The PRWIRE Press Releases https:// 2019-05-26T16:49:48Z Beaming into Christchurch - A new e-scooter service 2019-05-26T16:49:48Z beaming-into-christchurch-a-new-e-scooter-service Monday, 27th May 2019                                                         Media Release Beaming into Christchurch Christchurch e-scooter riders will soon have a new choice of provider when micro-mobility company Beam lands in mid-June. Beam is expanding its operations and making Christchurch its first launch site in New Zealand, with plans to expand its fleet to other cities throughout the year.  Beam was successful in April when it was awarded a permit to operate in Christchurch’s sister city of Adelaide in South Australia, after Australia’s first competitive tender process for e-scooters. Beam says that Christchurch e-scooter riders will experience a difference from other providers that extends beyond a different scooter. Beam Head of Public Affairs Brad Kitschke said “Beam values its relationships with cities and the community, prioritises safety and sees itself as a responsible partner.” “We prioritise working with cities to solve their problems and we promote safety, not just for e-scooter users but for everyone. Our fleet, our technology, and the way we operate will clearly demonstrate our commitment to improving the Christchurch moves,” Mr Kitschke said.   A safer ride Beam deploys a custom Segway Ninebot Sharing e-scooter that features a dual braking system- a front electric brake and a back foot-brake that provides increased reliability and control. Speed control The normal operating speed of Beam e-scooters will be 15 kmph.  Speed reduction zones can also be set on advice by Council and Beam accomplishes this with gradual acceleration and deceleration, with no jerky movements. Helmets Helmets will be located on every e-scooter for those who wish to use them. We believe that every e-scooter ride is made safer by ensuring the rider has access to a helmet. If a helmet is not available on the scooter we will work with Council and local businesses to have helmets available for riders to collect. Preferred parking Bays & Rider incentives Beam will seek permission from the Christchurch City Council to introduce a limited number of e-scooter parking bays on a trial basis. Beam will also activate its preferred parking technology, a feature which was invented by the company. Beam will work with Christchurch City Council to mark out limited and specific areas it wants designating for e-scooter pick-up and drop-off to decrease clutter and keep the streets clear. Beam will also activate its preferred parking technology that will send reminder messages to users on the benefits of preferred parking bays and directing them to specific locations when applicable. When a user ends their beam trip within a certain radius of a designated preferred parking bay they will receive an sms suggesting they move the scooter a short distance (say 20m) to the designated parking bay. Beam will further incentivise this by adding a base fee in credits to the accounts of users who stow the scooters in the designated bays, making subsequent rides cheaper. Contributing to the local economy Beam “Chargers” will be engaged to assist with collection, charging and repositioning of scooters creating flexible economic opportunities for locals.  Those interested in becoming a charger can visit   Paying our fair share Beam Mobility New Zealand Ltd is a locally domiciled company and all revenue will be booked against the local entity and corporate tax paid on all revenue collected in New Zealand.     The Christchurch City Council has given permission for Beam to deploy 300 e-scooters with a launch timed for mid-June. Beam believes that riders and the community will value the introduction of a new provider with an alternative approach. “We think that Christchurch e-scooter riders will come to enjoy Beam and will immediately experience the difference in our service. We think the Christchurch community will recognise that our focus on safety and city amenity means a better experience for everyone. Mr Kitschke concluded. B-roll footage of the Beam e-scooter in action can be downloaded from the following link For media enquiries about Beam Brad Kitschke Head of Public Affairs (Australia and New Zealand) M - 61 401 809 630  w - E - Or   Christopher Hilton Vice President Corporate Affairs M SG +65  9025 3593 E    Beam Scooters Branded Promo.mp4 ASI MUTUAL INITIATES INVESTMENT IN AMP LIMITED ASX:AMP 2019-05-24T02:42:14Z asi-mutual-initiates-investment-in-amp-limited-asx-amp-1 ASI MUTUAL  MEDIA RELEASE ASI INITIATES INVESTMENT IN AMP LIMITED ASX:AMP AMP Limited (AMP) is an Australian wealth management company, with an expanding (slowed) international and investment management business and a growing retail banking business in Australia. It provides retail customers in Australia and New Zealand with financial advice and superannuation, retirement income and investment products. The Company's brand and financial performance has suffered badly as a result of regulatory and compliance breaches unearthed by the Australian Royal Commission into banking and financials in the country.  As Australia’s well known wealth manager, AMP Ltd, posted a near nine-fold increase in cash outflows at its wealth management unit earlier this month in the wake of damaging revelations of misconduct via the Royal Commission, sending its shares down sharply. The 170-year-old company was accused of charging fees for no service and attempting to deceive regulators at a government-mandated Royal Commission inquiry last year, which led to the loss of its chairman and chief executive. The Company has haemorrhaged billions of dollars in funds under management and is facing class-action lawsuits.  The Company noted however, that its assets under management, which includes investment performance, rose 5 percent “with positive investment markets offsetting weaker cash inflows”. Fresh blood takes hold of the reins.....At his first annual general meeting with the company, Chief Executive Francesco de Ferrari said he was focusing on restoring stability after last year’s upheaval, while chasing new growth opportunities as the Royal Commission had driven out some competitors. “This transformation for AMP is going to be a multi-year journey and it will not happen overnight,” he told the meeting. (the contrarians swan song!) Total Shareholder Return (inc div) ALL MINUS - 1yr: -42.20%   3yr: -22.70% pa   5yr: -11.94% pa Morningstar Quantitative Ratings  Valuation Rating: Undervalued Fair Value Estimate: $2.615 Fair Value Percentage Difference: 15.48% Undervalued Liquidity: High Contrarian Investing is an investment strategy that is characterised by purchasing and selling in contrast to the prevailing sentiment of the time. A contrarian believes that certain crowd behaviour among investors can lead to exploitable mispricings in securities markets. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Michael de Tocqueville Investment Director ASI MUTUAL Office Address 93 High Street Woodend 3442 VIC Australia Postal Address PO Box 686 Woodend 3442 VIC Australia Domestic Callers  t   03.5427.4561 f   03.5427.4672 m 0402.039.993 International Callers t   +61.3.5427.4561 f   +61.3.5427.4672 m +61.402.039.993 E W ASI MUTUAL is an Australian based private investment firm which acquires significant ownership positions in publicly-listed companies, only where medium to long-term value can be enhanced through constructive, active and engaging ownership. The Company is dedicated to active ownership investing in Australia however, investment opportunities may present themselves from other countries.  