. Additionally, all Tableau products are now available in localised versions for Traditional Chinese and English (UK). “Tableau’s unparalleled community inspires and motivates our rapid pace of innovation. With every release, we are working to simplify and enhance the analytics experience so that even more people can easily ask and answer questions of their data,” said Francois Ajenstat, Chief Product Officer at Tableau. “From empowering new analytical creativity with parameter actions, to unlocking the power of spatial data through a richer, more advanced mapping experience, Tableau 2019.2 takes interactivity to the next level for our customers.” Check out the full features list for Tableau 2019.2 at and try it free by downloading a trial. About Tableau Tableau (NYSE: DATA) helps people see and understand data. Tableau pioneered self-service analytics with the leading analytics platform that empowers people of any skill level to work with data. From individuals and non-profits to government agencies and the Fortune 500, tens of thousands of organisations around the world use Tableau to get rapid insights and make impactful, data-driven decisions. See how Tableau can help you by downloading the free trial at Forward-Looking Statements This press release contains forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. If any such uncertainties materialize or if any of the assumptions prove incorrect, the results of Tableau could differ materially from the results expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements we make. All statements other than statements of historical fact could be deemed forward-looking, including any projections of product capabilities, performance, integration and security, or any statements of belief concerning new, planned, or upgraded product features and developments. These and other important risk factors are included in documents filed with the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission, including Tableau’s most recently filed Form 10-Q, and Annual Report on Form 10-K, and other reports and filings with the SEC and could cause actual results to vary from expectations. Tableau does not assume any obligation to update the forward-looking statements provided to reflect events that occur or circumstances that exist after the date on which they were made. Any unreleased services, features or products referenced in this or other press releases, presentations or public statements are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase our products and services should make the purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available. Tableau and Tableau Software are trademarks of Tableau Software, Inc. All other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated. Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce is Now Available as a FedRAMP Compliant Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure 2019-05-22T22:00:00Z blue-prisms-digital-workforce-is-now-available-as-a-fedramp-compliant-cloud-service-on-microsoft-azure Orlando, FLA & Sydney, AUSTRALIA – May 23, 2019 —Being first to market again when it comes to achieving security and regulatory standards, Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM), a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), announced today that is has partnered with Project Hosts, a FedRAMP authorised Cloud Service Provider (CSP), to deliver its digital workforce as a cloud service on Microsoft Azure. This new offering makes Blue Prism’s connected-RPA software available to federal agencies on GSA IT Schedule 70 (GS-35F-0511T), through the company’s value-added distributor EC America (ImmixGroup). By partnering with Project Hosts, Blue Prism has now made it much easier for federal agencies to grant a FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO) for a Blue Prism cloud deployment. Being deployed on Project Hosts’ Federal Private Cloud (FPC) FedRAMP-authorised Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), means Blue Prism users inherit 86 percent of the controls required for FedRAMP compliance. It also provides agencies with a System Security Plan (SSP) for their Blue Prism deployment, making the compliance verification and the ATO process much easier. The combination of Blue Prism, whose solution is built on a Microsoft .NET and SQL framework, and Project Hosts, who implements security and compliance on Microsoft Azure for US Federal government agencies, makes this offering the top choice for digital transformation in the public sector. “The President’s Management Agenda is focused on modernising our government for the 21st century, and intelligent automation has a key role in turning that vision into a reality,” said Laurie Cook, Vice President, Public Sector Sales & Alliances for Blue Prism. “With our partner Project Hosts, we can support the US government’s Cloud First initiative and FedRAMP program, and improve government agencies’ ability to deliver mission outcomes, provide excellent service to citizens and enhance employees’ job satisfaction as they take on more interesting cognitive work. Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce is a leading platform for digital transformation, and we’re excited to be an even stronger partner for federal agencies as they pursue their modernisation goals.” Blue Prism’s connected-RPA offering provides government agencies with an intelligent digital workforce (software robots) capable of self-learning and continuous improvement, empowering users to automate billions of transactions while returning hundreds of millions of hours of work back into the business—freeing up employees to do more. By pairing a digital worker with a nimble, up-skilled Federal workforce, government agencies can keep their initiatives cost-effective, streamlined and sustainable. Government agencies can use Blue Prism to help deliver more output, with fewer resources, while freeing up human employees’ time from repetitive tasks to focus on higher-value cognitive work. This enables a more citizen-centric approach, by increasing the overall quality of the services provided to citizens, coupled with improved consistency and overall faster delivery. It also gives agencies a game changing way of staying viable by easily accessing and exploiting leading-edge cloud, AI and cognitive capabilities. Through partnerships with the world’s foremost cognitive computing and AI technology companies, Blue Prism is rapidly evolving the capabilities and intelligence of its Digital Workforce robots so they can apply their multiple skills to any functional area of an organisation. As an off-the-shelf solution, government agencies can integrate Blue Prism’s solution into their processes, leveraging the intelligent automation platform of their choice. Blue Prism is also secure and compliant with industry-leading standards, including PCI, CERT Secure Coding, Veracode, HIPAA and TAA. For more information on how Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce can support your business or government agency, visit: About Project Hosts Project Hosts implements security and compliance on Microsoft Azure for US Federal government and healthcare organisations. Project Hosts' pre-audited environments give organisations turnkey compliance for their applications, removing a key barrier to migration from on-premise deployments into Azure. Project Hosts environments hold certifications and authorisations from ISO 27001, HIPAA, HITRUST, FedRAMP, and the DoD, including the first DoD IL5 PATO to a company with under $1 Billion in revenue. Healthcare organisations, federal, state and local government agencies, and enterprises rely on Project Hosts to ensure that they have a cloud solution that meets their business needs, their budget and most importantly, protects their organisation, employees and data from unauthorised access or theft. About FedRAMP The Federal Risk and Authorisation Management Program, or FedRAMP, is a government-wide program that provides a standardised approach to security assessment, authorisation, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. This approach uses a “do once, use many times” framework that saves an estimated 30-40 percent of government costs, as well as both time and staff required to conduct redundant agency security assessments. FedRAMP is the result of close collaboration with cybersecurity and cloud experts from the General Services Administration (GSA), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Defense (DOD), National Security Agency (NSA), Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the Federal Chief Information Officer (CIO) Council and its working groups, as well as private industry. About Blue Prism In this digital era where start-ups are constantly disrupting markets, only the most agile and innovative enterprises survive and thrive. At Blue Prism, we pioneered Robotic Process Automation (RPA), emerging as the trusted and secure intelligent automation choice for the Fortune 500 and public-sector market. Now we bring you connected-RPA supported by the Digital Exchange (DX) app store—marrying internal entrepreneurship with the power of crowdsourced innovation. Blue Prism’s connected-RPA can automate and perform mission critical processes, allowing your people the freedom to focus on more creative, meaningful work. More than 1,000 global customers leverage Blue Prism’s digital workforce, empowering their people to automate billions of transactions while returning hundreds of millions of hours of work back to the business. Visit to learn more about Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM). Follow Blue Prism on Twitter @blue_prism and on LinkedIn. ### Media Contacts Sue Ralston Einsteinz Communications Ph: +61 02 8905 0995 Digital Signatures Help Your Business to Build Trust 2019-05-22T20:44:31Z digital-signatures-help-your-business-to-build-trust Signers are forced to print and scan documents, potentially adding days to the workflow.  If multiple parties are required to sign, the process is frequently plagued by the delays that come with missing information and manual follow-ups. Remote, online signing eliminates this hassle, and it’s paying off: Sales teams report shorter sales cycles. Firms record  faster placement for new hires. By 2025, it’s expected the global digital signature market will reach $5.5 billion. This growth underlines the need for methods to validate and secure signatures; organizations who don’t are vulnerable to digital dangers and contract disputes. These new threats are growing, as almost anyone can easily access an online PDF editor at no cost. Savvy organizations know if they want to embrace the future of online signing, they must put security first. That’s where digital signatures come in. What are personalized digital signatures? A digital signature uses mathematical algorithms to encrypt documents.  Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is the protocol that creates digital signatures; it provides the highest level of security.  A digital signature provider, like Secured Signing, uses PKI technology to generate two personal signing keys for each user – a private key and a public key. No one user has the same set of keys. Signer Identification Using these technologies, digital signatures deliver non-repudiation. There’s built-in proof of the signer’s identity, the signature origin and time stamp of the signature. Document’s Data Integrity The digital signature is unique to the document’s content and tied to the signer. Therefore, the signature can’t be copied and paste to another document. Signer intent Digital signature providers like Secured Signing give you the ability to include a reason for signing within the signature block to capture singer intent – critical for business transactions. How Are Digital Signatures Verified? When you sign a document, your identity is embedded into that data, and a unique fingerprint including a timestamp is encrypted into the signature. Here’s a glimpse at what’s happening behind the scenes: 1.    Dave wants to send Donna a document he has digitally signed. Dave’s signature is created using his private key. 2.    The private key is encrypted the document’s hash along with a timestamp. Dave’s public key travels with the document.  3.    Donna uses Dave’s public key to decrypt and verify his signature. If the document is altered, it is no longer valid, and the digital signature is invalid, too.  What is the Difference Between Electronic Signatures and Digital Signatures? Electronic signatures and digital signatures are often confused.  One type of electronic signature is merely an image of your signature that can be copied and pasted. And anyone could edit a PDF you’d signed – without your consent or knowledge. more info at    Take Your Business into the Future with Digital Signatures Mike Eyal, Managing Director of Secured Signing, said building trust was a competitive advantage in the digital economy.  “For a modern business, offering secure and simple ways to sign online is key to succeeding in our new digital world. Digital signatures prevent forgery, prove authenticity, and build trust into the system. With Secured Signing, businesses get access to an all-in-one solution to document security.”  Sign up with Secured Signing today to protect your business and your clients. Cvent Unveils 2019 List of Top 50 Meeting Hotels in APAC 2019-05-21T23:50:18Z cvent-unveils-2019-list-of-top-50-meeting-hotels-in-apac Cvent, a market-leading meetings, events, and hospitality technology provider, today unveiled the results of its annual Top 50 Meeting Hotels in Asia Pacific (APAC). Hyatt Regency Sydney took the number one spot for the second year in a row. Australia properties made up more than 25 per cent of the top rankings with 13 hotels listed in the top 50. The list is compiled by analysing meeting and event booking activity through the Cvent Supplier Network (CSN), one of the world’s largest venue sourcing platforms. More than USD $16 billion and more than 42 million room nights were sourced through the CSN in 2018. Cvent’s Top Meeting Hotels lists rank venues based on group business performance according to criteria including total requests for proposals (RFPs) and conversion rate. The Hyatt Regency Sydney outranked top hotels from Singapore, Seoul and Hong Kong to secure the number one spot. “We’re thrilled to be recognised as the number one meeting hotel in Asia Pacific for the second year in a row,” said Malcolm Zancanaro, General Manager at Hyatt Regency Sydney. “In the last 12 months we’ve had the opportunity to welcome thousands of guests to our property for events both large and small, so this accolade is really a testament to our associates and their passion to deliver exceptional meetings every day.” Hotels in Sydney and Melbourne continue to demonstrate their market-leading efforts with InterContinental Sydney (ranked 6th), Hilton Sydney (ranked 12th) and Crown Melbourne (ranked 18th) all moving up in their respective positions on this year’s list. Chela Evans, Director of Sales, Cvent Australia said the results illustrate the key role Australian hotels play in attracting business events and supporting tourism growth in the region. “It is exciting to see an increased Australian presence in this year’s Top 50 Meeting Hotels in Asia Pacific. Meetings mean business, and the hotels featured on this year’s list are attracting top conferences and events to their venues by enhancing their group marketing efforts and expanding their offerings. After just two years in Melbourne, it’s been an honour collaborating with our hotel partners here in Australia to help them grow their group business and elevate their positioning within the global meetings and events marketplace.” Asia Pacific List Highlights Hyatt Regency Sydney retained its number one position as the Top Meeting Hotel in APAC for the second year in a row InterContinental Sydney ranked 6th moving up four places and Hilton Sydney ranked 12th moving up one place compared to 2018 Two Australian hotels are new to the Top 50: Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour (ranked 20th) Sofitel Sydney Wentworth (ranked 37th) There are 17 new APAC properties in the Top 50 list including: Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park, Millennium Seoul Hilton, Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour, PARKROYAL Darling Harbour Sydney, Resorts World Sentosa Singapore, and Grand Hyatt Tokyo among others. Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott are the top three hotel chains represented on the Top 50 list. Top 10 Hotels in APAC: 2019 Rank Hotel Name 1 Hyatt Regency Sydney 2 Grand Hyatt Singapore 3 Grand Hyatt Seoul 4 Grand Hyatt Hong Kong 5 Pan Pacific Singapore 6 InterContinental Sydney 7 Hilton Tokyo 8 Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore 9 ANA InterContinental Tokyo 10 Marina Bay Sands Singapore Top Hotels in Australia (Within Top 50 Hotel Properties in APAC): Final Rank (2019) Hotel Name City 1 Hyatt Regency Sydney Sydney 6 InterContinental Sydney Sydney 12 Hilton Sydney Sydney 18 Crown Melbourne Melbourne 19 Four Seasons Hotel Sydney Sydney 20 Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour Sydney 21 PARKROYAL Darling Harbour, Sydney Sydney 25 Shangri-la Hotel, Sydney Sydney 30 The Westin Sydney Sydney 32 Pullman Melbourne On The Park Melbourne 33 Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park Sydney 37 Sofitel Sydney Wentworth Sydney 38 Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel at Circular Quay Sydney Top Australian Hotels Outside of Sydney and Melbourne (Within All Top Hotels in APAC): Final Rank (2019) Hotel Name City 62 Crown Perth Perth 79 Hilton Brisbane Brisbane 106 Hilton Adelaide Adelaide 119 Sofitel Gold Coast Broadbeach Gold Coast 179 Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley Hunter Valley View the full 2019 list of Top 50 Meeting Hotels in APAC. -Ends- For media enquiries, please contact: Debbie Bradley, Group Account Director, Zadro +61 420 761 189 Interviews with Chela Evans, Director of Sales, Cvent Australia are welcomed upon request. Notes to Editors: Cvent evaluated hotel properties that generated business through the Cvent Supplier Network from January 2018 through December 2018. The properties were ranked according to various criteria, including total requests for proposals (RFPs), awarded RFPs, total room nights, awarded room nights, major metropolitan area (MMA) market share, conversion rate, and the hotel's unique profile visits in the Cvent Supplier Network. The criteria are designed to provide the most accurate reflection of the top meeting hotels in the U.S., Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific regions. About the Cvent Supplier Network Featuring more than 260,000 hotels, resorts and special event venues, the Cvent Supplier Network (CSN) is one of the world's largest and most accurate databases of detailed venue information. Cvent sourced more than USD $16 billion in meetings and events through its marketplace and more than 42 million room nights in 2018. The CSN contains listings of hotels and other venues in more than 175 countries that can be searched and filtered based on approximately 200 meetings and events attributes. The CSN is part of the Cvent Hospitality Cloud, which partners with hotels and venues to help them drive group and corporate travel business. To find venues, request quotes, and book event space on the Cvent Supplier Network, visit About Cvent Cvent is a leading meetings, events, and hospitality technology provider with more than 4,000 employees, 25,000 customers, and 300,000 users worldwide. The Cvent Event Cloud offers software solutions to event planners and marketers for online event registration, venue selection, event management and marketing, onsite solutions, and attendee engagement. Cvent’s suite of products automate and simplify the planning process to maximise the impact of events. The Cvent Hospitality Cloud partners with hotels and venues to help them drive event and corporate travel business. Hotels use the Cvent Hospitality Cloud’s digital marketing tools and software solutions to win business through Cvent’s sourcing platforms and to service their customers directly, efficiently and profitably – helping them grow and own their business. Cvent solutions optimise the entire event management value chain and have enabled clients around the world to manage hundreds of thousands of meetings and events. For more information, please visit, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Acquia Lightning Speeds Drupal Development With New Capabilities 2019-05-21T06:54:18Z acquia-lightning-speeds-drupal-development-with-new-capabilities BOSTON – May 20, 2019 – Acquia today released the latest version of Acquia Lightning, a flexible Drupal 8 distribution thousands of organisations are using to launch new Drupal sites and projects quickly. Acquia Lightning offers new capabilities for developers, site