The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-04-03T02:53:54Z Breakthrough Australian Invention Disrupts Strength Training Tradition 2020-04-03T02:53:54Z breakthrough-australian-invention-disrupts-strength-training-tradition MEDIA RELEASE    Date: xx April 2020 | Release Date/Time: Immediate BREAKTHROUGH AUSTRALIAN INVENTION DISRUPTS STRENGTH TRAINING TRADITION New fitness technology from Australia could help gym goers get better results with less time and effort. FLEX, a wireless barbell activity tracker, uses laser technology to measure strength training activity and displays users’ results live on their smart device. Specifically built for barbell exercises, FLEX counts every repetition during a workout and measures a number of metrics, including power and range of motion.  Importantly, the device also measures the speed of an exercise, which means users can introduce Velocity Based Training, more generally called VBT, into their gym programs.  Where traditional gym programs allocate weights and repetitions to be completed, VBT makes speed the primary measure of effort and effectiveness. The method can supplement or even replace the traditional ‘reps and sets’ approach used by most people to create their gym programs.   VBT methods have been used for decades by elite sports teams and olympic level athletes. It has not made as much impact on amateur athletes and mainstream gym goers due to the high cost of reliable technology.  FLEX is the only product of its kind to use laser based technology, and it is this innovation that makes it possible to produce a lower cost yet highly accurate product.  FLEX is manufactured by privately owned Canberra company, Kinetic Performance Technology Pty Ltd. Founding Director, Evan Lawton, has been developing sports performance measurement technology for over 25 years and explained that, “Velocity Based Training has been around for at least two decades in the highest levels of sport right across the planet, so we know how effective it is”.  “We have a product that will satisfy both elite and amateur coaches, personal trainers and individuals doing their own programs. Right now we have players from pro teams using FLEX in their garages while their sports are shut down. We’ve built our own social platform and people are connecting over their workouts where they might normally be together in the gym”, Lawton said.  A growing body of research confirms that Velocity Based Training could be the future direction for strength training. A recent study from the Australian Catholic University looked at using cutoffs based on velocity instead of repetitions to determine when an athlete should stop exercising. The study showed that by applying ‘velocity loss thresholds’ training quality, fatigue, and perception of effort can all be controlled. This would greatly improve the effectiveness of exercise programs, leading to greater improvements in strength, power, and muscle mass. According to lead researcher, Dr Jonathon Weakly, “Velocity offers opportunities for individualising load to each and every athlete to best account for their personal levels of fatigue in the gym”. “I’m genuinely excited by these results. This means we can account for all the factors that impact physical readiness, from stress, sleep, nutrition to other types of exercise someone might be participating in” he said. Introducing One10Virtual a new accelerator platform by One10 Group 2020-04-03T02:45:33Z introducing-one10virtual-a-new-accelerator-platform-by-one10-group Media Release Introducing One10Virtual a new accelerator platform & programs that bring together the lean startup approach with creating positive impact. For Immediate Release – Melbourne, Friday 3rd April 2020: Introducing One10Virtual a new accelerator platform & programs that bring together the lean startup approach with creating positive impact. Since 2015 One10 Group has been delivering a range of tailored education & capacity building accelerator programs for entrepreneurs, founders and startups. From the basics, to ideation & minimum viable product, scale stage, growth and beyond. One10 has worked with more than 70 founders & startups, delivering their flagship accelerator programs called Fundamentals, Activate, Amplify and Enhance. They have supported significant capital raises, with a few of their clients already having successful exits. One10 continues to hold more than a dozen meaningful impact investments. Over the last five years they have been delivering elements of their programs online whilst maintaining the important face-to-face engagement between participants, facilitators, mentors and peers. They have always created tailored programs specifically aimed to suit every clients’ venture and never subscribed to the ‘one size fits all’ approach that many accelerators and incubators take. Now with the world looking very different due to Covid-19, they made the decision to take all programs 100% virtual. As a positive result One10 can now offer their programs internationally and to regional and remote communities that have not been able to access the programs before. Mr Gourley said “This is an exciting step, which we have been able to implement very quickly thanks to our amazing internal team and technology development partners who have been working day & night over the last month to get this right. It has been the ultimate lean, agile, design thinking, tech development sprint we have ever done!”. “One10Virtual is a cutting-edge accelerator platform and learning program for founders and entrepreneurs that want to create a positive social or environmental impact through their startups.” said One10 Founder, Geoff Gourley. One10Virtual is a unique cloud-based learning platform. The programs are hosted using a bespoke cloud-based platform where the content lives. Each program is uniquely structured depending on client’s individual needs and participants can access their program and content from any device, anywhere, anytime; giving them the ultimate flexibility to learn as they go. The platform also enables founders to invite team members and stakeholders to join them in the program platform. Lead facilitators engage directly with clients in weekly touch points via video conference to support, guide and workshop the different modules of the programs. Participants are able to connect with mentors and peers as they go, ensuring they are not alone in this. Features of the platform include; • Program design and management using intuitive design tools (drag & drop) • Pre-loaded templates that cover Branding, Marketing, Product launch, Sales & negotiation • Extensive library of learning content including; Startup methodology, Branding, Marketing, Sales, PR & media, Product development • Collaborate with stakeholders in one place with; Interactive timelines, Sharable checklists, Goal setting & tracking, Task sharing & assignment, @ comment tagging • Scalable Program Support including; interactive accelerator plans, project management software, a founder’s library, personal & team workflows • Important integrations including; Slack, Google Calendar, iCal, and more to come One10 has truly created a unique virtual accelerator and learning platform, offering high quality programs to educate, support and empower founders and entrepreneurs all over the world to make a positive impact. 