The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-11-19T04:26:19Z NEW FINTECH APP CREATING EASE FOR THE RIDESHARE INDUSTRY 2019-11-19T04:26:19Z new-fintech-app-creating-ease-for-the-rideshare-industry Founded by qualified accountants, Selda Kaplan and Michael Kambouridis, Rideshare Tax has now officially launched to the Australian rideshare community and it already has the support of rideshare giant, Uber. The fintech app, which simplifies and demystifies tax requirements for rideshare drivers, was created after a disgruntled rideshare driver vented to Selda about his tax woes and the lack of support available.   With rideshare drivers having to pay GST and lodge quarterly BAS statements from the moment they start driving, Selda and Michael realised there was a gap in the market for a streamlined, compact and easy-to-use app that could guide drivers through their tax journey. From applying for ABN and GST, to tracking and managing expenses, Rideshare Tax is an in-hand accountant, without the costly fees.   The free app, which is the first of its kind directed at the rideshare industry, is available for both Android and iOS users and allows drivers to download income, track earnings and access a digital logbook. For maximum ease, Rideshare Tax has also partnered with rideshare leader, Uber to allow their riders’ data to be downloaded directly into the app. The team has plans to organise similar arrangements with Ola, Shebah, DiDi and Bolt in the future.   App users can download BAS reports for free, or seamlessly and securely lodge them through the app for a small price of $49 per quarter. With the ATO cracking down on the sharing economy, Rideshare Tax provides a simplified solution, with access to qualified accountants, that can save drivers hundreds of dollars per year.   With over 1300 signups to the platform so far and plans to launch an equity crowdfunding campaign at the start of 2020 to push further growth and awareness across the country, Rideshare Tax is set to revolutionise the way rideshare drivers manage their tax for good.   “The sharing economy is booming, but drivers are becoming overwhelmed with the bookkeeping and tax requirements. Rideshare Tax is a one-stop-shop for rideshare drivers. We’re here to ensure they can drive more and worry less,” says Michael.   - ENDS -   For further information, or to speak with co-founders Selda Kaplan and Michael Kambouridis, please get in touch:   Megan Chambers || Bushfire emergency: Telestar’s instant mobility service enables war-rooms and first responders 2019-11-18T23:07:46Z bushfire-emergency-telestar-s-instant-mobility-service-enables-war-rooms-and-first-responders “Catastrophic” – that was the official bushfire danger level for much of New South Wales on Tuesday 12th November 2019. The day was shaping up to be the worst bushfire day in the state’s history.    By the afternoon of Monday 11th, emergency services agencies and first responders across the state were activating their highest level of emergency plans.    For the NSW Rural Fire Service, that meant expanding their already large mobile communications to make sure front line firefighters had the information and communications they needed before the next day.   For the NSW Ambulance Service, activating their emergency “war room” meant adding over 100 new cellular connections and deploying dozens of new smartphones in just a few hours.   Both organisations rely on Telestar for end-to-end management of their mobile communications services and devices.   Telestar received urgent orders from both organisations on Monday afternoon: get us more connections and more devices, and do it now.    For the RFS, Telestar used its strategic reserve to dispatch new tablet devices with active connections in just 30 minutes from the initial request. Working devices were in the hands of the right staff in other parts of the state just a few hours later.   For NSW Ambulance, Telestar was able to use its specialised Enterprise Service Desk to activate and configure 100 new cellular services in just minutes. Using a combination of its strategic equipment reserve and other pool stocks, Telestar set up and shipped the associated new smartphones just a few hours later.   Both RFS and NSW Ambulance got the services and devices they needed before the end of Monday, ready for the catastrophe predicted for the following day. First responders and emergency personnel had the right communications to do their jobs when they needed them.   “Responding to urgent requests is just one of the things Telestar does but it is certainly the most rewarding” said Julie Atwal, Telestar CEO. “Like all citizens, we can’t be thankful enough for the bravery and commitment of our emergency services personnel in times of danger. Our heartfelt thanks go to them all.” About Telestar   Telestar manages the communications of businesses and governments. Telestar’s solutions procure, secure, assist, control and govern over 500,000 devices and connections for large organisations across Australia and New Zealand. Large enterprises and government agencies trust Telestar to manage all aspects of their communications assets, usage and expenditure, to simplify their operations, improve service and contain cost.   ENDS Beware of Black Friday – Bitglass cautions SMBs 2019-11-18T22:10:06Z beware-of-black-friday-bitglass-cautions-smbs Data security firm Bitglass has cautioned small to medium businesses (SMBs) of the perils of Black Friday on November 29. The company’s CTO, Anurag Kahol, said: “Black Friday and the following Cyber Monday present a great opportunities for retailers to collect customer data that can be analysed to provide insight into buyer behaviour. However, while ramping up efforts to collect this data, it is even more important to store it safely in order to meet data privacy regulations. “While complying with data privacy laws can be particularly challenging for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the demands for SMBs are still the same as larger companies and they must take full responsibility for securing their customer data.” Kahol said there is no excuse for negligent security practices such as leaving databases of customer information exposed. The consequence of failing to protect sensitive data can result in massive fines, not to mention the resulting damage to brand reputation. “SMBs should focus on flexible, cost-effective solutions, that can prevent data leakage; for example, cloud access security brokers (CASBs) that provide features like cloud security posture management (CSPM), data loss prevention (DLP), user and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA), and encryption of data at rest. Only with these types of capabilities can an SMB be certain that the data it is storing is truly safe.” First to Offer Exclusive AIoT Technology – STEAM Education Company Launches Global Robotics Competition 2019-11-16T05:35:03Z first-to-offer-exclusive-aiot-technology-steam-education-company-launches-global-robotics-competition-1 Singapore – 15 November 2019  • Inaugural OneWorld Robotics Competition is set to launch with Area Competitions commencing this weekend 16-17 November 2019 in Singapore. • Robotics Competition is the very first to offer the latest in AIoT Technology.  • Competition to unite students from around the world competing to solve real-world STEAM problems through the application of robotics. Competition to encourage essential STEAM skills in our youth for the future.  Company Actura, the global leader in STEAM education, robotics & coding, is on the brink of launching its first global OneWorld Robotics Competition. The competition is a stand-out with it being the first to incorporate the latest AIoT Technology. The Area Competitions commence this weekend in Singapore, with the competition bringing together hundreds of students from around the world competing to solve problems surrounding the category of “Smart Cities”. Area Competitions will occur in major cities including Singapore, Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney. The Area Competition for Singapore will kick-off the global competition around the world, with the schools hosting including Canadian International School, Dulwich College and Singapore Science Center. There will be many Singaporean schools in participation including Yio Chu Kang Secondary School among others, with students from Grades 7-9 competing.  The competition category is “Smart Cities” with students competing to solve problems surrounding this topic. Subjects to contend with will include transport congestion, pollution, environmental sustainability and over-crowding. The Autonomous Vehicle will be a solution to many of these problems and students will consider the technical, legal, social and ethical solutions, including privacy and cybersecurity risks, through their technical application of robotics and coding.   The competition will have three components – the first focusing on “Future Skills” based on Dr Tony Wagner’s (Harvard University) Seven Survival Skills. These skills will be the basis of the assessment – the skills being: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving; Collaboration Across Networks and Leading by Influence; Agility and Adaptability; Initiative and Entrepreneurialism; Effective Oral and Written Communication; Accessing and Analyzing Information and Curiosity and Imagination.   The second component – the “Technical Challenge” – will provide students with the chance to use their coding skills with five robots. One of the challenges will include mandatory use of Artificial Intelligence to code the FlipRobot hardware to mimic autonomous driving, picking up an object and arriving at a set place. This part of the competition will exclusively offer students the chance to use the latest cutting-edge AIoT technology. Using the latest FlipRobot robotics hardware and software including the FlipAIoT App, students will have the opportunity to use the Artificial Intelligence camera in the FlipRobot to navigate simulated roads.  The last component – the “Presentation”, will offer the students the chance to practice their communication and analytics skills in presenting their findings to an expert panel of judges. The panel of expert judges for Singapore includes Dr Wong Choon Yue, Mr Yusuf Pranggonoh, Mr Egmond Boon, Mr Jay Thompson and Mr Ben Morgan.   The official sponsors for the competition are the Roboto Academy of Singapore. This exclusive coding Academy aims to help students discover a passion for coding and to develop computational thinking skills applicable to all facets of their lives. The Academy strives to be the world’s leading academy in student-centric education for technology and future skills.  “We are ecstatic to be able to launch our inaugural OneWorld Robotics Competition this year, with the Area Competitions commencing in Singapore. This is an exclusive chance for us to continue to promote essential STEAM and robotics skills in the youth of today, to empower them for their futures”. Charles Chung, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Actura Australia  “We are delighted to be the first to offer AIoT Technology within the bounds of this exciting global robotics competition. Our FlipRobot hardware and software will enable students to access cuttingedge AIoT technology”. Kurt Yang, Manager, FlipRobot Product Management  In the next thirty years, 75% of the fastest growing occupations will require STEAM-related skills. Mastering STEAM skills will be essential for students to become innovative job creators in our fastchanging society. The ability to harness STEAM skillsets will define 21st century leaders. The OneWorld Robotics Competition is set to challenge students to apply STEAM skills to solve the problems associated with navigating our smart cities of the future. Students will hone their STEAM skills including critical thinking and problem-solving in order to find solutions through robotics, and present these to a panel of industry experts.  Established in Australia in 2014, Actura provides the leading STEAM learning solution comprising of in-class to out-of-class solutions. Our FlipRobot range provides the ultimate robotic STEAM learning solution for the in-class environment. Actura continues to seek to fulfil its mission to become the most trusted STEAM education solution provider. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Shanghai, Singapore and Taipei and with further international expansion on the horizon, Actura seeks to achieve its mission on a global scale.   Contact: Actura Australia Nerilee Chen – Marketing and Communications Specialist   Phone: 1300 303 402 | Mobile: 0422 071 905 Email:     Company Name: Actura Australia Company Address: Sydney Office - Suite 2B, Level 2, 802 Pacific Highway, Gordon, NSW, 2072 Phone Number: 1300 303 402 Email Address: Website Address: OneWorld Robotics Website: Roboto Academy Singapore:    Google EMD Update 2019-11-15T03:54:27Z google-emd-update The Optimising team are delighted to learn of Google’s newest tactic aimed at discouraging underhanded SEO techniques.   