NO ADVICE   Nothing on the pages of this site shall be deemed to constitute financial, investment or other professional advice in any way and you should consult your financial adviser or other professional adviser if you require any financial or other professional advice. ASI INITIATES INVESTMENT IN SEQUOIA FINANCIAL GROUP LIMITED ASX: SEQ 2019-05-24T00:46:57Z asi-initiates-investment-in-sequoia-financial-group-limited-asx-seq  ASI MEDIA - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ASI INITIATES INVESTMENT IN SEQUOIA FINANCIAL GROUP LIMITED ASX: SEQ Sequoia Financial Group Ltd (SEQ, formerly MDS Financial Group Limited) is a integrated financial services company providing products and services to self-directed retail and wholesale clients and those of third party professional service firms. SEQ's share price performance has slumped to private company market levels. Shareholder Return (inc div) 1yr: -23.86% 3yr: 4.53% pa 5yr: -14.50% pa  SEQ exhibits poor share price performance as it struggles to rearrange its business portfolio.    Morningstar Quantitative Ratings  Valuation Rating: Undervalued Fair Value Estimate: $0.372 Fair Value Percentage (Undervaluation) Difference: (38.21%) Liquidity: Medium On 28 February, Sequoia Financial Group provided its chairman's letter stating that the financial news network continued to generate greater market penetration whilst the Company's other online business developments are rising ahead of internal targets. The Company has also reduced debt by more than $5m throughout this period and increased net asset by over $3m, despite impairing several assets. The Company has also seen heightened enquiry levels from third party Australian Financial Services Licensees looking to access broker services through Morrison's Securities following the recruitment of key personnel who have increased the Company's 'bench strength' within this business.  That positive announcement by the Chairman has not yet translated into a consistent improving share price and the Company has not provided an update on expected financial performance for fy 2019. We suspect shareholders would find an update at this time, useful. SEQ also announced on 1 March 2019 - "Garry Crole will remain as Acting CEO whilst the Company undertakes an extensive search for the CEO role over the coming Quarter". By now shareholders should have received some indication, having regards to the appointment of a permanent CEO to drive the Company forward.  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Michael de Tocqueville CEO - Investment Director AFSL 224560 Responsible Manager Advocate Strategic Investments  trading as ASI Office Address 93 High Street Woodend 3442 VIC Australia Postal Address PO Box 686 Woodend 3442 VIC Australia Domestic Callers  t   03.5427.4561 f   03.5427.4672 m 0402.039.993 International Callers t   +61.3.5427.4561 f   +61.3.5427.4672 m +61.402.039.993 E W About ASI ASI is an independent alternative style investment management firm which holds an Australian Financial Services Licence numbered 224560 (AFSL 224560).  ASI provides wholesale clients, sophisticated investors, superannuation funds and institutions with customised proprietary model portfolios for medium to long-term investing.  ASI also provides, an execution only, share broking service through Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s CommSec and Interactive Brokers Australia.  Disclaimer This media release should not be construed as personal financial product advice for the purposes of section 766B of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Act).   This release is intended solely for use by Wholesale and Institutional clients within the meaning of section 761G of the Act, sophisticated investors pursuant to section 708(8) of the Act, professional investors pursuant to section 708(11) of the Act, and/or otherwise persons to whom a disclosure document is not otherwise required to be given under Chapter 6D of the Act.   This release and its content is only intended to be used or viewed by persons in jurisdictions where ASI products and services may lawfully be offered. ASI is not aware of any purposes for which a recipient of this report may use the information contained within the report.   To the extent any recommendations or statements of opinion or fact made by ASI constitutes financial product advice, they constitute general advice and not personal financial advice in any form. As such, any recommendations or statements do not take into account the financial circumstances, investment objectives, tax implications, or any specific requirements of the recipient.   Recipients should not act on any recommendation issued by ASI without first consulting their investment advisor in order to ascertain whether the recommendation (if any) is appropriate, having regard to their investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs.  Australia is losing momentum in the digital economy, says new report 2019-05-22T14:33:36Z australia-is-losing-momentum-in-the-digital-economy-says-new-report Thursday 23rd May 2019, Sydney, Australia: A new global report released today by Verint Systems has revealed that Australia is losing momentum in the digital economy. The findings are in stark contrast to Australia’s regional neighbours, including Singapore and Hong Kong, who are leading the way in digital transformation.   The Australian edition of the global study, CX State of Play in Australia, carried out in partnership with Opinium Research LLC report, found that Australians as consumers are still quick to refer to a human over digital channels; and are slower than their Singaporean and Hong Kong counterparts when it comes to digital adoption in the workplace. Looking at the channels customers prefer to use, the demand to engage with humans is still strong (almost 60 per cent of customers like to speak to someone on the phone or in person). This trend continues into the future, with 58 per cent of people saying they will prefer to speak to a person in 5 – 10 years’ time; showing that human engagement remains key for important interactions that can impact a long-term relationship. Additionally, uptake in other digital customer service channels, has generally been slow (13 per cent use email/SMS; 6 per cent use a mobile app; 5 per cent use web self-serve); showing that while Australian customers may be open to digital communication, human to human contact is what they desire the most. In contrast, Australia’s closest neighbours are much more likely to embrace digital communication channels (17 per cent use a mobile app in Singapore; 14 per cent in Hong Kong).   The report also shows a slower than global and APAC uptake on digital adoption in the workplace (34 per cent in Australia acknowledged AI, algorithms and other automation technology help them do their job more effectively, compared to 54 per cent in Singapore and 52 per cent in Hong Kong. However, it is not all bad news, with many Australians looking forward to more digital advancements in the future, both as consumers and in the workplace. For example, 60 per cent of respondents said technology helps provide them with more information, knowledge and support to perform their jobs more effectively.   