The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2017-08-20T08:41:33Z Headwinds for Motorola Solutions in the USA? 2017-08-20T08:41:33Z headwinds-for-motorola-solutions-in-the-usa Today, Mike Poth heads a federal agency tasked with rolling out FirstNet, a multibillion-dollar broadband network that could link every police, fire, and emergency medical officer in the U.S. Public-safety personnel currently rely on thousands of local two-way radio systems that can’t talk to one another, causing confusion in every major disaster since 9/11. Last March, FirstNet tapped AT&T (T) to build the public-safety network and cover the country within five years. Motorola’s Chicago-based radio veterans will be paid to connect the network to existing radio systems, but eventually FirstNet will supplant the old systems, which generate more than half of Motorola’s revenue. What is FirstNet? FirstNet was created to be a force-multiplier for first responders – to give public safety 21st century communication tools to help save lives, solve crimes and keep our communities and emergency responders safe. To do that, FirstNet will build a new Band Class 14 network designed to be reliable, functional, safe and secure, and provide optimal levels of operational capability at all times. For the first time, public safety communications will be based on commercial standards. This will bring the benefits of lower costs, consumer-driven economies of scale and rapid evolution of advanced communication capabilities. MiningTelecoms P25 Radio Solution bridges the gap between radio and 4G Networks with a softswitch that selects the cheapest communication option (RF, Satelite, or 4G Network). Businesses and First Responders are seldom without communications. Goto MiningTelecoms LTE for more insight. click here MiningTelecoms Recommends Two Way Radios to Improve Security 2017-08-20T07:51:44Z miningtelecoms-recommends-two-way-radios-to-improve-security MiningTelecoms radio communications and telecommunications equipment provider, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth Australia has called for improved use of radio solutions in tackling security challenges around the globe. The firm noted that with the increased number of security issues, innocent citizens are becoming more exposed in cities with the presence of militant groups responsible for terrorist attacks, most recently in Spain. The van attack, which killed at least 13 people and injured more than 100 others was in the popular Las Ramblas tourist boulevard. According to MiningTelecoms, many industries around the globe are now seeing the benefits in digital technologies, and started the transition, “Open Standard, Multi-Protocol digital two-way radio technologies will allow business to improve security, productivity and provide better response and services by using newly developed digital applications that are only available with DMR, Tetra, or P25 two-way radios. These applications include GPS, Alerts, Alarms, and features like messaging and man down configurations as well as features that help bridge radio protocols communications between first responders i.e Police, Fire, Ambulance, Civil Defense, Military”.  Motorola and Tait Communications radios support all call, group call, and call alert functions that help in coordinating an emergency situation. Police, Ambulance, Fire, and other emergency services can now communicate seamlessly, via mobile control rooms and a number of consoles can be setup at a seconds notice. Bridging a P25 Two Way Way and 4G mobile networks is now possible via a softswitch. As a result mission critical communications is now available across radio and mobile devices. WHAT KIND OF FUNERAL? 2017-08-20T02:44:58Z ezifunerals-media-release-1                                          What Kind Of Funeral Do You Want?                                   Have you ever thought about what you would do if you were asked to organise a funeral for a loved one? For most of us, coping with death and planning a funeral is one of the most difficult things we will ever be asked to do. Yet, we are generally unaware of our funeral rights and don't know how we can have genuine and meaningful involvement in the funeral. That’s where eziFunerals can help! After the successful launch of a new online funeral shopping site, early this year, eziFunerals has just announced the latest release of a new eBook,’ What Kind of Funeral?: A self help guide to planning a meaningful funeral.” Written by Peter Erceg, Owner and Founder of eziFunerals, this book informs and empowers you so that you can have more involvement in the whole experience. It provides independent and practical advice on how you can make informed decisions about all funeral-related matters. In this book you'll discover how to: Plan a personal and meaningful funeral. Deal with death, bereavement and the funeral process. Create a unique commemoration of the deceased. Arrange a funeral without using a funeral director. Administer the deceased's affairs when the funeral is over. Manage a digital life after death. Cope with the loss of a pet and, Learn how baby boomers are changing trends in the funeral industry. The book is available for download by Vivid Publishing, Lea Atkinson, who recently had the experience of organising the funeral after the loss of her father, had this to say about the books new release, “I wish I had this book when Dad died before having to deal with the funeral. I guess the majority of people battle through with very limited knowledge like me and in their time of grief rely on what is told to them by the funeral