The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2020-02-17T02:39:12Z The Seven Network Deploys State-of-The-Art Teleprompting Solution by CueScript 2020-02-17T02:39:12Z the-seven-network-deploys-state-of-the-art-teleprompting-solution-by-cuescript Sydney, 30 January 2020 – Recently Techtel delivered a comprehensive CueScript Teleprompting solution to one of the Seven Network’s refurbished Melbourne studios. This is the first CueScript solution deployed by Seven Network and it comes as the broadcaster undergoes a studio refit to replace its aging equipment with products of quality engineering, robustness and flexibility. As a part of the versatile solution, Techtel provided four sets of on camera systems consisting of a prompter integrated with talent monitor, hood and cue lights/camera numbers – an integration which occupies minimal studio floor space and prevents the talent from looking off camera. Seven Network is using this permanent four-camera set up in their main studio for hosting sport panel shows, wellness and light entertainment events including its flagship shows, The Front Bar, AFL Game Day and The House of Wellness. In addition, Techtel provided four lightweight 10.4 inch prompter systems which enable Seven Network camera crew to achieve a variety of setups by moving the units around the facilities so they can be used for live links, interviews, outdoor events and ad-hoc broadcasts. These units are also compact and light enough to be easily used with a jib and carried offsite by simply folding away their flexible hoods. “We were looking for both a technological and aesthetic improvement and CueScript’s solution ticked all the boxes for quality, configuration options, connectivity, brightness and overall look” said Andrew Anderson Directors of Broadcast Operations, Seven Network. “The on camera monitors and head up units are first class and loved by our crew and presenters. The new system is in use for all our in house productions including the 10” solution on our portable and Jib Camera, something we have been unable to achieve in the past. We have been very satisfied with the consultancy we’ve received from Techtel and CueScript and the ease of installation and implementation. “CueScript are really leading the Teleprompting market with great innovations like their ability to support all IP workflows since the company’s inception.  It’s great to see the Seven Network embrace the products they’re producing and we look forward to seeing Seven use the system in action ”, commented Mal Chandler, Techtel CEO. The Seven Network joins a number of other Australian and International broadcasters such as ABC, Sky News, Nine Network and TVNZ to benefit from CueScript’s market-leading integrated teleprompting solutions, provided and integrated by Techtel. ISACA’s Next Decade of Tech Research canvases the impact of AI on businesses 2020-02-17T00:53:31Z isacas-next-decade-of-tech-research-canvases-the-impact-of-ai-on-businesses Sydney, Australia (17 February 2020) – With KPMG reporting innovation and disruption as one of the top five biggest issues facing Australian businesses in 2020, recent research from global, non-profit IT association ISACA shows that AI is predicted to eliminate 54% of finance jobs in the next decade. Only the manufacturing industry will see bigger job losses at 57% according to the survey respondents. ISACA’s Next Decade of Tech: Envisioning the 2020s survey of more than 5,000 business technology professionals comes as the global professional association continues its longstanding commitment to helping its members and enterprises navigate the future of technology. Other sectors such as healthcare and technology will also be impacted with over a third (42%) of each industry being affected. Survey respondents believe the concept of the augmented workforce - people, robots and AI working closely together - will be widespread and have an overwhelming impact on how jobs are performed across all sectors, including Government. The research found that respondents also believe AI will lead to an increase in short-term contracts and a decrease in job stability. In the finance and manufacturing sectors, short-term contracts are predicted to rise by over half to 57% in each sector, leading to a decrease in the traditional 40-hour work week (41% in finance and 37% in manufacturing). Responses were mixed on how AI may impact pay levels. Half of respondents predict pay levels will increase in the IT sector as a result of the augmented workforce, whereas approximately a quarter of respondents believe the finance, manufacturing and healthcare sectors will see pay levels rise. Enterprises Not Yet Adequately Prepared Respondents predict both the finance and manufacturing industries will see a moderate or major impact on profitability from AI, 89% and 88% respectively. The research also shows respondents are unconvinced that enterprises are adequately preparing themselves for what tech advancements in the next decade will set in motion. Eight in 10 respondents (81%) think enterprises are not yet investing adequately in the people skills needed to navigate the technology changes to come, while 70% think enterprises are underinvesting in the technology needed to retool their organisations for the 2020s. “As we move into the 2020s, the pace of technology-driven change will continue to accelerate, so it’s more important than ever to be always learning,” said ISACA CEO David Samuelson. “Both as individuals and in our companies, we will need new skills and frameworks to be equipped to navigate the inevitable change ahead.” For more resources related to ISACA’s Next Decade of Tech: Envisioning the 2020s research, including a related infographic, podcast, video, blog posts and presentation, visit -ENDS- About ISACA Now in its 50th anniversary year, ISACA ( is a global association helping individuals and enterprises achieve the positive potential of technology. Today’s world is powered by information and technology, and ISACA equips practitioners with the knowledge, credentials, education and community to advance their careers and transform their organisations. ISACA leverages the expertise of its 460,000 engaged practitioners—including its 140,000 members—in information and cybersecurity, governance, assurance, risk and innovation, as well as its enterprise performance subsidiary, CMMI Institute, to help advance innovation through technology. ISACA has a presence in more than 188 countries, including more than 220 chapters worldwide and offices in both the United States and China. Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Contact: Julie Fenwick, +61 468 901 655 Lauren Graham, +61 432 614 401 Epson projects Yabarra - Dreaming in Light at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2020-02-16T22:59:46Z epson-projects-yabarra-dreaming-in-light-at-the-adelaide-fringe-festival The Adelaide Fringe festival has gone from strength to strength and is synonymous with cutting edge artists and amazing audience experiences. This year Epson and supporting partners including Novatech and Monkeystack, are lighting up and projecting Yabarra - Dreaming in Light, the festival’s signature installation and vision of cultural creative producer Karl ‘Winda’ Telfer. Yabarra - Dreaming in Light is a unique, indoor, immersive cultural experience which educates all who experience it as it tells the dreaming story of Tjirbruke, an ancestor of the Kaurna people and of the creation and country at Tandanya. The installation uses a wide range of Epson projectors from the EV-100 LightScene to the flagship 25,000 lumen EB-L25000UNL laser projector. Critically Epson and the installation’s team seamlessly integrated the full potential of these projectors with the creative vision behind Yabarra to realise a culturally immersive and sensory experience.   