Michael Stelzer, Vice President, Australia & New Zealand at Verint Systems warns Australian companies not to lose sight of the gains Australia has made in the digital economy and urges them to keep up with the pace of innovation and digital transformation taking place in the rest of the region.   “The research shows that while Australian businesses are investing in innovation and technology, there appears to be a lag with our closet neighbours. To compete on the world stage, Australia must reembrace a digital culture, and engage in genuine dialogue with their customers and employees along the digital journey.  “Equally, Australian businesses must get the balance between technology and human touch right. Digital tools such as AI, chatbots, and robots are vital for the low involvement tasks, but they cannot replace those tasks that require emotional intelligence. That’s where the human touch can add real value. This is valued highly in Australia and it should not be ignored,” said Michael.  In the Australian workforce, only 25 per cent said they have experienced technology replacing manual tasks in the workplace. Yet many more (66 per cent) are willing to try new technology and ways of working in order to be more efficient or productive.  “The message is clear – the fear around technology at work is subsiding. There is an increased understanding that automation technology can free up people to do more interesting and fulfilling work. Businesses who can engage with their workforce in genuine dialogue about the use of technology and ensure their employees feel valued for their contributions will ultimately succeed,” concluded Michael. ~ENDS HOW TO AVOID THE FUNERAL VULTURES THIS WINTER 2019-05-22T03:22:34Z how-to-avoid-the-funeral-vultures-this-winter Did you know that winter is the death season? According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, there are more deaths in the winter months of June, July and August, and less deaths in the summer months of December, January and February. Although pneumonia and influenza were primary causes of death, they are often associated with other causes of death, especially cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, and especially among older persons. Deaths peak in winter, in parallel to outbreaks of influenza and other respiratory infections.    'Australia on track for killer flu season as experts urge public to get vaccinated'    In 2018, Australia had a pretty quiet flu season and that means that community immunity wasn't built up to protect against this year's virus, but health experts are warning Australia is on track for a killer flu season. In March 2019, more than 10,000 people were diagnosed with the flu. In March 2018, that number was 3,173. With numbers showing three times as many people being diagnosed with the virus so far this year, compared to the same period in previous years, experts are urging the public to get vaccinated.  According to the Chair of the Immunisation Coalition, Professor Robert Booy, in a busy year, there were a number of people who would be expected to get the flu and die from it. "This year, we expect the flu to kill at least 4,000 people which is the same number as deaths from suicide and the road toll combined," he said.     Australia's largest funeral companies need more people to die this season The funeral industry in Australia is big business for large corporations with revenue primarily determined by the death rate and funeral volumes. More than 160,000 Australians will die this year with one person dying every 3 minutes. However, funeral businesses are facing a difficult truth: not enough people are dying, which isn’t great for business.    ‘An increase in deaths from a killer flu season may be good for shareholders, but not for some.’    In 2018, Australia's largest funeral services company InvoCare (ASX: IVC) reported to shareholders that a lower number of deaths from an unusually mild winter flu season last year impacted its bottom line. In a statement to the Australian Stock Exchange in February, InvoCare CEO Martin Earp said, “Operating results for 2018 were impacted by soft market conditions, namely, a lower number of deaths. “History suggests that these conditions are unlikely to be sustained and that reversion to the positive long-term trend is typical,” he added.  InvoCare's rival Propel Funeral Partners Ltd (ASX: PFP) also reported lower profits, with below trend funeral volumes, due to a benign flu season last year. Propel’s CEO, Albin Kurti said, “Historical experience suggests that the significant, year on year decline in death volumes we’ve seen in calendar year 2018 should be temporary, given the growing and ageing population, and prior year on year declines have rebounded quickly. When the rebound occurs, Propel will be well placed to benefit, given operating leverage within the business,” he said.  Between them, both InvoCare and Propel Funeral Partners control more that 40 per cent market share and are an attractive investment for investors looking for consistent growth with revenues and earnings highest during the winter months, when influenza and pneumonia cases peak. So an increase in deaths from a killer flu season may be good for shareholders, but not for some.        Don’t be another funeral statistic this winter. Get your flu vaccination! Every year thousands of Australians are dying or being admitted to hospital for complications of the flu. That is entirely avoidable if people have their flu vaccination. The Australian Government recommends everyone from six months old wishing to protect themselves against the flu should get immunised. Vaccination is a safe and effective way to protect yourself from flu; people who get vaccinated are at lower risk of getting an infection (and developing serious disease) than those who do not. In most states, the vaccine has already been distributed to GPs and many pharmacies.     Learn more about death and funerals in Australia Read our FREE funeral guides & resources  View our funeral blogs & articles  Get your FREE Book: ‘What Kind of Funeral’     About eziFunerals eziFunerals supports individuals and families cope with end of life decisions, death and funerals. We are an independent, Australian-owned and operated company, and are not a subsidiary of any other corporation. We do not conduct funerals and we are not part of any other funeral company. South Coast Students Laugh & Learn to Make Good Financial Decisions 2019-05-22T03:11:05Z south-coast-students-laugh-amp-learn-to-make-good-financial-decisions Illawarra, Shoalhaven and Far South Coast primary school students will learn crucial financial literacy skills during May with the return of Horizon Credit Union and The National Theatre for Children (NTC). For the fifth year running, the organisations have partnered to deliver Showdown at Two Bob Billabong to schools across the region. The tour begins on Monday 27th May and will visit schools in Pambula, Narooma, Bodalla, Ulladulla, Huskisson, Nowra, Berry and Berkeley. “We’re thrilled to be in a position to give back to the community by sponsoring these educational programs for children’s financial literacy. One of the things that set us apart from other financial institutions is that we exist for the benefit of our members. Our main aim is to help them manage their money better. Establishing good savings habits at a young age is a priceless skill that can be carried through to adulthood” said Horizon CEO Jon Stanfield. The fun, comedic and interactive educational program will focus on what is money, the uses of money, why we should save money and how we can save money. The financial concepts covered in NTC’s Showdown at Two Bob Billabong live shows are reinforced by student workbooks (both online and print versions), teacher guides, digital games and activities that align with the curriculum and are provided at no cost to the schools through Horizon Credit Union’s sponsorship. “A huge factor in the success of these programs is that students are inspired about a topic and will go home and share that inspiration with their friends and family. It’s a way to spread a positive educational message into the greater community and help kids to prepare for their financial future.” said NTC Managing Director Tobias Benn. Over the life of the five-year program, Horizon Credit Union will have reached 50 schools and educated over 16,000 students across the NSW South Coast.   