companies. It all happened so quickly. There was so much to be organized and arranged in a very limited time. Family members had conflicting ideas and opinions when we should have all been trying to support one another. It was just a whirlwind of emotions, phone calls, information searches and snap decisions that no one was really prepared for. I still don't feel as if I had the chance to grieve properly, nor as I had wanted to.” Get your FREE Copy! As a special offer to clients, eziFunerals is providing a FREE copy of the book to all clients who have registered an account. Visit ENDSContact More Information: Peter Erceg, EziFunerals – 0466 890 703 or eziFunerals - About the Author Peter Erceg is a public health practitioner with 25 years' experience in public health. His family has had a long involvement with the funeral industry which has helped him develop a strong understanding of the issues faced by both consumers and funeral service providers. About eziFuneralseziFunerals is the world’s first online funeral planning and bidding platform that supports individuals and families cope with end of life decisions, death and funerals. We are an independent, Australian-owned and operated company, and are not a subsidiary of any other corporation. We are not part of any other funeral company. Founded by consumers frustrated by how difficult it was to get independent information, eziFunerals supports consumers plan a funeral, compare prices and select the right funeral director anywhere, anytime. eziFunerals Unveils New Enhanced Website 2017-08-20T02:42:53Z ezifunerals-unveils-new-enhanced-website eziFunerals, Australia's largest funeral planning marketplace, announced today the launch of its newly revamped website – The redesigned site gives consumers an improved online funeral experience and makes it more convenient for consumers to make informed choices - both for at need and pre-need customers. “We are thrilled to launch our new website and offer consumers an enhanced online funeral planning experience, delivering an independent, transparent and trustworthy funeral service,” said Peter Erceg, Owner and Founder at eziFunerals. “With its elevated look and feel and improved navigation, we hope that the new site will empower consumers to control the whole funeral process. The launch of the new eziFunerals is an exciting first milestone in our company’s new digital funeral journey.” This is the brand’s first major upgrade of its digital platform since they were first launched in 2017. eziFunerals, has seen considerable growth in traffic and interest from consumers seeking at-need and pre-arranged funeral support since it’s launch. Partnerships are currently under discussion with consumer groups, funeral directors, nursing homes and the aged care sector, which represent a significant opportunity for future revenue growth. Erceg added, “We believe our new website, together with our upcoming funeral finance program, will drive further growth in the latter part of the year. Additionally, the launch will enable us to bring forward new capabilities such as immediate funeral quotes, a more robust CRM platform, all of which will help us to engage with our clients in a more customized way, shift more funeral consumers online, simplify funeral arrangements and deliver considerable savings to consumers.” Created with the consumer’s experience in mind, the website incorporates a one stop shop for consumers plan a funeral, get quotes and select a funeral director anywhere, anytime. Please take the time to review the following system improvements: Easy access to online funeral planning services for at need and pre-arranged funeral customers Customized funeral quotation systems that provide individualised quotes from partner funeral homes within a 100km from the client's location Mobile optimization that is user-friendly across all types of devices from desktop to tablet to mobile phone Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that helps drive organic search results eziFunerals blogs that showcases content from the company’s funeral planning tools and information resources Client reviews section that rates funeral homes on service and price Improved functionality and features for Independent Funeral Homes with increased access to Client's seeking quotes. Consumers are encouraged to explore the new site and sign up and begin planning a funeral and compare funeral directors on service and price. The new website is located at the same company address: About eziFunerals eziFunerals is the World’s First online funeral planning and bidding platform that supports individuals and families cope with end of life decisions, death and funerals. We are an independent, Australian-owned and operated company, and are not a subsidiary of any other corporation. We are not part of any other funeral company. Founded by consumers frustrated by how difficult it was to get independent information, eziFunerals supports consumers plan a funeral, compare prices and select the right funeral director anywhere, anytime Contacts eziFunerals Peter Erceg, 0466890703Owner and Science wins the Tasmanian Forestry debate 2017-08-18T23:23:08Z science-wins-the-tasmanian-forestry-debate The extension of the Tasmanian Regional Forestry Agreement for another 20 years is a tribute to the role of professional forest scientists in making sure that Australia manages its forests in accordance with solid facts rather than emotion. Bob Gordon, newly elected National President of the Australian Institute of Foresters has welcomed the extension saying, ‘The extension of the RFA provides certainty