The EMD (exact match domain) update is designed to weed out low quality businesses who have illegitimately achieved their top ranking. For those not familiar,  the EMD trick works by using the most common search terms associated with a particular business, and using those keywords as the domain name. An example might be if you’re looking for a dj for an upcoming party. You google ‘party DJ hire melbourne’. You’re then directed to a webpage called ‘’.   The fact that this business has come up at the top of the rankings doesn’t reflect on it’s quality or popularity. It may well have only been around for three days. This practice potentially undermines other, more established and reputable businesses whose domain name does not precisely match the top keywords.  It’s worth noting that the EMD update is not designed to harm legitimate businesses with exact match domain names. Google use many different techniques to determine a page’s worth, including offsite value, domain authority, and page quality. They’re simply trying to weed out low quality businesses. There has been much concern in recent years that Google gives too much weight to keyword domains in search rankings. This update will help to address these concerns. Google anticipates the changes will affect only 0.06% of English-US search queries to a noticeable degree. Optimising SEO takes pride in providing a quality service to our clients without employing some of the more questionable SEO techniques. Sneaky, backdoor methods of SEO create more headaches than they’re worth, ultimately doing long term damage to a businesses reputation for a very short term gain. You certainly won’t find us at! Optimising (03) 9111 0096 1/345 Punt Rd, Richmond VIC 3121 Optimising secures government funding to attend leading US SEO Conference 2019-11-15T03:53:56Z optimising-secures-government-funding-for-the-leading-seo-conference-in-the-world Optimising has won a State Government grant from Multimedia Australia aimed at encouraging the export of IT from Australia, around the world.  The Optimising team heads to Pubcon (Webmaster World) this October for the annual PubCon event, a global convention of industry leaders and expert in SEO and the global digital economy. James Richardson, Director at Optimising, is excited about the trip to Vegas and what the team will learn. “PubCon is like Christmas for an SEO company like ours, taking world class SEO products from overseas and introducing them to Australian businesses is what we do best.” said Mr Richardson. “We hope that we can bring a real competitive edge to the way our clients do business.” The grants are provided as part of the Technology Trade and International Partnering Program, curated by Multimedia Victoria.  The program supports Victorian ICT companies to take their products to the world and establish international partnerships. Daniel Zuccon, Operations Director at Optimising, said that contributing to Australia’s digital economy is tough work, and it’s crucial that these international partnerships are valued. “The SEO market in Australia is tiny compared to other regions, like the US and Asia. Given that our economy is so strong, why doesn’t it reflect in our digital economy? It’s growing fast, but these international partnerships are key in continuing growth” Mr Zuccon said. The Optimising team hope that their experiences at Pubcon will be ready and implemented for their clients within a week of their return. Optimising (03) 9111 0096 1/345 Punt Rd, Richmond VIC 3121 Is Your Safety Data Safe? 2019-11-15T01:23:43Z is-your-safety-data-safe n a world where companies handle increasingly large amounts of data, it’s vital that sensitive company information remains secure and risk management processes are extended to data security. Companies need to check if their providers are ISO 27001 compliant and not just their data centres that provide the hosting.  ISO 27001 is a global standard that outlines the requirements for an information security management system (ISMS). The standard is an internationally recognised best practice model for mitigating data security risks. Organisations use ISO 27001 to securely manage assets including financial information, intellectual property, employee details, or information entrusted by third parties.   When you entrust your data to a third-party company, you should request independent verification that its information systems are ISO 27001 certified – not just data centres that provide the hosting. This means that if an information system runs on cloud infrastructure, both environments must be ISO 27001 certified. Too often, businesses claim ‘data security’ simply by piggybacking on the certifications of their cloud infrastructure provider.  Organisations certified to ISO 27001 have developed a systematic approach to managing sensitive company information. This involves applying a risk management process to its people, processes and IT systems so that data remains secure. So do a quick check to ensure your cloud based software providers have your back when it comes to your data security. Original Article here: Gartner Forecasts More Than 740,000 Autonomous-Ready Vehicles to Be Added to Global Market by 2023 2019-11-15T00:23:36Z gartner-forecasts-more-than-740-000-autonomous-ready-vehicles-to-be-added-to-global-market-by-2023 15 November 2019 — By 2023, worldwide net additions of vehicles equipped with hardware that could enable autonomous driving without human supervision will reach 745,705 units, up from 137,129 units in 2018, according to Gartner, Inc. In 2019, net additions will be 332,932 units. This growth will predominantly come from North America, Greater China and Western Europe, as countries in these regions become the first to introduce regulations around autonomous driving technology. Net additions represent the annual increase in the number of vehicles equipped with hardware for autonomous driving. They do not represent sales of physical units, but rather demonstrate the net change in vehicles that are autonomous-ready. “There are no advanced autonomous vehicles outside of the research and development stage operating on the world’s roads now,” said Jonathan Davenport, principal research analyst at Gartner. “There are currently vehicles with limited autonomous capabilities, yet they still rely on the supervision of a human driver. However, many of these vehicles have hardware, including cameras, radar, and in some cases, lidar sensors, that could support full autonomy. With an over-the-air software update, these vehicles could begin to operate at higher levels of autonomy, which is why we classify them as ‘autonomous-ready.’” While the growth forecast for autonomous-driving-capable vehicles is fast, net additions of autonomous commercial vehicles remain low in absolute terms when compared with equivalent consumer autonomous vehicle sales. The number of vehicles equipped with hardware that could enable autonomous driving without human supervision in the consumer segment are expected to reach 325,682 in 2020, while the commercial segment will see just 10,590 (see Table 1).   