About Horizon Credit Union Horizon Credit Union’s branch network spans the NSW South Coast. Horizon looks after over 15,000 people in that region and is in its 54th year of operation. It is a member-owned financial institution that does everything a bank can do. Anyone can join Horizon. Horizon returns profits back to members in the form of competitive rates, fair fees and support in their communities.   About NTC NTC is a premium provider of educational programming with operations Australia, New Zealand and the USA. We work directly between schools and our partners to promote positive behaviour and life skills to students in grades K-12 on a local, regional and national level. Our award-winning educational programs are provided free for schools and are customizable to accommodate specific messages and goals for our partners. Through formats including live performance, in-class discussion, graphic novels, print curriculum, and digital games and activities, we present topics such as energy conservation, safety, financial literacy, STEM, water and environmental stewardship, and health and social responsibility in ways that engage and empower students. In doing so, we are helping our partners to be forces of change for students, parents and communities at large. PACIFIC CURRENT LIMITED (PAC) SHAREHOLDER WRITES TO THE AUSTRALIAN SECURITIES EXCHANGE (ASX) ABOUT THE WAY IT ISSUES WAIVERS AGAINST LISTING RULES 2019-05-21T02:10:01Z pacific-current-limited-pac-shareholder-writes-to-the-australian-securities-exchange-asx-about-the-way-it-issues-waivers-against-listing-rules GOOD GOVERNANCE IS A TWO WAY TRANSPARENT STREET  FIRST IN A SERIES OF SHAREHOLDER CORRESPONDENCE BEGINNING DECEMBER 2017 ON HOW THE SYSTEM MAY WORK AGAINST SHAREHOLDERS LETTER NUMBER 1 PACIFIC CURRENT GROUP LIMITED SHAREHOLDER LETTER TO THE ASX DATED 6 DECEMBER 2017 HAVING REGARDS TO WAIVERS AGAINST LISTING RULES Mr. D Stevens Managing Director and CEO Australian Securities Exchange Limited (ASX) 20 Bridge Street  Sydney 2000 NSW 6 December 2017 Dear Mr. Stevens, RE: Treasury Group Limited (ASX:TRG) (“TRG”) now known as Pacific          Current Group Limited (ASX:PAC)(“PAC”) I was a founding director and a key shareholder in TRG/PAC.  I have held shares in the Company for approximately 18 years.  I have serious concerns about the governance of the Company, as especially over the past 4 years because of: -  1. On 5 August 2014 TRG announced to the market a merger with the USA based Northern Lights Capital Group LLC (NLCG) see link, ; 2. Within this announcement it was mentioned that a new Australian Trust and Trustee Company will be established which will own the interests in the combined 21 boutiques and give effect to the merger; (All of TRG’s assets, economic interests, and funds belonging to its shareholders were to be sold to the Trust) 3. No change of control at TRG board level was to occur, TRG will hold an interest of approximately 61% and majority Board representation; * and 4. TRG said in the merger announcement lodged with the ASX. “It has received confirmation from the ASX that approval of the merger transaction by shareholders is not required under Listing Rule 11 (emphasis added). In relation to the above approval, can the ASX please provide the shareholders with details about the dispensations or waivers TRG received on its merger announcement pursuant to listing rule 11 or any other listing rule regulated by the ASX? We would like to know specifically what documents: - • TRG provided to the ASX as part of the request allowing the Company not to seek shareholder approval; or • The ASX sought and received when considering the TRG request; and  • Any additional ASX requests made by the ASX following receipt of the above approval request. On 3 October 2016, the Company advised its shareholders via the ASX the Trust recorded a loss of $264,571,001.00 in its accounts. Shareholders were not presented with a copy of the Trust accounts in the 2015 financial year. Serious matters concerning the Trusts financial position were only disclosed in late 2016, nearly 2 years after the merger was effected. * We point out that this claim appears to be incorrect in item 3 above, because at PAC’s 2016 annual general meeting (AGM) the auditor, when questioned about it, advised the shareholders present, that the Company did not have control of the Trust. (Therefore, by giving up control, PAC had no control over their shareholder funds held within Trust!!) The auditor also, when shareholders raised further questions about the Trust, said he would not take more questions on that matter, because he was there to discuss the financial affairs the of the Company not the Trust. We also point out a further observation made by a shareholder at the 2017 AGM informed the meeting that the PAC’s accounts and disclosures [lack thereof] and use of trusts and overseas companies reminded her of the Burns Philp situation.  The answers provided by the auditor to written and verbal questions put at the 2016 and 2017 annual general meetings of the Company’s members, have never been disclosed to the members as a whole, contrary to good governance standards. I look forward to receiving the ASX’s detailed advice in due course. Kind regards,   Michael de Tocqueville SA FIN, FAICD CEO - Chief Investment Officer Responsible Manager AFSL 224560 --------------------------------------------- ASI  Office Address 93 High Street Woodend 3442 VIC Australia Postal Address PO Box 686 Woodend 3442 VIC Australia Domestic Callers  t   03.5427.4561 f   03.5427.4672 m 0402.039.993 International Callers t   +61.3.5427.4561 f   +61.3.5427.4672 m +61.402.039.993 E W EZIFUNERALS: YOUR TRUSTED FUNERAL ‘GO TO’ BRAND 2019-05-21T01:24:41Z ezifunerals-your-trusted-funeral-go-to-brand A new digital funeral platform is disrupting an industry that has seen little change in the last 100 years. The funeral industry in Australia is currently estimated to be more than $2 billion and provides essential services to individuals and families dealing with, or preparing for, death and bereavement. Yet despite this important community service, the funeral industry is dominated by two large publicly listed companies, being InvoCare Limited (ASX: IVC) and Propel Funeral Partners (ASX:PFP). Between them they currently control over 40% market share nationally (...and growing). This may be good for shareholders, but not for the families of more than 160,000 Australian’s who die each year.   'It's time to shift the power back to consumers, says eziFunerals.'   eziFunerals Founder, Peter Erceg said it was time to shift the power back to consumers. ‘Our mission is to provide consumers with greater control to manage the financial and emotional stress of funerals, from Cradle2grave®‘. 