to the thousands of Tasmanians involved in the forestry industry in Tasmania including park managers, ecologists and timber workers. ‘The extension of the Regional Forest Agreement is testament to the ongoing work managing Tasmania’s sustainable forestry industry in the constant face of adversity and represents a victory for science. ‘The comprehensive system of reserves will remain with more than half of Tasmania permanently locked-up and, with the combination of sustainably managed multi-use forests, will continue to produce impressive biodiversity outcomes while allowing Tasmanians to benefit economically for generations to come. ‘Timber harvested from sustainably managed forests is a carbon positive building material that is seeing a resurgence in popularity worldwide as people start to understand the environmental, engineering and aesthetic benefits of wood. ‘Congratulations to all involved in the extension of the Regional Forest Agreement for Tasmania,’ said Mr Gordon. Australia is the seventh most forested country in the world[1] and Australians have more forest per person than most other countries except for the Canadians and the Russians.  -Ends- Media contact: Bob Gordon 02 6153 3044 or 0400 980 297 [1] Digivizer starts new venture to tap into $65 billion APAC gamers’ market 2017-08-17T23:43:20Z digivizer-starts-new-venture-to-tap-into-65-billion-apac-gamers-market Sydney, 18 August 2017 - Australian social and digital analytics technology company Digivizer has launched a new venture, called, to tap the global esports and online games market. is a media hub, run by gamers for gamers, designed to connect great content, events, activations, competitions and influencers within the one ecosystem. According to digital and online games research company Newzoo, the market is worth AU$131 billion globally, AU$65 billion across APAC, and AU$1.5 billion in Australia and New Zealand alone.  There are more than 1.1 billion gamers in the APAC region, according to Newzoo. Digivizer has formed as a separate company that will operate alongside Digivizer itself, supported by Digivizer’s analytics technology, the same technology that Digivizer offers its commercial clients.   Digivizer and CEO Emma Lo Russo explains the decision to launch “The gaming space is not new to Digivizer. We’ve provided social and digital insights and services in this market for clients that include Lenovo and Intel over the past three years. We’ve engaged some of the biggest influencers and esports teams in the APAC region, generating highly successful activations, streams, content and sponsorships, providing gaming and non-gaming brands with opportunities to be involved in the lucrative esports market.” Creating a new ecosystem to support a large market of influencers Digivizer has worked with gamers and brands at some of the largest gaming events here in Australia. The audiences and attendance at these events outstrip those for many mainstream television and sporting events. “Our analysis of the market, and our work at events such as PAX, RTX and this year’s Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) esports event in Sydney, makes it clear that there is a huge opportunity to fill a gap in the market,” says Emma Lo Russo. “Over 7 million live views of IEM and 92 million in-content views for a single event represent audiences almost double those of mainstream TV viewing numbers, including the major traditional sporting AFL and NRL grandfinals.  And we have seen this market grow, in size and in the number of engaged fans who influence each other. “Our strategy for is to bring these three groups - gamers and influencers, their fans and brands - together in a new ecosystem that treats everyone with equal respect, adds expertise and value at every point in the engagement, and uses real-time data to understand what’s working and where to go next. “Gamers and esports teams want to connect with commercial sponsors, without compromising their values. Brands want to understand how to work effectively in what for many remains unfamiliar territory. And fans want to enjoy their gaming without selling out to anyone. meets these needs. This is a gaming destination run by gamers for gamers. “And our experience shows that using data and advanced analytics, combined with the best-possible understanding of this very specialist marketplace, is the only way to deliver value and meaningful engagements to all. “For fans, influencers and brands, this is about creating a win-win-win, with content and contexts that matter to them. We have been thrilled by the overwhelming support we have received from the wider gaming influencers and esports teams across the APAC region, and from partnerships with the major social and streaming platforms.” will be headed by Digivizer’s gaming team specialists Phid Oldfield and Jack Hudson, highly credible gamers and streamers in their own right, supported by a team of gamers including their advertising specialists. is already talking to top-tier gamers and esports teams, and launches with clients AKRacing (which is launching a new specialist gamers’ chair on the web site), Intel, and Legion by Lenovo. will identify new sponsorship opportunities for brands, influencers and gamers, provide a web portal for news, opinions and reviews, develop and stage new esports events, and create and run social media activations.  