Table 1: Autonomous-Ready Vehicles Net Additions, 2018-2023   Use Case   2018   2019   2020   2021   2022   2023 Commercial 2,407 7,250 10,590 16,958 26,099 37,361 Consumer 134,722 325,682 380,072 491,664 612,486 708,344 Total 137,129 332,932 390,662 508,622 638,585 745,705 Source: Gartner (November 2019) Lack of Regulation Inhibiting Autonomous Vehicle Deployment Today, there are no countries with active regulations that allow production-ready autonomous vehicles to operate legally, which is a major roadblock to their development and use. “Companies won’t deploy autonomous vehicles until it is clear they can operate legally without human supervision, as the automakers are liable for the vehicle’s actions during autonomous operation,” said Mr. Davenport. “As we see more standardised regulations around the use of autonomous vehicles, production and deployment will rapidly increase, although it may be a number of years before that occurs.”   Sensor Hardware Costs a Limiting Factor By 2026, the cost of the sensors that are needed to deliver autonomous driving functionality will be approximately 25% lower than they will be in 2020. Even with such a decline, these sensor arrays will still have prohibitively high costs. This means that through the next decade, advanced autonomous functionality will be available only on premium vehicles and vehicles sold to mobility service fleets.   “Research and development robo-taxis with advanced self-driving capabilities cost as much as $300,000 to $400,000 each,” said Mr. Davenport. “Sophisticated lidar devices, which are a type of sensor needed for these advanced autonomous vehicles, can cost upward of $75,000 per unit, which is more than double the price of your average consumer automobile. This puts higher-level autonomous vehicle technology out of reach for the mainstream market, at least for now.”   Public Perceptions of Safety Will Determine Growth Vehicle-human handover safety concerns are a substantial impediment to the widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles. Currently, autonomous vehicle perception algorithms are still slightly less capable than human drivers.   “A massive amount of investment has been made into the development of autonomous vehicle perception systems, with more than 50 companies racing to develop a system that is considered safe enough for commercial use,” said Mr. Davenport. Gartner predicts that it will take until 2025 before these systems demonstrate capabilities that are an order of magnitude better than human drivers.   To accelerate this innovation, technology companies are using simulation software powered by artificial intelligence to understand how vehicles would handle different situations. This enables companies to generate thousands of miles of vehicle test data in hours, which would take weeks to obtain through physical test driving. “One of the biggest challenges ahead for the industry will be to determine when autonomous vehicles are safe enough for road use,” said Michael Ramsey, senior director analyst at Gartner. “It’s difficult to create safety tests that capture the responses of vehicles in an exhaustive range of circumstances. It won’t be enough for an autonomous vehicle to be just slightly better at driving than a human. From a psychological perspective, these vehicles will need to have substantially fewer accidents in order to be trusted.” Gartner clients can read more in "Forecast Analysis: Autonomous Vehicle Net Additions, Internet of Things, Worldwide.”   *For Editors Gartner defines a vehicle with autonomous driving functionality as a vehicle able to offer automation of SAE Levels 3 and above. Gartner’s forecast covers autonomous vehicles that are fitted with hardware (in-vehicle technologies and sensors, such as lidar, radars and cameras) capable of driving without human supervision (SAE Levels 3, 4 and 5). About Gartner Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT), is the world’s leading research and advisory company and a member of the S&P 500. We equip business leaders with indispensable insights, advice and tools to achieve their mission-critical priorities and build the successful organisations of tomorrow.   Our unmatched combination of expert-led, practitioner-sourced and data-driven research steers clients toward the right decisions on the issues that matter most. We’re trusted as an objective resource and critical partner by more than 15,000 organisations in more than 100 countries — across all major functions, in every industry and enterprise size. To learn more about how we help decision makers fuel the future of business, visit AIIA’s US trade delegation lays the groundwork for Australia’s next wave of digital tech 2019-11-14T22:02:38Z aiias-us-trade-delegation-lays-the-groundwork-for-australias-next-wave-of-digital-tech Sydney, Australia – 15 November 2019 -- The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), the peak member body for the ICT industry, has completed a six-day trade delegation to the US to help organisations learn about how to best utilise and implement the latest developments in digital technology. The delegation included global businesses, senior executives of government agencies, venture capital organisations, SMEs and startups who travelled to the West Coast of the US from 3-8 November 2019 and visited San Francisco (Silicon Valley) and Seattle. The itinerary included visits to Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce, DocuSign, IBM, ServiceNow, Adobe, Cisco, Google