'This is a disruptive innovation. This is going to touch a cultural chord. It aggregates the decision making and it gives people a sense of empowerment. We want to be recognised as the ‘trusted funeral go to brand’ for consumers in Australia', he said.     eziFunerals core solution lies in its ability to simplify and streamline the funeral planning process for consumers, without funeral director involvement. The consumer is in total control. Clients are asked a number of questions and are able to organise and document their funeral needs in an easy to read, downloadable PDF format, before selecting a Funeral Director. Your PDF funeral plan can be used to share with your family (pre-need) or get itemised quotes from multiple funeral directors (at-need). 'Instead of picking a funeral company by guesswork, families will be able to shop around for funeral directors, and get the right funeral at the right price before proceeding to contract', said Erceg.   Watch our video   Since its founding, eziFunerals has transformed the funeral planning industry in many ways and has seen considerable growth in traffic and interest by individuals, consumer groups, funeral homes, aged care and funeral finance providers. 'Unlike other funeral planning sites, we do not get involved with the consumers final selection of funeral director. We DO NOT receive commissions from funeral directors', he says.   Learn more about eziFunerals today! eziFunerals operates Australia wide, including New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania. Read our FREE funeral guides View our BLOGS & ARTICLES Get your FREE eBook: ‘What Kind of Funeral’   About eziFunerals eziFunerals supports individuals and families cope with end of life decisions, death and funerals. We are an independent, Australian-owned and operated company, and are not a subsidiary of any other corporation. We do not conduct funerals and we are not part of any other funeral company. Trailblazing new program making it easier for families to travel 2019-05-20T23:52:50Z trailblazing-new-program-making-it-easier-for-families-to-travel Heading off on holidays might be a relatively simple thing to do, but when it comes to travelling with kids, it’s usually not that easy, which is why Australian woman Nicci O’Mara, developed the Family Trips Made Easy academy. A first for the travel industry, Family Trips Made Easy is a six-week online course, designed to help busy parents save time, money and stress planning family trips.  “I take the guesswork and time-wasting out of planning an amazing family trip, by teaching parents my step-by-step process, and giving them all the resources and tools they’ll need, so they can travel cheaper, easier and with confidence,” said Trip Chiefs Founder, Nicci O’Mara. The creator of Family Trips Made Easy, mum to two young boys, and intrepid traveller, Nicci O’Mara came up with the idea after finding it so difficult and time consuming to piece together all the information she needed to plan her own family trips. “When I first started travelling with my kids, I did what we all do. Get on Google and start searching for things to do in Rome with kids, where to stay in San Francisco, and how to see the Great Barrier Reef,” she said.  “I’d spend hours and hours clicking and reading, only to find I was overwhelmed with too much information and not much of it was based on the experiences and needs of families.  So I’d ask the travel agent, friends and family, and they’d give me some good recommendations but it would only answer a few questions.  I also needed to know how to work out how much money we’d need, how did I put together an itinerary that catered to the needs and pace of having kids, did my kids need car seats, and how on earth was I going to keep them happy on a 20-hour flight?” There’s so much parents need to know, which is why Nicci developed Family Trips Made Easy academy, so that other parents can benefit from her years of research and experience, together with the checklists, templates, destination research sites lists, tools and sanity saving tips she now uses for every trip.  “I know this is going to be an absolute game-changer for parents who want to take amazing trips with their kids, no matter whether they’re dreaming of a trip, or already planning, and whether they’re using a travel agent or doing things themselves.” Nicci has spent the past three years teaching parents how to make it easier to travel with their kids. Parents like Helen and her husband, former Olympic swimmer Darren Lange. “You’ve done all the work for us! Instead of having to go to heaps of different websites to find each piece of information, it was all there in the course, step-by-step. It was clear, quick and easy to do, and the bonus is I can revisit it once I get closer to leaving on our trip. I thought I knew everything I needed to know but there were so many things I hadn’t thought of. I was so wrapped up in the big stuff like flights, that I was forgetting all the crucial little details – time savers, mind savers and financial savers,” Helen said. And Brisbane mother of three, Dahlas Fletcher. “I thought I could find all the info for my upcoming trip to Canada from friends, family and my travel agent. However, when I dived into the course, there were so many things I hadn’t thought of. Trip Chiefs’ consolidates everything into the one spot so you know what you need to do next and where to find it. A must for anyone planning a trip with children!” Dahlas said. If you’re dreaming of travelling with your kids but without the stress and overwhelm, or, if you've already started planning your trip and want to to make it easier and be more confident in your decisions, you’ll see how Family Trips Made Easy academy can get you there in less time and with less stress. Family Trips Made Easy academy Opens for enrolments Thursday, 23 May 2019 Family Trips Made Easy course overview Week 1 is all about money, where we look at making travel more affordable. You learn how to save money to travel, how to find savings on your trip and how to budget, so that you can see and do more. Week 2 is about planning. where you’ll learn  how to put together a great itinerary that’s right for your family, plus find the best accommodation and attractions for you. Week 3 is about getting there and around your destination. We deal with flights, road trips, car hire and train travel, so you get the best deal and know how to overcome the traps and the challenges whether you're booking through a travel agent or doing it all yourself. Week 4 covers all the international essentials you need to know before you go. Here we talk about passports and visas, solo parent travel, insurance, vaccinations, foreign currency, and technology. Week 5 will have you taking off into the skies with everything about flying, with lessons on how to prepare the kids, helpful tips for at the airport, plus how to entertain and care for kids on even the longest flight. Week 6 is dedicated to making it easier to head off on your trip. You’ll get advice on packing, checklists of what you need to do before you leave home, and my top tips for what to do when you reach your destination to ensure a smooth transition, plus what to do when things go wrong.  