The website will publish original and aggregated content from brands and gamers, and provide site take-over opportunities for brands seeking to ‘own’ the web site for marketing programmes. Digivizer’s first breakaway venture The new venture is aiming at the APAC market. Underpinning everything will sit Digivizer’s real-time analytics technology, providing insights for everyone operating in this new ecosystem - corporate marketers, influencers and gamers alike. starts operations as Digivizer approaches its seventh year of operations, growing its operating revenue 290% over the last year alone. Starting in classic Silicon Valley fashion with two people in an office smaller than one of the meeting rooms in its current location in the Sydney CBD, Digivizer now employs over 50 people. It has clients in ANZ, APAC, EMEA and the United States, in the IT, financial services, consumer products, automotive and corporate leadership segments. The company won the Carnegie’s Den round in May 2014, signed a Strategic Alliance Agreement with Deloitte in December 2014, and has concluded one round of private investment. is its first breakaway venture. ENDS is at: Twitter: Facebook: Twitch: Instagram: Web: CEO Emma Lo Russo is available for interview.  Photographs and logo artwork available. For more information:                                              Alan Smith                                                                           Head of Strategic Business Communications, Digivizer                    0404 432 700                                                                        Twitter: @alansmithoz          Media background: Digivizer history 2010: company founded by Emma Lo Russo and Clinton Larson. First social analytics and reporting delivered to clients 2011: first iteration of the complete map of Australia’s social web including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn 2011: first social trigger-based leads delivered to clients2013: first influencer relationship programs delivered to clients, using Digivizer’s analytics technology for identification and tracking2014: clients start using Digivizer’s social analytics platform for real-time insights Digivizer wins Carnegie’s Den Digivizer and Deloitte sign an exclusive Alliance Agreement2015: expansion to 30 employees first round of private investment completed Instagram added to Digivizer’s data platform first global data added to technology platform, first overseas client engagements2016: first test iteration of Saas product development integration of advertising APIs from social platforms (in addition to development APIs) integration of Google Adwords and Google Analytics (Digivizer becomes a Google Partner) first presentation version of dashboard delivered to clients first companies data used by clients for leads and prospect tracking expansion of data and client engagements into US and EMEA data-driven senior thought leadership social programs across APAC and the US expansion to 50 employees 2017: expansion of services offering into APAC creation of, a new data-driven business designed to tap into the global esports sector, bringing gamers and brands together Twenty Percent of Global Commercial Email Fails to Reach the Inbox 2017-08-17T02:00:05Z twenty-percent-of-global-commercial-email-fails-to-reach-the-inbox Sydney, Australia – August 17, 2017 — One in five commercial emails worldwide fails to reach its intended target, according to the 2017 Deliverability Benchmark Report from data solutions provider Return Path. This new research reveals that just 80 percent of email is delivered to the inbox, while the remainder—a full 20 percent—is diverted to spam folders or gets blocked altogether. The report’s findings are relatively consistent with the company’s 2016 and 2015 benchmarks, which reported a 79 percent global inbox placement rate. While this rate has improved slightly in the past year, the significant percentage of filtered messages means that marketers are still missing out on a valuable opportunity to drive meaningful revenue from the email channel. “Email remains the most popular and effective channel available to marketers, so it’s more important than ever to get it right. If your emails aren’t reaching the inbox, you’re missing out on an opportunity to build relationships and generate ROI,” said Return Path President George Bilbrey. “But email filtering continues to evolve, as mailbox providers apply increasingly sophisticated algorithms to deliver only the content their users truly want.” Email marketers in the US saw the lowest inbox placement of any country analysed, with just 77 percent of messages reaching subscribers—up from 73 percent in 2016. Meanwhile Canadian marketers achieved one of the highest inbox placement rates in this study, with an average of 90 percent. Other key findings include: ● Marketers in European countries generally exceeded the global inbox placement rate, with averages of 82 percent (France and Spain) and 84 percent (UK). Of the European countries studied, only Germany fell slightly below the global average with 79 percent inbox placement. ● For the second year in a row, Australian marketers maintained average inbox placement of 90 percent—tied with Canada for the best result in this study. ● Looking at inbox placement by industry, the best results were found in sectors with strong account-based consumer relationships such as banking & finance (94 percent), distribution & manufacturing (92 percent), and travel (90 percent). This annual benchmark report from Return Path examines how email is delivered and how inbox placement is measured, along with global, regional, and industry benchmark results by quarter. The complete 2017 Deliverability Benchmark Report, including inbox placement statistics broken down by country, can be downloaded here. Methodology