Yabarra - Dreaming in Light also leverages Epson’s L-Series and their game-changing laser light source projection technology to deal with challenging installation angles and set-and-forget locations for the duration of the festival.  All of the Epson projectors delivered the highest levels of versatility, performance and dependability for Yabarra in order to guide visitors on a transformative journey from the physical world to that of the sprits and dreams.   Monkeystack Director and creative partner on the installation Justin Wight said, “We are very proud to have partnered with the Adelaide Fringe, Epson and the other project partners to create Yabarra - Dreaming in Light. Working with Epson projectors has meant that we are able to push the boundaries of what is achievable in immersive storytelling. Their precision, response and clarity of colour and fidelity of moving image has produced a world class experience in a challenging indoor space.” Leko Novakovic from Novatech, a key partner in the design and installation of the Epson projectors, added, “We’ve always enjoyed what a creative collaboration can bring to a project and believe that using the cutting edge technology of Epson’s projectors significantly enhances the effectiveness of storytelling. Yabarra shows how conventional equipment such as Epson projectors can be used to create unconventional images. The results are quite magical.” Heather Croall from the Adelaide Fringe concluded, “At Adelaide Fringe we see First Nation’s participation as vital to the arts, I’m so proud of our organisation’s signature project for 2020, Yabarra: Dreaming in Light, which speaks to this core value.” For more information on Yabarra – Dreaming in Light go to: For more information on Epson projectors go to Clutch announced Zealous System as one of the Top Mobile App Developers in India 2020-02-14T06:03:12Z clutch-announced-zealous-system-as-one-of-the-top-mobile-app-developers-in-india Washington D.C based Tech Research Firm that serves the purpose of B2B reviews and rating platforms released its annual ranking of the top mobile app development companies of India in 2020. The report was released on 3rd February 2020 on the official Clutch website under the title of “Clutch Announces the Top Mobile App Developers in India”. The results were released on the performances of the Companies in the year 2019 and were evaluated based on the work that they have done and the verified reviews by clients provided. The result was based on the work done till January 2020 and Zealous System had a dignified place amongst the Clutch rank holders. Being a ratings and reviews platform, Clutch releases such rankings to guide the enterprises who are searching for a suitable Mobile App Outsourcing Company that can help them with their project. Since the Indian app market is ranked second in the world, it can be implied that the demand for Mobile Apps is surging and with India being the hub of rare and skilled mobile app developers, the Clutch had to be thoroughly vigilant in declaring their results. Clutch analyst Ben Dobkin said that “We’re excited to highlight these leaders, which have proven their ability to provide quality services.” He further added that “Our rankings for mobile app developers in India are especially competitive, so these leaders should take pride in their accomplishments.” Clutch analyst Ben Dobkin said that “We’re excited to highlight these leaders, which have proven their ability to provide quality services.” He further added that “Our rankings for mobile app developers in India are especially competitive, so these leaders should take pride in their accomplishments.” As far as the selection criteria are concerned, the Mobile App Development leaders were evaluated on the following parameters: •             Types of services offered •             Awards received •             Brand reputation •             Recency, quality, and quantity of verified reviews While there are many other factors taken into consideration apart from these, the main criteria of selection are the verified client reviews. For instance, few of the verified reviews that Zealous has received for Mobile App Development services that they have catered to their clients. For more detailed reviews and ratings received by Zealous System, you can also visit Zealous System’s Clutch Profile. Apart from that, Clutch has also recognized Zealous System as top Chatbot Development Company, GoodFirms, a research and rating platform like Clutch also recently recognized Zealous System as the Top Mobile App Development Company for the USA region. Zealous System is also a Microsoft Gold Partner and is an all-inclusive IT services provider with a global clientele and they also have a strong physical presence in 5 countries namely, India, USA, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Zealous System has been on a sustainable growth path right from the start and has been providing striving exemplary services to clients from various domains and countries. Apart from that, the company also provides exclusive Technology Partnerships to Enterprises across the globe and has been heavily investing in resources of cognitive Technologies such as IoT development, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and other such technologies. Espire Infolabs now a Sitecore Gold partner in Australia & New Zealand 2020-02-13T07:28:40Z espire-infolabs-now-a-sitecore-gold-partner-in-australia-amp-new-zealand Sydney, Australia - 13 Feb 2020 - Global IT services & digital transformation firm Espire Infolabs today announced that it is now a Sitecore Gold partner in Australia & New Zealand (ANZ). With elevation of partnership status, Espire will have more avenues to diversify its capabilities in the region.    The move from Silver to Gold partnership comes after 5 + years of working in tandem with Sitecore to provide personalized experiences at scale in ANZ. The partnership had won accolades recently for drastically improving the website performance of Australian Catholic University (ACU) – a young and innovative Australian University with personalization and marketing automation. The results have been positive. Lead generation has increased by 99% and there is 207% more engagement around study at ACU content.  Apart from ACU, Espire’s clientele in ANZ includes a multi-national property company, an automobile insurance company, a packaging major with headquarters in Melbourne and leading Superannuation companies, among others. In recent years, the partnership has been on a winning spree – it has not only secured lurcative clients but has continued its alliance with brands.      The move to Gold partnership is a sign that the Espire Sitecore partnership has matured to the next level. Now Espire is empowered to undertake complex solutions for customer experience management, “including providing complex digital marketing solutions and customer education.” Speaking about the achievement, Gagan Oberoi, MD & CEO, Espire Infolabs said, “December was when all the work done with Sitecore during 2019 fructified into us becoming the coveted ‘Gold partner’ for Sitecore in Australia New Zealand (ANZ) region. We are proud of this achievement.”    Today, apart from Australia and New Zealand, Espire has established its presence in UK, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, USA, India, etc. Considered as one of the leaders in the digital experience management space, it continues with the Silver partnership in these geographies.    