builders, site managers, and marketers to build sites faster and deliver richer digital experiences. As companies continue to elevate the role of content delivery across every channel, teams face pressure to build sites that are increasingly demanding. They have turned to open source distributions such as Acquia Lightning to make building enterprise-ready, feature-rich sites faster and maintaining them easier. The latest version aligns Acquia Lightning with the recently released Drupal 8.7. Acquia partner Igility Solutions turned to Acquia Lightning to incorporate advanced Drupal capabilities more quickly for the sites it builds for customers. “Because Acquia Lightning is aligned to Drupal core’s roadmap, using it provides developers the best long-term opportunity to be more efficient when building and maintaining Drupal projects,” said Brad Gronek, CEO, Igility Solutions. “We don’t have to reinvent the wheel when using Acquia Lightning; module selection, integration Acquia Lightning includes the following new capabilities: · Acquia Lightning takes advantage of the industry’s only fully accessible Layout Builder in Drupal 8.7, and also provides templates not available in Drupal core that editors can choose when creating or editing content. Layout Builder replaces the Panels and Panelizer modules previously available in Acquia Lightning. · Additional out-of-the-box Layout Builder components, on top of what Drupal core delivers, supporting the use of Google Maps, slideshows, banners and other rich media in layouts. · Enhanced media management, including a carousel widget that can be embedded on pages and a built-in tool to crop images. · A preview of a new, improved, and accessible administrative interface built on a design system consisting of visual and behavioural components and patterns, combined into user-friendly user interfaces. · Acquia Lightning has adopted Drupal’s support for JSON:API, delivering out-of-the-box support for building decoupled or headless applications using a common standard. “By bringing together modules and capabilities enterprise applications demand most, Acquia Lightning speeds up Drupal development time by 30 percent or more and helps organisations get to market faster and maintain Drupal sites more easily, while delivering more engaging experiences,” said Dries Buytaert, Drupal creator and project lead and Acquia co-founder and CTO. "Acquia Lightning is the best place to start a new Drupal 8 project, particularly on Acquia Cloud." Resources: · Learn more and download Acquia Lightning: · Read “Five Acquia Lightning Initiatives Leading the Way for Drupal” on Acquia’s blog: · Sign up for a May 22 webinar about Acquia Lightning < About Acquia Acquia is the open source digital experience company. We provide the world’s most ambitious brands with technology that allows them to embrace innovation and create customer moments that matter. At Acquia, we believe in the power of community – giving our customers the freedom to build tomorrow on their terms. To learn more, visit: ### All logos, company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Barracuda Named a Leader in Enterprise Email Security 2019-05-21T01:24:56Z barracuda-named-a-leader-in-enterprise-email-security Sydney, May 21, 2019 — Barracuda, a trusted partner and leading provider for cloud-enabled security solutions, today announced that it has been named a Leader in “The Forrester WaveTM: Enterprise Email Security, Q2 2019.” Within the current offering category, Barracuda received the highest score possible in the cloud integration, deployment options, incident response, and support and customer success criteria. Barracuda was specifically cited for offering “an innovative AI-based solution, Sentinel, to protect against phishing and BEC attacks.” Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response builds on this innovation by automating incident investigation, response and remediation. “Cybercriminals use social engineering to launch spear phishing and account takeover attacks that evade traditional email security solutions and manipulate end users for financial gain,” said Asaf Cidon, SVP of Email Protection at Barracuda. “Our innovative technologies protect businesses from these threats. We believe this report recognises how we deliver new ways to support our email security customers, earn their trust, and help them protect their businesses.” The Forrester report states that “customers praise Barracuda’s innovation, its Office 365 integration, and its customer support.”1 “At Barracuda, it’s our mission to protect and support our customers for life,” said BJ Jenkins, President & CEO at Barracuda. “We’ve been pioneers in the email security space, and our position in this report is, in our opinion, further acknowledgement of our leadership.” A complimentary copy of The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Email Security, Q2 2019 evaluation is available for download here: Additional information about Barracuda's email security offerings can be found here: Resources Get information about Barracuda Sentinel: Get information about Barracuda Email Forensics and Incident Response: Get information about Barracuda PhishLine: Read the blog post: 1 The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Email