Return Path conducted this study using a representative sample of more than 2 billion promotional email messages sent to consumers around the world between April 2016 and June 2017. Global and regional statistics are based on performance across more than 140 mailbox providers in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions. Country and industry statistics are based on a subset of senders whose locations and industry classifications are identifiable. Industry results are based on global consumer data consisting of over 17,000 commercial senders, two million consumer panellists, and over two billion commercial email messages sent to Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, and AOL users in the same time period. Return Path Consumer Network data is captured from monitored email accounts controlled by real subscribers to sample user-initiated engagement based filtering decisions by mailbox providers. Consumer data can uncover behaviour based factors and thresholds that influence inbox placement at large mailbox providers, and can’t be identified by non-interactive seeds. About Return Path Return Path analyses the world’s largest collection of email data to show businesses how to stay connected to their audiences and strengthen their customer engagement. Our data solutions help analysts understand consumer behaviour and market trends. We help mailbox providers around the world deliver great user experiences and build trust in email by ensuring that wanted messages reach the inbox while spam doesn’t. To find out more about Return Path solutions, visit us at or request a demo. Media contacts: Biana Chamlet and Lucy Walker Espresso Communications +61 2 8016 2200 Brisbane Startup Soars up International Charts Alongside Social Media Giant Facebook. 2017-08-16T02:00:24Z brisbane-startup-soars-up-international-charts-alongside-social-media-giant-facebook Brisbane software startup, Content Snare, has dominated an international software chart coming in second to social media giant, Facebook’s new Youtube competitor, Watch.  The software tool, which solves the biggest pain points for web designers, soared up to number two on Product Hunt, a website Co-Founder James Rose says is the “holy grail” of websites for product-loving enthusiasts and innovators in the start-up tech space around the world. “The idea for Content Snare came about after engaging heavily with web designers who shared a major problem in common,” said James.   “90% of them identified collecting content from clients as the biggest bottleneck in their business.That was huge, so we dropped what we were doing and put everything into Content Snare.”  Content Snare is a software tool that helps web designers get content from their clients. It is used by hundreds of designers across the world to keep projects on track and make their businesses much more efficient. “We’re all stoked to see Content Snare battling it out on a global stage with Facebook’s new video streaming product,” said James. “For a Brissie startup it’s a pretty special result to be mixing it with the biggest and best from Silicon Valley.” “We had over 5,000 hits on our website in a 72-hour period as a result of this incredible exposure.” “As the listing gained popularity throughout the day, we received a lot of praise from entrepreneurs and web designers all over the world,” he said. For example:  Cas McCullough commented “Congrats on executing a great idea that solves a huge problem for web devs.”  David Lux said “This one is a great and well-executed idea. I love the simple onboarding design.”  Dmitry Kornyukhov’s comment reads “Perfectly executed idea! I think it really hits a nail on the head and will make chasing clients a lot easier for lots and lots of web-developers out there” Content Snare is the latest in a successful line of tech platforms emerging from software specialists Aktura Technology.  With a mission to enable businesses to talk to “‘web developer’s that don’t suck” Aktura formed their business in Brisbane in 2010. To view the listing on Product Hunt visit  ENDS Media Contact: James Rose 0422156360 Aspect sponsors CoreNet Global’s 2017 Annual Conference 2017-08-16T01:48:34Z aspect-sponsors-corenet-global-s-2017-annual-conference Aspect Furniture is again supporting corporate real estate association CoreNet Global by sponsoring its Annual Conference, which will be held on 6th September 2017 in Melbourne. Aspect also sponsored the association’s Government Property Forum in August. The conference will bring together industry leaders to discuss innovation and growth in the corporate real estate space. Specifically, the 2017 conference will address the theme ‘humans in a connected world’: how businesses are transforming digitally and culturally in response to increasing automation of jobs and skills. The conference theme is pertinent and will prepare corporate real estate professionals to better meet the rapidly changing needs of their businesses. Hayley McDade, Melbourne Sales Executive for Aspect says: “CoreNet Global’s conference is timely; it allows the industry to come together and think strategically about how to best cultivate responsive workspaces in a digitally-driven world. At Aspect, we see a demand to simultaneously foster technology and engagement in the workplace — and it’s only going to accelerate.” Aspect regularly collaborates with businesses to provide seamless technology solutions and innovative furniture systems that adapt to the changing needs of the workplace. Office infrastructure is no longer static; its fluidity can support a collaborative, integrated workforce