2020 programs on offer include; • Fundamentals - Learn the foundations of startups & social enterprise • Activate - Transform your ideas into action • Amplify - Scale your action for meaningful impact • Enhance - Accelerated scale & expansion Applications are now open and generous subsidised fees on offer. Apply Here About One10 One10 was founded by Social Entrepreneur and Impact Investor, Geoff Gourley, and enables and supports purpose-driven people to create positive impact. They provide acceleration programs, consultancy, corporate innovation and workshops along with commercialisation support.  Visit for more information on services. Images available HERE POWERTEC TELECOMMUNICATONS UNVEILS CELLFERNO RANGE New 4G Outdoor Fixed Wireless Device with Speeds Up To 600Mbps 2020-04-03T00:18:17Z powertec-telecommunicatons-unveils-cellferno-range-new-4g-outdoor-fixed-wireless-device-with-speeds-up-to-600mbps Cellferno is a revolutionary product, brand new to the Australian market, developed using innovative mobile technology which delivers high-speed data for basic internet access to mission critical applications. An extension of the company’s current mobile broadband product offering, the fixed wireless solution is taking on the NBN, or inadequate broadband connections, across many residential and commercial areas across Australia. Launched this month, the latest innovation by Aussie connectivity innovator, Powertec, has been designed with speed in mind, offering high-speed mobile internet for commercial, IoT and residential applications with speeds up to 600Mbps. Powertec General Manager, Samantha Clifton, said that in this current climate of wireless dependency due to the COVID-19 crisis, Cellferno delivers the ultimate high-speed internet connectivity solution, especially where cable-based internet is not available. “Cellferno can provide users with super-fast internet speeds and connectivity, with the single box design containing multiple antennas and a built-in modem to capture the best possible signal outdoors,” she said. “The device continues to impress with its simple and easy installation, putting the customer in command by simply allowing them to use the sim card provider and mobile data plan of their choice.” Connectivity is fast becoming the new currency in light of the global pandemic, with connectivity solutions like Cellferno critical for consumers and businesses in order to digitally navigate COVID-19 restrictions. “The need for better connectivity has never before been so critical, with more people staying at home, organisations setting up pop-up work zones, businesses using online tools or platforms, and the necessity of web-based learning.” With a single ethernet cable powering the Cellferno device, it can be connected directly to a computer, network switch or a WIFI access point to provide high-speed internet to devices within range. “Due to the Cellferno’s focus on speed, it can act as a primary internet source or secondary wireless backup for a corporate customer’s NBN service,” Ms Clifton added. “Cellferno is an extension to Powertec’s current mobile broadband product offering, providing an additional high-speed connectivity solution to our product portfolio.” Cellferno is available now in two different models, M600 featuring Cat6 2x2 MIMO technology, capable of speeds up to 300Mbps and M1200 Cat12 4x2 MIMO technology, capable of speeds up to 600Mbps. Supported by all mobile operator bands. Designed to stand harsh Australian conditions, Cellferno can operate in temperatures of up to 65 degrees Celsius due to its rugged steel casing, IP67 protection and in-built heater for clearing ice. By developing this innovative product, Powertec Telecommunications continues to channel the company’s passion for a world where everyone can communicate and be connected no matter where they may be. Cellferno will be available for purchase from April 2, 2020. For more information about the Cellferno product series, visit ABOUT POWERTEC TELECOMMUNICATIONS Australian-born, global hardware and communications company, Powertec Telecommunications, is optimising connectivity far and wide with its low-cost, smart technology solutions. From humble beginnings in 1995 on the Gold Coast, the company has grown into an international operation with offices across Australia and New Zealand. Through a commitment with its partners and manufacturers, Powertec has secured exclusive distributorship in Australia and New Zealand for many complementary products that have attracted over 1,000 resellers and retailers, as well as internationally. ALL MEDIA ENQUIRIES: Amy Stalinescu | M10 Collective Ph: 0411 789 195 Email: Australian Company Bigmate Launches “Thermy™” - Thermal Screening to Detect People with Elevated Temperatures 2020-04-02T03:54:37Z australian-company-bigmate-launches-thermytm-thermal-screening-to-detect-people-with-elevated-temperatures Brisbane, Australia –April 2, 2020 Brisbane based computer vision leader Bigmate, today announced the commercial availability of a pre-screening solution using thermal imaging, which immediately detects elevated temperatures of people entering or leaving workplaces in real time. Unique in its ability to scale, “Thermy” can be quickly and easily deployed in a wide range of facilities, including factories, territorial borders, warehouses, government and private offices, and any location where people are moving through entrances and walkways. Thermy uses thermal cameras and advanced analytics to provide a pre-screening observational solution which helps identify people who present the risk of an abnormal temperature. Persons in question could have their core body temperature validated, utilising the organisation’s normal medical and/or Operational Health and Safety procedures. Mark Shield, Bigmate’s Managing Director, said; “With Thermy, organisations can create a pre-screening detection system to identify people with skin-elevated temperatures, which in turn minimises the risk of impact to workplace environments. Keeping workers safe is what Bigmate is all about and this technology can assist businesses keep their workplace healthy