Security, Q2 2019 About Barracuda At Barracuda we strive to make the world a safer place. We believe every business deserves access to cloud-enabled, enterprise-grade security solutions that are easy to buy, deploy, and use. We protect email, networks, data and applications with innovative solutions that grow and adapt with our customers’ journey. More than 150,000 organisations worldwide trust Barracuda to protect them — in ways they may not even know they are at risk — so they can focus on taking their business to the next level. For more information, visit Barracuda Networks, Barracuda and the Barracuda Networks logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Barracuda Networks, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. Acquia Delivers Open Source Framework for Contextual Commerce 2019-05-20T00:42:13Z acquia-delivers-open-source-framework-for-contextual-commerce Sydney, 20 May, 2019 – Acquia has unveiled the Acquia Commerce Framework, a set of open source Drupal modules that brands can use to deliver seamless, contextual commerce experiences. These open source modules provide flexibility to embed commerce components directly into content-driven experiences, helping remove friction from the commerce process. As a result rich, omnichannel shopping experiences can emerge from content building efforts quickly and easily, without having to assemble troves of data or build complicated navigation paths. Using the framework, brands can turn themselves into e-commerce powerhouses. Within Drupal, site builders can create as many virtual catalogues as they need using custom connectors, linking product data to content. Brands can tap the benefits of open source technology to create a smoother shopping experience – connecting customers with lively, useful content and clear, actionable checkout options. Authors can easily embed this product data directly into the content they are creating, which is the basis for contextual commerce. “If an article on cooking or rock climbing gets a customer in a buying mood, they’ll want to transact then and there, not click away and look for the product on another site,” said Matt Kaplan, Acquia senior vice president, product. “Using Acquia Commerce Framework, brands can create a seamless experience for the customer without a lot of heavy lifting. Brands can keep the customer engaged and happy throughout the whole journey, which leads to longer visits, better engagement, and higher conversion rates.” The framework connects the Drupal open source web content management system with e-commerce platforms from Acquia partners, Elastic Path and BigCommerce. It can also be utilised to work with other commerce platforms. The technologies combine to produce an open source reference architecture that allows Drupal developers, Javascript developers, and site builders to create both traditional catalogue shopping and contextual shopping experiences more quickly and easily. “Our customers have discovered that decoupling commerce from experience is the foundation of the process,” said Harry Chemko, CEO of Elastic Path. “Brands also need orchestration to make it easy for both aspects to work seamlessly together. At Elastic Path, we want to make it easy to embed commerce everywhere. Our library of assets built around the Acquia Commerce Framework helps Elastic Path customers make every asset shoppable - from case studies to product brochures to installation guides- without redirecting the shopper to a disconnected experience.” Agencies that have relied on Acquia to integrate commerce platforms with their Drupal sites now have a new tool in the framework to create more powerful experiences. The framework combines Drupal as the “glass” with a decoupled e-commerce platform to drive the commerce engine. “It can be a complex process for brands to add commerce experiences quickly to their existing digital experiences. Trust us, we know from experience,” said Justin Emond, CEO and co-founder of Third & Grove, who worked with BigCommerce in building a connector for the Acquia Commerce Framework. “What excites us about this integration is that it leverages a modern JAMstack architecture to allow brands to add commerce experiences to their sites in days and hours, not weeks and months.” Download the Acquia Commerce Framework at:, or read more in the Acquia blog: About Acquia Acquia is the open source digital experience company. We provide the world’s most ambitious brands with technology that allows them to embrace innovation and create customer moments that matter. At Acquia, we believe in the power of community – giving our customers the freedom to build tomorrow on their terms. To learn more, visit: - ### - All logos, company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. AMWAY CHINA 2019: ENCORE PRODUCE NATURE INSPIRED LEADERSHIP SEMINAR FOR 6,000 IN CAIRNS 2019-05-19T23:37:34Z amway-china-2019-encore-produce-nature-inspired-leadership-seminar-for-6-000-in-cairns Media release: 20 May 2019 AMWAY CHINA 2019: ENCORE PRODUCE NATURE INSPIRED LEADERSHIP SEMINAR FOR 6,000 IN CAIRNS SEVEN WAVES OF GUESTS TREATED TO AN EVENT SPECTACULAR IN FAR NORTH QUEENSLAND Amway China returned to Australia for the sixth time with more than 6,000 guests for their