as businesses grow or transform. “Technology, and the way we work, is advancing quickly — so we’re pleased that CoreNet Global is bringing this topic to the forefront. We’re glad to be a part of such a dynamic industry. We’re looking forward to joining our industry colleagues in discussing workplaces that are built for the future,” says Hayley. CoreNet Global is the worldwide association for corporate real estate professionals, and regularly hosts events to facilitate knowledge and development in the industry. The sponsorship of CoreNet Global’s 2017 Annual Conference supports Aspect’s commitment to provide innovative, commercial furniture systems to the Australasian market. Aspect is a leading commercial furniture supplier, and has been operating for over 30 years. Servicing a range of private and public sector clients, Aspect is known for delivering quality, flexible furniture solutions that adapt to business needs.   For more information, please contact: Grant Kennerley, National Marketing Manager Phone: 1800 696 334 or 0437 352 175 Email: For more details about CoreNet Global’s Annual Conference, visit: Fairfax Launches Executive Style Magazine for Smart men. Cool things. 2017-08-15T22:21:19Z fairfax-launches-executive-style-magazine-for-smart-men-cool-things Sydney August 16 2017 - Fairfax Media’s luxury lifestyle website Executive Style is launching a new quarterly glossy men’s magazine, free inside The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald on Friday, August 18. Executive Style Magazine has received strong support from international luxury and watch brands, retail, luxury auto and travel clients, with launch partners including Audi, Blancpain, Bvlgari, Cartier, Giorgio Armani, Harrold Luxury Department Store, Hugo Boss, MontBlanc, Rolex and Victorian Racing Club. “The magazine is a whistlestop tour of the finer things in life, with a uniquely Australian twist," says editor Michael Harry. “Our tagline is ‘Smart men. Cool things.’ and that’s exactly what you’ll find, with the latest luxury news and views we think you need to know now.” Nerissa Corbett, brand and audience director of Fairfax Prestige Group, says, “Fairfax continues to build on the success of its Prestige Group with the launch of Executive Style Magazine, a premium brand extension of our highly successful website. We’re entirely focused on providing superior results for prestige clients and brands, and this offers advertisers another valuable opportunity to communicate to our large, quality audiences.” The 52-page launch edition features actor Alex Dimitriades on the cover, plus interviews with ex-AFL legend Jimmy Bartel and up-and-coming stars Benjamin Rigby [Alien: Covenant] and Osamah Sami [Ali's Wedding]. The Spring issue includes the latest news on high-end cars, diving watches, Australian whiskies, Mick Fanning's award-winning Balter beer, plus a sleek Father's Day gift guide and a four-page fashion feature on what to wear to the Melbourne Cup Carnival. “Executive Style Magazine complements our current female premium lifestyle titles including Sunday Life and, making our premium male offering truly cross-platform, with opportunities for digital, print and event executions targeting an AB male-skewed audience,” added Corbett. Fairfax Media has a long history of relationships with luxury advertisers. In 2015 the publisher was first to market in launching Fairfax Prestige Group which manages The Australian Financial Review Magazine, Life & Leisure, BOSS,, Sunday Life, amongst others. It also recently celebrated ten years of the AFR Magazine Watch lift-out. Executive Style Magazine is available on Friday, August 18 in the The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. Homegrown prop-tech start-up blitzes the pack at 14th Annual International Business Awards 2017-08-14T03:52:35Z homegrown-prop-tech-start-up-blitzes-the-pack-at-14th-annual-international-business-awards Media Release     Homegrown prop-tech start-up blitzes the pack at the 14th Annual International Business Awards Just days after the 500,000th digital property transaction was processed online, Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) has another reason to celebrate, claiming gold in five categories at the 14th Annual International Business Awards. Sharing centre stage with international heavyweights DHL Express, Meltwater, Goldman Sachs, Unilever and Accenture, PEXA was recognised for its leadership in innovation, collaboration and industry transformation. Industry acknowledged as the real stars in PEXA’s success PEXA CEO Marcus Price – the recipient of both the Innovator of the Year and Executive of the Year Award - said this recognition is testament to the incredible collaboration underway across the property industry in Australia: “These phenomenal results truly reflect the exemplary work of the Australian land registries, banks, legal and conveyancing firms and peak bodies in collaborating to bring a digital property exchange to life. Our success is a direct result of their efforts and of course the broader PEXA team who continue to work tirelessly in bringing Australia’s $7.2T residential property market online,” Marcus said. “These awards are a result of the efforts of an entire industry”. Digital property transactions recognised as “revolutionary” Born out of a 2008 Council of Australian Government (COAG) initiative to create seamless economic reform through the digitisation of property transactions, PEXA boasts a robust network of 124 financial institutions and more than 4350 legal and conveyancing firms nationwide with close to $60B in property