and productive. We are excited that this industry leading product has been developed in Brisbane and proud we are able to do our small part at this challenging time.” Thermy is able to identify a ‘true skin view’ even when the subject may have a beard, a hard hat, or a protective suit which covers the body - or other features which often reduce the ability to take an accurate reading from traditional thermal camera-based solutions. Thermy also eliminates the problem of ‘flaring’ which occurs when an image is recorded in places of extreme temperature variation, by removing the background object from any analysis, focusing on the person. Thermy can also operate at scale, by detecting one or many people with elevated temperatures simultaneously. This is one of Thermy’s market-leading innovations. Thermy also utilises “edge” network services so it can still function if a network connection fails. Thermy is based on Bigmate’s “Warny” solution, which uses sophisticated computer vision algorithms developed over a number of years, to protect people working around dangerous machines, such as forklifts, trucks or industrial cutting machines. Warny is used by some of Australia’s leading industrial companies to detect instances of spontaneous combustion of materials, overheating of equipment and fires in the workplace. Warny features a number of globally-leading innovations. For example, it is unique in its ability to create distance measurement from one camera, through Bigmate’s industry leading software. This allows for the extremely accurate measurement of individual skin temperature, social distancing, and people counting. One of the ways in which Thermy logically extends Warny’s capabilities is by using thermal cameras, providing real time information through dashboards, hosted in Australia on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for remote viewing and trend analysis. If someone with an elevated temperature profile is identified, an alert will be sent via multiple media, aligned to the company’s workplace health and privacy policies. “Thermy is not intended to be a medical apparatus. It is observational technology but it is designed to play a critical role in helping organisations speed up their ability to protect workers and their families in the fight against highly contagious virus outbreaks such as COVID19, the everyday day flu and beyond,” said Mr Shield. About Bigmate: Established in Queensland, Australia in 1996, Brisbane based Bigmate is a business outcome focused technology and services company. Over that time Bigmate has established a proven record in the provision of critical risk management solutions using computer vision and industrial sensors. Our focus is keeping workers safe using technology, which in turn helps to drive productivity in some of Australia’s largest companies, government and local government. Bigmate is an Amazon Web Services Partner, providing Bigmate with access to AWS’ industry leading services, its scale, flexibility and speed to market. For further information or an interview please contact Peter Witts Sydney Director, Technology Navigate Communication Ph + 61 477 274 412 Brother Expands Range of Thermal Label and Receipt Printers for Retailers, Healthcare and Logistics Professionals 2020-04-01T08:25:35Z brother-expands-range-of-thermal-label-and-receipt-printers-for-retailers-healthcare-and-logistics-professionals  Click here to download high resolution images of the whole range. Sydney, Australia – 1 April 2020: With the launch of six new models, Brother International Australia are set to have the most impressive range of 4-inch thermal desktop label and receipt printers that cater to retailers, healthcare and logistics professionals. Building on the existing TD-4 range, which had 12 models, the six newly unveiled precision-built barcode label and receipt printers are engineered to deliver the right level of performance, quality and integration for the auto-imaging and data capture industry (AIDC).The new industrial thermal transfer models have increased print speeds to previous models, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 capabilities. The TD-4750TNWB, TD-4750TNWBP, and TD-4750TNWBC can print up to 152mm/second, while the TD-4650TNWB, TD-4650TNWBP, and TD-4650TNWBC can print up to 203mm/second. These high-resolution thermal transfer printers, which are available with cutter or peeler options, are built with efficiency and connectivity in mind, ensuring they can comfortably adapt to the modern day needs of any fast-paced industry that requires a balance of quality, durability and speed.“The warehousing, logistics, and healthcare landscapes are all dynamic, and customer expectations continue to grow as technology and the digital space becomes more disruptive. In order to be competitive our clients need their supply chain to be agile and adaptive, while saving time and costs at each supply chain juncture,” says David Molloy, Mobile Print & Labelling Specialist at Brother International Australia.“As a manufacturer of supply chain products, we are consistently looking for ways to utilise innovative technology to grow our offerings.  By adding a high level of diversification at a functional level of the product range - the TD-4 series ensures optimal operational efficiency, by mixing and matching key features to meet the niche requirements of each industry. The addition of these six new models, ensures that we are keeping up with the pace of these sectors.”The complete TD-4 series, comprised of 18 models, and each with a unique selection of staple features, is so versatile that it helps organisations tackle their supply chain needs with exceptional speed and productivity. These needs are driven by omni-channel commerce and the unprecedented demand for efficiency in shipping and product delivery.The series includes industry-leading performance and connectivity, along with seamless workflow integration. All models in the range either draw on Direct Thermal printing technology (for lower-cost, less permanent labels and receipts for higher volume) or Thermal Transfer printing technology (for more robust, harder-wearing labels and receipts). The functions of each unit differ in variations of print speeds, DPIs, connectivity capabilities and additional features that are specifically selected to suit different needs in each industry, including tear/peel/cut release functions. Offering diversity in these features has ensured that customers can select the label printer that provides the best amalgamation of durability, speed, connectivity, cost efficiency, and print clarity for their industry needs.Snapshot of TD-4 Series features and functionality:·         A complete thermal print solution*: Utilise