and Infosys. Ron Gauci, CEO of AIIA, said the trade delegation enabled members to better understand the opportunities and the role they can play in working with the Federal Government to deliver the digital services agenda. “Once again the US delegation has proven to be a valuable opportunity for AIIA members to network with some of the world’s best companies, and to learn about trends and the latest developments in their markets,” said Gauci. “There is currently a strong focus and investment in Artificial Intelligence, and the related issues around the ethics and transparency of its use are of great importance. All the major tech companies we visited also have a focus on the culture and skills required to harness and take advantage of the digital revolution. “As the Australian Government continues its digital transformation agenda across all portfolios, an understanding of cutting-edge technology developed by the private sector is critical. It is also vital that government and business work together and partner successfully for the benefit of taxpayers and citizens.” The AIIA Ministerial Delegation has enabled technology sector business leaders to engage with government and leading digital organisations including Microsoft, Adobe, KPMG, IBM, ServiceNow, Cisco, Infosys, Telstra, Datacom, CDC Data Centres, Veriluma, Itree, Sypaq, iCIMS, BGH Capital, MXA, Informpros, Talihealth, AUCloud and OK RDY. The delegates also attended the Australian Landing Pad showcasing innovative Australian technology startup companies. “By spending six days with a group of like-minded business people, sharing insights on best practices in digital transformation, I’m confident that Australian tech leaders have forged relationships that will lead to greater collaboration and improvement of our government digital services,” said Gauci. “We are delighted that the delegation has created opportunities for our members to grow their business through the relationships forged on the trip, and to learn about the innovations which should assist them in delivering future government outcomes.” For a video on the AIIA’s US trade delegation view here. To find out more about how to join the AIIA, please visit # # # Additional information Sponsors and Hosts included: Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce, IBM, Cisco, Infosys, HERE Technologies, Google, DocuSign, ServiceNow and Adobe. About AIIA The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) is Australia’s peak representative body and advocacy group for those in the digital ecosystem. Since 1978 AIIA has pursued activities to stimulate and grow the digital ecosystem, to create a favorable business environment for members and to contribute to Australia’s economic prosperity. We do this by delivering outstanding member value by providing a strong voice of influence; building a sense of community through events and education; enabling a network for collaboration and inspiration; and developing compelling content and relevant and interesting information. For more information on AIIA Policy and Advocacy key areas please visit Media Contact For more information please contact: Carmelle Pavan GM Marketing & Communications – AIIA M: 0402 099 349 Jeffrey Coote Tel: (02) 8355 3130 Impact Expands its Mobile Partnership Capabilities to Drive High-Value User Acquisition 2019-11-14T21:30:00Z impact-expands-its-mobile-partnership-capabilities-to-drive-high-value-user-acquisition Sydney, Australia, November 15, 2019 – Impact, the global leader in Partnership Automation, today announced an expansion of Impact’s Partnership Cloud™, to help mobile marketers drive high-value app installs, prevent fraud, and manage all their partnerships in one place. These capabilities give mobile marketers better access to the emerging partnership economy, helping them not only identify new growth opportunities beyond search and display ads but also manage these new partnership lifecycles from discovery and recruitment to optimisation. According to eMarketer, 87 percent of new app users never open the app again after seven days. Furthermore, 25 percent of all app installs are fraudulent or misattributed. Due to the prevalence of installs that are either fake or do not result in engagement after the initial download, mobile marketers have been challenged with seeing a return on their advertising and marketing spend. With Impact’s Partnership Cloud, mobile marketers can manage their acquisition strategy at scale by focusing on direct relationships and quality; they are also able to track success and pay out by a CPI+ model that looks at post-install engagement versus traditional CPI. The Partnership Cloud handles the full partnership lifecycle for mobile app marketers: Discover/Recruit: Find other mobile websites, apps, and influencers who can refer new users to an app, and recruit them into a program with automated recruiting Contract/Pay: Create CPI+ contracts to reward partners who are driving app installs that result in valuable downstream app transactions, then automatically pay partners in their own currency when conditions are met Track: Understand what’s contributing to growth by tracking which partners are driving app installs and downstream in-app conversions, across web, app and other channels Engage: Build out training and communications drip campaigns, task management and full CRM to ensure partners remain maximally productive Protect and Monitor: Filter out fraudulent or misattributed installs; this allows mobile marketers to validate traffic, get the most out of their budgets and further drive more rewarding engagement Optimise: Measure the incremental contribution of all app partners and determine who is adding real value; drive efficiencies to maximise budget “We want to give mobile marketers the necessary resources to target high-value users who are going to stay engaged with the brand after the initial app install,” said Mike Head, General Manager, Partnership Cloud at Impact. “Partnerships are a major driver in enterprise growth, so we’re excited to give mobile marketers a new way to drive installs, prevent fraud and prioritise LTV.” “Impact’s Partnership Cloud helped us streamline our process and allowed us to scale using mobile partnerships,” said Matt Rome, Marketing Associate at Ibotta. “The automation of payment processing, onboarding and standardised communication between partners helped us