About Espire Infolabs Espire Infolabs is a global IT services company that has been enabling digital transformation by crafting awe-inspiring strategies, with above-par intelligent and intuitive solutions.  With exceptional digital experience solutions through digital content management, multi-channel customer communication management, and enterprise applications, cloud computing, integration and analytics – we have been empowering businesses to drive growth and customer engagement.  As a SEI CMMI Level 5 Ver 1.3 (Dev + SVC) appraised company, Espire has ensured optimization of business processes while enhancing customer experience. For more details visit About Sitecore   Sitecore delivers a digital experience platform that empowers the world’s smartest brands to build lifelong relationships with their customers. A highly decorated industry leader, Sitecore is the only company bringing together content, commerce, and data into one connected platform that delivers more than 500,000 digital experiences every day. Beaming with Love for Valentine’s Day 2020-02-13T06:04:20Z beaming-with-love-for-valentine-s-day Media Release Friday, 14 February Beaming with Love for Valentine’s Day  win a $250 Valentine’s Day Meal for two     Beam e-scooters is giving its riders a chance to win a $250 meal for two by sharing the love this Valentine’s day.    Riders just need to go to Beam’s instagram feeds (@Beam.Auckland,  or @beamchristchurch) follow Beam and scroll down to the comments and tag the person they would like to take for a romantic spin on Friday.  Beam will then send the subject of affection a $5 free Beam credit voucher.    In addition, riders who post a picture of themselves and their beloved riding Beam scooters (one each, no riding on the same scooter now!) on #BeamLoveRides go into the draw to win a $250 voucher for a meal for two anywhere in their city.    Beam Community Manager Adam Rossetto said that following the official launch of Beam Auckland last week and the launch of its Beam Safe Academy, the Valentine’s Day promotion would be the first of many special offers for Beam riders in that city.    “It’s just our way of saying thanks to our riders for their support, and giving a little bit back. “   “Taking a ride into the sunset is a lovely way to spend a Valentine’s Day, so all you need to do is follow us on insta and tag the person you want to share a ride with and we’ll reward them with Beam credits. If you post a photo of yourself and your preferred dinner companion on Beam scooters on #BeamLoveRides you could win a dinner voucher for $250.“   “We will be planning many more promotions for our riders to show how much we appreciate their support and to make Beam number one in New Zealand”, Mr Rossetto concluded.        Terms and Conditions ⠀ This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram or Facebook. T's & C's can be found by clicking on our bio on Instagram.     Media contacts: Brad Kitschke Head of Public Affairs ANZ  +61403809630  Adam Rossetto Community Manager +61 402 766 404  Kemp unveils ISV and service provider-optimised load balancer and product licensing 2020-02-13T03:01:35Z kemp-unveils-isv-and-service-provider-optimised-load-balancer-and-product-licensing SYDNEY, Feb. 13, 2020 – Kemp, the leader in powering always-on application experience [AX], today announced multiple load balancer product and licensing changes that provide increased value and tighter alignment with independent software vendor (ISV) and service provider use cases for optimising and securing applications across hybrid infrastructures. The new product and licensing offerings extend the Kemp AX™ Fabric with the following additions: The new LoadMaster X1 hardware appliance is optimised for embedding into ISV and OEM solution stacks where large numbers of individually-isolated customer pods are required to meet workload availability and security requirements. Combined with Kemp’s management and automation capabilities, more scalable and extensible partner ecosystems can easily be built. Unlimited capacity licensing and x86 optimisation with the Virtual LoadMaster MAX (VLM-MAX) enables dynamic scalability of hypervisor platform resources as private cloud applications scale. New service provider licensing as low as $71 AUD per month enables profitability on new services quicker with limited upfront investment. Extended virtual load balancer subscription offerings starting at 500 Mbps throughput with embedded identity and access management (IAM) provide the ideal solution for customers migrating from Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG). Recent research has shown that 8 out of 10 organizations manage between 50 and 400 applications on a single load balancer. Additionally, trends such as micro-services architecture have led to an explosion in the number of endpoints that need to be published and proxied. This leads to the role of the load balancer being more critical for delivering an optimised application experience in modern infrastructures. “Today, ISVs and service providers are continuously challenged to offer differentiated, dedicated and managed hybrid cloud offerings,” said Peter Melerud, Kemp’s co-founder and chief strategy officer. “Load balancers are key to this equation. With the Kemp LoadMaster X1 and VLM-MAX, ISVs and service providers are now empowered to deliver a better application experience for their customers in a more economical, purpose-built framework.” LoadMaster X1 dedicated, lightweight hardware The LoadMaster X1 is a small form-factor load balancer appliance built for optimising smaller application workloads, and embedding into ISV, OEM and service provider solutions where dedicated lightweight hardware is required. The appliance supports up to 1 Gbps of application throughput, 1,000 SSL TPS (2K keys), and has four 1 Gigabit ethernet ports. Virtual LoadMasters for the largest to smallest infrastructures The Virtual LoadMaster products are for customers who have embraced server virtualisation or cloud-native deployments and need help with simplified sizing and deployment options. The virtual appliances have been simplified based on feedback from our customers. The VLM-500 is a true entry-level offering supporting up to 500 Mbps of application throughput, while the VLM-MAX allows customers with complex scaling needs to build and grow as needed with the underlying hardware. The VLM-3000 sits in the middle with support for up to 3 Gbps of application throughput. Each appliance can also be licensed for use in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure hyperscale cloud platforms. “The new pricing models for Kemp’s virtual load balancers give customers of all sizes maximum value for achieving an optimal AX,” said Ron Javis, sales director for Bluechip Infotech. “Kemp makes partnering a snap by enabling customers to select the right delivery option and platform based on their required performance. This ensures they can deliver exactly the right AX for their workload, whether its deployed in the cloud or in their data centre.” Pricing and Availability The Kemp LoadMaster X1, VLM-500, VLM-MAX, and the updated licensing models will be available from Kemp and its global network of channel partners starting on February 18, 2020. List price for the X1 appliance is $4,275 AUD. One-year annual subscription list price for the VLM-500 is $2,941 AUD. One-year annual subscription list price for the VLM-MAX is $13,013 AUD. Kemp provides the most flexible load balancing pricing options with perpetual, subscription, cloud pay-as-you-go, metered, as well as specific licensing for service providers. About Kemp Kemp powers the always-on application experience [AX] that enterprises and service providers need to succeed. Kemp has redefined the load balancer by providing more simplified deployments, more