the BarTender Ultra Lite software for designing, printing and automating the production of labels, barcodes, RFID tags, plastic cards and more·         Effortless integration: Experience improved operational efficiency with seamless integration into existing and future workflows utilising, Software Development Kits (SDK’s), BarTender and the support of a variety of printer command systems, including ZPLII emulation·         Reliable technology: Thermal technology is made up of less moving parts delivering greater reliability for your business·         Versatile connectivity options: There’s a connectivity option for every solution with USB, Wireless, Network, Bluetooth and dual wireless radio band available across different models·         Warranty: Delivering peace of mind with a 2-year return to base warranty on hardware, and a 6 month return to base warranty on print heads. Rapid exchange is also available as an optional add-on to eliminate downtimeFor complete product overviews please click here. About Brother International (Aust) Pty Ltd In operation for more than a century, Brother is a global manufacturer of laser printers, laser and inkjet Multi-Function Centres, label printers, scanners and mobile products and is recognised for its range of technology-driven machinery used within businesses worldwide.With corporate printing solutions at the forefront of its services, Brother boasts customer satisfaction across small, medium, and large businesses. Its printers have been recognised with 6 consecutive wins for the coveted PC Magazine, Business Choice Award, and 10 consecutive wins of Readers’ Choice Awards. The organisation takes pride in its consistent efforts towards promoting environmental conservation and cost minimisation, particularly through providing solutions that encourage efficiency in the workplace.Brother International Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brother Industries, which was founded in 1908 in Japan. Brother Australia was established in 1977, with a head office located in Sydney and state offices nationally throughout Australia.About Brother Earth:Brother always takes responsibility, acts respectfully and tries to make a positive difference. Brother Earth is Brother’s attitude and commitment to play a part in building a society with sustainable development. Help the environment now by giving a click at Brother will contribute to a variety of global environmental protection activities on your behalf. The number of clicks each project receives will determine proportionately how the funds will be allocated. Ping Identity Multi-Factor Authentication Now Available in AWS Marketplace 2020-03-31T23:27:09Z ping-identity-multi-factor-authentication-now-available-in-aws-marketplace DENVER — March 31, 2020 —Ping Identity, (NYSE: PING), the Intelligent Identity solution for the enterprise, today announced the availability of PingID multi-factor authentication (MFA) in AWS Marketplace. Customers can now quickly procure and deploy PingID to secure work from home while adding an additional layer of security to their AWS infrastructure. Ping’s Intelligent Identity™ Platform provides enterprises a digital identity solution for securely accessing services, applications, and APIs from virtually any device or location. The PingID MFA service makes it easy for enterprises to offer strongly authenticated access to applications running nearly anywhere, in the cloud, on-premises or across hybrid IT environments. Ping Identity is an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) and also achieved AWS Security Competency status. PingID complements existing AWS services to allow customers to provide a secure and seamless experience across their cloud and on-premises environments. “Ping Identity is committed to working with AWS to address the security needs of today’s enterprises as they continue their digital transformation initiatives and migrate to the cloud,” said Loren Russon, vice president, product management and technology alliances, Ping Identity. “Adding PingID to AWS Marketplace is another important step in helping our global customers quickly increase security at scale and enable secure work from home solutions.” For more information on Ping Identity’s offering in AWS Marketplace, please visit: About Ping Identity Ping Identity is the Intelligent Identity solution for the enterprise. We enable companies to achieve Zero Trust identity-defined security and more personalized, streamlined user experiences. The Ping Intelligent Identity™ platform provides customers, workforce, and partners with access to cloud, mobile, SaaS and on-premises applications across the hybrid enterprise. Over half of the Fortune 100 choose us for our identity expertise, open standards, and partnerships with companies including Microsoft and Amazon. We provide flexible identity solutions that accelerate digital business initiatives, delight customers, and secure the enterprise through multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, access management, intelligent API security, directory, and data governance capabilities. For more information, visit ISACA to Introduce Live Remote Proctoring for All Certifications to Ensure Uninterrupted Access for Learners 2020-03-31T23:04:02Z isaca-to-introduce-live-remote-proctoring-for-all-certifications-to-ensure-uninterrupted-access-for-learners SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA (1 April 2020) – ISACA certification candidates will be able to take certification exams remotely by the end of April, providing test-takers flexibility and convenience at a time when public health concerns related to the COVID-19 global pandemic have impeded traditional testing methods. Many have needed to shift to new ways of living and working amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. ISACA is innovating its test-taking procedures to ensure continuity in its globally respected certification program, including offering live remote proctoring for its Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT), and Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) certification exams, which will be made available to test-takers by the end of April. Candidates can register for the exam now and choose the live remote proctoring option as soon as it becomes available. The security and integrity of these tests continues to be a priority. Remote proctoring of the exams allows for monitoring of the testing area via video and for each remote proctor to monitor a few candidates at one time. Internet access during the test is prohibited. This new exam delivery option—offered through ISACA’s exam vendor PSI—ensures that those who have already begun to pursue an ISACA certification, or are in the