optimise and grow our partnership program.” To learn more about Impact and the Partnership Cloud, visit About Impact Impact is the global leader in Partnership Automation and catalyst for the new Partnership Economy. Impact accelerates enterprise growth by automating the full partnership lifecycle, including: discovery, recruitment, contracting, engagement, fraud protection, optimisation and payment processing for enterprise partnerships. Impact’s Partnership Cloud™ manages over $50B in e-commerce sales and processes over $2B per year in payments to partners. Impact drives revenue growth for global enterprise brands such as Bass Pro Shops, Fanatics, Getty Images, Lenovo, Levi’s, Techstyle and Ticketmaster. Founded in Santa Barbara, CA in 2008, Impact has grown to over 500 employees and twelve offices worldwide. To learn more visit Contact Sue Ralston Einsteinz Communications P: +61 02 8905 0995 E: Girikon: Participating as Official Sponsor in Dreamforce’ 2019 2019-11-14T13:23:47Z girikon-participating-as-official-sponsor-in-dreamforce-2019 Girikon – a leading name in the Salesforce consulting and implementation space announces its participation in Dreamforce 2019 – the flagship event of Salesforce, as an official sponsor. The grand tech event, which is scheduled to be held from November 19 till November 22nd in San Francisco, CA will provide an immersive experience to the participants including thought leaders, industry pioneers, and the trailblazer community.   Besides offering fun and learning opportunities, the four-day mega event allows participants to showcase their Salesforce prowess through their innovative products and solutions.  With over 170,000 registered attendees and still counting, the event is focused on motivating customers to achieve success through cloud solutions. Apart from this, the mega-event offers a perfect opportunity for attendees to learn ways to maximize their investments across various Salesforce applications and platforms through live demos, training sessions, and discounted certification exams.   Besides the opportunity to attend multiple sessions (around 2700) & workshops along with 50+ visionary keynotes, attendees will get the opportunity to interact with and learn from experts. In a nutshell, the event offers everything that marks the transformation of a business entity from a mere service provider to a value-generating organization. With ‘interactive maps’ – new tool of Salesforce Events app new tool debuting this year at Dreamforce, you can easily find your way. While Girikon has been actively participating in the event for the past five years, this year the company has moved on to the next level by participating as sponsors in the grand event. The company’s highly experienced and certified team of Salesforce professionals would be present on-site to assist customers with their products and solutions through live demos and interactive sessions.   “We always look forward to participating in this mega tech event but this year we are more enthusiastic as we will be joining as sponsors. This indeed is a new milestone for us. I believe this will help us connect with a huge number of prospects and generate greater ROI” – said Alankar Anibha, Founding Partner & Director, Girikon Inc.  So, if you are looking forward to better understand their products, then this is the right time to get in touch with Salesforce experts at Girikon. Just share a request for a meeting and they will readily assist you.   About Girikon:  Girikon -  a reputed name in the Salesforce consulting, implementation and development space is based out in Phoenix, Arizona with offices across India and Australia. The company boasts of a team of highly competent, certified and experienced Salesforce Consultants, architects, and developers who with their technical and business acumen have created new milestones. As a Salesforce silver consulting partner, the company has carved a niche for itself by delivering quality products and services to clients across the globe. Accredited with some major certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 27001, Microsoft Silver Application Development Partner, etc. the company develops scalable and robust solutions while ensuring quality compliance, data security, and other essential best practices.   Gartner Forecasts Worldwide Public Cloud Revenue to Grow 17% in 2020 2019-11-14T00:13:17Z gartner-forecasts-worldwide-public-cloud-revenue-to-grow-17-in-2020 14 November 2019 — The worldwide public cloud services market is forecast to grow 17% in 2020 to total $266.4 billion, up from $227.8 billion in 2019, according to Gartner, Inc. “At this point, cloud adoption is mainstream,” said Sid Nag, research vice president at Gartner. “The expectations of the outcomes associated with cloud investments therefore are also higher. Adoption of next-generation solutions are almost always ‘cloud-enhanced’ solutions, meaning they build on the strengths of a cloud platform to deliver digital business capabilities.” Software as a service (SaaS) will remain the largest market segment, which is forecast to grow to $116 billion next year due to the scalability of subscription-based software (see Table 1). The second-largest market segment is cloud system infrastructure services, or infrastructure as a service (IaaS), which will reach $50 billion in 2020. IaaS is forecast to grow 24% year over year, which is the highest growth rate across all market segments. This growth is attributed to the demands of modern applications and workloads, which require infrastructure that traditional data centres cannot meet. Table 1. Worldwide Public Cloud Service Revenue Forecast (Billions of U.S. Dollars)   2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 Cloud Business Process Services (BPaaS) 41.7 43.7 46.9 50.2 53.8 Cloud Application Infrastructure Services (PaaS) 26.4 32.2 39.7 48.3 58.0 Cloud Application Services (SaaS) 85.7 99.5 116.0 133.0 151.1 Cloud Management and Security Services 10.5 12.0 13.8 15.7 17.6 Cloud System Infrastructure Services (IaaS) 32.4 40.3 50.0 61.3 74.1 Total Market 196.7 227.8 266.4 308.5 354.6 BPaaS = business process as a service; IaaS = infrastructure as a service; PaaS = platform as a service; SaaS = software as a service Note: Totals may not add up due to rounding. Source: Gartner (November 2019) Various forms of cloud computing are among the top three areas where most global CIOs will increase