flexible licensing options, and world-class technical support. Kemp is the world’s most-popular virtual load balancer with more than 100,000 deployments in 115 countries. Take control of your AX at Media Contact: David Frost, PR Deadlines, for Kemp Technologies. DDLS named DevOps Institute Elite Partner 2020-02-12T22:53:09Z ddls-named-devops-institute-elite-partner DDLS, Australia’s largest provider of corporate ICT and cybersecurity training, has been appointed an Elite Partner of the DevOps Institute, the highest level of the DevOps Institute’s Tiered Global Education Partner Program. DDLS has offered DevOps Institute training and certifications portfolio since 2018, training more than 400 students per year. The appointment follows DDLS revenue growth from DevOps training by 218 per cent, when comparing 2019 with figures from 2018. “The demand for DevOps skills is continuing to grow, making it important for us to enable the Australian workforce to upskill and maintain its global competitive edge. Moreover, and according the Dice’s 2019 Tech Salary Report, the DevOps Engineer role has one of the top-ranking salaries among all tech salaries,” commented Jon Lang, CEO of DDLS. “At DDLS we provide IT professionals with three enterprise level DevOps certifications: DevOps Foundation, SRE Foundation, DevOps Practitioner and DevOps/Agile Service Management.” “We are delighted to announce our expanded Global Education Partner program and to recognize in particular our Elite Partners like DDLS who have fully embraced the advancement of the Humans of DevOps through DevOps Institute’s SKIL Framework,” said Jayne Groll, CEO of DevOps Institute. The DevOps Institute is a global member-based association dedicated to advancing the human elements of DevOps’ success. Members are IT practitioners, education partners, consultants, talent acquisition and business executives supporting digital transformation and the New IT. The Institute launched its Ambassador Program in 2019 to advance the humans of DevOps with Skills, Knowledge, Ideas and Learning (SKIL); and Rose Dyson, Lead Instructor for DevOps and ITIL at DDLS was recently appointed as an Ambassador of the DevOps Institute. Rose Dyson, as a DevOps Institute Ambassadors is a DevOps pioneer, passionate about the DevOps movement, she is a recognized DevOps thought leader and subject matter expert who contributes to the Collective Body of Knowledge (CBok) of DevOps. Rose leads community engagement in Australia and globally. DevOps Institute’s Global Community Ambassador, Dheeraj Nayal commented, “We value our strategic partnership with DDLS Australia and appreciate their significant contributions to Advance the Humans of DevOps in the region. SRE being among the topmost hiring roles in 2020, very excited to see DDLS continuous expansion of DevOps training portfolio with the launch of DevOps Institute’s SRE Foundation this year” - END - About DDLS DDLS is Australia’s largest provider of corporate IT and process training and Australia’s number one cybersecurity training provider. We provide extensive training options tailored to organisations’ needs – from vendor-certified courses to customised training, including bespoke in-house developed courses. In cybersecurity we offer the broadest range of authorised training from leading global organisations including the EC-Council, (ISC)2, ISACA, RESILA (Axelos), and CompTIA. In all specialisations DDLS promotes a balanced approach to training with a focus on the key areas of technology, process and people. About the DevOps Institute DevOps Institute is dedicated to advancing the human elements of DevOps success. As a global member-based association, DevOps Institute is the go-to learning hub connecting IT practitioners, education partners, consultants, talent acquisition and business executives to help pave the way to support digital transformation and the New IT. We help advance careers and support emerging practices within the DevOps community based on a human-centred SKIL Framework, consisting of Skills, Knowledge, Ideas, and Learning. All of our work, including accreditations, research, events, and continuous learning programs – is focused on providing the "human know-how" to modernise IT and make DevOps succeed. Barracuda announces expanded email protection availability zones in Australia 2020-02-12T22:44:26Z barracuda-announces-expanded-email-protection-availability-zones-in-australia Sydney – 13 February 2020 – Barracuda Networks, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-enabled security solutions, today announced expanded availability zones in Australia, to meet growing demand for Barracuda’s email protection and better serve local organisations. Barracuda’s email security scanning and cloud archiving services are now provisioned through additional availability zones in Australia, enabling email messages, logs and settings to be stored locally. These new availability zones for email security scanning and cloud archiving build on the capabilities already provided by Barracuda’s existing local protection in Australia for email backup, Office 365 backup, web application firewalls and advanced threat protection. “This is a significant milestone for our Australian business to better serve all of our local customers, particularly those operating in regulated industries that face local data requirements,” said Andrew Huntley, regional sales director of ANZ and Pacific Islands for Barracuda. “As more organisations move to the cloud, they’re looking to protect their email communications, while storing data locally to meet data requirements and policies.” Barracuda has experienced strong email protection bookings growth in Australia at a rate of 361 percent in calendar year 2019 over 2018. Huntley continued, “The local data storage for our email scanning and cloud archiving services has been the missing piece in the puzzle for our local business. We now have the potential for accelerated growth in Australia, as well as New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.” Australian organisations bound by industry requirements and data protection laws now can take advantage of innovative email protection from Barracuda to protect against sophisticated attacks like phishing, account takeover and conversation hijacking. A recent report from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner found that 44 percent of cyber incidents reported in Australia in the second quarter of 2019 were linked to compromised credentials through phishing. “Barracuda’s decision to offer expanded availability zones for local data residency provides our clients with the comfort of knowing their data is stored within Australia,” said James Walker, managing director and lead IT strategist at Computer One. “Computer One has partnered with Barracuda since 2004 and this announcement further bolsters our commitment to the company’s world-class cloud email security and archiving solutions.” About Barracuda At Barracuda we strive to make the world a safer place. We believe every business deserves access to cloud-enabled, enterprise-grade security solutions that are easy to buy, deploy, and use. We protect email, networks, data and applications with innovative solutions that grow and adapt with our customers’ journey. More than 200,000 organisations worldwide trust Barracuda to protect them — in ways they may not even know they are at risk — so they can focus on taking their business to the next level. For more information, visit Barracuda Networks, Barracuda and the Barracuda Networks logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Barracuda Networks, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. FinTech Cashwerkz Continues to Innovate