process of exploring new remote learning opportunities, can continue to advance their learning and career goals during this time while also protecting their health. “It is vital to ISACA as a global learning organisation to continuously evolve to meet our professional community where they are—not only by developing educational offerings they need, but also by delivering these learning options when and where they need them and in ways that are safe and secure,” said Nader Qaimari, ISACA chief learning officer. “As we stay nimble to meet these changing needs in our community, adding live remote proctoring for ISACA’s certification exams ensures that professionals can continue undeterred in their learning and career advancement journeys.” Those registering for certification exams can indicate their interest in the live remote proctoring option. If an exam-taker lives in an area in which testing centres remain open, they still have the option to take the exam in person. Learn more about ISACA’s certifications at To access ISACA updates and resources related to COVID-19, visit About ISACA For more than 50 years, ISACA® ( has advanced the best talent, expertise and learning in technology. ISACA equips individuals with knowledge, credentials, education and community to progress their careers and transform their organisations and enables enterprises to train and build quality teams. ISACA is a global professional association and learning organisation with 145,000 members who work in information security, governance, assurance, risk and privacy. It has a presence in 188 countries, including more than 220 chapters worldwide. Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Contact: Julie Fenwick, Karen Keech, NTT DATA Joins the MuleSoft Technology Partner Program 2020-03-31T04:31:40Z ntt-data-joins-the-mulesoft-technology-partner-program NTT DATA a world-leading global technology services provider, today announced its partnership with MuleSoft to provide consulting services for MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™, the world’s #1 integration and API platform. Anypoint Platform allows organizations to use API-led connectivity to unlock and unify their DATA, empower their business with re-usable APIs, and create connected experiences, faster. NTT DATA’s implementation expertise and industry knowledge, coupled with MuleSoft’s technology, gives clients the support and tools they need to harness the rapidly growing number of apps and data   sources. With Anypoint Platform, organizations can unlock new revenue channels, improve customer experiences and drive innovation. This partnership complements the existing NTT DATA Global Enterprise integration practice of 1000+ professionals engaged in transforming traditional Application and Integration landscape into an API and Cloud-centric architecture. With their Integration Centre of Excellence, NTT DATA delivers a comprehensive range of services covering all aspects of the solution lifecycle, from strategy to value realisation. “With the explosion of disparate technologies today, connecting them all quickly and efficiently is the key to gaining a competitive edge. Through its partnership with MuleSoft, NTT DATA is enabling its customers to create a dynamic application network to achieve their goals and accelerate their pace of business,” said Marc Caltabiano, Vice President ANZ, MuleSoft. “We’re pleased to welcome NTT DATA into MuleSoft’s partner ecosystem and look forward to working together to deliver significant business impact to our mutual customers.” NTT DATA and its sister companies have developed several award-winning and innovative solutions across a range of industries and technologies using a proprietary and creative approach to drive value that is sustainable and scalable for customers.  Working collaboratively with their customers, NTT DATA discovers opportunities and uncover needs by leveraging local and global expertise in existing and emerging technology, maximising current investments, and developing the strategy while ensuring a people-centric focus to drive solutions and business outcomes. 'I am delighted that NTT DATA and MuleSoft will be working together to help our customers solve real world problems, future proof their application landscapes and realise the benefits of insights from operational data and experience data. For our customers to remain competitive, the ability to innovate quickly is critical and I see this partnership as in making that a reality’ – Nick Binns, Managing Director, NTT DATA Business Solutions Jean-Michel Charette, who was key in driving this partnership, says: “Integration is part of NTT DATA DNA. With a flexible platform such as this one, we help customers modernise their application landscape, test their big ideas in very short time using a progressive approach and technology, while minimising the cost associated to integration” Jean-Michel is an Industry leader with 20+ years of experience in technology and management consulting helping organisations grow and optimise their business.  As NTT DATA Innovation Leader, Jean-Michel is committed in helping customers Innovate for growth but also solve complex business and technological problems. Jean-Michel Charette, LinkedIn NTT DATA and MuleSoft About NTT DATA Business Solutions: About Anypoint Platform:   Epson printers and robots win Best of Best and Product Design 2020 Awards 2020-03-30T22:42:36Z epson-printers-and-robots-win-best-of-best-and-product-design-2020-awards Epson’s large-format printers and an industrial robot have won the Red Dot Award in the Product Design category (Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020), marking the fourth successive year that Epson products have been recognised in this award. The company’s printers have also been recognised for their second successive Red Dot: Best of Best Award.Created in 1955 the Red Dot Design Award is recognised around the world as one of the most prestigious awards in the design field. A jury of experts evaluates products announced during the past two years and selects the best designs based on nine criteria, including degree of innovation, functionality, ergonomics, ecological compatibility, and durability. This year's winners were selected from entries from around the world.  