their investment next year, according to Gartner. As organisations increase their reliance on cloud technologies, IT teams are rushing to embrace cloud-built applications and relocate existing digital assets. “Building, implementing and maturing cloud strategies will continue to be a top priority for years to come,” said Mr. Nag. “The cloud managed service landscape is becoming increasingly sophisticated and competitive. In fact, by 2022, up to 60% of organisations will use an external service provider’s cloud managed service offering, which is double the percentage of organisations from 2018,” said Mr. Nag. “Cloud-native capabilities, application services, multicloud and hybrid cloud comprise a diverse cloud ecosystem that will be important differentiators for technology product managers. Demand for strategic cloud service outcomes signals an organisational shift toward digital business outcomes.” Gartner clients can read more in the report “Forecast: Public Cloud Services, Worldwide, 2017-2023, 3Q19 Update.” About Gartner Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT) is the world’s leading research and advisory company and a member of the S&P 500. We equip business leaders with indispensable insights, advice and tools to achieve their mission-critical priorities and build the successful organisations of tomorrow. Our unmatched combination of expert-led, practitioner-sourced and data-driven research steers clients toward the right decisions on the issues that matter most. We are a trusted advisor and objective resource for more than 15,000 organisations in more than 100 countries — across all major functions, in every industry and organisation size. To learn more about how we help decision makers fuel the future of business, visit New art installation uses ‘brainwaves’ to create personalised artwork 2019-11-14T00:12:48Z new-art-installation-uses-brainwaves-to-create-personalised-artwork Dexus has launched its ‘Brainwaves’ art installation at 100 Mount Street, North Sydney. To demonstrate the benefit of an inspiring physical environment to employee wellbeing, the ‘Brainwaves’ installation is open to the public in the lobby of 100 Mount Street. Users are encouraged to enter the installation and focus on a moment of mindfulness. Using cutting edge wearables, brain activity is detected and transformed into pulsing and undulating unique artworks on the 16-metre lobby video wall. “An inspirational work environment can be a positive catalyst for organisational and cultural innovation and change, and has a direct impact on employee wellbeing,” says Su Lim, Principal – Workplace Consulting at Six Ideas by Dexus which specialises in workplace strategy and solutions. According to research undertaken by Dexus, more than 70% of office decision makers[1] recognise a great workspace has a positive impact on productivity, job satisfaction, team engagement and culture. “As organisations are increasingly focused on the importance of employee wellbeing to business success, they are understanding the benefits to be gained by improving their workspace. The presence of art can be one change an organisation can make,” says Lim. Other improvements include improved access to natural light and aspect, choice of spaces in which to work, plants, sleep/relaxation pods, sit/stand desks and personal workspace temperature control. “However, it’s important the investments you make reflect the purpose, values and culture of your organisation,” Lim says. “It’s not about following trends or doing what others are doing, but taking a strategic approach to providing the workplace that is appropriate for the future of your organisation.” Find out what your brainwaves look like and visit 100 Mount Street, North Sydney. 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday from now until 22 November 2019. For more information on improving your workspace for productivity, visit:  Images are available for download, here or you can view and embed this video.  [1] Dexus Report: Back to Work Insights January 2018 2020 Fringe Festival will Beam 2019-11-13T12:37:11Z 2020-fringe-festival-will-beam Media Release 2020 Fringe Festival will Beam  E-scooter partnership between Beam and Fringe invests in South Australia  Thursday, 14 November, 2019 Leading micromobility sharing service, Beam Mobility this morning announced it has signed a partnership with Adelaide Fringe as the exclusive e-scooter partner for the 2020 event.   The partnership involves the establishment of several priority Fringe parking zones outside key venues that will make it easy for Fringe festival-goers to travel between the best shows, pop-up bars and secret gigs across the city. Special rider incentives, giveaways and Beam Safety Academy demonstrations are also planned over the four-week period.   A marketing and promotions platform specially developed for the 2020 Fringe will help connect artists with over 50,000 Beam riders, providing a unique way for audiences to discover new and undiscovered talent. Beam is hopeful that it will secure one of the long-term e-scooter permits in the City of Adelaide and other Councils so this partnership can be delivered.    Adelaide Fringe Head of Marketing and Business Development Dean Worthington greeted the announcement with enthusiasm recognising the inherent value e-scooters will provide visitors and residents of Adelaide this festival season.   “We’re excited to partner with Beam for Fringe 2020 to make travel across the city more convenient for Fringe festival-goers. We hope this will allow audiences to see even more events across the CBD, enhancing their Fringe experience and driving audiences to venues across Adelaide,” he said.   The city has embraced e-scooters since the first successful trial as part of last year’s Fringe, where 500 e-scooters were released onto the streets of Adelaide.   Beam’s Community Manager Adam Rossetto said the company was pleased to make a significant investment in South Australia and the collaboration represents a new level of partnership innovation for Adelaide.   “We are thrilled to support this iconic South Australian event. We hope to offer an expanded fleet of e-scooters on the ground, priority parking bays at festival sites, artist-led street art tours and onsite experiential activations.   We’ll also have a sensational line up of surprise activities planned that will add excitement and colour to the festival experience that I’m sure punters will absolutely love.''   