Online Cash Investing for Financial Advisers and their Clients 2020-02-12T22:38:08Z fintech-cashwerkz-continues-to-innovate-online-cash-investing-for-financial-advisers-and-their-clients Sydney, 13 February 2020 - Cashwerkz (ASX: CWZ), the leading online platform in Australia uniquely designed for cash investing, today announced it is working with partner Agility Applications on the rollout of new capabilities designed to streamline the management of At Call and Term Deposits for financial advisers. Together with its partner, Cashwerkz is pioneering a new investment protocol for financial advisers to proactively identify, invest and rollover At Call and fixed term cash investments at market competitive rates via an app integrated with the Cashwerkz marketplace. Agility Applications currently delivers customised data solutions to 175 financial services groups across Australia and is a wholly owned subsidiary of HUB24 Limited. Cashwerkz announced its digital cash investment platform partnership in mid-2019 with the Agility Connect solution. The new Agility Applications app will further enable advisers to streamline the application and administration of At Call and Term Deposit cash investments for their clients. The new app will automate the identification of cash investments facing maturity within investment portfolios. By automating the search and identification of cash investments requiring action, the app is expected to save financial advisers up to two working days a month in the administration of At Call and Term Deposit investments. To make it easier to administer and invest on behalf of their clients, the new app will send alerts to advisers. It will also provide: A 360 view of a client portfolio which identifies non-invested cash balances, supporting advisers to evaluate and manage within the Agility ecosystem A watchlist and personalised functionality for cash investments about to mature A powerful tool to identify and link daily market competitive rate opportunities with cash about to mature or cash that has matured Hector Ortiz, Head of Sales for Cashwerkz said, “Cashwerkz was launched to innovate the online cash investment process and act in the best interests of Australian investors. It is critical we continue to innovate the functional capabilities of Cashwerkz marketplace to better meet the needs of all parties.” Rob Forbes, General Manager Technology Solutions for HUB24, added, “We value the automation and streamlining of administration for our client’s cash investments. This collaboration with Cashwerkz to further develop new functionality will enhance Agility’s solution for our clients to manage their investment activities and supports the ongoing growth of their At Call and Term deposit investment operations.” The app will have a phased rollout commencing in quarter four of 2020. /Ends Research Finds Companies Using Impact’s Partnership Cloud See Three Year ROI Of 314% 2020-02-12T21:00:00Z research-finds-companies-using-impacts-partnership-cloud-see-three-year-roi-of-314 Sydney, AUSTRALIA, February 13, 2020: Impact, the global leader in Partnership Automation, today released a commissioned global study conducted by Forrester Consulting that discovered organisations that deploy Impact’s Partnership Cloud™ experience a PV-adjusted gain in benefits over three years, equating to an ROI of 314 percent with payback in under six months. Furthermore, the study, titled “The Total Economic Impact™ of Impact’s Partnership Cloud,” found that 55 percent of the quantified benefits from using the Partnership Cloud were tied to incremental partnership revenue, with the remaining 45 percent of quantified benefits tied to creating efficiency, time-savings and streamlined partner discovery and recruitment processes via its automation capabilities. The study interviewed five customers from around the globe currently using Impact’s Partnership Cloud to manage a range of different types of partnership programs, including: affiliates, social influencers, premier publishers, sponsorships and B2B partnerships. The study analysed the benefits, cost, flexibility as well as risk factors that could affect a company’s investment decision in the platform. In terms of benefits, respondents identified the following top three: Growth in revenue by providing improved tracking and reporting methods, ability to credit, pay and optimise relationships with top funnel content partners and identify value of influencer spend; Labor efficiencies, allowing the organisation to replace manual processes with more efficient, repeatable and productive automated workflows; and Time savings associated with discovering and recruiting new partners, resulting in an increase of 30 to 40 placements a month, and a 10 percent lift in conversion rates. The study found that the payout achieved from these benefits outweighed the risk in investing, concluding that the estimated payback period to be less than six months during a three year investment. “Since the inception of our partnerships strategy and launch of the Partnership Cloud, our goal has been to help brands understand and reap the benefits of partnerships as a revenue driver,” said Scott Brazina, CMO, Impact. “The TEI study by Forrester Consulting is another proof point that the Partnership Economy is running on all cylinders, and it’s a no brainer for companies looking to increase conversion rates and profits through authentic and engaging interactions with consumers.” “The best part of Impact’s Partnership Cloud is it’s simple UI that allows multiple team members to log on and easily pull concise data and reporting in real-time,” said Priest Willis, Senior Manager of Global Partnerships Marketing, Lenovo. “This has allowed us to not only get a clear view into which partnerships are driving the highest conversion rates, but has helped us streamline the numerous relationships we manage on a daily basis.” To learn more about the TEI study and hear directly from Impact and guests from Forrester, join the webinar “How partnerships provide 2X faster growth and 300% ROI” on Wednesday, February 19 from 11am PT/ 2pm ET. For more information on the study, and to register for the webinar and/or receive a recording click here. About Impact Impact is the global leader in Partnership Automation and catalyst for the new Partnership Economy. Impact accelerates enterprise growth by automating the full partnership lifecycle, including: discovery, recruitment, contracting, engagement, fraud protection, optimisation and payment processing for enterprise partnerships. Impact’s Partnership Cloud™ manages over $50B in e-commerce sales and processes over $2B per year in payments to partners. Impact drives revenue growth for APAC brands such as Booktopia, Canva, Decathlon China, Globalegrow and Razer – and global enterprise brands such as Bass Pro Shops, Fanatics, Getty Images, Lenovo, Levi’s, Techstyle and Ticketmaster. Founded in Santa Barbara, CA in 2008, Impact has grown to over 500 employees and twelve offices worldwide. To learn more visit Contact Sue Ralston Einsteinz Communications Ph: +61 02 8905 0995 Sony creates the ideal future for education to the workplace at ISE 2020 2020-02-12T04:21:44Z sony-creates-the-ideal-future-for-education-to-the-workplace-at-ise-2020 Sony Professional Solutions demonstrates a bold vision to create the ideal future for education and work at ISE 2020, as it reveals its latest AV and IT solutions on stand 1-N20. These include a new beamforming microphone MAS-A100 for lectures and presentations, an upgrade to the transformative workplace management solution with TEOS 2.2, and significant expansions of laser projectors. Visitors to the stand can meet experts from Sony to discuss how digital