Details of the award winning Epson products: SureColor SC-P7500 and SureColor SC-P9500 (SureColor SC-P7560 and SureColor SC-P9560 in Australia and New Zealand) Alongside the SureColor SC-P9050V and SC-P9050G (SureColor P7070 and P9070 in Australia and New Zealand), these printers were regarded highly as the industry standard for reproducing high-quality images in fine art, proofing, and photo laboratories. These products provide the functional operability of high-quality professional tools, such as internal lighting to immediately check printed material and a neutral colour that does not interfere when making colour adjustments. VT6L six-axis robot This is a smooth and beautifully designed entry level 6-axis robot with curved surfaces that make it easy to install. Designed to automate simple transfer operations previously undertaken by humans, the main unit and the controller are integrated to enable space-saving and easy, and ease of use. Low ownership costs are achieved by reducing the cost of the main unit and lower running costs due to a batteryless motor unit. Epson products and services vary by region. You can refer to local Epson sales company for details of products and services available in your region by going For more details about the Red Dot Award, please Buying and selling real estate while open for inspections and public auctions are banned 2020-03-30T21:56:20Z buying-and-selling-real-estate-while-open-for-inspections-and-public-auctions-are-banned Since the Federal Government has banned residential property ‘open for inspections’ and public auctions buyers and agents are seeking a safer way to connect during the Covid-19 pandemic  Resilience and adaptation are hallmarks of the Australian way and the sector is already looking for alternative, safe and healthy ways for vendors, agents and buyers to interact, so that they can continue to buy and sell property. There are vendors who need or want to sell; agents with listings already in the market and buyers who do not want finance approvals to lapse.  Property Whispers, Australia’s only instant matching and connecting residential property platform is a big part of the solution and it is completely free for agents and buyers to use. Says co-founder Liane Fletcher: “Since buyers can’t attend an open for inspection, shake hands with an agent or huddle together at an auction, what can they do? Property Whispers is offering its service completely free, matching buyers and agents and connecting them so that they can assess specific property opportunities safely – complying with the new laws, without crowds and with appropriate social distancing. The way it works is: - Buyers register and provide their purchase specifications (ie) their preferred property type, suburb, price range and other requirements.  - Agents upload properties for sale – either by ‘auction’, ‘private treaty’ or for sale ‘off-market’. - Property Whispers’ algorithm matches buyers and properties and instantly connects agents and buyers so that they can discuss particular properties.  - This can be done by phone, text or email as a precursor to a privately arranged inspection.  Following this an offer, negotiation and exchange of contract can all be done with little direct interaction, keeping all parties safe and well. Over 38,000 instant matches have been created to date. Agents and vendors have a ready marketplace and active buyers can continue finding their dream homes! Property Whispers ( is simple to use and stands ready to help buyers, sellers and agents in these difficult times, allowing them to continue to buy and sell properties, in a safe and healthy way. ENDS - For further information or interviews, please contact: Liane Fletcher, mobile: 0402 333 012 email: Property Whispers is Australia’s premier property matching sales platform, instantly matching buyers and their property requirements with all properties for sale including ‘Off-market’ properties. Over the Wire’s NetSIP Voice Platform now offers Direct Routing Calling Solution for Microsoft Office 365 and Teams 2020-03-30T20:12:33Z over-the-wire-s-netsip-voice-platform-now-offers-direct-routing-calling-solution-for-microsoft-office-365-and-teams Over the Wire has today released Microsoft Teams Direct Routing calling plans, so your organisation can now call externally to the PSTN without the need for onpremises hardware. Over the Wire’s purpose is to simplify technology to empower business. To this end, we’ve extended our powerful NetSIP voice platform to natively provide competitively priced global calling from Teams. Microsoft Teams is the fastest growing business app in Microsoft history with some 44 million daily users at time of writing. A move away from legacy on-premise telephony to cloud-delivered unified communications services is now more compelling than ever. Extending Office 365 licensing to include Teams is easy – and now adding Direct Routing makes the transition to true cloud telephony simple and fast. That’s why we’ve developed our class leading NetSIP voice platform to provide Direct Routing capability for Microsoft Teams. This new service enables people to call numbers outside the Microsoft cloud, increasing their productivity and building on Over the Wire’s strengths in voice and data networking, cloud and security. As an alternative to the traditional providers, Over the Wire offers both competitive rates and improved service. We also deliver a number of services that help organisations bring together Microsoft Teams collaboration with our voice services, including: ● Session Border Controller configuration and management ● A choice of competitive voice calling plans using our national SIP network ● Integration services for our existing voice and contact centre platforms ● Self-service customer portal for ordering and routing numbers ● Flexible call routing for inbound calls NetSIP carries millions of calls every day over our highly resilient SIP platform located in geo-redundant voice hubs across Australia, terminating your calls using the best possible path at the highest possible quality. Over the Wire offers the Direct Calling SIP service as a standalone offering, not requiring customers to migrate Office 365 licensing away from their current provider. This means Over the Wire will not compete with Microsoft Partners, but instead enhance their service suite and potentially provide them with new revenue streams. Michael Omeros, Group CEO of Over the Wire, explained that employees want to collaborate in many different ways, but without the pain of disparate systems; “We are always looking for ways to improve our customers’ productivity using telecoms. We know that people want to see a truly unified collaboration experience and that is now possible combining Microsoft Teams with NetSIP.” /ENDS About Over the Wire Holdings Limited Over the Wire (ASX: OTW) is an ASX-listed telecoms, cloud and security solutions provider that has a national voice and data network with points of presence in all major Australian capital cities and Auckland, NZ. The company offers an integrated suite of products and services to business customers including SD-WAN, IP-WAN, internet, data centre, cloud security and