value already transacted through the network. In reviewing PEXA’s applications, the judges described PEXA as “revolutionary in the sense that they have made the entire lifecycle of buying, selling and closing properties seamless and less painful… this company has shown what it means to live in this "robotic world." The way that they have revolutionized the real estate industry is astounding helping clients get a better way to deal with their transactions. Kudos for reengineering and dematerializing "bureaucracy" into something that is leading edge! Impressive.”Billions of dollars in property transferred in minutes – not weeks PEXA was also recognised for its ‘Projects’ functionality for property developers which uses robotics to automatically create online workspaces with mass data upload capability. “What once took 7 minutes per transaction now takes only 6 seconds. As you can imagine, for those property developers settling some of the 210,000-large-scale allotment deals each year, this provides an unprecedented level of efficiency. In fact, not only are dealings now 166x faster but developers also benefit from substantial interest savings with billions of dollars in property transferred in minutes – not weeks,” Marcus said. The International Business Awards honours organisations worldwide in an extensive list of categories, including innovation, growth, management, leadership and customer service among others. This year, a record 3900 nominations were received from across 60 nations. PEXA received recognition in the following categories: GOLD: Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year - Up to 2,500 Employees Company of the Year – (Legal industry) - Medium-size Best New Product or Service of the Year - Software - Real Estate or Construction Management Solution Innovator of the Year (Marcus Price) Executive of the Year – Legal industry (Marcus Price)  SILVER: Fastest-Growing Company of the Year - in Asia, Australia and New Zealand Technical Innovation of the Year - At Organizations with Up to 1,000 Employees   -Ends-       SKY HIGH DONATION TO ORPHANED KIDS IN CHINA 2017-08-14T01:46:51Z sky-high-donation-to-orphaned-kids-in-china Gold Coast-based philanthropist and James Home Service’s CEO Mike Dowling is helping create a brighter future for children in China, donating thousands of dollars to Half the Sky Australia Foundation Half the Sky Australia supports development projects in China as part of the global OneSky network. “OneSky is a great organisation, providing nurturing care for infants, early education programs for pre-schoolers, mentoring for older children, loving foster families for children with special needs, and vital training and development for China’s welfare institution caregivers,” said Mr Dowling, who was nominated for Queensland Community Foundation Philanthropist of the Year in June. Thanks to donations from Australians such as Mike, OneSky has trained 29,575 caregivers, directly impacting the lives of 147,792 children, many who are orphans. “It’s a really great cause making a substantial difference to the quality of life for thousands of kids each year and I encourage everyone to help out in any way possible,” said Mike, whose organisation donated $20,500 to Half the Sky Australia last financial year and more than $500,000 to charities and non-profit organisations over the past few years. “Philanthropy is vital and if you are in a position to help others, I feel you should do whatever you can. Having a successful business has allowed me to do what I love and at the same time, help others. “I have made it my priority to ensure that business is supporting charities, especially those that help children.” Last year, Australia was third on the World Giving Index and it is people like Mike who are making the difference. According to Philanthropy Australia, about 14.9 million Australian adults (80.8% of the population) gave $12.5 billion to charities and not-for-profits organisations in 2015-16. The average donation was $764.08 and the median donation was $200. Compared with 10 years ago, a smaller proportion of Australians are giving, but they are giving larger amounts. Mike wants more and more businesses to follow his lead. “No matter who you are or how successful your business is, there will always be ways you can help. It doesn’t have to just be through large donations either – you can make a positive difference by giving away some of your time or by simply using your voice to speak out,” he said. You can donate to One Sky through the website or via the Half the Sky Facebook page @halftheskyaus. MEDIA NOTE: To interview Mr Dowling please contact Wings Public Relations Director Deanna Nott on 0422 504 540. WORLEYPARSONS’ FRISKA WIRYA AWARDED PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SCHOLARSHIP 2017-08-14T00:59:12Z worleyparsons-friska-wirya-awarded-professional-development-scholarship MELBOURNE: WorleyParsons’ Friska Wirya has been announced recipient of behind closed doors’ (BCD) Luminaries (managers/team leaders) Scholarship providing 12-months fully funded membership to the coveted professional development, peer to peer mentoring and networking organisation. Announcing the winner at a business women’s networking event last night, BCD Founder and Managing Director, Donny Walford, said the 12-month scholarship provides an opportunity for successful woman seeking access to insights, knowledge, support and high level networks in their journey to Executive and Board positions. “I extend my congratulations to our winner, Friska Wirya,” Ms Walford said.”Friska shows a determination to learn