technologies are reshaping our organisations and the importance of adaptability, flexibility and personalisation today, while offering first-hand insight into the latest Sony products and solutions Crystal LED display system with breath-taking visuals and new interactive content. “Technology is reshaping every aspect of our modern lives. At Sony we’re dedicated to helping our customers harness the full potential of modern technologies to create their ideal future, whether that's in education, at work or elsewhere. This is why we are proud to showcase our latest line up of advanced products and solutions here at ISE 2020," explains Daniel Hancox, Group Manager, Sony Professional Solutions, Australia and New Zealand. "From our ground-breaking new beamforming microphone to impressive additions for our comprehensive workplace management solution TEOS. We are introducing innovations that build on decades of experience and are the result of Sony creating solutions together with our customers and industry partners.” The future of educationSony is expanding its range of advanced solutions for delivering, recording and streaming engaging presentations and video content in education environments. All solutions will be combined in the live demo setting to showcase the advanced teaching and learning experience.·       MAS-A100 is a new IP-based ceiling beamforming microphone enabling flexible and creative “hands-free” lectures and presentations. It offers advanced clear audio for speech reinforcement and recording with a unique combination of beamforming technology and its unique Intelligent Feedback Reducer function. The microphone can also be easily integrated into existing AV setups with the Dante®[1] digital audio-over-IP networking standard.·       Edge Analytics Appliance (REA-C1000) enables users to create impactful video content with minimal resources. The Artificial Intelligence-powered solution features automatic handwriting extraction from black and white boards, a Chroma key-less CG Overlay feature to extract the presenter and overlay them onto any background without the need for a dedicated backscreen or specialist training. The PTZ Auto Tracking also keeps presenters in frame throughout their presentation by accurately and smoothly tracking a presenter.·       UbiCast, an easy-to-use automated solution that allows corporate and education organisations to create and share dynamic, searchable, feature-rich video content. UbiCast will also showcase a new generation of video recorders to support the latest SRG cameras. Sony’s audio Auto Gain Control and Noise Reduction plugins will be included in these video recorders and the video platform to deliver an enhanced audio experience to online viewers. The future of work Sony’s TEOS continues to play a critical role in transforming workspaces to increase productivity, efficiency and employee engagement in over 200 organisations across 28 countries to date, including Capgemini and Siemens. The latest updates to the TEOS line-up provide users with the most comprehensive set of tools to work more collaboratively and flexibly. TEOS 2.2 uses the advances in IoT sensor technology to boost integration and unlock efficiencies with 20 new functionalities and features. These include tailored Smart Automation options, a new customisable Meeting Display interface and an intuitive Outlook integration for room booking, reception sign-in and content sharing.·       4 new TEB-XP Professional Tablets - available in a range of sizes from 7” - 22” for meeting rooms, classrooms and reception areas·       4K Android Player - for mirroring signage and meeting room display content via Connect for TEOS.·       Two new smart sensors - a desk sensor to measure occupancy and a meeting room sensor to measure both occupancy and CO2 levelsVisitors to the stand can also see demonstrations of 7 models in the  range of Sony’s BRAVIA Professional Displays, which combine exceptional picture quality and design with advanced professional features to meet the AV needs of any organisation.The future of laser projectionFrom entry-level through to premium projectors, Sony offers a solution for any space and budget, whether in classrooms and conference venues or museums and churches. All new laser projectors will also support the Intelligent Setting feature to simplify installation, with pre-sets that adjust brightness, cooling system, colour and other projector settings for optimal performance based on the environment the projectors are used in.·       VPL-FHZ131L is the newest and brightest premium WUXGA projector from Sony, boasting outputs of 13,000lm. With 100% S-RGB colour space reproduction and high contrast of ∞:1, they deliver incredibly bright, engaging and immersive images. Its wide lens shift capability and an optional short-throw lens VPLL-Z4107 can increase the flexibility of installation in the venues where the throw distance is limited.Sony also plans to launch the following projectors from June 2020 onwards, which will not be showcased at ISE.·       VPL-FHZ101L and VPL-FHZ91L are also the premium WUXGA projectors, boasting outputs of 10,000lm and 9,000lm respectively.·       VPL-PHZ12 is the new Sony mid-range 5,000lm WUXGA laser projector using a 0.76-inch LCD panel with its incorporated optical compensator. The model delivers bright, vibrant images with high contrast of ∞:1 and true-to-life colour reproduction.·       VPL-CWZ10 is the new, industry’s most compact[2] 5,000lm WXGA laser projector on the market. The projector is approximately 40% smaller and 35% lighter when compared with conventional model (VPL-PWZ10). Affordable cost and low maintenance make it a sensible, entry-level laser-based replacement for lamp models.For those seeking multiple projectors for different purposes across a single location, the Sony line-up offers high quality reproductions from both still image data and video playback, as well as unification in colour tone, controllability, design, and integration, regardless of use case or room size. The future of broadcasting solutions An area of the Sony stand will be dedicated to its portfolio of Media Solutions designed to meet the needs for simple and cost-effective content creation in education and corporate organisation and enable them to realise their vision. Stand demonstrations will include:·       Virtual Production - an on-demand cloud production service that provides a complete production toolset for multi-platform content creation and delivery.·       Professional Camcorders - bringing outstanding image quality, versatility and leading-edge technology to every level of content creation, Sony will be showcasing a range of camcorders with 4K and HDR capability.·       Professional Audio – high sound quality solutions from Sony, including the DWX Series digital wireless microphone with Dante support as well as compact and lightweight UWP-D series, built on its 60 years of experience in redefining the creative and technical possibilities for live recording or recorded sound.