managed services. Over the Wire companies include Over the Wire, NetSIP, Faktortel, Sanity Technology, Telarus, VPN Solutions, Access Digital Networks and Comlinx. DDLS transitions all courses to remote learning 2020-03-30T06:19:16Z ddls-transitions-all-courses-to-remote-learning DDLS, Australia’s largest provider of corporate ICT and cybersecurity training, will transition all courses to remote delivery to protect the safety of customers and employees amid the escalating COVID-19 situation, effective immediately.DDLS has been successfully delivering virtual instructor-led training to thousands of students for over six years via its market-leading telepresence technology, DDLS Anywhere. The delivery method provides a virtual classroom experience with full HD video and audio, enabling students to attend classes from any location.Jon Lang, CEO of DDLS said, “For the safety of our customers and employees, in the face of ever more stringent government restrictions, we believe remote training is the best option for all involved. We would like to assure all students, there will be minimal impact on any training they have planned in coming weeks and months, and we will do our utmost to accommodate their requirements. We have the full support and backing from our key vendor partners such as Microsoft and AWS, and we have already successfully transitioned over 85% of future client bookings to our virtual offering.”DDLS Anywhere closely replicates the high-quality face-to-face classroom experience which DDLS is known for, and has a key advantage over webinar-based training: the telepresence and/or remote Zoom virtual classrooms allow students to actively participate and interact with their trainer and with other students. This creates a more engaging experience than standard online training and improves student learning outcomes.“Businesses around the world are being challenged more than ever by the sudden shift to remote working,” Lang added. “But that doesn’t mean their skills and training needs should be put on hold. In fact, it simply means priorities shift and certain skills become even more important. We are already seeing increased demand in the areas of online collaboration and productivity via applications such as Microsoft Teams and Office 365, in addition to cybersecurity training, as organisations look to secure their remote workforce.” “With Virtual Instructor-led Training, DDLS can provide training in the skills organisations require immediately, in order to maintain business momentum in these very troubled and demanding times.”“The key advantage to telepresence over traditional webinar-based learning is that it provides a training experience that is enhanced, allowing students to actively participate rather than merely typing into a chat window, which in turn improves student learning outcomes. We also ensure classroom sizes are capped for a manageable and personalised learning experience.”For more information on DDLS Anywhere and the full portfolio of remote learning courses, visit About DDLSDDLS is Australia’s largest provider of corporate IT and process training and Australia’s number one cybersecurity training provider. We provide extensive training options tailored to organisations’ needs – from vendor-certified courses to customised training, including bespoke in-house developed courses. In cybersecurity we offer the broadest range of authorised training from leading global organisations including the EC-Council, (ISC)2, ISACA, RESILA (Axelos), and CompTIA. In all specialisations DDLS promotes a balanced approach to training with a focus on the key areas of technology, process and people. Experiential Event Company Launches Product to Tackle Social Isolation 2020-03-30T05:08:35Z experiential-event-company-launches-product-to-tackle-social-isolation SELFMATIC FOR CARE GIVERS    Visual experiential event company, The Photo Booth Guys launches new monthly subscription iPad/iPhone -based product to tackle social isolation in Australia’s aged care facilities. ‘We know that two of the best ways to reduce social isolation and loneliness is to introduce activities that encourage communication and encourage the use of new technology. Our aim with the Selfmatic for Caregivers product is to tackle the feelings of social isolation and disconnection, not only for the residents of aged care facilities, but also their family. Many family members are losing sleep, worrying about their vulnerable relatives – we have developed a product that will enable caregivers to capture an image or mini-story of their loved ones in a fun, quick and easy way – giving the family the reassurance they need at this time.’ Steve Bliesner, Creative Director and Founder. The Photo Booth Guys. After seeking advice from Occupational Therapists and Directors of Aged Care, visual experiential event company, The Photo Booth Guys utilised their skills and technology to develop an iPhone/iPad-based program that will help tackle the problems associated with social isolation and help bring members of the community back together during Covid-19 and beyond. The launch of the new product and service comes as a response to the social distancing regulations now placed on aged care facilities. Some residents may now not be able to see their loved ones for months to come, this can have a negative effect on both physical and mental health.   The Photo Booth Guys have adapted their social product the Selfmatic app system to create Selfmatic for Caregivers. A personalised platform is custom built for each aged care/retirement facility that enables caregivers to capture images and mini-stories of residents and clients that can then be automatically shared with their loved ones via a private and secure gallery.   Selfmatic for Caregivers is a fast, fun and powerful way to bring families and loved ones together, whilst maintaining social distancing practices and complying with infectious disease precautions. The product is designed only to be used by caregivers. Differing from video calling apps in the fact it does not rely on facility staff assisting residents for a lengthy amount of time. An initial set up fee is required to custom build the platform to the facility, including a complete list of all the residents each with their own personal and secure gallery link. Then a monthly subscription fee based on the number of residents and devices, this fee includes tech support, licensing and relevant program updates. The product can also work as a two-way communication tool – with family members of residents being able to install the Selfmatic program on their Apple devices and send pictures to the same private gallery link.     