annual 2019 Leadership Seminar, this time held in Cairns. Seven waves of guests attended the seminar and incentive program between 21 March – 15 April. Designed and organised by Encore Event Technologies, the guests were treated to a spectacular experience including artificial reality, multimedia and robotics show, choreographed dancers and a live concert for the main act. Encore designed an immersive environment for the Gala Program. The design included a 270-degree giant screen that wrapped around the inside of the venue, table-theming which incorporated lighting design, customised soundscapes and roaming performers. All elements came together to take the delegates on a journey through the dinner theme: ‘From the Rainforest to the Reef’. The Gala Dinner Opening sequence featured the edgy Million Volt Man. The entertainment also included the artistic and beautiful Fabric Ballet and an augmented reality act incorporating a choreographed performer attached to a robotic arm. A major highlight was the ‘underwater section’ of the evening’s journey. The ‘Fish Medley’ act included a singing and dancing animated multimedia fish on computer controlled Robotic LED screens that moved with the music. Custom designed tropical reef inspired centrepieces decorated the tables, each individually lit with both intelligent pin-spotting and wireless dmx battery powered lighting. In addition, illuminous head dresses were supplied to delegates, so that they could feel part of the theming for the event. At the completion of the four performance segments, delegates were treated to an amazing high energy performance by The Voice China star Uni Yeh performing with a live band and a team of local dancers. “The guests were blown away by the 270-degree multimedia projection, holographic projection and synchronized robotics. The creative event design was matched with cutting-edge use of technology to create an amazing experience for guests,” said Encore’s Show Producer Andrew MacColl. Amway chose to enhance the attendee experience by selecting a new and unusual venue for the event and the newly constructed wing of the Australian Artillery and Armoury Museum (AAAM) was perfect for both the Gala Dinner and Business Sessions. The venue is the largest military vehicle museum on the southern hemisphere. The delegates were treated to a specially created Tank Show in the parklands behind the museum featuring some of the best of these rare and historical vehicles, including dramatic gun blasts and explosions created with pyrotechnics. However, this unique venue presented major challenges as an event venue; it came without rated rigging points, three-phase power, guest Wi-Fi facilities and air-conditioning. “Working in such a unique venue had its challenges, but also many benefits in that it allowed our team the opportunity to maximise their creativity to bring to life a blank canvas. Special Event Director, John Schryver designed a truly unique and immersive experience which will undoubtedly be remembered long after the event. The team bought his design to life and delivered the series of events flawlessly” said Mr Magafa. Tony Chamberlain, Managing Director, Encore, said it was an honour to work with Amway China again especially in such an iconic and unique Australian location. “The team have been engaged in meticulous planning for months after winning the bid to manage this event. On-site we managed 20 days of install and rehearsals. Then the team delivered both Business Sessions and the Gala Dinner for each of the seven waves. “Our goal was to create an event that showcased the beauty of Far North Queensland while also demonstrating what is possible for a creative business event. Our talented team achieved all this and more, in a challenging venue. This event will go down in Encore history as one of the best,” said Mr Chamberlain. -ends- For media enquiries and interviews with featured Encore team members, please contact: Felicity Zadro, Managing Director, Zadro P: +61 2 9212 7867 | M: +61 404 009 384 | Brittany Rogers, Account Coordinator, Zadro P: +61 2 9212 7867 | M: +61 481 464 823 | Images: High resolution images available upon request to Brittany Rogers or click here. The set up for the Gala Dinner Tank display at the Australian Artillery and Armoury Museum (AAAM) The Million Volt Man Uni Yeh performing with The Voice China star Z Chen Dancers performing during the underwater section of the night ABOUT ENCORE EVENT TECHNOLOGIES Encore Event Technologies is a leading global provider of audio visual, event technology and production services at over 460 hotels, resorts and convention centres worldwide. With roots in staging and production services, Encore delivers comprehensive and innovative audio visual and staging services that cater to the unique needs of hotels, hotel-casinos and resorts across North America, including Mexico, and throughout the Asia-Pacific region, and is the premier one-stop shop for event planning, design and staging and production services. For more information, visit ABOUT ENCORE EVENT TECHNOLOGIES IN ASIA Encore Event Technologies in Asia is on site at many of the premium hotels in China, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand. The Beijing head office also services many