·       New Camera Remote Software Development Kit – On show for the first time, the new SDK for select α™ (Alpha™), Sony’s Interchangeable Lens Digital Cameras, allows developers and integrators to create bespoke applications such as to remotely control cameras for tailored usage requirements.Sony will be exhibiting at stand 1-N20 at RAI Amsterdam from 11th - 14th February. Sony launches three new high brightness laser projectors ranging from 13,000lm to 9,000lm to cater for halls, auditoriums, large lecture rooms at universities and museums 2020-02-12T04:18:28Z sony-launches-three-new-high-brightness-laser-projectors-ranging-from-13-000lm-to-9-000lm-to-cater-for-halls-auditoriums-large-lecture-rooms-at-universities-and-museums Sony has strengthened its line-up of laser projector with three new high brightness WUXGA models, the VPL-FHZ131L (13,000lm), VPL-FHZ101L (10,000lm), and VPL-FHZ91L (9,000lm). Sony’s line-up of laser projectors comprises of a total of 11 models across different brightness, ranging from 4,200 to 13,000lm, providing options suited to a wide range of applications such as small classrooms, conference venues to large halls and auditoriums and exhibition facilities such as museums. This enables users to find the perfect model for their installation environment, application, and budget. Key Features Flexible installation by combining a wide lens shift function with a short-focus lensIts wide lens shift capability (Max. Vertical ±107%, Horizontal ±60%)[i]  enhance usability in a range of settings including difficult installation environments, such as when a venue contains beams or piping, or when the screen is lower than the projector. When combined with the optional short-throw lens VPLL-Z4107, the flexibility of installation is increased in venues where the throw distance is limited.  Supporting a variety of interfaces and flexible system integrationInstalling separately sold adaptor BKM-PJ20 to the optional board slot enables 3G-SDI input. This makes it possible to operate projectors in city halls, event spaces, and other locations where projectors are often used together with broadcast equipment.In addition, the latest projectors now support the XTP Systems of Extron Electronics, enabling flexible system integration and operation.Intelligent Setting function for a faster, simpler set upChoose one of the pre-set “installation location” modes to automatically adjust the image quality, light source output level, and cooling system to achieve projected images optimised to their usage environment. Users can easily change the settings from a choice of pre-set modes, including Meeting/Classroom mode, a basic setting which emphasises the visibility of texts in bright environments; Museum mode, which prioritises low-noise; and for entertainment venues Facility mode, which reproduces impactful image quality with high contrast.In addition, the VPL-FHZ131L, VPL-FHZ101L, and VPL-FHZ91L are equipped with an Advanced Intelligent Setting function with additional Multiscreen mode, which optimises colour when projecting on multiple units. The feature also automatically controls the temperature of the installation environment, frequency of usage, and several other parameters enabling the projectors to be used at suitable settings for long-term stable operation.The benefit of laser projection and Sony’s unique technology to support superb image quality Long-lasting brightness of Sony's laser projectors reduces the burden of lamp replacement and other forms of maintenance, while also lowering operating costs. They also power on quickly to save on time and energy consumption. By combining Sony’s original laser light source technology system Z-Phosphor™ with the 3LCD system, the projectors are able to produce images with high brightness, high resolution, and vivid colour reproduction. Additionally, Sony’s unique super-resolution technology Reality Creation is used to delivers enhanced image clarity without increasing digital picture noise.[ii] Availability details:VPL-FHZ131L - Black/White - July 2020VPL-FHZ101L - Black/White - July 2020VPL-FHZ91L - Black/White - June 2020 [1] When used with optional lens VPLL-Z4019, VPLL-Z4025, and VPLL-Z4045. With standard lens VPLL-Z4111, the lens can be shifted to ±99% of the total screen in the vertical direction, and to ±51% of the total screen in the horizontal direction. With short-throw lens VPLL-Z4107, the lens can be shifted to ±50% of the total screen in the vertical direction, and to ±24% of the total screen in the horizontal direction. The lens shift range varies when using other optional lenses. Using vertical and horizontal lens shift together reduces the available shift range. Nexon Asia Pacific kicking off 2020 with three new acquisitions under its belt, powering business growth. 2020-02-11T22:18:56Z nexon-asia-pacific-kicking-off-2020-with-three-new-acquisitions-under-its-belt-powering-business-growth SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – Wednesday 12th February 2020 – Nexon Asia Pacific (Nexon) announces today the completion of its acquisitions; (1) Kiandra IT - the Technology Services and Security Solutions division (2) Remagine Solutions and (3) XCentral.    This strategic combination will further strengthen Nexon’s presence, and ·        Grow Nexon’s cloud and managed IT practice, adding additional value to existing and prospective customers.  ·        Build on Nexon’s existing footprint in Melbourne  ·        Evolve Nexon’s Security solutions to mid-market customers, and complement their comprehensive portfolio of end to end services, and  ·        Supplement Nexon’s existing Microsoft Dynamics practice with industry specific intellectual property. Nexon’s investment is part of a larger growth strategy to further enhance their IT services offering, grow their client portfolio, and continue to seek suitable acquisitions. This follows six months after EQT Mid Market Asia invested in the organisation’s vision and set in motion a road map for its continued growth and success.  “We’ve invested in these organisations to support our strategic goals, and provide customers with complementary solutions that meet their evolving needs. These investments will allow us to deliver even more specialised platforms and services to our customers across key market segments” said Nexon’s Chief Executive Officer, Barry Assaf. “We are continuously looking at ways to geographically expand our managed services footprint in Australia and enhance customer experiences” added Assaf.                                                                                           With aggressive growth plans in action, Nexon will continue to invest in their cloud and cybersecurity strategy, Managed IT and industry solutions that support their Microsoft ecosystem. Nexon’s investment in Kiandra IT, Remagine Solutions and XCentral, will support Nexon’s pathway for growth and shape their next generation managed IT offering whilst scaling their Melbourne footprint.   “By acquiring the Technology Services division of Kiandra IT, we are able to strengthen our proposition to customers, across security, cloud services and managed IT. They have well-established security and Azure practice that will benefit many mid-market organisations we service today, but also look to attract new ones” added Assaf.    With cloud adoption continuously on the rise, mid-market organisations will require a partner with expert skills to deliver enterprise-grade security services. This acquisition will bring significant advantages, including security awareness, training services, security readiness assessments, incident response management, and consultancy services. These services will add value to Nexon’s already comprehensive security portfolio including perimeter, email, endpoint and cloud security services.    “While we’re sad to part with a foundational element of the business we started 24 years ago, this acquisition will provide additional growth opportunities for team members moving to Nexon, and give our clients access to the broad range of IT services that Nexon offers. We congratulate Nexon as they to go from strength to strength, and we’re super excited about Kiandra’s new, more focused future” said Kiandra’s Director Cameron Brookes.   In addition the Remagine Solutions acquisition will add to Nexon’s existing Business Solutions practice with Dynamics 365 point solutions across multiple industries. Remagine Solutions offers a vast range of services that supports Nexon’s business strategy with unique add-ons to the Microsoft Platform.   “Remagine Solutions has developed specific intellectual property that aligns with our market segments and industries including the not for profit and healthcare sector. This addition will allow us to grow our Microsoft Dynamics practice and build the right platforms to support our already strong Microsoft ecosystem” said Assaf.    “We are excited about the opportunities that Nexon’s scale presents us, and our customers. Not only will our clients get access to expertise and services that we can’t offer in house today, but we can also leverage Nexon’s reach to deliver our innovative solutions across a broader marketplace” said Gavin Leathem Managing Director at Remagine Solutions.   With customer demands soaring for cloud and managed services, Nexon’s investment in XCentral couldn’t come at a better time. XCentral’s collaborative approach, combined with their expertise and knowledge will support Nexon’s offering evolution. From network services to collaboration, IT security, to business continuity, right through to device management, Nexon customers will have access to additional capabilities across their comprehensive IT offering.    “As our customers become more reliant on cloud technologies, and we grow, we will require the right expertise and people to service customers. XCentral will assist in scaling our complete suite of managed services including help desk support across targeted industries including the not for profit sector. For our customers this means we are able to deliver higher levels of customer service across the business and respond quickly to their needs now and well into the future.” added Assaf.     “After 15 years of growing a fantastic customer base and providing a service we’re really proud of, we’re incredibly excited to be able to take this to the next level by combining with Nexon’s breadth and depth of offerings. Barry and his team align with us so well not only culturally but also with what we think the market wants from a modern, end-to-end Managed Service Provider” said Angus Mansfield, Managing Director at XCentral.     “We are in the midst of growth and are continuing to invest in the right people, platforms and processes to provide greater value to our customers, and their experiences with Nexon. For now, we are focused on building out value-based offering from Security, Cloud and Managed services to support our customer priorities and deliver solutions that meet business outcomes.” added Assaf.   About NexonEstablished in 2000, Nexon Asia Pacific (Nexon) is a cloud and managed service provider helping clients run more efficiently, create better user experiences and explore bigger opportunities. We’re a trusted technology partner for mid-market businesses, government agencies and not-for-profit organisations throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Nexon supports businesses on their digital transformation, from network to SIP, to business solutions and everything else in between, allowing clients the ability to work seamless across any cloud, anytime and any device.  More info:   About Kiandra IT Across 24 years, Kiandra has grown to be the technology provider behind some of Australia’s most iconic and well-known brands, and has expanded internationally, delivering enterprise-grade solutions to organisations from across the globe. More info:     About XcentralXCentral is an Australian IT services provider that helps businesses use technology to transform the way they work, collaborate, communicate and connect with staff and customers. They are an advocator of innovation and a promoter of the power of cloud technologies. For over 15 years they have been delivering and managing effective and efficient IT environments, building digital platforms, and enabling clients to use cloud-based collaboration and connectivity products. More info:   About Remagine Solutions Founded in 1981 as Hume Business Systems, Remagine Solutions has reimagined itself multiple times over its 36 years. Originally established as a successful provider of accounting automation solutions on mini-computing platforms, the company has continued across the decades helping navigate its clients through the rapid evolution of business technology. At Remagine, We want to help businesses rethink their IT strategy, to re-engineer their business processes and redesign how they deliver their services in order that they see greater success and profitability. We can help your organisation re-imagine the possibilities.  More Info: Kiandra IT doubles down on Software Development with the sale of its Technology Services and Security Solutions divisions. 2020-02-11T22:09:55Z kiandra-it-doubles-down-on-software-development-with-the-sale-of-its-technology-services-and-security-solutions-divisions-1 For over 24 years Kiandra has maintained a strong reputation for providing innovative software development, and dependable managed and security services to mid-market, enterprise and government clients. The sale sees Nexon acquire the Managed Services and Security Solutions divisions of Kiandra IT.   The sale enables the new-look Kiandra to focus on its growing Software Development division, Managing Director Cameron Brookes believes the transaction is a win-win for all parties.   “It’s an exciting time for Kiandra and becoming a fully-focused Software Development company will help us address the growing demand for low-code and other rapid development technologies, particularly in helping our clients modernise legacy applications and migrate their applications to the cloud.   While we’re sad to part with a foundational element of the business we started 24 years ago, this acquisition will provide additional growth opportunities for team members moving to Nexon and give our clients access to the broad range of IT services they offer. We congratulate Nexon as they to go from strength to strength, and we’re super excited about Kiandra’s new, more focused future.”   With Nexon looking to expand their service offering into the mid-market and build on their existing Melbourne footprint, Chief Executive Officer Barry Assaf believes the acquisition will be a great benefit to their customers.    “By acquiring these divisions, we are able to strengthen our security services offering to our customers. Kiandra’s Technology and Security services division has a well-established and competitive offering in the marketplace that will benefit many organisations.”   Kiandra and Nexon will work closely together during the transition period to ensure minimal disruption for staff and clients and look forward building to an ongoing and complementary relationship. ENDS About Kiandra IT Kiandra is an award-winning software development company building smart, business critical software applications. Using the best in rapid application development and low-code technologies we provide software development, legacy application modernisation, application cloud migrations and project recovery for web and mobile – fast and with reduced risk. About Nexon Established in 2000, Nexon Asia Pacific (Nexon) is a cloud and managed service provider helping clients run more efficiently, create better user experiences and explore bigger opportunities. We’re a trusted technology partner for mid-market businesses, government agencies and not-for-profit organisations throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Nexon supports businesses on their digital transformation, from network to SIP, to business solutions and everything else in between, allowing clients the ability to work seamless across any cloud, anytime and any device.