The Startup Fighting Elderly Isolation With Virtual Reality 2020-03-30T01:10:41Z the-startup-fighting-elderly-isolation-with-virtual-reality A startup specialising in group virtual reality (VR) therapy and social engagement has introduced a new way to tackle isolation in Australian aged-care facilities. The Melbourne-based SilVR Adventures has been running guided communal VR sessions that encourage social interaction for groups of seniors in care homes across Victoria. Its new offering is a self-service subscription available in ANZ, that allows facilities to carry out as many sessions as desired for an unlimited number of residents - all without the need for an external guide. “Our goal is to increase the happiness of care home residents and tackle the isolation many of them feel on a daily basis,’ says Colin Pudsey, CEO of SilVR Adventures “We can transport residents to a treasured memory from their youth, or even create new memories of adventure and wonder. But the greatest feature of our sessions is that they bring people together in a shared experience and sense of purpose.” After taking part in these group sessions, we’ve found that residents have more confidence to take part in other activities together, share memories and stories.” The launch of the new service comes as the escalating coronavirus pandemic means seniors may be asked to remain in their homes for weeks or even months for their own safety. The new self-service subscription includes the headsets, exclusive software to link together, training and ongoing support care homes need to deliver their own programmes of virtual reality-based therapy and entertainment for up to 10 residents at a time. SilVR Adventures also provides access to its library of continuously updated VR content curated especially for seniors. The programmes are developed to cover three key experience areas: reminiscence therapy, world travel and family bonding, so even visiting family members can share an experience with their loved one. The company has been delivering group VR sessions at the facilities of some of the biggest aged-care providers in the country. Residents have responded so well that some providers are looking to introduce their own in-house VR programmes with the flexibility to run sessions more frequently. “It’s amazing to see the impact our group VR sessions have had with participants, and great that providers are working to improve the wellbeing of their residents by embracing new technology,” says Pudsey. What participants say: "That was so overwhelming, to go from sitting here and now we can go anywhere. I can't even begin to think of where I want to go. How can you make that decision when you say you can take us wherever we want to go? That was magnificent.” - Maree, 85 “I forget everything in the last 50 years. What I talk to my wife about, everything I forget. But I’ll never forget you. I’ll never forget this. I’ll never forget today. This was amazing. Thank you.” - Mario, 88 Contact: | | Follow @SilVRAdventures UPL celebrating success with the Tech Innovation Award in 2020, entry deadline extended 2020-03-29T22:26:23Z upl-celebrating-success-with-the-tech-innovation-award-in-2020-entry-deadline-extended In its inaugural year, the Tech Innovation Award celebrates outstanding achievement in the field of technology and innovation within the Australasian fresh fruit, vegetable and floral industries. Nominations will be judged on the uniqueness and sustainability of the concept, the value it provides to the ANZ fresh produce industry by addressing existing challenges, it’s delivery throughout the industry and its immediate and long-term impacts including its ability to inspire future innovation.   A dynamic business providing total agricultural solutions to horticultural growers, UPL recognises the important role innovation plays within the fresh produce industry.   “UPL is excited to sponsor and support the inaugural PMA A-NZ Tech Innovation Award for 2020” says Ian Cass, Marketing and Business Development Manager, UPL Australia. “At UPL we are all about fostering collaborations across the industry and by supporting new technologies through such initiatives as the Tech Innovation award we can help get technology advances to market faster and drive transformational changes we need to ensure a safer sustainable agricultural footprint to keep growers in business and feed generations to come.”   The PMA A-NZ Tech Innovation Award is open to any individual or business, with nominees sought from all parts of the fresh produce supply chain.   The distinguished award is judged on each innovator’s ability to develop and execute an effective initiative that addresses challenges or opportunities within the industry. The initiative could be anything from a product value-add, campaign or more advanced technology. “We’re seeing a lot of exciting technological and innovative developments coming out of the fresh produce industry and it’s exciting to have the Tech Innovation Award recognising these achievements,” said PMA A-NZ’s Technology & Innovation Manager, Hannah White. “Having the support of UPL, as a leading solution provider in the horticultural sector, is a testament to the innovative developments improving efficiency within our industry and driving it forward. We’re delighted to have them onboard for the Award this year to celebrate the leaders in this field.”     PMA A-NZ and UPL have confirmed the award will be presented in 2020 and the nomination deadline has been extended to 8 May. With the Hort Connections trade show and conference postponed to 2021, the 2020 Tech Innovation Award showcase and award presentation will now be conducted via a webinar, which will stream live in June (date to be advertised). Self-nominations and nominations by third parties are welcome and must be received by 8 May 2020. --ENDS--   About PMA A-NZ: PMA Australia & New Zealand is Australia’s largest industry association for fresh produce. Based in Melbourne, Victoria, PMA A-NZ serves members in both countries by connecting members with the ideas and people that make their problems smaller and opportunities bigger, through industry events, networking, research and resources.   About UPL: UPL is a leader in global food systems and is now one of the top 5 agricultural solutions companies worldwide. With a proforma revenue of US$ 4.8 billion, UPL has a presence in over 130 countries. With market access to 90 percent of the world’s food basket and focused on ushering growth and progress for the complete agricultural value chain including growers, distributors, suppliers and innovation partners. The company offers an integrated portfolio for various arable and horticultural crops, including biological, crop protection, seed treatment and post-harvest solutions covering the entire crop value chain.