AUSSIE SISTERS TO SPEAK AT NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION CONFERENCES 2019-05-20T06:31:37Z sisters-to-speak-at-national-and-international-suicide-prevention-conferences Aussie suicide prevention sisters Alyse Price-Tobler (MCAP) and Kylie Crnek Georgeson (Phd candidate) have been invited to present their current work in suicide prevention at the upcoming National Suicide Prevention Conference (Melbourne) and the International Suicide Research Summit Conferences (Miami). Alyse is a Clinical Psychotherapist and CEO of Bowral Road Counselling and Psychotherapy Center in Mittagong and will present the ‘SEMPI Social Communication Model’ at the Australian National Suicide Prevention Conference in Melbourne in July. The SEMPI model asks general community members, “What happens if you ask someone Are You O.K, and they answer NO?” The ‘SEMPI’ model teaches THE NEXT STEP to the “ARE YOU OK?” question, if this feels too hard to sit with, is confusing, or just doesn't feel right. Kylie Crnek Georgeson is a post graduate teaching fellow and researcher from the Macarthur area, in the final year of her PhD with the Ageing Work and Health Research Unit, Sydney University. Her thesis is titled "Retirement Pathways, mental well-being and suicidal behaviour in older rural Australians." Kylie will be presenting the findings of her latest research, helping to prevent suicide among our Aussie farmers, at the International Suicide Research Summit in Miami in October 2019. MedAdvisor & Zuellig Pharma JV signs its first customer - MedExpress pharmacy chain in the Philippines 2019-05-20T05:20:37Z medadvisor-amp-zuellig-pharma-jv-signs-its-first-customer-medexpress-pharmacy-chain-in-the-philippines Melbourne, 20 May 2019 - MedAdvisor Limited, Australia’s leading digital medication management company, is pleased to announce that its Singapore based 50:50 Joint Venture with US$13B Zuellig Pharma (ZP MedAdvisor Pte Ltd, “ZPM”) has signed as its first customer, MedExpress Drugstores, the leading hospital outpatient pharmacy chain in the Philippines. MedExpress Drugstores in the Philippines MedExpress is the leading hospital outpatient pharmacy chain in the Philippines serving 1.5 million customers in 50 key hospitals nationwide. In addition, MedExpress is also the leading delivery service drugstore in the Philippines. The agreement with MedExpress is for ZPM to provide a digital adherence program to its customers via SMS as well as a “MedExpress” white labelled mobile medication management app to help customers track their medication and order refills from MedExpress. The agreement is for an initial 18-month term commencing from the date of deployment of the MedAdvisor app at the first MedExpress drugstore. The contract is to be renewed for further 24-month extensions thereafter. ZPM will receive an agreed share of the revenue from orders processed, and services provided via the MedExpress app. The commercial terms with MedExpress remain confidential, however MedExpress will be paying fixed and variable amounts for access to the Software which will be immaterial to MedAdvisor’s revenue in FY20. Potential revenue from pharma manufacturers is unknown at this stage. All conditions precedent have been met and all material terms disclosed. These Agreements are ongoing as disclosed above with standard termination provisions for material breach or non-performance. Robert Read, CEO of MedAdvisor commented: “I am delighted to have MedExpress Drugstores join us as our first customer in Asia. MedExpress is a highly innovative and reputed business in the Philippines, and we look forward to helping them deliver unprecedented service and convenience to their customers with the MedAdvisor platform”. Robert Lim, CEO of MedExpress Drugstore commented: “Partnering with ZP MedAdvisor provides us with an outstanding opportunity to elevate the professional services we provide our customers especially in the area of patient medication adherence. We believe this partnership will further cement our status as the leading innovator in the pharmacy industry in the Philippines”. ---ENDS--- For more information: Jennifer Duraisingam Corporate Communications Manager Tel: +61 3 9095 3036 About MedAdvisor MedAdvisor is a world class medication management platform focused on addressing the gap and burden of medication adherence. Founded with a desire to simplify medication management, the highly automated and intuitive Australian software system connects patients to tools and education materials through their community pharmacy. Available free on mobile and internet devices, the platform also incorporates a variety of valuable and convenient features including reminders, pre-ordering of medications and medicines information, which together improves adherence to chronic medications by over 20%. Since launching in 2013, MedAdvisor has connected over one million users through ~55% of Australian pharmacies and a network of thousands of GPs across Australia and in 2018, was recognised in the AFR Fast 100. About MedExpress Drugstores MedExpress first started its operation in 2006 and it is the leading Delivery Service Drugstore in the country. It is unique from other retail drugstores because it provides the Patient Medication Safety, Delivery Convenience, & Competitive pricing. In 2010, MedExpress evolved to a new business model where it partnered with key hospitals to establish and manage a Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy located in the premises of the hospital. The new business model proved to be very successful because MedExpress is now operating the hospital outpatient pharmacy of the top 50 hospitals in the Philippines with a customer base of 1.5 million patients. MedExpress also prides itself as the country’s leading innovator, with price-match guarantees, unique price discounting approaches and convenient service features such as home delivery, all underpinned by state-of-the-art information technology. Melbourne start-up hayylo recognised as global leaders after winning at the 7th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards. 2019-05-20T02:55:56Z melbourne-start-up-hayylo-recognised-as-global-leaders-after-winning-at-the-7th-asia-pacific-eldercare-innovation-awards The 7th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards saw Melbourne based start-up hayylo take out the award for Best Smart Care Technology in the Solution Category. This win comes with another strong nod in the form of a nomination for Innovation of the Year in the Care Model Category in conjunction with integratedliving Australia.   This award sees hayylo building on the recognition they attained within Australia at last year's ITAC2018 Awards, at which hayylo secured wins in the categories of Best Solution Providing Customer Independence and Joint Overall Winner.    The international standing of the Eldercare Innovation Awards marks an important step for hayylo. The company now preparing to take their platform into the international market, with immanent expansions into New Zealand, South East Asia and beyond.    “It’s a great moment for the team at hayylo to be recognized for all of the focus and dedication to helping create a sustainable future in ageing”said Greg Satur –CEO of hayylo.    Taking place as part of the 10th Annual Ageing Asia Innovation Forum in Singapore, the awards and forum theme of ‘Changing the Future of Ageingin Asia Pacific’permitted an encouraging look at the future of aged care.   “Aged care providers have complex processes. However, through the use of the hayylo platform, they can automate and track them, making it easy to manage customer interactions.  