major corporate clients and offers full event production services, from event design and production management to audiovisual, technical, video, creative and digital services. Our teams know how to convey your message and deliver the most compelling event solution possible. For more information visit New ISACA Resource Illuminates Best Practices and Strategies for Continuous Oversight in the Cloud 2019-05-19T23:03:26Z new-isaca-resource-illuminates-best-practices-and-strategies-for-continuous-oversight-in-the-cloud Sydney, NSW, AUS (20 May 2019) – More and more, the latest technologies are being intertwined with cloud services. As organisations deploy artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, or Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, awareness they are indirectly linked to a web of cloud computing services is essential. The new white paper from ISACA and SecurityScorecard, Continuous Oversight in the Cloud: How to Improve Cloud Security, Privacy and Compliance, explores the elements that information assurance practitioners should factor into their continuous oversight of these cloud services in order to address potential key areas of risk. Continuous Oversight in the Cloud walks these practitioners through the current digital business landscape—including cloud computing, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), big data analytics, IoT and AI—noting that organisations not only need to address these emerging technologies but also to ensure that legacy systems and old stored data are protected. “Information security management has long been a challenge for practitioners to effectively implement,” says Fouad Khalil, CISA, ITIL, Vice President of Compliance, SecurityScorecard. “With evolving regulations, emerging technologies and the increased use of cloud services, this means that enterprises need to exercise even more care and diligence in ensuring security and privacy compliance—with continuous oversight as part of that equation.” The white paper makes the case for continuous oversight as a means to monitor for and mitigate risk, outlining the many benefits of implementing continuous internal monitoring, continuous cloud assurance, continuous supply chain management and continuous improvement, including: Identifying risk early to help anticipate incidents, prevent breaches and avoid potential costs, fines and damage to business reputation; Providing senior leaders and executives with information to make timely, cost-effective risk management decisions; and Supporting proactive responsibility and accountability for controls and risk management throughout the enterprise and its third parties. Additionally, Continuous Oversight in the Cloud provides practitioners with strategies they can use to identify and mitigate risk in the cloud, starting with the fundamental components of information security and privacy programs and then drilling down into the key responsibilities and action items that should be taken by key stakeholders throughout the process. The white paper also details the specific steps that practitioners should take to maintain a continuous cloud service assurance and oversight program—incorporating the continual improvement tasks outlined in ISACA's COBIT 2019 Design Guide. “Engaging in continuous oversight of cloud services can seem like a massive undertaking at first glance," says Rebecca Herold, CISA, CISM, CIPP/US, CIPT, CISSP, FIP, FLMI; CEO, The Privacy Professor and Founder, SIMBUS, LLC, and the lead developer for the white paper. "However, by taking a clear, organised approach and by utilising a wealth of existing resources, such as guidance and frameworks from COBIT 2019 and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), practitioners can meet any challenges head on and effectively mitigate risk.” The white paper then provides an overview of some key metrics that organisations should consider in order to most effectively engage in continuous monitoring, based on the type of cloud services being used—including those related to supply chain, incidents and breaches, and other common challenges. The Continuous Oversight in the Cloud white paper is available for free to both ISACA members and non-members at For additional resources related to cloud computing, visit To access other white papers on a range of topics, visit About ISACA Now in its 50th anniversary year, ISACA® ( is a global association helping individuals and enterprises achieve the positive potential of technology. Today’s world is powered by information and technology, and ISACA equips practitioners with the knowledge, credentials, education and community to advance their careers and transform their organisations. ISACA leverages the expertise of its 460,000 engaged practitioners—including its 140,000 members—in information and cyber security, governance, assurance, risk and innovation, as well as its enterprise performance subsidiary, CMMI® Institute, to help advance innovation through technology. ISACA has a presence in more than 188 countries, including more than 220 chapters worldwide and offices in both the United States and China. Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Contact: Julie Fenwick, +61 468 901 655, Lauren Graham, +61 432 614 401,