from other like-minded women, an opportunity she will now maximise through the membership.” Ms Wirya, a senior transformation manager, through her written application for the scholarship showed a strong commitment to personal and professional development. Having overcome a number of personal challenges in her life, she hopes to publish her life’s journey in the near future. In application for the award, Ms Wirya said an opportunity to develop her leadership style as an effective means to motivate, influence and transform would allow her to positively impact her organisation and make lasting changes. The BCD Luminaries Scholarship offers businesswomen the opportunity to expand their leadership and management skills through a year-long membership to BCD Luminaries, valued at more than $5,500. BCD Luminaries was created in response to an identified need for motivated businesswomen to have a professional sounding board and support network where they can discuss professional and personal issues, challenges and strategies in a totally confidential environment while, at the same time, encouraging each other to extend themselves to achieve and succeed in new environments. Members meet for three hours, ten times a year, for group mentoring, professional development and networking with like-minded women. Outside of this further professional development, networking and mentorship opportunities are provided to members amongst the wider BCD community.  “One of its major aims,” concluded Ms Walford, “is to increase women’s representation on Boards, committees and in executive management roles and BCD has an enviable track record in successfully supporting our members to achieve these types of roles.” A second 12-month fully funded scholarship was awarded to Stephanie Miles, Biomedical Engineer HYDIX, and runner up awards given to Sophie Lefebvre, Junior Lawyer Foster Nicolson Lawyers, Rebecca Dickson, Lawyer at Melbourne Airport and Mallory Martel, Marketing Manager for Sidekicker. For more details about behind closed doors memberships visit Issued by: Penny Reidy, Marketing Manager, Behind Closed Doors on 8333 4303 or 0401 349 791. Unwanted, Unknown, Unnecessary 2017-08-13T23:40:16Z unwanted-unknown-unnecessary   The water tax recently proposed by Labour would deliver a sharp blow to the economy of Auckland's rural northwest, says National's candidate for Helensville, Chris Penk.   "It's unwanted because farmers, horticulturalists and viticulturists provide a significant number of jobs in the region ... and slapping them with a water tax would completely undermine this growth.  And the inevitable price rises for consumers would hardly be welcome either.”   “It's unknown because Labour aren't saying what they'd actually charge.  There's almost no detail associated with the threatened tax, even on such key aspects as how much it'd be and where the money would go.”   “And it's unnecessary because income generated by Kiwi businesses in the rural sector already gets taxed.  Margins can be tight, so let's not push them over the edge as Labour are suggesting."   “By contrast, National has been able to create the necessary conditions for our strong national economy – including the rural sector – without introducing punitive tax measures.”   “The only way that the northwest can ensure our rural sector doesn't get hit by Labour's new water tax is to Party Vote National in the next month's election.”   Media Contact: Chris Penk 021 0230 6106   Authorised by C Penk, Unit 5B, 84 Main Road, Kumeu   Breakthrough in ‘Green’ Agricultural Bio Solutions 2017-08-11T05:59:27Z breakthrough-in-green-agricultural-bio-solutions WITH the agricultural inoculants market projected to reach US$437.1 million by 2020 – a 20-year local research program is putting Australia at the cutting edge of ‘green’ solutions in bio-security. Driven by estimated sheep and cattle losses in Australia alone of $A1 billion (and tens of billions worldwide), the research is not only good news for producers but potentially an export winner.      With exponential growth potential in world agricultural markets for ‘green’ inoculant solutions (including plant growth-promoting microorganisms, bio-control agents, and plant-resistance stimulants) the current program (which includes US and Australian trials plus exhaustive research and development involving groups such as the CSIRO) is employing a non-chemical biological control for the free living stages of parasitic nematodes of grazing animals – and is widely regarded as a global breakthrough Independent studies published by Meat & Livestock Australia Limited estimates the total losses per annum due to internal parasites:                      *    Cattle $A93.6 million ($US70m/$EU66m) with production losses ranging from $0.44 - $3.59 per animal 
                     *     Sheep $A436 million ($US327m/$EU305m) with production losses ranging from $1.29 - $28.29 per animal 
                      *    Goats $A2.54 million ($US1.9m/$EU1.8m) with production losses ranging from $0 - $5.34 per animal 
 Animals infected with parasitic nematodes have traditionally been treated with chemicals (called anthelmintics) intended to kill the worms living in the animal. However with the rising incidence of resistance to anthelmintic chemicals there is an increasing push by producers for ‘greener’ more sustainable solutions, free of chemical inputs and application of non-chemotherapeutic control methods. With an unprecedented demand for chemical-free food world-wide developed through plant growth-promoting microorganisms, this Australian initiative, is leading the charge.