It’s really about never forgetting to miss a step and maintain customer promises”       As the industry as a whole move to address the challenges posed by an ageing population, and the Australian community services industry seeks to take action on the findings of the recent Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, the demand for innovative technological solutions will continue to grow.   By providing a means of streamlining the provision of care, hayylo have made swift advancements for their customers as they seek to service the growingly complex demands of the market. Continuing to build their reputation as a global leader in technological solutions, hayylo understands the importance of teamwork, and through their innovative platform can ensure that all the building blocks are there to ensure that a team never misses a step in their provision of an exceptional customer experience.  What is the vaping law in your state! 2019-05-19T20:03:29Z what-is-the-vaping-law-in-your-state There's a lot of conflicting information around Australian vaping laws. It can be quite difficult to navigate these laws as they differ from one state to the next. There have also been several new laws that have that have passed over the last few years that directly impact the e-cigarette market. The vaping laws for each state is as follows; NEW SOUTH WALES (NSW) VAPING LAWS In New South Wales, e-cigarette laws were passed in June and December of 2015 that made amendments to the Public Health (Tobacco) Act. Another set of laws were also pased in 2017 that have effected the way e-cigarettes can be displayed and sold in NSW. These laws restrict the sale of e-cigarettes and e-cigarette accessories to people under the age of 18 and it is also an offence to use e-cigarettes in cars with children under the age of 16. You cannot display an e-cigarette or e-cigarette accessory advertisement that can be seen or heard from a public place whether that be inside or outside a business premises, you cannot give out free samples of e-cigarettes and accessories and you cannot have e-cigarette products as a part of shopper loyalty programs, sponsorships or in vending machines. Retailers are allowed to display price tickets and single price boards only. Some retailers have been exempt from the display laws and you will find a few vape stores, mainly in Sydney that can openly display their products in store. Retailers have also found a way around the free samples regulation by charging a small fee of 50c or less to allow you to try e-liquids at their tasting tables. You can purchase e-liquids without nicotine in NSW and you can import nicotine from overseas. It is legal to use e-cigarettes with e-liquid containing nicotine and you can vape in indoor and outdoor smoke free zones. VICTORIA (VIC) VAPING LAWS Victoria passed e-cigarette specific changes to the Tobacco Act on August 1 2017. These laws regulate the sale, advertising and use of e-cigarettes. The sale, use and possession of products containing nicotine are banned under the Victorian Drugs and Poisons Legislation. E-cigarettes cannot be used in smoke-free areas, it is illegal to sell an e-cigarette product to a person under the age of 18 and advertising or promotional materials relating to e-cigarette products cannot be visible. Stores are only allowed to display a sign letting customers know e-cigarette products are available for purchase at the shop and a price board similar to the price boards we see for cigarettes. The new laws also prohibit retailers from providing samples of e-cigarette products and you can no longer vape in enclosed workplaces such as a retail shop. You can however still import nicotine from overseas and purchase e-liquids without nicotine. SOUTH AUSTRALIA (SA) VAPING LAWS South Australia has been the leading state in Australia's vape scene. For now, vaping laws in South Australia have been very liberal. E-cigarette products are un-classified which means that they do not come under the same regulations as cigarettes. This means you can sell and advertise e-cigarettes and e-liquids in stores and can also vape in smoke-free zones, however, you still can’t buy e-liquids with nicotine in SA. Unfortunately government are considering going ahead with proposed e-cigarette regulations in 2018 which will restrict the selling of e-cigarette products. The proposed restrictions will restrict the sale of e-cigarette products to people under the age of 18 and at retail outlets without a license. There will be restrictions around advertising and promoting e-cigarette products, the use of e-cigarettes in smoke-free zones and in a motor vehicle with children under the age of 16. On March 18 2018 Liberal premier Steven Marshall was voted in, these laws would have been passed if labour won the election. However, with Liberal holding the majority, the new laws are uncertain if they will be passed. NORTHERN TERRITORY (NT) VAPING LAWS Congratulations Northern Territory, you are the most liberal state when it comes to the law and vaping. E-cigarette products are currently unclassified in Northern Territory which means the only laws that apply to the Northern Territory are at the federal level. This means you cannot buy e-cigarettes or e-liquids in Australia that contain nicotine. You can legally vape wherever you like in NT unless there are signs saying you can’t and you can display vape products in stores without any restrictions. The Northern Territory is considering regulations around e-cigarettes, but no proposals have been made, so if they do regulate e-cigarettes in future, it could still be a while away. AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY (ACT) VAPING LAWS ACT passed regulations in 2017 that now apply the same restrictions on e-cigarette products as tobacco products. The laws state that you cannot sell e-cigarette products to children under the age of 18, you cannot advertise e-cigarettes in stores and must keep them out of view. You also cannot vape in smoke-free zones. The sale and supply of e-cigarettes is legal, using vaporisers that contain nicotine is legal and you can still import nicotine from overseas. TASMANIA (TAS) VAPING LAWS Tasmania passed new laws on 29 November 2017 that treat e-cigarette products similar to tobacco products. You can not vape in smoke-free zones or in vape stores or stores that stock vape products. Stores need to carry a license to sell e-cigarette products and can not advertise e-cigarettes in stores. Stores need to display certain notices and there is a ban on displaying and advertising products in stores as well as a ban on shopper loyalty programs. The laws also prohibit the selling of e-cigarette products to children under the age of 18. WESTERN AUSTRALIA (WA) VAPING LAWS Western Australia is one of the strictest states with laws around vaping in Australia. In Western Australia provisions that relate to e-cigarettes come under the Tobacco Products Control Act 2006 and the Medicines And Poisons Act 2014. Under the act, you are not allowed to sell any product that is not a tobacco product, but designed to resemble a tobacco product or package. Unfortunately, due to this act, e-cigarettes with or without nicotine cannot be sold in Western Australia. You can still buy e-cigarettes and e-liquids online from vendors in other states and have it shipped to WA. The use of vapes and e-liquids is legal to use with or without nicotine in WA and there are no controls around vaping in no-smoking zones, so you are legally free to vape wherever you like unless the owner of the premises prohibits vaping. QUEENSLAND (QLD) VAPING LAWS Queensland has some of Australia’s strictest laws around vaping. e-cigarettes are considered smoking products under the Tobacco And Other Smoking Products Act 1998. Due to it being classed under the same laws as cigarettes, e-cigarettes and e-liquid cannot be sold to children under 18 years of age or be advertised, promoted or displayed at retail outlets. You cannot vape in smoke-free zones and Queensland is the only state in Australia which you cannot import nicotine for personal use from overseas and it is illegal to use an e-cigarette containing nicotine. PAGING DREAMERS, DESIGNERS & ROCKET SCIENTISTS: MOCK UP AN AEROSPACE APP FOR AIRBUS! 