Since its success in being chosen to operate e-scooters in March of this year, Beam has made Adelaide its home as a valued member of the community with several partnerships and sponsorships of major events and local businesses, driving economic growth and stimulating employment. It has also created 25 full-time and part-time jobs contributing to the State Government’s economic priorities regarding job creation, technology and innovation. Many thousands of Beam e-scooter trips are taken every week across Adelaide. The company has ambitious plans to expand outside of the CBD in the near future, with tender applications under council review for the Adelaide Coastal Parks region and other Councils such as Campbelltown having already agreed to launch trials with Beam pending State Government approval.     The 2020 Adelaide Fringe will run from 14 February to 15 March. For more information, visit   About Beam Founded with a passion for new mobility, Beam is changing the way cities flow and optimising the movement of people, goods and services for the betterment of cities and the way of life for everyone. Beam is focused on improving the accessibility of cities via better first-and-last mile connectivity and providing short-distance transport solutions, starting with an e-scooter sharing platform that is now serving riders in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea. Learn more at   Media Enquiries  Brad Kitschke Head of Public Affairs 61 403 809 630  Torch the Competition with Seagate's FireCuda Gaming Storage Solutions 2019-11-13T04:15:54Z torch-the-competition-with-seagates-firecuda-gaming-storage-solutions-1 SYDNEY, Australia – 13 November, 2019 – Seagate Technology plc (NASDAQ: STX), a world leader in data solutions, today added two new high-performance solutions to its industry-leading line of storage for gamers. The Seagate® FireCuda® 520 PCIe Gen4 x4 SSD and the FireCuda Gaming Dock, which features 4TB of HDD storage capacity and an NVMe™ M.2 expansion slot for an optional ultra-fast SSD upgrade. Built to deliver the intense speeds needed for the rigor of modern gaming, the FireCuda 520 SSD is the company’s fastest solid-state drive and offers plug-and-play compatibility with all PCIe Gen4 motherboards. For laptop PC gamers looking for flexibility, the FireCuda Gaming Dock is an elite 4TB HDD storage hub with an NVMe M.2 expansion slot for optional SSD upgrade that connects peripherals via a Thunderbolt™ 3 and offers a slick industrial design with LED illumination pushing your rig over the top. “Next-gen gaming is all about speed, compatibility, and flexibility,” said Jeff Fochtman, vice president of marketing and consumer solutions for Seagate. “Our FireCuda storage solutions deliver the performance, simplicity, and ingenious design to help gamers realise peak potential.” With sequential read-write speeds of up to 45% faster than PCIe Gen3 NVMe drives1, the FireCuda 520 delivers an extreme boost in performance for PC gamers looking for the edge. The M.2 2280 SSD is available in 500GB, 1TB or 2TB capacities and compatible with the new AMD X570 chipset and third-generation AMD Ryzen™ Desktop Processors. It features plug-and-play compatibility with PCIe Gen4 motherboards delivering an extreme boost in performance as well as backward compatibility with PCIe Gen3 devices. The FireCuda 520 offers a five-year limited warranty and includes the Seagate’s SeaTools software that monitors health, tracks performance, and keeps you up to date on firmware updates. Seagate’s FireCuda Gaming Dock is a high-performance storage solution offering the simplicity of a one-cable connection to all of your peripherals. It features a built-in 4TB 3.5” HDD and a PCIe Gen3 NVMe M.2 SSD expansion slot for an optional SSD upgrade, offering vast storage for archiving your games and data and the ability to take advantage of the intense speed of solid-state drives. In addition to the Thunderbolt 3 laptop connector, the FireCuda Gaming Dock also includes a Thunderbolt 3 accessory port, DisplayPort 1.4, RJ45 ethernet network port, a 3.5mm audio-in/mic port, 3.5mm audio-out port, four USB 3.1 Gen2 ports, and a USB 3.1 Gen2 charge port. It also includes Seagate’s easy-to-use Toolkit software that lets you control a range of colors and light patterns for leveled-up illumination to complement your gaming station and offers a three-year limited warranty. Available in Australia and New Zealand early next year, Seagate’s FireCuda 520 retails for USD $124.99(500GB), $249.99 (1TB), and $429.99 (2TB). FireCuda Gaming Dock will be available early next year for USD $349.99. Local pricing TBA. About Seagate Seagate crafts the datasphere, helping to maximise humanity’s potential by innovating world-class, precision-engineered data management solutions with a focus on sustainable partnerships. Learn more at Follow Seagate on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Spiceworks, YouTube and subscribe to our blog. 1. Fresh out of box (FOB) performance obtained on a newly formatted drive. Performance may vary based on SSD’s firmware version, system hardware, and configuration. Performance-based on CrystalDiskMark v.6.0.2 ×64 on Windows 10 host with PCIe Gen4 motherboard. ©2019 Seagate Technology LLC. All rights reserved. Seagate, Seagate Technology, and the Spiral logo are registered trademarks of Seagate Technology LLC in the United States and/or other countries. FireCuda and the FireCuda logo are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Seagate Technology LLC or one of its affiliated companies in the United States and/or other countries. Thunderbolt and the Thunderbolt logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries. The NVMe word mark and/or NVMExpress design mark are trademarks of NVMExpress, Inc. PCIe is a trademark or registered trademark of PCI-SIG. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. When referring to drive capacity, one gigabyte, or GB, equals one billion bytes and one terabyte, or TB equals one trillion bytes. Your computer’s operating system may use a different standard of measurement and report a lower capacity. In addition, some of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions, and thus will not be available for data storage. Actual data rates may vary depending on operating environment and other factors, such as chosen interface and disk capacity. # # # - ENDS -