2019-05-17T07:55:09Z paging-dreamers-designers-amp-rocket-scientists-mock-up-an-aerospace-app-for-airbus PAGING DREAMERS, DESIGNERS & ROCKET SCIENTISTS: MOCK UP AN AEROSPACE APP FOR AIRBUS! # AIRBUS LAUNCH CONTEST ON FREELANCER.COM # DESIGN FOR ONE OF THE WORLD’S LARGEST AEROSPACE COMPANIES # SUBMIT A CONCEPT FOR AN ASSET TRACKING APP FOR AIRBUS PLANTS # A CROSS BETWEEN GOOGLE MAPS AND A CATALOG!   The Airbus company, a global leader in aeronautics, space and related services has come to and its 32 million freelancers around the world to crowdsource a solution to a problem.   “The Airbus App to be designed is a cross being a catalog and Google Maps. It will track over 100,000 units for the industrial maintenance team in Airbus plants, as well as external companies in that work with those teams. This is your chance to design something that you’d never dream of working on!” says Freelancer Vice President Sarah Tang.   With just 7 days to go, anyone can enter the contest which has €5,000 in prizes, the possibility of ongoing work, anyone can enter the Airbus challenge on!   Freelancer  CEO and Founder Matt Barrie says “This is our first collaboration with Airbus and it’s a great opportunity for someone to take part and solve a serious challenge for one of the world’s biggest aerospace companies. We already help NASA and the US DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, as well companies like ARROW ELECTRONICS, one of the world’s leading providers of technology solutions, solve complex problems using crowdsourcing through our 32 million strong workforce.”   “It's not every day that you get a chance to design something for one of the world's largest aerospace companies. In this contest you have to submit a concept for an Airbus app that can serve users on their phones, smart devices and large smart TVs. We're looking for people to enter who might be great at crossword puzzles, design, apps, user interfaces, programming, aerospace engineering and of course rocket science!” concludes Barrie.   To submit entries and find out more about the contest brief, please visit: This contest will end on May 24th, 2019. ABOUT FREELANCER®  Twelve-time Webby award-winning is the world’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace by total number of users and jobs posted. More than 32 million registered users have posted over 15 million jobs and contests to date in over 1,350 areas as diverse as website development, logo design, astrophysics, aerospace and engineering. Freelancer Limited is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange under the ticker ASX:FLN. Freelancer owns StartCon, Australia's largest startup and growth conference,, the world’s largest Internet marketing community & marketplace,, the world’s largest provider of secure online escrow and online transaction management for consumers and businesses on the Internet, and, a global marketplace for freight, shipping and transportation.   ABOUT AIRBUS  Airbus is a global leader in aeronautics, space and related services. In 2018 it generated revenues of € 64 billion and employed a workforce of around 134,000. Airbus offers the most comprehensive range of passenger airliners. Airbus is also a European leader providing tanker, combat, transport and mission aircraft, as well as one of the world’s leading space companies. In helicopters, Airbus provides the most efficient civil and military rotorcraft solutions worldwide.     Anthony Macklin, former NSW Police Inspector and member of the child abuse and sex crimes squad to hold ‘The Child Safety Seminar’ 2019-05-17T00:24:49Z anthony-macklin-former-nsw-police-inspector-and-member-of-the-child-abuse-and-sex-crimes-squad-to-hold-the-child-safety-seminar FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Anthony Macklin, former NSW Police Inspector and member of the child abuse and sex crimes squad to hold ‘The Child Safety Seminar’ - an opportunity for parents to equip themselves with knowledge and advice to protect children from sexual predators and online grooming. Sydney, 16th May 2019– Every parent wants to protect their kids from the danger of sexual predators, and although they try their hardest they often worry they’re not doing enough. The Child Safety Seminar - How to protect your children from sexual predators and online grooming, teaches parents the skills and measures needed to protect their children and those in their care from sex offenders in the community and online. With one Australian child in five sexually abused before they are 18, Anthony Macklin’s two-hour long seminar is a session parents and carers can’t afford to miss. Now working as the principal consultant at Rampart Consulting, Anthony will talk to and teach parents and carers about: ·         How to navigate the myths, methods and motivations of today’s sex offenders and learn how they are targeting children in Australia ·         The cyber safety rules that you can teach your kids to keep them safe when playing video games, messaging on social media and using their phones ·         The real facts about child sex abuse in Australia and, within your community ·         The statistics surrounding abuse and how offenders are closer to home than you realise ·         How to notice and become aware of potential abusers through their behaviour and tactics ·         Examples of common patterns used by offenders   The seminar, aimed at parents, grandparents, family members, carers, teachers and community staff is the only one Anthony will hold this year. Held at Doltone House, Sylvania Waters New South Wales, 2224 on Thursday, May 30th 2019, at 7 PM, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and speak to Anthony. Tickets cost $59, come with a money-back guarantee and are available at Eventbrite: Anthony was previously a NSW Police Inspector, member of the child abuse and sex crimes squad and a specialist sex offence investigator working on high profile sexual assaults, organised paedophile rings and kidnappings. Anthony also formed part of the Child Exploitation Internet Unit (a sub branch of the Sex Crimes Squad), was involved in the arrest of numerous child sex offenders and has helped other NSW Detectives with sexual assault cases. Anthony’s experience led to him working as a lecturer on the NSW Police Investigators Course and teaching NSW Police Youth Liaison and School Liaison officers about online child safety. He oversaw the creation of the first permanent Local Area Command Child Protection Registration compliance team in NSW. Additionally, he was a Bodyguard to the Prime Minister and other international heads of state. END ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTACT To arrange an interview, for quotes, images or other details about Anthony Macklin, Rampart Consulting and The Child Safety Seminar: Tel: 0402502324 Email: Tel: (02) 8521-6722 Image link: Website: Eventbrite: Rampart: